An Interview with Craig Groeschel, Author of Weird

Let’s be honest. Normal is over-rated. And besides that, it isn’t working. It’s time to get weird. According to my friend, Craig Groeschel, it’s time we embraced this fact. In a minute, I’ll tell you how to get a copy of his new book FREE.

As you may know, Craig is the senior pastor of, the fastest growing church in the U.S. He is also the author of several great books, including It, which I reviewed some time ago. His new books is called Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working. (Don’t you just love that title?)

Recently, I had a chance to interview Craig about his new book. (By the way, I did this via Skype, but, due to a glitch, the software only recorded his side of the video.)

Craig starts in the book and in the interview with Jesus’ famous saying,

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Matthew 7:13–14).

According to Craig, what most people call “normal” is the broad path. Most of us go out of our way to fit in with the crowd and appear normal. But Jesus calls us to the narrow path, which, to the world, appears “weird.”

Craig then takes that basic premise and applies it to five key areas:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Relationships
  4. Sex
  5. Values

He covers each of these in three separate chapters.

In this video interview, I zeroed in on his application to time management, since I know that so many leaders struggle with this area. I asked him the following five questions:

  1. When it comes to how we use our time, what does normal look like to most people today?
  2. What is the role of courage in taking back control of our time?
  3. Technology can be a huge time suck for most families. How did you and your wife Amy address this in your own home?
  4. The biblical concept of the “Sabbath” is definitely weird by today’s standards. What assignment did your your counselor give to you and what did you discover?
  5. What does a Sabbath day look like at the Groeschel household?

I loved this book, and I think you will too. I found it inspiring and challenging. I’m ready for weird. Are you?

I gave away 100 copies of Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: If you read this book, what did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Abe Paul

    All of Pastor Craig’s books are packed with wisdom and honesty that is so refreshing to read. I can’t wait to read “Weird” and the challenges he lays out for us in these areas of life.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    I love to move from the mode of surviving to succeeding and stimulating in all areas of my life.
    It is evident that the distinction between the lives of those who lived for this world and those who lived for Christ’s world was so clear that it made a deep impression on the pagan world of the first century. The greatest need today in Christendom is a revival within the church of dedicated, separated, disciplined Christians, living for the Lord Jesus. I believe Groeschel’s WEIRD will be an excellent source of inspiration to aspirants who are striving to differentiate themselves from this worldly lifestyle and behavior.

  • Bob

    I have read two of Craig’s other books and his writing is spot on. I would very much appreciate a copy of this book, because I’m a little weird myself.

  • Jeremyevans

    I’d like a copy of this book because I knows that normal isn’t good enough, and besides it’s not really very much fun anyway. If Craig Groeschel has a way to be weird biblically, I want to know more.

  • Anonymous

    its all new…and so weird seems the best way to describe it…and they idea of having the courage to take back the time (and therefore maybe my personal culture and the culture we are living in) seems a pretty good thing. i’m thinking craig’s good work can help me be even more effective for the Kingdom.

  • Mark J

    I’ve been striving to be normal for too long, and am just realizing my error. I WANT TO BE WEIRD… It sounds like Craig is saying weirdness helps put me on a path to a deeper level of abiding, and that’s the path I want to pursue.

  • Tom Roepke

    its all new…and so weird seems the best way to describe it…and they idea of having the courage to take back the time (and therefore maybe my personal culture and the culture we are living in) seems a pretty good thing. i’m thinking craig’s good work can help me be even more effective for the Kingdom.

  • Paul Evans

    Hi Michael, thanks for the great interview. I’d like a copy of weird because it was named after me. You are welcome to interview any of my family and friends and they will all confirm my weirdness. Not creepy weird, but non-conformist weird. Creep weird is more in line with strange, right? Craig’s book can only help me become a better version of who I already am AND will help me help others become weird as well.

  • Kiran Joseph

    I’m normal. I want to be weird.

  • Bill Hays

    I keep getting told that I’m weird and I’m still trying to figure out what this means. I’m thinking that Craig (through his incredible, awesome new book) can help me with this. BTW, sometimes weird doesn’t work. ;-)

    • Joe Lalonde

      Bill, I think weird works a lot more often than not being weird. A lot of times, not being weird means just going with the flow of things. It’s comfortable but is it really good?

    • hiseyes

      Weird is copying some that is of great value, Jesus. He asked twelve people to follow him then became their example. He is a demonstrator. Doing things from an unfamiliar perspective.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always been weird. But permission to be weird AND biblical? Oh wait… Jesus already gave us that. I would love a copy. I must confess that I’ve never read any of his other books, but that is more a lack of funds and gainful employ than any slight to him or his writing. I hope that perhaps this may be my first sampling.

    I myself have a huge love/hate relationship with technology and how it both improves and degrades the quality of my life and time spent at the same time. It would be helpful and intriguing to hear of how Mr. Groeschel has handled this within his own home.

    • Anonymous

      Tim, I completely agree. I’m looking forward to the practical application piece of the technology discussion as well.

  • Joshua Madden

    If being “weird” makes us distinct for Jesus, I’m all in. Seeking distinction in Christ is a daily battle that we can all win, only because Jesus was perfectly weird on our behalf! Bring on the weird for the glory of God!!

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite questions I ask folks, “What’s so great about conformity anyway?” Really, will any of us lay in our deathbeds and think, “Glad we were just like our neighbors”? Perhaps it will be our “weirdness” that makes us rest in peace.

    Can’t wait to read this book.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Jeubfamily, great to hear someone else think that way too! Normal is boring.

  • Bill Hays

    I’m always being told that I’m weird and am hoping Craig’s awesome, incredible new book can help me out. BTW, weird doesn’t always work, perhaps tempered weirdness is better?!? big love!

  • beth moore

    We have thoroughly enjoyed Craig Groeschel’s materials and would love to have a copy of his new book. God has been leading us on a path of “redeeming our time” among other things & I would value Craig’s Biblical perspective on this issue, among others. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Beth, I love the idea of “redeeming our time.” Such a beautiful way to say it.

  • Anonymous

    Listen to Craig G share the first part in his sermon series Weird this past Sunday. This is an awesome message that many need to hear. I feel very challenged and very ready to be weird in a God way.

    • Joe Lalonde

      I’ll have to look for that. Is it on the website?

      • Anonymous

        Joe, you should be able to find it there or on iTunes. It is worth the watch.

        • Joe Lalonde

          David, thanks. I’ll make sure to listen.

        • Steven Cribbs

          Thanks for the resource David…going there now!

          • Anonymous

            Awesome. I plan on listening again. I know you will enjoy.

  • alr

    I believe we are allowing business of living in this world to take over the life God wants and desires for us. I see it everyday in the lives we live in our home..bosses asking for just a bit more, more possessions requiring more of our time, and our energy drained from the many directions we are going, all at once. I am interested in seeing how Craig approaches the subjects listed, but mostly, I am interested in becoming more like Christ and find that happens when I spend more time thinking on Him.

    • Anonymous

      So true. It’s really all about orienting our gaze and our hearts on him. All this other stuff gets in the way when it isn’t run through that filter.

  • Bryan Entzminger

    Wow! I’d love to have a copy of Weird. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll feel a little more normal after reading it. And I’m very interested in his applications.

  • Jeremy@confessionsofalegalist

    I was challenged by the idea of a technology break. I have 4 kids and it is just easier to let them entertain themselves with games and TV. I realized we were at a bad place when I asked them to stop playing Xbox because they had played enough. Immediately after it was turned off one kid asked if he could play on the computer.

    • Anonymous

      Me too, Jeremy. I find this is even more of a struggle for my husband and me than it is for our kids. I think this tech break idea is what we need.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Jeremy, I grew up a lot like those kids. I’d go from one form of electronic entertainment to the next… Some 15 or so years later and I’m tired of it.

    • Steven Cribbs

      I have had the same experience with my kids recently…one son lost the privilege of playing DS (which we have established as losing video games in general) so, he asks to play his brother’s DS, to play the WII and to play on the computer. Technology can be a good thing; but, it get out of control easily if we are not intentional with it.

  • Beth

    Because we chose to homeschool, we have always felt a little weird. I would like to know that it’s okay to be weird and read this book with fresh insights into weirdness.

    • allanwhite

      I have a lot of homeschoolers & missionary kids in my family. They grow up to be amazing people – revealing that we’re the ones that are “weird”.

  • Kenny

    I agree that normal isn’t working. It’s not business as usual, the game has changed, and the rules are different. I would be very interested in reading this book, which would provide insight into a “new” normal. It’s time for Weird!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. It is time for weird. Thanks for your comments.

  • DDF

    I work with pastors and leaders and Craig Groeschel speaks their language. Deep down, pastors want to be “weird.” They want to go for it with their time, money, relationships, sex and values. I have come to trust Craig’s voice and I am looking forward to reading his new book and passing on his wisdom to others.

  • Tmbier

    The people in our church all call ourselves “weird” because we just don’t fit into the mold of most of what we’ve experienced in churches. Rather than legalistic we are definitely trying to find the center ground of the tension between in the world but not of it. We know that Jesus is real, is the center of our significance, and that church is a community that acts so differently than other organizations. Yet, we still know we have so much more room to grow. It’s a little disheartening. Thus, weird has been the description of our experience. I don’t think Groeschel is the most profound author, but he does give credible explanations in relevant terms. It would be interesting to circulate a book like this through our congregation….Thanks!

  • tamkara

    Hmm….I usually wax scriptural in times like these but y’know desperate times call for desperate measures :) so here goes:
    Matt 7:7 = Ask and ye shall recieve……Another scripture says…You have not,because you ask not.
    So I’m asking (very nicely)- May i have a copy of Craig Groeschel’s new book??

    yes? yes??

    • Joe Lalonde

      That’s a good tactic to use! It may just work.

      • tamkara

        …keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • Luis

    Yo quiero ser weirdo!

  • Megan Strange

    The book is called Weird…my last name is Strange. That should be enough. In addition, I have read all of Craig’s other books and really appreciate the way he gets straight to the point and uses Scripture to base his thoughts on. Come on now…wouldn’t it be awesome to publish that Strange got a free copy of Weird?

  • Mmodesti

    Interesting. If this is weird, then we need more weirdos in the world! Jesus was considered so intolerably weird that He was ultimately put to death.

  • Merle Mees

    I am normally pretty weird so I’d benefit from knowing what is isn’t working in the world.

  • Jane

    Apologies in advance for the weird UK try at a US accent but
    “Ah’m jest a gal who cain’t say no, Ah’m in a terrible fix” and this book might just help me so that I can say “yes” to the more important things!

    • Anonymous

      Ha! I love it.

  • Dennis Peay

    Great leaders don’t do anything normal. Jesus was humble; ate with sinners; and made sacrifices. All sounds a little weird to me. Today the world and the church needs to get weird as we share the good news of Jesus. Look forward to Craig’s new work – if it is half as good as “Christian Atheist” it will be great.

  • Mike Buenaventura

    Excellent idea. I am very surface level when it comes to knowing religion completely. However my life currently is probably the closest it has ever been to God. I do realize that this is the closest and I understand it is a life long journey to walk with Him. I am hoping you can find this comment acceptable to be a part of your 100. If it isn’t, I dont mind sharing how I feel either and I also know I have much to learn. Thank you.

  • Claudia Volkman

    I want a copy of this book based on the great title alone – and the fact that he delves into time management, which is always of interest to me!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Claudia, It is a great title isn’t it?

  • Joshuagrace2003Josh

    My wife and I are about to wrap up our first year of marriage and normal is definitely not working! We start every day struggling to get up out of bed, barely survive our busy jobs, and end our day completely wiped out. The crazy part about the story is our lack children!! We need to find a new normal before our careers and family picks up! That’s why we need this book.

    • Anonymous

      So true. Once children are in the mix, things really do pick up. You are so wise to “get your house in order” now in anticipation of what will occur down the road. Blessings as you embark on this journey toward balance.

      • Josh

        I appreciate the encouragement.

  • Eric S. Mueller

    I’d like the book because I’ve been trying to work away from normal, which doesn’t work. Normal is what we’re taught in school and in our families and even in our churches. I’d like to know what Pastor Craig says about being weird.

  • Mswimsfla

    I love the concept of being weird. Going all the way back throughout time, you never hear of a great leader who was considered a “normal” guy. People either loved them or hated them, but they all stood apart from the crowd.

    We as Christians are called to be leaders to a leaderless world on behalf of Christ. It only makes sense that in order to lead a leaderless world, we must stand apart from it.

    I would like a copy of this book so that a can be a weird leader to a leaderless world.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent point. Leaders are, by definition, weird. At least the ones who make a real impact.

  • JennHebert

    After being challenged with saying the name of Craig Groeshels last book “Chazown”, I am happy to be able to not only live “Weird” but be able to enunciate it! His last book went into the hands of our Pastors and was then filtered to me (outreach director) and our body. I would love Craig’s new book so that I can be encouraged to live out Matthew 7:13–14 and share it with our Life! Church (we are Life! Church, Hooksett NH) family and many others…just like his last book…Pick Me! =)

  • Mark Cole

    I’m always up to be challenged and enlightened.. I’d love a copy of Craig’s new book ‘Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working’.. I’ve lived life differently than most.. following Jesus with all your heart has a way of doing that..

  • Jason Willcox

    For many years I have been blessed to be able to work with college students and youth. Out of this time has grown a passion to love on and encourage students to not be like the world but to look to the Lord and seek His will in the direction of their lives. It is hard not to get trapped in our culture or the pressures of how we should or should not live. I would love to read Craig’s new book and learn more about his insight on being Weird! It would be a great resource in continuing to challenge myself and others to not be afraid to live differently for Christ! Thanks for the post and the possible opportunity!

    • Anonymous

      I wholeheartedly agree–I’m excited to go deeper into what it means to live differently for Christ, as you said. I think living a fully integrated life, where our faith is woven into ever part of our day, is what we’re all after. I’m thankful for Craig’s practical leadership in these five areas.

  • Hart4God

    I’ve been weird my whole life. Now I want to compare my weirdness to what Craig says! (Just kidding! But I love his ministry and other books!)

  • Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

    Wonderful interview. Why do I want a copy of this book? My daughter has been telling me I would like Craig Groeschel and if this interview is a reflection of his writing, then she’s right. And while this may seem like a “weird” reason to want this particular book, the title grabbed my attention immediately. “Normal is Just a Setting on My Dryer” is the book that made me fall in love with Patsy Clairmont years ago, and her wit and wisdom have been a positive influence on my life since.

    I was most impressed that the CEO of Thomas Nelson would promote a book from a competitor. Thank you for this example of godly leadership.

  • Christopher Williams

    I walked into my office today thinking, “I have so many things on my plate right now. How will I get it all done? Will I survive this busy season?” The last thing I intended to do was to spend 10 minutes watching a video of Craig talk about his new book. However, it was just what I needed to hear, especially the parts about honoring God with our time and keeping the Sabbath day. I look forward to reading this book…even if I have to pay for it! :)

    • Anonymous

      Christopher, the part about the Sabbath day really struck me too. I am looking forward to discussing this with my husband tonight. I think it opens up incredible possibility for connection and refreshment for our family, don’t you?

  • Osann Heisner

    I would love to have a copy of “Weird because normal isn’t working” because i really got a lot out of The Christian Atheist, also by Craig Groeschel.
    I so appreciate that Michael Hyatt would publicly recommend a book that his company is not publishing simply because it’s good! …says a lot about him and it’s a bit “weird” don’t you think? ;-)

  • Karl Mealor

    I have five daughters. All of them, especially the teenagers, look at their old man sometimes like he’s, well, weird. I want to read a chapter a day for them so that they can see that he’s actually, perhaps, Godly for being so weird!

    In all seriousness, I’m particularly interested in his comments on time management. Right now, I’m a bivocational pastor who feels like the candle is burning at both ends and someone is holding a blowtorch to the middle.

    • Anonymous

      Karl, I think you’ll find Craig’s book to be right on point. I am also one of five daughters. I wonder how old your daughters are. I have found as my sisters and I have become adults, gotten married and had our own families, our respect for our parents has increased dramatically.

    • Karl Mealor

      I’m really afraid that my original comment wasn’t weird enough. (Is that weird? Or just a little paranoid?)

  • Tony Verguldi Jr

    Why do I want a copy of weird? Because I need to be less normal. I am struggling with finding balance in my life and breaking away from technology. I have 2 kids (girl – 6 and boy – 4) who I want to raise to know they do not need to blend in, but they can be different, be a leader among their friends and being weird is ok.

    I could identify with Craig when he spoke about being on twitter and his wife doing email. That is my wife and I after the kids are in bed. Granted, I am also studying for certifications for my skills. We need to take a break from it and when I have brought it, the idea has met with resistance, but we have given up on it some.

    My wife and I used to read books together in the evening with each of us reading half the chapter. I want to get back to that.

    Thank you for the chance to win this book.

    Tony V

    • Anonymous

      Tony, it’s such a struggle for young families, like yours and mine, to unplug and just “be” with one another. I think Craig’s book is going to be extremely helpful to all of us. I love your idea of reading together in the evenings. Maybe you can start again with Craig’s book!

  • Managemoney

    I would enjoy reading this book. My daughter attends LifeChurch in Hendersonville and she was telling me about Weird just yesterday. The real reason that you need to send me a copy is because several years ago my niece started calling me “Uncle Weirdo” because I acted so crazy all the time on vacation. I need to verify my weirdness please! :)

  • Evogt

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! this book would make an excellent birthday gift! :)

  • kristinthompson

    My husband and I have in ministry our entire lives (born into it). As we began our own journey of ministry 9 years ago, we’ve experienced that feeling of not being accepted. Wondering how to fit in. But also liking not fiting in. Craig is a great author and I love how he puts his thoughts onto paper.

    I’d love a copy of this book. I need a copy of this book. But mostly, want a copy of this book. :)

    • Anonymous

      I like your enthusiasm! I can’t wait to read it too.

  • Jim W

    Thanks for the review. IT was truly inspiring. IT helps us define who we are. Now we may find that IT is weird…

  • Jestes12

    Great article look forward to reading this book.

  • JimD

    Craig is awesome and I love his perspective! I do feel weird sometimes living in this culture and would love to his perspective to share with others. Would love a copy of this book and April 11 is my birthday! Thanks for the review

  • David Wardrop1

    Michael, thanks for sharing Pastor Craig’s book with us. I have been on a journey of living a life that is a”peculiar people” as it is described in Exodus 19:5, Deut 14:2, Deut 26:18, Titus 2:14 & 1 Peter 2:9. Another word for peculiar is “uncommon” or as Pastor Craig would call it “Weird” , living a life style that is not like everyone else who is always running around like crazy, exhausted, self-centered, and not living in peace & compassion. Chick-fi-a closed on Sunday is Peculiar or uncommon when all other fast food restaurants are open 7 days a week.

    This past Saturday I personally witness and experienced this:
    A lady in a wheelchair with her dog on a leash was was coming out of Target pushing a grocery cart across the street to go into the parking lot (can you picture this), she was pushing the cart with one hand and had her other hand on the leash of the dog, she would push the cart to move forward releasing her hand from the cart to push her wheelchair forward to catch up with the cart. NOT ONE PERSON WENT TO HELP HER – this is COMMON in the Washington D. C. area where this took place. I ran across the parking lot (as I was going into the Target) and offered assistance to her car and then loaded her groceries into the trunk of the car had a short conversation with her – this was PECULIAR . I was so grieved that not one person even looked at her, the sales associate at Target did not offer help.

    Common – doing what everyone else does in society that does not reflect God’s compassion. Peculiar – serving God’s love and truth to those we have daily encounters with. May we live to be Peculiar or Weird people.

    Lisa Wardrop

    • Anonymous

      Great story and great example, Lisa.

  • Frances

    I working on my weirdness in my life. Normal is so easy and tempting but I know God wants me to be weird so I can help others to do the same. This book will help me further understand my weirdness and how to help and share with others. Thank you!

  • Pamela Mason

    I’m just a little bit weird in the eyes of my friends. I’m about to say no to yet another thing that involves another time suck: commuting. A book that validates my ‘weird’ actions and gives me reasons to offer in being this way without being ‘preachy’ or ‘i n love with poverty’ would be welcome.
    I need to let out more of my ‘weird'; I’ve been blessed to be near my children as they’ve grown, but when you ask moms about their kids growing up, you always hear “it went so fast!” Perhaps that’s because we haven’t been fully present in their growth, to develop relationships and strengthen them.
    I’m striving for more weird; I want my family together, extended, as my sons grow their own families. And I want to be strong in my ‘weirdness’. Thank you for the post.

    • Anonymous

      I was struck by the idea that we are all-to-often not present with our children, as well. I want to do better in this area, and not say, “it went by so fast.” Thanks for your comment.

  • J. White

    I’m finishing up a graduate degree in Strategic Leadership and ran across your blog linked to the Weekly Leader. The entire time I’ve progressed through my program, I’ve searched for ways to apply corporate ideaolgy to a Christian perspective and the best answer I’ve come up with is by following Jesus. Leadership through followership, what a revelation!! Who needs a thesis!

    We’ve even come across a Thomas Nelson title or two in our study ;) Thanks for expanding my studies with a real-world, Christian-leader based viewpoint. I signed up and now I’m hooked!

    I’ve come across the Groeschel name before, not too familiar though. I would love some more insight….please.

    • Anonymous

      What an interesting degree. I love your perspective and emphasis. I think you’ll find this book to be right up your alley. Enjoy.

  • Charles Barbour

    Why do I need this book? Clearly it’s not because I’m weird but rather that I’m obviously not weird enough

  • BKColwell

    I’m 30 years old, married with two kids and a dog, living in the suburbs of Indianapolis. For years I’ve been driven in every facet of life (career, family, church, society) to be the best at normal. After reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan, I’ve really started to be intrigued by how not being normal can improve my life and the life of others around me.

    • Alicha

      Hebrews 11…talk about not normal lives! Your comment caught my eye because I was about thirty too (as in also ;) when the whole “normal” thing got to me. It’s funny, unlike you, the suburbia I craved, we didn’t have, but as soon as I started craving Christ, seeing things from an eternal perspective, and letting go of the fluff, He’s given all the hidden desires of my heart (even that little white picket fence.) And tomorrow it could all fade away, and the furnishings of eternity would still be with me. I marvel at His kindness. Anyway, I’ll be buying “Crazy Love” to read as it’s been mentioned several times in the comments.

  • rachael

    because it’s about time i embraced living to the beat of my own drum , rather than following along with the crowd…

    • Rachel

      hey Rachael well spoken!  we need to learn to be comfortable with whatever God’s put in us to walk out.

  • Revjay

    Sorry too busy to post … Don’t feel creative … Must get caffeine …. Need to sermonize … kids school project due .. schnauzer needs bath … have to .. forgot my .. who’s stuff is … must find 5 min to re… s…..t.
    “A a aa aa R R R G H H H h H !!!”

    Thanks for listening Megan

  • Ryan Abel

    BLAH BLAH BLAH craig groeschel BLAH BLAH

    My typical Christian book reading experience.

  • Suzanne

    I have been called weird all my life.. maybe now I will understand how great I truly am!!!!

  • Davebriley

    I’m reminded of the verse “if we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God.” (I Cor. 5:13). And it’s true….one has to be totally WEIRD and out of their mind to totally be focused on Christ and His Kingdom! If we are in our right mind….it usually only serves us and our little world. I’d like to have the book to be able to continue down the WEIRD road and through the narrow gate.

    • Anonymous

      I love this! Our goal is to have the mind of Christ, not our own. Thanks.

  • Geof Hileman

    I’m an actuary, which is typically a career for the hyper-normal. Last year I left a high-ceiling big corporate job to be working at home in an environment where my career no longer defines me and where I can center myself on my faith and my family. While I’ve made these structural changes in my life, my heart is lagging slightly behind – I enjoyed the interview with Groeschel and look forward to reading his book to help me take more steps toward that narrow path.

    • Anonymous

      Geof, I have a hunch Craig’s insights will be extremely timely for you. Let us know what you think.

