An Interview with Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki worked at Apple as the Chief Evangelist, where his job was to convince software developers to write applications for the Macintosh computer. I first encountered him when I read his book, Selling the Dream. His newest book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, is available today.

I have written a lot about how to create wow experiences, so I was particularly interested in the topic of this book. Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Guy via Skype. In the interview, I asked Guy six questions:

  1. How do you define “enchantment”?
  2. Why is enchantment so important?
  3. How does likability relate to enchantment?
  4. You say that likability is half the battle; the other half is trust. How do you build trust?
  5. Every leader and entrepreneur I know faces resistance. What are a few strategies for overcoming resistance?
  6. It seems that people eventually get disenchanted—in their work, in the products and services they use, and even in their marriages. How do you make enchantment last?

I loved the book. It helped me understand why brands like Apple, Lexus, and Zappos have such raving fans. More importantly, it helped me see how I can replicate this in my life and business.

You can follow Guy on his Website or on Twitter. You might also want to check out this really cool infographic that Guy had created for the book. (I think this is a particularly creative book marketing tool.

I gave away 50 copies of Enchantment, courtesy of Portfolio Books, a Division of Penguin. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Questions: Have you read this book? What did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Alexhyman

    I want this book because I need a bit of a change in my business and community building approach and Guy’s book is the vehicle that I want to use to get me there! Why would I want to reinvent the wheel when I can read and learn from Guy that is giving us the keys to the porsche.

    Alex H.

  • Patricia Zell

    I want to be challenged by Guy’s book. I’ve already learned that one of my “callings” is to help people internalize good things. As a high school teacher, I want my students to internalize their educations. As a writer, I want my readers to internalize the power of God’s absolute love for them. Have a great day!

  • Kerry Palmer

    As a Christian school principal, the changes that I am advocating dont’t just affect the bottom line, but the hearts and minds of the future. Moving forward with new educational initiatives can be challenging when the status quo is so familiar and comfortable. A book like this could prove to be quite helpful as I continue to “evangelize” our mission and plan for the future.

  • Jeffrey Murias

    I won’t give you a sappy story on why I want this book. Come on, this guys last name is Kawasaki. That’s an awesome name! I’m a huge fan of Apple and completely agree with what Mr. Kawasaki said, as I type on my MacBook Pro. I’ve read a few business books and would love to add Enchantment to my library. I want to learn how to help and impact people for the better. Thanks!


    • Joe Lalonde

      I love his last name too Jeffrey! I think there’s something about his whole name that is enchanting.

  • Kenny

    In working with people in business and in the community, I need the expertise of others in how to create an attitude of being enchanted with the reality of life. The building of realtionships is such an important part of life. Helping ourselves and others is our calling. Every available resource helps our mission in our world.

  • mekalav

    Hi Michael,

    As always thanks for some wonderful and inspiring blogposts.
    I want this book enchantment to learn,get inspired and get motivated by Guy Kawasaki’s writings and thoughts..Have been a huge fan of Guy from the Art of Start and Reality Check books..Would love to recieve this book .


  • herndonjw

    I’m a new teacher (3rd year, high school band director) who believes that good advice in any field can be applied to mine. This book looks especially promising because “Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions” sounds like an Art today’s teachers should be proficient in. I would like this book to contribute to the ongoing process of shaping my educational philosophies and practices. Thanks!

  • Marty S.

    I have followed Guy for years. I am the new GM of a tech company and it sounds like the book is filled with stuff I need to know to succeed. I want our customers to be enchanted with what we do…

  • musbkc

    As a creative, who seeks to learn new ways to inspire other creatives, I believe that this book will help me on that journey. I’m hoping to learn more about how to be more than likable and trustworthy. I’m hoping to learn how to be more influential in the creative culture of my city and beyond.

  • John UpChurch

    I’m starting a new job in social media, and I want to learn the best ways to engage my audience.

  • John Saddington

    i love the idea of resistance and social proof.

    i am lucky since the amount of resistance i get is very limited – i have an unbelievable amount of freedom!

  • Justin Lukasavige

    I love the word enchantment. It’s not something you hear very often. I’ll be thinking through it more.

  • David Teems

    Great interview. Enchanting. In 1917, Max Weber wrote, “The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, by the disenchantment of the world.” The world has slowly become disenchanted. Our illusions, those that drove past generations, have all been exposed. Religion has been threatened in our time because of this. For instance, with Copernicus we are no longer at the center of the universe, and so on. If our child foams at the mouth we are more likely to call a doctor than an exorcist. And if someone claims supernatural powers, we may sue them for fraud, but not burn them at the stake.

    The point is, any move toward re-enchantment, however subtle, is a move in the right direction. Kawasaki seems to suggest this re-enchantment, and at a warm engaging human level. To smile makes a great start. He certainly has the eyes for it.

    This is a great start toward re-enchanting of the world. We all want to be enchanted. We were created to be enchanted. God’s own book enchants first, explains later [much later]. We are faithful because some moment of enchantment. And I imagine Jesus walking on water got someone’s attention.

    We want desperately to be moved, and moved deeply. The book seems to offer ways to make a great start.

  • Terry

    Leaders and influencers for years have given names to the power certain leaders, companies, and entertainers have on an audience or group. The “X factor” quality is difficult to describe, but those who have not only stay ahead of the waves, but create new waves that others work to navigate and ride. This book appeals to me because Guy has been such an influencer for so long and his legacy and reputation is his business card. I’d love to have the book and learn from his insights and principles, and then be able to pass those (and recommend the book) to others.

  • DanLearned

    Thanks for creating this opportunity! In building our Youth for Christ Tribe in Central Illinois, I’m constantly looking to strengthen my creativity & courage. This book may serve that end.

  • Jennifer Davis

    For the first time in my life, I’m following my heart in an endeavor. I am in the early pursuit stages of this dream, and I believe that with the right information and guidance, my idea can help unlock memorable experiences and creativity in others. The difference for me in pursuing my idea, is that for the first time one of my ideas fully fits my skills, my passions and my interests. It feels like a natural outflow of who I am. Therefore, I have this sense that I’m “on to something,” and I want to see its fullest potential realized. I believe this book would not only take me to the next level, but to an entirely new sphere.

    All that to say, please pick me! :)

  • David Santistevan

    As a blogger I’m constantly seeking to improve my online content and persona as to make people “fans”. I really feel that what I have to say is important and the principles in this book appear to speak to my situation. I think it will help me be more effective with what I do.

  • Mary West

    Guy left me with the impression that being friendly and helpful to your clients is the number one priority beyond the selling of a product. I agree and it works for me in my line of business. He has me intrigued as to what else is in that book. Enchanted. I like that.

  • Drew C David

    “Dress for a tie – not for a win.” I really like this example of likability, but I am glad that Guy Kawasaki takes it further by pointing to the need for trust.

    I want my ministry and my life to be more than just eye catching; I want my ministry and my life to move people. For that reason, I would like to own a copy of “Enchantment.”

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    As a leader, I look forward to ideas that transform situations and relationships. I believe that Guy’s book will enable one to can change hearts, thoughts, and behaviors; and, thereby bring about a synergy and comradeship within the team. I hope this book will be a powerful tool where lasting and enjoyable change is the need of the hour.

    Compatibility and allegiance are crucial for effective functioning of a team. This book will enumerate the strategies and processes needed to bring out the desired momentum by a leader within his team; and help in transforming one into a leader whom people follow because of who he is and what he represents rather than his position or authority or designation.

  • Richard Wanjema

    As on critically looking at social media, this book would be a resource in my endeavor. Great interview, I was enchanted.

  • Jamie Chavez

    I bought my first Mac in 1990 and started calling myself a Mac evangelist shortly thereafter when I encountered a magazine column by Guy Kawasaki. I became a regular reader (although the only book I’ve read thus far is “Hindsights” and I’d never heard him speak ’til now); he’s brilliant. And the principle of enchantment is why, I think. Thanks for this graphic demonstration!

  • okjedi

    I have followed Guy Kawasaki for a long time. I’d consider myself an Apple evangelist of sorts… being a Mac user before it was “cool”. I can’t wait to read this book because I’m in the business of creative consulting. I’ve been working to infuse the influence principles written about by Robert Cialdini. Liking is the first principle he teaches and it is EVERYTHING in doing business and building relationships. When consulting with clients, we work diligently to establish liking and making first impressions the best they can be. Along with liking, there’s Reciprocity, Consensus, Commitment & Consistency, Authority and Scarcity. Guy’s new book sounds like it will be another great tool in my arsenal of change.

    I must admit I’m going to buy the book for my Kindle app on my iPad, iPhone and Kindle but always love having a hard copy to hold, reference and loan. So, if you send me a book, it will be put to good use and not just sitting on a shelf.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and it was so great to hear you speak at re:create this year!
    -David Ballard

  • Lori

    Sounds like a great book. I just bought a book on design with Magic in the title, so I think these two books would look great sitting side-by-side on my bookshelf! I was at Apple at the same time as Guy and have always admired him. I also learned some great things working there. I think the greatest thing I took away was a true appreciation for technology. It certainly is enchanting to me, but I think Apple does the best job of creating products that really attract our appreciation of beautiful things. Can’t wait to read this book…thanks Michael.

  • Prem

    Dear Micheal, I want to be inspired to change. Period!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to have a copy of Guy’s book to continue learning how to engage my community to take action to help save big cats.

  • Jerry

    Being a fan of Apple for a few years now and hearing the concept of “enchantment” makes sense to me on many levels. From the personal side, I am a raving fan. From a professional side, it’s a business model that’s worth copying. From a spiritual side, it takes it up a notch and gives us a practical example of doing under others what we would like done to us.

    I would enjoy having this book to gain more insight into how I can apply this concept to all phases of my life as I’m at a unique crossroads where I am considering what work role God has placed me in. I am seeking to find how to fully understand and make the most of my current position knowing that God has something more in store.

    I am now a raving fan of your blog and have been passing your thoughts and ideas on to friends and family as you bring a great perspective on life, business, and leadership. Thank you!

  • Barry Wiseman

    Guy just gets it, plain and simple- he has such an insight and skill at what he does that I think this would be an invaluable resource in my toolbox in not only my personal and business life but also in my volunteer involvement at church. To be able to utilize these skills as our church connects people with Jesus and the Life He offers would be an awesome gift to our ministry.

  • Bryan

    Our two year old church as grown by 200% from the same time last year. How we need to enchant our visitors to go deeper by serving and getting into small groups.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Bryan, that’s an awesome amount of growth your church experienced! Glad to hear you want your visitors and members to go deeper in their faith!

  • Bill L

    I am a fan and developer of empowerment – for adults who wish to grow in their work environment. I am moving very slowing in gaining traction with the leaders in my target market. I have lived in the new space that I help bring to others, so I know (as I have experienced, with others) the benefits. I am not yet communicating and not present yet in the way that initiates lasting relationships of service. Your interview with Guy brought out trust and persistance. First, I believe that I need to work on likeability. I am a nice guy – however, I’ve been told that, from across the room, I look scary. That’s not a place that’s an easy jump to likeable, and so an area for me to work on. I look forward to the ideas that Guy’s writing and stories inspire in me.

  • Josh Byrd

    Michael, I want Guy’s new book because I love Big brands and learning from the things they do so that I can take that knowledge and apply it in the business and life I lead and change someones world for the better.

  • Carla

    Sounds like just the tool I need to improve my interpersonal skills when mentoring teenagers. Some days you just can’t figure out how to get through to them even tho’ you are there to help (in my job I am a mentor to teens and a developer of teen leaders). Some just seem to have a wall I can’t get past. I’d like to read this book to learn some new techniques to communicate that I want to help and I do care as well as to improve my own skills in other interactions. I couldn’t help notice he smiled and gestured in a friendly likeable way throughout the interview. It was like he was so delighted you wanted to interact with him. I’d like to send that positive message to those I interact with in every possible situation.

  • Nina

    I would like this book because I am in the initial phases of my life education to transition into self employment. I understand the need to get my message across effectively and efficiently and see this book as helpful.


  • Rhett Laubach

    I want a copy of Guy’s book because the work we do is of the utmost importance – teaching young people and professionals the how/why/what of great leadership. And the more enchanting we can make our products, services, messages, marketing and interactions, the quicker they will adopt our concepts and therefore change the world. In Kearney, NE or Riverside, CA or Trafalgar, IN there is a leader not yet convinced they can do it. Our implementation of one or more of Guy’s concepts might just be what they need to get in gear. Thank you.

  • John Richardson

    I’ve followed Guy for years. His ideas are practical and they work. His book, Art of the Start, should be required reading for anyone thinking of starting a business. But enchantment, takes business a step farther. When I think of enchantment, I think of Disneyland. People love Disneyland. They love the rides, the characters, and they especially love the experience.

    I’ve always wanted to create enchantment for my readers, but it’s not easy. It takes creativity, planning, and a lot of testing to find the magic. That is why I would love a copy of this book… to help me find the magic and be able to share it.

    As Guy said, “Leverage your brand, … You shouldn’t let two guys in a garage eat your shorts.” That’s where enchantment comes in!

    • Steven Cribbs

      Disney is definitely one of those companies that has figured out the enchantment thing – from young to old, Disney captures the heart of so many.

      I too want to create enchantment for my blog (while hopefully building a community)…and for the children and volunteers that I lead at church.

  • Karl Mealor

    I teach high school math. To teenagers. You may have difficulty believing this, but teenagers are often less than enchanted with mathematics. Every day, a group comes in, sits down, and for about an hour, I am expected to delight, amaze, and inspire. Then, that group leaves, and a fresh group comes in. This happens four or five times a day. Every day. For months on end.

    I need, nay, I am desperate for, ideas that will help me enchant these young people in our daily pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Any help you could provide with this book would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tom C. McGee, Jr.

    Guy’s my hero. Having been both a pastor and a business owner, I admire him as an evangelist for evangelism, believing in something enough to put your own neck on the line.

  • Chris Friedmann

    Jesus Christ was and is the greatest Enchanter of all time. He also offers the greatest product of all time, eternal life and abundant life on earth. He has left His church the responsiblity of share His Enchanting Good News. Our world is starving for someone to come along and enchant them with something that is real and can be completely trusted- The Great Enchanter! I would like a copy of this book to help me in my ministry as our church has recently launched a new inititave to help our people and our church become more effective enchanters and a more enchanting place for Christ. Michael, thanks for the offer and the great info!

  • BCaravan

    I love the type of creative, innovative thinking described in this book. I think it could help me as a leader in my business.

  • Brian Gentry

    I’d enjoy a copy of Guy’s latest book. I’ve found his work to be practical, inspirational and content that I have readily shared with others.

