A Quarter of Thomas Nelson’s Employees Running the Half Marathon

On January 4th, I set a goal of enrolling 158 of our employees in one of two half marathon races this spring. This represents roughly 25% of our workforce.

Half Marathon Poster

I knew this was a big goal and, frankly, it was a little daunting. However, I am happy to report that we now have 160 employees registered. In addition, we have 32 spouses, and 14 authors or agents registered for a total of 206 people. Wow.

Our theme for this year is “Run for the House.” (Our company logo is the house where Thomas Nelson first started his business in 1798.) We have developed posters and arm bands that we are distributing at a Half Marathon meeting we are hosting today in Nashville.

I want to especially thank Suzanne Thompson, our Nashville-based team leader, and Lara Dulaney, our Dallas-based team leader. They have done a fabulous job recruiting others and dealing with all the registration logistics.

I am really excited about running the race this year, despite the fact that I am still struggling with plantar fasciitis. The thought of running so many of my co-workers and friends is truly inspiring. I can’t wait!

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  • http://blog.runnerslounge.com amy

    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment! I have continued to tag along and listen to the excitement build for your employees who are in the Lounge.

  • http://www.colleencoble.com Colleen Coble

    Wow, you did it! I’m so impressed!

  • http://www.davidpleach.com David

    And thanks for the encouragement, Mike. Without you, I likely would have found a way to procrastinate yet another year.

  • http://www.writesinsleepadaora.blogspot.com Adaora

    Wow congrats!

    Here’s to healthier staff, writers and family next year;


  • impartial_observer

    I’m afraid I don’t understand how this is not discriminatory to your employees who are not able to run or walk the full or half marathon due to a health condition or disability.
    You offer among other things, a $100 incentive to finish the race. If someone has a heart condition or a physical handicap that would make them unable to participate it seems unfair to those employees to not have an opportunity to receive rewards that are offered to others who are in good enough health to walk a few miles. It’s not as if someone under Doctor’s orders that limit their mobility can just “get in shape”.
    Just an observation…

  • http://blog.yam.com/oasistheone Jill

    It’s cool!
    I myself would be very much willing to join such an event hold by my company~~ ^^

  • http://www.outsideallday.com Andy Brazelton

    That’s an incredible accomplishment.

  • Ramit

    Can you reupload the poster please? I am looking for ideas for our own posters!