An Interview with Andy Andrews, Author of The Final Summit

Andy Andrews is a dear friend, one of my favorite authors, and maybe the best speaker I have ever heard. His new book, The Final Summit, is the much-anticipated sequel to his New York Times bestseller, The Traveler’s Gift. In a minute, I will tell you how to get a copy of his new book FREE.

The Final Summit is a great read. Like Andy’s other books, it is chock-full of wisdom, perspective, and inspiration. The best part is that Andy personally exemplifies these characteristics in his own life. He walks his talk.

Recently, I had a chance to interview Andy in my office in Nashville. We talked for about 30 minutes, but we could have gone for another hour—easy. However, the video embedded above is skinnied down to just 5 minutes. Hopefully, it will give you enough to whet your appetite for the book.

Without giving the story away, here is the basic plot. David Ponder, the protagonist in The Traveler’s Gift is back. Many years have passed since he discovered the Seven Decisions during a divine journey through time. He is now 74 years old, and he has lost the one thing that mattered to him most: his wife, Ellen.

Despite his personal and professional success, he now sits alone at the top of his 55-story high-rise contemplating the unthinkable—just as he did 28 years ago. However, just as things look their darkest, he is told via divine channels that he is to convene one last summit with hundreds of his fellow Travelers, including people like George Washington, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill.

As the cover copy from the book states,

This is mankind’s last chance. Centuries of greed, pride, and hate have sent humanity hurtling toward disaster, and far from its original purpose. There is only one solution that can reset the compass and right the ship, and it consists of only two words.

“With time running out, it is up to David Ponder and a cast of history’s best and brightest minds to uncover this solution before it is too late. The catch? They are allowed only five tries to discover the answer.”

I loved this book. While it builds on the The Traveler’s Gift, you can read The Final Summit as a stand alone book. Regardless, I think you will find it inspiring and comforting.

I gave away 100 copies of The Final Summit. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: If you read this book, what did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • zbreavis

    I would like to win a copy of this book because you said it is a “great read.” I would like to see for myself! :)

    • Anonymous

      I’ve read “The Noticer” and “The Final Summit,” am reading “The Traveler’s Gift.” Out of curiosity, I asked my librarian wife where the library shelved “Gift.” Two libraries in the system had the book and neither placed it in the fiction section.

      I’d call Andy’s style inspirational. You’ll enjoy reading any of his books and you’ll find plenty of applicable-to-real-life wisdom in its pages.

  • Jennmcg72

    Why would I like a copy of Andy Andrews’ newest book, The Final Summit? Naturally, I would like a copy because I love Andrews’ style of writing. I enjoy his ability to “draw you in” to the story and make his characters so believable, with whom I could see myself developing friendships. More importantly, though, I love Andrews’ spiritual style of writing. Whenever I have picked up one of his works, it’s as if Andrews is writing directly to me. So many of the themes in his works are those prevalent in the lives of ordinary people, just like me. Though I have not reached my “final summit” in life, I can hardly wait to read of David’s experience and reflect on how I might handle the life circumstances he is facing.

  • Curtis Marshall

    I would love to read this book! You said that he might be one of the greatest speakers you’ve ever heard. I aspire to be a speaker and I would love to see the type of creativity that can be found in a speaker’s brain. Plus, the video just made it sound like it would be an intriguing story.

  • @dscottwilke

    I’d love to get a copy of Andy’s latest book because I’ve already read a few of his books. I’ve also had the good fortune to hear him speak a few times. I have enjoyed and benefited from each one his books and talks in a different way. “The Traveler’s Gift” and “The Heart Mender” were my favorites. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • hinesy

    I saw Andy Andrews at a Women of Faith conferences last year. He talked about when he was homeless and lived under a bridge and worked his way to become an amazing motivational speaker. He also has a great sense of humor. I admire him for the way he lives his life.

  • Mark Heywood

    I haven’t read an Andy Andrews book before, I would like a free copy to start the journey. thanks Mark Heywood

  • Patricia Zell

    Just about a year, I heard Andy at the Women of Faith Conference in Columbus. He share a lot about perspective and his words really helped me with my relationship with my youngest daughter. In fact, I would say that conference was a turning point, and my daughter and I now enjoy a close relationship. I’m eager to read what Andy has to offer in this story.

  • Patricia Zell

    Michael, it may just be my computer, but the Twitter link is not working.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It is working here. You do have to be logged into Twitter, however. Thanks.

  • Mrjke

    Well since I just moved I can unpack my book boxes OR you can help me discover a great new author and help me delay the unpacking!

  • Jester

    Why would I want to read this book? Because its been ages since I last read a book and its due time I read one now! Also, looks like a terrific read. That’s the problem, can never find a good book to read…

    • JEG

      Where have been hiding Jester? Many good reads! I can’t keep up. I like a lot of non-fiction though. – Crazy Love & The Forgotten God by Francis Chan, The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel, The Power of Surrender by Michael Catt . . . Anything by A.W. Tozer, but especially his out of print “How to Pray” is powerful – google it and you can print it out. . . . . Too many, but many more I could suggest in case you need more! LOL! If you didn’t notice I am a book-aholic!!

  • Doug Hibbard

    I don’t need a copy, since BookSneeze sent me one. But I will say this: this book is wonderful. If you don’t have one, get one. Well worth your time to read it.

  • Brett Vaden

    If Andy Andrews almost didn’t get The Traveler’s Gift published, I want to know what it was that publishers couldn’t see but consumers did.

    • Vicki George

      it was a God thing.

  • Stephanie

    I have a friend who had a successful career in LA. He eventually determined that life in the fast lane wasn’t for him and moved to the east coast. In the process, he came to faith in Christ and is now starting a new career as a franchisee of a sign company. It’s been a challenging road for him in a number of ways and I think this book would encourage him.

  • @kevinmwall

    You really should pick me for the following 10 reasons:
    1. The buck stops here, but I could keep a couple extra if I get a complimentary copy!
    2. I seek wisdom, case in point I love reading your blog and great books like Andy’s
    3. I am a person of Action, but don’t want to take the action to go out and buy the book if I can work a little here and have the publisher send me a free copy.
    4. I have a decided heart, as in I have decided that I should read Andy’s latest book.
    5. Today I choose to be happy, but I will be happier after April18th when I get Andy’s new book.
    6. I greet each day wth a forgiving spirit, and will forgive you if you bless someone else with a copy.
    7. I will persist without exception by emailing you very dissapointed emails filled with frowning emoticons. Ok I won’t neccesarily do that, but I may just send a long standing series of messages that say “Please?”
    8. I noticed that my book shelf has a little bit of a slant to the right and I think when I am done the exact weight of this book will balance it all out.
    9. I noticed that the previous reference to The Noticer was weak at best and hope that #10 seals the deal.
    10. The law of sensitive dependence on inital conditions (ie the butterfly effect) states that by offering ME a copy of this book it will help create a better world, and prevent hurricanes ( I think at least)
    Bonus #11. I am wearing VFF’s right now based on your opinion and if you were right about those, than how could you possibly be wrong about this book!
    Thanks this was fun…

    • Lissa

      Kevin/Micheal – Kevin deserves a book. Loved your list of reasons!

      • @kevinmwall

        Thanks Lissa- I have to say I agree 100%. And I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that it’s tacky to “like” your own comment, but I reread this today and it made me laugh so I’m throwing caution to the wind and gonna break the rules!

    • TNeal

      I am impressed. Even made a reference to an ancient post and multiple references to “The Final Summit’s” prequel. Saw vff’s on a real live person for the first time just yesterday.

      I agree with both Lissa’s and your assessment of your witticisms. Very funny!–Tom

  • Gary M. Freedman

    I think Andy Andrews is one of the most inspirational people, and using knowledge from him, and his books, I can become a better person, and continue to grow and help others.

  • Vony Ackley

    Why would I like a copy of Andy Andrew’s latest book? I love to read, and I love to pass along good books too. And, of course, I want to know what to do to restore my life back to success. Thank you for another opportunity to receive a blessing!

  • mcsaint

    I’d love a copy of this book because my last three have been via iBooks. It’s time to get back to basics and


    in my hands. I’m hoping that Andy’s book is it.

  • Jeremy@confessionsofalegalist

    I am not familiar with the first book, but the way you describe this one fits in with your technique of building a life plan. Imagining the future so that you can look back in the past and make good decisions today. I would read it to improve perspective.

  • Chris Miller

    I would like a copy of this book because I find it intriguing. I usually wouldn’t read a fiction story but this book uses real world concepts and I think I would really enjoy it.

  • Heath Stoner

    Michael–I read so many non-fiction books. This is where I spend my time. I need to read a book like this that will tap different thought processes in my mind to leap out so that I can continue to grow as a man and leader. This book will cause this, I believe.

  • Chris

    I’d be honored to get an early copy of Andy’s book. I’ve always enjoyed his story process for teaching. As an example, when it came time to clean out the garage from my tape collection of the early 90’s, Andy was but one of a few speakers who’s messages I could not part with. These few trainers, motivators were the Doug Wead, Thomas Hudson, Barry Joye, Jody Victor and Andy.Andrews who’s materials I could not part with as it was their insight who helped mold my thinking ….. I’d be honored!

    Chris M. Spears
    Ocala, Florida

  • Anonymous

    You told the story about how Andy Andrews got his start in a recent interview with Turney Stevens. It was so amazed and encouraging that I woke my husband at 3:00 a.m. to share it with him. I’m so glad that your wife encouraged you to read the manuscript again.

    Having said that, I’ve never read one of his books. I’d love the opportunity.

  • Nikole Hahn

    I’ve got a copy of this book and I am posting the review on my website tomorrow as part of Booksneeze. He’s a great writer with loads of insight.

  • Diane

    I’m all about anything “summit” and then you threw in “wisdom, perspective and inspiration” and I was a goner. I love men of integrity and am ready to read my would-be FIRST Andy Andrews book. Thanks, MH.

  • Alfonso Ayala

    As a fellow sojourner my life is interdependent of others, especially inspiring pilgrims.

  • Dan

    This was a great book. Looking forward to posting my review of it tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Since last summer, Andy Andrews has fast become our family’s favorite author. My wife & I have four homeschooled children (ages, 14, 11, 8, 5) whom I read to every night. We’ve read “The Noticer”, “The Lost Choice” and “The Traveler’s Gift” to them, and have “The Boy Who Changed the World” on our purchase list. My wife and I have also read “The Heart Mender, and plan on reading this one to them as well. My oldest son and I have discussed “The Seven Decisions”, and they’ve led to some deep discussions. I’ve recommended Andy’s books to numerous people, and have shared his rendition of “The Butterfly Effect” to anyone who will listen. One thing is sure, Michael. By your giving away 100 of Andy’s latest book, you will be flapping your butterfly wings, and setting into motion waves of inspiration. I guarantee if one of those books makes it my family’s way, it will be read with the intent to have lasting impact in four young lives, who one day, may just change the world.

  • Ray Eickhoff

    Andy has been trusted with a very special gift and he shares it with us through his writing. His journey of life is evident in the travelers Gift, and I trust it is in The Final Summit as well. By being selected to receive a copy of Andy’s book, I will walk along side others to see their best is yet to come. Peace to you and your family Michael.

  • Brett Berchtold


    After reading Andy Andrew’s “The Traveler’s Gift”, I have spread the news to all of my colleagues that it should be on their top 5 reading list. If “The Final Summit is as extraordinary as “The Traveler’s Gift” was for me, I will waste no time in reading it and passing it along to everyone I know.

    Here are the top 3 reasons I believe I would be a great recipient of this awesome gift:

    1.) I am very passionate about learning to pass on to others (Be a river, not a reservoir.)
    2.) Andy Andrew’s is one of my favorite modern-day authors.
    3.) I love to support Christians.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!


  • Nathanael Small

    As a forty year old Aussie, I’m halfway up the mountain and want the second half to really count for eternity.

  • Davidburgin

    I would like to win a copy of this book because Andy Andrews is my favourite author as well.

  • David Andrews

    I’d love a copy as I’m about to release my own book (of poetry). Cleary we must be related as we share our last name and our ability to write great books! We’re probably also related to Julie Andrews too – maybe the hiils are alive with the sound of music. Seriously though it woudl be great to read this book. (You did say be creative). Regards, David.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    Enjoyed reading ‘The Final Summit’ via Book Sneeze. And, just completed my review and posted the same in my blog.

    Some great truths and thought provoking insights in this book. Hope everyone will enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Michael, for this opportunity and your continued generosity.

    “Be grateful for everything, good and bad. Sometimes bad things turn out good, and sometimes good things turn out bad. So we should be grateful for everything and trust God.” Father Gordon’s words echoed in my mind, as I eased the front seat of my car back and closed my eyes. “Thank you God for a warm and dry place to sleep”, I prayed. This was my sixth night sleeping in my 13 year old car with duct tape holding in the front headlight. “Thank you God for a clean bathroom and running water.” The short walk across the truck stop parking lot was a quick run on a rainy day. Still, it was clean and free. It was a luxury to have a bathroom close by. I was grateful for it. “And besides”, I thought, “I should be dead anyway. My life is bonus hockey: it’s in overtime.”

    It sounds like Andy has had similar experiences to me, and I would love to read his thoughts and story. I am no longer homeless and am still grateful for everything. However, one day I would like to own a car made in the 21st century. Andy’s story would be a great motivator for me on how someone can overcome obstacles and help other people through writing and speaking.

