An Interview with Max Lucado About His New Book, Grace

In my thirty-plus year career in publishing, I have had the privilege of working with a number of amazing authors. One of those is my friend, Max Lucado.

In twenty-five years of writing, Max has sold more than 80 million books. His new book, Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine, was published by Thomas Nelson last month.Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with Max and talk with about his new book. In this interview, I asked him:

  • A lot of people say grace has been your life message, do you believe that is accurate?
  • How has your understanding of grace changed over the years?
  • What is the difference between saving grace and sustaining grace?
  • Do you think the average person today understands grace, and if not, what is in the way?
  • What does grace look like when we experience it and express it?
  • Where does this book fit into the full scope of your work?

The book really is terrific. Classic Max. And, it’s on a topic that is always refreshing.

I gave away 50 copies of Grace. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: What is your understanding of grace and why is it important? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Barbara M Fowler

    To me, grace means respect, kindness, thinking the best of others. I worry about the lack of it, when I read all of the personally hurtful anonymous comments on websites. 

  • Joe Lalonde

     My wife absolutely loves Max Lucado.

    Grace, to me, has meant forgiveness when I have done nothing to deserve it.

    • Paul Sohn

      Joe – I think forgiveness is a key aspect of it as well. I read somewhere that I liked how they defined GRACE: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. 

  • Russ Fallett

    Grace is an extension of forgiveness when I don’t deserve it. Grace is also simply reality. Despite the days when I may doubt or fear, that doesn’t mean that it changes. I just means that I have to turn back to what I know is real.

  • Denise Milianta

    Grace is an unmerited and undeserved gift from God and sometimes taken for granted.   Grace along with our faith gives us access to the throne of God.

  • Debbie K.

    I have considered myself a Christian my entire life. Only recently have I begun really studying and trying to understand what following and believing in Christ really means. Grace is a concept I am still working on. I look forward to reading Mr. Lucado’s book and learning and understanding more about grace. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to win a copy.

  • Chi

    Grace cannot be dispensed outside of God’s Holyness. So for a person to receive grace he must acknowledge his need for it otherwise it is not the Grace that is in character of God.

  • Jodib

    Without grace we would not know the love or forgiveness of the Almighty God!

  • Jtrandolph

    Grace is a gift from God that we do nothing to earn.  

  • Robyn

    It’s hard for me to describe grace without using the word grace! I believe it’s more than just respect it is an extension of goodness – gentleness a softer and more loving way of responding to people. In my mind it’s so imortant for many reasons – it’s been extended to us from our blessed saviour and if for not better reason than that we are called to extend it. But beyond  that – dealing with people in a softer more heartfelt way – can change things, people and situations. What a place this world would be if we all practiced grace as a noun and a verb.

  • JeremiahZeiset

    What a great inspiration for a Monday morning – Grace! We have been extended so much grace through Christ. I’d love to read the book. Thank-you for doing this Michael.

    Jeremiah Zeiset

    LIFE SENTENCE Publishing

  • Sarah Mureithi

    To me grace means, umerited favour in ones life. Getting what we dont deserve at all. Grace is improtant to all human beings because we are incapacitated from birth.

  • Pat Nichols

    By grace are we saved, it is the unmerited favor of God which we access through faith in Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. But I do believe that, we through conscious will, or through neglect of this great salvation, may step back outside the canopy of grace.

  • Lizanne Strydom

    Grace is the reason I am who I am and so much more…. Grace is the reason I can live for ever. Because I received undescribable grace, I am trying to also share it with whoever cross my road.  I pray that God will help me to be able to share it unconditionally.. cause I received ot unconditionally.

  • Mike Hansen

    Wow-what a loaded question! Grace means life…breathing. Grace to me is the sole reason why I haven’t given up this Christian journey over two decades ago. If not for God’s grace, well, we humans have no hope. That’s how important it is, I believe. I wish more people would see how gracious God really is-and more believers practiced grace toward others. Undeserved favor is a two word definition of grace, to me.

  • Kdillingham

    Yes it is the underserved gift from God.   For me in my daily life it really is the sweetness I feel in my relationship with God.  It is what gives me the strength to keep going and keep trusting God.  

  • Kim Lowe

    Grace is unearned/unmerited favor…something that I want to be able to comprehend to its fullest!  I’m so excited about Max Lucado’s new book!

  • Scott Jones

    Grace is acceptance by Heavenly Father and His granting us a pardon for our sins based entirely on his love for us and for how we have behaved. I believe it is by His grace we are saved, but it’s also only after all we can do to work out our own salvation. 

  • Lianefaneca

    I’ve most often heard grace defined as God’s ability where we have none. There may be more to it than that, but since my abilities are inadequate in so many areas, I have always been grateful for the fact that God steps in and supplies His own ability when I need it.

  • Gmoore17

    My understanding of grace is that it is unmerited favor for our lives that gives is the ability to live the lives we were destined to live.

  • Eknowles

    “For it is by grace you have been saved…”. I grew hearing that verse. For years and years all they were were words to me. It wasn’t until I made lots of wrong turns in my life that I finally started to grasp the depth and the love packed into those words. Those words meaning everything to me today.

  • Steve Martin

    We all OUGHT be practitioners of grace.

    But in reality, we always are very good at it.

    I guess that is why we need a Savior. Who just happens to be very good at it.


  • Cheryl S.

    Grace to me is God’s forgiveness, which we don’t deserve it.  By grace we were saved.

  • Kenny

    I need to be reminded of God’s grace daily. God has graced me in many ways that I don’t deserve. I am thankful of His unmerited favor in my life. I would be very honored to get a copy of this latest book by Pastor Max Lucado.

  • Barry Smith

    Having already read some of Max Lucado’s books, I look forward to adding Grace to my library.

  • Al Roever

    Everything we receive from God is “By grace through faith.”  However, grace is much more than this.  God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”  If grace is God’s power perfected in our weakness, then not only are saved by grace but weare also kept by grace.

  • Barry Smith

    Having already read some of Max Lucado’s books, I look forward to adding Grace to my library.

  • Chandler ?=^)

    Being given God’s love when I have not been so loving to Him in return.

  • Kris Wood

    I can see that grace is Max Lucado’s life message… makes me ponder what mine is!  Grace is the language of God speaks. It’s lavish in scope and transforming in essence. It brings a Wow… It breeds response because it IS good news.

  • dlmcnaughton

    Grace is knowing God created me because he wanted someone like me to love.  Even when I miss the mark, he forgives me and helps me become the person he has been thinking about since the beginning of time.

  • Sheralene

    I have always understood grace to be the love and mercy from God. We are not perfect and as human beings, we not only express love but we also express hate. Being under God’s grace, receiving his unconditional love and mercy, gives us a chance to be redeemed, to be forgiven, and to continue to receive the blessings God has in store for us. Grace is important because, like a child, we make many mistakes, but like a parent, God forgives us and teaches us the right way in order for us to live an abundant life.

  • T. Doci

    Grace– receiving what I don’t deserve… and would never expect. Abundant blessing, forgiveness, new life, a changed destiny! 

  • Elizabeth Evans

    To me it means forgiven but to not use it as a tool to sin again and again to respect it and cherish it as the gift it was meant.

  • Philip Davidson

    Grace is a gift that we can’t earn, but must accept.  After we experience hurt, we can either choose anger/bitterness that leads to deep depression or we can choose to walk down the path of grace represented by this acroustic:  Grieve with your eyes on God; Release your security of anger/hurt to Him; Accept your situation and His love and people who are showing you His love around you; Cling to His promises his has given to you in His Word; Example — Allow him to use you as an example of His grace to help others experience Him as well.  Grace is so important because without it, we would be destroyed by our on unforgiving spirit / bitterness and end up in a closet of depression.  Instead we can become a great example to help many understand the life of grace he desires for us to experience.

    • Nicole

      Your words are so close to home for me during this “season” that God has me in.  I am so thankful for his GRACE, MERCY and TRUTH.  And when I read comments like yours, its such great encouragement

    • Chipanistante

       You said “Grace is a gift we can’t earn, but must accept.” As a believer, how do we extend grace to another believer who is not even repentant? I honestly am looking for an answer to this question.

  • Jan Hegelein

    Grace is the most incredible gift from God. We who are completely unclean and filthy have the opportunity to be cleansed and set free from the punishment we deserve. Jesus took the full payment for us and we receive eternal life, intimate communion with the Father and His unconditional love. We are given everything good and holy at Christ’s expense and will never know separation from the Father. It is almost too wondrous to grasp. I am so tankful for God’s grace!

  • Jam

    Love Max’s books. Look forward to reading this one

  • Josh Shank

    Grace means to me, being ready to forgive people over and over and over again, big things, but especially little things. Especially with the people you live.

  • Juan

    Grace is the eternal love of Jesus Christ in spite of our daily constant trials and errors in our lives and still knowing or not knowing that Jesus Christ is there waiting or caring for us.
    I would love to read the book

  • Denise Speer99


  • Denise Speer99

    Grace is peace…having peace in your heart and mind and passing it along to others throughout our lives.

  • DaveBratcher

    Thanks for taking the time to interview Max.  What an amazing career he’s had and it continues with this new book.  I am blown away by the metaphor of the ocean…I will definitely be using that soon.  Thanks Michael!

  • james

    Grace: God’s Righteousness At Christ’s Expense. It is His grace that saves me, empowers me, and leads me in this life and the next. 

  • Bradley McCoy

    Grace to me simply means, receiving from God what you do not deserve.

  • Jonathan conrad

    To me, Grace means loving a God who forgets. God forgets my sins and gives me new life (Isaiah 25:6-9). God picks me up when I fall, cleans me off, and then sends me off to do His work knowing that He has my best interests at heart.

  • Brenda

    G od’s
    R iches
    A t
    C hrist’s
    E xpense

    I learned this at a young age and it has stayed with me all my life!  God’s grace is ‘amazing’, like the song says!  I have been a reader of Max Lucado for his 25 years of publishing and love his style of writing and way with words.  God has truly gifted him and he has utilized and shared God’s gift well!  Blessings,

  • Joy Martinez

    To me, grace means kindness, mercy to others – to benefit others. Grace allows us to forgive others, to think outside ourselves & honor God. 

  • Dittledattle

    When I hear the word Grace, I think of so many faucets of life that “Grace” can and should be applied.  One should always strive to have grace.  Definitely a word worth researching in the word of leadership.  Thank you for the opportunity to receive Max Lucado’s new book.

  • Kari Scare

    Grace is unmerited favor. I don’t deserve it, but I get it anyway. It means freedom from any chains of guilt.

  • Kim Kruse

     God’s unmerited favor and part of the character of God.

  • Fred

    For the last 20 years of my life I have been Muslim.  I grew up in a Christian family.  I did not know grace because it was not shown to me by my father.  I was abused as a child.  So when I was in the military I found what I thought was love in Islaam.  Then in December of 2011 a co-worker of mine whom I have been talking to about Islaam went on a journey with me and it changed my life.  We decided to read the Bible for one year, because I thought I could prove Islaam to them through the Bible.  But God had other plans for me.  As I was reading starting from Genesis 1:1,  I started noticing God’s love, mercy, and grace for His entire creation.  In Islaam it teaches you have to do works and by the mercy of God you get into heaven.  When you get to heaven everyone is not on the same level.  But in the Bible I noticed how the Children of Israel were committing many sins, even to the point of making a golden image of a cow, and by the grace of God he forgave them.  He could have destroyed them all and replace them with another people but because of His grace He kept them.  This is my understanding of grace.   By this is the example God showed me His grace, and in April of 2012 by the time I finished reading the Book of Deuteronomy  I was Christian.  This is why grace is so important to me.  I am saved!!!!!

  • Kristi Pool

    GRACE to me is 100% undeserved LOVE & PARDONING from my redeemer, Jesus Christ! Total freedom from my past mistakes/regrets. 

  • hardy54

    Grace means undeserved favor from God.  Clearly I am undeserving.  For His grace I am eternally grateful.

  • hardy54

    Grace means undeserved favor from God.  Clearly I am undeserving.  For His grace I am eternally grateful.

  • Whitscorner

    Grace to me is undeserved, unexpected, and unimagined without the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, grace is impossible. With Jesus, we have all the grace we need to live a gracious giving life.

  • Tim

    As a fellow broken human being it is reassuring what grace permits and offers in a picture of goodness

  • Charles Flemming

    My understanding of grace comes from 2 Corinthians 9:8. It is the provision God gives us to live life fully and successfully and for that life to overflow into the lives of the people who share our world.

  • WenHo

    Because of grace I am saved even though I don’t deserve it.

  • Thad Puckett

    My understanding of grace is that God extends to us not what we deserve, but what we don’t deserve and could never achieve on our own. He extends life and forgiveness, and purpose.  We cannot achieve those apart from Him, which is why grace is so very important.

  • Michael Bernt

    Grace is undeserved love that is granted by God. It is important because we are all sinners. As such the righteousness of God did not have a means to forgive sin until the Son of God gave his life on the cross. This gift was grace so that all mankind could be reconciled for time and eternity.(John 3:16)

  • Josh Hanson

    Grace is a double win.  You get what you don’t deserve and you don’t get what you do deserve.  

