An Interview with Tim Sanders, Author of Today We Are Rich

I first became acquainted with Tim Sanders when I read his first book, Love Is the Killer App. It is still one of my favorite business books. I have given dozens of copies away. As a result, I was very eager to review his newest book, Today We Are Rich.

Tim begins the book by telling the compelling story of his grandmother, Billye, who raised him. Though she didn’t have much in the way of worldly wealth, she imparted to him an “abundance mindset” that proved to be far more valuable. She intentionally passed this on to Tim in the form of homespun wisdom.

Tim used these principles to build his confidence and succeed in life. By the time he was a freshman in college, he had become the class president. He was on top of the world. Everything seemed to be going his way.

However, one day he got a call that his father had been murdered. This caught him completely by surprise. He became angry at God and rejected everything Billye had ever taught him. This launched him on a “sideways journey” that lasted thirteen years.

Finally, he remembered what Billye had taught him. He wanted to get back on the right path, so he called Billye and asked for her advice. She asked him a very profound question:

What are you not doing today that you were doing when you were on top of the world?”

Tim goes on to share Billye’s wisdom in a series of seven principles:

  1. Feed your mind good stuff.
  2. Move the conversation forward.
  3. Exercise your gratitude muscle.
  4. Give to be rich.
  5. Prepare yourself.
  6. Balance your confidence.
  7. Promise made, promise kept.

If you feel like you are just hanging in there, or life’s curveballs have thrown you off balance, you need this book. If you like Andy Andrews, you will love this book. I promise, it will encourage you and rekindle the dreams you have stored in your heart. I think this book is destined to become a classic.

I gave away 100 copies of Today We Are Rich. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: If you have read this book, what did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Jeffrey Smith

    I would like to receive a copy of Why You Are Rich to ensure that I remain focused on how precious time is in our life. We must not squander this precious gift which allows us to impact our environment in positive ways. My current career in corrections sometimes drains energy because of a constant negative environment reflected in caustic words and unacceptable behavior. I realize that my mind must be filled with beneficial information in order to add value to the gift of allotted time we have in life and also to intentionally accept my responsibility to always share the best with others with whom I come in contact as I make the journey of life.

  • Nancy

    My sister is battling multiple myeloma, and we have discovered the therapeutic benefits of talking about everything BUT her cancer. She craves normal conversations and talking about “just stuff.” I would love to read this book and then send it to her for her to read so that we can talk about this important content. This could be our first “book club” conversation, which is something I hadn’t thought of doing yet. Whether you select me or not, I plan to pursue this with Tim’s book. I think she and I will benefit from a fresh conversation on true riches. As always, thank you, Michael, for you timely and helpful posts.

  • kevin

    We are all creations given the unaccebtable ability to be cursed or blessed, it is our acceptance of this fact that differs us from those who continue to strive and those who simply continue. It would be easy to turn a blind eye, or mute ear, but to do so would to miss the beauty of another’s man triumph, or another child’s laugh, so as in all opportunity presented (especially free) I believe it would be a wasted regret not to ask for a copy of Mr Sanders work. I have accepted I have cursed away my own opportunities, but also relize it is a blessing to receive this offer, and relize I am not alone in seeking adviced from someone who is willing to share their own cursings, and blessings. The seven wisdom’s of Billye were worth the blog, and I look forward to more.



  • loveyou

    This book sounds like a good book for me to read right now. I have been thinking a lot about gratitude and abundance lately, especially during this time of reported scarcity and loss. For the past few years, I have been feeling somewhat stuck–unable to more forward towards my dreams and destiny to any significant degree. It recently has occurred to me that perhaps the reason why is because I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in feelings of fear, doubt, lack and confusion in terms of what I’m in this world to do.

    But I’m remembering now. I feel God “re-minding” me of his abundant blessings in my life and that all is well. Most of all, I feel him reminding me that he loves me and that I am here to be his vessel of love in the world. I believe that’s ultimately why we are all here. This book sounds like another good reminder of that.

  • Miles Steele

    I want a copy of this book for two reasons; 1) I love Tim Sanders and I think that his promotion of the abundence mindset is something everyone needs to hear more about in a seemingly perpetual world of scarcity, and 2) because I need some new inspiration to continue pursuing my dreams. I’m in a new job setting and it is not all that I thought it would be and I’m scared of getting stuck somewhere I hate again.


