An Interview with Max Lucado

Last fall amid a struggling economy and political turmoil Max Lucado released a very timely book called Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear. Now a year later, he is releasing his newest book, Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference (Thomas Nelson).

Book Cover for Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

I love all of Max’s books, but I believe this to be his most important one yet. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview him about why he wrote this book and what he hopes to accomplish.

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Q: How did you choose the message for this book? Why do you think this message is important today?

A few years back, three questions rocked my world. They came from different people in the span of a month. The first question: Had you been a German Christian during World War II, would you have taken a stand against Hitler? Question 2: Had you lived in the South during the civil rights conflict, would you have taken a stand against racism? The third question: When your grandchildren discover you lived during a day in which 1.75 billion people were poor and 1 billion were hungry, how will they judge your response?

I didn’t mind the first two questions. They were hypothetical. I’d like to think I would have taken a stand against Hitler and fought against racism. But those days are gone, and those choices were not mine. But the third question has kept me awake at night.

I do live today; so do you. And we are given a choice . . . an opportunity to make a big difference during a difficult time. What if we did? What if we rocked the world with hope?

All of us have an opportunity now to do something to set a great example for our children and our grandchildren. That’s why I wrote Outlive Your Life. We are created by a great God to do great works. He invites us to outlive our lives, not just in heaven but here on earth.

Q: Last year you and I, along with our wives, traveled to Ethiopia with Rich Stearns, President of World Vision. How did that trip surprise you? What impact did it have on Outlive Your Life?

It impacted me and my wife Denalyn in countless ways. I don’t think I expected to see such unending poverty in Ethiopia. But I was surprised to see the joy—the smiles—of the Ethiopian people. They are gentle, thankful people.

It was also an impressive trip because I was able to see that sponsoring a child through World Vision not only enables the child to have a better life, but helps the entire village where that child lives. It can really be life-changing for an entire community. I knew World Vision helped individual children, but I didn’t realize how World Vision could impact an entire community.

Q: In Outlive Your Life, you talk a lot about God using “common” people to change the world. And it’s true, peppered throughout the Bible are stories of ordinary people doing game-changing things. Why do you think as Christians we are so reluctant to believe that God can use us?

It all boils down to this—God uses common folk to do uncommon things. The disciples were common. I mean they were regular guys. Peter knew more about bass and boat docks then he did the Roman culture. Most of the disciples, if not all of them, had never traveled more than a week from their hometown. They weren’t the most predictable of guys either. Peter told Jesus to forget the cross. John wanted Jesus to torch the city. When Jesus needed people to pray with him, they slept. When he needed friends, they ran.

But after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus—only six weeks later—we see these guys literally on fire. They changed the world. We’re common folk like that too. Most of us sit in the bleachers. Most of us aren’t the straight-A students. Most of us aren’t selected to lead the organization. We’re just common folk.

The big message of the book of Acts is that God can use regular folk like you and like me to literally change the world. There is no indication that Jesus chose his disciples for any other reason except this, that when he said, “follow me,” they said, “I will.”

What would happen if when Jesus says, “follow me,” we say the same?

People really do want to make a difference in the world. I think there’s something built within each one of us that resonates with the idea of making a difference, changing the world. And I think that’s just a gift from God inside of us that every person has.

Q: You write about the disparity between the “haves” and “have nots.” What, if anything, can be done to bridge the gap?

A few of us have a lot while many of us don’t have much. About 75% of the world’s resources go to about 20% of the people. The “haves” and the “have nots” are not very close together. This is a very complex issue but why does it exist? Why does this disparity exist on the earth?

As the singer and humanitarian, Bono, says: People are born in the wrong latitude. People are simply born and raised in areas of the world that don’t have the basic resources that many of us have taken for granted.

I’m thinking of a friend of mine who lives in Ethiopia named Dahdi. He’s every bit of hard working as I am, likely more so. He’s well-respected in his village. He has a delightful family. The truth of the matter is he was born in a place that doesn’t have some of the basic things that I’ve benefited from, things like paved roads, access to education, vaccinations, and government subsidies. Things I take for granted are things that he’s never seen.

What can we do about this disparity? The book of Acts teaches us the whole church should get involved. When the apostles realized that some of the people were not being fed in the city of Jerusalem they called for a church-wide meeting. The problem of poverty needs to engage every single person in the church.

Second, the Acts church decided to get the brightest among us to direct us. The apostles said the problem is so big we need our best thinkers thinking about it. That’s why we need to partner with organizations like World Vision, Compassion, Living Water, and International Justice Mission. These people who are giving their best thoughts, their best energies, and their best hours to disentangling these difficult knots.

Third, we can just get ticked off. We need to be upset. We need to be troubled by the fact that 850 million people are going to bed hungry every night. It needs to bother us that 30,000 children are dying every day from preventable diseases. The church should get mad and let’s see what we can do about it.

Q: In its review of your book Publisher’s Weekly calls you “…a powerful voice in the call to authentic Christianity.” What does authentic Christianity mean to you?

We indwell a generation that has an allergy to phony saints and an attraction to honest ones. Authentic Christianity takes Sunday’s worship into Monday’s service. It bridges the beliefs with the behavior.

Q: I love that 100% of the royalties from Outlive Your Life will benefit children and families through World Vision and other ministries. What will that money go to specifically?

Under the capable stewardship of World Vision, Outlive Your Life royalties will be creating healthy, sustainable communities in the Amuru District of Northern Uganda. We are also partnering with other faith-based ministries to help single mothers and children.

Q: This is a big year for you, Max. It is your 25th anniversary in book publishing. Congratulations on a long and fruitful career! What goals do you have for this year and for the next 25 years?

2010 has been big for me. One of the goals of this year is finding sponsors for 25,000 children through World Vision. I guess it could have thrown a party or given out plaques, but I wanted to have a party for some of the “have nots” in the world.

Q: Who are some voices that you are learning from these days?

As my wife Denalyn and I near 30 years of marriage, I rely on her counsel and wisdom more and more. I run everything past her. What a gift she is to my life.

Thank you, Max. I know we have only scratched the surface, but I hope it is enough to get people to buy this book and read it. I know it will prove life-changing for them.

Note: I gave away 100 autographed copies of the book, selecting the winners from the comments below. However, that opportunity is now over, and the comments have been closed.
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  • Jody Fransch

    Really enjoyed reading this interview with Max Lucado who is one of my all time favourite Christian authors. I would really like a copy of this book because I too, also want to find out how I can “outlive” my life and learn how to focus on the things that really matter and make a difference in this world.

    I will definitely read this book and also promise to share the principles and insights with others in my circle of influence. Thanks for making this opportunity available Mike:)

  • Jeffrey Holton

    Rich Stearns (President of World Vision)
    Sent so many of us on a mission
    But because Christians leak
    And the spirit is weak
    I could use yet another conviction

    • Ben Lichtenwalner

      That's great and very creative Jeffrey – thank you for sharing!

  • jraypritch

    Having deployed with the military and participating in mission trips through my church I've seen first hand the "haves and have nots" I eagerly await this book to help me make an effective difference in the world.

  • Jody T Fransch

    Fascinating interview with one of my all time favourite Christian authors: Max Lucado! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I know I will also thoroughly enjoy his new book. I relish at the opportunity to own this book and learn about how to really "outlive" my life as I try to focus on what really matters and focus on things that make a positive difference in the lives and hearts of others.

    Mike, I will definitely read this book and I promise to share it's insights and principles with others. Thanks for making this opportunity available!

  • susanideus

    Max Lucado's voice is one of sanity and authenticity in a world full of facades and selfishness. In a time of prosperity-touting sermons and me-first, feel-good messages, he speaks the truth about being real and authentic Christians. In his gentle but convincing way, he doesn't denigrate his readers for being human, for listening to the inauthentic, but he rather lets us know that we can be more and do more. As is the case with this book, his personal actions speak as loudly as his writing. He endeavors to live what he believes. Over the past twenty-five years, Lucado has been a major influence on my development as a Christian, as a human in what can be a very inhumane world. I have a collection of his works, and cannot imagine not adding this latest. In reading this excellent interview, I am moved beyond words. I want to read it and share it and discuss it. I want to absorb his message and strive to live it. Although I am newly retired for health reasons and have limited resources, I know that by any standard, I am wealthier than most of the world's people, as are virtually all of the people I know, whether they realize it or not. We can all do significant good in our lifetimes, if we step outside of ourselves, and depend on our Lord. I believe that while we may not ever become famous or recognized for our actions, we can do something to change this world, bit by bit, by living and giving in faith. That has been Lucado's message for this last quarter century–and I pray he will continue for a long time to share his simple but profound message with a world in need of such a voice. We all need to know that we common people can be a force for uncommon good, reaching out to our brothers and sisters in need. Lucado always reminds me that I don't have to rely on my strength and my resources to do so. I have only to rely on the Source. Thank you for this intimate look at an extraordinary man.

  • KentNZ

    I posted a lame one line comment earlier (I was the first and said something related to that) but now I have actually read the interview (!) I am reminded of how I felt when I was reading Rich Stearns book… Quite simply that I am living in a very privileged age and I am amongst the haves, but not only that, that only a small portion of what I have would make a massive difference to so many. Do I want a copy of the book? Of course, I want to read one of the great Christian authors angles on the current state of world poverty. But. Do I really want to read it?! Dare I? I know there is a change happening in me that a hole in our gospel invigorated. This might just push me out of the hole for good…

  • Eddie Reeves

    Max Lucado is an absolute blessing from God!!! I am an avid reader of his books (He Still Moves Stones should be required reading for every contemporary Christian!) and plan to not only read this one, but to use it as a study guide for a business and community leaders' Bible Study that I am organizing. The one area I might gently disagree with him on is his point about the "latitude" that people being born in. while I certainly agree that the level of poverty and disadvantage tracks with geography, we should not lose sight of the fact that there is a huge amount of suffering right here in the most affluent nation on Earth — often literally in the midst of some of the richest communities and neighborhoods. To me the issue is at least as much about OUR attitudes as their latitudes!

  • Luis Estrada

    My first Lucado book was God Came Near (back in 1992) … since then, his writings have helped me overcome many struggles and to develop a closer and more real relationship with Christ.

  • DDF

    My wife and I have supported World Vision since the 1980s. Recently my wife became a World Vision child ambassador. In 2008 we got a visit World Vision Area Development Project in Zambia. Wow. World Vision does very impressive work, treating people with absolutely dignity, in some of the poorest areas of the world. Nearly 50 people in our congregation now sponsor a World Vision child. I heard Rich Stearns interviewed by Bill Hybels in a fascinating interview and am looking forward now to reading M Lucado's book. Sounds compelling.

  • Vince

    I participate in a men's group that that reads and discusses Christian books and believe that this will be a great addition to our group. I am responsible for selecting a book in the coming months and will enjoy it before and during our group discussions. (Not to mention, it promises to sell a few more copies for Mr. Lucado!)

  • Hugh Ballou

    Wonderful and inspiring interview! The advice is practical and applicable to daily life. God speaks to each of us in ways that enable us to follow the vision that God has revealed to us. We need encouragement from our Christian leaders. This is certainly great encouragement to learn from others.

    I will read the book immediately. I am always looking for new inspiration to share with Christian leaders that read my books and blogs. Quoting other experts provides a more expansive vision of possibilities.

    Thanks for the interview.

  • Eliza Huie

    I see your book give aways from time to time and have even entered once but this time I REALLY WANT THIS BOOK!
    I heard Max just yesterday on the Dave Ramsey show talking about this book and my interested was captured. What a needed message in a day when wasting your life comes pretty easy. I was challenged by what I heard Max say about the book and I want to go beyond the challenge into action so I want the book! I want to read it, be challenged by it and be changed by it. I will read it you can be sure and, like I do with many books I read, I will probably pass it on to someone else to read when I am done.
    Thanks for the chance to get this book.

  • Monica

    I love Max Lucado's books too. I am a mid-life woman wondering what I can still do to as a Christian to help change a little part of the world. I wish I could say I wanted to do more of that when I was in my 20s but I had other struggles that I let take the forefront. Now, with some wisdom that comes from living and growing in Christ, I can see more of what is really important in life. However, I am not sure how to go about actually using my life to make a difference and have been praying about what God wants me to do. I think this book could help me with that. I believe I would read it and it would make a difference in my life now. Thank you for sharing this interview.

  • Ben Lichtenwalner

    Michael, for you to suggest this is Lucado's most important book yet is enough to convince me to read it. However, I looked forward to doing so since I first heard the anticipated title a while ago. As you know, I always enjoy material for but more important, I look forward to challenging my own thinking and motivation to action towards the 4 key questions I take away from this interview & post:

    1. Would I have opposed Hitler as a German in WWII?
    2. Would I have opposed racism as a southerner in the Civil War?
    3. What will I do about the horrible poverty today?
    4. "There is no indication that Jesus chose his disciples for any other reason except this, that when he said, 'follow me,' they said, 'I will.' What would happen if when Jesus says, 'follow me,' I say the same?"

    Thank you, Michael and Max, I look forward to reading what sounds like another incredible book by Lucado & TN.

  • misty

    I would love to read this book!!! At a time when I lost my job 3weeks ago, I am re-evaluating what God wants for my life, where I am to go on this journey of Faith, knowing that He is with me and has great plans for me. Each of us can get into a routine that needs to be shaken up and that causes us to be more focused and fulfill the calling that He has for us. This is a time when I am deeply focused and this could impact my life in a substantial way. I heard the interview Max Lucado had yesterday with Dave Ramsey and it intrigued me with what he had to say. I would love to know the expanded text on the "have's" vs the "have not's". I really hope I win…but if I don't, I will read it one way or another!

  • timothy Thomas

    Up until a few days ago, I barely knew who Max Lucado was, other than he was my fiancée’s favorite author. I had one of his gift books from Dayspring that I had read several times to help me through the passing of my father last year; yet he was still just a name to me. Then I took my fiancée to a book signing and met Max. His demeanor really struck me as kind and loving, not what I had expected from some big name author. So I bought 3 of his older books and read through ‘A Gentle Thunder’ within hours of owning it.

    My fiancée also got wind of Max’s surprise celebration, and I attended that with her, and once again I was blown away by what greeted me. Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate this one pastor. I was so moved by everyone’s testimonials regarding Max that I actually began to cry softly.

    Before the night was out I decided that if I could find a way to get Max’s new book, I would work my way through it with my fiancée so we could try and outlive our lives together, but seeing as how I put all of my capital in to older books and a trip or two to meet Max, I’m a bit short on a way to get the book to study with her. So I can definitely promise to read this book within days of receiving it.

    Thank you for your care and conceern for your readers to everyone at Thomas Nelson!

  • @jacobricker

    In 2009, a pastor friend of mine and I went to India for 10 day to share the life changing message of Jesus Chirst. I was a trip that would forever change my life! A couple of months before my trip, my wife, went to a Women of Faith conference and pick up Rich Stearn's book "A Hole in Our Gospel." My wife and I knew about World Vision because we sponsered a child through them. That book helped prepare me for what I was to encounter in India. The one thing that I realized is that God could really use me to make a difference, just not locally but globally. I loved reading about people who have made a difference in the lives of others. I would love to read Out Live Your Life so that I can be renewed and challenged to be difference maker. Thanks Max for your encouraging writings and to you Mike for your leadership and willingness to make a difference in others!

  • Lea Ann Garfias

    I want to read more of Mr Lucado’s emphasis on authentic Christianity.

    My husband and I took our family to Peru 2 years ago. It changed our view of who we are and how we live in relation to the world. Since then, “what should we do?” And “how should we train our children to make a difference?” have been constant questions on our mind and in our conversations.

    We need to read this book.

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    Mike, thanks for posting your interview with Max Lucado. Based on the title alone, I thought the book was broadly about leaving a legacy (which would be great topic), but your interview helped clarify that it's more specifically about the impact we as Christians can – and should – make in the fight against global poverty. I'm excited that someone with as big a voice as Max is using that platform to inspire people to give their time, talent, and treasure to help those in need.

  • @brentm00

    As a father I want to live a life that my son can emulate. I believe that Max's book will challenge me to impact not only my son's life, but generations to come.

