An Interview with Tim Sanders, Author of Today We Are Rich

I first became acquainted with Tim Sanders when I read his first book, Love Is the Killer App. It is still one of my favorite business books. I have given dozens of copies away. As a result, I was very eager to review his newest book, Today We Are Rich.

Tim begins the book by telling the compelling story of his grandmother, Billye, who raised him. Though she didn’t have much in the way of worldly wealth, she imparted to him an “abundance mindset” that proved to be far more valuable. She intentionally passed this on to Tim in the form of homespun wisdom.

Tim used these principles to build his confidence and succeed in life. By the time he was a freshman in college, he had become the class president. He was on top of the world. Everything seemed to be going his way.

However, one day he got a call that his father had been murdered. This caught him completely by surprise. He became angry at God and rejected everything Billye had ever taught him. This launched him on a “sideways journey” that lasted thirteen years.

Finally, he remembered what Billye had taught him. He wanted to get back on the right path, so he called Billye and asked for her advice. She asked him a very profound question:

What are you not doing today that you were doing when you were on top of the world?”

Tim goes on to share Billye’s wisdom in a series of seven principles:

  1. Feed your mind good stuff.
  2. Move the conversation forward.
  3. Exercise your gratitude muscle.
  4. Give to be rich.
  5. Prepare yourself.
  6. Balance your confidence.
  7. Promise made, promise kept.

If you feel like you are just hanging in there, or life’s curveballs have thrown you off balance, you need this book. If you like Andy Andrews, you will love this book. I promise, it will encourage you and rekindle the dreams you have stored in your heart. I think this book is destined to become a classic.

I gave away 100 copies of Today We Are Rich. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: If you have read this book, what did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Cyberquill

    Why do I want a copy of this book? Well, I’m literally down to my last few hundred bucks with zero coming in and no clue how to dig myself out of this hole, so anything with the word “rich” in its title sounds like something I ought to be trying to get my hands on at this point. (In the interest of full disclosure, just yesterday I received Weird from your last giveaway—-thank you very much—and I already have way too many unread books that I’m on the verge of selling in bulk anyway. So in a sense, the last thing I need is another book.)

    • Michael Hyatt

      This is definitely one worth reading. It is perfect for where you are at.

      • Calin

        Ok, Sir, this was my statement from yesterday:

        “From the business side I am still recovering from an insolvency and lots of financial problems, started about 2 years ago.

        The most difficult part was the mental and belief recovery, but that`s almost done. Now there is the financial recovery on the way but for that in order to happen I need to commit.

        When I said “almost” regarding the mental side of the story I said it because I need to act now, to commit, but still the unbelief comes and say, you cannot do it again, you do not have enough resources (money) so again that puts me in the situation to jump without the net. So, the fact is, until I will hesitate to commit (take action) the mental (belief) side will not be healed completely. ”

        I hope this book will help me put the things in the right perspective and move forward.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Got it. Thanks.

      • Cyberquill

        Book received. Thank you.

  • Jake Olson

    I really want this book because I’m in a rut professionally (and probably personally.) I’m really tired of my job; not because it’s a bad job, but because I’m doing something I don’t really care about anymore. I’m eager to be in a business for myself doing something I love, but I know it’s not the time yet, and I’m not even sure yet what that would be.

    I’ve been through a lot in the last few years that have made it easy to justify being in a rut (two babies, finishing a degree in my spare time, a big job transition, etc) but I think it’s time to start taking care of my inner life again.

    • Michael Hyatt

      This book is PERFECT for anyone who finds themselves in a rut.

    • Tim Sanders

      You can find your way out, and you’ve take your first step. It’s the folks that say, “everything’s fine, I’m just unlucky that are in trouble.”

      Best to you my new friend!

      Tim Sanders

  • Scott

    As a minister, I feel as if I’m always in a position of “having to give.” Now, don’t get me wrong, or mishear what I’m trying to say. Most days “giving of myself” is a joyful event, much of my calling, actually. The challenge rests in keeping a good boundary and learning to say, “no” in ways that others do not hear as offensive or intimidating. That said (typed), I’m interested in receiving this book because it will allow me a bit of self-respite. It will provide me with some material that empowers some good self care. And, I’ve discovered over the years that a bit of good self-care goes a long way in empowering my “giving.”

  • Lauri Rottmayer

    I, too, loved Love is the Killer App. I’d love to read this book as well. I’m getting ready to step into a whole new area of life. I haven’t really got any idea of what to expect or what I will do when I get there. A book that would help me with the positive introspection would be awesome. Thank you!

  • Cyndie Barnes

    I am affiliated with a ministry for moms of all walks of life, mostly indigent…and it would be a great resource to share with the help of your book…

  • Paul Evans

    Tim and Michael,

    Thanks for the solid thoughts.

    Regardless of our bank accounts we all have so much to give.

    Have a great day!

  • rachaels

    because it is on my wish list… i tend to yoyo between too much and too little confidence and i want to find a place where i am not only confident, but i also remain grounded. i want to be able to live my life fully, i want to get unstuck.

  • Calin

    I guess my yesterday’s comment tells a lot why I would need this book. :) Should I repeat it?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, because I won’t remember by next week when I chose the winners!

  • Michael

    Have followed your blog for the last six months since my brother got me started on it. Why do I want it? I am a 23 year old business owner who never went to college and instead read a new book about every 2 weeks- i really feel that this would be somewhat of a reality check for some of us young entrepreneurs.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to receive this book because my life is in the midst of change. Reading the list of 7 principles, # 4 & 5 especially, really struck a chord in me. I LOVE Andy Andrew’s & you say that anyone who enjoys Andy will also enjoy this author. I feel guilty for even commenting to receive a free book, as I am already one of those receiving Andy’s new book. To be getting that one has thrilled me this week & feel so blessed by that gift. Yet, to discover a new author, is an exciting thought to me.

  • Marc Donaldson

    Because I AM rich. I’m a fan of Tim Sanders and want to spread the wealth, not of who he is but of the killer app… love. As a pastor I want to see how his experience jives w mine and glean what I can to influence people for Jesus, who IS Love.

  • DDM65

    We all need some inspiration and guidance from others.. In my mind I know I should be the happiest person but for some reason I am my own worst enemy. Maybe a copy of this book is just what I need.

  • @jonsothin

    Sounds like a great book!

  • Alicia Scott

    Wow – LOVE it! Just ordered a copy on Amazon – soooo – the FREEEEEE one would be a GIFT to someone else. Thank God for this truth and this message – great timing! The nonprofit ( where I serve on the board has a chalk sign next to the front door that says “God is not having an economic crisis!” So we’ve LOVED this message for many years. God BLESS you, Michael AND God bless Tim Sanders with a continued awareness of HIS power and presence and HIS abundance for us all. THANKS! Really appreciate your blog, Michael.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I love this sign!

      • Alicia Scott

        just emailed you the picture! :-) BLESSED Good Friday to you!

        • Michael Hyatt

          Got it. Thanks!

    • Tim

      Bless you Alicia – your comments and thoughts make us all richer. I hope you enjoy the book, love Billye and gain valuable insight from the experience.

      Tim Sanders

    • Robert Ewoldt

      Thanks for your comments, Alicia! God is NOT in an economic crisis; he gives us everything that we need in order to be rich… rich in grace, rich in love.

  • Eric Taylor

    I would love to read this book because of the many changes in my life and ministry that have taken place over the past year. It is so easy to get into a funk and wonder when God is going to rescue me. Truth is, he sends people into our lives, personally and professionally, to speak into our lives like Billye spoke into Tim’s life…like Tim could speak into mine. I need this book because I would love for Tim to speak wisdom and truth into my life.

  • Martin Daniel

    Hi Michael!

    Yep! I’m just hanging in there, and life’s curveballs have thrown me off balance. I definitely need this book.

    Btw, I enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing. You are a blessing

    Martin Daniel.

  • Flowsource

    What a great message. In today’s’ world we tend to look only at the monetary aspect of wealth. How much richer would our lives be if we could see this from God’s perspective,

  • Dave Baldwin

    Billye reminds me of my own Mom. She was a child during the Great Depression, but has always been positive & optimistic. Even when my Dad died when I was nine leaving my Mom and four of us kids she didn’t lose that. God has used my Mom, like he used Billye.
    Thank you for the interview Michael.

  • Adetola Popoola

    Like Tim I’ve found myself battling with grief and asking questions about my baby’s death. I think winning this book would be fantastic as grief was also what took him on this journey.

    Also, my grandmother was a mirror of faith for me when growing up. Unfortunately, she had died before I crossed this difficult path in my life and I didn’t have the luxury of asking questions like Tim.

    In addition, I have read a complimentary chapter and I’m already taking action by feeding my mind good stuff once I wake up instead of checking my emails first. I yearn for that passion I used to have for the things of GOD before that horrible day in November 2007.

  • Gerry Wiley

    I believe the principle that we grow wise when we walk with wise men. I would like to not only be able to glean wisdom from Tim but also be able to share it with others I walk with.

  • Cathryn Hasek

    Hello: I would love to read Tim’s book because I enjoy books that speak on how to get “through the thorn hedge.” I am a recovering sluggard and for the past six years I have done nothing but take care of my family until the last one passed away this past January (lost all four immediate family members within 7 years, the last two just this past year). Yes, it is a noble thing to care for your family and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but I lost all of my hopes and plans for my future because I couldn’t keep up with my life AND theirs.

    That said, a few months ago I was inspired to pick up my life goals again when I read Andy Andrew’s book, “The Traveler’s Gift.” In fact, I blog about my experiences/journey through his seven decisions for personal success, on my website. Now, it seems I could look into seven more if I read Tim’s book. I am willing to do anything to prune, heck, smash down the thorn hedge I built!


    Cathryn Hasek

  • Tim

    God has blessed this country in more ways then we can imagine. Because we have gotten away from our first love, I see some real problems with what is happening in our culture today. We are so rich that I am afraid we have gotten to the point that we do not need God. The riches are worldly and not based on godly principles. I am ministry supported and have a real burden for people to understand godly riches, and it seams that this book will inspire people to live godward lives. I am excited to see what God will do to people if they get back to his ways.

  • Anonymous

    Billye’s 7 principles make so much sense. Constantly affirming the richness you already have allows you to have a clearer vision of where you want to go and make decisions using the 7 principles.

  • Chris Jeub

    I read Norman Vincent Peale when in high school 25 years ago. I became a Christian at 17 through my friend who shared “Power of Positive Thinking” with me. I’m so glad to be reminded of Peale’s ideals.

    “The depression ended with the moms.” I can’t wait to read this with my dear wife. Hurry up and let me know I didn’t win the free copy, Michael. I’ll get one ordered.

  • Jimfitz2

    As the father of a teenager, it’s important to me that they understand that bad things do happen, and when they do, we don’t need to change who we are or what we are because of outside forces of which can’t control. We can control who we are and how we react. This book sounds like a great discussion and example of the principles I am trying to sow in the life of my son.

  • Tammy Doci

    I’m coordinating the ministry of Crown Financial Ministries in the country of Albania and the title itself is intriguing and raises the question of what kind of riches is he addressing. Sounds like a great read and with your backing, something I’d definitely like to get my hands on!

  • Philipp Knoll

    Hey Michael, of all the books you referred lately and all the interviews you shared this is the one with the strongest impact – at least on me. It definitely looks like this book is a must read and I’m certain that it will sell a good number of copies.

    I love how Tim breaks it down to such very fundamental principles. Those are where it all starts: happiness, abundance, success – you name it. It is all there if we embrace what we were given and share it with the ones around us – or if you want to go digital – share it with the world.

    Michael, you are rich by sharing your wisdom right here on you blog!

    Side note: So far I never considered to purchase an audio book. That might change now. The passion Tim shows and spreads brought tears to my eyes.