  • vabc1200

    I’ve read all of Andy’s books! LOVE HIM! ANd not only have I, but my 13 year old son has , as well. To be an author that is read by 48 year olds and 13 year olds is not something everyone can boast of! I would love to have this book so that my son and I can once again share the joy of reading Andy’s book together!

  • Jane

    The Traveler’s Gift is on my list of books to read. If I received a copy of The Final Summit, even though it can be read as a stand alone book, it would keep looking at me reproachfully from my bookshelf until I bought The Traveler’s Gift.

  • Phyllis Nichols

    I’m really looking forward to reading The Final Summit.
    I first read The Travelers Gift a few years ago, during particularly dark time in my life. Andy’s book gave me hope.
    Plain and simple; it helped me pick myself up and carry on.

    For me, his writing was that powerful. I looked at my situation with a new perspective.
    Hope. Real hope from his writing.
    That’s an amazing thing.

  • Dave Baldwin

    Hey Michael,
    I don’t know if I can be creative, but being a history buff and my under-graduate degree being in history, I’d love to read both books. Who does Andy pick and why would be great things for me to read about!
    Also, I’m 61, and time keeps ticking, so would like to read about this 74 year-old and what he learned through this process.
    That’s why I’d like a copy of the book. Thanx for the opportunity.

  • GradyBrown

    Michael, you guys set this thing up so perfectly in the video. Who wouldn’t want to read the book? I just have to know the THE ANSWER!!!

  • Ron Snyder

    God says to seek wisdom, to Ask for it, since the author is my senior by more than 30 years I could presume he has wisdom to share. Besides since one of my pastors is requesting the book and I know he has wisdom this would give us something to discuss and grow in wisdom together. One day I hope to be a pastor myself and this book may have insights that will be helpful in ministry.

  • ChristinaGolm

    This book sounds interesting and will help me with the growth part of my life plan. So does the first book that I am getting now to read. Thank you for introducing this to us!

  • idelette

    I would love a copy of The Final Summit, because it gives my mothering life a big thrill to be on the early wave of great books and ideas. Plus, I’d love to read an Andy Andrews upon your recommendation.

  • sage

    I have read Andy Andrews and look forward to reading the The Final Summit. As a Friend of a local school library, I want to get a copy for their students to read. I know they will enjoy and learn from the book. I believe Andy’s work will introduce these young students to important characters that they will hopefully seek to read and learn more about.

  • Learning Catalyst

    I read the first two books and gave one as a gift to a couple of people. Like the protagonist I find myself at that place of questioning. There is no need to right about the unfairness of life and the disappointments along the way. I am sure most people have experienced them. It has just been a long haul for us – now 2 years and still trying to push on. Is there really an ‘answer’? Is there only one solution? I’d be interested to read what they come up with!

    • Learning Catalyst

      No need to ‘write’….maybe I should get a book on spelling instead!

  • Faye Bryant

    I love Andy Andrews! It was he and Anne Jackson who encouraged me to step out and write, to share the words hat were within me.

    Andy has a unique gift of telling a story and imparting great truth with the telling. If one pays attention, he is likely to come away with a nugget of wisdom for the time spent.

  • VinceB

    The quote from the cover copy you posted caused my blood to turn cold, sending a shiver of fear up my spine… “Centuries of greed, pride, and hate have sent humanity hurtling toward disaster, and far from its original purpose.” This is not fiction, this is a hardcore reality. Those who are not journeymen accept this as the status quo, but those of us who are on the journey realize that something needs to be done, and done fast. I would love this book in order to feed that part of my spirit that is desperately seeking the answer. I feel (especially after seeing the interview,) that it would inspire me, and renew my conviction to make a difference in this crumbling world.

  • Johnt405

    Never read Andy. Would like to for free!

  • K.C. Pro

    This book was phenomenal. I received a free copy through Booksneeze that I’m posting a review on today as well. I’m giving away my copy and would love another one to share with friends and family.

    The Final Summit was so incredible. Thank you.

  • Nora

    I have a goal of reading for personal development, every day. After wanting to for a while, I recently purchased The Traveler’s Gift. I am so excited to know that there is a sequel. It would be great to finish The Traveler’s Gift and begin The Final Summit. Your book recommendations Michael, have never failed to help me follow my goal of becoming a better and continually more authentic me, through reading and study. I have added hearing Andy Andrews speak to my list of goals. I love the learning journey.

  • William Burks

    As a pastor for 25 years, I am constantly searching for “great reads!” I read numerous technical books such as commentaries, word studies, and sermons, but I struggle with reading for pleasure. Andy Anderson has been around for years and has a great reputation as a writer. So, I hope to add his new book to my reading que.

  • John Richardson

    Great interview, Michael. I think Andy Andrews is this generations Og Mandino. His stories are captivating and really make you think. I started reading the Final Summit on the cruise (after receiving a copy from you for being a top commenter… Thanks!) I hope to be able to do a review soon. Thanks for giving the gift of David Ponder’s story to your readers!

  • Roy Wallen

    If _The Final Summit_ is anything like _The Traveler’s Gift_, it will be insiring and extremely popular. Andy Andrews’s way of telling a story to communciate important points is compelling. Like his previous book, I welcome the opportunity to read, review, and pass along this book for others to appreciate.

  • Victor Mashni

    I would love the book. Andy is one of my favorite author, speaker as well

  • Karl Mealor

    Loved this book. A very generous person has already given me a copy, but I’m rooting for the rest of you!

  • Ben Reed

    I’d love a copy of the book. I was first introduced to Andrews through this blog, and I picked up and read The Travelers Gift. I loved Andrews gift at telling a story. And through that story, he communicated so much depth about life.

    So many truths are better presented in a powerful story. And Andrews is a master at it.

  • Kenny

    Getting a copy of this book, would be a blessing to me. I’ve read “The Traveler’s Gift” twice, as well as the Noticer, and The Heart Mender. All of these books have inspired me and challenged my life in a great way. Thanks to Andy Andrews for all he writes.
    I’m in a life challenge, and trying to determine my future direction is a real struggle for me. I am seeking answers from God, as to what’s next for me?

  • Wmvjohnson

    Andy’s books have inspired and helped shape my own journey in the past few years. I know enough folks who know Andy to know he is the real deal. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Jerry

    In 2005 I read The Travelers Gift in one sitting and have been sharing that book and Andy’s stories ever since. He is one of the reasons I am a survivor in the real estate business and am preparing to excel in this business as we move forward.

    I can imagine that his new book will provide even more inspiration to grow with and to share with others. Listening to your interview with Andy has ‘set’ the hook and I am anxious to read his newest story about David Ponder. I promise it will not be ‘given’ to just me. It will be shared with many people if I am given one of these books.

  • Kirkweisler

    Abraham Lincoln spoke to me in a dream telling me that he had over heard Churchill and Solomon discussing how this book might help to give ME the courage of Chamberlain to leap over the fence and charge my challenges with bayonete fixed! My family is counting on me to hold the line… and keeping a family together is essential in keeping a nation together.
    I was inspired by Mr. Andrews first book and tried to pay if forward by sharing it with with hundreds of others and commitment to do the same with this wonderful book.’
    Le’ts take the Summit!
    Kirk Weisler

  • Jamie O’Donoghue

    I read ‘The Traveler’s Gift’ along with Stephen Covey’s ‘7 habits’ around the same time. I was 22 and was beginning to discover the potential that I had. Both books impacted me greatly. 4 years on and not only is that potential being realized but I am now having the opportunity to teach the principles in ‘The Traveler’s Gift’ within youth groups and through blogging.

    The Final Summit would not be just a gift to me, it would also be a gift to those who would hear me.

  • Randysadams

    I am thrilled to hear that we get to hear about David Ponder again. I have used the Traveler’s Gift as a teaching tool for sales meetings when I ran a real estate office, and created an 8 week sunday school series I haved used at my church for adults as well as youth. I also purchased many of the book (including kids version) and gave as gifts. I would love to get my hands on his new one so that I can use it as a follow up for my Sunday school classes as well as lessons f0r me. Thanks in advance for your consideration and generosity.

  • Lizzie

    I’ve never read anything by Andrews before, but with a recommendation like this…and the copy cover teaser alone sounds like an epic!

  • Katylee

    Why do I want a copy?
    Well, I know that a book is a golden door that opens into a world of your own imagination, BUT my husband does not. He is just not a reader. Or wasn’t one until I gave him Andy’s book, The Heart Mender. I finally found an author that even my husband will read. So I know Andy’s latest book will be much appreciated and respected…and enjoyed for the treasure within its pages.

    Katy Lee

  • Haydeeang

    It sounds very interesting, and when it’s recommended by you, surely it is a must-read. Anyway, I like reading the works of men matured in age. I look up to them & truly admire their wisdom. They inspire, encourage & motivate. I want to be as wise when I am older.

  • Jerry

    When a publishing exec gives an author a rave review and the New York Times Best Seller List concurs, it’s time to read that book!

  • Otai samuel

    Hullo Michael, I am involved in Women community NGO services,of which I am Chairman/ founder of (sweep_teso, professional women’s association)
    I am also involved with Nutritional Company ( /
    So, this book guide me to the greater leadership level. Thanks OTAI SAMUEL

  • Ben Tune

    I read the book a few weeks ago. It’s an easy, quick read. I recommend it.

  • Bill Hart

    As a Life & Business Coach, “The Traveler’s Gift” is the book that I give clients as an Action Plan to read when they are in need of PERSPECTIVE. This is such a common occurrence that clients know it as my favorite book. I believe that we have all had that moment on the dark icy road that David Ponder had, and I am excited to see where Andy will take me… and my clients in “The Final Summit”.

    BTW: I describe TTG as the classic Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life” meets your favorite motivational speaker on their best day (enter speaker’s name here _______).

  • Penny S Schultz

    I’d like to read this book, whether you give it to me or I buy it because anything Andy Andrews writes is bound to be a joy to read and filled with observations and insights that speak to my heart and into my life. I’ve read two of his books, The Noticer and The Traveler’s Gift; enjoyed them and am eager to read The Heart Mender and this new one, The Ultimate Summit. I so enjoy creative writing. A good author can take his reader on a journey, entertain and instruct all at once. Andy is one of those authors.

  • Jan Cox

    I recently met a 90 year journalist who is suffering from depression. He lost his wife three years ago. I have been leading him to Christ – slowly. I will email him this morning the fact that Churchill suffered from depression his whole life. Praying that that fact will encourage him. I would like to get the book for him – so I would have it sent there and I will buy my own. We are leaving the southern US for Canada in a few days and I would like to leave him with more encouragement. Blessings,

  • Laurie Jensen

    Mr. Hyatt,
    I would like a copy of Mr. Andrew’s book because I am seeking inspiration for harnessing my creativity these days, and have been on a personal journey to reinvent myself the past few years. I’ve been in education for many years, and after a series of rather life-changing events, I decided, along with my husband, to start a distance education company. I also own an editing company. We are both Christians, and continue to seek God’s guidance in getting these two businesses going strong in these tough times. One of the ways we are doing that is by reading great books by Christian authors, or those recommended by Christian leaders and friends. I just recently began reading your blog, and I follow you on Twitter as well. I have not read any of Mr. Andrew’s books, but I’d love to start with this one! I think you mentioned one of his other books in your blog the other day…The Noticer. I’m intrigued!
    Thank you,

  • Beth

    This sounds intriguing! I would love to read it!

  • Cinnimongirl

    I’d like a good read right about now. Too many books are “predictable”. I need a good read….

  • Rachaelsway00

    Why do I want a copy of Andy’s book because his first one was life changing it was the beginning of my renewal of my life with Jesus I am very excited to read book 2!

  • Melissa

    I’ve never heard of this author, but after reading your review, I definitely want to learn more.
    I want a free copy to try before I buy.
    Melissa Waters svnhm1atyahoodotcom

  • Joe Lalonde

    Sounds like a pretty interesting book. I’d like to receive it to see Andy’s take on some historical figures and what the “answer” is. Plus, Andy had some awesome cuffs on his shirt at the 4:39 mark. Those made me smile!

  • Alex Hyman

    I have read The Travelers Gift and The Noticer so naturally I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I think I will find that it will be a much needed read for me at this point in my life.

    Michael, Thank you for such great post and the “Life Plan” e-book.

  • Cory Kent

    Traveler’s Gift was one of the most inspiring books I’ve read. We’ve given dozens away and still sell them regularly in our church bookstore. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Jim Whitaker

    Thanks for the insight that you provide by interviewing Andy. I have just started reading the book for a Booksneeze review and I really enjoy it. I appreciate the opportunities you provide to us with your interviews with authors and business and Christian leaders. Keep up the good work.

  • Mary McFarland

    I will be honest I have not read any of Andy Andrews books but, I would love to have a copy for my husband and I. Recently after many years of faithful employment my husband was fired ,the true reason was because, He stood his faithful ground as a christian and would not give in to the sinful desire’s of His Boss. We have had huge hits from the enemy all in the last week with our children, with report of pending death for father with cancer, facing loosing our home, car It would take a mini book to report all. We are standing on the promises of our Heavenly Father and stepping out to buy a franchise, work for self and devote our time to ministry. We are working towards becoming licensed and ordained ministers , after reading all the comments about Andy we could certainly use His experience to advance in Gods plan for our lives. This offer could not have been posted at a better time such as this for us. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a copy of the Final Summit.

