An Interview with Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley is one of my very favorite authors and speakers. I listen to his monthly leadership podcast and read everything he writes. Last week, we released his newest book, The Grace of God.

Book Cover for The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

In case you don’t know, Andy Stanley is the founder of North Point Ministries (NPM), one of the fastest growing and most influential Christian organizations in America. Each Sunday, over 20,000 adults attend services at one of NPM’s three campuses in the Atlanta area: North Point Community Church, Browns Bridge Community Church, and Buckhead Church.

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Andy is also a best-selling author of Visioneering, The Next Generation Leader, and The Principle of the Path. He and his wife, Sandra, live in Alpharetta, Georgia, with their three children.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Andy about his new book and about what he is learning.

Q: So often we hear from you on leadership, vision, and communication. I’m curious. Why did you choose to write on the topic of grace?

My publisher, Matt Baugher, pointed out that I preach on this topic often but had never written about it. He asked me to consider a book on grace and immediately I got excited about it.

Q: There’s no subtitle to this book. If you were to add a subtitle, what would it be?

“The Solution to Just About Everything”

Q: It is easy to see the grace of God throughout the New Testament, but you say, “a careful reading of the Old Testament reveals grace to be God’s preeminent characteristic from the very beginning.” When do you believe we are first introduced to God’s grace?

Creation. Not to get too philosophical, but why is there anything? Why did God bother to create anything? For His glory, certainly. But life itself, the opportunity to live, to love, to be loved is an expression of God’s grace.

Q: It is evident that the church today has an uneasy relationship with grace. How can we, the church, do a better job of consistently communicating the message of grace?

The church, or I should say, church people, must quit adding the word “but” to the end of our sentences about grace. Grace plus is no longer grace. Grace minus is no longer grace. We are afraid people will abuse grace if presented in its purest form. We need not fear that, we should assume that. Religious people crucified grace personified. Of course grace will be abused. But grace is a powerful dynamic. Grace wins out in the end. It is not our responsibility to qualify it. It is our responsibility to proclaim it and model it.

Q: In the opening chapter you say, “When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing.” It is true. How do you fight this constant tension?

The only reason I have for extending grace to others is that it has been extended to me. All the “one another” passages in the New Testament: Love one another, serve one another, forgive one another… are anchored to the fact that God did all of that for us. I am to extend grace to others as a response to God’s offer of grace to me.

Q: I find that people often confuse grace and mercy. How do you clarify the difference between these two ideas?

Mercy is not proactive. Mercy is not getting what I deserve. I can decide not to punish my children. But that different from doing something FOR them when I should actually be doing something TO them. Grace is proactive. Grace doesn’t merely withhold retribution. Grace offers something good in addition to withholding what an individual deserves.

Mercy says, “I won’t sue you.” Grace says, “I won’t sue you AND I’ll come over next week and serve you. God didn’t merely withhold punishment, He sent His Son to die for us.

Q: From your studies and/or experience, what has surprised you most about grace?

It is extraordinarily powerful. It is often extraordinarily slow. Fear works quicker. But fear erodes relationships. Grace is like a crock pot.

Q: Who are some voices that you are learning from these days?

These days, my staff. I’m surrounded by some great thinkers and great communicators. As I told the crowd at Catalyst last week, my opening talk was inspired by two of our staff communicators. I get a lot of credit for ideas and results that are actually a reflection of the efforts and insights of the brilliant people I get to work with every day.

I selected 100 people from the comments below to receive a free copy of this book. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: Why do you want a copy of this book? If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?
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  • James Malone

    I need to learn more about God’s Grace and how to walk daily in it!

  • Coenraad

    I would love to read this book, because we as humans don’t understand grace all the time, and like Andy said in the interview, we usually add a ‘but’ to the end of a sentence about grace.

    If I can learn only one new thing about grace in this book, it would be worth taking the time to read it.

  • Asa

    As the leader of a team in several arenas (in my vocation, in my church, at home), I recognize I am lacking in grace. I would love to read more from an established leader.

  • Martha aka SwitchingGranny

    I’d love a copy of Andy’s book. Why? Because it is God’s grace that makes every thing I truly desire possible. And oh how I love His sweet grace! I’m really interested in what Andy’s take is on God’s grace. I was intrigued that he said “Grace is like a crock-pot”. There you’ve got it!

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    Who couldn’t use a better understanding of the Grace that God has given us? I haven’t read many books by Andy Stanely, but I have heard wonderful things about him and would love to dive into The Grace of God to begin learning all that he has to offer.

  • Andrew Brotherton

    I really want this book because not only is Andy my pastor, his name is also Andy which is my name as well so how can you not root for someone like that? Also grace is just amazing. It is mind blowing. God’s grace is the most illogical thing in the world, to offer up love and forgiveness instead of what we really deserve.

  • Bob Upgren

    love Andy Stanley. Try to read all his writing. Serving God and looking to find a little encouragement today.

  • Barbara Sheldon

    I would love a copy of this book because I have read three other books on grace and believe the grace of God is one of the most important topics for our generation today.

    I promise to read this book and would most likely read it the first week after I receive it.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    Barbara Sheldon

  • Bob Snider

    In the interview, Andy mentioned “We are afraid people will abuse grace if presented in its purest form.” This is a powerful statement. As the campus pastor of a new church plant, I want to learn about the purest form of grace and then be able to teach this to the church.

    Andy’s other book have been great resources for me (Preaching for Change, 7 Habits of Effective Ministry, Next Generation Leader) and I look forward to reading this one too.

  • Kristine McGuire

    I want this book because there are so many “voices” out there in the world telling us what God should look like, but I believe understanding grace helps us know who God is.

  • Simon Fogg

    I have yet to read an Andy Stanley book but I am an avid listener to all his talks in his leadership podcast series, his North Point talks to his church as well as all the clips that get included in the Catalyst podcasts. It would be great to add Andy to my library with this as my first. We have used lots of Andy’s content in the life group that I lead including the Go Fish and Take It To The Limit, both of whioh were incredibly helpful. It would be a book that I would read and pass on to fellow travellers.

    From a disciple in the UK.

  • Luke Kuepfer

    I believe it was Chuck Swindoll who said that grace isn’t grace unless it can be taken advantage of. Andy’s comments about “grace, but”/ grace + or grace – really resonates with much of my church world experience growing up in a very conservative environment. The lines were very blurred between works and grace…that latter stated but the former practiced. I’d certainly enjoy a copy of this book and would most certainly read it.

  • Sean Gosnell

    I would LOVE to read this new book The Grace of God. I am currently seeking Gos’s guidance in my calling of Leadership Ministry and Listen to Andy Stanley. What an encourager he is to Next Generation Learders. I would love to learn more about God’s Grace from such an awesome person.

  • Gilbert Tan

    I am a sinner saved by Jesus Christ whose life He gave freely. I am a product of the grace of God. Would love to read Andy’s book and be a blessing and share His saving grace to those around me.

  • Ben Dempsey

    Hi Mr. Hyatt,

    Like you I listen to his podcasts as well and have enjoyed his previous books. I would like to have a copy to be able to dive deeper in my understanding of God’s grace. As someone that never really had an example of father that demonstrated grace growing up it has been hard to understand that God’s grace is never ending. Nice interview with Andy and I really liked your fourth question.

  • Angela De Souza

    This is a very relevant subject that we need to share with today’s messed up world! As a pastor I can’t learn enough about this subject in order to find the best possible way to teach it to our church. How do you tell people about grace? I can only testify to what God has done in my life, so would be keen to hear what Andy has to say.

    Most of all I want this book so that I can give it to my husband – he is a keen Andy Standley follower :) and loves reading!

  • Kevin

    I would love to read what Andy has to say about grace. It is His grace that brings us to repentance.

  • Angelo Gulina

    Why would I want this book?
    Because Grace is so great, it’s so beautiful, it’s so much more over our understanding that we can’t use human words to talk about Grace. So I’m curious on this author writing about Grace.. let’s if he’s got the point ;)
    (Couldn’t me more creative)

  • Kevin Cooper

    Read the Principle of the Path and it
    sounds like his new one is a natural extension.

  • Tom Loud

    Grace from Jesus is our only hope. Forgiveness is an area I struggle with, however through receiving Gods grace and through his forgiveness I can now forgive others. God gave us grace and we really show Christ on a new level when we show this grace to people in our own life. I can witness and talk about the saving power of God, yet until I show grace to others, God is just an idea, invisible. I want this book to learn more about Gods grace so that I can become a greater light and extend his grace to others so they can enjoy the freedom I have in Christ.

  • Angel

    I am a fan of Andy’s for a few years. I worked in the call center of his Dad’s ministry. I red his father’s book on grace, and I would like to read Andy’s take on the subject. Yes I will read the book. I will read it because I frequently lose track of how much the lord loves us and how much we don’t deserve his grace.

  • Terry Braswell

    Andy Stanley is recognized as a powerful communicator. I am curious to see how he communicates the doctrine of grace. Grace is always worth reading about, but I am also interested in how it is communicated.

  • Anthony Stephens

    I am a huge fan of grace. I am also huge fan of Andy Stanley’s work. Put the two together? Good stuff.

  • haydeeang

    I want the book cos I really admire Andy as a man of God. I wish he’s my pastor. I’ve said it here last year too that I always listen to
    his teachings via podcast since 2007 & save them to my hard disk.
    I’ve started reading Genesis, & realized that God’s grace was first shown to
    Adam & Eve, and because of His covenant with Noah, God didn’t destroy the earth again despite our wickedness, but in return, He chose to become one of us in the flesh, and died for our sins, for our salvation. That’s grace freely given without us asking.
    I want to have a better understanding about Grace in another person’s perspective, though I
    know we cannot sum it all up. His love is unconditional, & grace immeasureable.

  • Beat Staub

    I would love to read this book, because quite often I use the word but. And also I believe, I can never learn enough about grace, primarily by acting it out but also by reading about it.

  • Mark Howell

    I’m looking forward to reading The Grace of God…because Andy Stanley gets the idea of grace. I’ve loved reading Andy’s books and often have re-listened to his tapes so many times I can lip sync the words and while leadership is an important theme, you can hear grace in every message, every book.

  • Allen Power

    I teach a Sunday School class that is streamed on the Internet each week so I’m voracious for quotes and illustrations to share. God’s grace is a consistent thread through that teaching because it’s a consistent thread through the lives of believers. As Andy said…the first evidence of God’s grace is all of creation.

  • Bryan Shaw

    Yeah, I would like a copy of this book because I need grace… hey, we all do… and this is your opportunity to extend grace by giving me a copy of Andy’s book. This would simply be a response of grace for you, out of the grace that has been given you. Thanks!

  • Kristie Jackson

    Andy Stanley has the rare ability to use simple and accessible language with consistently profound results. It makes for a great, yet convicting read. One of the books I recommend on one of my blogs is Louder Than Words because it strikes this difficult balance of conveying truth while maintaining a spirit of grace. Therefore, I’d very much like to read The Grace of God. I need His grace and I also need how to emulate His grace and give it away.

    Also, very nice intereview. Thanks for posting and letting us know a bit about this book!

  • Andy D.

    As a constant learner, this new book by Stanley certainly sparks my interest. I am, as you’ve stated Michael, a huge fan of his leadership podcast and the foundational books he’s written over the years regarding leadership and personal development. I’d love the opportunity to learn from his perspective on the topic of grace. Should be a great read!

  • BarbaraBoucher PTPhD

    Receiving and reading this book would be a grace to my understanding of God in life and my life.

  • Larry Haynes

    Would love to read this book as I’m a huge fan of the Andy’s leadership podcast and the North Point podcast. I’m proud of how he’s carrying on the family ministry into a new generation. Sometimes my own father will mention to me something that Charles Stanley included in a recent sermon, and other times I’ll call him with a point from one of Andy’s messages. It’s nice to have that generational touchstone in our own relationship.

  • Mary Carlisle

    I, too, have been impacted by Andy Stanley’s leadership podcasts and other books, and have been able to directly apply his principles on leadership and vision-casting with teams I have led. I would love to read this new book, as grace is the overarching reason that we may lead with grace as we, too, are led by the Spirit. Immersed in a culture of instant pleasure and fear, we are in a pivotal moment of influence as we point others to the grace of God.

  • Andy Smith

    I can’t wait to read this book. If not for the grace God has shown to me, I would be nothing but a filthy wretched soul. Every now and then, I need to be reminded of that.

  • Adam Shields

    I am a member at Buckhead and love listening to Andy’s (and the many other pastors’ teaching). I will review the book and give away the book. I missed it when it was up on Booksneeze because I have another book out.

  • Judith Robl

    I am almost through reading (for the first time) The Executive and the Elephant. While I’ll be working through this book for several months, I will need a copy of Andy’s book on grace as well.

    Since I read the Power of the Path, I am hooked on Andy Stanley’s work. He is insightful and lucid – two attributes that do not necessarily coexist. He brings complex ideas into simple language that anyone can understand and leads you gently from your muddle to his clarity.

    I know it is greedy of me to want this book as well, but want it, I do.

  • Wally

    Would love the book, because I would love to buy a copy for others to read and pass on. Being on the underside of rich, it’s easier to buy one copy for a friend than one for each of us! And it’s better to buy a fresh copy for a friend than to hand them a previously read copy, because two copies are better for the publisher, right?

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  • John Saddington

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  • Kristina

    I am a big fan of Andy Stanleys’ writings. And there is no doubt in my mind that in this book he defines grace well, and teaches us how to show it through love.

  • John Richardson

    This would be an awesome book for our men’s study group. I’ve heard Andy’s podcasts, and seen video from Catalyst, but I have never read one of his books. Our study group just finished up a book on humility. This would make a great follow up.

  • Patti Shaffer

    I have had cancer this year, and the topic of grace has been #1 on my mind. I would love to read Andy’s insights on how this powerful attribute of God is carrying me through a difficult time.

  • Richard Wanjema

    I have heard about Andy’s ministry and I just missed listening to him in a venue here. It would be nice to read and see what he has to offer.

  • Katie Allred

    I would love to own this book because I love learning about leadership and I love Andy’s point of view on things. I would also like to fully understand God’s grace!

  • ThatGuyKC

    Thank you for sharing this interview with Andy!

    His point about the need to stop adding “but” to our conversations about grace really hit home. Reminds me of the 2 Corinthians 12:9 “..My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..”

  • Richie Reeder

    Three reasons why I want this book by Andy Stanley:
    #1) – Andy Stanley is an idea sculptor. His thoughts on organizational life in the church are profound. I’ve read most of his books and am currently reading Next Generation Leader!
    #2) – Andy Stanley believes in the church. He honestly believes the church should be the best run organization in our communities. I dig that!
    #3) – Andy Stanley is an excellent rapper! (Just kidding…but not quite – watch his rap video here!)

  • erik bennett

    Don’t free and grace go together?

  • Jack Lugar

    I enjoy Andy Stanley’s teaching and would really like to have the opportunity to read this book. I am a frequent user of grace, so I’d like to gain a better understanding of giving and receiving it.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Thank you for sharing this interview with Andy.

    His comments about not adding “but” to conversations about grace really hit home. Especially the not adding to or taking away from grace.

    Reminds me of 2 Corinthians 12:9 “…My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…”

    We most definitely should assume people will abuse grace. I think the greater danger is people not accepting the gift in the first place.

    I promise to read the book if I’m selected.

  • Michael W. Campbell

    Why send me a copy? Because I contribute to an influential blog for Adventists, and Adventists need an extra measure of grace! I’m still waiting for the last book I signed up for to be received, but will post reviews of both once I get them.

  • Daron George

    I have never read a book by Andy Stanley. This book sounds like it would be a great introduction for me to Andy Stanley.

  • Wink Rush

    Ever since I heard Andy speak at the SBConvevtion, I started following him on Twitter. I love his voice, passion, and heart for the lost. I would love to read this book! I am a trophy of God’s grace.

  • Tracy Atcheson

    It would be a delight to read Andy Stanley’s new book on the topic of grace. It’s a topic I would personally like to understand more throroughly and live in it more passionately. As a high “D” personality I find grace challenging and I really would like to effectively live in it, instead of self-recriminations and unrealistic standards for myself and others. I could benefit from personal grace makeover!! Mr. Hyatt, thank you for your consideration and for sharing the book with your readers.

  • Nate

    I have been brutalized by legalism and am trying to recover
    I recognize my need for a better understanding of Gods grace
    I have read a lot if Andy’s material and he is a man of great understanding that we all can learn from.

  • Justin

    Mercy vs. Grace. That was Powerful! Mercy is the status quo. Grace goes the distance! Praise God!

  • Trey McKnight

    My name is Trey. My life is about winning, and helping others win. Winning is not possible without Grace. :)

  • RentMyChurch

    We want this book so that we can better understand God’s Grace in all areas of our lives (as a ministry leader, professionally and personally).

  • Laurie Curtis

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book bc I am aiming for a complete Andy Stanley book collection!! Please help complete my collection Michael Hyatt! ;)

  • Esther

    I, too, am a big Andy Stanley fan. I love the simplicity of his messages. Grace…I need it, I want it, and I want to give it. Yet too often, I add chains of legalism and judgment to it.
    Can’t wait to read what Andy has to say about it.

  • johnsaddington

    Great post Mike! Thanks for sharing.

  • Danny Wahlquist

    No matter how much you study, you can never fully understand God’s grace. Andy Stanley does such an excellent job of simplifying complex material so that you can practically apply it, so I am very excited about reading this book.

  • Mark Bushor

    On a number of occasions I have used good books as the basis of meaningful sermons series. In fact, I’ve even used one of Andy’s books in the past & was hoping to buy one of his newer books to see if they might be suitable. Your kind gift would make this search a whole lot easier.

  • Brian Fegter

    Andy Stanley is a great leader and inspiration!

  • Jason

    I’d love a copy of this book. I’ve always been a HUGE Andy Stanley fan. I’ll even blog some thoughts from the book!

  • Linda

    Andy Stanley is my favorite author and speaker, I read everything he writes. Grace has always been an elusive topic for me – never know how to define it, so I would love to learn what Andy has to say about it.

  • AmySolano

    I would love to have this book due to the simple fact that i my self have been able to experience the benefits of Gods grace in my personal life and would love to be able to share with others not just my experience but the wisdom and knowledge i am sure is the pages of that book. I listen to andy on a regular basis via the web and i am sure his book will offer the same simple & annointed message.

  • Kevin Jack

    I Love Andy Stanley!!! But wasn’t convinced about this book (largely because I didn’t like the cover, heard someone say that I’m not supposed to judge books that way), but I think it looks great now. I’m especially intrigued by the idea that grace is the solution to everything, not quite sure how that works but would love to find out.

  • Brian Cain

    I want this book because I am a new leader in ministry. I am a volunteer staff member at my church and I have a ministry for police officers. I want this book to help me further understand what I might be missing when dealing with some of my people.

  • Susan Lawrence

    Even this brief interview has spurred me to think through how I (mis)live out my (mis)beliefs of grace. Great point about the difference between grace and mercy! As a Women’s Ministry Consultant, I come across the struggle with grace often. Women have trouble accepting it…and extending it. (Perhaps men do, too, but I won’t speak for them:-) I’d definitely benefit personally from reading The Grace of God and would then pass it along (the actual book but also what I learn) to women I come in contact with. Thanks!

  • BJ Rutledge

    Andy is one of my favorite speakers and authors; I love his honest straightforward approach and the way he’s able to make his God-given insights on leadership & life come to life in the pages of books and in his talks. I take some or all of my staff team to DRIVE every year because I know we’ll be challenged and inspired. I want the book because we’re a church that’s all about Grace, and are seeing God’s grace transform a community/county. Our church name is Grace Fellowship and we’re becoming a fellowship of grace. We haven’t arrived, but are learning much about grace. In our attempts to discover & personify Biblical grace we’ve seen over 1200 people come to faith in Christ in the past 7 years even though we are in a town of 459 people. I’m still learning about grace personally, so I really look forward to the personal growth & challenge I’ll get from Andy’s insights. As a staff, we read & discuss key books (6-12) throughout the year, and I usually like to read them first and then lead the discussions based on my personal struggles/challenges/application. This looks like the type book we would use in our staff discussion/development. YES I PROMISE TO READ THE BOOK (QUICKLY)!!!

  • Jennifer

    I heard Andy speak at the SBC in Orlando this past June and He had a tremendous impact on me. I am in a “dry season” so to speak and think this book could have some answers I am seeking.

  • Kerry Dexter

    “grace is like a crockpot”…I want to see where else Andy goes with this idea.

  • Jacob

    There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t listen to Andy Stanley! He is one of the best communicator I have heard. Grace is one of my favorite subjects to study and preach on… Love reading on the subject of Grace… Grace is so wonderful, it is my daughter’s middle name!

  • Jordan Hubbard

    I am in way over my head as a young senior minister of a 1000 member church in a movement that has often been guilty of putting the word “but” behind God’s grace. In my movement, we have often put method in front of God’s grace, and I am helping to lead my congregation away from that form of spirituality.
    I would love to read this book, pass it on to my staff and elders and let Stanley’s views on grace affect the way we operate as a church. I dream of a grace-filled, grace-giving congregation!

  • Dot Bast

    What perfect timing! I have just begun teaching a new believers Bible study at Soncoast Community Church and I know that teaching grace must be a top priority. Our pastor teaches and preaches grace from the pulpit, which provides good material for us. But it sounds like Andy Stanley’s book would be a wonderful resource for us to share. He is an annointed teacher.

  • Jorge Rosado

    I have read a few Andy Stanley’s books in Spanish and English and I should say that his teachings show a lot of wisdom and a close relationship with God. I have great expectations that this book shows me how can I have a better relationship with God, because of what He is. I think this is a message that Hispanic communities urgently need. Blessings from Puerto Rico.

  • Eric

    In examining my own life I can see so many places where God’s grace has been present, in the adoption of our daughter, dealing with the special needs of our son, job changes, cross country moves, even in encountering people on the web who, not known to them, have become mentors and models to others. Sounds like a wonderful book and a great introduction for me to Andy Stanley. Wonderful interview Michael…

  • Kimberly Teamer

    Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited about this message. I have been researching the concept of grace in my personal studies for quite some time. I have wanted to understand it on a deeper level. To date, I have only been afforded a superficial grasp of the concept, but I know there has to be more. It is a profound subject matter. God’s grace is beyond my thinking and yet it is so attainable. Thank God for God!

    I would absolutely LOVE to have this book so that I can truly grab hold of what grace is all about. I can barely contain my excitement.

    Thank you for presenting yet another opportunity to grow in knowledge, and in this case, in grace.


  • Marilyn Bell

    I would like to receive a book because I love to read, and I haven’t read anything by Andy Stanley. I am familiar with his ministry…

  • Ben

    The Grace of God is such an important topic, and one that is misconstrued and misunderstood so often. I think Andy’s clear, biblical, practical thinking on the subject is something I need to read and communicate to others.

  • Joe Sorrells

    Andy Stanley’s answer to the second to last question is staying with me… “It is extraordinarily powerful. It is often extraordinarily slow. Fear works quicker. But fear erodes relationships. Grace is like a crock pot.”

    I would like to dig deeper into the Extraordinary Power!”

  • Rich Dixon

    Even though I published a book about God’s grace in my life (RELENTLESS GRACE), I still don’t get it. Like everything else about God, knowing more only convinces me that I don’t know nearly enough.

    Grace is like a food that completely satisfies and creates an insatiable hunger. I have all I could ever need, but at the same time I can never get enough.

    I can speak and write about grace, but my words are mostly clanging cymbals. I want to learn how to truly experience and display it. I want to adopt a small portion of the heart that would sacrifice a Son for me.

  • VBrown

    Looking forward to reading Andy’s new book!

  • Jay Caruso

    I’ve been blessed by Andy’s ministry going back to the days when he would substitute for his father Charles on ‘In Touch.’ One of Andy’s greatest strengths is his ability to take any scripture and break it down so that anybody can understand it. I’ve read his books, ‘The Principle of The Path’ (“Direction, not intention, determines destination”) as well as ‘Visioneering.’ Both of those books operated on practical and spiritual levels so it would be interesting to read a book by Andy that just examines God’s word.

  • Laurie Russell

    Hey Michael,

    Pick me, pick me! :-)

    Grace is something I long to understand but at times feel it’s been over-saturated in my life (to the point that I even named by black lab Grace – but she’s sweet and I don’t deserve her.) Do I truly understand the definition? Is it something that I’ve taken for granted?

    I have 2 young children at impressionable ages (7 & 9). They’re ready to truly learn about God’s grace and I’m realizing now that my own definitions are a bit “off” from my upbringing.

    I’m a big fan of Andy and believe the insight God’s given him would help guide me as I guide my children.

    Please may I have a copy of The Grace of God? :-)

  • HisFireFly Karin Fendick

    Without grace, the church cannot be The Church. I am longing to soak up all that I can about this thing called “grace” that our Lord has in such abundance and we fail to grasp.

  • Andy Dunkin

    I think one of the hardest things for me to accept about grace is people will abuse it. Yes I realize that i fall into that category, but I’m really quick to dismiss my own failings and point to others. I LOVE to read and it would be a great opportunity to challenge/stretch my own concepts of grace. (My head tells me that I ‘deserve’ this book, while my heart reminds me of grace I don’t deserve.)

  • Jason Elam

    At the church I serve as pastor, I’m referred to as “The Bartender of Grace”. A guy with a title like that needs to read everything he can about grace, don’t you think> ;-)

  • Ryan

    Andy Stanley is a great speaker. Blunt, and to the point! Spoke at passion when I went last year. Ever since then I have been blessed by his podcasts and blogs. I’d love to read his book!!!

  • Matt Williams

    You should send me a copy of the book because you and Andy Stanley are both stinkin’ awesome! (Ok, that was my attempt to stand out in the crowd).

    On a more serious note, nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Including leaders. One major difference, though, is that when a leader makes a mistake it affects far more people than the mistake of someone who is not in a leadership position. As a prominent leader, pastor, and communicator, I would love to read Andy Stanley’s new book. Should I be selected, I promise to not only read it, but read it promptly.

  • OrganizedArtist

    My reasons for wanting a copy of “The Grace of God” a little “Grace” acronym.

    Get a jump-start on ideas for a new weekend teaching series.
    Remember why I serve in the local church(to extend God’s grace to others.)
    Andy Stanley is the pastor I cheat on my own pastor with.
    Committed to read and share the book with at least 2 friends
    Encouraging those around me that grace is real.

    Thanks much for this fun opportunity! I’m certain the book is a “home-run”.

  • Linze Anderson

    Yes I will read this book! Andy Stanley is one of the most inspiring and influential speakers (next to his dad of course) out there today. His teachings and sermons are so informative and down to earth. I would love to read his new book. I am a born again christian who is always seeking to enrichen my life with more spiritual teachings. This book would really help me learn and grow more in my own faith.

  • Connie Asher

    I learned about the Scriptures, and Bible Study when I was flat on my back for almost 2 years, under the teaching of Andy’s father, Dr. Charles Stanley. (1990’s) That was in FL.

    If not for the Stanley family,don’t know where I’d be today!
    We watch Andy Stanley here in NC now.
    We stay glued to the TV when Andy speaks-what a gift, and a sincere Thank you to him for his faithfulness!

    I read voraciously! ————-just ask my husband : )

  • Matthew Snider

    I need a new book to read and this seemed like the right one!

  • Linze Anderson

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  • Linda S

    Day by day I recognize that grace is what allows me to do what I do – day by day I need the strength to extend that same God-given grace to those around me. I’d love to have a copy of this book, I’ll read it and suggest it to other’s to read. Thanks!

  • Lawrence Lowe

    Andy Stanley has become my absolute favorite communicator. As a freshman in college his book, Communicating for a Change, radically changed my perspective on communication. It actually took aware my fear of preachig by simplifying it. Now I’m a senior and I work for a The Oaks School of Leadership where I resource 110 young leaders with leadership material to help them grow. If given the opportunity to own this book I can share what I’ve learned with over a hundred young leaders in the church.

  • Rick Yuzzi

    I’d love to hear more about Andy’s thoughts on Grace. He has a great way of applying scripture to our lives today. I’ve been a fan of his since the days he used to fill in for John Riley at Metro Bible Study. I promise to read it, and will review it on my blog.

  • Kyle Shuberg

    I would definitely read it. The last book I read was Choosing to Cheat by Andy (No it was not on the New shelf ;)) I loved it! I hope that his book would only compare to it and change my life the way Choosing to Cheat was.

  • Meghan McFarlin

    I love reading what Andy has to say and am a member at NPCC where I’m blessed to hear his insightful teaching about God’s word. But my husband and I are being hardcore about our savings, and so we don’t often get to treat ourselves to new books, music, or dvds. We both are interested in reading this book, so if I get a copy, it will be read by more than one person!!

  • Osize

    You should send me a copy because I will read it.

  • Alex Murphy

    I love it that God has placed this topic on Andy and his publisher’s heart! I need to hear more of it and preach it to myself. I know how to work harder, but that’s not the key. I’d love to read Andy’s thoughts on grace to further reshape my view of and relating to God.

  • Mary West

    I would like to recieve a copy of the book, “Grace of God” to see for myself what misconceptions I may have about that topic. Perhaps then I can be better prepaired when I share with others the depth of His grace and love. In His Love and Care, Mary West

  • Todd Erickson

    I’m serving in Guatemala and it is often difficult to get new books down here, so I need you to send me Andy’s latest! Thanks. -Todd

  • Joel Mosier

    I thoroughly enjoy listening to Andy’s leadership podcasts and would love to read this new book

  • Steve Hirst

    I’d like to read it because I find the idea of an OT God having any sort of ‘grace; to be completely laughable. Ask the Midianites what they think of that God’s so-called grace. Based on his remarks I don’t think Stanley will be able to convince me that the brutal, saidistic, and yes, evil god of the OT exhibits what he calls grace, but I will read the book and give him a chance to.

    That God does what he wants, when he wants, without even an attempt at
    self-justification, and all for what reason? According to Paul, all for his own greater glory. Oh, how charming. For his own glory he condemns
    billions to eternal torment, drowns millions of innocent beasts and
    thousands of children, orders the slaughter of entire cities down to the
    last man, woman, and child, creates a race that he knows is flawed and will hurt itself (so that in their pain they can worship him better), refuses to deal with any other god on a friendly basis, restricts the normal expression of the sexual function, rains doom on those who dare to try to be as knowledgable as he is, and so on.

    You hear a lot from Christians about Yahweh’s “infinite compassion and
    mercy”. Tell it to the Midianites. Numbers 31 is a classic example of
    wholesale slaughter and rape under the direction of Yahweh. A sample of
    this delightful tale: “They waged the campaign against Midian, as Yahweh had ordered Moses, and they put every male to death…. The sons of Israel took the Midianite women captive with their young children, and plundered all their cattle, all their flocks and all their goods. They set fire to the
    towns where they lived and all their encampments…. Moses was enraged with the commanders of the army … who had come back from this military
    expedition. He said, ‘Why have you spared the life of all the women? …
    So kill all the male children. Kill also all the women who have slept with a man. Spare the lives only of the young girls who have not slept with a man, and take them for yourselves.'” Yes, friends, this is infinite mercy and compassion for you. I PARTICULARLY like the way that Moses got upset with them for sparing women and male children, but allowed the young girls to be kept for later raping. If only humans could keep to such lofty standards without the necessity of divine revelation.

  • Clint Roberson

    I love, love, love all of Andy’s stuff. He is an excellent communicator and his material is so relevant and life applicable. It would be an awesome thing to get free copy of thi book. I like to take his books and teach them in Bible study to our congregation.

  • Jake Manne

    I would love to read this book. I am in the middle of a transition to a new ministry and am with my parents and my wife and 4 kids during the transition. I am stockpiling thoughts and ideas and shaping my values more clearly as I get ready to enter a new role of Strategic Discipleship.

  • Steve Mackey

    Honestly, I need to gain a better understanding and comprehension of Grace vs. Mercy. I struggle w/ this. After 5ish years of drug abuse and now 2 stints in jail, a felony conviction, I struggle with being merciful with my son (whom I am talking about). I would hope that Andy’s book could show me through letting go of the past hurts and embracing my son in his nxt stage of life. Nothing creative – sorry – just raw emotion.

  • Laura

    This interview inspired this morning and gave me new feelings/thoughts/perspectives on grace. I particularly like the difference between grace and mercy. I haven’t studied much about grace, but it is feeling all the more important to. I think it could be the key to everything, just as Andy suggested with his “subtitle.” If I get a copy of the book, I will definitely read it. I am a Christian librarian, and I will add it to our conference library that serves over 300 churches. I will also write a review of it to post on the library’s blog, and I’ll tweet the review just like I tweeted this interview. We have a few other items by Andy Stanley, and I know our congregations would be interested in reading more from him, just like I am.

  • KellySinging

    When I saw your announcement on twitter last night I was excited for the opportunity to enter this contest! A few weeks ago I specifically asked God to show me the keys of grace. I’ve unlocked a few treasures about the subject, but is not as clear as it needs to be in order to move forward with my vision:

    “I’m here to help others grow spiritually. The way we respond to life is affected by the things people have done to us as well as the reaping of our own choices. These are the things that keep us from moving forward with God. An unhealthy tree will struggle to grow.

    Your life has a purpose, but before you can really fulfill your destiny you may need emotional healing. Then you are able to more clearly see the process of character development that brings you to a place of spiritual maturity, being fit for service no matter the calling.”

    I am also writing a book called, A Pilgrim’s Journey, to help others walk this road. The outline for the chapter on grace is still sketchy. I’m on a quest to learn more about grace, so I will absolutely read the book!

    Thank you for reading. Be blessed! :)

  • Thomas Womack

    This looks like Andy’s most valuable book–because it’s about the most valuable topic.

  • Benji Mast

    I am a 21 year-old student at a Bible college. I want to learn how to live missionally in Biblical and relevant way. I love Andy Stanley. I’m looking forward to hearing how a man so disciplined, with such exacting standards for himself, will talk about grace. Thanks!

  • Brian Certain

    At the 2001 Catalyst Conference at Northpoint in Atlanta during Andy’s 2 Keynote messages I heard my call to leadership within the church. Since that time I have given away over 50 copies of Visioneering to other leaders as a road map to their leadership. Any has been a long distance inspiration to me and cannot wait to read his latest message, especially one that is so close to his heart.

  • Jim Rutherford

    Our church, God’s Shining Light, is involved in a program, Wings of Freedom, a ministry to addicts, alcoholics, ex-cons and the homeless, so about 75% of the 400+ on any Sunday are from that background. If order for our people to forgive themselves, they have to understand God’s grace in forgiving them, in loving them, is being for them instead of against them. I will eagerly read this book, in hopes it will help me to help our people – those Jesus referred to as “the least of these” – better understand and accept God’s grace.

  • Duane

    Wow. Every book from Andy has a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart & mind, simply because I have learned so much from each of his books! Grace. Probably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing there is; Involves eternity and also daily life. A must read in my opinion!!

  • Jenny Hodge

    I would love to have a copy of Andy Stanley’s book, The Grace of God. As the Bible tells me, God’s Grace is sufficient for whatever need I may have. I love to read, especially anything that has to do with God. I want to continue to grow in God and feel by reading things like Mr. Stanley’s book, I can add to my spiritual stature. Although I am only 5’3″ physically, The Grace of God makes me a GIANT in the face of satan. Thank you for your ministry and for all the things you do for the Kingdom of God!

  • Rob Weideman

    The main reason I want this book is to learn how I can move from the fake imposter grace with “but” at the end to a true expression of it. I want to move from fear to freely expressing it.

  • Kenny Goza

    I am an avid follower of Andy Stanley, from podcasts, tv and books.
    I would really like a copy of this new book, especially since I have need of God’s Grace in my life. Due to some current disappointments, I need to be reminded of the provision of God’s grace in my life.

  • Michael May

    I look forward to getting a FREE copy of Andy’s new book, The Grace of God. I’d like to read Andy’s thoughts on this important teaching in God’s Word. My desire is to learn more about God’s grace which is His desire and power to obey God. I want to learn how to give up and let God send ambulances of Grace to meet my daily needs!!

  • Simon Schmuki

    I don’t know Andy but the mercy vs. grace got my attention. I would love to read the book.

  • Rick

    I just finished reading the book, Gracenomics by Mike Foster and I would love to continue getting refreshed on the idea of Grace. Gracenomics was great but left me wanting more.

  • Stephanie

    I would like to read this book to see if it clearly points to Jesus Christ’s saving work on the cross. God has given us grace in the person of Jesus Christ.

  • Karl Mealor

    Why I need this book:

    1) Just finished reading Leviticus. I really miss bacon, BBQ sandwiches, and working in my yard on Saturdays. Please help.