  • Ted Ongirski

    This book says a lot of things that make sense on living in today’s harried world and has given me some insights that can be used for reaching others. If ther is a copy available, I’d sure appreciate it! Thank you and God bless!

  • Bill Spinks

    Good review of Wierd:Time. His answer to “How’re you doing?” is exactly mine…busy! I’d like to read the rest of Craig’s book to see how he shows normal isn’t working in these other areas of our lives, particularly relationships. I think I’ve made some progress in this area for myself…wondering how Craig calls it Weird v. Normal.

  • kathy litton

    Duh. “Strangers and aliens”….I think we were supposed to be weird all along. Instead of distinctions of another world we became as normal as we could be in this one. At 54 I am tired of normal me. Please send me book I would love to be part of a generation that REALLY lives as if we were passing through this life and not intending to stay. I WANT TO BE WEIRD AND LEAD SOME OTHERS TO WEIRDNESS!

  • Lizzie

    I am so ready for weird! Also, it’s never fun to be normal. I want this book because I’m just out of college and already feel drained and bored by the “normal life.” I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen until you hit the mid 30s at least.

  • Brad G

    So compelled by what Craig shared about time and rest and saying “no.” I think for many of us, we live in this tension of wanting to do something significant in the world, but at the same time not allowing it to consume and destroy us. Very much looking forward to reading the book. I’m sold!

    • Anonymous

      Brad, that is a great point. We do live in that tension. It can be all-consuming if we don’t say no to things along the way.

  • Shayne

    I generally try to be normal, but I do normal differently than most. If you can find a wrong way to do something, that’s me. I really think I am normal but others would say differently.
    I hope you can post to Thailand. I love your blogs, your insights and your generous heart.

  • Mark Bushor

    Oh wow. I thought it said WIRED at first. Does that make me WEIRD? ;-)

    I’m an avid reader & would like to give it a whirl.

  • Lbloder

    My church is going through a transformation and we’ve been experincing a Jesus revolution and renewal. I would love to make this book a part of that journey and would love to see if it would be something our congregation needs to read together

  • Chris Friedman

    I’ve just turned 60 and have spent way too much of my life being NORMAL! Time is of the essence. I want to spend the rest of my life being wierd and abnormal. Craig’s book will be a great starting place.

    • Anonymous

      Chris, I am inspired by your courage. It’s never too late! I’m excited for this new season of your journey.

  • Darcy

    Great timing! My wife just read me the “wide is the gate” scripture this morning, it was on her Facebook account… and besides that – my name IS Narroway! ;)

  • Leann Francis

    I’m intrigued and want to embrace being weird. I’m also a fan of Craig’s work. He always helps us to look at everyday situations in new ways that challenge us to step it up and do better; to think.

    L. Francis

  • Cody Smith

    I’d love to read “Weird”. Craig’s other books are fantastic, and I know this one will be as well. Another leader I admire, Dave Ramsey, says “normal” is being broke. I completely agree and love being “weird”.

    • Anonymous

      My husband and I are HUGE Dave Ramsey fans. The point you made about “broke is normal” has been key in our adoption of a more grown-up perspective on our finances. Different may be weird, but it’s better.

  • Russ Pond

    I look forward to reading Craig’s book because the need for discipline in the areas of Time, Money, Relationships, Sex, and Value is essential for our culture. People today are driven the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. It’s why so many people take the broad path, because it’s easy and simple. But, we are called to a higher level of life–the abundant life (John 10:10).

    • Anonymous

      Russ, yes.. God is calling us to something more, something bigger. I think you’ll enjoy this book.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Meg!

  • Anonymous

    Michael, this is an awesome interview with Pastor Craig. He has some very interesting concepts in this book that I would love to know more about and implement in my family.


    For Real…it should be obvious, but ok – its because I am a clueless sinner that needs help!
    I struggle with managing the balance between the herd at work, school board, church and my wonderful family. Any insight on how to become rational with dinero I can use. And… as a man, engaging a good sex life is certainly a goal worth striving for. People have always told me Im a bit weird. I think I will embrace that?

  • Mark Eldridge

    Weird has always been on the cutting edge of change. Today’s weird is tomorrow’s creativity. I wish I could be weird like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill Hybels, Craig Groeschel, and Michael Hyatt.

  • Bert Rollen

    I suppose I am destined for weird, as normal totally eludes me despite my best efforts. I was a bit rattled by the interview though, to consider that some of the folks I follow and want to emulate *may* be workaholics (too). *That*, is something I had not considered. I just got out of one major rat race, and could easily slip into another, completely missing the point – “Be still, and know that I am God”

  • Pegg Thomas

    I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that I’m weird. Oh, not because others have told me, although many have, but more a feeling from within. And strangely enough, I’m good with it. :) I’d love a book to back this feeling up and be able to prove to my adult son that my weirdness is actually a good thing!

  • danl

    Because I am weird! I believe in someone I have never seen that is God stepping through the space time continuum to have a relationship with His creation! I believe a part of the trinity lives within my being and counsels me daily. I believe when I pass from this time, I will enter another time/space to see and worship the One who is the maker of all. Weird? You bet!

  • Lee

    I’m hoping that this book will do for my spiritual walk what Weird Al Yankovic did for the music industry: amaze and perplex and shake it up!

  • SethCaddell

    I’ve read several of Craig’s books and absolutely love his thoughts. Ever since I first saw him speak at Catalyst a few years back, I’ve closely watched LifeChurch and Craig. They’ve been doing some amazing things. Plus, I think a guy who planted a church in Second Life writing a book called Weird is the greatest thing ever.

  • Lorie Robbins

    I would love a copyof this book “Weird”. I was having a conversation with a fellow church member about the very thing. We are called to be different, but are we as believers of Christ realy different from everyone else. We all have gifts and talents, and there are people who really need help and we as a body need to be helping them. I would love to use the book in our small group to really get people on fire for being “Weird” in our world today!

  • Floridaflipflops

    Hi there ! Loving this blog since it was forwarded to me a few weeks ago. I need this book because I am WEIRD. :) . My happily ever after was abruptly interrupted when my husband died suddenly @ age 45. I was left w/ two young kiddos …looking for normal again. Realizing there is no normal…now spending my time sharing Jesus joy in spite of life’s circumstances. So weird….but so right!!! Loss has given me a platform I never would have had otherwise. Thanks & Blessings :)

  • Bgbulmer

    I would like a copy of WEIRD, has the Director of Discipleship at Connection Church in Statesboro, GA anything I can to help people walk away from normal and into the Weird God has for them the better off they will be!

  • DougW

    A helpful interview on time. I hope to read the book to know how to better live a weird life for the glory of God.

  • Josh Fischer

    I love Craig’s books, such insight every time. Can’t wait to read this one.

  • Mike Miller

    My name – Mike Miller – is as normal as they come. This should be enough…

  • Daniel

    Is it weird that I want to read this book? Maybe it’s just atypical? No it’s probably just weird that I would really like read it. But then, I’ve never been normal and always been seen as a little weird. For heaven’s sake, I see my day job as my mission’s support for ministry on the side, that’s not normal in the typical world. But then minstry partners also probably see me as weird. Once I took a ride on a stage in a shopping cart pushed by youth….wait, no that’s normal for youth ministers!

    Weird/Normal, I have to be honest normal has never worked for me and I would love to read a book where someone else can help give me additional points on being weird. Is that strange, wait maybe that’s just weird and weird is my new normal?

  • Jim Whitaker

    I really enjoy listening to Craig and reading his materials. I have been blessed to see him in action as part of the Leadership Summit. I think what is so great about Craig is that he is not ashamed to talk about the things that most people talk about outside of church, but not in it. It is not often that you hear pastors talking about financial decisions, intimacy, sex and sexual purity. Sure we will talk about morals in the larger sense and yes we touch on marriage and parenting, but in reality it is sometimes glossed over. Craig has a way of talking about the faith that can be lived out each and every day, not just the Sunday and Wednesday night routine. It is a faith that can be lived out in all the things that we do day in and day out. But he also is a realist. He points out how good people can get into bad situations and provides us encouragement to no find ourselves in this position. At the same time he is so transparent and that is foten difficult to get out of a pastor. As a license bi-vocational minister, professional, time management freak, father of four and husband of one for 15 years, I think that I could great benefit for Craig’s words of wisdom.

  • Tictacpc

    Craig Groeschel’s wisdom first resonated with me when I saw him at Leadership Summit a few years ago. I have been searching for inspiration to “keep Sabbath” , as that is the last spiritual discipline I have yet to take on consistently. I imagined fasting would be my final holdout but thanks to the persistence of small group friends, we’ve been exploring that power, coupled with prayer, for the past couple of years. I’ve read other books centered on honouring the Sabbath, and have tried their suggestions but nothing has ever “taken” for long. I am considered “weird” by some family members and friends for the ways I live out my faith but I am not bothered by those perceptions. I’d love the opportunity to read a fresh perspective on being a Christ follower in an increasingly secular, faith-bashing world.

  • Jim Mather

    I love the title, “Weird”. We are being shaped by a world so lost and deformed we dare not allow us to be conformed to its image. Frankly, I want to be ‘weird’ in a way the glorifies and exalts Jesus Christ whose Holiness stands in opposition to a world where normal smells like death.
    Jim Mather

  • Julie L.

    I haven’t read any of Craig’s book but believe your mini-intro give me the perfect impetus to make a foray into his writings/insight. Specially with a title that encourages one to go off the beaten path in order to step into the exhilarating world that becomes a reality when one walks without fear into the road less traveled.

  • Mburlinson

    This is so timely! I am in the midst of a partial fast, asking God to help me move away from “resting from work” and toward “working from rest.” I guess I just want to be weird!

  • Alicha

    There’s a move called “Mozart and the Whale”, it’s about an autistic couple. The woman is comfortable with who she is…the man is trying hard to be someone he’s not; someone NOT autistic. There’s a line in this movie that took my breath away for the power of truth behind the answering cry of my heart.

    She says to him, “You want so much to be normal. You crave it!”

    Not too long after, through a message on the “Hall of Faith”, Hebrews 11, I came to understand the end of the “normal” I desired. It looked like suburbia, a house with a white picket fence, two cars, a big screen TV and 2.5 children. To me, that represented “clean” living. But where was God’s glory in what I sought? Somewhere along the way I got very confused about what a Christian life actually looked like.

    By God’s grace, I’m a long way from that movie, in more than just years. I know our walk is unique, while universal; such is the power of Christ. I would like a copy of “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working” as I live in the hope of who I am in Christ and the me I’ve yet to become, all me ~ all in Christ.

  • Margaret Cook

    I have recently started working through your Life Plan – so I have only recently discovered the wonderful people you bring to the public eye.
    I can’t say I have read Pastor Craig’s other books or even tuned into LifeChurch. Why I would like a copy of Weird, then?
    I have recently been handed a time by God to take the direction of my life and find what HIS plan is for it. I have a few months of medical leave and, at the end of this leave, returning to my ‘old’ job is not going to be possible. I am so being prompted to change direction (at a time when most people are starting to look to make sure their retirement is in place!) and then Life Plan appears – and, now, this book. I grew up Weird, in a house where normal was treasured. The steps I am taking now are Weird and I am being told they are – yet I know they are right. My husband values my Weird, because normal ISN’T working and is telling me to find it and go do it. This title, at this time, is no coincidence. I am a sponge again, sucking up everything I think will help lead me to His direction!

  • Anonymous

    I want the book because I’m weird.

    But not always in a God way.

    If I’m going to be weird. I want to be weird God’s way. I want my weirdness to make a difference in this world. Especially the generations that follow.

    As of my quiet time this morning, my new life verse–the verse for the rest of my life–is Psalm 71:17-18…

    O God, from my youth you have taught me,
    and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds.
    So even to old age and gray hairs,
    O God, do not forsake me,
    until I proclaim your might to another generation,
    your power to all those to come.

    Only the God kind of weird is going to accomplish this. I’m 58. Three of my kids are now young adults. There’s not much time.

  • Geoff Snyder

    I’m always up for a challenge, Michael. I think it would be weird if I wasn’t.

    An old college roommate called me “weird” once, and I recall that I was slightly offend it my it. It was when he explained to me that he meant it in a good way. He used examples such as “When everybody else is out celebrating the weekend, you’re using your time to read, go to the gym, or finding ways to improve your scores.”

    I think each of us given a drum to beat… it’s up to us to show God we can make it ours!

    *Thank you for the opportunity to read the latest book from Pastor Groeschel. I appreciate your consideration and I’ll be sure to tell others about it if I am given one of the copies.

  • Tracy Atcheson

    I would like to learn from Mr. Groeschel on how to apply the concepts from his new book, Wierd: Beacuse Normal Isn’t Working. I need strategies to learn to say “no” to good things and “yes” to the most productive and important things. And I love the conept mentioned in the interview of a strategic Sabbath day. Improving Sundays would be a boon for me and my family. I have not read any of his other books, but would truly love the chance to read this one and live more strategically for Christ and strengthen my propensity of being “wierd” for the sake of the upward call in Jesus Christ. THank you for your excellent blog and the chance to recieve a copy of the new book.

  • Dcollings

    I would like a copy of the book Wierd to see if my wife’s assessment of me is true. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to prove her right.

  • Therese Thull

    Good morning! I am beginning a business in Vision Coaching, I almost need not say more. When expecting results you have never achieved before you cannot continue to do what is normal. You must take a walk on the weird side! You must do things you don’t normally do to achieve what you don’t normally achieve to fully walk out God’s plan for your life. I would appreciate a copy of Pastor Craig’s book as I believe it would be an asset to my studies and business. If the book is as good as I anticipate it would be a fabulous resource to recommend to others.

    Have a blessed day, everyone!

  • Candysugarman

    For many years my husband and I have always realized that if what we were deciding to do in any given situation was not ” normal”, then it was the right thing to do.
    We raised our daughter this way, and in high school this was particularly difficult. I fielded many calls from parents who felt that we weren’t being “fair”
    That daughter left hugh school st 16 because it was killing her spirit, she got her GED and went to Cosmetology School, she married at
    18, because she knew Josh was put
    in her life by God, and they didn’t believe in living together, she had a baby at 20, giving birth with a midwife in a pool of water, and is a successful ( exteremely) hairstylist, with a strong God centered marriage, and a happy healthy baby.
    All along the way she, and we, have been ridiculed and questioned. The sole reason being that the course of her life isn’t “normal”.
    My husband and I counsel engaged couples, through a program called 2 to 1 that we have been trained by our church, Buckhesd Church. Our biggest challenge I’d getting couples to understand how God sees marriage, not how culture sees it.
    We are warriors. To live by the principles Christ taught us in today’s culture is to be radical and against the mainstream.
    I would love to have Craigs book, I admire him so much as a communicator, and the book sounds amazing!

  • Ben Dempsey

    I need this book in my life. I love Mr. Groeschel’s last book. I had the honor to meet him at Catalyst last year. He has inspired me to pursue work in ministry. As a new Christian, saved in 2009 I am constantly looking for resources that will help me in my walk with Christ as a husband, father and professional. Great interview Mr. Hyatt. This is a great new feature of your site, it really brings it your site full circle.

  • Derek Duncan

    I want Craig’s book because I am weird, and am trying to embrace my weirdness, but it’s terrifying to step so far off the broad path of our culture without guidance.

  • Michael Brown

    I have heard of Life TV – I have heard of Craig in passing – I have never read a book by him – and people say I am sometimes “Weird” – I write for Third Option Men – I go to Moody – I think this would be a great book to read and pass on – so I guess that is all

  • Bill

    Your blog is a constant motivation to me. It is a daily read. If you like Craig Groschel’s book then I’m interested. I’m a busy church leader trying to be more productive and efficient with my time and resources. Thanks for considering me for one of the giveaways.

  • J Benson

    After reading the brief description above about this book I think it would be a great way to help me change my mindset about some key areas in life. The time management is a huge issue for me. I constantly see chunks of my day fade away with distractions, “emergencies”, and other things that creep in. So ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!!!

  • Joe Lalonde

    Michael, another great interview. Loved hearing from Craig. He’s been an inspiration with the website, apps, etc associated with the LifeChurch. We’ve used quite a few items from there for our church. It’s great to see he has another book coming out!

    As for why I’d like the book… I’d like to get even more weird. Lots of people already consider me weird because of the way I spend my money. I’d like to get even weirder! I really like the idea of walking the narrow road. It’s challenging but looks to be rewarding.

  • Larry Baxter

    Weird sounds like a great book! I’ve really enjoyed his other books “It” (which was weird) and “Chazown” (definitely not ‘normal’). Thanks to Dave Ramsey I’m already not normal with respect to money, and I’ve jumped out of the ‘rat race’ approach to work with no looking back. But I think it’s time I learned to get weird with relationships and sex. (I didn’t just say that, did I?!)

    I also would *love* to help the guys I’m mentoring learn to be Weird!

  • Travis Todd

    I am a working professional, a youth leader, the president of two non-profit boards, and am about to have our first child in two weeks. Needless to say, the TIME management aspect of life is at the forefront of my mind.

    I was just talking with a colleague yesterday about how we wish we were called to walk the broad path. How much easier it would be! But in the end, taking the narrow path not only gives glory to the Father, but it shapes us into who we need to be. I am ready to be even weirder than people think I already am! I believe Craig’s book could add to the life I am building for my family.

  • Lukas Targosz

    Last time I have read Craig´s books, I learned how not to be the CHRISTIAN version of an ATHEIST even when I live in the Czech Republic, the country full of Atheists (70%), because we really need to have IT to GOING ALL THE WAY in the spirit of CHAZOWN as I agree with the CONFESSIONS OF A PASTOR. As you can see, I am a fan :-)

  • Joel

    I want to go to the narrow way through the gate Christ Jesus into eternal life. I am going to begin to attend an Orthodox Church soon, so I am thinking that this book would be great to share with my Protestant brothers in Christ! It is not creative, but it is honest!

  • Duane Naugle

    Mr Hyatt says be creative. How about truthful? My life is like a trainwreck. Just divorced, finanicially destroyed and wondering like a ship without a sail. My professional life is uncertain at this point in time. I don’t need creative I need front end alignment.

  • Kerry Palmer

    I have already been working hard to become weird financially thanks to Dave Ramsey. Now, I’d love to expand that “weirdness” to the rest of my life! Being weird in a “Jesus sort of way” really appeals to me. I would really appreciate a copy of this book!

  • Denise Jordan Lane

    Finally, a work that defines me: Weird! (Looks like Meg is “minding the store,” while her pop’s away for the week. You guys cover the bases well.)

  • Stephen Sauls

    Craig Groeschel is a wonderful speaker and leader. I’m excited that his book “Weird” is going to be hitting shelves soon and even more excited that people of faith are willing to be “Weird”!

  • Mark Widner

    As my kids continue to grow I believe it is important to unplug from the tech of the world and have time that is quiet. I know they get tired of hearing it from “Dad” but they do like the SWITCH videos for teens. I am sure that this book will impact them as much as the videos of I would love to be able to put this book into their hands and discuss it with them.

  • Anonymous

    Great interview Craig and Michael. We have cancelled TV for over a year now and cant imagine having it again…..It’s one of the best things we have done

  • David Santistevan

    I would love this book to share and study with the young adult ministry at my church. As the young adult pastor, I’m always looking for books and study that will challenge us beyond being ‘normal’. Books like Crazy Love (Chan), Sun Stand Still (Furtick), and Wide Awake (McManus) have really blessed our small groups in years past. If I were to win a copy of this I would most likely order a bunch after I read it and study it with my ministry.

    Thanks Michael.

  • Tracy Hoexter

    ¡ƃuıʇsǝɹǝʇuı ǝɹoɯ sʎɐʍlɐ sı pɹǝıʍ

  • Anonymous

    The interview struck a chord in my life. If I’m fortunate enough to receive a book, after I read it, I’ll donate it to my local library system. If I’m not one of the chosen few, I’ll ask the library to order it and unfortunately improve Zondervan’s bottom line.

  • JPM

    LOL. There is weird, then there is just… odd. Normal is so desirable and attractive. Even for those of us who know we need to be weird. We must remember that this is not home though. We are in an alien land that tells us resistance is futile.

    I’d love to have a copy of the book of course, but put me last on the list. I know I’m weird and my wife loves me for it, thank you God.

  • Curtis F

    The timing of this post is incredible. For the past two weeks I haven’t been able to get away from a persistent question: What does sabbath rest look like for you Curtis? The idea of being “at rest while being fully present” is something I have been trying to sort out for years…active rest. In trying to balance three kids in four activities plus school , a full time job in a nonprofit that consumes time outside normal work hours, and masters classes in organizational leadership it is hard to truly find sabbath rest. Even in the midst of all that I don’t think there are many people who know me who would call me “normal” but sometimes being weird becomes our own personal normal.

  • Megs

    I live in a town called Normal and could use all the help I can get breaking out of that mold!
    I would LOVE to win a copy of Wierd.

  • Margie J

    I can’t wait to find out how Craig answers the five quesions you asked. These are important every day issues we wrestle with. I’ve heard Craig speak many times, and I always thought he could write the book on weird…and now he has!

  • Roger Bodenstab

    I serve as an Administrative Pastor and I am constantly working to manage my time with all of the ministries, tasks and people that I minister to on a daily basis! I love to learn from other leaders some of the skills that they have learned and adapted and find creative ways to apply them to my own life.

  • Kelly D. Vorhis

    Wow, I feel as if Pastor Craig was speaking directly to me this morning. I struggle with time management and spending too much time online, and I am really liking his idea of cutting my family’s tech time down. I’ve felt ‘weird’ a majority of my life, and have been searching for the narrow road, not the wide one in life. I’d love to have a copy of Pastor Craig’s new book to read and share with my family.

  • Liam85

    I’d like a copy of this book because after watching the interview, I feel like someone who is on the “broad path”. Also, I’m a believer in constantly being in productive-mode. Maybe this book will have more insight to offer than I would have expected from clicking on one of my Facebook news feeds!

  • Jeff Dalverny

    Thanks Michael for sharing this interview. I am on a quest after reading Crazy Love to live a life completely sold out to Jesus as he calls us to. So I want the book to be further challenged and see real practical ways to live this out with my family.

  • Jenn

    Typically if I heard a book was coming out discussing weird sex I would probably shy away and certainly not recommend it to others – but this is different and I can’t wait to see what Groeschel has to say about every area of being Weird for the glory of God and for the sake of living the life God calls us to. Like so many I get caught in the normal cycle far too often, especially when it comes to time.

    I read the sample of the book online and I can’t wait to read the rest.

  • iamanoffering

    I’m hoping that I’ve been weird for a long time. The problem is that I’ve tried to convince others to be weird and a lot of people just don’t seem to get it. Sometimes it takes an expert and outside opinion to help people understand what you’re trying to talk about. I’d love to win a copy of this book so that I could read it for myself as Craig’s books are always fantastic, full of wisdom, and well worth the read and so that I could also give it to others as well.

  • Jdblane

    I’d love a copy of this book because in my family “weird” is the norm! I’d love my kids to know that weird is okay, and that not exactly fitting in isn’t always a bad thing. We strive to grow for God’s kingdom and understanding that it’s okay to be different than others to reach that goal!

  • Nina Walsh

    “Weird” sounds like me. Though I am a normal person, I do have some weird quirks — like choosing silly purses that attract attention or chatting with officials to get a smile. My son’s former girlfriend once gave me a chattering stuffed monkey because she said, “It is pathetic, like you.”

  • skkatt

    getting ready to graduate in May with a graduate degree and move to NYC- my friends already think I’m weird but I’m not sure it is in the Godly way, can this book really help a 22 year old?? I’d sure love to find out!!

  • Matt Musteric

    As leaders, how we live is at least as important as what we say. I agree with the maxim that a leader should not ask more of his followers than he is willing to do himself.

    I am interested in Craig Groeschel’s book first for my own practice of “being weird” and sabbath keeping, as a way of honoring my calling as husband and father. Secondly, I am interested in how these practices can be shared with the congregation I am called to lead as a servant-leader.

    Thank you for considering me for a free copy of this book.