  • megan_richert

    If I were to win a copy, I would LOVE send it to my husband in Afghanistan. I know he would enjoy the book, then pass it along to other guys. Paxton isn’t a reader, but Andy has a way of drawing the reader in. He gets you to thinking. I have read “The Noticer” and had the privilege of listening to Andy Andrews speak at Women of Faith in Billings, MT last weekend.

  • Dsebren

    His books are so enjoyable and inviting!

  • Flowsource

    I read The Traveler’s Gift and would like to benefit even more from his teaching.

  • Francarona

    I loved reading The Traveler’s Gift and am looking forward to hearing more from Andy.
    Fran Carona

  • Jehoshua Kilen

    This book sounds fascinating, like the kind you read and then step away from and shake your head because you know that it’s changed your life, if only a little. I could use a bit of life changedness right now.

  • Tsh @ Simple Mom

    My father-in-law LOVES his previous book, The Traveler’s Gift. His birthday is coming up — it’d be fun to give this to him! Thanks so much for the chance, Michael.

  • Lisa Beck

    Two words…”Choose me!” I want to learn what to do when you don’t know what to do. And, this interview peaked my interest to purchase and read The Traveler’s Gift. Based on your recommendation, it sounds like this author has wisdom and a way with words. I’m looking forward to reading both books. Thank you.

  • Jack Fiscus

    This is first chance to get a free copy of The Traveler’s Gift. Centuries of greed, pride, and hate have sent me hurtling toward disaster, and far from my original purpose. There is only one solution that can reset the compass and right the ship, and it consists of only two words – FREE BOOK
    I have called on friends like George Washington, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill to help me convince Michael Hyatt to impart to me a gift from Andy Andrews.
    The catch? They are allowed only 100 books available to discover the answer.
    Despite my personal and professional success, I now sit alone in my office – contemplating the unthinkable—will I get a free book?

  • Karolynridgeway

    I would love to read this book as I was Blessed to hear Andy at the Women of Faith conference in Billings and my oh my what a joy. I also had children at an older age so I can identify with him. Well back as to why I would love to read the book is, I have to be honest, I have not heard of Andy before and after listening to him I can imagine how good the book must be and by reading info on it , it sounds like my kind of book!!! Thank you for this chance and Bless you

  • bcole39

    Larry and Joyce Adrews, Andy’s parents were my mentors when I was a teen ager. Since discovering Andy, I have devoured all of his books, and have become a “lending library” for people in my Home Group. Many of them have become “hooked on Andy” as well. For Christmas I gave my seven grandkids copies of “The Boy Who Changed the World”. All of this to say I’m more than just a fan. I can hardly wait to get my hands on “The Final Summit”. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Bob Baldwin

    The opening paragraph is a enough to make me want to read the book.

  • Deana4kids

    I have not read any of Andy’s books nor have prior knowledge of his story. WOW, I would so benefit from reading this book! I love to learn and it seems that I would be encouraged, challenged and blessed to receive a copy of this book.

  • Joydekok

    My husband I just finished listening to The Traveler’s Gift again and Mastering the 7 Decisions – also again. I will buy this book on Kindle for me and the audio book (when they are released) for us. I’m a reader and Jon is a listener, and I get to listen with him. I cannot tell you what these books mean to us both as we see David Ponder in our own hearts. Thanks for sharing this interview!

  • Lindasandmann

    I would like a copy of Andy’s newest book. I have been doing a lot of reading this winter along the lines of study – great reading but I’m ready to read a book that I don’t need to take notes from.

  • Rob Still

    Yes please.

  • Greg

    I would like to receive a free book because I’m a university student in a college of business which equals….I’m broke as a joke. A free book in this moment could make life fantastic and motivate me to push straight to the top of success. I have not had the opportunity to read any of Andrew’s books to this point and loved the things he had to say in the video. I look forward to receiving a copy so that I can enjoy reading it and then give the opportunity to others by loaning out my copy for one small fee of only…just kidding.

  • Bob Templeton

    I am really looking forward to the new book. The “Travelers Gift” was great and a follow-up book for me is a must read. I am really interested in what principles are weaved through the story. What makes Andy’s book unique is that he teaches as he entertains which is an amazing ability. When I read “The Traveler’s Gift” the story encouraged me tremendously. After nearly 20 months without a pay check, I’m due some new encouragement.

  • Lisat

    Mr. Hyatt,
    I have been following your blog for a few months now since attending Catalyst Atlanta in October. I’ve watched a few book offers pass me by, and I decided I would not let this one go! When I saw your blog today was an interview with Andy Andrews, I couldn’t wait to watch the video and tell you why I wanted to read his book. I read Traveler’s Gift when it first came out and immediately passed it on so some of my un-churched friends. Because the content was full of biblical truths, yet presented in non-threatening way, I used it partially as an evangelical tool. Several of the people I gave it to many years ago have engaged with me in spiritual discussions and one in particular even came to Christ. This book was special to me for that reason. I am equally excited about his newest book in hopes it too will be a useful tool for sharing and helping others think beyond themselves. I hope I can use it to show people there are many, many important things in this life and “we” are not really one of them! Thanks for the offer and chance to win the book.

  • Steve Barkley

    1. After reading The Traveler’s Gift I bought 6 copies for my kids last Christmas, thereby contributing significantly to the profitability of your company. If this pattern continues, you can look forward to another banner year.

    2. I have never been chosen in any of your previous giveaways, which has damaged my self esteem and heightened my fear of rejection.

    3. It is inspiring to be able to learn practical lessons from great people throughout history.

  • Joanna Tincher

    I would like a copy of the book because I am working towards making a better me and am personally doing a lot of soul searching. It sounds like the book would be helpful for this.

  • Susan Wilkinson

    This was a fantastic interview! Confession: I have heard of The Traveler’s Gift, but never read. I have heard of Andy and follow him on Twitter, but never connected him to that title, or never paid much attention. The book was on a “Interesting to read some day” list. After seeing this interview I can totally see why Andy would be a great speaker. I not only want to read both of these books, but REALLY want to hear him speak. If anyone knows of any links, please post them. I’m going to add TG to my amazon cart and hope to win The Final Summit to go with it. Thanks again for the great interview!

  • Kevin Taylor

    I have lived the life of David Ponderer and success is still before me, so I would like to learn the last two words that will make all the difference in my approach to individual success! This is like reading the story in reverse – one day I will see this as the moment for success!

  • Morganly43

    This seems like the kind of book that needs to be read for where I am at. Contemplating where life will take me next. I know Andy Andrews is a great author and would love to read this book!

  • Boyd Pelley

    I loved the Traveler’s Gift when I read it years ago. So, The Summit more than just “peaks” my interest, it would be a “mountain top” experience. Receiving a copy from Michael Hyatt would be “Everest” of ways to “ascend” it’s wisdom.

  • ncarolinafran

    The Final Summit sounds like just the thing to get my teen daughter interested in spiritual things!

  • Michelle Tow

    I heard Andy speak at the Women of Faith conference this past weekend in Billings, Montana. It was truly a time of inspiration and revelation. As Andy shared his experiences in life, it is plain to see God is working through him to touch those around him, and as he said, “Who knows how far the ripple goes?” Just as my actions are molding my children to impact the world, Andy is doing the same for his children. I would like to share this book with my family, friends, and anyone who will read the first 10 pages. I know that truth spoken into our lives should be passed on. Just ask Jones!

  • Kathy S. Boyd

    In my continual quest for life-changing renewal, I happened upon your blogs. Bleary-eyed blog reading led me to subscribe, and I found the conversation with you and Andy Andrews.
    Like a weary traveler, I’ve reached an intersection in every aspect of my life. It’s not about WHETHER to go on…it’s about HOW to go on. This soul-restlessness is calling to me to CHANGE my life. I’m on THE quest to save ME…and maybe a little bit of humanity will follow!
    So, I’m strapping on my traveling boots, (actually, my new running shoes. You’ve inspired me to give it more than a half-hearted attempt.) and I’m jumping on the path to change my life.
    First, I’ll need a copy of THE FINAL SUMMIT.
    For now, I must bid you farewell…I’m off to get a copy of “The Traveler’s Gift” to make way for the change that is to come.
    PLEASE PICK ME! I’m at the starting gate waiting to take off!
    (Could you throw in a thirty minute face-to-face conversation, as well?)

  • Eccle0412

    I am currently c0-leading a family of 6, in college same time as 2 of my oldest, wife of one for almost 25 years, desperately dependent follower. Been around the world, NGO in Nigeria for 6 years, repatriated unemployable. My youngest teens read The Traveler’s gift in junior high together with me. Obviously as I am following your blog, I eagerly seek direction, clarity and vision as I walk, notice and lead. Would love the book!

  • Harmony

    Love your books Andy !

  • B.J. Greene

    I already have my personal copy of this book, but I would love to win another in order to pass it along to someone who may benefit from reading it as well. It would be great to just offer it as a random gift to someone I meet along the way! Thanks!

  • Bill

    After hearing Andy Andrews speak recently in Birmingham I realized he has a voice which needs to be heard nationally. He speaks and writes of destiny and wisdom keys which are found along one’s destined path in life. Andy sparked the divine part of me in a way that I didn’t know existed. God has chosen Andy to speak to a generation (especially Baby Boomers) who are moving into the late Autumn’s of our lives. He speaks a clear direction which resonates with us, as well as anyone who has ears to hear.

  • Neil Sittler

    Dear Michael,

    I signed up to read your blog everyday after I found myself going right to it from my RSS reader on a daily basis. I signed up for the feed after hearing your podcasts on Ancient Faith. now that I am “in your world,” I find your thinking very intriguing, sometimes challenging, and almost always encouraging and helpful. So why wouldn’t I want to read a book that you suggest?! Another reason: honestly, the book sounds a little goofy/fantastical, but that works so well when it is done right! I want to see it for myself!

    Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for your daily thoughts!

    Neil Sittler

  • Brian

    As a Christian, I still enjoy a good story. By this, I mean that it can be hard to find stories that appeal to the particular styles/genres I enjoy without feeling I have to sacrifice my convictions. As I once heard Chuck Swindoll say, “We tolerate sin for the sake of entertainment.”
    With this story I can avoid this by getting the best of both worlds: A well-written story with interesting characters; and a core moral that can teach me something of worth.
    This is the power of STORY. The ability to entertain, while at the same time using such creativity to learn something about myself, and how to be a better version of myself in this world…for such a TIME as this.

  • Dday

    In the interview Andy mentions a man that had it all and then lost it all. My dad was a very successful businessman up until 2007 when the economy began its quick downturn. Since that point he lives in a state of constant stress, and struggles with a lot of “what ifs”. A book on second chances and one that reminds its readers of what’s important in life would be quite refreshing to him. I would like to get a free copy for my dad who could use a comforting and challenging book about second chances. Thanks!

  • Flyegls

    I would be honored to recieve a free copy of Andy Andrews book, I has the privilege to hear him speak at WOF last November here in North Carolina. I did not have the money to get a book but LOVED his story. I have never enjoyed reading, however lately I have found myself really enjoying it. Thanks for what you are doing!! Have a great day :)

  • Chad

    Andy has been the LARGEST staple in my leadership role. I constanly use his 7 decisions for increasing my life worth. Often, I have trouble relating to authors and speakers, however Andy’s ability to connect with me is absolutely unquestionable! I am inspired to be a better person, a better leader, a better man because of Andy’s work. It is an honor and pleasure to read and listen to his work. It would be a pleasure to add his latest offering into my collection of his works. SIncerely, Chad

  • Tonya Lawson

    I want Andy’s book for a couple reasons. First of all, I am an avid reader, and I was actually READ the book. Additionally, I saw Andy at the Children’s Pastor’s Conference. I know that he loves life, he loves his family, and most of all, he loves and follows the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to see how he takes a secular book, apparently riddled with decision-making (most likely, based on the world’s decisions), applies his own personal convictions, and ends with a grand finale. I can’t wait to read it!

  • Kristie Gray

    I would love to win a copy of “The Final Summit”!! I had the opportunity to meet Andy Andrews on a business trip in Cancun Mexico over 5 years ago, and his wit and wisdom are still a part of my daily personal and business life! What a blessing and gift he has to inspire everyone to persist without exception!

  • Kelsbury

    When I read The Traveler’s Gift I immediately went out and bought 10 more copies and gave it to friends and family because of the great impact it had on my life. I couldn’t wait for The Final Summit to arrive. I began reading it as soon as I received it. The reason I want a free copy is because I already have a list of people I want to give it to and one free copy would be a great blessing! Thank you Andy for your contribution to my life!

  • Emma Bedford

    I have finished reading both The Traveler’s Gift and The Final Summit. These books have had a tremendous effect on me. I want to be able to share them with as many people as possible. I am the librarian at a small church on a very limited budget. I already have people waiting on this book and I would like a copy to place in the library with the one copy I have so that these people can have access to it soon.

  • Robin

    I own a copy of The Traveler’s Gift, and everything you said about it is true. I work with older adults, and I’m a firm believer in the idea that everyone has a story to tell. Andy Andrews just tells the story so much better than anyone else. I first came across Andy when I saw him speak at a Women of Faith conference. In an arena filled with estrogen, Andy added more than his share of energy, laughter, and yes, tears. He’s amazing! I need a copy of The Final Summit!