    For example, Guy wrote a blog article on moderating panel discussions. That article changed my life by enhancing my ablity to lead some interesting discussions in my community. When an emerging leader was gearing up to lead a discussion group, I shared the same article with her. It was really cool to be able to pay it forward.

    Guy’s work has made an difference on my life and has allowed me to make an impact on others, I’m excited to see what I could learn from his latest work and how it will ehnace my ability to help others.

  • Jim Whitaker

    1.How do you define “enchantment”? Finding a book that will answer that question for you.
    2.Why is enchantment so important? Have you every purchased anything that was not enhanced at some time….wait that is enhancement not enchantment.
    3.How does likability relate to enchantment? Do I really have to dress with a tie?
    4.You say that likability is half the battle; the other half is trust. How do you build trust? You cannot build trust this you have a trustful relationship yourself. You have to first trust God then yourself and then you can trust others. When you can do that, then you can build trust.
    5.Every leader and entrepreneur I know faces resistance. What are a few strategies for overcoming resistance? WD40?
    6.It seems that people eventually get disenchanted—in their work, in the products and services they use, and even in their marriages. How do you make enchantment last? Been married for 15 years. Yes dear and whatever you say dear seems to work best to combat disenchantment….. As you can see by my answers, I am a little of target, it appears I really need this book to help me get back on the right page. Plus I had devoured everything that Guy has written and I have never been disappointed in what he has to say. So I would appreciate the opportunity to learn a little bit more for the Chief Evangelist.

  • David Manning

    Later this month my son and I are headed to a SCORE workshop. Each of us are in “start-up” mode. My son is building and selling custom product from our garage (currently) with early success. I will be providing service to people with a specific focus to retiring boomers.

    I’d like the book to help my son understand how to build a great brand – and it’s not only about the product, it’s about the organization. I like Kawasaki’s line, “… take people beyond the transaction to internalizing the values of the organization.” I think the practical advice like “dress for a tie” will help him get off on the right footing.

    I also need all the insight I can get to build a trusted brand with a client base who is often worried about their security. Any “free” assistance at this point in our start-up is appreciated. This book will be used well.

    Thanks in advance, David

  • Kjack10

    I love Guy Kawasaki and love his pacing in his books. I just had a newborn and suddenly realize that I can only read in 5-15 minute increments now. Shouldn’t have been that shocking but it was to me. I need a book like Guy’s because of his short chapters and quick points.

  • Joe Lalonde

    Wow Michael, that was a great interview with Guy Kawasaki! I’ve never heard of him before, but this interview made him seem very interesting.

    I would love to get a copy of his new book so I can further understand the art of enchantment. I work as in the IT field and I’m stupefied over the love affair people have with Apple. I’m sure it has to do with Guy’s ability to market and enchant others.

    I also believe it could be a great resource book to learn the art of changing hearts, minds and actions. I would love to see if it could be put to use in a youth group setting to help young people become enchanted and want to better the world.

    Thanks again for the wonderful information you provide! It’s a pleasure reading your blog.

    • Steven Cribbs

      Guy is a new name for me too. I look forward to the insights of someone gifted in generating this concept of enchantment. I also had a similar thought towards ministry – thinking about the difference it could make if we could learn better how to change hearts, minds, and actions.

      • Joe Lalonde

        Steven, thanks for the comment. I hope you can find some way to implement this strategy into your ministry. I’ll be approaching our youth pastor to share the idea of this book with him and see if we can implement it.

      • InSpirit

        oops – here i thought that was H Sp’s job “)

        • Steven Cribbs

          Didn’t you get the memo?? Just kidding. Definitely the Holy Spirit’s job. Sometimes we get to be a tool used in the process and I want to be the best tool I can be when I am called upon.

  • Matt Robinson

    I’m preparing to plant a church. One of the most important things I can do is to create the right culture for our church to thrive. I’m a big Guy fan and am excited about this most recent book. I believe it will help me to create that culture for us to be successful long term.

  • Dale Schaeffer

    I want this book because one of my primary roles is helping leaders and churches who are disenchanted with their roles to become rejuvenated in their calling. I believe Guy’s book could be a great help.

    I work with about 62 churches and 90 pastors in Illinois equipping them to becoming enchanting embodiments of Christ. Additionally I lead a reproducing network of church plants with a desire to reproduce leaders and followers of Christ.

  • GSK

    I’m starting to expand my sphere of influence and am looking for effective ways to do so. I have also started a volunteer organization in the community and for it to be successful, I think “enchanting” is the way to go.

  • MargieK

    Wow, I learned a lot from the nine minute video…I can’t wait to read the book! I’m unfamiliar with Guy but now I am intrigued. What great insight, and yet it’s common sense.

  • Joshua Brown

    As a new entrepreneur, I need all the new insights I can get from people who are really getting it done! Guy Kawasaki is a guy (pun intended) who is getting it done!

  • Steve Barkley

    I own a business that offers at it’s core the opportunity to change your life for the better through learning a skill, persevering, and improving your physical and mental well being. I have read books like Raving Fans and The Starbucks Experience and these have helped me focus on the customer experience. I would like to be able to do what Guy suggested, take the focus off a single transaction and enchant customers to enthusiastically buy into my values.

  • Steven Cribbs

    This concept of enchantment seems to be at the heart of our lives… If we stop to think about it, we find that we are always trying to create this enchantment – from the early days of childhood where we are trying to gain a certain amount of popularity and create friendships, to the attempt to enchant our future spouse, to convincing an employer that we are the person that they truly want, to creating mindshare for the product that our company represents, to sharing a religious message.

    In many instances, this is not something we do intentionally; however, what would happen if we intentionally developed our tools? What difference might we make in, yes our businesses, but also with training our children, developing relationships and sharing the gospel?? I am ready.

  • David Alan Hjelle

    I’m a programmer at a very small software company—where even the programmers need to get involved in marketing! Historically, our best sales have always come from word-of-mouth, but I don’t think we have ever understood what really makes this kind of sales work—and it seems that this idea of “enchantment” really solidifies what I already somewhat intuitively know from watching companies like Apple. I’d love to read an expert’s thoughts on the matter and see how we can apply them to our own business.

  • Krista

    I would be interested in reading this book as I am helping out my good friend, who started her own organic salon and products business, as an executive assistant. She is on the edge of having her business explode, so this book would be a great asset in where we are at right now!

  • Aleciarb

    Thank you for the opportunity to earn a copy of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. I loved the infographic! In particular, I am interested in learning more about How to Overcome Resistance and How to Make Enchantment Endure. I am surrounded by many who are disenchanted right now; it would be timely to learn the ways of enchantment, likability, and trust. Time for a phase change!

  • David Lartey Gbebi

    I want this book because I know that there are areas in my life this book will really affect positively. I am a 19 year old programming student that wants to build businesses but at this age with lots of ideas going through my head it is really had to make them a reality because I know very little or nothing concerning business building and management. I built a small business but it is about to fall. I know I need the book. Thanks for offering me a chance to get a copy of the book.

  • Rene Brehm

    I love free, and I particularly love a free book. I would make great use of this free book as I work in Communications for a Free Church. I am always eager to learn more about how to make our message compelling to our readers. I am also interested in keeping my employees and my boss enchanted with the work we are doing. Thanks for listening!

  • Gina Burgess

    I want this book because Guy looks like Jackie Chan. Of course, since he looks like him, then Guy must be as charming and winsome and enchanting as Jackie Chan.

  • JD Eddins

    I’ll always be enchanted by the idea of a free book, especially when it comes from a guy named Guy. I’d link to give this book a read and see how his thoughts on overcoming resistance compare with Seth Godin’s in Linchpin.

    • Steven Cribbs

      Nice play on words ;-)

      • JD Eddins

        Thanks, I hoping the little bit of creativity to help Michael push pass any
        resistence he has to giving me a free book.

        • Steven Cribbs

          I wonder if it would help to just say “Please!”

  • Clyons

    I used to work at the IRS and try to communicate change and the value of individuals. Needless to say I appreciate a challenge. Now I’m in full time ministry as well as writing books and articles. Any tool to enhance communicating truth and building community is good however great tools are better. That’s why I follow Michael Hyatt, and that’s why I would appreciate getting a copy of this new book – I value great tools and great leaders!

  • duane

    I would like to read this book because I believe that those involved in “ministry” should be the best marketers because we are bringing the most important message (“product”) ever. This book appears to also be a great resource for working with others on a team – another essential part of ministry work like I am involved in. Thanks!

  • mary pudaite keating

    Had it not been for a Welsh missionary coming to our tribe in NE India my dad would have learned the art of headhunting–instead, he came to the U.S. back in the 1950’s with only change in his pocket to heart hunt! A dream to mail a billion Bibles to people all over the world using the phonebook as addresses to mail them a Bible. A true evangelist at heart, Dad and Guy would get a long well! As a long time Guy fan, the more I read of his books, the more I realize, my dad was given (and learned) many of these things that Guy talks about in all his books–and now, enchantment. If you ever met my dad–he exudes this! I’d love to read the book!

  • Matthew McMorris

    I would love this book because my life is about connecting with and leading people. I am the program director at a camp and I am constantly building new relationships with people outside of our organization as well as leading a team within our organization.

    This looks like a great read!

  • Alessandra Cimatti

    I am preparing to teach a course on communication to young apprentices and I believe Guy’s message will resonate with the younger generation.

  • Thomas Duff

    I’ve heard some very good feedback on this book, and I’d love to read it and share my own thoughts with my blog readers.

  • Jeff Randleman

    I would love to read this! I’m just starting out in the blogging world, and hoping to eventually make a business out of my efforts. I really feel like this book would be a great asset to my education in this area. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Andrew Means

    I want the book because I am in the midst of creating “The Pitch” for my new organization. We are a start-up real estate investment fund looking to solve the affordable housing problem. I need to enchant my potential investors with an experience that will move them to open up their wallets and hearts to this important issue. Guy’s book would help us succeed in increasing the quantity and quality of affordable housing in our cities.

  • Andrew Means

    I want the book because I am in the midst of creating “The Pitch” for my new organization. We are a start-up real estate investment fund looking to solve the affordable housing problem. I need to enchant my potential investors with an experience that will move them to open up their wallets and hearts to this important issue. Guy’s book would help us succeed in increasing the quantity and quality of affordable housing in our cities.

  • Roger Willroth

    Any Son of Adam would want a book about the enticement of Apple!

  • Jason

    I am one of two in a busy IT-Dept we have a critical piece software users dislike and I have a unique opportunity to change how colleagues feel about it.

  • Chris Branscome

    I’m the worship leader for a church, and while worship ultimately depends on the Spirit and our response to Him, we are called to use our God-given resources to the best of our ability. Music, after all, is only a tool used to help us worship. The same is true for visuals and environment. They’re just tools to help point us to God, and we need to wield those tools well.

    I also create music for games, and, someday (I hope), film. I’m very passionate about space and nature, because those things point me to God, and I want to use all of those things to help people experience the joy that is inherent in His creation, broken though it is.

    I believe this book could help me in these endeavors.

  • Doreenb

    I want this book because I have been following Guy and subscribe to his philosophies. He has an uncanny way of presenting information that is palatable to all readers and has wide application uses. I have switched to a new role in my workplace that really requires me to live and breathe this type of information. I feel this latest book by Guy will provide me some excellent insights and tools to help me.

  • Anonymous

    There has to be more to “enchantment” than what a Disney movie & Taylor Swift can conjure up, right? I would rather enjoy to read Guy’s take on enchantment, especially after viewing the infographic. I appreciate that he includes all aspects of enchantment, including resistance.

  • Haydeeang

    Hello, Michael! Would you give me a copy for simple reason that I wanna read it? And I’m an Apple-user. Thank you!

  • Alan

    In starting a new church I/we have to be creative in presenting an old message (the Gospel) to people who may have no or negative affinity towards Christ

  • Metric

    Why do I want this book?
    A) I live to engage people at the intersection of Christ & events
    2) I have no funds to buy it bc I’m paying off medical bills (4 mo old daughter).
    III) I’m at an pivotal point in my life where I’m ready to start doing some “big” things and I believe this book would help
    Lastly) I’m actually taking time to tell you this! ;-)

  • Rachel

    As an MBA student and a leader, this would be phenomenal in order to influence the young people I lead and in the business world.

    Rachel P.

  • TNeal

    Less than 1 minute and 21 seconds. In that time frame, you’d asked an important question and Guy had made a significant statement. Four minutes and 56 seconds later, the two of you enchanted me with some additional great ideas and illustrations. Now I’d like to read more…

  • paul west

    I once spent 2 hours listening to Guy evangelise on the subject of rules for Revolutionaries he captivated the entire room and I still use the lessons today. I’d love to read his current thinking

  • Kat Andrews

    I would like to read this book for two reasons: 1. I’m training to be an advocate at my church following principles from “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” by Paul David Tripp and it has not only changed me but is an excellent resource. It seems that “Enchanted” will go along with it. 2. I am finally, after 3 years of stubbornly ignoring God’s leading in my life, searching for ways to tell my story to glorify God.

    Katrina A.

  • guy m williams

    I’m a young pastor leading an old, established church through change in order to recapture its mission and vision, and to re-energize our passion to grow deeply in Christ and to reach our community. One thing we have learned in this process is that inspiration is critical. As the leader and chief vision-caster, I am drinking in everything I can about how to inspire our people toward God’s vision for our church.

    Sounds like what we’re doing here is captured in the title of Guy’s book!

    Plus, we share a name… not so common for us Guy’s.

  • paul west

    I once listened to Guy captivate a room for 2 hours with 10 simple powerpoint slides on the subject of rules for Revolutionaries- I still use the lessons I learnt that day. I’d love to read his current thinking – that might inspire me for another 15 years

  • Chris

    I’m a veterinarian, and to be honest, small veterinary hospitals have been hit hard by the economy. My partner and I have managed to grow our business despite the economic downturn, but I really want to see if I can change how veterinary medicine is practiced on a larger scale. I think we’re focused on the wrong things, and I want to figure out how to attract and keep clients while still being able to provide top level medicine for their pets. Dumbing down our services isn’t the answer. Gouging clients just so we can stay in business isn’t it either. We need to bring the “enchantment” back to veterinary medicine. Thanks for your time!

  • dckenney

    I saw Guy speak at the first Catalyst West Coast and I came home singing his praises, ever since then I have followed him on twitter. I would love to read this book because I am soon to be taking a calling as a senior pastor (a job I have never ever done) and would love his wisdom into this new life. I believe mentors are important and Guy’s insight will be greatly appreciated.

  • Joe Kerr

    Broken hearted? Heavy hearted? Sometimes Christians and non-Christians just plain need a Spiritual heart transplant. Great to know God is still in that business. We need a book that isn’t afraid to say – sooner or later every human issue is a heart issue.