    2) Have never heard of this guy named Andy Stanley. Thought it might be a good idea to learn from a guy who pastors a church that is larger than my county.

    3) Ok. #2 was a lie. I’ve heard of him. See? I need grace.

    4) I have five kids. Girls. They like to eat. Sometimes two or three times a day. Doesn’t leave much $ for buying books.

    5) I just read all the previous comments and they sound so spiritual. Mine doesn’t. So by giving me the book, you would be giving it to the person that is the least worthy. Isn’t that what grace is all about?

    • Eric Snider

      Finally a creative comment that was worth reading! thanks Karl! and Michael, you better send this churl a book!

  • Chris Spradlin

    I simply want this book because this is where I am living right now. God is moving and shaking some my foundation and it deals with grace.

  • Jonathan Bartling

    Listening to Andy Stanley’s podcasts on leadership is like a breath of fresh air… looking forward to hearing God’s breath of fresh air on grace through Andy’s newest book. Would love to receive a copy!

  • Robert Brooks

    It sounds like a great book. I pastor a small rural TN congregation who over the years have gathered a somewhat ‘works’ approach to the Lord. This approach causes the lost and uncommitted to avoid the Lord because of their their guilt and pain. Grace means to me, “unconditional acceptance.” This book might help me better shape my message of hope to these good folks.

    I am committed to reading the book.

  • TNeal

    Loved Stanley’s “Principle of the Path” enough to purchase and send to my son. Your recommendations in the past have proven to be winners. As a Texas Ranger fan, I’d say you’ve hit them out of the park.

  • Richard Smith

    The timing is perfect for you to post this interview. I would love to receive a copy of Mr. Stanley’s book: Grace of God”. I have never read any of his books and now I definitely want to. Thank you for the opportunity at a perfect time in my life.

  • Meredith

    I have lots to learn about God’s grace! I also work with lots of young Christian leaders who have tons of influence on the next generation. I promise to not only read the book, but also pass it on to a future leader!

  • @NowInANutshell

    You’ve got timely words for me up there. If my life up to this point got written in a book, my need for grace would be highlighted in almost every chapter. Perhaps I’ve been focusing on only one side of grace, and my friendship and leadership are experiencing the downside. This sneak peek to Andy Stanley’s “The Grace of God” challenges my current mindset. Surely grace will chase after me everyday of my life. What about I chase after somebody with grace this time? Yes, I would like to get a copy of this book to know how God’s grace really works. I need a revelation of how it can penetrate even the most mundane of my friends’ circumstances, and mine, too.

    “Fear erodes relationships…” Something to ponder. Grace? Something to give away.

  • Jennifer Holmes

    A friend recommeded this book. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Jeff Holton

    I would like this book, and I would read it! Here’s why:

    1. I saw Andy for the first time a couple months ago at the Catalyst One-day in Seattle. I was quite impressed with him, and surprised how unlike his father he is (as a speaker, not as a man of faith). I want to absorb more from him, and to have more of his material for dialoguing with him.

    2. I haven’t received a book from Thomas Nelson in over three weeks and I’m starting to break out in hives.

    3. It’s my birthday on Thursday. You could get me a present this way and be able to write it off as a business expense!


  • Scott

    I’ve always enjoyed reading Andy’s books and have been fortunate enough to hear him speak at a few conferences. This new book sounds great. My wife and I lead a community group and I’m interested in reading this because I think it might be a good one for our group to study together. Thanks for the opportunity! Oh, and I promise to read the book.

  • Jeff Randleman

    I’ve had the opportunity to receive as well as extend grace, numerous times, so grace is a topic close to my heart. I would love the opportunity to read Andy Stanley’s new book. I promise I will!

  • Melissa K Norris

    My favorite hymn is Amazing Grace. I don’t think I understand the depth of it or grace. I didn’t realize I had mercy and grace pegged as the same thing until I ready your post and Andy’s answer on that. I’ve been working on forgiveness and letting go of old hurts. I think extending grace is the next step and this book would help me on that journey.

  • Dennis Mockler

    Making a promise to read the book should I receive one is not an issue. This is a book I’ve had my eye on for some time and am anxious to read. I find so many of Andy’s comments to you to be relevant to my thoughts and areas I’m looking to improve on and understand more and to hopefully help my church and the world understand better. He’s right, it is so easy to add the plus or minus to grace that isn’t part of the process and in doing so we have distorted and diluted the meaning and power of grace. His comment relative to fear ties in well with Max Lucado’s book “Fearless” which I’m reading now. I know that one of my many faults is not fully accepting the grace that has been offered and that in doing so I’m offending God. This is an area of my relationship with Christ I’m looking to grow in which is why this book has been on my radar. As of this three days ago I’ve been out of work for six months and I’m trying diligently to find the purpose and call God has for me, to grow my relationship with him and if I could secure a means of income that’d be pretty neat, too. Nonetheless, by God’s grace we’ve had two daughters get married during that period and we haven’t missed a meal yet. I’m sorry this isn’t a terribly creative post, but it is sincere and heartfelt.

  • Colt Melrose


    Thanks for this interview and the chance to get my hands on a copy of the new book. Over the past few months, God has been working in me a need for more grace in my life. Particularly in my relationship with my father. If choses to receive a copy of this book, I would most certainly read it and cherish it as part of God’s work in my life in the area of grace.

    Thanks for your generosity.

  • Victor Irving

    I am meeting with some guys from my church every Tuesday morning. I think this would be a great book to go through with these guys.

  • Margie

    Andy Stanley always brings a fresh perspective to any topic. I can’t wait to read what God has shown him about grace! Anything that helps me explain that grace to others is something I need to read. Hoping it will be something our small group can study as well.

  • John Alexander

    Absolutely I’d read it. Andy Stanley is one of my favorites. I want this book because I want to grow as a pastor and as a leader. Grace is a subject that we don’t always fully embrace and yet it is everything.

  • Chris Stuckey

    Me and my wife has always said that I would love to hear Andy speak on the Grace of God. We hear gimpses of it in his messages and feel he needs to at least have a message about it one day. When I saw that he wrote a book on Grace I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I just finished a two year study at Grace Ministries in Atlanta and would love to read Andy’s take on “Grace.”

  • Henry Oursler

    I am continually looking for new ways to communicate the concept of grace to people. Each generation needs a fresh look at one of the most important truths in the Christian faith. Andy’s writings have always had those fresh words and keen insights. I look forward to reading something that is “The Solution to Just About Everything.”

  • DIana

    Visioneering was a life changing book for me, as most of Andy’s books have been. I would love a chance to read this one (and free is always good!)

  • Keith Parker

    Two sentences:

    “When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing.”

    This is THE most honest statement I’ve read regarding Grace and how it is manifested in our lives. When I mull over that statement……it’s me!!! Grace is truly disturbing when many of the competing elements of our lives require us to show retribution, revenge and retaliation.

    I gotta read this book

  • Wes Howard

    I love learning leadership from Andy Stanley. I love reading books on the grace of God. Now these two have come together. Sign me up please!

  • sarchere Archer

    Andy has been a great influence on me through his book Next Generation Leader and the Catalyst conference. I always love hearing the insight he receives from the Lord.

  • Nina Walsh

    I am writing a book about the untimely death of my daughter and the earthquake following her death. I can find grace is much of the aftermath, except her husband, a former devoutly religious man, who has turned his back on God for nearly two years now, and gave away two children. I need to read as much about grace as I can. I pray for a good resolution for my son-in-law before seeking publication.

  • Michelle Ullom

    I am in contact with hundreds of people on a daily basis through my market. I am constantly trying to touch lives as they frequent my store, through a smile, a song for the kids, or just having an ear to listen. The eclectic mix of people from drug addicts to alcoholics is challenging, as to my showing patience and not judging. I try to show the heart of God but I want to be in constant renewal of mind and spirit to extend that to the people I meet. The subject of Grace is huge and encompassing of many areas. I thirst for books that can enrich not only my life but the lives of those whom I touch. Thank-you Michelle Ullom

  • Michelle Sarabia

    I want to continue reading more of Andy’s work. Here is hoping I am given Grace each day because Lord knows I was a “but” person too!

  • Jenn Williams

    I know you were at Catalyst this year, as was I, and I’m continuing to wrestle with the idea that the tension is good. I am a wife, a mom and a church planter and often the tension feels overwhelming. I need grace every minute of every day and I need to live a life of extending God’s grace to everyone around me. This is a timeless topic that can’t be talked about enough.

    Like you, I listen to and read everything Andy puts out. I’m a big believer that every pastor needs a pastor and Andy is mine. I loved your question about the difference between mercy and grace and Andy’s answer was incredible (I’ve already copied it into my “quotable” file) – as usual, he takes the profound and makes it so simple and obvious, “grace is proactive.”

    I would love a copy of the book and I’m certain I will read it more than once.

  • Jeremiah Woodring

    Andy speaks and writes in such a clear way. I would love to read a book by him on God’s grace because it is such an abstract concept at times. Hearing about grace and actually letting it impact your life are two completely different things. I think God’s grace is something we have to continually look for and often we find it in strange places. I would love to read Andy’s take and let his clear and concise words bring the reality of grace to my life. I am also a Youth Minister and I am always looking for ways to bring this concept to my students in a real way. Perhaps Andy could help me on this front as well.

  • Darren Price

    I am a young leader that lives overseas and works in a Christian international school. As I commute between our two campuses, I have found Andy’s podcasts a challenging and thoughtful way to pass the time during the 1.5 hour commute. He is a blessed communicator and his leadership has greatly impacted my own. To date, I haven’t read any of his books but plan to try to pick a couple up the next time I’m in the US. This one looks like a good place to start. In the 21st century, we are more transparent than ever and as a result, we need to extend more grace than ever amidst this transparency. Actually, I wrote about this very topic a couple months ago on my blog (

    On another note, this is one of my first comments on your blog although I read it regularly. I appreciate your investment in mentoring and challenging others through this medium of communication. Keep up the good posts!

  • Kevin Willis

    So many times I have had to excercise grace but… am I doing it Gods way? I’ve been sued, I’ve been punched in the face, I’ve been taken atvantage of all while trying to do the right thing… Gods way. I’m sure many of you have experienced the same. Retalliation was certainly in my mind. I would love to read what Andy has written. Dude I need the book!

  • Mark McKeen

    In all my studies of ALL the Bible, I have found that God’s dealings with mankind have always been rich with grace. A holy God has the right to execute judgment immediately upon the offenders, right? His allowing us to live despite our sin is purely grace. I thank God for His grace, and I look forward to reading this book. I would like a copy of this book to enrich my understanding of God. Like the apostle Paul, I have experienced God’s grace, and I am very thankful for it. I promise to read it too! :)

  • Kevin

    Thanks for this great offer. I would love to receive the book and read it so that I can learn to be a much better dispenser of grace. Then I would give it away! I always want to be teachable, and though I think I know a lot about grace through scriptures and speakers/teachers and being both on the receiving and giving end of grace, I always want to reflect God to others. Grace being one of the best attributes of God that leaves everyone with almost no response. When it’s truly grace, you can’t pay it back, it’s just so humbling on every corner. This is why I would love to receive the book! Thank you!

  • Bryan Burt

    I am doing campus ministry at the Naval Academy and I would read and use this book to help this new generation of grads and upcoming officers to understand the very essence of grace. I see day in and day out so many that won’t receive grace because of who they believe they are in Christ and unworthy and also I see so many that are so hard to others that they don’t show grace. They need this book and this topic to be shared.

  • Danessa

    I can’t wait to read this book whether I get a free copy or not. I grew up in a very judgmental church where God’s grace was often talked about and NEVER shown. Even though I’ve been out of that environment for a long time, I still find myself struggling with spiritual baggage of learning how to show grace to others.

  • Brad Harris

    Like you, I’m a big fan of Andy’s and read or listen to everything of his. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church in Atlanta and often feel that having walked the straight and narrow has led to many misunderstandings about grace on my part. I’m coming to understand that it was grace all along that enabled me to walk closer to straight. I know Andy grew up Southern Baptist so I wonder if some of what he’s learned about grace might be lessons awaiting me. I look forward to hearing his thoughts on the subject and would love to get a free copy of his book. Peace.

  • Marcus Allen

    Always fascinated by God’s grace!

  • Casey Cariker

    great interview michael and very exciting book from andy!

  • Vicki Small

    Michael, I would really love to have this book. As a BookSneeze member, I read and reviewed Andy Stanley’s The Principle of the Path (5 stars) and have recommended it to many people.

    I so appreciate this pastor and author’s down-to-earth handling of principles and issues that seem “duh” clear, when he explains them, even though I hadn’t articulated them so well, even to myself. Please, please, please choose me!

  • Marc Millan

    I’m very interested in hearing what God has given Andy in regards to grace. Grace has been a topic that has been shared so many different ways, it’s cloudy somewhat and Andy is so clear in his leadership delivery and style I am sure he will bring a profound break thru and clarity to it.
    Looking forward to reading it.

  • @hasbell

    Grace… how we all need it, and struggle with it. I think it’s easy to see where others fall short with grace, but we lose sight of our own failings to extend it. I would defiantly read his book. Insight to how I can become more attentive to what true grace is and how to live it can be hugely impactful on my life and walk with Christ.

  • michael_at_sovG

    I’ve learned more from Andy Stanley, his writings, preaching and leadership events than I have from the majority of the the classes I took in college, grad school and seminary. Andy is one of the single most gifted communicators in church history. I’m excited to read and then share his book with others. Thanks Michael for your work at Thomas Nelson and for your generosity!

  • Dori Cook

    I PROMISE to read this book. The reason I want to/will read this book is because I have NEVER read an Andy Stanley book or heard an Andy Stanley message that didn’t stick with me for quite awhile. I STILL ask myself “The Best Question Ever” almost daily!!! ;)

  • Angela =^)

    Growing up I always hated the word grace. I was sure I knew what it meant… but it was also my middle name. I thought it sounded like an old lady, like in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when they’re sitting at the dinner table and the grandma says, “Grace died 30 years ago.” But that was my name. Angela Grace. Angela meaning God’s messenger. God’s messenger of grace. And I hated it.


    Then life happened. Not only did I experience God’s grace through salvation, but through circumstance after circumstance. What I deserved I didn’t receive, but instead God just poured out blessing after blessing after…

    I love my name now. I know that God knew, long before I chose to walk into those circumstances, that I would be a carrier of His grace. He knew that I would have such a testimony where I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want to pour out grace. I want it to ooze from my being so everyone around me is affected by it.

    I would really like this book because I’m always wanting to learn more about God’s grace. I want to know even more how I can be a carrier… how I can be a messenger… how I can be a good steward of it like we’re called to in I Peter 4:10. Eeeek! I’ve never read anything by Andy Stanley but always hear such good things. He’s on my “list,” I just haven’t gotten there yet. =^) I’m a military wife. I’m a mother of 4. I’m actively involved in women’s ministry. My laundry pile is ever-present and the floor is always needing swept. But, I can tell you I WILL READ THIS BOOK. Because I’m a messenger, so I want to learn as much as I possibly can about the message I’m carrying.

  • Tim Lee

    A book like this would take awhile to reach my country, Malaysia – which has strict rules (as government controls the influx of religious books pretty tightly, and recently still has not released detained Indonesian language Bibles). It would be great for this to get through here! Plus Andy writes in the most humble manners, and it’s easy to understand.

  • Jason

    Honestly, I’ve never read any of Andy Stanley’s works, so this would be as good an opportunity as any. Reading the synopsis of the book on Amazon, it seems like a genuinely interesting read, so I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to delve into this one. Thanks!

  • John Nemo

    I would be so excited to read and share this book! How come Grace is so hard for me to accept and trust? How come I think somehow Grace doesn’t apply to me, that somehow my sins and struggles and past are so unique and thus disqualify me? How come so many churches don’t teach Grace and instead get us focused on our own behavior/control/morality? Or that God’s Grace isn’t enough, that we somehow need to do something in addition to it to “earn” our place in heaven? How come we don’t embrace Grace as the truest, deepest, most intimate thing God offers us? Why can’t I just live in Grace all the time and give it to others as freely as I would to my own kids? These are all questions I hope Andy’s book digs into! I love listening to Andy preach. He’s very funny and reminds me with his drawl of what a Christian Matthew McConaughey would sound like from the pulpit!

  • Greg Wood

    I would like this book because while it takes Grace for you to give it away free, it takes even MORE Grace to ship it all the way to Canada. While I do not want to abuse Grace, I have no trouble asking for more. :-)

  • Rick Smith

    I will indeed read it.

    In fact, our new son, Noah, is coming around the first of Jan, and we all know babies like bed time stories, right….well what better bedtime story then Andy Stanely’s new book..! :)

  • Rich Kotter

    I love the subtitle that Andy would have chosen for this book, “The Solution to Just About Everything”. God’s grace is the enabling power he gives us through the atonement of Jesus Christ to overcome the trials we face in mortality, if we will trust in him and keep his commandments. Through his grace, we may become joint-heirs with Christ of all that the Father has. I look forward to reading this book.

  • Rodney Eason

    I first encountered the idea of grace as a commodity for change in a short essay that Brian McLaren wrote. He described our economies one day moving beyond the capital based model to a grace based model. This was his dream and he even stated how unrealistic it might be. That notion has stuck with me for a couple of years.
    During those years, I have been a “hobby” Christian. My wife kept telling me to listen to Andy Stanley because he might push me beyond a hobby. I started listening to his messages at North Point and his leadership podcasts about a year ago. My faith has taken off since then. The way he delivers the Great Commission is inspiring and wants me to learn more.
    I am excited to see Andy Stanley take this “unrealistic” idea and play around with it. So many companies are focused on “innovation” as a buzzword to change the world. Grace might just be it. I would love to see what Andy has written about grace as a game-changer.

  • Gabe Harris

    I’d love to read this book because I’m a new student of grace. Grace has been rocking my world since I read Joseph Prince’s “Destined to Reign” this summer. It changed my life. I see people differently. I read the Bible differently. I see Jesus differently. Just this cursory understanding has had a tremendous impact on me, and I want to learn more. I’ve been one of those people who add a ‘but’ to the end of grace, but as Andy pointed out, that’s no longer grace. He’s shared some revolutionary thoughts just in this post, and I’d like to read the whole book. There’s more to grace than what I know, and I want to learn all I can.

  • Patrick Mitchell

    I’m one who finds it disturbingly difficult to extend the very grace I treasure receiving. Ashamedly, I’m often slowest in extending grace to my fellow pastors, Andy included **insert frown**. Though I’ve eaten up everything Andy’s done in terms of leadership, I’ve never read anything of his outside of this category. Frankly, I want to see what Andy’s got! What is Andy Stanley going to say about the most foundational (and yet most disagreed upon) element of the Christian faith? I have no doubt this book could rock me and greatly impact the college ministry I’m privileged to pastor.

  • Joe Ondish

    Andy has always been one of my favorite speakers/ authors. Any conference I go to that he’s speaking at, I always seem to be caught up and hanging on every word he’s saying. I even convinced our college director to do a 4 week study of some of the video lessons he has put out. Andy has helped me come a long way in growing in my faith, but also in my desire to read. I haven’t ever really been one that was big on reading, but ever since listening to him/reading his transcripts from conferences, i can’t wait to sit down with a great God inspired book and dive in. I’ve noticed lately that my reading has also been an incredible way for me to open up about my faith while on my campus. A lot of my peers tend to ask what Im reading, and that always opens up the door for me to share my faith. this would be an awesome blessing to be able to read!

  • Kelli Smalley

    I have been a christian for 20 years. I am at a point in my journey where I am seeking out to really understand grace, and learn how live it out. I want to know how to live it out by accepting it as well as giving it. The problem is, that I am finding grace so hard to grasp. As an American I have been taught to be self reliant and hold myself accountable as a means to strive to be better, and as a Christian I hear the tearm, “God’s grace” all the time, but I am not sure that I really understand what it is or how to apply it to my life. I guess you could say, that I am hungry to learn more, and at the risk of sounding like I’m begging, I can’t really afford to buy the book, “or any books” right now. OK, that was embarrassing. I would read this book, consume it, if you gave me one and I would apply what I learned to my life. Thanks

  • Renee’

    I wanted to leave a fluffly comment about how much Andy has inspired me (which he has) and how wonderfully my life would be enriched by receiving his book (which it would be). But the only true reason I can think of choosing me is because, simply put, I AM BROKE. So if you do not choose me please choose someone that I can borrow the book from :)

  • Matt Johnson

    Because then I won’t have to buy it! :) God has often used Andy’s teachings in my life. Can’t wait to see how this shapes me and how I can pass it along to help others.

  • Randall Burton

    The article was engaging. Looks like a great book.

  • Wjoehancock

    I think the real reason that I would love this book is because I suck at grace. I am getting married on November 23rd of this year and already learning that I do not have enough grace for my fiance. My creative reason is nothing more than the simple fact that I want to understand what grace truly is so that I can fully love my to be wife. I want desperately to be able to extend the very grace God has shown me in my life to her. I feel that this book will open my eyes to a way that I can view grace and fully understand what it looks like to walk in grace and not only judgment based out of my religious ignorance. Simply put I want to be more like Jesus to my to be wife. Thanks for even the chance of getting this book. I know that it will help so many people.

  • Kevin Dunlap

    I would love to have a copy of this book, I find that myself as well as the people I lead have fallen into the trap of giving grace..BUT…I want to be a grace wholesaler, and those I lead to do the same. Andy Stanley is man that I look up to and respect him deeply and know I would learn a ton!

  • Casey Prince

    I’m excited to get a book by Andy that has a cover resembling one from a Max Lucado book. What can compare to those covers? As a missionary in South Africa that wrestles with how to adequately give grace I’m sure that this book will be very helpful as Andy communicates so clearly, thoroughly, and creatively. Cheers!

  • Kevin Crim

    I would love to read this book…as a young pastor in my first ministry, I find myself talking about grace, preaching grace and extending grace to others and so many times I’m not quite sure I’m really ready to receive grace…I know I’m certainly not worthy of it.

  • Bhemp

    Wow!! Great interview. Was able to give some of the quotes in the interview to a lady that was just in my office who is struggling in her marriage. So timely!!! I am a chaplain with a hospice organization that strives to extend Grace each and every day to patients and their families! Thanks Andy for helping us keep our focus on what really matters!

  • Tom Aldridge

    I heard Ergun Caner’s testimony once about how he was a devout Muslim, and the reason he accepted Christ was God’s grace. He said it was the thing that spoke to him the most. The fact he didn’t deserve this love, but God gave it to him despite what he did deserve. It really opened my eyes to how powerful God’s grace really is. Andy Stanley has an unbelievable ability of taking a simple subject or verse and delivering a message that just makes you think, “Why couldn’t I come up with that?” It is so powerful and deep,yet anyone can understand what he is trying to say. I can only imagine that is how this book is. I heard him speak at Catalyst this year and have been wanting to read it ever since. It is something we are in desperate need of showing others.

  • Wendy Delfosse

    I’m excited about this book coming out. I’ve been planning to buy it for my husband’s birthday. Lord willing of I win I think I can safely say we’ll both plan to read it! Thanks in advance, Andy, for writing it!

  • Ryan Akers

    As a student pastor, I appreciate Pastor Stanley’s past as a fellow student pastor. He has written well on the topic and has actually helped me to shape my student ministry through Seven Checkpoints. Most recently, upon arriving at a new ministry opportunity at a new church, I read through Next Generation Leader, which again hit me right where I needed to be hit. I have launched my ministry into new heights knowing how to lead others to lead, and yet still maintain a Biblical role in leadership.

    With grace, I struggle with it. As stated, it’s easy to receive but it’s hard to give. I need the challenge to fully understand God’s grace. It’s easy to fall into a mindset that I understand grace because I have a degree in Bible and serve as a staff at a church, but that’s the most dangerous place to find myself. I love reading any book by Andy Stanley and value his Biblical leadership and knowledge.

  • Kathryn

    I truly could use a little grace rght about now. And fear has a tendancy to eat me up more than I can shake a stick at when it comes to certain situations. Would like to learn to extend grace more than I do sometimes in a family situation. So I would totally read book.

  • Will Marshall

    I promise I will read this book. I have just started my first internship in ministry and want to learn from great leaders and pastors like Andy Stanley. Recently I have been inundated with leadership, strategy, and programming. I am excited to discover why we do what we do in ministry.

  • Kathleen Leslie

    Oh, please please please give me a copy of this book. We are a suburban Catholic Church in Maryland with a weekend attendance of over 3,000 and Northpoint and its resources have been a guiding light for us over this past decade. We are thankful to God for the gift of Northpoint and its teaching ministry to other churches. It has helped us grow towards being a teaching church to other local churches, including Catholic churches. It is beautiful how Andy Stanley and Northpoint provide meaty access to God’s word that crosses denominational boundaries, boundaries which surely Christ did not intend in the Great Commission and the Great Command. Andy Stanley and Northpoint are a punch in the face to the devil, who we know loves the denominational mess and the fighting it causes among Christians.

  • Matt Robinson

    I am always moved by Andy’s writing and am looking forward to reading his book. I’m always in need of extra grace in my life, especially as we are in the process of moving to a new city and state to fulfill the call of God to start a church.

    Thanks for your blog, it’s shaped me in so many ways!

  • Nick Horton

    I need to better understand the Grace of God. Simply that. I struggle with understanding His goodness and mercy, and I think that getting a grasp on this would be soothe my soul.

  • Curt Walker

    As a small group leader in our church, we have gone through a couple of Andy’s studies, and every time we do one of those studies, people are just blown away at how wonderfully he communicates the word of God in a way that is “on our level”. Saying that, why would I not want to read a book about God’s grace that I know Andy will paint a wonderful picture of what grace is supposed to look like?

  • Christi

    Andy Stanley is one of the greatest communicators of God’s Word – EVER! When I gave my life to Christ in 2004, I was so hungry for knowledge and was introduced to Andy’s work through the small group study “Life Rules”. He can take the most complicated subjects and make them easy to understand and APPLY to everyday life. My relationship with Christ has grown by leaps and bounds largely because of two things: being in a great church (Grace Fellowship) and Andy Stanley. Yes, I will read this book and then recommend it to everyone I talk to : )

  • Laurabo

    I would love a chance to read this new book by Andy Stanley. I’ve read most, if not all of his past books and have gained a lot from them.

  • Tim Milburn

    Ever since Eugene Peterson translated Matthew 11:28 (in The Message) to challenge us to “learn the unforced rhythms of grace,” I’ve been more aware of God’s grace in my life and the lives of others. Working with students on a University campus allows me close contact to the raw necessity of a grace-filled approach. This generation needs to understand this timeless concept in new and relevant ways. Andy Stanley has done that well in previous writings/talks, I look forward to reading his approach on this subject as well. Thank you for including me in your gracious donation of this book.

  • Paul Baker

    I am currently in a ministerial study program and I am one of those many mentioned in the interview of having a tough time distinguishing between mercy and grace. The example Andy Stanley gave of not suing being mercy and not suing then coming over to serve being grace was like a light bulb that made grace so understandable to me. I would love to read this further and gain a better understanding.

  • Greg Johnson

    I mean who wouldn’t want to read a book by “THE” Andy Stanley. I mean he is pretty much the 4th part of the trinity! (I Kid) Would love to have a copy to hear more about Andy’s insight on God’s unending mercies.

  • BrianC.

    Who wouldn’t want to learn the solution to just about everything? As a broken individual struggling with my own past and the “stuff” in my heart, I would jump at the opportunity to better understand God’s grace. And as a person in ministry trying to communicate how God calls us to serve others–and serve not out of obligation but out of love–I am always trying to creatively and clearly drive home the message that His grace truly is sufficient. I will read The Grace of God because I depend on grace, because I’m a life-long learner, and because I want my church community to depend on and learn about grace too!

  • David Potete

    I too, have read Andy’s books. Nehemiah has been a favorite of mine for years, and when “Visioneering” came out, I realized I like this guy! Recently, I read Tim Keller’s “The Prodigal God,” that also touches on grace. Now we are currently studying Jerry Bridges’ “The Discipline of Grace” in our small groups. I am really getting tuned into biblical grace and I am loving living in it, teaching it, and preaching it! If I don’t win a book, I will buy it – but I’d rather win it! :)

  • Ronnie Botros

    “Mercy says, “I won’t sue you.” Grace says, “I won’t sue you AND I’ll come over next week and serve you. God didn’t merely withhold punishment, He sent His Son to die for us. ” Brings a whole different meeting to people, by nature we are selfish and feel that we have a sense of entitlement, whether like the story of the Prodigal Son, where the older brother thought he was entitled to the father’s remaining wealth and did not think that the son should be treated with open arms. I think that we all have a sense of entitlement whether it’s through our church, family, or work life. I think that at the end of the day, we do not earn God’s grace or mercy, but we do get it at the end of the day when it’s all said & done. Loving God and God loving us back is like us having a second chance that we do not deserve…

  • Karen Rabbitt, MSW

    I am a psychotherapist and speaker. My core topic is emotionally healthy Christianity, with a focus on forgiveness. Grace is intricately tied to our ability to be emotionally healthy.
    Thanks for the opportunity! Blessings.

  • Sarah Lack

    I would love to read a book about grace. Plus, Andy is such a great speaker and writer, I am very interested to read what he has to say and possibly lend it to a few specific people who are major grudge holders in my life I would like to see forgive.

  • Brad

    I know in my heart that I have been given something, a gift. The gift of life, children and marriage. Was it grace?
    I don’t understand what that means to me or my life. Please help me.

    ps. my twitter post

  • Matt Bowman

    Andy Stanley’s ministry has had a huge impact on my life & ministry. I first heard Andy speak & met him at a conference when I was 14 years old. The way he broke down the message of the Bible in a way that was easy to comprehend & remember blew me away, & it still does today. Now 18 years later, Andy’s leadership & teaching still impact me. I read Visioneering every year just to keep myself focused not only on vision but on the process of partnering with God to make it happen. I would love to have a copy of Andy’s new book simply because I have every other book he’s written. One way or another I’ll get this book. I’ve already asked for it for Christmas from my wife, so if I get a free copy, I’ll have an extra one that I can pass on to someone else. I try to give away a few books a year to either my students or emerging leaders that I’m working with. This would be a great opportunity to put amazing content from a great leader into the hands of some young leader that I’m working with right now.

  • Chuck

    Everything I’ve read by Andy Stanley (which is pretty much everything he’s written) has brought fresh insights into issues/subjects that were “typical”. Leadership, priorities, passion, compassion…….all subjects that are written about frequently, but Andy breathes fresh life into every one of them. He is truly a gifted communicator. Why would I like a free copy of his new book? For the same reason I’ve read his other books – I’d love (and need) a fresh breath of grace!

  • Christy

    I love listening to Andy Stanley’s sermons… and one reason is because of the way He talks of grace. I am not good at extending grace to myself…and those who hurt me. I also am overwhelmed to think of the grace that He constantly extends us…the beauty and awe of it. I am struggling with this area right now as it is one of the key things I know I need to work on to experience the freedom I am craving.

    I would most definitely read the book :o)

  • Amanda Bock

    I’m a Young Adults Pastor and I work with an age group who needs to understand that, though the church ran short on grace for them at times, God never has/will.

    And, I’m a pastor. Every pastor needs to know God has grace – not just sparing punishment or providing salvation, but empowerment.

  • Stephen Ensley

    My name is Stephen. I am a college student studying to become a missionary on day. I always enjoy reading good books that inspire and push me to grow in my life. I admire Andy Stanley and his ministry. I believe this book will be a great help to me in my life. I would very much like to receive a copy of this book. Thanks.

  • Adam Smith

    I want this book because Andy Stanley always writes greatness. And yes, I promise to read it.

  • Thomas Stanley

    I want a copy because my last name is Stanley. But seriously, I really love to learn more and this one seems right up my alley. Also, I’m conveniently in between books right now so I would certainly read this one.

  • Doug Hixson

    Andy’s books have been an inspiration, catalyst and guide for how to stay grounded in ministry and be a better father/husband. Now that I am planting a church, these books are what I am re-reading and diving into creating environments that people can experience and discover God!

  • @johnnydye

    In the interview I appreciated the explanation between mercy an grace and how it is proactive. I always wondered about that. I have never preached on grace and would enjoy getting sine good insight on the subject before I preach about it. I listen to Andy’s podcast weekly and agree he is one of the best speakers I know.

  • Tina Chiang

    I would like the book because even though I’ve been Christian for most of my life, my cultural background (Asian) is very face-saving and motivates a great deal through shame. It has definitely affected Asian churches as well. I believe an understanding and encounter with the grace of God will lead people to move away from offering God the works we think He wants to giving God the worship, He actually desires. I like some of his quote and will promise to read the book.

  • Ryan Pursch

    You will give me a copy of Andy’s new book The Grace Of God, “I am using the force to will you to give me a copy”. I love Andy. I also love Michael Hyatt. I am a youth pastor and have no money left in my budget for books. I am not opposed to groveling, see above, nor am I opposed to bribery. I need a good book to read. Thank you in advance for picking me!

    • Jeff Holton

      Ryan, if I win and you don’t, I’m giving you my copy. Seriously. That deserves it.

  • Andy

    I want to read this book because it is a book about me.

    I was raised in the church, but ran far away from it during my late teens/early 20s. It is ONLY by the Grace of God that I lived thru that time and didn’t hurt anyone else too badly. That I was welcomed back to Him and the church like the prodigal son. I am so grateful.

    I absolutely promise to read it. More than one time.

  • rahul

    Oh my gosh I love Andy Stanley. Every since Catalyst I listen to everything He does. God has anointed him for sure. Grace is something that I have to give every day while working with college students. But being on the receiving end for me is even harder. Understanding where God has pulled me from changes everything. If I win this book I will read it and definitely preach about and may even do a seminar at a conference on it. I have done that with almost all of Andy’s books!

  • Megan Strange

    I definitely need a copy of this book because I am an Andy Stanley fanatic! Actually…I am a fanatic of what God is doing in and through Andy Stanley in his quest to raise up a generation of leaders that are running hard after Christ. If I don’t get a copy of this book…I will have a terribly distressing hole in my Andy Stanley collection on the bookshelf in my office. That would be just a tad embarrassing don’t you think? Especially since I live in Atlanta and he could wander in at anytime should he get lost on the way to or from North Point Community Church. To turn down my book request would be “Choosing to Cheat” someone who is very committed to “Visioneering” as a “Next Generation Leader”. In my effort to “Communicate for a Change” about the “Principle of the Path”, “The Grace of God” would help me greatly in my endeavor of “Making Vision Stick.” Surely you have to pick me now. Thanks for the consideration!

  • John Jackson

    Andy’s book “Choosing to Cheat” change me and my wife’s lives. It was the catalyst for us going forward with adoption. While we’re still in the process of adopting, I’m ready for God, through Andy, to challenge/change our lives again. That’s why I’d like to read Andy’s new book.

  • Emily

    I promise to read the book. I haven’t read any Christian literature for a while, and I think this book for kickstart getting into the habit again.

  • Todd McGlinchey

    Andy Stanley is a great communicator who can break down and explain ANY subject. I have read all of his books and have gone through most of his DVD studies. The way he communicated “5 things God uses to grow your faith” has been life changing for me. I can’t wait to see how he breaks down the subject of “Grace.” It is a subject that I believe is VERY timely! I can’t wait to read his latest book! I want to share these truths I learn from this book and share them with my small groups as creatively as Andy and Northpoint Church does; to spark continued spiritual growth.

  • Georgiana

    Grace to me means to possess a proactive disposition to be generous, helpful, loving and kind to others, bestowing goodwill when least expected. The act of giving grace builds the inner muscles of our soul. Just as physical exercise sculpts our bodies, I believe that grace is a feat of “spiritual exercise” that strengthens our spirit. For every interaction that we have with other people provides an opportunity to show God’s unfailing love and grace that He has for mankind. By strengthening our “muscles of grace,” we build each other up and grow closer together.
    I definitely promise to read “The Grace of God” as it will continue to remind me that grace is a proactive choice as I live my live each day. I pray for God’s divine wisdom that I may manifest the Fruits of the Spirit to others. I need to continually work on the inner muscles of my spirit, for all my decisions have a direct influence on others and determine what my legacy will be. This book will definitely be a breath of fresh Biblical grace for my soul!

  • @PaulSteinbrueck

    Mike, excellent interview. I’ll be honest that when I heard the title of Andy’s latest book, my first thought was that the topic of grace been so well covered in the bible and 2,000 years of sermons and books since, what could Andy really add to the conversation, but just in this this short interview I gleaned two really good nuggets of wisdom:

    “We are afraid people will abuse grace if presented in its purest form. We need not fear that, we should assume that.”

    “Grace doesn’t merely withhold retribution. Grace offers something good in addition to withholding what an individual deserves.”

