Is Heaven for Real? An Interview with Author Todd Burpo

With more than seven million copies in print, Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo is one of the bestselling non-fiction books of all time. Tomorrow (Friday, July 6th) at 9pm EST, Barbara Walters will feature Todd and his son, Colton, in a special called, “Heaven: Where Is It? How Do We Get There?”

Todd is the pastor of a small Wesleyan church in Imperial, Nebraska, just 150 miles from my hometown in Kimball, Nebraska. He is also a wrestling coach and a volunteer fireman. He operates a garage door company with his wife, Sonja, who is also a children’s minister, busy pastor’s wife, and mom.

Heaven Is for Real is a true story about Todd and Sonja’s son Colton. At the age of four, he almost died during an emergency surgery. While unconscious, he claims to have gone to heaven and had some extraordinary experiences.

When I read the book prior to publication, I was, frankly, skeptical. I didn’t know how the book would fit with my theology. I also didn’t have much confidence in the recollection of a four-year old little boy.

But I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I read through it in one sitting. Millions of others have had a similar experience. It has a four-and-a-half star rating on Amazon with almost 3,000 reader reviews. Colton’s experiences are compelling. It is a book of hope that demonstrates this life is only part of the picture.

In this video interview, I ask Todd to recount the story of Colton’s illness and experiences in heaven. He only scratches the surface, but it will give you an idea of why the book has been so hugely successful. I also asked him the value he thinks that the book offers to pastors and others in a leadership role. This is a book you will want to read and pass on to others.

Questions: Have you read this book? What did you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Richard Wanjema

    After listening to the interview, I think this book’s insight will be useful when encouraging people going through very tough situations. Thanks for sharing-a powerful testimony.

  • Richard Wanjema

    After listening to the interview, I think this book’s insight will be useful when encouraging people going through very tough situations. Thanks for sharing-a powerful testimony.

  • Lory

    Michael, I am 51 yrs old and found out that I have colon cancer that has been in my body for over 4 yrs. I am on chemo now with the possibility of a liver resect. God has been taking me and my husband to a deeper level of faith. We are reading His will and believing in His promises! But there are times that I have unbelief. But He has been bringing conformation after conformation, that He is right here with me. Testimonies are very important at times when you are building your faith and needing to get rid of unbelief. I want my life to be a testimony now, during, and at the end of this season, to help others get through tough times, by knowing His will and standing on what He has said…..believing His word. I am healed, and will not be afraid!

    • John Harris

      Lory – we share similar experiences but different cancers. I know exactly what you are talking about. Please visit my blog, which I started with the sole intention of helping Christians through times like you speak of: (Honest – no self-promo intended). Keep up the courage!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think this book would be an encouragement to you, Lory. It was for me.

    • Marakim

      I’m praying for you! I’m thankful that this is not our real home. I hope you do win the book and I pray you will be an encouragement to others. God Bless, friend.

    • Elaine Weagel

      Michael, stay in God’s word and read and pray everyday. I will life you up also.

    • guest

      Fear our Lord, no need in fearing anything more… easy to say I know and tough to do.  Just remember our time here is in the blink of an eye, but eternity in a beautiful heaven awaits.

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  • Eric Tangen

    I would like a copy of the book because it seems to be very different from other bestsellers that pass themselves off as Christian. I would like to read the book and then pass it on to those friends who gave me another Christian bestseller that shall remain nameless yet was filled with dubious theology.

  • SueB

    My husband and I have been married only nine years. He just celebrated his 90th birthday! He is 23 years older than I am. Most likely he will be with our Lord in Heaven before me. The other day he was thinking about this and it made him cry. He does not want to leave me. We had a discussion about this, and while I could die this very moment, most likely it I won’t. I encouraged him that we will both be in Heaven together someday – I loved what Todd Burpo said about a reunion in Heaven one day. I want my husband to read this book and see God’s Supernatural Power in this wonderful story. We are Christians. It would be encouraging and uplifting for both of us. This life here on planet Earth is not the end.

    • Karl Schneider

      Funny this little very well coached kid didn’t see anything but white ‘christians’ in his hallucination. What a bunch of slimy crap and a really lowlife way to make money.

      P.T. Barnum sure called it.

  • Braxton

    I would love a copy for our family – I just purchased this book recently as a gift for a relative grieving the loss of her mother. She read the book in one sitting (in her driveway), and is already posting recommendations to family and friends online. God’s using this young man’s experience as a powerful reassurance.

    • Amycurlett

      recently lost my daddy a week ago and was despretly seeking answers i guess that must be part of my grieving experience.however somone told me about this book and it is absolutly astonishing…. I read it in one day and gave me a scence of hope…I

      • Bbb

        pls slpel bettir

        • KelSloGui

          You aren’t hearing her heart just seeing her spelling errors. That’s petty of you.

  • David Santistevan

    I would love a copy of this book to share with my family. My parents are foster parents and have 4 children in their home, two being severely handicapped. I feel this book would inspire hope and perseverance within their hearts for these kids. And it appears to be a very compelling read.

    • David Santistevan

      Mike, I don’t believe the Twitter link is working above where it says “you can do so automatically by clicking here”. Just letting you know.


    • Belleyes

      I am a foster mother &  adoptive mother of  6 (long story of how God took us from infertility to 6 children in 8yrs). My children also have “varied needs”. I personally have been renewed by the testimony in the book. I sometimes question “why”. This book has opened my eyes to just how important children are to Jesus. It is comforting to remember that, when I feel like the things I am doing dont really make a difference.

  • David Teems

    Evidence of our craving for simplicity and clarity, to reduce faith to its lowest (and perhaps finest) common denominator. Loved the interview. Refreshing. Very human. Great way to start the day.

  • Victor Mashni

    OK – I am very skeptical and this would go against everthing (I think) I believe. But I am open to read material that (I think) I would disagree with.

    • Tl Harrell

      Victor, if you don’t receive a free copy I hope you will go out and buy it. Please read it with an open heart. This is real and it has helped to heal my grief. I pray it does the same for you. Terrie

    • Elaine Weagel

      Victor, READ the book, and it will cause you to seek other testimonials. I’ve read several books about people who have had experiences with God and heaven and they say the same things as this book does. There are colors we have never seen, Jesus is there and loved ones are there. Please read this book, you will begin a search and find what you are seeking.

    • Rinehart_aimee

      ill send you my copy if your willing to read it.

  • Angela

    After spending much of 2010 in a deep, dark place due to depression and grief, I recently emerged as an upgraded version of my previous self. This book will continue to carry me forward in my journey.

  • Andy Depuy

    Mike with the situations that I’m going thru. It will encourage me to keep going and not quit.

  • nate hughes

    Being a missionary in Czech Republic makes access to English books expensive! We would love a free copy…if you’d send it to Europe! :)

  • Lynn

    I love reading about near death experiences because the messages these folks bring back give us hope for glory and pure love in a life after this one. I would especially want to hear this from a four year old’s perspective. Thank you for making me aware of this book.

  • Mark McIntyre

    I would love to read this book and donate the copy to our church library.

  • Leichel

    I need to win a copy of Heaven is for Real b/c I have bought this book twice now and end up passing it on. :)

  • MaDonna Maurer

    I really enjoyed your interview. Amazing story. The whole time I kept thinking “Child-like faith”. I want to read this book for simply that. To read about heaven through the eyes of a child. To refresh my child-like faith. Thanks again for a powerful testimony!

  • Lori K

    Michael I would love to read this book. This is not creative but next month my Mom is having kidney transplant surgery, my Dad is the donor. Having both parents under at the same time, I have to cling to my faith that Heaven is real. If something goes wrong I KNOW they will be in the hands of God. I believe this book would be an encouragement during this season of life.

  • Marv Quianzon

    I want a free copy for two reasons number one because I want to share this interesting book to others I know number two I personally want to have an idea what happens in the afterlife.

  • Shelley Brandon

    I need a copy of this book. My husband died 16 months ago from brain cancer. My 9 year old son is beginning to question the existance of God~ he asks me ” why didn’t God take daddy’s cancer away here so daddy could stay with us? Why did he give him cancer and make him die? My words are so inadequate. Please choose me for a free copy!


    This book will support my testimony to others but especially important to me our teens who vacillate in their faith expressions depending on the day (hour). Thanks, Michael.

  • Taylor Jervis

    As recent college graduate and a 23 year old on a path to ministry, it is somewhat difficult to be able to purchase new material but find myself moved by a story like this. Reading reviews and watching the interview has already stirred in me a passion to know God more. I would love to read the story and share with my young community the hope that heaven is for real.

  • Pastor Joe Bell

    Hi Michael! I need a book about heaven because I lead people who need good views of heaven to help their faith be in the things of God instead of the light and temporary things of this life!

  • Purpleeye

    Hi Michael – I would love to win a copy of this book. You know, living downunder (Australia) we like to look up, and be inspired ; ). My family would love to read this – the interview is so interesting – how awesome is God!

  • Macpartyof5

    Thanks for this post Michael. In 2002 we lost a son at birth and his twin brother spent four months in the hospital. This marked our life of course and began my wife’s and my journey to understand heaven. We have had great conversations about heaven. Two years ago, we had another tragic event and lost my father in law at the hands of my brother in law who then took his own life. Death has been a reality for our young family and young kids – 10, 8, & 6.

    We believe that our loved ones are with God – no doubt, but would love to have something to illustrate heaven. Thanks for considering and making this interview available.

  • tyemale

    I’ve never read a book on this subject and would like to get started now! Perhaps it would offer some “traveling tips” when I ultimately cross over. : )

  • Joseph Thompson

    After reading Don Piper’s book on his experience, a perspective on heaven from a child would be something interesting to read. I would be hopeful to share the book with others who need encouragement and hope. Thanks for making these offers available!

  • Les Szpakowski

    I’m a believer in Christ’s coming, His working when he walked the earth, and His ability to work today. But there is little to point to the ‘workings’ of heaven, so I would be fascinated, and, I’m hoping, encouraged by the story. I can’t wait!

  • Jeremy @ Confessions

    I already have a copy of the book, I just want to get a 2nd copy so I can give it away to somebody who needs to read it.

    • Andres Rodriguez

      I would like to know about the Vision of Mother of God in that Amazing History?  And Why is so hard to them To talk about it…If you can give the 2nd copy to me … you can sent it to me at this Adresses …. Andres Rodriguez   Cond Los Flamboyanes,  73 Calle San Antonio Apt 105 Caguas, PR.  00725 … Thanks So much ….

  • Cherie Clayton

    Why I want the book? I’m sure I could come up with an elaberate story that would make it sound like I really need the book. Honestly, I just love to read books about everything! I am intrigued by stories like this and have someone in my mind that I would give the book to, when I am done reading. He is a man from work that “believes in God”, but is really confused on other issues. That’s all.

  • Melissa Irwn

    I’m always telling people that “this life isn’t about this life”. I wear jasper on a necklace as a visual reminder of the beautiful descriptions of the walls and floors of the New Heaven as described in Revelation. I’m amazed how little Heaven is discussed in church. I loved the book “heaven” by Randy Alcorn, but I’d really love to read about it from the perspective of a 4 year old who has had a personal visit. I’ll buy it eventually if I don’t win a free copy – but a free copy would fit perfectly in my current budget. :-)

  • Katie Lentile

    From the reviews I have read and comments heard from previous readers, I have been eager to read this book. My bible study picks books to read that are not your typical bible study book and I would love a copy of this to read and possibly promote it as an option. For a group of mid 20 year olds it would be an interesting topic and be helpful to lean on when times in our faith are being questioned. Overall we are looking to heaven and eternity with everything we do in this life here and I would love to experience heaven through the eyes of a 4 year old.

  • Kgoza

    I believe Heaven is for real. As a believer that is our Hope. I would like to read this experience from this young mans life, and also share this book with others. Thanks for your ministry thru books.

  • Kgoza

    I believe Heaven is for real. As a believer that is our Hope. I would like to read this experience from this young mans life, and also share this book with others. Thanks for your ministry thru books.

  • Davidbdykstra

    I just recently discovered that I am losing my job, and I am beginning to struggle with depression and trying to see what’s next for me. in the past, the best medicine has been focusing on the future and positive things in my life, and reading uplifting books is one of those things. I think this young man’s story would be a much needed lift for me, and a story I can share with others who are struggling.

  • Davidbdykstra

    I just recently discovered that I am losing my job, and I am beginning to struggle with depression and trying to see what’s next for me. in the past, the best medicine has been focusing on the future and positive things in my life, and reading uplifting books is one of those things. I think this young man’s story would be a much needed lift for me, and a story I can share with others who are struggling.

  • Ric23

    Compelling stories are one thing. Compelling stories that glorify the Father, spot-light the Son and echo the quiescent comfort of the Spirit are another. As a professional counselor, pastor and Director of a faith-based counseling agency, I’d love to read and share this story. As a husband and father, I’d love to have my fears about life and it’s brevity calmed and reassured by the power of God’s work in our lives — lives that are tenuous at best and challenged around every uncertain corner. The story of God and His work in our lives is ever fresh. What a wonderful work of grace He has done by giving this family a story that is reverberating through the lives of so many. Can’t wait to hear it in full.

  • Erica McNeal

    I’d love to see if he met my daughter! Were babies recognizable in Heaven?

  • Juan

    Hi Mike, Great story to share about our calling in life, in this case spiritually in connection with Jesus Christ for a better life in the afterlife, also about the power of love to our children which is our legacy to this world. My wife and I are blessed with a little 5 years boy, He is our life, and just cannot imagine going thru Todd’s and his family situation seeing his son suffering and inspite of the inclement weather, still his core principlie called him strongly to do something and go and fight for his son’s life.
    I life we get wake up calls to make changes to appreciate what is truly important.
    Why do we have to wait for these wake up calls to appreciate life? To appreciate how blessed we are? And how God is always sending us messages? However we are too busy…
    I am looking forward to reading the book. Thank You

  • Anonymous

    As a Children’s ministry leader I am constantly looking for ways to show skeptical adults that kids don’t have to be an adult to “get” Jesus. Reading this book and recommendin it to others may very well change the way people I come into contact with’s view on Children’s ministry.

  • Anonymous

    As a Children’s ministry leader I am constantly looking for ways to show skeptical adults that kids don’t have to be an adult to “get” Jesus. Reading this book and recommendin it to others may very well change the way people I come into contact with’s view on Children’s ministry.

  • Nancy Ferrin

    I’d love to read this book because my son, Stephen, is there. Jesus took him home when he was a baby and I’ve written a book about that experience to encourage others who’ve had a similar loss. The hope of heaven is where healing begins and this book will further equip me as I interact with grieving parents and grandparents through my ministry. God bless you all and thank you.

  • Selma Alves

    I would like to read this book because I think it’s a compelling sotry and can impact people’s lives especially those who don’t know God yet, as my mom. I would like very much to share this with her… who knows it won’t be a way for her to believe how real heaven is through Colton’s experience… that’s my hope.

  • Debbie Capeci

    As a graduate student in a Publishing program, and an owner of a young publishing and author services business, I am deeply interested in reading a book that “resonates with everybody,” as you mentioned, Mike. I want to help authors communicate biblical truths in a manner relevant to the who are pre-Christian, and desire to publish works that will make an eternal difference. (Thanks for your very active blog and Twitter posts!)

  • PastorT

    I’m a senior seminary student a few months away from diving into the world of crisis counseling. I have read every counseling book under the sun, but having one speaking of true life experiences would prove to be a valuable tool in helping others.

  • AmySolano

    I have heard of the book but like you I was skeptical as well. Now after watching this interview and seeing the sincerity of Todd i am going to have to give the book a chance my self. Looks like thats my next purchase :)

    Thank You for Sharing

  • Rlnanney

    I would love to have a copy of the audio version. I have several friends who ask when I recommend a book – “does it have pictures?” Not big readers! When I say, “I have it on audio” they love it. It’s nice to share.
    Roxanne Nanney

  • Blair

    Once again, a truly inspiring story. Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to reading the book. I get the chance, from time to time, to work with children in the church and they are always interested in Heaven. I hope that by reading this book, I can really get an idea of what to tell these kids.

    Like many others have said, I can also see the usefulness of this book when talking to those that have experienced tragedy in their lives. Thanks again for the review and, winning or not, I hope to get the chance to pick up and read this book.

  • CJW

    I want this book because I have never read a book by anyone from Nebraska.

    I once had the opportunity to interview and ghost-write an article by an inspiring businessperson from Omaha but unfortunately he passed away before we had a chance to complete the article.

  • Chad Billington

    I’d like a copy of this book because of how it has helped some friends of mine. They lost a child suddenly the 8 1/2 month of their pregnancy. My wife stayed with them as they delivered and saw their lifeless child. I’m also one of their pastors, and I was there with them.

    Recently I was talking to the husband, and he remarked on how this book had been a tremendous encouragement to him. He was reading it a second time and giving it to his wife to read. Given the difference it has made for my friend, and my obvious interest in the subject of heaven as a pastor, I’d really like a copy. I also think my wife would like to read about it too, as I know this experience was significant for her as well.

    Thanks for considering,

  • Danny James

    Always searching for books to share with my small group at Fellowship Bible Batesville. When finished we always pass them along to other small groups in the church.

  • Tiffany

    I loved the interview! Childlike faith is often the last thing I rely on. This is a reminder that perhaps I need to make it my first.

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Mike, like you I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to stories like this. I’ve seen your tweets & those from Thomas Nelson about how well the book has been selling, but pretty much ignoring them. But, your endorsement of the book has raised my curious & so I want to read the book and see what all the hubbub is about.

  • Inspiresme

    I’m really curious to see how this plays out. I’ve got a long history with God, but only recently opened up to the Holy Spirit’s power.

  • Stephanie

    I have two little kids and I believe in a greater power, but we’ve had some family members pass and we find our little ones saying “how do you know they’re in Heaven”. We explain it all to them, but I’m very interested in life after death and would love to read an example from a 4 year-old. Kids are so honest and I think this helps to make people more comfortable in difficult times.

  • jessiwhitt

    I want a copy of this book because I’m a little (ok, A LOT) skeptical just as you were. When the book first released, I was intrigued by the title, but I was also skeptical that it was just another theologically unsound book about going to heaven designed to make money. I’m still skeptical, and that’s why I’d enjoy a copy. I’d love to be proven wrong!

  • bruce crews

    I would love to receive a copy to gain better insight into what happens as our earthly bodies leave this old place to be united with our Father. Also, I heard there is a description of what Jesus looks like – I’m sure He has long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes like all of the pics I’ve seen. :<)

  • Greg

    Thanks, Michael for posting the interview. I, too, have been skeptical about this story, but it now seems to be much more than a “MitchAlbom” tale. I can see how this will be a great comfort to the grieving!

  • Nina

    At the age of 64, I am looking forward to heaven and seeing my parents and distant ancestors I have researched. But I am especially eager for the day I am with my daughter again who has been there for over 2 years now. Losing her has challenged my theology and magnified my interest in heaven. I can’t wait to read this book! I hope it is available digitally!

  • Jim

    After listening to the interview, I think this book’s insight will be useful when encouraging fellow members going through very tough situations. This book would be a great book for our small group to take up. Thanks for a powerful testimony.

  • Jim Whitaker

    I have to admit Michael that I fall in the same camp as you. Theologically speaking, I am not sure how this fits into what I believe. After all, I am have really been a fan of the “died went to heaven and saw the light and Jesus told me to come back and now I am back telling my story” concept. At the same, it fascinates me that you have resonated with this book and that you have taken time to endorse it in your posting today. Also, I sit and listen to my own 3 almost 4 year old twin girls and imagine as you probably did in the beginning that this experience might not be that reliable. After all, my girls have be the president of fairly land and the queen of the Barbie castle. Yet Colton and his father have found away to connect with you and obviously a lot of readers on Amazon. So in light of this, I think that I would appreciate a chance to change. I would appreciate a chance to break through an embedded theology that I have and give it a chance to become reshaped and reformed based on this wonderful that you have made available to your readers. So if you find it in your heart to help a man reshape, I would appreciate a copy of the book.

  • Goulart

    That book will give a great vision for all.

  • Michele Murdock

    I want a copy because I am on my own Faith Journey after 35 years away from the Catholic Church, I am looking at faith in a new way. So, I read to keep my journey going and this sounds like a book that would move me along.

  • Lisa Smith

    I would love to have a copy of your book to first of all read myself and secondly to share with others. There are just so many sceptics out there who do not believe in Heaven and Hell. I will be praying that they might read and be touched by your book. I am a pastor’s wife and never recommend anything before I read it myself. The real-life experiences in this book might be what it would take to convince some. If it could make the difference in even one person’s eternity it would be amazing! ;)

  • John Harris

    I’ve had much skepticism ever since I heard about this book and read a bit of it online. I am a Christian and certainly believe in heaven 100 percent. We can never know whether this child really had this experience or not – that’s where the skepticism comes in. He might be right. He might be wrong. But the bigger problem is why people love this book so much to confirm the existence of heaven when The Bible has already done that for thousands of years. Does this book help confirm the existence of heaven for us? Why isn’t The Bible enough. It just brings to mind the words of Jesus, which he used over and over again: “Why do you have so little faith?” Is not what Jesus said and did in the New Testament enough for us that a little child has to confirm what we already know?

  • Beth1968

    My dad has always had an interest in reading about peoples experiences when near death and had purchased several books about it. He encouraged me to read them also. I would love to read about this young boys experience.

  • Janet Oberholtzer

    I am skeptical about this book … I wasn’t planning on reading it, but now I’m thinking I should, so I can give a more accurate opinion of it … and maybe I’ll be won over like you were, Michael.

    The reason I should probably read it is because people are asking me about it and whether my experience of almost dying matches any of it. After receiving severe injuries in an accident, I spent about 48 hours hovering between life and death. I have some foggy memories of that time that I could wrap in Heaven language, but I don’t feel comfortable doing so. My body was in a traumatic situation and I was heavily medicated … so why would I trust anything I thought/saw/experienced at that time?
    So while I realize the experiences in this book bring comfort to the family (and many others) my biggest doubts are with the certainty that is placed in a 4- years olds experience who was in a traumatic situation. (When else in life do we base major beliefs on a 4-year old’s opinion?) All the experiences I’ve heard he had (in this interview and others) brought comfort and peace to the family and confirmation for what the family already believed … what if he had ‘come back’ with new info that would have challenged what they believe or cost them something, such as: if he had said Jesus wants them to sell everything and give all to the poor.

    So having said all that … maybe I need a free copy so that I actually read it and maybe I’ll be converted from skeptic to non-skeptic.

  • Jim Whaley

    Children have THE most creative minds! I can only imagine the description of Heaven through the eyes of a child! As a collegiate church pastor, I try to paint as many word pictures as I can to make Scripture come alive. Having this book, would definitely be a great tool. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Joe Lalonde

    I would like a copy just to read/listen to and enjoy. No other real reason beside that. Well, maybe one… My wife is a book-a-holic and if I can get her a gift for free, that would be great too.

  • Jamoore06

    My cousin told me about this book. I put it as a sample on my Kindle. I would love to read this story. My dad has been diagnosed with an agressive form of Parkinson’s and we can use all of the uplifting hope that we can get our hands on right now.