  • Thomas Foy

    I read pastor Craig’s book ‘it’ a couple of weeks ago and it really helped me look at the way I lead. His writing style is great and I got a lot out of the book. As a Full-time student working 16 hours a week, leading a team in church and preparing to get married in the summer I am always checking to make sure I’m getting the balance right and I can’t wait to read weird and see what Pastor Craig has to say!

  • T LaForge

    First off let me say thanks for this opportunity. This is a nice way to start a Tuesday. I think that I would love a copy of Weird because I am a full time wife, mother, daughter/granddaughter and financial manager who is always searching for new ideas, new perspectives and learning opportunities to improve my work/life balance. I think I am ready for weird, or at least some aspect of it in my life. I need a catalyst to inspire courage and fearlessness in me and this just might be that!

  • Paul Sparrow

    I’ve heard Craig GRoeschel speak a number of times and I find his messages to be life affirming yet challenging. Trying to be “normal” as we all seem to want while being encouraged to be “weird” sounds incredibly counterintuitive–yet attractive! I’d love to get a copy and read it.

  • Jason Cooper

    Because I like ice cream, puppies and taking pictures of random landscapes. Oh wait, I thought that said, “Why do I want a copy of ‘Warped’?”

    As a young pastor who took on the task of revitalizing a church there’s not a lot of money for “pastoral discretion” or continuing education. I’d love a copy of the book and will pledge to read it and then “gift” it away to another person who would benefit from it.

    Cool that you’re making this available. Thanks.

  • el dusterino

    “Why Do I Want A Free Copy of Weird?”

    Why do I want a free copy of weird?
    So I can read it and ponder while stroking my beard.

    Why do I want a free copy of weird?
    Because such a victory would make me cheer! Wahoooooooo!!!!!

    Why do I want a free copy of weird?
    So I can look at my schedule, and consider it cleared!

    Why do I want a free copy of weird?
    Because the normal will no longer be feared!

    Why do I want a free copy of weird?
    Because Craig Groeschel is meant to be revered!

    Why do I want a free copy of weird?
    So my normal will disappear.

  • Sam

    Hi Michael –

    I listen to and read Craig’s material often and would love to review the book on my blog. I grew up in a “weird” family, ditched it for conformity’s sake, and am now creating my own “weird” environment for my three children. Why reinvent the wheel?


  • Alan Mowbray

    Time Management was a big issue with me as well.
    We cancelled cable and only have broadband.
    Now, we use Netflix for the whole family.
    No filled up DVR crying for attention.
    It’s interesting how even a DVR can restrict your freedom if you let it.
    It’s amazing how much work I’ve gotten done in the past 4 months.
    I expect that Pastor Craig has some more tips in his book that I can implement.

  • Bonnie Solid

    My stallion of 30 years wheelchair bound from a brain hemorrhage at 49.
    The faces of our son’s loss.
    Our way of ministerin’ all lookin’ a bit different.
    Defining a new normal is painful, so I like the way this book sounds as our loving God tends us.

  • Nate

    I want to get “weird” and bring along as many other people as I can into weirdness with me.

  • Shelly W

    Hello Mr. Hyatt, I appreciate your posts; started reading your blog frequently upon Don Miller’s tweets and comments. I’d enjoy a copy of this book to share & discuss with my sons…I’m already weird! And they’d agree. Lately I have the joy of watching them mature in new ways in their faith; just last week one son was more excited about hearing a teammate trust in Jesus than how they performed at their track meet. I was thrilled for him and for the value he placed on his friend’s decision. I’m raising leaders, and I like to put authors in their path who can encourage them to be in the world but not of it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sabrina Rosamilia

    This book is where I’m at right now with God. I’m tired of the normal way of life and of living in mediocrity. It has gotten me more hurt than anything good. Craig Groeschel’s books have changed my way of thinking and they have truly stirred something new inside of me. I can’t wait to be able to read this book!

  • Gymwork

    I am so tired of walking the “normal”path and so need direction on how to get through to the narrow side. I am tired of wandering on this wide path….

  • Jeffrey Verlander

    As a father of 3, husband of 1, manager of many, and a follower of Christ, I want to be weird and show those around me how a Christ-follower lives. Our lives as Christ-followers must be weird to the world or we will be seen as the “same” as everyone else. Christ calls us to be Holy (or set-apart) as He is Holy. The only way to do this is to be considered WEIRD by the world. I believe I could greatly benefit from this book as I juggle my many roles and also try to remain focused on honoring the most important aspect of my life, Christ.

  • Cecemines

    I am looking to reorganize and slow down my life and this book looks like it might inform and help. Actually, I can’t wait to read weird and see what might be in store for me…. I think I’m already a bit weird and this might be the confirmation to be who Christ made me to be. I am tired of trying to fill the shoes of what looks “normal.”

  • Aptpastor

    Because I pastor an inner city church and we ate anything but normal. We love being outside the box and this book may have some good insight to helping us understand our purpose in that weird kinda way

  • Tamera P. Kennedy

    Sixteen Years ago I found Single Truth Ministries in OKC OK. Pastor Craig was leading this ministry. It saved my life and made me whole after a terrible divorce. I will never forget is Pinnacle Sermon. It was a life changer for me. I absolutely love his approach to church and ministry and now many years later I listen to him on my IPAD from Washington State where I am from. I would never have had the courage to return home and bring Jesus with me to my home town, if it had not been for the relevancy and sincerity of Craigs style of ministry. When it comes to Wierd, it could be said that is the definition of my life. Yet, Jesus was a radical in His day too and in being sold out to His service, there is no other way to operate, if compared to the norms of this world. I am now a leader in my community as well as in the company I work for, and the non-profit that I started 6 years ago to feed the hungry in Spokane WA. This way …. Jesus way, is the only way to live and I give Him all the glory for leading me to be all that I can be for Him. People in the business community know this about me. My family knows this about me. Very few of them understand the source of my motivation. I want Craigs book because we all need fed and we all need validated. Jesus does this for me daily in His word, but it is nice to know that I am not alone in my beliefs on what the source of my strength and effectiveness comes from. I hope I am selected because I will actually read it, study it, and absorb the message that God has laid on Craigs heart to share with the world.


    Tamer P. Kennedy

  • the wife

    Normal? Sounds dull. We are a family that is fairly new in out walk with Christ – He has lead us down paths that are far from what we dreamed of when we got married oh so many years ago!! But in our walk we have found a better life than we had ever dreamed of too. Funny how that happens. There are still struggles though. I work, my husband is the primary caretaker of our children -more prominent in today’s society however as “the MOM,” it can be emotionally devastating when you child asks to be comforted by their father, and I know my husband can be bothered by “not supporting” our family. We are a strong family, we have phenomenal kids – but we are weird! lol I would love a copy if there are any available!

  • Azra

    Actually everyone of us is weird somehow or the other.. unfortunately all our life we try to “fit-in” not “stand-out” .. that’s what makes us normal…. would love to see how Craig teaches us to not only be weird but appreciate other weird things/people and phenomenon as well

  • @good2besquare

    You hit me where it hurts! Technology sucks up much of my time. I could use any help/advice/counsel/criticism to help me manage this part of my life. I’ve also found great value in just about anything you recommend – advice, books, other’s thoughts. You have a built up a pretty good track record!

  • jschumacher76

    I have heard podcasts of Craig Groeschel and have been very impressed with the wisdom he shares on God’s word. I would love to read his newest book. I am sure it is packed with much to ponder on being weird.

  • Gtdarnell

    I will read this book because it sounds like something I can use now that I am about to retire. People think I am weird anyway. I am looking for the next ACT God has for me.

  • Jamie

    I would like a copy of this book because I love the way Craig allows God to use him to teach others. My wife and I were members of for several years while we were living in Oklahoma City and were blessed to learn under his teaching for several years. I have also read several other books that Craig has written (Confessions of a Pastor, IT, Chazown) and they were all wonderful and taught me a lot.

  • Charlie

    I would love Groeschel’s new book Weird! I’m a junior high pastor, and I’m trying to learn as much about leadership as I can because that is an area I think I struggle with most. Thanks for the post!

  • Sandra Williams

    I want this book because I have Never felt “normal”. Every one around me seems to evaluate me as a bit “odd”. The title of this book really excites me! I’m hoping it gives an indication that being weird gives me a good start to being an effective Christian!

  • scottmo

    WHA?!? Why I want the book? I NEED THE BOOK! I am in my first Lead Pastor position and have NEED to not fall into normal. Normal grew our church from 300 to less than 200 in the last 5 years. I took over 12 months ago and have turned things around, but I need more WEIRD advice. I’d love a copy of the book!

  • Jan Cox

    Good morning,
    It would be wonderful to read about not being normal. My passion for Christ came in 2001 and I have been on fire since. I struggle still to find out where to use this passion. I see so many opportunities like colourful balloons. Which to choose?
    Reading Michael’s book and doing the exercises is helping but Craig’s book seems to focus in on how to remain “different” in this world. At my age I don’t mind not appearing normal and have learned to be real is a better path. Any book that will inspire me as I write my blogs and books will be a blessing.
    I would love to read a book that is passionate and so throw my hat into the ring.

  • ET @ Titus2:3-5

    My husband and I have been spending a lot of time talking finances lately. Re-evaluating how we do things and seeking to give more honor to God with our money. I think Weird will offer the fresh perspective we’re looking for.

    And the Sabbath… That’s another one that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

  • Allen Marsh

    I heard Craig discuss this concept and book on a Catalyst Podcast. As a young married man with no children yet I believe that his concepts are solid and this could revolutionize my marriage before I have to tell a story of “the hard times.” It has also encouraged me to look at my personal time differently both at work and home. I have turned down work meetings that do not offer value to me or that I can offer value to. I can only imagine what the other topics cover and the impact they could have.

  • Janice Garrison

    I would really like winning a copy of ‘Weird’. I enjoy reading and exploring different view points. I am in my threescore plus years of life and retired. I still struggle with time management and technology. I truly do desire to follow the narrow path yet feel fail miserably at times.

    I am ready to be inspired and challenged again.

  • Susan Wilkinson

    Oh, thank you for this great interview. It was helpful to hear leaders being vulnerable–that is weird all by itself–and something I value highly because it’s not easy! I would love Craig’s book. The title is enough to make any Christian want to read it in hopes of breaking out of areas of normalcy and more fully into the weird adventure that is faith in Jesus. I’m particularly interested in the Time, Values and Relationships portions of the book!

  • anotherjoy

    I’d love to read this book. I think I’m already a little weird with the categories listed, but it’s pointless to be weird if nobody notices just how weird you are. I’d appreciate some guidance on being noticeably weird (with a purpose).

  • Anonymous

    Hey Michael. First thanks for doing this interview. So here’s why I would love to have copy of this book. The one thing that caught my attention was the “no technology” for three days during the week with his family. I have three young kids – between them and my wife and I – we are technology addicts. Between the DS, the xBox, the DVR, Disney Channel and the technologies my wife and I use, we are often alone when we are together. I think we need to get a little WEIRD at our house and this interview along with Craig’s book will help us get there.

    Be well and make it a great day!

  • Beth

    After reading the first chapter Craig posted on his blog, yeah I’m way too normal. I need to learn how to let go of normal and be weird. Normal pretty much sucks the life out of me. Just reading the first chapter I realized how much normal has taken from me. I’d like my life back. I’d like to be weird! I NEED to be weird to survive!

  • Jennifer

    You are the third person to mention this book today so I figure I better get to reading it! I don’t want to be “normal” as the world perceives it….

  • Juggler

    I have attended LifeChurch and think that Groeschel does a great job of putting the scripture into a context that’s relevant to daily life. I’d love to have a copy of Weird because I believe it would give me ideas for incorporating a “weird”, godly perspective into our family’s life!

  • Anonymous

    Craig is a gift to pastors and Lifechurch is a model of generosity. Thanks for sharing the interview. Would love a copy of the book because my last name is very weird. especially for a pastor.

    Steve Cuss

    • Steven Cribbs

      I could see your name bringing a comment or two :) I’ve always seen my last name as a little weird – interesting connection though in that I work with kids at church.

  • amber

    I want to read this! Most definitely, what the world deems “normal” is the exact opposite of what we, as Christians, should strive for. But we’re not to be of this world so basically God’s saying, “You’re going to stand out and that’s ok.” So we have permission to be “Weird” and that’s very cool :-)

  • Stephen Ensley

    I am currently a college student at Trinity Baptist College. I enjoy reading good books that help further my knowledge. The title of this book is especially compelling for in North American culture it seems that we are always trying to copy someone else, and we are scared to step into the world of the unknown which can be labeled by some as weird. I would have great interest in reading this book to see what Craig Groeschel has to say on this topic.

  • Bethanygaddis

    I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids (1 recently adopted from Uganda) and I feel like my brain is turning to mush! I used to read several books a week for my major in college (not that long ago) and now the majority of my day is spent wiping butts and making healthy snacks. I recently made a promise to myself that if I was given access to a book (b/c I can’t go book shopping anymore), no matter what it was about, I was going to read it to strengthen my brain muscles again. So I am nearing the end of the last book I was given and would like to have one ready to go when I finish. I would love to read Craig’s book b/c I have taught to high school students (and lived) the concept many times and I am happy to see someone finally writing about it. I know I will enjoy it and my soul would appreciate the gift as well as I get to tap into my inner book nerd at moments throughout my mommy filled day. Thank you ahead of time!

  • Jessica Sitler

    I am ready to continue on the narrow path that I started one year ago in Roatan, Honduras, teaching English to children in a third world country. Americans are on a quest for “happiness” and what we fail to realize is that true joy comes from whole heartedly following Christ. I am ready to fight for weird and to give up the broad road of destruction. Excited to get my hands on this…

  • Alesio Castro

    In my country, Honduras, CentralAmerica, we dont get this type of books in spanish, I relly thankfull to God, cause he gavew me the opportunity to learn english. Why I want to read this book? I really want to change, to grow in my spiritual life. I want to be weird!

  • Jeanie_schwagerman

    Who needs to get more werid for Christ sake, we all do! Excited to see what insight this book has and to apply it. Not to draw attention to myself, but to Christ!

  • Dana

    I’d like a copy of Groeschel’s book because I am weird–at least that’s what people tell me pretty often. I’m not the kind of weird you would notice in a crowd or comment on once meeting me. I just think very differently from most people I know. I don’t take words, emotions or people lightly, and I pay attention to details that others don’t think are important. My whole ministry is wrapped up in teaching children and their parents how to live more like Christ, and I tend to be the Children’s Minister who is writing their own lessons because most publishers are afraid of details in the Bible (at least when it comes to children). I would really like to see how Groeschel expounds on the wide and the narrow gate. I’m pretty comfortable being weird, but it’s always nice to find a friend who feels the same way–grin!

  • Heath Stoner

    Father, Husband, Youth Pastor, Ministry Leader, Friend of God, etc. These are the hats I wear. I need to know how to be more effective and WEIRD. Please help me become more weird by allowing me to receive this book.

  • Adam Swensen

    I am so ready to see Christians living differently than the world. I love weird. Christians are set apart but we live so normally. I see so many Christians use “Christian” as a title and not use it as a liefstyle, and it breaks my heart. I really would love to give this book a read and see what it is like to live weird and then to LIVE it. I AM READY TO BE WEIRD!! :)

  • Rabrooks1

    Sounds like a great book. Jesus recommended keeping the best of the old, but adding the new and the fresh. What we have been doing isn’t reaching the new generations. It’s like Blockbusters, they had a great business plan that really worked well for a time…until, too much changed, but they didn’t.

    Thanks for posting such insightful blogs.

  • Nic

    As an Orthodox graduate student in the humanities who is also married, expecting a child and living in a foreign country, it’s very hard to feel normal. But part of the process of being in graduate school is learning that normal-dom is not always the best route; I am working on that still, and this book seems like something I could benefit from in my personal, professional and spiritual development.

  • Michael F

    Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” That quote was on a slide at the SXSW Interactive conference last month and has been persistent on my mind ever since. I look forward to reading “Weird” and helping to put some practical application to what it looks like to be different than the majority.

  • LauraB

    Have always thought normal was over rated :-). Normal is just another word for average and average doesn’t takes risk our go over the top. I would love to read this book from Craig. Love his writing and what he’s doing at his church.

  • Chad Billington

    That interview hit me between the eyes. I’m a 35 year old (birthday was Saturday) father of two. My wife and I are heavily involved in our church (I’m a pastor and she’s working on relief projects in Haiti and running much of the children’s ministry). We’re looking at how our life will be changing in the coming years, and Craig’s thoughts on time (and technology) sound like something we need to hear.

    I’d love to have the book to read so I can read it with my wife, and then pass around to my fellow church staffers. My slogan for the coming year is to ‘seize & savour the day’. I think the book might help.
    Thanks, Chad

  • Meowrn

    Some already think I’m weird/different and that’s ok. My desire is to deepen my walk with my Savior. I stay busy doing alot of nothing while my life passes me by. I’m 53 and want to use the rest of my life touching lives and making a difference. I want to leave a Christ-centered legacy of service. I need a jump start to “weirdness”!

  • Lifeisasong56

    Hi, I suppose I would be the least likely to ask for a copy of Weird, but here goes. I was asked by my pastor help start a new service at our church. I happen to be doing everything except the preaching. (band, praise team, flow of service, specials, etc>)Not my comfort zone. The people are hungry for anything but normal and this book will be a great tool in helping me to reach them in a way they might be jerked into a new reality of worship, not church. I used Craig’s video on the interview with the devil in a service recently. Big hit, got lots of comments. Here is the kicker, I am a 55 yr. old women. My passion is seeing people of faith be real in what they believe and then carry it out in life. Any tools that help accomplish that, I am most grateful to have.

  • Rabrooks1

    PS: I’m don’t consider myself ‘weird’ but I have often found myself ‘out of step’ with the status quo. Operating ‘ahead of the times’ has not been comfortable for sure, not popular, and sometimes even hurtful, but a ‘new’ trail needs to be blazed. I would enjoy having a copy of the “weird” book

  • Cole

    Michael: One of Craig’s comments about a family being together but each one being engrossed in separate technology so that they’re not really together, reminded me of a short phrase that describes that state: “Ambient intimacy.” You’re surrounded by loved ones but essentially ignoring them.
    I enjoy your blog immensely. Keep up the great writing.

  • Chris Lotz

    I can’t wait to read “Weird”. I feel weird at times already. Trying to reach lost people with the passion of Christ is new in creative ways is not always accepted where I am serving in ministry. I would love to have a free copy of “Weird” to help encourage and inspire me to charge forward in the mission that Christ has given me…to share His word in “Weird” ways.

  • Loren Pinilis

    I’d love a copy of this book so that I could review it on my own blog! In particular, I’m very interested to hear his application of taking a sabbath.

    • Loren Pinilis

      The concept of taking a sabbath is something that I’ve wanted to teach on recently. While we may not be bound by the law in the way that Old Testament Jews were, there is still incredible Godly wisdom in having a weekly day of rest. Moreover, the idea of a sabbath isn’t just ceasing to work – but purposefully rejuvenating and focusing on God.
      I’d like to see Craig’s life and his family’s experience as a case study in how to practically have a sabbath in 21st century times.

  • Davidel57

    I’m interested to see if my view of God’s “weird” is the same way as Craig sees it. And because normal sure isn’t working for America or for the believers in my church!

  • Cori

    I often ask my husband, “Are we weird?” after being in a situation where we are so different from the status quo. It would be great to read how we can be even more weird! :)

  • Solveig Engh

    I feel this message is important–God asks us to follow Him, and that’s definitely weird. Most Christians are unwilling to deal with the reality. When I try, I feel weird–and I need support to strengthen me as I try to live the Christian life.

  • Chris Walker

    I want to get a free copy of ‘Weird’ because I think that this book might explain me a little bit. I will probably need to purchase more copies to give to my friends who want to try to understand me.

  • Jennie

    I ‘facebooked’ the link before I even saw that it was one of the qualifications for getting a free book, stating that I look forward to reading it, even if I have to pay for it. My husband and I were just talking this weekend about our need to be more productive with our time, and to work together to find out what our purpose is as a family, to find where God is working, and to join Him in those efforts, as a family. It’s so easy to get disconnected. Technology claims to ‘bring people closer together’ – but I have not found that to apply to husbands and wives. I would love a free copy of this book – and if I am selected, I promise to share it with others, and post on twitter and facebook often about how this book is helping our family embrace the weird.

  • Adam Keeton

    As a young minister, I am always looking for materials I can use to help out my youth. I have read The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel, and have given several copies of it away to several of my friends and youth. I hope that Craig’s new book will be just as beneficial so I can give it away to someone who needs it as well.

  • Lorna Casper

    I have been searching for the definition, an explanation perhaps, on what the word normal really means. I would love to read/have a copy of this book to possibly understand if in fact it’s the other way around. This book would probably also help me feel alright with some of the things that’s going on in my life right now, which feels alright to me personally, but I don’t think it’s part of what the society considers as being “the norm”…. Bottom line is, an outsider looking in my life would consider my life as “way out of order”.

  • BABlessing2

    I’m a young adult teacher in a church that is going through the transition of losing our pastor for the third time in six years. Lots of negative “weird” things going on. We all need help navigating through it. Want to come out on the good side of WEIRD that will be pleasing to the Lord. Have a very heavy burden to help my class see all the good that God is doing and I want them to know what God wants to do within them and through them even as we go through yet another period of transition. I think WEIRD might fit that bill just perfectly. Would love to have the book to share with them.

  • Derrick Jones

    I guess being weird is really normal for me! Since an early age I have been a Christ follower and through school many thought that I was weird but it’s pretty neat how many of those same kids, today adults contact me on social network and question my weirdness. Today those adults notice that that weirdness was something REAL and that’s what most are looking for now, something they can depend on.
    I would like a copy of this book because I believe that it would help me accomplish what God has put in my heart for the church that I now pastor. This is my first pastorate and the church is very tradition and I am, with the Lord’s leadership, moving them from traditionalism to truly being Christ followers.
    If I don’t get the free copy then I will purchase it because Greg is a great leader for pastors.
    God Bless,

    • Derrick Jones

      Trying to type way to fast! As you all know it should be “Craig” not Greg!

  • Songbirdannie

    I would LOVE a copy of this book since I’m already WEIRD and would love to improve upon it…. I’m weird that I pray for hours at night, that I don’t watch tv but read scripture and tons of books on building my faith…. I’m weird that instead of going out and partying with my peers, I go to church everyday and attend Bible college… I’m weird that instead of singing for money, I sing for the Lord (I mean…. who does that? Really weird, huh?)….
    In conclusion… I really am weird since I’m a believer in “fairy tales” and such, but believe it so fully with my heart that others call me deluded and fooled… but I can’t and won’t be convinced otherwise… so hopefully this book will help me with my “weirdness”…:)

  • Juliesevier

    I would like a copy of this book because I am very much a non-wave-making person who needs to follow God into “weird”. I have lived my 53 years quietly and normally and I am so ready to move with God. I think this book will certainly help me do that!

  • Gary Forsythe

    Just the term “time suck” is enough to make me want a copy. I get that! His apparent spin on technology and the family is something I want to dig into a little.

  • Brad Evans

    This book could not have come at a better time for me. I have WEIRD hanging heavily on my heart. I have been thankful and blessed to be surrounded my an amazing church family and friends and want to live a weird lifestyle. I am encouraged to hear of how he leads his family through a world of technology and go go go, a life of distraction. I want to slow down, I want to be weird. I have said I am going to read a book a month for this year as that is huge for me because I “don’t have time.” Thanks for putting out another amazing book Craig and thanks Michael for doing this interview and comments.

  • April

    I’m not witty, but I’m certainly weird! I want this book because I don’t believe there is any such thing as “normal” in life. I think we should remove that word from our dictionary!! Another reason why I want this book is because I am an avid reader and pursuer of Christ and anyone who desires to exalt Him and make His name renown is what I crave.

  • BABlessing2

    I’m a young adult teacher in a church that is going through the transition of losing our pastor for the third time in six years. Lots of negative “weird” things going on. We all need help navigating through it. Want to come out on the good side of WEIRD that will be pleasing to the Lord. Have a very heavy burden to help my class see all the good that God is doing and I want them to know what God wants to do within them and through them even as we go through yet another period of transition. I think WEIRD might fit that bill just perfectly. Would love to have the book to share with them.