  • Renee Swope

    I would love to win a copy of Max's newest book!! I have almost every other one of his. He's one of my favorite writers! His words and his life challenge and change me! I'm also looking for a book to share with readers and women at speaking events that ties in with the message God's called me to share – about living out His love for others the way He lived it out for us.

    Our family traveled to Ethiopia last year to adopt our daughter and to meet our Compassion child who we had sponsored for 13 years. It was the most amazing life-changing experience and blessing, yet it came with more risk and greater sacrifice we've ever known. I want to have a book I can't point women to so that they can live out this same truth – loving others as He loves us – but in the context of their own lives.

    Thanks for considering me!

  • Greg Harris

    Thank you for this interview with one of my favorite authors about his new book. Here are two reasons I want to read his latest work:
    1. I've been reading Max Lucado's books for more than 20 years. He never disappoints. Lucado has the unique gift of writing in a conversational tone while delivering a strong message.
    2. I struggle constantly over how my common life can be used in uncommon ways. As Lucado says in the interview, "I think there’s something built within each one of us that resonates with the idea of making a difference, changing the world." Totally agree. But how? I'm interested in getting his take on this issue.

    The combination of one of my favorite authors writing on one of my biggest questions makes this book a must read.

  • Nora

    After living a life by the rules, I learned that I need to absolutely include the little things that make me feel the passion. I have always done what I'm supposed to do and that's good. But the little things that bring me great joy were left to enjoy only when absolutely everything else was done. I am on a mission to read, learn, create and live, really live. I take great lessons from reading about how others pursue their passions and live an authentic life. This creates freedom for me. I am a work in progress and I love the journey I have chosen. Here's to becoming me and making a difference!

    • Nora

      I do promise to read the book.

  • Kenny

    I really want to make a difference with my life. It is my prayer that I truly outlive my life. Currently I'm working in my community on an education program which encourages students in their studies in preparation for college or the workplace.
    I do not want to leave the world the way I found it, so in my community, I want to invest in others, and in doing so, make a difference. Hopefully, in doing this, I will outlive my life.

  • Mike Freestone

    Fearless was a very good and thought provoking book. Came at just the right time in my life…I know God's in control…but this book helped to further cement that truth. Looking forward to reading the new one soon!

  • Barbara Rosmus

    I want this book because Max Lucado's books illustrate how Good and how Easy it is to love & serve the Lord.
    Barb Rosmus

  • tfdopie

    Michael, I need this book because he's right. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God created me to make a difference. How exactly I go about that is the struggle. My ex wife and I had a child that passed away at six weeks old. That was the first time that I knew God used me to help impact other people. However, I was simply a very very minor role in His bigger story. The difference between that single incident and what God really has planned for me was the passiveness of it versus my belief that God wants me to have an active role in making a difference. I've known for sometime that I will have a huge impact one day. I am constantly trying to keep my eye open for that opportunity, by fearful that I will miss it because of my human nature. I know that I shouldn't fear because God is big enough to make sure I know it, however, that's still easier said than done. We just finished Max's Fearless study at church, two weeks ago. I hope that this book might be able to help further point me in the direction of where I know He will take me, and perhaps be a way to let the Holy Spirit further guide me. Thanks for the post, have a great day!

  • Jeff Scholen

    I spent the last week of July in Uganda in the City of Kampala and in the Muyuge district in a small village called Namadhi. I was visiting a couple of orphanages/schools. I was there for the purpose of scouting out the conditions and hopefully bringing back an awareness of the lack of clean water. My most poignant moment was on a rough drive out to one of the orphanages. I saw a 5-6 year old boy pouring red muddy water into a jerrycan from a tire rut filled with water from the previous nights rain. We stopped to take a picture because I don't think anyone back home would believe I what I was watching. I gave the boy a bottle of water and then suddenly was rushed over with a wave of emotion in the contrast of the clean bottle of water I was giving him and the red muddy water he was pouring into his water supply can. I felt overwhelmed. Only God can take care of this country, I just want to do my part. I think the book will help me gain additional perspective because I don't want to forget and go back to my comfy life. I want to outlive my life.

  • Ashley Vandiver

    What a great interveiw!! Max is definitely one of my favorite authors! This book would be helpful to me as I am serving youth in a few different areas. I think I would gain insight on staying the course as I reach out to the teens that I am around. Thanks so much for the opportunity to possibly receive one of these autographed copies!

  • @JinJJa

    I'm a youth pastor for a local church based in Northern Virginia. And we just had a 4-part series on "Pouring" opposed to "Spilling". We learned together as a group how we need to intentionally & purposefully "Pour Out" our lives into the lives of others. As a result of our session together, we launched a Shoe-Drive for the Shoe-less people in Uganda. The goal is to collect 5000 pairs of shoes for a village in Uganda by Christmas & send them off as a Christmas gift. As I was reading your post, and as Max shared how the royalties for this book will be distributed it struck a cord. I would appreciate the privilege to read this book & share a 4-part series w/ my youth group & our small group on how we can outlive our lives by the grace & power of God!

  • Jim Weeks

    Max has a way with words. In fact, he is like a wordsmith. His simplicity in storytelling is awesome. He can make a point in such a way as to let the reader know what he is talking about. he doesn't beat around the bush. Besides he is one great guy. I have met him on a few occasions and I know him to be a man of integrity.
    I would love to read this book and hope that I am one of the lucky ones to receive a copy.

  • Kim Sawyers

    I’ve been a Christian since 1999. Been in church ever since. Served at different churches and been in teaching roles with children at a couple. But I’ve never really been on fire for the Lord like I have in the last year or so. I believe it is because I finally found where I’m supposed to be. And around the people I’m supossed to be around. I sit down to study and intend to just study for an hour or so then five hours later there I still am. Sometimes I study all night and am not the least bit tired the next day. This is a feat only God could Do as I have been very sick. I think this book would expand my understanding of what Jesus truly would do. Thank you for your time.

  • Jim Egly

    Well I have all ways been a big fan of his, and I could really use his insight. This economy has shaken me to the core and I'm trying to hang on to the promises found in the word.

  • Bill Bliss

    Michael (and Max), thanks for this book! I am a Board member of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, a global organization that equips and encourages Christian Business Owners and leaders to operate their companies and their lives using biblical principles. It is our understanding that only 1% of Christian leaders are connected to any form of marketplace ministry. If we can have an impact on 20, 30, 50% of those who are not connected, what an eternal impact that will have. I am hoping that I can glean some ideas from Max on how to accomplish that.

    I also work with Christian and non-Christian leaders and business owners who want to grow and advance their leadership impact. Of course I use biblical principles as the foundation regardless of who I am working with – it is fun to hear the question from a non-believer who asks where I get a particular principle that they find really insightful from, and I respond "The Bible." They usually say something like, "no way" and it opens the door to tell them more. It is wonderful!

  • shawncornett

    As a pastor, I get jaded. People come to me all the time with their "needs." Sometimes they are legitimate, but sometimes I have my doubts. I need occasional reminders that this is all about the people I serve. This is all about the sheep I've been called to shepherd. It is not up to me to judge whether a need is authentic or not. I need a reminder of the difference that I can make, not through a sermon, but through service.

  • Alise_Wright

    I tend to get wrapped up in being upset about the injustices I see in my own life and forget that I am incredibly blessed. I have found Max's writing in the past helps me gain a broader perspective (It's Not About Me did in particular) and I would love the opportunity to read this book in order to set my sights on some larger goals. Thank you for the chance!

  • pastormatt

    I have thought and pondered and this topic for quite some time. I am a bi-vocational pastor and have 5 children (4 of whom are adopted) age 8 and under. With working a 40+ hour a week "secular" job plus my responsibilities in leading a church that has grown in the past 2 1/2 years, I wonder what the best way to accomplish "outliving my life." I now that I am an ordinary man, but I serve an extraordinary God. Giving Him my best and leaving a legacy of faith for my family and my church are deep desires.

  • Tom Jamieson

    The first book I ever read by Max Lucado was "When God Whispers Your Name." The language was powerful and the stories and illustrations were vivid. I have used many of his books as devotional readings ever since because they are thought-provoking and life-altering. Thanks, Michael, for the opportunity to add to my collection.

  • rolando asis jr

    I’ve started a weekly email ministry that shares God’s Word as a “side offering” to the Lord in 2004 as I pursued my dreams of making it big in internet commerce among friends, co-workers and their network. 6 years after, that dream faded and what is left now and going strong is this ministry. There were times that I wanted to fold and give up, but the Lord’s assurance (through replies I get from the email) that I am making a difference made me decide to carry on.

    I have another dream: of establishing a system of education that will be free (no-cost) to those who want to learn. The accumulated knowledge and existing technology makes up the two-thirds of the raw material needed. The last component needed are people willing to unite and put all these things together.

    Change the world. That’s my mission, too.

  • Chris Jeub

    Actually, Lucado's preceding book on FEAR sounds fantastic, and I'll be picking that one up soon. Fear cripples, and overcoming fear should be on everyone's radar. I can see how Max's following book on PURPOSE makes perfect sense: once fear is overcome, God's purpose becomes possible. The mountain is moved and the journey begins.

    I'll pick up Fearless, and read them both.

  • CWN

    My wife and I teach high school Sunday School and am also a member of our church's Youth Minister search. An overarching theme in both class and our search is that our students and church are capable of great things but we often underestimate them and God. I often reference David and his defeat of Goliath – the only one who did not believe he was an underdog was David himself. He knew that God would make him victorious. If we could harness that same belief in every day and every endeavor, we would all "Outlive Our Lives".

  • Warren

    No way! I had a dream last night that you would be offering this book and I would win one! Thanks in advance:)

    • Bruce Munnings

      That’s um – believable.

  • Kendra

    I would absolutely love to have this book! I am searching for new books to read that will rock my world and enrich my life. This book sounds like one of those books! I love Max Lucado, he came and spoke at my church last year and I just wanted to read everything he has written. I think the part about this that interview that touched me was that the royalties from this book are going to World Vision and Uganda. I have been convicted lately that my purchases need to benefit others, and Max is living this out! I have been to a mission trip to Uganda, and it's great to see other things benefiting them. I really hope I am selected to receive the book. I would really like to read this book and I promise I will!!!

  • @AFthfulJrney

    I love reading Max Lucado's Studies. They truly help change your life, through the reading of God's Word, if you let them. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • haydeeang

    Dear Michael,
    I want the book! cos Max Lucado is my most fave author ever. He's the reason why I joined Twitter so I could follow him, and it's thru him that I came to know about you too! You gave me the Fearless copy last year.
    Hmm, that's my only reason for asking. I love Max to the max & I want his dog, Molly. Reading his books make me choke cos he's funny & few times I cried.
    Thank you very much!

  • @AFthfulJrney

    I tweeted about this Interview and Giveaway! @AFthfulJrney

  • @BethMcKamy

    Although I have been a Christian for 45 years, it has just been in the last few years that I have grown tremendously in my walk with God. Learning so much in the last year about why God took me through the last 45. So many times I wanted to give up, and became full of despair and hopelessness, believing that not even God could love someone as unworthy as I. Fortunately, God was always there, keeping me in the palm of His hand, until I could let everything of the world go, and realize His love for me. Last year I was part of starting a new church, one that we could pattern after the first churches in Acts. Lucado's book says I was made to make a difference! I want to make a difference, not only in the world, my country, my state, my county, my city, but also in my own backyard. My church, my friends, my family, my neighbors, and the people I see daily that I don't know.

  • Bruce Munnings

    Hello Michael

    Thanks again for another great blog.


    Enjoy reading the banter between you and your good wife on Twitter.

    My two kids aged 9 and 7 love Max Lucado’s stuff, and so do I. I love his heart, creativity and life that he brings out in his books and DVDs. I expect Jesus is pretty similar to Max Lucado (seriously), only Jesus is a lot more glorious.

    Even if I don’t get a free book I have put in my task list to buy a copy.

    How is your #Loseit story going?

    Greetings from Africa

    Bruce Munnings

  • Ron Lane

    Thanks for interviewing Max for us. Making a difference in people's lives is something that everyone should be concerned about and to me is the mark of a leader. I would like to read this book to improve myself in order to make more of a difference in the world.

  • John Fredrik

    I do promise to read the book Michael.

    My wife and I have an ever expanding family (our 5th child is on the way). We both desire to serve God faithfully and to have an impact for good on the world around us. I have made several trips to 3rd world countries and I know first hand the suffering that exists outside our world of abundance (we live in Canada). A few years ago we discovered Kiva ( and have been contributing to that wonderful organization ever since. My wife recently read to our family, The Hole In Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns. We were all deeply moved by this compelling book. There are so many opportunities for us to help those who are in need, and I thank God for those who open our eyes to different ways to do this.

    Whether I win a copy of the book or not, I will be reading Max Lucado's new book!

  • @jaycaruso

    To be perfectly honest, I've never been a big fan of Max Lucado. I enjoyed several of his books, but I also noticed a trend over the last 3-4 years where some of his books were just a collection of snippets and passages from older books thrown together to make a "new" book. This one however, sounds different. The Bible is filled with many ordinary people who did extraordinary things for God's kingdom. So it will be interesting to see what Max has to say about that.

    I promise I will read it. I am sure my wife will read it as well.

    • reidklos

      Michael i think jay should get a copy just for being straight-up. If he doesn't "win" he can have my copy.

    • William

      Jay, I fully understand how disappointing it could be to purchase a book and find that it is old content "re-hashed." (Which may not have been what you did.) I think (but can't be certain) most of these disclose that they are excerpts from previous books. Many people will not go find a book that is 20+ years old, so re-packaging old content puts great material in front of them.

      My wife and I purchased several copies of The Applause of Heaven as gifts for participants in a "How to Study the Bible" study group because to me it is one of the best illustrations how God can use small passages of scripture to say so much to us.

      When you get this one and find it to be more like the "Max of old," go back and look at more recent books like Every Day Deserves a Chance and Fearless, I think you'll be surprised.

  • Michael Deveaux

    All I can say is that Max’s books have always been encouraging to me, and that’s something I really need right now.

  • Caroline

    I love how God leads and guides in all things, even in something as seemingly commonplace as a blog post or interview.

    I love this line of Max Lucado's: "When the apostles realized that some of the people were not being fed in the city of Jerusalem they called for a church-wide meeting." When something was wrong, did the apostles say with an empathetic tone, "Oh how sad. How unfortunate." No! They acted. What an example.

    God has focused my studies lately on truly acting on my faith. I am just one person, yet God wants to use me to fulfill His purposes and desires? Amazing and almost unbelievable! So much of what I've read lately has come back to acting and trusting. To fulfill God's purposes and follow through with action means we have to TRUST and rely on God in the first place. What a tough thing to do sometimes. Especially if you tend to be a "I have to get it done myself" person like me.

    I want to serve God. I want to rely on Him. I want to use His courage each time to act when the opportunity is placed in front of me rather than let it slide by unnoticed, or worse, ignored.

    Each time God calls me to serve (as he does every single day!), I want to always say "Here I am!"

    What a great interview. Thank you for posting this. I look forward to and definitely desire to read this book.

    • Caroline

      I forgot to include in my first post that I did complete the tasks you assigned. I tweeted this article out this morning (I'm @Keep_Tha_Faith as you can verify on my blog from the link with my name). And I definitely promise to read the book.

      I apologize for my seemingly more frequent "mommy brain" forgetfulness. Hah. Thankfully, God knows how to use me even with that forgetfulness! Thank you again for this interview and this book opportunity.

      In Christ,

  • @kmsrh

    I'm in Thailand right now – my mission field at the moment. I was called to bring worship to a place where it lacks and this book will fuel my mission flame. I am a common person who wants to do extraordinary things because God can. I want to make a difference for LIFE and not for this moment. With the language barrier here, I live on Christian books here. Please, fuel my soul.

  • Stella

    Thank you for the interview. I really want to read this book because much of what he talks about is real in my country( Uganda) and want to be part of the answer in my land. I believe this book would help me find solutions to various problems.I promise to read the book.Thank you

  • Mommakisses

    As a mom to 5, I think it is very important not only to be able to truly live and impact those around you, but also to be able to teach them to be able to do so also… and hopefully from an earlier age!

