8 Reasons I Love Gmail

At Thomas Nelson we use Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Microsoft Entourage for Mac. They are connected to our Microsoft Exchange Server. This setup has been our corporate standard for years.

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I have used Entourage since I converted to the Mac about four years ago. However, I have had some calendar issues, and I am tired of the clunky user interface. I was using Entourage for both my corporate and personal email.Recently, a friend of mine shared with me that the mega-church where he works is using Gmail. They have 450 employees. That got my attention. He also told me that they have their church’s domain mapped to Gmail. They are using the enterprise version, along with Google calendar.

So I immediately talked to my IT folks. I asked them to explore Gmail as a possibility for Thomas Nelson. They are doing that now. However, given our investment in Microsoft technology this is not a trivial matter. This is definitely a case where we must measure twice and cut once—if we cut at all.

In the meantime, I have started using Gmail for my personal email. I am using the simple web-based interface. So far, I am loving it. Here are eight reasons why:

  1. Multiple Inboxes. I have a email address I use for online purchases, newsletters, etc., and I have one I use for personal business. I can manage both from the same Gmail dashboard. In fact, Gmail can receive email from almost any account and even send from that account.
  2. Built-in Search. Searching for almost anything in Entourage is a hassle—even with Spotlight. Often, I simply give up. However, Gmail find anything and everything. If you use Google as much as I do, you’ll love this feature.
  3. Email archiving. All my email is stored on Google’s servers. I realize that maybe a problem if Google goes out of business. But I think the chances of that are remote. Archiving with Entourage is also a hassle.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts. I hate to use the mouse. I just find it much slower than using the keyboard. Thankfully, Gmail has a keyboard shortcut for almost everything.
  5. Conversation threading. The original email and all the replies are linked together. As a result, I feel like I maintain the conversational context much easier than in Entourage.
  6. Embedded Links. Entourage provided no way to embed a link to a web site. I had to literally insert the full URL. Gmail has a “Link” button, so that I can simply select the text, click the button, and add the URL link.
  7. Style Elements. All the usual HTML style elements are available, including bullets, numbers, block quotes, indentation, etc. I can even use line-breaks between numbers or bullets—something I could not do in Entourage.
  8. Spam Filtering. Gmail’s spam filtering is second-to-none. I get zero spam, and I haven’t found a false positive (i.e., legitimate email that was incorrectly identified as spam) in ages.

So, at this point, I don’t know if converting to Gmail make sense for our company, but it sure makes sense for me—at least for my personal email.

Question: What has been your experience with Gmail? How about other email programs?
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  • Leonard

    I love Gmail, and when I google "I love Gmail" yours in the first site I find. So here I am, just wanting to share my love for this excellent program. After so many years of being locked into Outlook, I am thrilled to have a partial substitute for Outlook (partial because Gmail does not yet sync calendar and contacts very well). Gmail is so cool and innovative and well thought out. I am in tech love!

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  • http://sweetpfloral.com holly

    I love gmail because if I type the words "attached is" in the body of my email but forget to actually attach the item gmail stops me before sending to point out that I have forgotten to attach!! Saved my disorganized butt

  • http://www.wp-expresso.com WP Designer

    I love GMAIL because I get access to my e-mail from all of my computers. When it comes for my company e-mail one employee can write an e-mail or an offer to a customer save it and others can review it – all works like a charm.

    For us gmail is a e-mail + simple CRM client – amazing.

  • http://bentrolese.com/ Ben Trolese

    Michael, what is your update on GMAIL use? I work for two sister organizations but one of them uses Novell GroupWise and the other Outlook and I am finding it difficult to track and even more difficult to get the calendars to talk to each other (recurring appointments sent from GroupWise do not show up correctly in Outlook). Would love to hear anything about your experience up to now.


    • http://www.michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I am still using it personally, including Google Calendar; however, we have not made a change corporately. We are still on Microsoft Exchange.

  • http://thatguykc.wordpress.com ThatGuyKC

    I’ve been a Gmail fan for years and love all the features they have available in Labs to test out before they are launched. Most recently my favorite has been the Priority Inbox. It really helps me to be organized and efficient with personal & school email (I attend ASU online & they use the Google platform).

  • Ariel

    I love Gmail too. I really hope it continues to work like this for ages.
    It’s simply better than any other mail service out there and it’s free.
    Thank you very much Google!

  • http://twitter.com/nirajr Niraj Ranjan Rout

    Guys, if you use Google Apps for your work, you might want to hav e a look at http://grexit.com. GrexIt helps you save information and knowledge from getting trapped and lost in email inboxes. It helps you create a shared knowledge base right out of your email content.

  • http://twitter.com/nirajr Niraj Ranjan Rout

    Nice write-up. There are very strong reasons for every workplace to look at using Gmail under Google apps for their domain as their emailing system. I have tried going back to Entourage (don’t ask me the reasons), and have always come back to Gmail :)

    I am the founder of a product called GrexIt (http://grexit.com) for Google Apps users which helps you stop useful knowledge and information from getting lost in inboxes. Very useful for tracking support, leads and useful discussions. Try it out sometime and let us know what you think.

  • Annamc


  • Wdavis2505

    Just completed a migration from exchange to google apps at our church…Microsoft enterprise is in big trouble.

  • Lynda

    I have used Gmail for years, but not without issues. One time last year my messages vanished, poof. It was when this problem affected many accounts. The Gmail tech asked me if I keep a backup of my messages. I hadn’t thought about it being necessary. He suggested I set up another Gmail account and forward all my messages to it, keeping the original emails on my current account to actually use.  I check on the backup account every so often just to be sure things are there and I don’t need to do something about the size.

    Having that backup account is a help because I have deleted messages that I later needed to retrieve.

  • Amyjaybau

    Recovered all my lost contacts in my address book by going to my gmail account and clicking Contacts and restore to 5 hours ago.  I LOVE Gmail!

  • http://twitter.com/InverseDream Meg Davis

    Gmail is like my electronic life partner.

  • NEMO


  • NEMO

    lol ^ mee too dude XD

  • Simply Jenn

    My company recently switched from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail and I am miserable! I was just thinking “Google needs to consult with Michael Hyatt and fix this thing!!” so I came to your website to seek validation. Boy was I surprised to see you’re a fan!! I have been faithful to your system for staying in control of my inbox for years now and I just can’t do it in Gmail. I have no way to convert an email to a task so those emails stay in my Inbox until I can deal with them. I actually now have a to do list on a legal pad to work off of (really? It’s 2013!) I also find it difficult to work offline so I’m becoming a slave to the new emails coming in and I can’t just ignore the new ones because of the “conversation” feature… the “new” emails at top could be an older email with a new comment that should be prioritized… I can’t keep track of the original start date of the email chain ad it feels like my emails are just bouncing around in my Inbox. Ugh.

    • rabbimoffic

      Hi Jenn, I would check out some of the inbox zero material, and you may also be able to continue to use outlook but forward your gmail to it.

  • LadyLagoon

    I love my gmail because it has helped me a lot.I love gmail cause it is very simple to use,very quick to access,and is awesome.My gmail has been the helpline for a lot of people whom have had suicide problems,a lot of people know that when they need someone to talk to,my gmail is where they go to talk to me.Heck,I use my gmail more than my Facebook.So if anybody needed to get a new email account,I highly recommond gmail!