    To use another analogy, mercy would be not deleting this comment. Grace would be not deleting this comment and sending me a copy of Andy’s book. :)

  • Todd Weatherwax

    I hope that you give me a book to help me further grow as a Christian. I just recently decided that I was going to build my relationship with god and Andy’s works have really built my foundation. I listen to his sermons and podcasts every chance I get. I just finished the “It’s Personal” online series and I would really like to read this book.

  • bill

    I have been a student and grateful recipient of forgiveness – and working to make forgiveness a presence in my life – towards myself & others. As I also strive to manage thoughts of judgement, the concept of Grace feels like a next step to study, feel and experience. I try to express my gratitude to God each day – therefore, more deeply considering the source of the gifts for which I am grateful makes great sense – a great & timely (for me) topic. I would like a copy of the book as my budget is strapped by my business start-up; yet I want to support those who in a place to share it more widely – I see a few ministers on the comment list and will give my place for them. How can I be of service? —perhaps by not winning a copy.

  • Tracy Anne

    I want the book free because I REALLY want to read it and I have no money to buy it since I am currently going through severe financial difficulty. Andy is so wise and is a wonderful leader; I have been blessed to be able to serve at North Point Community Church for the last 15 years!

  • Mike Lindstrom

    Why? Who can ever be reminded enough about grace? Andy Stanley communicates ideas so well that I’d love to read his perspective on grace. And, i love his comment that grace will always be abused – he’s right, we abuse God’s grace in Jesus grace all the time (and the servant is not greater than the master). Will I promise to read it? Absolutely.

  • Gene Kissinger

    Becasue God’s Grace is inexaustable we continue to need our understanding streched to assimilate as much of it as possible.
    It is indeed the solution to almost everything as noted above.

  • Sid Emory

    I really would love to receive this book. I named my first child after Andy. She has always been angry at me for that, but I really like it. I’m always using Andy Stanley quotes with my three children: Andy, Stanley, and Charles. My favorite is “One of the reasons churches are in decline is because they love their model more than the unchurched and unsaved” – My kids never understand the quote – but I think they will someday!!

    Actually none of that is true, but I really get so much out of Andy’s books and for a seminary student I can use all the direction and help that I can get!! :)

  • Anne Marie

    Sounds like a great book! I was particularly struck by this about grace: “It is extraordinarily powerful. It is often extraordinarily slow. Fear works quicker. But fear erodes relationships. Grace is like a crock pot.” And also the difference between mercy and grace. I will definitely read it if I win. I would like to read it even if I don’t win.

    God bless, Anne Marie :)

  • Candy

    I have just discovered Andy Stanley this year through a bible study I joined for moms with young children at my church. He has had such an impact on my life and my relationship with God that I am looking for ways to introduce him to my husband, an avid reader. I know my husband will read this book as the topic of “grace” is something we’ve discussed, and I look forward to the discussions and growth that are sure to follow after we both read it.

  • AC Forrest

    I know that I live and breathe grace, literally and figuratively. It’s like air. And, as with air, I am frankly not always particularly aware of it. And I think we can all agree that’s not a healthy place to be. So I’d enjoy the opportunity to read this book (and review it on Amazon) to help me grow in my understanding and day by day (even moment by moment) enjoyment of grace. (And to help me show more of it to my wife and kids!)

  • Deborah Clark

    I recently began to listen to Andy’s sermons. Wow. Impacting! He knows how to craft words to get God’s message clearly delivered, much like Max Lucado. I loved the comparison in your article between grace and a crockpot! As I teach my children about God, using such comparisons helps them really get it. I’ve been learning a lot about how parenting and grace work together. I would love to read this book and be more equipped to convey God’s grace to my family and world around me.

  • Erin B

    Why do I want this book? Because it is written by Andy…enough said (: I can’t wait to read it! I love this subject matter! His leadership books are gold but I think this will be even more enlightening (if that is possible). Thanks for the offer!
    By the way…I promise to read the book….pinky swear!

  • Steven Rossi

    I’ve really enjoyed Andy’s books in the past (The Principle of the Path was really significant for me), and the topic of God’s grace has been on my mind a lot in recent months. I’ve been thinking a lot about how God interacts with me and how grace is the point of connection, so I’d be interested to see Andy’s depiction of that.

  • Chris Lautsbaugh

    Grace is my life message and I read everything I can get my hands on about it. I love seeing the character of God and message of grace from cover to cover in the Bible. I would love to read Andy’s insights on this. I come from a rules based background and find this message is water to my thirsty soul.

  • Vic Woodward

    I want to dive deeper into grace and be used by God to give the gift of His Grace away to others. Andy Stanley’s writing has always been rich with truth and grace and I would like to hear the latest from him on his journey with God. I want others to experience The Room of Grace where we learn to trust, to wait, to grow in health and authentic relationships and to rest on God’s promises. I believe Andy’s book and words will be an encouragement to me and others in my circle of influence.

  • shawn

    I would love a copy of this book. I don’t deserve it. I can’t work for it. I can’t manipulate it. All I can do is ask for it. Thus, If you are willing I am ready to receive it.

  • Mark Ross

    I had the pleasure of hearing Andy Stanley speak at Catalyst Atlanta and really enjoyed what he had to say. I’ve always been fascinated by the subject of grace (one of my favorite books is “In the Grip of Grace” by Max Lucado) and would love the opportunity to read this book. Also, as someone who has been unemployed for more than 18 months, I have a new perspective on what “grace” means as God has been very gracious to me and my family during this period in how He has met and provided in our needs in a number of “unique and mysterious ways.”

  • Brooke

    Hi Michael,
    I would like to receive Andy’s new book on Grace because both my husband I will read it over the winter. We’re avid readers and have recently read and enjoyed Plan B by Pete Wilson, Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick, Chasing Francis by Ian Cron, Crazy Love by Francis Chan and we need a book by Andy Stanley to round out this mix. Appreciate your consideration. Love following you and Gail on twitter too by the way!

  • David Rohde

    I am serving a at a church in Malawi and teaching at a theological seminary that trains pastors for the Central Church of Africa Presbytery. People are beautiful here and are very thirsty to learn. However from what I am finding there is a severe lack of grace preached in many of the churches. Often people here are told to change first before accepting the grace that is offered from the Gospel message (then again, what does grace look like for the recently converted man who already has two wives?). That partnered with a large need for sound exegetical teaching and solid leadership training has left the church with an interesting problem (at least from what I have seen so far).

    Honestly, I want this book because I enjoy most of Andy’s work and because I had limited room to pack my resources when my wife and I flew out. I would read it and pass it on to either the seminary library or the leadership of the denomination.

  • Jody Gurley

    I am a huge Andy Stanley fan. Andy is at the forefront of not only leadership but communicating the Gospel message in a relevant style. I love the whole concept of Grace. Grace is undeserved, yet it is given to us freely. I heard Andy at Catalyst (along with your talk on Platform which was fantastic) and saw the book trailer. If this book is anything like his others it is a hit! I desire to be a Next Generation Leader. I think one of the keys to that is to walk in Grace just as Christ did.

  • Dale A. Jennings

    I have just done a two week study on God’s grace at Church during our Bible Study time. I have just been overwhelmed how much I have missed. Grace is so powerful and God uses it so much in our lives to reach others with the Gospel if we would surrender over to it. We like it when we are receiving but when we should show Grace sometimes we hold back. I would like to have a copy of the book to see what perspectives we share in common of what I have learned and what perspectives I can learn that I may have not recognized.

  • pastormatt

    I’m learning more about grace each day. Showing grace to my wife, my 5 kids, even our animals. This book would probably help. Also, I used to have a Great Dane named Grace who like to listen to Andy’s dad preach. Whenever he would say “Listen,” she would. Not really, but it would be cool if that were true.

  • Josh Lumpkin

    Andy Stanley is the best communicator I’ve ever had the privilege to listen to. I ALSO JUST POSTED A BLOG YESTERDAY THAT PROMOTED ANDY’S NEW BOOK! How crazy is that? I began listening to him 2 years ago and I’ve devoured every audio and video clip I can get my hands on. When he opens his mouth, it’s like gold comes out! Don’t get me wrong, Jesus is my number 1! But Andy is definitely in my TOP 10. I’ve read Principle of the Path, Communicating for a Change, and I’ve started Next Generation Leader. I also read Creating Community by he and Bill Willits. I would love to get a free copy. I’m thinking this book would be a good addition to our study group.

  • Kathy Brown

    Andy Standy has help me and my husband, we take the start piont class and he was great. Now, we’re in a small group and we;re watching clips of him again. We like his teaching.

  • Caroline

    Grace is one of my most favorite topics of faith. I imagine that is because I (we) don’t even deserve for grace to exist, much less receive it so generously as we do from God.

    I like to ask others what they feel are the most beautiful things in the world. If they ask for my response, I tell them the Blue Ridge Mountains and GRACE. (I will even say that God GRACEfully gave us those gorgeous mountains, too!) I do have to add my son’s face to that list now that I am a mother… my son being yet another gift given by grace that I truly do not deserve. Gifts of grace are everywhere.

    Grace also intrigues me so much because it is so hard to give. It is against our fleshly nature to give grace. But that makes it all the more beautiful.

    What a great interview. Thank you for posting it. I have longed to read this book since I heard of its release. I love his points on the difference between mercy and grace. Great thoughts in these lines: “Mercy says, “I won’t sue you.” Grace says, “I won’t sue you AND I’ll come over next week and serve you. God didn’t merely withhold punishment, He sent His Son to die for us.” So beautiful.

    I did tweet this amazing opportunity out (, and I most definitely promise to read this book.

  • Rob

    God has allowed my world to be turned upside down in the past year and half. In that timeframe, my marriage had come to an end. I still hope for reconciliation, but I am also learning to accept that may not happen.

    Long before all of this, I had trusted Jesus for salvation with no “plan B”. However, I was complacent in my daily pursuit of Jesus and in leading my family spiritually. This has been a real wake-up call.

    This isn’t about me trying harder to final get it right this time. I can’t. But by the grace of Jesus in my life, I will allow him to change me and use me.

    An area where God has already been working on my heart is summed up in the question: “Do you love mercy?” Often I do only like being on the receiving end. I’ve mediated on Micah 6:8, Jonah ch4, Matthew 20:1-16 (workers in the vineyard), Matthew 18:23-35 (unmerciful servant), and God is working on my heart in this area.

    Andy Stanley’s iMarriage series was also very challenging along similar lines – how do I get to the place were I could say to my wife, or even my ex-wife in this case: “you don’t owe me anything”…from the heart, with no reservations? The only basis for that is to grasp what God has done for me.

    All that to say, Andy Stanley’s new book addresses a topic where God is already working in my heart and life, and I would love to read this book with the hope that God will use it to continue to help me grow in grace.

  • Charlie Allen

    Michael, I grew up in a church tradition where grace was a hollow word. When I moved to Nashville and began attending church here, I swear I cried every week for months as I began learning about grace. Over the last 2 years I’ve listened to Andy Stanley’s amazing teaching and it has changed the culture of my family, and the way I live my life from week-to-week. This gift will not be lost on me.

  • Roxanne Nanney

    The subject of grace is one the Father keeps bringing to my attention. In light of His grace to me, I must willingly and extravagantly extend that same grace to others. In your interview, I loved Andy’s explanation of the difference between grace and mercy…much more complete that others I have heard. I am anxious to share that one with the Bible Study class I teach this week. Yes, I promise to read the book…even if you do not choose me for a free copy.

  • Allison Beck

    I would love to read Andy’s book on grace (one of my favorite books by Andy is “Fields of Gold”). I often feel like I understand the concept of God’s grace and then, suddenly, I am back where I started…wondering what it really feels like to know, feel, understand and accept God’s grace. I promise I would read it :)

  • Michael Neace

    Andy is the most clear, practical communicator I’ve come across. His messages always speak to me clearly wherever I am (no matter what situation I’m in). I’ve read 3 of his other books and find each one compelling. I would love to read his new book.

  • Michael Neace

    Andy is the most clear and practical communicator that I’ve come across. His messages speak to me wherever I’m at in life. I’ve read 3 of his previous books and would love to read his to book. I find myself in a situation where grace is tough to come by (both receiving and giving). I need this…

  • L Walls

    Having been the recipient of God’s awesome grace; without understanding what that grace is, I greedily devour every good book where the grace of God is presented. My first glimpse of understanding God’s grace was from Brennan Manning’s “The Raggamuffin Gospel”. My desire is to share the story of God’s grace in my life (via public speaking) so that other’s may experience that same grace.

  • Jeff Robinson

    Because I need all the Grace I can get!

  • Chris Quinto

    i would like to win this book becuase, well i am a youth pastor who can’t afford to go out and buy all the great new books that seem to be coming out every week, so winning them is the best way to go about it. thanks.

  • Amy

    Grace. Its the hardest thing for me to understand. how He does it, and how I am supposed to do the same for people who dont deserve it from me. Im in a reconstruction period of my walk with Christ and unfortunately am a poor college kid hungry for wisdom.

  • Mark Overturf

    I also believe that Andy Stanley is a great communicator, both in the written and the spoken word. I will read anything that I can get my hands on by Andy. I am sure that I will gain a better understanding of grace from this book. I promise to read the book, The Grace Of God.

  • Steve McKinney

    I have not read any of his books and would love an opportunity to read something from someone I have not read before. Ireally like knowing what others feel and these topics (Sorry if this is not creative) If chosen to read Andy’s book I promise to read it. Steve

  • Don White

    Want to become more fruitful as a receiver of His grace as well as a demonstrator and communicator of His grace to others! Yes, I will read it!

  • Latasha Morrison

    I enjoy the the simplicity of Andy Stanley’s messages. Its make it easier for believers to communicate to others in a simple way. The Grace of God is hard to explain to at times to those who have never experienced God’s grace. I’m sure this book will empower all to communicate God’s Grace in it’s simplicity.

  • Will Johnston

    Hi Michael,

    1. I’m a young pastor who is hungry to learn.
    2. Part of my job is navigating very difficult pastoral issues.
    3. I’m a big fan of Pastor Andy.
    4. I’ll not only read the book, I’ll review it on my blog as well.

  • Terry Olivier

    Honestly after being in the ministry for 6 years I feel as though I don’t operate in Grace like i should. The topic of grace is one I’ve taught and researched. I hope by reading this book it well help me to continue to adjust my perspective about God and His love for me. I want to operate in grace as it pertains to me, my family, and those God trusts me to lead.

  • Katherine

    I have heard a lot about Andy Stanley since I am from Atlanta and a number of my coworkers would attend his services. Grace is something I struggle most with in my day-to-day life. I am very interested in reading this book in order to better understand how to practice Grace.

  • Kevin Beers

    I am always looking for new ways to learn more and more about the grace that is given to me, so that I in turn can pass that same grace onto others. Andy has a great way of making complicated or complex ideas come across in a simple way. With this topic of grace, I can’t wait to hear his thoughts in this book.

  • BJ McMichael

    I am very much looking forward to reading this book. God has opened my eyes to the lack of grace I show others. I can’t help but to believe it’s because of the view of grace I have for myself. Sometimes I feel as though I am defined more by the sins I have committed than the grace I’ve received. Just like the interview grace plus or minus anything is no longer grace. On a ministerial note, this looks like a good read to develop into a student ministry message series like his Principle of the Path book!

  • Franz

    Sure I´ll read this book!!!! I´ve learned (a bit) about the meaning of grace the hard way, or perhaps the only way… living it. This changed my whole life.
    One of the closest members of my family betrayed me in ways I have never, ever imagined. So like a christian I´ve been told to forgive, even if I don´t wanted to.
    LOVE wasn´t a problem for me because I knew that if I don´t love that person, God still loved him. That´s easy, just let him alone and don´t wish him evil
    MERCY wasn´t a problem also, because mercy is not give him what HE deserved… He deserved to suffer alone the consequences of his actions. That´s easy to, let him alone and let God deal with him

    But the real and BIG problem I´ve had was with GRACE!!!! Because grace is GIVE HIM WHAT HE DOESN´T DESERVES…. I have to GIVE something… I have to act in benefit of him, I have to get closer and work for making his life better.

    This changed the way I saw God´s love for me, and make me try to be like Jesus… giving reward for those you doesn´t deserve it.

    We, as Jesus disciples, need to know more about GRACE and live it, to make a difference in this world.

  • Adrienne Johnson

    I’ve struggled with grace my whole life. As a child of bourgeois parents and a part of the African-American community, much has always been required of me. I have learned to criticize everything around me, which has made it extremely difficult to build Christ-like relationships with others. I want to learn about the grace God has given me and the grace He gives (and empowers me to give) to others.

  • Mary

    I don’t want the book. I want to buy it. We just started attending a church that shows Andy every Sunday. I just wanted to say that I LOVE his words!!

  • Kelly

    I had never heard Andy Stanley speak before Catalyst in Atlanta this year. It was my first time going, and I loved the whole experience. He’s absolutely inspirational: no joke-chills while he spoke. He’s excellent.

    No one can truely understand how absolutely all-encompassing God’s grace really is. I certainly can’t fathom it, but I love Him for it, appreciate it, crave it, and am so thankful for it. I love reading about God from various perspectives-it makes communicating and articulating His love, grace, and forgiveness so much more possible. I minister to individuals who have fallen away from God, or who are hesitant to believe-and I know this book would aid me in being able to reach those people who need it. I will absolutely read and apprecite this book, even if I don’t receive a copy.

  • Phyllis Mosman

    I look forward to any opportunity to hear you or your earthly father speak on the grace and love of God. I am in need of the grace of God moment by moment and day by day. I want to have the heart of God in letting go or wrongs and loving others by which I have been loved and given mercy. I will pass this grace and book on after I have read and take to heart more about GRACE, GRACE, GODS GRACE..

  • Andrew H

    I would love to get new perspectives on grace as I continue to work with the high school students at my church and continue to strengthen my own walk and journey in His kingdom.

  • Rob Campbell

    I love listening to Andy’s leadership podcast. I have benefited immensely from Michael Hyatt’s influence. I am in constant need of God’s grace and want to always be a learner.

  • Glynes

    Mercy says, “I won’t sue you.” Grace says, “I won’t sue you AND I’ll come over next week and serve you. God didn’t merely withhold punishment, He sent His Son to die for us.

    The above quote tells me that I wold enjoy reading the book. I have heard Andy speak a few times in his dad’s place on In Touch. I thouroughly enjoyed each time.

  • @jonwellman

    Andy Stanley is a great communicator and leader. Love his podcasts. Going through an interesting period in our church (our pastor was seriously injured in a car accident recently) and I could use some encouraging words about grace. – Not a Camouflaged Soul

  • Kristi Johnsen

    Grace is a very misused term in today’s realm of Christianity. I just finished rereading the book “Cheap Grace” and realize that we have bought into that concept while pursuing the American Dream. I have followed Andy since my husband was attending Candler School of Theology on the Emory University campus. We had a one room apartment with nothing but two chairs and a radio. Every Friday morning I would wait for Andy to come on his father’s radio spot. It was a highlight of my week!!

    Now, my husband is a pastor of a 1,200 member church in North Carolina and we send our own staff to North Point to attend conferences. It is so great to see God’s hand upon Andy all these years. I feel honored to read his books, both old and new.

  • Chassity

    A friend of mine told me about your writing. She said it is AMAZING and that I should definitely be reading your work. After reading a few blurbs online and this interview- I agree with her completely! I am at a stage right now that I am stepping into discipleship, but of course there are obstacles. I think, judging by what I read above, that this book could be the ticket to those “unanswered” questions I have been having. Sounds amazing, can’t wait to read it.
    When I am done reading it I plan on forwarding it to my church library for others to learn as well!
    (eek! excited!)

    • Chassity

      You know what, I’d like to say- don’t pick me for a free copy, pick Kelly (five posts before me). She is the friend that referred me to your page. She is a very thoughtful person and would really enjoy this. And I know she will take it to heart and really learn from it. I would too, of course…. but after all, she is the friend that referred me. We are going on the same journey right now, and I know she will share the lesson with me- and many others. <3

  • Amy S.

    I would love to read Andy Stanley’s new book on Grace. This is one area in which God has been working with me for a few years. Although I understood God loved me, I had an unhealthy fear of God. I feared his judgement even though I was saved. I have had a hard time reconciling the two but as my relationship with Christ has developed and grown deeper I am beginning to see how He has poured out His Grace on me many times and I need not fear his judgement. I would like to be able to extend more grace to others as he has done for me. God’s grace reaches to the highest mountains and the lowest valleys. Hallelujah, He found me!

  • Greg Felty

    I love Andy’s comment, “Grace says, ‘I won’t sue you AND I’ll come over next week and serve you.’ God didn’t merely withhold punishment, He sent His Son to die for us.” I think we too often stop short of extending grace to our fellow man. We may go so far as to show mercy…but serving one who has offended me? Wow! I pray that the Spirit continues to convict and conform me to be a reflection of God’s wonderful grace.

    Andy is such a great communicator of God’s truths, and I would love to read this new book!

  • Amy Lee

    Thank you for your interview with Andy Stanley. Andy’s words have been a catalyst for my life. :) The Best Question Ever has forever altered the trajectory of my future. I would love a free copy of “The Grace of God”. I am a 33 year old studying at a Leadership college… my new favorite word is free.

  • Roberta

    I would like to read this book because I need to learn to extend grace. I will freely receive if, but I don’t think I freely give it.

  • stephanie

    dear michael hyatt, i think my reason for getting this book can best be described in an acrostic of G.R.A.C.E

    G- gotta have anything new andy stanly writes
    R- reading is crucial to my spiritual growth
    A- andy would give it to me (wwAd)
    C- cat10 didn’t give me one
    E- emails from Lindsy Nobles are great to receive when you win!

    thanks for the interview with him. can’t wait to read the book!

  • Beth

    Not only do I promise to read it, but I’ll share it with others as well… whether through teaching or by loaning out the book. Andy Stanley has been a strong influence on my faith, even though I’ve never seen him teach in person. I’ve read several of his books, listened to his podcasts, and seen him on DVD, and every time I do, I come away challenged and encouraged at the same time.

    Thanks for offering!

  • myra

    I would love a copy of this book to read more about God’s grace through Andy’s eyes. To hear him clarify the difference between grace and mercy has captured my attention (and not to mention it is Andy, he is awesome).

  • TomKinsfather

    Andy’s books and podcasts have had such an impact on my ministry and leadership. Communicating for a Change impacted my preaching more than any other factor. Visioneering is one of my all time favorite books.

    Why me: I pastor and constantly teach about grace. I worry my congregation will get tired of hearing about the prodigal son. Hasn’t happened yet. A book on grace by my favorite author? Wow! I can’t wait to get my hands on this, weave it into my preaching, my tweeting, and my life.

    And I promise to read it right away.

  • Nap

    I’ve been excited about this book since I first saw it promoted online. My wife and I have been amazed recently how freeing it is to begin to comprehend the reality of God’s grace to us (after walking with God for 40+ yrs) and how difficult it is to extend grace to others.

  • Jehu Hernandez

    Growing up as a Pentecostal, it took me a long time to truly understand grace. My background is one of legalism, which is incompatible with grace. I feel like I’m just starting to learn to give and receive grace. I’d love to read Andy’s book because I think he articulates this message in a clear and compelling way. I promise to read the book!

  • Deb Kalmbach

    I love the analogy of grace being like a crockpot. Next time I have something simmering for dinner, I’ll think about God’s grace and the power it has to be “the solution to just about everything.” Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Andy’s book!

  • Corinne

    I am always in awe of how God uses Andy to teach us all in a simple, clear way so you just can’t miss the point! I go to Northpoint and Andy is always saying “Read your Bible, people – it’s all in there”. So I read it now and would also like to read his book about Grace as I am sure it will also be profoundly clear to all of us! I am in my 60’s and it is always amazing to me how much there is to learn even after many, many years of teachings!

  • jonathan

    I want this book, because I promise to pass it along to somebody else after I finish reading it.

  • Ryan Flynn


    I need this book because I am a guilty Christian and need my life to be changed by God’s grace. Plain and simple, I’d love to read it.


  • clif

    Seventy-six and still learning about grace. Much of my preaching for 47 years was about God’s grace. I want to see grace from this young preacher’s eyes and heart. I would love to review this on my blog and share the message of grace with many others.

  • Deborah Francis

    I would love to receive a copy of The Grace of God because of a very trying and hard time in my life right now. I need to read about God’s grace along with the Bible. My faith is wavering right now because of circumstances beyond my control. I a lacking the remembrance and feel of God’s grace. Please send me this book so that I can once again bask in the fragrance of His Grace. Thank you

  • Delissa Payne

    Because I don’t own a crock-pot. How dare you ask? :) Indeed, I will.

  • Scott Jones

    Good afternoon Michael,

    It would be an honor to receive and read a copy of Andy Stanley’s book and then to forward it on to other Christians to enjoy. As a new Christian, I am amazed at how powerful grace is and how Christians need to put it into practice on a daily basis. I am struggling to understand why churches fail to communicate the importance of grace to its members and I believe this book is an excellent step in the right direction to make the necessary change.

  • Shane Sanchez

    I would love to read this book because Grace is not easy. I have received grace on many occasions but when it comes to dishing it out, it’s not nearly as easy. I am on a journey to be a more gracious person and any encouragement along the way is beneficial. Plus Andy Stanley is the man but that’s a given.

  • Scott Savage

    I am looking to start a weekly blog post to share with my friends about the books I read. I feel this book could be a great addition to my list. Communicating for Change has influenced my teaching and preaching more than any other resource and Next Generation Leader helped me clarify my passion for empowering my peers to move from complaining about a lack of change to leading change they could believe in.

  • Julie @ Inspired to Write

    I would love a copy of this book because God’s grace always amazes me. I find that when I tell non-believers about grace they are intrigued. It almost opens the door. In the season I am in my life, I am trying to open doors to non-believers, not by beating them over the head with my Bible, or threatening them with ‘hell-or-else’ but by the God’s grace.

    I have read ‘What’s so Amazing About Grace?” and loved it. So, if this is another great book about grace, I will probably buy it anyhow, but getting a free copy is always nice, especially to a starving artist (writer). :)

  • Nancy Wallace

    I have been praying about a book to use with a mentoring group of young moms that i lead called “The Dangerous Women” ( we want to be dangerous for God). I think we could graduate to being “The Lethal Women” if we could get even a tiny glimpse more of what God’s grace means. I promise to read this book if you send me a free copy–Dangerous Women don’t lie:)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I love that name!

  • Wanda Simpson

    Grace is like a crock pot. Slow and steady. Evenly distributed. I love that analogy!

  • Jason Cook


    I would love to have the book because I have never read a book authored by Andy. My Pastor was talking about the book he is reading by Andy, “7 Practices of Effective Ministry”, and I would like to have one of his books in my small library. I promise to read the book and pass it on to other ministers in my church.

  • jeff

    Since I have been studying hte early church I have found that grace is bigger than what I have believed. I knew we are savedd by grace but now I am learning how grace affects all aspects of life. Soundls like I could learn more from this book

  • Keith Carson

    I have been blessed by Andy’s teaching and writing over these past few years. I also had the privilege of attending the Drive Conference at Northpoint with all of our church staff. It gave us all a vision for what could be in our church and we have implemented many things and have seen a growth of nearly 85%! I am excited about Andy’s new book because I beleive it can further change my personal life. As a family we are going through several struggles which require much grace. A wayward daughter and son that break our hearts. We do struggle with the “but” and how to apply grace when its wanted but there is no repentance. I look forward to hearing what Andy says and how my life might be changed by his insights in God’s Word.

  • Amy

    I want a book…oooh, ooh, me!! ; ) My family just made Brown’s Bridge Community Church our new home church. I heard Andy For the first time Sunday and I loved it. I love how the focus of the church is a personal relationship with Jesus, abandoning rituals and traditions. They create “irresistible environments” for the kids. You should pick me b/c I promise to read it, and further more, I promise to SHARE IT. : )

  • Bob Hankins

    I am anxious to read this book by Andy Stanley. I have read other books that both he and his father have written and often use the things they say as reminders of how and why God wants us to pursue Him and His will daily. I have often thought about what it would be like to be the son of Charles Stanley and have admired how Andy has pursued God’s will instead of just trying to imitate Charles (who he obviously admires himself).

  • Dr. Jim Harris

    Read it. Blog it. Tweet it. Scribd it. Ping it. Socialoomph it. MySpace it. LinkedIn it. Youtube it. WordPress it. MailChimp it. Share it. Teach it (to my adult couples class). Highlight it (see #1). You name it – I’ll broadcast it.

    And most of all….I’ll LOVE IT(as I do all of Andy’s books & Podcasts).

  • Jobbin

    Michael, I would love a copy of Andy Stanleys book on the Grace of God because I am a leader in a youth ministry and I have struggled with the topic of leadership; until I went to Catalyst! The concepts I learned from 7 practices of effective ministry helped shape our youth group when we could have quit years ago. 5 years later we are going strong and I believe that is only because of the grace of God.

    To be a little creative and display grace itself, here is the YouTube link of our youth group in action. How God was able to use crazy young people like us is grace itself :)

    God bless

  • Susie A

    Why do I want Andy Stanley’s new book? Hmmm….

    1). I like contests…and I like to win (granted to win you have to enter and well, I don’t enter many contests because many times what they are giving away I really don’t I defer to someone else).

    2). I like Andy Stanley. I read/listened to the Principle of the Path and enjoyed it thoroughly. I had the privilege to hear him for the first time at my FIRST Catalyst experience.

    3). Hmmm…there has to be a third point…let me think about it!! Wait…I think….I think…Got it!!! I love to read (wait that probably should have been my first reason..oh, well) and I love to absorb what I read, apply it, and pass it on…

    That’s it!!
    Susie A.

  • Alex Baez

    Why me? The more I experience grace, the more I can extend it (and by receiving this book I would be experiencing your act of grace). And I would absolutely read it!

  • Gregory Young

    I deserve a copy of this book because Andy Stanley has helped lemon my spiritual walk. When we moved 4 years ago, a friend invited us to his church. The young adult class was doing the series Go Fish. I ended up teaching the class for a time working through the rest of the catalogue. I began listening to the podcasts on my commute of Northpoint sermons when I traded my Blackberry for an iPhone. Recently I found the monthly leadership podcasts and they are great to apply to my career as a retail manager. I feel we are all ministers in our work life. How we handle pressure and react to others can be a great witness. I know this book would be a great help applying grace personally and professionally. If lucky enough to be chosen, I promise to read the book.

  • Amelie Hooper

    I love Andy Stanley as well, I have been following him since 2002 when I attended my first Catalyst conference as a new ministry leader and pastor’s wife. His other books have inspired and altered a lot of my leadership and how I communicate and inspire the leaders around me.

    In the last year and a half, grace has become something God has been communicating TO me. I have tried in my own efforts to extend this grace out of the law that I love and read on a daily basis, but in closer examination of Romans (one of my favorite go-to books right now) I realize that I need to receive grace FIRST before I can actually give grace. I would love the book, as an avid reader, I would not take for granted that a book that I did not purchase would be easy to NOT read. I understand the principle that people don’t usually read or listen to resources they don’t purchase, but I read all the time.

    Would begging be an improper ending to my post? I would love, love, love to receive this book! Please, please, pretty please. And of course, God’s best and direction, I don’t expect to manipulate you into being a recipient of the book. (But I would LOVE it!!) Thank you for even considering me!

  • Brandon

    My wife and I have been on a roller coaster for the last 6 months. We we’re living in Texas when I was laid off in July. Facing the worst job market in 15+ years we leaned heavy on God’s grace and provision to open a door for us. 48 hours later I had a job offer in Nashville, a city in which I had grown up and was close to family. Next we faced a cross country relocation with a 9 month old and a house to sell. God moved again and provided a buyer for our home in 36 hours! I moved to TN leaving my family behind for 3 weeks. When I returned to Texas at the end of August, the morning of the move, my wife shared the great news that we are expecting our second child in April. God’s grace and provision are truly beyond our understanding and expectations. Andy is an amazing communicator and I’m excited to read his commentary on the subject and share it with others. Please consider my story.

  • Paige Burzlaff

    An alphabet of reasons:

    Andy Stanley is my fav preacher!
    Books by him have blessed me 
    Catchy title!
    Don’t know much about grace
    Everyone wants it, do I stand a chance
    Food for thought 
    Grace through faith! Yeah!
    Haven’t read a book on grace ‘cept the     
    I want it so bad!
    Just can’t live without it
    Keep thinking about this mysterious   
        new book…
    Leadership rocks
    Many moons spent with his podcast
    Not likely that I will keep it for myself
       after I read it
    Opening his books is always a thrill
    Probably will read it in one day
    Quiet! I’m reading!
    Rest assured that I will read the whole 
       thing. Twice.
    Stanley family always in my prayers
    Tell the world about Grace!
    Us who read Andy are always blessed 
       and challenged!
    Very tight on money :)
    Want a good read
    X-Ray into my soul
    Yes! Pick me!
    Zondervan doesn’t have it


  • Dan Boutwell

    I recently recorded a worship album, and I named it “The Door To Grace” I love Gods grace to us and I focus alot of what I do on that subject. I really have enjoyed Andy’s sermons and books and I would like to read this one as well! I think it would help deepen my understanding of his grace, id like to hear something I dont know and im sure Andy’s book can provide that!

  • Dan Boutwell

    I recently recorded a worship album, and I named it “The Door To Grace” I love Gods grace to us and I focus alot of what I do on that subject. I really have enjoyed Andy’s sermons and books and I would like to read this one as well! I think it would help deepen my understanding of his grace, id like to hear something I dont know and im sure Andy’s book can provide that!!!!!!

  • Jason Stonehouse

    I want this book! I am the lead pastor of GRACE church in Roseville, MN — I personally believe and teach often that a church with the name “grace” should become an expert at Grace, I continually tell our people: “let’s live up to our name!” I too listen and read everything Andy puts out and I’d love to learn from him on this critical topic.

    Plus, if for no other reason, it gets really cold in MN and we could use a good book to sit by the fire reading while drinking a cup of coffee

  • Johnson

    Read to the tune of Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace how trite it’s become
    Presumed almost all the time
    I am a pastor and often wonder
    If my church should be on TLC

    Twas grace that taught the heart of God
    and grace the logos revealed
    so if this book is as good as you say
    then drop one in the mail for me

  • Robin DeRocco

    I would love the book because I need to teach from it. I work as a manager of a thrift store who funds a Pregnancy Support Clinic. As the manager I have the opportunity to teach a Bible Study with the ladies of The Repeat Boutique. The subject of Grace and Mercy is a subject I have only lightly touched on thus far. We have employees and volunteers who are both new Christians and Great Jesus following ladies. I know Andy’s book will help me in ways I can’t imagine!

    • Robin DeRocco

      I would love the book because I need to teach from it. I work as a manager of a thrift store that funds a Pregnancy Support Clinic. As the manager I have the opportunity to teach a Bible Study with the ladies of The Repeat Boutique. The subject of Grace and Mercy is a subject I have only lightly touched on thus far. We have employees and volunteers who are in all walks of their Christian growth. I know Andy’s book will help me teach in ways I can’t imagine.

  • Dawn

    It is by grace, we can come face to face, with the Master.
    It is Him we hear calling, when we are falling, if we listen.
    It is by His love, the gates to above, are opened.
    It is Him we seek, when we see we are weak, and empty.
    It is Him we praise, with our voices raised, we rejoice.
    It is His spirit that fills our being, shows us the truth we now are seeing, by grace.

    I would like to receive Andy’s book “The Grace of God” to gain a deeper understanding and because I like Andy’s preaching.

  • Jonathan Bright

    I want this book because I believe Andy is one of the best leaders of our generation. There is much to learn and glean from his insightful words of wisdom.

  • Todd

    I need to go on a “grace diet” to get rid of my big “but”

  • Emma

    Grace is the basis of everything. I would be honored to read this book.

  • Dave Horine

    Seriously? Why would I like this book? It’s Andy Stanley…THE Andy Stanley on the most amazing gift God ever gave. Of course I’ll read my free copy if I get it.

  • Brett

    I am very excited about getting this book because Andy always pushes and challenges me.

  • Patrick

    Aside from the fact that I love Andy Stanley (seriously, my wife calls it a man crush), grace is one of the things often missing in churches today. Odd that it seems easy to extend grace to those we don’t know (the needy) but have trouble extending it to fellow Christians.

  • Fred Waters

    Thank you for the offer. I would indeed enjoy reading this book. I listen to Andy’s podcast on Leadership but have yet to read one of his books. When I was a pastor I used to refer to our congregation as a Community of Grace.

  • Chris Wesley

    Andy’s had an impact not just on my professional life but in my personal life. Right now I’m in need of some grace and I want to teach the students I serve about how amazing God’s grace can be in our lives. I feel this book would give Andy the opportunity to pour his cup into mine, so that I can pay it forward and do the same to others. It would be a privilege, honor and a blessing to read this book.