  • John Richardson

    I love the title of this book. Very powerful. My wife and I have been involved with an organization called Heavenly Treasures for the last few years. They help people all over the world create micro enterprises, where the local people create products that they bring back and sell in their store. They also take these products to local churches and have sidewalk sales. It is amazing to see what people have created. From simple parchment paper 10 years ago to an incredible store full of items today, this organization is helping people become self sufficient.
    Yet it is so easy for us to become complacent here in the U.S. We live stressful, busy lives and our only relief is to sit in front of a TV set watching the latest reality show. I think a book like this is a wake up call. We need to turn off the TV for a while and read a book like this. We need to get off the couch and take action.
    I live in the San Diego area and less that 100 miles from my home are areas in Mexico that have tremendous poverty. People literally living in cardboard boxes. Thanks for reminding me of my responsibilities. If I should be lucky enough to secure a copy of this book, I will certainly read it. But then I would like to multiply it, by giving copies to others who need to hear this message.

  • @purpleptgal

    As a christian, I need to be prodded daily to stay on task. God does this in so many ways. Sometimes He pulls us out of our deepest despair and sin (alcholism & drug addiction in my case) just so we can help pull someone else out of theirs. Sometimes it is through our children who stray, sometimes it is through an amazing sermon (I love how God speaks through others), sometimes it is through a mission trip to a third world country (which I recently got to do) and sometimes it is through books to help us understand Gods word and what He wants from us. I do need and want to be reminded DAILY that HE is the one and only factor that gets me through each day. I want to be more like HIM. I want to be the smile that says Jesus loves you, I want to be the hand that holds someone that says Jesus cares. And everyday, I NEED JESUS in my life.

  • Jessica O.

    I have recently finished a Bible study written to bring healing to a very painful part of my past. I now feel God calling me into this ministry, but I feel a bit unworthy and ordinary. Max’s new book sounds like the perfect follow-up to help find what God is calling me to do. Can’t wait to read it!

  • @coloradowriter

    I want to be uncomfortable. I want to be shaken by the injustice around me. I want to be challenged to follow what God has called us to. I want to listen to the voices that are calling me to be disturbed, to witness what I don't want to see, to change what I touch.

  • Chad Stutzman

    This sounds like a great book. Lucado is always timely on the topics he covers. Looking forward to reading his latest and encouraging others to read it as well.
    My personal mission statement is to grow in faith character and leadership, so that I can make a difference in the world and help others make a difference.

  • Wanda Simpson

    I have often wondered what would happen if Jesus were here today and stopped by the office and said, "Follow me, I will make you fishers of men". Outliving my life means doing enough today to make a difference in the lives of others that carries forward long after I'm gone. Can't wait to read the book.

  • Tracy Atcheson

    Max Lucado's, Outlive Your Life is the book I most want to read! It is the next book on my purchase list, but I would very much like to receive an autogrpahed copy from Mr. Lucado. I have been using my monthly book allowance to help support a friend who is under employed in this challenging economy. So my resources for new books does not exist in the budget. I think the book would help strengthen and clarify this yearning in my heart to do more for those in need and those who would benefit from a glimpse of servants giving for the glory of Jesus Christ.. I truly want to reach those who need a cup of cold water. I have traveled to 3rd world countries on missions and seen the joy in thier faith and the total dependence on the Lord. Thank you for the insightful interview with Mr. Lucado and for an opportunity to receive the book. I appreciate it and would also share the book with my prayer group.

  • Tracie

    I would love to get this book for my dad. He has always been a big Max Lucado fan and I think it would make a great birthday present for him! And I love to read Max Lucado's stuff too!

  • BearConcrete

    “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.” Proverbs 19:2. While I may be mad at the statistics, I need the knowledge Max shares in Outlive You Life to find ways to be impactful both locally and globally.

  • Nate Mills

    I would like a copy of this book to give to my grandmother who enjoys reading Max Lucado's books and has shared several of them with me. I would love to give this to her as a token of my thanks to her for out living her life and having an eternal impact in my life and for sharing her Max Lucado books with me.

  • @mholloway49

    I see this book as the stage of life I'm in. I am about to become a grandfather for the first time. I have one son in full-time ministry and another struggling to find his call and his place in the world. As a former pastor and evangelist, I feel a new stirring from God and I am struggling to hear his voice. I have always been a common man. A former Marine, with no college education, I have made my way in the world with hard work and determination. I want to know how I can impact this world from the "everyman" place.

    Hearing the numbers that Max used during your interview sets me on fire. How can us "everyday, common people" make a difference in such a big world. I have been asked to preach at my local church next Sunday on the importance of church family. It has been about 9 years since I have been in the "pulpit". I warned my pastor that telling my personal story make a message a lot more evangelistic then some people expect on Sunday morning. But I think that is what is missing in church today. God did not give me my story for me. He gave me this story, lead me down these paths for others. I want my impact for HIM to "Out Live My Life".


  • Rob

    Mr. Hyatt,
    I am a part of a church in Lexington, KY that is embarking on a mission for this city that some feel is wasteful & futile but my family and I believe to be life changing for thousands of lives! I’m 39 and feel that I’ve made somewhat of a difference for the Kingdom but here lately God has been stirring and I believe He is calling me to something more…didn’t know I had more to give but who am I to argue with Him! That being said, I am spending more time reading everything I can and more importantly listening for His voice so I believe this book will be another valuable tool. My wife has “Fearless” and I haven’t read it yet but it is on my list…there are so many. Whether I win this book or not I’ll still get one and would appreciate your prayers as we change the city for Jesus! Our simple mission is Jesus’ last commission, Love God & Love People. Big thanks to Mr. Lucado for writing for Him!! Thanks for your time and prayers!

  • Paul Darilek

    I spent the first 10 years of my adult life outliving it, drilling water wells at schools, clinics, churches and orphanages in Central America. Now half-way into the second 10, my role is to inspire others to do the same in various ways. What better model than Max to learn about inspiring other Christians? What better book to learn about inspiring in this particular way? But here is the rub: with Max's encouragement my wife and I have enrolled in Dave Ramsey's course. It's a financial boot camp around here now, my beautiful wife is the enforcing officer, and my book budget needs reigning in (yes, Thomas Nelson's getting it's fair share of it)–a free copy will help me outlive my wife!

  • Bulent Akman

    I would like to have a copy of the book because:

    1. It would be an incredible stroke of luck if today, when I'm feeling the worst I've felt about +300 stories written over 5 years on my blog ( yet having only 3 followers and zero publication.

    2. Having one particular inspirational story about helping kids to be their best ( get accepted then rejected because a search found my story on my blog which in the eyes of the publisher, was deemed enough to drop it as previously published.

    3. Today is the day I seriously considered quitting fiction writing. Hearing about this book today just seems too much a coincidence.

    Best of luck and thanks for the opportunity!

  • ScottFlak

    I promise to read this book and allow God to help me make a difference thru it.

  • somtochukwu

    God is calling his army to arise now.The army in joel 2:2-11.I am part of that and with this book,I can gain some insight on how to live as a part of God’s army

  • kingevan

    The reason I would greatly appreciate this book is because I am a new Christian, I have recently brought Christ into my life and am incredibly excited about what is to come in my life. Reading the interview here it seems to me that the book is about what Christians can do to make this a better world and how we can "Outlive Our Lives" This is the aspect about Christianity I am most excited about, changing the world for the better. I believe this book will give me a good start to making this world a better place. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Dennis

    I am the chamber of commerce executive in a city of 50,000 people. As a community leader, I realize there are technical leadership situations (where some skill, training or learned knowledge is the answer) and there are adaptive leadership situations (where we are providing leadership by creating solutions to situations that are not easily defined.

    At 1pm today, I meet with the community leadership development students of our local chamber leadership program. The next generation can benefit from a perspective like Max's. In the coming months, we'll meet with our leadership program of high school students. Likewise, they need insights into effective leadership.

    A perspective on leadership and how to be an effective person for my community is always appreciated and helpful.

  • Nick Graham

    I am a local church pastor, who is trying to cast vision to our people’ to know Jesus and to make him known’. Reading a copy of this book and acting on what it says is an excellent way to do both of those. I’m looking forward to being challenged and changed by Max’s new book!

  • Jeremy Trout

    I’m at a crossroads in my life right now. I’m unemployed, back in college, helping start a new church (in this economy), changing careers (to web design – which I’m just now learning), and finding myself in situations and circumstances I never dreamed I’d experienced.

    Max’s books have always challenged me to grow in my faith, and all indications are that this one may bring even more challenges. I, too, have determined not to be a “lukewarm Christian,” and so I look forward to using this book as a tool to help me break free and find significant ways to live my faith.

  • Celena Sons

    Max Lucado is a wonderful author and his books over the years have helped me overcome many of life*s problems that have been tossed my way. While, I don*t face hunger or live in a third world nation, I have experienced devastating trauma, pain, and unexpected loss. Max*s insight has helped me become a better person, to look beyond myself and reach out to others. I truly believe Max's message is a timeless reflection of the message left to us by Chri

  • Lance Harris

    I am inundated with messages over the past year that lead me back to this quote that has truly haunted me since i first read it 5 years ago:
    “When you discover you’ve been leading only half a life, the other half is going to haunt you until you develop it. You were made by God and for God. Until you understand that, your life won’t make sense.” Phillips Brooks
    A counselor told me 22 years ago that my purpose in life was to find my purpose in life. Nelson never spoke of God so I have no idea whether he was a Christian but I pray he knows God was speaking through him. When I was saved in 1996, Max helped reorient my life. 'Grace for the Moment' is still a favorite – especially 'Each Day . . .' at the beginning. Turning 50 last month, I look both backward at time lost and forward at what i will use the next 40 for. Maybe Max can help again.

  • Joy

    I have lost my home to flooding two times in one year 48″ of water both times. I am how living in a fema park with no means to repair my home. I am only telling this to to show that in our times of trouble we are still so very blessed. May I learn what I need to from this to help others and out live my life. So when I start to cry or feel sorry for myself. I say stop this look around at others and feel blessed. Hoping this book could show me what or how God can use me to help others in need.

  • Ben M

    This book would be an excellent addition to any Christian worker's library. I am currently a youth pastor in Richwood, WV, and having access to this book will be an irreplaceable resource.

  • Matthew Foo

    I have not read nor had any of Max's books. I have however heard many good comments about his books. Getting a free copy will be a good start to read one, especially an autographed one ;+) As Michael said, the best book yet.

  • Jason L

    I really, really want this book because I am a college kid and don't have enough to read. I read Fearless last year and thoroughly enjoyed it and have high hopes for this one. Please consider me for your giveaway.

  • Michael Davis

    I have always loved Lucado's books and they have always spoken to me, many of which I still pull out from time to time as I am going through one of life's stages or struggle to re-read and reaffirm God's love and grace. I would love to read his insights in "Out Live Your Life" and I certainly want to live a life that my children and some day my grandchildren will see how I lived and pattern their lives after that of which I lived

  • @SkipsMKGirl

    It took me 14 months to finish my Associate's Degree after high school, and 16 years to finish my Bachelors. The last of my work on that degree is being submitted this very day. If there is one thing this journey has taught me, it is that accomplishments in the eyes of the world are not usually the ones that matter most. I constantly find myself in the position of mentoring and supporting women whose marriages and families are not what they hoped. I believe this book would be an excellent resource in helping equip me to improve my life and the lives of these women. God is my source of strength and wisdom above all others, but I believe He has blessed the work of other individuals so that we may be blessed. Max Lucado is one of those people. I can't wait to read the book!

  • Natalie Crabb

    Two months ago I gave my life to Jesus after returning to church after a nine year absence as I had been receiving dreams and messages that I now know to have been prophetic (has been confirmed by pastors). I admit that I have a lot to learn about Christianity and I can be found at my local Christian bookstore Koorong on a fortnightly basis to purchase either a book for myself or a book/DVD for my four year old daughter and Max Lucado’s name has always “jumped” out at me and I would love to read more about him and his books.

    My goal is to help save the children and be a part of a children’s ministry (or start my own when the time is right) I am eager to soak up as much inspiration as possible and have great mentors help lead me on the way.

  • Bethany

    I have always loved Max Lucado. Just reading the interview makes me want to change the world. I think that this brings a solid, inspiring voice to the discussion of poverty and can't wait to hear what he has to say. Also, I loved his comment, "We indwell a generation that has an allergy to phony saints and an attraction to honest ones. Authentic Christianity takes Sunday’s worship into Monday’s service. It bridges the beliefs with the behavior." POWERFUL!!

  • Donna Reavis

    I volunteer at our neighborhood church. When we chose to worship there it was because I liked the Pastor's message. I've stayed because it is a place where I can use my gifts to serve God's people. Before I was used to the average church where everyone pretty much looks the same. Here God has brought quite a diverse group together – the poor, physically challenged, young & elderly. Through my involvement in this church, God has opened my eyes to the needs of the poor and the homeless in our area and all over. I think Max's book would help me figure out how to better serve God by helping those in need. Thanks for always offering a chance to receive signed copies of these important books. Donna Reavis

  • kew

    I Love Max and have read all of his books. I am a member of Oak Hills Church in SA,TX Max's home. but now live in DFW area … I miss that church!
    I will be buying this book ASAP… If am selected for a free book, I intend on giving it to someone that could benefit from reading one of Max's books … Hopefully, his words will help my friend realize that you can outlive your life, and perhaps that message will help him heal his present life…. and start living it again soon. God Bless Him!

  • Rachel

    I actually already have a copy of this amazing book by Max Lucado. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is so far amazing.

    I love to share Max’s books with people because I know how his writing have touched my life and inspired me. Not only do I want to live my life daily for God, but to let that be my sole purpose – to do HIS will, not mine or anyone elses….to make my life have meaning and do all I can to show the love of Christ to others. By sharing Max’s books with people, I’m able to give a book to someone that is first easy to read, but filled with deep moments that waken people (or at least me) to God’s simple truths of life.

    If I was picked to receive a book – it would be shared with someone who could use it…someone who needs it, but doesn’t even know about it.

  • @jbphd

    Since I read Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years," the Lord has been challenging me to see all of my life as story and to EMBRACE life in a way I have been too … fearful, lazy, pre-occupied, selfish, unwilling … to embrace. I have been challenged to SURRENDER in ways that have taken me out of my comfort zone, and I'm beginning to see how big God (and His plans) really are. I'm excited about the ways God plans to use "Out Live Your Life" to further this work in me!

  • Daron George

    My wife and I up until had supported world vision for 2 years up until I lost my job last year. I would love to read the book by Max Lucado. Reading the book would be the first step, after that I would write a review of what I thought of the book and place it on my website and facebook page. Then I would write what practical steps I could take to help make a difference.


  • Ana Mims

    Michael – great interview. I would definitely love a copy of Max's new book. I have been following him for many years from the time I was a young adult. Max has the amazing gift of presenting something profound in simple ways we can all grasp. At any rate, I have recommend this book on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Plaxo. You would be surprised (maybe) at the number of people in business circles I run into that honestly believe they are not leaving a legacy because they are not trying to. The truth is we all outlive our lives – the real question is how we want our lives to be remember once we are gone? Because every day we leave an imprint with our choices.

  • Carla C

    I have been a fan of Max Lucado for a little while now. The first book I read of his was He Chose the Nails. I was so moved by that book. The last book I read was Cure for the Common Life. That book had a huge impact on me. I have a fear of being stuck in my life and not doing what God has called me to do. So I can only imagine how much of an impact Outlive Your Life is going to be. Regardless if I win a copy or not, this book is definitely on the top of my "To Read" list. But let's face it… to win a copy of this book would be HUGE!!! Let alone autographed! That would be so incredible!!

  • EdwinBC

    Lucado books have given me passion in loving Jesus. I got to know his work when I was in the Philippines, now that I am living in the US, I still read his books to guide me in living an ordinary life making extra-ordinary things for Christ!

    Outlive Your Life will surely be another lighthouse!