    Love to get a a chance to look at the book, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Audra Marie

    I will feel no pressure to have an amazing comment so I can win this book. I will feel…just kidding. :)

    I like the concept of Enchantment and would love to learn more about it to apply to my business and personal life. It sounds like it’s based on the age old principle of putting others before yourself. Being a servant, putting yourself on their level, etc. to establish that relationship. I think my husband would also find this book useful.

    So, will enchantment work on our kids? hehe

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  • Jeff Voeltner

    I’ve followed Guy for several years now and am looking forward to reading ‘Enchanment’ because I absolutely love how simple and practical Guy’s books are. I discovered Guy when reading ‘Selling the Dream’ and ‘The Art of the Start’, both of which I have re-read a couple times since as I’m in the process of launching my own dream. I plan on reading Enchantment and have had it on my Amazon wish list for a few weeks now – winning a free copy would enable me to apply my $ other areas of enchanting others with my dream!

  • Scott Wilke

    I’d like a copy of this book because the company for which I work has a strategy of creating raving fans. One of the ways we do that is by creating emotional connections with our customers. We’re always looking for new and better ways to do this, and it sounds like Guy’s book could provide some great insights. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Lisa Waites

    Because my most recent creative poetic endeavour was rejected for being “too prophetic”; because I face ongoing resistance for my radical, passionate proclamation of the gospel in word and deed; because I am both a leader of leaders and a woman in an ecclesial world that stubbornly privileges men; because I have always smiled with my eyes and have an abundance of crow’s feet to help you trust my claim; because I am a voracious and attentive reader who thinks like a baker, not an eater, but who will serve better pie after learning Kawasaki’s recipe; and because the hearts, minds and actions of my generation are begging for enchantment, and I happen to be a creative, musical enchanter.

    Because I have just listed six authentic reasons which address your six interview questions, I hope you will default to a “yes attitude”, and send me a copy of the book!

    Delightedly yours, Lisa Waites

  • David Lermy

    I have always enjoyed Guy Kawasaki’s books, especially the Art of Start. The reason I am eager to read his latest book, Enchantment, is because of my role in the church I am in. One of my responsibilities is to try to connect the 2,000 plus people to the vision of the senior pastor through the avenues of groups, serving, guest relations, and membership. How to get that many people to be “enchanted” about the vision and mission of the church is quite a task. I am hoping to glean from Guy on this idea.

  • Kristen Hamilton

    I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to be part of a team that is leading significant change at our church. We are aiming to build in new DNA and culture that creates fantastic experiences for everyone who sets foot on our campus, and equips our people to carry that experience out into their communities and everyday lives. For us, the heart of it all is the gospel and there’s nothing more enchanting. Effectively communicating that throughout our culture is increasingly challenging. What better expertise to leverage than the amazing Guy Kawasaki! Thanks for your consideration Michael and for letting us “sit in” on your interview with Guy.

  • Christy

    I went to a fabulous resort near Sedona, AZ called Enchantment last year. I totally get the meaning of that word! Since I can’t afford to go back, I would love to immerse myself in Guy’s book by the same name — and learn some enchanting principles that would serve me better over the long term than a week at a spa. Although, if you were offering a chance to win a week at Enchantment, I would be all over it!

  • Robb Bewer

    I want this book because my heart longs for new ways to make ongoing connections with people. I believe Guy’s experiences with Apple can be translated to people. I just want to become a better people-person.

  • Brent Mitchell

    I think this would be a great resource as I look to improve communication efforts for the organizations I work with. We need to go beyond just the content and look at our relationship with the audience, keep them coming back and inspire them to action.

  • Janet

    I’ve been amazed by Guy Kawaski for years (I think more organizations should have the Evangelist title). I love the combination of likability and trust and the premise of deep delighted enchanting long lasting relationship, of giving in order to receive, of internalizing values. And the infographic is great!

  • Rick Yuzzi

    Great interview. Guy seems like a guy who practices what he preaches. Would love to learn more about what has made him and the companies he’s helped promote more successful. Sounds like his philosophy would be good for building a personal brand, as well a company brand.

  • Robby

    As a minister, I talk with people everyday. In most conversations, I have only a few minutes – or even seconds – to say or write something to impact their life. I need this book because ANYTHING I can do to continuously improve my influence on people for good is important. It’s really not a book for me but for those to whom I minister!

    Robby H.

  • Chris Mt.P

    As a former Apple retail technician who was on the Genius team, I recall being challenged daily with this theme; go make some wow moments today. I have moved on to a company where the culture is not even comparable to what I had at Apple. I’d love to devour this book and then pass it on to my peers and managers. Our culture is our personal brand. I think Guy embodies that mindset and expresses it so well in his writing. Please, may I have a copy? I’ll put it to good use.

  • Jocelyn Lindsay

    I’ve never read a Kawasaki book. I didn’t even know who he was until a couple months ago when a friend and I were having lunch and she was all “It’s amazing! It’s wonderful! You have to get it! Everyone needs to read Kawasaki!” And I was like “What do motorcycles have to do with your new business idea?” Wow. Did I feel silly. The book sounded good and clearly she was excited, but I didn’t rush out and read it. This video is the third time Enchantment has been brought to my attention by someone who I think is worth paying attention to. Crow’s feet? Check. Like to bake? Check. Clearly the universe is telling me something. I’m listening this time.

  • scottf

    I could use this book to help in come out of my shell professionally and become a better witness.

  • Chris Mt.P

    As a former Apple retail technician who was on the Genius team, I recall being challenged daily with this theme; go make some wow moments today. I have moved on to a company where the culture is not even comparable to what I had at Apple. I’d love to devour this book and then pass it on to my peers and managers. Our culture is our personal brand. I think Guy embodies that mindset and expresses it so well in his writing. Please, may I have a copy? I’ll put it to good use.

  • Roy Wallen

    This kind of engagement is what makes businesses last. Thanks for bringing visibility to this book as well as Kawasaki’s greater body of works.

  • Michael Limas

    As a teacher and assoc. pastor – I am always reading and looking for new ways to grow spiritually, professionally, and personally. By reading your comments – which I value very much it seems like this book would be a great asset to have.

  • Laura Bowman

    I would love to read this book. I think the title and concept fascinating. My son and husband are trying to start a new company and I believe this would help us to bring some focus to our dream of helping churches, especially church planters.

  • Cody

    I’m working on changing the world with the purpose of making Christ known. So many Christians do a terrible job of spreading Christ’s love by shoving “religion” and legalism in the faces of people. Certainly this book can not match the power of the Holy Spirit when learning how to communicate to people, but learning how to be likable, learning how to gain people’s trust and learning how to enchant people will certainly open up many more doors than and many more minds than myself in my current state. Help me be a better communicator Michael!

  • Vikkihuisman

    I want to win this book because unfortunately, I seem to be the most social media, communication minded person on staff at my church…but I”m an assistant. The assistant is not always “heard”. :) If I had a resource in my hand to show others, so I could “lead up” it would help immensely.

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Hey Mike, I would like a copy of Guy’s book so I can learn to be more enchanting and lead my company, my church, and my blog to be more enchanting. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Gallup’s Strengths Finder, but they refer to a strength they call “woo” which is sort of the natural gift of enchantment. Let’s just say I sometimes refer to myself as the anti-woo. I need all the help I can get and Enchantment sounds like it would be a great help.

    • Travis Robertson

      LOL! Anti-woo! That’s very funny. I hope you get a copy for that comment alone. The other reasons are good too. But that’s classic. :)

      • Steven Cribbs

        I think we have a new catch phrase! Anti-woo. I like it too…definitely worth a book for that comment. :-)

  • Anonymous

    After watching the interview I’m excited about this book because it would build on a few other books that I have just finished. As a coach, one of the most difficult things I have to overcome with new clients is the trust factor. They have to become comfortable with me and trust me enough to share some personal details. This doesn’t happen without some work on my part. I’m working on breaking free from old ideas on relationship building so I can be seen more easily as someone they can get to know, like and trust. Learning new ways to help my client internalize the value of coaching would also be something I think this book can provide. It is a difficult thing to convey to them sometimes so any pointers would make the process easier for both my clients and myself.

  • Erin Bird

    I am a church planter in training, currently in fundraising mode (which I suspect I will be for years to come!). Much of what Guy was talking about in this interview I could immediately see how I can apply (and want to apply) during this season of fundraising.

    For instance, I haven’t been wanting to “win” in conversations with individuals and churches, but have been aiming for “win/win” (or a “tie” as Guy says in the interview). It sounds like his book could be really helpful during this critical time in the ministry season God currently has me in (fundraising) and is preparing for me to lead (church planting).

  • Lyndie Blevins

    This will be a great help as I build my writing platform!

  • Lynnette

    I’m becoming disenchanted with my job and want my personal business to take off. This sounds like a book that can help me with both.

  • Knightopia

    I want to be evangelized by Apple’s former Chief Evangelist!

  • Kevin

    I am a small group leader who is discipling some couples that are new to the faith and are not buying-in full bore to the gospel message. I have tried many approaches to present and convey the message in such a way that will get them off the fence and into acting on their faith. It really sounds like this book could help with that. I need help!!

  • Sethcaddell

    I love apple and would love to see what they can teach me about increasing my platform and readership on my blog and in my church. I think there’s a ton to learn from Apple and would love to see how I can implement it.

  • Joshs

    Because I have been wrestling with how to best share the good news, and I believe we always need to listen to the brightest minds around the world and think critically about how to best apply their thinking to our own unique contexts. All truth is god’s truth and many from academic and corporate fields are telling this truth better than the church.

  • Nick Smith

    I’ve been excited to read this book since I heard it was in the works. I’m on a mission to help people change the way they think about communicating their ideas, and it seems this book will have even more fuel for my fire. I’m looking forward to adding some of Guy’s tips to my ever-growing list of presenting tips and advice I can use to help other people get their ideas to spread.

  • Randy Cantrell

    I’m buying the Kindle version for myself, but I would love a copy to giveaway to a client who is finding it hard, during these tough times, to avoid chasing the transaction. The pain he’s suffering is so present it overrides his ability to see the longer term benefits of making customers see his business as anything other than the single, present transaction. His need for revenue is reigning supreme over building his business into a valued ongoing resource. He’s not alone. Clearly.

    Thank you,

  • Audrakrell

    I want Enchantment so I can be a Chief Evangelist like that Guy.

  • Harvey

    In launching new churches in cities of Canada there is so much resistance by the existing church and leaders in churches. How can we over ride the resistance? How can we surf the resistance to do new things in news ways to reach new people? How can we change the mindset and create an openness to what God is doing in our cities?

  • Harvey

    In launching new churches in cities of Canada there is so much resistance by the existing church and leaders in churches. How can we over ride the resistance? How can we surf the resistance to do new things in news ways to reach new people? How can we change the mindset and create an openness to what God is doing in our cities?

  • Paula Whidden

    Why me?
    1. I often refer to myself as an acquired taste, but darn it, I want to be enchanting.
    2. It’s my passion to share Christ with others to help change lives and enable growth. Christ is enchanting, I want to be like Him.
    3. Why not me? Come on, help a sister out.

  • Paula Whidden

    Why me?
    1. I often refer to myself as an acquired taste, but darn it, I want to be enchanting.
    2. It’s my passion to share Christ with others to help change lives and enable growth. Christ is enchanting, I want to be like Him.
    3. Why not me? Come on, help a sister out.

  • Esmith

    I really respect both of you guys and the great stuff you are constantly sharing.

    Oh man, do I need this book. The test told me I scored only 12 out of 24. I need to bless others by learning how better to enchant. Please Help!

    Our non-profit needs the kickstart too!

  • Nathan McIntyre

    You know, in the shower this morning I was thinking of why certain brands and companies are able to generate such a devoted cult like following. I developed a solid base for my thesis but it sure would be great to add some additional thinking from Guy into the mix to stoke the fire a bit. I would love the opportunity to read his new book Enchanted, and when I am done I will re-gift it to another that would like to read it.

  • Bert Crabbe

    I am loving the Kawasaki/Hyatt collaboration here! I want my own copy of “Enchantment” because I’m a pastor and I don’t think anything should be as enchanting as the local church.

    Also, this seems like it might be a great book to lead my entire staff through in our weekly training and devotional time.

  • Nancy

    Guy studies things differently than the rest of us, so he sees things the rest of us don’t see. Where we see branding as an illusion, he shows why it isn’t, and he also shows what it is, and more importantly, how to BE a brand that has the same kind of loyalty that comes to Apple, and Zappos. I want to build myself into that kind of brand.

  • Heart Press

    Heh. Guy hired me via a simple advertisement; he doesn’t know this, but selling Truemors was the best thing he could have done for me. This small act was instrumental in getting my own company started.

    Absolutely I want his book: “…a modern-day Dale Carnegie…”

  • Jane Hinrichs

    I surely need to read this book! Boy do we need some enchantment in my tiny town of Blunt, SD. We live in the middle of emptiness….glad God brought me here, but would love some help. Plus, I’ll share with tons of people…promise.

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    I am a youth pastor, and the concept of this book sounds like something that I would need. I am constantly looking for the most effective ways to affect the hearts and minds, and subsequently actions, of teenagers, so I NEED this book!

  • Brendan Cosgrove

    What I love about the idea of enchantment is that it boils down to the reality that no matter our vocation we are in the business of serving/enchanting people. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing computer work, accounting, or sales. If you can enchant the people you serve you’re going to be successful. I’d love to read more about Guy’s perspective though. :)

  • Yuri Artibise

    Enchantment is the perfect book to take my fairy tale dreams and turn them into reality. I want to enchant them to help me turn my fantasies into facts and my dreams into ‘dones’.

  • Kim Bui

    I have recently been really unhappy some important people in my life so I took a few step back and reflect on some personal things which leads me to a “mini” revelation. I feel spiritually empty and lost. I can’t remember how I stumble upon your twitter page and then Guy Kawasaki’s page. I’ve learned quite a few things from reading both of your blogs. Now, I have dedicated my time to become more aware of the things that are happening outside of my social circle and my little “world.” I want to start volunteering, improve in my professional life, and feel more satisfying with my personal life. I want to change the way I feel about people and the way people feel about me so I can start to make a difference in my community. This book would be a great way for me to find out how and I where I should start improving my relationships.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Michael , I would like this book from you for two reasons. Because I know Guy, since my days at HP over 20 years ago we run into each other occasionally and I have all of his books. I would be a hoot to tell him how I received my copy, in which case he will tell me that I am not helping to pay for his kids education. The second reason to that I am on the brink of releasing the first product from my start-up that addresses a need of the 52 million long-distance grandparents who do not see their grandchildren as often as they would like. This frustrates their desire to leave a fun and nurturing legacy with their 280 million grandchildren. My company speaks to and is based upon many of the premises in Guy’s book, “of believing in an idea that delivers something entirely unique to the customer” while maintaining the highest standards of ethics.