  • William Gilligan

    I want a new book to read and the book about Grace would be great!!

  • Ed Martin

    I can’t get enough of Andy Stanley. His message has never misses. His book “Choosing to Cheat” is a must read for every Christian leader.

  • …adam

    As someone who is going through a new season and understanding of grace, I think this book would be very helpful for this current transition. Do I promise to read it? Absolutely (was that convincing enough?).

  • Vince Farrell

    I’d love a copy of Andy’s new book for several reasons; one, I have all his other books and don’t want this book to feel left out for not being on my shelf and two, I have no money right now so I can’t buy it at this moment. Three, I’m pretty sure when I carry a book called “Grace of God” around, it will be an instant conversation starter. So help me start conversations about Andy’s new book. Thank you!

  • Mike

    Grace is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. God has richly blessed me, so I want to show grace to others just like the way God has shown grace to me. I love to hear Andy preach and teach the gospel and I’d love to be able to read his new book and delve deeper into the subject of God’s grace. God bless!

  • Marg Tingley

    Why because Andy’s tweets are interrupting my reading of his amazing book. Actually I already bought it Sunday
    And planned on buying a few mire copies as gifts. I know it’s on of the few books I’ll want to read again.

  • Drew Zook

    I am a student at Columbia International University studying to be a Pastor. I would like a free copy of this book, because money is tight and anything I can do to save a few bucks is worth it. While I am not too avid of a reader I do promise that I will read this book, because I WANT a better understanding of God’s grace so that I can live in light of it.

  • Karl D Peterson

    I would love to read this book because as a youth pastor i love to let teens know about the unending grace that God has given us, but also understanding how it does not depend on us but rather only on God. I love Andy Stanley and my wife often says if I’m reading a book its an Andy Stanley book.

  • Kelly

    I would love to continue to learn from Andy Stanley. I’m hungry for God’s Word and the knowledge that God gives great leaders and writers such as Andy. I’m quick to pay it forward when it comes to books as well. I love to take information and use it to equip other people as well. I will definitely (I promise to) read it!

  • Zach White

    Why do I want a free copy of Andy’s new book…

    1) Andy is one of my favorite communicators.
    2)I’m a poor, recently graduated, newlywed. Simple enough!

  • Grant Parish

    I am a recovering Pharisee. I want to leave judgment behind and embrace grace. I promise to read this book as part of my journey to a grace-filled life.

  • Steven Geiger

    A large reason I want the book is I feel that it will help me to better understand my creator and will help me to continue to grow intimately closer to Jesus Christ. I had the privilege of driving Andy around in Lakeland, FL when he spoke at the Southeastern University Leadership Forum last spring. I was truly blessed by the conversations in the car to and from the airport as well as hearing him speak at the actual event. I even got it on DVD so I could actually take notes this time. In this season in my life as a Resident Assistant on campus as SEU, the LORD has me in a time of Grave and patience. Which is not always easy. But I feel this book will help me grow as a believer, a man, a leader, a mentor, and as a child to the Most High. And yes, i promise to read it!I would love a free copy of this book. It would absolutely bless me. Thank you.

  • Joel Reiss

    I love the way Andy writes and speaks. He is inspirational and thought provoking. i heard him speak at a catalyst conference and when i’m feeling low, i often think back to the excitement i felt hearing him talk. i’m glad he has come out with another book and i would love to be able to read it for free. i’m sure it will be a huge encouragement and inspiration to everyone who reads it.

  • Jonathan Long

    I want this book reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally BAD!
    And I am really broke.

  • Crystal

    As someone who grew up in the Lutheran church, grace is a word I know well. I have been thrilled to see that talking about God’s grace has become more prevalent in the non-denominational churches and have learned so much from Andy Stanley already. I cannot wait to read this book and look forward to it helping me better understand God’s grace in my own life.

  • Sheri Johnson

    Coming from Andy Stanley, “The Solution to Just About Everything”, is obviously a MUST READ book and I know my husband already wants a copy….SO if I can get a copy for free, I am all over it :)

    • Sheri Johnson

      ha ha, after reading what I wrote, I hope it makes sense… because I know what I wrote is not the title of the book, but taken from Andy’s response about the “subtitle” question. :)

  • TJ Carlson

    Excited to read the book

  • Dave S.

    I’d love to win a copy of Andy Stanley’s “The Grace of God” 1) because I very much appreciate his messages I listen to via the North Point podcast and 2) I agree that grace is more powerful than many of appreciate. I’m certain this will be a powerful book.

  • Cassidy

    I had my 2nd baby just 6 weeks ago. My husband and I moved to Georgia from Oregon (where my whole family is) just a few weeks before that.

    If anyone needs a fresh look at God’s grace (and great reading material for when I’m up all night) it’s me!

  • Danny Tanner

    I want Andy Stanley’s new book on God’s grace because I’m interested in the tension weall have between receiving grace and offering grace. I want to learn how to give grace more freely.

  • Zachary Chambers

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I’m:

    1) A poor college student who loves to read but has no money to buy books ;)

    2) Have been studying this very topic in scripture as of lately

    3) I love the work that Andy Stanley has been doing at North Point and have yet to read a book of his (how ironic!)

  • Kelly

    I am the LDP (college intern) for UpStreet ministries at Anthem Church in Gainesville, FL (a strategic partner of NPM). I cannot wait to read this book! I have read Seven Practices and am in the middle of Visioneering. I think Andy Stanley is one of the most effective communicators of our generation and I have learned so much from his books and sermons. I was not raised in church and the mission of NMP is one that is near and dear to my heart. I began going to Anthem and STAYED simply because it was a church that I liked even though I thought I could never like church. As a college student with limited funding, receiving this book as a gift would be a huge blessing! One way or another it WILL be added to my bookshelf, it is all a matter of when!

  • Adam Whitlock

    I would love to have a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book because I completely agree with his statement in the interview above that “when we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing.” Grace is something that not many Christians practice on a day-to-day basis and I am one of those Christians. Andy has provided so much helpful insight into leadership and speaking and I know his new book ‘The Grace of God’ will be equally insightful into this topic of grace. If chosen to receive a free copy I will most definitely read it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Stephen Cook

    There but for The Grace Of God go I, without Andy’s new book. Ok, so maybe I don’t need God’s grace for that, but I would like to appeal to Michael Hyatt for it. One can never hear too much about God’s grace. If I don’t receive The Grace Of God freely, I’ll certainly buy it and read it anyway. I hope I didn’t take too many liberties there. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Scott neubauer

    I would love to read this book because God knows I need all of his grace I can get!

  • Joe Padilla


    Andy has been my pastor at North Point for the past 12 years, and I’ve read almost all of his previous books — but that’s not why I want a copy of “Grace of God.” My wife and I have been small group leaders at North Point, volunteers in the UpStreet and Extreme progams, and I’ve been on two mission trips to Bosnia with GlobalX — but those aren’t my reasons for wanting the book, either. No, I’d like a copy of this book because three weeks ago, we invited my aunt and her boyfriend to attend North Point when they were visiting us in Atlanta. After they were seated in the rapidly filling auditorium waiting for the service to start, the boyfriend (who I would readilly classify as ‘unchurched’), started asking me questions about NPCC, including how many attendees we had. When I explained that we averaged more than 20,000 people between our three campuses each Sunday, he looked at me in shock, and then asked, “Why would ANYONE want to pastor THREE churches?!”

    So, Michael, I’m asking for a copy of “Grace of God” so I can read it, and promptly mail it to my aunt and her boyfriend in South Florida, with the full expectation that Andy’s incredible words of insight will explain to them, far better than I ever could, why God is using him as His instrument to spread the gospel to the unchurched. And why three churches aren’t NEARLY enough to accomplish that purpose.

    Thank you,

    Joe Padilla

  • Justin Whitener

    My beautiful newlywed wife and I have had a rough time for the first few months of marriage. Two days after getting back from our honeymoon I found out that I was going to lose my job in 3 weeks. After hearing this news we were frustrated only to have her brother and one of my closest friends diagnosed with cancer. Since June 18th, 2010 we have been very reliant on the grace of God to give us energy and comfort to deal with these situations placed on us. We would love a copy of the book to read of God’s grace and reflect on how He has poured it out in our lives.

  • Nicholas Madden

    I believe that it is very important to keep a teachable spirit every day and to use all the resources availiable to do that. I’m not perfect and never will be, but in my life I have decided that I will learn as much as I can along the way. Gods grace is more that enough for me.

  • Bryn Acuff

    I really want this book because Andy Stanley is awesome! I learn so much form him every time I read one of his books! I also really want this book because God’s grace is something I always struggle with and just from reading your awesome interview, I feel like I would hugely enjoy this book!

  • Jordan Curtis

    I have been praying a lot about grace lately. It seemed very cool that at the same time Andy wrote a book about grace. I wanted to buy it, but I am trying to save money so I can go to China in the spring to help a family member with an adoption. When this came up, I was very excited and encouraged and I would love a free copy of this book. I promise I will read the entire book!

  •!/JamieRLeviston Jamie Leviston

    As a young leader just starting out in Leadership, I am thirsty for knowledge, information and the tools that I need to develop myself as a leader. The bible is always going to be my ‘central’ point inleadership training. But learning and reading from a Great godly man is always a great addition to the Word of God.

    receiving a copy of this book, would really mean a great deal to me as I would definatley read it and suck as much as I can out of it

  • Johny Paul

    I am getting back to India the next month, and i am sure it will take another 2 years for it to reach the bookshelves. So i want it to take it now itself.

  • Teresa Kauppinen

    Why do I want this book? Because I only trust what goes into my mind and body to people I trust, and I trust Andy S. My husband I have been working hard to endure the trials of sexual addiction in marriage over the past 10 months. We are about to attend some intensive therapy and I have a feeling things may get harder befor they get easier. We are in it for the long haul and GRACE is definitly needed to do that, so YES we will read the book!

  • Kinsey

    I would love one of these books. This is one area my family and I are stuggling with. My sister has told us that she is going to live the gay life style. She still calls her self a christian. It has been hard and a touch subject when talking what would jesus do? what would he say or do. I know he loves us unconditionally. I feel this book can give us an understanding of how to have Grace and Mercy with her. I want us to still be a family but I want it to be completely driven by God. I have read Andy’s other book “Next Generation Leader”. It has help me greatly to learn to serve my students and adult leaders. I am reading it for the second time now. Thank you for the consideration and the chance to receive this book for free.

  • Cameron Cloud

    I should receive the book because . . .

    G iving
    R ecently
    A uthored
    C opies
    E vidences


  • Michelle Gillham

    Simply for the fact that we gain so much insight from Andy Stanley, he rocks! We live in the bible belt (Oklahoma) and must churches around were we live are stale. We listen to Andy online and buy his dvd’s. I just bought my husband a book of his Making Vision Stick. I know this is a long shot but it is worth it in order to gain more insight to a influential leader of my times. For far to long I have been under law and living my life through old testament teaching that it would be nice to understand the grace of God.

  • Joseph Thompson

    I really enjoy your blog and tweets! You share so much useful info on many different topics and I always enjoy waiting to see what you will share next. I would love the book by Stanley to read and share with the boys (teenagers) that I parent in a residential home setting ( Win or loss, I’ll be back to glean from your insight! Thanks!

  • Kevin Lane

    Having grown up in a church setting that was almost completely devoid of grace, I could never fully describe how the concept of God’s grace has changed my life, my relationship with God, others, and myself, and my hope. Yet, I STILL struggle with being graceful where the “rubber meets the road.” My everyday prayer is that I be graceful today as God is graceful. I’ve even written a song about this called, “Grace is the Word” (no pun intended). No doubt I’ll read the book.

  • Phil Owen

    I would love this book! I’d love it because i just learned how to read, and i can’t think of a better first book to read than such a book as the Grace of God. It was between this and ‘one fish, two fish’. However, after thinking on it for a while, i think ‘grace of god’ would be a better first book.

    ok…none of that was necessarily true. what may be true is i LOVE all of andy’s content…i appreciate him as a leader, pastor, father, teacher. i’m confident in reading this andy will open up new and fresh perspectives on grace, and the beauty therein.

    phil owen

  • Joshua Moran

    I’d like to have this book so that I have something to read before bed. Andy makes a great bedtime read and not because he puts me to sleep but because it calms me down.

  • William Livingston

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book because Andy has 3 kids and I too have three kids. Also, Andy’s series on margin and money has truly changed my life and helped me to live for the greater reward.

  • Adam Mashni

    gonna be honest, saw your tweet, went to your blog, glanced over the interview, would love Andy’s book. I have huge respect for Andy and his previous books…I listen to him on a regular basis (messages, leadership podcast).

    that’s all.


  • Danetta

    I need a copy of Andy’s new book because I am going through a cancer scare right now. I know God will take care of me, but reading about his grace could really help right now.

  • Chad

    Love Andy’s teachings. Send me a copy.

  • Devin Bell

    the name of the church I go to is Grace Fellowship :) I enjoy hearing from people like Andy and Louie Giglio. I believe Andy has a way of presenting the gospel in a relevant and easy to undestand kind of way. Because of grace we are saved. I think it is important to understand and will help us appreciate God’s gift to us more clearly. Thanks – Devin Bell

  • Tammy

    I have heard a lot of my Christian brother and sisters use and over use “grace” in many of their conversations and during sermons and in their testimonies. I have often wondered, in what context, proper time should we use the word “grace” when speaking of or in the Lord.

    I would truly like to be able to speak correctly when speaking of grace.

    Thank you,

  • Jamie Limato

    I would love to have a copy of this book because God’s grace is free to us because of the sacrifice of Jesus and therefore we can receive His grace. I know the publisher is sacrificing for these copies to be given and I would like to be a part of allowing the publisher to be a blessing of allowing me once again to experience receiving something for free.

  • Karen La Mar

    I so enjoy reading and where I cannot promise I will read it, I can say I will do my best to read it! And, I would be willing to post a review on my book review blog once I do read it. As for why I would like a copy, well, I could give you all kinds of reasons, but the simple truth is I really like to read and have heard great things about Andy Stanly. The pastor at the church I attend has mentioned him and just finished teaching from his book “The Principle of the Path.” And, I like the fact that it would be free :)

  • Shanna

    I’d love to have a copy of this book! I have been through a situation in a church where grace was used in the wrong ways and abused – so I find myself constantly seeking to find what God’s grace truly looks like – not the definition that I was shown of it.

  • Karen

    I’m a big fan of Andy’s books (and books in general) and leadership podcast. And I loved this quote from the interview: “Mercy says, “I won’t sue you.” Grace says, “I won’t sue you AND I’ll come over next week and serve you.”

    As a follower of Jesus, I believe I know what grace is, especially since I’ve experienced it for myself, but this interview has already challenged my thinking and definition. I would love to read the book and perhaps expand my understanding of the subject.

  • mac

    im a young pastor from the Phiippines really desiring to grow in leadership to fulfill God’s call for my really an avid of andy stanley, all his preachings online, podcasts and got some of his books. this is really one of a kind to hear from him about grace. i happen to realize its not just leadership and skills we need but most specially the grace of God – to understand to its purest form. Because the grace of God is the starting point, middle point and ending point that will enable us to go through life and ministry.

    i heard grace being preached by Joseph Prince and it changed my life and empowered my leadership.i want to fully understand God’s grace from the point of view of the leader who influenced me the most, next to Jesus.

    i will promise to read the book with all my heart, i just enjoy reading the books of andy “freakin@ stanley!

  • Dale

    Andy is one of my favorite speakers and authors. I love the fresh perspective he brings to his writing and his down to earth writing style. I would definitely read this book. It would help me in my ministry as well.

  • Paul Henry

    I want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God! By understanding grace, I can start with my wife and my 2 small boys and then move outward.

    Andy’s ability to take concepts and convert them into real life stories and word pictures has been so helpful to me. It would be a joy to cover the topic of grace with Andy’s style.

  • mac

    im a young pastor really desiring to grow in leadership to fulfill God’s call for my really an avid of andy stanley, all his preachings online, podcasts and got some of his books. this is really one of a kind to hear from him about grace. i happen to realize its not just leadership and skills we need but most specially the grace of God – to understand to its purest form. Because the grace of God is the starting point, middle point and ending point that will enable us to go through life and ministry.

    i heard grace being preached by Joseph Prince and it changed my life and empowered my leadership.i want to fully understand God’s grace from the point of view of the leader who influenced me the most, next to Jesus.

    i will promise to read the book with all my heart, i just enjoy reading the books of andy “freakin@ stanley!

  • Steve Nelson

    Heck yes I would really like a copy of Andy Stanley’s book The Grace of God! Lately I’ve been saturating myself with study of ancient culture and customs so that I can become a more intellectual communicator… now I’m realizing that grace is enough. But if you don’t send me a copy, it’s cool. I always buy his books.

  • Ron Snyder

    Recently I have been going through Visionering with a group of guys in ministry or heading into ministry. HOwever it has been slow going. I am in seminary and preparing for ministry. Would love to be more prepared and Andy is such an inspirational leader. Thanks!


  • Adam Clark

    I would like a copy of this book because I have a 3 year old with no books to her name. Unless you count those with talking animals, brightly colored shapes, pop-ups, and/or princesses. Then she has approximately 1000.

    I would like to bless her by compiling a shelf chocked full of books that point to TRUTH. If my wife and I happen to read it first, so be it. If I happen to lend it to my brother for a month or two, so be it. If my dad also takes a turn to read it, so be it. My daughter is only 3 for goodness sake. But as an admirer of Pastor Stanley, I would like this to be the book that starts filling her shelf.

    Oh, she does have a picture Bible already too. Forgot to mention that.

  • Tyler Strange

    I’m in seminary at Emory University, all of my discretionary money went towards assigned reading for class! If I currently had available funds then this book would already be in my library! Thank you for making this opportunity available.

  • Cassidy Harper

    I just had my 2nd baby 6 weeks ago.

    My husband and I moved to Georgia from Oregon (where my whole family is) a few weeks before that.

    My husband works nights. All night.

    If there’s anyone who could use a fresh look at God’s grace, it’s me! And I promise to read it during my midnight vigils…

  • Ronnie Phelps

    I would love to have a copy to read and share with friends. I have found Andy’s leadership into to be very usefull in business management as well as in church! This would be another tool to use!!!

  • Jacob Albrecht

    I would like a copy of Andy’s new book because I enjoy greatly what he has to say to his audience, and his audience is God’s people, so I know his words will be spirit filled and scripture guided. I don’t read Andy’s works to be spiritually formed or guided, that is by the power of scripture and God’s grace that I find faith. But I read his books because I appreciate his insight, his ways of communication and the sincerity of his messages. He teaches me a lot about reaching people and extended the love of God to others. Andy’s work is enlightening and that is why I would like to read his newest book. I would promise to read it so I could encourage others to purchase it.

  • Chris Meirose

    I would like a copy of this book because I am a sinner who is daily in need of God’s grace and would appreciate Andy Stanley’s insight into this subject.

    • Chris Meirose

      & I should mention I first heard of this via my RSS reader.

  • Laura DiBonaventura

    It is truly a constant desire of mine to get to know God even deeper. Going through many trials right now, the grace of God is something that I need to learn more about. One of the trials is that I’m in search of a job and can’t find full-time employment. Since I’m a bit low on funds at the moment, a free copy would be wonderful. I promise to read it! :)

  • Rebecca Lyle

    I would love to have a copy of this book. For several years, I have been a student of Andy Stanley’s ministry and continue to be amazed at how he opens up scripture in a fresh new way and makes so many things easy to understand, especially for new believers. He has an exceptional gift. We have embraced much of the Northpoint philosophy at my church and as Sunday service coordinator I would like to share this book with my Pastor. Perhaps it will spark a new sermon series for us. What could be more important than helping people understand the extravagance of God’s grace? I can’t think of anything more important. Thank you so much.

  • William Livingston

    Would love Andy’s new book. His series on margin as well as the one on money has changed my life. I look forward to more challenges and insight through this new book.

  • James Kwon

    One of the most beautiful aspects of our faith is the idea of grace. It is what separates Christ and Christianity from almost all other religions. However, for something that is so foundational, it is often misunderstood or misinterpreted. I would like a copy of this book so I can not only learn about grace, but also learn how to receive it, so I can communicate it better, and also give it to others as well. This book looks like it will be a good tool in heading in this direction. I promise to read it, but also to share the insights held within as I learn from it. Thanks!

  • Paul

    My finances are under control, finally I am no longer lo$t.
    The direction of my life and my walk with our heavenly Father has a marked path.
    The “I” in my marriage has shrunk to lower case status.
    Gaining Andy’s perspective on God’s grace is sure to be nothing short of the Lords hand working through Andy in my life…again…
    That’s why I would like Andy’s new book, please.
    Thank you Jesus for showing us all!

  • Lindsey @ A New Life

    Honestly, I would love a copy because I’ve been having a hard time extending continuous grace to those that continue to falsely judge me. Sadly, it has made me weary and I would love to be reminded of the beauty of the grace I received from the Father I love; and how to better change my heart to continue to offer it freely without expectations.

    Thank you~

  • Jason White

    I would love to have this book. I have actually never read an Andy Stanley book. I heard him speak for the first time at Catalyst and It was awesome. He is a great speaker and communicator. I would really like to have a copy of his book so that I can enjoy his work from a written stand point. I actually work at a nice restaurant in Alpharetta and keep hoping that he will one day show up and sit at one of my tables. But, until he does, This book would be a great second to that.

  • Heidi Bigger

    Andy Stanley is an inspiration. If I am chosen, I promise to read it. I will also promise to pass it along. :)

  • Addison Gardner

    I would love a copy of Andy’s book, mainly because every book or piece of literature I have read of his so far has helped me immensely. I know right now I could use a refreshing read and something to help me grow spiritually, I have just graduated from school and bought a business. Its overwhelming and this book would be great to have just to shed some light on my personal life and walk with God while everything else is so crazy. Whether it be personally in my walk with the Lord or from a leadership perspective. His books speak to everyone and there is always a way to apply it to your life.

  • Brandon Winkler

    I would like a copy of Andy’s book simply because I have read several of his books and love them. Principle of the Path, Choosing to Cheat, and my favorite, Seven Checkpoints (The basis of what I teach in our student ministry at our church). I would love to read this book simply for my appreciation for Andy. No doubt I will purchase if not chosen.

  • Marty Joplin

    Interesting interview. While I was a student at SWBTS, Dr. Lorin Cranford had us do a 25 page (typed and footnoted)research paper on a single Greek word. I wanted to pick the most important word in all of the New Testament so I chose grace. My final summary of the word was: Grace = Love (Agape) and Forgiveness (aphesis) in action.

  • Nathan Grubbs

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book because I’m a youth pastor, it’s budget time, and it would make the finance committee so happy for me to get a free resource. Seriously, if there’s a more relevant topic to me in my own personal walk, to me in my ministry and to students, I don’t know what it is. Without the grace of God there is no point in doing ministry.

  • Cassie Palmer

    Pastor Andy Stanley has a great way to deliver the truth of God’s Word in such an encouraging way & not leaving people down and empty about what to do next. I am looking forward to reading this book about grace because I believe no one can give enough, and no one can measure up to the amount of grace God gives us – but through the interview, Andy shows us where to start. I believe that this book will bless a lot of people, including me, and I intend on passing it along once I am through. Thanks to Pastor Andy Stanley for leading the way in creating life-change in this world!

  • Julie

    I’m a graduate student in Linguistics.
    I choose my ‘extra’ reading carefully.
    I think Andy Stanley is a great teacher.
    I need a book outside the topic of Linguistics to read.
    What better topic to read about than God’s grace!!
    Thanks for letting me read your new book and giving me take a break from reading about syntax and language change.

  • jeremy ferruccio

    Andy Stanley has been a consistent voice in my growth..would read this book because of that reason alone. I also have been doing a study on grace recently and this would he a great resource.

  • Matt Donovan

    I follow both you and Andy on twitter, and I saw your both of your tweets and it sent me to this blog. I usually don’t fill out things for free items, but I felt this one was different. I consider Andy to be one of the brightest voices in the Church today, and his messages have always hit home with me. The topic of grace is one that I am very interested in studying. I recently became a Christ follower, and reading books by leaders such as Andy mixed with daily scripture has changed my life. It gives me new perspective on daily life, keeps me focused on how to live my life, and gives me the tools to help spread God’s message to others. Thank God for social media and the way it is being used by the church.

  • Shebu John

    It has been an honor to read and hear Andy Stanley’s heart for his creator God and his love for his savior King. I would be honored to be reading this book as i feel what it will do will help me further stir my affections for Jesus as i serve him here in Australia, Melbourne. Especially as i wrestle a crocodile….. okay the crocodile bit is not true…. maybe… actually not at all :)

    • Jimmy Wade

      I don’t deserve this book but I would love to receive it. I’m preaching on grace and need some fresh ideas. I promise to read it.

  • Steve

    Hello, I am an Indonesian raised in a religion which belief system is that you have to earn your salvation. Everything is based on what I need to DO. In the past couple years, I discovered that God through Jesus Christ offers grace to sinners like me. I no longer need to DO anything, because He has DONE it all. I love Andy’s books, namely Visioneering and The Principle of Path. I wish to get his recent book, read, meditate on it, and finally shared to others who have yet found the Grace of God. Thank you for considering!


  • Jeff Laman

    Cameron showed some creativity with the acrostic. Nice work.

    Certainly no one deserves something for free. It’s a kind gesture that you are offering the book for no charge. My reason for wanting the book is to put it into the hands of my dad who read “How Good Is Good Enough?” and “The Best Question Ever”. I’m not sure how much grace he was shown by my grandfather. He has responded to Andy’s writing before and I hope this would help him better understand God’s unmerited favor.

  • Lori Andersen

    I think that Andy Stanley is one of the greatest voices of truth in our culture. He inspires me to be a better Christian. I hope one day to visit his church but for now I will learn from him through his podcasts and books.

    Of course, I will read his book and I know that my husband will too. He just quoted something he had heard from one of Andy’s podcasts tonight.

  • Jim Wagner

    Mr. Hyatt, It would be because of grace that I receive a copy of this book from you! As a youth pastor, I feel called to help students understand who God really is and how his love and qsalvation is possible for each of us. Grace is all of that wrapped up in one word! It would be a real gift to have Andy’s book as a guide in helping me to help students understand this great truth!

  • Billy Hodges

    I resigned my position as Campus Pastor at a mega church located in the Tampa area here in Florida about 3 years ago. I had been in full time ministry for about 10 years and had learned a lot about what happens “behind the scenes” as a full time staff member of 3 churches I served, from small to very large congregations.

    At the end of 10 years, I felt that both my family (wife and two daughters) and I had been literally beat up by “the church”. Much of the abuse was at the direct hand of each churches senior pastor. 3 years ago I didn’t think I would ever serve on a church staff again; however, about 6 months ago the Lord began to do a work in my heart that I cannot explain. He began to give me a vision of His continued call on my life.

    There are so many small churches in my area (and across the country) that are in danger of closing their doors. They cannot afford a full or part time pastor…they are barely hanging on. My desire and vision is to seek the financial support of my state convention (Southern Baptist), possibly local association (Tampa Bay Baptist Association, in my case), and possibly other churches, to help me to:

    1. Go in to whatever church the Lord calls me to as Senior Pastor, regardless of size
    2. Begin with a clean slate…adopting more of a “new church plant” philosophy.
    3. Document every step of the way including those things that work, don’t work, etc.
    4. And at some point write a book about what I learn with the sole purpose that new and/or veteran pastors would read the book and be open to hearing the Lord call them into churches on the brink of closing.

    A. Most of these churches have some type of facility, building(s), property, etc.

    B. Most of these churches are already located in strategic geographic areas

    C. Most of them just need a second chance to be the local church God once called them to be and still desires them to be.

    What does my story have to do with Pastor Andy’s new book? I believe it will take a great understanding of God’s grace in order to walk this road. Grace for the pastor going into this type of situation (small, struggling congregations), and a better understanding of grace so that I can teach and preach more effectively on the awesome grace of God. These congragations need to learn about God’s grace…how to accept grace, how to live grace, and how to appropriate grace in our lives.

    That is why I would love and be blessed to receive a free copy of Pastor Andy’s book. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • W. Rusty Faulks

    Michael, This is a great idea to get the word out. The gospel and grace are two of my favorite topics. I will read the book and would love to get a copy. When I left TNel, Sam said I could keep my employee discount – this would make up for years of lost time! Blessings,

  • Andy

    Amazing thing about grace…it can even save a wretch like me!

  • Dean Mellen

    I would love a copy of “The Grace of God”. I’m a pastor at a Baptist church and the one thing that really needs to be modeled more and more, is grace! I’m looking forw3ard to reading the book and getting practical suggetsions on how to more effectively model grace to my congregation. I can’t ewait to share with you how the church body then models grace to the people they come in contact with. This is going to be good!
    And, of course I promise to read the book. I’m not reading it to read it; I’m reading it so that my life more consistently models grace. If someone else gets the book and I don’t, that’s ok too. God knows that they need the book more than I do. I’ll just but it if I don’t get one. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to retweet about this book to others.

  • Scott Miller

    I would love a copy of this book because Grace is something I have been wanting to learn about. It is a term used all throughout the New Testament yet to further understand it from a great man of God is something that is a great tool. As a seminary student finances are not always there to buy resources that can shape and mold me as a leader. This would be a resource I can use for myself and share it with the youth I lead each week. Andy Stanley is a model to me of a man after God’s own heart and I believe this resource could help me in my growth as a Christ follower in understanding more about what grace is.

  • JennyV

    Being just 26 years old, I feel blessed to know the Lord — yet the more I learn and KNOW about Him, the more I realize I realize I DON’T know and NEED to know in order to fully honor Him with the rest of my life!

    My husband and I starting a business next summer and we know we need to stay prayerful as we make decisions. In order for our business to bring honor to Him, we must better understand His amazing gift of GRACE in our lives. This book would definitely continue to draw us closer to Him!

    Side note:

    A favorite quote of mine is this:
    Mercy is not getting punished as you deserve.
    Grace is being blessed beyond what you deserve.

  • Garrett Lewis

    Grace is the fluid that keeps the body moving. Not gonna lie… Swindoll’s “The Grace Awakening” completely changed my perspective on grace. An inaccurate view of grace leaves a person with an inaccurate view of God. At the heart of grace is love. Grace with myself, grace with others, & grace FROM God has the potential to change the World. I want that. I can’t wait to hear Andy Stanley’s perspective and learn from his teachings. Truth be told… regardless of whether or not I receive a book I’ll still buy it and read it. So if it comes down to me getting one over someone else… pick someone else.


  • Lenny Faulk

    I want a copy of this book because I read everything that Andy Stanley writes AND I am a church planter who works hard AND makes a small salary AND I have five YES FIVE children that I am privileged to parent AND ANDY is a voice of God in my life AND yes I will read it AND if this doesn’t make the cut–well I’m a pastor so I shouldn’t say it.

  • Rusty Pettus

    I would like a copy of Andy’s new book on grace because it is written by Andy. When we visit Atlanta on our family vacations my wife may want to go to Six Flags, to see the Braves, the Aquarium, but I want to go to North Point! It is like Disney for a minister.

  • Kevin Harper

    I follow Andy and love his work. I really enjoy his fresh way of communicating the truth of Scripture. Andy always challenges my thinking and I am looking forward to his new book.

  • Trent Linville

    A haiku about grace…

    Grace is God’s pursuit
    God so freely gives to us
    Grace amazes me

    Really though, grace is a subject that causes so many to err by either taking advantage of grace, or not acknowledging the gift of grace (either to themselves or to others). Seeing as this is such an important issue, and with just how sweet grace is, I would love to hear Andy Stanley, whom I respect as a great teacher, and his take on grace.

  • Bradley Wickersheim

    I want a copy of this book because I am more and more convince we, in the church, have weakend grace… dumbded it down, if you will, into just a covering of our sin or a brushing away of our “mistakes” – my instincts are telling me you’ve felt the same and this book addresses the falcehoods of the all too current belief & practice of “church people.” Grace is so much more there is power to grace that we must accept and tap into if we are to really change the world around us – our circle of influence as well as the circles of those we influence.

  • Earl Putz

    I currently serve in a ministry at my church I am very passionate about. I recently made a mistake in judgment and am seeking grace and forgiveness for it. This book seems like a great step toward really understanding God’s grace.

  • Diane Lake

    I started attending NPCC a year and a half ago on an Easter Sunday. Following that I joined a starting point group and learned about God’s amazing grace from amazing leaders at NPCC.

    While I knew my surving the 9/11 disaster was something special, I just did not realize this was God’s grace or maybe like Andy’s response on your Q & A with him, I just did not procalim it.

    It wasn’t until receiving the knowledge of how amazing God’s grace is was when I realized that I received God’s grace on that day and I now proclaim it. I am so grateful that I did receive God’s grace and that I am still living today to receive it, give it by modeling it and learn more about it everyday!

    Over the past year while I have been lead into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through many of Andy Stanley’s services & DVD’s, I have not read any of his books as of yet. Receiving a copy of this book would not only give me that opportunity but will also enable me to learn so much more about God’s grace for I know that it is much bigger than any of my experiences.

    I also would like to add Andy Stanley is one of my my favorite speakers and I have learned a lifetime of knowledge in this year and a half and look forward to what is next each week!

    I truly promise to not only read the book but will share it as well for
    others to read!

    Thank you very much for ofering to give away copies and truly grateful for considering me. Diane.

  • Melissa Rorabaugh

    I would like a copy of the book.
    1. I will share it with my husband who in a student at Liberty Theological Seminary – even though he will say he doesn’t have time to read it, then he will find time to read it because he loves Andy Stanley.
    2. I have a heart to share with women who have been in situations where legalism has overshadowed the gift of grace. Many of the families we minister to come from a background of legalistic, “religious” churches and we try to stress the gift of grace of legalism.


    Melissa / TubsWife

    • Melissa Rorabaugh

      *the gift of grace over legalism… (reason 3 : I’m 44 and too tired to type so I need a good book to read to get me off the computer!) Ha!

  • Kyler

    I need the grace if God more and more everyday and I need help understanding it. Would live to get my hands on this book.

  • Keith Campbell

    Andy Stanley is one of the best writers on Christian leadership of this this generation. His book “best question ever” is a book I have given to dozens of young people and they never give the book back! I would love to have a copy of his new book. Blessings, Keith

  • Tonya

    I have been through so much lately and really need a blessing from God about now. My dad passed 3 years ago and, I have been struggling with Diabetes, Asthma, and other illness for 3 years and it has kept me so sick where I couldnt enjoy the holidays or life. It seems like one thing after another has happned and have been brought to the point where all I can do is look up. I know God’s grace brings us through storms. I love to read and know there has to be something in your book for me. Would love to have a copy. Can’t afford alot these days so it would be a blessing.

  • Daniel

    I would love a copy of pastor Andy Stanley’s new book because currently I am discovering what grace is and how it both applies to my walk with Christ but also how it is out worked in my world as a disciple. As a growing young man who is a growing young leader of my youth ministry I would love to read this book and apply it to my life and impact the lives of others.

  • Betty O’Hearn

    Andy Stanley is a visionary, intellect, and a care give r to all who will listen. He has a real love for anyone he meets. He has a love for the Body of Christ. He has a love for those who do not know Christ. He is relevant and real. He is a Pastor to me and he does not know it. I would love a copy of his book to read and then pass on.

  • Anna Mae Jones

    I would like a copy because I could use some “grace” in my life right now. Even reading about God’s grace will bring comfort. Thanks!

  • Deb Scarano

    I would love a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book The Grace of God. My 12 year old daughter, Grace, and I watch Andy’s video teachings on NorthPointe’s website all of the time. We love his clear, practical, and revelatory word that always speaks fresh insight. I’ve home schooled all three of my daughters and have learned that because I’ve received so much Grace, I constantly need to offer it freely. I would love to read his book because I’m convinced that there’s plenty of new and fresh insight on how to practically apply Grace in my day-to-day ordinary life.

  • Doug Duggins

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book because I believe that he is one of the best leaders in America, Church or otherwise. I also believe he is one of the best communicators in America, Church or otherwise. Anytime we have the opportunity to learn from people like Andy we should take it.

  • Jennifer

    Hey i would love a free book. I am currently going to school to be a christian counselor and i think it would help not only myself but also the couselees that i will get. Not to mention people that i know already. I love listening to andy stanley and love to read his work also.

  • ross

    I would like this book because i work at a church In south Louisiana and dont make squat for Jesus. I also love how Pastor Andy portrays the Gospel. I also love to read. I grew up with a momma who said readers are leaders.

  • Laura Harris

    I would love a free copy for me to us at my Bible study. Some of the ladies in it are on a very tight budget. I could copy the chapter’s and we could do it together.