  • Bob Lisi

    i read the first chapter and am intrigued by the perspective, makes me want to read more…

  • Bwenman

    I would love a copy of this book! I saw an interview with the writer and tears were pouring down my face. As a mother who has had a miscarriage, I was mortified that the hospital just through the remains of my baby away in the garbage in the hospital. ( The fetus was only about 9 weeks old, but to me, it was my baby.) It’s one thing to know that my baby is in heaven. It is completely different to understand that I might be able to hold her as child in my arms. It’s just too overwhelming to comprehend and it brings me to tears. Please pass along the message to the author that he has been used by God to bring comfort to many and I am very grateful to him (and God) for that!

    • Linda

      My heart felt your pain but God has reassured you that you WILL see your baby some day in Heaven.  God will give you peace about it and even though the physical remains of your baby were disposed of, your child’s spirit went to Heaven.  What a great day that will be!!  Gives you and many other parents in similar situations, the best to look forward to!  God Bless You!

  • Ben Tune

    “God has a much better plan for people’s hurts than closure. It’s called reunion.” What a powerful reminder that God’s ways are so much higher than our ways.

  • Pboudrot

    I have 2 YOUNG (5 & 10) who lost their divorced mother last week to a violent suicide. While the children do not know the details. I’m searching for something to draw from and use as healing inspiration for them. Their father, our son, does a remarkable job with the kids, but other sources of help are always appreciated.

    Phil Boudrot

  • Pboudrot

    I have 2 YOUNG (5 & 10) who lost their divorced mother last week to a violent suicide. While the children do not know the details. I’m searching for something to draw from and use as healing inspiration for them. Their father, our son, does a remarkable job with the kids, but other sources of help are always appreciated.

    Phil Boudrot

  • Cara Putman

    This book is amazing. I read it in one sitting — and found the chapter on miscarriage so comforting. Then my ten year old daughter picked it up and read it in two nights. The first night she came downstairs at 11 and handed us the book because she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop reading. But she didn’t just read it, she got it. She remembers what she read and is still talking about it more than a month later. I’m not sure why people find it so controversial. Todd does a great job of balancing the scripture with Colten’s experience.

    We already have a copy autographed by Todd and Colten, so I don’t need another one. But I do want to encourage people to read it. It’s very well written, but the content is worth reading and considering.

    • PORGY

      Hi Cara, dont you think Todd made enough money with this book, how about giving it for free to all the christians, it has to cost us money?
      more than 6 millions copies, should be for free dont you agree?
      did you hear what is he doing with all that moeny, will be nice to know that
      giving it to poor people in africa and south america ??anybody knows?

  • Elaine

    Saw part of the interview on TV. Would love to read this book and pass it on to relatives I feel need to hear more about Heaven so they might start living more here on earth like they are going there!

  • Cathiwoods

    Out of the mouths of babes…I think this would be a good book for my 21yr old-who has walked away from his faith- to read.

    • Cathiwoods

      I am so glad I heard about this through Michael Hyatt’s Twitter post. I have heard a lot about the book and can’t wait to read it!

  • Karl Mealor

    I think all of us are curious about what heaven will be like. Apart from reading the Bible, I feel I basically have two options to improve my conception of heaven: 1) die, or 2) read Burpo’s book. Now, I’m not skeered a’ dyin’, but it seems so, I don’t know, permanent. Reading the book seems like such a better option. Please help.

  • David Corbly

    My 5-year-old daughter died unexpectedly six years ago of a cerebral hemorrhage (, and so naturally I’ve read and learned much about what Heaven is like for her, and our faith has been strengthened immensely by books. Although I could probably buy the book out of my book allowance this summer, it would be so much more special to win it from you, as I read your blog daily and you have tremendous influence on my spiritual and work life. Thanks for all you do and for this opportunity!

  • Martin Tully

    To prove to Jehovah Witnesses that there is a heaven and it is not relegated to only 144,000 and only to themselves but to all that accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and we will not live on paradise earth but be Heaven with our Father.

  • Kelly Croy

    I enjoyed this post immensely and the video sealed my commitment to reading it. I recently lost my father and I am a little embarrassed to admit that the experience rocked my faith considerably. I have been working hard to regain the certainty I once had and ease my anxiety. This book looks like it may very well help me do just that. What a powerful witness and testimony. Thank you.

  • Denise McClain

    Thank you, Michael, for sharing this wonderful and profound interview. I’m often in my car and am always looking for audiobooks to keep me in an inspired and introspective frame of reference. This book appears to be authentically Christian, a different spin on other stories of what happens after we die. Like you, I was skeptical when I read the blurb for this book as there are many stories out there of near-death experiences. But this story sounds like the real deal, as the saying goes. So many people out there are seeking…and often find books that become the next spiritual fad. This appears to a good tool for balance. I’d love to receive the book or the audiobook and then pass it to my church family or those who are seeking inspiration from less-than-healthy publications.

  • LizC, Eternal Lizdom

    I have my own experience that touches on the subject of heaven and I’m always interested to hear the story that others have to tell.

  • Daniel Bryant

    Hi Mike, I would love the book to give away as a gift to my new boss. As we have grown closer from working together over the last 3 months, I found out that he just recently lost his 14 year old daughter to brain cancer 2 years ago this month. Her death was extremely hard on him as he watched his little girl wither away from her bedside.

    I still will buy this book for me, but I think it will mean so much more if I can give it to him as a gift from you.

  • Haydeeang

    I’ve heard of stories about some people who died, saw heaven, & came back to life. What happened there, I didn’t bother to know nor read the books cos I never believed. I have faith but not delusional. Well, maybe I’m ready to read someone’s actual story now, & if it’s real, I pray it moves me. Do I wish for it happens to me too? Maybe not.

  • Robbie S

    Working with kids it is amazing to see how real and genuine they truly are. God asks us to be more child like with our faith. This is a very appealing story that can be shared with many.

  • Phil

    Heaven is definitely for real – the road to get there is key though.

  • Rwhitson

    This appears to be a life changing book. I would love to read it and shareit.

    Thanks for all your great posts.

  • Scott Lee

    Man, this story is incredible. I too am like you, a skeptic. But willing to listen. Thanks for the interview.

  • Terry Braswell

    I am very skeptical even though the interview is very compelling. I know that this book will interest a large number of people both within and outside the Church. I would like a copy to evaluate so I can better guide the people connected to my church.

  • Brad Farris

    Wow, what a fantastic story. You may have sold a copy to me just from listening to Todd’s humility and sincerity. Thanks so much for publishing it!

  • Bill Bliss

    What a powerful interview. I would like to have the book so that I and my wife, who is a licensed professional counselor, can provide some hope to some of the married couples we counsel together at our church.

    Sometimes the words or behavior of a child are such powerful lessons for adults. Christ told us that unless we become like children, we will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. We need to be reminded how to become like children and it sounds like this book can contribute to that.

  • Michaelpaddy

    As a pastor who deals with the questions of life and death and consequently, heaven and hell, I am asked as the expert to talk about these topics. There have been a few books of those who have died experienced a heavenly experience but none that have a small child talk about the after-life. I am very interested in the innocence and guilesness of a child. Their ability to sift through the thick language of theologians and give their view of life and in this case death and heaven without concerns to created dogmas. I would love to receive a copy of Heaven is for Real to have a sense of Colton’s experience.

  • Cindy

    My sister is a new Christian and is in the middle of testing to see if her ovarian cancer is back, and rearing its angry head. This book would be an awesome inspiration and comfort to her in the trials that she faces in the near term. I would love to have a copy to share with her.

  • Ccook

    Very little conversation about heaven … it’s almost as if boomers (my cohort) are having too much fun down here … and not interested in heaven. Hey … but death is inevitatble!!

  • Jill Williamson

    I recently read The Boy Who Came back from Heaven. I would love to read this book to compare the stories. I am the librarian at our small church library, so I think it’s wonderful that there are now two books that I could possibly recommend to people who are searching/grieving. I would donate this book to the library once I’ve read and reviewed it.

  • Tammy Doci

    It sounds like an intriguing read– I liked what you shared about how you wondered if it would fit with your theology… and hearing you recommend it (and respecting your suggestions as a leader I admire)– I would definitely enjoy a copy of the book to be challenged and refreshed about heaven and the hope we have as believers, the very hope we need to offer to our non-believing friends and family.

  • kim

    I have been studying faith and healing and truly believe that God still heals today so just the fact that this child has been miraculously healed is a story in itself. I’ve read the reviews of this book at Amazon and even skeptics have found this to be a good book. In the negative world that we live in today it refreshing to read something positive!

  • Heather

    WOW, what an amazing story. My husband and I lost a daughter just after surgery and now am finding so many people that have lost children. Thru that time we clung to the hope of Heaven and this book/story helps to confirm that amazing place where our child and family members are.
    We are Pastor’s like Todd and this book will help us even more bring peace and strength to the people who come across our paths in simular situations.
    Thanks for bringing this book to my knowledge.

  • Bmann

    QUESTIONS we all ask and think……..this would help with answers!
    As the executive director of a women’s organizaiton helping 350 Baptist churches in Ontario and Quebecm, I am often called to tackle tough questions and reach out to ALL women in our churches…….this book would really help me help others!

  • Nightingale

    I’d love a copy of this book, as I think it may uplift my children (13, 10, and 5). My son is severely autistic & nearly died after a prolonged grand mal seizure. Our newly adopted daughter saw this & thought he had died. Our girls have asked about heaven a lot since then, and our son might have a similar story to share, but he is unable to speak. He was changed after the episode, though…glows with joy. Oh…AND, I’m a cranky overworked supermom writer/editor who hasn’t had a vacation in over a decade…so throw a dog a bone. Or a book!

  • Dave Michaelian

    A loved one is going through cancer treatment and I’d like to read it and talk about it with them. Also,I feel that I’m personally in need of a “faith boost” as I continue to pray and encourage them.

  • ryker

    I actually have recently purchased this book on my Kobo, but would love a printed copy to give to a young lady I know who recently lost her baby girl. I would love this to be an encouragement to her to know that Heaven is real and her precious daughter is there. I’d love this book to introduce to her the truth that Jesus does exist and that she can have a relationship with him. My prayer is that God could use this tragedy and this book to draw her to Him as she seeks the answers that she needs. Her mother rcently posted a comment on facebook asking how a good God (if real) could allow bad things to happen to good people….this whole family could be transformed through this experience. Breaking a cycle of pain and poverty. (the grandma is 42, the mother 23…I grew up with the grandma and it’s been a hard life for her).

  • Jerry Parnell

    This is a powerful story to say the least. Being a new parent of a 16 month old son with another due in Sept, I can only imagine the heartache & pain of watching your young son fight through this ordeal but then to come out the other side with a story this encouraging makes this story that much more amazing. I know that this story will touch many lives so thank you for sharing the interview and I look forward to reading the book.

  • Roanna

    I go to a Bible college and one of my classes this semester is “Creative Bible Teaching”. My teacher (who is the main teacher for Child Evangelism and has done quite a bit of it in her lifetime) read a chapter of this book to us in class. She told us how Colton kept telling his parents, “Jesus, really really loves the children.” This is why I want to read the book… my teacher introduced it to me and I’m interested in teaching children.

  • Laura Dallas

    I requested that my public library order this book when I first read the title before the book was released. They did, and I LOVED reading it. Every time I read from this book, I felt renewed confidence in my faith and a strong sense of joy and peace. I am a Conference Church Librarian, and I would like to get a copy to put in our Conference Library to share with all of our pastors, church leaders, and church members. With a copy in our library, I can write a full review on our website as well. Everyone should read this book, and with even just a little bit of faith, God will help you believe.

  • ryker

    I actually have recently purchased this book on my Kobo, but would love a printed copy to give to a young lady I know who recently lost her baby girl. I would love this to be an encouragement to her to know that Heaven is real and her precious daughter is there. I’d love this book to introduce to her the truth that Jesus does exist and that she can have a relationship with him. My prayer is that God could use this tragedy and this book to draw her to Him as she seeks the answers that she needs. Her mother rcently posted a comment on facebook asking how a good God (if real) could allow bad things to happen to good people….this whole family could be transformed through this experience. Breaking a cycle of pain and poverty. (the grandma is 42, the mother 23…I grew up with the grandma and it’s been a hard life for her).

  • Reagan Lynch

    As a future pastor this is a book I plan to, just based on this interview, keep stocked in my office to pass out to people going through the loss of a loved one. I’m also going to be giving a copy to my cousin who tragicly lost her fiance in an auto accident last October and is still having to deal with the aftermath as the driver of the other car goes to trial. This is going to be a great book for her and her three daughters ages 9, 7, and 4.

  • Sha Fordyce

    I have three children under the age of 7. My oldest, 6, has given descriptions to me and my husband of how Jesus looks to him from his dreams at night. (Which is nothing like mainstream pictures.) My 4 year old daughter tells us about how happy she will be when she gets to live with God forever because of what God talks to her about when she prays! And I, personally, have been involved in many experiences with God since I was 5. I felt like an outcast growing up because I didn’t know of any other children that had the same type of experiences as me. I would like a copy of this book so my children can have faith in their encounters. I want them to know that they’re not strange or weird, but rather extremely blessed to be allowed such insight into our Heavenly Father. I want them to have someone closer to their age to relate to.

  • Doug Dennis

    As a pastor, I know several families who have lost children as a result of a miscarriage that I would share this book with as a source of encouragement to them. This book is a great faith builder!

  • Kathy Rodriguez

    I read this book over Martin Luther King Weekend… It was the beginning of a lot of change in my life… A defining moment… It is a reminder in such simple and heartwarming terms and facts that God is the Engineer that should be guiding all of us. It is a must read for all out there. I have posted tis to my Facebook multiple times and will contine to post this book as I want my friends, family and colleagues to all read it.. God Bless the Burbo Family <3

  • Janice Walen

    It is such a refreshing book. I could not put it down until I had read it all, then bought more copies to give to my children. It makes Heaven seem so close and so REAL. Loved it.

  • Kathy Eady

    Love, love, love your book and Have bought many copies as gifts. Recently i gave my 87 yr. old mom one and she LOVED it and she went to Barnes & Noble to get 3 copies as gifts. Your book is very insprirational. I grew up in Orval Butchers church in Lemon Grove, Ca. Also my twin sister, mother and myself all have had appendix removed…mine ruptured. Small world and God is using your little book to advance His kingdom in these troubled days.

  • Janice Walen

    I would like a personalised signed copy of the book. I love reading books and they take me to many different places, but seeing heaven from this view is so great. Thank you.

  • Ann Sinclair

    I saw this book at Walmart and knew I had to read it. I bought copies. One for each for my daughters as Christmas gifts. I did read the book before giving it at Christmas. Since then I asked my daughter if I could loan hers out and she allowed me to do that. She now loans out her book to people she knows will not buy it so I hate to ask her to lend it to the people I think should read it. I would like to read the book again myself but I would like to have my own copy to lend out to others. This book is such a blessing and I believe it could draw a person to serve our wonderful savior.

  • Mrs. Nadine Peters

    I’ve read the book and purchased 3 to take into the Community Corrections Center in Lincoln NE. I’ve been doing Prison Fellowship Ministries there for over 20 years. The books are in high demand & I could use another one to take there.

  • Lisa H

    Heaven is a real place, and I don’t think you make your own heaven here on earth. The world is way to evil and nasty for heaven have a place here (I do believe you can have joy though!). God lives in heaven. That is where Jesus is and don’t we all want to see Jesus? I know I do. My mom has kidney failure and is on dialysis 7 days a week. She is 69 years old and has been pretty sick for months. She lives with me (I am her caregiver) and its been hard to watch. She does have good days and those are precious (I did not grow up with a good relationship with my mom). Encouragement is a commodity that is always appreciated. And, I’d love a road map of heaven so when I get there, I’ll know where to go! :)

  • Geezersbox

    As more of my family relocates to Heaven I look everywhere for more information about where they are and what they are doing. And since Heaven is also my final destination I am hungry to know more about the place God has prepared for us.

  • Philip Rothschild

    Mike, great video interview. What a very down-to-earth real guy Todd seems to be. I pray this book will touch many.

    BTW Mike – what did you use to record the dual screen interview. Phil

  • Lisa H

    I also tweeted & facebooked this story :)

  • Jade

    This book has been continually laid on my heart to read; however, right now I am a student so I am having difficulty finding available funds to purchase ‘Heaven Is For Real’.
    I have lost many people close to me (I know others have as well), but one of those people was my six week old Godson, and to hear the hope that I would see him again in heaven is what I believe draws me to wanting to read this book.

    I do believe that God will put these 100 copies into the hands of those who need it the most. Thank you for helping to spread the word about this book.

  • Rdebes

    This book was such a blessing. This last year my family has Been a tragic year for us as we lost someone we loved very much to cancer at a very young age, and several other tragedies have occurred. I always thought my faih was strong but My faith was effected and often found myself in the pit. My niece recommended this book on FB and I ordered it on my Kindle and read it without a break…it gave me peace and so much hope. I immediately ordered 4 copies and passed them out, I wish I was able to order 50 more..So many people could benefit from reading this book. I have recommended it to so many people. Todd’s story was so easy to read and it encouraged me and reminded me of God’s unconditional love…Thank you Todd and the entire Burpo family for sharing this.

  • Jerry Essex

    I “lost” my 8 year old grandson, Austin, in August 2010 as a result of a terrible boating accident. Our family believes he is in heaven and we’ve talked often about what he might be doing now. I want to have a book to give as a gift to another person in our weekly grief group, because I know the stories shared by the Burpo family and Colton can help anyone who is grieving – it brings new hope and assurance that our children are welcomed in heaven with open arms. I can’t wait to see my grandson again in the future. Thank you for making it possible for many more families to experience the amazing accounts shared by the Burpo family.

  • Sigurbjorg

    Hello my name is Sigurbjorg…im 55.years old.
    I live in Iceland and was visiting my son in the states,before Christmas and was buying a book on, about Medium,I love reading books like that,when I came across this book,and I was like I got to have this book.
    But didnt get it then,but decided,to buy when I got back home.I have to order and send to my son,and then he have to send it to me,as a gift because I might have to pay double,if I order it and let them send it right to my adress in Iceland.
    I would love to get a free copy,so I can start reading as soon as possible.
    There are lot of things around us that we can´t explain,……………….
    Thank you..for sharing this video….
    God bless….

  • Gwen

    My friend’s father died yesterday. Another friend’s husband is terminal. What words do I use? By God’s grace, I have no experience with a close family member dying so I don’t know what to say to them. I can tell you that after I read this book, it’s the MOST PERFECT gift for someone who has gone through these types of losses. It’s hope in a yellow jacket. I have already shared my iPad with a friend who lost a daughter many years ago…so she could read my eVersion. She cried afterwards and thanked me because now she was certain she would see her daughter again. This book is more than a little boy’s visit in heaven. It is HOPE for everyone who knows salvation is the door to reunions and ever lasting life.

  • Jennifer Peterson

    This is a book that I have heard a lot about. I am a life-long Catholic and have been struggling in recent years with my faith (not my religion, my faith). I have been doing a lot of praying and reading trying to come to an understanding. I see people like Colton who has such a constant and unshakeable faith and I am envious. I want that. I would like this book to read to help understand Colton’s journey and pass the book onto others to pass the word.

  • Jennifer Peterson

    This is a book that I have heard a lot about. I am a life-long Catholic and have been struggling in recent years with my faith (not my religion, my faith). I have been doing a lot of praying and reading trying to come to an understanding. I see people like Colton who has such a constant and unshakeable faith and I am envious. I want that. I would like this book to read to help understand Colton’s journey and pass the book onto others to pass the word.

  • Huggybear21

    I have a brother that doesn’t think there is anything after this life, or he dosen’t know for sure if we are going to heaven or wherever. I think this book would prove to him there really is a heaven.

  • Bruce

    I can’t wait to read this book after hearing about it, I lost my brother at a young age and have always wondered what lies ahead when we pass on. I think this will give a positive hope to those that read it.

  • Bruce

    I can’t wait to read this book after hearing about it, I lost my brother at a young age and have always wondered what lies ahead when we pass on. I think this will give a positive hope to those that read it.

  • Jehovah Jireh777

    This is a powerful testimony that can and will draw many to Christ!

  • siscokid

    Honestly, as a father of 3 soon to be 4 kids all under 5, i’m definitely intrigued to hear about this child’s experience. Over the past few weeks I have been listening to Matt Carter’s sermon series on Heaven & Hell. ( It has been such a cool time of reflection on what awaits those who believe as well as those who do not. As a camp director, I am excited about the possibility of sharing the truth’s about Heaven with our jr high kids this summer and I think this book might be helpful as i prepare for that talk. Just like Peter, I have great anticipation for a new Heaven and a new Earth where righteousness dwells! (2 Peter 3:13, Isaiah 65:17)

  • Cindy

    I want it because it was written from the eyes and experiences of a child.

  • Dusty workman

    As a Christian with a Music Ministry, I travel a good amount, share the gospel in many venues and in many ways, hoping to spread God’s glory and message to any and all. My A.D.D mind sometimes doesn’t allow me to focus on too many things for very long, thus, I can not get through many books. I read this book in one sitting, I have never done that before ever! I have already shared the book, posted on Facebook, and my Music Ministry Website with so many people. I want to use any means of sharing the gospel as I can and this is one that believers and non believers can relate to and it reaches people on all levels, as does music. Why do I want a free copy? Well It’s one less book I have to buy to give away. I am already buying and giving the book away and will continue to do so, but I figure there is one more person I can give it too. I would like the audio cd, as I travel a lot and would be able to listen to it often. Thanks for promoting this book and allowing me to get back into reading a bit as I have never experienced reading for myself and certainly never reccommended a book to anyone (other than the bible). It is a blessing and as many people who have a chance to read it, the better.

  • Shellyannolson

    This book keeps showing up in my life and here it is again… I am NOT a reader and I am not sure why but God keeps tapping on my heart to read this book. Not sure why yet but I will be reading this book for some specific purpose. Glad you are giving these away.

  • Janie Seltzer

    Hi Mike, I’ve never asked for a book before but I would love an audio version. I drive to LA from San Diego to work on a graduate degree in Theology (with a focus in spiritual direction). This book would be perfect to listen to in the car and to share with my fellow theology students~ and the people we minister to. The audio version would be perfect. Thanks, Janie Seltzer

  • Colin Haas

    I read the the book, “23 Minutes in Hell” and it was maddening. I would like to read a book from other side of the cross!

  • Denise Sabolovich

    Reading your book astounded and amazed me at what Colton saw. My reasons for wanting a copy of the book are personal because my 7 y.o grandson moved to Heaven almost 4 years ago. He was a preemie (a twin) who had an emergency surgery at 2 days old to repair a bowel obstruction, the doctors gave him a slim chance of survival. He lived. God let us borrow him for 7 years then suddenly took him home. We realize as time has passed, he must have seen Heaven because he was so in tune with God. He was afraid of kites, the tooth fairy (she flies), Santa could never come down a chimney/wall in their house, never would kill a bug. When we sang “Awesome God” in the car he too would stare out the window as if in a trance… so many, many more. God blessed his twin sister with his brains, athletic ability, but above all his love for the Lord. As she says, she’s 1 and 1/2 people…thank you for your story, I am anxiously awaiting the day I will see him again.