    The genesis of my company was the call to doing something that I was not and am not capable of doing by myself but have to put my trust and faith that this was my calling from Christ. My father and my son passed away within just a few months of each other, three months after that I left my full time job to undertake this journey. My first product concept was the result of going through the photo albums of my father and son. The ones that always stood out were the ones of my father with his grandchildren or great-grandchildren on his lap as he read them stories. The expressions and emotions in those photos were the spark.

    In summary, it is serendipitous that you should have this post regarding Guy’s new book and that they motivation and culture of my company lives the principles of Enchantment

  • Phil Newell

    It’s been said that pastoring a local church is one of the most difficult and frustrating jobs in America. Our culture no longer invites them onto the main stage, to offer meaningful contributions to the conversation. Their commitment to the call of God is continually bashed by the gap between dreams and reality. They said “Yes” to a preferred future that seems to never be realized. They give and give and give with little positive results.

    It is to these men and women I am drawn, and I am always on the hunt for anything I can get my hands on that might help me be able to help them. I also coach seminary students and church planters who are about to jump into the fray. It appears to me that Guy just might be on to something that may be of some benefit in preparing them for their next step.

  • David Schober

    I find it fascinating in that our modern (postmodern?) world, and despite all of the wonderful electronic gadgets we have and love, the key component of successful relationships in business or personal life are still strong, fundamental human connections. It’s great to hear this from a man who was at the core of the personal computer revolution, and essentially giving a new interpretation of Dale Carnegie’s seminal book on the subject.

    I look forward to reading it!

  • Tracy Stoller

    I need to read this book because I teach college students about using information wisely and ethically. I can’t really get anywhere with that task until they understand that they NEED to use information wisely and ethically.

  • Mike Haley

    Michael- thank you again for a great addition to your blog. You are among the great blogs I read daily. I am interested in Guy’s new book as I just accepted a new position for a major SoCal Christian university. My role is to grow international enrollment, and define (or re-define) our image primarily in Asia, along with a few other countries around the world. To use Guy’s terminology I am asking; Do we enchant? If not, why not? Can we enchant? If so, how so? Are we likable? How can we really assist them (churches, para-church orgs, international high schools…) w/o it feeling like a quid pro quo arrangement only to garner more students. I think this book will be a significant resource for answering those questions.

  • Jacob Musselman

    Enchanting ideas are not hard to come by; there are tons of methods and writings about charming someone. But what happens when the charm wear’s off? Or what happens when a cynical generation arrives that is always asking “What’s in it for you?”?

    I want this book because I want to hear about sustainable enchantment, not just the first date but a lasting relationship. Guy has experience and something to say about that. My family is preparing to plant a church and creating sustainable enchantment is a MUST.

  • Gretchen A

    I am the director of a public library, and I follow Michael Hyatt’s blog because he tackles the issues of leadership and customer service. I am striving to be break out of the old library paradigm, and move my library to one known for exemplary customer service. When I listened to Guy’s videocast, it resonated with me because we try every day to create an enchanting experience for our library users. Public libraries used to stress being “gatekeepers”, but we are attempting to transition to “gateopeners”. I would like to start a new trend – libraries as centers of enchantment.

  • Joshua Scheid

    I used to be a world changer. Two years ago, I ran two marathons on back-to-back weekends (Chicago & Grand Rapids) to raise money for Team World Vision – and I’m not even a runner. I finished both marathons because I was enchanted with the idea of “living the race” of the gospel and the Christian life. Since then, I resigned from a great public sector job and began grad school at Western Theological Seminary. If I’m crazy enough to run two marathons, then I’m crazy enough to comment for a free book, and hopefully I’m just crazy enough to believe that little old me can inspire others to be world changers, too!

  • Joe Carter

    I would like this book because I’ve been a fan of Guy Kawasaki since the Guerrilla Marketing book… and would love to see his thoughts on the new book.

  • Christina

    Pick me, pick me! My husband and I pastor a 3-year old church plant that started from scratch and is now pushing the 200 mark in regular attendance. We are always looking for opportunities of “wow” moments that people will remember forever…this book will help us develop that enchantment in our congregation and even more so with visitors that are attending for the first time. I am already intrigued by your interview w/ Guy – and can’t wait to get my hands on the book! (Pretty please!)

  • Sheila Boggess

    Just this week, I’ve entered a chance to have breakfast with Guy Kawasaki after PubCamp at SXSW in Austin, and I really, really need his book so I have plenty to talk about at breakfast. Enchantment? I’m enthralled and over 50!

  • John H Harbison

    I would like a copy of Guy’s book because I need an injection of enchantment to help equip me for the daily battle with the frustration and futility that are a part of every job because of the fall. I have been having more than my share of disappointments and discouragements and need assistance in energizing a positive perspective.

  • Asa Veek

    I work for a company (which shall remain nameless, but it’s big :-)) that has done much to enchant its customers. As a volunteer in a young church, I think there’s much we could learn from these principles, as well. I’d love to read this book.

  • Helen Lee

    I met Guy briefly about ten years ago, back when he had launched, and I was trying to get a fledgling Internet startup off the ground. He gave out his email address, so I emailed him questions, with little hope that he would actually respond–I imagined he must have been swamped with these kinds of inquiries. To my great and utter astonishment, he not only responded but gave me great advice, especially as time went on and the situation for my company became more dire.

    I’m now involved in a new “start-up”, which is to attempt to build a brand and tribe for my own new book. In comparison to the writing, this for me is the hard part, and it feels utterly unnatural and challenging. Something tells me, however, that Guy’s book will help me think about the marketing and promotion process in an entirely new light, and in a way that will be encouraging, hopeful, and motivating for a first-time author like me who still feels like a deer caught by headlights when it comes to this phase of the book’s lifecycle. I love to be challenged with new ideas and fresh ways of thinking, and I would bet all my Apple products that this book will do just that.

    I’d love a copy of Guy’s book, to continue the learning I’ve experienced from him which began more than a decade ago. He may not remember me, but I won’t ever forget the time he took to to help a complete stranger and young entrepreneur. He “enchanted” me, and I became a fan for life.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is wow! Enchantment is such a wonderfully visual word to me. Conjuring up wonderment and a dreamlike state of mind. I would love to read this book in the hopes of beginning a journey from disenchantment to a better position of enchantment.

    Keep up the good work with your blog!

  • Dave Loney

    Still moving forward on my vision of starting an organization that moves Business Resources ( Time/Talent/Treasure) into the Developing World. THE LEGACY COUNCIL. This is harder than I thougth. My First success was EASY in comparison. This book will help me help others. If you dont send it to me I will buy it!
    Dave Loney

  • Aaron Sellars

    As a person in leadership and having to make decisions on a daily basis moving groups of people forward this book looks awesome.

  • Aaron Sellars

    As a person in leadership and having to make decisions on a daily basis moving groups of people forward this book looks awesome.

  • Steven Cribbs

    I think we have a new catch phrase! Anti-woo. I like it too…definitely worth a book for that comment. :-)

  • Michael McGinnis

    My next Action? In my Mind it’s all in the Heart.
    Abstract answer with snippets of a relevant book title? Check.

    I whispered “big nose” to my roommate before you shared the entire story at Liberty 2 weeks ago when you shared your cafeteria story.
    Personal example of blog readership? Check.

    Evangelists Always Have Good News. I’d like to hear it.

  • Vikki Gattuso


  • Bethany Planton

    Michael, I read your blog almost daily. It is such a wealth of knowledge for a young communication leader. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

    Almost everyday your blog posts are helpful and pertain to what I am seeing in my own college education and what I expect to see as I enter the work force, and Guy’s new book sounds like a great read for those things as well. While I have been earning my communication studies degree, I have also been working part time for a nonprofit organization and am looking for a full time nonprofit position after I graduate in May. The topics covered in Guy’s new book are present in every company, but I feel like they are even more prevalent in nonprofit organizations. Plus, I am a huge Apple product fan and love to hear from those who have had the opportunity to work at that company.

  • Greta Rose

    First, I truly thank Guy Kawasaki, his publisher and you for making this opportunity available to your readers. No matter who “wins”, you have generated a wonderful and valuable conversation in these comments, and that is very cool. What a great way to demonstrate enchantment and likability. It is both generous and brilliant.

    I would love to be selected as a recipient of Guy’s book for the following three reasons:


    As Director of Operations of a revolutionary new nonprofit, Sportsgrants Foundation, I hold these same qualities of enchantment as essential to changing the world… literally. As with the example given in the interview of gifted coffee and sugar, these tools are invaluable to social change and once read, you will know these tools will be implemented by our entire organization towards our mission. In 2011 alone, we intend to accomplish 6 projects, including building an orphanage in Haiti, providing wounded warriors with free prosthetic limbs and upgrading the 1-800-SUICIDE phone line, which receives a call every 8 seconds. Your gift will impact these projects directly.


    My job involves directly communicating with our social audience of several thousand members. Sportsgrants Foundation provides athletic fundraisers the most efficient tools for raising money for the causes they believe in, so the invaluable tools of this book will be relayed in detail and shared with our audience, who will in turn share with their friends, and so on. This one book will be shared with thousands.


    If selected, I will be sharing this book first with my husband, Scott Zagarino. Scott worships Guy Kawasaki, completely “gets” how amazing he is, and follows any and everything Apple with a wistful gleam in his eye. You will know that these pages will be treasured, word by word, the pages cradled with true appreciation, and most likely this book will need to buried with my husband as he probably won’t ever let it out of his grasp… ever.

    Again, thank you for the opportunity to “enchant” you.

    Greta Rose

  • Rich

    I would like a copy of this book for two reasons. Number one, I was ENCHANTED by your blog post about the book. Number two, I have long believed that perhaps the ONLY thing we have to trade on in business, family or any relationship is TRUST, which you also mention in your post. If trust is lacking, we can’t make significant progress with others. It is critical to build trust and to be worthy of it.

  • Rennette Gordon

    What an engaging interview! I’m so glad someone shared your blog with me. This type of content keeps us on the edge of our seats, waiting for more. You obviously understand how to use enchantment to build relationships. I would love this book because I’m a newbie marketer. By sowing into my development, I will take the responsibility to sow into others. We all must engage other people. The question is, “Will they be enchanted with the experience”? I’ll be able to use this information with my family, friendships and in my career.

  • Chris Denning

    I would really like to have this book because I’m on staff at a church, and I believe that learning how to leverage the tools that Guy talks about for the good of the Kingdom is of great importance. I’m always seeking to learn and to implement, so I think this book would be a great resource!

  •!/jwillgoesfast Jeremy W.

    I’m almost finished w/ reading the Zappos book and am impressed with their focus on wow’ing people in everything they do, i want to cultivate the “wow habit” within myself, and gaining insight from Mr. K’s book would be a great next step for me to get there. thanks!

  • Susan Hartley

    We are struggling to implement an “office of innovation” at our community college. There are so many people out there that just don’t get it, about how being creative and innovative can propel you, your job, and your business. I think that we need to do some “enchanting.” And I believe this book would be a valuable tool in our innovation tool box!

    • Chavah Golden

      I like your post and think you should get the book. I wish you the best. I agree, there are more people who don’t get it than people who do get it. It sounds like you get it. I’d love to hear more about your progress. Please contact me.

  • Sfernandez

    I really like the concept. Resistance can be your biggest challenge. Thanks for making this available.

  • Shelly G

    I want this book because I am looking for direction and inspiration in my own career path.

  • Chavah Golden

    I want Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions because I crave connections with people who get it. First of all, I have been enchanted with Guy Kawasaki since Apple was a baby, and he has stayed exceptionally smart the whole time. Furthermore, Guy knows that action cannot change without a change of heart and mind. It is a RARE few who understand this, much less make a POINT of it. Anyone who includes all three of these, I want to keep in my psyche. I am a Thinking Partner for Presenters and Authors who are cursed with a nagging, never ending drive to make their message more complete. This book is essential.

  • Eleanor Biddulph

    If we agree that leadership is influence, the idea of enchanted influence has piqued my interest. Enchantment brings to mind all kinds of Disney-esque images. Howeveer, leadership is not all fairy tales & princesses! Creating that type of positive, almost magical attitude about change (of hearts, minds & actions) falls right in line with my goals to lead positively, live positively, and help others see positive possibilities for themsevles. Or, should I say, enchanted possibilities?

  • Donna Janovsky

    I would really like to receive a copy of Guy Kawaski’s new book, “the Enchantment” because I think it would really help me with my real estate business. I am in the midst of changing from a commission based business model to a consulting model. I feel that I can offer my buyers and sellers more options and na opportunity to really understand what is involved with the process.

  • Michael Gibson

    I’m to the point where I HAVE have to create my own opportunity to meet the needs of my family and well-being. I’m likable, and have that “certain spark” in my eye that people like, but am in a total learning mode coming out of a mid-life transition. I have a hunch that I have the raw talent and skills to defy the status quo, and am commited towards becoming surrounding myself with the info, knowledge, and wisdom to become a successful entreprenuer. I will devour this book, then do all that I can to pay-it-forward.

  • Beth J

    Thanks Michael, for the entre to Guy Kawasaki’s book. Somewhere I hope Guy talks about the central ingredient of “genuineness” — I can’t see any type of influence or enchantment coming from a place that doesn’t include fundamental respect and dare I say it…love. Would like the book for my own learning as well as for guidance in developing leaders via my HR and coaching practice. Enjoy, Odenbear

  • Joel

    I planted a church, in part after reading Guy’s, “The Art of the Start.” His publicist actually gave me a copy of Reality Check a year ago… great book! As a church planter with (seemingly) limited financial resources, I depend daily on “Enchantment” and the Holy Spirit of course. Our church is called Bara Church and our website is and Bara is the Hebrew word for “create” and is the activity of God and is associated with God doing what only He can do. That is the “Enchantment Factor!” I’d really appreciate a free copy. Thanks for considering me.
    – Joel Quile
    Lead Pastor, Bara Church

  • Pierre-Claude Elie

    I want this book because I have admiration for Kawasaki’s work. I am also very interested in his strategies to handle resistance.

  • Rick

    I am interested in reading this book because the topic is an essential part of my day. In the hospitality business, creating memorable experiences is essential. While there are some exceptions, most properties and products we provide are similar to those of our competitors. Therefore it must be the people, our staff that makes our business a sucess. This souns like a book that would be an excellent resource in finding new ways to motivate our staff to provide these experiences to our guest.

