10 Practical Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

I am a high-energy person. But I haven’t always been that way. There have been times in my life when I was utterly exhausted. Times when getting through the day was a big chore. Times when I had nothing left to give by the end of the day. Times when I just wanted to collapse into bed and pull the covers over my head.

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Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/erikreis

But in recent years, I am been very deliberate about managing my energy level. I did a lot of reading on this and took the time to educate myself. I experimented. I tried some new things. I broke some old habits. Now, my energy level remains pretty constant through the day.

Here’s how I keep my energy level high:

  1. Connect with God. This is where I start each day. You were not created to function without a connection to God. He is the ultimate energy source. Trying to navigate life without Him is like trying to ride a motorcycle without starting the engine. You can do it, but it only works downhill. Unfortunately, a lot of life is uphill.

    The way I connect is by reading several passages from the Bible and then praying. I am also mindful of His presence throughout the day.

  2. Keep a positive attitude. This is crucial. “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Negative thoughts deplete your energy. Positive thoughts replenish your energize.

    Attitude is not something that just happens; you choose it. Even in difficult circumstances, you can choose to have a good attitude. And, it whether good or bad, it will have a direct impact on your energy.

  3. Watch your mouth. Obviously, your thoughts influence your words and actions. But sometimes, it feels like my mouth has a mind of its own. It just runs out of habit.

    Someone says, “Hey, how ya doin’?” Without thinking, we say, “Well, I’m surviving.” Or we might say, “Hangin’ in there.”

    Guess what? That becomes our exact experience. We say it, and it shapes the way we perceive reality. That’s why, by faith, I always say, “I’m doing great.” (If you don’t believe this, then you need to practice this gratitude exercise!)

  4. Feed your brain. You’ve heard the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” This applies to the world of computers, but it also applies to your brain. I stimulate my brain by constantly feeding it new and stimulating content.

    Some people complain that they don’t have time to read. Hogwash. You have 24 hours in your day—just like I do. What you really mean is that it’s not a priority.

    I have a friend who recently gave me this excuse. When I probed, I discovered he was spending two hours each evening watching TV. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t tell me you don’t have time to read. You can’t afford not to read, not if you want to grow and be energized.

  5. Exercise daily. I think this is one of the most important things you can do to “turn the tide” and start feeling more energetic. I know it’s counter-intuitive. You think, I don’t have enough energy to exercise or I’m tired now. If I exercise, I will be even more tired.

    Wrong. Regular exercise will boost your energy more than almost anything else you can do. It stimulates your heart and oxygenates your blood. This directly increases your energy level. Besides, if you exercise, you will lose weight. Those excess pounds also consume energy!

  6. Take a good multi-vitamin. Personally, I don’t think you need a handful of vitamins and supplements every day. But a good multi-vitamin is essential. If you eat a lot of processed food, this is especially important. Most of us just don’t get the nutrition we need from the food we eat.

    I take Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin. It covers the basics. It is a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral. I take two capsules twice a day.

  7. Drink a gallon of water a day. This is another great energy replenisher. You will especially notice the difference if you switch from soda drinks to water. It may take you a few days to notice the difference, but getting sugar out of your system and water into your system will definitely even-out your energy.

    I find that this also has a way of reducing my appetite. Sometime we think we’re hungry when we are really just thirsty. Drink 8 ounces of water an hour before a meal and notice how it curbs your hunger. More water will also increase your metabolism and keep flushing your body’s waste.

  8. Get plenty of rest. Most people I know don’t get enough rest. Everyone is different, but most adults need seven to eight hours a night. Most people I know are trying to get by on five or six hours.

    When you don’t get enough rest, all kinds of bad things happen. You get grumpy. You reduce your ability to handle stress. And, according to some research, you may gain weight.

    Perhaps most significantly, you negatively impact your body’s auto-immune system. When you get run-down, you increase the likelihood of getting sick—and that’s definitely a drain on your energy.

  9. Eat high-energy foods. The main thing to avoid here is the bad or fast-burning (high glycemic) carbohydrates. These are the ones that your body quickly turns to sugar. You get an initial boost from them as the sugar hits your blood, but you then hit a “trough” that is lower that your energy was before you ate them.

    Carbs in this category include white potatoes, white rice, and white flour (or white bread). Worst of all, the energy that isn’t burned gets stored as fat.

    Instead, eat slow-burning carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, wheat bread, etc. I also to eat more frequent, smaller meals. (I eat five or six small meals a day.) This keeps your metabolism up and your energy on an even keel.

  10. Avoid energy-depleting people. Let’s be honest. Some relationships are toxic. You know the type. Some people are so negative they are a giant energy drain. Others are so positive, you get energized just being around them.

    Obviously, you want to surround yourself with enough positive people so you can keep your energy level up. And, you want to have this same kind of effect on others. Sometimes, you just have to tell people the truth. Not only for your sake, but for theirs.

Your energy level doesn’t have to remain low. You have more control than you think. But you have to be deliberate in managing it.

Questions: What works for you? What do you do to boost your energy level? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • http://www.johngallagherblog.com John Gallagher

    Just love this, Mike.  If I would add one thing to the list, I would say, Listen to Great Music.  This energizes me.  That ‘great’ music may depend on what I have going on (different iTunes lists for different moments), but it helps to ground me a bit.  And, I could improve in some of these areas as well.  More water, less Diet Coke.  Multi-vitamin…

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, John. Yes, I agree: music is a great addition to the list.

  • http://bentheredothat.com Ben Patterson

    The way you talk is huge. Great concept.