  • Martin Tully

    I really love reading Mr.Lucado's tweets they are very inspiring and I believe this book would be an inspiration as well and it would allow me to spreading his (Max Lucado) wisdom with my friends Christian and non-Christian. This could also serve as a great bible study group it would be a tremendous blessing to get an autographed copy from Mr. Lucado. Thank you in advance for the free autographed copy.

  • Geoff Pound

    I am eager to read Max’s book because I live in the UAE where the disparity between the haves and have nots is immense.

    I am keen to see how this book speaks into the Arab world and the Muslim mindset.

    I work as a writer, community organizer and consultant where I have the opportunity to promote giving and service to the poor in my city of the United Arab Emirates.

    I have read most of Max’s books so this one must be a beauty if he thinks it is his best.

  • Jason

    As a Christian Development Practicioner I am always needing and looking for new tools for my toolkit; tools that will help keep me centered and motivated and tools that I can use to help motivate and equip other believers. This looks like it will be a great tool for that toolkit!

  • Nicki Kennington

    I know Max, and so I feel a little bad entering the contest, but I would absolutely LOVE to have this new book. I'm living in Virginia with my husband and we're each in grad school so almost all of our book money goes straight to textbooks. But I love Max, and we would love to read his latest book! :) Thanks for this contest!!

  • Lori

    You think I can change the world? Surely you need someone else! I wonder if the boy who brought his little lunch to Jesus thought, "Surely there's someone else with more stuff than I have to give!" That may have been true, but Jesus used that boy's one lunch to feed thousands of hungry people. I believe He still does just that. He takes one small seed and multiplies it into a grand harvest! I hope that this is what God does with Max Lucado's book, Outlive Your Life. I pray He takes this one small breeze of truth and multiplies it into a spiritual tsunami that alters the course of world history. Is that too much to ask? Is that too much to ask our God? I don't think so, and I would like to help this happen right here in my circle of influence. Send me a copy of the book soon, so I can get started!

  • BRB

    Mike, I have come to a place in life where no longer is mediocracy and option or a state of being that I am to follow or exist in and God certainly did not lay mediocracy as the foundation of who I am to be in Him. I say NO MORE to it! I am destined to house the glory of God. I live daily from a mindset of victory and defeat does not know who I am. One thing I am most assured of and it is that God desires more Christians to catch the flame of His creative power. He limited Himself after 6 days of creation because that was our cue to continue flowing in this realm with Him. God said to man, "Tag you're it!!!" As a result, I am convinced the creative power of the Lord has never ceased and never will for the purposes of those "commoners" being used to do very uncommon things. Therefore, I am even more inspired with each passing day to Out Live My Life. And yes, that is my final answer! =]

  • ThatGuyKC

    Michael/Max – thank you for sharing this candid interview and encouragement.

    I would like a copy of Outlive Your Life to read because I have been pursuing a better life story (a journey initially inspired by Donald Miller's book, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years) and this book would be another essential additional to my "toolbox". I'm increasingly convicted by the desire to leave a legacy of godly character and generosity for my two children and need all the help I can get.

    I've enjoyed the opportunity to read Max's other books and pass them along to bless others.

  • Rick Womack

    First, thanks for this opportunity – the timing is impeccable!

    I’ve recently begun to meet with a group of men at various life-stages in order to increase my contribution and multiply my efforts. I really believe this resource could be a valuable one for conversation and recommendation. Many of these men are college students – they are at a point where they are impressionable and being able to get the message across that they can do great works and outlive their life by giving out their life.

    Again, thanks!

  • Karim Shamsi-Basha

    We live in times when the "I" and the "Me" compete with "God" and "Others". This book will be a grounding reminder that life, our life, should not be about us. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  • Dawn

    Thanks so much for the interview. I’m a new reader of Max Lucado’s books. Walking through a dark season this summer I reached for “Fearless”. It was such a light to me. I felt as if I had the opportunity each day to sit down with a dear friend and have a heart-to-heart. Max’s words were such an encouragement. Walking through a season riddled with fear, it was a great comfort to receive his tender counsel.

    I would LOVE a copy of his newest book. I feel rejuvenated and have my feet in a fresh new season. I’m anxious to hear his wise words again encouraging me to be the woman God has fashioned me to be.

  • Diana Hollister

    I would love a copy of Max's new book. I first picked up a few of Max's book when my sister read a passage to me out of He Chose the Nails…she was crying. I thought…"I have to check this author out". So I did and several years later I still love his writings. Reading Max's books renewed my faith. I had always believed but was still trying to be perfect, not realizing the only perfect being was Jesus. A message in Max's book finally took that burden off of my shoulders. In the last year, I moved my kids across country, they lost their Dad suddenly to a heart attack and I started a brand new career. Lots of sad changes for all of us. But, I chose the career I did because I realized I wanted to make a difference in the world…whether big or small, I am hoping that through God I can do that. My kids are my mission right now and I need all the help and words of wisdom and prayer I can get. Thank you Max for such amazing inspirational books! I will keep reading and recommending them to others.

  • Angie

    I had the privilege of hearing Max speak at a Pioneer Bible Translators banquet a few years ago. I would love to continue learning from him. I have just started the book Crazy Love because I want to make a difference. You say leaders read and readers lead and I want to be a leader. I promise to read the book, highlight passages and then loan it out to friends, family, co-workers and the check-out lady at Wal-Mart.

  • perryh031

    Thank you Michael. What a great interview. I am convicted that my view of making a difference is a lot smaller than it should/could be. I would love a copy of the book to help expand my thinking about what it means to make a difference and how specifically I can do it. Because of your interview I plan to do some research into World Vision and how I can participate in that good work. Thank you!

  • Mindy McLeod

    I would like a copy of this book, so I can learn to serve others better. I used to be on the streets, homeless, an addict and now I am trying to change things in my area for those people who are pore, homeless, hungry for the Lord and so on. Jesus is my Savior, but I must admit my heart is out there on the streets with the people I love. So any chance to give back I do!

    • Mindy McLeod

      I promise I will read it!

  • Kay Veitch

    I know I'm an ordinary person and I know that God has extraordinary plans for me. I find myself afraid to step out in faith knowing that I am ordinary – will God be there? There is so much work to do in our world. With Christianity such a large faith – how can there still be so many needs? I can buy this book if necessary but having completed Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey, I am now working toward debt free with a 0 budget. I would be very thankful to receive this book as a gift. Thank you for your consideration!! :)

  • tim

    I would love to receive a copy of Max's newest book as it dovetails with the growing missional focus of our church

  • sunny7

    i need some major changes in my life. i have lost my connection to so many people in my life who are important to me. i feel very separated from others! i would love a copy of this book. thank you for reading. jim b.

  • Michelle Cockrell

    My life is taking over. I want God to be in control of my life and me and NOT my life in control of me! Everything in my realm depends on material things. No matter what I’ve tried or how much I pray, stuff always piles on top of me. I want to Outlive My Life for God, by God, and with God! Having read a lot of them, I love Max Lucado’s books! His direction, discovery, and depth of God’s Word is truly divinely revealed!
    Thanks for the opportunity to express my concerns and appreciation of Max Lucado and his dedication to Christians and Christian living!
    Michelle Cockrell

  • Pat Diamond

    I would love to have Max's new book, Outlive Your Life, because our women's church group is fixing to start doing a study on it and we have the workbooks but not the actual book. I know that I will not be able to afford the book so I hope and pray I can win a copy. We just finished Max's John 3:16 study and it was awesome!

  • Matthew Gross

    I go to work and make a nice salary not great but nice. I support my wife and our four children, pay our bills, and give to our church. The last few months however I have been struggling with something. In 2004 I deployed to Iraq for 14 months I can remember when driving in convoy's through the villages the children would flock us and chase us down the road running many of those children had no shoes often times yelling "MISTA MISTA or calling us friend they made hand gestures to show they were hungry when I say this its hard to put in words but it was very moving and life changing. I remember thinking that when I got home I was going to find a way to make a difference even if ti was a small one. I remember thinking even though we were there in a war because it was our job those children wanted anything we could give them even if it was just to stop and take a picture with them, they wanted what we had. Here I was before I left complaining about the money I made, the bills I had to pay, etc and here these children want what I have. Here are people that make very little money, have no freedoms and are forced to one religion. When I came back I fell back into my life and before you know it got comfortable again never did anything "to make a difference". So here I am a few months ago some five years after getting back from Iraq and God starts to work in me I start thinking along the line of what Mr Lucado said at the start of the interview. What am I doing not only to make a difference but to make a lasting impression with someone or even my children? I thought back to when I was in Iraq and how those children were and I just cried and prayed asking God to forgive me I had failed to complete my promise to him. So I started to sponsor a child through compassion international but you know the great thing is that I found it was something that really put a smile on the faces of my children. We put a picture of or sponsored child on our fridge and our children love looking at him and asking us questions about him and when we get letters from him they ask us to read it to them. Here is the thing I wonder what it is like for him? How has it blessed his life but more than that does he realize how much he has blessed our lives and that of our children? What if we all took the time to bless others in any way we could? what if people realized how much people get blessed when you bless them, above that the person blessing gets blessed.. I think that is what it means to "out live your life". I would love to read this book not on ly for myself but to bless others with it. I am excited to get a chance to leave my comment on here and I am excited to get a chance to read this book as well as passing it on.. Thank you God Bless

  • sbarkley

    I would like to give this book to my son. After traveling to a remote area in Uganda in 2008 he was touched by the poverty and living conditions. Instead of just saying "somebody should do something about this" he was compelled to do something himself. He started an organization called the East Africa Metamorphosis Project. ( Through this electricity and running water have been brought to an orphanage and several children have been sponsored. I traveled to Uganda with him last year and we launched a micro-credit program in which loans were given to entrepreneurs to either establish or expand a business. This has been very successful and we are hoping to make 100 loans in January 2011. This is designed to allow people to break the cycle of poverty. Although this is dwarfed by the work of organizations like World Vision, one person doing what they can to provide food, shelter and hope is still significant in the lives that are touched.

  • Eunice

    Last year, I received the book "Fearless" by Max Lucado as a gift by my christian nursing supervisor. I had been awarded custody of my 3 grandchildren and had just given birth to a child of my own. It was all a little overwhelming, however, as time goes by I am able to realize more and more what a blessing these children are. My husband now has even stated that when my grandchildren return to their mom, we should open our home for foster children…I am able and want to make a difference, at home as a wife, mother and young grandmother and at work as a nurse …I enjoy reading Max Lucado's books because of the substance and teachings he presents…

  • JKF

    The past five years have opened my eyes to many things. Five years ago, I came home to find my precious husband had simply leaned back and gone home to Heaven. It's been a time of sometimes overwhelming grief, then depression, then acceptance, and now what is God's plan for me. As I see my children strive to make a difference ~ my daughter as a Godly wife & mother, a Christian counselor, speaker, Sunday School teacher for our largest women's group, and my son, as a Godly husband, Sunday School teacher for a couples' class, a part of a recent mission team to Haiti to build houses & as the paramedic on the trip, I am overwhelmed by God's blessings to me. I am now 72 but I hope to go on a medical mission before God calls me. Max's books have been a part of my reading for many years and I have given many as gifts. Fearless is on my desk now. I was privileged to hear him in Nashville at the AACC four years ago. I look forward to reading this new one.

  • Patti Aman

    I received Max's book, "Eye of the Storm" in the mail over 20 years ago – to this day, I have no idea who sent it to me, but it saved my "life". I have read every book he has written sice. Max brought Christianity to an understandable level for me and made me realize that despite all my sins, all the bad decisions I had made in my life, that God forgave me if I asked, and would give me a chance to start over. No matter how much hurt or rejection I had endured, Jesus loved me and would never leave me. Max relates God's messages to modern day scenarios that make sense to me. His words inspire me everyday. I have not read this book yet – I planned to put it on my Christmas list – but would cherish having a SIGNED copy by Max. Max Lucado is my ROCK on Earth :-)

  • Tammy Bauman

    I am the director of a juvenile correctional facility in Appalachia. My staff and I are daily witnesses to some of the effects of the disparity between "haves" and "have nots" and are working to help in every way we can of bridging this. We work with our residents as well as their families and I am constantly searching for any new insight and inspiration to absorb and pass on to my staff in order to help us make a difference in the lives of these troubled young men we are serving.

  • Chrissy

    My husband and I are expecting our firstborn any day now (in fact, he's overdue!). The impending arrival of our son has reminded me time and again of how essential it is for us to be deliberate about our impact on the world around us. There's nothing like a new baby to inspire awareness to the manner in which you are leading your life. I want to make sure our son inherits a legacy of Christ-like compassion, not just from his parents…but from Christians worldwide. I also like the idea of being able to share this title with him when he's old enough to understand what it means to serve. I assure you that I will read the book…most likely at odd, nighttime hours when I'm in desperate need of fuel to keep going!

  • @AndreaAresca

    I would probably be the only one to write this…
    I am Italian and I have never read a book by Max Lucado, but – after reading your great review – I would really like to read his most important one!

  • Loretta Berry

    I am an ordinary person wanting to make an extraordinary difference. I am a common person trying to live my life doing uncommon things.

  • Larry Chastain

    I've been reading Radical by David Platt, and just read the chapter last night that touched on this subject of hunger and poverty in the context of making disciples simply by spending quality time with people – the way Christ did. I've been the youth "minister" at our church for only 4 months – I did not go to seminary, and I have very little biblical training. But I feeled called to this ministry full-time, and this message of radical, authentic Christianity is something that I think God is screaming at me (in contrast with the usual still, small voice) because I keep hearing this message over and over again! Pray for revival to start with this new generation in "Small Town," Arkansas!

  • christy e.

    I am half way through Max's book He Still Moves Stones and I can't even begin to describe how this book has encouraged me in every area of my life. I've been married for two years and my husband has been sick for a year and a half of that time. But God is moving, He is healing, and He's preparing my husband and I for something big—I know it! As we come out of the valley, we're searching for ways to outlive our lives … to give God the glory for all He's done and continues to do. This book is on my wish list and I can't wait to read it, so I'd be humbled to win a copy!

  • Gail Hart

    Having grown up in a military family that lived in foreign countries, I've always been grateful to live in the US. Even when we thought we had nothing, we knew we had it so much better than most people of the world. Even after having lost everything thru divorce, I know I am better off than most people. But after reading this interview, I got to thinking about my legacy: What would I leave and who would I leave it to? I have no children, therefore, no grandchildren. Knowing this, makes we wonder, what impact could I ever make to anyone? I would love to read Max's book and look for a way to make my own impact and possibley find it thru his writing.

  • Eric Jones

    I want to make a difference in the world and change the way people view relationships. As a divorced man i've got a huge heart for divorced people (active in divorce counseling) and for helping people create and strengthen their relationships at home, work, and everywhere they go. I know this book will help me to find the motivation to move forward and take the leap that God keeps nudging me to do……

  • Haelie

    Having already read my advance copy of Outlive Your Life which I received from Dave Schroeder, I would love to win an autographed copy so that I can give my present one to someone else who needs to be inspired and challenged to Outlive Their Life, too. Kind of my way of Paying It Forward.

    I wish I could afford to purchase several copies and pass them around, but that is just not financially feasible for me right now. Winning a copy will be a wonderful way of helping me do that on some level.

    I have already been promoting it on my blogs, Facebook (over 1000 "friends"), Twitter, and by word of mouth. Many have commented to me that they are very interested in the book based on what I have written and said about it, and they plan to purchase and read it…and then begin Outliving Their Lives.

    Oh and FYI – I have already tweeted this post before leaving this comment (Twitter = @Decide2day )

    Thanks so much for all you do in the name of the Lord and spreading His Word to the nations!

  • KayBird

    This past year I've been co-chair for our Mission Team and praying and working on how I might bring Mission more to the forefront as a culture or lifestyle within my church rather than it just something the Mission Team does. From the interview, seems Max Lucado brings a real passion to this book that needs to get into the hearts of people. I would love to have our Mission Team read this book together and set off some ripple effects from there. Thank you for your consideration for a free book. I always enjoy your blogs and great insight!

  • MelMO

    I started 2010 by taking my first mission trip. It was to Haiti. We were there serving when the earthquake hit. That trip has rocked and changed my life in so many ways. One of the hard truths has been that I THOUGHT I was making a difference. I came back realizing there is so much more I can, should and have been called to do. I am still unpacking many life-changing lessons from this trip. As I continue to process, I believe this book would be a tremendous resource.