  • Tsilcox

    Anyone who is “Chief Evangelist” can surely cure my disenchantment in so many areas of my life. I am due a major change and need the ability to build trust with my business, co-workers, leaders and my spouse. Receiving a free copy of this book would certainly make a difference! Keeping the faith!!

    T Silcox

  • Brett Gracely

    I work in resource management for a municipal utility while pursuing graduate study in sustainable civil systems. I want to understand Enchantment and its component parts, likability and trust, because I wonder whether it might be important to the development of sustainable civil and social systems that can lead to better stewardship of what we’ve been given, God’s creation.

  • K.C. Pro

    Thank you for sharing the interview.
    This book sounds great!
    I just finished reading Poke the Box by Seth Godin and I think that Enchantment would be an excellent follow up as I’m trying to be an initiator and start stuff.

    • K.C. Pro

      Also, Friday, March 11th, is my anniversary. Wife & I will be married 5 years.

      Yes, I’m shameless.

  • Papigoe

    This was a really cool interview. As the leader of a small technical consultancy I have a constant challenge both for myself and my colleagues to remain positive through the ebb and flow of our business and to get out there to enchant new and existing clients. This book looks like a real strong lever to help our guys and gals use more than their technical skills to achieve their dreams.

  • Peter B

    Enchantment is a word that intrigues me on many fronts.
    Not to mention, the leadership and likeability factors are important!
    Children’s pastors, like myself, may benefit huge from reading this.
    Hopefully it has more pictures than words, but, you know, I’m flexible.
    Apple has reinvented itself in some profound ways over the years.
    Not going to lie: I hadn’t heard of Guy K before this, but now I’m curious.
    Today is my first time commenting on this blog. Long timer lurker, though.
    My hope is to learn, grow, and learn again.
    Every day is an opportunity to grow in leadership.
    Never heard of a book quite like this!
    Three words: Microsoft is inferior. (tee hee)

  • George H

    The emotional side of me says, ‘getting some new and different insight from a guy like “GUY” is going to stoke my dreams and aspirations for the new business direction I’m taking. It will give me some confirmation of things I already know and believe AND it will open my eyes to new areas that haven’t been considered before. That’s exciting!’
    The logical side of me says, ‘I’ve heard Guy speak and I know from his credentials, his background and his intellectual insights that he is innovative, contrarian and doesn’t even see the box. He is someone I should read to see just what he can offer.’
    The BIG PICTURE: I want what you’re offering and am willing to be intentional to get it. GOT IT? George H.

  • Stevensnation

    I create new environments each week as a pastor and worship leader. I want people to be enchanted with the thought of a relationship with the ruler of the universe. That is an enchanting thought and it sounds like the book can help create those ideas that will fuel the atmosphere I,m looking for.

  • Kristin Mauro

    I would like a copy of this book because I am new to the study of leadership and am passionate about helping others acheive their personal best. I also have several friends who have suggested Guy and stated that this bokk is a must read if I’m read to take my leadership skills to the next level. !

  • betterdads

    Hey I’d love to win a copy of this book. My wife says I need to be more “enchanting”.

  • Rachgam

    I am part of a small, but growing Christian non-profit in the midst of a leadership change. We have worked hard to become a trust worthy organization and, with our new leadership, are now focusing on deliberately enchanting current and potential supporters, as well as partners overseas… although I am sure we have never articulated it quite that way before now!

    I was very taken with Guy Kawasaki and his ability to come across as both likeable and trustworthy (crow’s feet and all!) in even the short interview above. I am eager to learn more from his book and see how his insights might be used in our organization in our current efforts to echant.

  • NoblePlans

    As a start-up venture, NoblePlans is working to break through. After 23-years as an executive in the Nonprofit sector, we desperately need forward thinking resources and tools to change outcomes. I am convinced this book will be a super new resource for NoblePlans in advancing our message and mission. As a Staffing and Workforce Solutions company, we are promising better outcomes in hiring – providing pathways to meaningful work for Nonprofit, Health and Human Services. I’ll accept a copy of Guy’s book and give you an assist on the play! THANKS.

  • Tricia

    The book sounds very “enchanting” and motivating! It saddens me everytime I hear about another workplace that is poorly lead and all round has disenchanted employees. The stories come from employees in large profitable organizations and public service. How long do we continue to run businesses that focus on the bottom line or individual gain? Executives, managers, supervisors all need to start becoming “enchanting”. It does not matter what age we are, what cultural background we have, how long we have been employed, our level of education…we are all human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. That being said as a leader within a non profit organization I am highly motivated by quality people practice and leadership. I want this book to help me further encourage change, creativity and respect in the workplace and in a sector that is currently undervalued by our government. The power to change is within our people.

  • Brad

    I want to be inspired to promote enchantment and dismantle disenchantment.

  • Carl

    I prefer the text to the videos. It takes too long to listen/view the videos.

  • Heather S.

    I have joined a non-profit organization recently that works with international exchange students. The organization has had a major restructuring time period recently so I know that the insights and encouragement in Enchantment would be the best way to start fresh. In order to survive each person in the organization needs to be enchanted. I know that enchantment can be like a wild fire, once it starts and people form positive habits, nothing can stop it.

  • maria lima

    I would love to read it since I became a fan after reading his preface to Garr Reynolds book Presentation Zen and many of the commentaries that Carmine Gallo had wrote. Then, I downloaded The Macintosh Way. He´s awesome!
    I’m an MD in Caracas, Venezuela. I have a health program to help people with diabetes and I’ve been working in improving my communications skill. I think this book would do wonderful things both in my communications and leadership skills. Persuasion and inspiring are the two things we people that work with conferences to the betterment of health (or any other aspect needed in the world). I’m also beginnig my blog about science and food, Max Vitae (it would be soon public!). Thanks for posting the interview.

  • Paul Thomas Mannino

    I will create an acronym using GUY KAWASAKI’s name to explain why I would like a free copy:

    G-RATITUDE. I would actually be thankful if you gave me a book.
    U-SE. I would take the ideas that I glean from the book and put them into use in my ministry.
    Y-UCKING (as in, “yucking it up”). I will tell all my Facebook friends about your benevolence!

    K-ICKING (as in, “kicking it up a notch”). I think Apple has revolutionize their industry. I would like to do the same.
    A-PPLE. Hey, if it was a book by anything PC, I wouldn’t be interested (as I type on my Mac Mini).
    W-IT. Unless I just didn’t see it in the rest of the comments, I may be the first to employ an acronym.
    A-PPRECIATION. I saw Guy Kawasaki present at the Catalyst Conference a couple of years ago. I love the way he communicates!
    S-PENDING PLAN. My wife and I are on a budget. This would help me stay in the green!
    K-ILLING. It would kill me that I took this much time to have not received the prize!
    I-NVESTMENT. I want to change the world. I consider authors to be great mentors!

  • maria lima

    you have posted a terrific interview&book chance

  • Robb Massey

    I would love a copy of Enchantment because as the pastor of a small church I am also a community developer. Some of my most important work comes at parent council meetings convincing moms and dads that their job is critical to our whole neighbourhood.

  • Ddnkd

    I am SO excited about this book! The subtitle alone—The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions—speaks volumes and is so relevant when it comes to ministry and leadership in the church today. I believe Guy’s book can help me and my teams as we work to build trust and community in a church that is still recovering from a loss of our executive pastor. Trust people and they will trust you! Love the positive approach Guy shares. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Karen Davis

    I am SO excited about this book! The subtitle alone—The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions—speaks volumes and is so relevant when it comes to ministry and leadership in the church today. I believe Guy’s book can help me and my teams as we work to build trust and community in a church that is still recovering from a loss of our executive pastor. Trust people and they will trust you! Love the positive approach Guy shares. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Michael del Rosario

    I want a copy of this book because I believe that this book is a great help to me as a person aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur. This book could improve me as a person, as a leader, as an entrepreneur or just a person who want to be more creative and innovative.

  • J K

    I’ve got a growing ministry with plenty of hurdles ahead of us. I want my team to be on the same page and as excited about the vision as I am. I think there is a lot of wisdom to be absorbed from Guy and I’d love to be encouraged & challenged by his book.

  • InSpirit

    why i want this book?
    any book {or ‘Guy’} who can tell me my crowsfeet are a good thing ~
    something i should actually ‘want’ ~
    has just proved mutually beneficial!
    and totally ‘Enchanted’ me…
    here’s to pure ‘Enchantment’!

    • Berg

      o yeah ! that’s DeFiniTeLy worth a book !

  • Ericyeahz

    I want the Enchantment because I want to know how the “Guy” enchant people is his life.

  • Amrithaa S Punjabi

    What gets a leader going, what makes people sit up and listen and do something for a leader? How does a must a leader walk the tightrope between the consent he must win and the control he must exert?

    I want this book to understand this, and will be happy to share this book with everyone at work; our job calls for us all to be leaders.

  • Containedemotions

    I would love to have a copy of Enchanted. As an entrepreneur of a start up gift basket business, our job is to ‘wow’ our customers everyday. I would love to be able to take that visual ‘wow’ and team it up with a relational ‘wow’ to provide our customers with an exceptional, enchanting experience. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Ben Hailey

    At the beginning of the year I made a commitment to myself to begin intentionally developing myself as a leader. I spent roughly the last year going through the motions at work and the team I lead suffered because of it. I chose to focus this year on improving my communication skills so I can motivate people to perform at their best. I have already read a couple of books and been to several seminars on the topic. I would love to continue growing with an opportunity to learn from someone with the experience that Guy Kawasaki has.

    It seems like there are times where the work sucks the life out of myself and the team even though I work at place that should embody ‘happiness’. I would love to push myself and the team to find enchantment in the work they do and the brand they represent. I feel like this book would go a long way towards helping achieve that goal.


  • Pauldsmith

    I wnt to include your brilliant ideas in my class at University of Missouri Science & Technology Campus at Rolla, MO. I teach leadership, communications, and marketng and will use surely some of your ideas. I also teach various topics in my church in Rolla and am always looking for added insights in many topics, including religious issues.

  • Mighty

    As a non-profit young adult leader in the Philippines, I want this book so I can help mobilize more youth and young adults toward “volunteerism”, stepping out of their comfort zones to make a difference and help transform their world.

  • Juan Aragon

    Becoming a better communicator and improving my relational skills to be a catalyst that inspires others to make disciples across cultures in the USA is one of my goals for 2011. This book provides valuable insights and tools that will help me to kindle a desire in others to be part of this great story. It will help me to awaken their desire to be part of Jesus’ dreams to make disciples of all the nations. It will equip me to enchant people to be part of God’s redemptive story in the world.

  • Joel

    I want to enchant people for the better cause of everyone. If am chosen to receive this book I will pass it on give it away to someone else.

  • Jonathan Avila

    Surely you need guidance to wage war,
    and victory is won through many advisers.

    the vision in my life and ministry is to be an agent of change to this society, positive change I might add. I’m involved in the music ministry and by implementing the wise advice from Mr. Kawasaki in my ministry will create “Synergy” to powerful that it will change this world.

  • Duke Dillard

    My life and work living overseas is all about bringing people to a place of enchantment both with the land in which we live as well as with Jesus of Nazareth. I am always on the lookout for resources that will help fulfill this calling. Guy’s book sounds like a good one for this.
    thank you,
    Duke Dillard

  • Neil

    amazingly empowering. I need this book as a tool for my business as trainer and facilitator.

  • Paul

    Wow! Great interview, can’t wait to read the book. As a pastor and current PHD student of Leadership few business books seem more applicable. Gotta love any interview that speaks about Grateful Dead and sweaty palms in 9 minute clip. Also LOVE his title at Apple!

  • Wpkintz

    In any industry, creating the ‘wow’ experience and building the trust factor is key to a succinct relationship between the end customer and the service provider. My two employers over the past eleven plus years in the telecommunications industry has missed these points through the efforts to control costs by outsourcing production, knowledge management and most importantly, resources that at one time acted as the continuity with the customer base that had grown in our industry. Having made a transition to my current employer from the operations side to one that works on the business management and account sales/marketing side, these is the type of marketing manual and guide that will empower our team’s goals of adding value to the customer’s experiences as they keep moving forward to serve a growing population that wants more and more data/video experiences via their mobile devices.

  • Steve Kouba

    I want this book because your title is very intriguing to me, especially the combination of the heart and the mind. That caring side of leadership that is led from the heart has also been elusive to me. I’d enjoy your fresh perspective.


  • Edwin Sarmiento

    Whether pitching a new business proposition or teaching a kid to ride his bike requires the ability to take people on a journey to create a lasting impression. Everyone can tell a story but it takes a great communicator to enchant and touch people’s hearts, minds and, eventually moving them to action. If you can skip a cup of Starbucks coffee a day for a week, you can save enough money to grab a copy of this book and get a chance to enjoy your next cup reading why you’re drinking the coffee you’ve always loved

  • Craig Warner

    Leadership is all about influence. In my responsibility with @thegideons I have 300,000 members worldwide. I need to quit trying to be a leader, and begin the process of learning to be an influencer. Enchantment would be a great start. Guy Kawasaki confirmed 3 things I’ve tried to instill into my children. Look people in the eye when you talk, a firm handshake, and wear clean shoes (be equal or level). What Guy said resonates with my heart, I need to read the book.

    Craig Warner

  • Dan Brubacher

    I would like a copy of this book because our church is currently without a senior pastor and in the process of reframing our vision, values, and strategy. We desperately need to change many people’s hearts, minds, and actions in order for us move ahead, and I would love to know how to do this in an enchanting way. Guy sounds like he has so much to offer.

  • Randy Willis

    Sounds like a great book. I’ll add it to my wish list, in case I don’t make the cut. :-)

    This year, the (196 year old) church I pastor (in my third year) is engaging a coaching consultant for the purpose of moving toward greater fruitfulness. Resistance is expected.

    Part of the process includes my being in a small mentoring group with other pastors in the region who are in a similar process in their congregations. We’re reading/discussing as much as we can. This sounds like a resource that could be helpful!

    Thanks for highlighting it!

  • Vethmany Senapathi

    I am interested in Self Improvement through non religious or all religious way but not throguh any particular religion which is limiting the people.

  • Yohan & Shery Perera

    I am an amateur Christian leader – looking forward to grab a hold of every opportunity to learn… I am convinced this is one of those golden opportunities…

  • Coop77

    I love everything by Guy! I’m a huge fan of his since I read his Macintosh Way book years ago. And more importantly, I SUCKED on the Enchantment test. I know I’m an enchanting person..LOL but, I need to read the book. Help a brother out!

  • Dan Greegor Jr.

    I would like a copy because the more I can better myself, the more I can offer to others.

  • Carlos Lone

    I want this book because I would like to know what’s behind the enchantment of great brands like apple, I would like to learn what does it be an enchanting company!