  • Arthur V

    Thank you! for the free book. I’m sure the contents will be enriching.

  • …adam

    So the other day, I am talking with a friend about classic TV cartoons, and the conversation ends up revolving around two shows: GI: Joe and Thundercats. For obvious reasons, you can see why focused on those two brilliant programs. So we are walking and talking about the pros and cons of both programs and the implications each show has for leadership, and more importantly, the Church. After about 15 minutes of walking and talking, and discussing the repercussions of grown people-like cats who can fight villians on a barren desert planet, my friend turned to me and said, “we are WEIRD.”

    And then our conversation switched to the new book coming out and how we were both excited to read it. At the end of the conversation my friend turned to me and said, “You know what Adam? Your comment premise is contrived and hard to believe.”

  • Cory Kent

    Thanks Michael! I would LOVE to read this book. Simply put, I read the the title and immediately thought, this is for ME. My creative context is one where I regularly feel the pressure to create “safely”. Simply put, I’m hoping this book gives me permission to be a little “wierd”. (Don’t tell my wife).

  • Steve

    Good job, Craig. Can’t wait to read this one. How true, that it’s often not the unusual or glaring things in life that causes our lives to be less productive than they could be, but the very things we consider ‘normal.’

  • Lelia

    As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, I have all my life been called weird, so I had to look at an article about a book with the word weird in the title. Oh, not about Asperger’s, but about something much more important to my life and to the life of everybody on the spectrum and off. Yes, I want the narrow path. I especially want to see the part of the book about time issues.

  • Tony

    John Ortberg says, “Everybody’s normal until you get to know them.” so I want to win a free copy of “Weird” so I can better understand and minister to all the people I’ve gotten to know. Plus, I love that Pastor Craig Groeschel gives away LifeChurch’s resources free on their website, that is rare and appreciated.

  • Jon Wellman

    I would like a copy of this comment because I embrace my weirdness, much to the chagrine of my friends and family at times.

    I believe that God made us each unique (read: peculiar), and that we should understand and know how special that makes each and every one of us.

  • Warren Pinzke

    I have enjoyed Christian Athiest and would like to read another book by on of my Pastor’s (Tommy Sparger) friends. Thanks for encouraging Tommy to continue to be on the Weird side in his vision for North Point Church in Springfield.

  • John Ratz

    I’d love to give this a read! Especially want to compare it to “Act Normal” by Scott Wilson! :)

  • N8_g

    Weird? I have lived on the edge and been called weird my whole life. From running around with duct tape and foam swords to graduating from an arts college as a Christian, and then enrolling in seminary for philosophy; being weird has become part of my identity, but it is a broken part as is everything that pertains to the world. So I would appreciate greatly the advice of someone with more experience in the Christian faith, over a topic that is very much part of the core of who I am. Since I am a full time Grad student, I’d greatly appreciate a free copy. Are you willing to help this Trickster out?

  • Gwyn Wiens

    This resonates with me as I’m going against conventional “wisdom” in so many areas of my life. The food I eat, the work I’m pursuing, the way I’m starting to live my life. I’m searching and seeking out like-minded individuals for support and direction.

  • Oodihi

    I want this book because I feel weird doing things the way I was brought up to live (a very Christ-centered) way. I just want to know that that’s a good thing even if very few people are on my side. Please let me have one of your 100 copies!!!!

  • Chris Wesley

    Read Pastor Craig’s Christian Atheist, it helped me see the facade I had covering my Atheistic behavior. As a youth pastor I preach weirdness, but then need to be reminded of how to live that, I feel the challenges in Pastor Craig’s book can help me focus on how to be weird.

  • Darren Tosh

    After returning home from spending the last 10 years serving in Asia doing international development…I realise weird is wonderful.

    We thrive on change.

    We thrive on newness.

    We thrive on being different–and we crave that sense of difference in North America.

    Thanks for a good interview and reframing the narrow path.

  • Combsy

    Ive been exploring a lot of these concepts via my blog recently, interesting how God will guide you to resources to help you on your journey. I have been simplifying my life over the last few months, less stuff, less events, less spending, ect… I think Craig’s book would be great in furthering my journey to “weird”. I want to be in sink with “Jesus’ rhythms”.

  • K.C. Pro

    I’m definitely in need of weird. Listening to Craig talk about his family’s addiction to technology made me feel really convicted. I definitely need to lead my family strategically to be weird like that.

    I’d love a free copy of Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working.

    I promise to read it, write a review and then give it away to someone else who needs to be weird too.

    Also, it’s my birthday today.

    • Steven Cribbs

      A birthday present – sounds like an appropriate thing to me :-) You do, however, do a good job in presenting the ‘weird’ perspectives on your blog – keep up the good work!

  • Steven Cribbs

    Just the discussion on Time from the interview makes me want to run out and pick up this book (alas, it will have to go on my wish list – maybe, I could win a copy of it somewhere…). The interview discussion speaks so loudly towards things I am working on in my life – gaining control of time, honoring God in my days (especially the Sabbath) and not letting good things prevent me from getting to the best things.

    Intentionally Weird. Sounds like an upcoming topic for my blog :-)

  • Christin

    Oh goodness, I *need* this book because I am so darn good at living by default rather than by design. I was designed to be a servant and worshiper and be intentional about doing it. But I’ve been so “stuck in my ways” {old habits die hard}.
    I was pretty intrigued by the interview. Mr. Groeschel and I both home school, year round, with Fridays off. However, I never once thought to make our family days (which is Saturday, typically) intentional. It happens very often that we all end up scattered, doing our own thing. Kids tv viewing is limited to the weekend and we rarely do video games.

    I really enjoy and *need* to glean from the wisdom of others and I believe this area is one of great importance.

  • Jeff Miles

    I love Craig’s books. He has a great writing style and his books are full of wisdom. If I get a copy of the book, I will definitely post a review of it on my website as a thank you for receiving it to add a little more good press for the book.

  • Lance Teel

    Mike – great topic and it is timely with the e-book on Life Planning. I think Craig challenges us to step up and look at the bigger picture and your e-book gives a road map. Thanks again for these interviews.

    Godspeed – Lance Teel

  • Mary Matlock

    I have been hearing God tell me to slow down and just be with Him. In the mornings I have my “to do” items and sometimes it doesn’t leave a lot of time with God. I have been going along with the crowd pretty much, but don’t want to. But being a people pleaser, it’s difficult sometimes. After watching the interview it sounds like this book would be a real help to me in being weird (in a good way!).

  • Tim

    I am a pastor of a small church in North Texas. I have always taught that normal isn’t really normal… or fun! So, knowing Craig’s gift of humor & pithy prose, I’d really like to see how he approaches normalcy (and the alternative…WEIRD!). I might even borrow some of his insight in future sermons in my church. Thank you & God bless.

  • Andrew Mercer

    Children and the Truth
    How often do we catch ourselves pondering the comments of young children? Just the other night I was trying to help my eight-year-old daughter handle her emotions. I said it’s OK to feel angry about something. However, poor behavior driven by emotion is not OK. I said that she can be angry and still be nice to her sister and mother. Her response, “That’s just weird!”

    I have to agree! “Normal” is letting emotions override reason. “Weird” is thinking, “How I can use this emotion in a positive way?”

  • Ruth

    I have attneded Greg’s online church and read some of his books which are on the money. I’d like to get this book because I have found myself in a similar position where I can’t shut down and truly rest I think that in the present world there is no room for rest or quieting your life from the outside world especially since technology has gotten so advanced. Your frienda and family are all in your home online. Anyway I beleive that book will be on the money.

  • Becky Avella

    Hello, my name is Becky, and I am an Approval Junkie.

    I believe this book would address my issue and help me stop looking for the world’s approval and start living a weird life that pleases Jesus instead.

    Thank you. : )

  • blair roberts

    our church needs to be more weird in the narrow way. most people already think church is weird, but not because of the narrow path, just because we are trying so hard to fit in that we seem weird. it would be great to hear what craig has to say. thanks!

  • Michael Levitt

    As Pastor Craig mentioned, being a follow of Christ is “weird” to our secular world. Today’s normal isn’t working for me, or for others. Technology is supposed to make life easier, but we are busier than ever, but not busy in a good way.

    I am thankful that technology allows for me to watch your discussion with Craig.

    Learning to say NO is a God given gift.

    Prayers and blessings to all!

  • Rolin_Oscar

    This is a great title. I would love this book to help me understand a different point of view and share it with my small group. I have been sspeaking about being different and they can do the same and not fall into normal behavior (or the same thing other people do). I’m big on being different. Love it. I also have some of Craig’s books and have been a great experience for me.

  • monica

    Great Interview and I will read the book. I do not know if you realize but the very subjects that you chose to discuss in your interview with Craig are related to today’s devotion in “Jesus Calling”. One of the key scriptures – Isaiah 30:15. I just thought you might be interested in God’s perfect timing as HE is using your efforts (a post and a publication), to encourage and build up others. Cool.

  • Cyberquill

    I want a copy of this book because I’m weird.

    • Cyberquill

      HA! Thanks for the book. Just arrived in the mail.

      Of course, I immediately flipped to Chapter 5, the chapter on money. After ten pages of explanation on why getting into debt is bad, the author reveals the path to riches:

      1. Earn more.
      2.Spend less.

      That’s it.

      Weird indeed!

  • TNeal

    I got It. I read It. I loved It. Now it’s time to get Weird.

  • Jason

    Normal ISN’T working, and if this book can help me to up my weird-ness, then send it my way!

  • Mark Cox

    Simply put, I have just discovered that I thought I “knew it all” for the last 5 years or so. I’ve been starting with the wrong concepts, elements, and ideas. I need a shift, and have always welcomed Craig’s voice in my life. I would love a chance to get a hold of this! And thanks for the opportunity!

  • David Manning

    Great interview / exhortation! Kudos to M. Hyatt for reviewing a competitor’s book. As one who lives in Portland, OR where we have a slogan: “Keep Portland Wierd” Craig talks about a Biblical kind of wierd that I aspire too. The “busy” syndrome is rampant in our household. I’d love to read this not only for the sake of our family but also for the men that I mentor.

  • Michael Rhoan

    I would like a copy of “Weird” because that’s exactly how what I want people to see my Christian life, Believers and non-believers a like. It feels like in today’s Christian society we have just become normal. It’s normal for Christians to go to church, pray, sing praises, do some kind of out reach and even read our bibles. This is what you expect from a Christian, it’s normal. But throughout the Bible you see that God didn’t work in the normal, He worked in the weird! This is my heart. I want God to transform my life into something wierd! Something that isn’t seen in the normal! I want my life to truly reflex the Son of God who saved my soul from Hell. And in today’s world, thats weird.

  • Lori Plucker

    I cant tell you how great that was to hear today. Me and my husband have been married almost 4 years and he is at the point in his career where he is working 100 hours a week. Just hearing ideas on how to slow down and “plan” family time is so crucial for us as there are times when I dont see him for weeks on end. I listened to Michael Hyatt’s speach at a University acouple days ago and something that stuck with me there and here was the art of saying No to things to save time for the really important things. Thanks for the encourgagment and motivation to keep plugging away and supporting my husband in the midst of the daily grind.

  • LeRene

    I am already somewhat weird, but I desire to become more weird for Christ’s sake. After listening to your video I know your book will inspire me to live as Christ would want me to. Reading God’s word is always my choice reading, but I do think reading other material is also helpful. So yes ,I believe your book would be beneficial to read and keep on hand as a ministry tool. Thank you.

  • Gerry Shaver

    I am an avid reader, love the premise of this book and think it will be an inspiring read. My favorite type of books to read are by Christian authors and I hope to gain new perspectives I can apply to my life.

  • Scott F

    I am intrigued by the title and the summary given. The concept makes sense for the Christian faith. The first shall be last and to be the greatest you must be a servant to all. For a sinless Christ to willingly sacrifice himself for sinners is “weird”.

  • Ajyouthguy

    I’m a huge Groeschel fan, and his books have had a big impact on me the past couple of years, especially The Christian Atheist and Going All the Way. I love the title of this one, because it relates to my life over 13 years in ministry so much, but especially lately. NOTHING has been normal, everything has been ‘weird,’ compared to most people’s lives at my age and stage anyways. I constantly feel like nothing at all is normal, and that everything, including me myself in general, is ‘weird.’ so i love the idea behind the book of looking at life that is weird, and abnormal, because that has definitely been my experience in my spiritual journey and time in ministry. And, by the way, the scripture mentioned, Matthew 7:13-14, is where our youth message is from this week.

  • Katherine Hyde

    YES!! At last! Public acknowledgement that weird is good!

    My husband and I both grew up knowing we were weird. I decided to go with it, flaunt it, make a virtue of it; he was embarrassed by it and always longed (unsuccessfully) to be normal. I want a copy of this book so that I can finally prove to him that weird is a good thing!

    Now taking my tongue out of my cheek: Over the years, I’ve let myself get pressured into fitting into “normal” to some extent. I’d really love to read this book and get some tools for getting my life on track with Christ’s brand of weirdness. Thanks, Michael!

  • Cory Zurcher

    Normal has never worked for me no matter how hard I have tried. I need to read Weird surely that is what will fit!

  • Brent Trickett

    I need this book as ammo for my kids. I have four young kids and they already think I’m weird. With this book I could finally show them that I’m right. Also, with four kids I need help!

  • Jeffrey Murias

    I’ve heard a bunch good stuff about Craig and his ministry. I would love to have an opportunity to read the book Weird. The title is very catchy and it really caught my attention, so I decided to comment.

    The video is interesting, and one day I also hope to have no technology days with my future wife and children. This is really eye opening and it just reminded me that I need to spend my time wisely and not waste it all on stuff that doesn’t mean anything. I also need to set a day for Sabbath so I can have a day of rest, just like God had a day of rest. I look forward to reading this book! And if I don’t win, then I just might buy a copy.


  • Jeff Kowell

    The disconnect between what is scriptural and what is cultural in the American Church is not always easy to discern. Read the bible carefully and you may find yourself asking, “why aren’t we living like that?” I am asking God to lift the cultural veil that has covered myself and the church in America in order that we can live as a holy people, different and dedicated to God.

  • Dar

    I would love a copy of your book. I try so very hard to do as Jesus would want me to do, but would love to read your book to see your views on the subjects listed in this interview

  • Dan May

    In the last week I have had an occasion from both sides of the normal path . On the first occasion I was taking my kids to school and we happened to go through a construction zone. In this zone we came upon a stop light. All the cars in front of us went right. When we made it to the front of the line I had a choice to make; do I go straight (a very small path with cones on one side and the large road concrete blocks on the other) or follow everyone else, after all they must know something that I don’t. I chose to follow only to watch everyone else go into garages and private property. I turned around at the dead end and went back to the little road and made my way to my children’s school. On the other occasion I was driving on the interstate in heavy traffic. A few moments later I realized that the reason I was in heavy traffic was because I had two cars in front of me. There was no cars in either of the lanes to my right. So I moved over and found immediate freedom. I shed what was holding me back (sin) and was able to move ahead in my new freedom. As I was explaining how this felt like the christian life to my wife she expressed that I had better control my freedom or I may have to answer to a higher power. I looked down and saw that I was going 80 in a 55. So thanks to my wife I gained the understanding that within our freedom in Christ it is important that we have those to whom we are held accountable.
    I would love to read Craig’s book and gain his understanding about how to create “weirdness” in the 5 key areas of life. As a pastor, husband, and father of four (girl, boy, girl, boy) I believe it is my duty to be as “weird” as possible and I could use all the help I can get! God Bless

  • Jaymie Dieterle

    Would love to read this and see what the author has to say about time. This is the second blog post I’ve read today about this book and it intrigues me. I am often busy – or over-busy. I hate to be idle. I’ve tried, this Lenten season, to spend 15 minutes a day in silence with God and frankly, it is torture to sit and not “do” something. I think I could learn a lot from this book about how to best use the finite time I have in a day or a week.

  • Kelly

    I’m currently working a FT job, a mother of three and heavily involved in ministry. I’m also taking classes to gain my credentials and find myself in a pattern from which I want to escape. I really appreciated the interview and would love to read this book to gain some creative ways to get my life back on track. Thanks for this interview … great stuff!

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  • Rebecca Irwin

    Rest (sabbath) has been so much on my mind over the Lenten season – thank you for this post.

  • Rebecca Irwin

    Rest has been on my mind so much over this Lenten season. I long for a return of Sabbath rest. Thank you for this post.

  • maureen miller

    I loved this video. Its exactly the way I think. I have a son who has a developmental disability and it made me reevaluate the whole concept of what “normal” is. Sometimes Normal means deciding is what the most important to you and doing it. I don’t believe in this whole idea of Life Balance. Life is what you make it and what you make it has nothing to do with “normal”. Being fully present is why I meditate for at least 15 minutes every day.

  • Steve

    Give me one of them books! Pretty please. I’m usually very creative, but am in creativity depression, help!

  • Stephen Puckett

    Give me one of them books! Pretty please. I’m usually very creative, but am in creativity depression, help!

  • Francarona

    I want this book because as a psychologist, I spend my days helping people find a better way to live. They come to me because they are in pain, and pain is a great motivator to change. It sounds like Craig’s book would be a great tool.

  • Zakiyyah

    What really stood out most for me is the title. I have always felt weird, and different since before I can remember. Being normal was just not me, I thought different and acted different than my family and friends. I tried so hard to be “normal” but to no avail. When I answered my calling as a minister last year, things really came into perspective for me. I was created to be weird, created to live in this world and not be of it. The start of spring began a new season for me, with an all new thirst for God. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on and this book is PERFECT for me. I would love to have a free book. Looking forward to reading it. WEIRD IS IN!

  • Kimberly Sutton

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!! Pleeeeaasse! My family thinks I’m weird, my boss thinks I’m weird and I feel a little weird writing this creative post. :) I have never read a book by this pastor and it sure sounds interesting. I need to know if I’m on the right track for being as weird as I possibly can! I mean, I get odd looks when I talk about Jesus, because He is my everything. If I read this book, I would write a review and put it on my blog and on any bookseller’s website. Please, pick me!!!

  • Benjer McVeigh

    I’d love a copy of this book, because the teenagers I work with are tired of normal. What’s terrible is when we, the Church, pursue normal instead of Jesus. Teenagers know that “normal” isn’t really normal, and that they’re meant for something different, something weird. I want to model that in my own life and lead them in a passionate pursuit of Jesus, which is far weirder and far better than normal.

  • Jodi

    My husband and I don’t have a satallite dish – we still use the antenna. When friends talk about cable shows or dish network shows, we don’t know what they’re talking about because we only get “the farmer’s five” – i.e. the half dozen shows our antennas picks up with, you guessed it, our converter box.
    We rarely watch TV, and we still don’t knnow what an IPod is. This past year, however, we’ve become increasingly more involved with the “normal” technology. We finally text on cell phones, for example.
    It seems that – especially with our boys getting older – we’re becoming more “normal” as our schedule is becoming more hectic and we’re embracing more technology. Yet we’re not sure we like the trade-offs of becoming more normal.
    I would love to have a copy of Criag’s book for the encouragement to guard our family and embrace being wierd. (By the way, I don’t have a Nook or Kindle, because I still really enjoy reading books the “weird” way.)
    P.S. In an effort to stay weird, I don’t have a Twitter account. I wasn’t on Facebook until 6 months ago (when it became a needed PR element for my free lance work.) Thankfully, since I’m normal enough to finally be on Facaebook, I can enter your contest :)

  • Joshua Wheeler

    I walked away from a corporate career last year for overseas mission work. I’ve never had an opportunity to evangelize like i did when i made that decision. Everyone from the janitor to the CEO was intrigued by my decision. Weird is not just for our betterment, but for the betterment of spreading the gospel. I want the book, because as a young guy, it’s hard to know if some of my weirdness is offensive/detrimental to my witness. I believe it would be helpful to hear how other christians practice their “weirdness” in a 21st century american society.

  • Lgraves910

    Well, first, this unique way of getting your name out there is truly working. I had never heard of you until 3 of my very good pastor friends posted it to their FB account. Got me intrigued, energized (in hopes of finding a “plan” for happiness, personal stuff, etc), and hopeful. Congrats….and genius!
    Second, it seems that I am ripe right now for some more weirdness in my life, becuase normal truly doesn’t seem to be cutting it! My husband’s job is mainline, progressive, and appearing more like a dead end. So as a parttime mom and christian educator, I am trying to find what I thought I needed in our homelife–normalcy……but that’s not been working for 6 months now. So, now, shall I ask for weird?? I think so! I am up for anything! I started taking Zumba this week, just to add spice into my workout and life… let me see what your book can do for me too!!!

  • Debbie E.

    I have to admit the title piqued my interest. My family and I definitely fit in the weird category. In fact, I was searching for inspiration to reassure me that walking the path the Lord has called my family one was the correct one when I read across your facebook post on article/interview with the author of Weird.

  • Holly Schurter

    Actually, I live in Normal — Normal, Illinois — and there is at least one broad path in town, winding through neighborhoods, shopping districts, and park areas. It started out as railroad property, and is now a linear park known as Constitution Trail. For many people, it’s a place to relax, reflect, and refresh their perspective. Perhaps this is the very book to help Normal people — including me — find the weirdness to which God is calling them. At the very least, the idea of it makes me smile.

  • Derrick Tribble

    Our whole family is weird. That’s the truth. We don’t fit in with what the rest of the world is doing, and we love to find more ways to be weird. Dave Ramsey was one way (“If normal is broke, then I want to be weird.”) and this seems like a great way to learn how to be more weird. That’s why.

  • Brett Vaden

    I want the book in order to:

    1) help my wife and I develop our own game plan for life in our family (or what I call, my Kingdom)
    2) recommend to friends, especially young couples under my leadership at church
    3) to help me become the right kind of ‘normal’ (i.e., conforming to a standard, pattern, or type–the norm of all norms being Jesus Christ)

  • Michaeljones

    My personality is such that I strive normal much more than weird. Although the older I get I am gaining confidence to be my own. I believe God made us all unique, thus what is normal? This book would be a great help in making me be more weird like my creator meant for me to be.

  • Jon Seale

    I would like a copy of this book for two reasons:

    1. Craig spoke at our church last year, and his message “Idiot’s for Christ” inspired my family in a tremendous way. We decided to have a “Crazy Christmas”, rather than spending money on gifts for each other and family, we took our annual Christmas budget, doubled it, and gave away the cash. We went completely crazy. We gave money to hundreds of people, and asked them not to spend it on themselves, but to give it away. All we asked for in return was a card telling us how they had blessed others. We spent our Christmas Day reading the cards and enjoying having gone crazy. My number one reason, is that I’m looking forward to moving from ‘crazy’ to ‘weird’.

    2. I’m going to give the book away. I’ll probably buy Craig’s book anyway. I want the blessing of having something else to give away. I want to share in the blessings that you get by giving cool stuff away. I know that you’re blessed, and I want piece of that!

    3. Thanks! I love your blog, I’m constantly inspired, and touched.

    • Anonymous

      We think so much alike. I wrote my comment before I went back and read yours. I love you!! (I’m allowed to tell him that. He’s my husband.)

  • ksudol

    I would love to get a copy of Craig Groesche’s new book, Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working, because I have always felt out of the box. This book could show me how to channel that side of me and embrace it in order to walk closer with God and have a stronger impact in the world around me. A call to live outside of the mainstream. I have ingested and loved Craig’s book, Chazown, this book has reshaped and focused my life. It was the alarm clock buzzer that I needed to hear.
    I am sure this new book will also have a significant impact and be used by God to push me on to the next level. I definitely could use pointers on new ways to tackle these life areas. Plus, I just love to smell books, so I always welcome a new one! How’s that for being weird?

  • Rochelle

    We get strange looks when we say that we pay off the credit card each month, limit the amount of after school sports for our young children, and also that our kids are only allowed an hour of TV per day. I live near very secular Boulder, Colorado, and don’t live the myth that being outdoors and being sporty is what it’s all about. We feel very weird here, and would like to read about how other weirdos live.