  • Maria Keckler

    What a timely book for so many–for me! What would happen if all Christians lived with that perspective–to outlive our lives. I can't wait to read Lucado's book and share it with others.

  • michaelkreynolds


    As a rookie Christian author just breaking into the publishing world, my favorite posts of yours are those that discuss the world of books. Max Lucado is definitely a Babe Ruth, a Michael Jordan of Christian bookwriting and it's an inspiration to see God using him in such a wonderful way. I certainly look forward to reading this book and even more so, hope to someday meet him by phone or in person, bend his ear and get some helpful suggestions on how we can best glorify God through our talents and passion in writing. Max has certainly set a high standard.

  • rachebec

    Between Lewis & Lucado the L's take up a lot of space in my bookcase – but there is always room for one more & I intend to add this one to my dog-eared collection! I’ve been struggling to master the practice of contributing in a lasting & meaningful way for years, so I look forward to Max's insight, as his articulate & thoughtful words have been an impetus & blessing to me many times in the past. The added bonus that royalties will go to support Ugandan communities (a country that's recently become of interest to me due to friends & work) is wonderful & will provide just the right extra bit of motivation for me to include this book in Christmas stockings etc. Not that I need much encouragement, but it will be my pleasure to share Max's message & know the royalties are finding their way to Ugandans. Which brings me to a dilemma – as much as I would love one of the signed copies from Max Lucado, I don't want to bypass the whole royalty plan. Fortunately there is always a solution and I know that World Vision accepts support separate from the sale of Max Lucado's books – I thank you both for bringing this work to my attention.

  • @robinyar

    I was raised in church and came back to it in the mid 80's after a 20 year 'hiatus'. The church I came back to was vastly different than the church I left – I learned to pray scriptures, really study the Bible, and expect a real relationship with Christ. Max Lucado's books have helped feed the fire that was reborn in me when I came back. Now I find myself stuck again and wanting more from my local church experience and wanting to do more in my own small way given the limitations of my situation. This book is an answer to this prayer – I need to make a difference right where I am however I can. I would love a copy of this book!

  • TomK

    As a pastor, I try to inspire others to be authentic Christians. Recently I’ve become very concerned about poverty in Africa. I am saving for a trip to Rwanda to help a missionary friend there. I can to be an example to my church of how Jesus reached out to the forgotten and the poor to meet basic needs. Max’s new book seems to be inspiration in that direction that my congregation and I need to read.

    I have read all of Max’s books and will read this one immediately, free or otherwise.

  • Tony

    Michael, Thanks for the opportunity. I would like a copy of Outlive Your Life because it meets a need in my life right now. I am looking for ways to live my faith in Christ by helping others. I am looking for opportunities to volunteer in my community. Honestly, I've felt this way for a while and have not acted on it. I believe that Max's book can help guide me to God's heart and help me with my prayerful consideration of where God wants me to make a difference in this world.

    It is also important to me to pass this along to my 14 year old son and 11 year old daughter. I want them to have a fire for God and his people and not just believe in God, but to live out that principal in their lives.

  • @HappyTears

    I'd love to get a copy of Max Lucado's book. I'm a new Lucado reader and I JUST read Fearless on Sunday. His book was great! WOO

  • Susan Frederick

    My life has changed radically since I became the 24/7 caretaker of my 89 year old mom with dementia.
    I have to keep telling myself that I am making a difference, even though it doesn't seem that way. I am land-locked much of the time and cabin fever can sometimes get me. Still, I am grateful to have the ability to do this. The book would be a great encouragement to me.

  • @remotelylocated

    I currently have the ebook with the Paper version to follow. I would donate the signed book to our church library so it could be read by others who might not be able to purchase it.

  • Angela

    I love Max Lucado's books. I learn and grow so much from each one of them. To have a signed copy of his newest book would be a real treasure.

  • @eyerishgirl

    I heard about the book a few days ago on Word FM and thought, hmmm, that is something I need to read. I've been going about life as usual for many years all the while thinking, "i need to do something more". And then the feeling passes and I go about life as usual.
    Apparently, I need more of a kick in the butt to act and not just think. I'd like this book to push me over that edge.
    I can buy the book if I don't win & I will b/c I want to discover how I can impress on my kids that life is more about the usual day to day. But if I win it, then I have an obligation to READ it, not just say I will and let it collect dust.
    (see the mind games I play with myself?!)
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Betty Johnson

    Love to read Max's books but cannot aford to buy them either buy what is at the dollar store or barrow from some one that has something i have not read. I think he makes the scriptures so easy to understand . Love his views on almost everything i have read. read the free chapters from his web site and am doing the study of acts he offered on the web now . just think it would help me to live a better christain life and maybe find new ways for the lord to use me in his service. thank you Betty Johnson

  • Danielle Hovind

    This last year God has really got my attention! I have never been more challenged to grow as a disciple of the Lord. In my terms "God has made me uncomfortable with being comfortable." When we stop challenging ourselves, when we stay in our litte comfort zones, then we stop growing, we stop changing, we become stagnant!! I think all to often we settle for good things when God has GREAT things or us! We don't believe God can use us in big ways, but I believe God is waiting for us to surrender to Him and say yes His ways and His ways are BIG!! I came acrossed this quote yesterday and it's very fitting; "Many people deny themselves the pleasure of living life to the fullest because they follow limited visions. They dream modest dreams, so they compile modest achievements. The limiting factor is not their capacity to achieve but their willingness to believe in themselves." – Nido R. Qubein
    I am believing God for BIG things in my life. I think reading this book will be a tool God uses to help me focus and live out the destiny He has for my life!

  • TheKnifeTech

    I do not think I have ever more anticipated the release of a Max Lucado book. I think that means I need to read this book. The fact that it signed is gravy. Thanks for considering me…

  • cmnancymom

    I am a middle-aged widow, new to your blog but already enjoying it, who has been accumulating head knowledge of spiritual things for 39 years. This year, 2010, God is convicting me that it is time to truly be transformed by the Word, not just informed by it. So, I will read Max's book, apply it to whatever is left of my life, and share it with as many people as I can :)

  • Launna Sampaio

    I think I really need a copy of this book because that has been my daily prayer: "Lord, I don't wanna be any more or less than you created me to be; all want is to make the price you paid for my life worth; please use my life to glorify your name and change the world with your light!". I cannot survive anymore, I need to live a life that really makes the difference! God bless you and keeps using you!

  • kerry dexter

    I am an artist and a musician who works with and writes about other artist and musicians — people of faith, people whose work is of substance. I think we all are making a difference with our work but — we could do more, and many of of recently have been facing challenges in sustaining our work, I'd like to see what refreshing words and ideas might be in this book for me and my colleagues in the arts.
    I promise to read the book

  • Jeremy Anderberg

    I'm a young twenty-something, and I have a passion to make a difference in the world. The problem is that there are SO many causes getting attention that I'm overwhelmed and don't really even know where to start. I want to read a book that helps me not only actually do something, but also understand WHY I need to do something as someone who calls himself a Jesus-follower.

  • Mattthecat

    Dear micheal and max, I would love a free copy of your book because I have recently invented a time machine. Using the book along with my time machine I will travel to the land of the dinosaurs. I will then read the book to said dinosaurs in hopes that they will apply it and survive their impending doom. This will be a true testimony of outliving your life.

    But more seriously as a child I grew up with my parents reading me max lacudo books. Now that I’m a poor college student I would love to have a book from a familiar childhood author to read in my spare time.

  • Dr. Charles Miller

    I am a short-term medical missionary and have made 28 trips in the past 10 years to many African, Latin American countries and others(including 2 trips to Haiti.) I began this after the Lord lifted me from a deep depression following my wife's death. I have seen the abject poverty that exists and am heart-broken over it. Whatever I can spare, I also support World Vision. Living Waters, and Samaritan's Purse in their endeavors for relief. I would like to read what Max Lucado has to add.

  • telejh

    The presentation of information that I read in Max Lucardo books are inspiring to walk out in the world. The light that Christ is offering is received by those who accept the invitation.
    I have a personal goal of overcoming a life time of victim messages by being free to live my life for the cause of Jesus Christ. God has intended through the example of Jesus Christ to provide life abundantly and the devil defeated. Reading this material brings tears to my eyes. I have lived in poverty in a very rich country and it is not Gods will for my life. I believe he has a purpose and a destiny for me. I have overcome many deceptions planted by the enemy in my life and I am spending time with Gods' word and working out the wealth that he has planted in my life. As single parent I face many challenges in raising and presenting the truth to families, Jesus has claimed victory for all and it is our responsibility to live out that life in light of the commitment to Jesus,the church, and children. Money does not do what the spirit of God can and to be able to continue carrying the cross that Jesus has given me the "Out live your life" book would be inspiring and helpful in walking out that example. I come right now from the perspective of a single parent who has raised and guided my child to adulthood . She and her husband are employed and married. She and her husband are in a church seeking Gods' direction . Now Still single and unemployed I am asking-where oh God Oh were do I go? a discussion that God and I are having. Any light of his word and authentic direction is much appreciated. I cannot buy this book without Gods help.
    “[Imitating Christ's Humility] If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.”
    Philippians 2:1-

  • Dalene

    Hi Michael,
    I want a copy of this book because I want to do something (the elusive "something") about child abuse. I know that Max is focusing upon world hunger, but there are just so many children who are emotionally hungry, starving for parental love, & need adults who will step up & "stand in the gap" to protect them.
    I follow a Child Abuse Prevention blog ( in hopes to slowly glean knowledge on the topic & to know what's already going on in my community. Getting started is the hard part: I work FT & have 2 little ones myself.
    My motivation began just over a year ago when I read about "Baby P." from the UK & cried for over an hour, praying more intensely than I ever had before. God has placed this tragedy on my heart & I believe I'm being called to, in some way, advocate to protect children. I'm hoping that Max's latest book will help me focus, give me wisdom, & propel me forward in this endeavor.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  • Trevor

    I love those three questions that the interview opens with. I've often heard the first two and similar questions about how we would react if we lived in the time of legalized slavery, but I've never heard someone relate that to the issue of poverty in our world today. It's a powerful call to reality. It's easy to get self-righteous and condemn those who allowed past injustices and to preach about how they should have known better, but knowing that the same situation exist today just in different clothes, that's a game changer.

  • pmc120

    I have recently been reading other Max Lucado's books, and they have certainly ministered to me. It has been much on my heart lately to do something that would make a difference in someone's life. That desire has been really strong, so when I heard of Max's new book, II knew it would inspire me and encourage me to get busy and step out in faith. No more excuses! Many times I'm guilty of going about my day forgetting about the great needs others have in parts of the world. I'm grateful to Max for attempting to shake us out of our complacency. I know I desperately need this message!

  • edifier1

    Outlive Your Life – three simple words that say so much. But what does it mean? And can it be defined simply? I think yes. Whether one associates outliving your life with love, service, missions, or duty, it is all about living for the LORD. It is about doing a work and leaving a legacy for the glory of God.
    Just as Jesus Christ outlived His life (and yet still lives presently), we too have an opportunity to sacrifice of ourselves and to outlive our lives. Let's get to it!
    I would really LOVE to get this book because I believe it contains a powerful and much needed lesson that I need to know. I believe it will challenge me to examine who I am and what I am doing. I believe it will educate me on how to go forward with a zealous spirit. And finally, I believe it will inspire me to pay Jesus' message forward.
    Thanks for this chance to be a part of a movement for change.
    Living Out Loud for God,
    Kimberly Teamer

  • Bill Cannon

    Mr. Hyatt,

    I enjoy reading your blog entries and look forward to reading Max Lucado's new book. Please consider giving me a free copy because I have been unemployed since March, 2009. I continue to work through creative contract work like painting, preaching, and writing a business plan. However I am not making enough to buy books. The books I have acquired in the last 18 months you have given me through your free book offers.

    I hope one day to write and tell you that I do not need you to give me a book because I am working full time and can buy my own books. Until then please consider giving me a free copy. Bill C

  • Jean

    I don't like that third question. Because I don't like my answer for it. My initial response is that it's not my problem. But should it be? Maybe not a full-time concern, but in some cases, it doesn't take much from my perspective of relative prosperity to make a huge difference in places without that prosperity — which can be found in a large portion of the world.

    I plan to look into buying the book whether I win a copy here or not, but I do appreciate an autographed copy. If I win or buy the book, I will read it.

  • robsargeant

    Several weeks after the death of my 15 year-old son, this past summer, a canvasser for Wold Vision knocked on my door. I found a young, smartly dressed, lady on my front steps holding a clipboard out towards me as she asked if I would be interested in sponsoring a child. She knew nothing of my loss or the grief I was going through. I invited her inside and took the pile of sponsorship cards, sorting through them trying to find a boy. There was one, an Indian boy, named, Ankit, with similar features to my son's, around 8 years old. Holding back tears I told her I wanted to sponsor Ankit. She made a quick phone call, and set me up as his sponsor. As she left, I almost lost my composure when she thanked me, saying, "You have just saved this child's life."

    Reducing child poverty is the third world is a deep concern of mine. This subject was a big motivating factor for me while I wrote, A Silent Violence, (published in 2008) a book that deals in a fictional manner with the subject that Max Lucado focuses on in his latest work. This why, with great anticipation, I look forward to reading it.



  • Ashley Martin

    Max Lucado is the first Christian author that really helped explain God to me. The way he breaks-down and discusses the stories of the Bible in a practical way that makes sense to me, a very new Christian (14 months), is an amazing talent only God could give. I want this book because as a new Christian and the mother of a young boy with a baby girl on the way, I have been pondering this question lately- what am I doing and what can I do to make a difference for them? Thank you for the interview and the opportunity.

  • Karen Jordan

    What an encouraging interview! I know Max Lucado's new book will help me consider my own spiritual legacy. What am I doing to set an example of authentic Christianity for my children and grandchildren? Thanks for the "heads up" on this new book!

  • kcroy

    I believe this book will help me be a better parent and teacher, husband and father, speaker and artist, and overall help me make that lasting impact in this world. Looks like a winner. I will share what I learn with everyone I know. Tweeting and Facebooking this link now.

  • pam pugh

    Max Lucado's book, Outlive your Life, would be a fantastic call to action for the women in my Half Time group. This is an organically formed group of business women who, like myself, are asking "what's next?" Living beyond ourselves for something of significance is the path to answering to the question, what's next. Pam Pugh

  • Sandy Kime Hedlund

    I too love all of Max's books and I too believe that this one of his best. As Americans we are so blessed. We have way more than we need and his book challenges us to make our lives count. We are to invest in things that will make a difference, LIFE. When I first read this book I was so excited, and still am, I couldn't wait to give it to my pastor. Acts is his favorite book of the bible and I knew that he would also get excited about the book and the challenge. He not only is excited but we are going to have the entire church read the book and he will be preaching on topics from the book. If only God's people would take a step. Bookie


    I have been hearing about this book on KLOVE radio. It has been very interesting to hear them work through the book. I would love to read this! :)

  • Deb

    For a while now, my heart has been too stuck…maybe even hard… to be able to receive the joy and purpose from God that I have so often in the past. There is a collection of Max Lucado books on my shelf, all of which touched me deeply at a time–several years ago–when I was less stuck. My priorities continue to need reorienting (still have to finish the Life Plan you referenced a while back!)and I'm looking for a set of inspirational catalysts to kick that process into higher gear. I want to see a difference in this world and I am certain I need to be a part of that…just not certain (maybe still too afraid to ask?) which part. So, while an autographed copy of the book would be very special to me and greatly appreciated, I will be getting a copy one way or another and look forward to immersing myself in it. Thanks for your blog, Michael. From GTD to Leadership to the Country Music Marathon, your words have become a regular part of my reading.

