A Solution for Consistent, Social Media Branding

So you’ve spent more time than you should designing and tweaking your blog. (Don’t ask me how I know this.) You’ve got it just like you want it. For now. But what about your Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages? Are you content to upload your photo and be done with it? Or do you want a more consistent brand image, one that ties it all together?

My Customized Twitter Background, Courtesy of TweetPages.com

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a new profile photo to Twitter. However, that didn’t change my profile background. It still included my old headshot and a design done a few years ago by Matt Clark at TweetPages.com. I decided to visit his page again, and see what his company had to offer. Boy, was I surprised.

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Matt is a graphic designer, who specializes in templates and custom designs for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He provides you with the opportunity to create a consistent brand look across the three major social media platforms—and, at an affordable price.

I elected to have him design all three profile pages. The cost? $277.00. And this even included installation. I have hired a lot of designers through the years, and I thought that this was very reasonable. What I didn’t expect was the level of service that Matt provided for that price.

Warning: This is going to sound like a “Sponsored Post,” but it’s not. I am just a very satisfied customer, hoping to bring you a resource you will find helpful.

When I placed my order, I described what I wanted and uploaded my photo to the TweetPages.com website. That was on Tuesday, July 27th. I also provided my social media credentials, so Matt could upload the final images. (Frankly, this did give me pause, but since I had used Matt before, I trusted him with them.)

I soon received a reply from Matt, thanking me for my order. He also promised that he had scheduled me for a “TweetPage Video Proof on Friday, July 30th.”

True to his promise, at about 5:00 pm on Friday, I received an email from Matt, notifying me that my video proof was ready, along with a link to the page.

For some reason, the word “video” never registered with me. I guess I expected a PDF download of the comps. Instead, when I clicked on the link, I discovered a seven-minute personalized video from Matt, walking me through the four comps he had prepared. I was blown away.

I showed a friend who said, “That’s really cool, but I’ll bet he doesn’t do that for everyone. He’s probably hoping you tweet or blog about it.”

I sighed and then admitted, You’re probably right.

Nevertheless, I sent an email to Matt telling him I wanted to digest his comps overnight and then asked him point blank, “Is this process something you do for everyone?”

He replied,

Email Message from Matt Clark, Dated July 30, 2010

I shot him my comments over the weekend and then we went back and forth a few times Monday to get it just right. Each time, he responded to me within a few hours.

As you can probably tell, I am very happy with the final result. You can see my Twitter profile, Facebook fan page, and YouTube channel by clicking on the appropriate link.

If you want to create a consistent brand image, I suggest you check out TweetPages.com. Matt graciously offered to give my readers a 10% discount. Just enter the discount code, “MICHAELHYATT” when you place your order.

You could hire another designer to do this, I’m sure. But I doubt you can find one that offers this kind of cutting-edge, personalized service—especially at this price. I’m a raving fan.

Question: Would consistent, social media branding help you?
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  • http://www.womenlivingwell-courtney.blogspot.com Women Living Well

    LOVE your twitter page – and just followed ya! I just tweaked my youtube page yesterday – putting in the matching hex numbers to get the same color scheme as my blog. Guess it's time I do that to my twitter page too! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      You're welcome. I think a consistent brand image pays off.

  • http://www.danieldecker.net Daniel Decker

    I can add a testimonial for Matt. I've used him for a non-social media design project. Had him design new logos for my church Family Ministry area. He is a fantastic designer, extremely professional and that video presentation deal is indeed something he does for all clients. We were extremely impressed when he did that for us as it enabled us to understand his thought process behind the logo comps he made versus just a static file that told no story. Besides all that… Matt is an all around swell guy with a good heart and integrity.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      Daniel, this is good to here. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/sheriboeyink Lynn Rush

    Wow. This is great stuff here. Thanks!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/mosaicmercy David Knapp

    I think people love consistency. If all of our social media platforms ultimately lead back to our blog then I think the first place we need to concentrate is there.

    Write interesting articles and then focus on "great" social media branding. I call this great because a pro is helping with the branding.

    What do you think? Should great blog articles come before great social media branding or should it be something we focus on at the same time?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      Yes, absolutely, David. You have the sequence right. If you don't right great blog articles and do it consistently, it's all window-dressing. As someone recently said, “great product is the new marketing.”