  • Mark Hayes

    I am a pastor of a fairly small but growing church in Colorado. A hobby of mine is to explore the minds of highly successful pastors, leaders and businessmen – both from their successes and failures. I gravitate toward people who are “out of my league” in each aspect of life: financially, organizationally, spiritually, etc. David Allen is my organizational hero, Dave Ramsey is my go-to for finances, and Timothy Keller is my favorite preacher. I was introduced to your blog though Michael Sliwinski’s Productive Magazine interview. You have recently taken a prominent place on my list when it comes to leadership. Your blog is practical and well thought out. I have only heard Craig Groeschel’s name, but have not had the opportunity to “meet” him. I am looking forward to doing so in “Wierd”. To me, the most admirable people are the most humble. I am drawn to that characteristic of successful people more than any other. In your brief interview, that characteristic is obvious in Craig as well. As for the subject matter of the book, one of the comments I often hear about the Bible is that it is not practical enough. Rather than react, even overreact to that comment negatively, I would like to learn from Craig’s insights to do a better job of engaging this conversation with poise. I know from experience and teaching how practical the Bible is, but I’m certain that Craig has done a tremendous job of articulating this through the life experiences he shares in his book. I am grateful for the talents and success of others and how their work can inspire and enhance my skills as well. Thank you for putting the time into your blog and also for the chance to be a recipient Craig’s new book.

  • Ellen Humphries

    CRAIG GROESCHEL helped me discover my purpose in the Chazown experience, so I’d love the opportunity to experience Weird, as he defines it Biblically.

  • Pastor Mike Steczo

    My name is Pastor Mike Steczo and I am an associate Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs CO.
    I have no idea what the total content of your book is but there is a group of us Pastors here that meet once a week to discuss chapters of interesting books and I feel that this book would offer one of the most interesting and valuable disscussions we have ever had.

  • Anonymous

    I need a copy of this book. I’m so normal that it’s just mind-numbing. If anyone ever needed lessons on how to be weird, it’s me. See, even this comment is just so…normal. Also, I promise that if you give me a copy of the book, I’ll pass it on to one of my normal friends after I’ve finished reading it. And I’ll make them promise to pass it on to another normal friend too. So I’m multiplying your gift. In effect, you’ll be giving away three books, by just giving me one.

  • Colleen-1969

    i would like a copy of this book because when i worked in HR and would do new hire orientation i would always tell them: “i’m weird but i know i’m weird. you don’t have to worry about me. the ones you should worry about are the ones who are weird but don’t know it!” sounds like this book is exactly what i need!

  • JDconfplan

    I am assuming a new position in a new church. I have no idea how “weird” this church and/or staff is/are, but would love to have a copy of this book to help us find total “weirdness.” It is a fairly young church but has grown tremendously in the past 5 years. Here’s to being weird for the Ultimate Kingdom.

  • Roy Wallen

    It is so true that many people with whom I interact, especially in the secular workplace, can’t relate to my worldview. In short, I’m “wierd”. I suspect this book will not only help fine-tune my perspective to live as we are instructed but also help me relate better to others, being a better witness for Christ. Thanks for another wonderful interview and article.

  • Bethany Planton

    This weird concept has kind of been my anthem since high school when I was in a Christian school with a very legalistic approach and a leader in my youth group which was culturally relavent while being scripturally sound. Being in these two environments really helped me compare and contrast these two Christian views and was able to really take this more “weird” Christian approach. My “weird” Christian faith has led me to want to work in the nonprofit world. I would be really interested to see how Craig articulates this idea of weird, and how I can apply it more to my life, my family, and my position in a nonprofit.

  • Paul

    I have been studying various aspects of eccentricity for a couple of years and would enjoy reading another take on the subject.

    We need more weirdos who make the world a more interesting place. Society needs to embrace and support those on the fringes who have the original ideas that can make things better.

    I dare to be different.

  • Chris Vincent

    The video you posted w/ Craig Groeschel on your blog got me very excited about the potential to get a copy of his book. My wife and I have two small children (2 year old girl & 2 month old son) and we are wrestling with these lifestyle decisions he mentioned in the video, like technology and having a Sabbath. I think this book would be key to setting some foundations for our family to be “weird” in a very intentional way.

    My biggest fear is going through life “normal” and having a lifestyle that leads to many regrets later in life. I want to raise our children to not be normal, but to love the Lord/people and to live with passion and purpose. From the video it sounds like this book may give us some good framework for building that into our family.

    Thanks so much for the great content you provide.

    Chris Vincent

  • Wink Rush

    Driew ma I!
    Koob eht evah I yam?


  • Scott Winter

    I’m a brand new reader to your blog, Michael. I’ve not read a book of Craig Groschel’s before. I have heard many great things, and the basic principles he discusses in “Weird”, based on what I’m reading above, are exciting to me. I had no idea that this book was coming out, and because of reading it here on this blog, I’ll be reading it whether I win or not!

  • Brett

    I’d love a copy of a book if it will help me give me some new ways to approach priorities. I’ve felt a draw to push the reset button and pull out of the streams that carry me and my family along. My back’s out and I’m on Lortab, so this is as creative as I can get. I just know that the broad path in every area is typically the path that is slumming it.

  • Emily Lew

    These past two days I have been battling this choice- different, but better. To hear this interview was absolutely confirming and motivating.

    My name is Emily, I’m 22 and striving to learn this “weird” way, better, and I definitely see this book as giving me insight to do such, and in turn see how God wants me to lead.

    I am planning a one day event for gals, ages 11-24 (“West Shore”- to know love); I have not considered myself as a leader (especially compared to such caliber of Craig or Michael), but with this call, it is requiring leadership, and I want live a way that allows me to lead the best way possible, where I am!

  • Darrow Woods

    As someone who has pastored rural and urban churches, inner city and suburban churches, large and small churches, normal has never actually worked for me. Out of the box, weird, pushing the envelope has always been more my mode of ministry. Connecting with people, helping them connect with the Spirit of God, and helping them see Jesus- these seem more important to me than doing things the “right” way, whatever that is, anymore! I have never read anything by this author, and would like to check him out!

  • Greg Gilbert

    This book is a “must read” for me. I am creating a Tribe of “Unmost People” and it seems this goes along with my thoughts. Most people are NOT healthy, wealthy and wise. In fact, the title of my keynote is “But I Am Not Most People”!

  • M!ke McGinnis

    I watched a video the other day of a band playing to 50 people in the back of a bbq hut at SXSW in 2009. That band picked up a banjo, a standing bass, and a sound and feel unlike any other. I watched another video of that same band on stage 2 years later stealing the show from everyone else in the world. That stage, that band? This year’s grammy awards, Mumford and Sons.

    “When I read scripture I think Jesus calls us to different rhythms.”

    I agree with Groeschel and would love to read more about this strange, uncommon, unique, weird rhythm we are called to as Christians.

  • A5krunner

    My wife and I have recently been wrestling with this idea of what a true follower of Jesus looks like in 2011 – how should we spend our time, money, energy. Sounds like this book could give us some good insights on this topic. Thanks for your consideration – we’d love a copy!

  • Andrew Thomas

    I’ve always been considered “weird” by those closest to me, although I suspect Craig’s definition may differ a bit from theirs. I’d be very interested to read all about it, then maybe, just maybe I could justify my “weirdness!” :)

  • Frznfeet

    I am particularly interested in what Craig has to say about Sundays as well as how they handle electronic use in their household. I feel lost to find a happy medium between my strict background and today’s rapidly changing culture. Recently, in an effort to set Sundays more apart from our “entertain me” culture, I have implemented that Sunday be a day of no electronics for my children (i.e. Wii, computer games, or movies). I’m not sure this is the final answer on the subject.

  • Dcorley19

    I follow Dave Ramsey so I am already weird because normal is broke. I would love to hear what Pastor Craig’s definition of weird is so I can continue in my journey. Thanks.

  • Matthew Wireman

    The connection Craig makes between the wide path=normal and the narrow path=weird. How true it is that normal does not work. Paul’s exhortation that what is unseen is real helps me understand why normal is broken and fallen and not working. Sitting in the hospital today–a few hours after the birth of my third daughter–is a good reminder that I am called to help my daughters live strange lives, indeed. I am reminded of the King James’ version that calls us “peculiar” people. Yes. We are run down and need to re-calibrate our lives after the push and pull of our worlds.

  • Pastorroger

    I would like Craigs Book-Weird beause Normal is not working-because as a small town pastor 150 I have found most models of church leadership do not fit me-because we do things in a weirdway-so I think I need more help to be more weird than I am already.

    Be God’s

    Roger Miller

  • Deb Ehret

    I haven’t read any of Craig’s materials (yet), but I’m intrigued by the title! I have facilitated Financial Peace University for several years, and you may know that Dave Ramsey has a similar slogan: “Normal is broke: be weird!” I would enjoy reading Craig’s book.

    Deb Ehret, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Linda Goodman

    Craig Groeschel is one of my favorite authors and a dynamic speaker. I am intrigued by the title,” Weird”. Everybody want to be Normal and I would like to know what “normal” really is.

    Linda Goodman

  • Riete Nijdeken

    I’d love to read this book because I definitely need a lot more “weirdness” in my life. I’m far too normal to my liking!
    So this book is just what I need ;)

  • Joseph Sanchez

    The title of this book is amazing! I already feel like I understand the content without having read it…lol. If you think reading this book would be beneficial to my personal walk with God then I’d love a copy. If I get one I PROMISE to tell others about it and recommend them a copy as well. Thanks for being generous and doing stuff like this. It’s so cool!

  • Anonymous

    The narrow gate passage in Matthew 7 is one of my absolute favorites. That alone intrigues me enough to want to read this book! But the fact that people already think I’m weird makes me want to read it even more!! BRING IT ON!! :-)

  • Haydeeang

    I love Pastor Craig’s teachings, I watch them on the internet & I got his IT book too. I’m excited to read his new work. Hope it’ll be available in Singapore soon, or if I’m blessed, wish to get it free!
    Well, I’ve always been weird among my non-Christian friends as I often talk about God. It bores some but we can’t just hide our joy in the Lord. But there were moments when I felt outcast and thought of why I can’t enjoy what they are doing like: keeping 100% of their salary, go dating & hv pre-marital sex, smoking, getting drunk & stuff.. But my gratitude to the Holy Spirit for numbing my interest in these things, knowing what is temporary & believing that those who are faithful gets a reward in heaven.

  • Ralene

    All my life, I’ve been a little on the weird side, never quite fitting in with my high school friends–and often not with my Christian friends as I grew older. Even today, well, let’s just say I’m not the only one who thinks I’m weird. I long ago embraced my weirdness, but would love a copy of this book to help keep me on that narrow path. :)

  • Robyne

    This is the second time today I have seen and heard about this book. Already people are starting to talk. I want to read this book to find out what they are talking about. Must be good!

  • Mark

    Michael, my wife and I both follow your blog and discuss your posts most days. We would love a copy of Weird for our house so we can learn together how to step outside of normal in the 5 key areas!

    Thanks Mark

  • Jay Minor

    I have tried weird with varying results. Sometimes, it’s being weird just to be weird, sometimes it’s weird by accident. I would love to learn about being weird as opposed to the world’s view of normal. I have loved many of Craig’s other books and can’t wait to read this one!

  • Rich Jackson

    Excellent title.

    Weird is good. The idea of being different from everybody else does give me a warm feeling. As the father of an Autistic daughter, I can see how doing things differently to everybody else can seem strange to some, but it is normal to me.

    This looks like a fantastic read from a very wise and insightful person.

  • Cpadgett59

    I am so tired of normal. Trying to fit in, not offend people, meet their expectations of what a “good Christian” woman says, thinks, and does. I’m ready for weird. I’m ready for worrying only about what God thinks of me, if I meet His expectations and His standards. He’ll love me even if I see an R rated movie, or read a book like Love Wins. I would love to read this book!

  • Adam

    Sounds like a great book! Can’t wait to read it, :)


  • Julia

    Honestly I want to read this because I saw Lysa TerKeurst’s endorsement on her blog. She is one of my favorite authors and speakers which creates an interest for me.

  • Jody Urquhart

    Mostpeople are just going through the motions. This is normal. Anything that pushes people out of the comfort zone is great

  • Tim Sherman

    First. I love FREE stuff. Second, this book seems to go well with the life plan that I just downloaded from you!! Thanks for being generous! So… the two of them together will definitely have a huge impact on my life!!

  • Carolina Barr

    Weird is my middle name! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for hosting this!

  • Joyce Harback

    Always felt I am marching to the tune of a drummer that absolutely no one else could hear. I’d like to know if Craig’s “weird” and my “normal” match. Thanks for your generosity!

  • bikegirl

    I believe in setting goals and writing those goals down. I have physical goals, like charity bicycle rides that I do each year and weight loss goals. But I also have mental, emotional and spiritual goals. Some people make resolutions and then fail to keep them. I set up goals for myself. This makes me weird. A goal for this year is to improve my mental health through reading more books that will shape my thinking in a positive way. I have also set out to spend 10% of my reading time devoted to reading scripture. I tithe my money without issue, I don’t tithe my time appropriately, so I have set a goal to tithe my reading time in this way. I think Craig’s book, Weird would fit into my already weird way of making myself a better person.

  • planssucceed

    I remember when I stepped up to the plate so to speak and became really focused on key areas. One is studies with EQUIP. It didn’t take me long to learn that when I say No its No to the IDEA After all I can’t come back. I remember when I told someone this they just had well a blank look on their face which just spoke volumes to me. I remember thinking only Jesus can come back and since that is not me. Focus on the key areas that God has called me to. If man understands great. If not great becuase bottom line is following God.

  • Chrisjohnson

    Over and over and over I tell my kids….”I want you to be ok with not being normal, because normal does not equal right.” Essentially, I have been telling them that I want them to be ok being “weird”. Any book that helps me be more comfortable in how I share that with my kids is a book I want to read!

  • Jaycee (E.A)

    I want this book for five unique reasons.

    Time: Time is priceless and each second counts, there’s nothing like “redeeming one’s time” by reading something that will change my life forever.

    Money: A lot of things cannot be bought with money. One of such things is Pastor Craig’s book (it is worth more than I can ever dream of paying for).

    Relationships: The whole essence of humanity is for man not be an island by himself. Relationships are at the core of God’s heart, after all He created man to fellowship with Him. This book will transform the way I think about relationships, and not only that but also the way the people I will come across will think after I reflect the lessons in this book.

    Sex: A much revered topic, there’s so much more to what we know about sex. The intricacies of the spirituality of sex and why God made it, must be declared to our children and every generation after us.

    Values: Priceless! Values contain the entity of who a person is. One cannot go through life without defining some values of some sort. The question is “what values are most important?”

  • Paul Allen

    I am looking forward to Craig’s new book ‘Weird’ as he talks about the “narrow gate people.” Only a few people find this path not because God hides it from them, but because few are willing to pay the price to truly follow Jesus.

    To follow Jesus through the narrow gate requires faith, discipline, and endurance. This difficult life is the only life worth living, even if you are called ‘weird.’

    On the other hand, to enter the wide gate is to live a life of self indulgence. If you choose the easy way, you will have an abundance of company, but you will miss God’s plan for your life.

    Here’s the problem, you can’t stand at the cross roads, one foot in each direction. Each day is a gift, but you must choose to walk through the narrow gate. The narrow road leads to a blessed, peaceful, satisfied, joyful life. The broad road leads to destruction, misery, pain, turmoil. Which road are you on?

    Well done Craig! Looking forward to your being really weird (book).

  • Kent Richardson

    Great post! Question number 3 really hit me and my wife. There have been too many nights where the hours seem to be consumed by reading articles, sending emails, and facebook. As we are starting our family, I really appreciate hearing from Craig and how he leads his family in different rhythms from unplugging to practicing a Sabbath rest.

  • Liz Kinsfather

    I have 3 daughters that I homeschool, and my husband is a pastor. I need to be reminded that it’s ok to be a little weird, that it’s actually good, and not feel so pressured to try to make my weird daughters feel like they fit in when I really don’t want them to. I often listen to Craig’s podcasts and love his teaching style and transparency. As a pastor’s family and a homeschooling one as well, I would love to know how they make weird work so well for them :)

  • Dizzle

    I’ve been thinking these days that if I want the best congregation, then I have to be the best pastor. What I’ve been doing has only gotten me so far. I need to do something else to break through that glass ceiling and be better, be the best. Hopefully this new book can help.

  • TomK

    I want a copy because I’m a pastor who loves stealing Craig’s ideas and teaching/preaching them. Confessions of a pastor was a break through book for me. I’d love to hear what he dishes about about living differently for Jesus.

  • Andrew Vancott

    Is it ok to be weird? I know some Christians who are weird in a bad way, but I am not sure if Jesus was weird. Jesus was counter cultural and stirred the pot. He was weird in the sense that he brought up new ideas and pushed people’s imagination of what the Kingdom of God truly was. I would like to read this book in the hope that it assists me in following Christ and stirring up passion among people to seek the Jesus Christ.

  • James Pinnick

    Craig is Amazing! Nice job thanks for posting!

    Author-The Last Seven Pages

  • Abe Pfeifer

    I am a pastor and i am W.E.I.R.D. — ” Wonderfully Enthralled In Righteous Discourse”
    Seriously though – i am thankful for Craig and the many voices that God has raised up in this season to help raise the bar. Looking forward to this book!

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  • Rachael

    My 10-year-old son is always calling himself ‘weird’. I try to encourage him not to be so negative and not say stuff ‘like that’ about himself. Yet he responds with “but mum, I LIKE being weird. I don’t want to be normal!” I think he’s got the right idea, and I’d like to see what Groeschel has to say to encourage me to think differently! Perhaps my son would like to read it one daPr

  • Joshua Brown

    I am so sick of Normal I can taste it. We all need weird because normal is killing America! Normal is living a debt-filled, crazy-filled life. I don’t want that anymore. I want to read “Weird” because I need a good helping of Weird in my life!

  • Sharman Morris

    Having not read the book yet, I still feel a strong connection to read it. Just by reading about the book, it sounds like everything I believe. I have lived that radical life of following Jesus,and I have often been misunderstood and labeled weird. I always knew that it was ok to be weird,because God’s spirit is always leading me to make radical and seemingly misunderstood choices that the world will not understand,unless you let the Holy Spirit lead you through life. Hard, yes but no other way to give it all to God. I can’t wait to read what Groeschel has to say. Thanks- Sharman

  • Maja

    I’ve never read any of pastor Craig’s books, but this would be an opportunity to learn from him how to manage time, set up the priorities and values, learning how to say ‘no’, etc. Please send me a copy!

  • Zlaja_serbia

    These kind of books is very hard to get in Serbia. I am sure that no one knows about this author in my country. :)))

  • Mark Thompson

    “Weird” would be perfect to read with my wife. (We read certain books together.) Perfect timing too! The book title is consistent with our life lately. We’ve recently joined a new church that gravitates toward unchurched, rough-around-the-edge, and lost people. I know… weird. We’re currently in a place where we’re genuinely trying to do things that do not necessarily seem to fit in our time-frame or financial frame, and bust the logic limits. We’re not doing it to because it’s comfortable, because it’s not. But we keep pressing forward. I know… weird. It is our prayer that we can reach people for Christ. We have tried it the other way – normal – but what we’re doing is a little backwards than what we’re used to and seems to be contrary to what’s being marketed in our world today. I know… weird. That’s what this book seems like it’s talking about and would love to read it ASAP. Appreciate the opportunity to pick up a copy. Blessings, Michael. ~Mark

  • Wes Molebash

    I’d love a copy of this book. I enjoy Craig’s teaching, and I’d love to read his thoughts on time, money, relationships, sex, and values. Also, I’m a cartoonist so I’m “weird” by default. :)

  • Eric Haley

    Love Craig Groeschel and LifeChurch. Have never read one of his books but would really like to. The man has some great stuff for the body of Christ.

  • Jason Bunch

    I think being weird is an art form and I intend to be even more so with the help of this book.

  • nmabry

    Weird – I’ve always thought Groeschel was a little weird. It’s nice to hear that he’s written a book to defend it. Actually, Normal is boring, who wants to be like everyone else? Normal equates to status quo. Weird means to be unnatural, not natural, supernatural. If Craig is Weird (and, more importantly, if Jesus was Weird), then I’m ready to unleash the Weirdness. Please send me a copy.

  • Renata

    As a single Christian in my 30’s, I am definitely considered weird by the world’s standards. I’m actively involved in a ladies Bible study as well as my church’s single career group and live my Christianity as a “lifestyle”. It is not a “religion” to me; so call me weird.

    I would love to read this book to gain insight and challenge myself in all areas of my life as Craig outlines – time, money, relationships, sex and values. By actively living these priceless and “weird” Biblical principles, my goal is for people to see Christ within me and be a testimony to the lost world. :-)

  • Steve G

    Excellent interview – thanks, Michael!

    Why do I want – no, need – to have a copy of “Weird”? Because of a recent “slap in the face” realization that the thief known as “Normal” has infiltrated my life.

    For my birthday, I received a new digital camera. As a project, I decided I would take a picture a day of whatever caught my eye, made a statement, or defined the day. The thought was that, after 365 days, it would be revealing to look back and see what mattered throughout a year. The first few days went well and I got a couple of good shots. After about a week though, I missed a day. Nothing caught my eye – same old, same old. Pushing forward, I forced myself to try to look outside of my blinders, but after another couple of days, I saw the same things through the viewfinder: the same indentation in the office chair (made at the same time), the same email screens in front of me, the exact same path to and from work, the same, the same, the same…

    And that’s “normal”! While I may sit down every morning to the same routine (to which one could set a clock), so was everyone else I knew. Even if there was something interesting at which to point my camera, I’m sure I wouldn’t know about it – “normal” steals so much!

    I would very much like to have a copy of “Weird”, because I’ve seen “Normal”, and it’s terrifying!

  • Angie Lomas

    Craig has such a great way of communicating and his ideas are always challenging and thought provoking. I can only imagine that this book is the same way. And what a great title!? It makes me want to be weird!

  • Rachel S.

    I’m a stay at home mom–not a business guru, tech junkie or writer–but as any stay at home mom will tell you, I probably have more ‘interruptions’ in my day than most. I’ve enjoyed adapting your blog posts to manage my time better (actually getting that laundry pile put away!), while not neglecting what is REALLY important (saying “yes” when my 2-year-old brings me a story to read her). And I spend a good deal of time evaluating decisions for my family, and whether they are based on what is “normal” vs. what is really best. I realize that I am only the leader of two very small people, but my impact on them is very great, and I’d like to get it right!

  • Jott25

    I’d like a copy of this book because most places I go, most people I meet, most things I read, see and hear seem to all be in the same circle of thought – “normal” thought. I have always felt that I don’t fit into that circle. It’s a weird place to be, but it sounds like the author of this book is outside this circle with me. I would like to read this book to find out.

  • Saz

    Weird is normal. The more you know how many things are weird around you the more normal weird becomes! I want to relate to all things weird; would love to read the book…

  • allanwhite

    Sorry to hear the interview recording didn’t work perfectly. As luck would have it, I just wrote a post on how we record Skype interviews at Luis Palau:

    Hope you have a great vacation!

  • Jeff Randleman

    I would love to read Weird because I tend to be… well, weird.

    • Jeff Randleman

      FYI, the tweet link in the list of rules isn’t working for me. I used the “Share and Enjoy” Twitter button to pass this on.

  • Asa Veek

    Wow, I am truly convicted just from the interview. The concept of a “daily Sabbath” and weekly Sabbath, as well as limiting technology use, are inspiring….and challenging.

    This book is going on the short list to buy.


    I’ve always known I was a little weird, but getting validation that I should be- could really bring my life into perspective!:). Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Gerrard Fess

    I want a copy of this book because my Leafs are out of the playoff and I have nothing better to do.