  • Joseph

    I would like to read this book because right now I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions. I have so many questions about what am I suppose to do? Do I finish school? Am I in the fight ministry? Do I stay at the job I’m at right now? I’m very confused right now. So maybe this book will help me make the wise choices.

    Joseph Waldrop

  • John Richardson

    What a timely interview, Michael. I could really relate to Tim’s story. I grew up with two of the greatest mentors that anyone could have. A Grandmother we called Momo, who was just like Billye, and a dad who always had a positive attitude. I can’t tell you how many times Momo’s wisdom played out in my life. She was always there to talk to and even though she went through the depression, she had that simple abundance mindset of giving and grace. Her stories and guidance made a huge difference in my life. I truly believe that grandmothers effect more change with their prayers than anyone else.

  • Vincent WEokem

    I need to increase my ability to put down things that will help me make wealth. I have struggled to get a second degree , after over fifteen years of first degree. I hardly make any savings . Any tool that will help me accelerate my ability to create wealth will be appreciated.

  • Kenny

    I have never read anything by Tim Sanders, and based on your comments, this book would be a great read. I like many others feel as if my life is in a rut. Recent events have disappointed me and also discouraged me. I need refueling, so that I can strive to make a difference with my life. Reading is something I enjoy doing, because it has the capacity to change my life.

  • Arnau van Wyngaard

    I am a minister and CEO of a Christian faith-based organization, giving our time, energy and resources freely to help thousands of people in Swaziland and South Africa living and dying with AIDS. I am also a bibliophile, always eager to read and learn from others. From the review, this seems like a good book to read in my present situation of leading more than 800 volunteers as they selflessly serve others. “Give to be rich”, sounds like a sound principle to me.

  • Dred Scott

    Books… Begin Our Own Knowledge…I have always valued books as a way to share our shared experiences and create relationships that can be nurtured. Anything I can do to help promote quality of life is a win-win process for me and those who become engaged.

  • Wanjema

    Great words, “Abundance is a declaration”, thanks for reminding us of this Tim. Nice principles too.

  • Adam

    Why do I want a copy of this book…Because I want to follow Tim’s first principle to “Feed Your Mind Good Stuff”

  • Jim Whitaker

    Great interview. It is a great concept to think about in light of our western concept of making money. I think fair too often we have the scarcity mentality instead of abundance mentality and makes it difficult to see that we can succeed together rather then we have to try and get the biggest piece of the pie. These seven principles are amazing and Tim is a great example of putting these practices into practice, even after going “sideways.” I appreciate the great questions. What are you not doing today that you were doing when you were on top of the world?” We need to ask ourselves the right questions to help “shape our destiny.” The seven principles are just fantastic for us to consider, feed your mind good stuff is so important not just that we read stuff that is of sound quality, but that we read for richness. I have found that just as much as the right Christian or leadership books makes a difference in my life, but so do the right poetry and short story books or the right biographies. I think that there has to be a breadth to the good stuff as much as there is good stuff to feed your mind. I can only imagine what the book tells about the other areas of becoming rich are, but I would love to find out, but more important, I would love to read the book and then pass it on so that it can touch others and not just myself. Thanks Michael for sharing this insight into a book that we might not have known about if it were not for you.

  • Sethcaddell

    I love Tim Sanders and have ever since I saw him at Catalyst Conference a couple years ago. Sander is such a good storyteller, and I’m dying to check out his new book.

  • Love in Marriage

    I just heard Tim Sanders on The Dave Ramsey Show last week talking about this book. Great minds (you and Dave) think alike.

    My husband and I are in a place where we could really use a book like this to re-ignite our passion for our dreams. We have been working on creating an abundance mentality and this book, especially the principles that Tim’s grandmother gave him, would be a wonderful inspiration. I think this is an incredible opportunity to refocus. And a great book for parents who want to create the same legacy for their family as Billye did for Tim.

    Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  • Ron Hurst


    Several years ago, I was fired from my dream job. I can tell you that my dismissal was NOT for the standard reasons (not performing up to par, lack of work ethic, calling in sick, revenue off, etc).

    On occasion, something will catch my attention that will trigger me back to my former job and launch me into what I call my “great disdain mode.” I hated that I lost my job and, hence, my career, and I hate it that I can still feel the pain today.

    I once met with my former minister (former because he moved away from the area and so did I) to talk about my situation. I asked him if my pained feelings would always be with me? He told me of a similar story that happened to him–that he was dismissed from his clergy position and had the same feelings that I had been experiencing. He felt that because my feelings were so deep, as his had been, that I would likely hold on to them, in some fashion, forever. I believe that to be the case.

  • womenlivingwell

    I not only love the discussion (and could always use a book that reminds me what really matters in life!) but can I tell you that we followed your advice and purchased the skype software to record a skype discussion and then my partner (who lives in Texas) and I (I live in Ohio) recorded our book club announcement together with the split screen – just like you did above! We had so much fun doing it!

    So thanks for recommending the software – it worked – here’s our 1 minute video – come check it out!

    Thanks and I’d love to win this book :-)!

  • Otai samuel

    I have been & still strugling to get the formular for being rich, but none has satisfied my needs, despite my hardwork. So what could be the secret in the “today we are rich!”. I need this book urgently. I need to follow up Tim’s answer to his grandma’s question ” (what are you not doing today,that you were doing when you were on Top of the world!) ” ,to his request for an advise.
    Sam Otai

  • Bob Baldwin

    As a person who finds himself frequently on a “Sideways Journey” understanding and applying the principles decribed in this book can hopefully reduce the frequency of those wayward journeys.

  • Jeff Herron

    Why do I want a copy of this book? This sounds like a book that meets me exactly where I am today. The life of a pastor is unique. Filled with a wide range of challenges, not the least of which is staying encouraged and charged up for the task of leading others. Speaking as one who’s passion meter has dipped a bit low lately, this book could be just the thing I need to get back on top again.

  • Dougrowles

    I love the idea of being rich with Christ!

  • Tracy Mazelin

    I heard Tim on the Dave Ramsey show a few days ago. I absolutely loved what he had to say and replayed it for my husband to listen too! I would be delighted to get a copy of this book and can tell it will have a big influence in my life. Thanks for the post!

  • Anonymous

    Michael, I really enjoy the video interviews that you have been doing. I would like to have a copy of this book to be able to read and teach my two young children that we are rich because of who we are not what we have. This book sounds as if it would be another great tool to help instill this lesson to them.

  • Melissa

    Sounds like something I’d love to read and review.
    Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway, your reviews inspire me to read more is why I’d love to have a copy.

  • Clara

    I would love a copy for my daughter, she is making her way back to God and the life of her childhood.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to get a copy of this book. While I am not dealing with anything nearly as traumatic as what Tim went through, I do find myself often de-railed from forward movement. Here I am on the cusp of launching my first business and I have no wind in my sails. Lately I’ve mostly been sidetracked by a bad relationship with my boss (who is also my father-in-law) and I sense that it’s beginning to define me. The outline of Tim’s book is so relevant and looks like it would challenge me to be more outwardly focused at a time when I am consumed with MY wants and MY dreams and MY problems.

  • Juan

    Hi Mike,
    Great post, Tim shows the example of how to overcome obstacles in our lives, how by making subtle but BIG changes we can change our life inspite of what Life throws at us. Coming from Mexico, no potable water, not electricity, not good roads, but having an intense deep desire to make it in life, to live better than what I saw, the only thing I had was the hard drive to push forward, fail and push and push. It is not easy specially when you are in the process, when you are the actor, the artist. Now I live better, but guess what? It never ends, I am happy, I have a beautiful family, I have my parents, I have a great job, I am looking for somethings on my own, I am devoted to God and still I think my life is just beginning, I am still going at it, I am trying to make a change. Hope to win the book the read deeper on what Tim did to be successful.

  • Brenda Mann

    I need a copy of this book to help me meet goal #1 – feed my mind good stuff…..and # 5 – to prepare myself for this world!
    Thanks for living those seven principals Michael.

  • Timothy Rush

    I don’t want the book. I plan to buy it to support Tim. I just wanted to tell you thank you for your ministry and your blog. You are doing amazing things. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


    Tim Rush
    Marion, Indiana

  • Heidi J

    I have heard about this book a lot now. I’m looking forward to reading it. Hope I win!

  • Lee Smith

    I’m going to buy TWAR anyway Michael.
    If you give me a copy, I will find someone who needs it and pass it on to them.
    (Scout’s honor!)

  • Cbender3

    This book comes at a great time as I have a friend who feels like he’s “just hanging in there” and I’d really like to get this book to him. I’d like to read it as well and discuss it with him in order to support him in getting out of his funk.

  • Shan Conner

    I’m the father of five children ranging in age from 3 weeks to 15 years. My number one concern in raising these kids right is to make absolutely sure they are steeped in Biblical principles and that they can apply these principles to their daily lives. To paraphrase Mr. Hyatt, to be a great leader you must be a follower, so I strive to learn from the best so that I can transfer this knowledge to my children. Based on what I’ve read about Mr. Sander’s book, it provides sound, proven principles that have been handed down to him. Now that’s the kind of wisdom I’m looking for!

  • Amy

    I direct a counseling ministry in a local church and we are working with people all the time who are thrown off balance. It would be wonderful to have another resource to help guide them and to help keep us on track.

  • Niksuela

    This book sounds like a godsend to me. I work for a company that was just bought out by another company. I was offered a position by the new company (unlike some of my colleagues) which I gratefully accepted. But I have been wondering of late, “My father worked jobs that he barely tolerated. Is that all there is for me, too?” This sounds like just the book to move me from a state of “just hanging around” onto a path of being more proactive about my career. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Andy

    After over 12 years of full time youth ministry, its easy to lose perspective on where we find or what we call abundance. You begin to ask questions like “Am I providing well for my family, or is this financial sacrifice I’m making going to have an affect on my four kids?” I’ve been asking that a lot lately and could use a little encouragement. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Tammyannmartin

    Hi Michael, Thank you for the opportunity tobe able to recieve this book. After reading what the book entails, I thought how perfect for me. I am a brand new grandmother. Alexandra is 2 weeks old. I never had grandparents that were there for me and I have made it my mission to be the best grandmother. To love and guide Alexandra in this world along with her wonderful parents. My dream has always been to open my own store, now even more so. I am going to be 50 in no time and wonder if I should still try to obtain this goal or am I wasting precious time?? I am a furniture sales manager and while I love sales and meeting new people everyday, my heart is no longer in making someone else money, while I am struggling to get by. I would love to learn about the world from a grandmother’s point of view. Thank you for the forum. I think it is a wonderful idea. Have a great day! Keep Smiling :)

    • Tammyannmartin

      The twitter link did not work for me…so I just copied and pasted on my twitter wall at furnitureladypa.

  • billbo45

    I am going to give a horn of plenty to my staff and relate the story. even if I don’t win a book I am buying one for each staff member. thanks for sharing

  • Lorie

    In a rut. as you call it or in a pit, as I have been calling it, sometimes I feel like we will never get out of this level of living we are in. Through bad choices, and poor management we have found ourselves literally scraping week to week. We are behind in most of our financial obligations and it is hard sometimes to keep a focus on the many blessings we are given each day, and to pass them along…somedays I do better than others. My husband tells me I am a pessimist, although I consider myself to be a realist. I have a hard time dreaming and would love to have dreams rekindled in my life. I would love the opportunity to read and share Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders.

  • Dan Greegor

    I would like a copy of this book because I would like to write a book myself. I have found that the more good material, the better my book will be.

  • Bcole39

    This is good stuff. I’d like to get this book so that I can implement these truths in my life and teach them to those in my blue collar congregation.