  • http://bentheredothat.com Ben Patterson

    To help my Psyche, I consider “going to bed” as the first thing I do for the next day. This is different than taking it as the last thing you do today.

  • Verna

    You covered all the bases!  Love the gratitude exercise.  Verna

  • Ahmed

    thank you for these precious tips.
    i had a problem which i always have negative attiude about my abilities , i have alot of energy and i want to do something .please help i want to be a successful person in life .
    i know my negatives each time i try to getrid of my negative i return back again and always people fristrate me that i always speaking not doing so i get upset if i willing to do something i hear what people say about me that i just speaking not doing i became frustrated and became low spirit again please advise me .

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  • http://growwithstacy.com Stacy

    This is my first time here, I found the link through Kikolani’s site.

    I love this list! I especially love that you start out with God and the rest is so positive. They are all wonderful, though I’m not sure that I could drink a full gallon of water per day given my small size but I could definitely use more each day.

    I like point number three, it reminds me of some saying that when asked how you are doing you should respond with, “I’m having the best day of my life!” I need to start using that one!

    • http://www.heartyourchurch.com/ Jason Stambaugh

      Welcome! So glad you found the site. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment. 

  • Tabreena17

    I am incorporating more exercise and water into my life this year!  I used to work out when Curves was in my town but since they went out of business two years ago, I have noticed a dip in energy and an increase in weight!  UGH!!

    I have decided to go to our local pool and swim with my kids.  We all benefit!

    I might even try Zumba this year, too!  I am not very coordinated but I hear it’s a hoot.  It definitely will be when I show up!

    • http://www.heartyourchurch.com/ Jason Stambaugh

      Zumba is pretty cool. You should definitely give it a try. 

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  • Dreemail

    I really appreciate this.   

  • elizabeth byler younts

    Oooooo, #10 is a hot one. Loved this list!

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  • Jttourville

    Michael, couldn’t agree more. Motion does create emotions!

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  • Manaste

    This site and its content is so nice, i appreciate you from my heart & sole, nice job.
    Increase energy levels

  • http://twitter.com/snookasnoo Idon’t Know

    You lost me on the God part.

    • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

      Even though the God part did not connect with you, were you able to find any ways that could increase your energy level?

  • Manaste_com

    thanks for the ten use full information about Increase energy levels.
    i  appreciate your work keep it up.

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  • http://twitter.com/AnnikaStahlberg Annika Stahlberg

    Loved this! To find out how I boost my energy levels, check out my article ‘Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy’ here http://bit.ly/JJurT3 Next week I talk about the metaphysical too – boosting energy via meditation, so be sure to check back for that!

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  • Reina

    This info is very accurate! Every thing here is basic common sense for someone like myself, that knows better, but it seems that it’s taking a lot of energy just to make the commitment to get started doing these things that i desperately need to do. Thank you so much for just validating!

  • Terimisu

    I find running for a minimum of 30 minutes actually leaves me more energized. I drink a lot of water and green tea to help with my alertness. I also take NADH supplements a few times a week and it increases my energy, alertness, and concentration. It’s a natural co-enzyme and works by producing ATP. The company that makes is called Co-E1. You can buy directly from their website.

  • Francois

    I really like your philosophy on keeping my energy at a healthy…..positive thoughts gives positive feelings…thank you!

  • Scott

     To my surprise I tried an energy drink that didn’t give me a crash after
    it wore off.  It seems to be well balanced with vitamins and probably
    the reason it works so well.  Advocare makes it and they don’t sell it
    in retail stores but there’s a large distribution network that does. 
    Found it through http://www.helpmyenergy.com.

  • rantu

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  • Dannydacquisto


    This was a real blessing to me. I just started working in ministry. I googled “I don’t have enough energy,” and found this. What a pleasant surprise! This new job is my dream job, I feel very well used for the Gospel…but I’ve been very tired through out the day. I will definitely give these a try. Thank you!

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  • ravindra singh

    i have agree with your suggestion. i feel some other idea accutuly i relase that every man have a lot of energy without food and water and a possitve thought always create a high lever of evergy

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  • Niks

    Awesome!! This makes complete sense, especially the first point!

  • Ronke

    God bless you real good,this is the best answer I have gotten so far most especially your first point–connect with God,the source of our strength

  • nicole

    yeah,you’re right some people makes me feel moody and unenthusiatic…now i don’t really spend most of my time with this type of people and it helps.thanks

  • Ben Franke

    If you’re interested in natural energy, look up ATP and how its produced in the body. I take a supplement called “Shroom Tech Sport” for daily energy, endurance, and fast recovery when working out. It utilizes the cordyceps mushroom as well as other nutrients to bring you clean cellular energy through the production of ATP…. rather than stimulant-based energy like caffeine. ATP is the body’s natural energy source! It also helps regulate the way your body utilizes oxygen so you can keep pushing yourself longer. Check it out at this link.


  • http://www.nateanglin.com/ Anwell Steve

    I was really get caught by number one. I just thought that having a high energy level only involves some exercise, getting the right amount of sleep or eating the right kind of food. But I overlooked of connecting to the Almighty. Yes, indeed, He is certainly one of the reasons why we’re having this high level energy throughout the day because he’s just somewhere out there guiding us. But, definitely these 10 tips really says it all.

  • taz

    until i read this all i was doing was multivitamin and putting lemon juice in my water.

  • Rohit

    This is a human energy cycle …thats how energy is drained & how energy is gained. Gud1

  • http://www.cheese.com/ John Goatbirth

    “Connect with god”? HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Yeah, that’ll stand up to scientific scrutiny. Hahaha! Oh man, thanks for the laugh, though. You religious nuts crack me up.