  • Bethany Huebner

    Grace is a new concept to me.  I have recently started a bible study called “Gracestoration” and it has changed my life.  We have only had 6 lessons so far, but the concept of Grace is so amazing and freeing!  I can sum up what I have learned so far in this quote from Major Ian Thomas, “I can’t, He never said I could, He can, He always said he would.”  Living in God’s Grace means he is living IN you and THROUGH you.  Or as we sheep like to call it, living in EWE and through EWE.

  • Mark White

    Grace to me is unwarranted and undeserved favor given freely and without expectation of return. 

  • Kyle Givens

    Grace is what God does to bring me to Him – it doesn’t matter what I lack because He fills in the rest. This is important knowing because it immediately does away with pity and pride – which really are two sides to one coin – the important thing is not how far I went, but that God brought me in.

  • Kyle Givens

    Grace is what God does to bring me to Him – it doesn’t matter what I lack because He fills in the rest. This is important knowing because it immediately does away with pity and pride – which really are two sides to one coin – the important thing is not how far I went, but that God brought me in. (I posted again because I messed up saving it the first time!)

  • Kimtboyd

    Grace: God knew I was and am going to fail but He doesn’t write me off when I do – He instead picks me up and holds me through any consequences I may have because of my failure/sin –I don’t deserve it- but He still loves me and holds me time and time again- When I deserve to be destroyed He says No- I love her, she is mine.

  • Monique Rogers

    Grace is the undeserved favor of forgiveness, strength, and ability to possess what only God can do for us through His love & mercy.

  • Gail D

    Grace makes eternity with God possible. It is nothing I can do. Only God. The words of a hymn come to mind, “Grace, grace God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all my sin.”

  • Mark White

    Grace to me is unwarranted and undeserved favor given freely and without expectation of return. 

  • Smilzbydesign

    Grace is a gift God gives. It can’t be earned. And we often receive it when we least deserve it.

  • Chris Sunderland

    For me, grace is a pardon: I deserve the death sentence I received for my sins, but the Judge granted me a pardon.  He wiped my sin off the books with the blood of His Son.  I certainly don’t deserve; I didn’t earn it, and it came at a great price to my Lord.

  • Katherine Scott Jones

    Grace is love, mercy, forgiveness that I don’t deserve. It’s the only way, by faith, we are given the keys to God’s kingdom. 

  • Chuckmorse4

    This is very inspiring to me, a non-Christian. I also appreciate Michael Hyatt’s advise in his latest book “Platform.” After reading Michael’s book, I decided to make my manuscript available as a PDF on my Blog rather than wait for a publisher. I promote the book on the blog and on my syndicated radio program. I’m also setting up interviews on radio programs. The book is available here:

    Thanks again Michael Hyatt.

  • DeWayne Reeves

    God is righteous and holy. By our works alone, we cannot earn our way into His presence. When we reach up to ask God to help us up, there is a gap between us and Him. Grace is God reaching down to fill this enormous gap with His love, grasping our hand and helping us up with a guidance that will blow our mind.

  • Christopher Pilon

    It’s a constantly living thing that allows me the forgiveness of my Savior even though I know I don’t deserve it which makes it overwhelming.

  • B52harms

    My whole life changed in 2010 when I tried to commit suicide. It was a result of having an affair and being exposed. As I lay in my bed in the hospital after coming out of Intensive Care (I nearly didn’t make it), I listened to a song that spoke to me about ‘throwing my filth on the grace of one whose beauty is beyond me and I wait!’ (Todd Agnew)
    I was experiencing REAL grace for the first time in my life. I had fallen right down to the bottom. Having been a minister for 38 years , I’d become ensnared in porn online and then this affair. For the first time in my life I realised what His grace could for me and I waited …. to be made clean and to have this tremendous weight just lifted off my shoulders.
    My wife came into my room and we spoke at length of all that had happened and she said ….”I have decided to stay with you even though everyone we know is horrified at my decision. I want you to know I’ve forgiven you and we’ll walk through this together.” 
    A double portion of grace was mine at that moment. Grace in being forgiven and knowing He would restore me and grace from the one whom I’d hurt the most! Prepared to stand by me irrespective of what the future may hold. Two years later I can only Praise Him for His grace. I’ve been freed from the bondage of porn and although we lost everything – home, job, security – my wife demonstrates daily how grace CAN make a difference.
    Thank you for an opportunity to share.
    God Bless you.

  • Shirlene McGuire

    def of Grace is unmerited favor.  Favor I could never earn, do not deserve, and am in awe I have recd it.  

  • Becky Ann Davis

    Grace is complete and total acceptance as a child of God. Complete and total – through nothing I have done. It is the ultimate freedom. I am unbelievably grateful.

  • ConniesDream914

    I believe that Grace is unmerited forgiveness and acceptance by God to be grafted into the family of God. by which every person that has partaken of that gift became a member of God’s family. To me, Grace is why our Father sent His Only Son To Die On That Cross For Us. I believe God’s Grace is why we can keep loving after being hurt by others. It is not us, but His Grace that keeps us.

  • Abby

    I think of the classic Father picture in Luke 15. Receiving open arms of love and complete acceptance and forgiveness when you’ve completely denied it in the past and done nothing to earn it back. I’m currently reading Philip Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace” and the stories he shares in which grace is extended are truely life changing. Grace is so important because it saves us… literally. It saves us from our false self, from hatred, from deceit. It brings us to embrace who God is in our own lives as we’re sanctified to become more like Him!

  • michaelramm

    Max Lucado has been my favorite author for a number of years. He has shaped my view of God’s grace throughout his many books, and I am excited that he has a new book available. Great interview, as always, Michael!

  • WenHo

    Because of grace I am saved even though I don’t deserve it.

  • Mike Schiesser

    My mom used to say “mike, you live a charmed existence”, basically in response to yet another unbelievable and otherwise surprising set of favorable circumstances; that presents as a timely opportunity that can not be passed up or denied. It’s the unbelievable part, the favorable part, the timely part, the surprising part, the good part, that makes it grace. We live our lives within the constraints of a limiting set of beliefs, grace lives outside that set of beliefs until it befalls us and becomes part of our life story.

  • Susan Lawrence

    Grace is undeserved, generously and mysteriously given by God, and the filter through which we must sift everything to see ourselves, others, and our lives through God’s perspective.

  • Shirlene McGuire

    def of Grace is unmerited favor. Favor I could never earn, do not deserve, and am in awe I have recd it.   Religion and sin were real in my life very early and I begged for forgiveness at the altar at age 4.  Religion tainted my view for so many years however today I rest in Him because grace has been there for me thru it all.   I always want to learn more about God’s grace and His ways.

  • Angelina Degelder

    I know what grace is – undeserved favour.  What I need is to meditate on it and appreciate it more fully in my life – so I can extend the same to others around me :)    

    It is important – because without it we are eternally lost!  Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Pastor Ted Dittmer

    In September of 1979, during a revival service, I knelt beside my new bride at an altar. I doubted that God could ever forgive a hypocrite like me. You see, I had attended church all of my life, been a youth pastor, sang in a gospel quartet and even led people to the Lord. But, I was an alcoholic and far from God. An older Christian had placed his open Bible in front of me and pointed to 1 John 1:9. That night, my life was dramatically changed by the amazing grace of a loving Lord.

  • Craig Alciati

    Grace is unshakable, unwavering love give without reserve and without consideration of the worthiness of the receiver.

  • Synergy

    Grace, as defined by the Scriptures, is the power of God.  It is not an ‘easy’ button dispensing mercy or unmerited favor every time we make a mess.  Grace is for people who dedicate (deny themselves) to live a live of obedience (take up their own cross) and dedication (follow me)- not being obedient to church rules or creeds, but to the lifestyle preached by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mt. (Mat 4-6)  When (if) we imitate Jesus, we will need the power of God (grace) to face the persecution it brings.   

    • Barry Hill

      For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

  • Mary Hageman

    Grace is receiving something that I did not earn. This is important is reference to Christ because it shows the deep love and caring God has for us due to the incredible sacrifice He made for us.

  • elizabeth

    This is something I really struggle with, but I believe grace is God’s love & forgiveness without my works, abilities, or lack of…
    It’s important because without His grace I never could be enough.

    • Barry Hill

      Can I ask what you struggle with about it? I do as well—so I thought I would ask!

  • Heather Benn

    Grace is Gods favor on us that are totally undeserving , but he gives it because he loves us

  • Honestcarter

    Wow what a question. Grace can be explained to a child and understood, but its extent just like love is something a theologian can spend hundreds of pages on and not fully encompass its abilities. Grace has been explained to me in a acrostic. God’s riches at Christ’s expense. Simple way of saying it is by grace we are saved and sustained. It can be explained as the attribute of God’s nature that finds a way to help us the helpless to be far more than we ever could be. His ability to shower us with more than is deserved, dreamed of, and at times even us selfish creatures desire.

  • Danielle Bisker

    Grace, along with God’s mercy, are vital to our lives. God’s riches, given to us through Christ Jesus, suffering and dying, and being raised again, so that we might have eternal life, so that we might be called the children of God, fellow heirs with Chris – it’s mind-blowing. Fully understanding that, applying it to your life and then being able to share that with others – what an amazing gift, what a transformation that can make.
    Danielle Bisker

  • Brian

    Grace is the unmerited favor of God. Without God’s grace, we could not experience his forgiveness.

  • Pat Coldiron

    When I think of grace, I think of God’s love freely given. We don’t have to do anything to earn it, it’s a free gift.

  • Jeff Gill

    Grace is the heart of the matter.

  • John Kolditz

    Grace is the reason we are not on our own.

  • Dawn Pfahning

    Grace is God’s gift.  Undeserved but freely given to all who ask Jesus into their heart.  I am a sinner, but because of grace, I am forgiven. It’s really all that matters.

  • Diana

    Grace is the most powerful force in the universe.  The gift of grace enables me, an imperfect human being and sinner, to live an abundant life in Christ.  Grace is God’s antidote to the world’s kryptonite.

  • Tonda Solomon

    Grace is necessary for the sinner to stand and the saint to forgive.  Each and every time.  Period.  Oh yeah – and it is pretty dadgum amazing.

  • Stacy M

    I am one of those who still doesn’t understand what grace means.  I desire to experience God’s grace but for me I still have not felt it.

  • Jessmit86

    Grace is the center of our belief system as Christians. It is how we are redeemed through the cross, and reconciled to The Father. It gives us a pretty good moral compass when examining our own hearts and the actions of others. 

    Love your blog Michael!

  • Wy Woods Harris

    I am compiling a book about how God’s Amazing Grace keeps me no matter where I am on the journey. I write about Grace in my role as a Grief Journey Facilitator so I find joy in all the giving that comes with His Grace!

    • Paul Sohn

      That’s amazing. I’d like to learn more about your process of the book of God’s amazing grace. How I define GRACE is as the following: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. 

  • Davemoss

    I have always tried to understand grace more fully. I look forward to reading Max’x insights into grace and how I can understand and better share this most wonderful of

  • Chuck Cimarik

    To me grace covers all of my shortcomings; including when I don’t extend grace to others…  It sustains me…

  • Brandon Gilliland

    Very cool interview! Grace to me is receiving something even though you are unworthy to receive it.

  • Landofhight

    Grace is God loving me, forgiving me, cleansing me, keeping me, using me, teaching me and blessing me not because I deserve it, not because I earned it, but because He is good and gracious and chooses to.

  • Dt

    to me, grace is something more than just what saves me.  In recent years, God has been working on my heart to seek and live in his Kingdom.  It’s what Jesus taught and lived out for us to see and hear and live out.  The great commandments, “love God and love Neighbor” have been at the center of my thoughts, and reminds me that God wants my heart, my very being, and not some formula religion lived out in “our” view of church.

    I like what Max said in the interview about God doing a heart transplant, replacing our hearts with the heart of Jesus, allowing us to love and live as he did.  I know that’s fits with what God has been revealing to me of his Kingdom.

  • Nancy Dorman-Hickson

    My understanding of grace is that it has been given to us, that we don’t earn it. Indeed, we can’t “win” our grace by action. However, having been given grace, our Lord and Savior expects us to act upon that. We are to serve, doing good works and helping others know of the great love He has for each and everyone of His children through our example and through the Holy Spirit who guides us.

  • Jeff Moody

    Grace is the proof of the magnitude of God’s love for us.  It saves us from sinfulness to  salvation, and sustains us in this life through the power of the Holy Spirit.  In other words God issues unmerited grace, which is something we could never achieve by our own efforts.

  • J Nicole Williamson

    Grace is the divine influence upon my heart and life that empowers change into Christ likeness…for which I am very grateful.

  • Dennis Luce

    Grace is unmerited favor . . . something I can never earn . . . something I could never hope to fully comprehend.

  • PJ

    I am sitting on my balcony back porch in Orange Beach, Alabama and as I do I hear the saving and sustaining grace of God! I always knew that I felt closer to God here, but until hearing Max with Michael on this interview, I never realized I am drawn to the ocean because it is a perfect metaphor for the depth and breadth of never-ending grace has to pour over us everyday of our lives. To me that is what grace is. It is Thepouring out of God’s love on us in a continuing ebb and flow to the perfectly move to the ebb and flow of every moment of our life. And we in return share the results of God’s grace granted to us with those God brings in our lives each day.

  • Tammy Helfrich

    Grace is what allows the world to see Jesus through us. It is extremely powerful, and something we all need more of.