  • Tony Ripa

    I’m typing this response while sitting in a coffeehouse on my Macbook with a sticker of Che Guevara on it. Don’t worry I’m not at Starbucks but rather a local eco-friendly, fair trade java house. As I type, Mumford & Sons is playing in the background. My toes, which are covered in TOM shoes, can’t help but tap to the beat. It’s helping to drowned out the clueless person next to me who is listening to Coldplay. My cup of java is strong and it’s hard to focus so I had to take off my grandpa glasses from time to time to focus. I’m multi-tasking listening to a Mark Driscoll podcast and every five seconds tweeting one of his witty sayings. After fidgeting in the pockets of my jean shorts to find a pen, I also make sure to mark those comments down in my mole skin journal. Oops….hold on my vegan, soy burger is ready. Alright, I’m back. Sorry it took so long but I ran into one of my buddies from the liberal arts college I attend. He was letting me know when and what our political activist group was protesting next. I think we are going to ride there on our fixed gear bikes. Well, got to go. Hopefully, I win a copy of the book, but if not, it will be just another example of “the man” holding me down.

  • Laurie

    I would love to win this book!! I am a young adults pastor who would love to use it as a part of my series for this summer “wired weird”

  • MarcySwann

    So I like to wear a stripe of the rainbow in my hair whenever I speak. The single color helps keeps the Delightful Ones looking at their teacher. Being a bit off-center must be easier to see and hear. Besides, my so-cool 16 year old son officially declared me weird months ago. Nice to see I’m noticed though. Whatever it takes to reach some for Christ, pink hair or green!

  • Sloveall

    Why do I want you to give me a copy of this book? Because with our family’s financial crunch for the last three years or so, the normal way of obtaining good books (i.e., BUYING them) isn’t working.

  • Veronica Simon

    I just heard an interview with Craig about his book and I was moved and challenged to make changes in my life and my family’s life to help make our home what God intends for it to be.

  • Vickihatfield89

    Yeah, I think I’m weird. It was so refreshing the first time I went to church in college and everyone hugged each other at the sign of peace. Many years later I joined a study group and finally thought, yes there are people who think like me. Now I have a regular group of friends and acquaintences which I can share my daily struggles with and feel God’s love from them. I can think of many people who could use this book and I would pass it on once I’ve finished reading it myself.

  • James Watkins

    I need WEIRD because I a) lived in a girl’s dorm for six years (my wife was RD), b) traveled US children’s camps as a magician and unicycle dare devil, and c) most of all I’m a freelance writers who has managed to make a living with 16 books and two thousand articles. Yep, I’m WEIRD!

  • Julie

    I just heard Pastor on Dave Ramsey’s show, because I’m already weird enough to have drunk Dave’s koolaid. I first heard of Pastor’s church when I attended a live-feed of Town Hall for Hope. And now, in this day and age in which common courtesy seems to be uncommon, I’m going to be totally weird and use the magic words: “Please” may I have a copy of this book? Thank you!

  • Windyhill

    I would very much like this book. I see it as a continuation on some study I have been engaged it at my church outlining how to live a kingdom centered life of significance vs a worldly life based on societal success.
    Plus I want to be weird!!! Bring it on

  • Clifton Ditmore

    I want this book because I want to feed poor people, find a cure for cancer, stop the fighting in Libya—-No! Wait that’s not it. I want it because I always want any book that’s being given away. That’s the truth. If it helps me I will share it with others.

  • Big Mike Lewis

    I would love a copy of this book because I think that Weird is the only way to describe me. I frequently feel like I don’t fit in. I would love to see how I can embrace that and use it to better fulfill my life.

  • Cortland Coffey

    I’ve never read anything by Craig, and would love to get a hold of this book. He is definitely the kind of guy a young pastor like myself looks to. Hope to get a free copy of Weird.
    -Cortland Coffey

  • Travis Dommert

    In need of some weirdness and have been for a long time. Looking for that narrow gate… Please consider this request, thanks Michael! -Recovering Normal Guy

  • Jim Hayes

    If I get a copy I PROMISE I will read it to Lady Ga Ga while “Born This Way” plays in the background… can things get much weirder than that? I’ve never heard of Pastor Craig before but the book sounds interesting and I’d love a copy! =)

  • Mari Mick11

    Courtland, Craig G is a favorite author of mine. I have taught CHAZOWN as a Study and it was good. Then I downloaded his Bible App. on my phone and it was VERY GOOD. I also think that your great uncle Cliff would have enjoyed getting this book. Ask Tom. He’ll agree. I really would like a copy. Really. I will share the weirdness also.
    Marilyn Mick

  • Vony Ackley

    time is the most precious thing we have. I recognize that I have a deep desire to do better! I’m 52 and want to take back control of my time! thanks so much for this offer.

  • Michael Hawn

    I just heard the interview with Dave ramsey..and since i LISTEN AND FOLLOW Dave and am working on getting OUT of debt…, i know, I didn’t want to ask my wife to go beyond my allowance for this incredibly worthwhile cause. I also found it fascinating that this pastor of the 2nd largest church in the US, has a thriving relationship in his marriage and their 6 children. I have 6 children and a consultancy business and I find myself getting WEIRDER every day! I would love to know how he handles his walk with God and is able to maintain his impact with his children and lovingly serve his wife I am a proud Weird guy, who loves my daugthers all 4 of them, and my sons, both of them, and my lovely bride, who would humbly request to be considered for this book as I am committed to the new normality of weird and would be incredibly grateful . THank YOU, THAnk YOU, THANk YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Hittndaski

    I would really like this for my wife and I. this is the second time I heard about it today. And I like being weird but find myself becoming normal in some ways. My wife and I would love this. We want to be set up a bit when we are blessed to add kids to our life. Thank you.

  • Andrea

    Oh my, this is well-timed for me. I have been struggling so much with time management lately. As a new mom with my own business, I feel pulled in a zillion different directions and know that the fix lies in prioritizing with an eternal focus and in becoming a better steward of the time God has given me. I’m just not sure how to best implement that change. This book seems to have the very information that I need! I would be thrilled to win a copy!

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Love the title and the concept! Would love to read the book!

  • kyle mcclain

    I have always enjoyed Craig’s ability to cut away the fluff around a topic without making it boring. That combined with his desire to stay tightly aligned with scripture always makes for a great read.

  • Brian McKinley

    My wife and I want to read Weird because we’re tired of living a normal life. We’ve been weird financially for a long time. We’ve followed Dave Ramsey’s plan for years and are completely debt free. Normal is broke. Well, we’re no longer broke. However, the other area’s of our life’s are routinely normal. We’re ready to stop the madness of normal and live our lives where people ask what is wrong with us.

  • Elena Gribincea

    I’d love to have Craig Groeschel’s book – and yes, what a great title – so that at least one of his books makes it to Moldova (the small Eastern European Country featured in Jimmy Fallon’s iPhone App – see here

    I’ll gladly accept the honour and responsibility of owning the only copy of Weird in Moldova and I’ll be even more glad to share it with my compatriots :)

    thank you!

  • Terry Ray

    I would a copy of this book to find a way to go the narrow way in the Biblical way. Too often we are fed up with the world’s way of living, yet we don’t understand true Biblical teachings on following Christ in a radical and life-changing method. I listen to Craig’s podcasts at Lifechurch and I believe he is Godly man who thrives to lead others in follow Christ and bringing others into God’s kingdom. Thanks.

  • Todd Smith

    Free books are awesome

  • Lisa Fabian

    I would like a copy of this book because

    I would like to start a Weird

    rEvolution, in my home,

    In my,

    chuRch and in my city!!! Craig’s book IT

    changeD the way I looked at ministry

    and I hope reading WEIRD will help change the way I look at myself and the world around me!!!

  • Maureen

    A year ago we, as a family with 2 teenagers and one preteen, sold almost everything we owned and moved to guatemala as missionaries. This was not a previous lifetime goal, but something we grew into. We were a typical suberban family, two working parents, sports, jobs, eating out, public school etc….now we homeschool, make waterfilters and stoves as an evangelistic tool, try and speak spanish and agree with people as they think we are weird!
    But we have so far still to go. On top of that we dont have access ro all the conferences etc…that we had at home. So we listen to craig on line. I joke that we are a life church satalit campus in Guatemala. ( we actually do attend a great church here)
    I wsould love a copy of weird so that i can grow in my weirdness and be more like Christ.

  • Jared Hallal

    So, I must be “working” all the time. This explains so much.

  • Daron

    I am a relative new leader and I can take all of the advice I can get iall 5 of those areas

  • Johnnydye

    Thanks for focusing your interview on time managent. I feel God is dealing with me on this issue, but I have been ignoring Him. If this book covers this aspect then I really could use it.

  • Colin

    I totally want to be weird and stand out!!!

    Colin (ColinH80)

  • Dan Jackson

    My high school students always told me I was weird, and I always told them I was ok with that. Now I can rest easy knowing that Craig Groeschel is on my side! I’d love a copy of the book – thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jared Radosevich

    His last book was great and look forward to getting this one.

  • Kimberly Fortenberry

    Weird is the new black.. and I LOVE black! It goes with everything, you can take it anywhere, and you’re guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone who is wishing they could be that bold.
    I come from a very “normal” background where everything you did or didn’t do never had a thoughtful explanation except “God said so”. Being a “why?” person, this lifestyle didn’t suit me very well and I went free-falling into BadChoiceVille. After several years of believing that normal is what God wanted (and that I couldn’t live up to this expectation), I had an epiphany. God is just as weird as I am! Once that revelation came into my life, I found the freedom to serve God in a life-giving way. I haven’t looked back since.
    When I heard about Craig’s book I thought “Yes! I’m not alone!” “Weird, because normal isn’t working” is an affirmation for my living out of the box Christianity. I would love to have this book!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Daron George

    As a “new” leader I am looking for effective ways to grow and I am in the process of reading Craig Groeschel’s book the Christian atheist. I need all the help I can get to grow and become a better leader, his new book Weird seems to touch on every area that I can grow in and become more effective

  • Wet Behind the Ears

    As a brand new pastor just wet behind the ears I would love to have a copy of Craig’s new book because I like to think out of the box and I’m sure the wisdom that Craig inparts within his book would be leveraged by God to help shape and mold a budding young pastor like myself.

  • Roger Scantlin

    Craig’s book, “Weird”, sounds like it would hit right where God is working on me. For several years now, as a pastor I have continued to feel like my life is spiraling out of control. I have felt like my time and finances have been areas that I have just not been able to get a grip on. I have known the answer for several years that in the area of time management, I need to delegate more, do less, do what only I am best gifted for, etc. Yet I haven’t taken the steps to actually do those things. Over the past several months, God has really been convicting me that I have got to get my time and finances under control NOW. Everywhere I turn, I see books about management and productivity. Every blog or tweet I see seems to be about those things. One of those tweets was a retweet of one of your posts. I had not heard of you, but read the post. I don’t even remember what it was about, but I saw the info on downloading your ebook on creating a life plan. I had never even heard of that. I have read it several times now and on Monday of this week, I spent the whole day working on it. Even over the last few days, I see how that process has begun to reshape the way I think about my time and schedule. I will be forever thankful for your book and I believe it is one of the pieces God is using to reshape my life. I have also enjoyed your blogs on productivity and time management. They are so helpful. I believe Craig’s book, “Weird”, is another piece of the message God is sending me, “Get your life under control and live the life I have planned for you, not the one everyone else has planned for you.” So, I would love a copy of Craig’s book. Thank you!

  • Michelle C

    I’m with the majority who have always strived to be “normal”

  • Bob Gustafson

    With a 20+ year history in communications for not-for-profits, I’ve tasted a diverse platter of messaging. Craig and LifeChurchTV has been a disruptive voice that’s turned my head. When he speaks, I listen.

  • Dgrasman12

    I really do appreciate the interview. Your ideas about how to do creative activities with your family was so refreshing. To follow the radical concepts of JESUS are so exciting. Actually what JESUS taught is the normal Christian life. Bur we have been so absorbed by our traditions, culture & customs that what Jesus taught is weird according to the world’s standards. I want to be radically weird & follow Jesus. Thank you so much

  • Mondy

    i would read any book by a pastor that looks like tom cruise

  • Ronne

    Clearly there are a lot of people who like weird. Why do I want a copy of the book? Because I’m a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma. With a smile and a dance. And I’ve found it to be a most refreshing life. Receiving a copy of the book would allow me to rejoice in the beauty of being a beloved misfit – and allow me to share the joy with others (when the book is passed along).

  • Jason

    This is part of what I’ve been saying for years around my house. In fact, when my kids or others say something like “that’s not normal” I remind them that “normal” is a cuss word for me. We’re not called to be normal. Anyone can be normal so let’s be different.

    On top of that, I usually have to pay for my books. It’d be WEIRD to get it for free! So I’d love it.

  • Ryan

    As a church planter, my life is weird! It’s great to know that other people realize that as well. I would love to read what Craig says about being weird and how that being weird, I think, is God’s normal for our lives. I would really appreciate a copy of this book.

  • Michael Hadley

    I’m a 22yr old college student who’s just finishing his junior year. This has been one of the more difficult years i’ve had. Not in terms of classes and such, but personal interactions with people; things like going through my first break-up, having a best friend graduate and move away, a father with some serious health issues. While i’ve had good friends to help me and God, I know there’s more I can be doing. I know a real relationship with God is a struggle to have sometimes, but no one has said how to do it; outside of the usual prayer and read your bible everyday. I would really appreciate this book, connecting with God in different ways is necessary I think.

  • Jonathan Dahl

    It would be “weird” to receive a free copy of a book named “Weird” just because I want to be more and more weird for Jesus!

  • Jeannene

    I’m a 22 year old recent college graduate who is: a Lead Pastor’s assistant, Financial Director, small group coordinator, errand runner, professional calendar-keeper, event planner, baby sitter, diaper changer, facility manager, hospitality director, and constant marketing schemer — ALL for Connect Rome City Church in Rome, GA. Hence the craziness in my life, I’m pumped about reading this book to keep pursuing the “abnormal” pace of my life.

  • Jonathan Dahl

    It would be weird to receive a free “Weird” book in the mail just because I want to be more and more weird for Jesus!

  • Joe Sorrells

    Some of the statements about technology and time in the interview are very challenging. I hope this book is something that encourages us to take a Weird point of view on life. I look forward to the read.

  • Rob Dale

    Because I believe I’m weird.

  • Rob Dale

    Well, not really. But that’s what my wife says when I talk about starting a new church ;)

  • Kevin Hoogeveen

    I am weird. My kids are weird. Also I am out of work and can’t afford to buy it right now.

    Throw me a bone…..will ya???

  • Caleb Johnson

    I am a children’s pastor, and I so love the concept that I think we could multiply our impact by teaching this message to kids! They need to know that we should not be normal, and it’s ok to be weird and live our lives in such a “weird” way that others see Jesus in us!

  • Brian Ritchie

    I have enjoyed reading all of Pastor Craig’s books that I have read so far. As a pastor I am interested in the concepts and how it might shape the way we do around here. Especially as regards technology and its time consumption.

  • Aaron Sellars

    Craig’s understanding and wisdom in life makes this just another of his books I’d love to read. I’ve only read one of his books but I was impressed.

  • Misty

    Kudos to Craig for guts and honesty in challenging leaders! The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made – not just normal. I believe that comes into play in leadership! Get out of the box and stop trying to be someone else/normal/status quo. Our Creator is too awesome to just create normal in leadership styles. There’s too much to be done for the Kingdom! Love a book!

  • Wanda Simpson

    It is a challenge to walk with the few, especiallywith all of the technology options available. I would love to detox my kids from texting and Facebook. We all need to be more weird! Thanks for the challenge!

  • Cronje Antwan

    Hi everyone, dnt knw if thus is stil on but I’d like a copy because… Well I suppose normal doesn’t work. Weird does.
    Y? The life of Jesus is weird, Christianity is weird. It opposes religious system and works on relationship. It’s anti-ritual & pro love.
    Think about dyin on a Cross 4people who deserve to die just because u luv them.
    My wife & I are in t process of plantin a campus in a University district. Young peopl r lookin4weird. Truth in our society is weird.
    If we need2bweird just2reach a few-bring it on.

  • Laabower

    so after fb stalking my pastor as he likes to twitter every 5 mins. and his latest twitter was bout getting a book for free. As a book worm who loves to have a new book and for free – i just had to check this out. Then to find out its a book about how normal doesnt work, makes me want to read it so much more as I’ve found myself never being normal.

  • Michelle C

    I’ve been with the majority striving to be “normal.” Never accepting the weird label others tried to put on me. I just finished watching Andy Stanley’s DVD on How to be Rich. It was challenging to consider oneself rich, not just financially, but also with time. Being single, I have more time to contribute. I would love to find out what Criag Groeschel has to say in his book about WEIRD time, Money, Relationships, Sex, & Values. On a side note I enjoyed and was challenged by the last book (IT) I read of his.

  • Frank

    I’ve told my wife for years that, if we were weird, perhaps our kids would rebel and be normal! I read Craig’s book Confessions of a Pastor in the tree stand during deer season a few years back (does that make me weird?) and it challenged me to be authentic in ministry. I am looking forward to Weird teaching me how to be different!

  • Tedewoldt

    Honestly, I think I’m normal. I’m a human who has a ton of passion but a ton of fear pushing it back. I am very disciplined and read about a book (non-fiction) a week, but as my life is now, I see no future in the way things are going. I would love to stick my neck out and be weird, and I’m beginning to work on just that.

  • 1Rock4AT03

    WOW! I NEED a copy of this book!!! I am a young man who is trying to serve God with all that I have and I absolutely need to know this valuable information. I have downloaded several E-Books regarding leadership and time/life management as I am trying to fill myself with the advice of leaders and Godly men who have traveled the same path that I am on (the narrow path)!!! Simply put, I just NEED this book!

  • Nathan Eaton

    I have been called weird most of my life, but probably for very few of the right reasons. I have not read much of Craig’s work, but have been intrigued by his ideas through Catalyst. I would love to read a copy of “Weird” and see ways that I could be improving my weirdness.

  • Beckykenealy

    always lived afraid of ‘weird’….just shy of all out being weird, called myself weird and now I want to BE Weird

  • Luci West

    So 6 kids is kinda weird…..My hubby and I have 7…that we homeschool…..guess we already fall into that “weird” and I just LOVE what he says about being weird in the family. Read an excerpt and am right on with what he says about Deuteronomy 6. I NEED the information on Time Management. really I do!! 5 minutes of inproductivity? Are you kidding me? My brain can’t do that!!! And how do you be weird with money, relationships, sex and values?? Gotta know more. Because I don’t just want to live weird….I want to live in such a way that not only my children begin to live weird….but it would trickle down to my children’s chilren.

  • Dave Yankowiak

    I love Pastor Craig!

    I’ll be honest that one of the main reasons that I’d love to read this book is the fact that we are homeschooling our girls (ages 6 and 3). And we all know that people think homeschooled kids are “weird.” But maybe that’s a good thing if they’re weird in the right ways! Would love to read Craig’s book and apply some of the principles to how we are raising and educating our girls.

    Enjoy your vacation, Michael.

  • Chris

    So thankful for Craig’s ministry! What I love about his writing is that it applies to us all. He is the pastor of the fastest grown church in America, but they are not doing it with just flash, but with content and truth. His thoughts are useful for mega church leaders, small church leaders (myself) and leaders in all aspects of the world. Looking forward to getting my hands on this book in the near future. Thanks for sharing the video with us!

  • Kim Anderson

    This book looks amazing! I read a sample chapter on time and know God wants us to be good stewards with our time. It’s such a challenge in our culture to be weird and live differently.

    I also really appreciate Michael interviewing Craig, especially since his book is published by Zondervan. It’s a powerful example of Michael’s great character and class. Most people in the business world would say it’s ‘weird’ to promote a competitor so it all seems to fit!

  • Melissa Jo84

    Before I knew Christ I always felt like I was weird. I was always different from others and often felt alone. Well after accepting the Lord I thought I would some how now feel “normal”… but I never did. Eventually I realized my personality (my wierdness) was not suppose to change just because I was now a Christian. In fact, God has used my uniqueness to reach others that maybe feel they could never be a Christian because they are abnormal people.
    I can’t wait to read this book which will validate even more the fact that God created me weird and I am not meant to try and change to fit the norm. It will also help me to witness to the other weird ppl I meet in life. Can’t wait to read this!

    Melissa Powell

  • John

    The release of this book is great timing! I hope I can get one because we are starting to plan a future series for our youth ministry called “Weird” (and we did not know about the book coming out when we thought of it). This series is about how the Bible says we are to live and how that is weird to the rest of our society. I have read a book of Craig’s and heard him speak and I really enjoy the Godly insight and wisdom that he shares so freely with other people.

  • Kaye

    My husband & I have been weird for a long time while trying to live in the world of normal Christianity, but now after 60 years of that we are changing things up & making major life decisions that look weird to everybody else – so maybe we need some support. It sounds like this new book could provide some of that.

  • Scott Jones

    Tremendous challenge to us in this generation! This is Book of Acts, “Bigger than You”stuff. Be aware of culture, sure. Don’t shrink back from it, no. But live in such a way that our distinctiveness becomes so attractive to those who are trying to make it the “normal” way, that they look our way and say “I want to know more.”

    Thanks Craig for continuing to push the envelope, take risks and model the life you are calling others to live.

    If this is weird, I wanna get some on me!

  • Kathleen

    I’d love to read this book and maybe realize that my ‘weird’ is headed in the right direction, towards the narrow path and Jesus. Amd if it’s not, I’d better find that out too, and turn around.

  • David Scrabeck

    I want this book because my wife tells me that I need help with at least three of the five key areas mentioned above… I won’t say which ones. Craig always has a great way of explaining things I really look forward to reading it!

  • Johan Murillo

    Because is Weird that the CEO of the competition shares this kind of advice and giveaway, I think I should read this book :)
    I follow and love pastor Craig’s teachings. However I haven’t read any of his books yet. I’d love to start with this one. Thanks Michael for publishing this interview.

  • Oscar

    I am facing great dilemma on parental spiritual authority and saw the post on parenting, so I want to read this book to learn more about what is the proper way to do parenting, not just in the name of God, but in the way of God.

  • TNeal

    I’m interested in viewing the video but so far I’ve gotten an “Oops!” followed by an apology for being able to download the interview. This is a first for me on this site. I thought maybe I was just having a bad hair day a few days ago but the problem remains unresolved.

    Any suggestions?

    • TNeal

      Actually that should read “…an apology for being UNable to download…” If I was able, I guess that would resolve my problem.

  • Sarah Walker

    Hi Michael. Thanks so much for posting this. I’d love a copy of the book, and here’s why…this is a significant subject between me and Jesus of late. How do I challenge the status quo while living a life marked by grace and tenderness? How do I lovingly push the boundaries on what is accepted as “normal” and do so in a way that empowers the people around me to do the same? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself, and I need an action plan. I want to lead by example. I want to steward my influence well. And I want to honour God by living like I’m changed by him in every area of my life. When something isn’t “normal” people take notice. We all have the leverage of influence in some way in our lives, and this is one of the ways I think we can use it. I want to be lovingly and graciously “weird,” and in so doing also then encourage others to go deeper into the practical application of their faith; or for some, even consider Jesus for the first time. So that’s where I’m at in my journey, and that’s why I’d love to read the book.

  • Grandma 4 God

    Who defines normal anymore?? I am a God fearing individual and I think that if everyone were “normal” it would be very boring. I love meeting people who are different than myself, it broadens my mind.

  • Shane Lambert

    Four reasons why I need a free copy of “Weird:”

    1. To some people I’m weird. To others I’m not weird enough. I wanna know how I’m measuring up.

    2. I need to read more and be intellectually stimulated because I’m dumb as a brick.

    3. I’m a pastor and I’m broke!

    4. I’ve got a thousand crappy books that I’ll never open again. I’ve got a few that are invaluable to me that I go to time and time again. I’d like to add one to the latter category.

  • David McLain

    I’m a father (of four), husband (of ONE!), and pastor of a 75-yr old church. With God’s help, we are revitalizing our people, relocating our campus, and renewing our mission. We sold our property in Austin, TX to a Hispanic congregation. Then we bought land in a nearby community, bought some portable church trailers, and started meeting each week in an elementary school. It’s almost like being a church planter…in reverse!