  • mark schollaert

    I loved the comment “grace is like a slow cooker”. that is a radical consideration for our hurry church world of pressure. where we are so focused on being on the edge that we forget that God uses graciously all of our life’s details to conform us to the image of the Son. I love the grace of God and how He has used it with me. through Andy’s perspective I hope to learn more of how to be a part of revealing it to others.

  • cycles12

    I would love Andy Stanley’s new book because I’m a college student that has just recently been called into the ministry. I’m trusting God to lead me in his path and I’m looking for any and everything that I can to grow in him. This past year, through a tragedy, I have learned alot about grace and its a topic that is very close to my heart. I would love to read Andy’s new book and learn even more about this subject. Thanks.

  • Sam Dick

    I am currently on a sabbitacal. Grace is a topic worth reflection in this season for me. I am also taking a course at a local seminary on leadership and yesterday we reflected on the biblical theme of ‘grace for service.’ I have a sense this book may give us some more food for thought. Hey if I can squeeze it in to my reading before the course is over, there will be 30+ seminary students who will hear my endorsement for it.

  • Vince Stiffler

    Thanks for the possibility of receiving the book. Many Pastors/Theologians/Scholars have written on the grace of God. Yet, Andy provides a fresh and challenging perspective to many issues that have been well discussed. This book will not simply be read, but it’s sure to impact my personal growth and use in ministry. I would also hope that as a staff, we could add it to the rotation of books to read.

  • premiyum

    I am a full-time student in pharmacy school at the age of 35 with a wife and two kids. Only by His grace was I able to first get into school without a strong pharmacy background and my family couldn’t be more supportive of this mid-life career change. With so much of my time occupied by classes and studying, I could really use Andy’s new book as a respite from the academic grind. We were fortunate to attend North Point for one year, before we had children, and Sunday service was basically our favorite part of the week with Andy’s message.

    Aside from all that (but not off-topic), I am a really big Duke basketball fan. Given the hard time I get for that from my UNC-fan friends and family, and the negativity that cheering for Duke generates from the 99% of the world that aren’t Duke fans, I have to become better at practicing grace. Wouldn’t Andy’s book help me with that?

  • Abraham Gibson

    be creative, be creative, be creative…. I JUST NEED GRACE! I’m an addict, i admit it, i’m totally addicted to grace, and Andy’s take on it will refresh this much loved theme of my life!

  • Jason Anderson

    I am an associate pastor (youth/worship/administrative) at a struggling church in Utah. We don’t have much as far as resources go. I’ve read several of Andy Stanley’s other books and have benefited from them, so I would love to read his new one as well. And after I read it, (I promise), I plan to pass it on for others in the church to read.

  • Michele M

    May I please have a copy of Andy’s new book? I love studying the Bible and theology. It is like medicine to me. I love listening to podcasts or reading books by great Bible teachers such as Andy, his dad Charles, Beth Moore, and others, but I have not purchased any books in a while because I have been unemployed for over two years.

    I have absolutely no idea what God has planned for me, but I definitely need his grace. I promise I will read the book.

    I am sure Andy wrote enlightening things in this book. Thank you for blessing people with a free copy.

  • Betty O’Hearn

    Andy Stanley is living proof of God’s Grace. I would enjoy a copy as I have enjoyed everything he has written. He is relevant. His writing is clear.. He is a real person. He is blessed. He is a Pastor to me via his podcasts. Andy has a heart for the Body of Christ. Andy proclaims the joy of a relationship with Christ through his spoken and written words. He is the most progressive and REAL pastor and has learned in his own life what grace is from the growth of his own ministry. Andy walks the talk.

  • Scott Starnes

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I am in the process of revisiting the foundations of my faith. Our church, Christ Fellowship, in Kingsport, TN, has committed to revisiting these foundational issues in small groups, and I feel that as a small group leader, having a copy of this resource will equip me to communicate the principles of God’s grace. I have two children under the age of 5, and I strongly desire to have the ability to communicate God’s grace to them as they grow. I do not feel that I have a firm grasp of this concept, and I want to have the opportunity to share it with them as they grow physically and spiritually.

    G od’s
    R eal
    A doption of
    C razy
    E arthlings

    And I promise to read it, keep it, and pass it to my children in the future.

  • Matthew Foo

    Wow! Andy Stanley on Grace!

    Have been listening to podcast on leadership, church etc of Andy Stanley and follow him on twitter.

    Our small group has also been doing the 7 Practices of Effective Ministry vis book and podcast and it’s been transforming our thinking and practices.

    Would love to have a copy of The Grace of God and share it with the young people I pastor.

    Thank you ;+)

  • Wayne

    I work in Children’s Ministry and am currently convicted about passing along to those kids a solid understanding and appreciation for the Cross of Christ. I would love to read what Andy has to say about the grace of God as that is clearly a fundamental aspect of the cross.

  • Rob F.

    I want the book so I can learn more about grace I am a youth pastor and I believe teenagers need to extend more grace and receive grace from God to enable them to share His grace with others.

  • David B.

    I’d love a copy of this book for a number of reasons. Since I found Andy Stanley on the internet machine a couple of years ago his teaching has had a profound influence on me both in terms of spiritual growth and leadership development. I love how he can make complex concepts approachable to everyone. I’ve never listened to an Andy Stanley interview or podcast and come away saying “well, that was entertaining but I just don’t feel FED”.

    I probably shouldn’t receive the book because all my friends are getting tired of hearing the phrase “It’s like Andy Stanley said…” in all our discussions. However, I just hope that you have the wisdom to send me the book and then the courage to do it (as Andy Stanley would say).

  • Timothy

    Because it’s only fitting that a book about God’s grace would be given freely. And its already been predestined for me. (right?).

  • Katie K.

    Grace is a tough topic for me. I struggle and struggle to grow closer to God. I want to be good, to deserve what He so freely offers. I understand the concept of grace, but then forget the heart of the matter and live my life in such a way as to deserve grace. That’s not the issue though. Grace is never deserved. It is a gift that is offered freely. I know this and yet I continue, around and around in this merry-go-round of self condemnation and living a graceless life(even though grace is all around me.) How do I understand this? How can this concept become real to me? How can I in turn be graceful, sharing the love of God with my friends who are in desperate need of not only love, mercy and compassion, but of grace? I want to help others to receive the grace of God, but if I am not fully cognizant of the full implications, how can I do that?

  • Andrew Battistella

    I would love a copy of this book…..

    The ‘Grace’ of God is the very ‘power’ of God….it is where our relationship and walk with Him starts.

    I am about to start as an Associate Pastor within a church for the first time, and know that church is all about people….learning more about God’s grace I think is paramount!!

    All help received happily :-)

  • Brian

    I’ve been attending a Northpoint partner church in NC and have grown in my faith thanks to Andy. However, I’ve never had the chance to read one of his books. We are moving next month, and I hope this book will keep me on track and open my eyes to some more Andy styled, but Godly based truths.

  • Beth McKamy

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book “The Grace of God”. It wasn’t until this past year, after being a Christian for 44 years,that I have truly understood what the grace of God means. The grace God gives me, how I should give others the same right of God’s grace that God gives to me, and how I should also give grace to others. The more I read about grace, the more I want to know, and the more I read God’s Word, the more I want to know this wonderful Savior and God!

  • Keith32782

    Andy is a gifted leader and communicator. His books are clear, insightful, and a blessing to read. He has been a powerful influence in leading me, my family, and countless friends into a growing relationship with Jesus. I thank God for what He is doing through Andy and I look forward to learning more about God’s Grace.

  • Seth May

    I would like to get a copy of Andy’s book because as a young adult I am struggling in this notion of grace versus works. I was just talking to a friend the other day who was telling me how much a deeper understanding of grace would benefit my perspective of God and my relationship with Him.

    I’m kinda desperate for some grace without the pluses and the minuses!

  • Laura

    First, I promise to read the book!!

    First let me say that I attend Browns Bridge and LOVE Andy Stanley! Although I have never met him face to face, he speaks directly to me each Sunday.

    I have recently been let go from my job and struggle with this concept of grace, God’s grace. How is God’s grace working in my life as istruggle with this new challenge? How do I show grace to those around me who have no idea what I’m going through.

    I want this book to learn these things (plus, I can’t afford it from the BBCC store ;) !!

  • Autumn Vickers

    I would like a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book because I am a growing Christian and hve found that books like these help me stay encouraged. I hve struggled with growth in my relationship with God but I have recently made a change. I am disciplined in my bible study and love to listen to Andy Stanley’s podcast. I just finished reading Francis Chan’s Forgotten God and loved reading it following my quiet time. I a. Currently looking for a new book to read in addition to my time in God’s word. Also, I am about to get married and my fiancé and I are both college students so every penny I can save helps. I promise if I get a copy of this book I will read it and share it with others.

  • Keith

    For the love of reading and teaching on the character of God.

  • Jared Anderson

    I can’t wait to read this book! Andy Stanley has been a huge influence to me and the ministry that I’m a part of.

  • D Rhodes

    My husband are new life group leaders so we are looking for new resources & potential books to use. We will donate it to the library of the new plant church we attend when we have read it.

  • Bill Jakeway

    I certainly don’t deserve a copy. If you were fair I wouldn’t get a copy. But I’m not asking you to be fair. I’m asking you to apply grace … but if you don’t pick me, I won’t be upset. After all, I didn’t deserve it in the first place.

  • Elizabeth

    Andy’s sermons each Sunday leave me wanting more: more from his point of view, more from myself, and more understanding of God and his grace. Since attending Buckhead for the past few years I know that I have grown immensely and can thank Andy and his staff for that. I believe that by spending my reading time examining my relationship with God further I can grow even more.

  • Cassie Robinson

    Fabulous idea…grace that is ;)

  • Lauren

    grace, “the undeserved gift”. a concept that is nothing short of puzzling. i love it. grace has been a theme in my life. grace followed with redemption. my God is so big.

  • Monitor Castillo

    I would like to have this book because I have been reading most of Andys book and I see him as a mentor to me even he not knowing me. Andys teachings, books and life are an sample to me.

  • Andy Hudson

    Grace comes at a cost to someone in order to be free, right? Why can’t that someone be you?

    Also, Andy Stanley preacked a marriage series that changed my life!


  • Lauren O’Dell

    grace. ‘the undeserved gift’. this concept is nothing short of puzzling. yet i love it. it has been the theme of my life: grace, followed by redemption. a beautiful picture of my God and how big He is.

  • David C

    I listen to Andy podcasts both Leadership and North Point Ministries. This time he has series on “How Good is Good Enough” and I especially excited when he has on topic “Why did Jesus Die?”. I would love to read this book to find out more what exciting thing he has in the book…

  • Paul Moore

    You should choose me because just as Noah found it, you could choose me to find grace in my mailbox when it gets sent. Then I will use it to teach others of God’s grace

  • Kasey

    Wow. Grace has no “but.” That will change your perspective. Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the interview.

  • Kathy S

    I heard Andy Stanley speak at Willow Creek’s Leadership Conference earlier this year. He had a fantastic message about conflict within the church. Although it’s a topic most dread, his message was profound — to expect it, embrace it and learn from it. It gave me hope, and a whole new prespective. In hearing about his new book, I can’t wait to learn what he now has to say about God’s grace!

  • Jon Parker

    I would like a copy of this book because, like you, I read everything Andy writes. But I can’t afford to buy this one because, unlike you, I’m unemployed. I’m still actively involved in the local church though. I’m on the speaking rota and would really appreciate this great resource.

  • Caleb Phelps

    Being in college as a full-time student and working two internships presents its challenges. Yet, being able to apply what I am learning as a Worship Arts major in one of my internships at the church I serve provides awesome opportunities to exercise what is being fed to me in class as well as what I read outside of class. Andy Stanley’s books are dependable, unlike some others, in the fact that I know I can rely on his teaching’s to apply directly from the book to the real-life application. He has shaped me through his other writings and speaking engagements. This would be another chance to apply his teachings straight into the church I serve. If the church is supposed to be taking the gospel to the unchurched and the unsaved, then I would appreciate any help I can get as a young leader!
    -For those yet to hear

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  • Shelly Calcagno

    I would like this book because:

    I love books
    I love Andy Stanley
    I love Grace
    I really love God
    I love books that I win (which has actually never happened YET, but when it does – I know I’ll love it)
    I need more Grace
    I love drinking coffee, which would go well with this book!

  • Terrin

    Hmmm… perfect pairing = New Book + Starbucks… I have a Starbucks… just need the book!

  • Matt

    I am thinking of naming my future daughter Grace and this book may hold the key to my decision… Or Andy’s books have made a monumental impact in my life and ministry and would love to continue celebrating his wisdom in my life.

  • Nancy Hillard

    This is the second post for me because I lost the first, but if that one comes through then you will know how excited I am about getting this free book. My husband became a Pastor 2 years ago and I still am trying to learn how to be a pastors wife and I believe id I read this book written by this great Pastor and teacher, I think It will help me to teach and reach people with more Grace and then they will learn from me. I love my God and I will continue to read all that I can to better my life with him.

  • Brett

    I really enjoy the way Andy is able to captivate his readers. Andy has done a marvelous job weaving his thoughts into great nuggets of info that stick. I have had a great opportunity to read many of his books (communicating for a change is one of my favorite reads ever), and will be buying this book whether I get a free one or not…so you know I will read it.

  • Tammy

    My family has recently been attending Beachside Community Church, and have been Immensely helped by Andy Stanley’s messages that are broadcast there each week. His messages are both inspiring and practical. I would love to read his book.
    Also, I tend to be rather legalistic by nature, and would love to learn more about God’s grace.

  • Brittany

    I am all about the Grace of God. He knows I need it! Its something that I love learning about time and again. I love the depth of it and the simplicity of it and the fact that my tiny human mind will never be able to grasp in its fullness this side of heaven. I don’t even expect to grasp the fullness of such a huge gift but every time I get a little deeper it just reveals the majesty of God on an even greater scale! All that said I am even more excited about the book than I was before I wrote this!

  • Josh L

    I think that God’s grace is one of the most beautiful things in our lives. It is good for us all to have a refresher on this as well as share it with others. I would love to have this book to read, apply to my own life, live in what it says, and pass it on.

  • Jeff Arnold

    I think that the gathering knowledge is important! //Gathering knowledge about our creator well let’s just say that holds a higher priority in my life. I listen and follow andy and you, ron, and I share bits of your advice/ wisdom as it pertains to me and when something really jumps off the page at me. I would love to read this book and will promise to read it. As I continue to seek god and his calling on my life I have had a deep feeling of his love and upon that “ROCK” he builds his church and his relationship with me. *n unshakeable ROCK and Imparting this to others is heavy on my mind and heart now and I believe that this book would give insight and wisdom to a young man who believes Soooo strongly that we reach people for christ not only by telling them how good god is but living in that relationship and making them see a difference in me and wanting what I have! I submit this request to you, that I may receive this book. I always wanted to win something, I can and will go out and get the book but winning, wow that would be cool! I will tell all my friends about it and share the book with them…pay it forward so to speak. Anyway thanks for the opportunity. Jeff Arnold

  • Eva Douglas

    Honestly, I’ve not read one of Andy Stanley’s books before and I am anxious to read one. I really enjoyed the thought provoking answers to the few questions listed above. I have read behind his Dad for years. I have watched some of Andy Stanley’s videos online and am challenged by his thoughts about God and God’s Word. Thank you for considering this request and making this offer available.

  • George Thomas

    I would be blessed by a copy of Andy’s book, “The Grace of God” … and would promise to read it, then pass it on to my two sons who are in ministry. Recently, I have gone through a transition in ministry. It has been the greatest journey of experiencing the “grace of God” in my life. I know reading Andy’s book would be both a confirmation for me of that grace and a method of encouragement to others as I continue with my new ministry. Thank you for your generosity and I pray I personally benefit from it.

  • Joe

    THE: Reason I’d like a copy of this book is because I am a young leader who has, and continues to be greatly impacted by the ministry of Andy Stanley. I believe that leaders are readers and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the writings of Mr. Stanley. I recently became one of three Jr. High Pastors at my church, and to read a book about the grace of God, I feel would be another tool that will further equip me on my new journey in ministry.

    GRACE: Is why I am who I am. Without the amazing grace of God, I have no idea where I would be. I wake up every day amazed by everything going on, and it all goes back to the grace of God. Where would I be without it!?

    OF: Course I’d ACTUALLY read it if you gave it to me for FREE!

    GOD: Is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The building of His kingdom is what I’ve committed my life to and knowing I’m a part of something bigger than myself is one of the greatest feelings in the world!

  • Mark Tilford

    This is exciting. Andy Stanley always is able to make complicated issues in Christianity simple and understandable, here he is tackling the subject of Grace which is crucial to Christianity. As a Christian man who is striving to learn more and more about my faith, I am very excited about reading this book. I lead a small group at our church, and the subject of Grace comes up often as we have 3 former Catholics in the group. We have discussed the concept and the differences between the two beliefs many times,but the subject continues to be a hot topic within our group and I have been looking for another way to present the information to those that I am called to lead. I feel that Pastor Stanley will give me some insight into how to approach this in my small group more clearly and effectively. I always greatly enjoy Andy’s sermon’s online and have enjoyed his written material in the past as well.

  • Malen Hvidding

    i need extra grace!

  • Aaron

    Because i am 18 years old. I listin to Andys podcast weekly. I often order some of his past services. I have been looking to buy this book since it came out, just havent had the cash to do it!

  • Melanie Searles

    I would LOVE a copy of Andy’s new book because I always
    G= Gain a new understanding of God’s love & Grace when listening to Andy preach.
    R= I would Really appreciate a free copy!!! Free books Rock!! ;)
    A= I would love to share this Amazing book with my teenage son, Andrew.
    C= I think that reading this book would help me Comprehend God’s amazing love, Care, & Compassion for me.
    E= I would be so Excited to get a frEE copy!! I’m sure I’ll Enjoy reading Every page!!

  • Sharon Thiel

    Of late, I find myself getting pulled into thread after thread on the topic of Grace. For some reason, the more people see how desperately they need Grace, the harder they fight for the necessity to work for what cannot be earned. Andy had me at “Grace minus is no longer grace.” I’m sure if I receive his book, it will illumine my ongoing apologetic for Grace being as unmeasurable as the amazing God who offers it.

  • Gayla Grace

    I would like a copy of this book because I believe God showed me His indescribable grace when He provided a second husband for me with the last name of Grace. I love talking about God’s grace and what He has done in our remarriage and named my website “Stepparenting with Grace, because without God’s grace, we will not succeed in stepparenting. I also love having the last name of Grace!

  • Denise Beverly

    As a family we were in need of some family devotional time, we aren’t in church right now. Our son has had some emotional problems and desperately in need of Grace in his life. He is now beginning to decide on college and is someone who is very uncomfortable in public places and crowds.
    He actually asked we find something to do as a family to help him grow spiritually since we aren’t in a church home. My cousin introduced me to Andy’s’ ministry, and it has truly been a Godsend. Our son is glued to the broadcast, he always talks about the message afterward. His teaching is just what we needed at this time in our life and especially right now in our sons. He looks forward to the messages each week and so do we. I am so blessed by the fact that he has sound, foundational teaching, life teaching, this is how you live teaching. This added to our follow up and “living it out” will help our son as he sets about on his life as a college student and beyond.

  • Jeff Janz

    GRACE. That is an easy one to accept but a hard one to act out. It is so easy to get caught up in life and forget how life relys on grace, God’s GRACE. Everybody needs to be reminded of this. I am looking forward to being taught about GRACE by Andy Stanley.

  • Tim L. Walker

    Why I want the book: I enjoy Andy Stanley’s podcasts/messages via iTunes, but never actually read through a whole book… a free one book is a good motivator/excuse to read one.

  • Benjamin Shin

    I am an Asian-American and often time our culture can be characterized as being “grace-less.” So as a result, I have been grabbing anything and everything related to the topic of grace in order to help myself and others to connect with God. I’m hoping to be “grace full” as a result of reading this book!

  • Alison Bullock

    I do not deserve a free copy just as I do not deserve the grace our Heavenly Father so freely gives. Would I like a free copy – YES! Do I want and need God’s grace in my life – YES!

  • Kingsly

    Thanks for the interview! I would like to get this book because like every one else i need grace. “The Solution to Just About Everything” is wat caught my attention in the interview.
    Well if i dont get selected for the book, meaning if my comment doesnt qualify me for the book, then please do show some Grace and give me what i dont deserve. :)

  • Bobby Fredere

    Andy Stanley is one of my all time heroes. His previous books have helped me develop myself as a leader and also to influence those around me. Not to mention I have found this new passion of loving to read!! Learning about the Grace of God always helps me to humble myself and realize how truly blessed I am.

  • Kevin

    I experienced grace in a very real way about 12 years ago. My life was torn apart by decisions I made. This led to me almost losing my family, the loss of my job, and coming very close to suicide. I had never read a book by Max Lucado before, but I remembered the cover of one I had seen in the hands of a Pastor’s wife a couple of years before. That book, IN THE GRIP OF GRACE, turned out to be a study on Romans that led me to learn about grace in a whole new way. After about 3 years, I was restored after counseling and accountability. And I knew that extending this unmerited favor that I had been shown would be the catalyst that would change my ministry and my life for the rest of my days.

    I’m now a Worship Pastor who has sunk my teeth into the extension of grace and leading others through the eyes of grace. Andy is a trusted author that I have turned to many times in the area of leadership and small group studies. And now, I would love to be a student of his once more in the topic that changed my entire life years ago. Andy’s practical way of teaching Biblical principles will, no doubt, help me to better lead with truth & grace. I can’t wait!

  • Willie

    I have been out of work for over a year and a half and I was getting very depressed as a man out of work and could not provide for my family. I feel it was by God’s Grace that he let me come upon Andy and his teaching. I am still not working full time, but the word of God has touched me so much, that I feel like I am able to deal with my situation so much better.Thank-you God for your grace and mercy for blessing me in my storm, and wheter chosen or not,Andy may God continue to bless you n your teaching.

  • Chris

    So essentially I’m supposed to tell you why I deserve a book about grace. If I tell you that I deserve it, then I could come across as prideful. Studies have shown that prideful people are not well-liked, which I must be in order for you to subjectively choose me to receive Andy’s book.

    However, I must also be careful not to seem too humble, as then there would be nothing in my entry that would make me stand out and have you consider my entry worthy enough to win such a prize.

    I could choose to go the “shameless flattery” route, where I tell you how much I learn from your blog and how your 10 stages of public speaking were right on, and how I could identify with each of them. After all, don’t we all like to be liked, especially if you’re the doling out the books?

    In the end, though, I think what I’ll tell you is that I’m a pastor who hasn’t been in a church for a while, and is thinking about diving back into “professional ministry.” However, I would need a good amount of grace in order to appropriately love the people whom I would be shepherding, and I’m sure Andy’s book would be great at giving me a foundation upon which to build. Whether I deserve the book or not is up to you, but I can tell you that it would definitely be read. Thanks for making the offer.

  • Kirk Taylor

    Why do you want a copy of this book?
    I follow Andy on Twitter too. He posted the link to your blog. You follow an insane number of people. An amazing number follow you! Are there records for such things? Anyway, I’m a seminary student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School— I don’t have near enough to read— but really appreciated Andy’s creativity when wondering if we “could do that?” while serving on the First Evangelical Free Church elder board. Did I mention I was an evangelical? Anyway, whether I make the cut or not, thanks for helping Andy share God’s grace (it’s what we evangelicals do you know).
    Blessings, Kirk Taylor

    If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?

  • T. Bradley

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I want to better understand the Godly principle of grace. I have lived through many situations in life where I was the recipient of grace, but the one that stands far aboe the rest was when it was extended to me by my loving wife after I had committed the ultimate betrayal against her via adultery. She could have, and had every right to leave me. But instead, she chose to love and forgive me and help bring me back to the cross. Was our road to healing fast or easy? No! Was it worth it? Absolutely!! Today, our marriage is even better than it was in the years prior to my sinful act. God has restored to a level higher than we could have ever imagined possible. And now, we are leading a marriage ministry in our church to help strengthen other couples in their journey of marriage for God’s glory.

  • Kyle Steven Bonenberger

    Michael, everything Andy has ever written has pretty much changed my life. I would love a free copy. :)

  • Justin Jahanshir

    I’ve heard it said, you will be the same person a year from now apart from the books you read and the people you meet…so I try and read as much as possible from authors especially like Andy Stanley. I would absolutely read the book as soon as I received it.

    I would especially like the book because as a person dedicated to Apple (which I hope doesn’t take me out of the running), I’m certainly not going to buy a Kindle and as much as I’d love the iPad, I haven’t made that financial leap yet….so that leaves the book!

  • Jennifer Bryant

    I recently reconnected with a friend from college. She is living in DC and is struggling as she tries to determine what exactly she believes, and how she can share those beliefs with others. Grace is a topic we have discussed often, and she actually asked me to recommend a book about grace for her. I think this book is a perfect fit! I will be sending her this book as a gift, so I’d love to get a free copy that I can read and discuss with her. I promise to read it!! And I promise I will encourage her to read it too.

  • Mark Hopkins

    Why? You offered to do so before I even came into the conversation. It’s the very parallel to God’s grace. In the same way, my feeble attempt to creatively earn it does not make me worthy of the free gift. With joy and gratitude, I will read the book but not keep it to myself. I will give what has been freely given.

  • Johanna Mignon Santos

    “Grace plus is no longer grace. Grace minus is no longer grace. We are afraid people will abuse grace if presented in its purest form. We need not fear that, we should assume that. Religious people crucified grace personified. Of course grace will be abused. But grace is a powerful dynamic. Grace wins out in the end. It is not our responsibility to qualify it. It is our responsibility to proclaim it and model it.”

    –I just love how Andy Stanley is such a master storyteller. His God-given ability to weave words together to form ideas and images that we can clearly see in our minds and appeal to our hearts.

    I’ve been a subscriber of the North Point Ministries Podcast, and really love how Andy preaches. He is not only theologically sound, but gives the opportunity to those who might not have a strong theological background to understand Biblical concepts.

    Just recently have I found out that Andy has published books already when I got a hold of a copy of his book “Visioneering” in our school library. I’m taking my master’s degree program at a bible school here in my country (Philippines). And the book just really helped me to fine tune my personal vision. And after reading the entire book, I immediately searched in the local bookshops for it and bought a copy for myself so I can use it for my discipleship group.

    I would love to get a copy of his new book for the reason that I haven’t had the chance to read a lot of books about the topic of grace. And on my current situation as a bible school student, we often touch on a number of topics about the Christian faith and life in general and theology, and I know a lot of us have probably lost or maybe forgotten along the way about thinking about God’s GRACE. So getting a chance to read the book just might refresh us bible school students and be reminded of what it truly means.

  • KaylaA

    Grace. It’s always something I’ve struggled with. When I started college three years ago, I didn’t fully comprehend how much I needed grace. Growing up in a legalistic mindset, I always felt like I had to be good enough, to do good enough, and I never let myself have the grace that has been so freely given to me. It is only in these last few years that I have learned how much I need grace, and on a daily basis at that. I began attending Buckhead Church when I came to college and I can’t tell you how many times Andy Stanley’s sermons have convicted and challenged me. I know that these last few years I have grown tremendously in my walk with the Lord and understanding of His grace, but I recognize that I still have a long way to go. I would love the opportunity to win a copy of Andy Stanley’s book and continue to grow in learning about the grace of my God. Thank you!

  • AngieB

    hi mike! i’d love a copy of the book; i think it will be an excellent compliment to some of the chats God and i have been having recently. and since you’re never too young to learn about grace vs mercy, i’d love to share it with the girls in my high school small group. thanks!!

  • Jeremy Postal

    I would like to receive a free copy of this book because my mind is like a crock pot, it is often extraordinarily slow. Blogs, twitter, and Facebook work quicker, but they erode my comprehension. That, and Mr. Stanley compared grace to a crock pot, and I’m intrigued.

  • Nathan Stanley

    I am a pastor and many times we need to be reminded of the grace of God. I have been walk through the frustration of transition with a family of 6 and 1 of them is a four month old. God’s grace is something I personally am having to remind myself of and rely on. I promise to read this much needed book.

  • Anibi Zambrano

    About three months ago I had the amazing privilege of attending Hillsong Conference in Sydney where I listened to Andy Stanley speak for the first time. His practical teachings blew me away, in the sense that most of the things I listened to him preach, I still remember and have been able to apply in my daily life since. This is what I love: being able to put in action everything God reveals to me, and it would be amazing to understand more about God’s grace, what it means, and the way it will influence my personal relationship with Him in every encounter we have. I guess most of what the world has taught me would argue against grace, because in a way, I do not deserve anything and its sometimes difficult to think that everything God does is by pure grace – I’d really love to know more about this. :)

  • James Woosley

    I love to listen to Andy’s sermons and podcasts. Just finished reading Choosing to Cheat and loved it too. I’m sure this book is another great read!

  • Charles Porter

    Grace as an active verb is a new concept, and grace for the ongoing life of the believer is something I picked up at Catalyst West. Convinces me i need to talk more about it.

  • Joseph Handley

    The interview you posted, Michael, stirred my interest in Andy’s new book. I appreciate your Twitter post and blog. This promotion typifies the generosity that I’ve noticed you express. Of course, I am hoping to be a recipient of that generosity, yet not based primarily on the merit of my post. Instead, my petition is for an expression of fearless, forward-thinking, extravagant grace. Your offer is an opportunity for a grace revolution.

  • Josh

    I love Jesus. It would probably be fitting to stop there, but I doubt that only saying that would be a worthy answer to receive a free coppy, so I’ll explain.

    I would like a free copy of this book because everyone likes free stuff. Honestly, who doesn’t? That’s the why I want a free copy. Why do I think that I deserve a free copy? Entirely different question. I think I deserve a free copy because I love to read… I guess you could say its one of my “things” that I enjoy doing most. I’m currently in college, enrolled at a Bible college and planning on going into ministry once I graduate. I think that it would be only fitting for a college student who is so eager to learn (and, not to mention, short on money) to receive a free copy of Andy Stanley’s new book.

  • Josh Baker

    First off i just want to say thank you for giving this book away. By this you are helping 100 people learn more about Grace, which is a topic that people need to hear about. Grace is freely given to us even when we never deserved it. Wow. A person told me one time that being free from sin isnt just asking god to forgive us, but realizing that once we ask, we ARE forgiven no if ands of buts about it. That is one of the things i struggle with most in my life because is accepting that God still loves me and has forgiven me. So again, i just want to thank you for giving away this book, because there are people who could be greatly changed by reading it.

  • Anita

    I want a copy of this book because Anita means Gracious One. I enjoy reading about grace because it’s who God created me to be and I like different perspectives about the subject. Also I sometimes fail miserably at extending grace and any insight on how better to do so is always welcome, even if it hurts. I will buy a copy and read it if I don’t win.

  • David Johansson

    Andy Stanley’s teachings on leadership, character and integrity at Global Leadership Summit and Catalyst have meant a lot to me. It would be great to learn more how the grace of God fuels all these areas of life and leadership. I’m a pastor and church planter in Stockholm, Sweden, and I think Andy has got a unique voice into the heart of Scandinavia!

  • Dave W

    I’m an English major in my final undergrad semester at a liberal [arts] university. All the exposure to cultural and literary criticism, Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra, Edmund Burke’s treatise on the Sublime and the Beautiful, Akira Kurosawa’s bleak outlook on the cosmos in Ran (his adaptation of Shakespeare’s also bleak King Lear)…this has lent me for a craving to counter the trend of academic-postmodern nothingness and I love love love Andy’s Stanley’s first ever message on Ecclesiastes in redress (see NPM’s series on “time” in recent podcasts)

    I’m a medic in the Army Guard and am far from being a potent force multiplier, being new in, being unexperienced, being naïve. During medic school, I would listen to podcasts by NPM (Pastor Andy et al), Cornerstone Simi Valley, and Bethlehem Minnesota, and these would be my lullabies to sleep. These messages taught me large lessons in focus, finishing, and faith. And lessons on healing, by a pretty effective One.

    I was born and raised in what used to be a Christian kingdom, the only US state to ever have been a kingdom. There are many many grace-related issues that still need to be worked through — lots of old hypocrisies, lots of extortionist destruction. I sometimes look around me at the condition of Hawai`i, and think, ‘what happened’? Grace needs to happen.

    Hopefully, if circuitously, I’ve shown that I’ll be reading this book. Thank you.

  • Aaron77w

    I would love a copy of Andy’s new book because he is such a great communicater. I have read his books in the past and used them to help me in my ministering and personal relationship with God. I have learned a lot from Andy in his podcasts and online sermons as well as the leadership summit. The way he teaches is very effective to me and I would love to continue and honestly will even if I don’t get the book free. thank you for doing this by the way it is awesome of you!

  • Fernando Gomez

    It is by grace that we are saved! To read a book written by a phenomenal leader and learn a litte more about grace from his own experiences, it motivates me and inspires me in my walk with Christ.

  • Michael Lynch

    At one point in my life I had fallen away from my relationship with the Lord. It was a complete lack of accountability in my life that led me to that moment. Needless to say the Lord works in mysterious ways and after close to two years of suffering He graciously brought me back into His loving arms. Shortly thereafter I began attending 7|22, Andy Stanley’s ministry to college aged students and I grew and learned so much under not only his teaching but the teaching of those be brought in to speak to us. The Grace of God has factored so heavily in my own life, and now as I’m in a position to speak of God’s love and His grace to middle and high schoolers, I find myself valuing more and more what I learned while at 7|22. He’s even been a guest speaker at the University I attended and even while speaking on leadership, his views transcend church leadership into the very core of what makes me a well grounded businessman. I value his thoughts on other subjects, and I cannot wait to see what he says on the grace of God. And yes, you have my word I read and soak in every word Andy has to say!

  • Caleb Newton

    I was having a discussion the other day about how our society completely lacks grace for those it finds in breach of its values–even though secular society refuses to positively define what those values are.

    I would love to see your view on it on this essential topic to the Christian faith.

  • Chris H.

    To give you an opportunity to “show” grace, I will leave a comment that does not deserve to be chosen to receive a free book. You will in turn have the opportunity to withhold what I deserve (to buy the book) and in addition offer me something good (a free copy of Andy Stanley’s book).

    Thanks for showing grace to me!

  • Greg

    I think I need to read this book as a recovering fundamentalist. I was raised to be full of law, but I still struggle with the Grace of God, for myself and for others. Please send me a copy; it will be read!

  • Johan M

    I have experienced God’s grace as His child. However,in the last two months, as a new full time executive pastor, I have experienced moments where my professional background and abilities were not enough. Moments where I’ve been struggling with the idea that I’m not the “right guy” for the job. My conclusion? I need G.R.A.C.E (God’s Resources And Charismas Enablement). Great moment to get and read Andy’s book. Thanks Michael for sharing this.

  • Evan

    A daily cry and prayer is that grace would abound in my life. Often it feels like the chance to demonstrate grace is one comment or action too late. Lets learn how our Father lavishes grace on us and use that model to do the same for others. This sounds like a great read!

  • Andrew Powell

    I would love a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book, and here are a few reasons: I’ve just about finished Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff and I need a next good read, maybe something not so humorous…not that Andy (we’re on a first name basis…if I ever meet him again) isn’t funny, but I find it hard to believe I will be laughing as much at God’s grace than at ourselves. Also, my church seems to be blatantly enamored with anything Andy (again, the first name…next time he sees me he can call me Andrew, or Drew, or whatever he likes) that if I were to gain possession of his new book I would gain ground in the “who likes NPM the most” arena; which I seem to be losing. Finally, I would love a copy of the new book because I really do need more grace in my life; both recognizing/receiving God’s grace as well as becoming more gracious myself.

  • Caleb kimbro

    Caleb K.

    Don’t give one to me! Pick someone else! They deserve it more!

  • Matt Beard

    I love Andy’s books. The crazy thing is that I haven’t even read this yet but I bought a copy tonight at work (I work at LifeWay) and gave it to a coworker who I knew needed an expression of the grace of God. There are few writers that I would trust enough to do that without reading the work first. I’ll buy it and read it eventually even if I’m not selected but I saw this and said, “Why not?”.

  • louiscutmore

    I absolutely love the podcasts and teachings from Ps Andy!

  • JJ Goldsbury

    Well I am currenty going to Portland bible college and wanting to indulge myself in great literature written by one of the worlds greatest pastors.

  • Reggie

    I want a copy because tomorrow I am sending my copy, via UPS, to
    David Berkowitz, a once infamous serial killer who has embraced God’s unexplainable grace. I think Andy’s book develops a picture of grace, that clearly displays for both churched and un-churched readers, how someone with David’s background can be forgiven and covered in God’s grace. David will never leave prison (in this life), so I hope my copy will be an encouragement to him and his fellow inmates who have found or are still in the dark about God’s boundless grace.
    Daily Journals from David:

  • Dolores M.

