An Interview with Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki worked at Apple as the Chief Evangelist, where his job was to convince software developers to write applications for the Macintosh computer. I first encountered him when I read his book, Selling the Dream. His newest book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, is available today.

I have written a lot about how to create wow experiences, so I was particularly interested in the topic of this book. Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Guy via Skype. In the interview, I asked Guy six questions:

  1. How do you define “enchantment”?
  2. Why is enchantment so important?
  3. How does likability relate to enchantment?
  4. You say that likability is half the battle; the other half is trust. How do you build trust?
  5. Every leader and entrepreneur I know faces resistance. What are a few strategies for overcoming resistance?
  6. It seems that people eventually get disenchanted—in their work, in the products and services they use, and even in their marriages. How do you make enchantment last?

I loved the book. It helped me understand why brands like Apple, Lexus, and Zappos have such raving fans. More importantly, it helped me see how I can replicate this in my life and business.

You can follow Guy on his Website or on Twitter. You might also want to check out this really cool infographic that Guy had created for the book. (I think this is a particularly creative book marketing tool.

I gave away 50 copies of Enchantment, courtesy of Portfolio Books, a Division of Penguin. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Questions: Have you read this book? What did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Maureen

    Micheal, you have so many good comments I wasn’t going to add mine but then I thought again. I love it when someone can put my thoughts into words and make it so understandable. I am not gifted in speaking or writing and struggle to get my point across to my employees and my 3 daughters that work here too. (of a great coffee shop). Enchanting is a great word and one now that I will use to help my employees deliver a great customer service that I have always wanted them to be able to communicate. I would love to receive the book but I plan to go buy it too so that I can immediately start sharing it with my employees and daughters. Thanks again. Maureen

  • MS

    Always on a quest for growth and wanting to make changes in my profession, I am hoping to learn more about enchanting people to help move my new career forward.

  • Jayabharath Goluguri

    “Love has the greatest persuasive power we know in life”. I have been enchanted by Guy’s work over the last few years begining with “The art of the start” & am a vivid reader of his posts on “How to change the World” blog.

    I would love to learn to “The art of enchantment” and change the world.

  • Chris J.

    I work in an industry that is slow to change – higher education. I’m worried that it is in a death spin and someone needs to be thinking beyond what we’ve always done. I seem to be that person. I enjoy reading books like Kawasaki’s because they give me hope. I am able to see suggestions and techniques which I can apply to my work in college student life and possibly up through my “silo” to impact the organization as a whole.

    Additionally, as my life’s work revolves around students, I would enjoy sharing the book with them as well. I am responsible for student leadership development and think that many of Kawasaki’s suggestions would make a great discussion for young people preparing themselves for the modern workforce.

    Finally, I would like the book for my own personal development. Life is a journey of self-improvement, and this book seems like a next logical step. I enjoyed Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone” and think that Kawasaki is drawing from the same eternal pool of knowledge. It would be interesting to see how the two compare.

  • Jim King

    I am deeply interested in this book, I work in Appalachia, leading a number of organizations that build and repair homes for families. The work is rewarding, but difficult so taking time to invest in the “Wow” experiences meets a critical missing piece for us. Jim

  • Kevin Cotter

    I am currently creating a website for our missionary organization. My goal is to create an online movement of people seeking to reach college students through evangelization, bible studies, and discipleship. Part of the challenge with this work is helping students and missionaries have a clear vision of what we are doing. A big part of the website is to present the information and materials in such a way that is inspiring. I think a book like Enchantment can help me do this.

  • Darren Telford

    i am always on the lookout as a husband, father, and business owner for ways to change hearts and see Godly – character oriented results

  • Hsims

    Ministry is all about change. It’s a desire for people to want to follow you all the way to heaven. We want them to change their hearts, their minds, & their actions. All of that begins with relationships. This book has got to be a great read for anybody in ministry. There is bound to be something to be learned for me in ministry.

  • Ann Vande Zande

    Ah, tips for overcoming resistance, how many ways might I apply thee? Wilst thou uncover the means to teach my adolescent son the importance of character? Or will you usher me to the core of that which can only be defined as my issues – insecurity, doubt, and just enough pride to deny that either exist? Might you telescope the future, determined to drive me forward and actually do the work to which I’ve committed? Specifically, to strengthen the minds of Christ followers by encouraging critical thinking and the application of common sense? I feel faint of heart just pondering the possibilities. So I beseech thee. Leave me not in the lurch! Please send me the book!