  • Peggy

    What kind of question is why would I want a copy of anything written by Andy Andrews? Only because he is the most engaging teacher/writer/speaker EVER. Last year I volunteered at the WOF Washington conference and worked at the book table. I s0ld Andy’s books all weekend because I could do it with complete honesty since I had read them all. In fact, I bet if you looked at the stats of how many copies of The Noticer were sold that weekend – it would be off the chart! That was a life changing book for me. Love, love, love Andy.

  • John A. Taylor

    Winning a copy of this book would fulfill a fantasy of mine, by engaging my imagination with the thought of what it would be like to sit and converse with two of my personal heroes–Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. To listen to them speak of leadership, commitment, strength and tenacity in the midst of the storm would be wonderful. Since that is obviously impossible, the guided imagery of Andy Andrews would suffice.

  • oodihi

    Why I want this book:
    Because I’m not yet at the final summit but would like to know what David Ponder learned at his final summit that will help me now! I’m a strong believer in using the lessons of others as guide. I have enough mistakes of my own, it helps to avoid a few here and there by extrapolating the wisdom from the experience of those who have gone before. So what do you say about giving me the opportunity to own this book? P.s. I am a 23 year old grad student without a job so I won’t be buying for a while but I’ll borrow the book if I don’t get it. Thanks Mr. Hyatt!

  • Dix7105

    I would love to read this book. Andy Andrews is one of my favorite authors and it a great speaker as well. Thank you Andy!

  • Dkriss1

    Hi. I’m constantly searching for inspiration, wisdom and clarity in life. Andy is new to me and I’d like to read this book. I actually just downloaded his The Traveler’s Gift in an audio format as a precurser to experiencing The Final Summit. The whole premise sounds similar to the Mastermind idea of Nap Hill. I look forward to reading both books!

  • Clay Griffin

    Andy’s book are great. Would love to win one.

  • Ingramnb

    I heard Andy speak at Snead Jr College a few years ago, and was hooked! He certainly has a GIFT that the world needs now.

  • Sharon

    Nobody brings a book to life like Andy! I have read almost everything he has written, and “The Traveler’s Gift” is at the top of my list of favorites. I cannot wait to continue the journey with David Ponder, so I’m very anxious to read “The Final Summit”!

  • Kellie Caldwell

    The “final summit” is why we’re here; it’s what we’re reaching for and who we’re trying to become. It’s the culmination of our life experiences, our choices, our relationships, our beliefs, and our work; it is the ultimate evolution of becoming our very greatest possibility in this lifetime. Andy Andrews has been a personal inspiration and quiet mentor to me from the moment I first heard him speak at a business conference and then read The Traveler’s Gift, a book that I have re-read more times than any other work and the one I have purchased to share with more people than I can count. Andy’s story, his life and his gift, through the seven decisions and more, have inspired me to my own greatness and are a powerful motivator in the process of writing my own book and telling a story that desires to be known. Perhaps it is in the completion of my story that I will reach my own Final Summit. And if it’s not there, it will certainly be a pivotal step toward the top!

  • Kmander64

    I want what Andy’s got (in his heart)!!!!!!!…lol. I just saw him at the Women of Faith event here in Billings and found him funny, fabulous, and full of faith. Wish I could have met him when he was signing books, but I volunteered to work at a sales booth and could not get away. : ( Sincerely hope I get to hear Andy speak again in the future…and I’m very thankful he didn’t fall off the stage or down the stairs because that man was all over the place as he spoke!!!!…lol. Happy Monday everyone! : )

  • Tracy Snyder

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book. David Ponder has made me ponder how I have gotten to where I am. The choices I made in the past and the choices I make today will determine where I will end up. I chose to go to college, I chose to get marrie, I chose to have children, I chose to attend a Women of Faith conference. I chose to sit through a session in which Andy Andrews spoke. I chose to listen to him. I chose to pick up a book and read it. I chose to click on the link to get me to this page. I chose to enter my comment to see if I could win a book, that I will choose to pick up and read. I will choose to pnder my choices in the future, to make a difference with my choices. I will choose to follow Jesus. I will choose to read Andy Andrew’s books.

  • Bonniewooton

    His book, The Noticer, was a great help to me in understanding people, especially those I work with. I have all his books, have seen him in person several times. I would love to win the book, but will purchase if not.

  • Brent Sute

    Andy Andrews has no doubt been a great influence on my life and the lives of perhaps millions of other people from around the world. His approachable style attracts readers from across all spectrum’s, including men and women, young and old, rich or poor, and of all races. What has made a difference for me in Andy’s books, has been the ease of practical application when it comes to his philosophies.

    Why do I want a free copy of Andy’s book? It’s pretty simple: I’ll probably end up giving it away to a friend or client like I normally do all of Andy’s books.

    Finally: I will certainly apply what I learn from Andy’s new book and focus on execution. Case in point: Check out my desktop on my computer screens at work:

    Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this very cool contest.

  • Anonymous

    I would love a copy of this book as I have several of Andy’s books. Not only have I enjoyed each one but I have shared them with others who in turn have shared my books with others. I love that my books circulate to help others. Each of his books have done just that – blessed not only me but so many others. Keep writing Andy!!!

  • Kellie Andrews

    I am heading out now (virtually) to get a copy of the first book so I’m ready for you to give me the second one. I’ve heard Andy before, and he’s both hilarious and inspiring. I’m at a point in my life where I’m really thinking about my contributions and what it is that God wants me to do and be from here on. I bet that book might help. Don’t you want to help? :-) (By the way, in the interest of healthy brown-nosing, I love your posts. I aspire to be as productive as you one day, and I would say that even if I wasn’t trying to get you to give me something for free!)

  • ihhcheryl

    I would love a copy of this book because I have not read this author and since he’s one of your favorites- I think I should!

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  • Judy Harding

    I want to give this book to my nephew who is graduating from US Naval Academy this May.
    He will have to make many decisions as an officer and I believe this book will help him to make the correct decisions and give him a great foundation for his life as an officer, a husband and father, and a good human being

  • Joe Abraham

    To be frank, I don’t know Andy Andrews nor have I read any of his books. But the video discussion raised my curiosity. What could be those two words that could change the course of history!

  • Amy

    Andy and my 85 year-old Dad are friends from Andy’s days of living under the pier in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I reviewed Andy’s book The Heart Mender for a Library Association and was captivated by his writing and the telling of the Gulf Shores area in its ‘pre-tourist’ days. Quite different from how we know it now. When I told my Dad about the book and he told me his story of Andy I had to leave him the book! :-) (I bought myself another copy) Andy & Dad recently reconnected and have plans to get together soon and talk about those days.

    I have also purchased his children’s book The Boy Who Changed the World and have added it to our church’s library collection.

    I am building a collection of Andy Andrews books and would love to add this one to my library by winning it!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Amberdawn62

    My husband and i have been in Advocare going on 2 years now and the first 1 1/2 was personal growth and overcoming much adversity. Through all that we read many books to grow ouselves spiritually, intelectually and as leaders. We have seen you at Success School twice now and look forward to your speaking/life trainings everytime! The Travelers gift is my favorite and to be able to recieve your new book that builds on that would be a huge blessing! Thank you! You are a huge Blessing to us with your Impactful words and Quotes!

  • Bobbi Vaughn

    One of the reasons this book intrigues me is the statement Andy made in the interview about one success being somewhat of a prerequisite for the next. I am approaching a new era in my life and want to experience success. I know everything I have done in the past will create a foundation for the next adventure.
    The Traveler’s Gift was a gift to me from a personal friend of Andy’s several years ago. Since then I have read all of his books and look so forward to reading this one. I love Andy’s expertise in telling a story and his style of writing. He is a master of the art!

  • TNeal

    I already have the book in hand and am thankful I do. I’ve read chapter one and now know I want to read “The Traveler’s Gift.” Andy Andrews combines fiction with facts in such a way that a reader walks away the wiser for having read his book.

  • Brent Trickett

    Three reasons I should win the book:
    1. Since I heard the title I can’t get Europe’s song The Final Countdown out of my head (I need something to read to distract me it’s really catchy)
    2. I haven’t read The Traveler’s Gift so I will buy it and read it first (you will recoup 50% of the cost of giving the book away)
    3. My neighbor recently gave me Heaven is For Real and she is getting really interested in spiritual things. I’ll pass it on to her.

  • Jeff

    I would love to win a copy of this book because I have just discovered Andy Andrews as an author. I knew of him from his Nashville Network on Nasvhille Now days as a comedian and had always enjoyed his sketches of comedy. My wife gave the book “The Noticer” this past Arpil 4th as a birthday gift to me. It really spoke volumes to me and I could relate to the insights that were given in that book. I couldn’t put it down and now I am wanting to get the “The Traveler’s Gift” as my next book to read and if it anything like “The Noticer” – I am sure it will be another can’t put down until finished reading book so I’ll need a copy of “The Fianl Summit” to continue my introduction to Andy as an author.

  • timgee3

    Part of my developing Life Plan is to be a regular reader. I recently purchased a Kindle and The Travelers Gift is one of the first 25 books I purchased. I was listening to Stephen King’s On Writing and was struck by how closely he ties extensive reading to all sorts of literary success…

  • Jthompson2288

    I’ve been out of school for over 30 years now. Last year my wife went to a leadership conference for work. One of the instructors highly for them to read The Travelers Gift. We went to Destin that next week for vacation. She read the book in two days. She was telling me how good it was. I picked it up and read a few pages and could not put it down. That is the first book I have read since getting out of school. Can’t wait for The Final Summit!

  • John Amenn

    I was inspired by the Traveler’s Gift. I have learned that I will become like the people I surround myself with. I would love to hang out for the day with Michael and Andy. If you watch the video closely and catch it at the end, Michael says “love you”. It is completely normal to him to say this but it caught my attention. It would be awesome to have a friend that close that the word “love” doesn’t fell awkward. I’m looking forward to reading about David Ponders new journey. I’m sure it will give me plenty to ponder.

  • Mary Louise Baker

    Many years ago, my husband and I were in school with Andy’s mother and dad, and were so delighted when we met their son in 2001. We have forged a most gratifying friendship with this creative genius, and have been so blessed by his writings. I would love to share a copy of The Final Summit with one of our sons, and give my personal copy to the other one!

  • Aaron Sellars

    I’d love a copy of the book because Booksneeze says that it is an awesome book and I’d love to have one for myself.

  • Maddeacon

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this book.
    I am a longtime listener to Dave Ramsey. What does that have to do with Andy Andrews? One day, Dave recommended a book called “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews. I was looking for a good book for my 12 year old daughter because she had become somewhat obsessed with the Twilight Series. She was reading the entire series for the 4th time, often sitting along in her room away from the family for hours. I (half-jokingly) told her that if she tried to read through that series again, I was going to have a book burning. I told her that other people wrote books too and I bought the Noticer for her. She rolled her eyes and said “what’s this about?” I told her she it was required reading from dad. She grudgingly read it and to my surprise, she said: “Does Andy Andrews write any other books…that was REALLY good.” She has read every Andy Andrews book since. This was one step that took her to an increased walk with the Lord. I have seen a complete change in my daughter. I really was worried about her teenage years but she is now 100% on fire for God. She has told me several times that she wants this book. I hope you can make that happen and make this dad a “cool dad”.

  • Justo Nunez

    I have read many of Andy’s books and my very favorite was the first … My wife gave me The Traveler’s Gift and I have treasured it since then. My copy is dog-eared with faded Post-it flags marking the seven decisions, and I have gone back to them time and again. I have lost touch with his agent THE but I have never lost touch with Andy’s concepts. I would love a copy of the new book to see where David Ponder is now, especially because I too have had the same feeling of being better off dead … thank you for your consideration.

  • Shelley Brandon

    I need this book! I loved Traveler’s Gift so much that I bought a case of them and gave them as Christmas gifts. Some to family, but mostly just wrapped them and handed them out to whomever the Holy Spirit prompted me to. The Traveler’s Gift gifts didn’t just stop with the friends (and new friends!) that I gave them to, they traveled onward into new hands that those friends felt prompted to share the story with. I’ve heard from so many friends of how this story has touched lives and changed perspective in the situations that felt hopeless. My best friend in particular has changed her whole outlook after reading this book. She is a gifted photographer who was too insecure to attempt a career in it. After reading Traveler’s Gift she now has a fledgling business as a portable portrait studio…. she’s not leaving her blessings behind, untouched and unused!

    I like to get my Christmas shopping done early… ;)

  • Stillokids

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book. I’m a huge fan and have heard him speak several times at our Advocare Success Schools. I think when he talked about “everything you do matters for all time and not just to me, but everything you do matters to the future of my boys” I couldn’t contain my tears and I just let them flow because I thought about my own children. He is amazing an has changed how I see so many things. After reading the Noticer and the Travelers Gift, I told everyone I knew to go out and get them. A friend said she could see a change in my attitude and I know it has something to do with the way I perceive my world.

  • Re3ver

    I was lucky enough to meet Andy Andrews at a Women of Faith conference, he was so nice and friendly facing a long line of women. Wouldn’t that just terrify most men?
    I would love to read another one of his books, they are impossible to put down. If I received a copy of his newest book “The Final Summit” I would read it and pass it on to someone else that I thought would enjoy and then pass on. I love to share good books.