    I am so excited to read “Grace of God” I struggle many times with the choices that I make, which scares me, because I feel my faith is unconditional & strong. I truly feel Gods grace everywhere I turn, I want to understand it, be grateful towards it,and allow his grace to use me to minister to others. I will read every word of this book with my heart wide open to take all his love in and to share it with others.

  • Emily

    Mr Andy! Thanks for writing another book! I got one of your books about the law of the path on iTunes and I listened to the WHOLE thing. The guy who read it pronounced the words a lot different style than you though, but it was still really awesome. I get your podcast too. Your thoughts have challenged me a lot about how I do leadership. Especially when you talked about doing the one thing only you can do. Since then I’ve delegated all my boring phone calls and administrative work to older people so I can stick to the fun visionary stuff. :D If that is wrong, I have sinned. lol.

    Anyways, hope to read your book soon cause I know it’s probly full of wisdom and smart stuff that will help me. I’m not gonna lie, I would totally LOVE winning a copy, but if I don’t get it I’ll prolly just ask for it for Christmas anyways so, one way or the other it should work out.

    Ok, That’s about it for now! Peace out.

    PS. You should make people promise to read it and then give it away. You know, kill two birds with one stone…

  • Barry Boucher

    Grace – God’s righteousness at Christ’s expense. I travel from Canada to the Ukraine twice each year to serve the emerging leaders in both the messianic congregations and local churches. Having lived under communism for so long it is challenging for them to understand grace. Andy’s book will empower and equip me to serve more simply and clearly. Thanks in advance for your kind offer Michael.

  • Jason M

    I thoroughly enjoy all resources coming out of NPM and our church has an awesome collection of resources available for everyone to use… Id like the book so that I can read it and then pass it on to anyone who wants to read it too!

  • Sheri

    What a great interview. The subject alone leaves me intrigued, but to take it a bit further it sparks something deep inside me. It makes me want to read more, to learn more and to be more. We often hear about grace from the pulpits, but often fail to take it much further. Even when we do take it further we often get sidetracked from what that original goal was. My desire for my own life is dig deeper into grace, to not allow the “fear” to creep in, but live a life authentically for Christ and full of grace. This sounds like an amazing book. This interview left me wanting to read more. Thanks for sharing this article. This will be a book I read, and learn to live.

  • Jacob A. Jakobsen

    Just resently started to listen to Andy Stanley podcasts, he is not that well known here in Denmark yet. But he is a really inspiring man of God.
    And a book about “The Grace of God” with a possible subtitle of “The Solution to Just About Everything”… Who would not want to read it? and who would not gain from reading it?
    I would…

  • Lisa

    Lately, I have found myself talking about grace more and more. Although many do see grace that is something God gives us freely, I always hear a “but” to it. I recently told a pastor that we need to be practicing what is preached. They can not preach from the pulpit but turn around and put conditions on what they actually do. This book is very timely during this season of my ministry.

  • Ryan McKinnon

    In the past 2.5 years of seminary working towards a Masters of Divinity I have barely read of the topic of grace. Sure, it was lightly touched upon in the first theology course, but other than that the rest of what a seminary student learns about grace is essentially on his or her own. While this is not bad, nor is the seminary in error, it still does not make for a student to easily preach on the subject. As I am sure that Stanley’s book is not a theological treatise, I trust in his ability to communicate with the best of authors and believe that his dealing with such a topic will enlighten the church community on a topic that we all experience from our very birth and daily ever since. Such a resource as Stanley’s will help a pastor-hopeful and Army Chaplain such as myself to better understand God’s grace demonstrated in my own life, and to communicate to my listeners such a profound reason for them to place their trust in God.

  • Simon Risson

    I am a Ministry Team Leader in a Regional Church, Australia. Wouldn’t you like to give a book to Australia & get it out there as far as possible? We are going though significant changes & I am constantly being reminded that despite all changes we go through, it means nothing unless we live out a costly grace. Would love to not only read the book after hearing Andy Stanley recently at the GLS, but also pass it on – we need to hear this message. We need to remember it, live in it & live out of it.
    I look forward to the read, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Leslee

    Cynics always say “nothing in life is free”. We can say oh yeah? Grace and Andy’s book are! Seriously though, Andy has been gifted as a spiritual leader. I would love to not only read this latest book but also pass it on when I’m done to someone who needs it.

  • Helena

    I want a copy because Andy is very unknown here in France, and every time I read something that he writes I spread his thoughts and his name around me to show to my “french too smart intellectual people” that God and French Way of Live are not really opposed and that humbleness can give so many fruits!!

  • Candy Edwards

    Without God’s grace, I would not be here today. I have had just has much trouble accepting it as I have sharing it. But, I am learning that God is GRACIOUS … I crave to know Him more.

  • Toni

    I am a reader and always looking for opportunities to grow. I will read yhr bok to gain information for myself but also so that God can use me to tell others about His grace. It is something powerful that the we are missing in undrstanding since we are saved by grace. Would love to read it!

  • Kimmery S

    Giving me a copy of this book is a great idea
    Reading this book will deepen my understanding of God’s character
    A man can’t wrap his finite mind around the idea of God’s infinite grace
    Can’t you see that I really want a copy
    Everyone doesn’t deserve God’s grace and yet he gives it freely… so even though I don’t really deserve a free book it’s a grace thing…

  • John

    I have been a Christian for over 13 years and I am at a point in my life where it is just clicking that I have been understanding Jesus as my Savior, but never the concept of knowing him as my “Lord” also. This whole idea has blindsided me, but in a very good way. I find myself more curious about the depths of God and trying to rediscover the parts of grace I took for granted. This is tough to say, but in those 13 years of knowing who God is, I feel like I have never truly understood the depth of His grace. I want to know everything I can about His grace and I feel this book would help guide me in my new journey in Him.

  • Justin Ross

    I like goldfish. Its the whole twice-baked thing that really sucks me in. Not only do they contain 0g Trans Fat, are less greasy, but they baked it twice… just for me! I remember reading about when Jesus did the whole fishes and loaves thing and it got me thinking. Goldfish are fish… and bread. Maybe Jesus multiplied the fishes and loaves by inventing Goldfish right there on the spot. There are always plenty to go around. Oh, and I would like a copy of this new book. Thank you. -Justin

  • Melody

    As a student going into full-time ministry next year I am looking to deepen my knowledge and understanding of my own relationship with God and find ways to help others do the same.

    I have recently been thinking about Grace, and how sometimes we rely too much on the fact that our missing-the-mark has already been covered, yet we should still keep aiming for it. Im sure Andy Stanley would have some insight on this.

    After hearing Andy speak at Hillsong Conference in July I have been regularly listening to his Northpoint Ministry Podcasts and respect and appreciate his insight and presentation.

    This sounds like a book I would read over and over, and pass around to others I think could benefit from it.

  • David Jones

    I would love to get this book. Andy Stanley is one of my favorites! (Congrats on the 15 year celebration Mr. Stanley) I grew up watching his dad, because my dad loves him. Hook me up PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • michael

    ‘Next generation leader’ made me realise me realise i was only competent at one thing…’Communicating for a change’ made me realise it wasn’t that…now i need ‘the grace of god’ for..well you get the picture.

  • Shawn Ames


    Pllleeeeaaaaaasssseeee pick me!

  • Tim

    I truly enjoy hour work and would love to buy your new book but I’m poor.

  • Nate Murphy

    I am currently helping plant a church and so my time has been filled with reading books on ministry planning. Having read Stanley in the past, I was excited that he was releasing a new book. But seeing that this one is about Grace (as opposed to leadership, vision, etc) got me really excited. It’s something that I have always known but have never truly understood on a deep level. I would love to get a copy of this book and see everything he has discovered.

  • Caleb Butts

    Andy Stanley is a fantastic speaker and I love his approach to grace and our relationship with God. Though I’ve yet to read any of his books (but have given The Path Principle) to my little sister, I would love the opportunity to read this one.

  • Karol Cattoni

    Hi, I’m Karol from Brazil and I really wanna read this book ’cause I need to understand the Grace of God to share with my country that really needs. We’re living difficult days with so much suffering, that It’s important to know how this amazing grace works in our lives.

  • Randy


    You should send me a copy of this book because I don’t deserve it. I promise to read it though!



  • Winston Lages

    I would like to receive a free copy of this book because I am a Brazilian pastor, planting a church in Manaus, Amazon State Brazil. God has put in our hearts the love for the postmodern middle-upper class in Brazil. This book would really help our ministry.

  • David Santistevan

    I’d love a copy of andy’s new book. I’m a young adult pastor and always looking for fresh ways to engage my people with God’s word. We do small group studies throughout the year and this seems like an incredible read. Thanks for taking the time to read this and bless so many people with your blog!

  • Jim Carney

    Andy Stanley has become a voice, through which God’s voice has been speaking to me. I pray for him and his staff that our heavenluy Father would preserve them from the influence of the wicked one! Thanks for interviewing him. I pastor a small church that was forced into existance because of one lady obeying God and feeding and clothing people, the result was people got saved and needed a place to fellowship. 48 years later we are realizing the need to have a process in place and a vision to work toward because of Andy’s writings. I listen to all he puts out, seeing if the Father wants to speak through it. Thanks!

  • Bruce Page

    Do what no one else is doing listen learn lead in uncertain times stating vision simply casting convincingly embracing personally making your mark with mutual submission looking ahead leaning not on the most powerful man in the room but coming to terms with a new approach. Stanley

  • Brian Carlton

    God has brought a few men into my life who are really struggling with the issue of God showing grace and mercy to them because of their past. I have read other books by Andy they have always been valuable to me in the Kingdom work God has called me to. I look forward to the wisdom and insight this book has to offer that I can take and pour in to them.

  • Jonathan R. Shockley

    Does anything come close to God’s grace and the real impact it has on our lives? Do Christians really understand that through His grace and mercy we can love fuller lives? Anytime I can get my hands on something regarding this topic (grace-whether it be book, audio, periodical), I like to read it to squeeze the marrow out of it. I’d love to read your newly published work. This was recommended to me from a friend from high school…dare I say 20 years ago…and we’re both still firm in the faith. Peace and abundant joy to you and yours…

  • Steve Kiewiet

    After reading this book, I will then place it in the lending library at work and share what I have learned with my 150 employees. I have been actively pursuing more opportunities to bring the message of Christ to the workplace and Andy’s book will be a great tool to add to this mission.

  • Kelly Rhoades

    I would like a copy of this book for a few reasons, the first one is not very creative at all: I just started a new church and I dont have a book budget! The second reason is I have never read one of Andy’s books and I want to see how he measures up to Furtick. (I did buy that one for 6.99) I enjoy Andy’s tweets and what he’s doing in Christian leadership. I promise to read it, I might even review it, but it will not go to waste.

  • Chuck B.

    So many people feel guilty for accepting the gift of grace from God. I know I certainly struggle with it. It is free and comes from God’s love for us. I want to be a better model for my students and youth at church. Andy’s books are a blessing and help me to grow so I will certaily read this book!

  • Gabrielli

    Hello!! I’d love get a copy of this book… I’m from Brazil, and can’t find any of his book his… I always listen to his messages on NPCC… =)
    I hope I can get one!!

    God bless!

  • mom2chelnjustin

    I want to win this book so I can share it with people. Not that I wouldn’t share a copy that I didn’t win.

    Would I read it? You bet I would!!!! Knowing me, I’d read it, blog about it, Facebook about it & even lend it to a few people.

  • Nate Mills

    I love reading Andy’s books. I wanted to purchase a copy of this at Catalyst earlier this month but did not have extra cash to buy it. Plus, I knew that Michael Hyatt would have this awesome contest and I would not want to be left out of it. I would definitely read this book and I promise that if I receive a copy of “The Grace of God” by Andy Stanley that I would read it. Thank you for your consideration. Be blessed!

  • Leslie

    What an impact Christians could really make if we truly grasped what it means to be full of God’s grace – not our concept of it, but His definition of grace. I know so many people who have turned away from God because of the acts of Christians. Personally, I need to learn more about the depth of His grace in my life. This is one area I am really seeking God, particularly within my marriage. What does it mean to exhibit God’s grace without being a doormat?

  • Jason

    I want this book to learn more about why “Grace is like a crock pot.” And I’m giving you the opportunity to show me grace by giving me the book for free.

  • Katie Babcock

    How does an ordinary gal write a clever comment to be seen in a sea of comments?! After sitting and pondering this question, I retreat to what I know: answering the question in a logistical fashion. As a college student, I am all too comfortable with multiple choice and outlines. I hope that a simple A-D will be enough truth to pursuade you in to a free copy of Andy’s new book.

    A) UGA has most of my money
    B) Until March, Passion City Church has the rest (thanks to none other than Mr. Stanley himself)
    C) I have just recently felt freed from fighting legalism
    D) I desire a greater understanding of the Lord’s amazing grace so that I can better understand, better accept it, and better extend it.

    Would I read it? I’m a book worm. Absolutely.

  • Becky Brown

    I have enjoyed Andy’s ministry through the podcasts as well as the curriculum for small groups. I would love a copy of The Grace of God!

  • Micah

    I would love a copy of this book for my book library at church. I love to read anything on leadership and about the Lord. His comment about the church being uncomfortable with grace is right on. We must quit trying to add to the Bible. If we change it, it becomes about us and not God. I look forward to reading this book after hearing Andy speak at Catalyst this month in Atlanta.

  • Michelle

    I’d like a copy of Andy’s new book about God’s grace! I’ve experienced grace in my own life and find I can extend it to most people with the exception of one – my brother. And he has a hard time receiving it even when it is extended. He’s recently released from prison and is a recovering addict. He needs grace! I want to read the book and then give it to him!

  • Michael

    As a leader I struggle often with God’s grace extended to me, let alone extending grace to others.

  • Cory Zurcher

    Andy is a very good communicator and thinker thanks for sharing this

  • Cliff

    I think that the message of Gods grace is without a doubt the most desperately needed message in the world today! Im a full-time youth pastor and have been pouring into young people for the last six years snd I can tell you that todays youth need this message probably more than anyone. They’ve heard the rules, theyve heard the guilt trips, now its time for them to hear about the radical Grace of God. Nothing will cause todays youth to fall in love with Jesus like the Grace of God. I need this book! :)

  • Chuck B.

    So many people feel that they do not believe that they are worthy of God’s grace and feel guilty accepting it. It is free to all who believe in Him! Andy’s book have always helped me to grow. I want to be a better role model for my students and youth at church so I will definitely read this book!

  • Gobles

    I’m always trying to better and come closer to God, and reading Andy Stanley’s books are a great source on inspiration and ideas. Also, as I am going to become a father any day now (yes, seriously) I need to save all the money I can!

  • Cheryl

    I am so anxious to read this book! As a missionary living in Russia (with a US mailing address where I can have things shipped :) ) I feel like I can be “out of the loop” on the latest helpful resources coming out of the States. My dear friend and mentor recommended this book to me this week. I would be so grateful to receive a copy!

  • Katherine

    That’s interesting that you would recommend that book and give it away free. I wouldn’t buy the book myself but your comments above perks my interest as to what’s it all about.yes I would read more reason…I don’t win things so this would be exciting.

  • Ken Estep

    Grace means so much to me. I have a legalistic past, therefore I am seeking to know more about God’s grace. I would love to receive grace from you in granting me a free copy. Thank you.

  • Aaron

    Mr. Hyatt,
    Help out a poor seminary student and help me reach my goal of 1,500 books before I graduate – IN DECEMBER!!! Thank You!

  • Michael

    I’m not jumping through your hoops. I’ll get the book by grace, not by works!

  • Jody

    I find myself desperately in need of grace… time and again. I find myself wrestling with the interplay of condemning sin, condoning sin and extending grace. Would love to read Andy’s book.

  • Lori G

    I am always so excited to read about God’s AMAZING grace that he so freely gives to us! Over the last 6 years, I have had my belief system completely destroyed and God has rebuilt it based on HIS Truth. It is through GRACE we have been saved, and ONLY grace! I have turned away from a works-based religion to a sweet and loving relationship with Jesus, and that relationship is solely based in His grace for me! My husband has gone through this transformation with me, and now he has been called to Seminary because of the passion that God has given him to share with others about God’s AMAZING grace! Pure, unadulterated grace, with no strings attached is something that many Christians can’t understand! It is our passion to share with others!

  • Andrew

    I have recently started listening to Andy’s podcasts. They are outstanding. I’m excited about what I am learning from him. I hope to learn even more from his book.

    I have also recently started reading, if that makes any sense. Meaning I am making a specific effort to read books, not just magazines and the web (I’ve read 4 books in the past 2 months). I would read Andy’s book.

    I know I need grace, I hope Andy’s book helps me both appreciate the grace I have received and extend grace freely to others.

  • Beau Bredow

    I listen to as much Andy Stanley as I can. He is one of the best speakers I know on making God’s word come to life. I have never read any of Andy’s books and I am intrigued by this one more than any others. I have heard several people talk about how Andy should have wrote this book a long time ago and how this is one of his best books.

    I have been one that focuses more on God’s judgment than mercy and grace. I believe this book can help me step closer to God in my walk with Jesus. I would love to read Andy’s creative ways of sharing Grace with others on the journey.

  • Craig Slagowski

    I have fallen in love with Andy’s teachings in the last few months. I was blessed to be a part of a small group focusing on leadership. Our awesome Pastor, Jeff Kapusta, put a copy of Andy’s book, “Next Generation Leader” in our hands… we read the whole thing, as well as a couple others… I really felt connected, as a lot of people obviously do, to the way Andy lays out the truth in a “Oh-wait-I-gotta-highlight-that-line” fashion… next thing you know half the book glows neon pink, orange and green.

    Recently, I was blessed with a free ticket to Catalyst 1Day… I went expecting, but expecting what I had no idea…God moved on me that day in a powerful way unearthing some stuff i didn’t even know I was carrying around… Hearing from those men, up close like that opened me up to hear from God.

    So, I have come from not know a thing about Andy Stanley, to having a couple of big life-shapers recently unfold in my life. Andy’s fingerprints were all over them. God has used him to open new avenues of faith in me… looking forward to reading all about God’s Grace.. I know Andy has done a wonderful job explaining this concept, I can tell just by reading his comments within your interview with him… thanks so much for the chance to snag what will be a great read!

    Perhaps not very “creative” but it’s all true.

  • Cris

    Thank you to Andy and publishers for making this book.
    I’m really looking forward to reading Andys thoughts about grace in the old testament. When people ask me about God and the wars etc in the old testament I feel at a loss – so I have great hopes that Andy will equip me with some keys. He is a great teacher and I need a deeper understanding of grace.
    I will get this for my kindle. Since I live in Europe – I would rather that you give the book to someone else :-)

  • JC

    I want this book for a few reasons. Andy Stanley is the author. I try to read everything that he writes. It’s also a book that is doctrinal by Andy Stanley which is a welcome deviation from the leadership material that he is accustomed to writing. The last and most important reason is because I grew up in the church. Grace is difficult for me to understand and I need all the help that I can get. I’m 24 and want to live a life of grace for my family in hopes that can see a picture of Christ through my life.

  • JKeck5

    Because I’m struggling to understand God’s grace in my life.

  • MIchael Hodsden


    I am an avid reader and have always enjoy Andy’s books. This is a topic we have worked through in Sunday school lately (the grace vs. mercy topic). I would truly love this book to fully gain Andy’s perspective on it. Also, as a person who has experienced the Grace of God, I would like to read more about it. Thanks and hope to hear from Lindsey!
    Michael Hodsden

  • Lesley B

    I am excited to read Andy’s book, “The Grace of God”. I believe that this world needs more grace as opposed to hostility and confrontation which seems to come naturally. I am hoping that this book will motivate me to extend more grace to “people on the street” as well as to my family and friends by reminding me of the huge amount of grace God has extended to me.

  • Clark Palmer

    I’m a HUGE Andy Stanley fan and I’ve found his material extremely transferrable to my preaching. My people always benefit as I share the insights I receive from him. And for the record, I always give him credit! If I get a copy of this book I’ll be able to use it, post on my Facebook page about it, share it with my son who is also a pastor, and pass along recommendations for it in conversations with other pastors!

  • Adam

    I want this book because I have lived an example of God’s grace. Several years ago, I made some decisions that ended up being the worst decisions of my life, and I lost a lot of friends and loved ones in the process. A lot of people turned their back on me, and it was then that I really felt God’s grace. There was no “but” like Andy said. Just a forgiving God ready to restore me. THAT is grace.

  • Taylor

    I have 42 days until I graduate from college.

    This is less than two months until I have successfully completed my educational career. It is only God’s grace that has led me this far. And it will be only by God’s grace that will lead me into “full-time” ministry.

    I am thankful for Andy Stanley wisdom in his teaching and writing and would love to continue to learn from him through his new book.

  • jason sharp

    I read everything Andy writes. I really don’t care what its about going in; if Andy wrote it then I know its jam packed full of wisdom and insight and just common sense approaches to life. I am pumped to see a leader’s take on grace.

  • Adam Johnson

    Ive read everything I can get my hands-on by Andy, as well I subscribe to both podcasts. I am a church-planter in Alabama we have modeled our main campus small groups from “Creating Community” as well our new campus launching Easter 2011 will have Community groups. Each book has directly influenced our structure @ church. Also “Communicating for a Change” had impacted me directly. After reading this preview on google books, feels like it will do the same!

  • J.T. Rieves

    As a member of Buckhead Church I get the great fortune of experiencing Andy on a regular basis. He is the first minister that I truly connect with. When he preaches, it is very often as if he is speaking to key issues in my life. Andy’s books are the same way. They add significant value to your life, Christian or not. He is a great teacher, speaker and life coach in your personal life and business and his books add even more to his teachings.

  • mike keaton

    a young man told me last weekend that he finally “got” that he had been trumping grace his whole life by adding to Christ and wearing himself out in the process. i think i would like to give this book to him…then ask him to let me read it when he is done…i would like to give it to him new! :)

  • Kim

    I am of the fortunate ones who gets to hear from Andy on a frequent basis. He is one of the greatest communicators and has a gift for explaining something so difficult to understand, like Grace. Thank you for the interview. I never get tired of hearing from Andy.

  • Ben

    I’ve only read two books in my life, blue like jazz & 7 practices of effective ministry. O & the Bible, but I’m not a reader unless it completely grabs me. But I like Andy and he likes me & I’m sure he would tell you that I should be 1 of the 100 to get a copy. My birthday is also on Halloween so it would be a cool 30th b-day present. I love sweet-tea, starburst & corn dogs. & I’m the director of student ministry for a partnership church and of the best students in the world.

  • Norm Brock

    Would love to have a copy of Andy’s new book. Why because of the subjectof the book the grace of God, what better. I love the way Andy communicates and know this will be a book that will help me and others know and share grace. I promise to read it and pass it to someone who needs to know God’s grace. thanks

  • Lindsey Amick

    Andy’s book “The Prinicple of the Path” radically changed my life. I love how I am able to quickly apply things from his teaching to change my life to be a better representation of Christ to others. I would love a copy of this new book so that i can read it, apply it, and use it to influence those around me.

  • Marcus Morgan

    A lot has happened with me in the past few months. My engagement with my fiancée ended, I resigned from my position in ministry, and my soon to be in-laws were my bosses (long, complicated, movie-esque story). I bought “Visioneering” as a gift to myself for finding a new job by the grace of God – literally. I love Andy’s work and perspective on the modern day church, but I need a fresh perspective on God’s grace and how he’s using this crazy time to mold me. He’s still planting a vision in my heart to pursue ministry and attend seminary. Plus, my 24th birthday is Saturday – so it would be a great birthday present.

  • Aaron

    Help a poor seminary student reach his goal of 1,500 books by Graduation! I am a few hundred short and graduate this DECEMBER! thanks

  • Justin Giglio

    Because reading Andy Stanley before bedtime is much better than Seinfeld reruns.

  • Fendy Heryanto

    I am excited to hear God given wisdom to Andy Stanley through Andy’s podcast and book but sadly some of his book not available world wide. Why i want this book? I’ve found that the Andy’s writing or sermon connected to the issue most people now dealing with, one of my friend has changed and got baptist recently after i shared one of Andy’s message. From ‘The Grace of God’ book, hopefully can help me to reach even more people and bring them to Jesus.

  • Denise

    I read a former co-worker’s twitter about the offering of Andy’s new book on Grace. I am not familiar with Andy Stanley, but would like to be and would very much like to learn more about Grace. Like most of us, I am often selfish and it is hard to want to reach out and offer grace to others when you are struggling in your own life. I am searching for some God-inspired words of wisdom to teach me how to live better in grace and how to extend it to others in new and refreshing ways.

  • Justin

    My Christian walk has been a true transformation. I was a legalistic jerk when I began serving God in ministry. I judged everyone based on the music they listened to or the clothes they wore. Then I read Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. I became the most “graceful” guy you could meet. I figured everyone was good because of grace. Now I understand balance. Stanley’s book sounds like a book that presents a balanced approach to the gospel, full of truth and grace.

  • Vasca Beall

    I haven’t read any of his books…but that doesn’t mean I’m disinterested. Every morning my husband, Michael, reads from several different devotionals and a couple of books. Not that I can’t read…just that I love to hear his voice (we have a special love). We are both 80 yrs old…we’re ordinary people who have been given extraordinary opportunities to spread God’s light in places we’d never dreamed of. Mercy and grace are extremely important in our lives and we want to learn more. This book seems to provide more of what we need; we’ll put it to good use and spread it around…trust us!

  • Andy Andeson

    Mercy says, “I am not going to charge you for this book.” Grace says, “I’m not going to charge you for this book AND give you free shipping.”

  • John Waldo

    (We love Andy Stanley!) My wife is full of grace (as evidenced by living with me). She’s a pastor on staff at our church (We love Andy Stanley!) and one of her areas of responsibility is helping people discover grace (We love Andy Stanley!), experience grace, and learn to grant grace through relationships, discipleship and small groups (We love Andy Stanley!). I’d love a copy to give to her so she can use it in her ministry (We love Andy Stanley!)

  • Drew Tankersley

    As a pastor, I have seen firsthand the grace of God working in our church. I always love reading Andy’s take on things and I look forward to hearing his perspective on God’s grace in our lives. Andy’s words are so true of the church, “we must stop putting the word ‘but’ after grace.” We feel the need to qualify and put parameters on grace because we fear it will be misused; that people will abuse it and do as they please But God puts no qualifications on grace, its freely offered to anyone who will receive it. It is this grace, and the unconditional nature behind it, that draws us to Christ in the first place and will ultimately set us free if we are willing to unleash its power in our lives. I always appreciate Andy’s timely and relevant perspectives and I look forward to hearing it on this important topic for our church and our world today.


    I would like to read the book to learn more about Andy’s view on Grace. I believe God has radically changed my life through His grace and because of His love He has poured out upon me I would like to learn more about what that should look like in my life and walk with Him. I just finished listening to David Platt preach on the book of Ruth and what an example of God working His grace for the redemption of mankind! I promise to read the book.

  • JD Richards


    I have 3 kids and could use all the coaching and encouragement on the subject of grace I can find. I know the book is more about the grace given us, but that will certainly put extending grace into perspective.

    I would love to read the new book.

  • Charlie

    Thanks for the offer of a free book by Andy (or as we call him, ‘Lord Stanley’). I’d be pleased to get a copy simply because I try to give good books away to people I’m mentoring, and this would allow me to multiply the message.

  • John K

    I want this book because everything that I have read of Andy’s has been revolutionary in my life. Without ever meeting this man, just by reading his books, listening to his sermons on podcast every week, and hearing him speak at few conferences, he has absolutely changed my life and the direction of my life.

  • Jesse Andersen

    Andy Stanley is on my top list of most respected people and I am always wanting to hear more from him. I work closely with a pretty large team in our Performing Arts department, including interns, and this would be passed around a ton! More bang for the buck = awesome.

  • Jon-Michael Martin

    Grace is often misunderstood, misrepresented and, as stated above, abused. Just reading the listed excerpts from your conversation with Andy, has my mouth watering for more of his candid take on receiving and giving grace.

  • Kathy L.

    As a believer for 45 years, pastor’s wife and women’s speaker I am convinced that my generation of believers have come dangerously close to ignoring the gospel and the grace of God in our day to day living. Somehow we believed we have moved onto greater things, deeper things and more critical things. This topic can help realign our realities daily to the incredible grace of God an idea that we have somehow wandered away from. We are desperate for His grace but sadly we know that all too little. Would love to let Andy’s thoughts shape my thinking so I can influence others.

  • Matt Fredenberg

    Andy is the Jamm!! His books are so well written and to the point. He is a great communicator and full of life!! Grace is such an important part of knowing Jesus and I’m excited to see what new insight Andy has on Grace!

  • Gail

    I’m learning Grace within the church on a new level, loosing my employment affected due to church finances. It is difficult to gracefully leave a ministry to which God has call you and which He has been blessing. My prayer has been I will “do this” with His grace. God has, in His grace, provided a new ministry opportunity. And I pray I will serve in this new call, dependent upon His grace.

  • Matt W.

    Grace is such a powerful concept and I’m glad that Andy Stanley is giving voice to that. Just thinking about the powerful songs and memorable hymns written and sung everyday about grace is moving. I’d love to get this book read it and share it with someone else.

  • Liz

    I was living as a “Christian” for a number of years but I never fully understood what grace was about. The truth finally sunk in one day and now I can’t get enough of it! I keep wanting more people to understand it, and I keep hoping I could communicate it better. I love how Andy Stanley breaks down complex concepts, so I’m sure this book would be great.

  • Nathan Schaad

    I always love hearing Andy Stanley talk about leadership or anything else for that matter. The way he communicates in such a simple manner helps me actually learn and understand what he is saying. Thanks for sharing your talk with him.

  • Tony

    Andy Stanley’s work is rapidly becoming an integral part of my pastoral development. Not only are his podcasts and writings helping me think through leadership in the church, but he is also helping me think through leadership at home.

    My wife and I are currently beginning the discernment and assessment process for church planting. I look to Andy Stanley for much of my preparation and guidance along the way. I would love to read what is sure to be yet another great addition to my library as I strive to prepare myself for church planting (and grace is a big part of that).

    Thanks to Andy for his loyal service to the Kingdom of God…all he has taught us…and all that he will teach us in the future.

    I would love to have this book.

  • Bo Grace

    I believe that I have a basic understanding of the grace of God. What I need is a better understanding of how to be a vehicle of grace to those around me, and then to DO IT! Maybe somebody needs to write a book titled: “Doing Grace.” (It would really help me to live up to my name!)

  • Amy K

    Grace is one of my absolute favorite attributes of God, so much so that I named my daughter after it. I am so incredibly humbled and floored by the gift of grace that the Lord extends to us.

    I think as Christians extending that same grace to others is pivotal in reaching people for Christ. I would love to read what Andy Stanley has to say about grace, I value his teaching so much and listen to him every week.

  • John Bunn

    I would like to receive the book because: to be on the receiving end–getting Andy’s book for free–well, that would be grace (and that would be refreshing). On the other hand, if you required me to give you something, that would be disturbing. (I think I read something like that somewhere.)

  • Chad Stutzman

    I was at Catalyst this year and heard Andy speak. He has influenced our church over the past several years and I have read nearly all of his books. I can’t wait to read this latest book and share the nuggets I get with others.

  • Caleb Trimble

    Working out in Vegas has taught me that grace is truly what people need to hear. Grace is something that needs to be given as well as something that needs to feel received. Reading Andy’s new book will definitely give me some new insight to this great gift with which Gad has entrusted us as well as given us. Grace has always been something that has always been difficult for me to explain. Not because I don’t believe in it, but because of seeing the lack of it in the world makes it difficult for people to feel it or to trust that it’s been given. I promise to read this book when I get it. I hope that it becomes one that I can recommend to other people to read that are struggling with the issue of grace.

  • Jeremiah Holcomb

    Wow – I too was shocked to see Andy write on this topic, and am excited for an opportunity to read this book. As a young pastor in the rural midwest I have found the greatest struggle among “believers” not to accept the Grace of God, but model that grace to others. This seems to be the message Andy is giving life. I have initiated books that our leadership reads, this would be a tremendous topic to get our elders and leadership team to read in hopes that we can trickle grace down from the cross to our community through us, God’s people – thanks for the interview and for considering me in receipt of one of your books.

  • Mike Ballard

    I’m always looking for help to grasp the gift of God’s grace. I think reading Andy’s book will help to provide some new insights. I loved his insight about grace in Creation: “But life itself, the opportunity to live, to love, to be loved is an expression of God’s grace.” Thanks for sharing your interview.

  • Jim

    I have read almost all of Andy’s books. He has a unique insight on how faith in Christ affects every area of life. I love the way he can connect the culture with biblical principles and shows us how to live them out in a practical way. He also tells pretty cool stories.

    • Jim

      I’m also a broke youth pastor and can’t afford it! lol

  • Buffi Crump

    I’ve enjoyed so many of Andy’s books on leadership, church and even family but I would love read this one about Grace. My husband and I also work with the youth at our church and find this is a commonly misunderstood subject amongst our teens so I’d love a fresh new perspective.

  •!/VivaLaPlaya Kelly

    “When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing.” …YEAH.

    ANDY STANLEY!!… is awesome. I first heard of his podcasts from my friend (now boyfriend), and found that I really enjoyed them. My dad and I don’t have a good relationship right now – I am struggling with forgiveness – so taking a road trip from southern Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA with my dad, my stepmom, and my brother wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. It was on that trip that I listened to my first Andy Stanley podcast (while hiding myself in the back of the car to avoid conversation), “The Legend of Joe Jacobson: Right Where You Want ‘Em.” It spoke about forgiveness, of all things. I continued to listen to the second and third podcasts of the Joe Jacobson series throughout the travels of the trip. The third one really brought home the message “What would you do if you were absolutely confident that God was with you?” Hello, perspective. God really provided those podcasts for me at that time. That was December 2009 and I’m still working on forgiveness (I have been since about the middle of 2007)… but I know it’s down the road somewhere. Right now I really need to discover grace from God and how I can show that to my dad. I need to get past the wall I’ve built up in the past few years. Based on the questions and answers in this article/post, it seems like this book is exactly what I need to read. (And I promise I will read it!) Right now I’m not banking on some miracle speaker to jump into my mind and fix everything at the drop of a hat, but I think reading this book would help me a lot. I know it is God who made me come across this page this morning and say, “Why not?” to writing this comment. Please allow me the opportunity to receive a copy. :) Have a beautiful day!!

  • Andrew Tucker

    I can’t seem to get enough of anything Stanley writes. I am currently going through Next Generaton Leader, and I am listening to his sermon series about Time, and the Christ in him blows me away. I am currently the leader of my college ministry, in which we have about 100 – 125 college students gathering together to go on missions and meet together for worship. God is truly using Andy Stanley in my life to prepare me and change me into the leader He wants me to be. I can’t wait to read this book!

  • Jake Mccready

    I cannot wait to read Andy’s latest book. For a while now I have been a student of his leadership and communication work, and I am excited to get his insight into the enigma of Grace. I have been raised by two generations of wonderful pentecostal pastor’s whose love for God was paired with an integrity in Gospel preaching. The problem is growing up I was chained to a dim view of grace. In retrospect, while I often heard that we are saved by God’s grace, I felt as if would only receive that grace through personal perfection (ironic huh?) I felt as if I was the only one on the face of the planet who could not be saved because every time I would “get saved” I would blow it by the time I hit the church parking lot. I lived a life of fear and desperation. To make matters worse I was called to pastor. I felt like God in cruelty asked me to lead others into something I could not do. At best I was called to hypocrisy, and worse I was to spread the despair that plagued my life. It was not until I went to college that I began to grasp the nature of grace (I still need a lot of understanding). It felt as if I now how a chance…and then later I found I have been given access by the cross something that I could not do for myself. The teaching of grace has become focal to my pastor ministry as I try to show people the real liberating freedom we have. My calling, which once was a burden has now become a passion and great joy. I want to better understand God’s Grace so that I can lead people into its fulfillment, freedom, and joy!

  • Jeremy K

    I am with you, everything that Andy Stanley does is great! I am currently leading a men’s group at my church and we are doing the Taking Care of Business DVD series, which is very challenging & a blessing at the same time. I would love to read a copy of “The Grace of God.”

  • Nate Gibbons

    I like Andy Stanley’s books as well as his small group stuff. We have used most of his small group stuff at our church. I want a copy of this book because I am always looking to better myself and I think this book would help in this endeavor.

    I think this give away idea is a great idea. I would love and read this book because I have enjoyed everything he has written but truly to offer grace I would ask that you give it to another person who may need it more or is going through a rough time.

