Why You Need More Art in Your Life (and 5 Ways to Get It)

If you want to find more creativity, satisfaction, and happiness, the single best solution I know is adding more art to your life.

Why You Need More Art in Your Life (and 5 Ways to Get It)

Photo courtesy of Eleri Ever, eleriever.com, and the Estonian Ministry of Culture

Music has been a big part of my life since I was a young boy, though my tastes have broadened a lot since I was first learning chords on my guitar. I love choral music, for instance. Morten Lauridsen’s “Agnus Dei” can bring me to tears.

Several months ago I was invited to attend a concert at Carnegie Hall, featuring not just the music of the composer Arvo Pärt, but Arvo Pärt himself. It was a one-of-a-kind night. The orchestra and choir played some of his most popular and enduring compositions. There were several moments when the music lifted me right out of myself.

The One Thing You Need to Know to Be Happy

There aren’t many phrases in English more recognizable than “the pursuit of happiness.” But what could happen if we turned it around? That’s exactly what Chris Guillebeau does in his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life.

The One Thing You Need to Know to Be Happy

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At just 36, Chris has already led an amazing life. A self-starting entrepreneur since age 19, he felt depressed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and decided to dedicate himself to something truly significant.

He began working on a medical ship off the coast of West Africa. That’s where he caught the travel bug. Since then he has visited not a dozen, not two dozen, but all 193 countries in the world. Now Chris works to share that spirit of adventure with others.

Episode 10: How to Lead from the Heart—4 Practices [Podcast]

Welcome to the new season of This Is Your Life. In this tenth episode, Michele Cushatt, my co-host, and I talk about the importance of the leader’s heart.

This topic is rarely discussed in a business context, but I believe your heart is the most important thing you bring to the table as a leader.

  • It’s more important than your experience.
  • It’s more important than your education.
  • It’s more important than your skills.

It is the thing that really makes a difference in your leadership and the impact you have on the world. If you come with your whole heart, it’s very different from coming without it.

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Why Your Peer Group Matters More Than You Think

Have you ever noticed how the people in your life affect you? The impact can be so significant that one of the best things we can do to change our lives for the better is change our peer group.

Why Your Peer Group Matters More Than You Think

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In the 1930s C.S. Lewis started a small literary circle called the Inklings. The group started with J.R.R. Tolkien, and eventually included others like Owen Barfield and Charles Williams. The influence on works in progress of the different members was huge.

Lewis actually scrapped the first draft of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe after his friends heard some chapters. They considered it “so bad that I destroyed it,” he said. It’s impossible to discount the influence of our friends.

4 Surefire Ways to Get the Most from the Next Conference You Attend

One thing leaders need to lead well are new and fresh insights, and one of the best ways to find them is by attending conferences. But eureka moments are not automatic. It takes intentionality to get the most of out of your experience.

4 Surefire Ways to Get the Most from Your next Conference

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In my experience, people go to conferences for a lot of reasons other than the stated purpose. It’s a chance to get away from the office, to reconnect with colleagues and friends, or maybe just hide out in a hotel room and catch up on an important project.

Those might be fair reasons to go, but what if you’re actually there for the content? How do you get the most from your experience?

Episode 9: Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast So They Don’t Eat Your Lunch [Podcast]

Welcome to the new season of This Is Your Life. In this ninth episode, Michele Cushatt, my co-host, and I talk about how to attack your most important priorities first, at the beginning of the day.

I’m a morning person. I love waking up before everyone else, love that first cup of tea or coffee, love the sunrise and silence of a new day. How about you?

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The 3 Biggest Mental Battles Every Blogger Faces

There’s usually a narrow gap separating winners from people who give up and go home early. If I had to label that gap, I’d call it mindset, and it’s critical when we’re talking about building your platform.

The 3 Biggest Mental Battles Every Blogger Faces

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When I was in ninth grade I broke my right elbow. Living with the cast would have been frustrating under any circumstance, but I had just started taking guitar lessons. It’s hard enough memorizing chords and running scales, but I had to do it with a big piece of plaster on my arm.

As tough as the physical challenge was, the mental battles were more significant. It took a mindset of focus and determination to succeed. And I think that’s true for anything in life that really matters.

The Top-10 Characteristics of Lousy Leaders

If you look at the major news stories in business, politics, diplomacy, whatever, it’s pretty hard to miss that most of the crises we face are crises of leadership.

The Top-10 Characteristics of Lousy Leaders

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I once worked for a man who couldn’t pull the trigger on a project, ever. I would bring him a request with all the supporting documentation. He would ask me to rerun it. When I came back, he would want it rerun again, and again.

It was like an endless doom loop of frustration. I could never get him off the dime. By the time he approved it, the opportunity was lost, and he would blame me for missing it. It was utterly dispiriting.

Are You Letting Hurtful Words Sabotage Your Success?

We all know our words are powerful. We can slice someone to pieces with just a few syllables. That’s bad enough, but what happens when we turn that power on ourselves?

Are Your Words Sabotaging Your Success?

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As a young man, the writer Peter Leonard showed a short story to his famous father, novelist Elmore Leonard. Instead of encouraging his son, Elmore Leonard wrote a lengthy critique saying his characters were flat and lifeless.

“I didn’t write another word of fiction for 27 years,” Peter recalled. But as sad as that story is, we do the same thing to ourselves, don’t we?

Episode 8: Twenty Questions to Ask Other Leaders [Podcast]

Welcome to the new season of This Is Your Life. In this eighth episode, Michele Cushatt, my co-host, and I talk about a set of questions I use whenever I meet with leaders.

To grow as a leader, you need to be mentored, either formally or informally. One of the best ways to take advantage of the opportunities you get to meet with other leaders is to come prepared with a set of questions.

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