  • Laura Frahm

    Grace… what an overwhelming and humbling topic! I’m excited about learning more so that I can in turn disciple others.

  • Gail

    Grace is a relationship where God pays for everything and we pay for nothing . It is in fathomable that he considers us worth the price he paid, but it is nonetheless true

  • Brenda Richman

    I view grace as God’s unmerited favor, his gift to us not because we deserved it but simply because of his love of us.  We can only receive it by willingly accepting it from God.  How fortunate we are!

  • Stacey

    For me grace means exactly what it means- favor and blessing. Our baby daughter was born this year on Labor Day Monday. Not only will Labor Day have a new meaning to me for the rest of my life, we intentionally wanted our daughter’s middle name to be Grace. The name Grace means favor, blessing. It was only by God’s grace, his favor, to give us the blessing of her life. We went through a challenging season of loosing several family members, and my own health concerns, before conceiving her. That to us is a level of grace – God’s provision.

  • Benberson

    Grace really tells us about God in a way that surpasses all. Other expressions of Gd. I think the word favour he’s texpresses grace. Huge, undeserved , un- earned favour. I get the good things from God, just receiving it…the worse off we feel, the more grace means to us!
    Thankyou God for your amazing grace; it caused my eye s to be opened to your love.

  • Lorna_Faith

    Grace to me means a clean slate…even though I don’t deserve it :)

    My husband (and I do too) loves Max Lucado’s book…would love to give this to him as he’s really struggling right now with believing God loves him.  

  • Stacey Thureen

    For me Grace is exactly what it means – favor, blessing. This past Labor Day Monday our first child was born. We didn’t know what we were having, but we knew if it was a girl we wanted her middle name to be Grace. I will forever have a new meaning of Labor Day for the rest of my life. But more so, it is only God’s grace that allowed us to have her. 

  • T. Conyers

    Grace is a source of hope for Christians. It is the Good News. Jesus came to bring a new covenant to break the power of the Mosaic covenent which was the “law.” Grace, however, promotes not a bunch of rules you shouldn’t break, but a source of power to remain righteous before God despite what we do…. WHICH completely inspires me, as a Believer, to be, do, act, righteously like Christ knowing that even if I miss the mark… He still loves me and is not mad at me. His grace is sufficient and eradicates the sting of sin. Grace is based on Jesus did… not anytihng that I could ever do. THAT’S LOVE! I am called to demonstrate that love towards others… and duplicate this Good News of God’s love in every area of my life.

  • S Janos

    Grace is the person of Jesus Christ–the Eternal Living Word of God full of goodness forever rescuing me from sin and restoring me to life.

  • Jonathan Labrador

    Max Lucado is one of the greatest writers I’ve had the opportunity to read. Whenever his writings reveal new word of the Lord for my life.
    It would be great that would be privileged to receive this book.
    Thank you very much,
    From Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Mblanton

    Grace is unmerited favor that God gives us. We don’t deserve it but he still extends it to bring us closer to him. It is a constant forgiveness that leads us to a deeper relationship with Christ.

  • Sundi Jo Graham

    I’m currently reading through this book, taking my time, and allowing his words to soak in. Great book, as is all his stuff. 

  • Scott

    Grace is God’s plan for giving me freedom in this life, hope in the next, and relationships that will last an eternity, none of which I deserve.

  • Dave Mull

    Grace is the very hand of God Himself given us through Jesus Christ dying on the cross.

  • Roberta Martin

    I’m not sure I’ve got a complete grasp of what grace is, but for starters I’d say it’s unwarranted forgiveness. You’ve asked some great, thought provoking questions Michael.  I look forward to reading Max Lucado’s responses, as I think he is an excellent author. Thank you for the chance at winning a copy so I can learn more about Grace.

    • Roberta Martin

      Why is it important? It keeps me humble and allows me to forgive others.

    • Barry Hill

      I wonder if we EVER will really grasp grace until we see Him. So wise of you to say!!!!

  • Kathy Knodle

    I believe grace is God’s unmerited favor.  He gives me his favor just because of who HE is, not because of who I am or what I have done.

  • Feedingtruthministries

    I enjoy Max Lucado’s books and the way God uses him to pen such truth. Grace is more than unmerited favor but the ability to grow. Excited to read this new work.

  • Barry Hill

    This was great! Like many have commented already, Grace is God’s unmerited favor— but that has never stopped me from trying (in vain) to earn my salvation.

    You asked the Max question, “Does the average person understands grace and what is in the way of that (understanding)?” What a great question! I think people (myself included) understand grace, but still operate like it’s up to them! It sounds like this book will talk about how BIG God’s grace is—and I am looking forward to reading it!

    Great job!

  • Jim

    Max Lucado has a way of painting on the canvas of your mind while the Lord kisses your heart. God’s grace is truly sufficient. Thank you Mr. Hyatt for sharing this interview and for the opportunity to win.

  • Barry Hill

    What a great theological truth! God’s grace is a result of His character more than it is a result (firstly) of who I am. So true!

  • Diane Yuhas

    Grace is God’s modus operandi toward those of his own.

  • Barry Hill

    My oldest daughter’s (11 years old) middle name is Grace, too! Thanks for giving God the glory even during difficult times! Blessings!

  • Anne

    Grace is unmerited forgiveness or favor.

  • Nate Dalliard

    Grace is for me something that I can work on every day over and over and it’s nothing that I’ve earned.

  • Barrett Myers

    Grace is love that overcomes any obstacle.  It’s tremendously important to deep, lasting, and true intimacy.

  • Craig Towill

    Hi, Grace to me is when things turn out for the better even when going through a difficult phase. When people and circumstances work together for a good outcome still while learning a lesson in the process.

    Grace is a God given gift and shows itself through people and situations in order to for full someones needs.

  • Craig Towill

    Grace to me is when things turn out for the better while going through a difficult phase. When people and circumstances work together for a good outcome, while learning a lesson in the process.

    Grace is a God given gift and shows itself through people and situations in order to for full someones needs. 

  • Mudge7

    My true understanding of grace washes over me again when I find myself able to love a very unlovable-acting person.  This occurs after I prayed for God to give me His love for that person because I could find none within myself.

  • Rabrooks1

    Thanks for publishing this book. Grace is more than amazing.
    I have noticed that Christians with a good understanding of grace walk humbly
    recognizing that it is all about HIM and not us. It keeps our religious spirits
    in check. As a child I remember some of the sisters in the church saying
    “thank God for saving and keeping grace.”

  • Janthorp1

    Grace is a gift from God. We can’t earn grace, it is an undeserved pardon of sin to bring us into being able to have a relationship with our creator God & his son Jesus. Grace sent Jesus to die for our sins. Grace loves us while we are still sinners. To me grace is the bridge to make it possible to reach God so we can begin to grow & learn.

  • Darla Kaarre

    As a former principal of a private school…I would receive students ‘sent to the principal’s office’, listen to their stories, give consequences based on situation and mostly get the same proverbial response of ‘that’s not fair’…which is where I wanted them to be.  My response was always..”You are right.  And if life was fair we would all be going to hell!”  It was my opening to speak to them of grace.  After a time of discussion and verbal forgiveness they were returned to their classrooms.  I thank my God that life is NOT fair.  Jesus shows me grace everyday.

  • Tom Typinski

    Grace is when you have done everything possible in your physical world to remedy a situation and you just can’t do any more except make it worse by working on it; so Grace steps in and says, “you fool, all you had to do was ask.” It’s the hand that keeps the lid from closing on your life…

  • Julie Sunne

    Grace is an unearned, unmerited favor. It is a radical blessing God lavishes on us, even when we are incredibly undeserving. It is the reason I can live with joy in this fallen world.

    All of Max Lucado’s writings are wonderfully inspiring.  Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine  is truly an amazing book. 

  • Ellie

    Grace is the unmerited forgiveness of our sins. It’s something you know you don’t deserve but still God gives you because He is a loving God. He’ll continue by your side even when your weak and not taking the right decisions. We are always showing a little grace to our kids at home, how many times our kids do wrong things and we know they don’t deserve our help but our love for them brings in grace and we forgive and do things for them that they do not deserve. 

  • Lstott

    Grace is the unmerited favour of God.

  • Tweberfree

    Grace is what I get when I am humbled by life…

  • Mikecowartsr

    Grace is what Jesus provided on the cross when He took the wrath of God on my behalf. Grace is also what Jesus is doing for me on a daily basis by sustaining my relationship with Him.

  • Christian Evangelista

    Every time I hear the word Grace, it always point me back to Ephesians 2:8 which is the foundation of my faith that keeps me grounded all the time.

  • Paul

    I cannot work for Grace, I cannot earn Grace, and I do not deserve Grace. Yet God reaches out to even me … gives me what I desperately need, and draws me to Him.

  • Christy

    Grace means I have been given the completely undeserved opportunity to spend eternity with our gracious God.

    Sheepishly I admit that I have never read a Max Lucado book, so now’s the perfect time to start!

  • Coach

    I have read several books from Max Lucado–and have been blessed by his words. Thank you, Michael for continuously bringing your readers and followers these kinds of GREAT resources!

  • BrianE

    It is a gift like no other!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Carpenter

    Grace is something I cannot earn, buy, or trade for. It is completely free and completely undeserved. In a transaction based world it is really hard to try and live in grace. 

  • Mike D

    Grace is what God offers me that is the opposite of what I most likely deserve. Grace provides freedom to fail knowing that my God loves me unconditionally and desires to bless and strengthen me. Grace keeps me going even when I know my own thoughts and attitudes.

  • Julia S.B.

    Grace is the unconditional love of God towards his people. It is Love personified, because it is not based on who you are, what you are, where you are, or what you’ve done.  It’s another chance, without counting how many you’ve had before.  On the rare occasions it comes from a person, we know for sure that God led them to do so. 

  • Stop FOI Censorship!

    Grace?  I cling to grace….it is the only way I can get through the day…. looking to the future and what will happen after I die…knowing that the Grace of God will cover me, justify me,…I really do not know what I would do without it!

  • Herbie J Pilato

    Max Lucado is indeed one of the all-time great authors of positive and quality spiritual thought.

  • Herbie J Pilato

    Grace, to me, is when we fulfill our highest destiny on this planet in the most loving way possible, according to the laws of Love, Light and the God of Love of Heaven.

  • honestinquirer

    I do not fully understand grace. It’s too big. It’s too scandalous. It’s too “unfair”. I think we’ll still be increasing our grasp of it in eternity. Grace protects me from the wrath of God, since Jesus received the wrath that I earned. Grace makes possible my entrance to eternal life. If not for grace, I’d be done and dead. 

    Grace overcomes the uncrossable gulf between my deadness and sin and the righteousness of God. Jesus “crossed” the vast gulf, and without me having a shred of deserving. That’s why it’s unfair. I am utterly thankful that God doesn’t give me what I deserve. I am so glad he is not “fair”, because if he were, I’d have no hope. I was offensive to Him. Jesus in me makes me acceptable to Him.

    Grace is more than amazing. It’s not fully comprehendible.

  • Joanne Sher

    Grace is getting the blessings of God despite my actions, thoughts, and/or words. Because He loves me unconditionally, I receive God’s riches  – at Christ’s expense.

    Grace is so important because we can’t earn salvation – can’t earn His love – and we are not perfect. It’s the only way.

    I LOVE Max Lucado, and would really like to win this. Thanks.

  • Shari

    This book was mentioned in a sermon at my church a few weeks ago.  

    Grace is a gift that is not earned in anyway.  I can’t wait to read more!

  • Mark

    As a late 30-year old battling personal insecurities and struggling between the need to prove myself to the world and accepting and being at peace with myself, there is much in my heart that I see that needs much grace and forgiveness.  I would love to have this book and would be grateful if I were to be picked.

  • Nsanetznik

    I love Max.  We have read and taught his lessons in our church. Grace never ending and always available to all who will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  There is no other way to live.  I need grace renewed in my life every day, and I need to express grace to all I meet every day. 

  • Jody K Waddell

    Grace is the vessel he uses to deliver his love, through which we are empowered, forgiven, and favored.  It is his gift.  It can’t be earned but it is lavished on all who receive.  Through revelation of his great grace, we are released from our own dead works and trying to be good enough, instead our own self image is transformed into His likeness, they way we were were created.  Everything contrary to His image in us, begins to fall away as grace empowers us to receive his great love.

  • Jody K Waddell

    Grace is the vessel he uses to deliver his love, through which we are empowered, forgiven, and favored. It is his gift. It can’t be earned but it is lavished on all who receive. Through revelation of his great grace, we are released from our own dead works and trying to be good enough, instead our own self image is transformed into His likeness, they way we were were created. Everything contrary to His image in us, begins to fall away as grace empowers us to receive his great love.

  • Jenny Collins

    I have recently upgraded my view of grace from “getting what you don’t deserve” to Graham Cooke’s eloquent phrasing: “Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables you to become what He sees when He looks at you.”Seeing how Scripture says God’s grace was upon Jesus…makes me realize grace isn’t “unmerited favor” really, since Jesus was sinless as God! 

  • Rich Burkhart

    Grace: God’s giving me a second chance when I do not deserve it.

  • JavaWithJae

    Grace is the completely undeserved, unmerited and unbelievable gift that God gives us, in which we are set free from the burdens of our past, and empowered to offer that same freedom to others. Unlike the concept of karma, which says that what goes around comes around, grace says you don’t deserve forgiveness but you get it anyway, not because you earned it, but precisely because you can’t. Grace is the hope of humanity – we deceive ourselves if we believe humanity can save itself because we are not inclined towards forgiveness.