  • Tom Black

    Wow, this is so timely for me. I have a son who is a senior in high school and volunteer with our churches high school ministry. My hope is that this would help ground these kids in heaven (and a God) that hopefully carries their faith through college.

  • Chris LoCurto

    I think we as adults are always trying to wax philosophically about what Heaven is like, or our interpretation of what the Bible says. Sometimes I feel like God decides to bring His message to us in a way that we have no choice but to say, “Wow…that’s CAN’T be made up! That must be God!”

  • Christina M.

    This book is an amazing creation. I believe by reading it, the reader will be uplifted and driven to broaden their spiritual horizons. Maybe even have a closer relationship with God. There have been so many times in my life I have been afraid of what may be coming in the future. I believe by reading this account, it could help to ease that fear, and possibly the fears of others. Often, even easing those left in grief after losing a loved one, because it would help them to know there is a wonderful place for them to go. and they will be together again. Sometimes, even those with faith have a hard time believing that.

  • Robert Porter

    Every morning I look through my windshield and toward the heavens. My mother is smiling down and strengthening my belief that Heaven IS for Real. This book is human testimony. I would like a copy to read and pass to a grieving friend. Thanks!

  • Roger Conner

    Michael, several years ago one of my best friends from college lost his daughter in a murder/suicide. I was her godfather. He and his wife still struggle mightily with this and I can’t imagine the pain of having your child killed. I referred them to the book “Have Heart” by Pastor Steve Berger at Grace Chapel, who also lost his son in a car accident. The study of heaven is one that is overlooked in most churches and this is a source of hope for anyone who has lost a loved one. I would like to share this book with my friends as a source of hope and encouragement.


    Roger Conner

  • Jennifer

    I have always avoided books that claim they will tell you what heaven (or hell) is like, because frankly, I had concluded they must be making it up. I have no desire to read fiction about heaven. This book has peaked my interest. Even if I don’t win a copy, I’m going to buy it. I just put it on my wish list on amazon so I don’t forget about it. Thank you for sharing about this book.

  • Kim Anderson

    Great interview, Mike! I’ve been hearing a lot about this book and would love to read it. My dad lost his battle with cancer nine years ago and since then, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about heaven and what it must be like. To read about a four-year-old boy’s experience with heaven would be so cool!

    I also think this story would minister to some friends in my life going through difficult times. I have a longtime friend whose uncle just died last week from lung cancer and her dad will most likely die from prostate cancer in the next six months. She does not have a personal relationship with God and I’ve been praying that God would use these hard situations in her life to draw her to Himself. I think this book could really minister to her soul.

  • Glendonna

    I have always been fascinated with Heaven and Jesus telling his disciples that he’s preparing a mansion for us. As the world seems to be getting closer and closer to fulfilling God’s prophesy before the rapture, Heaven is a positive topic to be concentrating on! I would also like to give a copy to my mother who is an avid reader of everything except the Bible. She’s not a believer but we do talk about Jesus returning so maybe a glimpse into heaven would give her a desire to make sure she goes there! Thanks for making me aware of this book!

  • naomi

    The interview showed me grace and faith in a way that brought me to tears and brought me hope. I have lost so many to tragic death in recent years and though I know in my head there is a heaven my heart has often been in doubt. I would love to read this book both for the personal growth and because I believe I can trust the author’s experience as authentic. As a christian I thirst for the authentic journey of faith partnered with tangible experience. I want to read this testimony and pass it along to others who are guarded, skeptical or just plain locked in grief.

  • Gigi

    I would like a copy of the book to send to a woman who doesn’t yet believe in Jesus and has questions whether heaven is real. Her baby died recently after doctors thought it was the flu and when the high fever was meningitis it was too late to save her. I believe this book will give her hope and release from her grief.

  • Gigi

    I would like a copy of the book to send to a woman who doesn’t yet believe in Jesus and has questions whether heaven is real. Her baby died recently after doctors thought it was the flu and when the high fever was meningitis it was too late to save her. I believe this book will give her hope and release from her grief.

  • Heidi

    My sister recently found out she was pregnant with her second child, and at 12 weeks gestation they received the devastating news that the baby has a hygroma, a fatal condition that will cause the fetus to die in the next 1-2 months. At the same time we found out thisnews, we were reading the chapter about Colton meeting his sister in heaven, and it brought us such hope that indeed my sister’s child is just that — a child whom none of us will meet this side ofheaven, but one of God’s children whom we will spend eternity with. I would like this book to give to my sister and brother-in-law so that they too can get a glimpse of the hope that will soon be realized by their precious child of God.

  • Commander Bill

    The faith of a child…. we need to come believing like a little child and I believe this book will help convey that to others as we experience Heaven through his eyes from his experience.

  • Michael Hodsden

    Loss is a terrible thing to experience, especially death, but as believers we have a hope in the life after. My mother passed away unexpectedly at 47 years old last week. First I felt dejected and alone, but then I realized all the questions about Heaven I have she has realized the answers. We, as believers, have so many questions about Heaven and I think this book will help comfort us by seeing that small glimpse of Heaven. Thank you so much for giving away awesome books to help us grow in our faith.

  • Carmenjoyce

    I am 83 years old – Heaven is soon for me. It would make the last leg of my journey easier if I had a glimpse of whats ahead. I want to look forward in my aging years -not back!

  • Rjadis

    I no longer wonder or have doubts about is Heaven, real, this littile boy so convinced me, that i am so looking forward to going someday, and i want badly to share this with friends, but more share with my family. thanks so much joan adis

  • Dave Ogilvie

    I heard a radio show about the book and think that my children should really read this book. In an age when teens and young adults are turning their back on God and refusing to believe, this book has the potential to recover so many of these young people.

  • Giovanni

    This was god’s sign, it must be spread around the poeple..It makes me / us think about life .. I started reading this book in a store and couldn’t put it down because it touched me so much !!

  • Anonymous

    I would love the opportunity to read this book, then share what I learned with my ten-year old little cousin, who is still learning about faith. He is struggling to not be part of the world, but it’s what he’s been taught. He believes there is something bigger though. Perhaps a little boy’s perspective could help him.

  • Ruthknox

    This is fascinating. I’ve been having a lot of discussions in my head over the past couple of years, trying to come to some kind of resolution to what I believe or do not believe. I think I need to read this book. I’ll bet a four year old has a much better handle on it than I do right now.

  • Judi Hodges

    I seen this book and thought about my children and greatchildren. I feel that it would help me help others.

  • Shonda

    Thanks for sharing this interview. I like how Todd expressed the simplicity of the faith in Christ & how you shared the book is doctrinally sound. There are some things about the Bible that seem difficult to wrap my natural mind around. I hope the simplicity of this testimony will help my understanding. Blessings in Christ!

  • Jheng

    I lost my 15 year old son to Hodgkins Lymphoma on February 12th of 2009 after 18 months of fighting cancer. A lot of friends had given me books about accepting my lost but they don’t help. I only want to make sure that he is happy in heaven and that there was a point to his suffering and knowing that he was dying.

  • Yvonne

    I love this book – and this family! I could not put my Kindle down – until I fell asleep the first night – then couldn’t wait to finish it the next night. Powerful truths!

  • Janice Harl

    I have purchased this book on my nook and foud this book to be a maricle in progress through a young child’s heavenly experiences. I have a very dear friend who has terminal cancer and congestive heart failure that I would like to read about Colton’s heavenly encounters. This friend has been an insperation to me with such enegry and love for her Lord and Savior that one day she too will experience Heaven’s glorious home.

  • Bethann322

    I have read this book, and it is awesome. I too, read Heaven is for real in one sitting, it was to difficult to put it down…and I can’t remember the last time I have read a book! My copy of the book always seems lent out to someone from my church, with still more waiting to borrow it. I want a copy to donate to the church, so that I can get and keep my book.

  • RABBIT4021


  • Rae

    I’m not a believer, and not quite a skeptic. I’m hopeful that my dad, who died when I was two, is somewhere I’ll get to see him again. I hope that this book would give me a greater hope, something approaching proof that Heaven is real.

  • Carol O’Neal

    I, too, read the book in one sitting!! Absolutely one of the most profound, compelling books I have ever experienced! I have shared my copy with several of my friends who have all had the same experience that I did. Amazing the life experiences God uses to make Himself and His love known!! My 54-year-old younger brother went to live with Jesus about a year and a half ago – 4+ years following a terminal brain cancer diagnosis. At the time of the diagnosis, he was given 3-6 months – but God had a different plan – one that changed Craig’s life as well as the lives of all with whom he interacted. Losing him was the most devastating experience of my life – even as a Christian believer! Three months after his death, my adult daughter had a dream. In her dream, my brother (her uncle) called on the phone (caller ID showed “out of area”) and shared some profound encouragements which she then shared with me. What I knew in my head and believe in my heart became palpable and real. I absolutely believe that dream was a gift from God. I turned the corner in my grief that day! Thank you for sharing yet another “gift from God” with all of us!!

  • Karen Redding

    I bought 3 copies of this book. I kept one, and gave two away. One to my sister, who in turn bought 10 copies to give to people. Another friend of mine wanted the book so I gave her my copy. I would like another copy of this book for myself.

  • JeanLasichak

    I have several people to whom I’ve been speaking to about the Lord and where they will spend eternity. I’d like to share this with them.

  • THansen831

    I would love to get a free copy of this book so I can send it to my Mother. When I was in the 7th grade my mom was 9 months pregnant and literally a few days from her due date when she noticed the baby was not moving at all. A visit to the doctor revealed no heart tones. We live in a very small farm town in Iowa and have limited medical resources and my mom was sent to the city of Omaha, NE, to confirm our small town doctor’s diagnosis. They did more tests on my mom and baby and could not find a heartbeat either. My Mother had to be induced and go through hours of painful labor knowing she was delivering a dead baby girl. I know this experience was extremely hard on our entire family. My dad actually fainted when he tried to tell the rest of us kids what happened (I have from a family of 7 siblings). We held a small funeral for my baby sister, but my parents never offically named her and her grave marker reads “baby girl” only. I think my mom would get so much out of reading this book and I would love to be able to send her copy to read. I think this will give her some relief and peace as it did to Todd’s wife when Colton described seeing his little sister in heaven and how she can’t wait for her mom and dad to get there so they can name her!

  • Joscelyn R Campbell

    This book would not only be a wonderful ministry tool and resource, but a book that everyone can relate to. As parents, everyone can relate to the fear when a child is gravely ill. The experience this young child and family underwent would give others hope in their seemingly hopeless situation. The pure faith of children is something the Lord delights in. “And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. ” Matthew 18:3

  • Dave

    I want this book so I can know more certain about Heaven and as a followup read to Randy Alcorn book Heaven

  • Bonnie_lee_79

    Last spring, my brothers onlychild, died as a result of a motorcycle accident. A car made an unexpected left turn in front of Dan and he passed instantly. my bbother has been nearly unconsolelable since that time. A dear friend had read the book and suggested it to my brother Dave.
    He couldn’t put it down. He is suggestig that every one he knows should read this book.
    Now ,after reading it he is able to join family in remembering Dan without conpletely falling apart
    I would like a copy of the book please, to possibly find the way to inner peace from other problems, both great and small. Thank you

  • Rebecca Henderson

    I would like a copy of this book because I, too, am skeptical, but I love being surprised out of that skepticism.

  • Linda D. White

    I know Heaven is real because my Mother, Father, and baby Abraham (1967) are there. I also had a “near death” experience in 1976. I had pneumonia and ended up being hospitalized for three weeks. During this period of time, I had a very real adventure that began with just laying my glasses on the bedside table, and telling my roommate “I don’t feel good,” and dropped back in the bed. Well, after that, it was like me not in my body – my chest didn’t hurt any more when I took a breath (or was I not breathing?) I was begging God to take me into Heaven to see my Mom. God and I were having a conversation, but suddenly I heard “Code Blue” and there was a flurry of activity around my hospital bed. I don’t know how long this was… it seemed like a long time, but probably wasn’t, because when God told me I was still needed on this earth, suddenly I was aware of being back in the bed, being roughly slapped, nurses hollering “Linda, Linda, wake up!” And one of the men in white coats trying to shove a breathing tube down my throat. At that point, I began to feel everything they had been doing to try and revive me. I continued to be hospitalized, for another couple weeks, but was eager to tell my story to anyone who would listen. That event impacted my life so greatly, and I LOVE reading other’s accounts of what has happened to them. There are a lot of agnostics and scoffers out there who want to “pooh-pooh” our stories, but I am a true believer that “a little child shall lead them.”

  • VickiMizrahi

    I would love to read about Coletons experiences in heaven. My two Dad’s are now in heaven. (real & step dads). I also think this book will help my twenty two year old reconnect with her faith.

  • Kevin

    CS Lewis once said, “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” I work in ministry with college students and reading this book and letting them know about the reality of heaven can help them”aim” at the right thing. Once the reality of heaven sets in, our earthly lives take on a completely new perspective. This world is fading away. How are we living for the next life and not just this one. I really think this book would help me be able to convey this concept and the reality of heaven better.

  • Spaladylori

    I would LOVE to read this book (and have one for my very own). Heaven is such a fascinating topic! Can’t wait! My pastor said this was the most wonderful book she has read this year!

  • Joan

    We have had several deaths in our church in the last few years from cancer and I would love to share this book with those families. Joan

  • deandeguara

    I’ll be honest. I just want to win my first BLOG contest. After I read the book, I will give it away to someone who is seeking Heaven on this Earth!

  • Svetlana

    Every Christian and non Christian should read this book. This story is a really fantastic encouragement !

  • Joseph Sanchez

    In 2006, my wife and I lost our firstborn to cancer a few weeks after he was born. Heaven is something that has always interested us and we’d love to hear more about. The only book about heaven I’ve really enjoyed and thought of as biblically sound is is “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. If you think “Heaven is for Real” would encourage us and is theologically sound then we’d love a copy to read. Thanks!

  • Rob Holliday

    I would love to read this book, having had a similar experience as Todd’s family. At 8 months old, my son went into cardiac arrest and was worked on at Vanderbilt Hospital for nearly an hour. He was stabilized and place on life support- he regained consciousness following a heart transplantation there at Vandy, 23 days after being admitted. Later in his life, at our church, Jake would say things that were not typical of a small child, young in faith. During communion one Sunday, Jake, was 4 yrs old at the time, leaned into my ear and said “Daddy, the man [referring to our pastor] is talking about when they hung Jesus on that tree”. I was floored, what 4 yr old speaks in such a way? I remain convinced to this day, that Jake was with the Lord during his time waiting for his heart transplant. Jake has since passed away, the Lord took him home after a brief fight against a very aggressive cancer. I would love to read of Colton’s perspective as related by Todd. I know Jake is home now, but it would be so wonderful to see a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom from Colton’s perspective, the same one Jake probably had the day he went home. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful, affirming interview.

  • Chris Smith

    Heaven is for real. Our church, I believe, if fixing to experience a similar type of story. On December 12th 2010, we had a member of our Worship Leader Search Team collapse while introducing our new worship leader. God has placed several medical people in our church. We are almost over run with them. CPR was started immediately. He was later taken to Nashville where he under went surgery for 8 hours to repair a partially dissecting Aorta. He is in the process of making a miraculously recover. The doctor explained he is only the second case he’s heard of surviving something such as this almost always fatal condition. Here’s the coolest part, he also went to heaven. He has told his family, when he gets better he has a story to tell. He did say that he talked with family members while there. I would be skeptical if it were anyone else. However this is one of the most spiritual men I know. I am hoping he will let someone help him write a book as well.

  • Tjacobs

    WOW!! Even before I read this article and watched the inteview, I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve said ” I really want to read this book”. Out of all the people that I know of that works with our authors, Lynn Vincents name has stuck out with me for years, as she has also worked on Michael English’s story and Same Kind Of Different As Me, which is I think you know, my all time favorite book that Nelson has done ……maybe until now.

    I’ve grown up in an evangelical setting and am indeed that way to the core. I interprit that among other things to mean “go and tell”. How much hurt and pain is out there every where we turn? People need the Gospel. They need hope and a future. they need to understand that God’s plan is indeed reunion instead of closeure. I want to hear the story in this book…and not keep it, but instead, give it away.

  • Pastorcasey

    Michael, I actually have a Kindle copy of this book already, HOWEVER, I would LOVE to give a print copy away. I’m a pastor and purchased this book because I’m preaching a message series after Easter on Heaven and Hell. Whenever I can, I like to give books to church members. I’d love to have another great resource to share.

  • Timhartattack

    I’m a youth pastor who regulary deals with sceptical minds. I’m always looking for more ways to creative shre truth and it sounds like this would help!

  • ExcitedAboutHeaven

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! The testimony of young children is, contrary to popular belief, is in many ways the most trustworthy. We are all excited to learn about Heaven. But how much more wonderful would it be to hear about it from a person who has seen Heaven and yet whose soul has not been affected by a life of living in the midst of sin and most likely partaken of it? This should be an eye-opening and inspiring book, whose readers will likely come away with a newly-inspired desire for the glories of being in the PERFECT PRESENCE of our Lord God Almighty!

  • Janell

    I believe I have 3 babies in heaven. (I have 3 living children also! PTL) And my Mom is there, too. I so hope that they know each other and are loving each other there. So I would love to read about Colton’s experience in heaven to give me a better idea of what my babies experience there. There are so many people who have babies or other loved ones in heaven that could be comforted so by having more knowledge of what heaven is really like. And I would love to be able to share this with them also! I am so thankful that the Burpo’s have shared Colton’s story so that other’s may be help to believe too. And thank you for this opportunity!

  • Michelle Fernandez

    I live in Italy and it isn’t easy to get books in English, let alone books of this type in English. I would like to read it myself and then translate parts of it in order to share it with my Italian friends. The Catholic society here needs to hear about a different type of faith, one that is not so based on superstition but a relationship with the Living Christ!

  • Christy

    Wow! I can’t wait to read this book. We know two families who lost children the same week in December of last year. One was a 5 yr old boy, who collapsed the day after Thanksgiving and died of bacterial meningitis a few days later. The other is a couple who were just days away from the due date of their baby boy and he died in utero. I want to read this book and see if it would be appropriate to give to both families to offer hope and encouragement during their grieving process.

  • Christy

    Wow! I can’t wait to read this book. We know two families who lost children the same week in December of last year. One was a 5 yr old boy, who collapsed the day after Thanksgiving and died of bacterial meningitis a few days later. The other is a couple who were just days away from the due date of their baby boy and he died in utero. I want to read this book and see if it would be appropriate to give to both families to offer hope and encouragement during their grieving process.

  • Trevor K. Nelson

    Hi Mike,
    Terrific interview. I’d love to be considered for a copy of the book (hardcover if possible.) More than just the story of Colton, I love what this has done to Todd and his family. Todd and his family seem to be an incredible example of faith and what it means to be a Christian. We need more stories like this.

  • Tammy

    In would love a copy of this book to share with family and friends, so Ican share the Gospel and to let them know there is a Heaven and we will get to see our loved ones! I love this book so much, it meant a lot to know that someday I will get to see my unborn children in Heaven and other family members. We should believe and have the faith of a child.

  • MelissaMiller

    Awesome interview! I am so excited to read this book. I would love a copy of this book, I think it would make some great family discussions and build our faith. I just wrote out my testimony and I agree with Todd – testimonies are powerful. I don’t imagine it would be a book I could keep to myself! ;-)

  • TNeal

    I know I’ve gotten it wrong. I have a second WIP based on the essential belief, as Todd said, God offers us reunion in place of closure. Since it’s fiction and not testimony, I know I’ve gotten it wrong. I’d love to be influenced by scriptural and experiential truth as I write a story dealing with the loss of a child from earthly and heavenly perspectives. The video and your offer kindled even greater enthusiasm for the project. Thank you.

  • Commander Bill

    Look at time mark 13:08… how does the door behind Todd close? Looks like it closes by itself :-O

  • Anonymous

    Please, I’d like a copy of this book to share with those who, in the deepest moments are brave enough to doubt aloud their questions about Eternity. Thanks.

  • Steven Cribbs

    Wow! What an amazing story. I had heard just a ittle snippet about the book previously; and, honestly, I have wondered about the authenticity of the story. I appreciate hearing the perspective from you, Mike, and Todd. I would love to read the book. I serve in children’s and family ministry and I continue to be amazed at what children really do experience on a spiritual level with God. This book sounds like it brings further credence to how important children are to God and should be to us as parents and in ministry.

  • Steve Martinez

    I would like a copy of this book to share with friends and family as they recover from personal losses. As my wife & I approach our 30th anniversary, we still have painful moments remembering our daughter, Michelle, who died 17 years ago. It’s been a challenge to learn to lean on the lord and not our own understanding. Thanks for offering the book. Be blessed.

  • Mary

    We lost a son at the age of 37 to cancer leaving behind a wife & 3 small children. I am disabled & I live by prayer. There are days it hurts so bad to even just get out of bed. I know I need to & help those through volunteer work. God Bess!

  • Kindra

    Three of my friends have lost their children within the past year and a half. Would love to read this book to better spread the hope of Christ.

  • Cheryl

    I’ve been reading good things about this book and would very much like to read Colton’s story. I would donate the book to my local library after I finished reading it, therefore spreading the Truth in literary form that Heaven Is For Real to anyone who may pick it up and read it that may not already know it.

  • Felicity

    We have a daughter in Heaven. Her twin sister, with us, is eight years old. She tells us things about what her sister is doing in Heaven all the time and we wonder, Is that possible? I’d love to see what Colton saw. Maybe my baby, Ellery, is seeing it too. I know somehow Claire knows more about her sister than we do. Fascinating.

  • Solomon6

    I’d like to read the story because of personal tragedies that have happened in my life in the past eight years. I’m really intrigued (and humbled) by this father/family who is genuinely living out faith in a radical way. I’m not sure what many of our Southern “pastors” would do if God called them to pastor AND hold down three other jobs. God trusted them to tell their son’s story, which is ultimately His story. I’m so eager to read!

  • Cldbrks09

    I would love to have this book to share with people that I know who would love to know that heaven is truly a place where we will go, see loved ones that have gone before us, meet my Heavenly father and thank Jesus for all he did for me to forgive us of our sins. I was at a car accident three years ago where I was present when three beautiful young ladies, college students died, as a witnesses to the accident, we stopped to render aid, we did not know these young ladies, this was a brutal accident, two died that day one died three days later after many surgeries, never regain consciousness. As for me I still haven’t gotten over it, after counseling, many conservations with the other ladies that were there too, many dreams, many sleepless nights, and the uncertainty of why we were there at that very moment. This accident changed my life, I was not a Christian at the time of the accident but when I walked off from this accident that I knew my life would never be the same, and I had to find God (I thought at the time for answers). It’s been three years now and I have been saved, baptized and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I would like to share this with the parents of the young ladies, all the people that helped me with this incident, my church that I told the story to, and my husband that thought I was loosing my mind. God is good and I do believe there is a heaven as well as a Hell. It is awesome that we can learn the beauty of it from the experience a child that has no reason to make up a story about it. Thank you

  • Cindy

    I have memories of living in heaven before coming to earth. This book is another confirmation of what I know to be true.