  • Cbeseler

    The world is changing and paradigms are shifting – as we begin to look at change in a new light, there are themes of relationships, self-discovery, and the emergent nature of life. My personal research has been directed in the area of communication exchanges around aging decisions – how to turn the unknown into the known. I discovered that self-discovery is critical to the decision making process – we make decisions when there is a need that is actualized, but what we have seen, heard and experienced builds a foundation from which we can visualize possibilities. As we increase our awareness and add to our knowledge base we increase the ability for successful outcomes. It is important to recognize and acknowledge that we each come from our separate and unique personal realities that have been born or our values, experiences and understanding.

  • Samiq

    I want this book because today I accepted the role as CTO of the Ministry of Science and Tech of Costa Rica, and if there is something I know I will need is enchantment to get my new team to roll and succeed into developing the status of our country.

  • TJ

    I’m a 7th grade math teacher. Disenchantment seems to be a regular resident in my classroom. Apparently, math is not a popular subject. =) Some of the kids are disenchanted with education in general.

    I don’t believe it has to be that way, however. I would love to see my students enchanted with math–to be enchanted with learning. If they can get that spark for learning, even when it’s hard, it could open up doors for them that they never knew existed.

    Is Guy Kawasaki a miracle worker? I hope so!

  • Eric Lind

    We have just started a new Recreational vehice dealership, and we need all the help we can get! Most people, when they hear of our venture, just think we’re nuts. But we have all read Guy’s book, “The Art of the Start”, and it was the tipping point for us in diving into the deep end of the pool. And while it’s been scary, and sometimes a bit of a wild ride, we are looking for just a bit mor of Guy’s wisdom (it makes us feel better about ourselves!
    Eric Lind

    • David McKnight

      Hey Eric! Best of luck on the new RV dealership. I left Fleetwood RVs in 1999 to form a software company, and attended Guy’s Bootcamp for Startups that year. It’s been a great ride.

  • John Dye

    I love the idea. I go to a park each week to talk to strangers about Christ. through the years I have noticed how important it is for people to trust you (or to be enchanted) before they opend up to you or are willing to listen. we hand out free water to the basketball players at the courts, and we give kids balloons animals, and its amazing how people react to us as oppose to just evangelizing them straight up. I could use some more tips!

  • Heath Stoner

    I want this book because my middle name is same ole. Some people are born with creativity, some people have creativity thrust upon them and then there are people like me that have to really work to be creative.

    I have people that are counting on me to be creative. Please answer their prayers and allow me to get this book so I can be more creative.

  • Ninjawithagun

    His job was to persuade. Not convince.

  • Pauline

    I’m curious about this book – and frankly about much of what you write because in my role as a junior level military reserve officer, I’m curious if the dynamic and compelling nature of private sector leadership training can be of use to those of us who strive to grow as leaders in other contexts (general public sector and military).

  • Christa Allan

    I was a Guy K. Twitter-groupie even before I knew he was so enchanting.

  • Christa Allan

    I was a Guy K. Twitter-groupie before I knew he was so enchanting. After teaching high school English for over twenty years, I’m all over wanting to re-enchant myself!

  • Phil P

    I’d love to have this book. As a Leadership Coach for ministry leaders I welcome new mental and verbal images that serve as a catalyst to forward movement and personal growth. I enjoyed hearing you at Catalyst West last week. Your five point talk was very informing and I have enjoyed retelling your opening story about the Urban Outfitters experience!

  • Martin Corder

    Apple is what I’ve known from a IIci to a 27″iMac…more importantly…as a Community Relations Director with Rogue Valley Youth for Christ I’m constantly selling our cause: connecting kids to
    healthy adults through our Campus Life & Mentoring Programs. A little help from an expert…please!!!

  • David McKnight

    Hello Michael! Guy tweeted about your interview, and I really enjoyed watching it. I have had the pleasure of meeting Guy twice; the first time was at’s Bootcamp for Startups in ’99, where he introduced me to Geoff Moore, author of “Crossing the Chasm”. I stopped Guy in the hallway, and told him he changed my life… by introducing me to Geoff (I’m not sure that’s what he expected to hear). The second time was when he came down to a TechBiz Connection meeting in Orange County, CA to promote “The Art of the Start.” It was one of our best attended events, and I appreciated the personal attention he gave in autographing so many books that nigh for all the people who came to see him.

    No question that Guy knows the keys to enchantment. He walks the talk. I’d love a copy of the book, but if I’m not fortunate enough to get one through your blog, I’ll just have to pick up a copy. There’s not much more inspiring than a successful Christian businessman. Guy brings the Good News as an evangelist in so many different ways, it IS truly enchanting. Best of luck with the new book, Guy!

  • Lazarus Nenungwi

    I want to learn everything there is about leadership. I aspire to become a better person who will serve others to make the world a better place for all.

  • Rebmoshe

    If you send me a copy, I promise to actually read it and apply it to my startup.
    If my startup is successful within two years with the help of the book, I pledge to purchase 25 copies of this book and distribute it to public and community libraries.

  • Susan Wakefield

    Ok, Michael – I will give you a (sad but true) sob story of why I would like Guy Kawasaki’s book. Lost my job 24 months ago – working for a large church organization. I was deeply and profoundly heart broken over the loss of that work which meant so much to me, then challenged by the toughest job market in decades. But this time of transition has been a huge learning laboratory for me. Trying to keep hard and soft skills current. Healing from my disappointments and discouragments by finding joy in new ways. Relishing the opportunity to read favorite business authors. I feel like the intense study I have done, particularly on all the things that make a great leader has given me an edge as the business leader I am hoping to be when I land my next gig. Would love to “enchant” a future employer and be a force for good in the world by utilizing the principles of enchantment to engage, inspire and transform.

  • Kirsten Adams M.

    Wow! Quite honestly the title of the book is alluring. just because of that, would this book appeal to me! Of course, I am technologically challenged and don’t know how to make “url” small enough to link back to you. Isn’t that my luck? I’ll try Michael! I do have a twitter though. :) I plan to create an non-profit organization. I think this book would help me “sell” the idea thus help more sponsors and benefactors donate to my cause, helping many families in America. ;) Although writing is my passion and that’s why I added you on fb a long time ago, I believe helping others is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m still writing but this is so much more important!

    Thank you,
    Kirsten Adams M. :)

  • Vicky Lau

    A cliche but changes of the greatest impact starts with an individual. Through living, breathing and being the change that they want to see is what will subconsciously exude from them and in turn can change the way that others think, feel and act. Change is hard as it is. You can have the greatest idea and you’ll still encounter “people challenges” accepting the idea. Imagine having that ability to make positive changes on people on a global scale. Imagine how magical and wonderful that would be. This is what i believe this book can do. This book has the power to change the world if the right person reads it and masters what it teaches. I could be that person…if i had that book.

  • Nduekeng

    Because I am always thrilled by the tremendous influence people in leadership have on followers at all levels of leadership function -getting them to do things ordinary they wouldnt, giving them impetus to take challenges and to accomplish things otherwise thought impossible. I want to know more and perhaps to excite my my imagination about leadership and communications.

  • Nsingh

    My position as an Office Manager allows me to have a great influence on the entire team’s daily experience at work. I am extrememly passionate about this role and since I have a very bubbly, positive personality I do my best to make these daily experiences uplifitng. However, none of us are perfect and there is alwasy room for improvement and after listening to Guy’s interview and noting his physical demeanour which exudes warmth, I could not think of a better mentor to assist me in honing in on my interpersonal skills of wowing people. Whilst Guy explains wowing in the sense of companies’ products, this skill is also necessary when the company is in to Shareholder Servies (Customer Service) and your products are your employee.. I need to show them the power of wowing so that this can reflect on the service we provide to our clients which will contribute to everyone’s success.
    In closing though I must mention that I am also a spritual person and this will also help to contribute to one of my core intrinsic values of being postive and uplifiting always.
    Thank you.

  • Rocco

    I’m starting a new direction in my career by starting my journey towards ‘Free Agency’ next month. From what I’ve heard about this book, it could really help me get off to a great start!

  • Venkatesh K

    Guy Kawasaki is an awesome author. I am a fan and liked his unconventional ideas in Art of the Start. I am sure his latest book Enchantment has unconventional wisdom that are grounded on common sense and reality.

    Enchantment is a new mantra and Guy Kawasaki explains it in his new book. Customer satisfaction has given way to customer excitement. In this competitive world, customers need to experience wow with the service and I would want to study this book for new directions to customer excitement. That’s why I need this book.

  • Nyka_10

    I want this book because I look forward to becoming a good leader, moreover, I always wonder how I’ll be able to influence and motivate people.

  • Balal

    I want to read this book to open new horizons in my life and I know there are a lot of people around that I would like to influence and this book will help do that.

  • Maria

    Thank you for sharing the interview. The topics that you have talked about from the book is just what I need to affirm the ways I am doing my job. Our workplace is facing a huge leadership vacancy and middle managers are leaving even the new hires. I do need more of these kind of techniques to equip me for the day to day challenges. I appreciate his story about the lady who went to the Philippines, it is totally so true. -MAM

  • Juliene

    I’m a HUGE believer in progressive change of heart/mind/self-talk so that positive actions naturally follow!!! As a leader of an awesome team, this book can affect not just my life, but my whole team and those who are going to become part of my team. Hmmm…kind of like “pay it forward”!!!

    Can’t wait to read the book and apply it~

  • Henryc

    I believe in the “WOW ” effect, confirmation that I am on the right track regarding my management style. To say the least I know it will enspire me to continue and enhance/ exspand my knowledge on how to succeed.

  • Jmeyer31

    Hi Michael –

    I’m excited by the possibility of winning Guys’ new book. Trust me, I need it! I’m in the throes of online dating and need all the help I can get to change a few “hearts, minds and actions”.

    My future grandchildren would honor your generosity ;)

  • Denise

    As Henri Bergson said, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” For someone who has practiced and led organizational change programs, currently in career transition, there is a constant interest in exploring ideas and concepts in the art of changing hearts, minds and actions.

  • Cynthia Bischof

    I am a director of a non-profit agency who was moved to the positon after starting off as direct care staff. I was not trained to be a manager but have learned what I do know now through trial and error and time. I recognize my strengths and my weaknesses and have found that I continually need new tools to to shore up my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. During this difficult time that everyone is facing with our economic situation it is even more important than before to have the skills necessary to assist those around us with Enchantment! I believe that this book would be resource I need.

  • Mark S.

    Why would anyone not want to read a book by Guy Kawasaki. With a new upstart, I realize creating enchantment and building trust is one of the most powerful forms of advertising out there. Another powerful advertising tool is video and your interview with Guy gave me a great connection to both Guy and the topic.

    Mark S.

  • Rameshpondhe

    I’ve been a follower of Guy for past few years now, but never got to read a book he’s written. I remeber his post on 10-2030 presentation to pitch an idea and also remeber him reviewing a couple of cars (Audi & a Ferrari/crovette) don’t remember which one. Also remeber reading something about his big family and the kids he’s adopted and his love for hockey.
    This would be a great opportunity for me to read his book and get to learn more about enhancement and whu it is so important.
    Thank you very much for your posts & knowledge sharing, I’ve been learning a lot from you and consder this a very good learning experiencing form you.


  • Georgiana

    Enchantment encompasses the desire to always have something to look forward to, something to entice and captivate your future. Future plans and life-building goals are essential in order to constantly maintain an attitude of positive enchantment.

    My short-term goals keep me enchanted with daily living and build structure for my long-term goals. Achieving my goals, gives me a sense of accomplishment, ability, attainment and acquisition. Completing my goals provides me with the courage, conviction, confidence and certainty to set new goals. I have learned that setting goals is one of the most powerful ways to create the enchanting, captivating, positive life I desire.

    Personally and professionally, I would love to expand my insight on how to continually provide Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. I definitely promise to read Guy’s Kiwasaki’s fabulous new book and share his valuable wisdom from his life’s experiences with my family, friends, business associates and anyone else who crosses my journey in life. :-)

  • Maureen

    Micheal, you have so many good comments I wasn’t going to add mine but then I thought again. I love it when someone can put my thoughts into words and make it so understandable. I am not gifted in speaking or writing and struggle to get my point across to my employees and my 3 daughters that work here too. (of a great coffee shop). Enchanting is a great word and one now that I will use to help my employees deliver a great customer service that I have always wanted them to be able to communicate. I would love to receive the book but I plan to go buy it too so that I can immediately start sharing it with my employees and daughters. Thanks again. Maureen

  • MS

    Always on a quest for growth and wanting to make changes in my profession, I am hoping to learn more about enchanting people to help move my new career forward.

  • Jayabharath Goluguri

    “Love has the greatest persuasive power we know in life”. I have been enchanted by Guy’s work over the last few years begining with “The art of the start” & am a vivid reader of his posts on “How to change the World” blog.

    I would love to learn to “The art of enchantment” and change the world.

  • Chris J.

    I work in an industry that is slow to change – higher education. I’m worried that it is in a death spin and someone needs to be thinking beyond what we’ve always done. I seem to be that person. I enjoy reading books like Kawasaki’s because they give me hope. I am able to see suggestions and techniques which I can apply to my work in college student life and possibly up through my “silo” to impact the organization as a whole.

    Additionally, as my life’s work revolves around students, I would enjoy sharing the book with them as well. I am responsible for student leadership development and think that many of Kawasaki’s suggestions would make a great discussion for young people preparing themselves for the modern workforce.

    Finally, I would like the book for my own personal development. Life is a journey of self-improvement, and this book seems like a next logical step. I enjoyed Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone” and think that Kawasaki is drawing from the same eternal pool of knowledge. It would be interesting to see how the two compare.

  • Jim King

    I am deeply interested in this book, I work in Appalachia, leading a number of organizations that build and repair homes for families. The work is rewarding, but difficult so taking time to invest in the “Wow” experiences meets a critical missing piece for us. Jim

  • Kevin Cotter

    I am currently creating a website for our missionary organization. My goal is to create an online movement of people seeking to reach college students through evangelization, bible studies, and discipleship. Part of the challenge with this work is helping students and missionaries have a clear vision of what we are doing. A big part of the website is to present the information and materials in such a way that is inspiring. I think a book like Enchantment can help me do this.

  • Darren Telford

    i am always on the lookout as a husband, father, and business owner for ways to change hearts and see Godly – character oriented results

  • Hsims

    Ministry is all about change. It’s a desire for people to want to follow you all the way to heaven. We want them to change their hearts, their minds, & their actions. All of that begins with relationships. This book has got to be a great read for anybody in ministry. There is bound to be something to be learned for me in ministry.