  • Anne Hughes

    For me, grace is receiving God’s unmerited favor every day.  When he has to teach me the same lesson over and over (ugh), because my fallen nature has taken over (again).  Instead of receiving what I deserve, he instead bestows grace.

  • Dayton D. Mix

    Grace, to me, is that amazing realization that you are NOT getting what you deserved, but rather getting something much better.

  • Kim Goad

    My simple definition of grace has often been “getting what you don’t deserve,” but I think I’ll adopt Max’s analogy now: that it’s God listening for our heartbeat and hearing the heartbeat of Christ. Why is it important? It allows me to have victory over sin in the here and now and mobilizes me to keep fighting the fight.

  • Garry Huber

    I agree with Max that grace is the basis of our Christian religion, and I would love to read his latest book on the subject.

  • MG Bailey

    Grace is assistance, kindness, and generosity from God. Grace is what has been given to us and provides us strength in our daily walk.

  • Bill Bonikowsky

    When I think of grace, I picture a loving father coming alongside a son or daughter who is trembling in fear because of something they have done, and putting his arm around his child and saying, “I forgive you. I love you.”

  • Guest

    Grace wants to give us life – abundant life – life that extends grace to others

  • Jonmarshall

    Grace is freely given from God, but rarely given freely by man. Goes back to the story in the Bible. The man forgiven of millions of dollars of debt yet almost chokes a man out for a few dollars. To many times I forget the debt erased by grace and remember the debt that is yet to be paid

  • Nancy

    GRACE is God’s Riches At Christ Expense

  • Smartinhome

    Philip Yancey gave a definition of grace that has been in my head for 10+yrs. “There is nothing you can do to make God love you more and nothing you can do to make God love you less.” The part I struggled with most as a child was trying to be good enough to make God love me more. Grace is the gift He gave when I asked Him to be my Lord

  • Jon Stallings

    Grace is God offering me salvation with no questions asked.  He places no requirements on me to receive His love.  And I am now called to be blessing to others with out putting requirements on them.  It is tempting to ask questions such as well do they have a job? What will they do with the money? Are they really in need? I must not be bogged down by these questions and show grace like it has been shown to me. 

  • Roger Vest

    Grace – undeserved; love in action; other centered; transformational

  • Alex P

    Grace is an undeserved gift. 

  • Alex Doriot

    Grace is what our faith revolves around. It is a simple word and one that is revolutionary. It is God coming to us in our prison cells, unlocking the doors, and pardoning us as He sets us free into a new life. 

  • Espeir1700

    I think grace is not getting what I truly deserve from God. It’s easy to forget that God owes us nothing, but we owe him everything because of his dying love for us.

  • Rob Sorbo

    I’ve become slightly jaded to Max Lucado because a pastor at a church I used to serve at would read Max from the pulpit instead of writing sermons. However, this book sounds excellent.

    Grace is the thing that gives us hope in times when we don’t deserve it. Without grace, no amount of work or effort could earn us what God freely gives.

  • Peggy Caravantes

    Grace first is the undeserved gift from God to humanity–that we can be saved from our sins by accepting Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us. After that, grace is God’s gift of mercy, not deserved justice, in dealing with us. We should show this same grace to others.

  • Eugenio Llanos

    Grace is an undeserved God´s gift that He gives us in order to know Him, follow Him and love Him.

  • Tim McDonnell

    The insights in this interview were especially helpful and I find the premise of the book extremely relevant, resonant and uplifting. If I may be candid – the “deserving” part of the title pushes my cringe button a little. All I need is a quick glance at my personal history to acknowledge the need for grace and the scriptural theme of “falling short.” However, as a father, I don’t preface every parental act with a statement of account, and just speaking personally, I wouldn’t want to live in a home where that kind of emotional blackmail was the norm. To return to the interview metaphor, do we “deserve” the ocean or is it just there? Once my kids are in my family, are they not deserving of my sustaining fatherly grace by definition? I respectfully submit that we should take care not to anthropomorphize (and thereby shrink) our concept of God with some of the human frailties that made His saving grace necessary in the first place. Just a thought.

  • Marnie Hughes

    I recently experienced grace on a trip with my mother. I was able to see her through other people’s eyes and it helped to open mine. I’ve been given the chance to learn how to gracefully embrace my mom as she transitions from a parent role to a dependent role. Look forward to reading Max’s book!! 

  • Jgraham

    Grace is realizing I can’t make it on my own. As Max said, I can be very self-sufficient and it’s good to remember that is not a good best policy as it pertains to walking with God. This idea of grace is massively important to my life. It means that no matter how gifted or what my abilities, I still must rely on God for life.

  • Deborah H. Bateman

    Thanks for sharing this video and interview. I thank God for his grace, both His saving grace and His sustaining grace. He loves us and gives us grace through the good, the bad, and the ugly. He provides for us, protects us, and keeps us through it all.
    Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  • Matt McWilliams

    Grace is the sole reason I still exist Michael.

    Grace is the sole reason why my best friend is still my best friend when he could have been the one to send me to prison for something very stupid I did when I was much younger.

    Grace is the reason why God still deeply loves me when I am harsh with my wife, judgmental toward others, lustful with my eyes, ashamed of the Gospel, and even when I withhold grace from others.

    Grace is important because it is all I have sometimes. Without it, I would have no value and no relationship with God.

  • Rob Donica

    Grace is a gift from God that I do not deserve. I am un-derserving of his love and blessings however, I receive them because of Grace.

  • Majekodunmi O

    Grace means undeserved unmerited favour….. God forgave me my sins when i did nothing at all to deserve the forgiveness. It means i can always move forward knowing that God’s love is for me and nothing can interfere with that love.

  • Teresa Simon

    Grace is something good we get when we don’t really deserve it. Coming from God, it arrives in forms such as forgiveness, patience, second chances, blessings.

  • Nancy

     When I received Jesus Christ grace spoke to me, “Hey, come on welcome me into your heart, it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you have done, or how you are living life at the moment. Just come to me.

    Twenty years later, grace comes with a deeper understanding. Yes, you’ve made mistakes, but I continue to extend my grace to you, turn to me, ask for forgiveness and I will pick you up and continue to pour out my grace on you, as you continue on your life journey serving me.

  • Dawn Townsend

    -Realizing that your prodigal somehow survived, when others have not.
    Having your job eliminated, but being asked to take another position that you’d never have considered seeking, but it took you places to which you never dreamed you’d go.
    Holding a smiling grandbaby after losing your husband unexpectedly
    An opportunity to serve in ministry in way you never knew you’d have…..
    Grace truly is amazing and transforming.

  • Kathy

    Many speak of the concept of grace. Grace is not a concept, grace is a person; Jesus Christ.  

  • Modupeola Adisa

    Grace is an unmerited favor; something you did not work or labor for and much more did not deserve that now come your way even unexpectedly.

    The importance of grace is that Christians live by grace which makes a difference between believers and non believers.

  • Dpbrannan

    Grace is God’s showing us his love in the clearest form possible.  It is vital as it is the key to all lasting relationships.

  • He4gavu

    Grace is the totally unmerited love and forgiveness given to us completely freely by our Almighty God. He opens up the floodgates and pours it out like a river of living water over us, refreshing us, blessing us, and redeeming us over and over!

  • Chantelle duplessis

    Faith is purely your willingness to believe and thereby acting upon the offer (Grace) given to you. Grace is a gift of God, our faith must bridge the gap to God, through Jesus Christ. I am thankful i have received the gift of God. :-)

  • Ms Stephanie Harrington

    Grace is having a clean slate before you; it is the freedom to keep your past as your past.  Grace is the gift given to you which enables you to take action from who you want to become rather than who you have been.

  • Joshua Brown

    My understanding of grace is the undeserved love we receive from God.  We try to live this out by extending mercy and love to our neighbors, but cannot even come close.  It is important because without it we would just be sinners who were be doomed. 

  • Beth McKamy

    Grace is the ultimate gift from God to those that are undeserving and do nothing to earn God’s favor. Grace heals, loves, comforts, believes, has faith in, forgives, unifies, and changes the world. When we understand God’s gift of grace to us and others, then we are at a place to be able to give grace and forgiveness to others ourselves. Grace is truly God’s gift because of His unconditional love!!!

  • Desiree

    First, let me just congratulate Max Lucado and yet ANOTHER wonderful literary project! I’m sure it’ll be amazing!  

    Second, I’d like to talk about grace.  I heard someone teaching the other day that “grace” can also be interchanged with “favour.”  I believe that grace is absolutely divine favour: unmerited, unfair, and wonderful! In the words of my best friend Jessica “favor ain’t fair, but it is necessary!”  That’s the exciting definition of grace.  But there’s another.

    Grace can also be interchanged with “mercy”.  God’s ability to cover our sins, heal our sicknesses, cast out our demons, and make an unworthy individual worthy of His kingdom.  This is the “nitty gritty” of grace.  I think Israel Houghton said it best, “Where would I be if not for your grace covering me in every season…You came to my rescue and I want to thank You for Your grace!  Grace the redeems, grace that repairs, grace that release miracles!”And yet, there is one more definition of grace: enabling power.

    In Acts, you see that the apostles and the early Church were given “great grace.”  Yes this indicates mercy and favour, yet it also indicates an ability to do something that could not be done otherwise.  We all need God’s grace–His anointing; enabling power–to help us do what He’s called us to do, when He’s called us to do it, and how He’s called us to do it.  Without this grace, even the Son of Man, Jesus, couldn’t have fulfilled His earthly ministry and we would be forever lost.  All three of these sides of grace are imperative to the Christians leading the life God has called us to.  We cannot be–individually and collectively–be what God has called us to be without His grace!

  • Eyo

    Beyond the elementary understanding of grace as undeserved favour, grace is the supernatural enablement God gives us to accomplish the task He has assigned to us here on earth.

    Grace is important because every assignment of God to any individual is usually greater in scope and content than the natural abilities of such individual. It is grace that provides the enablement that makes accomplishing such task with ease possible.

  • OnARock

    Grace is undeserved favor.  Grace is important because without Grace from God extended through the gospel of Jesus, we are hopeless in this life and the next.  Without grace extended out to others mankind is alone, relationships break down, soceity breaks down.  We need grace to live because we are fallen.

  • Cindy Radcliffe

    We sin every day.  We don’t deserve forgiveness, it is not one of our “rights.”  It is with God’s Grace we are forgiven.

  • Ssteele

    Grace grace GOD’s grace , I find it new each morning!

  • Anita Van Hal

    I have to admit, I struggle with grace, so I think this book will be timely…but I think grace is getting something you don’t deserve, for instance, being given salvation through Jesus Christ and not having to pay the penalty for my own sins…grace is something that can’t be earned, it is given.

  • Heather C Button

    Curious about this book. I often forget about Grace, even though it is sustaining.

  • Wade Thorson

    Grace is the reasoning I will one day be going to heaven, because I am not perfect like Jesus’ was while He was on earth.  Grace is Jesus’ blood cleansing my sins even though I do not deserve it, but God is willing wipe the sins away.

  • Tessa

    Grace is getting something you don’t deserve…in a good way. It covers all shame. 

  • Johnny Polk

    John 1:16 “For of HIS fullness we have all received – grace upon grace” may Max’s book be used as his ocean waves metaphor through the Spirit splash afresh anew.  Like a fine wine age over time – good to see and hear M&M’s (Michael & Max) remind us of the change, of Jesus in us and through us.  Thanks for the splash.

  • Johnny Polk

    John 1:16 “For of HIS fullness we have all received –
    grace upon grace” may Max’s book be used as his ocean waves metaphor
    through the Spirit splash afresh anew. Like a fine wine age over time – good to
    see and hear M&M’s (Michael & Max) remind us of the change, of Jesus in
    us and through us. Thanks for the splash.

  • Jonathan Obise

    For me GRACE is simply God’s Riches At Christ Expense. It grants us access to all we need to fulfill God’s grand plan for lives just because Christ went to the cross for you and me.  

  • LindseyBell

    In Bible college, I remember a professor telling us that grace is getting what we don’t deserve. I’ve always loved that definition:) 

  • Angelcsm588

    Grace is living my life in MINI MANY moments each day giving and receiving love.  Important for my life line and humanity.

  • Maritza_aponte

    My understanding of Grace is that It is God’s gift to us. God has given us Jesus and Even though we are Sinful people he still loves us anyway by forgiving us.

  • Anne Alexander

    Grace: beyond the simple answer of God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense, I believe grace is the ultimate expression of God’s sovereignty & love. Only a just, righteous, & holy God has the right to set standards such as the Law. It is obvious that sinful people cannot exist in His flaming holiness, much less have a relationship with His absolute & blazing righteous Person. Since all of us have (by choice, inclination & fallen heritage) failed to keep His standards, we are rightly doomed to alienation from the Source of Life itself. However in His loving & sovereign will, He has extended grace (unmerited favor) to those whom He has created, chosen & saved through Jesus’ payment of our sin-debt. Only He could bridge that chasm to show His power & love to a dying world. Only His grace empowers me to sing truly ‘Jesus, Lover of My Soul’.