  • Linda S

    I am intrigued by the questions you asked and would like to read the book and see how Guy answers them. I also understand that he includes a story about a printer from Fargo ND and being a North Dakota girl, I’m always interested in success stories from ND. LindaS

  • Miriam

    I not only desire but I REQUIRE this dynamic book!!

    My passion is to serve mothers around the world. Moms are an essential part of the family unit and families are the fabric of society. So, I am establishing an organization for moms where they can have support, encouragement and guidance so that they can be and become all that God has destined for them.

    To that end, “Enchantment” will help change my mindset about “writing the vision and making it plain” (Habakkuk 2:2). Until now I only interpreted this scripture to mean that we should write the vision on paper, as in a business plan and then on your website, employee handbook, etc. But after listening to your interview, I see that God is also instructing us to write this vision on the hearts and minds of the people so that they can run with it in their actions. Wow…Powerful!! The Bible is so clear that mind renewal is the only way to internal and external transformation (See Romans 12:2). From what I heard Guy say, in less than 10 minutes, it appears that he has tapped into a spiritual principle that is applicable to the realms of both business and ministry. And as an entrepreneur and Minister-in-training, this book is timely in helping me walk in the destiny that God has preordained for me. I believe that this book–this new mindset, will change me so that I can pass it along and change others.

    Proverbs 19:20 says, “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future.” Well, I’d like this opportunity to receive Guy’s advice and instruction that will give me wisdom for my future and the future of other mothers. Thanks for this opportunity!! May God continue to bless the work of your hands, Michael (Deuteronomy 28:12)!!

    In His Service, Miriam

  • Glenn L.

    The PEOPLE Approach: Guy Kawasaki is always on his game. I think this book would be an excellent read because he approaches all his concepts from the PEOPLE element in mind, and it’s NOW more than ever that we need to recognize that this angle is the only way to rise above the static. I think this book would help me drive that within my own organization.

  • Michelle Arneson

    I am an educator in Iowa schools. There is a lot of change in our schools today and the ideas in Enchantment are definitely needed to guide our work. I am excited and eager to share this message with the teachers and school districts that I am working with. Imagine the changes in learning if the principles of Enchantment were used by our teachers. Thank you for considering me to receive a free copy of the book.

  • Robert Blackburn, Jr.

    I have been a Guy Kawasaki fan since I got his (autographed) 1990 book “The Macintosh Way: The Art of Guerrilla Management”. “Enchantment” seems like a great follow-on to his unconventional (then and especially now) thoughts about management (which involves a greater percentage of inward and outward marketing than most managers will admit or understand. In fact, that is what separates managers from leaders. I see this daily in my huge mega-company and it is only getting worse. It doesn’t matter whether your product is iPods or airplanes. The concepts apply both ways. Even for companies with innovative products that do create enchantment to the outward customers, the management philosophy forgets enchantment targeted to their own employees.

  • Phillipsmtn1

    I want a copy of Guy’s book because I want to be a leader in my business by encouraging and influencing people to do the right thing.

    Guin K.

  • Clayjacobs

    Learn…grow…be better equipped to coach pastors/churches/leaders to an enchanted future!
    Clay (retired but not dead)

  • Drgrossman

    Enchantment is the name,
    And pleasing is the game.
    Cinderella is who I am,
    The book is my glass slipper
    on the lam!
    Please, may I have it?

  • Lscott

    I’ve been reading about Guy for years and now, more than ever, this book is spot-on for where I am in my career. I’ve been out of work for 2 years and have just started as a consultant for a social networking site for educators. I’ve been an education marketer my entire career but this type of “sell” is different because social communities are so new to both teachers/members and ed businesses/sponsors that I need to enchant everyone to get into the mix. I think Guy’s book would show me how to do that so I can turn my career around!

  • Juan

    Great interview Mike- it comes down to trust and likeability, and how to connect with people that when you leave them they feel better than when you first saw/met them. That’s a great principle to apply into our lives, specially when you are in a sales, customer service capacity. It comes down to creating those magic moments when you encounter with others.
    Keep more video interviews coming…

  • Lex

    If I get a copy of this book, Jesus will come back sooner.