  • Mnrjames04

    I would love a copy of this book. I have two brothers in heaven that i know i will be reunited with with one day. One brother I lost when I was four ( I will be 40 in June) and he was three, he found my grandads pistol (who is also in heaven now) and accidentally shot himself. My other brother died in November of 2003, he was killed in a head on collision on his way to work he had just turned 19. I love reading testimonial books about people who have experienced these things, I have read 90 Minutes in Heaven and loved it. I know heaven is a real place and I cant wait to get there ( not that I want to leave my family here anytime soon) but sometimes there are those moments when we loose faith, even though we shouldnt, and its great to read these books and be uplifted and encourage that this is what I have to look forward to, Im gonna be in this place one day with Jesus and all my family that has gone befoe me, Its gonna be a glorious day!

  • Eva Smith™

    This seems like a very powerful book! Would love to read what heaven if like from the experience of a child and how it affected the lives of the people around him. As a parent I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in similar circumstances. Thank you Pastor Todd and his wife for sharing their story for triumph. It is changing many lives.

  • Terrie Harrell

    I downloaded this book to my husband’s Kindle and it took me 4 hours to read because it had such an emotional and healing effect for me. I was crying and reading and felt such a joy knowing what this child has experienced is real and that it is waiting for all who believe. I have “lost” several loved ones and I love what Tom has said in this interview that there isn’t a closure but a reunion. No one in my church has ever expressed or conveyed anything near what is in this book. I would love a copy just to share with as many people as I can. A copy to be passed from one person to another. I’m sorry for the pain this experience has brought to Colton and his family but so greatful for the telling of this. It is strengthening my faith and want to help others strengthen and find theirs.

  • Heath Stoner

    I need this book because I speak to hunderds of college age students each week, am a youth pastor at my local church and also am a Daddy to 3 young kids. I need the book because if I read the book all of these people will hear how the book impacted me and the average person, event the most introverted impacts 10,000 people so the 1000 or so people I speak to will impact around 1,000,000 and this book will have that impact.

  • Patricia Dannatt

    My first thought was I would like a copy because I keep giving my copies away. But this is the real reason I would like a copy: I have a dear friend, who has just recently came to know the Lord and I would like her to have a copy of this fabulous book to help deepen her faith and for her to share with the Christian friend who led her to the Lord.

  • Karen

    My 15- year old son went to Heaven in 2008 after spending almost 4 months in our Children’s hospital PICU. Your son’s experience is yet another story that has brought me comfort and peace and reassurance that what the Bible tells us is REAL, and that one day soon I will be reunited with my son who is now healed and whole.

    He spent his entire life in a wheelchair. My faith sustained me when we were advised to abort him prenatally, throughout his lifelong challenges, and during his final hospitalization and subsequent passing. I’ve been asked to serve on a palliative care parents’ advisory board at the hospital and one of our tasks is to provide recommendations for resources that would help families facing the death of their child. My most comforting resources are spiritual. I would dearly love to see this book (audio or print) be a witness for Christ during a desperate time when a family is crying out for hope, during the long hours of sitting by a hospital bed, and as something to take back home when you have to leave without your child…and would like to work with the hospital chaplain’s office to make that a reality.

  • Karen

    My 15- year old son went to Heaven in 2008 after spending almost 4 months in our Children’s hospital PICU. Your son’s experience is yet another story that has brought me comfort and peace and reassurance that what the Bible tells us is REAL, and that one day soon I will be reunited with my son who is now healed and whole.

    He spent his entire life in a wheelchair. My faith sustained me when we were advised to abort him prenatally, throughout his lifelong challenges, and during his final hospitalization and subsequent passing. I’ve been asked to serve on a palliative care parents’ advisory board at the hospital and one of our tasks is to provide recommendations for resources that would help families facing the death of their child. My most comforting resources are spiritual. I would dearly love to see this book (audio or print) be a witness for Christ during a desperate time when a family is crying out for hope, during the long hours of sitting by a hospital bed, and as something to take back home when you have to leave without your child…and would like to work with the hospital chaplain’s office to make that a reality.

  • Dorcas

    I would like to have a copy of this book, because i enjoyed it very much and the copuy I read is a library owned book. so I wqant a copy of my own to share with people as part of my witness.

  • Patricia Dannatt

    My first thought was I would like a copy because I keep giving my copies away. But this is the real reason I would like a copy: I have a dear friend, who has just recently came to know the Lord and I would like her to have a copy of this fabulous book to help deepen her faith and for her to share with the Christian friend who led her to the Lord.

  • Ckhasek

    I would enjoy reading this book as I have just lost my sister to cancer as well as my brother and mother-in-law last year. Just to hear about other people’s experiences with the afterlife, and in such minute and scriptural detail, makes me feel ever more close to the Kingdom and my lost loved ones.

  • Ann Amyx

    I am a Christian and a firm believer in out of body experiences like your sons. We just about lost our sister-in-law last week and she told us how that God came and got her and let her go to heaven and see her mom and dad and some other family members but at the same time He told her she wasn’t finished down here on earth just yet. She came back and she hasn’t stopped witnessing and telling others they need to get saved if the haven’t already, and if they have and haven’t been living right than they need to get their hearts right. I would use this book as a witnessing tool as i have started a Bible Study Class in the complex where I live.

  • Vickihatfield89

    This has been a trying week for me. My teenage daughter has been a typical teen – wanting to hang out with older ‘kids’, being lazy, spending too much time with boys and online, etc. My 7 yr old with ADHD has had a review list of 100 spelling words for her test on Friday and that is so much to keep her focused on for homework plus getting her dressed for school in the morning has turned into a battle. My 4 and 2 yr olds are typical kids that after working full time plus at a demanding job has put me in tears a couple of times this week. To add to it, an 8th grader at my kids school died and it has helped bring back many memories of losing my own son almost 9 years ago. All I could do to get through this week is pray. I know He won’t give us more than we can handle and our rewards will be great in heaven. To hear from a young boy that heaven is for real and we keep on the course we will find joy and peace is a message I could use right now.

  • Amy @ Missional Mama

    I want to read this story based on reviews I have read. I would like to be able to add to the conversation online about this child’s experience. It sounds like a page turner!

    (Also, it will be passed around to missionaries here in Bolivia)

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  • Linda3367

    I would like a copy of this book because I myself have questions about Heaven and perhaps this would help answer some of them. My daughter-in-law sent me this email knowing I would be interested. Also, if I don’t win a book, I will be buying one but thank you for including me in the drawing.

  • Sunnie8101

    When I was 18, I had a near death experience. I didn’t get to meet anyone who went before me or talk to God, but my spirit did leave my body. It was the most peaceful time of my life and I was angry when I had to return to the “land of the living”. Just knowing that someone else has had this amazing experience and is willing to share it with the world, gives me all the proof I need to know I’m not crazy.

  • Kevin Gilbert

    I would love to get this book so I can share it with several friends that are non-believers. I think there’s power in the witness of Colton and the story his parents share. All the best on making it to 10 Million sold!

  • Maggs1970

    I too Believe Heaven is for real? Although I never experience going there? I am looking forward to being a part of it someday? Its been some time since I have been to Church but I can remember my experience and my relationship with God?Due to my not going to Church at the moment, I am Currently realizing I need to go back, I hope to get a copy of your book.

  • Ray Eickhoff

    I love my grandchildren who are ages 5,4 2 (his name is Colton!), and 6 months. Would love to share this story as it comes from someone their age. Thanks Michael!

  • Chris Denning

    Wow, I think that when it comes to our faith, Jesus’ work on the Cross and His reward in Heaven are two of the most hopeful things we can hold on to. I’m thankful for Colton’s story and Todd’s willingness to share so that others might be blessed.

    Having people close to me battle with cancer and other scary illnesses, I have seen first hand the part that hope plays in the process. And working at a church, you see it all the time in the life of the body. I’d love to have this as a resource to give to people when they are shaken or scared. Our God is good. Thanks.

  • Talltexasmom

    I heard of the book a few days ago when Mary Graham raved about it on twitter. I was immediately intrigued and posted a Facebook update asking to borrow from a friend. Apparently no one had it, so I set out to find the cheapest place to purchase. With Amazon, I was going to have to wait and I didn’t want to! I found a local bookstore with it and I was planning to get there today. I WANT THIS BOOK! My younger brother passed away 7 years ago at the age of 25 of an unexpected heart attack. Heaven becomes something very real and tangible when someone you love is there. I would love the opportunity to take a peek at heaven through this book knowing that my brother is there! Makes it even sweeter…

  • Dave L.

    As a pastor I struggle so much with that balance between “so heavenly focused you’re no earthly good” and communicating the real hope of God’s heavenly restoration. My folks are so interested in end times, eternity and heaven and not a lot of great resources. Sounds like this book could be a great jumping off place for discussion, teaching and class. Would love a copy.

  • Annette Mcconnell

    This book is amazing. It is my new favorite. I just recemmended this book to the mother of a friend who recently entered hospice and is near the end of her time here on earth. As I was encouraging her to pick up a copy and read it with her daughter and granddaughter (who is a very special neice to this wonderful woman) it occurred to me that an audio version would be so amazing. I am thrilled to know that this is available. I would LOVE to have a copy to share with this family. My friend is a former librarian and a devout Christian. I would want to share this copy over and over. EVERYONE needs to hear the message of this young boy!

  • Aaron Sellars

    Heaven is always an encouraging topic for myself, for others and in many different situations. Whatever situation, good or bad, it always gives you perspective on reality.

  • Sue Brown

    My grandson just celebrated his fourth birthdayon Sunday. His “life-long” best friend – his dog, Greta – died around Christmas, and Cooper has been asking a lot of questions lately about what death is, where Greta is, will she come back, etc. Cooper also has three great-grandparents in their nineties. While we feel this is a blessing to have these people share his life, we also realize that it is likely that all three of them will go home to be with their Creator within a short time of each other.

    It would be helpful to know the thoughts of this four-year-old who has experienced heaven and lived to tell of it in his own words. I’m hoping this book will give Cooper’s parents and me insights into how we can comfort Cooper that heaven is what we all were created for – a place to bring glory to God, a place of joy and peace.

    Thanks for your consideration of my request and your generosity in offering these book copies.

    God bless your ministry,

    Sue Brown

  • Walker_morrow

    Wow, I’m speechless after listening to your audio interview. If I ‘win’ this book from you or not… I will get it and I’m excited to learn more about Colton’s experience.

  • Jacwpk

    I enjoyed the interview and most definitely the book. I know Todd’s family in Ulysses, KS so that added to it also. I lost my 44 year old daughter in a one car accident in April 2009. I would like another copy to give to her daughter who is now 18. She was very strong in her faith so I’ve always known where she is now BUT my selfishness still wants her here with us!! When we planned her service we had a picture of her on the cover when she was younger. The church staff wanted us to use a more current picture of her but we insisted. After reading Colton’s account of seeing his great grandfather as a young man I’m so glad that we used the younger picture. I’ve sent my copy on to my daughter and granddaughter in Maine and they too enjoyed reading the book. The book just gives me more peace and understanding was to what Heaven is going to be like. Reading it just reinforces how exciting it will be to see all of our loved ones and to be in the presences of the King of Kings!!!! THANKS for sharing the interview!!

  • Jody Todd

    What a beautiful story. I think there are so many times that “religion” gets so out of proportion with “relationship.” What a wonderful reminder that Jesus ultimately cares for us as His children. We can say those words…but when you hear it from a child how Jesus held you in his lap and the angels sang to you…now that’s a relational encounter that few of us will experience this side of the clouds. I’d love to read the rest of the book.

  • Cathy R.

    I have a cousin who shared with me about a year ago that she is not a Believer. I would love to share this book with her. I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t believe in God after reading the book. She has miscarried two children and she is now 14 weeks pregnant with what will be her first (living) child if the pregnancy goes full term. I want her to have hope that she will meet her other two children in Heaven but that she needs to believe that the only way to Eternal Life is through Jesus. I have hopes that “Heaven is for Real” will help her to believe. I let her know that I pray for her and she does accept that so I know that there is hope for her.

  • bonniec

    Sometimes life is filled with a big stinking steaming pile of yuck. Welcome to my world. I believe this book will be a sweet reminder: Jesus loves me, I don’t walk alone and Heaven is for real.

  • Amy Bowman

    To see heaven through a child’s eyes if something that I feel that we can all relate to because we all are children of God. Thanks you for sharing this amazing testimony. Remember that testimony is something to be given away. You have done a great job by doing so. Thanks for your gift of testimony.

  • Ava Pennington

    As a Bible teacher, I am generally skeptical of stories such as this one. Yet, I cannot ignore the tremendous response I have heard from strong, Bible-believing Christians who I trust.
    I’m hoping that it will strengthen my own faith, and help me encourage the faith of others as they face difficult circumstances.

  • Connie Jayne

    I read the book and it changed my life because I lost 3 babies through ectopic pregnancies and I KNOW I will see them again and they are sitting on my mother and dad’s laps now, Praise God. I would like a copy of the book for a blind, and fully deaf in one ear, and 75% deaf in the other and would love for her to experience this book. God Bless You. Hugs

  • Jenniferhinz13

    I am, by nature, a skeptic… so part of me was thinking “whatever”. But another part of me is curious – IF this really happen, why would God do this with a 4 year old? And how was the 4 year old able to articulate his experience? So I guess I would like a copy of the book to find out for myself. In other words, prove it.

  • Mandy E

    Wow! This book/experience sounds incredible! Why would I like a copy? First, I would love to read this account because it is always encouraging to read how God has worked in lives of others – especially children. Second, I have had several friends recently loose children and I would love to be able to pass this book on to them as an encouragement.

  • Tye Lewis

    After being forced to resign from my dream career as a policeman I decided to write a book. Since the age of 15 I wanted to be a police officer in my hometown. At 24, I was called to duty. After 10 months of serving I had to leave. I passed the academy and make it through the FTO program. While on my own the tides changed. I was placed back into a remedial training and had intense scrutiny. I didn’t know where it was coming from or who I ticked off. Long story made short after 23 Days of being treated poorly I resigned. I started a website and blog @ and wrote a memoir titled, “23 Days”. I would like to read about this story as inspiration to me.

  • Slamerson

    As a Presbyterian seminary professor I am sceptical of these kinds of things. I don’t, however, want to “slam” the book without having checked it out (too often done in evangelicalism) and thus I would like to have a book to share with my fellow faculty as well as with my students with whom I have had many discussions about NDEs and such.
    I must admit that I will approach the book with some sense of scepticism, but will try to open my mind to the possibility that these kinds of events often happen.

    Thanks for the opportunity
    Sam Lamerson

  • Renee Swp[e

    I would love to win this book to give to my 13yr old son, Andrew. My husband showed him a news story about the Bumpo family and Colton’s experience in Heaven. Andrew just smiled, breathed a heavy sigh and said, ” I wish I could see Jesus. Stories like that make me believe Heaven is real.” After we read the book, I think I’d order a copy to give away on my blog to other mom’s who want their kids to know Jesus is real and this life is only a small part of our story. The best is yet to come.

  • Amber Bauman

    I would love a copy of the book so I can share the story with everyone I know. I know a lot of people that would be touched by this story but wouldn’t personally go purchase the book. If I had a copy I can share it with as many people as I possibly can because I think EVERYONE needs to read this story! I’d also like to share it with my Pastor so he can share it. I wan’t help get this book spread to anyone and everyone I possibly can.

  • Steener

    Dear Michael,
    Two days ago I was released from the hospital after a life threatening infection. I spent time in the hospital talking to the Lord about His plan for me. I acknowledged that He had known me from before my birth and then by His grace He placed me in a Christian adoptive home. He knows how many days He has planned for me and at this point He is helping me to recover. This has truly been a “wake up call” for me. I would enjoy reading this book immensely. THANKS!

  • Esther_mckinley

    We just lost our first Great-Grandchild, our Grandson and Granddaughter In-Law found the book very helpful in accepting the loss of their first child.
    Now another Grandson, a Freshman in high school; is spending every spare moment sitting with his friend who is dying of cancer.
    I would like a copy of the book to give to our Grandson to help ease the pain he is feeling right now, and accept what awaits his friend.

  • thankful4grace

    I’ve read the book and it was awesome! I would like a copy so that I could give it to someone who needs it. I have a friend that miscarried and would love to give it to her.

  • thankful4grace
  • Cheercoach13

    I want to know what all the hype is about. A very good friend of mine also “died” at age 4….am interested to see if the stories line up…..but even more….I want to know more about my future home!

  • Rich N.

    As author of “The Road to Recovery: Overcoming & Moving Beyond Your Grief” I believe many of my readers and followers on Twitter would be interested in this book and the important message it contains. I have heard such wonderful reviews of it and am anxious to read it. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope the way I signed this is acceptable.
    Rich Nilsen

  • Don

    I read this book this week and even has a christian found it life changing. Today I went out and bought three more copies to give away. I know where two of them are going and God hasn’t revealed the third one to me yet. I think that everyone should read this. Apx. a year ago the history channel did a doc. on the shroud of Jesus and they did a computer generated photo of what Jesus looked like. It was awesone to compare that photo ( Still on my DVR) to the photo in the book. Except for a very slight hair differience they looked alike. Thanks for sharing your story

  • MaryAnn Powell

    i would love to have this book because while my parents were at the end of their lives, they took me on a journey and let me see what they were seeing and described what it was going to be like on ”the other side”. my mom described colors so vivid yet they didn’t hurt your eyes. she told me of people she had known throughout her life and they told her they were waiting for her. all i had to do was sit back, close my eyes, listen to her tell me these things and could almost feel it myself. mom knew i couldn’t see what she was seeing as she told me, i know you can’t see it, but, i want you to ”see” it all through my words and envisioning it. after that i read every book i could get my hands on about the afterlife. this is part of why i would love to have this book, to add to my collection i already have. thank you

  • Rhonda Traver

    I love the book.It really makes you think.I want to give the book to my niece I think she would love it also!

  • Roxana531

    I just want to read it!

  • Monica

    Thanks for sharing the interview and more information about this book. I’ve seen it and wondered about it and, like you, was skeptical. It sounds like it could be an encouragement to other children as well. My 9-year old son is afraid of death as I think children often are. This book sounds like it could take away some of the fear since the story of heaven comes from another child instead of an adult.

  • Tina Levorse

    I was looking for a birthday gift for our newly installed church deacon and ended up purchasing this book for him after reading the cover. He hasn’t yet told me what he thinks, but I’d really love to read it…just couldn’t afford 2 copies. If I don’t win it, I’ll likely see if I can get if from the library, but I’d love to be able to pass it on to my friend who lost her 15 year old daughter in 2006. She was like another daughter to me, like a sister to my son, and was my daughter’s best friend. It was sooo hard, and sometimes still is.

  • AprilDonnaDres

    Hello! I really hope to win a copy of the book (or audio copy) very much. I read my own copy when I downloaded it to my Nook. I could not stop reading it and found it to be one of the most exciting and inspirational and comforting books I have ever read. I stared at the picture of Jesus that Colton said “that’s Him!” and then downloaded it from the internet so I could see it everyday. I told everyone at work about the book and all the experiences Colton had. The reason I would like to win a copy of the book is because I know my friends would LOVE to read it and because it is on my phone (Nook) I can’t lend it to anyone. I want to win the copy so I can pass it along and have my friends and their friends read about Colton’s experiences for themselves. All of these people need the comfort that Colton’s story can bring.

  • Puffnrocky

    This is on top of my favorite book list. This is a book that everyone needs to read. If you do not believe before you read this book there can be no doubt in your mind after you read this book. I would love to have another copy to be able to hand it to the next person to pass around to their friends.

  • Cindy

    Earlier I forgot to mention something as to why I would like a copy of this book. First, I have one for myself, but, a woman in my church had heard when I bore my testimony about my memories of living in heaven before coming to earth. She later came to me asking if I could share that with her brother who is a Jewish Rabbi. He is ill and has no belief in an afterlife. I want to give her this book for her brother to accompany my testimony of a premortal life with God.

  • Shari

    I love to hear about our loved ones waiting for us and the peace that comes with hearing it from someone who has been there is just amazing. I can never hear enough about it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gwyn

    i’d like to share this with my ladies bible study – we have been talking about faith and parenting. it would be an encouragement to share with them about God’s care in our life.

  • Ftalktome

    I find it fascinating & can’t get enough confirmation &/or stories about heaven. I am a true believer of life is more than just our earth experience. I enjoy reading about the afterlife & other peoples experiences. I also enjoy obtaining as much knowledge/information about what life is all about and how it connects to the otherside. I would love to have a copy of your book. It sounds very interesting to hear accounts of what a 4 year old boy experienced on the otherside & was able to come back to earth & remember & share his experience. Thank you for sharing your experience & spreading this knowledge for everyone to learn. F.S.

  • Stormie Dorrell

    I need a miracle, but to be honest, I’m afraid to actually pray for it. I’ve been trying, but it’s like the words just don’t want to come. And when the words do come, I know that deep down in my heart I am still skeptical and afraid that God won’t answer. I actually looked at buying this book once before, but didn’t for some reason. Today I saw your post and thought that maybe I really should read it…

  • Gruber

    I would like a hard copy of this book to share with others. I have it on my Kindle. It is the book that everyone should read.

  • Jeff Randleman

    I absolutely loved this book! Great story about God working in the lives of his people!

  • Peggy

    I read this book and was so moved and uplifted by it that I bought several copies for friends. One such friend had just lost his son, who was severely handicapped. The fact that he is fully able to play, pain-free is heartwarming. I am especially intrigued by the picture of The Prince of Peace. To know what Jesus looks like is extraordinary. I finished the book only wanting to hear more about heaven. I would like to give a copy to my sister-in-law who is currently battling ovarian cancer. I do not want to give up my only remaining copy, especially the picture. thank you Todd Burpo for sharing this amazing story that confirms the true promise that one day we will all be healed. Thank you for your consideration of this gift to my sister-in-law. Peggy Fonke . St. Louis Missouri

  • Colby Benjamin Brown

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am certainly going to purchase a copy of Todd’s book ASAP.

  • Yvette Strick

    Three years ago I read a book called “90 Minutes in Heaven”-Don Piper, then Don came to my town of Branson, MO and I got to hear him speak about the book and his experience in Heaven. I saw he endorsed this book. I would like to hear Heaven in a child’s prospective. After all, they are so unasuming and matter of fact. I have used Don Piper’s story and bought the CD book as a pass along to share with people around me that doubt the Glory of Heaven and God and if it leads one person to heaven, that is wonderful, but if it’s more that’s even better. I would like to read and add this book as one of my pass alongs to lead other people to Christ.

  • Kim G

    A creative answer is perhaps a more realistic one. My 5 year old daughter, Emma, died in a fire that consumed our home almost 6 years ago. The anniversary is March 2. Heaven is real but it spurs my heart on to read other people’s stories and remind myself that she’s just waiting for me.

  • Elphabia

    I would love to know where my children’s father and the love of my life lives. Hoping it will help me explain to my boys more about why they can’t see daddy.

  • Elphabia

    I would love to know where my children’s father and the love of my life lives. Hoping it will help me explain to my boys more about why they can’t see daddy.

  • Edthepoet

    The reason I would want to read and want this book is because kids are already closer to heaven when they are born as we grow, we fade from it because of how we are imprinted throughout our lives in many ways. Hearing Colton story as he live it here and from heaven has to be quite interesting. I will also e-mail a painting of mine that explains how everything was created tying the three many theories out there, Bibical, the Big Bang and Darwin theory and a ty gift for sharing your book with me.

