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  • Jon D Harrison

    I use Yoast, very easy to use – glad to hear it was one of your recommendations! I agree that it all does start with quality content. I need to spend some more time with analytics.
    Really great content in this video!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jon. Andrew provides some very helpful tips in the MasterClass.

    • Alex Barker

      Don’t get too bogged down in analytics! It’s a great time sucker. Just check out the Traffic tab and sources. That gives the best info. I try to check once a week. If I didn’t limit myself, I’d be on there everyday!

      • Jon D Harrison

        You are right Alex! Analytics should come with a overdose warning label. They are almost as addictive as Candy Crush (which I promptly deleted after identifying its potential).

      • Joe Lalonde

        Haha, you’re a better man than me Alex. For some reason, numbers and analytics call to me. There was a time I’d check my analytics every hour or so. It was a hard habit to break and it’s freed up a lot of time!

  • Daniel

    Mr. Hyatt, the video doesn’t seem to be working. Is it me?

    • Andrew Buckman

      It’s down for me too, I alerted Michael.

      • Dan Erickson

        Me too.

      • Jinu Varghese

        Error! The video isn’t working.

        • Andrew Buckman

          It should be back now, sorry about that.

  • Dan Erickson

    This sounds good. I usually don’t watch many videos of listen to many podcasts because they’re time consuming. But I clicked on this one at only 10 minutes. However, I don’t know if it’s on my end or yours, but I got an error message. That has never happened on your site before.

    • Andrew Buckman

      It should be back now, sorry about that. I guess they updated the video this morning and used a bad link.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Sorry, Dan. We had the setting on the video wrong. Andrew has it working now. Thanks.

  • Ree Klein

    Wow, that was very interesting. I hired a local WordPress guy, William Schuddig, to do some initial training with me and it was well worth the cost. He added the SEO by Yoast plug in and I’ve made sure to fill in the blanks on every post. It took a while for Google to notice me, but my content is ranking pretty high so far.

    We installed the Google Analytics plug in, but I must admit that I’m stumped about how to use it. I just watch the real time page on Google’s site…I think I have a problem because I become so excited when someone shows up!

    Thanks for all the amazing content you provide, Michael. Without your book Platform and your pod casts I don’t think I would have had the confidence to move forward with my passion. I recommend you all the time!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Ree. I appreciate the recommendations!

  • Jenny Butler MD

    I’m hoping your Get Noticed wordpress theme is available again soon. I’m just getting started on my website and have played around with a few themes but have not found one I really like yet. What theme would you recommend I use in the meantime while I’m waiting for yours to become available?

    • Jon Platt

      Hey, Jenny. Before I upgraded to the Get Noticed! Theme I used Standard Theme. Loved every minute of it. The features are awesome. It’s super easy to handle. And the support is amazing.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Get Noticed! Theme should be available the first of October. It’s hard for me to recommend a theme without knowing what you want to do.

      • Akmal Akbarov

        Hi Michael, I love reading your posts but one thing I can’t get through my mind. I thought that Get Noticed themes are kind of different but when I checked Jon Platt’s blog just now I saw another blog with a template of Michael Hyatt. My reaction? What a …? As a first time visitor to his blog, I just got kind of disappointed at how much creativity he ignored.

        I blog at and I did all my best to create a blog design which expresses and suits my personality. I could not have used 3d party templates but then I know somebody on the web will have a blog with exactly same blog design as mine. That kills me! Really.

        Now what I see you are just giving your own blog design to people all around the world? What about originality of your own blog design?

        Most importantly, don’t you think that by actually letting others use theme which looks as exactly as yours, you are actually killing creativity and invidualism in your readers. What I know about Americans is that they are extremely individualistic and creative people.

        Help me understand that please! Thanks ))))

        • Michael Hyatt

          The theme is very powerful. Out of the box, it looks similar to mine. But it can be customized as much (or as little) as the blogger wants. The Theme Customizer provides control of every aspect, including images, colors, navigation, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t force everyone to use it.
          By the time we launch, we will have some Child Themes set up to demonstrate what’s really possible. Thanks!