  • Gloria Maxx

    Hi Michael – I would like to have a copy of this book because I am in the middle of starting the project of my life, that I think is my destiny and I am scared and I procrastinate. My plan was to have launched for Easter – and it may happen in skeleton form, but not as I wanted it to be. I have also been unemployed since January, and it has taken me this long to secure a new opportunity which I begin on Monday. So, I am also being a little bit hard on myself as I was job hunting and this took up a lot of my time. I am looking for inspiration or maybe just a good kick in the pants to get going – and this book may be one of the answers. However, there are many more people who may benefit from it more … since I am decided on my path, and resolute in my vision. Just teetering on the edge – but will make it there, one way or another! Thanks, as always for your posts. -gloria maxx

  • Jud

    The one word that Tim used that sparked my interest was “wisdom.” Though she had little she planted in him her wisdom … which made her rich. Wisdom is something we all can use more of and it sounds like this book has some to give.

  • Jeanie_schwagerman

    Wow it looks like another great book give away! The principals make me think it is being rich in life. We have so many resources that God calls us to be good stewards. We also have opportunities that are often wasted. It reminds me of the parable of the good steward. One of the principals that I am very interested in the moving the conversation forward. There is always opportunities in conversation. I would love to post this book on my goodreads account! Jeanie Schwagerman

  • Ropella

    Good morning Michael,

    Ok so you may find this “comment” rather bizarre, or you may find it a God thing as I see it :) You decide. Normally I’d never take the time to do this , but yesterday I read your blog and felt led to write the below letter to of all people… ANDY ANDREWS. Then I eamiled him and am trying to get him on the phone now.

    Now I read in todays blog you mentioning Andy Andrews… and you add “If you feel like you are just hanging in there, or life’s curveballs have thrown you off balance, you need this book.” Honestly – I don’t complain much (outloud at least). I am more of an internalizer, a strategic thinker and problem solver… but lately I have felt like I have been floundering and have a stale feeling that I’m not living up to the full potenetial I know ( and others tell me) I should be.

    So yes, I’d like a copy of the book… and yes, would even like your help getting connected with Andy Andrews per the following letter. Am also very interested in your feedback reagarding the book idea outlined in the letter below… as you have a unique set of qualifactions in this light :) So here’s the letter: My website is

    Dear Andy,

    We met briefly at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL last year. You had just returned from the NE, from a corporate speaking engagement, and at the beginning of your presentation you humbly mentioned to the church audience, that you felt you were being led and were very much interested in taking your career in a more mission focused direction.

    I am reaching out to you now, as I have felt led for some time – but especially lately, that I should speak with you about the next steps in my career/ life’s direction. I am convinced we might greatly benefit each other as I too am moving further from a corporate focus and more towards a mission focus. being completely candid though, I just read Michael Hyatt’s daily blog titled: Leap & The Net Will Appear. Immediately, I decided right then – it’s high time I leaped… and so this letter to you today.

    As an Intro – I have had a very fulfilling life as an entrepreneur, and 25 year veteran of Executive Search and Leadership Transformation services. I’ve worked with hundreds of the world’s largest companies and have many fond experiences having worked with countless top flight, C-Suite executives. If you’d like to know more about my career, I have a website packed full of material on my firms Professional Services Offerings, published articles, white papers and blogs. As well as my Corporate & Personal Bio and a web-store where we are selling my current book The Right Hire.

    Right now I have two main agenda items I would like to discuss with you;
    1) I would like to speak with you about partnering with me and my Leadership Team on building a very similar organization as Building Champions and conducting events just like their Experience. I have a very strong foundational start with my Board of Advisors and a solid team of Coaches, so we are on our way and moving forward in a very positive direction.
    Basically in a nut shell – I am already successfully building a very similar organization as Daniel Harkavy’s Building Champions. It’s called To a Higher Level where we intend on putting on events just like the Experience, called IMPACT 500’s. My partner in this endeavor (Dr. Jim Harris) and I, plan to do our first IMPACT 500 events here in Destin, FL at the Emerald Grande.

    We would love to see you come on board just like Michael Hyatt as a Special Guest Speaker.
    Our initial target audience is going to be business leaders in the S.E. U.S. and those who would love to come to Destin, FL for an event like the Experience, being held at such a beautiful beach location. Our short term goal though, is to move very quickly towards serving Christian Business Leaders as our primary focus – as we build a financially stable organization and run high quality web based events like Chick-Fil-A Leadercast and IMPACT 500 large audience events much like Willow Creeks Global Leadership Summit.

    2) I would like to speak to you about partnering with me and my Media Team on a book project that I have been preparing to launch at the right time in my life, and am convinced that time is now. I am basically interested in taking three cords: 1) a simplified model of What Color is Your Parachute = Career Preparation and Transition, and 2) Think and Grow Rich = Vision Setting & Goal Planning and 3) The Seven Decisions = a Moral/Life Compass. We then wrap the cord with true life stories/BIOS of personal success. Whatever “Making It” means to the person we interview and include in the book is up to them. Could be making it financially, could be making it relationally, could be making it with a disability, or when everything was stacked against them the never gave up. The title is called “Making it While Your Still Young Enough to Enjoy It.”

    This book series is modeled after the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and will have many renditions. In other words an NBA, PGA, NFL, NASCAR, Fortune 500, Small Business, Women Business, Cook, Waiter, Pastor or Doctors version, etc… So the subtitles would be In The NBA or As A Church Pastor, etc…

    The stories we place in the book would include a few highly successful, very well recognized individuals with self made success stories… as well a few “unknowns” but still highly successful working within the same niche the books serves.

    So am interested in just a few minutes of your time to personally introduce myself and to see where God might take all of this. We are based right here in the Pensacola, Florida area and would love to see if we can find some time on your schedule to meet.

    So Michael – what do you think… Got a few minutes to help me out. Can we talk? And Oh can I please get a copy of the book too?

    Patrick Ropella
    Chairman & CEO
    The Ropella Group
    O) 850 – 983 – 4997
    C) 850 – 206 – 7884

  • Kyle Shuberg

    Good stuff here! Amazing things can happen when we think positively! I would love a copy of the book.

  • Maja

    If being rich means having confidence, then I want it too! Hope this book helps!

  • Daknees9

    I’m in a slump- personally and at work and just reading this post and mainly, “What are you not doing today that you were doing when you were on top of the world?” has already made an impact on me. I look forward to reading the book.

  • Marty

    Michael, i wiork with college students and i am always looking for ways to help them get to their next level in regards to their faith, leadership & relationships. I have heard Tim Sanders speak publically and i have also used Love Is A Killer App with students and friends.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    There is a difference between ‘How to become rich?’ and ‘Being Rich’. I really enjoyed Andy Stanley’s discussion on ‘Being Rich’ over several weeks. Here, our mental attitude and perception makes the entire difference. The best in us is extracted when we cultivate this abundance mentality in us. We will be able to overcome the spirit of jealousy through broad-mindedness and proper perspective. Looking forward to his book.

  • Jeff

    To keep prospective I am in the process of getting my financial coaching business really off the ground and one thing I need to make sure is that my mindset on money is in the right place. That is God blesses us so we can help those in need and it sounds like this is a great book to help with that. I also daily remind myself that no matter how much I am making living in America I am one of the richest in the world and have much to give and much responsibility with that.

    That for the offer and for sharing. Have a blessed day

  • JD Eddins

    When this book was released I downloaded the first chapter from Tim’s site and was very impressed, but I didn’t buy it at the time because I was in the middle of several other great books: Enchantment and The War of Art. I’d love the opportunity to read the rest of this book. I’d also like to pass on the next Thursday (4/28) Tim Sanders will be given a presentation on Emotional Talent through G5 Leadership.

  • SteveSorensen

    I’d like a copy of “Today, We Are Rich” because change threatens, and when change threatens we should welcome the threat.

  • Stephen Lynch

    Hey Michael,

    Earlier this year, I’ve been humbled by my lack of knowledge. I’m a recent college grad, and I thought I knew everything I would ever need to know, both spiritually and in the real world. Thankfully, I confronted this pride and am now HUNGRY for resources on lots of topics, specifically leadership, transparency in business, and creativity.

    While this book doesn’t really focus on these three subjects, it does focus on something that overshadows those three – the belief of giving because we will always have enough. That principle is a mindset that leads people to success; not necessarily financial success, more along the lines of the realization that success isn’t always based on numbers. It’s celebrating the accomplishments we do make and the people we do impact.

    If chosen to receive a free copy, this book would be added to my growing collection of resources for myself and for others to help achieve this mindset; that we are all “rich”, and we all have something worth sharing.

  • Josh Ketchum

    I want this book b/c the story is compelling and the message is powerful and as a preacher and leader in the church I need to know, live, and share stories that connect and carry a powerful message. This also sounds like it is based on gospel principles that will be of use in classes and sermons.

    Thanks for the chance and the blose

    • Josh Ketchum

      Supposed to be “blog” not blose!


  • Angela Braach

    I’m 38 years old, and I’m learning that there’s not too much advice any better than what would come from your grandparents, so to hear some grandmotherly advice today would be refreshing. My husband lost his job almost 2 years ago. He experienced a $30,000 cut in pay once he found another job. We have 3 children — two of which have disabilities. I homeschool those two and work part-time at our church. In the midst of everything that has happened we feel rich and blessed. God has granted us peace and joy through this struggle; however we are searching for the next step for our family. I have just started on my life plan from the e-book. We have good days and bad days as we search after God’s heart and examine our own. I would love to give this book to my husband. He has been a rock through this time, and he needs all the encouragment he can get.

  • Tim Miller

    Today I am rich even though I have been looking for meaningful employment for two years.
    My income (currently) has little to do with my wealth, and nothing to do with my value.

  • Haydeeang

    yay! i want to have that book cos i am in the process. i believe nothing is difficult if i set my my mind onto something that i want to achieve & when i put my whole heart in it.

  • Devon

    I love the premise of this book, and wish I could get that sense deep down in my soul. In a typical day, it is so easy to get overexposed to the “negatives” and the “need to’s”. Bad news seems to lead every news broadcast. There is a list of things to do a mile long. Some days, I’m just happy not to fall behind and barely hang on to hope that some day I’ll get ahead . . . maybe. But there are those rare, special moments, when I look around and see an amazing world, full of blessings that are probably beyond most people’s imagination. I can understand how many people would be blessed to have what I take for granted. Things I don’t worry about are a daily struggle for many. There are probably those that even crave the mountain of challenges I have before me, because they see it as an opportunity to get to the top, rather than an avalanche ready to bury me alive.
    Let me break this down:
    TODAY = right now, not back in the good old days, not someday soon, right here in this very moment
    WE = us, not just you, not just me, not some other person somewhere else, not someone alone and isolated, all of us, something common and shared
    ARE = am, is, not could be, not would be if we were smarter or healthier or something else, not in our dreams, really being, truly existing
    RICH = abundant, of great value, impressive, deep, substantial, full to the brim, thick and heavy, not missing or lacking or hopeless or powerless
    If I could put that all together, and wrap that around my spirit, and walk around all day clothed in that attitude for all to see . . . that would be wonderful.

  • Kris

    I have been reading your blog for months and just recently subscribed to the daily sends. Love it. I’m not sure I’ve ever been on top of the world, but I’d sure like to read about someone who has been and what that looks like. I think I need a Billye. Thank you.

  • Carl Flynn

    I am on a “sideways journey” right now relative to the career path I was on a decade ago and the question, “what are you NOT doing now that you were doing when you were on top of the world?” hit me like a ton of bricks. Seems like I can benefit from Billlye’s wisdom

  • Bryan Patrick


    I read this book cover to cover on the ReCreate cruise. This is quickly becoming the most influential piece of literature in my life outside of scripture. I am also in a transition, not in jobs, rather a transition that is finding redemption in the first 10 years of my career. I am building on successes while learning from the mistakes of those ten years. The principles of total confidence outlined by Tim are bringing together much of the journey of self discovery I’ve experienced in the last 24 months.

    This is a must read for all. Thank you, Michael, for sharing this interview. Please do not consider me in the giveaway as I’ve already had my turn at this fountain.