  •!/VivaLaPlaya Kelly

    (I don’t think my first comment posted successfully, so I’m retyping it. I’m sorry if this is a repeat!)

    “When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing.”… YEAH.

    ANDY STANLEY!!…is awesome. I first heard of podcasts by Andy Stanley from my friend (now boyfriend) last December, and I found myself quite enjoying them!! My dad and I don’t have a very good relationship right now – I am struggling with forgiveness – so you can imagine that a roadtrip from southern Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA with my dad, stepmom, and brother wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. On the way up to PA, I listened to my first Andy Stanley podcast, “The Legend of Joe Jacobson: I Don’t Deserve This.” It challened me with the thought: “What would I do if I’m absolutely confident that God is with me?” What a perfect thing to be convicted with during this struggle I’m facing. Throughout the travels of the trip, I followed along and listened to the second and third podcasts of the same series. The last one, “Right Where You Want ‘Em,” was about forgiveness, of all things. Wow, thanks God. God really made it so that I listened to those podcasts at that time. They didn’t make things perfect during the trip, but they sure helped me gain a much better perspective. That was last December, and I’m still struggling with forgiving my dad. (I have been since about the mid-2007). Right now I’m not searching for some miracle speaker to enter my mind and make forgiveness easy, because I know forgiveness is a long road to travel. Based on the questions and answers in this blog post, I feel that reading this book would be really beneficial for me, both right now and in the future. I need to discover grace from God and how to show that to my dad. Grace is what needs to enter our relationship, and I just don’t know what that looks like right now. Please allow me the opportunity to receive a copy of this book. I know God made it so I come across this web page this morning, and I look forward to see what comes of it. :) Have a beautiful day!

  • Sue Konkol

    Having just finished up another small group series at our church with Andy Stanley- Discovering the Will of God; I want to get my hands on everything he has written! Just when you think there is not another unique and amazing way to interpret God’s Word… there is Andy Stanley! It feels as if he is right in front of you, talking as a friend with a great sense of humor and Wham- you “see” yet another path to understanding of His Word to aid you on your journey……God’s perfect timing has brought these subjects and readings front and center in my life to bless me with His Word so I may bless others! God’s Grace indeed!

  • Ashley Musick

    I want this book because I feel like God is teaching me so much about Grace right now. I recently heard a pastor talk about God’s grace in a way that has really transformed my life. If knowing and understanding and living a grace-filled life will bring me more freedom from my own expectations, the fear of man, and also open up deeper and more authentic relationships… well then I want all the info I can get. I’m starting to feel the deep love of God through His grace and I basically can’t get enough. The time has come to give into the deeper wells of my relationship with the Father, and I know grace is key.

  • pau taylor

    Perhaps this book will help me doubt my doubt and fortify my faith. Maybe this book will show me how to love God and know him better. Maybe it will help me witness to others. Andy Stanley has been has been the most effective communicator for me to help me understand my relationship with Jesus

  • Greg

    My wife and I have recently join a church in the area we’ve just moved to in the eastern US. This is a church that has new leadership and the senior pastor is trying to move this church in a new, evangelistic direction. Andy Stanley is an excellent author that has a way of identifying ways to make ministry relevant for today. If I’m selected, I plan to use this new book as a tool to further educate myself in order to be a source of encouragement and eduction for my new pastor and his staff. I will most definitely read this book and encourage others to check it out as well.

  • Rebecca Wimmer

    “If I have seen further than other men, it is because I have stood upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton.

    Help me climb atop Andy’s shoulders.

  • Derek Duncan

    I want this book because I went to Catalyst 2010 in Atlanta. I was floored by the power and wisdom in Andy’s words. I got a free eBook download of this book, but I want a paper copy so that I can mark it up! I have four colors of pen and a highlighter ready to go to town studying the wisdom on paper.

  • Scott Wallace

    I would love to add this book to my bookcase to show people how smart I am for owning this book. I promise to read at least the first and last page of this book like I have previously done with the other Andy Stanley books that I purchased. When someone sees this book in my office and asks what I think about it I can reply, “I think that this book will make anyone’s bookcase look more modern and intellectual. I would recommend to anyone who looking to spruce up there office decor.”

  • Kathy S

    I heard Andy Stanley speak at Willow Creek’s Leadership Conference earlier this year. He had a fantastic message about conflict within the church. Although it’s a topic most dread, his message was profound — to expect it, embrace it and learn from it. It gave me hope, and a whole new prespective. In hearing about his new book, I can’t wait to learn what he now has to say about God’s grace! (PS: I first heard about this offer from Andy Stanley, whom I follow on Twitter. I also promise to read his book!)

  • Corey Towe

    I’ve attended and volunteered at Andy’s church for the past five years and it’s been a blessing and challenge to sit under his leadership. I believe that understanding the implications of the gospel and is imperative for a healthy walk with Jesus. At the center of this is grace. As a parent, community group leader, mentor, business leader or whatever role I’m in, the application of grace is central. So, the more I can learn about Biblical grace the more equipped I am to extend and live out that grace in the contexts I live in. I’d love to read Andy’s book so I can gain a better understanding of Biblical grace.

  • Cathy Menapace

    2 Corinthians 12:9 is my life verse and God has showed me many times that HIS POWER IS PERFECT IN WEAKNESS! I just lost my Dad to cancer in March and we kept him home with the help of Hospice in his final months with us. If not for God’s amazing Grace, we could have never done this for our dad. It was in those days that this verse became especially alive in my life. Thanks Be To God For His Grace Is NEW Each & Every Day!!!! I think this book would be “first aid for my soul” & I am looking forward to ready it.

  • Dave Stone

    I am in my church
    a young leader seeking God,
    making disciples.

    Pursuing Jesus,
    Paul says, takes effort and work.
    Yet, by grace I’m saved.

    A breath of fresh air
    is grace to the hard worker
    Live in grace. Work hard.

    I appreciate
    Andy Stanley, his teaching
    and his leadership.

    Grace, effort, hard work
    How do these fit together?
    Andy enlightens.

  • Rachael

    Why do I want this book? Because this man is my pastor. Because he and Sandra are two of the finest examples of a Godly man and woman for our church members to learn from. Not only are they Godly, but I want to attend the Andy and Sandra Stanley school of parenting and sit on the front row like a big fat nerd, with my pen and notepad ready to go. Everything that we as a family get from him on a regular basis is such practical application of the Word of God and helps us as we continue to grow in our journey. This book will be just another way to learn on our journey.

  • kylenewcomb

    I’ve heard Andy Stanley speak at Catalyst conferences and read several of his books. He is easily a top-10 communicator on leadership. Love his stuff, how he breaks things down into simple ideas, and how biblical principles cross over to good leadership in any setting. I will be very interested to read this latest book as it sits more in the center of the gospel message, which may not lend itself as well to a practical application outside of religion. What will be interesting is to see how Andy moves a deep theological concept into the realm of real life and leadership application.

  • Keith

    I would like this book because pursuing grace is a passion of mine. I grew up and began my ministry in church environments when Grace was not real prevalent. As a matter of fact it was hard to find. God has been transforming me over the past 10 years and just about the time I think I am starting to understand, teach and live out Grace, I find I am just scratching the surface. I appreciate Andy’s clear, biblical, humorous approach and style and would love to read what he has to say about Grace.

  • Brian

    I have been in the ministry for the past 10 years, the last couple years though I have been on guard because of the hurt and pain that I had received in the past several ministries. I have felt like I can handle this alone and I will just sit back and watch my family get plugged into our church. The past several months God has been working thru the Holy Spirit to show me to let go and allow His Grace to work thru me again. I love Andy’s “Next Generation Leader” and other book he has published. I would love to read this one so I can read it and allow thru me to help others once again

  • Randy Willis

    I would love a copy of this book. I also read (most) everything Andy writes. I’m United Methodist and come from a tradition that emphasizes grace (at least, historically). Would love to read Andy’s perspective on the grace of God (especially as I prepare for final interviews for ordination in the United Methodist Church)!

  • jsuver

    Looks like Andy Stanley might have done it again! He is such a great author/speaker/educator & influence. This is a different topic for him as you said I would be very interested in reading his take on grace. This article has challenged me that even if I don’t win, I will be purchasing it anyway!

  • Greg

    i struggle with extending grace to others…of course i deserve grace from God because i’m not that bad. alright, maybe i’m the only one, but hopefully reading this book will help me practically live out the grace God gives.

  • Scott

    I am a pastor on a church in the midst of a foundational culture shift. We have wonderful people who love God and care about people who don’t yet know God, but change is hard for all of us. We are seeking to be more of the church that Jesus is building. That church is full of His grace to all people. We are trying to do this full of Grace and Truth. I can get unbalanced and lack God’s Grace. Hopefully this book will help myself and our church with that.

  • sarah

    I would love to read this book! Andy is one of my favorite authors and grace is my favorite subject. I promise to read it cover to cover.

  • Tommy Mann

    Not being able to attend Andys’ church in person, I podcast all his sermons, and have purchased several series for our church. I really appreciate the way he communicates and look forward to ready about grace in his words.

  • Dave Gullett

    Grace-plus and Grace-less Christianity seems to be the norm in the rural Appalachian are where I live, I would love to read Andy’s book and share it with those in my small group and church, so we cam share it with those we encounter. We see so many hardened and broken hearts due to encounters with “believers” who have no understanding of grace that its tragic.

  • Terry

    Look forward to reading the whole book

  • Elizabeth

    I would like this book because the Grace of God is awesome, I agree. Plus, what a beautiful photo on the front.

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  • Brenda

    I would love a copy of Andy’s newest book. I love his straight-forward way of teaching and applying time-worn ideas to the 21st Century. I am very excited that he has tackled a personal issue like Grace. I wish I lived closer to him so that I could learn from him more often; I’m in Canada. Those who are in his church are blessed indeed.

    And yes, I would read the book, probably more than once! And recommend it to others, as well.

  • Joel Helms

    Titus 2:15 says that the grace of God teaches us to say, “No,” to ungodliness. I would love any resource that would help me to grow in the grace of God that I might say, “No,” more and more to sin.

  • Shelley Grieser

    I live in Colorado, so I have never seen Andy Stanley live and in person, but I am a huge follower of his. Our Church here has been going through transition for almost 2 years since our Sr. Pastor left. Many people are leaving the Church and going elsewhere. I go to Andy Stanley’s podcast and replay of weekly sermons to get fed spiritually. Andy Stanley’s teachings are biblically based, wise, honest, transparent and presented in a tell it like it is manner, with humor and relative to every day life. I love his style and delivery.

    I have his other books and find them practical, valuable and helpful for living out the Christian faith and walk. I would love to read his newest book and have it for reference to use in my career as a Christian Life Coach working with people impacted by divorce. Receiving Andy’s new book would be a real blessing! I would not only read it but write about it on my blog and apply it. Thank You!

  • Britney

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the world’s view on how we are to react to certain situations. Grace is definitely not something that can be fully grasped even in the church world. We’re so undeserving of grace and mercy, yet God extends both to us. How awesome is that! I would love to add this book to my collection to gain more knowledge on God’s view of grace. I would love to know what God has imparted to Andy on this subject.

  • John

    I’m a missionary serving in the Andes Mountains as a church planter and I get desperate for a good read! Being so far removed from the “Christian Culture” in the US, it is difficult to even know what is a good read and where to find it. I heard about this from a friend and would love to read Andy’s new book on Grace. Grace is something that we deal with on a regular basis in our work, from working with nationals and teaching them, to putting it into practice with our co-workers. I believe that this would be a beneficial read, not only for me personally, but also for our work (and for our team).

  • Nicole

    Andy Stanley’s Next Generation Leader was suggested reading for the college ministry I was involved with. In that stage of my life I was looking for ways to effectively lead my peers and in turn help them lead others. In my current stage of life, I’m looking for ways to be a person of grace. As one who is very type A and honestly has a more intellectual than experiential understanding of grace, I often find that hard to do. Hopefully the Holy Spirit will use this book to continue to expand my heart and experience the fullness of God’s grace.

  • Jordan C

    I am GOING to get this book regardless of whether I am selected to receive a free copy or not. HOWEVER I am a college student that could use some charity! I have been following Andy and his ministry for years now and he is hands down my absolute favorite communicator. God has gifted him to speak clearly and relevantly the truths of God that change lives. His comments in this interview alone show me the level this book will be on. I believe my connection with Andy’s communication style combined with this timely teaching on grace will allow me to improve the way I tell others about this wonderful & essential topic!

  • Mike Henderson

    Andy Stanley has become known for saying regular stuff in a fascinating and memorable way. With Christmas coming up I will be doing a series on Jesus starting the first week of December and continuing until Easter. No doubt this book will prove to be a valuable resource as I prepare messages especially for Christmas Eve and Easter. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  • Caroline

    My husband and I have been attending Browns Bridge Community Church for a little over a year along with our young children. It has been an incredible experience and we are growing as a family. We actually look forward to Sundays!! Through some of the teaching and joining a Balanced Small Group, we are facing head on some of our considerable financial challenges. If selected to receive a copy we promise to read it cover to cover. At this time in our life, candidly, learning more about God’s grace would provide some needed encouragement.

  • Caroline

    Oh, forgot to add. Tomorrow is my birthday :)

  • Brian Moffitt

    After listening to Andy speak on leadership and vision, and reading his other books, I want to know what Andy has to say about the greatest gift we are given. Andy’s words about casting vision turned the gears inside of me to address the vision of my church and what we were missing. Reading this book, I know that I will gain insight and view’s into God’s grace that I never could have seen otherwise. I look to pass this insight along to the hungry students that I get to speak to and help grow every week. Know Christ – Grow in Christ – Show Christ. Andy was responsible for the rethinking of the middle part of our vision statement. Thanks Andy for all you do, as well as you Michael.

  • Matt Blazer

    I will read it. If it is like his podcasts and other books I might finish it in one day.

    Every question posted above is what I appreciate about Stanley – incisive, unflinching, and great definitions that I can take with me (like mercy and grace).

  • Dana Yoder

    Why do I want a copy?!? Hello! It’s Andy Stanley! Who wouldn’t want a copy! I’m always anxious to learn from others and grow. But I am especially fond of Andy Stanley. Thank you for this gift! :)

  • Jody Earley

    Please do NOT give me this book. Whatever you do, please do NOT choose me to win this book. I win stuff all the time and I would really hate to win this book as well. Okay, I’m lying. I would LOVE to have this book. Here are my top 10 reasons why:
    10. I like books and I know how to read.
    9. I make a lot of mistakes and need to better understand God’s grace.
    8. I am easily offended by others and I need to understand God’s grace.
    7. I subscribe to your blog.
    6. I am a huge fan of Andy Stanley and own at least 4 of his books.
    5. I’m asking nicely: “Please, may I have a copy of this book? Thank you.”
    4. I promise to not only read the book, but post a review on my blog.
    3. I will pass this book along to someone else to read it once I’m done.
    2. I love that new book smell.
    1. I have three daughters and one is named Grace.

  • Tim Hart

    I’d love to have this book because I always love to hear solid truth in fresh ways. It helps to deepen my understanding so that I can teach youth more effectively.

  • sarahcamper

    As a wife, mother of a 2 year old (and one on the way), stay at home mom etc., grace is a topic at the top of my list (patience is hovering near the top too). I attend one of NP’s strategic partner churches and love Andy’s writing. And after all, who doesn’t need to learn more about grace? Thanks!

  • Daniel Hudgins

    I would love a copy of this book! The group I went to Catalyst with has started a book club and we get together for dinner once a month. This would be another GREAT addition. Plus, I know lots of people. I’ll tell lots of people to buy it. In turn, you’ll make money by giving that book to me. Boom. No brainer.

  • Cassandra Coffey

    Pastor Stanley is one of an elite group of my all time favorite Pastors -my Pastor being my favorite, of course! ;) My Pastor actually looks to Pastor Stanley for guidance and wisdom so it makes sense that between the two of them alone they have had a tremendous influence on me and my journey to renew my relationship with Jesus and my passion for reaching those far from God. Everything I read or hear from Pastor Stanley is full of awesomeness and is so real and meant to be understood in a way that we can find joy, humor and lessons that can be related to our every day lives. Pastor Stanley has been such a blessing to my life that I am always drawn to his messages and love to refer him to others seeking something in their lives so they can receive the same blessings. I can’t wait to read this newest book about Grace…something that can always be a challenge and struggle out in the world!

  • Craig T. Owens

    The longer I am a Christian, the more powerful the idea of God’s grace is to me. It seems lately that I am devouring all sorts of books on the topic. I believe Andy Stanley is one of the most gifted and creative communicators of our time, so I’d love to read his take on grace. As a pastor, I’m sure I’ll use his material liberally (and with credit given to the author!) in my future sermons.

  • Amy Edge

    I want the book because I need to soak in God’s grace. I have troble believing it for myself and I certainly have trouble extending it to others. I want to better understand what it means to stand on God’s grace and give that truth to what our society believes is the worst of the worst. I will read it!

  • Ike

    I want this book because I fear I have a wrong understanding of grace. I have read some of the quotes taken from his book on twitter and it sounds like a book I must read. I struggle to understand how an almighty God can express grace to us. God who is all powerful and wise, showing grace. See, I’m so not like that. When I have authority over people, or I’m wiser in an area, I want to exercise my power, the last thing I think of doing is expressing grace. I hope this book helps me understand God’s true grace. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Robby Weatherholt

    Andy Stanley is an amazing author. An amazing leader, and an amazing person. In my MA program we studied him on several occasions. I am the pastor of a struggling church that was in this shape long before I came here. We have been on a journey of God’s grace for three years together. Any book I can get my hands on about grace and leadership is a priority.

  • Veronica Fuentes

    Because our spanish speaking culture (which we are working with here in Alpharetta as Missionaries) needs this kind of fresh, clear and practical influence.
    I will definitely read it and transmit it.

  • Jared Sexton

    I have been a Christian since I was 5. I know with a doubt I was following Christ, but it was not until last night I realized what the love and grace of God means. I knew I didn’t have to work for my salvation, but I did think I had to work for His love. I have been trying to earn love and grace the past 16 years. I have completely failed. There is nothing I can do to merit the magnificent love and grace He shows me every second of every day. For the first time last night I believe I felt like a redeemed sinner, a perfect creation, a beloved son. I would love to read more about God’s grace as He continues to reveal Himself to me.

  • Bethany Jones

    I love Andy Stanley. I have recently been listening to Chuck Swindoll preach on “grace” and I would love to extend my learning. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Scott Shields

    Andy’s writings have been very useful in my personal walk with the Lord along with using his principles to minister to the lives of people God has asked me to shepherd through the years. I know this writing will do the same.

  • Jessica

    I’d be interested in reading this book. I’m always surprised at God’s grace and would be very interested to hear insight from Andy on the subject.

  • Brock Klein

    I’m looking forward to hearing Stanley’s takes on the doctrines of Grace – I’ve quite often heard of his rapidly growing church and would love to read some of the principles he’s building it on.

  • Anita J. Denson

    I want this book because I just finished my bachelor’s degree and the last 13 months were grueling. Now that I have the freedom to select my own books, I am only reading books that promise to be worth the time. This book makes the cut for me. I hope I make the cut as a reader. If I do, I promise not only to read the book, but to address it with my Bible study group.

  • Matthew Morris

    I have heard nothing but great things about this book. I cannot wait to read it.

  • Heather Murphy

    I’m so excited for Andy to have another book. In between hearing him on his podcasts and seeing him at Passion 2010, I love learning his view of the gospel and I would enjoy learning more about God’s grace. I would love to have a copy of his book to continue my growth and hopefully bring this to my young adult bible study for our next study as well.

  • Mason Hall

    As someone who personally strives for excellence, I often find that others do not always do so. I often struggle to extend the grace to others that has been extended to me. As a student, I have avoided helping others with homework even though others have helped me with homework countless times. I hope this book helps me become more graceful and merciful towards others. I promise to read it!

  • Matthew Morris

    I am really excited to read what Andy says about Gods Grace and how that applies to our lives.

  • Liz Woods

    I would like this book because I am a new Christian and I am trying to read everything I can so I can build my relationship with Jesus. I can’t get enough information. I will definitely read the book when I get it.

  • Linda

    Is it just me? Whenever I hear Andy teach it’s like I’m sitting down with a dear friend and were having this incredible conversation and learning much more about God. It’s so exciting I can barely stay in my seat.

    Andy is a gifted teacher. He shows us how to apply God’s truths to our lives. He is a positive, honest, articulate, humorous, and influential Christian leader/speaker/author. I listen to his podcasts regularly. One of my favorites from last year was on Joseph. It transformed my ideas and knowledge about forgiveness. I listened to the series several times because there was so much to gain from the teaching.

    I would really like to have a copy of this book because I would like to learn more about God’s grace. Just yesterday I was praying about how I could reach out and share the gospel in new ways. God spoke to me and showed me a couple of new ideas to reach out to my neighbors and community. The two points that stood out to me in your article was the subtitle Andy would give the book “The Solution to Just About Everything” and that the difference between grace and mercy is “grace is proactive.”

    Andy said “Grace is extraordinarily powerful” and I’ve witnessed that myself recently with the loss of a parent and some other challenges I’ve personally faced the past 2+ years, yet there is still much to know.

    I promise to read this book and will encourage others to do so as well. Whenever I read a book I pray and ask God who I can pass it on to so it can bless another individual. I usually never keep it for myself. I know that my neighbor Michael would probably enjoy this as well. Because of injuries hasn’t been able to work. He has a lot of time on his hands. He is a veteran who’s had a number of challenges the past few years. I would give the book to him when I was done and bless him.

  • Almira Fontanilla

    I am what you call a “baby Christian.” Since I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior just 2 years ago I find no other place that I feel more at peace, loved, fed and comforted then the time I spend at the feet of Jesus reading, studying, listening and meditating on His Word.

  • Barrett Myers

    I initially didn’t want this book. But after reading the interview I realize that I am in the “disturbing” position of needing to extend grace. It is uncomfortable to let go of anger, or to love and serve another without regard to whether they deserve it. I believe God is teaching me about grace through my living situation, and I desperately need to extend grace to my roommate. I would be grateful for a copy of this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Matthew Morris

    weird… None of my comments have shown up. I am really excited about reading this book. I am planning on getting it wether its FREE or not. I am really looking forward to hearing what Andy has to say about Gods Grace and how that applies to our lives. I have heard nothing but good things about this book so I know it has to be GREAT! Either way thank you for giving 100 of us the chance to get a free copy.


  • Davis Cutshaw

    .ysae t’nsi ecarg It’s uncanny how the very core of the gospel is the easiest thing to lose sight of. The more we can in-bed it in our heart and in our minds the better we’ll be for it.

    I really enjoyed Andy Stanley’s comments in the interview and I’d love to gain more of his insights from reading his book- which I definitely would read if given a copy.


  • Len

    Grace is not something we can get used to. If we can get used to grace, then it is no longer grace. But then again, do we ever “get” grace? Sometimes it seems that grace gets ahold of us.
    If this sounds like I don’t completely understand grace…correct! I can’t fully comprehend God’s unconditional unfailing love either. Perhaps the point of all of this is that it is impossible to completely understand grace, but to experience it in whatever way we can. It is in the experience that God becomes more awesome and amazing to us. More, Lord, More!!

  • Monique Cameron

    I grew up believing I was a disappointment and when I said I was sorry, I was told “sorry isn’t good enough. It took some time to believe in God’s forgiveness even at the intellectual level. After much inner healing, I came to believe in it from the heart and from experience. There are still times when I believe that God approves of me because of what I’m doing or not doing. I fail to remember at the deepest level that grace isn’t about what I do or don’t do; it’s about Who He is.
    I continue to struggle with the balance between legalism and license, between trying to “get it right” and not trying at all since “God is gracious”. I want to walk in balance between these extremes, not only in my relationship with God but in how I see others.
    I am hoping this book will plant more deeply in my soul and spirit, the reality of the quality of His grace that goes far beyond mercy so that I will be able to truly receive it and pour it out to others.
    Not only do I promise to read it myself, my husband and I will read it together and share what we learn with our close Christian friends.

  • Luke Jacksno

    I want this book because i’m looking to go into ministry, and i’ve dealt a lot with grace within my high school years and am now in college and am discovering the true meaning of God’s grace and it is blowing my mind. I also have a mom who works for a publishing company who has told me lots of good positive comments about Andy’s books and his writing.

  • Chad

    Andy’s been an influential figure in my walk with the Lord. The first time I saw him on video was his series on “Living Within Margins” 3 years ago and I still think about the framework of that series regularly. I would love to read his perspective on God’s grace. Plus, my wife thinks he’s “cute” and she’s hoping his face will be printed on the inside cover.

  • Tim Wilson

    I want a copy of this book because I am a sinner saved only by God’s grace and the more I read about it the more I live into it!

  • Ryan

    I cannot wait to read this new book. Seeing as I have read all of Andy’s works on Leadership I am excited to see him dive into a new topic. While leadership studies are certainly applicable in some form to everyone, grace goes beyond gifting and skill to the core of what we all long for. When I found out that Stanley had written a new book, and on this topic, I thought to myself: Goodness Gracious! I have to get my hands on that thing!!!!”

  • Kristin Radtke

    Since I have recently learned that God doesn’t give us grace for our imaginations, but rather what we actually experience, I’m in need for a further study of grace. Praise God I’m covered in it every morning I wake.

  • Carlton Rivers

    The reason Grace needs to be proclaimed consistantly in the local church and in our hearts and minds is because Grace is not a topic or a doctrine, it is a Person. We are not under the old covenant of the law. We are under the new covenant of grace. Therefore, our lives should be lived out of the overflow of grace. A paraphrase of Titus 2:11-12 says, “The grace of God teaches men to deny ungodliness and to live righteously.” It is through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness we reign in life (Rom. 5:17). Grace is transfroming my life and the church I’m priviledged to pastor.

  • Tony Cruz

    I would like this book because I am a young evangelist who has a desire to preach the whole gospel of truth. I really love this topic. I find that grace is one of the single most misunderstood topics that I want to be well informed of. I am looking at pastoring at some point in the near future and would love this book. Thanks for considering me.

  • Bill Hughes

    I would love to have a copy of this book because my wife and I have visited Andy’s church several times in Atlanta and were willing to relocate there from NJ to join his church! So far, God has not opened that door for us and has kept us here in NJ, but we love us some Andy Stanley!

  • Micayla

    I wish i could say the reason i would like to read this book in just a few words but of course it is never that easy. There are a thousand plus reasons i want to read this book but here is the most relevant to right now. I met a man about a month ago and there was an instant friendship connection. As i have gotten to talk with him more i have realize that he is really troubled with a few things including alcohol and drug addiction, a tough family situation, and a divorce all before he turns 23 in about a month. I have never in my life felt called to into someone’s life that i knew nothing about until now. He struggles so much with his past mistakes that he will not let God give him the grace he deserves. The only way i know about grace is through that which He has given to me but it has been so hard to show that to this man and others in my life. I think that this book could help me give God’s grace freely and to help those around me recieve it.

  • Monique S

    I have been watching/listening to Andy preach through North Point Online since early summer this year and I have to say that it has become the highlight of my life. Every morning I wake up wishing it were Sunday & I could listen to Andy. I have had trouble finding God in my life but Andy’s sermons have helped me feel closer to God than I ever have before. I’m about a 45 minute drive from North Point in Alpharetta but can’t afford the gas, wear & tear on my car, clothes, etc to physically go to church which is why I started watching Andy’s sermons online. If I could afford it, I would make the drive every Sunday to see/hear Andy preach. Andy is truly an inspiration! I would like to hear EVERYTHING Andy has to say & I would REALLY love to read his book on grace. I promise to read it & cherish it.

  • eric

    Hey, I’d love a copy of the book…I help with the twitter feed/facebook presence for my church, Shoal Creek Community Church (@shoalcreek) so if I won I’d read the book from cover to cover & then do another giveaway with it! Would love to pass it on to someone else…

  • Keith

    First I’m a big Stanley fan. Secondly we’ve just gone through some really tough times at our church, and I have to say I’ve seen God’s grace more real in these past few weeks more than ever before. The enemy is real and determined to do his work, but the Holy Spirit was present and people listened and obeyed His prompting! Awesome stuff to see God at work!

    Loved the interview thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin Aschliman

    I’m holding my 2 day old daughter reading this blog, thinking about the incredible GRACE that is in my arms. It’s by God’s Grace that Jena is healthy, that I get to be a dad, a husband, that I get to even hold this little girl for a second is bundles of grace. Then I look at my 3 year old daughter sitting on the other side of me, and am reminded why we named her Grace….she just about didn’t live through day 2, yet God showered us with His Grace. Two huge living, breathing examples of the incredible Grace shown to me on my right and my left.

    This new book from Andy excites me to see more of the Grace extended to me in my life…and become a greater outflow to others…a better show-er of GRACE, it’s so much more then a “free gift” or the lame “freebie” example so often dumbed down to explain GRACE. Yet, in my daily life I dumb it down to the point that I look to it as just that, a “freebie.” I need to grow up and learn so much more about this GRACE…and lead out of it.

  • Mimi

    Got to
    Andy’s book
    Cause he’s an
    Excellent teacher!

  • Mark Sears

    It took my one cell phone and three computers to get to this point. Andy is so cool and has a unique talent for breaking things down to an understandable level. Plus I just want to read his new book.

  • Jonathan Koloff

    I have read so much by Andy Stanley and heard his speak quite a few times. He always has something to share that encourages, enlightens, and challenges me. I know that a book on grace by Andy will be such a great book to read.

  • Jonathan

    I have read a lot of Andy Stanley’s books and heard him speak several times. Every time I hear anything from him I am enlightened, encouraged, and challenged. I know that Andy’s thoughts on grace will be very edifying to read.

  • Chris Hall

    I want this book because Andy Stanley wrote it. Isn’t that reason enough??

    I also want this book because grace is one of the crazy mysteries of God and working with youth in New Orleans I am always looking for great insight into the mystery of God and His grace, to help me further understand and relay the message of the Gospel to the students we work with here.

  • Brian Hinkley

    Grace has always been mysterious to me. Last month one of my Facebook friends posted “Reconciliation is a beautiful thing. Grace is everywhere.” It really got me to thinking what grace really is. We all struggle with grace especially to each other. People through out comments like “By the grace of God.” Times like the narrowly averted car accident or the check that cleared the bank without bouncing for example are times when someone may say this. I think Gods grace is there even when things like this do happen. Thanks for another recommendation to add to my reading list. This is a book that I’m excited to think about reading.

  • Ruben Esparza

    I want this book because God’s grace has completely changed my life around and it is a part of my testimony! I think being able to read this book could take me to a new level in my walk with Christ and help further my ability to witness to people! I believe that I am called into the ministry and being able to have this book would be an incredible resource for me! This is a great opportunity and I would love the book! God’s Grace is an amazing thing and a powerful testimony. Without it where would we all be?

  • Lisa

    “Grace is proactive. Grace doesn’t merely withhold retribution. Grace offers something good in addition to withholding what an individual deserves.”

    I selfishly want the book for myself and I appreciate you overlooking my selfishness and sending me a free copy anyway.

    Plus – I promise to read it then share it with my Middle School girls small group and my volunteers.

  • Pam

    I want to win!

  • Åsa Fhinn

    I cannot live a day longer without trying to understand as much as possible about the Grace of GOD. Gods Grace IS making the differens. I’m longing to know more about His Grace.

  • Michael K. Moore

    I would love to have a copy of Andy’s book on grace because I know that it’s only through God’s grace that I’ll be able to win my world for Christ. I’d view this gift not as an investment in only me but in the countless others I want to reach for the Kingdom!

  • Deborah

    Andy Stanley is one of my favorite authors. I can’t afford to purchase a copy of his book,but would love to read it and gain all I can from it. I i receive a copy I promise it will be read from cover to cover…Thanks! I am also interested in any of his other recent published books.. will send as much of a contribution as i can if needed…Again,thanks for the opportunity to try and receive The Grace of GOD. Thanks and have a blessed week.

  • jonas

    Changed My Life…that is what andy stanleys sermon series character under construction did. I am living in Gods grace now. I can’t but God can. Even as christians we forget this. I have been copying the sermon, taking notes, memorizing scripture to renew my mind. I have been sharing the life changing message with christians eveywhere. In january I will do a short bit on it for 70 people. I would like this book to further live in gods grace. To let go and let him. Thanks!

  • Duncan Storey

    I feel that to attempt an understanding of Grace is to attempt an understanding of God’s love and therefore something that is right at the centre of our Christian faith and walk with God. I’m not sure something so amazing is possible to fully understand, however, I think somehow the attempt at understanding draws us closer to God.

  • Keith

    I have been learning more about the Grace of God lately. I would love to hear what Andy has to say about it. Gods Grace is Awesome!!!! It is greater than all my Sins!!! I pastor a Church and just want to teach & preach Grace like God intended.

  • Randy

    For those of us that have reached the top of the mountain age wise, we suspect the only sustaining power for anything in life is God’s love and grace. If I learn nothing else the rest of my life, learning and living out of God’s grace and love and responding to others out of the same will be enough. I need all the good info I can on God’s grace for my own life and in my role as a church leader. Right now counts forever.

  • Anna B

    From the time my parents discovered my above-average intelligence I have lived a life bound by expectation and performance. The weight of the family’s expectations was put squarely on my shoulders. Reading Andy’s book on grace would be incredibly liberating. I have been struggling for years to understand that I can’t earn God’s love – this book would be just what the Doctor ordered!! :-)

  • Elaine King

    I would love a copy of this book, because I need a deeper understanding of grace. Grace is something I readily accept, but often struggle to extend to others. Which is definitely a poor reflection of my God. God’s grace is so enormous and difficult to grasp, but I think Andy Stanley could help break it down for me. I am not just looking for a book to read and put on a shelf, but I am committed to letting God speak to me and change me through this book. I also promise to pass it on to my friends and give them grace if they forget to return it.

  • Scooper

    I need this book because everyday grace is still such a mystery to me. Oddly enough, I sort of “get” grace in the larger “Jesus died for me AND He gave me so much in addition to being pardoned.” I don’t claim to truly understand that in the fullest sense but for some reason I can grasp grace in the epic Jesus sense better than I can grasp it and practice it in the everyday ways. As a mom, what does grace look like for me as I parent? As a wife? As a friend? Perhaps the most challenging question for me is this: How do I show grace to myself? I think it would be a place of greater freedom, less anxiety, more love…it’s just still very elusive to me. How does grace settle into the nooks and crannies of everyday life? I’d love to see if this book speaks to that issue.

    And yes, yes, I will read it! Promise.

  • cheryl trumble

    I live with an atheist husband so I am on the line every day to exhibit grace…..sometimes I don’t do very well….maybe Andy’s book would help.

  • Steve Waldorf

    Andy is so on target if this interview is indicative of his whole book. Grace is so overwhelming to us because we cannot get our heads around it. We do not deserve it. We cannot earn it. It is offered to us knowing that we stand in our own sin and shame and yet it is freely given. It is not even offered; it is given because God wants to. At least with salvation we have to “believe in your heart, and confess with your tongue….” And the grace is so immense that even when I fail the next time, it is not taken away. The only escape from God’s grace is to refuse it. That kind of love blows the mental, emotional, and relational circuitry!

  • Andrea Aresca

    762+ comments!
    Michael, it’s a long time since I read your blog and I didn’t remember another post with so many comments!
    This reduces the chance I have to win the book… but I am so glad Andy Stanley and the subject of the Grace of God receives this attention!

    This book is already on my wish list when I firstly knew about it. In the last months I was studying on this very subject and I was really happy to see Andy wrote on it.
    Understanding the real and pure meaning of the grace of God is what people need most. It’s what WE (who already experienced the saving grace)need most too!
    Opposite to our human tendency to a legalism that neglects people, the grace of God is what we should really live in every day relationships.

  • Karen

    A new Andy Stanley Book? I must read it. A free new Andy Stanley Book? I must have it so I can buy one to give away. Who doesn’t like free? And who, in their right mind, isn’t changed, encouraged, challenged, rocked, messed up, completely disturbed (in a good way) by Andy’s teaching? Put those two together and LOOK OUT!

  • Grace

    I would love to read the book. (and yes I would read it if I won!) I grew up with a lot of rules and “trying” to be a “good christian” Grace is something that I’ve been recently learning about and discovering.

  • Shane

    Oh, I am going to write something crazy: If I win this book, I actually promise to not read it. I do promise to immediately give it away. Honestly, I’m still waiting for “The Next Level” to arrive and I’m eager to read that first. I wouldn’t even comment or try to win this resource except I think it is so good. I was so glad to hear the comment that God’s dominant characteristic through the OT is grace. So whether or not I win this book, I am glad to see these thoughts on grace in print and I hope they revolutionize our church world.