  • Penny Parsons

    Because through Andy’s writings lives get changed. My husband Matt has a goal to read 50 books this year and this is definitley on his list. When Andy’s books hit our hands they also hit many others…we believe in the “Butterfly Effect”. We adore Andy! :D

  • Craig Lee

    I have read the others so I need to read this one. Thanks for the offer. Craig

  • Linda

    I picture my life as a garden. I want good healthy plants and flowers in my garden. What is plated there is very important. I choose my seeds and sapplings carefully. And I also choose carefully how I water my ‘life plants’. I’ve read most of Andy Andrews’ books, and I find them full of much needed nutrients to water the seeds of my life. In winning a copy of The Final Summit, I would once again have the honor of watering my garden with life giving words of Andy Andrews.

    Kind regards,

  • Sonia

    Your writings are course-altering and life-changing! In one of my early Toastmasters speaches I promoted “The Traveler’s Gift,” and handed out your essay about being thankful – “The Perfect Thanksgiving,” I believe.

    Because of your writings I consciously take note when things are nice. For instnace, when the sun is shining, but not too bright, the temperature is warm and the car windows beg to be rolled down while driving. When my niece does something child-like and I start to scold her I remember your words, “I will see my child’s delight, not the chocolate on the couch,” (paraphrased) and squelch the comment if unhelpful.

    When I think about all the people responsible for my level of success, it reminds me how Moses went after George Washington Carver. I wonder whose life my touch and efforts are helping. Twenty, fifty, two hundred years from now…whether anyone remembers it or not, will I have affected someone else – or many others – through the individuals I love? Will my believing in and encouraging others perpetuate positive things? No, no, that isn’t really a question at all. It’s a principle. It WILL live on. Will I know about it is the only question – and not one that needs an answer. Doing right for right’s sake is reward enough, is it not? Passing on hope and solution-based thinking to others is always an investment worth making, regardless who reaps the harvest. Harvest there will be.

    Why do I “deserve” a free copy of your new book? I don’t. I’m just thankful for your influence in my life, and thankful for the opportunity to share your insights and parables with others. May God bless you in proportion to the good you have done for so many. I’m honored to know you, though we’ve never met. As Paul would say, “Peace be unto thee!”

  • Phyllis D.

    The Final
    S even Decisions
    U ncover Gabriel’s question
    M ankind’s last chance
    M ichael Hyatt brings all of this to you
    I ntentional leadership
    T raveler’s Gift

  • David Scoggins

    I have never read one of Andy Andrews’ books, and would love learn a new style of communication to help spread the love of Christ to the people in my life. I believe we are a blend of the different styles we come across, and by that blend, we make it our own. I cannot think of any better ingredients to add to the recipe than those that are inspired by, and grounded in, Jesus Christ.

  • Spencer Jackie

    I would like this book for three reasons. Reason 1 – I love books and I’m always reading at least 2 or more at a time. Reason 2 – you recommended it, so I’m guessing its a good read! Reason 3 – I am seeking as much inspiration as I can right now. I’m in the very beginning stages of following my life dream, and I’m petrified! A combination of prayer, your e-book, circumstances, “The Path” (Laura Beth Jones) and the DVD series “Discovering God’s Will” (Andy Stanley) are helping me to start my slow crawl. I hope to be able to stand one day soon (then walk, run, fly and soar!)

    By God’s grace I’m finally on my way.

  • Barry Wiseman

    I’d love to have a copy of the book because your blog makes it sound worth the read, and I actually don’t read too many books any more… I skim them. This one sounds like it will make me slow down and pay attention.

  • Jason Purcell

    Andy is the most gifted storyteller of our time. I don’t remember ever NOT reading one of his books cover to cover. Additionally, I will never forget seeing him speak in Palm Desert about the “Butterfly Effect” we can each have.

    For those of you not familiar with Andy Andrews, you will be hooked within the first few pages and a fan forever.

    Good luck with your newest book Andy!

  • Timbo Fowler

    I would like a copy as an experiment to determine if it’s possible to channel David Ponder and/or the great wisdom of the ages included in this book by osmosis. I will attempt sticking my face in the book for long periods of time, sleeping with said book as a pillow, and perhaps even binding the book to my forehead. If I do not win, please ask Pete Wilson if there is a Plan B to acquire this book.

  • Colljamie

    I first saw Andy Andrews at Women of Faith in Greensboro, NC last fall. He was all over the place! His faith and zest for life was energizing. I loves his knowledge and use of history to learn to function today. If I was given this book, I would donate to my church library after reading it. Many people cannot buy books in this economy.

  • Cherie

    I would love to own another book from Andy as I have thoroughly enjoyed his past books. Have given them as gifts as well.

  • Susan Fontaine Godwin

    I’ve had the pleasure & joy of meeting Andy at my favorite bookstore here in Fairhope, AL…the Page & Palette. Michael, if you’ve never visited our area on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, I urge you meander south on I65 down to L.A. to take time to linger in the Page & Palette and adjoining coffee shop Latte Da. The P&P attracts some of the finest writers for author signings and presentations, among them Andy on several occasions. As you probably know, he lives in our area in Orange Beach and his writing and speaking have made me sigh and cry and laugh so many times. Whether I receive a free copy from you or not, I know I will thoroughly enjoy his new book and will probably start reading it in my favorite chair at the P&P as I sip on a coffee toddy. Come on down!

  • Christina Ketchum

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve had 3 kids in the past 4 years and I finally have time to read and am reading up a storm! Plus, I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 little ones and reading is my main enjoyment in life right now. Please give me a copy!!! (:

  • Kelly O’Neill

    I read the advanced copy and LOVED it, as usual. This one seems like it would have been so difficult to write, as it’s so incredibly full of wisdom. I enjoyed the communication that the historical figures had with each other. Andy is a genius, and I’m thankful to be both a fan and a friend!

  • Laura Zwilling

    I would love to win a copy of this book! As a chemistry major in college, reading is one of my favorite ways to unwind. I’m always looking to expand my horizon of books, but I’m not willing to waste my time on less than thrilling books. You said it was a great read, and certainly it seems like a gripping book.

  • Kevin Weaver

    I have been a high school basketball coach and math teacher for 29 years. In 2008 while training for my 6th marathon, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. After surgery, radiation, and months of chemotherapy I had many questions, but I knew I wasn’t finished and God wasn’t finished with my story. I completed my principal’s certification and am now completing my first year as a campus principal. I am an avid reader, but I would enjoy reading this book because I want to continue to be inspired, so I can be an INSPIRATION! Thanks!

  • Jlsymes

    I became an instant fan of Andy at Women of Faith last October. The wit and wisdom just pours out of him. And the energizer bunny just better give up his batteries, because Andy’s got ‘em! Whew!

    I was able to buy a couple of his books that I have read and re-read and I would love to have the “Summit”.

  • @walkstrong

    Andy Andrews “Travelers Guide” found it’s way into my hands at the right time. His 7 Decisions have since made it into the hands of my three boys (The Young Travelers Guide) and to a nucleus of freinds and family who have alaready spread the gospel. My hope was to profoundly prove that the “Butterfly Effect” could have an impact on those who take the time to read the roadmap for years to come. I have read everyone of his books.

  • Dcorley19

    I’m re-reading “The Traveler’s Gift” to get ready for “The Final Summit” since I enjoyed it very much the first time I read it. Plus, any book and author that has your’s and Dave Ramsey’s recommendation is a must read! Thank you.

  • Marisa Morrison

    I just recently heard Andy speak at Women of Faith in Billings, Mt. . His energy was Over The Top. I enjoyed hearing his message and story of strength. I want to share his story with my husband and friends. I did purchase his books at the conference but I would so enjoy a copy to share.

  • Larry Herring

    Storytelling is perhaps the most powerful method of teaching leadership! Why? Because it puts you IN the lesson. Andy is an AMAZING storyteller. I can’t wait to read this book and learn a TON!

  • Frank G. Merlino

    I would like a copy as I just finished reading the Traveler’s Gift last week having met Andy at the Prestonwood Baptist Church’s “Power Lunch” forum in Dallas. I am a new fan and have embraced two key precepts of the book: start your future anew today and smile while talking. I am grateful to have read traveler’s just as summit is coming out! Frank G. Merlino – Plano, Texas (smiling as I’m writing)

  • Judy Parker

    I would love to win a copy of Mr. Andrews’ book because he is a New York Times Bestseller and one of your favorite authors. Therefore, he must be a great author. I want to read great authors so I can improve my own writing.

  • Paul Dudding

    I would like a copy because I love to read , but reading Andy Andrews books ate awesome. It normally takes me a week go read a book but with his I can read them in a day. Thank you for your time.

  • CC Williams

    I’m not familiar with this author but I like the interview and his accent!

  • Ms.MoLarou

    Michael, I would like a complimentary copy of The Final Summit because I haven’t read Andy Andrews before. I heard him at Women of Faith 6 months ago but just didn’t buy his books because I didn’t consider myself to be much of a reader. However, since the beginning of 2011 I’ve read two wonderfully inspiring books It’s All About Him, Finding the Love of My Life by Denise Jackson and Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. My life has a theme this year and I would like to read The Final Summit as part of what God is doing in my heart and life. Even if I’m not blessed by a gift from you, I’m reading Andy Andrews this year!!!!!

  • KristopherScottHackney

    Why would I like a copy of this book? Frankly, I am not familiar with the author but would like to be, I am not sure what the book is about but I would like to, but the main reason is I have a call of God on my life and I have for a long while now. I’m ready to do my part and if this can equip me in the operational principles and procedures of the Kingdom of God in any way, shape, or form…..I’m in!

  • Glennis Johnson

    I have read everything you have written, have received much from each one of them. I was introduced to you by Paul and Glenda Field’s in Boaz, Al.

  • Jim Weeks

    I would like a copy of Andy’s book to review and pass comments on to our Church Family at CROSS CHURCH in Arkansas. I manage the bookstore there and would certainly like to promote a great author and his new book. Andy is a gifted writer and a great Christian person.

  • Kristopher Hackney

    I would like this book to expand my understanding of God’s will and call for my life to grow in the operational principles as a minister of reconciliation…from faith to faith, baby!

  • Jmhardy97

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a book from such a good author. Also thank you for share the “Life Plan”. Look forward to seeing you at the Leadership Summit. J.H.

  • Diane Szuch

    …because…I want to go with David Ponder…walk with him, sit with him…hear his questions and the collaboration of his fellow travelers…I desire to become a fellow traveler! To experience the passion and the mystery of solving the ills of mankind through the hearts and minds of brilliant thinkers and people who have lived lives of both difficulty and triumph holds great possibilities of adventure!

  • Diane Szuch

    …because…I want to go with David Ponder…walk with him, sit with him…hear his questions and the collaboration of his fellow travelers…I desire to become a fellow traveler! To experience the passion and the mystery of solving the ills of mankind through the hearts and minds of brilliant thinkers and people who have lived lives of both difficulty and triumph holds great possibilities of adventure!

  • KathySue

    I am so inspired by reading your books and every time we see you in person. I have read the Traveler’s Gift, The Heart Mender and just recently finished the Noticer. I enjoy reading of the wisdom, perspective and the way you view life’s events. Being able to read on with “The Final Summit” will enable me to continue in my journey of perspective and what really matters the most.

  • cjanderson

    From what I have read this book has a direct correlation with events in my life. I have struggled through what Ponder faces. I have not fully overcome this struggle and that is why I would like this book. It will hopefully help me.

  • J.R.

    I would like a copy of the book because I want to find out the two words that make a difference in David Ponder’s decision. Could the two words be, “Praise God”? Cause when we take the focus off our circumstances and place it on God, are perspectives are guaranteed to change! I was blessed by the Traveler’s Gift and shared it with many people, and will do the same with “The Final Summit” as well.

  • Gary Taylor

    Because I, too, am on the “finish well” leg of my journey. At 71 there is just enough time to finish the book, Generational Fathering, get it picked up by a publisher, and promote this advanced parenting concept I am passionate about. The slow growth cancer narrows my frame of reference. It’s like I’m 74, matching the Traveler’s journey, and looking to make the most of these years, very possibly the best years, if I can convene the assembly of godly parents and grandparents through “companion fathering” by way of my book and the media it spawns.

  • MissyD49

    I usually stick with non-fiction, but I’ve been thinking I need to get out of my comfort zone. Since I enjoy anything with a Christian base and any type of self-help application, I think this book may have some important principles I could draw on. I’ve never heard of Andy Andrews, but by reading the comment section it sounds like I need to become familiar with he and his work.

  • Pamela Newman

    I really NEED a copy of this book! You see, I accidently laid my copy of 15 Minutes in Hell on top of my copy of 90 Minutes in Heaven, and the two neutralized not only each other, but every book in the bookcase. POOF! So, I need to start my book collection over again and find a way of preventing such catastrophe in the future. You said “With time running out, it is up to David Ponder and a cast of history’s best and brightest minds to uncover this solution before it is too late.” I need their input!

  • Joanne

    I would love to have a copy of this book so that I, along with David Ponder and others like him, can find the answer to the question of what to do when we do not know what to do and how I can use this one secret principle to make my life more meaningful, purposeful, and much better than it currently is. Just as David Ponder shared the seven secrets of success with others, I also would love to share what I learn from this book with others and help others live more meaningful, purposeful, and much better lives. I’m excited to find out the answer to this high-stake question! And I would love to continue this quest with David!

  • Jessica mayer

    A friend of mine is a friend of Andy’s and if she says I need to read it then it is something I need to do. She has never steered me wrong. Only problem, I do not Twitter or have a Facebook. Is this a problem?