    Bryan Patrick

  • Barry Edmondson

    As a pastor i am constantly giving. Giving of my time, resources(even though limited). Our church has just gone through some real hard times financially, and with relationships this past year and we are in a period of healing. I would like to get a copy of this book to give me a bit of respite, from the day to day pressures, and to encourage me as I encourage others.
    God Bless.

  • Letladi

    I’m a 3rd year student (my last year). As young man who’s starting out business, it feels a bit daunting to take the steps I need to take.. It’s not unusual to be asking myself, “What if?”. Sometimes I feel afraid, inexperienced, ‘too young’. I think the book will be a great reminder, from what you’re telling me about it, that I can contribute in extraordinary ways, no matter what my background, age or experience is…

  • Dcd

    I would like this book for the following reasons. #1 … it comes from you and I have in the last few weeks become aquainted with you and your blog. You things that help others. #2…I to like to help others and this book will have things in it that I can us in my life and to help others with their lives as I do my work in preaching and teaching God’s word. #3…I want to be able to pass this book to a young person just starting in life and needs more direction and help.
    Thank you for listening.

  • Therese Thull

    I’m not sure what I could say here in a comment that would be “creative” because my family, like so many others, is pressing through a battle right now. Not very “creative”! If I didn’t receive the copy of the free book the question “What are you not doing today that you were doing when you were on top of the world?” makes it feel like I just won a million dollars right now. It is amazing how one question can consume your day and change your future. All of that being said I would still be blessed to be chosen as a recipient of the free book. :) I believe this one could be a great book for our family time reading!

  • Metric

    Right now I earn less as the head of my family (wife and 2 kids in daycare) than I did working a work-study job in college, so to think that I’m rich is an insult to my predicament! I can tell that things are beginning to change for the better, but, for the time-being, I need a new perspective. After hearing the interview I believe Today We Are Rich could be that catalyst.

    • Kevin M Wall

      My heart goes out to you and your family. Please remember that any of us born in the US (and I am assuming you are here in the US) are already born into a group of people ahead of the 70% of the world who earn less than $1500 a year. Think about that for a moment. That works out to a little less than $3 a day. I think this is where the abundancee mentality exists, in having the right perspectives. Success is not what you have in the bank, it is what you have around you that no one can take away. a wife who I’m sure loves you and 2 kids that honor and respect you.
      My story is similar. I’ve had 2 unexpected changes in my career path in the last 7 years and was at one time wondering how I make the ends meet. There is one thing that I held onto though, and that was that I knew that “the will of God would never lead me where the grace of God could not keep me.” I knew that it was in the times of struggle that I was being tempered like steel, that my roots were growing as strong as an oak tree, that my heart was being made whole by seeing things come to be that did not exist yet to me.
      Be firm and unwavering in your belief that the future will be even better, but begin knowing that you are already rich. My best to you and your family.

  • Dean Deguara

    I could use some good old fashioned wisdom…I really need it after screwing up my taxes this year.

  • Mrstcr

    Your blog is intriguing; invaluable for “even” stay-at-home mom like me. I’d love a copy of this book — if I don’t get chosen to receive one I’ll get on the “incoming” wait list at my library. The wisdom of Grandma Billye resounds with so much in my other current important reading — Ecclesiastes and (another competitor’s book) One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Always a tension around here — contentment/gratitude allowing us to fully enjoy present yet “being ready for God’s next move”, always anticipating change . . .Thanks for article/interview. –

  • jmason

    Looking mighty comfortable at home, Mike…

  • Kdt1957

    Life is about change. How you handle it, is everything. Right now I am entering one of the most profound change chapters of my life: last child will leave home in a few weeks, husband is seeking to change professions- he is a minister- after 25 years, my parents’ health is a growing concern, and we just put the house on the market. I travel 3-5 days a week working with low performing schools across the country. We have had extremely great years when we were able to give abundantly, lean years when we continued to give a set portion that we set aside as a priority. Now we are somewhat in the middle and we know we can live on little and can handle whatever comes our way. I want to know more about being rich in spirit as well as rich of purse. Our biggest challenges seem to be moving the conversation forward and knowing how to properly prepare.
    Reading helps me breath~ if that makes sense. I would love a copy of the book.

  • Papadonwhite

    I allow my curiosity to work against me when I begin my day by choosing to read emails and facebook first. This book will help me to prioritize the beginning of my day. It will also remind me that not only is my body a temple, but so is my mind. Very insightful and helpful!

  • Lemi

    Reading the list of 7 principles felt like reading something familiar but blurried; like a foggy memory.

    I recently began what I call “The Transition.”
    >My location and vocation changed.
    >ll the convicitons and beliefs I once held to be absolute truths have been challenged.
    >I lost 3 homes, my job, and relationships.

    My trust in God is at war with daily new fears. Everyday, for the past year, these two go ‘at-it’. Along the way I have experienced heaven-size miracles, but sad to admit that I’ve also experienced an erosion of some of the 7 principles Mr. Sanders lined out. I need to remember these principles I once, so ardently believed. There’s a quiet thought that accompanies me during this time; “if you did it once, you can do it again”

    Its been 14 months since “The Transition” began and it still feels like I just got off a Spinning Carnival ride.

    I would love to read this book.

    • Kevin M Wall

      Hang in there Lemi! I feel for you as I too have been put through the ringer. You’ve got the right perspective and the advice I’d like to give is don’t give up! Fill your mind with the reasons you can keep going and let the rest fall away. Teddy Roosevelt said it best “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are” Keep looking up!

    • ReflectionsByPj


      I completely understand and am living in transition. It’s a daily struggle to take our thoughts captive and speak truth into our life. However, pressing on is must. I was laid off my job in February of 2008, a single mom of two, and my life has been a merry-go-round ever since but in spite of being dizzy from the spinning, I’m learning to appreciate the ride… God is always working. While we only see a blur all around us, He already has the clear image laid out for us. He is your, our, absolute truth.

      1 Peter 1:7 says, “These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold-though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day Jesus is revealed to the world.”

      Keep your faith Lemi, keep pressing on. He is our truth.

      Prayers are rising for you!

  • Rick Alvey

    After a year of very challenging personal family issues including: my wife’s mother going into a nursing home due to Alzheimers, a cancer scare, graduation of oldest child from HS, number 5 child with a broken leg in a growth plate, and my wife having major surgery we were blindsided by the church we had served with for 8 years. Just a couple weeks after her surgery and before Thanksgiving I was told that my position was being eliminated so that they could have room in the budget for a different position. It was one of the hardest, darkest experiences we’ve ever been through. A few months later God opened the door for me to pastor a small congregation close enough that we didn’t have to uproot the kids and move. God has slowly been piecing together our broken spirits and Tim’s book struck a chord with me. I also think it would be a great resource for those that I am privileges to pastor as well as pass along to those who follow my blog.
    Rick Alvey

  • Lacey Wilcox

    Would love this book–I’d read it, then share it with my husband, and then with the rest of the summer staff we work with at the church camp we manage.

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I are blessed in many ways, even financially compared to many people in the world. We have a lot debt from school and a mortgage and two cars that on their last leg. We have hard months where we are paycheck to paycheck (sometimes a little in the red), and it’s in those months that my husband has the hardest time focusing on blessings. Usually I can focus on God’s promises and focus on the blessings we have. Many people in the world would kill to be in our shoes, but it’s often hard to share that viewpoint with my husband in his down times. And it’s not always easy to be so positive. I think this would be a great book for my husband and I to read together. It would be a great experience to help him understand the mindset I try to have in times of hardship and help us come together as a couple in Christ in this area of our marriage.

  • Jackie

    I would like this book because I am always interested in gaining perspective on positive living from others. I particularly love authors that can express their point of view in an interesting and relevent way. His seven principles have already captured my attention.

  • Oscar

    This was a great interview, just hearing these inspired me. This is something we need to hear and we can still use in this present time.

  • Abraham

    I’ve never heard of the guy and I’ve barely been introduced to you and your material, so far so good. I heard about you through Don Miller’s recommendation of your Life Plan resource. I’m actually going through that now. I think I may enjoy this book because I find myself at a crossroads of pursuing my dream or taking the more familiar career route. This may serve as a push in that direction.

    Many Thanks.

  • Kent Sanders

    I would love to read the book as a catalyst for helping lead and grow our Worship & Music program at our college. I am the only full-time person in the department, but lead several other adjunct professors. It has been a rough few years for small Christian colleges like ours (St. Louis Christian College, Florissant, MO), and in the midst of the academic and economic challenges we are working hard to build a program to equip artists, musicians and worship leaders for service in the church and the world. This sounds like a great book for our team to read and discuss (and share with students). Thanks for your consideration!

  • KatherineMTalley

    Sounds like a great book! I’d like to receive a copy to read so I can be better equipped to not only practice this kind of thinking in my own life, but also to teach others how to do the same. As a ministry leader I’m often faced with hard situations to speak life into, how wonderful would it be if everyone in my world grasped the principles in this book?!

    Yesterday on my blog I posted about how God can turn things around. The beginning of this year was awful – a friend was murdered in the Tucson shootings and it rocked my world. I’d like to read this book to see if I could have responded differently and hopefully, if something else comes that would have rocked me – I will respond differently.

    Also, moving to a position at my church required a pay cut, and frankly it’s been hard to manage over the years. I’m wondering if it might require more of a mind shift!

    Thank you for offering free books! Have a lovely day!!

  • Aaron Sellars

    I would love a copy of the book as I’m in sales and Sanders books are very helpful tools at refining my skills in my own sales techniques.

  • Marty


    Would love a copy of this book. I’m a pastor of a very successful church but it seems that what was once a passionate “run-n-gun” experience has turned into a much more difficult process. My wife and I talked about this a long time last night. I’m not a whiner. I’m typically a very driven, passionate person, but have found myself continually second-guessing myself and feeling unsteady, standing on shifting sands. Maybe God is trying to take me back to what I was doing early on, when I, too, felt on top of the world.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Marty Freeman

  • Michael Levitt

    I was recently part of a “reorganization” at work, so I am in-between jobs, but through this time, I am strengthened and blessed by this time away. Even without the typical amount of income coming in, I am truly rich and humbled by God’s grace.

    Blessings to all during this Holy Week and Easter season.

  • JessicaS

    I’d like this book because it sounds like a great read and I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge & wisdom lately. I’ve recently taken on a new challenge in life by bringing home 2 little boys who I hope to adopt. I’m trying to settle into a new life and balance home and ministry. Pouring out so more than ever, I find myself constantly drinking in.

    I’m new to your blog but it’s quickly become a daily intake for me. I love it! Can’t get enough.

  • KKnelsen

    Hi Michael… I could really relate to Tim’s stories about his grandmother and her life lessons. I’m raising 3 kids, and finding it challenging to teach them everything that they need to go out into their lives and THRIVE!! not just survive. I’d really like to get a copy of “Today We Are Rich” in order to learn more to pass on to my kids. I’m thinking of getting a horn of plenty too!! The visual reminder to have an abundance mentality would be helpful as well. I think it’s really important to distinguish between being rich (money) and being RICH because of your outlook on life, love, God, relationships, etc. Thank you for your generosity!!

  • Kevin M Wall

    This abundance belief is something that I have personally experienced over the last 2 and a half years in my life as a Financial Advisor. There is so much bad news being reported and I think what we often forget is even the evening news knows enough to end the broadcast on a human interest story, a moment of levity. We need this reminder more and more as we look and realize how MUCH we actually do have, and it begins with our belief in how we were created. We are made in the image of our Creator, and in that we too have the power to create, not just in a physical sense but in our mental faculties. In how we choose to believe. Thank you Tim for writing this book and keeping that reminder of living today in front of us. Thank you Michael for sharing this conversation. And thank you to all reading this for your contributions in the world. Make today FANTASTIC!