  • K_Hoffsmith

    I'm a college kid relying on God's power to make a difference in this world for the kingdom of God. Throughout the 19 years of my life, i've seen a lot of people who exist, but Jesus said in John 10 that he came so "they can have life, and have it to the full." The only way we can LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST is through the power of Jesus Christ. It sounds like this book is about God using common people to do uncommon things. As I'm a 19 year old sophmore on a secular campus, I'm seeking God and seeing Him provide for me and trying to serve God in ways to tell all kinds of people about Jesus. I would love to get a copy of this book and read Max Lucado's thoughts and insight on how how to outlive our lives. Our lives are short compared to eternity, and it's worth living them for Jesus.

  • Richard Smith

    It is very sad for me to admit this but we are so busy with our lives that when I read your post it hit me like a brick wall. We do take so much for granted and sometimes do not stop and think about the everyday things that so many in the world do not have access to. I help a lot of charities here in the U.S. and because of this post want to help so much more in the world. I read "Fearless" and will read his new book and, I am going to really change the way I think about our lives and the lives of so many in this beautiful world we live in.

  • thePearlwithinU

    "I love all of Max’s books, but I believe this to be his most important one yet" -Michael Hyatt.

    – I agree with this statement. Also, I LOVE JESUS and I know JESUS loves me. However, how could vulnerable-little-me have been made to make a difference? How can "I" possibly OUT LIVE MY -insignificant- LIFE???…is there hope for someone like me? I know the best is yet to come!

  • J @sell music online

    My fave Max book remains "You are Special". It might be a kids' book, but it's life-changing. I like that he said "get ticked off." I recently went to Africa and I saw some things that definitely ticked me off. I think going and seeing is so crucial to understanding how our world is hardly indicative of the real world as a whole.

  • Todd Burkhalter

    I personally consider myself a fighter for those considered to be have nots, as noted in the text above. My wife, Christina, and I have been involved in support of World Vision for many years. Most recently having a renewed fervor for this after returning from making a number of friends with local Guatamalans while there on a missions trip to build churches. All that said to state how I want to support anyone who is helping to fight this fight in the name of Jesus.

  • Deborah Strandberg

    Thank you for making this generous book offer. God has also been talking to me about seeking Him for the answer to "Why?" Why Homelessness? Why Divorce? Why Prostitution? Why Addictions? Why Abortion? Why Poverty? Why Disease? Why Death? Why High Infant Mortality?… Why? Why? Why? I have lived in need and in blessing… I desire more of Jesus and I know that my Beloved is my provider and my All in All. I don't want to live with a welfare mentality. I know that God has provided everything that I will ever need and he has blessed me with the knowledge of the mysteries of the world through His Holy Spirit and through His Living WORD! If we are able to find the answer (and He always has an answer) to the WHY's in the world, and Give the Hope that they need, then we may be able to make an impact for His Kingdom is truly the only answer that counts!

  • @DebsDen

    Check out this interview with Max Lucado… Intriguing!!

  • Amanda

    I have been working for years to be a person who makes a difference in my own community (donating blood, walking in the weekend to end breast cancer, volunteering and encouraging my children to do the same) but felt I couldn't help reduce hunger, fear, despair on the other side of the world. Then I donated some homemade crochet dolls to an orphanage in Africa and I realized even I can make a difference to someone far away. I believe this book will help encourage me to increase my ability to do so.

  • Wen Jie Yang

    I'm in a place right now where I could really use motivation. I'm very excited to read this book and finally find the light that will guide me through this semester.

  • Carol

    Boy, it is hard to know where to start as to why I want to read this book. It is amazing how God gets a hold of your heart and then continues to bring similar messages before you. A little while back I read Crazy Love by Francis Chan and he shared about selling everything and down sizing his life. That struck a chord with me. Then I read Radical Question by David Platt and he brought up the same thought. Individuals and churches in the U.S. live with so much more than most folks through out the world. (continued in next comment)

  • Carol

    This started my husband and I talking. We also began to realize that individuals that live a life where they are forced to depend on God live with a deeper, richer faith. We both want that. I also have pre-ordered Steven Furticks book Sun Stand Still which talks about praying audacious prayers. I want to believe God to move in my life in a big way. I really believe that all these blogs and books came across my path for a reason and my husband and I both believe God is moving to do something radical in our lives. I believe that Max's book would be a HUGE stepping stone to helping us see how God wants and can use us to make a difference – to change our world. Thanks for sharing about the book and thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my heart.

  • Margaret Low

    We always think we are ordinary people and only able to do ordinary things. To do extraordinary things is always a bit difficult to take the step. To move further, got to out live own life and take a step further. To serve is like Jesus and we need to have a servant's heart like Jesus to do so. How much can we give? We ask that question ownself and will limit one self with own mental block. Out Live Your Life book is a book that will touch my heart upon reading and move me to do things that I believe that I have not done till now. I believe this book will lead me to out live my own life, touch others and share with others.

  • Jack Parrott

    I lead a group of senior adults and seek to impress upon them the need to live beyond themselves through a god-honoring, world-impacting legacy. The message of Max Lucado is the message they need to hear.

  • Sherry Leonard

    I am a registered nurse and have dedicated my life to helping the least of these my friends in the surrounding area where I live. I was forced to stop working as a nurse because of foot problems. I am an avid reader of Max Lucado's books. The "Outlive Your Life" book is a mcuh needed message for the ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ. When I read his books, it's like I am talking with my best friend, Jesus.

  • Ken

    Hi Michael,"Truth forever on the scaffold,Wrong forever on the throne,
    But the scaffold sways the future,And beyond the dim unknown,
    Standeth God in the Shadows,Keeping watch o'er His own."
    You and I and everyone reading this can make a difference.God Bless,Ken

  • jennifer

    I've spent a long time trying to outrun God – to live my own life my own way because for such a long time, I've felt forgotten by Him. Everything I read by Max Lucado brings me back to the simple truth that God truly does love me and has not forgotten me. That fact is finally sinking in. It's time to stop running and time to find and live the life He is guiding me to. Thanks for the chance to win this; it's incredibly generous and I look forward to reading the book whether I win or not. =)

  • Wendy Odell

    I heard about Max Lucado’s book through my twitter feed with Toby Mac. I am a 40 yr old working mother of three who sincerely believes that my job is to raise a generation whose heart breaks for others. I went to Max’s website & watched his series on this book at his home church. Great stuff! Everyday provides us many opportunities to reach out and give. And the reward? Priceless blessing and peace. Free book? I’ve already chosen the person to give it to. And I’ll use my money to buy one for myself. Thanks fir the opportunity to engage….

  • April Rowen

    My dad has a saying, "People are the most important thing." What would happen if we really believed – and LIVED – that? Maybe, just maybe, we would outlive our lives.

  • @halls4africa

    Very cool! I'm keenly looking forward to reading this one. As someone who desires to stretch oneself for the cause, I am anticipating a great read. My wife and I have spent 6 years thus far as missionaries in West Africa and have had an extended season back in the states doing life on "this side of the pond." We are processing a return to ministry in Africa in a new and distinct season of our lives. Can't wait to grab this book!

  • Tracy Smith

    I will be buying the ebook (for my Nook) because I love being able to carry my library around with me! However, I would love to have the real thing (and autographed would be incredible!!!) so that I may leave it on the coffee table between my chair and my husband's chair. You see, I am unequally yoked in my marriage and I continue to pray the Lord will work through me to reach my husband. Most recently, we've had issues concerning my sponsoring children through World Vision. I won't give in and end my sponsorship so it remains a sore point. I respect Max's views and opinions on the many facets of Christianity and think his book would be a good way to help open the conversation again with my husband. Thank you for the opportunity! Bless you both!

  • @hasbell

    wow… outlive my life…

    when i think about max lucado, i think of compassion, love, wisdom, grace, peace. he's been a staple in my "reading" life for a while. providing challenging insight and timely hope. seems this book is no different.

    i read lucado's "fearless" and was made boldly aware of how fear ruled my life. i was faced with decisions and crossroads i had never contemplated. i love the challenge of max lucado's writing. would love to journey this book in my life.

  • Don Palmer

    The first bOok I read from Max LUcado was “In the Grip of Grace”. My wife and I were jusT starting our famiLy. We had the good fortune to connect wIth a marVelous small group which chosE this as their next studY text. This lead us tO more of his work. Again his easy delivery was an important part on oUr way back to an intentional life as ChRist foLlowers. IntentIonally living with the mind of Christ sounds like what this new text is pulling us towards. Well I’m in. We so easily Fall into passivity and comfortablE delay. I will choose to act.

    Any rate this new book seems to be part of what’s on my mind. So I would love to read it.

  • anne

    It is pretty awesome that all the royalties of this book will go to a ministry–now that is true ministry! I hope to be inspired to step out of my comfort zone and DO instead of simply KNOW. It's so easy to be comfortable, but I want to try to be the real thing, like Jesus here in the 20th Century so I really hope to be inspired to step out on the water!! Thanks, Max!

  • @mbushor

    There are a number of spiritual disciplines, but my most valued spiritual discipline is reading for personal/spiritual growth. Would love to see what this book has to offer.

  • @ChaseUrLion

    As a new senior pastor I am looking for ways to inspire and ignite a passion to help others within our small(60 or so) congregation. On January 2, we will begin a new series called "Whose Line is it Anyway?" focused on the dash that rests between our birth and death dates on our tombstone. I can think of no better resource than Max's new book to inspire this series and provide materials for our revamped small group ministry. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Kingsly

    Thanks for the interview. Since this book is about common people who can change this World, i am one of those common folks who is eager to make an impact.

    Waiting to get a copy so that i ll outlive my life :)


  • Calin Valean

    I am thinking for more than 1 year to launch a business which has a charitable component like Toms shoes. Since we are involved in the hygiene business in Romania, the idea is simple: for every toilet paper roll sold we will give for free a toilet paper roll to a school in the country side. The schools are so underfunded that the hygienic conditions are really really bad. By this business model I hope I can raise the standard of hygiene in the place where people need it the most.
    I expect this book to be a real booster in my motivation in this journey.

  • Shirley

    There was once life knocks me down when my father passed away in an unthinkable tragedy 2 years ago.
    I begin to find and think of 'life' in different perspectives because of the incident. I looked into my reaction in dealing with my difficult times and find that actually there is still a room for improvement.

    "Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference" by Max Lucado might be one of the books which can help. :)

  • Joel

    I am a church planter (pastor) in Japan. There are not many large influential churches in Japan yet (we are getting there and we will have them), but what the Japanese churches can do, even if they are small, is to be a provide financial assistance to those in need around the world. Our church has generously given from day one and I want to continue to be a part of a generous church that will always send funds to the needy. I want to read this book and not only outlive myself but to lead others to do the same

  • Jodi W

    I pledge to read the book in its entirety. Likely within a few days of receiving it!

    I read Stearns A Hole in our Gospel and it was eye opening. Right now, I am praying for a large congregation to come to life, unite, and choose a place to make a difference in our world. This book seems timely in my efforts to help move members to disciples as I'm learning it's about more than I will ever understand.


  • Ary

    Max just has a way with words and always leaves me convicted and encouraged. I would love to read this book because I so want to be a part of this revolution that God is starting among his children.

  • agoing

    This is the conversation I have almost every week with my 24-year-old son. He asks questions; he offers his own insights; he shares his passion. There's something delightful about a son pressing his father to make a difference. That we're having these talks tells me I have already made some kind of difference in his life. And that's encouraging.

    At 57 I'm stating over in ministry, having left a large church to plant a new church in a new city. I would love to build this concern for making a difference into my missionary work of the next several years.

  • AMillet

    I grew up in a Christian household but began to fall away from God after I graduated from highschool. Last October my dad passed away after a 20 year battle with brain cancer. He was an amazing man who gave his whole life to God. After his passing I knew that I wanted to give myself to Christ again and it has been a wonderful experience. Max Lucado's books have been so inspirational during my journey over this last year and I would cherish the chance to read his latest book. I have been looking for ways that I can help others who are in need and I believe this book can help get me headed in the right direction with what God is calling me to do. :)

  • Renata

    To “Outlive Your Life” – now that is a thought to ponder. I definitely consider this statement a personal challenge in all areas of my life.
    Being a Christian I want and strive to live according to God’s Word. The real test comes in the application of consciously living each moment in each and everyday reflecting the LOVE and BLESSING of Jesus to all those who cross our path. God has each living in this moment of time for a divine specific purpose that we cannot even fathom. I am excited to join Max Lucado in reading his newest book in continuing to challenge me in a fresh, new perspective to “Outlive My Life” for Jesus!

  • @duffbert

    I have loved just about every Lucado book that's been published. He has a wonderful story and presentation of his points. In this book, I think the concept of "ordinary people doing extraordinary things" is something I definitely need in my life. I'd love to get a copy of the book, post reviews to all my normal places (blog, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and, and apply his message to my life.

  • carissaelaine

    I'm an EXTREMELY common person I guess trying to do an uncommon thing in my community. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm trying to open a Christ centered maternity home for pregnant teens in our area. I'm way out of my comfort zone meeting with people of influence, trying to set up a non profit, speaking in public for goodness sake! But I feel convicted that outside of being my children's mother this what I was intended to do. I want this book not because I any more special than anybody else but I could just use the encouragement from someone as wise as Max Lucado to keep stepping out and doing the right thing for God.

  • Jeff Wright

    I love the questions that prompted Max Lucado to write this book. I often reflect on similar questions. When we discovered my dad has terminal cancer, it really made me consider how I am living my life. Am I "going for it" in life? What's holding me back? ____I want to read this book with my wife so we may consider what sort of examples we are living out for our children. Thanks!

  • Peter Almon

    It seems that western Christianity has tended to be insular in the last several decades. The cause of this insularity can be debated; however, an influential force seems to be the West's social prosperity. In the midst of this, the Bible's call to social justice has atrophied in the ears of many Christians. It appears from the interview that Lucado recognizes this lapse in the orthopraxis of Western Christianity. Social and spiritual justice and freedom are God's desire for his creation. I am hoping that Lucado's new book will serve as a catalyst for both myself and other Christians as we work as Christ's body toward the fulfillment of God's desire.

  • @mslimmer

    I've been following the readin of this book on KLOVE. It has inspired me to continue to work to leave a legacy, and not just a memory.

  • Melissa Brown

    I would love to read this book and be able to suggest it to my friends and family since 100% profit will benefit World Vision. I lead the 30-Hour-Famine at our church each year and am a huge supporter of World Vision. Anything I can do to help them out – I will do! Not to mention the fact, that the book sounds incredibly good and I love Max Lucado! :)

  • Karla Meachem

    Because I am at a crossroads in my life…

    I know God has been preparing me for something 'new' & I am waiting on Him to reveal the next step. This would be an excellent book to read while I wait…I don't want my life to be one of monotonony or just doing my own thing…I want God to use me in ways that ONLY He can.

  • Julia Wallace

    I would like a copy of Max Lucado's new book "Outlive Your Life" because I have seven grandchildren and long after I am gone from this earth…I want to have done something that is much bigger than having the best baked cookies or merely rocked those 7 grandchildren in my arms. Those are tremendowus things…but I want to do something that shows I am part of the body of Christ and wrapping my arms, which essentially are HIS arms around somebody's children that I do not even know. I want to do something that is bigger than me. When my children and my grandchildren look back they will say…."Grammy saw that there was hunger, pain and oppression in this world and she was one person, but she was mighty and went out there and made a difference!"

  • John Alexander

    I thoroughly enjoy reading, first of all. Second, however, I believe as a youth pastor we need to teach students about the realities of ONE life. We want to teach junior high students how to begin outliving their lives. This begins with modeling it for them

  • Christie Rainwater

    I actually would love to get this book for my husband. He owns almost all of Max's books and is inspired with each chapter he reads. It's my favorite when we are sitting on the couch and something pops off the page to him and he shares it with me. I love his heart for Jesus! (and am thankful to Max for helping to point his heart there). I love suprising him with little somethings and think it would be great to put in his lunch bag with a love note. It would put a smile on both of our faces! :-D

  • Keith M.

    Max is definitely one of my favorite authors. His ability to use words to describe the common and the complex is truly a gift. I anxiously await reading his new book, and hope that God will once again speak through Max to insprie me to be more like Christ. We have but one life to live and only what's done for Christ will last.

  • Jennifer V.