    I am on staff (part-time, which means I work full-time and get paid sometimes) at a pretty amazing church. We’re in the process of rethinking our marketing strategy and tools, and this sounds like exactly what we need.

    So when our ministry becomes enchanting, Elgin will be enchanted with Jesus. Then I’ll recommend it to all the other churches in the area and all of Chicagoland will be enchanted with Jesus.

    Then, they’ll recommend it to their pastor friends, who will all buy it, and everyone will catch the bug. Before you know it, churches all over the world will be enchanting, and people will be coming to the Lord faster than you can say, “Rapture.”

    With all that enchantment, missions organizations will be over-run with volunteers. That whole “every tribe and every tongue” thing will be a drop in the bucket, evangelism in Jerusalem will become enchanting, and Jesus will be here.

    I’m sure if you really decode Revelation it’s in there somewhere: Michael will get Lex a copy of Enchanted and then the fourth seal … ;)

  • Max Schaufler

    I want this book … Because after 32 years I am on my very own path to enchantment right now.
    All my life I was known for my sharp mind, being a man of logic, calmness in person – emotion was something I associated with weakness. The origin of this thought dates back to my childhood days, and even meeting my loving wife, having two amazing daughters did not convince me of the opposite – but it was a big part in preparing me for what started to hit me the past couple of weeks, it prepared me for letting be hit!
    Details about my experiences would blow this comment, so here is my story summed up:
    *) I was positively shocked to learn about my deep emotional connection to my job, when faced with the situation that a good friend could have become my new co-worker, decided not to, and I would have to face a “stranger” and put trust in him and his work.
    *) I am lucky to be able to participate in a training program at work, in a group of 12 incredible aspiring colleagues. Our team is called “Innovation Factory”, we are working very hard to find ways to change life in and of our company for the better, in innovative ways. We are really challenging ourselves to find “innovation”, and all the workshops we had led to the conclusion that every change, every piece of innovation can only work if people are moved emotionally, because that allows them to move mentally and physically, instead of “being moved”. And to all of our surprise within the team – including my self – it was me, the man of logic, who could not hold out any longer but to release everything we learned into one mind-blowing speech. A speech that opened hearts, made jaws drop, and made me shake – literally, physically.
    *) And most of all I am lucky to have a wife who did not grow tired of trying to dig for my emotions the past six years, who helped me work on my mental blockades to unlock what is hidden inside. Nic, I love you.
    This discovery of emotions playing such a vital role even in my life is just unbelievable. And from I know and read about Guy’s book, you could very well call my previous life the “path TO enchantment” and my current life “path OF enchantment”.
    I’m enchanting others more than I ever did before – and this is possible because I found the way to my own emotions – I started enchanting myself.
    Hope you enjoyed the story, and maybe some of that positive emotion did come through to you!

    Cheers, Max

  • Sue Wolford

    I want this book to help me with my job. It’s my job to enchant people who want to volunteer with us and to enchant our staff to the value of working with volunteers. Wow, I never thought about it, but it’s my job to enchant people inside and outside of our library. Great product…got it! Some days it’s easier than other, but any kind of tips or help I can get from this book would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tim Davis

    I am into constantly growing, learning, and developing. I have been aware of Guy and his content for a while now and would love to read his new book.

  • Susan Fontaine Godwin

    The Guy really lives what he preaches….his enchanting smile lights up a room, even over Skype cameras. I’ve been a big Kawasaki fan for many years and have grown and expanded a great deal as the result of his writings. Our company culture and core values align closely with the questions you asked Guy, and I’d love to dive in deeper into his insights into Enchantment. Thanks for sharing this interview.

  • Hans Schiefelbein

    The Apple Evangelist still has it – and anything he write will rub off on me. I’d love the opportunity to get this book via your blog and write about it and implement it into the game plan of my blog, workflow, and life. Great interview Michael.

  • Randyspangler

    I have seen Guy speak two times and have spoken to him once. Read several of his books. My power points are always 10 slides or less and I NEVER let the bozos get me down! So… Don’t let me down… Send me a copy of this undoubtably great book!