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/tfdopie tfdopie

    Looks great!!! Matt seems like the kind of person anyone would want to do business with!!!! Quick question though. . . . you started with your wordpress page right? How did you come up with the design for that? Did you use Standard Theme? Hire someone to do it? etc… Thanks for the consistently great leadership and blogs you provide!!!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      Actually, I hired John Saddington to create my WordPress theme. He started with WooThemes’ Daily Edition. This was before Standard Theme was available (which he and his team also created). He is now looking at converting my whole blog to Standard Theme, using the same design I have now.

      I do recommend starting with your blog. For most of us, that is “homebase.”

  • http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress John Richardson

    As someone who works in Photoshop a lot, I can attest to how hard it is to get all three pages right. Twitter is especially difficult, since the page looks different with larger monitors and screen resolutions. Facebook has some unique space limitations but there are some cool tweaks you can do to make your photo float in the background. Youtube is another challenge that requires a good graphics program to get just right. Overall, the average person would have a tough time coming up with a consistent look across all three without spending a lot of time and money. What Matt is offering sounds like a steal.

    For your readers that just want to update their Twitter page, I have a tutorial on my blog about creating a Twitter page with Powerpoint. Since most users don't have a high end graphics program, Powerpoint offers a great way to create a full size page layout with sharp graphics in a program that most users have on their computers. The tutorial gives the secret to making it work. http://bit.ly/9XdUCh

    As usual Mike, you have given me another challenge that I'll need to take on and create a consistent brand look across my different platforms. One thing that you have done, that I need to do, is hire a professional photographer and get some great location shots. Your photos really make your blog come to life.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, John. I am especially grateful for your link and the helpful information you provide.

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelDPerkins @MichaelDPerkins

    I love how they all tie in together. And I love consistency. Branding is something that I've tried to do, but I'm curious if you have any suggestions that aren't as costly?

  • http://www.barlandrew.com andrew

    that video proofing concept is great. must explore further. thanks for sharing that.

  • Hawkings

    Weak humor alert: I have a large commercial boat. It's called the Titanic. I'm worried about it. It appears to be sinking. Can anybody recommend an affordable, reliable deck chair arranger? I think that would help.

    In all seriousness, professional Internet marketing and media consultation firms (which I appreciate Michael doesn't purport to be) typically discourage business from relying on or including SOCIAL media in their BUSINESS campaigns. There are many, many, many reasons for this, all backed up by studies and anecdotes. It suffices to point out that you don't have a business relationship with your social media site, and they don't have a business relationship with you. I'm not a consulting firm, but my business has paid one tens-of-thousands of dollars to craft our company's online strategy, and it certainly doesn't involve Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook. It didn't however double our revenue.

    The point of my joke above wasn't to imply that anybody's boat is sinking. The point is that certain actions which can be valuable is some contexts are suddenly worthless in the wrong context. In the spirit of being helpful to the community of loyal readers, it's worth highlighting the difference between "how you can" do something and "if you should". IF you decide to do duplicate Michael plan, then this is a good way of HOW you can take a corresponding action. However, DON'Tjust do this because Michael did it or shares its merit. Get your OWN plan and get a GOOD one from somebody who feeds their family, pays their mortgage, and educates their children with the money that they've made at being successful in this. In all likelihood, you will NOT find such a professional firm promoting themselves on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, which may give you something to think about when they recommend that you don't either. However, I appreciate that this blog, which I have tremendous affection for, is an intensely personal act of exploring and sharing for Michael, and I think that his use of casual social media is at least reflective of this if not also understandable.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      It might be different in the world of speakers and authors, which is a huge chunk of my audience. Social media drives a lot of business for these folks.

      Thanks for your comments.

  • http://www.therextras.com BarbaraBoucher OTPhD

    This is useful future reference for me, Michael and I really appreciate it. Using your experience as an example helps explain marketing and social media terms that I struggle to confidently understand.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 Kyle Reed

    Customer service always wins. Great stuff and great look for a great price.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      Yea, I almost using TweetPages.com as the centerpiece for a post on customer service. They have really taken the personalization aspect to the top!