    My e-mail is

  • Jfaticanti

    I would like to read this book because I fear death and want to find some peace in what death will bring me and what it has brought those I have lost.

  • Nancy Gates

    i would love to read this book. Both my parents are really sick. my mom just finished one chemo now she will be taking a chemo pill for the next two years. my dad has a aortic anerysm. i would love for them to read this book too. my dad just found out tonight his mom might have cancer. they need the encourment.

  • Anonymous

    I want to read this book because I want to know what Heaven is like, why else!

  • Maxine Spotts

    I truly believe heaven is real. My husband had a cancer surgery in 1994 he said he saw bright lights and felt his body rising and stood at the gate of heaven was told it wasnt time to enter yet.When he went to be with Jesus Christ our Lord in 2006 he had the most beautiful Passing in my arms.I know without a doubt God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Ghost is real and alive.I can not see one day without my Heavenly Father.It is our duty as his children to praise him and tell others fo his love salvation.Have a blessed year in the Lord God Bless Maxine Spotts

  • Beckyedmondson

    I purchased this book after hearing about it from a friend. I began reading it last night. I felt compelled to give it to a friend who lost her daughter a few years ago. I delivered it to her today. I would like a copy of the book to finish it and to pass it on to someone else.

  • Audrey4j

    I loved the book when I read it, and I want to give a copy to the library. Families could read it together, and parents would have opportunity to answer a lot of questions.

  • Lyssa

    I have read this family’s incredible story and there are so many people that I want to share it with. I’ve just given my copy to a friend who suffered a horrible miscarriage a few months ago & who also lost her father a few short years ago. I feel that Colton’s experience will give her comfort. I too have suffered recent loses and find solace in the confirmations that this book has provided. ….and a Child will lead us. Thank you Burpo family for sharing this amazing story.

  • Bruce Stormer

    Michael, I am writing from Wellington, N.Z. We have just had a very big earthquake in Christchurch N.Z. and I had just been reading a newspaper article about two young children (5 and 9 months old) who are among the 123 confirmed victims so far recovered (there are still over 200 people unaccounted for). As a parent I was thinking of the great pain I would be feeling at this time if it were one of my children – then I flicked to my blog reader and watched this post. As a Christian I know we have hope, I have experienced the power of that hope when my mum died in a car accident but this reminded me again about that hope and future we have in Christ. The hope of Christ is what we need in N.Z. – I would urge readers to pray for our country especially as some will blame God and a lot will continue to disregard Him.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am so sorry about the earthquake. I have been following it on the news here. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

  • Mike

    Wow…sounds exciting. We have a dear friend who is angry at God due to the death of his daughter and only child some years ago. Just last week he lost his wife of fifty plus years. The contents of this book could prove to be very helpful in providing hope and inspiration… it could also throw him into total dispair at the thought of what he and she may have lost. At any rate, it sure will change the conversation.

    p.s. on a separate note – is this a take on Seth Godin’s principle that if you give it away you’ll do better in the long run. ;>D

  • Jan Charlo

    this book has added a new dimension to my life. My twin grandaughters were born three months early and are with us for no medical reason. Only prayer kept them here with us, or brought them back from the doorway to heaven. They remember being with Jesus that first fateful week, and they tell me about it. It is so much like what Colton shared. I want to share this book with everyone i know and i really can’t afford to buy more than one. BECAUSE HEAVEN IS REAL AND I WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD. I have six grandchildren and four of them have said that they have visited Jesus in heaven. Each has a different story about what he did with them, but all agree about what He looks like, and maybe i will write it down, but meanwhile, …..Jan Christopherson Charlo

  • Bsbodeman

    I would like a free copy of your book I have brought 7 copies so far, I grew up in Southwest Nebraska, I spent 50 years there. I lost my son the oldest of set twins he was 27 he was killed in a car accident in May of 2009. I have 7 grandbabies in Heaven, I know that my son is in Heaven. I am going to give two copies to Compassionate Friends in his name, another two copies to the church that my family attend in McCook Nebraska and two the church in North Platte Nebraska where my son lived. I have one copy that I have given to people at work to read and would like one more copy to give to friends and coworks to read. Lossing my son was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me and I miss his so much, but reading this book and helped me so much. So maybe I can help someone else.

  • Anonymous

    Michael – I would very much like to give this book to a dear friend who lost both her parents in a car accident last month. She works in children’s ministry & has two young boys of her own. Her Father was a Pastor & their combined service was one of the most beautiful I’ve attended. My friend’s strength in the midst of her grief is a testament to her faith that says Heaven is indeed real and she will have a reunion one day. I think this would be another tool for her to use in discussions with her own kids & those in her ministry. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Jeannebasham

    I would like a copy of this we lost our son at the age of 42 and he was married with a beautful wife, and two small children. Fortunately we still have contact with his family. But the book would be very interesting to read what Heaven is like.

  • Lindabarclay

    I have always believed there is a heaven, but for so many years, all I wanted was for someone to tell me they had a experience and saw heaven, but I never really heard from anyone who said they had this experience, and the ones that said they did see heaven, were later found to be a hoax. My dad died 6 months ago, and I so bad want to believe there is a heaven, if I could read this book, it may put my mind at ease, and it could help me believe there really is a heaven. If I knew my dad really was in heaven, and heaven really does exist, it would help me more than you will ever know…

  • Mary Ann

    Amazing the insight and truth you can learn from a 4 year old who has not been corrupted by religion, and only sees and knows the truth. I would Love to read this and pass it on and on and on. God Bless this family and you for giving them a voice to share the truth :)

  • Sally

    After reading other’s comments, I feel so many others should get it other than me, I haven’t read it, but have heard of this little boys tesimony. But if I were go get it, I would read it and pass it on, and probably buy some more because I think everyone should read it. I love to read about heaven, stories like this, and God wants everyone to know. I really pray that God will use this to reach many people for his kingdom. You can be assured if I get it, I would read it, and pass it on. It won’t stay at my house. This is a fun contest, thank you so much for offering it. God Bless.

  • Jeanetta Newsome

    Jeanetta Newsome I am a mother of five children, eight Grandchildren, and one Great-grandchild. I am a retired RN. I have had many experiences in my life, with death and sickness. This story has really touched me, as being a real experience, that will help many people I know, that is going thru illness an possible death of a child, that this can give hope and encouragement at this time. My mother lost two children before I was born, one at 5 months and another at 9 years that drown. I remember hearing her talk about these experiences, as I was a small child, wondering how could she go through this and sit and talk about it the way she did. Only God can give someone the strength and courage to do this. I believe this book will help people that are in the same situation as you and your wife. Have hope and understanding of what is happening and what will happen in the future. I have friends at this time that have a 2 year old, taking chemo, for stage four tumor of the spine. Not knowing what will happen, and what to expect, will give them hope and encouragement at this time in their life.

  • Wetaf

    I would love a copy of the book for my two sons. My husband grew up in an Eastern European country, and in a Greek Orthodox church. Because of what he saw and experienced there, he does not believe in God or Heaven. I don’t want his experiences to influence the boys to his way of thinking. Anything I can find to help my boys believe in God more would be so awesome!

  • Kim Bui

    Believe it or not, this is the fifth time I’m trying to post a comment. I had a good comment the first time but accidentally hit the post button so I quickly hit the back button to go back to this screen. After trying to recollect my thoughts and half way through it, the back button was clicked by accident and deleted all my writing. The next few times I just couldn’t get on to this page. Maybe God is trying to give me a sign that I’m not meant to receive or read this book. I was skeptical but curious at the same time so I want to see what the hype is all about.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    As ”Heaven is for Real” deals with a ‘Near Death Experience’ during surgery after a small boy’s appendix rupture at the age of four, it makes one curious to know about his miraculous recovery and his heaven experiences during those critical moments. I feel that this book will be an inspiration to doubting and wavering Christians everywhere as it brings out the truth about eternity and heaven. And, it looks to me as both an encouragement and thriller when I willbe reading this. It will be interesting to know how the importance of faith is reaffirmed through this story and how it gives a new perspective on the existence of God and His work.

  • Bezboone

    I have heard of this book. I know friends who are dying and this could be an encourage to them.

  • Jordan Monson

    Honestly I am skeptical too. There have been a lot of books like this in the last decade and part of me worries that it’s just people cashing in on a sure market. If Paul couldn’t talk about the glory he saw, why can others?

    However, I really respect your opinion Michael and if your mind was changed, I’m sure mine would be. I’d love the book because I know it would change my attitude on the issue.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • AngiePollard

    The success of this book is testimony to the curiosity, even desperation, people have about the answer to the question: ‘What happens when I die?’ Heaven is for Real gives some answers: it would be a wonderful to book to share with those of no or little faith as well as a great encouragement to those who have been bereaved. I loved the comment on the interview that the book had been of more help than hours of counselling: we all need to hear each others’ stories like this, for encouragement and consolation, comfort and hope. Above all, hope.

  • Glmrsny

    In light of what is happening in the world today – the more one can be armed with truth/reality of eternity to share with seeking hearts along with the truth of the Bible, the better. It would be an excellent resource to have available to refer people to. glm

  • Jllavery1230

    I have read this book already and it is a very well written book, and its really helped me see things in a different light. My mom passed away when I was very young and have lost many loved ones in my “short” life. Reading this book has made the grief process much easier. I would like to pass this book along to my family and friends who have gone through the loss of a loved one… Thank you for writing this book and I hope that everyone that reads it can get the same if not more from it.

  • Barbara DeSpain

    I am a clinical social worker who works with many children and families who have suffered devastating losses. Many are so focused on their despair that they become mired in a way of thinking that does not allow them to een consider help from above. I would love to present this book to at least one of my families. I read it completely through yesterday and feel closer to the Lord than ever before. I lost my own mother in 2002 and now know she is in a better place and I will be with her again. Thank you, Barbara DeSpain MSW LCSW

  • Jill Beran

    I had not heard of this book yet, but am so looking forward to reading it myself. Beyond that I would love to share it with others. Just 2 weeks ago, our small town community lost a high school senior in a car accident. Brooke was known and loved by everyone; 4 years ago I knew her as my “little Brooke” on the junior high basketball team I coached. There are so many right now struggling to understand and grieving her loss and really I believe seeking God and answers. I love Todd’s words about not needing closure but the reminder of a reunion; that’s what His peace is all about. Which I believe not everyone understands, so I pray God will use this book to do exactly like Todd mentioned – share the Gospel in a simple yet powerful way!! Blessings to all of you, Jill

  • Leannmanes

    This sounds like a great read. I would love to read this book to be able to experience such a wonderful journey. I know that one day, I too, will see heaven and “what’s on the other side”. To hear from a child’s perspective will be even more exciting. I hope to win a book so I can walk to a better understanding.
    Thank you,
    LeAnn Manes

  • Juliamarietc

    I LOVE IMAGINING WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE!!!! After all, it is the place I – and my brothers and sisters in Christ will live forever and ever. No end. Timelessness. Never-ending love, joy, peace, unity. Eternal bliss w/ the One who created me – and died in my place. So, obviously, Colton’s visit to heaven fascinates me! I have a little boy his age, which makes it even more captivating. I am so thankful that this book is being read by so MANY people. Eternal souls who need to know that there really is a heaven to anticipate. Never-ending paradise :) Thank you to Colton, his family, and everyone who enabled this simply profound book to end up on the shelf! :)

  • June

    I have read the book via my Kindle. Problem is, I can’t then pass it along to someone else to read like I could a printed book. I would like a book so I can loan it out to family and friends who have lost a loved one. This book lives up to its title: Heaven is for Real. It really brings your loved one close to you once again to have a little insight into what he/she is doing. Incredible book. I would love to share it.

  • Juliamarietc

    I LOVE IMAGINING WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE!!!! After all, it is the place I – and my brothers and sisters in Christ will live forever and ever. No end. Timelessness. Never-ending love, joy, peace, unity. Eternal bliss w/ the One who created me – and died in my place. So, obviously, Colton’s visit to heaven fascinates me! I have a little boy his age, which makes it even more captivating. I am so thankful that this book is being read by so MANY people. Eternal souls who need to know that there really is a heaven to anticipate. Never-ending paradise :) Thank you to Colton, his family, and everyone who enabled this simply profound book to end up on the shelf! :)

  • Stephanie

    So gracious of God to show Himself in ways like this! It strengthens my faith!

    My friend’s sister Dolly lost her young son a year ago from pneumonia. Dolly is not a Christian. As Todd shared the comment by the father about how this book helped him heal, it made me think of Dolly and her husband who have struggled through their grief this past year. I would love a copy to give to them!

  • Rsr777

    WOW!!! …just listened to the interview…so moving and comforting to all who have experienced loss. Millions wake up every morning fearing death…this beautiful testimony out of the mouth of a precious little four year old, with no agenda, speaks volumes!!! I BELIEVE!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Gail

    I have an 8mo old blessing, Lucas. The Monday of Thanksgiving week as I was approaching the daycare to pick him up, I saw an emergency vehicle pass ahead of me. I said my usual prayer when I see a vehicle going code 3 – bless the situation, be with those who are hurting and in need, bless the responders that they might use their skills and training to aid those that need help – just BE there, Lord. I then saw them up in the parking lot of the church where our daycare is. Time all but stopped. I couldn’t breathe. “Who are you here for” I asked – “An infant” was all they knew. No, it couldn’t be, I rationalized and began to beg God not to take my boy. I’d waited so long. As I rushed down the narrow hallway behind the EMTs, I saw Nell at the end of the hall by the door to the baby room. She was shaking her head “no” – what did that mean? It wasn’t Lucas, he was okay. But little Luke had been called home after just 6mo of life. No earthly explanation. The anxiety I have felt since that evening is sometimes overwhelming. I can’t help but call the center to check on Lucas when I hear an emergency vehicle. I get little sleep as I watch him on the tiny screen of the monitor, making sure he is moving occasionally, watching his little chest rise and fall as he breathes. Life is so precious.

  • Mutant Minds

    I would like this book, because I like to hear REAL stories about REAL people who have faced REAL obstacles in their REAL life who then give glory to the REAL God.

    I REALly would like this book please.

  • Benson Sexton

    My wife and I lost our son last summer to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. From the time we discovered the diagnosis in utero, we prayed for God to heal but above all to be glorified through our son. We started a blog,, that became a local, statewide and worldwide phenom receiving over 100,000 hits during the 12 days of our son’s life. Many people have received Christ, come back to Christ, prayed with their children for the first time, and reconciled their marriages through our son’s story…God has been glorified! In our pain and suffering, God has drawn near to us and he is taking extra special care of Luke in Heaven! We travel and minister to all that will hear Luke’s story, and we are expecting our 2nd child, a girl with a PERFECT heart, on June 29th…Luke’s birthday!!!! Our God is amazing! I would like a copying of this book to help others understand the reality of Heaven as we continue our Luke 1:37 ministry…Nothing Is Impossible With God. — Benson Sexton

  • Stéphane HAMELIN

    My main argument to have a copy is that I am probably the only french guy leaving a comment here. Another reason is that I am leading a company developing smartphone apps for the christian community ( in addition to providing companies with counseling in using digital marketing ( God bless you, Stéphane

  • Tiphanie

    I would like a copy of the book so I can give it to my friends an family that wan and should read the book. I have already bought a copy and read it and have loaned it out to four people and everyone has changed from the reading. This book reminds people of how faith like a child is the way to be because they have no limits to their faith and they are ready for anything it seems like.

  • Karen

    I’ ve seen a lot of tweets, posts and opinions of this book, but I have to admit I’ve never been tempted to read it until now. I’m more than a little wary of stories like this because they tend to distort doctrine and in this case, I was a little put off by the fact that the main character was a four-year-old boy. Thank you for the interview and your endorsement. I’m much more open to reading the story for myself.

  • Jessica Janes

    I would love to have a copy of this book because stories like this are so inspiring. I have read other books like this, but to read the story of a 4 year old little boy would be incredible!!! I heard about this through Benson Sexton who commented just a few comments before me. I would ask that you please choose him, their story is so powerful and also very inspiring!!!!!
    This book would just be another way to help spread God’s word and I would share this story with others!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

    • Jessica Janes

      I tweeted @JJanes9500

  • Grady Brown

    Wow! What a testimony! I want to review this book on my blog, I faced death three times in 2009 (Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door), but I did not have any experience like this. Maybe I have failed to be the kind of believer that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 18:4: “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”—Dr. Grady Brown

  • Maple773

    We are all looking for a validation of our spiritual makeup. It is a powerful tool for all of us to read or listen to someone who has had an experience as this family has had. The power is in the listening or reading and determining how to best use this for our own persoanl growth and spiritual journey.

  • Stacy Joyce Kennedy

    We have been infertile for more than 60 months… and counting. This book, more than ANY other (especially those written for women grieving the pain of a dry empty barren womb), has helped me believe that Jesus hears my cries. Just like you Michael, I read this in about two hours. I have no idea what God’s plans are for our family and our future, but there is comfort and hope in KNOWING that “Heaven is for Real”. If I win a copy, I’ll definitely pass it along to my friend who lost her 9 day-old newborn last year.

  • Dale Sanger

    Having experience the death of my own son at the age of 4 months, I know the pain if losing a child. I also believe in the hope of heaven.. I have friends whose 15 year old daughter just succumbed to cancer… I wantto give them this book

  • FeFeUSA

    I’m going through a very tough situation myself! right now! I need some encouragement to keep going. I’m a worship leader, pastor’s daughter, wife, mom… but I’m so overwhelmed and I’m trying to hear God’s voice in the midst of all. So… give me the book please! I know that God wants me to read it! ;-)

  • Leslie Williamson

    My brother died when I was a child. It instilled immediate questions as well as a lingering search for “what comes next”. I seems Heaven is for Real would be a balm for a very old wound.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Michael… I oversee seven summer camps which see a total of 3800+ children and youth come through their doors… many of them from broken, hurting homes. After reading this book, I would pass it to one of our campers who most need the encouragement, and encourage them to do the same.

  • blessed

    My daughter is a registered nurse, and the week that i discovered this book and purchased copies for all four of my children and a couple of extra to circulate….she had the opportunity to share the message of the book with patients and patients faimily. One family with a teen seriously ill and the other a loving daughter whose elderly mother may not leave very long. Two other sons are Sargts on the police department and the third works for a christian manufacturing company. So soon our Lord may come and so many we love, and suffering who dont know and understand that Heaven is for Real. I have requested my six grandchildren ages from 19 to 11 read it as well. My daughter inlaws could not put it down until they had completed it. I also purchased the cds, also intended for those that feel they dont have the time to just sit down and read it. I myself have read it 3 times,and listened to the cd. My mother is 92 and she has read it three times and passed it on to friends. One of her friends bought five copies to keep in circulation. I mailed one to a friend in Alberta Saskatchewan Canada. God Bless you all and the ministry of this book. We live near Kearney Nebraska and hope to see you at the book signing

  • Reformed Daily

    I am a youth leader in my church here in Central Canada. Lots of my youth struggle with what Heaven is and how it might be, they struggle with seeing that there is hope beyond this life. Being young we don’t necessarily always think Youth go through hard times, but the truth is they do. This would shed hope, light and ultimately Jesus on these kids. This would be a huge blessing to them.


  • Peggy Ferguson

    I would like to read this book because my dad is dying and I though it might help my family in this process.

  • Rebecca Barlow Jordan

    I have a passion for helping encourage others to find intimacy with God, the kind that accompanies that simple child-like faith we find in Jesus. I want to help others (especially adults!) see life—and heaven–through the eyes of a child. It sounds like that kind of simple testimony is so well illustrated in this book.

    Not only do I want to keep conveying that through writing and sharing my faith, but there are several with whom I would like to share the message of this book with. One is an uncle who has become embittered as he’s aged. Before he approaches the time when he will no longer have time or the mind to embrace such child-like faith, I would like to share this with him and many others—after I read it! This was a great interview. Thanks for posting it. I will pass this blog on to face book and mention the book on my blog after reading the book.

  • Tim Green

    Would love to share it with my children

  • Jane Hinrichs

    I want a copy of this book for me, for my husband, for my six children, one who cannot talk or walk and has been such an inspiration to many. I want to see heaven. I want to read what this little boy saw. I am good at sharing books. I want to share this book with people I know who need Jesus.

  • John Lee

    Excited to hear about how God worked through the circumstance that was shared in the interview! Sounds like this book is definitely worth the read. I’m trusting it will be great encouragement to keep up the fight of faith…

  • Jane Hinrichs

    I so want to copy of this book to share with my six kids, my family, my friends who don’t know Jesus. I am a mom who has sat in waiting rooms while four of my children at different times have had surgery. I’ve sat in an ER with a child in pain. My 11 year old cannot walk or talk but I have seen God use his little life in ways God couldnt’ use an able-bodied adult. I know without even reading this book that it is a powerful story. I want to share this with my parents, my brothers, their families. I love sharing books. Please, please I would absolutely love to share this one.

  • Lisa Sinclair

    I had the amazing opportunity to hear Rev. Burpo speak last night. In the brief time I spent listening to him, my heart stirred in a way that has been absent due a season of numbness caused by the loss of my mom. Imagine what the inspired words from God could do through the book. I’m ready to be shaken!

  • Ntwomey

    I am a pastor in deep conversations with a woman who is not a Christian and the reality of heaven is a central topic. We hosted Don Piper (90 Min. in Heaven) and it “wigged her out.” I have a sense that the story of a four-year old boy would have a totally different–and positive impact.

  • Joe Gormong

    I too am a Wesleyan Pastor in Indiana and have interest in reading the book. Think it is neat that he is a Wesleyan Pastor and desire to get to know more about him.

    Rev Joseph Mark Gormong

  • RSBigler

    Dear Mike,

    I just want to thank you for publishing this wonderful book that will encourage so many readers to give them hope through whatever situation they are experiencing in their life. It is a beautiful story of what the Lord has done in both miraculously healing Colton and of his journey to heaven.
    I am very thankful for what you are doing to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Rebecca Bigler

  • Jagette

    Thanks so much for the offer of a free book. My youngest daughter passed away April 2004. I now lead GriefShare at my church. This would be a good book for me to read, but to also have available to people that attend GriefShare.

  • Ken Robinson

    Why do I want a copy of the book? That’s easy. I live in New Zealand and we have just had the worst national disaster in history. A killer earthquake that has killed hundreds of people and destroyed the city. I go to church in this city. My unsaved friends and family are in this city. We have people living in our home because they had to get out of Christchurch and we live an hour away. The brokenness, pain and fear in Christchurch is staggering and also around the country. We are a small nation of 4.4 million people. To be honest I probably will not read the book because as I write faces and names of hurting people flash into my mind. That book is going straight to people who need hope, love and comfort from a living God.

  • tom

    It will help me to make my anticipation of ‘the joy set before me’ more real as I pass through this pilgrimage on earth.

  • tom

    On second thoughts, I am deleting my Retweet. I am not comfortable in you wanting to promote a book through me before I have read the book, particularly because on the face of it the theology seems very suspect. If you do not want to send me the book, that is OK.

