#060: How Do Busy Leaders Find Time for Social Media [Podcast]

I speak a lot on the topic of platform-building. Inevitably, during the Q&A time following my speech, I get asked, “How can I find time for social media? I am so busy now. I can’t imagine adding one more thing.”


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I understand this feeling. However, if you want to leverage your leadership and increase your impact, you must make time for social media.

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 In this episode I want to share with you four tips for finding time for social media.

  1. Reframe the activity.
  2. Set reasonable goals.
  3. Schedule time to do it.
  4. Use the latest tools.

You can be active in social media and still have plenty of time for your other activities.

Listener Questions

  1. Alex Barker asked, “How can busy leaders authentically engage with their followers?”
  2. Bosede Santos asked, “How can I juggle all my various social media accounts, blog, and still find time to write a book?”
  3. Lori Lane asked, “What parts of our social media activities can be delegated without losing our authentic voice?”
  4. Vincent Duncombe asked, “Where should social media rank on our priorities?”

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  • http://JonDHarrison.com/ Jonathan Harrison

    Really great tools in this episode! I cannot believe I have waited this long to set up Feedly.
    Great comment from Alex Barker – looking forward to visiting your dojo!

    • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

      Indeed Jon, authenticity is key! I really liked Michael’s tip from Andy Stanley about “…do for one what you wish you could do for everyone…” – I’ve never heard that turn of phrase applied to social media.

      • http://JonDHarrison.com/ Jonathan Harrison

        Tor, I’ve been on the receiving end of this more than once – and it is very impactful. It also reminds me of the chain letter going around back in my AOL days that told the story of the boy walking the shore and throwing beached starfish back into the water..
        “You’ll never be able to save them all – just quit.”
        “I know I can’t help them all, but I can make a difference to this one”
        ::cue dramatic slow motion black & white video of a single starfish being thown back into the ocean::

        • http://www.alexbarker.org/ Alex Barker


          • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

            now THAT is comedy Alex!

          • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt


    • http://www.alexbarker.org/ Alex Barker

      I look forward to seeing your success too!

  • rabbimoffic

    Feedly is amazing, and Michael’s tip about spending a 20-30 minutes in the morning using buffer and facebook has been transformative for me. Applying the insights and using the tools in this episode can reshape our reshape our social media work and message.

    • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

      I wholeheartedly agree with you Evan regarding Feedly – but I haven’t yet engaged with buffer. I’ve got to give that a try!

      • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

        I use Buffer all the time. Definitely worth a try.

      • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

        Buffer is awesome Tor. It’s nice to be able to press a couple of keystrokes and have messages queued up. Give it a shot.

    • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

      For some reason I’ve never been able to get into RSS feeds. I much prefer getting the content in my email. Any reasons I should consider using RSS?

      • http://www.bookleverageblog.com/ George Rodriguez

        Joe – I like following a large number of feeds (200+) and the RSS feed reader I use allows me to scan posts for keywords and drill down on those articles I find interesting by title. If I had all those emails sent direct to my inbox I would drown.

  • brianfalexander

    Here is the blog post on Feedly that Michael mentions.


    • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

      Awesome Brian, thanks for sharing Michael’s link!

  • Tammy Schaefer

    The biggest thing holding me back is the learning curve. I find that it takes me hours to navigate through social media. When you say 20 min. tops, I can’t imagine being able to get anything done in that time.

    • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

      I can totally relate Tammy. Personally, I try to focus only on those social media channels that I use a lot – namely Twitter and LinkedIn. That enables me to maximize the utility of those channels, while minimizing the distraction of other channels.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      It really depends on (a) how many you are trying to manage and (b) whether or not you are using tools like Buffer or HootSuite. They both dramatically reduce the time, though it may take some time to develop a workflow.

  • http://www.jonathangaby.com/ Jonathan Gaby

    Hi Michael, I’m just curious what blogs you read. Would you consider publishing your list at some point?

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      This is my Daily Reading List.

      • Eric Leszkowicz

        I was wondering what this list was and I had not seen this link before.

        Thanks for sharing this. (And a continued thanks for introducing me to Bufferapp.)

      • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

        Great list. Do you update this periodically?

        • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

          I would say, yes, but it looks like it has been almost two years! I guess I’ll have to update it soon. Thanks.

          • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

            No worries. I was just curious if the list had changed at all over the last year or two, or if it’s pretty much stayed the same. Thanks!

    • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

      Thanks for asking the question Jonathan. I see Michael answered and I’m always fascinated by what others are reading. What suggestions do you have?

      • http://www.jonathangaby.com/ Jonathan Gaby

        What do I have? Gosh I really don’t know. I’d ask what your interests are and what’s important.

        • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

          My interests are so wide and varied it’s insane. Here’s what’s interesting me right now:

          Living an adventure
          Extreme sports

          Anything in your reading list line up with any of those?

  • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

    There as so many “new, shiny” social media channels out there – and rather than chasing the latest and greatest fad, I find it’s much more helpful narrowing my focus on those channels I actually use.

    I’m a heavy Twitter and LinkedIn user; moderate Facebook and YouTube user; while a low Pinterest and Instagram user.

    Simply winnowing the choices has been a tremendous time saver for me.

    • http://JonDHarrison.com/ Jonathan Harrison

      Excellent point about focus. Knowing how your tribe best connect is vital. I saw a recent post by a musician I follow on Twitter & Facebook
      The same comment recieved:
      6 Retweets on Twitter (fan base of 15k)
      Over 1,000 likes on Facebook (150k fans)
      Yes the Facebook group is larger, but consider the percent responding..

      • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

        I agree Jon – you’ve got to fish where your “most engaged” fish are….

  • http://www.alexbarker.org/ Alex Barker

    Thank you for answering my question Michael! I believe it’s so important to be apart of the community. Leaders who have a platform but don’t interact can come across as stuck-up. Thanks for being a leader who interacts with the up-and-comers.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      You’re welcome, Alex. It was a great question.

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    This is a much needed episode and coming from someone who is as busy as you adds a lot of weight, Great tips and good questions, social media is where it’s at these days :)

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      You’re equally as busy, Kimanzi. Any additional tips you’d add? How do you manage it all?

  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    I’ve been spending more time on Twitter but there are times I feel overwhelmed. The biggest hurdle has been learning I don’t need to read everything that’s posted on Twitter or Facebook or Google+. It’s okay to miss the posts, the world will go on.

    • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

      Great point Joe – I think we tend to beat ourselves up too much for the things we don’t accomplish rather than celebrating the things we do get done!

  • http://www.loganheavensbest.com/ Carpet Cleaner

    Thanks for the reminder to focus on one social media platform at first. I keep thinking about Google+. But I need to get a lot more followers to my business page first.

  • http://www.waynestiles.com/ Wayne Stiles

    Michael, these are great tools you have mentioned time and time again. I use them every day. But I have also heard you say that HootSuite penalizes me in Facebook. Where is the balance between using these tools and accepting the penalty?

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Perhaps penalty is the wrong word. Your post will be rated more highly if you post directly to Facebook. But something is better than nothing. If you don’t have time to do that, posting via HootSuite or Buffer is much better than doing nothing at all. “Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good” (opposite of how we usually say it). Sometimes, good is good enough. Thanks.

      • http://www.waynestiles.com/ Wayne Stiles

        Super advice, Michael, and a helpful clarification. Thank you for your vital, consistent contribution.

  • Hyd imarks

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  • Egil EllingEllingsen

    Thanks for a really helpful episode! I got really intrigued by what you described with hootsuite having different columns for family, wco-workers etc. But I struggled to understand how to actually do it. Does it require one of the paid subscriptions?

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure. I’d try it with the free one first.

  • Chip

    Your timing could not be better with this broadcast. I was in a meeting with other financial advisors earlier this week and this very subject came up! I have already shared the link. I am going to check out all the tools.

  • http://soulofatlas.com/ Mark David Henderson

    I remember on one of your podcasts, you mentioned that some “automatic” social media distributors get recognized by search engines and your content doesn’t get ranked as highly. Is that the case when you use Buffer and Hootsuite? And how do you deal with that?

  • Paul Hunt

    Michael, as always, this was a great podcast. I subscribe to podcasts by Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey, Cliff Ravenscraft and the Entrée Leadership podcast. Yours is my favorite. Every episode is reasonable in length, well organized and always deals with a practical aspect of leadership. Please keep up the great work.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Paul. I appreciate your encouragement!

  • http://MartinAndJulieJohnson.com/ Martin Johnson

    I’m a missionary serving in Indonesia. I need to post in Indonesian to Indianians and in English to Americans. However, I don’t think either wants to see posts that they cant read. How can I separate my two “lives.” I use facebook and twitter.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      You might see if you could use a translation plugin, so your readers can choose the language they prefer. I’m sure the quality varies, so you will want to check that out.

  • http://www.howtohaveapositiveattitude.com/ Brad McCullouch

    Great stuff here Michael. Great stuff from Alex Barker!

  • Guest

    Hi Michael. I just heard this podcast episode and I use & love all of the tips and tools that you shared. I get asked many of the same questions by my clients. To help them, I came up with a three-step formula for successfully maintaining your presence on any social media site. I wrote a blog post about it, and I will be speaking about it at Staples next week here in Toronto. I thought that it might be helpful to you or your listeners. http://www.theemarketingmaven.com/the-3-step-formula-for-marketing-your-business-on-any-social-media-site/

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Sarah, I like it. Nice framework!

  • Susan

    Well, No. 1 I don’t particularly like spending time on social media. And No. 2, I’m busting tail trying to get blog posts out … I also feed them out on all the major social media outlets. But as far as “engaging my tribe” intentionally, it is a real challenge.