  • Nancy Gordon Mhm1862

    I would like to read this book, after listening to your interview with Guy, because I felt encouraged to “keep-on-keeping-on.” As a songwriter, I am struggling with the new landscape of the music industry. Yet, I have a vision and a mission through my songs to “leave a holy legacy.” Perhaps Enchantment will inspire enlightenment and endurance for the endeavor! ( And thank you for your helpful web site)

  • Hui-lingchan

    i definitely want this book to see how it applies to higher education, please please:)

  • Josepnosas

    I’m the boss of a small businessin Spain and I want this book. I follow Guy since two years ago and I’ ve to confess I was waiting this new book.

  • Jeff Goins

    Guy Kawasaki? What’s next – Steve Jobs?! Awesome interview. Love that you had the opportunity to do it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve yet to read anything by Guy Kawasaki, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about his authorships. To be honest, I’d probably buy this book anyway, but I’d love to win a copy!

  • Faye K. Gilmer

    My purpose in life is…to love God and to love people….to serve God and to serve people….to persue excellence. I am an avid reader and feel this book would help me in a great way to fulfill my purpose in life…..thank you for the opportunity to win this book

  • massimo

    Really great thoughts in the article and in the readers comments.

    In my personal experience I feel that disenchantment kills our enthusiasm for life.

    What about our lifes without enchantment? Is there anything that matters without enchantment?

    Enchantment helps creativity. Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives.
    When we feel enchantment we’re creative, we feel we are living more fully than during the rest of life

    I would love to receive this book because I‘m looking for new ways to inspire other people, to help people to boost creativity, to broaden their prospectives and to get inspired ideas.

    A big hug from Italy : )


  • Dale Cottrell

    I would like to understand how enchantment can be related not only to the workplace but also in the home. Being a husband and father and working in the government things become pretty challenging and really at times need some enchantment. Also I want this book because if someone like Dir Richard Branson can read it a give it thumbs up then it has got to be a good read.

  • Tasra Dawson

    I use Evernote and Dropbox too! I can’t believe the story about the Grateful Dead and tapers. What a concept. As a photographer, the issue of copyright is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. With Facebook and blogs, everyone wants their images in digital format online, but photographers are struggling with how to maintain quality and value of their product if it’s distributed and devalued at low quality online.

    I would absolutely love to get a copy of Guy’s new book. I have read his book Reality Check and value his advice and perspective. Especially since both he and I are former Apple employees. I feel like he’s a kindred spirit!

    Working with teen girls to build their self esteem and confidence through photography and media, I feel like much of our battle is to educate and enchant the girls and parents about what we’re doing, how we’re different, and how incredibly crucial our program is for teen girls everywhere. That’s not an easy task, but we’re immediately going to implement some of the advice from Guy into our next information meeting this Sunday!

    Thanks for the interview with Guy and the encouragement to go out and be enchanting!

  • BC

    A chance for a book called Enchantment
    Which won’t even cost me a red cent
    I think you’ll agree
    I deserve a copy
    To see Guy’s incredible content.

    I’ll read it from dusk ’til dawn
    Relaxing in my salon
    And when I am done
    I’ll double the fun
    Pick a friend and pass it on.

  • Jonathan Heller

    Just discovered your site and blog. After 27 years at a financial service mega firm,
    my job was eliminated. To avoid moving my 4 kids, I was forced to start a my
    own one man firm. I am very good at what I do, but struggling with marketing. I really
    need help with “enchantment.”

  • Dave Weinberg

    I want Guy’s new book for several reasons. One, Guy constantly impresses me with his easy going, smily attitude – and yet his business and marketing sense is always dead on. His writing shows that and when I met him last year at SXSW, I felt it from him then too. Mostly, though, I am excited to devour what I sure will be a solid business read. As a newly minted business owner, I can use all the good advice I can get.

    Thanks Michael for doing this!

    Dave Weinberg
    CEO, Causil

  • Kola201

    I believe it will be a spring of ideas for me to drink from. I preach Jesus Christ but I have come to understand that knowing Jesus is one thing and communicating or marketing Him is another. The principle of enchantment will make my preaching more receptive. Kola A

  • Oscar

    Just saw the interview and noticed that what this book talks about I need to better my self in my business. Always willing to learn and its hard to filter all the information out there but I can see change with this book. This is why I need this Book.