  • RoryPeebles

    Another great book by Thomas Nelson! One again, Max Lucado has his finger on the pulse of what people need to hear.

  • MomBert

    Grace has been God reaching out to me when I didn’t know him personally, couldn’t find my way and He put up signposts on the road, bringing people into my life who knew Him and could minister to me when my life felt lifeless.  Grace was God being God in all the ways I never knew then but has become my beacon now.  

  • Stephnie

    Met Max through my Daddy, John Leeson. Daddy went home to be with The Lord last week. His home going was full of Grace. Max would have been thrilled for Daddy.

  • Debby

    Grace restores me into a relationship with God and covers me when I need His forgiveness and strength.  A gift from God I cannot live without.

  • Bonnie Mary

    A beautiful simple definition I heard a few years ago.
    GRACE. Gifts Recieved AT Christ’s Expense.
    A Gift cannot be earned and is given because of Love.

  • Bonnie Mary

    I love this simple defintion. GRACE. Gifts Received At Christ’s Expense.
    Growing up with the fear of hell haunting me it was this verse that helped give me so much peace and helped set me free. Eph 2.8,9  “By Grace we are saved through faith, and that NOT of ourselves. It is a Gift of God and not of works, so that we cannot boast in ourselves.” I love this verse as I know that Jesus loves me no matter what and I can never be good enough to receive His love and forgiveness, but I don’t have to be as His love is a free Gift of Love.

  • Makeitagreatday


  • Makeitagreatday

    This comment is left on behalf of my fiance’ Lisa Besa / twitter name @makeitagreatday: Grace to her is an unearned, unmerited and undeserved gift from God. A gift which reflects unfathomable forgiveness and unconditional love. It truly is amazing and the sound oh so sweet!

  • Michael Paddy

    My personal journey on the path of grace gives me a sense of freedom. Failure through mistakes even sinful choices gives me options after the fact that are filled with hope and most of all forgiveness .

  • Cherrymelegrito

    For me Grace is the best gift of God-  His forgiveness and love
    I know I made a lot of mistakes, sins, and wrong doings, but still He accept me.
    Guide me, and Love me.

  • Ryan Haack

    I love Max.  His book, Fearless, was life-changing for me.  Grace…makes me embarrassed.  I realize I don’t deserve it.  I appreciate it so much.

  • Templehannah

    5 years ago, I reunited with my grade 1 teacher. 25 years had passed! We had exchanged letters prior to that meeting. In my letter, I told her what an act of grace she was to me as a friend and teacher in such a crucial time in my life. She had no idea the sexual and verbal abused I endured at home. She told me that although she did not know that all that was going on but from what she just observed from my appearance that she didn’t think I would make it through high school! Statistics tell me that I should have been a high school drop out and was very prone to addictions. God’s grace tells me otherwise. Grace, the loving kindness of God was freely given to me. Without grace, I would not have made it. Grace frees me to blossom into the flower that God designed me to be!

  • Gordon S. Hale

    Grace in a world of numbed to civility and humility seems to fall  natural to those who live an ordinary life, simplicity, uncluttered with materialistic surroundings.  They are aware and cognizant of their fellow man treating all with respect and kindness in daily association.

  • Terry Mengle

    The things that God expects and commands us to do cannot be done by human effort alone and that is where God’s GRACE comes into the Christian life. Grace is not just the undeserved forgiveness of sins it is the power supplied freely by God to us to overcome temptation and the power to resist sin. Grace is in constant supply to those who want and expect it from a loving, concerned Father God.

  • BettyM – posted on facebook

    Grace is giving up and God taking over :-) 

  • Thomasamone

    It is my pleasure to share with my fellow servant of God.My understanding of Grace is this,Grace is undeserve favour that one get from God the Almighty and it is truely very important to all Human being for we are all sinners by birth but because of His Grace we are who we are now in Christ Jesus,we also do all by his Grace.thanks Amone Thomas.

  • Dkontoudis

    Grace is the air we must breathe as Christians in order to stay alive. Grace is the breath of life from the Holy Spirit.

  • Jono pierce

    Grace is receiving the touch of God upon our lives when we dont expect it or deserve it. Its important because it opens a whole new way of looking at the world to us and it is the amazing gift of God that we can extend his grace to others through how we live and treat other people.

  • Ivanhoe Sánchez

    There’s a song in Spanish from Christian singer Jesús
    Adrian Romero that goes like this: “Where would I be without Your Love and
    Grace?” This is a question I like to meditate about when I’m so full of
    myself. “Your grace is enough” in the words of Chris Tomlin, is the way I like to answer. Can’t wait to put
    my hands on this new book from Max Lucado.

  • Jviola79

    Grace is such a hard thing to define as it encompasses so much. The simplest way to define it to me is with an acronym I learned as a child – God’s riches at Christ’s expense. All that Christ accomplished & did for us through through His death is wrapped up in grace. Thank you for this chance to obtain Max Lucado’s new book. My dad LOVES his writings & I will be passing the book to him :)

  • Mrsswann

    If God has poured his grace on me in bucket loads, which he has, then I should just as obviously splash others with all this extra grace! How else can they know?

  • Dan Erickson

    I am awed by people in my life who truly practice graciousness.  I have been blessed with several.  It’s not only kindness and thinking best of others, it’s acting in selfless ways for the best interest of others.  But that’s human grace.  God’s grace is much greater and the topic of many books.  My own work has been very influenced by grace as I’m writing a trilogy about forgiveness and redemption:  “A Train Called Forgiveness” is the first book and already available at Amazon.  The second book is “At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy,” and will be published early next year.  The third book “The Track to Redemption” is in the early writing stages.  It’s by God’s grace I’m able to write this series, and thus the theme is grace.  Learn more at

  • JT

    This looks like a fantastic book!  We live in such a “gracless age” as Don Henley so eloquently put it. 

  • Tola Akinsulire

    Grace means beginning life from the place of resting in the fullness of a gift already paid for

  • topherthoughts

    To me, grace is something I cannot earn… There is nothing I can do to make God love me more or less… “I love because HE loved me FIRST.” 

    I don’t deserve it… I can’t earn it… My only choice is to embrace it.

  • Joshua Rivers

    Grace is one of the most powerful doctrines in the Bible. God’s grace is absolutely amazing! Mercy is not getting what we deserve; grace is getting what we don’t deserve. By definition (and by example), grace is a free gift: it is free to us, but God has paid the price.

    God’s mercy provides a way to avoid the punishment of hell, but it is God’s grace that goes beyond that to provide a way for us to get to Heaven – a place we can never deserve. Not only does grace provide salvation for us, but His grace is available everyday to help us through every situation in our lives. I love the fact that grace is available to everyone all the time.

    I’ve written a couple blog posts about grace (one of which is my second most popular posts).

  • Barbara Mcdowell Whitt

    Grace. After I finished a teaching career in 1992 I spent a year telling relatives, friends and acquaintances, “Through the grace of God and the generosity of my husband, I don’t have to be working.” In the late summer of 1993 I stopped at a small Christian book store to buy a birthday card for my grandmother. On their counter was a handwritten sign: Wanted – sales associate. Must have Christian bookstore experience. 

    I had my hand on the door knob to leave when I hesitated. It was as if God had whispered to me, “I don’t think it makes much difference which side of the counter you were on when you had that experience.” Knowing I had been in and out of  numerous Christian bookstores during my year of not working, I returned to the counter and asked if the position was still available. 

    Within a month I was the store’s only full time Monday through Friday sales associate in addition to the manager-bookkeeper. We also had an owner and a Saturday sales associate. During my two and a half years there I became aware of many books that had been published in the name of Christianity, some of which I wished I didn’t have to be near.

    It was also when I became acquainted with Max Lucado. During times when there were no customers and my work was caught up, I spent my time reading from the store’s inventory. Max Lucado writes about Christianity in a way that is easy to understand. Through the grace of God he is able to do that.     

  • Queen Phillips

    To put as simply as I can…Grace to me means God giving/granting EVERYTHING I need although I don’t deserve it.  Grace is important to me because without God’s divine favor I would be living a miserable life without hope, which leads to eternal damnation.

  • Larindamassey

    Grace to me is God’s amazing love. Even though I was saved at the age of 13, I just have come to realize how magnificent and awesome it is. It washes away guilt that I believe most people carry today. Back in 1999, I became ill with a disease and before long was completely disabled. However, I am living proof that through understanding God’s miraculous Grace I am healed. His Grace enabled me to forgive people who had hurt me deeply. God’s Grace is living and walking in his presence, not guilt and shame.

  • Angie Arciero

    I made a commitment to bringing the Essence of Grace in my life last year and experienced a 180 degree shift. Life is now pure magic. It has moved me profoundly in ways that words cannot give it justice. I see life through the eyes of a child, which is playful and curious something that was lost to me after entering the workforce 35 years ago.
    Feeling this effervescence in me every day as I awake day connects me to my own divinity allowing me to be the creator of my life. Pure joy!  

  • Damiokuneye

    Grace is getting what we don’t deserve.

  • T. Donna Robison

    God’s grace is the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Erik Wennerstrom

    What a great question! For me, grace is something we receive from God and are expected to pass on to others. For believers, we know that no matter how many times we fall down and stumble, it is through grace that God continues to reach out his hand to us and bestow his presence and favor on us. We are expected to do the same to others, which for me, is the hardest part of the christian life. Interestingly, it is those times when I show someone the grace that God shows us that I feel the closest to God, interesting how that works.

  • PenAndInkSpot

    Grace is the most pure form of love and forgiveness, from God. In turn, we are to practice grace for others as we journey through our lives. 

  • David Jones

    I often see or hear the words peace and grace used together.  I think that is the case because I view them as reflections of one another.  Peace is an internal calm and sense of happiness or satiscation.  It is something you radiate onto yourself.  Grace is the external version of peace.  Grace is the calm and happiness you radiate outwardly onto other people. 

  • Angie Arciero

    Grace is this effervescent feeling that resides within you when you have embraced it fully–it connects you directly to your heart and helps you become a vibratory match with the objects of your desire.

  • Kiwikbug

    Grace to me was a moment of brokenness when I knew God forgave me and loved me anyway. The undeserved grace and mercy God gives us leaves me in awe. I look forward to reading Max Lucado’s new book!

  • Melinda D.

    Grace is undeserved favor. It is what Jesus did for me and what I try to do for others. It is what you do when your daughter who is in rehab asks if she can move back in with you…again…because she’ s “really going to do it this time”. It’s giving someone ONE more chance. It’s showing people love who don’t deserve it.  It’s helping someone who has lied to you and stolen from you. It’s called grace, and I give it to others who don’t deserve it because God gave it to me, and I know I definitely don’t deserve it.  HE STILL MOVES STONES!

  • Daynes916

    Grace is choosing to love someone and do what is best for them even when they are unloveable.

  • Mitch Blackburn

    Grace is the undeserved, extravagant gift of complete redemption, paid for by a Savior with his own, perfect life.

  • Mitch Blackburn

    Grace is the undeserved, extravagant gift of complete redemption, paid for by a Savior with his own, perfect life.

  • J4jealousy

    Grace is when you get a second opportunity when you mess up.

  • ‘Yomi Olufiade

    Grace, grace, absolutely marvelous! It’s the only reason why I’m in Christ enjoying all of God’s goodness today. if not for God’s grace where would we all be. We are nothing outside and without His grace. How I wish all believers in Christ will never forget this!

  • Sw

    Grace is forgiveness before sin. It’s an attitude you choose to have before you have to exercise it. God graces us by forgiving all sin past, present & future. The more you are in fellowship with Jesus and grow your understanding of the unending grace he shows you the more you are capable of showing it to others.

  • Sean Michael Doherty

    Grace is the love God has for me and my life. No matter how much I mess up, forget, and ruin myself, God still sees hope. And, he will always give you another chance.

  • Sha’rrell Haws

    Grace is simple, it’s God NOT giving us what we really deserve for our wretched, sinful lives.

  • Jayne Thurber Smith

    Grace is the healer in all relationships no matter what the offense, starting with our relationship with Jesus and creating a positive, redeeming domino effect from there. Hurt people hurt people, forgiven people forgive people.

  • Ng Sze Yong

    Grace is…God-given.
    Grace is when He died on the cross for us,while we were sill sinners.
    Grace is forgiveness,even and especially when one has committed a great wrong.
    Grace is important because without it,without His grace,I won’t be who I am today.

  • Jharbis2

    Grace is given but not earned…its a gift from above

  • Jac

    Grace isn’t about me, it is about God, He is gracious no matter who is His grace’s target.


    God’s grace is His empowerment to do His will. Thank you, Lord, for Your GRACE!

  • Caron

    God’s riches at Christ’s expense.  It is vital to me because it is like the air I breathe, I need grace to survive.

  • Zach Kell

    Grace is everything that we do not deserve, but we are given by God.

  • Morganmlb93

    Its receiving the absolute perfect gift that I don’t deserve, forgiveness.  Its important to me so that I may learn from Jesus’ example

  • J Ceniceros

    Grace is love. We need it to survive. It’s what’s missing in this world.

  • Zach Kell

    Grace is everything that we do not deserve, but we are given by God.

  • Tx-runt

    I’ve always been so thankful of God’s mercy in not giving me what I do deserve, and for His grace in giving me what I don’t deserve :)

  • cutieyanyan

    Grace for me is everything that I’m receiving now. It is receiving blessing from God even when I do not deserve it. It’s receiving mercy even when not deserved. Because God is ever gracious to us, sinners, we are called to also give grace to everyone.