          • Akmal Akbarov

            Yeah that would be great resource. Hope you did not take my words close to your heart. ))

          • Michael Hyatt

            Nope. It’s all good. Thanks.

  • Arlen Miller

    Thanks, Mr. Michael, for all your helpful tips from the trenches of successful blogging. After much studying and reading and reading and reading… I took action on creating a blog. Very exciting. I had an epiphany. You were a part of it. Thank you!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Woo hoo Arlen! That’s great you took action and started your blog. What is it about?

      • Arlen Miller

        Thanks so much for your message and encouragement, Joe. Thanks very much for asking! It’s about story. Writing stories and telling stories. Over the past 13 years I’ve been helping people and businesses tell their stories. Here goes:

        • Joe Lalonde

          Sounds like it’ll be a great read Arlen. I’m heading over to check it out now.

          • Arlen Miller

            Thanks, Joe. You’re an encouragement.

  • Jocelyn R. Mendez

    I went to to download their SEO and Google Analytics plugins. After I downloaded them they were just saved to my computer. They never transferred or showed up anywhere on my WordPress site. What do I do?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You have to install them in WordPress. Go to your Administrative panel, find the Plugins menu item and select Add New. Thanks.

  • Jason Dykstra

    Thanks Michael, as always, very insightful and practical! After all the “yoasting” in the video, I checked my site, and my team must agree with you, because there it was! Phew. :) It IS very easy to use!
    Much appreciated,
    Jason @

  • Dan Black

    Great video post! These are valuable tips. I make sure to focus most of my time and energy on building relationships rather than SEO. It’s been working for my platform.

    I think if someone did a post or video post about how to add the @twittername on their blog share button it would gain tremendous traffic and help a lot of people. A significant amount of bloggers don’t have this option. So when I read and share a blog post I have to manually add their @twittername.

    Depending on what system you use it’s a simple and easy fix. It took me about 2 min. to add mine. I’d do this but it’s not in my niche area.

  • Adam Lewis

    Great content! Thanks Michael!

  • kimanzi constable

    I totally agree with this. I was at a conference last week and SEO was a big topic. I told my audience when you’re starting out, focus on the content. When people come you want them to stay and come back, they won’t with crummy content.

    • Jim Martin

      Thanks Kimanzi. Great point about the need to focus on content. There is no way to get around the need for solid content that keeps readers coming back.

    • Arlen Miller

      Sounds like we’re serving humans instead of computers or systems. :)

  • Karla Akins

    I realize you’re sold out of your theme, but I have a question about it. If I decide to go with WordPress, would purchasing a theme replace hiring a web designer?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great question, Karla. It depends on how much customization you want to do and how much of it you want to do yourself. I wish I had a cut and dry answer, but I don’t. Thanks.

  • Jim Martin

    This was a great video, Michael. I really like this kind of conversation between you and Andrew. Very helpful.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jim. I appreciate that.

  • Mike Rogers

    Love the honesty of this video Michael. Thanks for sharing great content!

    I have personally given up on SEO. I used to be obsessed with it and did pretty good until all these updates Google does. Finally I said the heck with it. Glad I did.

    Mike Rogers

  • Alex Barker

    Congrats Jen on getting the site review! I had the pleasure of interviewing her on my future podcast the Leadership Dojo. She is amazing and definitely deserves the review!

    Thanks for sharing this exclusive content Michael. It’s good to hear experts say once again that SEO is silly without amazing content. Now time to create the content!

  • Kyle Chowning

    Michael…are you not using Scribe anymore?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I am using it. But it’s a little too expensive for most people.

  • Larry Poole

    @mhyatt:disqus and @stormyfrog:disqus, going into this Platform University video, I really didn’t think I was going to learn a ton. Not because I know it all, but because I’ve already meticulously searched your archives to learn everything I can about blogging.

    Wow I was wrong. Items #1-10 were all on point. I spent this morning mapping out exactly what I want to tackle first. Both the content and the length were perfect.

    Thank you both for taking the time to share your knowledge. You are pouring into me more than you know. I appreciate it!

  • Tamarray Cain

    Thank you so much for this! I learned quite a bit! :)