    Funny, when I describe the changes we’ve made as a church, it sounds pretty bold & brave! New name. New location. New vision. That stuff doesn’t sound “normal” at all, right? But on a personal level, I have a lot of growing to do, in order to be the leader God wants me to be.

    I’m fearful of failure.
    I’m a people pleaser.
    I’m a reluctant leader.
    I’m materialistic.
    I’m distracted.
    I’m over-committed.
    In short…I’m a mess!

    Even though I’m only 38 yrs old, my life is already too safe, too predictable, and too “NORMAL.” It’s funny how we seem to naturally duplicate what we’ve seen done by others before us. Rather than live like the Bible teaches, we just conform to the religious “church culture” that’s been modeled by previous generations. But I am hungry for a fresh move of the Spirit in my life…and in my family…and in my church.

    Craig Groeschel’s book seems like the right challenge at the right time. I’d love a copy!

  • Thembprater

    I’ve read Chazown and Christian Athiest they were both excellent reads and I’m tired of being normal, people have always said I’m wierd, now its time to see if Craig has defined me or if I need to be redefined.

  • Molly

    I just read an excerpt from this book last night, an appetizer leaving me hungry for the main course. I hadn’t thought about how much our lives are spent in a futile attempt to fit in, to stay in the lines, to conform to the culture’s definition of normal. We believe those who are weird are social outcasts. Hmmm..but aren’at we supposed to be different from the world? To stand out? To gain attention in order to spread the gospel? It appears Craig’s writing will encourage us to break out of the mold and boldy live WEIRD!

  • santz85

    I think i’m finally coming to a place in my life where i am embracing not being normal! growing up i knew i was different and not in a weird way but in the sense that I knew God has big plans for my life. This book looks like it’s going to be a great read!! Thanks Pastor Craig and Michael!

  • Mike Freestone

    I would love this book. It seems like a great Biblically based common sense book.

  • Nate Holland

    I really am looking forward to this book because normal has never worked for me. It has only been when I have embraced my awkwardness that my genuine heart has been able to show. I have never been one of the “cool” Youth Pastors, but weird for me works well.

  • Rogersa18

    My husband says that our family is anything but normal! In today’s eyes I really believe that’s true!!!!! We take our kids to church, we Homeschool, we pray at meal time, bed time and any other time we feel lead! We dress a little different and we look a little different from what most church folks do, but we are sold out and on fire for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!!! Weird and proud of it!!!!!!

  • Robert Esselink

    I need to learn how to be weird. I am very guilty of taking the broad path, just trying to fit in but I desperately want to stand out so that I can share my talents and the gifts God has blessed me with because I know I can help make a difference. Not to mention that the spiritual part of my life plan is a major area of need right now and this book may help me move forward in both areas!

  • SteveHarrison

    Michael, two thoughts from me on this book and your interview, one, I wish I had the knowledge today at 50 that I would receive from this book when I was in my 20’s. My life would be different as I would of made some ‘weird’ decisions as opposed to many normal decisions we did make. Oh, the value of hindsight and maturity being 20/20. Secondly, I’m thankful that you honor leaders that you love and respect by giving them props on your blog even though they are not part of your organization. Thank you for being kingdom minded and sharing about the many great voices that God is continuing to raise up today.

  • Krissi Wyss

    I wasn’t interested in this book initially. I don’t like jumping on the “bandwagon”. If I see a Christian book title over & over, for some reason, I don’t want to read it. However, I read a review yesterday on the Prov 31 blog that changed my mind. I got the sample sent to my Kindle last night. Thanks for posting this!

  • Chad Austin

    Some people would probably say I’m a little weird already, but I’m ready to take my weirdness to a new level. Craig Groeschel’s new book will help me get there. If 30 is the new 20, I want to see weird become the new normal.

  • Jakesmom32197

    I am in the process of reading “Christian Atheist” and have found this to be a book full of eye opening revelations and am sure by reading “Weird” I will enjoy it as such! Craig shares ma y ideals and thoughts that are similar to many of us today. We just have to be willing to step out and embrace the journey that we’re on.

  • Johnt405

    Never read Craig….Would like to read Craig spending zero. Perfect beginning to a relationship!

  • sadnyc

    Michael – I’m brand new to your blog and not familiar with any of Craig’s works. And I’m a Christian (weird) in Manhattan (double weird), single woman over 50 considered attractive and intelligent by many non-related, non-paid people (triple weird). Have just started a new job and would enjoy some thoughtful fodder this book may provide.

  • Jacqui

    I’ve never read one of his books but reading what others have posted I am missing out on some amazing reads. I need this book to be inspired.

  • Sjohnston

    I would really like to get this book. Like many people, living a life properly balanced is a challenge and I want to honor God and my family by living correctly. Based on the interview you did, I think this book will greatly enhance how to live in a way that honors God and blesses those around me. I can’t wait to read it!

  • AJSolorio

    I’m excited about reading this book from Pastor Craig! My pastor used to say, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” I believe that! Normal isn’t working for the government, it’s not working for families and it isn’t working for me. I appreciate Craig Groeschel’s ministry and I am looking forward to the release of this book!

  • Luke Stokes

    What should you give me a copy of Craig’s book? Because I will read it cover to cover. If it is great, I will share it with everyone I know. Thanks for everything you do.

  • TomGrey

    All my life I’ve been weird, to one extent or another; and remain so today.

    After 20 years as an American Protestant living in Slovakia with my Catholic Slovak wife, and now 4 kids, I think Weird is kinda normal, for me.
    Being a libertarian makes me politically weird; being pro-life makes me a weird libertarian to so many pseudo-intellectuals. Supporting charity, and working to help the poor while also supporting free markets and being against most gov’t programs seems weird to many.
    That the opposite of Peace is not just War, but force, and the threat of force, is a weird step — that all gov’t actions are based on force seems very weird to very many.

    On Time and Money, I suspect that the normal desire to make enough money to pay all the bills works OK for a lot of people.
    On friendships, the normal good friendship getting extended thru social media to allow more support even when geographically separate seems positive.
    On love relations, the ideal of a man only loving one woman who only loves him seems all too weird to Hollywood, but still normal to many.
    On parental relations, being loving while corrective when needed, and especially setting a good example, seems like the right ideal, tho perhaps it is no longer the norm.
    On sex — the newish libertarian/ TV responsible promiscuity between consenting adults “norm” is almost certainly not working for most adults; sex is not love but is more photogenic.
    On values, the anti-establishment, anti-Christian, anti-Boy Scouts, anti-values of the pseudo-elite is the biggest Western Civ failure; but my anti-elitism is less weird among normal, non-elitist folk.

    As the world gets both absolutely and relatively richer, I think “normal” is kinda working better than most idealists give it credit for with respect to Time and Money, but anti-Christian elites (usually raised among Christian values) are creating a non-functional normal anti-Christianity that is a big failure.

    I’d be interested in any book discussing these subjects.

  • Rrhutton

    My step-daughter is about to graduate from highschool and go off to college. She recently publically proclaimed her faith by being baptised at 17. She has struggled a lot since i have known her with finding her path. She has so many emotional issues stemming from her past and i have tried to be a guide for her so she can find the way to the ultimate truths. She dresses different, acts different, and is generally thought of by others as different than other kids her age. I want to give her a good reason for being different and let her know that the attention she is getting from being odd can be used for good. God calls us to be different and i want her to feel a connection with her need to stand out and God’s desire for us to draw others to us. I think this book Weird by Craig Groeschel will help her sync the two together, at a crucial pivoting point in her life (i.e. college).

  • Madelin Butler

    Craig says that you must have courage to say no to good things so that you have time to say yes to better things. Simple to say yet not easy to do. The concept that we are human beings not human doings. Can’t wait to read Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working.

  • Mary Rimmer

    It IS wierd following Jesus. He’s invisible for a start. He’s uncomfortable. He literally scares the hell out of me – but perfect love casts out fear so that’s ok I guess. I need this book.

  • Pastorchecowan

    I’ve never read one of Craig’s books – isn’t that weird? I figure this is a good one to start with because I’ve been trying to do annual plans for years (which in itself is weird) but following some of the normal, failed methods – I want to be weirder than I already am. Plus, I’m a pastor and LOVE to pass on knowledge to others. The more weird I become the more I help others jump on the narrow road. So, a copy if this book will go a long way…

  • Shonandtori

    Love the idea, and need more insight!
    Ca’t wait to read it!

  • Carolina

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I think God may be trying to tell me something, because the theme of “normal” keeps popping up in my life. I’m currently taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace classes. When Dave said “being normal is being broke” a light bulb went off in my head. Yes, I think being weird is exactly what I want, and more importantly what God desires for me to be. I would love to read Craig’s book to learn some practical applications on how to embrace being weird. I’ve actually never read any of his books, and the title of this one really grabbed me!!

  • BonnieC

    I would like this book because

    W – wisdom
    E – essentially
    I – is
    R – reading and
    D – discerning

    (especially when reading the Bible, but this book sounds like it’s worth a read too!)

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  • Jembay526

    I should have a copy of this book, since, judging by the title, it is my biography!!

  • jude24nlt

    Because I’ve been told that about how I live my faith out. “Your weird, its not normal” and it will be refreshing to read somethng that frames that for me in writing. I saw him at a Willow Creek conference one year and loved what I heard. Thanks. Jude24nlt

  • Matt Molt

    It was a game changer for me. I am a new church planter (Sept. ’10) and I could use a little weird in my world. I’m always wired, not sure if I am always weird–Maybe this book can help a brother out!

  • Craigdyson

    I love what Craig is doing in this book. I pastor a mid sized church in Montana & the culture of our area is steeped in “normal” and needs a breakthrough. I would live to get my hands on this book to start that Weird journey. Thanks

  • Jim

    Weird? What is that? If we are faithfully living the Christian life in today’s Western culture we are probably going to seem weird to a lot of people (even other “Christians”). I am looking forward to reading this book. It seems that Craig Groeschel has written a book that has some very practical things to say about living a radical, weird Christian life.

    PS. W-E-I-R-D also spells WIRED. Maybe being weird also means being wired in a different way that makes us effective for the kingdom of God.

  • Swarren

    I use Craigs free material in my Sunday school. My members look foward to diving into Gods word and leave amazed at how God speaks to them through Craig. I teach a class of single adults and I often tell them we are to live a life that is “different” or “weird”. Our church slogan is “Different on Purpose”. I would love to have a copy of Craigs new book and us it to lead a small group at my church.

  • Les Tilka

    I’ve been a fan of Craig ever since I heard his quote “In order to reach the people no one else is reaching, you have to do the things, no one else is doing.” I wanna be weird like Craig.

  • Andrew Pitchford

    They say that you become like the people you hang out with. I’m keen to hang out with weird people like Craig Groeschel and his book is a good place to start. I remember as a young person people said I was weird but over the years we become normal. I want to get back to a fresh thinking, living on the creative edge attitude that pushes back the ‘naysayers and embraces the visionaries. Bring on the weird and the wonderful.

  • Shel Horowitz

    Because I have always been outside the mainstream, and because outside-the-mainstream is where the best ideas develop and ferment, and eventually spread. So much of our world is based on ideas that seemed weird when they first arrived. I got into the environmental movement in the early 1970s, when it was definitely considered weird. As a green business activist, I have taken some delight in watching the mainstream draw closer to me. Now green is hip, cool, and chic, and many companies are realizing it is profitable. I have been showing them how for many years.

    It is interesting to me to see this book coming out of a religious context. I am primarily secular, but I think there’s a lot of applicability.
    –Shel Horowitz,, primary author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

  • Tedewoldt

    First off, I love books- while I don’t own the tens of thousands my father owns, I do own hundreds and read about 300 pages a week (multiple books on different subjects- usually I have 4 with me at any given time). Second, I’ve never read anything by Craig Groeschel, and would love to read a new (to me) author. And finally, because I might just be one of the weirdest normal people you’ll ever meet.

  • Jessgirl

    I Have heardd Pastor Craig’s sermons, he is a wonderful.pastor and loves what he does. He has a way of impacting our lives with what he has to say and preach. I enjoy list#ning to hishis sermons, he has even preached at our church several times. I would love for my life to be “Weird” too!! I would totally love a copy and would even share it with my two older girls and teenage neighbors!! God bless U always Mr. Micheal and Ur family!!

  • Lyndie Blevins

    Normal has never applied to me, but I know because God has always been near my heart. I’d like to check my experience against the book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Doug Hibbard

    I want to read this book because I’m normal and that’s getting dull and ineffective. So, Weird may be the only chance I have!

  • jonsothin

    Well, I’m a normal person that’s sometimes weird – and I wouldn’t mind being a little weirder…


  • Dale Schultz

    I want this book to read, and to apply what I’ve learned as I do my part to “Keep Austin Weird.” Been to Austin, then you know the truth to that brand. More than that, as one who has long advocated weirdness as art, and is growing through the life self-discovery of the new ‘normal,’ I want to be surprised by what Craig has learned.

  • Garysin

    I’ve been to Craig’s church and learned much from his passion for people who need Christ and his willingness to try new things to share that message. I don’t want to learn more from him and I’m pretty sure that’s not hs goal. But I do want to learn more of what Christ is teaching to him and through him.

  • David Avila

    Why would I want Groeschel’s WEIRD? Hmmm, Let me see… try this; I am a reformed pentecostal (a presby-costal, I tell others), who is a bi-vocational pastor/church planter of a liturgical pentecostal church (called Eastside Arthouse) who makes a living as an interactive creative designer, I speak Spanglish, I am a filmmaker, photographer, musician and wanna-be-theologian (or at least sound like I know something smart), and oh yes, I am a fourth generation Austinite—you know, the city with the motto —”Keep Austin Weird.” I wish I could make this stuff up, but it’s true.

  • Cynthiasmith1

    Michael, Thank you for taking the time to interview Craig and for the tweet that lead me here. I was impressed by this interview. You asked the questions I needed to hear the most. I too have been addicted to my smartphone. I am able to do eveything on my phone from my thinkfree office to my email, FB, Twitter etc. What did we do without these little computers we can talk on? I believe this book could be life changing for me. One of my biggest challenges continues to be time management. I really believe this book to be insightful and a great tool not only for me to apply to my life but one I can use to help others also. It would really matter to me to receive this book. I am not in a place where I could fit it in my budget right now, but I plan to get it when I can. Would you please pick me as one of the 100? Thank you regardless what you decide. I really appreciated this interview. Blessings, Cynthia

  • Gretchen

    I’d love to read the book!! Our family regularly has the discussion about why we aren’t like other families, or asking if we’re too much like everyone else. Trying to raise children who get excited about being weird and being the family God wants us to be!!

  • Roy Pickron

    “Weird”… I’m with it!

    Roy Pickron

  • Chrisjquinto

    I have been considered weird all my life….so this book is right up my alley!!

  • @chrishennessey

    All of Craig’s books have been weird! But due to this fact, they have all been practical and challenging . I’m excited to read his newest book, and use it to be weird and off the normal path, and influence other people to be weird as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  • George Black

    I have never had the opportunity of reading Craig Groeschel, but I do follow him on Twitter. I have come to cherish his comments. I want to become weird!! I want to become really weird then i want to become wired for God in a way I never thought possible.

  • Dan Rodriguez

    I work and minister to many weird folks who are very normal and this book read would help my counseling and coaching for these extraordinary people.

  • Dan Rodriguez

    I would like copy of book, because from one weird guy to a bunch of other weird guys and gals I get to encourage Craig’s respected take on “why normal isn’t the norm” will help frame my counseling and coaching.

  • Zhengkai

    Because I live in Asia, Singapore. This book will probably take months to ship into Singapore. I’m a student and I cannot afford to ship from U.S. I love Pastor Craig book (The Christian Atheist) and I got my friend to buy it from me when she went to Australia last year. I hope to get this book because I believe that the norm of the world isn’t working, it is time for the weird to rise up to change the world. I don’t know how creative this is but I sincerely want this book. =)

  • justinwoulard

    I am at the beginning of the journey of planting a church. Part of what we will be emphasizing in our core group is that as Christians we are called to be set apart in how we live our lives. From your post this books seems like it would be great for informing this process and might even be something we might want to read together.


    My wife and I have 3 kids and run our own business. We are seeking a life that is ‘extra-ordinary’ in our finances, marriage, relationships, and time as we raise our kids in an environment that isn’t ‘same ole, same ole’. We want to teach them thru our example of showing them how to approach each of these areas. ‘Weird’ would definitely be a great guideline in how to approach teaching those values. Thx so much for your time and effort in getting the message to so many more!

  • Wjkampe

    I just like free stuff, especially books. So far, since I graduated from seminary in ’06, I have never been denied a free book. Call in talk shows, conferences, etc. I always get free books. Please, do not end my streak. “‘Ain’t nuthin’ gonna break my style!”

  • caleb

    i read groeschel’s “the christian atheist” and i couldnt get enough of it. i would love to read what he has to say in “weird”.

  • Mr Yokozuna

    I am a teacher in Alberta and we are currently striving to become 21st century teachers, this means engaging students to be creative and engaged in their education. Unfortunately many of my colleagues focus only on the use of technology to do this and not on actual interesting and good ideas to inspire their students. I am intrigued about Craig’s ideas about using less technology and would live to share them with my colleagues!

  • Jonlyoder

    Love craigs writing and his mind. My wife and I serve as “youngers” on our churn elder board. We have served as missionaries in china for 4 years, and we are in the process of adopting 2 children from Uganda. I would love to read his book and learn how to be a bit more on the weird side!
    Thnx for the interview and info on this great book!

  • Karen Davis

    I LOVE the title of this book! As believers I know that we are considered to be ‘a peculiar people” but I don’t know that I’ve every really considered that a compliment. I love how Craig encourages us to embrace our weirdness in those very important areas of our lives. Bring on the weirdness! Can’t wait to read this book.

  • Peter Hasert

    Mike I’m on a dedicated mission to raise the consciousness of the church to the next level. If ever there was a time that the church needs to rise to the top it has to be now, otherwise not only will she suffer but the world is going down in flames too. If this book will help me help the church be all she is meant to be and reach the current generation then please mail me a copy!

  • Biju417

    Don’t settle for ordinary and just enough life to God who for us is more than enough.

  • Janaklefeker

    Okay so I have never felt normal. I have believed that my call was to be different and stand out. Not to be weird but to be in a place standing in line by myself only to be able to point others to the one who calls us by name. As ive read before “normal is just a setting on your dryer”.
    The book would be a great catalyst to spur others I minister with to be weird along with me!
    Jana K.

  • D K Snyder

    I would love a copy of this book, simply cause it would complete my “Trinity of Groeschel” quest… Wouldn’t

  • Zander

    I watch Craig’s messages on regularly and I am a big fan of his teachings and style. I would really enjoy reading his new book. When I first became a Christ follower a couple years ago somebody commented to me ” don’t get weird on us”. So I can relate 100% to this topic and that’s exactly what I want to do is be weird according to general culture.

  • D K Snyder

    I would love a copy of this book simply because it would complete my quest for “trinity of Groeschel” books. I think seeing them all lined up would be nice! In serious matters though, Craig has become a favorite author and speaker of mine in the past few years. I appreciate his challenges, am encouraged and challenged by his leadership, and appreciate his commitment to integrity. I am looking forward to reading “weird” and doing so for free would make both my wife, and our budget very happy! Thanks Michael.

  • Mara Kim

    Several years ago, I allowed a salesman to tell me that it’s not normal to buy a house with cash. At the time, we owned a small, old, beat up house with baseboard heating. I’d do anything to get out of there. So I did. We moved into a much bigger place. We can afford it but I can’t help but think we could own a different house with no debt. We should have kept our weirdness. Now, we are pushing ourselves to invest like crazy, pay our debts off, and maintain balance at home. We have weekly appointments in Seattle to help him with Autism. This means both my husband and I will be missing work and we did to makeup that add’l 8 hours during the week. How do we be the weird ones and actually make this work? I hope this book will help with our dally situations. We need all the help we can get.

    • Marakim

      It’s my son that has Autism =)

  • Kat A.

    I would love a copy of this book, since I can’t afford to buy it right now! I always hear the passage about the wide and narrow path quoted, and would love to read about practical ways to apply it in my life. I’ve seen several positive reviews of this book and would love to learn to be “God weird” and pass it along so my small group can too.

  • Mycupofgrace

    I would love a copy of Craig’s new book. I have read excerpts from his other books to my husband and daughter since they are not readers themselves but will take an interest in things I am interested in. Our daughter is 17 now and as she is trying to find her way into the adult world and figure out where she belongs it is very important to me that she realizes the main thing to do is keep God front and center of everything she does. The main way for her to realize that is to see us do it and if we step off track to see us admit it, dust ourselves off and get back on the path all with God’s help.

  • Linda Vogt

    Craig Groeschel is an excellent communicator. He knows how to challenge his readers. I have been perceived as being “weird” from family members ever since I surrendered my life to Christ and home-schooled my oldest son. I think this book will be an interesting read. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Josh

    Craig always communicates in such a clear and easy-to-read style. WEIRD sounds like it is just continuing the conversational-style writing he is so good at. The areas of life it addresses are practical and highly needed to reflect on with Godly wisdom and a focus for being a radical Christ follower.

  • Charlotte d

    Hey.. I am not totally normal, but I am not yet wierd… that is why I need to read this book… I need to get wierd to show how Gods – non “normal” – act of behaving ( or asking us to behave) can change my thinking so that I am not so affraide to be wierd… hope this makes sence…
    bless you charlotte

  • Amy Stewart

    I’m fairly young in my faith and am soon to be married to the man who lead me to Jesus. The 5 keys areas discussed in this book would be something I would like to delve into as I am seeking to have a better grasp of how to live a life more in line with what God has called me to live and the person He has called me to be.

  • Jtomblack4

    Loved Craig’s last book. My son has read it twice as he enters college. It challenged both of our faiths. I expect from the title that this will do as much to push us as well.

  • Anonymous

    The Rapture will be the true separation of church and state. I don’t want to be one of the “normal” ones left behind. Help me get Weird!

  • brad

    I first heard Craig speak at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit several years ago and have been a fan ever since. He speaks in easy to understand language, making often complicated discussions clear and concise. I can’t wait to check out his new book, Weird.

    My wife and I lead a small group out of our home and I’m confident that many of the topics in Craig’s book will be relevant to our group as we attempt to grow believers in their walk with Christ. It’s a refreshing concept to think that being “normal” in God’s eyes is nothing like that definition on Earth. I pray that many are impacted by his book, and thanks for the consideration of providing a copy to us.

  • Zachary_Johnson

    I want this book because I spend countless hours a week mentoring and teaching teenagers who are striving so hard to be normal. I want to better be able to show them the benefits to not going with the flow! That is the key to changing this generation!

  • Kristyn

    I think this generation needs weird, and not normal any more. we’ve been going after the ordinary in churches across America, and it just won’t work to see what we want to see. This generation is desperate for something different, in a word, WEIRD, and we, no matter what, will give it to them one day!

  • Heather

    Mr. Groeschel’s books have been impacting my life since I heard him speak about IT at the WCGLS a few years ago. As a female leader I often struggle to be seated at the table, let alone heard. I firmly believe that we must be different – weird even. If our walk doesn’t raise a few questions then just maybe we need to reevaluate. I look forward to Pastor Groeschel’s insights.

  • jimlbest

    My daughter is constantly saying her friends at school think we are weird. I keep telling her to embrace it. We are weird for a good reason. :-)

  • Kathleen Leslie

    Weird is working at a Catholic Church with big screens, big music, and a big evangelical message. Weird is Catholics hosting of an online worship experience for everyone. Weird is doing Craig’s “Christian Atheist” book as a series called “Catholic Atheist.” Weird is me trying again to get a free book off of you and hoping I’m weird enough to finally get one.