  • Bumpinthenight18

    Currently, I am in-between jobs and constantly experiencing rejection – as anyone is looking for work in this economy. While searching for my next challenge, I wrote a Christian zombie novel and, outside of my girlfriend, came up against raging rivers of negativity from those closest to me. Everyone thought I was nuts, even though I had written for radio stations for the past twelve years. Eventually, doubt began creeping into my mind like a thief in the night.

    It’s tough to battle that kind of constant venom, which is why I believe Tim’s book would be a great asset in feeding my mind some good stuff (along with this blog of course) for a change. A few days ago, I published that book and I am proud to say it has already sold four copies, which is great news because I have my eye on a nice little #6 combo at McDonald’s.

  • Markaholden


    I’d love to receive a copy of the book. I’m a recovering burnout from Christian work. I’ve gone back to school to get a further education and some new direction. The profound question she asked him seems to be one I’ve been asking myself lately, but without a lot of the direction that the book seems to offer.


  • Dan Eberhard

    I would love to have a copy of this book because it seems like a great book and things that are very applicable to our lives. Hearing stories about others generosity and how we can become “rich” in the truest sense of the word, away from the money sense is something that I am striving for and hope to be able to share with others. Helping to paint that vision for my life and for theirs and be able to encourage them to live for others. Discovering how we can live in such a way that we are living inspired so much that it inspires others! After hearing this interview it has also intrigued me and I would love to have a chance to read his story and then share it with others!

  • ReflectionsByPj

    First, I love the question of, “What are you not doing today that you were doing when you were on top of the world?” AND I love that you stated in your interview that, “…questions change our destiny…” So true. Especially when you’re looking for opportunities to grow – longing, even.

    I’m not sure there was a time that I remember being on top of the world. Even while I write this tears fill my eyes. The only thing that keeps me going is God’s promise, both in scripture and those spoken to me, even though I keep my ‘bar set low’. It is a struggle to believe, at times, that my latter could be greater – that He has exceedingly abundantly more for me than I could ever hope or imagine – yet in that struggle I press on, I must. I rest in the hope of my future, that hope is my salvation not here on earth but after.

    Divorced now seven years, I still find myself figuring out who I am, specifically who I am in Christ. I’ve been what I thought everyone wanted or expected me to be, ever since I was a child – but who am I really and, better yet, what does He expect of me. The only time I remember being close to on top of the world was at the age of 16 – now 40, that looks a bit different. I believe I’m learning what my dreams consist of, though often outside influence leads me astray beating down self-confidence.

    I am in the middle of transition, in all areas of my life. I went to college two years ago and am soon to be graduated, having no idea of my next step; I have a 15-yr-old that has lost her way due to life pitfalls/roadblocks/lessons and she, too, is in the midst of transition; and, I have a 9-yr-old who at the dinner table last week said to me, “My life is changing” as he broke out in tears. My family is wanting to dream and know that we are allowed. We want to know that our faith, our beliefs, isn’t all doom but a dash a happy and a pinch of joy can be added to the flavoring of our life.

    I want, long for, [we all do] the fire, passion, and zeal within to be on top of the world.

    While this sounds like a sob story, I realize that my past does not define my future. And while we appear broken, these are just pieces of our mosaic masterpiece that He’s created. Perhaps this book isn’t for me, but I am certainly interested in learning Tim’s story and asking myself some questions in order to change my destiny and the legacy I leave.

    Jeremiah 29:13,14a “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you, says the Lord. I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes.”

  • Jgolar

    Why do I want this book? I just began medical leave for four months to give my body some time to calm down as the condition I have has flared up my entire body, which is ankalosing spondilitis. It is one of the worst flare-ups I have ever had and I believe it might have been brought on by the taxing and strenuous workload I had at my job. Now, I am forced to slow down and rest as my body does not want to do what my mind would like it to do. The simplest of tasks have become hard to do and becoming dependent on others to do things for me is most humbling. For the last few weeks, I have prayed, wept, read scripture and various teachings and books as well as listen to various teachings and I have been re-evaluating my life as it is right now as to what I really want to do for God. I believe this book will be part of that journey I must take when I make some choices in the next month. Thank you for this opportunity to make my request known. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    I would love a copy of this book as I move forward with my new found ministry and book, How I Forgave My Molester. I want to see women set free from past sexual abuse – 1 in 3 women are sexually abused, I believe that number is likely higher. That means millions of women who need healing and hope. I would love this book to help keep me motivated when times get hard and I feel a set back. I need uplifting motivation to stay on track and help women heal! I shared this post on Facebook.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  • Anonymous

    A few years back our entire staff went through Love Is the Killer App. I would love the opportunity to hear again from this author. The seven principles listed in your post are ones I would like to explore…it is always good to hear from people; what has driven and continues to drive their success.

  • Marion Pryfogle

    After serving in several churches for over 30 years as senior pastor, I found myself in a country church for the past 8 1/2 years. The church terminated me at a business meeting where members who had not attended in years came out to vote me out of being the pastor. The reason, they did not like my leadership and the changes that had come into the church! I feel like I was thrown under the bus! At my age of 67, is there still a place for me to minister? Maybe the book can give me a new focus!

  • Angel Ortiz

    Just as you are transitioning from your previous job responsibility and seeking how to engage the next step in the journey of your life, I am transitioning the way I lead our church into effective ministry. The traditional/attractional approach to church ministry is ineffective and irrelevant to a typical unchurched New Yorker.

    Changing my own thinking for effecting ministry, and even more, helping others to do the same, has been challenging and many times I end up second guessing myself.
    The book seems to be discussing the importance of having right perspective and returning to what has truly worked from the very beginning.

    I believe I can personally benefit from someone who has shared their own journey on getting back to what worked.

  • Dtolan

    Wealth comes from investments. I am both “invested in” and “investing in”. The wealth of the universe, Jesus, invested his life in me. That is crazy and I remember and celebrate that this week. Also, I’ve had tons of wonderful people who have invested in me. I’m eternally grateful and immeasurably wealthy! In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to invest in the lives of many, both in Africa as a missionary and at Southern Wesleyan University. In 2000, shortly after we arrived at SWU, we set a goal of 100 SWU missionaries by 2010. That was a crazy goal; from 8 in the previous 10 years to 100 in the next decade! However, Praise the Lord, over the past ten years, 100 from SWU have been mobilized as missionaries for 6 months or longer. We call our ministry “the 3M project”, “to Motivate, Mentor and Mobilize the next generation for missions.” Our goal for this next ten years is again crazy. Your post “Leap and the net will appear” truly encouraged me. Our newly declared goal is “From 2010 to 2020, 400 SWU students and alumni will serve as missionaries for 3 months or longer!!” By missionaries we mean…”intentional, cross-cultural and incarnational”. I need prayer, help and encouragement. It sounds to me that “Today, We are Rich” would be great mentoring principles that I need to recieve and pass on to others as we seek to raise up “400 by 2020!”

  • Mike Burr

    Grandmothers are a wealth of wisdom, and grandfathers. As I look back to the times when my parents volunteered me to work for them, its with gratitude and satisfaction. It was inconvenient at the time but I miss the Friday afternoon phone calls, “Mike, what are you doin’ tomorrow?”, which meant cancel your plans because you are helping me. I look forward to what Tim writes about the lessons he learned from his grandmother.

  • JBrodt

    Well, I want this book because I am one of people you described. I feel completely thrown off course and I have resulted to just getting through the day with no life pumped through my actions. All the attempts I have made to getting back on the road have fallen void. To say in the least, I am one failed attempt from settling for my “in-the-rut” life, and I can definitely use some pointers.

  • Joe Lalonde

    Sounds like a great story and a great book! I would love to get this for my wife and I. We’re not struggling, but I think going through the book together and getting the principles down could be a great help to our marriage. It would also be a nice little gift for my wife who likes to read.

  • Andrew

    If I am lucky enough to be a recipient of this book, it will immediately be given away. My brother-in-law is in a place that sounds very similar to the author when he called his grandmother. I believe he would greatly benefit from a book like this.

  • Deni weber

    Wanting the book? I was struck by the similarity of his story to the one of my family. Though I felt we were a fortunate family and things were going well, our lives changed when my pregnant daughter (age 29) was brutally murdered. To say our lives changed with one phone call is an understatement. I’d love to read how he was able to come back from the event of losing his father. I so relate to becoming angry with God – and then having life fall apart in so many ways. Car accidents, cancer, heart surgeries – as if we are on some kind of out of control down hill spiral. Finding a way (or ways) to halt this horrendous progression would be a blessing. With limited income and being on disability, purchasing it is probably out of the question unfortunately. Thanks for offering these books to whoever gets them. That will bless many people, whether I am chosen or not. Thank you.

  • Colin Haas

    I finally started giving a full tithe to my local church and it has been so freeing to me. Obviously I want to get out of our apt. and have a house, but something about giving to God has been just awesome! I think this is just the starting point for me and my family and hope to make this a generational thing that turns into an eternal thing. I think this book could be the spark, the catalyst of this in my life.

    Thanks Michael for all you do and sowing into our lives through all that you do!

    -Colin Haas

  • Chris Miller

    I would love to have a copy of Tim’s book. I am 33 years old and I don’t feel like I am on top of the world. I have a good job but it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. This book sounds like what I need to fuel my creativity and motivation. I would love to start my own business but I don’t have a solid idea on what I want to do.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Bob Bednar

    I’d like to use the book, as a school counselor, in each of two career education classes with my high school students. The principles of wisdom sound like a great advice to everyone, especially to students who are beginning to make life changing decisions about their career and educational future. Creating a blog for students to reflect upon the principles would be a great addition to my curriculum.

  • Buschd

    I became a fan of Tim Sanders when he was a guest speaker at a Leadership Summit at Willow Creek. I then read his book “Love is the Killer App” and was so inspired. Subsequently, I read “Likeability Factor” and loved it as well. Now, I am greatly interested in his new book, especially after hearing him speak in this interview. I love to be inspired by his optimism. If I receive one of these free books I will read it and then pass it along to my church library for others to read as well.

  • Sonya Payne

    For the first time in my life I feel like I am awake and actually alive. I liken this to Jarius’ daughter in Mark 5:41. The crowd mocked Christ when he said, “she is not dead, but sleeping.” i feel like Christ has taken me by the hand and has awakend me to an experience I have never had in Him. I would like to win a copy of this book because I believe that in addition to my Bible study, Today We Are Rich, will serve as an encouragement to keep in perspective what matters most in my walk with Christ.

    Thank you,
    Sonya Payne

  • JG75

    I lead and coach a team of staff who raise support in order to be able to engage in full-time ministry. It can be incredibly challenging to keep a healthy, biblical perspective on this work. In the midst of leading, I’ve experienced my own funding challenges which have really caused me to check my heart, mind, and attitude. Honest, I could use a guide to help me invest in myself so I can help those I serve.

  • Sam

    Mr. Hyatt: Thanks for this opportunity. I would like this book as it appears from the short interview above that I may learn new ways to communicate age old wisdom to younger generations. I work in a high school and am always looking for ways to inspire kids through the love Christ without being contoversial.

  • Nina

    As a newly married couple my husband and I are still learning many things about each other. Recently I’ve noticed on several different occasions after I finish talking he’ll kind of hang his head and say somewhat disappointedly, “You’re such a pessimist.” This is disappointing to me too, although I’m glad I have him there to act as a mirror to show me those areas where I could use some growth. Why do I want this book? I want to learn how to focus on all that we have, or are capable of, instead of thinking of what we don’t have or what I don’t think we are capable of doing. I’m concerned that in the future, if my pessimism continues unchecked, I could be the cause of putting an end to his dreams, rather than being his number one fan always encouraging him, believing in him, and helping those dreams become a reality.

