A Sneak Peek at SoChurch, Before It Goes Public

I have written before about SoChurch, a new Web-based communications tool for churches. I serve on the Advisory Board. It has been a delight to watch the SoChurch team turn their dream and into reality. The product officially launches on Monday, January 10th. In a moment, I will tell you how to sign-up before then and get a 25% discount.

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What is SoChurch? As they say in their marketing copy.

SoChurch is a full-featured church communication control center, minus the training, systems and contracts you loathe.”

It’s not a replacement for your church’s current Web presence—though it can be if you wish. Instead, it augments what you already have and focuses on facilitating communication and thus building community. It centralizes all your church’s communication, content, and conversations into a single, secure environment.

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It is not another social media network. (As if we needed something else to manage.) Instead, it integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, email, and even mobile devices (coming soon). It allows your community to interact with content and one another using their preferred tools and methods. It even provides a way for members to share your church’s content with those outside your existing community via their own social networks.

Perhaps most important, SoChurch doesn’t see online interaction as an end in itself. Instead, it is a means to an end—an icebreaker, if you will—for building offline relationships. To quote the Video Tour, SoChurch “makes saying ‘hello’ in the real world that much easier.”

The software is completely customizable, elegant but simple, and affordable—even for small churches. Plans start at just $19.00 a month. You can see how it compares to other solutions like “The City” here.)

Between now and the official launch on January 10th, you can get a 25% discount off your plan by taking the following two actions:

  1. Leave a comment below, explaining why you need SoChurch.
  2. Tweet the following post: “My church needs @SoChurch. Does yours? Read about it on @MichaelHyatt ’s blog: http://mhyatt.us/3y4LM”

On Monday, January 10th, to coincide with the public launch, the SoChurch team will randomly select 30 people who took these two actions and send them a special promo code that they can use to get the 25% discount for a full year.

Question: Why do you need SoChurch? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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