  • Jessica Canaday

    My dad, who isn’t much of a church goer, is a religious listener of talk radio. He heard Craig discuss his new book, Weird, while driving during a business trip. Dad called me and said “isn’t that the church you go to? He seemed like a nice guy. You should pick up the book”. I’m an avid reader, a college student and in
    almost every way, normal. My dad seemed impressed, and I know I will be too. I would love to learn how to be Weird.


    Times I’ve committed to reading the entire bible, but failed: 11. Number of times Craig Groeschel blinks in this interview: 532. Times I wished “normal” would buzz off: COUNTLESS! I want Wierd — I’m going nuts here!

    • GiLBERT

      Ha! I even spelled it wrong, *Weird.

  • Kendra

    I was first introduced to Craig through the Global Leadership Summit and have been interested in reading his book ever since. “normal” has never seemed normal to me and I would love to read more about his thoughts on our call to be weird. Thanks!

  • ttuckchatt

    I would really appreciate and be able to use a copy of the book. It would help me grow first, and then I could use it to incorporate into lesson plans at the high school where I teach. Students are hungry for honest, loving truth conveyed in a contemporary message, and that’s what Craig’s books do well. Hope I can get started soon!

  • Kirsten Wilson

    The money “Weird” point struck me the most. Right now my husband and I are fighting our way to financial freedom. It’s easy to hold on the your money tighter when you got none. But if you have your fist clenched so tight that you don’t give as God commands us to, your hands won’t be open for God to give you His blessings!

    This is why I REALLY want to get my hands on this book and dig into it. I want to be WEiRD in EVERY aspect of my life :)

  • maenche

    I have never read one of Craig’s books but I am very interested in Weird after hearing Dave Ramsey interview him earlier this week and listening to your interview with him. Wow! I love the philosophy he is sharing! His personal stories of things that he and his family have done are very inspiring and challenging! My wife and I have some of the same desires for our family but struggle with the ways to implement them. There are definitely times when we feel that we are weird. I am sure Craig’s book will help us to pursue weird ideas that will only help our family and bring honor and glory to God. So excited! I am glad I saw your Twitter post – thanks Michael!

  • coltmelrose


    Thanks for your wisdom in sharing and for recognizing Godly wisdom from others. Thanks also to Zondervan for their generosity for giving away these books. I really resonated with what Craig said about limiting technology. I have been struggling with how much time I spend on social media, television, browsing the web, etc… I love how he has guided his family to have specific days of tech use and specific days without tech use. As a young husband and technological minister in the church this balance is so critical to my long-term success. I would love to engage with this book more and hear more wisdom that Craig shares on time and the other topics as well.


  • Annpaullk

    Why? Because I want to continue to grow in Christ ……no matter my age in years! Challenge me Craig!

  • Katie Ramirez

    I’m loving the set-apart life for Christ! To be quite honest I have felt weird for some time & have no desire to ever be “normal” again! Hopefully I’ll be chosen so I can read Craig’s book & pass it on to another weirdo! lol God bless!

  • Nater2d

    I would enjoy this book because I have loved all the books he’s written and I benefit from them a lot. I also enjoy lending them to friends!

  • Spope78

    I think it would be cool to find out why we are weird I hope this book helps me to see that being weird is the new normal among christians and I can’t wait
    Prov 28:12

  • A Kasch

    Normal is boring, weird gets people’s attention and that’s what this world needs right now. I am still an infant in my Christian walk but know we need to get the word out and sometimes I think weird might just be what will get the job done. Very interested in seeing what Craig Groeschel has to say about getting Weird about Christ!

  • Knoxstraw

    I thoroughly enjoy listening to Groeschel, but have never read any of his books. What I hope to read about in Weird is a push for the Christian community to truly behaving in a Gospel-centered manner. The way in which the Gospel calls us to be counter cultural and the way in which the Christian culture has become so commercialized, we are still left thirsty. We desire to be so hip and cool, that we now often toss out the Gospel so as to not seem so weird to those outside the Christian bubble. I hope that Weird explains and displays how to be real in a world where church has become an entertainment show.

  • Jcfluhr

    Reasons why I need a free book:
    I’m probably not going to read the one my great aunt gave me, I’m adopting and it might help the waiting pass easily, I was really weird for a year and a half in high school and Im trying to be more like Charlie…”winning!”

    • D K Snyder

      Not to mention, that you probably discovered this from my tweet, so we should both win, then we could discuss being weird together! See Michael (Megan) you’d be fostering accountability if we both won!

  • Reganbennett13

    This book sounds exactly like I should read it! I’m so open to new ideas to push myself. I have so many friends who act like “normal” people, and I’m tired of acting “normal” too. I need to be weird. I need to in order to please and get closer to God. This sounds exactly like what I need.

  • Ruth

    Because I want to be Weird! Craig is one of my absolute favorite pastors. He is so down to earth it’s just really easy to take something away when he speaks, I would live the opportunity to read his book. And I would pass the book on after reading it. And I’m a stay at home mom, so Im probably already weird, but I have a feeling his weird is different than mine. :P please please please pick me!!!!

  • Journeychurchbg

    I am six months into pastoring my first church. I am trying to take this church from “normal” to “Weird.” I love Craig’s writing, how down-to-earth he is, and how open and honest he is. I really can’t wait to jump into this book as well

  • Amanda

    Weird is what I love. I don’t want to be normal, Jesus didn’t call me to that. I want to be weird, would love to read what Craig has to say about this.

  • Davis Cutshaw

    It looks like an interesting read! I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve heard of Craig Groeschel before this post but this book looks like it’s in my wheel-house right now. I’ve been trying to absorb information on living intentionally and this book looks like it hits the spot! Definitely looks like it’s worth checking out.

  • Barbara Thayer

    I really am looking forward to reading “Weird” because I am a “workaholic” myself and need some insight on how to live a productive life on the narrow road as versus the wide road. Pastor Craig was helpful, direct and honest in his interview and shared ideas that really spoke to me. I definitely want to get this book!

  • Robert Ewoldt

    Michael, this interview was fascinating. Over the past 3 months, I’ve been working on a “strategic plan” for my family of five, to set out some 5-year and 10-year goals, and to look at where we spend our time now, and where we need to make changes in order to meet our goals. Since I work 2 jobs and have 3 small children (and a fourth on the way), making time for a Sabbath day is difficult, but over the last month, we’ve been making a LOT of progress in this area. I’m excited to read “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working” to see what Craig has to say on the other 4 topics that you listed, to see how else we might be able to live “weird.”

  • Nathan

    I would love to get this book. Looks amazing.

    (creativity: using the same amount of words as your instructions.
    “Tell me why you want this book. Be creative.”

  • Patrick Roy

    My pastor pumped this book up so much. It would be awesome to get a copy! I have to agree with Craig that normal isn’t working. Look at what’s going on in today’s word. Today I went to see Soul Surfer and in there the character that plays Bethany Hamilton said that “normal is overrated.” I thought that overrated and not working work hand in hand. It’s time to be weird!!

  • ShareeLynn

    Weird is simply a matter of perspective. From God’s perspective, it is completely normal; from the ‘world’s’ well that’s quite another issue. Though when busy being weird, often that’s when I find others saying that my life is an enormous inspiration to them. Normal, well that’s when I’ve dried up and have nothing left to give. I want to be weird – ever changing the scope of what is, into a beautiful story of what Christ did for us on Calvary. I want to do a ‘huge’ Christian Education endeavor, but I’m going to have to be pretty ‘weird’ to accomplish it.

  • Cathycummings14

    Well, Craig is my pastor so I can get a book, but when I get this book, I plan of gifting it to my Realtor!!!

  • Carolee Mitchell

    I read this tweet and followed the link a couple three days ago. I did not take the time to post as to why I would like the book, but I was interested from the post and book info. Over the wknd, the verses in Matthew 7: 13-14 really burdened my heart. Not only the actual verses, but Craig’s explanation in the interview. I’m interested in reading and learning more about “What is normal?’ from Craig’s perspective. More importanly, weeding out what’s not normal and employing the tools he suggests that is Christ based to be more Christ like. As a natural leader and a life called for service, this would be a great read for me. And a great one to share with others. Narrow is the gate, and the welcome message states “I am Weird.”

  • Bethany Paget

    Because I am tired of trying so hard to be normal and would much rather be weird if it means being like Jesus.

  • Kelsie

    Wow wow wow! Let me just start off by saying I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a copy of Craig Groeschel’s new book , “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working.” After listening to the amazing interview I was not only challenged but encouraged to be even more “weird.” As a female 19yr old college student I sometimes feel like I have to go above and beyond to please people, and to have my voice heard. I have a major problem with saying no which sometimes causes me to not only over work myself but physically tire my body out. All of my “teenage” life has been spent with technology so that is all I know, but sometimes it takes over my life. I find myself not being able to go longer than a hour without looking at my Ipod, computer..etc. I know that being blessed with a copy of this book would not only give me the courage to say no to except a higher calling, detoxify me from my addiction to technology, teach me to rest and be fully present when needed, but also bring knowledge to me in the 5 areas that are so very vital in my life especially at this stage.

    Craig Groeshel himself is a amazing role model to me. He not only inspires me as a person to go above reproach but to also step ahead of the crowd. I am excited to say that when I finish this book I will be even more comfortable being weird, but in a good way. As a young follower of Jesus I am impelled to be “weird for Jesus”, but encouraged to boldly be a “trendsetter” for this next generation.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity,

  • Curtis Marshall

    I read Craig Groeschel’s book “it” and it changed my life. I gave it to my dad in hopes that it would change his too. I would love to get my hands on “Weird.”

  • Daniel Bourque

    I would like to read “Weird” because I know that I am unique and want to get a better handle on being “me” best.

  • Jerry

    First of all, I would like a copy of Craig Groeschel’s new book because I am an ever learning pastor. Secondly, as a pastor, it is in my DNA to always attempt to get a book for free. Is that wierd :-)

  • RemedyChurchDenver

    I’m the wife of a pastor and we would both read it…and we’re pretty weird already…so I think it’d be a good fit! :)

  • Nicholas W Madden

    I’ve loved all of the books that I’ve read by pastor Craig. I believe that you can never learn to much or read to much. I’m constantly looking for new ways to stretch my leadership and challenge my thinking. His books are always challenging me to do something better in my life and to make changes if necessary. I would love to pick up a copy to help further my thinking and stretch my mind.

  • tonychung

    I always knew that was behind the incredible site and accompanying Bible app for every mobile device. However, I did not know who was behind . As a songwriter and worship leader unable to live out my true passion due to the constraints of a “real job” to maintain a “real life”, I think I stand to use a little bit of weird right about now.

    Plus, I could review it on my blog and Amazon.

    I’ve always loved what you do, Michael. Be blessed!

  • Ryan Haack

    Wait, what’s happening? I love books. And I love weirdos. Or is it weirdoes? Hmm. Good luck, everyone!

  • Chris Mi77er

    I heard this book mentioned on the Dave Ramsey show and it sounded very inspiring. I want a copy of this book because I feel I would benefit from it in my everyday life. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to the winners.

  • Melissa bergstrom

    My husband and I recently took on the life saying that “if debt is normal, I want to be weird!” so we are all about learning how to escape “the normal life”

    Melissa Bergstrom

  • Renee

    I would love the book because I have heard Craig speak on several occasions at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. I have always had a hard time saying”no” to everyone because I am a people pleaser. However, I have learned that I was committing to so much that I wasn’t doing anything well. Growing up, we honored the Sabbath by not going out to eat, washing our cars, or mowing the lawn on Sundays. I have noticed now that the Sabbath seems to be like any other day with stores open at the mall.

  • Brian Baute

    I want the book because I want a weird family and career, and I’m at an inflection point with both. The oldest of my 4 children is getting ready to enter middle school, and my youngest is getting ready to enter kindergarten. My career as a Business Analyst and IT Project Manager is starting to take off, and I need to make decisions that both allow me to provide for my family financially as well as relationally. I realize how I handle the next 10 years will have an enormous impact on the rest of my kids’ lives, and I want to go beyond normal for them and with them. I want us to all be Weird, and that’s why I want a copy of the book.

  • Chris Ritter

    Pastor Craig Groeschel always has a great word and this book I’m sure will be great like all the others and I can’t wait to dive in and learn more from what God has put on his heart. I attend Elevation Church and Pastor Craig fly out and spoke to us a year ago on our four year anniversary and it was POWERFUL. Can’t wait to read his latest book.

  • Seth Spencer

    I am 21 years old, and just became the young adults pastor at my church. I am always looking for new ways to develop myself and to help others develop themselves.

    This Book I feel will provide depth and insight into what it is that I really feel that I desire to get across to them. That this walk with Christ is not easy, and if what you do is normal to the world, then are you truly making an impact?

  • WeberEthan

    I would really like a copy of Craig Groeschel’s book “Weird” because I have dealt for a long time with sexual addiction. In order to overcome this habitual sin, I realized that I need to change my inputs and consecrate my life in ways that are odd to my peers. God has called Christians to live an extraordinary life even if we look weird in the process! On a side note, I am starting a book club this summer at my church and am interested in discussing this book.

  • Deborah McDougall

    Wow! Thanks for this opportunity! I would love the gift if this book. I have all my life struggled trying to be normal. I thought this is what I needed to do. However aftet hearing about this book from Pastor Furtick I am wondering of I have been trying to so the wrong thing. Because it definitely has not been working. I accepted Christ as my savior in December and since then have been trying to make changes and improvements in my life that are Christ centered. Thia book sounda like a must read! I am a divorced single mom who works full-time as is finishing my masters degree. I never want to stop learning and improving. Thanks. Deborah McDougall

  • Greg Woodard

    Working as a Marine Chaplain, I would like to get a sense of Groeschel’s thoughts of how to live differently in the midst of the important culture that is the United States Marine Corps.

  • Pistolpd22

    I would love a copy for a few reasons.

    1. Craig Groeschel is one of my favorite speakers and authors . I have three of his books already and I listen his podcast every week.

    2. I love what the subject matter of this book is. All 5 areas he addresses are areas I myself want to work on .

    3. Leaders are readers and I love books.

  • Faith Hope & Cherrytea

    always have been,
    always will be, WEIRD !~
    i’m God’s
    W- ired
    E- xtra
    I- ntrospective

  • Jeniferrancour

    I am a newly churched person given a new life by God through addiction recovery and my church. for some crazy reason, the pastor has seen potential in me as a leader and I have accepted every task asked of me, catapulting me into an executive staff position within a year of being baptised. I have no idea what I’m doing but maybe that’s needed when it comes to trying new things to help my church grow and be a massive force in our rural community. I quit my job to accept this position in the church and obviously have much less income. Please choose me to send a free copy to! Thanks! Jeni R.

  • Bettie Colson

    I want a copy of this book because I would like to find out just how much of my weirdness is actually on the right track… and what areas need to get a bit weirder. Seriously, I appreciate Pastor Craig’s perspective; as a missionary in Guatemala where there is a lot of traditional religion I need this kind of input. I am especially interested in the concept of Sabbath.

  • Bettie Colson

    I want a copy of this book because I would like to find out just how much of my weirdness is actually on the right track… and what areas need to get a bit weirder. Seriously, I appreciate Pastor Craig’s perspective; as a missionary in Guatemala where there is a lot of traditional religion I need this kind of input. I am especially interested in the concept of Sabbath.

  • Jeff A

    Looks like an interesting read. I’ve heard of Craig Groeschel before, seems to be instrumental in making Christianity relevant in today’s culture. I would love a copy. This book will be an opportunity to get to know him more and possibly enhance my spiritual growth. Thanks.

  • Faith Hope & Cherrytea

    anything other than status quo,
    always have been,
    always will be, WEIRD !~

    i’m God’s
    W- onderfilled
    E- ternally
    I- ncarnational

    :)) Thx for this opp…

  • Dorbel

    I would like a copy of this book because it sounds like it holds some great insights into topics that affect all of us. While not extremely complicated or controversial, we are all impacted by these topics as defined by our own uniqueness. On one hand we live in a society of conformity, when it works for society. On the other, differentiation is encouraged. Being weird, being different is confusing. If we had more guts to be ourselves, relating to key areas of our lives we would be happier. I just really want to hear the writer’s insights and would benefit from this book. My family would too.

  • Joshua Wong

    Hi Michael – I would love to have “Weird” as a campus minister focusing on digital strategies, I think we need to be honest with ourselves as followers of Jesus and be “Weird”. We need to break through the threshold of awareness on campuses across Canada and around the world so that we can get the Good News of Jesus across to the future leaders of the world.

  • Anonymous

    I would like a copy of this book because I am weird, but not in the good way. I’m weird in the “I have a calculator collection” or “I am turtley enough for the Turtle Club” way, and I’d like to be weird in the “I’m following radically after Jesus” and the “I’m want my life to fit into Jesus as opposed to trying to fit Jesus into my life” way. I’m not saying the two forms of weirdness are mutually exclusive. I’m just saying the first one doesnt mean anything without the second one.

  • Matt Schaffner

    I would really love a copy of Weird because as a youth pastor, weird doesn’t even begin to describe it. In fact, getting Weird might bring me closer to the sanity I left more than 10 years ago when I became a youth pastor…

  • Matt Schaffner

    I would like a copy of Weird to help me regain my sanity. As a youth pastor for more than a decade, I’ve come to understand that either being clinically insane or having something seriously wrong with me must be to to blame for my vocation, therefore, I go so far beyond Weird I need to know what Weird looks like so I can find my way back…

  • Matt Schaffner

    Sorry! I didn’t see the first post and went at it again…

  • cmhandler

    I want to be weird! I did not grow up in the church and I spent the next 10 years trying to fit Christianity into some moral version of the American Dream. In the past five years my wife and I have been relearning what it needs to be Christian and follow Christ completely.

  • Sahammonds

    i think being normal is sometimes weird but being weird is never normal. So how can i be normal without being weird when i should be weird and not worry about normal? Whew does craig’s book answer this?

  • Freddie

    Wow, this sounds awesome, my husband and I became parents three months ago! Since then I’ve really been asking in the world do we do this right!? what if we mess it up?! stuff like that. A friend told me this book, along with the bible is a great resource for parenting. Based on this article and interview, i think it would be phenomenal. thanks!

    • Robert Ewoldt

      Freddie, I just finished reading this book, and Craig gives some GREAT advice about how to be “weird” as parents. I have three kids (soon to be four), and I have the same apprehensions as you do. Congratulations on becoming a parent!

  • Jonathan Danner

    I’d like to better my knowledge of the gospel with the help of this book so I can help better the knowledge of other peoples idea of the gospel. I’m confident in sharing Craig’s work because from reading his other books and watching his sermons he has only a heart for Jesus. God is alive and working through him. Even if I don’t win, I’m going to buy this book. Support it!

  • Jo

    I’ll be honest: I listened to the video at 1am while reading for my 8:45am class. I’m also coming off a 20-hour day yesterday. As a law student, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good stewardship over my time. Clearly, I’m failing at that.

    I really resonated with the statement that the most common answer to “How are you doing?” is “I’m busy.” Law school has turned me into that person and this environment has shifted what is “normal” for me.

    But I should not be swayed by the world and by circumstances; I should remain steadfast on Christ.

    I feel this book would not only be a real benefit to me, but also help me minister to other law students in my situation.

  • Davidrobinson

    I would like a copy as i have read Cristian Atheist and it is a great read. Book is knowlege which i could use in order to reach the needy. I need to be equip to help

  • Mattdsnow

    Thanks for posting this!

    I’d love to read this book because I don’t think I’m wierd enough! :)

  • Aikenb

    Let’s be honest here if you don’t give me this book I will probably go out and buy it. However it is better when you get free stuff.

  • Sehocott

    After falling in love with the way Groeschel communicates in his book The Christian Athiest, I’m dying to read this one, anticipating the change that will soon come from experiencing such a good book. I crave his wisdom & knowledge. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that this one will become on my all-time favorite books. I’m pretty weird myself, so I can’t wait to dive into this amazing pool of complete and utter WEIRDNESS!

  • SleepyC

    I can’t wait to read “Weird”! Craig’s style and honest writing is so encouraging to me a fellow minister. Thank for the opportunity!!

  • tonychung

    BTW Michael, I’ve never had much success recording both sides of a Skype call. I found a way to route either my mic or the Skype caller using Soundflower, but couldn’t record both. I’m contemplating using my Zoom H4N to record the audio portion of my call externally, then merge them in a video editor. Please post a workable setup when you find one!

  • Angie Aiken

    Hi my name is Angie and I would love to have this book because I have recently just gotten into reading and I want to widen my horizons in the reading area of my life. Another reason I would like this book is because I am a pastors wife and I know that if I won this book my husband would love to read it. He loves to read, but I think it would be cool if I won the book and started reading it because I know that he wants it too, hahaha. Thanks Angie.

  • Randy

    Holy weird Craig man! I want to be one of the few. And I want my 2 teenage children to want that to. I think if I accidentally leave this book on my coffee table they may pick it up and read it. They do that sometimes. There is such peer pressure on them to be normal.
    Thanks for doing this.

  • B. Robbins Ministry

    I have been keeping track of the news regarding Pastor Craig’s book “Weird.” It appears to have some great solid concepts. It is great to see how, as Christ followers, we are called to be different than the world around us, and how that’s okay. I heard a message online by Pastor Craig the other day and he mentioned “I am blessed when people think I’m weird. I am blessed when people take cheap shots at something they know nothing about.” God has called us to be set apart from the world, and even to hold fast to our personal convictions, even when Christian friends and others may tell us that particular things are okay. It is great to see how it is okay to be different, because that is what God has called us to. I am anxious to read the book to learn how to better function in the unique person has called me to be and to help others do the same as I am preparing to go into pastoral ministry.

  • Brandon R.

    I have been keeping track of the news regarding Pastor Craig’s book “Weird.” It appears to have great applicable concepts from what I’ve been hearing. It is great to see how, as Christians, we are called to live differently, to be set apart. I was watching a teaching by Pastor Craig the other day online and he mentioned, “I am blessed when people think I’m weird. I am blessed when people take cheap shots at something they know nothing about.” From the message, I gathered that not only are we supposed to live set apart from the world, but that it is okay to stand firm and uphold our convictions and personal values when other Christian friends and others tell us that particular things are okay. I know God has called us to live set apart. I am learning that because of that, it is okay when people think it’s weird when we do or don’t do certain things because we do not want to compromise our values and because we desire to honor God the best that we know how. I am learning that we should feel blessed by the fact that others see that we are doing what we do in an effort to honor the Lord. I would love a copy of the book, as I am anxious to learn how to better function in the unique person God has called me to be and I desire to help others do the same as I prepare for pastoral ministry.

  • Maria

    His toxic series brought me to Jesus. I can’t wait to read this. My Pastor started a movement in Miami called Rebel Church with same underlying theme. This is a way for the non believer to feel the embrace of Jesus!

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  • Robert Ewoldt

    Michael, thanks for sending me a copy of this book; I just finished the first few chapters, and I’m HOOKED. This is exactly what I need to read. My life, and my family’s life, is so fraught with busyness… I’m ready to be wierd.

  • kalena frost

    i watched his serman and i really enjoyed it. I really admire him as a pastor because he will speak the truth. I have noticed how pastor water down the word because they dont want to offend.. This is wrong. I love listening and i am feed better through him then through most churches. Thank you

  • Robert Ewoldt

    I just finished this book. I love Craig’s didactic manner throughout the book. I got some very good ideas on how to tend to the garden of my marriage. I’m going to try to implement a couple of the ideas to start setting up walls around my marriage.

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  • Pastorfred

    I plan to use this awesome book with my church to challenge us to do life Gods way – which is the sane way to live. It’s a helpful way to access how you live your life.

  • Jakie Carmicle

     What an enlightening interview.  Bro. Craig challenges us to be better servants of the Lord by becoming what God wants us to be.  He challenges us to useour time wisely and prioritize our tasks.  Too many of us do a lot of “good” things, even for the sake of “ministry”, and lose our focus of what the “best” things are.  Bro. Craig is truly a man who seeks God, loves others, is committed to His Lord and family, is a great pastor,  and is just an all around great guy.  Thanks.

  • Eaglepop1

    After all the video’s I have tuned into w/ Craig. I look forward to not only reading but doing the small group study as well.

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