  • Zach Kell

    oops i wasnt signed in

  • Cody Pepper

    grace is the only thing that is a motive for me. praise god for Jesus and the grace he brings. everything above hell is grace; thank you Jesus

  • Sha’rrell Haws

    Grace is simple, it’s God NOT giving us what we really deserve for our wretched, sinful lives.

  • GT

    Grace is the beautiful truth that there is nothing Christ would not do for us, and there is nothing we can do to change His heart for us.  It is acceptance; perfectly.

  • gangstara

    Grace means that I can sleep at night. Grace means I can wake up brand new, start each day living for Him even though I fall short, and then rest my head knowing I’m still loved. 

  • Brent Hasselbach

    Grace is what we don’t deserve but get because of God’s love for us. Grace makes it possible to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

  • Redc5girl

    Grace to me is undeserved favor from God!

  • Whitney Rawls

    Grace is God’s unconditional love, mercy and power to live extended to me even when I don’t deserve it and moreso when I need it.

  • Rezzie_nana

    Its so important to understand that GRACE is GODs gift to us, when we don’t deserve it. Grace to me is Love.

  • Agordon09

    To me grace is what saved me. Its something God gave me that I don’t deserve but He loved me anyways. It because of grace I am a different person than who I used to be.

  • Cathy Quillin

    Grace is the person of Christ Jesus. It’s greater than all my sins!!!

  • Ashaca427

    Grace is getting something you don’t deserve! Jesus died for my sins providing me with eternal life. God is so good! I use this as a teaching philosophy!

  • Mary Browning

    Grace is God’s unmerited favor.  I don’t deserve all of His goodness toward me, but because of His goodness, and nothing I’ve done He blesses me and keeps me inspite of.  And we are living totally in grace, for we are in the grace dispensation.  Grace is so very, very important to me, because it is by grace, through faith, that I am saved.  What would I do without the grace of God, I’ll be like a ship toss to and fro.  Thank God for His amazing GRACE!!!!!

  • Larrysoos

    Grace is something that is granted to us by God, and the same should be passed along to others who have sinned against us

  • Gray12204

    Grace is being given something not deserved or earned. It is important for me as a Christian in understanding that I did nothing to earn my salvation and justification before God. Jesus did it all on the cross.

  • Alison Li

    Grace is God’s amazing self granting us everything that we don’t deserve. He gives us more than what we need – he fulfills our needs and wants in more ways than one and none of this would have happened – our chance at heaven – our chance at knowing and loving and meeting Jesus is not even a possibility w/out grace. Grace is something unearned no matter what we do. It’s God’s favour to us – the broken and hungry – it’s His freely given, unmerited favor and love – it’s what we get when we DON’T deserve anything but He gives us everything!

    Ephesians 2:8-9

  • Alison Li

    is God’s amazing self granting us everything that we don’t deserve. He
    gives us more than what we need – he fulfills our needs and wants in
    more ways than one and none of this would have happened – our chance at
    heaven – our chance at knowing and loving and meeting Jesus is not even a
    possibility w/out grace. Grace is something unearned no matter what we
    do. It’s God’s favour to us – the broken and hungry – it’s His freely
    given, unmerited favor and love – it’s what we get when we DON’T deserve
    anything but He gives us everything!

    Ephesians 2:8-9


  • Dan Giorgi

    You can’t ask for grace as you can’t ask someone for a gift, if you asked it wouldn’t be a gift.

  • Sean Anter

    Grace I feel is something God gives me that He feels is going to benefit me.  It isn’t anything to reward me or punish me for anything I have done.  It is not given to me by way of me earning it.  Grace reminds me to give unselfishly to others and not looking to receive anything in return as a result of my giving.

  • Cbate

    Grace is something given to us that we don’t deserve. We did nothing to get it- it is given to us. It is important to me because without it, I would be a lost sinner without hope. God’s grace was Jesus to us. Without him I would not have eternal life.

  • Matt Skinner

    Grace to me looks like this: prior to following Christ, I spent years in a legalistic grip trying to build up my spiritual resume’ with all the great things I was doing for God.  A pastor explained to me that what I really needed to do was focus on THE great thing God had already done for me: redemption through Christ.  It was liberating.  It was grace.  The temptation to perform and impress when I’m feeling inadequate and insecure is still powerful, but I find myself quicker these days to stand firm on His grace.  It’s a beautiful thing.

  • jason lee

    I was a drug addict for 15 years of my life…it was the moment Gods grace was revealed to me through Romans 8 I was set free. He has continued to reveal His grace more and more ever since.

  • Taylorteel84

    Grace to me is love, also a humble kind of love. Grace was given to us we must share it with others.

  • Manny

    Grace and mercy are so similar, yet so different. Worlds different! Mercy takes away; grace gives. Mercy takes sins, grace gives eternal life. Mercy forgives, grace reconciles.

  • Imhomenow

    Grace is everything I’m not deserve but given to me. Without it, can’t live even one more day.

  • Trgann

    Grace is something freely given you can not taste it or smell it but is there for all of us none the less

  • jason lee

    I was a drug addict for 15 years of my life. It was in the moment God spoke to me in Romans 8 revealing His grace in my life that set me free. He has continued that more and more ever since.

  • Bcarder2

    Grace is the gift given by God that we could never earn no deserve.

  • Josie Phillips

    Grace is God’s love for us! It is as simple as that!-Josie Phillips

  • David Lee

    Grace is what covers us and calls us to be friends with Jesus. By grace, I have freedom and life. It’s important because without it, we would be living with guilt all the time.

  • Gary McCord

    grace to me, is undeserved  and unearned it is simply my Heavenly father giving me a part of him that in no other way could i get this blessing

  • Heather Starr

    Grace is God’s undeserved love and forgiveness. Grace is important because without it, we would not get to spend eternity with him.

  • Daphne Lee

    I’d say its “undeserved favour” before this, yet after being through hell and high water like everybody else once in a while in their lives, I’d still remain describing it that way… because it is. It is important because one needs to know grace to know the depth of love. It’s “undeserving” yet “given”; freely. over a period of 4.5 months, I’ve healed from the experience of being violated during a date- and betrayal by a friend, because of the presence of grace. Knowing the presence of it makes me secure in His love- and that’s what helped me heal; hence it’s also important to the world today; as this is a hurting world we’re living in now.

  • jason lee

    Sorry accidentally posted twice by not logging in to twitter first.

  • Brian

    Grace is God’s provision through the atoning work of Christ on the cross that covers me with His righteousness Now I am free to pursue God’s holiness in my life.

  • Donna

    Sometimes, even after all these years, I still don’t understand grace.  There have been times I didn’t “just” fall short of God’s best for my life, I went WAY off the narrow pathway.  Nothing I could ever do… would ever make me worthy of the GRACE that God has showered over my life.  Nothing.  Important?  Understatement of the century.  Imperative.  Life sustaining.  Refresher of hope.  

    Thank you for posting this interview, Michael.  I am so appreciative of the gift that Max Lucado shares with all of us through his writings.

  • Slatoncid

    My maiden name is Grace, father a preacher…lol. I’ve had a lot of years to think about that word. To me it’s like a gift given to believers. Undeserving, Free and given as only a father can give his child. He sacrificed to make it possible to shower me with grace, his form of outward love for me….that covers all I’ve done to disappoint Him

  • Jhalladay13

    Grace is the unmerited blessing, forgiveness and hope of a future free from pain and suffering through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, my Saviour, I can approach the throne of glory cleansed of my sins! Amen

  • OrvilO

    I understand grace to be never ending forgiveness from God through the pain & suffering Jesus endured. It is important to me because it is something that is always there & can never be taken away.

  • Winter_js

    His grace covers me time and time again when I mess up.

  • Beckylcfam

    Grace. Undeserved. I have done nothing to earn it. I certainly don’t deserve it . Each day I wake to find a new day full of grace from my Father. He graciously pardons all my sins to love me more than the day before , and to forgive me and look past my faults and sins. Grace is undeserved, unconditional, immense love from my Father.

  • Paul Yates

    Grace is the gift of God to an undeserving rebellious race, a gift that provides the only salvation from condemnation by a completely loving, completely holy, completely just Judge.  That Grace is completely sufficient for us…if we let it be.

  • Nikki Bell

    Grace to me, is being given second chances that I do not deserve. I’ve tried many times in my past to commit suicide and never succeeded…all because of God’s grace to allow me to keep pushing and living out His plans and purposes because He is not done with me yet. Without that grace, I honestly would have killed myself a long time ago.

  • Cindy R.

    I think people misconstrue and misunderstand grace which leads to abuse of it and lack of spritual growth. While forgiveness is a part of grace, it’s not its substitute. Grace to me is Christ being my substitute…that when God sees me what he really sees is Christ’s sacrifice. That I am not codemned to wrath…that when I accept Christ and trust in Him, I can live fearlessly knowing that Christ is living in me and fulfilling the purpose of His life death and resurrection in me for His glory.

  • Imhomenow

    Grace is everything I’m not deserve but given to my life. Without it, can’t live even a day.

  • Marj Spence

    Grace goes hand in hand with mercy. Both are undeserved favor on a sinner such as I. Were it not for God’s grace I would not have the hope of salvation and the blessed assurance of my life eternal in heaven with my Savior Jesus Christ. The grace I receive is an example of the grace I should give away through my acts of kindness and goodness to others especially when it is unmerited. Consider grace to be shown through unconditional love.

  • Cathy Pring

    I have always been taught GRACE = God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. I’m teaching my two little ones the same. :)

  • Cecil Wong

    Grace is the greatest gift from God that we don’t truly deserve. This just proves how much our heavenly father immensely loves us.

  • guest

    Grace ~ Salvation, God’s love for us. God gave his life that we may live. 

  • Thefaithinthecross

    My understanding of grace is that we don’t deserve it and yet are given it. Grace is like a bank balance to me. With the grace having an unlimited bank balance and we only going to get out an amount in 20$ or 50$. Or just access some when there is an unlimited amoubt we can withdraw or utilize.

  • Scott Hamilton

    Grace is receiving the unwavering love of God and the opportunity to enter into his kingdom, even though we have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. It is important because it is what we need for salvation.
    Scott Hamilton

  • Sara

    Grace is something undeserving. It is important because we are all undeserving especially especially when that grace comes from God.

  • Edgar R. Schuchardt

    Grace is bringing forgiven even though you deserve the consequences 

  • Okarihario

    What is your understanding of grace and why is it important? Grace = God’s riches at Christ’s expense.  Lately, I’ve prayerfully asked God to fully help me understand the meaning of grace as I think it is far too easy to cheapen grace.  That is why our understanding is important.  Grace cost Christ His life.  

  • Fish Gregory

    Grace is getting what you don’t deserve (gift of salvation, etc.), whereas mercy is not getting what you DO deserve (wages of sin = death). Of course, both mean much more, but I’ve found that distinction helpful.

  • Reese Vergori

    After my 8-year-old son passed away this summer from brainstem cancer, I read a commentary on grace. It said that it was a picture of God leaning toward us to give Himself to us because He is predisposed to bless us. It’s such a beautiful description of grace. I had the Greek word for grace (charis) tattooed on my left wrist so I see it every day, reminding me that His grace is all I need. His strength is made perfect in my weekends.

  • Rosane

    Grace is all that I not deserve, but I get to God. It is important because without it’d be ruined and desperate, in the mire of sin, because we are totally dependent on the Lord and we need his grace. 

  • J Stough

    Grace is God’s unmerited and underserved favor richly bestowed on us for the forgiveness of sin because of Christ’s marvelous sacrifice at Calvary. Grace operates where there is sin. What a gift, that those in Christ ” stand in Grace”. As the songwriter wrote “Oh How Marvelous”.

  • Jeffreymcneer

    Grace is God gifting Hid grandest provisions to those who are His by virtue of Christ’s sacrifice for us.

  • BodyofChrist

    Grace is ever important because it covers over a multitude of sins. Grace allows us to return to God without shame. Grace is a free gift that is given to us from God so that we can become more like Christ.

  • BodyofChrist

    Grace is ever important because it covers over a multitude of sins. Grace allows us to return to God without shame. Grace is a free gift that is given to us from God so that we can become more like Christ.

  • Vitor Pinheiro

    Grace is the most scandalous, unbelievable, misunderstood and incredible thing in the universe because it professes that God loves me independently of what I do.

  • Vanhouten Lori

    Grace is God’s gift to us in the form of forgiveness, mercy and love. It is something that is not asked for and it is certainly not earned. By the sacrifice of his son upon the cross, we have been blessed with grace and God’s unconditional and unending love.

  • Dave Johnson

    I understand grace as God’s undeserved favor. Given to us as God’s personal gift of love to His sons and daughters.

  • Kellyferree

    Grace, to me, is God treating me like I am the creation he intended me to be, and yet I kno I am not. So undeserving of his treatment.

  • Scott Primrose

    Grace is the unmerited favor and eternal life God has given me because I have put my complete trust in Jesus for my salvation.

  • Yeng

    Grace is undeserving pardon. It’s important because we didn’t deserve this from God, but yet, because He loved us so much, He had grace and provided a way for redemption. Freely God gave to us, so that freely we may give to others. 