  • Michael

    Tim asked a very important question in that excellent video interview – what am I not doing today that I was doing back when I was on top of the world? Wow. That stung. I’m used to being asked “where do I go when I hit the bookstore for no reason other than to browse?” Or, “what do I do when there are no constraints on my time?” Even, “what would I do if I had a million dollars?” But Tim asked a more penetrating question. And he referred back to 1981 which is exactly when I was on top of the world. Today, my faith is shaken, I am unemployed, I am depressed, can’t sleep, don’t know how to care for my family, have a health problem that could be resolved if I could get medical assistance for it, and am weighed down by a poverty mentality. And yet, I’ve always been an upbeat and creative person who was full of life and loved the Lord. Where did I go? What am I not doing today that I was doing when I was on top of the world? I would love a copy of this book so I could more fully explore that question and climb out of this place. Plus I love Andy Andrews – I’m reading 2 of his books right now. But Tim Saunders has been on my reading list for a while and I just haven’t gotten to it yet. That’s going to change whether I’m selected to receive this book or not. Thank you – I’m encouraged.

  • Rich Kirkpatrick

    I would love a copy of this book. Anything Randy Elrod is fanatical about has been worth the read! So, as part of that creative tribe of Randy’s I know this book must have something for me that is transformational. And, I am in a spot where that is welcomed.

  • Mary

    I am in the process of redeveloping a five year plan. In 2009 my husband of 10 1/2 years passed away. I have four children. So I often say to them that Dad would want you to go and be successful, to turn something difficult into something good. That is my highest hope for them and myself. So I am seeking guidance and hope. I saw a lot of positive information on your site and am looking forward to the newsletters. I googled ‘creating a five year plan’ and that’s how I found MH. And Today I am Rich, too. Thank you.

  • Jan Perley

    This book has many of the elements I am already teaching my four teenage children. Two embrace these ideas, but two are definitely struggling with confidence and, most importantly, gratitude. They seem to have an honest expectation of “good things” without effort or thanksgiving on their part. We had such a struggle getting my daughter to read her Bible every day, that we finally told her, “You’re old enough to make your own decision.” Now it is easy to recognize the days she doesn’t have her devotions; she is so angry.
    I read to my kids almost every day…perhaps reading this book will help them understand the interactions of feeding their minds good things and exercising their gratitude muscles with receiving the gifts of Christ in their lives.

  • Jan Perley

    This book has many of the elements I am already teaching my four teenage children. Two embrace these ideas, but two are definitely struggling with confidence and, most importantly, gratitude. They seem to have an honest expectation of “good things” without effort or thanksgiving on their part. We had such a struggle getting my daughter to read her Bible every day, that we finally told her, “You’re old enough to make your own decision.” Now it is easy to recognize the days she doesn’t have her devotions; she is so angry.
    I read to my kids almost every day…perhaps reading this book will help them understand the interactions of feeding their minds good things and exercising their gratitude muscles with receiving the gifts of Christ in their lives.

  • Jeremy Burroughs

    I would love a copy of this book. I have always struggled to have an abundance mentality and would love to read a book that would encourage me to develop and keep one. Also, I can relate to Tim in that when I was younger, my father died. It shook my world and made me question my own faith. Fortunately, I have drawn closer to God since then, and I have learned the importance of the abundance mentality through adversity. Thank you for this post Michael!

  • Kevin Comp

    I would love to get a copy of this book mainly based on Tim’s last book Killer App. It was one of those books you wanted to tell everyone to read. It made you think of biblical principles of Love that Jesus shared in His word, and here is a guy getting this principle out to the business world. Love is a Killer App really changed me. I bought it after hearing Tim speak at Catalyst several years ago. Another reason is that I am a pastor and I am more than ever being subjected to the false gospel of prosperity and a poor definition of wealth and rich interpreted in the Word. I believe from your comments that Tim is redefining the word ‘Rich’. I would love to read this book today, but can’t buy books on my Kindle until I read the ones I have already purchased and promised to read soon. A hard copy (free) would not be breaking the promise of not buying any more books on my Kindle (It sounded lame to me too, but Killer App is a top ten non-fiction book for me). Please send me a copy!

    • Comp Kevin

      Never mind. Just watched the video (yes I wrote my entry first). I bought the book on my Kindle. I am weak…I’ll read it this week. God Bless those who win! We Are Rich.

  • TNeal

    Every time you recommend a book that deals with choices and a person’s future, I want to grab it up and send it to my son. The Principle of the Path, The Traveler’s Gift, The Final Summit…and now “Today We Are Rich.”

    I would love to read the book and pass on its wisdom to my son.

  • Creativelady

    This was awesome! Thanks so much for letting us in on the interview! During a time when have so much technology is around us, it makes it even more valuable to be able to share information. I would love a copy of this book because I’m an avid reader and I love information that can be immediately put to practice. Beyond that, I love to share what I learn so this book would grow beyond just my reading corner! Thanks for all you do Michael!

  • Bryson

    Hi Michael,

    I would like a copy of Tim’s book because I am in a time of transition and want to seize the opportunity for the future God has for my life. I have been a pastor for the past fifteen years. Seven years ago my wife and I planted a church that has experienced tremendous growth. Our time there ended earlier this year and the dream that God had placed so deeply in my heart was suddenly gone. I can resonate with Tim when he said there was a time when he was going sideways. I think back to the time when I was called to ministry and I could not get enough of God. Over the years that passion for God shifted to focusing more on leading a fast growing church and all that goes with it. The mission became more important to me than the Master. The question that Billye asked Tim that changed everything for him hit me straight on today. Thanks for a very encouraging video… Bryson

  • Jimmy the kId

    Hey Tim this sounds like a great book. I love reading books with more than just information but actual wisdom that we can use to better ourselves and hopefully those we interact with. The 7 principles are principles I currently view as very valuable, and additional “wisdom” in regards to these would be very beneficial.

    Jimmy the Kid

  • Todd

    I want this book because I am 0-forever in your book give aways. I consider myself “Michael Hyatt Leadership blog POOR!” I would love to say on Tuesday that “Today I am Rich” by winning a copy of Tim Sanders new book. I will also be fulfilling priciple #3 by exercising my gratitude muscle to Michael Hyatt and Tim Sanders. I will also being starting principle number 1 by feeding my mind with good stuff with Tim’s book.

  • Drh7036

    I would love a copy of this book! I make a conscious decision every day to try to read, listen to, and/or watch only things that are healthy for me. There are so many things in this life that we have little, or no control over. It is how we react to thes things that show our true strength and character. I believe, we should always try to expose ourselves to things that will help us when we are confronted with difficult times and decisions.

  • Brian Rhodes

    Why do I want a copy of this book? I am a pastor of a start up church north of Atlanta Ga with 100 people or so coming. I believe that the principles that are taught in this book need to be taught to others. In reading and digesting the truth in this book I will be able to help many who are in financial hardship get on the right path and stay there. Thank you Michael and Tim for your leadership in this day! May God bless you both in the future for His glory!

  • Alexa108

    I want a copy of this book so I can spend my money to ne generous elsewhere! No. Just kidding. It sounds great and would love to read it!

  • Ken Shaddox

    Why do I want this book? The content of this book is perfect for where I am in my life (a month shy of 50 years old). I want to use the second half of my life to facilitate generousity, gratitude, and thanksgiving. As a Baptist pastor, I want to be the kind of leader that models the seven principles that Tim Sanders addresses in his book. In addition I have just read The Traveler’s Gift and The Final Summit and have gained so much from Andy Andrews. If this book links with what I’ve just read it will make and shape me into a more effective leader in Kingdom work. One way or the other I will have this book in my hand in the near future….it’s looks to good to miss.

  • Eric Simpson

    What the book promises is of interest to me as someone who is barely hanging in there, and daily feels the abyss opening up beneath his feet. Real confidence, and the belief that it’s okay for me to succeed, are both attributes that I struggle with, and am eager to read about how I can change that.

  • Terri E. Matthews

    I could use all the help I can get. Anxiety attacks and lack of confidence have become the norm since unemployment set in. Foreclosure from a home I never missed a payment on nor was I late until the recession in my finances. BA and a MBA and work is so hard to come by still. I know in my heart that I have more to be thankful for than most but finding balance is still so trying. I do love your blog and am working on the Life Plan. That has been a great instrument to get my focus back. Thank You for sharing that tool!

  • g_designworks

    I am a single parent mother who has been trying to keep my family off the streets since leaving
    my job in Nov 2010 because the only local job I could find was minimum wage and after paying
    rent and gas I had $6.60 with which to pay four utilities. Because of the severe limitations of our
    area for people as I, who have not had $$$ to attend university level education but only 6 years community college.

    I have seen 20 years in below poverty level living and have begun avid jobsearch for valid work
    from home opportunities globally no holds barred ever since leaving the workforce 11/2010
    (really for the last 7 yrs). It has been excruciatingly slow the progress. Currently
    a breakthrough has occurred for 1 company but after all the training (over 2mths….pay
    will be $9/hr and no paid training) is when I can begin to work and collect a paycheck
    this has been a period extensive diligence of over 3 mths waiting on funds to even begin
    to pay to be able to work as an Independent contractor with no benefits and responsible
    for all taxes. Each specified client has to be another pay for training, to be able to work.

    Do you have any different in your database that you begin work from home and start
    immediately and have a weekly paycheck without having to pay to be able to work?
    As a single parent I am trying to cut budget everywhere possible and gas, car (which
    is almost gone maintenance-wise) maintenance, wardrobe, lunches, all from home
    could be huge as a budget gift to manage and hopefully a better equipping to meet
    monthly obligations and two daughters the choice of college even at a university

    I am the 1st either paternally or maternally for 3 prior generations to have ever
    graduated college even on the community college level.

    Thanks for your interest to bring greater service and oportunity to those your serve.

  • Tpope

    I just finished college last summer and since then have come to the realization that if I want to continue to grow as a person, then it’s up to me. The bubble of college life is over and no one is there to push me anymore. Since realizing that, I’ve become both interested and motivated in this lifelong quest to better myself. There are so many different areas to grow in – spiritually, intellectually, in my business career, relationally, etc. It’s hard to know which ones to put a lot of time into. They also all seem to be connected though. For example, if I workout regularly, I feel better and have more energy, which in turn allows me to perform better at my job, pour more energy into relationships that matter, and pursuing God. I believe that in the same way, this book would help me grow in my career as well as my intellectual and spiritual life.

  • Georgiana

    Life is definitely not easy. If we live by sight alone, we are certainly deceived. People can be cruel; our environment can be chaotic and the situations we experience can be unpleasant. Who do we trust? What do we truly believe? Where is our faith? How do we react? The “who/what/where/how” of our personal journey comes into action. We have to choose – do we revert backwards or do we respond forwards?

    The choice is key. When living by sight, we revert. Anxiety and frustration roar and we have lost our ultimate peace. However when we live by faith, we confidently respond in divine Godly trust moment by moment. Faith is the supreme assurance of something hoped for and the certainty of what we do not see. I look forward to learning from Tim Sander’s principles of wisdom in reading his story. Living each day with a positive outlook of Godly faith, I believe that Today We Are Rich!

  • Jmhardy97

    As a mentor of children, a person of faith and a supervisor and teacher for hundrends. I add value to people everyday. People of all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds. I would love to take the principals that Tim has to share and spread them to as many people as I can touch. If we can change or make a positive impact, I would be and I am sure that they would be greatful. Keep up the good work!

  • Ramon Presson

    At first glance the book sounds as though it is very compatible with my new book “When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned.” (New Growth Press) Foreword by Dr. Gary Chapman. I would like to read Today We Are Rich and weave our experiences and understandings together and be “richer” for it. I also would hope to connect with
    Mr. Sanders author-to-author. I’d like to send Tim a complimentary copy of my book.

  • Yusuf

    I’m a pastor and serving Christians who struggles in their daily life. This book will enrich me with Biblical and insighful wisdoms to help my congregation to apply Biblical truths in theri daily life as a mean to be witness amindst their social life. Thanks.