  • Spiritledwoman53

    My Mother went to be with Jesus in 2005. My Father who missed her so much is recently a new babe in Christ coming out of the lies of Catholicism. He has been suffering from mini strokes and deep pain in his legs. He is 84. He loves all his great grand babies and I just see this book helping to minister the Lord’s peace to him through the testimony of a child.

  • Jim Corcoran

    I was at a friend’s funeral a few years back (in his family’s house..thats how they do it in Indonesia) and I heard singing but realized the singing in the house had stopped. I realized I was hearing singing in heaven. I couldn’t see anything, but knew what I was hearing. Not long after, my Dad got sick with cancer, and the new realization of how real heaven is, gave me extra oomf ! to help my Dad get to know Jesus. He gave his life to the Lord just before Christmas 2005 and died 2 Jan 2006. We had a great Christmas together. I want a copy of the book to learn more about people’s experiences with heaven. I know it will build my faith and my future hope. Maybe it will give me more insight to what many are going to miss, and re-ignite my passion for the lost! Not just the ones close to me, but all lost people.

  • Lois_Hildahl

    I would love to receive a copy of this book. Our 34 year old daughter-in-law has an inoperable brain stem tumor. She was very near death in Nov but has shown amazing improvement . She, our son and their 3 young children have been living with us. I think this book will be very encouraging for us all whatever God’s plan. Also a couple in our church lost their 12 year old daughter to a brain tumor last fall and I would love to share this book with them. Thank you.

  • Chrissyh_us

    Wow! I was just reading about this book on Amazon last night and today it popped on my facebook wall. I think I was meant to read it.

  • Glo

    i would love to win this book. i know i would share it w/all of my family. i have heard the story and cannot wait to read it. i lost my sister to colon cancer 5 years ago. just to know about heaven and read it would be so great. and then to share w/my family. to save anyone who is not saved.

  • Charlotte

    I’ve read the book. The interview with Todd made it an even more powerful testimony.

    It is in now in our church library. Charlotte Decker, LifeSpring Church

  • M Crocco

    I look for inspiration to deal with the loss of my son. He died at age 29 in August 2001. I wonder daily what he is doing in heaven and if he is okay. I am a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson, so I am confident your book will have a purpose for me.

  • Dlharris

    I have a son-in-law that is a non- believer. Perhaps God will provide a way that I can get him to read it.

  • Delores Prockish

    That sounds like a wonderful book. I have heard some people describing it and I would LOVE to have a copy of it!

  • LeAnn Carlson

    I know Heaven is for Real and I would like a free copy for our church library. I have stepped out in faith and given a number of copies away and it would be a gift of affirmation for me to receive one signed for our church library ( St. Joseph’s Church in MN) that could be checked out by everyone. God is wonderful!! This book and everything the Burpo Family has gone through and will continue to go through is a blessing for us. (Thank you for your suffering and willings to share your pain and blessings.) This is a gift from Heaven and a treasure for all of us. Thank you so much for sharing and may God continue to bless you and your mission.

  • David

    This interview and the book immediately caught my attention after having recently taught an extensive Bible study on heaven and eternity. I would welcome the opportunity to add this book to my research and library.

  • Marsha

    MIchael~ I would like a copy because I just lost my son last March to a horribly painful cancer and the ordeal caused division in our family and a greater grief to me. I know he is in heaven and believe this book would be a great blessing. I want to share it, too. I did read a book years ago about children visiting heaven: VISIONS BEYOND THE VEIL. My children and I were changed by it and that makes me want this one even more. Please choose me.

  • Pamela Haack

    I would absolutely love a copy of this book. My mother passed away in my home after we tried all avenues to treat her cancer. I feel she remains in my home or at least visits as an angel. I’ve had orbs in pictures, a cool wind across my face while in bed, and condensation on the bedroom window where she briefly stayed in an exact and perfect teardrop shape. I have this on no other window in the house. In going through my mother’s items after she passed away I came across a book titled ‘Where Angels Walk’ by Joan Wester Anderson which contains true stories of heavenly visitors. Reading it gave me a true sense of what an ‘angel’ is and a connection with ‘the other side’. I believe reading your book would encourage and uplift anyone who read it and would love to share it with a church youth group here in Western Nebraska.

  • Ruthie Jo

    I can hardly wait to read this book; haven’t had an opportunity yet to obtain a copy. I’m sorry, but I will ASAP. Thanks, Ruthie Jo

  • Ruth Mercer Egert

    I have close friends I want to share this book with, as I believe it is an eye opener for skeptics.

  • Vanrwhite

    I’d like a free copy because I am a librarian and a Wesleyan and I think it’s awesome that someone in our denomination is getting this sort of recognition. Also, as a Christian I believe that in the not so Christian library world, New ways we can share Jesus are awesome!

  • Michelleanderson_93

    This book would be a great way to reach out to those who may think there is no heaven. I know it is, but there are many don’t. I would love to be able to read it and pass it on to others. I know when God calls me home, I am ready. I’m ready to see Jesus, and my loved ones that have passed before me.

  • Mara Kim

    Like you, I was skeptical of the story. Before I became a Christian, I read books of similar nature but they were not Christian books or even close. When I became a new person in Christ, I realized the stories I read were bogus.

    The part that I love (I haven’t read the book) is the child-like faith. How a child through the power of Jesus has the ability to transforms millions of lives towards Jesus is amazing. If it was an adult relaying the story, I’m not sure it would have had the same impact.

    I would love to read this book and be able to recommend it to others so it can transform more lives.

    Mara Kim

  • Wattafw

    I am reminded of a recent trip I made to India. A dear friend of mine who lives in the country was elated that he was going to be a Father. Recently he contacted me and the Dr.’s found that the baby had serious defects. Eventually there was no movement of the baby. Yesterday the mother gave birth to a baby that was not living. The parents are heartbroken, but they are still saying that God is good. I would love to give this book to the parents as a gift when I am able to travel again. We were chatting online about heaven today and that their baby is with Jesus. Although, this book is one that the little guy is still alive, I believe reading about heaven will bring comfort to this Father and Mother.

  • Angie

    This book sounds like an amazing read! Love the free copy to hear the testimony of a parent and a child’s stories of heaven. We have lost a neice to medical issues at about 10 months of age. Recently we have had a death in the commuinity of a 17 year old. She was our friend.

  • Ricelle Dino

    I would love a copy of this book! I am from the Philippines and after I read a tweet that states the book is inspiring. I immediately search for a free ebook. Then a friend suggested scribd, I was so excited! However, only did i found out that the ebook was incomplete. So here I am searching it in the bookstore but i can’t find any, the book was SOLD OUT! As of the moment, Im still searching and hoping that someday I will be able to read it completely.

  • Jac

    I do not want to limit God’s power, but I must say that I am very skeptical of this story. I ask myself, “what does he (the pastor) have to gain by ‘inventing’ such a story”, and there is an easy answer, he is selling books.

  • Gladyskirkpatrick

    I was absolutely astonished when I saw this interview. I must admit that as a busy mom, I never stop to think about how my children feel about God. I do things that I know are good for them spiritually but this has made me re-think their personal relationships with Christ. Is it really possible for them to connect with Christ even at 4 years of age? I’m dying to know the details of his son’s spiritual journey to better understand what my own children are capable of understanding and how this family has changed after the experience. Thank you for publishing such an amazing story.

  • M Gensler

    Between my two daughters and I, we have had five miscarriages. I’ve often wondered if they were in heaven and if they knew each other. My oldest daughter is very skeptical of these things. I would love to read this book and share it with her. Her oldest daughter is 7 and has a lot of questions about God and Heaven. This would be a great tool. Plus, I just want to see Heaven through a four year old’s eyes!!!

  • Anne S.

    Michael, I am a 23 year old college student. I think that it would be easy for people and even myself to think that the biggest part of this happened 4 years ago, and that I am fine now, but truthfully I struggle with it nearly every hour that I am awake…. I lost all of my residual my hearing (was 100% in 1 ear… now deaf) during my senior year of high school, because of Auditory neuromas caused by Neurofibromatosis type 2. Everything that I faced at that time and every day since- the hospitals, the surgeries, getting an Auditory Brainstem Implant (which helps but is not like normal hearing at all), weekly therapy, the strength to run marathons fundraise to help find a cure, and more- al l have helped me to strenthen my faith in the Lord. I think that your story sounds truely inspirational.

  • Caroline

    The skeptic in me was also a little unsure when I first heard about this book. But, I also know that our God is an active, living God. He’s a loving God, and a powerful God. I also know that we are to “…become like little children” (Matthew 18:3) with our faith. Children exude sincere belief with their whole hearts. Children can shows us how to believe and follow with our hearts, rather than solely rely on physical, visible proof. Even Colton’s story, though in the tangible form of a book, still requires faith since the readers did not experience or “see” it on their own.

    Perhaps the most passionate testimonies of faith and God’s power and provision do come from children’s (and childlike in faith) hearts.

    This book definitely looks to be an interesting read. I pray that it exemplifies God’s love and truth since it can reach so many people through this story.

    Thank you for sharing this interview and for this opportunity.

    I tweeted about this post here:

  • Cherie Porras

    I would love to have a copy of the book because I am a student-counselor who works with families, some who suffer from grief over the loss of a child. My desire is to work with those who hurt and be able to share from a Christian point of view. I also have grandchildren that love the Lord but I think a book that expresses how a four year old had such an amazing experience would benefit from the story.

    Thank you

  • Jan Christiansen

    I’ve read the book and loved it! I actually bought a second copy to give away. I’d like to have another to give to someone who really needs to know that Heaven IS for real!

  • Sherry

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I am trying to witness to my cousin who is an athiest, and he has agreed to read whatever I recommend. There are so many thoughts on Heaven….such a beautiful place, living with Jesus for eternity, a mansion for each and everyone, streets of gold, etc., but people still can’t help but feel a little scared. I feel this book will be an encouragement and a gift of hope to believers as well as nonbelievers who give it a chance.

  • Michelle Anderson

    This is a great book to pass on to others to read if there is any doubt if heaven is real. To hear it from a 4 year old is just wonderful. I plan to share the book to as many people that I can. after I read it again. I borrowed a copy when it first came out. I will be ready when God calls me home, to see him in person, & to see all my loved ones that already there. This is truely a book that tells us that “Heaven is For Real”.

  • Joyce Wichert

    Of course I want to read it myself. But then I would like to share the book with others. I have found that if I loan books out and then have them return me, I can talk with more people and also see more people reading the books. Also I have a son-in-law that had a stroke at age 50, And I (for some reason) thought of him to read this first or that I would read to him for encourgement.

  • Steve Martin

    I’d love a copy of the book, but being a graduate of the L.A. Unified School District, I’m not sure if I could read it, or understand it.

  • Katrina

    I would love a copy of this to review for a website my husband and I have started. It’s and is a place to find truly great books for kids, recommended by moms. (The fully functional website is at a different URL for right now–can email me for that if you’d like to see it.) I also would love to read it to process some thoughts on how to make God more real to my children–I pray regularly that God would make himself more real to them every day.

  • Wanda Nanney

    I am a senior adult that loves the Lord and because of my relationship with Jesus , I know I will go to heaven when I die. Heaven is a place I look forward too, seeing Jesus first of all and my precious husband of almost forty years, my Mom, Dad, scores of uncle’s aunt’s cousins grandparents, friends. Although my heart hurt hearing the young families terrible ordeal but filled with joy hearing that the hope I have in heaven is now a reality being told to a skeptical world! I am eager to read the book and increase my own faith. Thank you for sharing this marvelous story!

  • Raymie

    I know that faith comes by hearing the Word of God but it sure does alot for my faith hearing this from a four year old child. Just the beautiful innocence of a child talking about what they have seen and heard in heaven gives much hope.

    • Raymie

      I forgot to mention why I would like to have this book. I have a friend who lost a child a few years ago. She just can’t come to terms with the loss and find any peace. I would love to have her read this book and find peace within her faith to enjoy life again. Thanks!

  • Michael Levitt

    As I type this post, there were 370 others that chimed in for the potential of winning Heaven Is For Real. Throughout the pain and challenges that we all face, the hope and desire for heaven and a real relationship with our Creator is what (hopefully) keeps us going.

    My prayer is that this book will help people on the sidelines to have a deeper relationship with Jesus, which will provide peace and a touch of what heaven is like.


  • Justin Lukasavige

    This is an amazing story and a great read. If you’re in the comments and thinking about getting it, do it today. Very inspiring.

  • Latanyacarter

    I could use the inspiration and grounding that this book sounds like it will provide if I am given one. I had not heard of it at all and just found the website through a friend on fb. My daughter is all I have in the world and shes 7. I could tell her about Coltons experience and that would be another step in hoping that she is truly committed to Christ which would be my lifes desire. Anything that can help children understand and relate is a blessing. Thanks to the author for writing this book.

  • Laura Benjamin

    Michael, thank you for this very gracious opportunity! It would be a privilege to receive a copy of this book because I have the opportunity AND the motivation to share the lessons with others. I can do a book review on my blog with a link over to the sales page, reference the book on my facebook page and also recommend the book and how it’s being shared at the Christian Meetings and Convention’s Association (CMCA) in April when I speak on social media. Of course, I will also tweet this page! Thank you for the service you provide! Best regards, Laura Benjamin

  • Paul Tedder

    Any chance I can get to read about heaven I want to take advantage of. Plus any book that talks about someone praying to pass gas is a must read.

    I think a proper view of heaven helps us have a proper view of our time on earth.

    My preference would be an audio or e-book copy.

  • Mary

    My daughter gave me this book because she knew my beliefs and how strongly I feel in them. This book has helped to answer many, many questions that I have had through the years of my own dealings with God. Things you know are true in your heart because you believe. Things you know happened but to anyone other than a true believer in the Lord would seem “out there”. Thank you so much.

  • Dave_meyers

    My 22 year old developmentally disabled son is in a special college in WI…he is graduating in June and has plans to help mentor future first year students. I would like him to have a copy to help other special young adults understand heaven from a kids perspective.

  • Cnqrkdscncr

    I had a daughter who died of leukemia at the age of 2 1/2. She had many friends that were older who earned their angel wings before her. One boy, in particular, wanted his tennis shoes on in his final days so that he would be ready when Jesus came for him. We have a group for those of us who have lost friends, moms, dads, husbands, and children. I think this would give us more encouragement in our grief and seeing glimpses of Heaven from a child’s perspective.

  • Cindy8

    I have just finished reading this amazing book! Sheila Walsh said it best, “It will impact your life!” I went to church today telling everyone I saw (well, almost), about this book!! I serve in our church library, so I will be able to let folks know they need to purchase this book! Also, I would like to buy and give this book away to lots of people I know!! It would be wonderful to receive a free copy! The stories Colton tells in this book encourage me to share Jesus even more than I normally would!! Thanks so much for writing this book, and sharing your personal story. I to, am from a small town. God Bless you!!

  • Cindy Keitch

    Having come so close to death from cancer, I would love to hear his account of heaven. Then I would pass the book onto my cousin, who has lung cancer and likely won’t survive. I want her to have hope of a life after death.

  • Joan

    My husband, Rick, died very unexpectedly a few months ago at the age of 56. At the funeral home, my neighbor told me he had seen a vision of Rick standing beside Jesus, looking much younger. (My neighbor actually pointed to one of the pictures on display,and said “that’s what he looked like” That picture was taken 35 years ago.) In the vision, Jesus said to my neighbor “see! He’s ok!”. Then Jesus turned to my husband and said “you tell him” and Rick said “I’m ok!”. . . . . .and that has been a rock for me to hang on to. I have 4 granddaughters, age 3,4,5 and 6 that grasp the concept that Grandpa is in heaven. Reading the book with them would bring it full circle for them, that a little boy their age saw people he knew, that we really will see Grandpa again, that heaven is indeed a real place.
    As for the creative part – my birthday is March 1st – the book would be a wonderful birthday gift. Thank you.

  • Cstutzman

    A lady in my church came up to me with this book and said I have to read it. She has been giving it to people to read and having them sign the inside cover. So far she had 5 people sign it. She so passionate about the book, that I told her that I would read the book as well.

  • Carol Larson

    As a professional counselor, I would give this book to my clients who are struggling with life issues. Specific issues would include parents who have lost a child to a miscarriage or stillbirth to give them hope that their child is with Jesus, or someone who has a terminal illness – knowing they will die soon – giving them hope in eternal life with Jesus being available to them for the asking.

  • Brenda Branson

    I serve with a ministry to people who are struggling with addictions, abuse, and other difficult issues. Many have lost loved ones recently which makes their recovery even harder. This book would be a great encouragement to these precious people.

  • Kate {The Parchment Girl}

    I would love to read this book. I have a chronic illness that I have been battling for 4 years and think this book might provide some encouragement.

  • Debbie Richards

    Would love to read this book for several reasons. First .. How refreshing to hear about a family truly listening and believing the experience of a child. Second .. We recently lost a family member suddenly and without closure. I want to believe that he’s waiting for us in a better place. And finally… How can we use the book’s to inspire those around us?

  • Peter P

    “I hope they have McDonald’s in Heaven… and I KNOW they have Chick-fil-A”

    These and other comments are very common amongst people I know. They eat or experience something wonderful and immediately connect that experience with Heaven.

    The suggestion is that if Heaven is as wonderful as we think, then surely the things we like most here on earth will be there.

    But will they?

    What is heaven REALLY like? What John described in the book of Revelations was the best he could do with his human, 1st century understanding of what he was seeing.

    I would LOVE to be able to read this book and see what God chose to reveal to a 21st century boy and what the next, well, eternity is going to be like.

    Pick me… pick me!!!!

    • Peter P

      I didn’t win… again :-(

      Must work on my sales pitches!

  • Carolmiller

    When asked if there was one question you could ask God what would it be, my response is always “What is Heaven like?” I am intrigued to hear how this young man encountered Heaven. I think that this information is an answer to pray to help people become stronger in their faith and their relationship with God. This information is a gift from our Heavenly Father to us and I pray that every human on earth can receive this gift.

  • K Greenwalt

    I would love to receive a paper copy of this book. I lead a an overview study of the Bible and as you can imagine questions about Heaven often come up and I think this would be a great resource to help with those questions.

  • Todd Osborne

    On April 3rd of 2010 my brother Jason died at the age of 31. He had battled more illnesses and afflictions than is possible to recount in this section. In a nutshell, all of his medical complications resulted from a traumatic brain injury he suffered when a spinal fusion surgery went wrong. He was in full cardiac arrest for 43 minutes before medical staff miraculously brought him back to life. This all occurred in August of 1996. Jason lived another 13 plus years in the condition the surgery left him in , which included not being able to talk, walk, or eat by mouth again.
    Since his death I have explored, questioned, believed and thought more about heaven than the rest of my life combined. I am a believer of God and heaven but after Jason’s death I wanted to know with full confidence I would spend eternity with him. I have seen this book often and contemplated getting it many times. I am hungry to know more about the place where not only my brother now inhabits, but also family members and most importantly the Creator of heaven and earth.
    I would be honored to receive a copy of this book and would be happy to pass it along for others to share in the wonder and experience of it as well. Thank you so much for considering me as a recipient!

  • Tim Davis

    I am also a bit hesitant when hearing of stories about people that went to heaven, although I definitely believe these experiences take place. I would love to win this book and read the experience from a child’s perspective, to glean from a true child’s faith, as well as maybe get a taste of the excellencies of heaven.

  • Pkuras14111

    my husband died 3 years ago on February 24 It was what I call earlier this year but I still want to know about heaven I know he is there the signs God has given me so I have know doubt that there is a heaven. I guess I would like to know if he received a new body and that he is happy even with out us down here. His body was in so much pain and he had so much faith in God that he wasn’t even afraid to died that day he was really but I wasn’t. I still go over that day minute by minute to see what I could have done faster or better I still don’t know. I didn’t question about why he died but what I could or didn’t do. I am this looking for an answer for me.

  • Jolene Berke

    Have you ever raised teenagers? It’s like being pecked to death by a chicken! Some parts of it are lovely and wonderful, but other parts….yeah….a bit peckish! We have been believers our whole lives and raised our 3 girls in the church, gathering for family devotions, saying nightly prayers and listening to Christian radio.

    Our oldest daughter (high school junior) repaid us by choosing for her very first boyfriend, someone who is two years older than herself, a freshman in college….and an unbeliever! Really?

    We have tried to help our daughter come up with ways to witness to her boyfriend, and share her faith in a natural way.

    I would love a copy of this book! I would read it first myself (I’m on the waiting list at my public library, and I’m still at least 20 people deep!) and then I would secretly stick it in my daughter’s boyfriend’s luggage! Maybe there would be something in the book that would trigger some curiousity in him to start asking questions and possibly discover a personal faith in Christ.

    Thank you for this opportunity! Now back to the coop!

  • Jeff

    As a fellow former Nebraskan, my father in law is likely weeks from death with liver cancer. This would be a huge encouragement for him.

  • Markl41Lori Linard

    I heard Kathy Lee Giffford talking about this book on the Today Show, several weeks ago. I couldn’t remember the name of the book. I just looked at my facebook and one of my friends had this post. I’ve loved the Lord all my life and have many family members in heaven. I know heaven will be wonderful but I would love to hear a four year olds view. Thanks so much. Lori

  • Jesse Smith

    I’d love to simply just be creative – I was thinking about a story with Superman and everything, but decided to just go with what’s been happening lately:

    Recently, within the last two weeks the father of one of our youth (the youth is also very active in our children’s ministry) passed away.
    Within a few days, the grandmother of one of our youth (that youth is one of our children’s small group leaders) passed away suddenly.
    And finally, our speaking pastor was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    Just the tip of the iceberg of what’s been happening, but that’s the most relevant part. Would love to share the book with some of them.

  • Jaymes Downer

    I am super skeptical about this book. To the point that I chose not to even read what you wrote above, or to allow the video to play. I would, however, possibly read this book…if it were given to me. But maybe not. If you have an extra copy, feel free to throw it my way. Maybe one day when I’m bored it will captivate me like it did you.

  • Jaymes Downer

    I am super skeptical about this book. To the point that I chose not to even read what you wrote above, or to allow the video to play. I would, however, possibly read this book…if it were given to me. But maybe not. If you have an extra copy, feel free to throw it my way. Maybe one day when I’m bored it will captivate me like it did you.

  • Donna Harr

    In the last 3 years, my Mother and stepson, both Christians, have died. While we know in our heart of hearts they’re in Heaven, missing them at times is still so hard. As Todd said, sometimes it takes a child–the condition of mind that Jesus called us to return to–to remind us that we can look forward to, with absolute certainty, a glorious reunion with them and all the other saints in the future. No heavy theology that can be argued…just the simple truth as told by a young child. The book will be such a comfort to those who know Jesus and a powerful witness to those who have yet to meet Him. Thanks Colton for being a witness for Jesus and Todd for helping to spread the story!

  • Mark

    Hi Michael – thanks for sharing the interview. I have a 3 year old daughter, hearing this story made me realise how God always has everything in His hands, that I needn’t worry about her life because God looks after her and loves her more than I.

  • Maciej Liziniewicz

    Todd and Michael, this interview has proven to me what I am trying to understood for last 3 years. That talking to people about gospel cannot be without context in which they leaving at.
    Me and my wife are working with Poles in UK in one the post industrial cities. When we are offering counselling, coaching or running small groups – people that are not yet christians are asking us “But how this is adequate to my life?” I think this book would be great tool to connect and make Heaven and everyday life connection authentic and understandable for people who are still have “out of context” perception of Jesus.