  • Brenda Heiselt

    In a world where there is so much information available to tell us what to do when we don’t know what to do, hearing Andy’s interview comments about finding that ONE principle that we can apply to our lives when we don’t know what to do is intriguing to say the least. The Traveler’s Gift moved me but left me hungry for the Final Summit. Please choose me!

  • Brenda Heiselt

    well I have made my comments and completed my contact information form, all that’s left is for Andy to pick me, pick me!

  • Lifeohope

    I dont just want it, I NEEEEED a copy of The Final Summit! Sermon illustrations dont grow on trees and quoting Mr. Andrews is a sure hit! I have already bombed a few times at my church and need a few wins before our next quarter board meeting! Please dont let them send my poor family to the street because of a dry spell in my preaching. You can save us!

  • KJ Kilroy Was Here Networking!

    Kilroy Was Here Networking…I deserve this new masterpiece of a book because I’m a fellow Traveler. I met with Andy last summer in Cleveland where he was the keynote speaker for ACN.

    Since then I have read all his other books. I’m keeping current with him through and FaceBook as well as following him on Twitter.

    I’m so excited about this release from the man who taught me to SMILE while I talk, Forgive Freely and much more. I ordered 10 Easel backs to help spread the good words. They will be used to motivate people in my life.

    When you choose me to bestow upon one of the books, I’ll know that you are another wise man worth following. To put it into two words until I know the final answer…”Seek Wisdom”!

  • freeindeed

    I would like a copy because, as a pastor and leader, I witness firsthand every day people ‘hurtling toward disaster, and far from its [their] original purpose,’ often at their own hand (which is true for my own life too!). You have piqued my curiosity, but I’m curious if Jesus Christ is one of the ‘people’ consulted? The ‘Travelers’ listed don’t mean much to most of the close to 7,000,000,000 people on the planet. But He (Jesus) is still having major impact 2,000 after his ‘life’, which no other figure can claim.

    Maybe he doesn’t ‘go there’ but I’d like to find out.

  • John

    My name is John. My favorite color is beige. I drive a minivan.

    I need something exciting to happen badly… getting Andy’s book would be exciting.

  • Lghudson

    I first became acquainted with Andy Andrew’s writing through our son’s Summer Reading prior to 9th Grade. His public school required him to read The Young Traveler’s Gift. I was so impressed with the depth & wisdom Andrews shared I immediately recommended his books to all my friends. Iwould really like to read The Final Summit as I am in need of some inspiration of my own. I’ve been recovering from knee replacement surgery & since this was my 4th knee surgery in the past 32 years, I hope I am on a new ascent to the final summit pain free & with a great new working joint!

  • John

    My name is still John. My favorite color is still beige. I still drive a minivan.

    The separate contact form link didn’t work for me. I guess it didn’t recognize my original comment. I am trying again.

    Not a very exciting post….I know.

  • David Adeola

    I believe at this point in my life is really the “Summit” not sure if it’s the final one but certainly there is a drive to enter fully into divine destiny to fulfill that calling and to make that calling sure for the times that we live in! My life to this point has been that of preparation!

  • Dana Bray Wise

    WOW !! A free Andy Andrews book! ALLLLRIIIGHT!! We are Skip & Dana Wise and have known of and heard Andy since 1995, always overwhelmed with happisness listening to his humor and wisdom interlaced so purposefully. We refer to The Travelers Gift all the time because of David Ponder’s insight in the “warehouse” in the final chapters. To have his latest book would be such a thrill!!!!!! We are retired and on a fixed income – this is probably the only way we would be able to own a copy of his book. Thanks for the opportunity to be chosen to receive one. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Byrd

    I had no interest in this book when I first saw the email link come across my inbox this morning. I follow Andy because of a suggestion from Michael Hyatt, and have gotten some good information from his tweets. I ignored my four rules of inbox ettiquette and saved it to read later, and now I am completely fascinated by both of Andy’s books. The reason I would like to win a copy is to see what Michael Hyatt has seen that is so great about the book.
    Of course, while my reason is valid, I will probably buy the book later if I don’t win, but winning would make it that much faster to discern the elegant truth of its inspiring and comforting tale.

  • Cindy Robinson

    I would love to read the book because I find it intriguing. I am not creative nor am I good with words, but who knows, maybe it will help me learn to be more creative. Pick me.

  • Hazel Johnson

    I have all of Andy’s other books, and they are so inspiring. The way I got interested in his books is he married a lady from my hometown, and I wanted to see what kind of person and writer he was. I was so intrigued with his first book that I ordered all of them and couldn’t put them down! I would love to read this book as soon as possible!! Thanks.

  • Jeanne

    We are upon a “summit” in our life and we both look forward to reading The Final Summit to help us get on top of our current summit challenge. We know this will be one of many summits we need to climb. Like you say, we are all “in a crisis, coming out of a crisis or heading into a crisis” and we are thankful we had The Traveler’s Gift during this ongoing economic crisis. Also, and maybe even more importantly, I personally was not interested in History when I was in school; your books bring History to life for me Andy!

  • JEG

    I would love to read the Final Summit, because I just love to read good books. However, in his interview something caught my ear about Winston Churchill suffering from depression. My husband has struggled with depression and a nicotine addiction (chewing tobacco) for many years. He is seeking God’s help, but has felt defeated many times for his lack of being able to get past this. These problems cause many other problems for my husband. I think this book and the Traveler’s Gift would be great help and hope from my husband. He enjoys novels, and I think this would be a great way that God could speak to his heart. Thank You so much!

  • Cindy lu

    I have read Andy’s other books..he is AWESOME!!! He has a message for all of us in his books! I would love to add this one to my collection!!! Thank you!!!

  • Laura Peiffer

    Andy Andrews is who I want to follow! He is a man of integrity and highly skilled leadership qualities. I learn so much from him and any chance I can possibly listen to him I do..from listening to his cd’s, at Women of Faith, on a conference call, reading all his books..I am truely inspired and moved by him. He is a huge blessing to all of us and I am deeply grateful for Andy Andrews. I would love to own his new book!! Thank you.

  • Duane Naugle

    I love Andy Andrews he helped me through the darkest period of my life and can’t wait to read his new book.

  • Matthew Wireman

    This book sounds fascinating. I am working on my PhD in systematic theology and a good fictional read would help me think out of the box and relax in the midst of reading very technical writings in Latin and German. The interview peaked my interest, whereas I did not have any before the interview. Thank you.

  • teitr

    What I’ve learned of the book through the video intrigues me. I want to know more. There’s a book in me waiting to come out that includes historical people so the contents of Andy Andrew’s book strikes a chord with me. It will be interesting to read the author introduces them to present day situations, how they react, if that’s even relevant in his book. I want to know what those two words are that reset the compass and set us aright! I would love to win a copy of this book.

  • Joseph Sanchez

    A creative comment for a free book…hmmm. How about a poem?

    There was a man who was given the gift
    to travel back in time.
    He was able to meet some heroes of old,
    and found a new purpose for life.
    But once again as years pass on
    his future begins to turn grim.
    He’s old, tired, and all alone
    No Ellen to comfort him.

    “I can’t go on! Life’s got me beat!
    My journey’s come to an end!”
    Says the man who once believed
    God was his closest friend.
    Will this man give up his life
    And do what cowards do?
    By taking a dive, the easy way out,
    Leaving his family and friends.

    Read “The Final Summit” and find out!!

    • Joseph Sanchez

      Not the greatest ending but I was kinda in a hurry…Sorry.

  • Hiltoba

    I would love a copy because I enjoyed reading the Traveler’s Gift. I find his writing inspirational and touching. Also, it is very thought provoking. So, these are the reasons I would love to win this one.

  • De


    First of all, this is my second communication, accepting your “language and processions for being on one’s constant spirit-path” and I am inspired by what I am hearing, seeing, sensing, and understanding.

    For many years, I have believed that my spiritual leadership will inspire many, if I could heed to recognizing my greater certainty to purpose, and greater certainty of purpose. To achieving such certainties, I had to heal childhood ills; correct errors; love self; search many pulpits and congregations; question value-to-purpose of self to others, and others to self – strengthen memory to assurance of mind and heart from crippling uncertainties to purposeful-oaath-surrendering….

    It is now, this—these deliberate thought-to-thought, thought-to-deeds, and deed-to-deed – my expansion beyond fear and aloneness—reaching out to others, to be challenged and to challenge; intending to achieve results that would eventually make me spiritually purposeful—individually and collectively.

    However, since there are no accidents, only by this effort to obtain a copy of this book is a deed of obedience, enough for expanding to be included—announcing my membership as one of US—a contributor to United Strengths, in spite of….

    Since this is a competition for inclusion, I think it is prudent that I add the following: Counted as one within your hundred, or perhaps not, I am very interested in getting as much feedback as I can to further affirm my individual and collective spiritual relationship with you, your organization, and those who follow your spiritual intent. However, I must warn you, I pray for wisdom, fearful of those too-many-things I am still learning at this age—mid 50’s. In addition, I see, feel, hear, understand and describe spirituality intending always to learn beyond yesterday’s Level-7 language; for this is my WilledOaath©—my certain, expanding, individual and collective strides towards tomorrows Level-8 language.

  • Diego

    I’m following you for just a few months and I many of your post are very inspiring to me. I want to go deeper into Christian Leadership and I like to think on this ideas through this book.
    Thanks for all. PS: I’m from Argentina but if I win I travel 2 or 3 times per year to Texas and I can get it there.
    Thanks again, Diego

  • Jan Fowler

    My geuss for the ending: Give Love!

  • Christine Kominiak

    I would absolutely LOVE a copy of this book, not only for my husband and myself to continue to learn and grow from what Andy always has to share in his books, but so that I can pass it on to someone else as a gift in life they’ll never forget. My gut tells me this one is going to be GOOOOOOOD! And actually, knowing how I’ve been with Andy’s books in the past, I’ll not just pass this one book on, but I’ll likely buy up a number of them for birthday and Christmas gifts! Always a winner, Andy’s books are!

  • William D Lanier

    Kidney transplant, heart attack, gall bladder removed, navel hernia, kidney failure, stroke, peritoneal dialysis. Disability income. An inspiring book free? Priceless.

  • TedRey

    I would like a copy of this book because of the difference that was made in my life by reading “The Traveler’s Gift”. I am also a former traveler and have struggled greatly over the years of my life. Only now am I beginning to make progress and I attribute most of it to what I have learned from Andy Andrews. I consider anything from him to be a blessing. Thank you.

  • Paul Stanley


    Congratulations on your decision to step down as CEO. I know God will bless you immensely. I would like a copy of The Final Summit because I too have been climbing the mountain and fallen faster than I went up. Our desire to “reach the top” is usually completed by stepping on or over others, sometimes even those we love. I hope by reading Andy’s book I can learn addition tools to help me sharpen by sword for the next climb.


    Paul Stanley

  • Margaret Bourke

    Right now – I do not want a copy of this book – I NEED a copy of this book.

  • Brian

    The windows are covered leaving the room in a hush of gray ; that wasn’t always the case. I could look out over the scenery and captivate visions of a dream, and aspirations for my family. Somewhere along the journey I lost my focus and ambition. I feel the straining in my mind to to be revitalized. This is the time, this is the book. Jumpstart me, into a new way of thinking and I will be on my way to helping others live a more fruitful life.

  • PdMeyer

    Amidst a world less traveled I go,
    in search of a prophet, a teacher, a friend.
    What I will find there I do not know
    but on one thing I can depend.

    Time it will be there winding ever forward.
    The past it is calling saying look at me
    but what is beyond, to look toward
    that is the place I want to be.

    The traveler approaches and is just out of reach
    with a calling, a challenge, of monument degree.
    Come answer a question, he does beseech
    it’s a final summit and all must agree.

    How do I get there? What is it worth?
    And am I willing to open my purse?
    Interest and intrigue all have been captured
    the waiting the anguish feel like a curse.

    I want it!? I need it!? Is this the truth?
    or do I just want to be first?
    To Michael I thank you for leading us forward.
    To Andy I thank you for heightening my thirst.

    Now to the end the decision is pending
    here I sit with the rest and wait.
    May God be at work in the time we are spending
    God’s blessings, encouragement, truth for HE is GREAT!

  • Jeff Randleman

    I think that Andy Andrews is one of my absolute favorite authors! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read!

    That said, you don’t have to select me as a winner. I’ve already received two copies of The Final Summit. I plan on giving a copy away on my blog next week.

    Thanks for sharing this interview!

  • Helgefam

    I had the privilege of hearing Mr. Andrews speak this last weekend in Billings, MT. at the Women of Faith conference. I had not heard of him before this event. I was both blessed and moved by his compassion for people and his love for Jesus Christ. As much as I wanted to purchase his book pack special which included both “The Traveler’s Gift & The Final Summit”, I was not financially able to. I loved getting to hear Mr. Andrews speak and I will be looking to get to know of this passionate man of God. Thank you for considering me in receiving this book, but even if I am not chosen I am grateful to have been able to learn from Mr. Andrews. Thank you.

  • kalava siva kumar

    Definitely I win the book because I love his books

  • Butch Syyap

    I loved the Traveler’s Gift… surprised to realize there is an actual sequel. Please consider me a devoted follower of David Podner’s adventures – and I wish to continue the journey with him in The Final Summit. Should I not win a free copy (and I’m hoping I really do), I hope it get’s offered as an option for book review.