  • Jason

    Grace is receiving something we do not deserve. It is important because we are incapable of earning that which is truly valuable: eternity with a perfect and loving God and can ONLY receive it as a grace gift through the work of Christ on the cross. Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus!

  • Adrienne

    Grace is love that is immeasurable and divine. Grace is what allows us to approach the throne and it is grace that allows us to experience love in our broken world. :)

  • Gregg Edwards

    I know that I need Grace!  Need it daily!  I just hope that I do my best to show Grace to others.  Lord forgive me when I don’t.

  • Trevor K. Payne.

    grace is the unmerited favor of an almighty to a less than significant person.

  • Marvin k. Francine

    I am now in my 60 th year as a Pastor….and “Grace” is my favorite word! His grace is more ‘amazing’ to me every day. My prayer is that His grace will sustain me at least until my 70th year of pastoring. I do so very much appreciate the writings of Max Lucado and waiting to learn more about God’s wonderful grace from the pen of Max.
    Marvin k. Francine
    Hillside Ev. Free Church
    San Jose, CA

  • Jake

    Grace is more than my wife’s middle name, it’s more than I can comprehend, it’s more than receiving forgiveness I do not deserve. People say why do bad things happen to good people. But honestly there are no good people and that’s why we need God’s grace. We need a savior, we need someone to rescue us from our sin, we need someone who can look past all of our mistakes and give us hope. I turn my eyes to Jesus and continue to ask him to be the center of my life because I make promises that I can’t keep and know that I will never live up to pure santification so I need Christ’s grace for my inequities.

    Grace is loving me for who I am and constantly accepting me no matter my failures.

    Acronym I once heard. God has given us Christ who has Grafted us. Reconciled us. Adopted us. Changed us. Engaged us.

    Love reading your books max! Michael thanks for letting me take the time to thank God for his grace and ponder how constant grace is in my life.

  • Mmpitre

    When my sinful nature drives me to abuse the freedom God has provided, His endless Grace redirects me toward him

  • Jake Crockett

    Grace is God giving us whatwe do not deserve.

  • Damon Barber

    Grace: unmerited favor. Forgiveness extended based on the giver’s love for the recipient with no respect to the recipient’s ability to justify/earn the gift. Grace is a vitally important ingredient to the Gospel because before we were even born and had a chance to sin, Christ died for us to pay the price for our salvation that none of us would ever be able to pay or earn. ( “For all have sinned and fallen short…” Romans 3:23.”For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23.)
    God is not willing that any should perish because His love for us is so great.

    God is SO GOOD!

  • linda

    Grace to me means loving, forgiving, giving, providing, caring, patience, extended or freely given when it is not deserved. It is important because God freely gives it to us, and therefore, we in turn need to be gracious to others. 

  • Melissa bergstrom

    Grace: getting what I don’t deserve. Instead of the due punishment for my sins, I am getting a pardon. For without grace, I cannot exist. I cannot grow, live or love. For with it I can move mountains. I can show Christ’s love. Attempt to change a generation. Next to salvation its the best gift we have and the best gift we can give. Grace, like love, can heal.

  • Lilly Walker

    Grace is undeserved, unmerited favor given to me by my Lord and savior. He has provided me with this gift not because of anything I’ve done but because of who He is and the love He has for us.

  • Saltysalt_21

    Grace is an unmerited favour that I need to live with on a daily basis. It’s more than forgiveness. It’s living with the divine strength and enablement, that I cant live without on our own humanly finite measures. Grace sustains me till i see Him face-to-face. With grace, it doesnt mean that i will not fail. But it means that Grace sees me through and picks me up, saying that it’s okay and I’m here with you. Grace doesnt give me the liberty to sin, but it empowers me to overcome sin and liberate me to be who i really am!

  • Audra

    Grace is a free, undeserved gift we receive from our loving Heavenly Father, empowering us to be who He created us to be and do what He ceated us to do. We can do nothing to earn it. We have the choice to either accept or reject it.

  • A. Brown

    Grace is the greatest gift given to us through Jesus. He has freely forgiven all my sins even though I’ve done nothing to deserve it.

  • Darwinhao

    Grace is what we don’t deserve yet we got it freely.. Without grace, we’re enslaved by the world’s rule..

  • E Randell Reno

    Grace is when I receive something I could never deserve; that means anything God gives to me.

  • Mireya Maya

    Grace to me: a gift given to us, that we may use to bring others closer to God.
    My understanding of it is we can use it in our works of God since it was given to us as a gift.

  • Beckykraemer

    Grace is what covers the great gulf between the small revealed revelation that I am actually walking in day by day, and the unmeasurable wisdom and love of my Father. It allows me the priviledge of crawling up on His lap on a difficult day and working side by side with Him to re-present Him in my little world. My Father made grace just for me…He knew I would need allot of it!

  • Donna Hughes

    Grace is what Jesus gave to me by shedding His precious blood to cover my sin! Without that grace, I would be bound for hell!

  • Mothergoose1961

    Grace is a undeserving gift from a loving God given freely to an undeserving person like me.

  • Kimwinn

    Grace is something I will never completely understand. I know God grants me chamces over and over when I don’t deserve them. That’s the grace I see but he does so much more for me than I will ever know.

  • Lori

    Grace leaves the door open for it’s sisters: Hope and Faith.  

  • CindiStokes

    Unearned forgiveness

  • Alex Setiawan

    Grace is God’s way of saying He loves me no matter what. It’s important because it’s a reminder for me; although I don’t deserve God’s kindness/love/blessings, but grace made it possible.

  • Marysmall18

    It is a totally free gift to us from Jesus who sacrificied himself for our everlasting salvation.

  • Roy Love

    Grace is a perfect love, that I believe my simple words could not describe. We understand God’s grace as only our minds will allow. I believe we can only truly define this Love when His Spirit gives us the understanding of this perfected freedom, which is His gift of unconditional love and forgiveness, Jesus Christ

  • Bree Vellalos

    Grace is unearned undeserved favor

  • Alex Setiawan

    Grace is God’s way of saying He loves me no matter what. It’s important because it’s a reminder for me; although I don’t deserve God’s kindness/love/blessings, but grace made it possible.

  • Doris Cruzado

    God’s unconditional, undeserving love for us….


    Grace is something unobtainable by your own actions. Grace is not something deserved. It is freely given and rightfully, humbly received.

  • tmfrazier

    Grace is a gift from God given to those He has chosen–by no merit or achievement on the part of the recipient. Jesus: a gift of grace to sinners. Forgiveness: a gift of grace purchased by Jesus paying our sin penalty on the cross. God’s love: a gift of overwhelming grace extended to His creation via the giving of “His one and only Son.” In brief, grace is a gift more than we deserve given by a God greater than we could imagine. I thank our awesome, loving, grace-extending Heavenly Father for His grace–and so much more!

  • Dbhague2005

    God”s amazing grace is available to all – there is nothing we have to “do” to earn it. Jesus did all the work for us when He died on the cross at Calvary. When we accept Jesus’ sacrifice for us then we are saved by God’s Divine Grace and can spend eternity with Him.

  • Skyler South

    Grace to me is the freedom to start over again and again if necessary without fear of backlash.

  • Skyler South

    Grace to me is the freedom to start over again and again if necessary without fear of backlash.

  • Ijkelz

    Grace is probably the one thing needed just before forgiveness. Its because of grace that leads us to forgive and the Lord to be able to forgive us. I’m grateful for it.

  • Tammy Bunk

    Grace – I am a grateful recipient.

  • Dkenneson2

    I believe grace is what covers our sins. When we fall short of his glory by sin or backsliding, his grace is what holds us up and gives us another chance to ask forgiveness and try again to please him.

  • Beth

    The best thing I heard about grace is this acronym: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. Powerful. 

  • Rose

    Grace to me means, getting Gods mercy when I don’t deserve it. Grace the gift that we don’t deserve yet God is gracious enough to give.

  • jee

    Grace is everybmoment that i live in jesus christ. Withouth god’s grace i can not live because of my sin and guilty feelings.

  • Sabrinacarrero

    Grace is Gods love when we dont deserve it. Its love in action.

  • Skyler South

    Grace to me is the freedom to start over again and again if necessary without fear of backlash.

  • Shannon

    Grace is getting what I do not deserve. It’s important because it is what God gives and ask us to do in turn to others. It’s how we show love.

  • Andrew_bowles

    Grace is an undeserved gift from God. It is important because it is a constant reminder to turn what He has given us back into praise for Him.

  • Aissamarie0805

    Grace is the undeserved favor that God lavishes on us.

  • Christina

    I will never fully understand grace, I don’t think. What I believe the simple understanding of grace is, is that we are human, we will make mistakes & God will forgive us, if we ask Him, as we should forgive our fellow brothers & sisters.

  • JoWanda

    Grace is what we don’t deserve, but I cherish.

  • Laura

    I’m learning that grace is more than a ticket to heaven. It is the gift of having the power to live free from condemnation and slavery to sin.

  • timthurman

    Any new offering from Max Lucado is something to get excited about, but a book on the subject of grace!!! Woo hoo!!!

  • 1974happydays

    Invite friends over for coffee, we talk about how Grace is around, over there, and how I hear them say, well I dont have grace. And I tell them, it all begins with a Cup of Grace. Try it you’ll like it. Begin to explain how grace works. He is great, responds, acts, celebrates, embraces You.
    My friends and I do this every morning at college before class and on Friday mornings we all come together and have a cup of grace.

  • Patricia

    Grace is an undeserved gift. It’s an unmerited favor. Quite often grace feels like an extension of God’s forgiveness of my wrongs, my sins. Grace important to me. Because I have received God’s grace, I am able to offer grace to others.

  • Michael Nazarene

    grace is when you get something that you didn’t deserve.

  • Michael Nazarene

    grace is when you get something that you didn’t deserve.

  • Hotrodguitarist

    Grace is giving me what i need or even want when i don’t deserve it at all. I deserve to die for my sins but Christ have me Grace by doing it for me.

  • AbySam

    Grace is everything that you receive when you don’t deserve it. My eternal life, my family, my friends, my worldly and spiritual blessings are GRACE from my Father Almighty!

  • Pappdawn

    I really don’t understand grace, so many believers talk about and I just don’t get it or feel it.

  • Bridgette

    I think Max said it well, ” the Grace that saved me, also sustains me”. I know that I have the Grace of God and it is important to me that others see that in me and ask “What gives me the strength, courage, and joy to handle life’s circumstances?” I always have my answer ready.

  • Waleous200

    Grace is favour i don’t deserve, its a gift, its not earned. Its the difference between christianity and the other religions of the earth. Where other religions of the world tell me to do something so that i may gain heaven, christianity tells me to come as I am not on the platform of my performance but on the platform of what Christ did on the cross of calvary for me. Grace is what makes the difference in my life, Grace is what makes me stand out amongst my peers. Grace is Jesus, in Him whom I live, move and have my being in.

  • Dolphin7707

    Grace is one word which encompasses all of who God is. From “In the begrinning God…” to the last “Amen”, grace is woven througout Scripture. Because of grace, we know forgiveness, freedom, unfailing and unconditional love; we have hope and a future in these uncertain times.

  • Alisonjane

    Grace – unmerited favour, something we need to understand more because it can have explosive dramatic effects on our lives, walk with God and affect on others.
    It gives the opportunity to experience a greater depth of God if we can understand Grace
    A very important aspect of our Christian walk, something we need to believe in!

  • Bryce

    In my mind, grace is a gift. It cannot be bought or earned, but only received. God continues to give us grace, even when we don’t deserve it. Gods grace is perfect, and everlasting, and no matter what you do, God will never stop giving you grace.

  • Rayn Daniel Leatemia

    Grace is the only ticket for us to know who God is. We are all saved only by grace… If grace is an ocean, we are all sinking….

  • Rayn Daniel Leatemia

    If grace is an ocean we are sinking…

  • Abcdee2000

    What a great explaination – GRACE: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

  • Eshatterly

    God’s grace is a gift we do not deserve.  He gave us the ability to make our own decisions and when we messed it up he still loved us and made a way to spend eternity with him.

  • Daniel Bray

    In my opinion, Grace is something that is undeserved that is given freely without asking anything in return.  I am thankful for the Grace of Jesus for which I did not deserve, and that he loves me despite my sin.  God bless.

  • Rebeccadavis19

    Grace – is forgiveness that we don’t deserve, but that we have through Jesus Christ sacrifice.

  • Heather Eslick

    Grace = Jesus, plain and simple. Jesus is the reason God can look on us with love because when He looks at us, He doesn’t see our guilty selves, He sees Jesus. Undeserved love poured out to us through the Grace that is Jesus Christ.

  • Monalisacpalacio

    Grace is unmerited favor, it’s getting something good without deserving it. As Max said,grace is God’s best idea. Absolutely. Grace is important because it reminds our humanity, our being limited beings, that there is a good God out there who thinks wonderfully outside the box. And that we can look up to Him and depend on Him even if we’re the most undeserving. I think that’s the best shot tohope.

  • Gen

    Grace is the unmerited and undeserved favor from God. Grace is forgiving 7 X 70, and then some. Grace is God’s uncondional love. Grace is God sacrificing His Son, so I can be close to Him and have a personal relationship with Him and Jesus.

  • Cathi E

    Grace to me means we receive God’s favor without deserving to receive it.