    PS (unrelated to the contest) – Mr. Hyatt I’m a big fan of your blog here and I find so many posts that I can apply immediately to my own life. Thank you for all that you do.

  • John Dye

    Gods teaching me on the subject of generosity this year, and I want to teach my church about it too. my excuse has always been, since I cant do it (give) to everyone, to be fair, I wont give to anyone. listening to Andy Stanley preach a new idea for me, “Do for one, what you wish you could do for all.” this book sounds like it has some good insight on the subject, that I should be able to use and teach

  • Christie

    Curve ball + me = several months of rehashing and questioning. Now on the upside of that arc I am looking for an Andy Andrews type book to keep me out of the loop and moving forward.

  • Jasoninliberty

    The blog entry and interview steered me back to the killer app, and has me considering my lovecatness of late. I’d appreciate a copy of Time latest work, because it’s not difficult for me to imagine the lift Today We Are Rich will provide for my knowledge and compassion. Also, reading Tim is known to include positive networking side affects. And I’m ready for both. Thanks for your consideration.

  • LesaKMelchor

    As I watched the video interview, I thought of someone who needs to hear this message. I know a young 23 year old woman who started living ‘sideways’ a few years ago after a tragedy happened in her life. She became angry and bitter at God for “allowing” this situation to happen and has now made some decisions that has cost her so much. Recently I spoke to her and she mentioned that she didn’t know how she got to this place and wished she could go back 3 years and make a different choice (she allowed the wrong person in her life relationally) . I think she’s ready to hear some truth.

    When I heard the interview, I thought of her and how Billye might be a voice in her life. Maybe she could provide a map with steps that will bring her back home, much like Tim. I would give this book to Lauren.

    Thanks for sowing seeds into people’s lives!

    Lesa Melchor

  • Anonymous

    As a coach I’m always looking for good material that I can share with my clients. Many of my current clients are very much stuck in a rut and lost faith. This is not an area where I’m particularly strong and I’ve certainly gained some help from Andy Andrew’s work so this book may be a nice compliment to those.

  • Andrew

    I heard Tim talk about the new book recently on The Dave Ramsey Show. The idea of controlling my attitude and confidence has become hugely important to me as I consider my marriage, my work life, and future parenthood. Thanks for the opportunity to receive this book! If I do win a copy, I’ll be sure to pay it forward and share it when I’m done.

  • Prmday

    I would love this book not just because I personally love to learn how to overcome adversity but also as a pastor I am constantly working with people who need to overcome adversity. My library is not complete without this book…I see it as a great tool for my personal life as well as a great tool to help others in my life. Thanks!

  • Tiffany Malloy

    I would like a copy of this book because I’m in the midst of young motherhood, and am having trouble seeing both the end goal of it as well as the person I was before kids. Have you ever been in a spot that you do love, but you know that you could be in the spot, but with a healthier perspective and as a more whole person? Anyway, that’s where I’m at and would very much love to receive this book!

  • Joseph Sanchez

    The last few months I’ve been finding myself in a spiritual rut.. Would love a copy of this book if it can help… Thanks!

  • dsprtlydpndnt

    An avid reader admitted library frequenter who buys books only “if I would take them to Africa with me”. We lived in Nigeria for 6 years so…stewardship of stuff important to me. I have never read Sanders. Would love a “free” introduction. Have not because we ask not. Thanks for exposing us. I also never had a grandma or any older person like Billye.

  • Paul Fedorys

    Hello! I would like a copy of the book so I can give it to someone who needs it. As a LoveCat, I enjoy sharing my network and knowledge. I have been a big advocate of Tim’s since I saw him speak twice and read his books. If you give me the book, I promise that it will become a part of my evangelical Love Cat sermon and a super gift for a possible new convert.

  • Amanda Howse

    I would really like this book because I am a PhotoLoveCat (coined by Anne Ruthmann) and I totally enjoyed reading Love is the Killer App. Plus I keep seeing/hearing so many great things about this book. And I am atwiiter/social media addict! and love winning things!!

  • Karl Mealor

    Looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for your generosity.

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