    Thank you Todd for writing an authentic book’o’testimony for generations to come.
    Blessings from poles in UK.

  • Vony (Veronica) Ackley

    Hi Michael,
    There are two reasons I want a copy of Heaven Is For Real. The first is my own curiosity. The second is because I so want to share it with others! I don’t see my self holding on to it for more than the time it takes me to read it.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Vony (Veronica) Ackley

  • Tc4man

    I am interested in seeing heaven through the eyes of a child. My adult has wrapped itself around my ideal picture but as is so often true children see the real deal. Then I want to share this book with family members and friends who are on the edge of their faith. This book could be the water that makes the seed grow.

  • Stan Peters

    A good friend of mine died Feb 18 and I would like to give a copy of your book to his widow to encourage her. God bless.

  • Sharon

    I am very interested in anything about heaven and read anything that has anything to do with anybody having been there and come back.

  • Kari Letch

    I first read this book after hearing a 2 minute “blurp” about it on a morning news show. It was so intriguing to me. After I read it, I ordered 3 copies so that I could pass them on. As soon as I got them, I handed one to a friend at work, gave one to another friend that was going on a trip, and gave another to a friend who has lost a child when she was 3 months old. One was returned to me today, and I immediately gave it to another gal that’s lost 3 family members in the last couple years. I would LOVE to have another copy to continue to share with others. What an awesome way to spread God’s word and show them His love. This book is inspiring, no matter how old a person is. Thanks to Colton and his family for sharing this!

  • Janet J.

    More than 25 years ago, I lost my brother suddenly. I, along with my family, was devasted. I cried every night for months. I finally decided that I needed to seek professional help. That night when I was asleep, my brother visited me and told me that he was okay. He told me that God had let him come back and tell me that and that I was to tell my family. The next morning when I awoke, I felt that a huge burden had been lifted. I knew that he was in heaven and that he was okay. After that, I no longer cried every night nor did I have to seek that professional help.

    Today, my family is facing tremendous struggles. I need to again find that source that “frees” my soul. I heard about your book in church today and really want to read it. Today was the first time that we have been to church in months. I know that I am supposed to read your book to reinforce my faith and find again the solice that heaven provides. My husband recently found employment after more than three years. However, we are still facing tremendous struggles as many others are. We have children with drug addictions. We and my business are faced with bankruptcy, and we may lose our house. I need to read your book and pass it along to those that need the encouragement as well.

    I will never lose my faith, but as a human, I still need reinforcement and hope.

    God bless you and all that read this. I hope that whatever you are facing, you will be able to find God’s grace in your life.

  • Daniel Becerra

    The leadership team at our college ministry is going through some tough times. One of them has a dying best friend at a hospital for terminally ill patients, another just lost one of her aunts to a car accident and sher herself was diagnosed with pneumonia. Yet another one suffers as his wife’s bones (pelvic area) crash with one another as a result of her pregnancy. No sleep, lots of tears, and illness seems to be making their way through our ministry. Satan really thinks he can get away with this, but not a chance, our God has been and continues to be on ourside.

    That being said, Heaven is for real (which I have already read) will encourage them to think beyond this earth. Not to live carelessly, but to think of a God who is very, VERY involved with each and every one of them, and even from Heaven, He is really protecting us. I am convinced Heaven is for real will be an encouragement to all of our team.

  • Bygraceareyousaved

    I want to hear more about heaven!!

  • Matnkaren

    I would like a copy to give to my 9 year old daughter who has Asperger’s which is a type of autism. She read the book at her grandmothers and then borrowed it and carried it everywhere with her so she could shhow anyone who would take the time to listen. She loves the story but especially the picture of Jesus. She asks all the time when can we get the book?

  • Gigi Hunt

    My mom suggested this book and I am looking forward to reading it. He is also from my hometown in Oklahoma. Thank you for sharing the interview.

  • Karenjojo

    Having been raised in the church and, more importantly, giving my life to Christ, I believe in Heaven. When I discuss the Lord and Heaven with people at various times, the main questions are, “Just how can I be sure there is a God and that Heaven is real?” I give them many scriptually based answers, pray with & for them. I enjoy reading books about our Lord, The Bible, and Heaven. Thank you.

  • Karenjojo

    Having been raised in the church and, more importantly, giving my life to Christ, I believe in Heaven. When I discuss the Lord and Heaven with people at various times, the main questions are, “Just how can I be sure there is a God and that Heaven is real?” I give them many scriptually based answers, pray with & for them. I enjoy reading books about our Lord, The Bible, and Heaven. Thank you.

  • Madbattapper

    In May of 2010, I discovered the life I had known did not really exist, and a spiritual journey in the wilderness began. Nothing prepared me for the losses which followed: home, marriage and ultimately my job in less than twelve months. Yet, God’s faithfulness remained constant as He revealed truth, provided, protected and defended. I remain thankful for the testimony God gave me and for how He grew my faith through hard times, but I also treasure the witness of others in this season as a way of claiming the hope Christ offers each of us & reminding myself of truth in days that sometimes seem dark. From your video interview and blog, this book claims to offer a childlike witness of faith and hope – possibly the most innocent and precious of all…

  • Daphne

    I want a copy of the audio version because I am currently in truck driving school, and will soon be an over the road truck driver. I’m sure the hours are going to be long, and I think it would be WONDERFUL to have some inspirational books to listen to while driving. I have currently downloaded my church sunday services onto my ipod just for this purpose, but I LOVE reading, and since I will be driving so much just think it would be wonderful to have. I personally cannot wait to get to heaven and meet my Heavenly Father……….as the song says, “I Can Only Imagine.”

  • Pam

    I learned about Colton and watched the interview in which Colton describes his experience in heaven just a couple days after the 7th anniversary of my oldest son’s arrival into Heaven. Kevin died instantly as the result of a car accident.

    As I watched Colton share his experience my heart ached for you as parents experiencing the fear that your son might not live. I also found myself sitting in complete and total awe – almost holding my breath – as Colton described Heaven. And I thought of Jesus meeting Kevin at the moment of impact, reaching out to grab his hand and usher him through the gates of Heaven and to the Throne of God.

    I pictured Kevin, after entering Heaven, meeting with his best friend and his dad, Kevin’s cousin, his Grandpa, and my baby brother. And, I sat smiling when Colton said: “Heaven is REAL….and you’re gonna like it!”

    At Kevin’s funeral, I described how, as much as Kevin loved the mountains of CO, I knew that after arriving in Heaven and looking around, he said “WOW! Those mountains (in CO) are NOTHING compared to this!” And……I KNOW he “likes it”.

    As a result of experiencing the death of our son, I felt God’s leading to bring a GriefShare Ministry to our church and to help facilitate it. Every one of the many, many who have participated in the GriefShare groups over the past few years have had many questions about Heaven – Is Heaven real? What is it like? What can we expect? Will we know our loved ones when we get there? Will our loved ones who have gone before us know US?

    I would LOVE to be able to read the rest of Colton’s story, and to share your book with others, so that they might see a glimpse of Heaven, and a have the assurrance that yes indeed, Heaven IS for real. I KNOW Heaven is real, that my son is safe there, and I want others to know it is real also.

    I know God will minister to countless others through your Colton’s story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Omarmiller

    I want to give the book as a gift to the Gingerich family whose son lost his life on a mission trip to Puerto Rico on Feb 11, 2011. Casey was the older (and only) brother to his five sisters. Having just turned 24, his life had tremendous potential for God, but his short life and his untimely death have spoken volumes to hundreds.

  • Rachel Yoder

    My 90 year old father just died. All my life I watched him walk with the Lord. Although I’ve been a Christian for 43 years, death and the realities of life hereafter remain a mystery to me. I would like to read what Colton experienced to give testimony to what my father may be experiencing even now and, in this way, to stay more connected to his present life. I’ve seen the impelling video clips of Colton and Todd Burpo’s stories. Consequently, I would like to have a book to share their story with the people in Romania where I’ve been living the past 7 years.

  • John Dye

    It sounds skeptical to me too. so in part I want to read it, because I have heard that one should read books of other forms of thinking, and not just people that think like us. also I have two daughters who I read the bible to each night, and we talk alot about heaven and what its like. sometimes she cries because she wants to dream about heaven and she doesn’t. so I am always trying to assure her that heaven is real, even if she cant see it or hear it, or dream about it at night. maybe she will enjoy hearing the story

  • Aryalmom

    Hi Michael, My name is Kay and I just listened to your interview with Todd about his book. My husband and I live in the mid west and over the last years we have been blessed to have the opportunity to house and care for many young people as foster parents. One of our first experiences in this was for a friend of our son and it turned into 11 years with the most wonderful child named Shawn. When we first met him he was 14 and had already seen a rough trail of events and had a bit of an attitude, but under the surface was a loving child that really just wanted to be loved…..we could do just that. At almost 24 he entered the Army, a long time dream of his and went of to boot camp and special training and then had several visits home including a trip home for Christmas in ’06 We had 21 days of fun and laughter and sent him back to prepare for a one year trip to Iraq. There is no way even as a believer and as a pastor myself to tell you the fear and apprehension of sending a child of the a war zone, but I let go knowing that God has a plan and praying for his hedge of protection around Shawn.
    We talked with Shawn on a regular basis and heard all of his tails and were reassured when he often said he was not afraid even when I could hear the fear in the tone of his voice. He was the company Commander driver and had begged to take the place of a friend who had been injured as gunner and called me to let me know he was off on his first convoy as a gunner to take the Chaplain to meetings and for humanitarian aid that day. The end of that blessed conversation was him telling me, ‘Mom, no mater what ever happens here, remember that I love you with all my heart.’ I was use to hearing things like that from him and I responded in kind and we hung up to the sound of horns honking for him to leave. I had a peace in those moments and it was until many hours later that I learned the events that followed.
    His convoy left the post and about five minutes out his vehicle hit an IED and he was killed instantly. I can’t tell you the agony we felt and there is far more to this story than I can write here but on June 6, 2007 we lost Shawn and began a journey with grief deeper than anyone can prepare for in human terms.
    Since then we have grown, I have grown and God has blessed me with a growing ministry of encouragement with the service industry, both military and food service here in our home town. Our depth of grief and experiences have given us opportunity after opportunity to share with the hurting and it is not easy but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I/We are at the center of where God wants us. My desire to have a copy of this book is to read it myself or course but also to pass copies on to a number of friends who need the hope that I know they will find in it. I am in what I lovingly call the trenches of reaching others and most of the people I work with have had painful if any experience with the ‘church’ and a vast number of them are unsaved and skeptical but God has gifted both my husband and I with open and loving hearts and some patience too.
    I will be buying the book no matter what and I pray it will be a tool to softening hearts and changing lives.
    Thank-You for letting me share and I end with the closing I always use for all of our children.
    Take Care and God Bless!!!!!
    Always Remember You Are Loved!!!!!

  • L G A

    This story is one of the most unusual that I’ve run across in almost 10 years of ministry. It takes a lot of faith to A) listen to a four-yr-old’s testimony and know that God can use anyone & B) take the huge risk of putting it out there, knowing others faith will be similarly challenged. I’m excited by the huge difference it’s making in the lives of those who’ve lost loved ones (myself included). We all have parts of us that wonder, is my loved one watching me? Will I know my loved one as former family member when we’re reunited in heaven? Etc.
    My favorite thing Todd says in this interview is: “God has a lot better plan for people’s hurts than closure–it’s called reunion”!! If that’s ALL I get out of the book, it’s more than enough!
    Thank-you Burpo Family for sharing this incredible experience so others could move forward as a result of your son’s testimony!

  • Sjohnston

    Just got around to listening to the interview you did with Todd. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of the book and read it. Thanks for posting this great interview.

  • Cory

    I am a leader in a young church. Last night we just lost one of our leader’s wives. She died unexpectedly, truly a shock to our body. Our church is young and I think this book could help answer questions and encourage the body. Thanks for always bringing your “A” game Michael

  • Meg

    Michael, in the past few years, despite more than a decade of following Christ, I have found myself doubting a lot of things about life, religion and eternity. As I am getting older, and as some of those I love are drawing nearer to the end of their lives, I find that for some reason, I am sometimes fearful of what comes after this life. While I have hope in Christ, I feel that lately I am being attacked spirituality, and led to question my beliefs about eternity. For that reason (and so many more!) I would love to read the perspective of this boy and his experiences.

  • Linda

    Making a mental list of the people I’d like to pass this book on to….
    My “adopted” son, who is grieving the death of his Mom.
    A dear friend who continues grieving the death of her Momma at age 4.
    Another friend in his battle with colon cancer.
    My church family, to give hope and desire for their heavenly home.
    As a pastor’s wife, this sounds like a great book to inspire and encourage those facing the reality of death. As a Mom of 5 children, ages 6-13, I would love to use this for a read aloud for the whole family. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  • Meg

    I tweeted this @megsmorningcup!

  • Paul

    Michael – I pastor a church in Branson, MO. During the last 13 months we expereinced 7 sudden and unexpected deaths: a child, a teenager, two young mothers, a young father, and two 50 year old men. The hope of heaven is the only comfort in circumstances like these. I look forward to reading Heaven in for Real, and I would love a free copy!

  • K.C. Pro

    I’m sitting here at my desk listening to the interview and trying not to cry all over my keyboard. Wow, what a powerful story. I’m terrified at the thought of possibly losing one of my kids.

    I lost a close friend to cancer in high school. I want to read Heaven is For Real because of some unresolved grief and to share this amazing testimony with others.

  • Nel

    I just want to read again about heaven. It is going to be so neat to be there someday. Like “I Love to Tell the Story” hymn. “And when in scenes of glory I sing the old, old song, ’twill be the old, old story that I have loved so long”. And when I’m done with the book I’ll lend/share it with as many people as possible

  • Flammableart

    Very interested in learning more

  • Aaron W. Matthews

    I’d like to win a copy of the book to give to my mom. She’s the one who told me about Colton’s story. In fact, she tells a lot of people about it. I’ll admit, it is an awesome testimony. God is good…all the time.

  • Bob

    My whole family went through an illness a number of years ago due to unknown mold in our home. Some of us were sicker than others. My wife still struggles with lingering effects to her body systems. This story sounds like an encouraging one. As we all know, God puts people in your life after (and during) life events like this. We’ve found that one of the reasons is to encourage. This book can help that, I believe.

  • Ashleymmoss

    I’d love to have this book…I lost my dad suddenly in September, and other than having the books as additional understanding for me I know that the greatest trials we face exist to make us more effective in our testimonies to others. This would be the perfect ‘share tool’ as I allow God to re-write my own story….

  • Joseph Palacio

    I would love to red this book. This story reminds me of Mark 10:13-16. Some Children where being pushed away from Jesus by his disciples. Jesus became furious and said that we need seek the kingdom of God like children. I think that this book would provide a good scope on what Jesus meant by seeing the glory and power of God through the eyes of a child.

    I love being a creative being created by a the most creative being. God is Good!

  • shaeffermom

    I love any book that will keep my attention and this one sounds like it will do just that. I especially enjoy reading Christian books

  • Jcw

    I read the book in one evening and morning to my granddaughters, ages 7, 8, 10 and they talk about Colton now like he’s their friend. I’d like to give them each their own copy!

  • Jcw

    I read the book in one evening and morning to my granddaughters, ages 7, 8, 10 and they talk about Colton now like he’s their friend. I’d like to give them each their own copy!

  • shaeffermom

    I love any book that will keep my attention and this one sounds like it will do just that. I especially enjoy reading Christian books

  • Mandasparkle

    After reading about the book and listening to an interview on the news I think that this is a genuine and touching story and would love to know more about what Todd Burpo’s son saw when he was in Heaven.

  • allie912

    Having enjoyed Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven, this is a topic I think about and would like to read more about.

  • allie912

    Having enjoyed Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven, this is a topic I think about and would like to read more about.

  • Elke Speliopoulos

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I am trying so hard to get my husband to read it, and he has refused to read it on my Nook, saying he will only read a real book! Please, Michael, PLEASE!

  • s. nam

    Heaven (& visitations to that place) have always fascinated me. Your blurb ojn this book has piqued my interest & I want to read an account of heaven from a 4-year old’s point of view. Jesus did teach us that, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (Mt 18:3).

  • s. nam

    Heaven (& visitations to that place) have always fascinated me. Your blurb ojn this book has piqued my interest & I want to read an account of heaven from a 4-year old’s point of view. Jesus did teach us that, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (Mt 18:3).

  • SamoX19

    I would like a copy of this book because I haven’t won any of the other contests. :p

  • Dr. Ronald D. Ross

    I heard Lynn Vincent speak at Point Loma Nazarene University’s “16th Annual Writer’s Symposium” on Feb. 16. She talked about the Colton’s and how she collaborated on the writing of Heaven is for Real. Would love to read the book.

  • Andrew Acker

    Sometimes a good book can be so hard to read and the author is just trying to show off their “academic” knowledge. I would love this book because I feel like I could relate much better to a 4-year old and have a much easier and effective read, without the headaches of some “profound” books.

  • Mike Hiday

    I want to share this with my wife, my family, and my church, in the hope that they in turn will share it with someone that needs a closer relationship with God.

  • Tonya

    My mom has been battling COPD since 1997, and this is a wonderful reminder of the hope we have in Jesus. Also, just this past week our son was in the hospital with a relatively common virus. Our son is 3 months old, and we are first-time parents. We are thankful that he is okay, but the fear of losing him was unreal. I am looking forward to reading the book!

  • Kevin Pellatiro

    Hoping this doesn’t come off to critical, but it’s an intriguing topic that I have a hard time trusting. Both the theology and the conduit being a small child worries the smack out of me – but as you’ve read it and overcome the initial “oh know, please don’t embarrass Christians with these kind of tactics” then I’m hopeful …and completely curious :-)

  • Kenny Silva

    This book sounds incredible. I’ve had a few conversations this weekend about ’90 Minutes in Heaven’ and how I need to read it. I think this would be a great book to read in conjunction with that. Thank you for the interview and the offer.

  • Andrea Schultz

    I have always been interested in what someone who has died and returned has experienced. The fact that Colton was so young gives me reason to believe what he says. I would love to read the book for that reason. Thanks for the opportunity, Michael and Thomas Nelson!

  • Andrew

    This was a great interview with the author. I am glad he is selling a lot of books and helping people to come to know Christ. It is an amazing thing when young kids can point someone to Christ. Colton sounds like he had a breathtaking encounter with Jesus. Sometimes a child like Faith is all people really need to have. Thanks for the chance to read this wonderful book.

  • Christopher Scott

    No need to add me to the list of people to get a free copy.

    My girlfriend read the book and found it be very interesting. I hope the book continues to sell well and helps expose unbelievers to Christianity and what awaits in heaven for them.

  • Jennifer Zavaleta

    i’m going to buy your book. it sounds wonderful and inspiring. excited to read it with my daughter.

  • Tod Shuttleworth

    I could not put this book down either. Read it in one sitting on a flight from Nashville to New York. If you have ever doubted Heaven, read this book. You won’t any longer. There is no way a four-year old made all that up.

  • Mpete33

    I lost my husband of 50 years only 5 months ago, and Colton’s story (which I have heard second-hand from a friend reading the book), more than anything, has reinforced my belief in the promises of God and heaven. It has been the bridge between emotional devastation and a renewed peace and happiness with what is to come. Children so young can’t fabricate such.

    I would love to have a copy of “Heaven is for Real” for reading and re-reading and to share with my two great grandchildren, 4 and 2, as well as others. It would be a never-ending source of inspiration, and for some, I would hope, a new insight.

  • Rindy Carmichael

    I realize you asked for creative comments from people hoping to win a copy of the book – but I feel my “honest” answer would most suffice. I simply want the book to share with everyone I can. I purchased a copy for my Kindle and read it this weekend (reading parts of it to my husband, as well). Although I have told several people about it – I would like to give my family and friends a hard copy to read themselves – especially one friend who is agnostic. I would love to see him in Heaven!

  • jean massey goad

    I want a book because God gave me a vivid vision of Heaven and i can’t forget it-I want to know more of real experiences from other real people.

  • betty rose sasser

    right now i am going thru depression and can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. it is so long. I need a book to see what others are about in this world. If it was not for the love for the Lord I could not get out of bed. betty sasser

  • Pam

    I saw the interview with father and son on Fox and Friends. I was so moved by the humble confidence that Colton displayed while telling his story. I am a mother of five boys, ages 10, 7, and 5. When I told them about it, they wanted to know more, and I think this would be a great tool to strengthen their faith as well as give them an avenue to be a witness to their friends at school.

  • Joe Lalonde

    Thanks for the giveaway! It looks like I won one of the books. I’m excited to get it and read it and pass it onto my wife!

  • Vicki Small

    I came late to the table. I just read the book on my Kindle last week. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it! I bought a copy for my 94-year-old mom whose first and fourth babies died in infancy. I know so many women who have had miscarriages, so many people who have lost a child, and I wish I could give this book to every one of them.

    I have sometimes wondered how we will communicate, in heaven. Will we talk, as we do here? Will all communication be at the mental/spiritual level? Today, it hit me: Colton indicated actually conversations took place! Oh, I do hope we will talk; it’s one of the things I do well!

    The fully sobering part, though, was Colton’s reaction each time he was asked about Satan. Wow.

  • Byron Spradlin

    People know Trancendent Realities exist – more than ever. Though poeple still trust in Science, they also know Science only deals with what “is” … not with what “ought be.” They know it does not address Goodness, Truth, Beauty; or Morality, Love or their Author–GOD Himself. But they don’t know how to go forward towards these things so essential to life.
    “Heave is Real” — through a great, “real” story helps us get a handle on how to move forward to meet for ourselves the realities of Heaven, love, and God Himself. You’ll love this book.
    Byron Spradlin

  • Karla Akins

    Read it. Loved it. Recommend it.

  • Dan

    Very interesting interview. I will have to check out the book.

  • Ministerbonitaearls

    Hi my name is Bonita. And last night as I was looking for another book online, I happened to see this book. I had read 90 minutes in Heaven by someone else about a year ago. It gave an account of a man, a born again Christian like myself, who died and went to heaven. In it, he told of his experience while there and the accounts of what lead to his demise. I enjoyed reading his story, so when I came across the story of Colton I was curious to find out what he saw also. So, I ordered the online version of the book because I wanted to read it right away. I did not want to wait until it came in the mail, it would take too long and I was excited to know Colton’s story. Oh my GOD! When I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down! When Colton began telling his dad about Jesus and what he had seen I was amazed and in awe. It made the things that I’m dealing with right now just fade out of my mind. I have been a Born-Again Christian for 15 years now and reading what Colton had to say makes me even more glad that I am. It has brought a hope to my spirit that has been absent for sometime. JUST LAST NIGHT!! GOD has a way that is mighty sweet! I finally fell asleep around chapter 21 at about 1:00 a.m. This afternoon when I tried to go back and finish reading, I couldn’t find it anymore! I have searched and searched but with no success. That is how I ended up on this site. One of the passages that really touched me was the markers! How could a person not believe that it was true the way that Colton demostrated it to his dad! Sorry for the long comment, but I could go on and on. Thanks!