  • http://twitter.com/CalebGriffin @CalebGriffin

    I'm a former web designer, so when I decided to launch a blog, I decided to design everything myself. But for $277, I might just forgo figuring out how to design my Facebook, YouTube and Twitter profiles. Getting my blog just right was pain enough. :)

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/momhelen momhelen

    On your recommendation, I just started browsing TweetPages.com and was filling out the "contact me" form when Matt himself popped up in a chat box and started answering my questions on the spot. Loved it! Talk about personal service! As a first-time author who is just starting to get the social media side of things rolling with my book, this was ever-so-helpful. Thank you for sharing!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

      Wow. That is cool!

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

    Wow. I haven't owned $277.00 in so long, I was momentarily taken aback by the sheer expense simply for having a few pages designed. It's all relative, I know :)

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  • http://videoworshipbackgrounds.com Daniel Roberts

    Wow, that is some awesome customer service! Way to go Matt. I love the fact that he uses video effectively. It certainly didn't take him much more time to record a video. The amount of information transferred and personal touch of a video make them invaluable. I wouldn't dream of outsourcing a project without walking them through a screen cast of it. That way if there's a breakdown in communication, you can get mad at the video, but you can't get mad at the other person.

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Laurinda Laurinda

    Very cool. I didn't know you could brand Facebook & YouTube That's a great deal. I'll look into it when I'm ready to change and update all my stuff.

    With Twitter, I do everything in Tweetdeck, I rarely look at anyone's Twitter page. I need to check mine and few others out. Your Twitter page and Facebook page looks great.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/michaelhyatt Michael Hyatt

    Yea, it's pretty extraordinary. I loved the experience.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/marydemuth marydemuth

    That is super cool. Who knew? I need to save up for something like this. Thanks for highlighting it, Mike.

  • Marta

    I definitely think its a good idea, if you can afford professional help. In the meantime you have to just dive in and do your best, optimizing with the help of free info and tools around the web.God bless!

  • http://www.edenpuresale.com edenpure

    As someone who doesn't do a lot of branding, I do appreciate sites that I frequent having a bit of consistency to them so that I know it is all tied together as one company. It doesn't all have to look exactly the same, but maybe one color scheme, or font, or even background stick in my head that they are all tied together. As a consumer I tend to be loyal until given a reason not to so if a company has a branch or another site they want to drive me to I need some sort of sign that they are tied to one another.

  • Hil

    GREAT POST! So exciting to watch Michael's vid and know exactly what you and he are talkin' about! – Hil

  • rodlie

    You made a great choice. Looks super slick!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. I am very pleased with Matt’s work.

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  • Donna Maria

    Very nice! I'm going to get in touch with Matt! This is the solution I've been waiting for. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://believerstabernacle.com Marty

    Michael…love the look. I'm also wondering if Matt's services would extend to setting up a blog page. I'm using the generic blogger.com stuff. I have my domain name paid for, but just illiterate enough on this stuff to have put it off for a long time.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure, but it is probably worth checking. Thanks.

  • http://www.theupsstore.com/5635.htm Shirley

    This was a very helpful idea, and I have since used it on both sets of twitter & facebook pages I've set up in the past several weeks (one for our business and one for our church)… interestingly I now have to go through the exercise all over again now that twitter is updating their look! Are you finding that too? BTW – not crazy about the new twitter look… lots of unused space on "their" part of the screen, and now you can't see hardly any of the background unless you have very large high-resolution monitor with web page maxed out!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I’m not crazy about it either; however, I felt better after I watched Matt Clark’s helpful video introduction. I think he will be offering an upgrade options soon.

  • http://www.forward.ph/ Lizel Wrighte

    Successful brand imaging requires consistency. Taking time to write about how satisfied you were with the service is one of those things that could inspire service providers to do better.

  • Shalon Palmer

    Love this! Just put in my tweetpages order!

  • Mike Lintro

    Having a branded logo, that is easily recognizable, but not too complex, can really help a company out quite a bit. Naturally, the human brain will remember a simple image, better than a complex one. The hard part is creating a logo for your company. Something that I have seen that I really like, is relating the logo to the industry. Like my dad, he is a landscaper, and he worked a tree into his logo. Honestly, I think it needs a little touching up, but he likes it the way it is. http://www.signetdesigninc.com