  • Ann Vande Zande

    Ah, tips for overcoming resistance, how many ways might I apply thee? Wilst thou uncover the means to teach my adolescent son the importance of character? Or will you usher me to the core of that which can only be defined as my issues – insecurity, doubt, and just enough pride to deny that either exist? Might you telescope the future, determined to drive me forward and actually do the work to which I’ve committed? Specifically, to strengthen the minds of Christ followers by encouraging critical thinking and the application of common sense? I feel faint of heart just pondering the possibilities. So I beseech thee. Leave me not in the lurch! Please send me the book!

  • Linda S

    I am intrigued by the questions you asked and would like to read the book and see how Guy answers them. I also understand that he includes a story about a printer from Fargo ND and being a North Dakota girl, I’m always interested in success stories from ND. LindaS

  • Miriam

    I not only desire but I REQUIRE this dynamic book!!

    My passion is to serve mothers around the world. Moms are an essential part of the family unit and families are the fabric of society. So, I am establishing an organization for moms where they can have support, encouragement and guidance so that they can be and become all that God has destined for them.

    To that end, “Enchantment” will help change my mindset about “writing the vision and making it plain” (Habakkuk 2:2). Until now I only interpreted this scripture to mean that we should write the vision on paper, as in a business plan and then on your website, employee handbook, etc. But after listening to your interview, I see that God is also instructing us to write this vision on the hearts and minds of the people so that they can run with it in their actions. Wow…Powerful!! The Bible is so clear that mind renewal is the only way to internal and external transformation (See Romans 12:2). From what I heard Guy say, in less than 10 minutes, it appears that he has tapped into a spiritual principle that is applicable to the realms of both business and ministry. And as an entrepreneur and Minister-in-training, this book is timely in helping me walk in the destiny that God has preordained for me. I believe that this book–this new mindset, will change me so that I can pass it along and change others.

    Proverbs 19:20 says, “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future.” Well, I’d like this opportunity to receive Guy’s advice and instruction that will give me wisdom for my future and the future of other mothers. Thanks for this opportunity!! May God continue to bless the work of your hands, Michael (Deuteronomy 28:12)!!

    In His Service, Miriam

  • Glenn L.

    The PEOPLE Approach: Guy Kawasaki is always on his game. I think this book would be an excellent read because he approaches all his concepts from the PEOPLE element in mind, and it’s NOW more than ever that we need to recognize that this angle is the only way to rise above the static. I think this book would help me drive that within my own organization.

  • Michelle Arneson

    I am an educator in Iowa schools. There is a lot of change in our schools today and the ideas in Enchantment are definitely needed to guide our work. I am excited and eager to share this message with the teachers and school districts that I am working with. Imagine the changes in learning if the principles of Enchantment were used by our teachers. Thank you for considering me to receive a free copy of the book.

  • Robert Blackburn, Jr.

    I have been a Guy Kawasaki fan since I got his (autographed) 1990 book “The Macintosh Way: The Art of Guerrilla Management”. “Enchantment” seems like a great follow-on to his unconventional (then and especially now) thoughts about management (which involves a greater percentage of inward and outward marketing than most managers will admit or understand. In fact, that is what separates managers from leaders. I see this daily in my huge mega-company and it is only getting worse. It doesn’t matter whether your product is iPods or airplanes. The concepts apply both ways. Even for companies with innovative products that do create enchantment to the outward customers, the management philosophy forgets enchantment targeted to their own employees.

  • Phillipsmtn1

    I want a copy of Guy’s book because I want to be a leader in my business by encouraging and influencing people to do the right thing.

    Guin K.

  • Clayjacobs

    Learn…grow…be better equipped to coach pastors/churches/leaders to an enchanted future!
    Clay (retired but not dead)

  • Drgrossman

    Enchantment is the name,
    And pleasing is the game.
    Cinderella is who I am,
    The book is my glass slipper
    on the lam!
    Please, may I have it?

  • Lscott

    I’ve been reading about Guy for years and now, more than ever, this book is spot-on for where I am in my career. I’ve been out of work for 2 years and have just started as a consultant for a social networking site for educators. I’ve been an education marketer my entire career but this type of “sell” is different because social communities are so new to both teachers/members and ed businesses/sponsors that I need to enchant everyone to get into the mix. I think Guy’s book would show me how to do that so I can turn my career around!

  • Juan

    Great interview Mike- it comes down to trust and likeability, and how to connect with people that when you leave them they feel better than when you first saw/met them. That’s a great principle to apply into our lives, specially when you are in a sales, customer service capacity. It comes down to creating those magic moments when you encounter with others.
    Keep more video interviews coming…

  • Lex

    If I get a copy of this book, Jesus will come back sooner.

    I am on staff (part-time, which means I work full-time and get paid sometimes) at a pretty amazing church. We’re in the process of rethinking our marketing strategy and tools, and this sounds like exactly what we need.

    So when our ministry becomes enchanting, Elgin will be enchanted with Jesus. Then I’ll recommend it to all the other churches in the area and all of Chicagoland will be enchanted with Jesus.

    Then, they’ll recommend it to their pastor friends, who will all buy it, and everyone will catch the bug. Before you know it, churches all over the world will be enchanting, and people will be coming to the Lord faster than you can say, “Rapture.”

    With all that enchantment, missions organizations will be over-run with volunteers. That whole “every tribe and every tongue” thing will be a drop in the bucket, evangelism in Jerusalem will become enchanting, and Jesus will be here.

    I’m sure if you really decode Revelation it’s in there somewhere: Michael will get Lex a copy of Enchanted and then the fourth seal … ;)

  • Max Schaufler

    I want this book … Because after 32 years I am on my very own path to enchantment right now.
    All my life I was known for my sharp mind, being a man of logic, calmness in person – emotion was something I associated with weakness. The origin of this thought dates back to my childhood days, and even meeting my loving wife, having two amazing daughters did not convince me of the opposite – but it was a big part in preparing me for what started to hit me the past couple of weeks, it prepared me for letting be hit!
    Details about my experiences would blow this comment, so here is my story summed up:
    *) I was positively shocked to learn about my deep emotional connection to my job, when faced with the situation that a good friend could have become my new co-worker, decided not to, and I would have to face a “stranger” and put trust in him and his work.
    *) I am lucky to be able to participate in a training program at work, in a group of 12 incredible aspiring colleagues. Our team is called “Innovation Factory”, we are working very hard to find ways to change life in and of our company for the better, in innovative ways. We are really challenging ourselves to find “innovation”, and all the workshops we had led to the conclusion that every change, every piece of innovation can only work if people are moved emotionally, because that allows them to move mentally and physically, instead of “being moved”. And to all of our surprise within the team – including my self – it was me, the man of logic, who could not hold out any longer but to release everything we learned into one mind-blowing speech. A speech that opened hearts, made jaws drop, and made me shake – literally, physically.
    *) And most of all I am lucky to have a wife who did not grow tired of trying to dig for my emotions the past six years, who helped me work on my mental blockades to unlock what is hidden inside. Nic, I love you.
    This discovery of emotions playing such a vital role even in my life is just unbelievable. And from I know and read about Guy’s book, you could very well call my previous life the “path TO enchantment” and my current life “path OF enchantment”.
    I’m enchanting others more than I ever did before – and this is possible because I found the way to my own emotions – I started enchanting myself.
    Hope you enjoyed the story, and maybe some of that positive emotion did come through to you!

    Cheers, Max

  • Sue Wolford

    I want this book to help me with my job. It’s my job to enchant people who want to volunteer with us and to enchant our staff to the value of working with volunteers. Wow, I never thought about it, but it’s my job to enchant people inside and outside of our library. Great product…got it! Some days it’s easier than other, but any kind of tips or help I can get from this book would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tim Davis

    I am into constantly growing, learning, and developing. I have been aware of Guy and his content for a while now and would love to read his new book.

  • Susan Fontaine Godwin

    The Guy really lives what he preaches….his enchanting smile lights up a room, even over Skype cameras. I’ve been a big Kawasaki fan for many years and have grown and expanded a great deal as the result of his writings. Our company culture and core values align closely with the questions you asked Guy, and I’d love to dive in deeper into his insights into Enchantment. Thanks for sharing this interview.

  • Hans Schiefelbein

    The Apple Evangelist still has it – and anything he write will rub off on me. I’d love the opportunity to get this book via your blog and write about it and implement it into the game plan of my blog, workflow, and life. Great interview Michael.

  • Randyspangler

    I have seen Guy speak two times and have spoken to him once. Read several of his books. My power points are always 10 slides or less and I NEVER let the bozos get me down! So… Don’t let me down… Send me a copy of this undoubtably great book!

  • Nancy Gordon Mhm1862

    I would like to read this book, after listening to your interview with Guy, because I felt encouraged to “keep-on-keeping-on.” As a songwriter, I am struggling with the new landscape of the music industry. Yet, I have a vision and a mission through my songs to “leave a holy legacy.” Perhaps Enchantment will inspire enlightenment and endurance for the endeavor! ( And thank you for your helpful web site)

  • Hui-lingchan

    i definitely want this book to see how it applies to higher education, please please:)

  • Josepnosas

    I’m the boss of a small businessin Spain and I want this book. I follow Guy since two years ago and I’ ve to confess I was waiting this new book.

  • Jeff Goins

    Guy Kawasaki? What’s next – Steve Jobs?! Awesome interview. Love that you had the opportunity to do it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve yet to read anything by Guy Kawasaki, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about his authorships. To be honest, I’d probably buy this book anyway, but I’d love to win a copy!

  • Faye K. Gilmer

    My purpose in life is…to love God and to love people….to serve God and to serve people….to persue excellence. I am an avid reader and feel this book would help me in a great way to fulfill my purpose in life…..thank you for the opportunity to win this book

  • massimo

    Really great thoughts in the article and in the readers comments.

    In my personal experience I feel that disenchantment kills our enthusiasm for life.

    What about our lifes without enchantment? Is there anything that matters without enchantment?

    Enchantment helps creativity. Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives.
    When we feel enchantment we’re creative, we feel we are living more fully than during the rest of life

    I would love to receive this book because I‘m looking for new ways to inspire other people, to help people to boost creativity, to broaden their prospectives and to get inspired ideas.

    A big hug from Italy : )


  • Dale Cottrell

    I would like to understand how enchantment can be related not only to the workplace but also in the home. Being a husband and father and working in the government things become pretty challenging and really at times need some enchantment. Also I want this book because if someone like Dir Richard Branson can read it a give it thumbs up then it has got to be a good read.

  • Tasra Dawson

    I use Evernote and Dropbox too! I can’t believe the story about the Grateful Dead and tapers. What a concept. As a photographer, the issue of copyright is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. With Facebook and blogs, everyone wants their images in digital format online, but photographers are struggling with how to maintain quality and value of their product if it’s distributed and devalued at low quality online.

    I would absolutely love to get a copy of Guy’s new book. I have read his book Reality Check and value his advice and perspective. Especially since both he and I are former Apple employees. I feel like he’s a kindred spirit!

    Working with teen girls to build their self esteem and confidence through photography and media, I feel like much of our battle is to educate and enchant the girls and parents about what we’re doing, how we’re different, and how incredibly crucial our program is for teen girls everywhere. That’s not an easy task, but we’re immediately going to implement some of the advice from Guy into our next information meeting this Sunday!

    Thanks for the interview with Guy and the encouragement to go out and be enchanting!

  • BC

    A chance for a book called Enchantment
    Which won’t even cost me a red cent
    I think you’ll agree
    I deserve a copy
    To see Guy’s incredible content.

    I’ll read it from dusk ’til dawn
    Relaxing in my salon
    And when I am done
    I’ll double the fun
    Pick a friend and pass it on.

  • Jonathan Heller

    Just discovered your site and blog. After 27 years at a financial service mega firm,
    my job was eliminated. To avoid moving my 4 kids, I was forced to start a my
    own one man firm. I am very good at what I do, but struggling with marketing. I really
    need help with “enchantment.”

  • Dave Weinberg

    I want Guy’s new book for several reasons. One, Guy constantly impresses me with his easy going, smily attitude – and yet his business and marketing sense is always dead on. His writing shows that and when I met him last year at SXSW, I felt it from him then too. Mostly, though, I am excited to devour what I sure will be a solid business read. As a newly minted business owner, I can use all the good advice I can get.

    Thanks Michael for doing this!

    Dave Weinberg
    CEO, Causil

  • Kola201

    I believe it will be a spring of ideas for me to drink from. I preach Jesus Christ but I have come to understand that knowing Jesus is one thing and communicating or marketing Him is another. The principle of enchantment will make my preaching more receptive. Kola A

  • Oscar

    Just saw the interview and noticed that what this book talks about I need to better my self in my business. Always willing to learn and its hard to filter all the information out there but I can see change with this book. This is why I need this Book.

    Oscar R

  • Oscar

    I just saw the interview, and totally agree with what was said. I’m a developing leader that needs more. I work with people all the time now and will love to improve to make a better impact. Trying to filter all the information available can get complicated. Will love to maximize my time.

  • Scott Reavely

    Like you, I’ve followed Guy for a long time. I read The Art of the Start and emailed him a question. I will never forget this, Guy Kawasaki replied to me… ON THANKSGIVING DAY! I was enchanted!

    I have several roles in which I need to be enchanting — I’m a husband who struggles to enchant his wife. I’m a father who needs to change the hearts, minds and actions of his kids. I’m a softball coach who needs to make the mechanics of a swing seem enchanting to 11-year-old girls. I’m the chairman of the board of a seminary — Yes, even graduate students…especially graduate students need to be enchanted. And, I’m a pastor, who needs to introduce people to the most enchanting person of all — Jesus.

    I’d love a copy of Guy’s new book. Thank you very much.

  • JLD

    I work in Interactive Marketing for a small Christian publisher. Likability and trust SHOULD be natural for us; however, we all get bogged down in our daily grind and forget to look Up. I think that Guy Kawasaki’s book would help me and my co-workers to find new ways to generate enchantment–for our ministry and for our customers.

  • Kevin Holguin

    Guy’s Reality Check made me realize that it is never to late to reinvent and adapt oneself. While I was struggling over whether or not to pursue a job that involved both a significant promotion and significant time away from my family, I stumbled across Michael’s blog, and began following it (and him as well on Twitter). Moments after I found out I did not get the job, Google Reader had delivered Michael’s post about Roman’s 8:28. Guy originally inspired me to become more competitive by using the tools I find on the web; which led me to Michael’s Blog( from an article in Productive Magazine), which leads me back to Guy’s new book. Serendipity is always enchanting.

  • Kumars Ravi

    Hello Michael,

    I am from India and for the first time now in my life I have set myself up to do something meaningful in the hope of shedding the mediocrity of past. I am setting up something called Lectures for Good.