  • Kimberly Ezell

    I am the Mom to three sons, two married and I want to their “Billye”. I figure if it worked for you I can make it work for my three sons and their families and if not at least my own !

  • Christina Parker

    I would like a copy of the book, Today we are Rich, because I am on a journey to becoming a person worthy of the phrase “Well done good and faithful servant.” And as a home group leader not only do I want to lead by example but I share the knowledge I have learned with others so they too can grow into the person God wants them to be.

  • Mike McGinnis

    Perhaps there’s a scarcity of abundance mentality in today’s world. Myself included.

    “An abundance is a declaration”

    I’d love to declare with abandon. Tim’s book can help.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a clever post to write about wanting the book. It sounds like a great read. I am constantly searching for ways to move forward and never stay stagnant. I try to stick with the seven principles Tim talks about. Well, six actually. Giving to the rich I thought was interesting. I would love to learn more about that. I don’t have the financial means at this point to purchase books, but any opportunity I have to read I will certainly take. Good luck with your book Tim. Blessings on its success.

  • Tobby

    Congratulations on your recent announcement!
    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I sold a business three years ago that I built literally from scratch. The sale of the business would have eliminated all my debt and increased my net worth by seven figures. Instead the company that bought the business broke the contract kept the business and left me with the debt. I have been juggling the debt load while the attorneys work their way through litigation with no end in sight.
    I started reading your website during this process partly because I wanted answers to why this could happen. The company didn’t honor the contract because they couldn’t pay (their a multi-billion dollar organization) they didn’t pay because they didn’t want to. I would never say that I’m mad at God for the last three years I just wish I could find the message in the experience.
    Thank’s for all you do. You make a difference!

  • Karalynn Reynolds

    For a while I debated about whether I should post comment trying to convince you that I should be one of the 100 people to receive a free copy of Today We Are Rich. My first reaction was, “Yeah! I want a free book! I love free things because I don’t have to pay for it, and I’m short on money. Wouldn’t that be awesome if he picked me as one of the 100?? That would be such a great story, and I really want that book!”

    While this isn’t necessarily a bad response, I felt a little uneasy…is that really my motivation? Just to get a free book? Isn’t that the opposite of what this book is trying to teach us? Stuff isn’t important. Stuff doesn’t make you rich. But what you do with the stuff you’re given is what counts. God blesses His people through many ways, one of which is through earthy wealth. In turn, that wealth should be used to help further the Kingdom. I had to think on this for a while.

    Through prayer and listening, God helped me realize that there’s so much more I need to be doing with the things I’ve been given. This book would be a great chance to start. If I win a free book, then not only can I learn from it, but I can pass it on to others who are going through tough times in life. It can also provide a great witnessing segway – if someone asks about the book, I can explain how I came across it and what I’ve been able to take away from it, pointing out that God is our Provider and He will give us everything we need.

    This is what can be done with the book, but why pick me as one of the 100? I can’t really convince you…nor is it really a great concern of mine. Anyone can use this book to glorify God, and I hope that whoever does receive a free copy will do just that. If I’m supposed to use this book, then I’ll be seeing it in the mail, but if not, this contest already helped me take my focus off of getting stuff just for the sake of getting it. Thanks! :)

  • cynthiazhai

    We are often too drown into our own daily struggles while didn’t realize what we have is really a fortune and we should be grateful. I want this book because I want to be more grateful from reading stories of others who experienced more struggles than I did while still stay positive and grateful.

  • Shurmon Clarke

    I would like a copy of this book because I have been sidetracked and discouraged by a personal situation and I understand the pain of disappointment and a lack of understanding the lessons that God is teaching me in the period of being sidetracked. I am trying to get back on track and I would love to read a testimony to encourage me.

  • Karl Mealor

    True story: Just returned from visiting my father-in-law with my family. While there, I was driving my father-in-law’s 1964 military jeep that he personally restored. Forgot to ensure that the hood was latched. Realized this when it flew back over my head and just missed the truck behind us. Damaged the hood pretty much beyond repair. Tired of being the stupid son-in-law. Receiving this book would be an encouragement. Also, thinking I might need to quickly generate an abundance mindset. Those hoods don’t look cheap.

    Did I mention that my daughter also drove his golf cart into someone else’s van while we were there? Yeah, I really, desperately need this book.

    I have read the first chapter from his free download. Can’t wait to see how it ends…

  • Bshantz

    It would be great to have a copy of Tim’s book since I’m part of the Global Generosity Network who try to encourage generosity as a lifestyle – even in developing countries. Instead of a “receiving” mentality, we try to encourage people to look at what God has already put in their hands to use for their good. On the other side of the coin (here in North America), we need to learn to give in an intelligent manner – understanding the above. This book sounds like it could be translated into many languages and used for global impact.

    Barbara Shantz

  • Jeremy

    Sounds like a great read. I’d love to read and be challenged by it!!

  • Vsmerrell

    I am actually signed on to facebook right now as my wife, and I found this link on our former Pastor’s page. I get on here as my wife every other day or so to keep up with any notes or comments people have left, because she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly back in Feb. Since she died I have been broken in spirit, and I am at a very uncertain place in my life career-wise. We have two kids, one graduating high school this year, and one with two years to go. I have travelled extensively the last several years, but without Laura here I don’t want to do that anymore and my daughter wants me to stay home as well. I’m just looking for something to encourage or inspire me because right now I am blinded and paralyzed with grief. I’ve been reading about grief, and Heaven, and I just need to be uplifted. If you send me the book I promise to read it. Hopefully I can be helped.

    • Karl Mealor

      Stopped and prayed for you just now. So sorry to hear about your wife. Can’t imagine how you must be feeling.

      • Karl Mealor

        Please comment in the future and update us with how you are doing. Praying also for your children.

  • TNeal

    Just watched the video and appreciate seeing the passion and excitement in Tim Sanders’ face and hearing it in his voice. If Tim’s writing is as strong as his interview, the book will change hearts and minds for the better.

    Glad to hear Tim’s love for the Lord Jesus Christ come through as well. Excellent!

  • Nlukashonok

    I stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago searching for a flame to reignite my dreams. I was sitting here drawing out the next steps of trying to get myself out of this rut when I open up your blog to discover a book (or what I’m going to call as divine intervention) on exactly what I need! Being in this place does not help or encourage the next person.

  • Jann

    Because just this morning I prayed, Lord show me what I have to give because I feel gived out.
    Because my eighty year old dad, who survived the depression–two parents, twelve kids, one farm–is hurting because his family is falling apart. During the depression, his family had to split up to survive, and now during this recession, his family now is splitting up to divide.
    Because my mother will not remember that Sunday is Easter.
    Because we haven’t had a steady income in more than a year.
    Because something has to change and I don’t know how to change it and I just heard yesterday that many successful people can point to one single book (aside from the Bible) that changed their lives, and maybe this is it for my family.

  • Bebeejafrabeautiful

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I still have hope and faith that we can achieve the financial blessings that our Heavenly Father wants us to have. I love the title because I believe in “speaking those things that be not as though they are”. Lastly , I have great respect for the person who left the comment on Facebook.. I believe if she says it is invaluable, that’s good enough for me.
    Brenda Sharpe

  • Lkpriddy

    I am a recently widowed grandmother who is seeking guidance as I interact with my eight year-old grandson. I live with his family and witness the daily struggles they face. Billye would be a great role model for me. Her philisophy is an ispiration to me, and I would love to consume the contents of Today We Are Rich and share them with those around me. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Blair

    I want to thank all those that commented. I, too, often feel down and like my life is in a rut. It is nice to see so many others are going through this and living to tell about it. I am excited about this book and hope I get the time to read it. I already looked it up online and have it on my wish list for a future book to read when I finish the others I am currently engrossed in.


    Thank you Michael for sharing all these great resources for people to look over for just about every situation life can throw at us. I never cease to be amazed how your posts hit me right when I need them. Please keep up the good work and I will keep on reading. Thanks!!!

  • Elaine

    My husband and I have been married 13+ years and have four children ages 5-10. In our early years we were foolish with our time and money and have started the journey back from it. I would love to win a copy of this book to apply the principals to our list of things to do so that we never go back to that place of foolishness. Although we are still young, I feel like we have wasted so much time! I can’t wait to see how we can impart some of this wisdom to our children so they can skip the “learning” we had to do.

  • Anonymous

    I would love a copy of this book because of my life transition over the past few years. I was a very successful investment banker for 9 years until, in 2007, I looked at myself and disliked 90% of what I saw. I should’ve been proud by worldly standards but I wasn’t. At the “peak” of my career I was the most unhappy, unhealthy and upside down. Thankfully, God nudged me enough that I took notice and I began to make changes, including finding a loving Christian community, rethinking my priorities, and changing jobs. Now, I am in a much better position but still have a lot to learn. My #1 talent/theme is also Achiever so I constantly struggle with what is enough. I’m still only 31 and was just married last year so life balance and appreciation for the important things is so critical right now. Tim’s book seems like it’s very appropriate for where I am right now. Thanks.

  • Jmhardy97

    I have listen to Tim speak several times and he has such a great message. This is a book that I would love to share with my children. I think that they could learn so much. I think this book will impact lives for many years to come.

  • Robert Ewoldt

    I don’t want to take away from another person who might need to read this book more than I do, so instead of requesting the book, I thought I’d just say that I love the message that Tim Sanders had in the video: we are rich, and we should be giving of ourselves.

  • All Star Press

    I want to find out what the author was doing when he was on top of the world! Great teaser in this video, and this book sounds very intriguing.

  • Melissa – Mel’s World

    I would absolutely love a copy of this book…I am a huge fan of Tim’s book, Love is a Killer App, and have used it and shared it many times over through the years. I love his style, his outlook and the wisdom he so graciously shares…then…you threw in that if you like Andy Andrews you are going to love this book. Well, now you are totally speaking my language! Love Andy’s style, his heart and his passion to share the knowledge he’s collected over the years!

    These books are fantastic in and of themselves, but when they are partnered with life in ministry and a heart to mentor women in ministry, they both are a must have! Thanks so much for your generosity and your willingness to share!

    I’ve become a new daily reader here, since your Life Plan was launched here and look forward to getting a peek into your world! You are doing a great work!

  • Nancy

    I’d like the book because I’m looking for confirmation and encouragement to take the next step–and because I miss my Grandmother.

  • Deb Kalmbach

    Michael and Tim,

    I was moved by your interview and would love to read more. I know we are rich in so many ways, but the road to recovery after my husband lost his job and career a number of years ago, has been challenging. Recently, I began corresponding with a young pastor from Africa who is caring for nineteen AIDS orphans. When I look at their photo on my bulletin board, I have no doubt that we are indeed rich. I want to give more and would appreciate the wisdom of Tim’s book. Thank you!

  • Carolyndyck

    My son was 13 when ‘life’ happened to him – he is now 33 & struggling with what he was taught when he was growing up. (His beloved rock – Oma – also passed away that same summer) & his life went downhill until he was 18 & became a legal adult. He has been awash since & could sure use some inspiration like this. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Gatortodd

    I had a grandmother named Billie who lived through the Great Depression and was inspirational to me in my faith and life. Listening to Tim made me think more about her and the lessons and perspective she passed on to me. Instead of being a hoarder like many who lived through the Depression became, she was the ultimate giver. It makes me reflect hard about my attitude and actions in this time of economic difficulty. I’d love to learn from another “Grandma Billye” to help me live a more content and generous life.

  • BD

    I want a copy of this book , simply because it sounds EXACTLY what I need!