  • Renata

    “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” These magnificent words resonate within my being! Who can fathom the miraculous passion of God’s Grace? To my finite mind it’s like trying to understand an eternity where time does not exist.
    People in this dying world are aching for the God’s unfailing Grace shown by his enduring Love for us. The sad part is that they don’t even know it. The harvest is great out there, ripe and ready to be gathered, yet the diligent workers are few. As a Christian, I pray to be a positive, faithful role model that people may see God’s Grace as I live my life each day. No matter where I am living, I am a missionary.
    I definitely promise to read “The Grace of God” as it will definitely be an inspiration to me and help me be more proactive in manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit to others. It’s a daily endeavor and this book will be a great encouragement for me and my family.

  • Anna James

    Your interview inspired me to read this book. I was so happy when I saw that you were giving away copies. My husband and I are having to practice grace at this very moment. The strongest feelings are starting to subside after the most difficult summer of our lives in which we were betrayed by people we loved dearly. But almost every day I see or hear a reminder of the past and even this morning in my time with the Lord I was struggling with how to respond.

    I am in that “Grace, but…” stage. Wanting to clear our name. Wanting to expose the “mis-truths”. Yet, God’s heart won’t allow me.

    I am so very thankful for God’s grace to me. I want to bathe in it and continue to model it.

  • Steven Young

    I am going on a vision trip with Compassion International to Nicaragua and would love to give the book to one of the leaders there.

  • Roy Andrews

    I have never read one of his books as of yet. I have heard great hings about the ministry he leads. It would be great to get one of his books. Thank you.

  • Adam Borsay

    I am currently reading “Next Generation Leader” and was just thinking that I needed to go read some more Stanley. And then my friend @kevinaschliman posted about this and I was super excited. I hope I get it!

    • Kevin Aschliman

      @kevinaschliman wishes he would have gotten a copy of the book….after informing you about it. Oh well, if anyone needs to read it, it’s you!! Ha ha.

  • rick wallace

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I think Andy’s great
    You obviously do too!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Grace is a concept
    We all need to think through

    Roses are red
    Violets are green
    God’s grace will be known
    As our actions are seen

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I will read the book
    And pass it on too!

  • Julia

    Living in Austria (Europe aka. Schwarzenegger-Country) doesn’t really make it all too easy getting your hands on brilliant cheap christian books… having to rely on occasional friends jetting off to the US, I’d love to get my hands on a copy of book…but rest assured, in any case, I will read your book…if I don’t win it, it’s probably going to take me another 2 years or so to get it, but I WILL read it…simply because I know that my own life’s been an example of God’s grace and goodness and any story, testimony, teaching on this subject is a must-read for me! cause’ I guess you can’t be reminded often enough that without God’s grace nothing’s possible that goes beyond your own strength, and to be fair…that’s a limit I wouldn’t want to settle for ;-)

  • karen smith

    Can’t wait to read it and Get the Word Out! My passion is for foreign missions, and I’m heading into revival – which of course, is all about grace – recognizing it, receiving it, sharing it, discipling with it,and fighting the enemy with it… exciting times that Jesus has placed us in!

  • Jenny H.

    I’ve not yet had the privilege of reading Andy Stanley, but based on this interview, I’d really like to read this book (and will certainly do so should I win a free copy.) His comment about grace beginning at Creation challenged and encouraged me this morning (so much that I’ve already shared it with my husband and others). The privilege of living, loving, and being loved truly is a wondrous expression of His grace. Also, as a mom of three little ones, his comment “Grace is like a crockpot” hit home as an excellent reminder of the big picture as I seek to develop strong relationships with my children. Thank you for taking the time to share a glimpse of this book.

  • Jamie

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found! Was blind, but NOW I SEE!!

    I’m a big fan of Andy Stanley, and I’d love to read his new book on a topic that is often preached, but not fully understood and appreciated by Christians. As I do with most of the books I read, I’ll donate it to my local library once I’m finished with it, so that others can benefit from it.

    (Yes, I promise to read it!)

  • Ross Middleton

    I am a church planter in the 2nd most unchurched city in America, Miami, FL. A city like Miami is full of sin. What Miami needs is a huge outpouring of the grace of God. I just moved down here about 3.5 weeks ago and already can tell the extreme brokenness in this city.

    I would love to read this book to help minister the grace of God to a city that desperately needs it.

  • Matthew Brown

    Andy’s crock pot metaphor was hilarious and effective. I’m a college student with little time for extra reading, but I still manage to make time for Andy’s books. He is an amazing inspiration for me in my walk with God. The way he frames ideas and challenges his readers impresses me every time I read one of his books or listen to one of his sermons. As a poor student, I would love a free copy of this book.

  • Josh Gunkel

    I have spent the last 9 years or so just trying to soak up as much as I can from Andy. He has such a skill in communicating things that I have heard for years into rich, tangible, relevant new ways. I would love to read Andy’s translation of the grace idea because I really feel that I don’t completely understand or embrace it yet. If his other thought are any indication I know this book will have a huge impact on my life. I believe I am prime for what this book has in it like I was when I first read Visioneering about 5 years ago. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a copy and share the message!

  • Jasmyn Denton

    I am a teacher. I teach third grade. I need grace…I need to be gracious- to children, to co-workers, to parents. I have a hard time accepting God’s grace- often creating hoops for myself to jump through before I can even begin to peek at God’s unending and completely gentle grace. Because I consider myself undeserving, I often don’t even put myself in the running for grace.
    I’d really like this book. I think I need it. Always challenged by Andy Stanley’s podcasts (both NPM and Leadership)- I know this book- an invitation to Grace- will not disappoint.

  • Luz Tarquini

    I would love to receive a copy of Andy’s book, God’s Grace. As a new member of the church, I feel I need to shift my thinking process and rename “luck” grace. I have gone through my life thinking I have been so lucky to hav family that loves me unconditionally, great jobs, great children. Now I know that it’s not luck, I have seen glimpses of God’s Grace, and, if I continue in this path, I can’t wait to live under His grace eternally. If those moments of pure happiness (luck) are superb, why would I not want to live under that Bliss for the rest of eternity?

    I hope you consider my story and I promise to read it!!

  • Luz Tarquini

    I feel I have been “lucky” to have great friends and family who love me unconditionally, great jobs, great material things. I am walking a new path that includes Andy and NPCC. I have now re-invented the concept of luck to be just a glimpse of God’s grace in my life, God smiling my way, if you will. I would love to learn more about this concept, because if these glimpses of grace are superb, why would I not want to live under God’s grace 100% of the time, here and eternally?

  • Luke

    There once was a pastor named Andy
    Whose vision and heart were quite dandy
    He wrote a new book
    Which, after one look
    I knew would be useful and grand-y.


  • Elizabeth

    Andy is a phenomenal speaker, evangelist and teacher. It’s been great to see how God continues to use him in a mighty way over the years.

    I was excited to learn about his new book on grace. It is a reoccurring theme that God has been showing me as of late, that along with absolute surrender. Give your life away, show love and demonstrate grace to all whom you come in contact with each day. I wonder what additional nuggets Andy will share in his book? I’m sure that they’ll be eye-opening and life-changing.

  • Vicki Jackson

    I totally agree that Grace is the solution to everything. As a Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center offering Grace to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, I see firsthand that Grace is the solution their needs.By offering these women and men grace, new lives are saved and souls are transformed. Even women and men involved in unhealthy relationships change their lifestyles when Grace is extended to them and not judgement or a list of requirements. The word does say that the requirements against us have been wiped out having been nailed to the cross in Collosians 2:14. Righteous is taught by Grace as says Titus 2:12 so by offering Grace, it truly is the answer to every need especially our need for Salvation!

  • CA

    I was so challenged and encouraged just by this interview alone that I got to get my hands on this book. : ) What a great message to spur the church in loving people through grace. So, if you choose me as one of the hundred, I promise to read it and apply at least one of the principles of this book to my life and report back to you in a month how it has changed/molded my life. Thanks for having such a great and inspiring blog site, Michael!

  • AMorgan

    Ah, grace. As a pregnant woman in her early second trimester, I’m learning SO MANY new things about grace (and so is my husband!!). I can’t believe how much things have changed already and we don’t even have a child yet! I really want to read this book because I have never experienced that parent/child relationship and yet I know that it will only expand my understanding of God. I am so protective of this child already and can’t imagine sacrificing him/her for others sake. And yet, here we are! Because of God’s grace, he could do that. I am trying to glean as much knowledge as possible before this child is born to understand the balance between grace, mercy, and discipline. What better place to learn that than God? And I think Andy Stanley has proven that he is truly a messenger of God!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to get this book free!!

  • Shelly

    The Lord is walking me through a season of learning to live grace. We have a house guest in addition to our four, very active children (9yrs and younger) and grace is vital for anything to work! My husband is serving his first year as principal at our small school in addition to his previous coaching responsibilities, and we have starting leading the youth group at church. Our plates are overflowing with wonderful things, but it is intense! If I can learn to really walk in grace it will all be sweet and good. I need this teaching right now and promise to use it and pay it forward with my life’s example.

  • Raymond Master

    Grace is such an issue for the church today! I look forward to reading Andy’s book because I am interested in what’s on his heart. Truth be told, I think the church defines grace only from the perspective of a loving God, not a biblical God that really does hate both the sin and the sinner (Psalm 5:5). So grace has more to do with his reason for dying for us, than whether He loves or doesn’t love us; whether He is just or holy and how that relates to our lives. Looking forward to the read!

  • Andrew R

    I want it because I’m poor and need something to read in my free time. i love the way God uses Andy to communicate to people via sermon, book or simple illustrations. He has opened up my eyes and how FUN it is to read the word of God.

    I promise I will read the book!

  • Scott Mooney

    Andy Stanley is the best communicator of this generation. He has that rare talent of being able to reach the person who has never cracked a Bible, as well as the Ph.D. Seminary professor in the same message. Add to that his incredible leadership ability and you have one of the most influential pastors of his time. I have read all of his books and rarely miss his podcasts (NP and Leadersip). I would like his book partly to read it for myself, but mostly to be able to give it freely to someone who is far from God and needs to hear about Grace from one of the most knowledgeable on the subject.

  • Phil McCarn

    I would like a copy of the book because Grace is what the Christian faith is all about. Christ providing mercy despite it not being deserved. I have been a big fan of Andy and look forward to what he has to say on this topic.

  • Stacy-Ann Hyde

    I’m from Jamaica and my first encounter with Andy Stanley was while in Fiji where I’m being trained under th Evangelism Explosion banner. We were shown a series entitled Taking Responsibility for our Life. His style was so profound yet simple to understand. I own an iPod touch and I seriously searched the podcasts for anything from him and I found the North Point Church Podcasts. Then I said maybe I could find him on twitter as well and so I searched just now and found out about his interview and book. I like his style and delivery method. I’ve never read one of his books but I know I will. I’m in Fiji for another week before I leave for Jamaica on Nov 6. I would love to be blessed with a copy of his book which would be my first. I’m just so excited about what has been unfolding since I decided to go into full time ministry and I know it’s not by chance but by God’s grace. I’m a bit of a “talker” so I’ll stop now. Thank you for the time, space and opportunity.

  • Anthony Spallone

    I would like a free copy of this book because it is a timely book for me. I have been struggling lately with a certain situation to show grace and would like to read this book to get a reminder of the grace we have received that Scripture points out. A copy would be much appreciated for my spiritual growth and situation right now. Thank you

  • emily freeman

    Love it. Would read it. Would pass it on. Tweeted it. Posted about it. Filing out the form next. I’m so on this.

  • Cavin

    No way I can turn down an opportunity for something free and to read Andy Stanley’s book. I have an office job and listen to Andy’s sermons all the time. What a difference they make in the day I am having, which also affects others around me. I have been looking for something that my husband and I can read together. We have recently made a commitment to make time to do something like this. Thanks for your generosity. If I am not chosen I will just watch for the book to come out at Mardels.

  • Julie Freudenthal

    My Husband and I both LOVE Andy Stanley. The guy just cracks us up. We have taken many classes and watched several videos of Andy that our church has offered. I’m thinking I’d love to be able to give this book to my Husband for Christmas. He is such a honorable, hard working man, managing almost all non-believers at work. I think he could totally use a little extra “Grace” thru his day as he is trying to love his workers, trying to serve them as an example while be a witness of God’s love. Thankyou.

  • Karen J. Martinez

    Have been listening to Andy Stanley for awhile now. The clincher was the series on Proverbs. I think it was “Principle of the Path”(Life changing; Loved it!). I would love copy of his new book because like grace…. I might not deserve it but you can give it to me anyway. I promise to read it and in turn give it away to someone else because I can later hopefully (if available) download it to my kindle.

  • Ashley

    I will not try to top the person that wrote a poem. It didn’t say leave the best comment in order to win. These are solid efforts though :) I would like the book. I’m an Andy Stanley fan. I will read it and blog about it as well.

  • Paige

    I’m a foster parent and while grace isn’t a requirement it’s necessary. Whether it’s a biological parent or the system itself we are called to be His hands and feet and honestly, that’s not always easy. It’s hard to extend grace to a mother who has beaten her child or a father who decided one day to be a parent after three years of neglect. It is hard to raise a child for 15 months when they are only 18 months old and then give the child back to the same woman who abused him without any form of bitterness and anger towards them. It is hard to give grace to the foster system and the workers who continually allow the children to return to the parents. The only thing I can say is my God is faithful and His plans are greater than ANYTHING I understand! He called us to love others with a love that is unfathomable and that’s what we have done.

  • Suni

    Sir,… Grace! Although I have been saved for over 33yrs, the fullness of this gift had alluded me for the first 30yrs. Due to the religious and cultural aspects of my life, I was steeped in the rituals of legalism. Unwittingly, my goal was to become the perfect Christian instead of acquiring a holy and righteous relationship with Jesus Christ. When I was taught how to truly forgive and how to accept forgiveness, and when I learned that Christ truly loved and accepted me (no matter what) was when I begin to comprehend grace. I will never forget the day this occurred…for I literally felt the emotional/protective walls around my heart come tumbling down. I truly can say…Grace brings an eternal freedom.

  • Andrew Acker

    I’m a flavorful stew that needs a good crock pot to help set the right temperature to cook and make the stew savory and edible.

  • @DougHalcomb

    Hockey players need grace too! I am excited about reading and sharing Andy Stanley’s book The Grace of God. I work with pro hockey players and I believe that it is especially difficult for pro athletes grasp the idea of grace. I want to read this with a couple of hockey players and try and help them discover God’s great gift of grace.

  • Robert Costa

    I will not only read it but pass it around.

  • Jimmy

    I want this book because I’m preaching on grace right now even though I don’t deserve it! But if grace could be extended to me, that would be great! I promise to read the book and share grace with others!

  • Chris Roberts

    I’d love to read this. Of course I’m going to read it. As Perry Noble says, “It’s Andy Freakin’ Stanley!” :)

  • Nathan

    I would love to read this book! I’ve actually never read one of Andy Stanley’s books yet, but I’ve watched a couple of his videos and he is a great teacher of God’s Word. I’m a Christian. I’ve been saved by grace, but you can’t stop learning about our great God and his wonderful grace. If I don’t win a copy of this book, that’s fine. But if I do get a copy, I would be ecstatic, and will thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  • Kevin Hoogeveen

    Andy Stanley is the bomb and my grandma’s name was Grace. If that isn’t enough of a reason to give the book, than I just don’t know. Oh, and I will read it :0)

  • JP Jones

    Why would I love to have this book? Honestly, not for myself, but rather for my grandmother. She is an avid reader and loves Andy Stanley’s ministry. Do I promise to read it? Again, honestly, no. But I promise to hear about it after she reads it, and I can promise she will most likely read it in one setting immediately after receiving it. =P Did I mention that her birthday is coming up? December 14th. At any rate, it looks like a great read and I’m sure all the winners will enjoy it! Thanks for doing this for 100 people Michael!

  • Chris Heck

    I would to receive this book primarily because you have chosen to give it away on October 29th which is my 40th birthday. And what a gift. A book to encourage, rebuke, and teach me to more fully comprehend God’s grace. Not just so that I can feel better about what God has done for me but that I might freely offer to others what God has first offered to me.

    I was reading in the book of Mark this week when after calling Levi to leave his life as a tax collector, Jesus went and hung out and had dinner with a bunch of sinners and tax collectors at his house. While Jesus was “reclining at table”, the scribes of the Pharisees are standing at a distance questioning the disciples about why Jesus is hanging out with people who are unclean. That picture of reclining with grace vs. standing in judgment has stuck with me the past few days. I welcome the encouragement to further explore, know, and extend God’s grace.

  • david strickland

    not only will i read it but i will give it away after i do.

  • Nicole

    My husband is a youth pastor to 200+ students. As we serve together in ministry extending “grace” is something we deal with on a weekly basis. This new book will be a great resource for us to learn more about what Scripture has to say about grace & how we can live it out. Thank you for posting the interview & giveaway.

  • Serenity

    I am studying to be a Pastor, Grace is something that is new to me… I want to learn how to implement His grace within me as well as the people I come in contact with. And yes, I promise to read it :)

  • mike Kim

    I am starving PHD student always looking for free stuff. Love Andy Stanley he’s one of my heros of the faith.

  • Mela Kamin

    I’m a sinner saved by grace and need to be reminded of that moment by moment. Sally Clarkson said “we cannot give what we do not possess.” Though we are lavished with grace, some people “hoard it,” as Serena Woods said. Still others never fully comprehend what they’ve been given and can’t articulate it, grasp it or live it out enough to share. I would very much enjoy reading Andy’s reflections on God’s grace. Thank you for the opportunity. Bless you as you continue to use your gifts to serve. 1 Peter 4:10

  • laurie

    God I Need YOU. I Need Your Love and Word in My Life.
    Teach Me ~ Lead Me ~ Use Me.

  • Matt

    I’ve learned more about communication from Andy Stanley than I ever learned in seminary! I know this book will offer more priceless examples of clear power-packed communication!

  • Ellis

    I want to know what Grace is and I want you to show me.
    I wanna feel what Grace is, I know you can show me.
    Let’s talk about Grace.

  • Shirley (s_ling78)

    This book will be a (G)reat (R)eward of the (A)ction of love from the (C)reator of heaven and (E)arth.

  • Alan Humphries

    I would like a copy of this book because Andy Stanley is one of my favorite authors and speakers! I live in Alaska and I Pastor a church, have a TV program that reaches the entire state of Alaska, minister in prison’s here, teach Anger Management all across the state and travel to the bush of Alaska often. I twitter almost daily and am on Facebook daily. I will read it and share it with those I minister to. Thanks for your investment in the Kingdom of God and all you do for Him.

  • Julian Newman

    The reason I would like a copy of this book is because as a pastor I am constantly in that place of helping people navigate the ‘tension of grace’, and I believe Andy Stanley’s new book would be helpful in that pursuit. With the atmosphere of our culture and present generation, grace is an extremely precious commodity. And yes, I promise to read it. Thank you.

  • Sheryl

    I would LOVE o copy of this book!!!!

    To accurately extend the GRACE of God to other’s regarding their different views on how (or not to) celebrate the
    upcoming HOLIDAYS it is important
    for me to first understand,

    Christians can be very divisive, and I don’t want to be one of them; unless it is something the character of God requires.

    Plus, I’m broke and right now free is good.

  • Debbie

    Grace! The message never gets old. How blessed I am to share in His grace. I look forward to reading this and being reminded, encouraged and challenged to live in light of what the wonderful grace of God. It makes all the difference. (And yes, I promise to read this!!!!)

  • Dana

    I’ve had one son to die… and one 18-year-old son who is refusing to keep church attendance a priority, which is REALLY irking me.. and another son with mysterious health problems. I need to more fully understand and appreciate God’s grace and learn to share the fullness of that grace with my family… to benefit us all by drawing us closer to him and then to each other.

    This would be my first Andy Stanley book and judging by the crockpot analogy, something I could really be able to relate to…

  • Jim F.

    I want a copy of the book because I want to tell others that I was hand picked by Michael Hyatt to read Andy Staley’s new book because I promised to read it …..But wait……..there is more…. I will also promise to write a review of it and will make it an honest review. Also I just think it would be cool to tell people I have been handpicked to read the book.

    Thank You in advance for the book ;)

  • Chris Thurman

    As the father of 2 children under 10 and a banking executive dealing with employees and customers alike, I need to demonstrate God’s grace with my life on a daily basis. I am a big fan of Andy Stanley’s books and his leadership and life lessons. I enjoyed learning from Philip Yancey in “What’s So Amazing About Grace,” and will read and apply this book in my Christian walk as well.

  • Charles Fuller

    Grace. Every Christian has experienced it. Every one of us has a responsibility to share it. How different our world could be if we did. Why don’t we? Andy Stanley always challenges, exhorts, and encourages his audience to live out their faith, and I am certain that this will be no exception. Not only will I read this book, but I will likely use it in sermon preparation.

  • Erica

    Leave a comment below–2 mins
    Fill out the special form.–1 min
    Twitter a link to this post.–30 second
    Read book.— a few hours
    Message of God’s grace– TIMELESS

  • Holly Leach

    I have not had the opportunity to read any books that are focused on God’s grace for us. I would really appreciate the chance to have this book to read. It is an area in my walk with God that I need more focus on. This book would help me do that. Thank you. May those who get a copy be blessed by reading it.
    G- God’s
    R- Reaching
    A- Affectionate
    C- Caring
    E- Embrace

  • Steve

    Grace is getting what you don’t deserve right? I don’t deserve God’s grace but I enjoy it. I don’t deserve this book either but I am sure I would enjoy it too.

  • Seth

    25 yr old church planter in Asheville NC. Love Andy Stanely and his principles of a church for unchurched people and leading a church. After reading his earlier books it helped shape not only my preaching style but how we are shaping our church plant.

  • Albert

    I’m a teacher about to go abroad and teach for a local church in Vietnam. There is something very special about the grace that goes beyond all understanding, especially since GOD is one who we can’t completely “get” until we’re reunited with Him. To break down this awesome gift of grace to people is one of biggest challenges of the local church. I would hope to help share the grace of God from the Bible with the help of this book. Thanks!

  • Brandi

    I want a copy of this book because I believe Andy Stanley is a gifted communicator & I’d love to read it & review it on my blog for others who might hesitate to purchase it. Also, I promise to read it :)

  • Daniel Holke

    If anyone could write about God’s grace it’s Andy Stanley. It is such a deep subject, and something that has been on my mind very often recently. I serve on a Young Professionals board through our chamber of commerce, and we recently voted on whether or not to support a change to city employment laws to protect homosexuals. It reminded me that since God is love and showed us love first, that I could give others love. When I thought of grace, I knew that I needed to find God’s grace before I could know how to give it as well. I’d really like to read this book to supplement my time in the word. Thank you!

  • Lynn

    Why do I want to win this book? I love books, especially good Christian books! And grace is a hard topic to understand, yet it is a very basic one. I would like to read what Andy Stanley has to share that God has revealed to him on this topic. Therefore, I would definitely read the book. :) I have already mentioned this post on Twitter.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jerry H

    A really good book about grace
    That would sure put a smile on my face
    I’m sure it’s a dandy
    From an author like Andy
    So PLEASE send me one to my place

  • Suzie G

    As a Pastor God’s grace is needed in abundance, as a parent its needed even more than water.

  • Lana

    Hi Michael, I would love a copy of this book. Let’s just say reading this book has to be better than watching the Rangers lose another game! (Just kidding! Hey, you asked for creative!!!) Actually, Andy Andrews mentioned Andy Stanley as one of the people he looks to as a mentor this wkend at WOF and I’d be very interested in reading some of his work. Yes, I promise to read it! :)

  • Jeremiah Nelson

    I would like a copy of the book to share with a men’s group I attend (as my schedule allows) at a Presbyterian Church call Band Of Brother (B.O.B.). Even though I am a catechumen in the Orthodox Church, I like to share what I am learning and experiencing with these brothers of my former Protestant persuasion. Especially in this age of Emerging Church ideas of “who has the authority to interpret Scripture rightly?” I like being the voice that speaks for the authority of the Church, which has stood for 2000 and DID NOT fall into apostasy: The Orthodox Church. I share the love, grace and power that are present in the most ancient Church Tradition. The Orthodox Church has radically transformed my walk with Christ, and I enjoy sharing that, even if it is only with a few guys on a Monday evening.

  • Jonathon Burns

    I would definately read this book.
    I have never read a book by Andy Andrews, however this book intrigues me. I recently read “The Gospel According to Jesus”, which has caused me to think a lot about Grace. As a college student, I sometimes see a lack of ‘grace’ among those in my age group. There is great care for people who are suffering and needy, but not nearly as much care for their next door neighbor. Grace doesn’t believe in entitlement. Grace is the antithesis of entitelement. Perhaps this book could be one I would pass on to classmates and perhaps will start dialogue fostering a community of grace.

  • Kim Robilotto

    I really enjoy learning from Andy Stanley. He is a very gifted communicator. I hope that I am
    choosen to receive his new book because I am a begger telling other beggers where to find food. The food for life is only found bu God’s saving grace for all of us. I have learned that I have to continue to think like a missionary to keep reaching those who don’t know Jesus.

  • George Manlangit

    “…fear erodes relationships. Grace is like a crock pot.”
    That’s a good analogy. And also since mercy is not getting what we deserve, it creates a tendency towards fear. Whereas with grace, it allows us to experience God’s love unconditionally.

    When unexpected circumstances arises that makes us suffer, it is most often mercy that we most ask from God because of our tendency towards fear. Instead we should strive to ask for God’s grace to sustain us and accept the trials or suffering that we have to go through.

  • Joshua L. Henry

    I want to read this book because as a pastoral leader, I feel called to be continually learning and growing in God’s grace, to better help administer that grace with my ministry gifts to others. A prayer I often pray is: Lord help me to always live in, learn by, lead through, and most importantly, lean on you oh God. Bless these others commenting, their families and ministries. Let us all lean heavily on you God and let us know your grace is enough.

  • Bill Nance

    I have 3 kids under 3 and a half years old. I need something to keep me sane.
    And yes, I promise to read it!

  • Darilynn Caston

    I don’t just want this book I need it…I am a kindergarten teacher and have 4 children under the age of 8. I am recently separated and not many months ago I thought I had a solid grasp on what Grace really I’m not so sure. Whether it’s the Alaskan moose that run out on our roads causing other cars to swerve in front of me, or the bears I must remind my children to walk for as they play in our back yard or the drama that has unfolded in our lives, I realize that no matter what life throws our way, I need to continue be reminded what Grace is and that I must choose to show it and accept it. This book would be a great companion to enjoy after my children have gone to bed and the country side grows dark and still and remote as only Alaska can do. Thank you for all you do.

  • James Sharp

    I would like a free copy of the book because I am a Christian looking to better myself and those around me. Soon I will be leading a small group at our church, and I hope to share The Grace of God with everyone whom I come into contact with. When leaders share The Grace of God to people around them, the world becomes a better place person by person.

  • Christian

    First, yes I promise to read it. in addition I would more than likely recommend it and loan it to friends.
    Based on the interview, I’m very interested. I’ve had some recent events in my life that have forced me to take a deeper look at grace at what this means. It’s easy to require other people to extend grace to me, but I in turn must extend grace to them as well. also last spring my dad showed me a few of andy’s dvd messages and I enjoyed what I heard. Thanks for the opportunity michael.

  • McNair Wilson

    “Grace” is God’s middle name. It’s what God does as easily as breathing. Thankfully his breath brushes my cheek, blows through my hair, fills me and surrounds my heart. Grace has changed me, and I am learning, bit-by-bit to Grace-full with others.

    “Follow me,” Jesus says,”and learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” (Matt.11:28, The Message)

  • Greg Kell

    Andy and I are the same age – both grew up as PK’s, both served in ministry under our fathers – both are now pastoring churches we birthed. I have followed Andy’s ministry since the early 90’s, and have deeply benefitted from his transparency and genuineness. We finally got to meet in person in April of 2009 at a One Day Catalyst Conference at North Point. I would love to have a copy of his new book – I know this particular subject would both bless my own life and inspire me in my own writing.

  • McNair Wilson

    Grace is God’s middle name. I feel no closer to God than when I can be grace-full in life. Any new insights I can find (hear, read) on grace…I’m interested, fascinated, eager.

  • Rene A. Enriquez

    I’ve been following andy’s teaching since late 90’s. Taught a two day seminar in PowerPoint based on his book choosing to cheat. I hope to meet him someday. During that time I was working on my MBA and found an immediate liking for his style of communication and content. I’ve shared his teaching, books and podcasts to many others including church leadership during my service as a church administrator. I also realize that I can never learn enough and by the Grace of God, I’ve been given the privilege to both learn and teach as a lay minister in student ministry. I’m confident he’s hit another home run with this latest book.

  • Todd Rice II

    I’m looking forward to this book one way or another. I understand the grace of God but struggle showing grace to other people. I’m hoping that by reading this book I better understand grace and I can pass this book on to someone around me.

  • Todd Rice II

    and yes i promise to read it

  • Mari-Anna

    I’m in love with grace and the Giver of Grace. There’s nothing more delightful, nothing more needed than grace in this world. My life goal is to share God’s grace with as many people as I can. I would love to get inspired by this book and pass on the good stuff to my blog readers.

    “All that passing laws against sin did was produce more lawbreakers. But sin didn’t, and doesn’t, have a chance in competition with the aggressive forgiveness we call grace. When it’s sin versus grace, grace wins hands down. All sin can do is threaten us with death, and that’s the end of it. Grace, because God is putting everything together again through the Messiah, invites us into life—a life that goes on and on and on, world without end.”(Romans 5:20-21, MSG)

    Thanks for the fun contest! Thanks for Andy Stanley for writing the graceful book! God’s grace & peace to you both!

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  • Scott

    I would read this book. I am just past being baptized in the Catholic church.
    I am sure this book would be a great read!

  • Livia Rahayu

    I live and minister in a country in Asia, and to get a hold of a book like this would be a blessing not only to me, but also to those I minister to.

  • Melanie

    I want a copy of this book because “God’s Grace lifts me up”is a translation of my name, Melanie. which is real similar to The Grace of God. I am a college student at a secular University. I am in a sorority and trying to figure out who I want to be. I am a Christian and not going out parting on nights like tonight or weekends like Halloween is easy to say, but hard to do when you’re one of the few staying in. So, I would love to read Stanley’s book and be inspired. I would love to learn more about Christian leadership, for myself and for helping others. If given the book, I would definitely read it!

  • Kala Reyna

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
    Webster’s definition of want(in short): to be without, to desire, to have a need, to lack the necessaries of life.

    Grace is a necessity in life that we all need but don’t deserve. This book will challenge me on two levels:
    1. Am I being refreshed by God’s grace?
    2. Am I disturbed when God’s grace is required of me?

    Webster’s definition of promise(in short): an oral or written agreement to do or not to do something.

    You have my written word that I will read this book.
    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

  • Rachel Shae

    I have questions. Like a two-year-old who always asks Why.

    I’m wrestling with a few things–have been for a bit. Recently, I randomly dug up an old podcast of Stanley’s (Go Fish Part 5: Muddy Waters from 9/8/09): random because I just happened to need a new computer, and I just happened to buy this computer from my father, who just happened to have saved that podcast, and I decided to keep his collection.

    Combined with a few other life events, his presentation of what salvation is led me to be 100% sure of mine for the first time in my life. I know, sounds dramatic–but really, growing up in the church as a pastor’s daughter and attending a religious university and working in ministry just seemed to warp my sense of what exactly grace is, to the point where I got angry when I felt people were undeserving of it, and usually felt like I would manage to ultimately fall short. I hovered around 99% sure, but always had that gut feeling of fear.

    I know the next part of this…process? will be me just trying to accept this and make it make sense in my mind. Since Stanley helped me with the first “Aha!” moment, I’m curious as to what else he has to say on the subject. Obviously, I respect his insight. And I have so many friends who scorn religion, I want to understand what I believe–what I want to believe–so I don’t turn any one off of the gospel through misspeaking.
    Regardless, October 2, 2010 was a beautiful day!

    You know what’s weird? Being grateful to someone you’ve never met.

  • Rodney ORourke

    I attended NPCC for six years before being transferred to New England. I have a start up Christian ministry and need the guidance.

    Right Standing Ministries

  • Robin Luftig

    I would love to get a free copy of Andy Stanley’s new book because grace is the reason I speak to others about God’s forgiveness. If it wasn’t for grace, I would be doomed for a very sad life and doomed eternity.

  • Cody

    I am a sinner saved by grace and I need a better revelation of God’s grace, that’s why I would like a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book! I am a teenager and always looking for ways to further my walk with God.

  • Marc Buxton

    I think grace is often misunderstood, and I was excited to see that Andy was writing a book on it. He does not write “filler” books, but rather he writes passionately about subjects he believes in. I’m very interested in reading his take on God’s amazing grace, and being able to apply them to our ministry. I will read it and blog about it.

  • Dave

    I am looking forward to reading the book. Andy Stanley is a gifted communicator and pastor. This is the type of resource that I would pass on to others to help in growing the kingdom.

  • Charlotte Frederick

    Not creative … but profound — AMAZING Grace!! — I still can’t get over the wonder of His grace in my life. Besides – I just completed a class “Doctrine of Grace” with Jack Cottrell at Cincinnati Christian University – perhaps a reward for my A?

  • gBaines

    I want my students to have it!! I’m a volunteer College pastor from a local church in Hendersonville who visits 150+ college students on about 30 college campuses. Love to give books to College seniors who are about to leap out into the world and want them armed to the hilt . . . No better “General on the hill” than Andy to help set their trajectory. Can’t think of a better weapon against the enemy than “grace” and living under it.

  • Kyle

    Well this may be too late but I want a copy because it is the solution I unpack for college students at Kansas State University every day. I work with students in greek houses, residence halls and across campus who do not understand the solution is God’s grace, ultimately displayed in Jesus. These are the leaders of tomorrow and I believe this book would help me live out Nehemiah 8:8 as I help give the Word meaning and making it clear to all those who listen. I’m 26, my 6th grade English teacher would laugh to see how much I now read because of how God has changed my life through grace.

  • Liberty Sanders Bain

    Found this interview from a type of grace is old friends (MH) and new ones coming together to bring me something…hopefully a new book!

  • Seungsoo Jun

    Is this still opened? I would love to deepen my understanding of grace

  • Alesio

    Hey, I really love how Andy present some issue, to read this book is going to be great to my spiritual life, please. Send me a free copy, Thks

  • Juan

    God if YOU marked our transgressions, who would stand?! Thanks to YOUR GRACE we are cleansed by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB- Only by GRACE can we enter, only by GRACE can we stand: not by our human endeavor;but by the BLOOD of the LAMB _ Into YOUR prescence you call us – LORD you call us to come; and into YOUR presence YOU draw us… and now by YOUR GRACE we come… Thank YOU~ ABBA ~FATHER~ full of lovingkindness and tender mercies-new…Once I “KNEW” THE GRACE, THE CHRIST, my LIFE was not just stirred, it was changed! It continues to be CHANGED into HIS LIKENESS- Convivted of sin, and THANKFUL FOR GRACE! Now my chief ambition in life is to “KNOW” HIM more and to DECALRE HIS NAME! I use “GODLY” (as defined by GOD’S WORD) resources to aid me in sharing with others- THIS AMAZING GRACE! GOD thank YOU for this MAN~ YOUR servant. In Jesus’ NAME, Draw him and his family closer to each other and ever more in LOVE with THEE~ May He contnue to watch for the souls of many with YOUR JOY…in all humility while being girded in YOUR STRENGTH alone. Pastor Andy, after the LORD using your father over the past 15+ years, I have been blessed to get to hear you occasionally on IN TOUCH. I would love to read your book~ THE GRACE OF GOD… PS: Thank you for sharing your website and resources! I love to sing and worship our GOD~ Not just becasue there’s a catchy or trendy beat, but whatever we sing has to have “MEAT” :0) ~ Hug those guys-and tell them may their “MEAT” be to forever PRAISE, WORSHIP and ADORE our GOD with their voices and other instruments. Blessed Psalm 13:5-6

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  • Nickie

    This is the best book I have read in a long time. Mr. Stanley is a phenomenal writer, obviously guided by God. I loved LOVED this book, and have passed it on to my husband who is now reading it. (This is major as my husband isn’t a book reader– I’m the book worm in the family!)

  • Sue

    This interview gave me an understanding of the difference between Grace and Mercy both what I need to recieve. More importantly, I am learning how to give others grace and mercy. I’ve been asking God to give me love for those who have hurt me and it’s not easy! He’s answering. This interview is an answer to prayer. I am definately going to get the book. There is nothing more powerful than giving grace and mercy to those who have wronged you. That has to be a work of God; it’s not natural.

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  • Jacque

    I’m on staff in a church and struggling with the area of grace towards my fellow leaders.

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