    Oscar R

  • Oscar

    I just saw the interview, and totally agree with what was said. I’m a developing leader that needs more. I work with people all the time now and will love to improve to make a better impact. Trying to filter all the information available can get complicated. Will love to maximize my time.

  • Scott Reavely

    Like you, I’ve followed Guy for a long time. I read The Art of the Start and emailed him a question. I will never forget this, Guy Kawasaki replied to me… ON THANKSGIVING DAY! I was enchanted!

    I have several roles in which I need to be enchanting — I’m a husband who struggles to enchant his wife. I’m a father who needs to change the hearts, minds and actions of his kids. I’m a softball coach who needs to make the mechanics of a swing seem enchanting to 11-year-old girls. I’m the chairman of the board of a seminary — Yes, even graduate students…especially graduate students need to be enchanted. And, I’m a pastor, who needs to introduce people to the most enchanting person of all — Jesus.

    I’d love a copy of Guy’s new book. Thank you very much.

  • JLD

    I work in Interactive Marketing for a small Christian publisher. Likability and trust SHOULD be natural for us; however, we all get bogged down in our daily grind and forget to look Up. I think that Guy Kawasaki’s book would help me and my co-workers to find new ways to generate enchantment–for our ministry and for our customers.

  • Kevin Holguin

    Guy’s Reality Check made me realize that it is never to late to reinvent and adapt oneself. While I was struggling over whether or not to pursue a job that involved both a significant promotion and significant time away from my family, I stumbled across Michael’s blog, and began following it (and him as well on Twitter). Moments after I found out I did not get the job, Google Reader had delivered Michael’s post about Roman’s 8:28. Guy originally inspired me to become more competitive by using the tools I find on the web; which led me to Michael’s Blog( from an article in Productive Magazine), which leads me back to Guy’s new book. Serendipity is always enchanting.

  • Kumars Ravi

    Hello Michael,

    I am from India and for the first time now in my life I have set myself up to do something meaningful in the hope of shedding the mediocrity of past. I am setting up something called Lectures for Good.

    Lectures for Good is a non-profit initiative to raise funds for charity through delivery of empowering fun filled lectures/seminars/workshops for students/ corporate alike for free. We accept only voluntary donations from participants of our programs as low as Re 1.

    I have no clue how far this initiative will go. I have no clue if it actually brings positive impact to the world.

    However, on my journey I seek help from mentors, leaders, influencers around me.

    I had a look at what Enchantment promises to deliver:

    *How to achieve Likeability
    *How to achieve Trustworthiness
    *How to overcome Resistance
    *How to make enchantment endure
    *How to enchant your employees
    *How to enchant your boss
    *How to prepare
    *How to launch
    *How to use technology
    *How to resist enchantment

    In my humble opinion, my initiative will need to get answers for each of the above questions from Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment.

    And that’s why I deserve your free book.
    I am sorry I wasn’t creative enough. But I was sincere.

    Ravi Kumar, India

  • Jeff Reynolds

    First of all, this is a great idea to encourage conversation with your Blog! I own an upstart media consulting business that helps small companies, churches & not-for-profit organizations with their messaging. This book will help empower me to equip my clients to run their organizations more effectively. Besides that I am an evangelist for any good book i am reading which makes for a good investment of the publisher because more books will get sold. (:

  • josuediaz

    Guy inspires me and I’m sure his book would not disappoint.

  • Mike

    I am a reader!

  • soozanne

    I’d love to have a copy of this book. As a home-based business entrepeneur, I can always use a fresh source of inspiration. I’m ready to be Enchanted!

  • Kcroy

    I am an English teacher and I want to use Guy’s book to energize and inspire my students and colleagues to create an educational environment where everyone is driven to collaborate, succeed, and produce high quality projects. I watched a documentary recently on NetFlix titled ‘Welcome to Macintosh’. In the film is showed how Guy Kawasaki was able to literally save Apple by rallying their loyal customer base. I was so intrigued with Guy, the way in which he spoke and carried himself, and his beliefs on business. I am believe Guy’s book Enchantment will help me transform my career and hobbies to something I can be proud of and help other people’s lives.