    For the past 2 months I've been challenged with the idea of outliving my life. Of leaving the comfort zone of my 9-6 job to pursue what actually wakes me up before my alarm does. I would love to read this book to get saturated even more with what this can and should look like, in hopes that I'll actually live it! One day at a time. One opportunity at a time. :)

  • Bill Knox

    Max Lucado's books are the calm in the storm. If you choose me it will be like giving two books away. I have committed to giving away everything that is freely giving to me this year. Who know how many lives just one free book may touch. Blessing. @billknox

  • Jessica

    I am really intrigued by the 3 questions he posed about why he wrote the book. I love thinking of how the world will see me and my generation in the next 100 years compared to how I look at the people born almost 100 years ago (like my Grandma who turns 91 in 2 weeks).

  • Michael Whitcomb

    I have thought many times about living this way. As an Associate Pastor of a small church in a farming community, sometimes I feel like I'm not changing anything. Nobody knows where I am or what I'm doing. Then, I think about the fact that this is exactly where God wants me and I can make a difference, even in this small town. It starts small. I can theorize and pretend to change the world. What God really wants is to change me and then allow His Holy Spirit to change those around me. With technology today, we can make a difference and outlive our lives even in a small town. I look forward to reading Max's book. We use much of his material here @ our church. God bless.

  • chris freeman

    I think I'd like this book in order to provide some common language around why my wife and I do what we do when others ask us, why are you adopting children internationally? Sometimes it's difficult to put into words why we feel we should be doing this other than to quote them James 1:27. Max has a way of expressing God's intent with scripture in a way that makes sense to the "regular"' joe. We currently have 5 children, 3 biological and 2 adopted and will likely begin the adoption process again soon as we feel God wants us to continue as an example in this area of living beyond ourselves.

  • swmackey

    2 years ago, I wrote my life manifesto and started blogging about the lessons I have learned, give some advice that I wish others had shared, and hopefully motivate people to challenge themselves to live a life that matters and counts. A life mediocre is not acceptable for me.

    Every year, I take the month of December to reflect on my manifesto and update it. This will be my 3rd year and having Max's new book will help me to drive into the heart of my review and really make some impactful plans for 2011. you can check out my life manifesto at:
    Thanks for everything you do!

  • Jasmine

    I like what you said about common people doing uncommon things. I think that statement sums it up quite well. We all have the ability to leave an impression with each one of our actions and I'm curious to learn what Max drummed up in his newest book to inspire others to leave a legacy behind.

  • Kaite

    Max Lucado has honestly changed my life. I read "Travelling Light" in April 2006 when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life (small stuff now, but not at the time). I ended an almost seven-year relationsihp with a man who didn't appreciate me; was in a job that wasn't fulfilling; and had no self-esteem. I found the church again through Max's words – so profound and easy to understand. I've read MANY of his books and have purchased "Travelling Light" for a few others who I thought needed it. Love his books!

  • Gina Hayes

    Hi Michael, I really want this book because 1) I trust the sincerity of the author and his passion for spreading the hope that is found in the message of Jesus 2) I have been blessed with so much in this life – all of which has been a gift from God, and I need desperately to give back immediately in my community and the world at large 3) when I was in the second grade I wanted to be a lawyer. I kept this dream alive in my heart from that time. I wanted to be a lawyer because I wanted to change the world. The first part of the dream was realized in 1993, the second part (I've only touched the surface of what God has planned and designed for me to do with this education, this great trust of influence); 3) I'm ready for a change and I believe this book will put me in the right direction. I hope it helps the light bulb come on for me. I traveled to Greece as a missionary about 3 years ago. I spoke at a women's conference there. The subject was faith. I felt that I could spend the rest of my life in that capacity – giving freely what I've been given. I loved it, because I felt I was making a difference. This was better than the dream of standing before the Supreme Court as an attorney (I'm over that). I want to stand before people and declare that "God has hope for you," because God has given me hope in the worse situations. For all of these reasons, I wish to receive a copy of the book. But, if I'm not chosen, I'll purchase it on my Kindle. God bless you – and thanks for the post.

  • @bkcoleman

    Would love to read his book. Enjoyed his previous work.

  • Andy Scott

    I am fifty-five years old. I realize it is likely that my future will be shorter than my past. This thought brings clarity. I am thinking about where I am and where I would like to be and how I may give to / serve / encourage/ care for/ motivate others positively in the time that remains. I would like to read Max's thoughts and gather more wisdom from a fellow traveler. Thank you for pointing us once again to this genuine servant of God!

  • Stephen Panaro

    Dear Mr. Hyatt:

    Having heard of the book from following Max on
    Twitter I was fascinated to read your posting.
    What a challenge to read Max’s responses to your
    questions. I believe that reading this book would
    challenge and help me to do more for others. As
    a Christian I know I fall short in helping others.
    I appreciated your post and the opportunity to receive
    the book. I would read it as soon as I received it.

  • DJS

    Max is a leader who inspires me to action in areas of my Christian life. Based on the statistics quoted in the interview above, many of us need to hear God's call to action in this area. I have read many of Max's books and have yet to read a Max Lucado book from which I didn't receive a blessing and equipping to share in ministry to others. I have no doubt that this book will be the same. I'll be celebrating my 41st birthday on 9/17. I can't think of a better book to influence my thinking and life planning for the next several years. Thank you for providing all of the content which you share through your tweets and various posts. They are much appreciated.

  • WendyCH

    Thank you for sharing inspiring books with us. I have always enjoyed Max Lucado's books and look forward to reading this one as well. As a stay-at-home mom of two girls under the age of 3, I often think of how I can pass along a servant attitude to them and the importance of serving the "least of these"…and many others around us in our neighborhood that we can serve. My girls have always enjoyed Hermie & Wormie movies and refer to Max Lucado as Mashed Potato (it was too cute to correct them on his real name…hope he doesn't mind)! :) Anyway, I would love to read the book and pass it along to many other mom friends of mine that have a similar passion. Thanks!

  • @dscottwilke

    I have read and been inspired by Max's books in the past. As a small group leader, this topic seems very timely since our group is praying for God's guidance as we seek ways to serve our community together. This sounds like a book we may want to considering studying together. Thanks for the opportunity. Oh, and I promise to read the book!

  • @RickyFranklin

    Michael, as a husband, parent of 5 biological kids under the ages of 16, a foster parent of two kids (6&8) that we are in the process of adopting, a Pastor of a church plant, and the Spiritual/Character Chair of my local high school PTSA, I find myself in the place of influencing people on a minute by minute basis. Reading inspirational, motivational, and practical books from authors like Max Lucado help me be a better influencer. I'd love to learn how "Out live my life" and teach others in the process. Blessings, Ricky Franklin

  • Willis

    I have truly enjoyed every Max Lucado book that has been written. The insight and description that he gives is by far the best I have ever read. I know this new book will continue to provide fresh and interesting looks into the christian life and how we can live life to its fullest following Jesus. I have found it hard to put down Max Lucado books once I begin reading. I know it will be no problem to read all of the new book and reread it in the future after recommending it to others.

  • Providencemanor

    This post has intrigued me to read Max's new book & Fearless as well. This year has been one of beautiful growth and surrender as God has seen fit to remove things that hindered me. Last year my husband was laid off, then I was, lost my contacts, went on a trip, found myself with no internet, facing the fact that God really wanted my attention. A few weeks later my husband was diagnosed with a serious illness. We are 10 months removed and God has been faithful to keep us well fed, in our home and my husband is recovering. God allowed me and 2 of my kids to experience a glorious mission trip to Honduras this year where we met the people of El Swampo. Similarly to Max's story, I've been shown how very much I'm blessed and the needs of people who have so much less than I do but so much joy despite it! I am completely transformed. I do not want my old life back. Outliving my Life sounds perfectly wonderful and exactly what is on my agenda already. Can't wait to find out what Max has to say about it! I have to wait for my library copy to read it unless you see fit to pick me for this contest. Either way, it will be on my bookshelf soon.

  • quikcuts

    First I would love a copy because I have always been touched by Max's writings. I also have been told so many times that I can help in the church with teaching and with other things but when it comes to missionary work outside the church I am not useful because I have been divorced and remarried. The divorce happened before I gave my life over to Christ entirely in my heart. I know that God has blessed my marriage now and I also know that God has forgiven my past and I have never understood why if God has forgiven me and can use me the church still finds me useless out reaching others. Am I wrong in my thinking. I thought forgiveness was forgiveness. I thought I would be able to be used out in the missionary field if God is calling me, and not be stopped by the laws of the church. I am hoping the book will answer some questions.
    I also promise to read this book and to loan it to my friends and to my pastor, or to recommend it since the proceeds go 100% to world vision and I support a child through them and I love what they do.

  • Sarah Hubbell

    Whoa. Wow. This is amazingly timely. I don't know WHAT's going on but people are waking up, our eyes are being opened. I wrote a post about the effect God is having in my life and the lives of those around me to not only CARE about the world but DO something about it…just yesterday. ( Then I see this today. All around me Christians…ordinary people…are hearing His voice and being called out. I can't wait to read this book. Sounds like one we might want to work through in my brand spanking new orphan care ministry LifeGroup. At the moment we are reading Fields of the Fatherless together.

    I love Max's writing and I'm so glad he is addressing this movement and the huge need for it.

  • @chapswoodard

    As a Navy chaplain serving Marines, I work with young Marines everyday who are seeking to make a difference. They have volunteered into the service of their country. So many of them are in the formative years of their lives and are seeking to find a way to make their lives count for something. They all have this idea that the Marine Corps is something bigger than themselves and many are struggling to find the best way to make a continuing difference in the world around them.
    It sounds like this book would give me some tools as I continue my dialogue with these fine, young men and women.

  • Brian

    I'd love a copy of this book. I find myself at a strange crossroads. I'm 43 and a new father to a pair of boys (brothers 23 mo. and 5 mo.) from Ethiopia whom my wife and I brought home on Sept. 4th. In the same year, I'm acquiring babies and bifocals…crazy!

    Having seen firsthand the poverty in Ethiopia and wondering how God is calling me to invest the rest of my life, I'd love some encouragement and admonishment from Max Lucado as I seek direction for myself and my congregation.

  • Tonya

    I became a Max Lucado fan after reading his book, "Fearless." I received the book through my participation in Book Sneeze. That book changed my life! I joyfully wrote about that book on my blog and I made my husband read it during his deployment. As a military family, it's easy to get caught up in fear, but this book helped us to overcome it.

    I have high expectations of this new book and it's just what I need in this season of life. I'm a public health educator that is currently living life as a stay at home mom to take care of my son with special needs. I loved to work because it was my way of making a difference in the lives of others by giving them tools to live a healthy life. I believe this book would light the fire I need to get going again to make an impact in the world.

    If I was lucky enough to win this book, I would gladly read it and blog about it. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway and spreading the word about such a wonderful author that is clearly doing the work of the Lord.

  • Georgiana

    What do I want to be remembered for during my journey here on earth? The world’s ultimate goal is to achieve wealth, power, fame. I choose to live above and beyond all these earthly endeavors and to “Outlive My Life” for Jesus. My striving focus is to reflect his enduring and unfailing love to others in all areas of my life.
    This book will challenge me with a new way of thinking to constantly be engaged with my life – everyday, every hour, every minute, every moment. I want Godly quality not earthly quantity. I choose to “Outlive My Life” by taking a stand for Jesus, living with passion for Jesus, striving for excellence for Jesus and embracing commitment for Jesus!

  • craig altrock

    Because I was converted in high school, have three boys (13, 10, and 8), and want to do everything I can to ensure the legacy of my highschool decision outlasts my short life.

  • CCW

    For my newborn son, he has given me a new focus and priority in my life to set a good example. I am beginning with patience, kindness, and generosity.

  • Janice Chadwick

    I really want to start helping those in need in any way that I can. I have very little money myself, but I would like to offer my time and talents to help others (along with what little money I can probably contribute). I am open to any ideas and motivation to help me get active in helping others who are poor and hungry, or have no health insurance to be able to afford medical care or medicines. I would also like more ideas for social projects that the women's group in my parish could get involved in, as we are always looking for new projects we can get involved in, aimed more towards our local community rather than just to others in my parish. Also, I have a lot of Rev. Lucado's books, but can pretty much only buy used books these days.

  • Barry Naone

    I beleive that by having a copy of this book and reading it's entirety will allow me to be a more effective leader in my church, my family and my community. I enjoy reading the word of God and books by alot of different authors but my all time favorite is Max Lucado. The title alone "STANDS OUT" and I know that it will inspire me by reading it and it will also enable me to inspire others. I come from a community in Hawaii that has been labeled as "hopeless", "drug addicts", "gone out of control" but I am sure that a book like this could make an impact in the live of people living in the community. How do I plan to reach out to them? Through our cell groups or use it as an outreach. I do thank you for this time you've given to all to leave a response to obtain a copy of Max's new book.


  • @LibraryPiglet

    I have bought several of Max Lucado's books over the years, last year's "Fearless" was the first one I read (I know, I hang my head in shame – but better late than never). I got hooked, which the Lord knew would happen. See, I tend to only read what He tells me to. On occasion He lets me make my own decision – which is usually a cozy mystery. Two in a row is usually His limit and then it's time for me to go back to His reading list and Max's "Out Live Your Life" is most definitely on the Lord's reading list – the top!

  • Rick Medlin

    Max's "Come Thirsty" was the only Christian book I've ever read that made me cry, think, and resolve to strengthen my walk with God. If his new book is anything like that one, I'd love to have a copy and then pass it on to someone else so the message keeps getting spread.

  • Ram P

    Just this line "We are created by a great God to do great works. He invites us to outlive our lives, not just in heaven but here on earth" by Max Lucado is more than enough for me to read this book. I'm blessed to be fortunate enough to be able to help where & when possible and this book I'd imagine would be helpful in taking it even further.

    Thanks for the opportunity Mr.Hyatt and everything you share with us on this blog. I'll try to make a difference for at least some in need where possible.

    -Ram P

  • Luke

    A lot of people laugh when I call myself a tool. But that is exactly what I am, and why I liked Max's answer to your third question of this blog. I am a maintenance man using tools each day to get the necessary jobs done. I believe God has the greatest toolbox ever. He can pick out the perfect tool for each job. What kind of tool are you? Have you seen the remarkable work tools can do in the hands of THE great carpenter? I would love to read more about this book. Thanks Michael for sharing this with your readers.

  • Karen Autrey

    First and foremost, the title is intriguing to me. Secondly, this leads to the more important reason for wanting this book. I work in a nursing facility and I have the responsiblity to provide programs that enhance the quality of life of the clients I work with. God has provided me a unique opportunity to be able to discuss God, Christianity and spiritual matters as this is part of "quality of life". One of the programs I incorporated is leading a book club. This book club has lead to many discussions about Christianity, making a difference, knowing they have a purpose in life. One book lead to these folks (ages 50 through 90) discussing poverty and hunger. They decided that even though they reside in a nursing facility they could still make a difference. They organized a food drive and donated it to a local church's food pantry. I wuld like to read Outlive Your Life to my clients. I truly believe this will impact all involved and like a stone when tossed into the pond it will have a ripple effect.

  • Pam Jenkins

    My husband and I were very active in missions until he began to have numerous health problems several years ago. I feel like we've been standing by and letting others do the work since then. I know there are things we can do even though his health and our limited resources prevent us from going as much. I look forward to reading this book and finding ways that we can continue to make a difference.

  • Trina

    Praise the Lord!

    Max Lucado is truly a blessing. I love reading his books & so does our adult sunday school class.

    We''ve used many of his books (Come Thristy, Facing Your Giants, Cure for the Common Life, and the latest…Fearless to name a few) for our lessons and have integrated them into our Adult Sunday School Curriculum.

    It's so exciting to get a copy of Max's latest release. Usually our local christian bookstore (Logos) lets me know via email or flyer about the newest releases. I then go to the store to purchase it. I read over the front and back covers, get in line, still reading, and then purchase it. I can barely wait to get into the car to read it (of course if i'm not driving). Finally, when i get home, i'm able to enjoy the book. When i finish reading the entire book, i am then ready to share Max and his latest release with our Adult Sunday School Class.