  • Monica

    I would love to read this book for a few reasons. One is that I’ve read biographies since I first learned to read, and I know they have had a tremendous impact on my life. I’m in my mid-twenties and have read dozens of them. I’d love to see how this book pulls insights from the lives of “biographical people.”
    As a writer, I’d love to see how Andy Andrews weaves a story from this valuable resource (of lives of the past) to connect the truths they’ve learned with readers present day lives.

  • Naz13154

    I would like a copy of The Final Summit because, after a Women Of Faith conference last year at which he was a speaker, I purchased and devoured three of his recent books, among them The Traveler’s Gift. The first decision he writes about is “I will not let my history control my future.” I have not heard that idea expressed so succinctly and effectively. As a person with a lot of “history” behind her, I am, and will be for the rest of my life, putting that decision to work every day. If The Traveler’s Gift had such an impact on me, even for the first decision, I would like a chance to give the principles in The Final Summit a chance to work in me.

  • Matt Soderstrum

    I would like a copy of this book because I have heard great things about “The Traveler’s Gift” and I assume this will be good as well – you’ve said it is anyway! I love to read and really love to get free things!


  • Rabrooks1

    I would like to have a copy of the book The final summit because as a pastor I am aware that the present day church isn’t as relevant in it’s present message as it needs to be. I would like my pulpit to be a place where people can find timely direction for difficult days. I need to understand the variables that will produce a better strategy. I’m asking questions and looking for better answers, which this book might help me find.

    Thanks for another enlightening interview.

  • Realife777

    I would like a copy of the book- currently my husband and I are at half time ( in our forties) and been in ministry for 20 years. Currently resigned from our church so we are excited about what is in store but unsure.

  • Mary Messer

    I live in Orange Beach, where Andy lives on and since discovering his books via Eric Borne and Pat Simpson, mutual friends of ours, I constantly give them as gifts — my family of 8 adults and 12 grandchildren enjoyed an “Andy Andrews” Christmas for the last two years–from the youngest to the oldest!

  • Renata

    Wow! ~ I wonder what will be “The Final Summit” solution to lead humanity to it’s original purpose in life ~ I see this as is a very illustrative allegory of all earth’s intellectual minds coming together to solve the upcoming disaster with knowledge like men trying to save themselves by “good works” and “the law” alone.

    As a born-again believer, I am saved from destruction by God’s grace alone and my personal acceptance of Christ’s ultimate gift. I am very intrigued to see how Andy Andrews incorporates Christianity into this colorful narrative tale of mankind’s fate! Thank you for the opportunity to read and discover “The Final Summit” and I am looking forward to embracing the mission!

  • Metric

    Wow! The Final Summit sounds so much like my life right now. Over the past 3-4 years I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of an major personal setback that has impacted my life, family, and professional career. My present dilemma is getting back on course to live out my purpose. I’ve began making attempts but the opportunities have been far and few. My hope is that this book would serve as an tool to spur me on to greater things. I’ve lived long enough to know that God can use many things for motivation…especially a good written word!

  • Dawit Gershon

    I am an avid reader and read several books every month (Spiritual, novels and technical books), I have not read any of Andy’s books yet but reading your comments and the highly positive comments of others have made me decide that I have to get a copy of both of his books – so can i please have a copy from you? Also I came to know about your blog while doing a research on which eBook reader I should buy to take my reading experience to the next level – It was your blog post that convinced me that the Amazon Kindle is the best for me( what I mean by that is a e-copy will also do :) )

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  • Carolyndyck

    I am doing palliative care for my 79 yr old partner (who looks like he’s still 65+) – I am a believer who is convinced that God has put me in this place in order to try & reach this man who has been given an ‘expiry’ date. Anything I can read in order to pique his interest or provoke comments which may lead (God Willing) to him making a decision would be infinitely appreciated.

  • EyreKW

    Hi Michael,

    I have many adventures and stories I could tell. Many exhilarating some tragic. The best one is how my 6 year old daughter, before jumping out the back door of our burning van, stopped to save her 2 year old sister, locked in a car seat. Prior to my 6 year old jumping over the back seat my 4 year old lead the way over the back seat and out the back door instead of using the side door as they did most of the time. It was an engine fire, moving from front to back. My wife frozen from fear had to be nudged out the door by me so she could roll and put out the flames creeping up her legs. I then had to get out the drivers door and reenter the burning van to save my 3 year old son.

    We continue to be a strong christian homeschooling family who has served in many capacities and will be going to India at the end of July for another mission trip.

    I’ve taught my children how difficult it is for good christian men to lead their families in this world today. They are my greatest testament and my wife’s crowning achievment.

    I’ve returned to college and would like to write books. Christian books designed to show the glory of God, the resiliance of Christians, the true treasures and how they are obtained and of course with the hope of leading others to heaven.

    Father’s love your children, MORE!

    Thanks and God bless you Michael,

    Ken Eyre

  • Leanne Chesser

    Because everything I do matters and I’m going to make a great difference . . .

  • Crystalsaffel

    Sounds like an interesting book that I would like to read! Beside I am an avid book collector & don’t have this one yet ;)

  • ThisIsAGr8Day

    Hello Michael ~
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to have the chance to win Andy Andrews’ new book, “The Final Summit” and to share with you my story of the impact his book “The Traveler’s Gift” has had in my life!
    These past two years have been the most difficult and revolutionary of my life. Exactly two years ago this weekend, my husband of almost 20 years, and I separated, and subsequently divorced. Within the past 49 months these major life-events have occurred – both of my in-laws passed away, my separation/divorce, job department change, my father passed away, I lost my job, and my mother passed away.
    In January 2009, just at the beginning of what was to be these tumultuous months, a friend gave me The Traveler’s Gift, with absolutely no way of knowing what lay ahead….
    Andy Andrew’s book, and the truths contained within, have helped me hold steady in some very difficult days. There have been many times that I have stood in front of my bathroom mirror and read pages 32-34 of The Traveler’s Gift to myself aloud, so that I could see and hear myself telling me the truths of “The First Decision for Success – The Buck Stops Here.”
    Yes, these past two years have been tremendously difficult in many ways, and yet, thanks in great part to having the words I have heard myself read from The Traveler’s Gift, I have taken responsibility for those things I need to, and I have made choices that have moved me into a new future. I am currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education Program and pursuing a Teaching Credential in Elementary Education.
    I have adopted the theme written on the slip of paper David Ponder received from Harry Truman, “My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement!” — and I am doing all I can to made it a positive one at that!
    Kind Regards ~

  • Megan C.

    I would love a copy of Andy Andrew’s book because I know like his past works it will be thought evoking and life changing. Andrew’s is an excellent writer and I recommend his books to all my friends in their 20’s-30’s. His past books I have purchased extra copies to pass on and believe he is changing lives.

  • Mary loy

    I have heard great things about the book and you said it was a “great read”. Your recommendation makes me want to delve in.

  • Mscoastrat

    From your brief description of this book, I would like to read it for very personal reasons. I have lived with someone who did contemplate the unthinkable…thankfully did not complete it. I would like to learn how the David Ponder resolves his issue.

    • Mscoastrat

      (Clicked submit too quick …oops!) And I would REALLY love to read more about the author and what inspired him to create this theme.

  • Anonymous

    I saw Andy at the Women of Faith Conference and I do not have any of his books yet. It would be a blessing to win this book!

  • Heather R. Asbell

    Andrews does not disappoint! I was given The Travelers Gift from a mentor of mine… It was full of wisdom, insight and much needed perspective at that point in my life. Though I don’t “assume” that I’m on the other side of the mountain, the reality is I’m on a journey on the mountain with God. Regardless of location or time remaining on the journey, there are more things to learn, wisdom to apply, perspective to appreciate. If it alters my path toward God and glory to Him, I’m in. Andrew’s previous work did just that for me. It was used by God to guide key decisions after college. If it’s anything like The Travelers Gift, I’m sure it will be one to purchase and pass on to others I mentor and counsel.

  • Missy

    I read The Noticer by Andy Andrews and I absolutely love his storytelling ability as well as his perspective on things.

  • @ThankGod4karma

    I like his subtitle, and I’m still arduously working on becoming a more principled man.

  • Mztrsinbad

    OK, this is gonna be easy. First, I love all things Michael Hyatt. Until Andy Stanley starts blogging regularly, you’re my guy for leadership and life insights! :) Second, I’m ADD (woohoo!)! Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah! Andy Andrews book The Final Summit. :) Look, a chicken. Seriously, I LOVE the way Andy writes TRUTH as fiction. I START many books. I finish Andy Anrew’s books. I would love a copy won from you. What a cool story to tell all my friends. :)

    Thanks for your careful consideration,


  • Rachelannv

    Honestly, I’m a little short on “excess funds” right now & I love Andy’s books!! Going to the library to read isn’t the same as being able to have a copy to read over and make notes!! His books always have highlight worthy lines!!

  • Stevechaparro

    At an age of 37 years old, I have come to a place where I have looked at the successes I have had and wondered if I haveforegone other priorities for these pursuits. I am a very introspective person, almost to a fault, so I am interested in the stories of others that face these questions. Fiaction or not, the perspective is what I am most interested in.

  • Jmhardy97

    I love Andy, I have read his other books and they have impacted by life. He tells such powerful stories

  • Nalston1

    I believe in encouraging others to succeed and inspiring them to act! My mission is to use my God-given abilities to help people learn and grow beyond where they are, provide for my family and enjoy life, the journey. insights from this book will benefit me and those I encounter..

  • Angeliquemkeeling

    I read a couple of Andy Anderws books and they touch my heart so deeply. I love his work and am a huge fan. I would love an opportunity to read his new book. Pick me and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you

  • Angelique Keeling

    I loved Andy Andrew’ latest book and would read it over and over. It was heartfelt. Loved the historical aspect and the fact that it was based on true events. I would read all of his books. I am impressed with his heart felt writing and the way he portrays the characters. Makes me feel like I am in one of his books.

  • Carol

    Andy’s brand of storytelling and wisdom speaks to me in the deepest places, getting around my defenses without me realizing it. So I look forward to what The Final Summit will teach me.

  • Christian Ray

    I’m in the middle of The Traveler’s Gift, loving it. I would love to get The Final Summit and publish a review of both on my blog The Third Drive (

  • Michelle White

    Why would I like a copy of Andy Andrews book? Because I have just finished grad school and need something besides academic reading for a change. :-) And besides, I have not read any of his books and, since he is so highly recommended by you, I would like to get my start here.

  • bren bourgeois

    I have a great love and a voracious appetite for books period and especially love books telling of historical figures, events, places and times. I believe this would book would be not only a great read but one I would find hard to put down. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this event. Thank you!

  • Joseph

    Honestly, I’ve never heard of Andy Andrews. I’ve never read any of his books. So why do I want a copy? So I can be introduced to his writing. But if I don’t win I guess I’ll have to get it on my own. You say he’s great. And I trait you. :)

  • Debra H

    I would love to read this book. I was let go last year because of a restructoring and love his insights into life and his story telling. He is a gift to everyone who read him. An inspiration and life changing guide to everyone. He is great!

  • Debra H

    I would love to read this book. I was let go last year because of a restructoring and love his insights into life and his story telling art. He is a gift to everyone who read him. An inspiration and life changing guide to everyone. He is great!

  • @MichellePost

    I have read all of Andy’s books and I started with the Traveler’s Gift. It was a true inspiration and began my passion for Andy’s books and the life lessons I have learned from each of them. I have recommended to many Andy’s books, especially the Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer. It would be awesome to receive one of the copies of his new book. This is a great idea. Thank you! @MichellePost

  • Kirsten

    Dear Michael,
    I humbly request Andy’s book because, “The buck stops here as I seek wisdom for I am a person of action with a decided heart. Today I will choose to be happy, for I possess a forgiving spirit that will persist without exception.”
    God bless you,
    Kirsten Strawn

  • Kelly Croy

    What an awesome title and cover! I own every Andy Andrews book except this one. His stories entertain, inspire, and educate. They always fill me with hope. Andy’s stories make me want to be a better person, and he is one of my favorite writers and speakers. I hope I win Final Summit.

  • Troy Hurst

    I admire Andy Andrews greatly, from the time I met him at your Open House. I have read all his works and listen to the 7 Decisions each week to stay inspired, focused and productive! My smile has become my calling card and the buck stops here! How wonderful to receive a copy of his latest book and to continue to glean wisdom from his life through the eyes of David Ponder. I would recommend his series of books to anyone wanting to change their perspective on life and to get ahead. Thanks for publishing his great works.

  • Jeremy Janes

    I would like to book to raise my leadership to the next level. Which would improve my family, my friends, my co-workers, and my community.

  • Linda Hildebrand

    Andy Andrews has impacted my life! A year ago in Dallas at the WOF all access I asked him to autograph my WOF Bible.He wrote persist in my Bible which was such a true word for me in what I was facing that year.I have read all of his books and have given them for gifts because of how he impacted my life without even knowing it.We hardly spoke words yet he changed my life.I would love to have a copy of this book to share with friends.

  • Bradenton322

    I believe that Andy Andrews brings together humor and strong biblical beliefs in his writing. He believes strongly in family and it shows. I always wanted to have my own copy of one of his books and not have to borrow one from the library.

  • Jim Lewis

    As a fellow traveller, I have been through several major transitions on my path to realizing leadership emergence. This story sounds as if it would be inspirational for my leadership . . . as well as a great 57th birthday present (April 29th). Thanks!