  • Joan

    I really related to Tim’s story about being raised by “depression era” parents. My Mom and Dad were both kids/teenagers through the depression, and it was forever with them. I was the product of second marriages for both of them, and even though, while I was growing up we were fairly affluent, the mindset that I picked up on was “scarcity” not “abundance”. We didn’t “give” to anything that I can remember, we certainly didn’t do anything that was just a ‘fad’, and we literally accounted for every penny. Unfortunately, I carried that scarcity mentality into my adult life. I married a man who was an extravagant generous giver, and the more he gave, the tighter I wanted to hang on to what was left. Both of my parents are now gone, my husband died recently, and I am very fortunate in that I do have plenty. The challenge is learning to think differently, and learning to “share” out of “abundance” and not hoard out of “scarcity”. I would love a copy of the book if you think it would be of help in this new season of life. Thanks ~

  • Jeff Randleman

    I would love the chance to read this book. I have a fairly large family. We have 5 kids. It seems money is always tight, and yet God has seen fit to provide riches in other ways fior us. I would love to read Tim Sanders perspectives here.


  • Roy Wallen

    This sounds like an excellent book. If I could receive a copy, I commit to writing a review and sharing it as appropriate. Thanks for the generous offer.

  • Bill Spinks

    I heard Tim Sanders speak at a NACBA conference in Nashville a few years ago…powerful! I was really taken by his ability to riff without notes for quite some time, and using only 3 or 4 slides. I immediately began working on being a better presenter.

    Haven’t read his books, but will buy this one if you don’t give it to me. And, I’ll probably go back for “Love is the Killer App”…great title. This one intrigues me because I’d like to explore the wisdom distilled, at least in part, from the sideways segment of his journey.

    Also, I like your advice of attraction akin to Andy Andrews, Michael…I have several of his books and loved them all.

    Thanks for the interview…great way to share your writers!
    -bill s

  • Melanie Kramme

    Simple response why I want the book, I like the principles that were shared – the best is 1> Feed your mind good stuff. That is why I read blogs such as yours and why I want to read more by this author. I have gone sideways because of a devastating situation as well.

  • Kendra Auberry

    As a librarian I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, writing reviews on them, and sharing them with friends, family and patrons. I have recently moved into a management position at work and this has been an awkward position to be in at times. I have found a great deal of support in recent months from books with a positive message. This sounds like a terrific read, and I would love my own copy that I can read, share with others, and maybe add it into the collection at work. Thanks!

  • Lkfischer

    Michael and Tim – Thanks

    Great stuff!! Mind diet, that is the first time I heard that and the concept of what we are grazing on each day. The passion Tim has is inspiring. I will definitely be reading this book! Thanks for the hook up Micheal.

  • Terry Kempfert

    I would love a copy of this book. I am nearing the end of a two year roller-coaster ride after my 25 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia and spent countless days in the hospital with never-ending complications an d trials. He is now past the year mark of being cancer free because of a bone-marrow transplant from my oldest son. We have had such up and down emotions in dealing with all of this, but believe that life is good and there is gold at the end of the rainbow. I am getting back on track with my life and my work and enjoy reading other success stories. Thank you.

  • Cynthia Leighton

    The past 24 hours my mind diet’s been great. I served 4 different Masses: Communion Minister, Lector & 3 choirs, including 3 practices … and enjoyed a wonderful meal with fabulous, broken people like me. Right now in this moment I *am* on top of the world. Heart, mind and spirit! Glad I opened your email. Just wrote red words (remembering Christ’s blood saving me) “What’s my mind diet today?” and drew a heart in red. Taped in my laptop as part of my mental dietary testing for this week.

    • Cynthia Leighton

      I would like a copy of this book because I am growing — as I grow beyond hanging in there, off balance, as you put it — I would like to include this book in my healing process.

  • Brogregw

    I do not know if I want the book, but I know that I need the book. Or at least some guidence. I seem to keep spinning my wheels lately. I need a push in the right direction. Things are going great in my life, I just need helping finding what I should be focusing on. I am on your blog for the first time. I did a google search on “discovering a life plan”, when I stumbled on your blog. I have already gained some insight from your blog already. Thank you.

  • Brogregw

    I attempted to leave a post earlier, but it did not show up for some reason. I think I hit the back key and it was deleted. So, I will attempt to leave another.

    I do not know if I want the book, but I feel that I need it. I am searching for direction in my life. Do not get me wrong everything in my life is going great. However, I need to find focus. I feel like I am spinning my wheels and could use a little guidence. This is my first visit to your blog. I stumbled across it by doing a google search on “discovering a life plan.” I have already benefitted from your blog. Even if I do not win the book, I have already gained some insight. Thank you.

  • Gail

    I have four adult children along with my husband who are in Christian Ministry & I believe this book would help them as well as the many people they minister to in becoming who God has called them to be and to do what God wants them to do.

  • Jeff Goins

    I love #4 – so true and so counter-intuitive.

  • Mandy

    From your description, my mother was the Billye of my life. She was always the one who spoke love, courage, gratitude and confidence into my life. She was the one who always made us feel rich, even during the “spam for Thanksgiving” years. Things eventually got better financially and I of course grew up and left the nest, to my own uphill financial battle, as my husband and I decided to try our hand at the entrepreneurial life. Through everything, no matter how much or how little I had, it was my mother that made us all feel abundant. Sadly, I lost my mom in 2008, in a jarring turn of events, and now, sometimes I struggle to hear her voice in my head. I’m on the verge of stepping out after a lifelong dream of mine, after several years now of walking what feels like a very poor road and I could really use a reminder. I’m hoping that now is my tipping point toward living a life that is both impactful and fulfilling.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I would like to receive a copy of Why You Are Rich to ensure that I remain focused on how precious time is in our life. We must not squander this precious gift which allows us to impact our environment in positive ways. My current career in corrections sometimes drains energy because of a constant negative environment reflected in caustic words and unacceptable behavior. I realize that my mind must be filled with beneficial information in order to add value to the gift of allotted time we have in life and also to intentionally accept my responsibility to always share the best with others with whom I come in contact as I make the journey of life.

  • Nancy

    My sister is battling multiple myeloma, and we have discovered the therapeutic benefits of talking about everything BUT her cancer. She craves normal conversations and talking about “just stuff.” I would love to read this book and then send it to her for her to read so that we can talk about this important content. This could be our first “book club” conversation, which is something I hadn’t thought of doing yet. Whether you select me or not, I plan to pursue this with Tim’s book. I think she and I will benefit from a fresh conversation on true riches. As always, thank you, Michael, for you timely and helpful posts.

  • kevin

    We are all creations given the unaccebtable ability to be cursed or blessed, it is our acceptance of this fact that differs us from those who continue to strive and those who simply continue. It would be easy to turn a blind eye, or mute ear, but to do so would to miss the beauty of another’s man triumph, or another child’s laugh, so as in all opportunity presented (especially free) I believe it would be a wasted regret not to ask for a copy of Mr Sanders work. I have accepted I have cursed away my own opportunities, but also relize it is a blessing to receive this offer, and relize I am not alone in seeking adviced from someone who is willing to share their own cursings, and blessings. The seven wisdom’s of Billye were worth the blog, and I look forward to more.



  • loveyou

    This book sounds like a good book for me to read right now. I have been thinking a lot about gratitude and abundance lately, especially during this time of reported scarcity and loss. For the past few years, I have been feeling somewhat stuck–unable to more forward towards my dreams and destiny to any significant degree. It recently has occurred to me that perhaps the reason why is because I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in feelings of fear, doubt, lack and confusion in terms of what I’m in this world to do.

    But I’m remembering now. I feel God “re-minding” me of his abundant blessings in my life and that all is well. Most of all, I feel him reminding me that he loves me and that I am here to be his vessel of love in the world. I believe that’s ultimately why we are all here. This book sounds like another good reminder of that.

  • Miles Steele

    I want a copy of this book for two reasons; 1) I love Tim Sanders and I think that his promotion of the abundence mindset is something everyone needs to hear more about in a seemingly perpetual world of scarcity, and 2) because I need some new inspiration to continue pursuing my dreams. I’m in a new job setting and it is not all that I thought it would be and I’m scared of getting stuck somewhere I hate again.


    PS (unrelated to the contest) – Mr. Hyatt I’m a big fan of your blog here and I find so many posts that I can apply immediately to my own life. Thank you for all that you do.

  • John Dye

    Gods teaching me on the subject of generosity this year, and I want to teach my church about it too. my excuse has always been, since I cant do it (give) to everyone, to be fair, I wont give to anyone. listening to Andy Stanley preach a new idea for me, “Do for one, what you wish you could do for all.” this book sounds like it has some good insight on the subject, that I should be able to use and teach

  • Christie

    Curve ball + me = several months of rehashing and questioning. Now on the upside of that arc I am looking for an Andy Andrews type book to keep me out of the loop and moving forward.

  • Jasoninliberty

    The blog entry and interview steered me back to the killer app, and has me considering my lovecatness of late. I’d appreciate a copy of Time latest work, because it’s not difficult for me to imagine the lift Today We Are Rich will provide for my knowledge and compassion. Also, reading Tim is known to include positive networking side affects. And I’m ready for both. Thanks for your consideration.

  • LesaKMelchor

    As I watched the video interview, I thought of someone who needs to hear this message. I know a young 23 year old woman who started living ‘sideways’ a few years ago after a tragedy happened in her life. She became angry and bitter at God for “allowing” this situation to happen and has now made some decisions that has cost her so much. Recently I spoke to her and she mentioned that she didn’t know how she got to this place and wished she could go back 3 years and make a different choice (she allowed the wrong person in her life relationally) . I think she’s ready to hear some truth.

    When I heard the interview, I thought of her and how Billye might be a voice in her life. Maybe she could provide a map with steps that will bring her back home, much like Tim. I would give this book to Lauren.

    Thanks for sowing seeds into people’s lives!

    Lesa Melchor

  • Anonymous

    As a coach I’m always looking for good material that I can share with my clients. Many of my current clients are very much stuck in a rut and lost faith. This is not an area where I’m particularly strong and I’ve certainly gained some help from Andy Andrew’s work so this book may be a nice compliment to those.

  • Andrew

    I heard Tim talk about the new book recently on The Dave Ramsey Show. The idea of controlling my attitude and confidence has become hugely important to me as I consider my marriage, my work life, and future parenthood. Thanks for the opportunity to receive this book! If I do win a copy, I’ll be sure to pay it forward and share it when I’m done.

  • Prmday

    I would love this book not just because I personally love to learn how to overcome adversity but also as a pastor I am constantly working with people who need to overcome adversity. My library is not complete without this book…I see it as a great tool for my personal life as well as a great tool to help others in my life. Thanks!

  • Tiffany Malloy

    I would like a copy of this book because I’m in the midst of young motherhood, and am having trouble seeing both the end goal of it as well as the person I was before kids. Have you ever been in a spot that you do love, but you know that you could be in the spot, but with a healthier perspective and as a more whole person? Anyway, that’s where I’m at and would very much love to receive this book!

  • Joseph Sanchez

    The last few months I’ve been finding myself in a spiritual rut.. Would love a copy of this book if it can help… Thanks!

  • dsprtlydpndnt

    An avid reader admitted library frequenter who buys books only “if I would take them to Africa with me”. We lived in Nigeria for 6 years so…stewardship of stuff important to me. I have never read Sanders. Would love a “free” introduction. Have not because we ask not. Thanks for exposing us. I also never had a grandma or any older person like Billye.

  • Paul Fedorys

    Hello! I would like a copy of the book so I can give it to someone who needs it. As a LoveCat, I enjoy sharing my network and knowledge. I have been a big advocate of Tim’s since I saw him speak twice and read his books. If you give me the book, I promise that it will become a part of my evangelical Love Cat sermon and a super gift for a possible new convert.

  • Amanda Howse

    I would really like this book because I am a PhotoLoveCat (coined by Anne Ruthmann) and I totally enjoyed reading Love is the Killer App. Plus I keep seeing/hearing so many great things about this book. And I am atwiiter/social media addict! and love winning things!!

  • Karl Mealor

    Looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for your generosity.

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