Early Bird Special on ‘5 Days to Your Best Year Ever’ Ends Today

Except maybe the time around our birthday, no single period in the year can bring us to a place of deep reflection about the past and future like the days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s.

ticking time

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It’s like hitting the pause button on life. Even if it’s only for a few hours, we can slow things down long enough to evaluate how things went in the last twelve months and what we’d like to make happen in the next twelve.

But we can’t keep things paused forever. Inevitably, life ramps back up, and the moment to pause and reflect vanishes. What will you do to maximize your moment?

Season 2, Episode 11: The 5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes Leaders Make [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 11 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this eleventh episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss the five most common mistakes leaders make in hiring people.

5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes Leaders Make

Nothing can accelerate the growth of your business faster than hiring the right person. Similarly, nothing can derail it faster than bringing in the wrong person. If you are going to succeed in business (or even in a non-profit organization), you must get really good at hiring great people.

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Find out What High Achievers Are Doing Now to Win in 2015

One thing I’ve noticed about high achievers is that they all share a lot of commonalities. They all have habits that make them unique, but I find many similarities when it comes to the things that bring them success.

High Achievers

I recently asked almost thirty different high achievers to tell me what they do to set themselves up for success in the New Year. People like Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Jeff Walker, John Maxwell, and Chris Brogan all let me peek into their year-end process.

The Real Reason You’re Afraid to Set Goals for 2015

Joy is one of hardest feelings to hold onto, isn’t it? Fear is always crouching nearby ready to snatch it from us.

The Real Reason You’re Afraid to Set Goals for 2015

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In Daring Greatly Brené Brown talks about “foreboding joy,” the idea that some sort of disaster looms just around the corner no matter how promising things look for the moment. Instead of experiencing joy, even when things are going well, we feel worry, fear, and dread.

I am looking forward to doing a goal-setting webinar with my friend Amy Porterfield. It is open to the public.

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