  • angie kinsey

    I would love to read this book!

  • Emery Smith

    I am 59 and I need The Solution. It is my hope and my plan to ‘finish well’ but I fear not having all the tools to get there on my own. Will you help me?
    I could use some direction right now in my life and my wife agrees….she just told me, “Don’t you men ever know how to ask for directions?”
    So sheepishly, I am asking, “Am I on still on course? It doesn’t always look like I am headed in the right direction.” GOD bless you for helping an old guy get back on track!

  • Richard J Wright

    I would like the book because the real life characters from history become alive to modern people can relate to. I do not read much fiction but the mentioning of the historical characters make for good reading.

  • Joshua Swift

    I would love to receive a copy of Andy Andrew’s Final Summit. I read the Traveler’s Gift, The Noticer and Island of the Saints. I count it a blessing to have been introduced to Andy’s style of writing. I bought the Traveler’s Gift at a outlet bookstore and had never heard of Andy but I am soooo glad I bought that book. Andy’s stories have such a way of pulling you in and I feel like I am in the story. I still remember reading the Traveler’s Gift and I felt like I was actually David Ponder in Pottsdam and talking with Harry Truman or at Gettysburg with Joshua Chamberlain. I primarily read non-fiction books and Andy is one of my favorite authors at this time. I also enjoy reading John Maxwell, Seth Godin,Malcolm Gladwell and Dave Ramsey. I also enjoy reading older authors such as Zig Ziglar and Maxwell Maltz and I am always looking for opportunities to expand and grow.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last 2 years and have tried to win books before, but this book is the one I want the most. I have read everyone of Andy’s books since the Traveler’s Gift except the Butterfly Effect and I am really, really wanting this one. I truly think that God has blessed Andy with the ability to communicate in such a way that others can relate to him and in such a way that moves you to action. I do hope this post will inspire you to follow Decision 3 of the Traveler’s Gift and become a person of action and send me a copy of the Final Summit.

    Thanks and best wishes with your new adventures. Joshua Swift

  • PVT

    Anyone who knows me well has heard about Andy Andrews. He is one of my favorite authors to read and one of my favorites to give as a gift . Andy is unique in his approach of combining fiction with non-fiction, business with pleasure, inspirational with practical. Should I win this book, after I read it, it will land right next to The Traveler’s Gift, joining all of his others on our library shelf at our beach condo named Cloud 9. While we never rent the place, we do loan it out to friends and family and fellow Creatives — especially writers who need to get away, rest and rejuvenate their spirits and numerous guests have picked up Andy’s books in that process, sat on our porch overlooking the water and read straight through them all.

  • Jfarmer

    Your description of the book makes it sound like a great read. I have not yet read a book by Andy Andrews, but have been recommended to read a few of his others. They have told me how encouraging his writings are.

  • Charl

    I would love a copy of a good read as you said. I am from South Africa and would love to be the first in SA to have a copy

    Be blessed Charl

  • Ben Drury

    Would love to win Andy’s new book. I loved The Noticer…so much so that I had to give it away after I read it to make sure someone else also benefited!

  • Jybsphr03

    What an opportunity to get another of Andy’s books. While I’ve read them all, I’m looking forward to the one for many “creative” reasons:
    C: continuation of The Traveler’s Gift which was e first book I read.
    R: relevant (based on the cover) of what many people may be facing today.
    E: exciting! Another book to add to my Andy Andrews collection!
    A: artistic…I can truly visualize what is happening as I read the words in print.
    T: timely…I’ve not had a chance to purchase it yet so this was a great opportunity.
    I: inquisitive because I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to share.
    V: valuable because I always learn different perspectives when reading his books
    E: engaged when I have some quiet time to enjoy his newest creation.

  • Judith

    Can’t everyone benefit from the inspiration of a great story? Especially if they are taking a journey to find their own summit. My husband and I have chosen to live this year on purpose and seek out goals that are new to us. Andy Andrews is the perfect inspiration for that journey. His writing, his perspective, his insight.

    And I just *love* his approach to writing this story. The fact that he was surprised to learn what happened to the character he created. I love that organic approach to writing and would like to discover what else is surprising in this most recent read.

  • Krista

    I would love to win a copy of “The Final Summit” by Andy Andrews as I love to read for personal growth, and there is no greater addition to my addiction than this book. I have had the pleasure of seeing Andy Andrews speak live and he is a phenomenal human being! My mother was with me at the same event, and she adored Andy and has put his books on her wish list. Her birthday is May 13 AND Mothers day is coming up! I would love to win this book so that I may give it to her for these occasions. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • MarkHelotie

    “The Noticer” was a mind-blowing book for me… I bought a couple of extra copies and passed them around. Mr. Andrews writing style is so very personable, yet extremely powerful. I almost want to say ‘Holy Spirit led’. I would be humbled and enthused to experience Mr. Andrews latest work… :)

  • Nathan

    I’ve been seeking wisdom in any spare time I get for awhile now. I’ve read a lot of Christian spirituality, especially the “old books” of the patristic era (Augustine’s Confessions, Maximus the Confessor, Irenaeus, Athanasius, Symeon the New Theologian, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory Nazianzan, Basil, John Chrysostom, Evagrius, and Mark the Monk), a lot of secondary sources on the spiritual life, global trends, apocalyptic literature, spiritual experiences like after-death encounters and visions, economics, and sociology, theological anthropology, discipleship, and psychology. The sad consequence is that I have not enjoyed a good work of fiction since reading Fredrick Buechner and Umberto Ecco back in the early 2000’s! I’ve thought that this is probably a mark of imbalance, despite the ways I’ve grown in the Lord through the process, so I’ve been looking for a good book.

    But how to find a work of fiction that also will help on the path of self-discovery and sapiential growth?

    This morning, I read this blog post and was overjoyed. I had never heard of Andy Andrews until this morning, but it sounds like this book has it all: the eschatological/apocalyptic, self-understanding and the moral life, the perspective of an elder, history, and spirituality.

    I think this book should be the one to break me back into good fiction, and since I am just ending a seminary career with little disposable income, settling down this summer with a free copy would be a great way to crown the academic program with some well-deserved and budget-approved leisure, liesure that will do double duty and satisfy my unrelenting thirst for wisdom.

  • Ann-Carol Pence

    Everything in our lives is intentional. Two years ago, I popped THE NOTICER in my purse to read on a vacation weekend. My husband and I hopped in the car for Pensacola to visit our friends. Upon reading, I realize I am just down the road from Orange Beach, AL. I start noticing all the ocean piers. I start planning a trip to the Sea-n-Suds. And I start looking for Jones. Now I “notice” the small things. I notice that I am a goldfish. I notice what a great man I have in my life. And I notice that I am living the dream. My husband and I run the only professional theatre in our county of 750,000. We produce plays that depict a different “perspective” than our patrons may experience. We are blessed not by money (the non-profit world is not glamorous), but by 50,000 people who believe we are a part of their family, and I believe we are.
    But in this time of so many blessings, I worry for our world. We can no longer peacefully politically disagree. We have become so distrustful of those who are different from us. I cannot wait to read THE SUMMIT. I hope it turns my fear for the future of human kind into the type of courage I need to change my little piece of the world. I have never written in to “win anything,” but winning a copy of THE SUMMIT would be a sign that there is no mountain I cannot climb.

  • Jeff Kusner

    when i was researching (how to) book proposals last year i recall being intrigued with the story when i came across a sample proposal posted for the travelers gift. this post on the final summit sparked my interest again so i just ordered them both! :) – now if i only had a time machine to read all the books i want to…

  • Glenda

    I would love, love, love to win a copy of this book. Andy Andrews is one oft favorite authors. I enjoy everything I’ve read by him, and I’m trying to make sure I read everything. I’ve recommended his books to other peole, too. I thought The Traveler’s Gift was amazing and I’d love to read the sequel.
    Did I mention I have cancer? Oh, yes, I did just play “the C card”. I have no shame when it comes to trying to get this book. The question is, did it work? :)

  • Andrew Acker

    I want this book because I do not ever read fiction and I feel like this could be a good book to get me to step into that field. I always tell people that reading fiction is not a guilty pleasure for, I have to be able to learn something from a book, and this seems like a valuable and insightful fiction book. Which is why I want it!

  • Carol

    I love the journey of posing questions that lead to answers. Curiosity is necessary fuel for creative thinking and considering things in a new way. I just had to look up, “who is Eric Erickson?” for example, after listening to your interview and now I am hooked into the premise that Andrews’ puts forth: how to overcome our destructive natures and move back to “original purpose.” My curiosity is awakened, I would love to dive into Andrew’s character and search for the two word answer to it all, and to win, The Final Summit would be a great gift.

  • Anonymous

    I have not been able to read any of Andy’s books yet. This sounds wonderful! I would love to read it and see what God has to say to me through it.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I want a copy (if it’s not too late)? Though I’m in my thirties, I still want to begin with the end in mind. That’s led me to planning the last half of my life (roughly) in a way I never dreamed about when I started this journey. A big part of that plan is working to change the course of the culture. Sounds like Andy’s book is right up that alley!

  • Chris Buri

    OK – here’s the deal. I have a Kindle with available space on it and I’m always looking for great Christian authors. I’ve not yet read anything by Andy but I’ve read several of the authors featured on your blog (two favorites: Donald Miller and N.D. Wilson!!)

    Your recommendations have not steered me wrong yet and I’m sure that Andy will be a great addition to my library.

    Besides, having available space on a Kindle is probably a sin! (poor stewardship???)

  • Wayne

    I loved the “Travelers Gift! I would like to think it changed the way I went about each day! And, I have given several copies away for other to read. I am looking forward to reading “The Final Summit” and a free copy is always a bonus! No doubt, I would also pay it forward!

  • ReflectionsByPj

    I have never read any of Andy Andrews however, would like to start. I have listened to his interview with both you and Dave Ramsey, and cannot wait to get a copy. I love that he is using historic figures in his book, I love history [though I’m horrible with dates – ask my U.S History and World Civilization professors]. In addition, my Advanced Fiction professor told me that I needed to expand my fiction reading library and I’m thinking this would make a nice addition – also might interest my daughter, who, too, loves history and fiction [if I can ever tear her away from Ted Dekker]. Besides, I don’t think it could hurt for me [Penny] to have a copy considering the trailer for Mr. Andrews book shows a reflects a 1909 penny – it’s a sign. :)

  • Ed

    At a recent Andrew Peterson concert, I heard his producer and friend sing, “There’s a Last Time for Everything.” “There will be the last shave.” “There will be the last funeral…” What a beautiful idea. Celebrating the last as it represents the first step to the eternal. With that in mind, I’d love to read about the Last Summit.
    Ed Reilly

  • Jerry

    I was excited to see my name on the list of people to whom you have awarded a copy of this book. Thank you very much for the gift. I am grateful and will enjoy the opportunity to learn from Andy Andrews.

    You are doing well at building an online audience!

    Jerry Hertzler

  • Jim Lewis

    Thank you for the book! You are a gracious and generous Leader/Mentor. Blessings.

  • Rob Still

    Wow, I am extremely grateful to be one of the winners. Thank you! I love the premise of The Final Summit. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks again.

  • Lynn Blalock

    Have never read books by this author, but recent life events make the title intriguing.

  • Glenda

    So grateful (and surprised) to be one of the winners. You made my month. I thank you much!
    Never been here before (followed a tweet from Andy Andrews), but I think I’ll stay and look around.

  • JEG

    Thank You!!! Thank YOU!!! I am one of the 100 winners! I normally don’t win things like this, and I won this book and a couple weeks ago I won something at a raffle drawing!!! I can’t wait to get it and read it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to read this book. Being 76 I sometimes feel like you described David Ponder. That plus being on a small fixed income it is hard to buy books, medicine has to come first.

  • Vicki George

    i’d like to have one not for myself but for my mother she loves your other book this one would bea nice addition to it

  • TNeal

    Glad I came back to watch the interview. Great question about what characters did Andy enjoy writing about. I answered with Andy on the first one, “Eric Erickson.” And like every other reader of the book, when I read it, I asked, “Who’s Eric Erickson?”

    “Final Summit” engaged my mind early and often. It’s the rare read where I find myself thinking about the summit’s question and trying, like the travelers, to discover the answer. Andy’s style put me right in the auditorium and sat me at the table.

  • Gideonjemi

    Looks like a good book for the leaders, could you send a copy please..

  • Christian Ray

    Found out I was one of the winners. I never win anything!
    Just posted a review of Andy’s first book The Traveler’s Gift on The Third Drive (

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  • Rob Still

    I was fortunate enough to win a copy of the book. THANK YOU Michael and Andy! It was interesting and easy to read. Love how Andy wove the life story of the historical characters into the story line, each having a piece of “the answer”. It’s inspired me to keep at it, and “Do Something”

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  • KiminQueensNY

    This is a great book – especially looking at where we (“the world”) are heading right now. Somehow people (not just American’s) have forgotten their strengths and are looking for help “somewhere.” Andy Andrews reminds us that God gave us what we need to succeed and that He is there when things go terribly wrong. I happened across one of Mr Andrews book on a solo drive to Florida from NY. It keep me going! Since then I have purchased almost all of his books and have given my copies to friends.  I would love to see these books on the Big Screen!  If you don’t think you make a difference – read Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews. I can’t wait to see how this girl from the south will make a difference in the Big Apple. Thank you, Andy Andrews!