    It is important as it is one of the foundations of our faith. I am thankful for that grace everyday and work hard to deserve it even though there is no way I would ever be able to do that.

  • Chuck Jonas

    Grace is something that we don’t deserve, but it because of God’s love for us we have His grace that never fails.

  • Don Haflich

    Grace is God’s unending kindness to me, a sinner, who does not deserve anything but the white hot judgement of God. Though I deserve it, I do not come under because of that which Christ has done for me and clothed me with.

  • Don Haflich

    Grace is God’s unending kindness to me, a sinner, who does not deserve anything but the white hot judgement of God. Though I deserve it, I do not come under because of that which Christ has done for me and clothed me with. 

  • Don Haflich

    Grace is God’s unending kindness to me, a sinner, who does not deserve anything but the white hot judgement of God. Though I deserve it, I do not come under because of that which Christ has done for me and clothed me with. 

  • Jerry Robertson

    Beautiful. The job of the church is to give grace. We are the only ones that can do that so if we don’t it is not given the way God intended. The church can do many things but giving grace is the one thing we must do. Thanks for writing the book.

  • Bledi

    Grace is about God doing what is humanly illogical and that blows your mind to the benefit of other people. We would be way better people if we were to surprise people by being God-like in this regard. 

  • Simplyjoey

    My husband has been doing an in depth study on Grace and I would so love to get this book for him.

  • Courtney

    I’ve been looking for a good book on grace.

  • Kathy

    Grace is a gift from God that we neither earned or deserved. It is His mercy, love and forgiveness. We can do nothing by our own actions to gain or receive it. It is only by God’s grace that we are saved. We need only repent, ask forgiveness and turn our life over to God and He will extend His grace to us.

  • Zina Hermez

    Grace is something that works in the depths of my soul. It breaks down the pain in my heart year after year through human kindness, friendship, and love. I can’t always see it, or even know it’s there but when realized, I feel a sense of happiness, joy, and peace. It’s hard to describe, because it’s from above. An arrival. A destination. It makes me whole.

  • Uthguycbc

    Grace is getting candy from God when I didn’t even knock on His door! And it’s amazing!

  • Djessica + Maiko

    Grace means: God have my life in his Hands and and by his love he don’t  let me go down.

  • Djessica + Maiko

    Grace means: God has my live in his hands and by his love he don’t let me go down

  • Megan DePetro

    My understanding of Grace is simply that Jesus died on the cross for the absolution of the sins we have committed, are committing, and will commit in the future.  Grace simplified is Jesus.  The more we strive to be like Jesus, the more we will understand Grace.

  • Shelly

    Grace as an example- Our being able to do things from a place of love without our knowing that we are- without our trying- then comes a day when other people may notice this in us and tell us- and we are like wow! I am? I think that is an awesome picture of Grace!

    Grace allows us to do what we could not do. It is a divine influence put upon our heart- which allows us to want to love more and sin less. It enables us to want to help and bless others. It is Empowering Reflection given to us from our Heavenly Father so we can live life here on earth! -More Papa more! :) Our daily drink of Jesus! Grace is Light- Grace is Love! Grace = Jesus!

    Why is important? We cannot live without it- if we are a child of God- and I am! :)

  • J. Gary Ellison

    Grace is not only unmerited favor which God gives to the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45), it is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16; Ephesians 2:8-9), as well as the power of God to will and to do what pleases Him (Philippians 2:13), to renounce ungodliness and live godly lives (Titus 2:11-13), and to serve Him in the various ministries that He gives (Ephesians 3:7-8; 4:7; Romans 12:6-8). So grace covers the past and empowers for the present and future.

  • Ysche

    Grace is something God reveals to us in His time. when we think we know, that is precisely when He rocks my world and I experience His grace in a whole new way.

  • Mwaddle2

    Grace is getting what I do not deserve! 

  • Wilma Hill

    Grace is God’s offer of salvation, only offered because of the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. He didn’t have to do that… but He did… THAT’s GRACE! It isn’t anything that we deserve or that we can buy. It is offered… but we must accept it and ask for forgiveness of our sins then live a Godly life. It is a gift from God that cannot be earned but does require obedience on the part of man. It is forgiveness… by request.

  • Shieldsw

    I do not understand Grace! I do know it is undeserved favor. I’m so thankful God show His Amazing Grace on me by having Jesus die on the cross for my SIN debt that I could not pay. THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN ANYTHING…..!!!

  • Ashley Payne

    Grace to me, is God’s ultimate gift to mankind. Grace is His love, His forgiveness, His guidance and protection. It’s important to be aware of this grace because once we realize it’s unconditional and omnipresent, we can extend this grace to others and forgive them, love them, etc. which in turn blesses us as much as it blesses them.

  • Tamara

    Grace to me is God’s forgiveness as He died for my sins, though I will never deserve it. 

  • Mary Meens

    Grace is God’s love for us manifested in our spirit, making us worthy of His presence and sanctification.

  • Nancy Ramirez

    Grace is Jesus and Jesus is Grace. Through grace we have eternal life, salvation, and all GOD’s best. We don’t deserve any good but GOD’s grace ( and his love and mercy) made it possible! 

  • Wsnerdy

    Grace means to me that God gives us his love, his blessings, and his forgiveness when we don’t deserve it. We couldn’t be in his presence without it.

  • Tkgant3

    Grace to me is who God is; love. God always loves us, but I believe there are times when we are outside of His grace, where He has called us to be. I can tell when I’m outside of His grace because I’m frustrated, impatient, anxious, and unkind simply due to the fact that I’m selfishly worried about me and what I’ve got going on. I’m worried because I’m doing it all on my own, in my own strength and in my heart I know that I’m not capable without Him. Once I release all my concerns to Him I receive peace along with many more blessings. “Thine preparest a feast in the presence of my enemies…” A feast of His fruits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness. gentleness, and self control. When we are walking with Him, allowing Him in our hearts so that we are IN HIM, we don’t have to work at it. It’s not so difficult. We trust Him. That’s grace to me.

  • janelle

    grace is an undeserved favor and mercy, it is by God’s grace that we received our salvation without it we are doomed.

  • Chris Young

    I believe that grace is the overflow and effect of God’s love for us. 

    Max Lucado’s children’s characters, in particular Punchinello, have helped us to teach our kids the amazing truths and principles of the Bible. 

  • Patrick Bartkus

    My understanding of grace changed radically by “Jesus + Nothing = Everything” by Tullian Tchividjian (different publisher – sorry). Pastor Tullian helped me understand that I bring nothing to my salvation except the sin that made it necessary.

  • Stephen_jones

    Grace is receiving what we do not deserve while at the same time not receiving what we do deserve.

  • Johnhelmick

    My understanding of Grace is simply that it is the undeserved favor of God upon me, a sinner where he lavishes his love and forgiveness on me so that I can not only have eternal life, but also abundant life on this earth while his Spirit lives in me.

  • Jaki

    Grace is a gift from God, a forgiveness, pardon, and second chances to things that we have never deserved. It’s like a never ending gift card- paid by Jesus on the cross. If desired from ones heart, it’s always there. Most amazingly, it’s free. Something tough to put into words, and still working on grasping the full concept of it. Looking forward to reading Max’s book about Grace. :) And lets never forget.. Grace is a gift that you can receive and GIVE. 

  • Tamara

    I experienced God’s overpowering grace when after turning away from God and living in sin and addiction, He welcomed me back into His loving arms with no guilt or shame attached. It was and still is amazing to me that I am allowed to come into His presence. Thanks Michael for all you do. Blessings!

  • Magdalene

    For me, grace is a person. God is grace like God is love….  Grace is everything I’m not and cannot do. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow (1 Cor 3:6)

  • Nicole Denise

    Grace, to me, is God-empowerment used to accomplish physically, mentally, and spiritually what we cannot in our own human capacity.

  • Jim Fitzgerald

    Grace is something I am really beginning to get a grasp of, especially God’s grace.  Growing up in a certain spiritual background, we were more concerned about “earning” God’s love, and it will be interesting to read Max’s take on this subject (similar background).  We don’t deserve grace, but God gives it to us, IF we accept it and call on him.  Without it, we have no hope.  I would love to read this work by a great writer!




    Grace is God’s love for us regardless of how far we have strayed from him.

  • Matt DeYoung

    Thank you Michael and Max. This is a life changing book. I read it one day. At the same time, I feel it had a life-long impact on myself, my wife, our family…and frankly, how we interact with the community around us. 

  • Bob

    Grace is a gift from God that I don’t deserve, but accept willingly!

  • Andrew Smith

    Grace means a free gift God has given us by forgiving our sins. He could have turned away but he didn’t. Grace is important because we all need it!

  • Sandy Sykes

    Grace is what I personally need in abundance and yet I struggle so much to willingly give it. God needs to equip me better to be more like Him in all my everyday dealings with people. I need to be more gracious especially with those who are not in my immediate heart felt love exchange. It does seem to be easier to be more gracious to those closest to me than those who are not.

  • Sandy Sykes

    Grace is what I personally need in abundance and yet I struggle so much to willingly give it. God needs to equip me better to be more like Him in all my everyday dealings with people. I need to be more gracious especially with those who are not in my immediate heart felt love exchange. It does seem to be easier to be more gracious to those closest to me than those who are not.

  • Tammie

    :( im sad that I just received the email today! Nov. 3..
    Being born again, not by works but grace(Jesus) who loves us all
    enough to pay a costly price for us at no cost to us.

  • Linda J Shull

    I usually sign my name, “In His Grace.” I love to live in the light of God’s view, acceptance, forgiveness, freedom and love for me. I also need His grace desperately on a daily basis. His grace enables me to see other people through His eyes and extend that same grace to them.

  • Kimunya Mugo

    Writing to heal a childhood wound that was the absence of my father is grace extended to me by His Majesty. Through this new book (my very first), I have received healing. It has opened up an avenue for me to forgive my father, and to live life to its fullest. God’s sustaining grace has been bathed upon me, getting a publisher, somehow scraping the funds to publish, awesome leaders have offered to review the book… My, I can go on and on! And this from a guy who was told he would amount to nothing? God’s grace, God’s grace…

  • Kat V.

    Grace is God’s gift to me – one I don’t deserve, yet one so freely given!  Grace along with His Truth and time, will bring me to a place of being transformed into the person I was created to be.  Can’t wait to read the additional wisdom that one of my all-time favorite men of God brings through his newest book!

  • L B

    Grace is central to God’s character.  Grace is God’s unconditional and unearned love that is freely given.  Grace also empowers us to grow, to be sanctified.

  • Aggie Baird

    Undeserved, a precious gift to all that cost God everything, we can be a child of his not because of any good work we did but what God did for us through Jesus! Now I have the grace that I can extend to others in my life! 

  • Sarayu

    Isn’t it an amazing strategy to give some books for free and get unlimited publicity as many of us assume we will be in those top x people who will get a free copy :)) anyway I like your articles Mike

  • Phil

    Grace is the goodness and forgiveness of God extended to us though we could never deserve it.

  • Vicki Lewis

    Grace is what He teaches us to get through the everyday annoyances of life – at the office, at home, on the road, anywhere.  It keeps me in peace when things aren’t going smoothly because I know that all humans are fallible and sometimes others around me cause a problem and sometimes it’s me.

  • Amazed

    My understanding of grace … Grace is an action based on a conscious decision to freely give & freely receive in love so no obligations or expectations. We neither deserve it or can pay it back, but we can pay it forward!

  • Rajdeep Paulus

    Wow. Michael. All I can say is Wow. I just shared my story with a pilot in a cafe today and the words were nearly identical to Max Lucado’s … 

    The night God met me on a midnight stroll on the beach, 21 years ago. “The waves just kept coming back, and I knew God was telling me that he would keep coming back for me. To love me. To shower me with his grace. Time and time again.” 

    What are the chances?!? :) Feeling so aware that 21 years ago, God used the waves in my life to woo me to himself! Love Max Lucado’s story-telling books. My favorite has been “In the Grip of Grace,” but I’m starting to wonder if his new one will be a close second! :) -Raj

  • Barb Harvey

    Would love to receive a copy of his new book…. have been a huge fan for many years.

  • Kandace

    Grace is the undeserved ability we have been given to say yes to Him for salvation, santification and glorification.

  • Vincent Martini

    Grace is the uncreated, Divine energies (ἐνέργεια) of the all-holy Trinity.

    “The general ministry of the Holy Spirit applies to all of creation and involves a variety of salvific activities. Towards mankind His redemptive ministry is of an external nature. His special ministry—involving the internal operation of ecclesial Grace through initially imparted Baptism—is given to the organic members of His Body and continues in the mystical life of the Church, mainly through Holy Communion.” -Patrick Barnes

    I’m assuming that “Grace” is being used in a way other than “theological” here? It seems as if most are associating “grace” with a general idea of kindness towards a person when it isn’t deserved. That is a noble virtue, but is not “Grace” in an Orthodox, theological sense. FWIW.

    In peace,

    • Michael Hyatt

      Vincent, thanks for your comment. Can you explain how this distinction is expressed biblically? I think that would be helpful to my readers. Thanks.

  • Aladine Vargas

    Grace to me is Divine Enablement.

    God our King has a reputation ( his name ) to keep Holy. So he enables us with spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, financial and relational influence in order to fulfill his righteousness in the earth.