    (part 1 of 2 – please read the next comment)

  • Trina

    Part 2 of 2

    Max's books have encouraged and illuminated who God is in our lives. The transformation that occurs within each person every week as we go through the chapters is so apparent. God's Word is signed in his books ~ it is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We are sealed with faith, hope, and love as the Holy Spirit leads, guides, and directs us. Max's books definitely, without a doubt, delivers us in every area of our lives as the platform is set for sharing and fellowship through the discussion guides. I thank the Lord for Max, his wife Denalyn, his ohana (family) , and entire team and I pray that God will continually lead, guide, direct, and bless them in all that they do for sowing into God's Kingdom one book at a time.

    Aloha ke Akua (God is love

  • Jennifer

    What a great interview with Max! I have enjoyed reading Max Lucado's books over the past 25 years (since I was a young teen). He has great insight into the Christian life and what it means to be a Christian in today's world. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to serve in several long and short-term mission positions over the years, working to reach out to the 'have nots' of the world, many who end up teaching me in the process…probably even more than I am helping them. I strive to serve others in my daily life.

    Earlier this summer I was let go from my job and have been searching since then as to where God is leading my life. I am struggling to find what His purpose for me is and hope that this book could help in being a jumpstart to finding this purpose. I would most definitely read the book and share it with others in my church and small group study!

  • @jimbiosis

    To borrow one of Michael's comments from the past, I love reading Max's work for his crafting of words as much as his content. The world has its expectations of me, and the regularity I can expect can be both daunting and depressing influences. If I delve into my heart, I know I should be fearless, something Max has been keen to share in recent times. Max's many gifts are expressed through his works for a purpose – to make people know Jesus, not as words on paper but in reality. From this interview, and from what I've read about the book, it appears that Max wants to help us to the next level of knowing Christ and his empowering outworking. I'd be honoured to have Max's signature – a saint I'll meet in the next world if not the present.

  • anastazja

    i'm living in poland, which is full of both "haves" and "havenots" and would like to get involved in social actions organized by Christians in this country. a time of crisis that the hold of the institutional catholic church is going through in my country, i think is a chance for genuine Christianity to come out of the shadows. Polish Christians need to get involved – in Poland and beyond. i think Max's book might help motivate us.

  • Grant Armendariz

    I stumbled across Max Lucado's book Facing Your Giants. It lifted my depression and allowed me, with prayer and God's help to struggle anew in this awful economy. My business has been impacted horribly and I am at a loss to decide anything other than to endure it. I understand what Max Lucado is teaching,ministering and I want more of it. A free book would be great at this time of my short income, but a signed edition by Max would have a place in my bookshelf forever.

  • Jefferson

    I am very eager to read this book.
    There was a major 'event' in my life a few months ago (it had been brewing for a year but it came to a head in June) and it made me realize what a selfish and shallow person I've had grown to be. If the past few weeks I've been making lists and efforts to not only change this, but to be a person my kids can be proud of and would want THEIR eventual children to be proud of.

    The changes I can make in my immediate life/family have already begun and will grow exponentially moving forward. The goal is to grow to a point where my efforts to be selfless and accomodating can exceed the family circle and work it way into town, and then the state, and then the nation, etc.

    I think I can learn a lot from Max's book and would certainly read it cover to cover once I owned a copy.

  • Gina Burgess

    As I was reading this, I was afraid. I was actually terrified that God wanted me to do something I wasn't prepared to do. Terrified that I would be lifted out of my comfort zone and placed smack in the middle of His work that He had prepared for me to do which wasn't in my comfortable home in my comfortable neighborhood. Why is it we have to sit for awhile to contemplate that job? Why must we "pray about" something that God has clearly commanded us to do all through His Word? I'm a typical American, comfortable sitting at my computer and writing while my Spiritual muscles atrophy, confident in my head knowledge but weak in my musculature because I'm frightened that I just might make a difference but in a way I am not comfortable.

  • @Langer123

    Its so easy to just get caught up in life that you miss what's happening all around. It's also so easy to choose not to see what's going on. It sounds like a great book that will help people not only see reality, but do something about it. I have had the privilege of running my churches short-term missions program and it is amazing to watch peoples eyes be opened to what is happening in the world around them. Its equally amazing to see that we all can do something. Great interview

  • Kurt M.


    Thanks again for taking the time to open our eyes on such a great subject. As there are people in the world who continue to try and prove that the world wasn't created by God….its books like this that give us the hope for a better tomorrow and that there's more to life than what we are currently giving. Keep up the great work on bringing people like Max into our lives. I know I need it.

  • Deb Kalmbach

    My world has been shaken since I read Rich Stearn's book last year. I am challenged to make a difference with my life! Max Lucado's writing has always touched me deeply and I would love the opportunity to learn more from his down-to-earth wisdom. Thank you!

  • @Daileen_Marie

    I'm 18 years old & I'm a Ovarian Teratoma Cancer Survivor, I was 5 years old when I was diagnose & battled with cancer till January, 2009. Going through treatment and the hard times I always read Max Lucado books, like He Chose the Nails, Experiencing the Heart of Jesus, The Cure for the Common Life, etc. Ever since I can remember my parents have had Max Lucado books and I enjoy reading them. They inspire me to do things, to talk to people to do things and even change my whole relationship with Christ. I recently finish reading Facing your giants and my God did that book changed my outlook on how I face my problems! I really truly want Outlive your Life because I think it will continue to help me grow in Christ, and strengthen my relationship with Christ!

    I promise that I will read this book, not only read but apply it to my day to day life.

    • Bishop Rodgers

      She deserves this book, What a strong girl at such a young age get diagnose with Ovarian Cancer fight for her life and still manage to keep her faith strong and going, WOW truly an eye opener to my life!!!! She deserves a book Max Lucado!

  • Nina

    Over the years, I have fed my neighbor and my brother when they needed help. But short of sponsoring one World Vision child, I have not done much for the world that is hungry. We are being bombarded to help others abroad, as more and more natural disasters fall upon the already poverty stricken. In an effort to be more of assistance to those in need, I have joined Rotary. The church supports missions, but it is World Vision (and others) and Rotary (and others) that supply food, medicines — real help to real people. I want to become more involved, and look forward to reading Max's new book! Thanks for this interview!

  • kim

    Hi. I'm happy I saw your tweet about this book, otherwise I may not have known about it. I've read Max Lucado's books before and am always touched and feel my eyes and my heart open. It's been a few years though, and I have a short story to tell to illustrate why I want a copy of this book.

    About a year ago, I allowed myself to become too influenced by some worldly things and I stepped away from God. I thought it happened suddenly, but when I look back I see how it happened slowly, sneakily. I'm still living in a place of regret about it, and I've asked the Lord to forgive me and I know he has, but I struggle with forgiving myself. In my journey back, I've done a lot of thinking and a lot of praying about how I can not only "come back" to my relationship with God, but how I can improve it. And I know the only way to do that is to give myself wholly to Him. It's so odd, how easy it is to give yourself wholly to the world and how hard I can make it to give myself wholly to the one who made me and loves me unconditionally. what's that about?

    anyway, back to the point. When I was younger, I thought the best way to contribute to the world was to have children and raise them to love the Lord, share Him with others, and give to those who need. Now, I'm 40, I'm not married and I have no children and I cannot ever be pregnant. There will never be that little girl who looks like me the way I look like my mother and my grandmother, that I can teach those things, that will have children of her own and teach them… I can't do the thing that I thought was my thing to do, my way to contribute. So, I've begun looking for new ways to contribute. New ways to help people, new ways of thinking. I sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry. I help my family and my friends, and I help at the food bank in my community, and I've volunteered for community restoration projects. But I know in my heart that I can do more, I can make a bigger contribution, I know it, I know I'm meant to do more. But I don't know what that IS. I don't know how to find it. And I'm more than a little scared of what it might be and whether or not I'll have the faith and courage to do it. I want to read Max's book because I hope it might buoy me, I hope it might give me a little push to do what's right. I want to leave a legacy here, and that's selfish, but I'm hoping to turn my selfish desire to leave a legacy into something brighter for others. I don't know what that something is, and I don't know how to accomplish it, but I do know that I want to be a part of it. I'm not looking for recognition or appreciation, I don't want to say "hey, look at me, look at what I did", but I do want to be an example for my nieces and nephews so that when they grow up they want to contribute too.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. And whether or not I get a book isn't even the point anymore, I think I just needed to express this thing in my heart and find a way to sort it all out. thanks for the opportunity.

  • Eva Pauline Scott

    I am curious about this book, because it has been mentioned in a Bible class, by Dave Ramsey, and also on your blog. I would like to win a copy to find out if there is something I could do to make a difference that I'm not doing yet. It sounds as if some of the ideas are do-able by "ordinary" people.

  • Eric Lind

    I am in the recreational vehicle business. The ultimate discretionary purchase in the biggest economic downturn since the great depression. (Sound like I've said that a few times?) Fear has been a big part of my business world for the past three years. My faith in God, and Max's book "Fearless: Imagine your life without fear" have been what have taken me through the past three years. I've been looking forward to a new Max Lucado book, and would absolutely love to get one of the autographed copies. I am a huge fan of Max, and of your blog.

  • Daniel Becerra

    I want a copy of this book because I really just want to get an idea of what His people would do when they meet others in desperate situations. I weep often for the lost students in my university and I have no idea where to start but on my knees. The only ideas I get come from getting on my knees and praying to the almighty. The lost students on my campus are far from poor, but man… they have enough to HELP the poor!

    If I can just continue to get on my knees and continue to fill myself with inspiration and ideas from Biblical and life examples, then I am confident, I believe God can move in my university. Of course I promise to read this book

  • Katie

    I don't want to be part of a generation that turns a blind eye to all the need that is out there. We focus so much on ourselves and what we want and need. Part of the way I want to make a difference is helping my generation see these things and mobilize them to do so. However, the change must first start in me. I would love to read this book and allow it to impact me and open my eyes to the needs in the world today.

  • petetackett

    I am wrapping up an 18 month "halftime" after pastoring for 25 years and have really spent a lot of time considering what is important as we lead churches and Christian organizations. I think this book would be a good final read before I return to the pastorate. If I am selected, I most certainly will read it.

  • laura west kong

    Hi Michael,
    Hi Michael,
    After reading the interview and book excerpt from Max's site I am totally inspired. Thank you! I'm in the middle of setting up a creative project of my own (2 Cute Quilts) to benefit World Vision and other ministries, and make a difference in people's lives. I was planning to donate 20% of my profits, but now realize that although 20% is nice, I want to dedicate this venture completely to the Lord and making a difference by giving 100% of the profits. I hope to gain even more insights from Max's book on ways to make a positive impact through 2 Cute Quilts as well as my life in general.

    • laura west kong

      P.S. I promise to read the book :)

  • Brad

    I feel that God is calling me to do more with my life. Truly be a brother to others. What does that look like? What does it require from me? How do I outlive myself?

  • Davis Cutshaw

    I think I could use a book like this. I have a lot of issues I deal with on a daily basis but one that can hit me the hardest is the struggle for significance. With the day to day busyness of working a full-time job and raising a young family i find very little time for the things that make me feel alive( music/writing). The things I think I'm supposed to be doing. So i guess what I'm saying is that I could just use a little guidance and encouragement.

    Thanks for cool opportunities like this.

  • Stephanie

    A few months ago, I listened to Andy Stanley's sermon series, How to Be Rich. In one message he challenged us in the area of intentional, consistent service because we are rich and therefore should give and do more. As a new solopreneur, I have complete control over my schedule and have been praying about how I can "do more." Just today I was presented with an opportunity for ongoing service with a local ministry. Max's book is on target with the thoughts and desires that have surfaced for me in the past few months. I'd love to see how God would speak to me through it and pray that it would bring some clarity to my process and decisions.

  • jody

    Anything Max writes is a worthwhile read. I pray that one day my girls and I can make a difference in the lives of ones who struggle like we do. My girls are truly gifts from God, and I know without a doubt that they have been chosen to do something awesome. Two years after their father walked out on us, my now 12 yr old was saved in a wreck by a fallen tree. She was partially ejected. All I could see of her were her legs and my first thought was that she was gone…a wake up call for me…they were what was important-not him. My other daughter was healed in the womb. Amniotic fluids showed a neurological defect. A computer mistake is what I was told. So why does she have a birthmark consistent with the defect, but is a healthy, normal 15 year old? I know the answer-God does still perform miracles. Both of them are active in youth and mission work. We are just "regular folks" who love God. HE has truly blessed me with these girls. I will purchase this new book and make it a "family read". Having an autographed copy would most certainly be a "sign" for me…a "God wink". By the way, the only Bible I use is my Max Bible…wouldn't want to be without it!

  • Daniel

    the insight into how to make myself responsible for my generation in Christ's love and the apostles' mode will just be … invaluable.

  • Gloria

    Yearning to make a difference in the world, having a big dream burn in the heart but not knowing how to get started or whether its even possible.

    To remember that the disciples were ordinary people too makes me smile. I'd love to read his book to garner inspiration, get wisdom and fuel the dreams within!

  • Roana Bianca Reyes

    I want a copy of this book because I love Max Lucado and I love the fact that all the royalties will go to help the "have nots" in the world and I know I need that push to "get mad and do something about it"!

    But whether or not I get the free copy, this article prompted me to really do something about it — and as a gift to myself in my upcoming birthday this October, I will sponsor a child through World Vision. :)

    ~From a Filipino currently living in Singapore

  • Scott Van Dam

    Your interview with Max intrigued me and it comes at a time when I have been contemplating my story. My prayers have been about living a life that is meaningful yet I often struggle with worry & I flirt with anxiety. Is it the economic conditions? Is it having 3 little children at home? Then with reading this post I am reminded that I live in one of the richest countries in the world. It became starkingly clear how blessed we really are when several of my good friends were visiting Port au Prince, Haiti as part of a mission trip to a Christian School that my church supports when they felt the earth quake beneath them. They survived the massive natural disaster – just barely and after 5 terrifying days they finally made contact with home. (Praise God!) Their stories paint a first hand picture of the devastation and poverty on a scale that we cannot even imagine. Thanks for reminding me of how blessed we truly are and for fueling my contemplation of living a more meaningful story. I'm sure this book will help stir up some enthusasm to live for others and obey the command of God to love your neighbour as your self.

  • Dave VanAtter

    I pastor a new church plant in Frankfort, Ky and I love Max's writing. He has inspired me to be a better writer and I appreciate the approachability of his books. In fact, Six Hours One friday is a yearly read as I prepare for the Easter series. Can't wait to read this one.

  • Jacob

    I would love to read this book because I am interested in how Max thinks we can outlive our life! I am a college student and recently I have been in my cultural studies class and we have been talking a lot about poverty. People either answer our discussions with denial that there is poverty or they respond in a way that puts all of the blame on those that are extremely rich or powerful! I want to be a voice saying that the problems of poverty and hunger are problems for each of us to confront in a personal and ordinary way. What if the 60 students in our class decided that although we may be ordinary…we are still going to stand up and make a difference about poverty? There would be an exponential effect on our campus!

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  • Stephanie Whitcomb

    Oh boy–I have no idea how to make sure Max Lucado gets this message but I certainly hope someone can pass this along to him for I want bo give thanks to him.

    I am 29, divorced and have been a Christian majority of my life. God is number one and will always be in my life. This year, I went to my favorite “Lifeway” Christian book store and bought the book that Max Lucado wrote “Experiencing the Heart of Jesus.” I do a daily Bible study at my fav. Starbucks each day after my 12 hour shift at the hospital so I can learn more about God, and how to follow his commandments….well once I opened the book I bought from Max Lucado, this workbook has changed my life. No matter how deep of a relationship I had with God before….our relationship is deeper than it ever has been before. I have to give thanks to Max for his books, but this one, he has changed my life. I hope he gets this message. He puts the scriptures in ways I can understand and teaches me how to be an ever better daughter of Christ. Thank you so much Max Lucado for changing my life….and making my relationship with God on an even deeper level. Thank you so very much!!!
    Stephanie N. Whitcomb
    Louisville KY

    • Michael Hyatt

      I just forward your comment to Max via e-mail. I know this will bless him. Thanks for commenting!