    Lectures for Good is a non-profit initiative to raise funds for charity through delivery of empowering fun filled lectures/seminars/workshops for students/ corporate alike for free. We accept only voluntary donations from participants of our programs as low as Re 1.

    I have no clue how far this initiative will go. I have no clue if it actually brings positive impact to the world.

    However, on my journey I seek help from mentors, leaders, influencers around me.

    I had a look at what Enchantment promises to deliver:

    *How to achieve Likeability
    *How to achieve Trustworthiness
    *How to overcome Resistance
    *How to make enchantment endure
    *How to enchant your employees
    *How to enchant your boss
    *How to prepare
    *How to launch
    *How to use technology
    *How to resist enchantment

    In my humble opinion, my initiative will need to get answers for each of the above questions from Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment.

    And that’s why I deserve your free book.
    I am sorry I wasn’t creative enough. But I was sincere.

    Ravi Kumar, India

  • Jeff Reynolds

    First of all, this is a great idea to encourage conversation with your Blog! I own an upstart media consulting business that helps small companies, churches & not-for-profit organizations with their messaging. This book will help empower me to equip my clients to run their organizations more effectively. Besides that I am an evangelist for any good book i am reading which makes for a good investment of the publisher because more books will get sold. (:

  • josuediaz

    Guy inspires me and I’m sure his book would not disappoint.

  • Mike

    I am a reader!

  • soozanne

    I’d love to have a copy of this book. As a home-based business entrepeneur, I can always use a fresh source of inspiration. I’m ready to be Enchanted!

  • Kcroy

    I am an English teacher and I want to use Guy’s book to energize and inspire my students and colleagues to create an educational environment where everyone is driven to collaborate, succeed, and produce high quality projects. I watched a documentary recently on NetFlix titled ‘Welcome to Macintosh’. In the film is showed how Guy Kawasaki was able to literally save Apple by rallying their loyal customer base. I was so intrigued with Guy, the way in which he spoke and carried himself, and his beliefs on business. I am believe Guy’s book Enchantment will help me transform my career and hobbies to something I can be proud of and help other people’s lives.

  • Sandi Benton Plasters

    I want to create enchantment as well as be enchanting. As a pastor, I work to offer an experience of worship where people experience the divine mystery. As a leader, I work to create an faith community that draws and keeps people. As a person, I want to be noticed and change the world.

  • Kristin

    I follow both Guy and you on twitter. I continually look for leaders that inspire me or can teach me something that will help me stretch myself. I feel I am performing well but not at my best because sometimes I let too many creative ideas pull me in many different directions. I would love be challenged to only work on my ideas/business efforts that will truly enchant my audience. My main business venture is ZiggityZoom which was established to spark childrens’ imaginations (and families) through our website, educational products, books, and creative products. I believe this book would continue to help me focus my efforts to accomplish my big goals. Michael- thanks for writing about your leadership and company observations and bringing us a great interview with Guy.

  • Kevin Fiske

    From what I’ve heard through a person who’s read the book, Kawasaki has given intensely practical steps for garnering “enchantment” in the brief but intensely meaningful communication. I’m very interested in how this could impact my own development in the area of communication, especially as it pertains to communicating in the large group setting. Additionally, I have heard a lot of buzz around Kawasaki’s “Enchantment” and am intrigued by the concept, obviously as it pertains to leadership development! I’m especially interested in Kawasaki’s philosophy regarding building trust and “lasting enchantment.”

  • Lindsey Brooks

    I’m new to the world of business and social media (as a business tool), but NOT new to inspiring people to do fantastic things! I’ve been a computer programmer, then a teacher, and now I’m a mom, a volunteer, a substitute teacher, and the Networking & Communications Coordinator for Flat-Out Events!

    I’m starting a library of fantastic business tools, and would love to add this book to it!!

  • Joe Kleinwaechter

    As the author of a column on higher ground living and leadership, I depend greatly on the shoulders of giants. Kawaski is one of these giants. Taking great ideas of his, combining them with the other giants allows and then tailoring the message to my audiewnce gives these giants a new channel that they might not reach.

  • Caleb Williams

    I want a this book because I feel like it could help me as a young Christian communicator to be more effective and to understand better how people think and to reach them where they are. I also agree with Jeffery Murias who commented three days before me, the guy’s last name is Kawasaki and that’s awesome.

  • Cinnimongirl

    Yes, I want a free book!

  • Angela Cook

    Great insight. Encouraging to see someone who is substantive and positive in such imperiled times for business world and kingdom of God.

  • Nicole

    I would like this book because it would be of great help to me and my husband in ministry.

    I wrote a haiku explaining:

    Christ is enchanting.
    I need to be enchanting.
    To show others Christ.

  • Casey Tygrett

    I want a book because I live and breath in a pretty fluid, creative, and challenging church community and my leadership needs to be constantly fed. However, that’s not the best reason. The top 5 REAL reasons I should get a copy of the book is as follows:

    1. I have recently bought a Mac, which makes me 2nd cousins at least with Guy.
    2. I think Michael Hyatt is the greatest book-publishing-executive since the last one.
    3. I read a lot. I mean a lot. And without a new book I get cagey and it might be bad for my family.
    4. I have a Klout score of 35. I don’t know what that means but apparently it is a lesser known part of Paul’s fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5.
    5. Honestly, I developed a top 5 list for this comment. That should earn me something.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Anonymous

    I would imagine that any book that would dare to call itself “Enchantment” in an age were so many things distract us from wonder, and exploration, deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

  • Shawn Cornett

    Cue movie trailer voice-over guy and suspenseful music: “In a world where the church looks ordinary and common, there is a church that is striving to be extraordinary and special. In a world where pastors are content with the status quo, there is a pastor who believes he can be so much more. He’s been to seminary. He’s been to conferences. But he still lacks one thing. A free copy of Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Enchantment’! There’s only one man who can make it happen. This summer, Michael Hyatt is…the Free-Book-Giver-Away Guy! Coming soon to a bookshelf near me.”

  • Toddmckeever

    Why I would like the book for free? I have been and still am a Childrens pastor for 17+ years and have learned that I get to minister to the largest mission field in the world. Barna research has shared that 90% of people who will accept Christ will be in the age group of 4-13 years of age.

    In your own reason that you shared:

    “It helped me understand why brands like Apple, Lexus, and Zappos have such raving fans. More importantly, it helped me see how I can replicate this in my life and business.”

    Where else can it be so important to learn how to create and design ideas and environments that will continue to draw in “raving fans” for Christ. Plus you are a very wise man and anyone who would invest would invest their money, time and efforts (or free book) in the area that they could see the largest return of their investment in. I think 90% is a good return.


  • Toddmckeever

    Why I would like the book for free? I have been and still am a Childrens pastor for 17+ years and have learned that I get to minister to the largest mission field in the world. Barna research has shared that 90% of people who will accept Christ will be in the age group of 4-13 years of age.

    In your own reason that you shared:

    “It helped me understand why brands like Apple, Lexus, and Zappos have such raving fans. More importantly, it helped me see how I can replicate this in my life and business.”

    Where else can it be so important to learn how to create and design ideas and environments that will continue to draw in “raving fans” for Christ. Plus you are a very wise man and anyone who would invest would invest their money, time and efforts (or free book) in the area that they could see the largest return of their investment in. I think 90% is a good return.


  • Dgrein33

    I would love to have this book to possibly use as a new tool for study for my Small Group bible study. Some very interesting topics to look into and evaluate in our lives…..

  • Denise McClain

    This sounds like such an amazing book. As a rabid Apple fan, I know first hand how I’ve become such a lover of all things Apple.
    The tenets presented in this book will more than help me in my professional life. As a nurse, I deal with varied personalities at work with my coworkers, patients and families, and often noncompliant patients as well. Learning and understanding the finesse needed in less-than-ideal situations will be so invaluable.
    I’ve recently been accepted to begin a nurse practitioner program at a nearby university (yay me!). In this role I will have more of an opportunity to change lives. I have such a passion for diabetes and cardiac disease and often the one thing standing in the way of patient health IS the patient. If I thought Guy’s book would teach an invaluable lesson as a RN, as an NP I can only image the impact I could make in patient care.
    Finally, I’ve a small hobby at present that I’d like to make into a small side business. But the biggest stumbling block for me is the presentation/advertising/promotion. It sounds like this book will be the perfect fit for what I’m lacking.
    Thank you, Michael, for your blog. You offer such wonderful insight and great tips. I’ve RSS subscribed and read it every day in my Apple Mail before work.

  • Wally Grant

    As a technical director at a church here in Michigan I want to learn how to bring some enchantment to all my volunteers that serve so faithfully. They sometimes forget how important they are to the Kingdom and I believe bringing back the enchantment of when they first started serving will help them remember their purpose.

  • Liza Handoko

    I am a university student who is in the middle of compiling a thesis for final project. And I found that I really interested in Marketing Evangelism. I collect data from books and journals about marketing evangelism and realize that actually Guy Kawasaki is likely to be the first man that bring it to the surface. So I’m really craving to know more all the incredible thought from Guy Kawasaki and hopefully can help me to make the thesis as increadble and enchanted as him and you. Thanks.

  • Adam Smith

    I have heard really good things about Guy from friends. I think this book might be valuable for deepening my understanding of interpersonal communication in the context of church leadership. I would like to study his perspective and see how it compares to a biblical worldview and see what lessons can be applied to my life.

  • ccrohde

    Mr.Kawasaki’s (What a cool last name) book Enchanted, would be an assemt to my life as one who work’s with teens & children as a youth and children’s pastor. Since Mac has the attention of this generation through ipod’s, itunes, ipad’s, etc…, I believe this book would help me gain an better understanding on how to communicate the timeless truths of God’s Word. Hollywood communicates it’s messages very well to this generation and has nothing to say. The church has the best message to communicate to all generations but does a poor job at it. I believe Enchanted would be assest in my ongoing efforts to communicate the most important message to a generation that needs to hear it.

    Clay R.


    I lose my home and printing shop to a flood in June 2010. Just getting back in my home out of a fema trader. Now to start on put my shop back and any help I may get from his book would be good. Beleave me I need any help thats out there.

  • B_Schebs

    I look forward to reading this book and using it to start a change in the way my company does business and interacts from the Trenches. I am a front line customer service associate who thinks the change in a company needs to start at the bottom.

  • Melissa A.

    I want this book as a tool to grow, and challenge myself to find new ways to share what I believe God wants me to share. My dream is to encourage, inspire, and bless people through my artwork, bringing all glory back to God. I need to find stronger ways to reach out to people and really help them to be interested, so that in the end, they can be be blessed and help other to be blessed.

  • Wjjyp3464

    psychobabble. big time.
    try opening up a Bible instead for how to live your life.

  • patricia4770

    new age psychobabble.
    so much of it these days, very sad.

  • Shelleylandes

    Hi Michael,

    I wrote a blog post this week and asked the question, “What Inspires You?” I wrote my blog as a work assignment but really, asked that specific question because I am needing a big dose of inspriration and challenge in my professional career. Truth be told, I’m one of the oldest people on my team and I feel like I’m being left behind. I’m ready to change up my methodology and “enchant” and “delight” all those I encounter.

    One of my mentors talks about creating a “delightful experience” and I’m ready to learn the finer points from the master of “Enchantment.”

  • Rachel Wojnarowski

    Would love to win this book. Why? While my primary roles are wife, mom, and homemaker, those roles require as much leadership as any. My secondary roles are expanding and this book looks like a great learning tool!

  • franktan

    I have been a Guy Kawasaki fan ever since I picked up a Performa 636CD 17 years ago, which set me back quite a bit in terms of finances but moved me up technologically. I wonder how many more students were like me who went into debt just because of the persuasive abilities of the Chief Evangelist. This is something I personally aspire to in my own line of work as I work with children and parents in children’s ministry.

  • Jen C

    What a great video explaining about this book! I would love to get a chance to read the whole book.

    I am beginning to develop a dream to create a place that will be a retreat – a break from the norm – for pastors, church leaders, ministry leaders and their families. (Long term dream includes opening it to the public.) But the base points of this idea are living simply, enjoying the moment and becoming who God created you to be. I want to create a welcoming, home-away-from-home environment so it feels like our guests become part of our family during their stay.

    This book sounds like one I’m going to need to read. I would love to read it for free. Thanks for being so generous!

  • …adam

    I would love a copy of this book so that as a young leader I can stop associating the word “enchantment” with a Disney princess movie and instead have it mean something more substantial.

    Not that there is anything wrong with a guy in his late 20s liking disney princess movies…

    …is there?

  • Roy Wallen

    Greatly enjoyed this interview, learned losts from it, have added _Enchantment_ to my wish list, and will investigate others of Guy Kawasaki’s works. Thankls for continued great content.

  • Tom

    My goal in life is to be used as a conduit for God’s purposes. I am keen to get whatever tools I can to keep my conduit clean.

  • Brian C

    I, too, am in a field being threatened by technology, devices, and the internet. While almost all are taking the actions of commoditizing the product and eliminating all possible costs, I’m working to be a contrarian — I believe a successful future lies in the opposite…I believe the future lies in greater connection and the power of simple companionship…I believe in what Guy is smartly calling “enchantment!” (I’d been playing with the word “delight,” but it was never quite right…)


    Help me bring it to fruition in my field…in my community…!

  • Johan Murillo

    I want this book because I want to make changes in the way we do ministry. The Church needs to revisit the way it is devoloping disciples for eternity instead of one time consumers; or in Guy’s words: making sure that the enchantment endure :)

  • Mike

    Getting pins stuck in you on the school bus is no fun. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that people use needles in other ways, too – like bursting your bubble for your new business venture. When I read Guy’s book, Art of the Start, I realized new ways of confronting what I thought was failure. Turns out I just needed to know how to stand up for myself in ways that others could comprehend. Looking forward to Guy’s new book, Enchantment.

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  • cherylsmith

    Enjoyed this interview, and thought I would share the link to the interview with him at The High Calling:

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  • Jason

    Kawasaki is a business genius and gives great advice! We all have so much to
    learn from him. Check out this book that he praises

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  • Andrew Mason

    Love this video from Skype! Michael, is there recording software you’ve used to capture this in split-screen format?

  • Entreb

    Guy Kawasaki’s wisdom and insights in entrepreneurship and leadership are revolutionary. It’s always rewarding to listen or read his advice.

  • Wendy

    Thanks for this. I just ordered ENCHANTMENT online after watching the interview–Guy Kawasaki is such a breath of fresh air! I’m a big believer in the “Baker” concept of seeing things as how it benefits others, and the “dress to tie” philosophy, although I had never put those beliefs to words before. Thanks for illuminating Guy and his “enchanting” philosophies :)