  • Jaycey1018

    My name is Jackie and I live in ny ..I have not read your book,yet but I did see your video interview..I found it very inspiring..3 years ago on nov 2 2007 .. My first born son Michael took his life…although I had 3 other children ..1 son and twin daughters..this was the biggest and saddest experience in my life..I have to say that during the first days of his death I did have several spiritual dreams…but they could never replace my went from forever to once upon a time..recently 3/4/2011 a very close friend of mine abee nazario RIP :'(…got struck by a truck ..he was in critical condition and it was said he would make it through…he passed friday march 4 2011…I’ve been really sad until today ..your video is inspiring and it gave me hope..that my loving son and best friend HAVE GONE TO A BETTER PLACE..thankyou for being so sincere when telling your story about your lovin son..god bless him and got bless you….jackie

  • LeighSnyder

    As a Child Life Specialist who works at a large children’s hospital, these stories are not uncommon. As Colton states, “Jesus really loves the children.” I am pleased Colton’s story is being shared and I commend his parents for following through with this book after experiencing such a trying time. Many people “intend” to write a book, but this busy family has made it a priority to share the love of the Lord.

  • Dan

    I have not read the book yet but after watching the interview I think I will get it. Thank you for posting.

  • cecile carlson

    Hi Todd And thank you for having this space to leave a message. I heard you with Rich Buhler on K brite radio a few days ago. I was so excited to hear your conversation with him.
    I would love to have your book. I have a real PHOTO of Jesus that was taken many years ago
    and would like to send you a some. The Lord gave this to me as my ministry 30 years ago. Please would you respond.

    Thank you ……
    Cecile Carlson

  • bonniec

    Received my audio copy of Heaven is for Real. Very much looking forward to soaking in the reality of Jesus love for all his children. Thank you, Michael, for your generosity.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome!

  • Cheryl

    I don’t understand how you can say the theology is sound. Colton describes God sitting on the middle throne and he’s “really, really big,” and Jesus sits on his right and the angel Gabriel sits on his left. Revelation chapter 4 clearly presents a completely different picture of the throne–only Jesus on a throne. Plus Jesus taught that no one has ever seen God the Father, and that if we have seen Christ, that is enough. Also when the disciples asked if they could sit on his right and left, He said that was not for Him to decide.

    The Bible never presents that we are given “wings” in heaven, nor that we have lights over our heads.

    Another serious thelogical problem is that Colton claims Satan was in heaven and that people go around with swords. The Bible says that there is absolutely no evil in heaven. There is no way that Satan would be in heaven, and people are not running around with swords. Satan was cast to the earth long, long ago.

    This is a nice tale, but if it is true, it will line up with Scripture. If it doesn’t (which in many places it doesn’t), the Bible is either wrong, or Colton is wrong. I am surprised Todd, as his dad and pastor, isn’t more grounded theologically to know that what his son told him does not square up with Scripture. Sure, he uses Scriptural support when it is convenient and backs up Colton’s story, but he does not offer any counter-evidence, like “there is no Biblical support that people receive wings in heaven.” We receive resurrected bodies, which are like ours now–only better.
    Revelation talks about walking on the streets of gold. Walking. Not flying.

    I am concerned people are going to be basing their theology of heaven off this book. It’s inaccurate, as far as the Bible is concerned.

    • Jan Foy

      I believe Jesus was referring to you when he said to be child like in our faith.  If you were a spirit filled Christian you would be filled with joy and wonderment at what this child saw, not critical and  grumpy.  I pray for a sweet sleep for you tonight with a visitation of angels to bring you simple joy like a child. 

  • Nancycwilletts

    This book is just awesome, and because Todd is a Methodist minister, it is completely authentic to me. I rejoice in Colton’s story.

  • Raganmike

    I just finished this book, and if you’ve ever wondered what happens after…then reading about this familie’s near death experience might just make you stop and think a little bit. For those of you that know me well, I don’t talk about my faith much, but probably should. Great read, and really uplifting! “Out of the mouths of babes” comes to mind. Childlike, simplicity spewing freely from a little boy who loves Jesus.



  • Kay Shaw

    Todd, my 19 year old daughter’s Make a Wish grantor had you autograph a book for her and you wrote a kind note and provided your cell phone number for her to call. She is unable to read your book, and is awake very little. I tried to talk about it with her last night, but she didn’t want to hear it. I don’t know if she will be up to it, but maybe a visit with you could insure her entry to heaven. You may reach me at 214.850.5955
    Kay Shaw

  • t evans

    I couldn’t put it down it was so compelling. I highly recommend it to believers and non-believers.

  • Karl Schneider

    Does anyone without a brain tumor actually believe this horshit?

  • Marla

    yes, my husband and I read the book together. This has recharged our lives and committment to Christ.

  • Anonymous

    First I saw Colton on FOX News this morning; then I bought the book online through Amazon and downloaded it by Kindle for PC and read it in about an hour. I have personally attended every Christian denomination that I could find and have never felt comfortable in any; yet that has never deterred me from the knowledge of my King James Scofield.

    This book lifted me back to my senses; it restored what I knew, but with a far better purpose and a good nudge concerning direction. All this happened today, because for me; my faith has been waning and I have allowed myself to go bankrupt in the areas I need to address.

    Thank you Pastor, Thank you Colton, Thank you Trinity

  • Dan

    I really enjoy your interviews. Thank you for taking the time to do them. They impact me and help me grow as a leader and blogger. This interview was very good.

  • Dan

    I really enjoy your interviews. Thank you for taking the time to do them. They impact me and help me grow as a leader and blogger. This interview was very good.

  • Kathy

    I have just finished reading this book and found it to be truly wonderful. I believe we all go through life at one time or another wondering if there is truly a heaven. I purchased this book on my Kindle that I received for Christmas. I purchased the softback and gave it to my Mother to read on Saturday with the request that she give it back to me so that I can share it with others. I have had panic attacks in the past in the middle of the night about dieing. I don’t know why other than that I believe there are things that I still need to do before I go. This book has given me a new sense of security about where I will go and a new purpose to try to stay on the right path to get there.

  • Binkleton

    It is hard for us as educated comfortable Christians to at first give credence to this story. I, like others, was cautious as I read this book. However, it proves itself to be authentic and delivers a message to a doubting and discouraged world that Jesus is real, God loves us and the scriptures are true. Thank You Lord for this book

    • Michael Hyatt

      I had the same experience. Thanks.

  • Asenath41

    The book was totally readable and uplifting to me, having lost my dad, a granddaughter at age three(tragic chemical poisoning), and my husband, suddenly, all within-two years. I know they are all in heaven, and that is such a plus. One event I want to share, which the book confirmed for me, is about one month before my dad died, I was preparing for a daughter’s wedding, and circumstances would prevent me from being able to have her grandfather attend. He was a minister, and had performed most of the family’s marriages for years. God obviously wanted to comfort me with a dream of my dad and me. In the dream, he appeared in his body which I remembered, as in his prime-healthy, standing tall, reassuring me” that he knew I needed to see him that way”. Little did I know that he would be in heaven, in his “prime of life” body”! I was comforted by the dream. After that experience, I believed that “old” people will be in prime of life condition in heaven.
    Colton’s experience of seeing his “Pop” , in younger condition, was a joy for me to read. Thank you, Todd, for writing the book.
    Sincerely, Asenath Porter

    • Asenath41

      Reference to Asenath 41. One important part of the wedding story, is the fact, that my dad actually passed away and was indeed in heaven,before my daughter’s wedding. One thing, which I am not sure of, is the fact of whether or not people in heaven, actually know what is happening on earth now. But, someday, I will know that, for sure!.
      Asenath Porter

  • Judy thomas

    Amazing and comforting. I cannot wait to see all my loved ones. But I want to see Jesus First! I want to thank Him for what He did for me on the cross! I love Him and He deserves all the Glory, Praise and Honor!
    My husband died at 41 yrs. Thats been 18 years ago. I will surely be glad to see him.

  • Lori Ferry

    If you have ever pondered the statement heard at so many funerals “Their in a better place now” Well, according to this little boy it’s true. If olny people would believe this it would give us all something to work for and maybe our focus would be on true peace in the world.
    God bless.

  • Anne Baldwin

    I was very interested in all the information in the book especially for three reasons. First, We lost our 36 year old son after 3 years of illness. Second, I also had a miscarraige and had never even thought that we would have another child in heaven. Third, as a counselor, I have studied and read about near death experiences and have been intereted for years. Actually, there is a fourth reason, my family and I feel we have visits from the son we lost.
    I do have one question. Did the doctors ever tell you that your son had died, other than the information even you by a nurse that you were not to be encouraged. If the doctors did not give you this information, did you ever ask them and if not why. That would have been a question I would have wanted answered. This is not saying that I do not believe Dolton story, I do but I still would like to know what the doctors had to say.
    This book has changed my view of heaven and I am actually excited that I would have a fourth child there.

  • Rocntanya

    One question that jumped out at me after reading the book is: What was the homework that Jesus had Colton doing? I’d love to know.

  • Carol Helms

    I just finished reading this book. My dad, 87 years old, is dying of cancer and I can’t wait for him to read it. I found it at the perfect time in my life. Thank you so much for telling this story.

  • Barreau6023

    To have faith like a child is something I pray for every day. This strengthens me in my daily walk and gives all of us further examples that there is life after death with Jesus and our Father in heaven.


  • Gary O

    I grew up with Todd back in Bartlesville. He has always been a great guy. Here’s to you old buddy!

  • Akindele

    How can I get copies of this book in Nigeria. I’m inspired by the interview. Thanks Michael.

  • Ann Holmes

    Even though I would like to believe this is all true, no where in the book does it say it’s a true story. The family is faced with a ton of medical bills, so the profits from this book is sure to pay them all.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Are you suggesting that they falsified the story?

  • Diana

    I am currently helping a 47 year old friend since Junior High dieing from turminal brain cancer. I am reaching out for a book to help me stay strong and also to give her the guidence and make as many happy memories as we can through her journy to heaven. I lost my dad about 4 years ago, and it nearly destroyed me. Kathy has been the only best friend that has always been there for the last 35 years, and I not only intend to keep my promise of being there for her until she leaves, but I want to go through this journy without falling into the dark hole after my dad past away. If your book can help us find and feel at peace with the most dificult journy of our live, I would love to read it. Or if you have any suggestions, please contact me through email. Thank you.
    Terre Haute, IN

  • Elaine Weagel

    I’m so thankful I got the chance to read your book!! We have a 3 yr old grandson and at 21 mths he suffered a severe stroke. As I read your book I relived all the pain and anger but also took joy in the incident with my grandson. He wanted to go down a hallway which only had the chapel down there at Children’s Hospital in Denver. We were inside talking about Jesus and I looked down to see if Noah was listening to me and he was waving!! I asked him if he was waving at Jesus and he nodded his head yes! Your book is a reaffirmation that Heaven is there and Jesus hears our prayers and responds as He sees fit.

    thank you so much, Elaine Weagel @ Noah Duskey

  • Jackie

    The only thing that threw me was the part about the wings. We are not angels and will never be angels. The rest of the book is believable, but the wings made me doubt the whole thing.

    • Jan Foy

      Like the Bible Jackie, you have to believe it all or believe non of it.  It’s up to you.  By the way, how do you know angels don’t have wings?  Have you been to heaven?

  • Ozzie82

    I can’t waIt to get book and would be great to have a free one. Amazing interview

  • Don

    My wife Dottie and I are in our 80’s. We a former board member of the most theologically conservative seminaty in the world we are very leary of anything that might stray from that which is doctrinally sound.
    Dottie read the book first and then told me I HAD to read it. I told her I would as soon as I finished the exciting book I was in the middle of. She persisted and I, of course, started it. I read it in one sitting as had she. The impact has been profound. We have three grandchildren and one great grandchild who were either miscarrried or stillborn. Based on David’s assertion that he would be with his stillborn daughter we believed we would see them again, but after reading about Colton’having met his sister I can’t stopthinking about them — lokoing forward to meetiong them and spending time with them.
    Just last week I had read about the capacity we will have to be spend quality time with many people at once in Heaven, which explains the phenomena of Jesus interacting with so many people at once. There are many other things that Colton related that answered questions that we had had. If we had found anything at all that contrtadicted Scripture we would have put the book aside as a sweet fabricated yarn but we discovered absolutely nothing of that sort.
    We have already bought ten books to give to others, but we keep thinking of many more people that we absolutely MUST share this with. This is really going to stretch our budget.
    Thank you so much.
    I must ask, did Colton say anything about the music in Heaven other than the fact that angels sang to him?

    Donald Kerr
    Pompano Beach, Florida

  • Sandy

    WOW! I just finished this book today, and it was awesome! I was
    very touched when Colton was talking about his two sisters…and meeting
    the one who was miscarried, and then when Colton told the elderly
    gentleman who was dying that “It’s ok. Jesus will be the first person
    you see!”
    When my mother passed away, that was the first thing my dad
    said…”WOW! What your mother got to experience today!” We all looked at
    him like he was nuts…mom DIED! But then he said, “She got to see Jesus
    face-to-face, and she was able to see her two babies!” Mom had two
    miscarriages during her lifetime.
    My two children are somewhat disbelievers…I am going to make SURE they both receive a copy of this book…and SOON!

  • Bjq125

     Great read – our Women’s Bible Study group has selected this book for a one night discussion meeting.  Are there any resources available to facilitate discussion.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t think so.

  • TNeal

    I finished “Heaven Is For Real” on Friday night. The book is well-written and a marvelous hope-filled story. Todd’s mixing of the pain that he experienced (watching his young son suffer) and Colton’s joy (being with Jesus in heaven) breathes a lot of pathos into the writing. I felt the terrible helplessness of parents who could do nothing to help their little boy and their later excitement at Colton’s revelations. Todd couples Colton’s witness with the testimony of Scripture. All in all, well done and a great read.

  • Gabutterworth

    where in the bible does it tell that angels carry swords to keep satan out of heaven>

    • Jessyka Webb

      It doesn’t(:

      This book is a true story of what Colton experienced

  • Dimasupil_29

    i tried to checked this book in almost 10 bookstores  here in the philippines  but i cant find one….any filipino out there..please give me any idea where to buy this book thank you

  • Jessyka Webb

     My Name is Jessyka Webb. I am 17 years and live in ontario This  book was a amazing experience for me, All my doubts about heaven has completely diminished, i Have always had faith, but now my faith has grown stronger. Coltons interview was beautiful, you could tell he was being sincere and he is a gift literally from god to help people have the ‘proof’ they need to have faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Dale

    Michael,  Can you please tell me the technique you used to get a “split screen” video on YouTube?

  • Gayle Griffiths

    I loved this book.  It was confirmation for me of a dream my youngest daughter had when she was 10 years old.  It was one of those dreams that feel like it is happening and she woke uo singi ng and telling me about the Heaven she visited where Jesus walked through dardens of flowers of colors she couldn’t describe, animals that interacted with us, especially birds, and that Jesus taught us and “He was the light we lived in” and she also talked about streams and rainbows and everyone looking young and no one being sick or old.  And lots of children that He loved so much.  There was a lot more but this was such a confirmation.  I knew it was the truth because she couldn’t have made up some of the things she shared but her sisterthought she made it up for attention.

  • JT

    is this available here in the philippines?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know.

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  • Deborah Currier

    Please call me @ 603 204 7862  it is a grave  matter . my name is Deborah Currier and I would like to discuss with you some of the incidents that Colton witnessed during revelations. Please call as soon as possible.  Thank You

  • Trish

    brings comfort to my heart! Such an inspiring story…i wish i could meet Colton and His parents and tell them Thank You for sharing such an amazing story! I told my sister about this book and she wants to read it!

  • Pat W.

    I am looking for this book.  Can you tell me where in British Columbia  Canada where to find it.
    Thank you for sharing with us. 
    We  have lost two children . (both 45 yrs.)   One daughter  from Cancer,  one son from suicide.  We have not found his body.  This happened within 11 months of each other.  I can not stop crying and I don’t believe there is closure for me.
    Thank you again
    Pat & Bill  in BC canada

    • Michael Hyatt

      Pat, I am so sorry. I don’t know where you can find this in Canada, but if you will email me, I will send you a free copy. My email is mhyatt at thomas nelson dot com. Thanks.

  • Bdiedrich

    I loved this book. I have read many books before about God and none have touched me as deeply as this. It literally brought me to tears a dozen times. I lost mymother two years ago and I thought that I had dealt with it. But when reading this book it brought a deeper level of comfort because it gave me a visual of where she is. I’m uncertain why, but after reading this book I feel closer to her and to God than I ever have. Thank you.


    yes i read the book ,it was great ,i gave it to my grandchildren. hoping it would make them think about what life is all about. i read it in one sitting. i truly believe in it and what his son had said.  it only brings me hope and faith again for the future.  i had seen the picture of THE CHRIST , AND REALIZED I HAD SEEN IT BEFORE IN A DOCTORS OFFIE. IT IS BEAUTIFUL

  • Robinbird67_67

    This is a very powerful testimony…I couldn’t put the book down.  It was awesome.  Thanks for sharing…for I truly believe Heaven if for real!

  • Joe Krafjack

    My Aunt before passing away from lung cancer read the book and loved it. any body going to here house she would tell them to read it and so they did. She told those people to read it and they read it. She became a evangelist. She had everyone read it and it brought hope and stronger faith to them.

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  • Marthy Lake

    BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONY GOD BLESS PASTOR AND HIS FAMILY, KEEP ME IN YOUR ALL’S PRAYERS FOR GOOD HEALTHY  STRENGTH AND SOUND MENTAL  MIND…ALOHA MARTY L. (KANEOHE, OAHU)Please pray for me for this please  i am going thru mental stress, and prayers for  me to recieve a full time job with my army guard unit here in oahu…I need a solid job i would enjoy…, and I love my career in the army guard, and have been working 3 days a month on call in needed , or extra duty if the guard has federal funding , but i feel a need to work a solid working days monday thru friday either temporary duty or permanent duty with my army guard unit…pray that our federal guard unit has funding to accept me to work more and that the lord will give me wisdom in doing my clerical human resources occupation. thank you, aloha marty in kaneohe Oahu.

  • Linda

    The book was amazing!  For the first time in my life, I will be 60 this year, I am not afraid to die!  I know I can look forward to seeing the Lord Jesus and my Daddy!  I know that God will ‘walk me through’ that final door and I am assured that it will be a wonderful place to be!!   The book just gave me such an uplifted spirit and anyone who doubts there is a God and/or Heaven; they need to read this book…….from the eyes of a child!!

  • Angie L.

    I just read the book this week and loved it. I have been a believer for a few years but it was still thrilling to read confirmation of what lies ahead. I have passed along two copies already and have been highly recommending it.
    My children have  experienced seeing a few things which I believe were from  the supernatural realm. As well, one of  them  at age  3 spoke of things she could not have known anything about and was even turning the pages of the Bible looking for it. Once my daughter said “if heaven is so great, why are people afraid to die?”… I agreed with her….as Christians , we should not be afraid, but we have been given life by God and we need to do his work here before going home to him. Praise the Lord for the wisdom  and guidance of Children.

  • Happie_1

    Here is the  answer that God does exist through a little boy. Not some big performance but a little boy. God speaks or shows, and we don’t listen. Great Book. I bought extra copies to give  away.

  • Chuck Peters

    The book has answered two questions for me.  First, when does the soul leave the body? I found when a person dies their soul goes to God and God decides if it is time to come home or if the soul should go back in the body to help expand God’s work on earth and be returned to God at a later time.  
    Secondly, I now believe a aborted fetus’sor aborted baby’s soul goes directly to God. 

  • Betty

    I so wanted to read the book, one thing that bothered me was , how could a four year old tell all this , he would not have the vocabulary.  Then in the last of the book when he was crying for his sister , who was the miscarriage I felt this is too much.  
    How we all would love to believe this is really true.   

    • Jan Foy

      Todd and Sonja were very cautious not to put words into Colton’s mouth when describing what he was seeing.  He knew his colors at 4 but didn’t know the word for “sash” so he used his hands to show it from his shoulder across to his waist.  He knew Cassie was his sister so when he met his unborn sister, she told him who she was.  He knew what a sister was.  Every response to his parents was nothing but child like.  He called the red scars on the hands and feet “markers” because he uses markers to color with.  He didn’t know any other way to describe it other than the way a 4 yr. old would.   Where does your doubt come from Betty?  Jesus is real and I know first hand.  Ask Him in a small prayer to reveal himself to you.  If you do it with an honest heart and desire to know the truth, He will.  I couldn’t cope in this world without Him. 

  • EnnisP

    I read the book and really enjoyed it even though I come for a background that questions any kind of personal spiritual experience. I actually wrote several articles on this book, 90 Minutes in Heaven (which I also enjoyed very much) and responded to a few of the usual questions that come up when someone reports an experience like this.

    The truth is, we shouldn’t be surprised at these reports. Heaven is a reality, is very close and it shouldn’t seem strange that it bleeds through occasionally. And when you look at the verses closely you realize the Bible hasn’t given an absolute gag order on anyone reporting what they have seen in heaven. If it had  then Isaiah would have been way out of line to report his vision of God, not to mention Paul, John and others.

  • Dixiechk2

    I read the entire book in about two hours.  It was incredible! 

  • Jan Foy

    Like the Bible Jackie, you have to believe it all or believe non of it.  It’s up to you.  By the way, how do YOU know angels don’t have wings?  Have you been to heaven?

  • Cathy Saretske

    I loved the book, I couldn’t put it down and had it finished within 24 hours.  It’s easy to read and a real page turner.  I cried and it renewed within me a real God & Jesus that I had accepted & believed in since I was young.  I’m using this book as a tool to pass on to others to read & reflect.  My own children accepted Christ when they were young, but as they got older doubts set in regarding God being real and they have drifted away.  I’m hoping this book will offer them some real answers regarding their own faith or lack of.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It does have a way of getting you back to the basics, doesn’t it?

  • Phyllis Powell

    This book was so inspiring I couldn’t stop reading until I’d read it completely through.  God truly does work in mysterious ways and he has said that a little child shall lead us.  In this book he surely does.  I have told everyone I talk to or e-mail to be sure to get a copy and I am passing mine to each one in our family.  Praise the Lord for Colton.  Our grandson, also named Colton, has just come back from a one year of duty in Afghanistan and I am anxious for him to read this.  I’m sure God will speak to every one who reads it with the message that only those accepting Jesus will see  the way –He says he is the way, the truth and the life!

  • Tiffanybuckley

    It was one of the best books.  And if you like this one as much as I think, you will also like  ‘Blessed Child’ …enjoy, I sure did.

  • guest

    I am 12 years old and I absaloutly loved this book. I am a christian my self and it really made me look at things a different way. I am stsarting to pray more my sisters will join hands when they are having a hard time. I am very happy for you guys that you have a living miracle. :-)

  • Connie Clark Benson

    There is nothing more profound than an eye witness account seen through the innocent eyes of a child…..I am giving the book to everyone I know!!

    Connie Clark Benson

    P.S.  Yay, now we know what heaven is like!!!!

  • Linda Miller

    I have read the book, in fact I have read the book twice now.  I think about heaven all the time. I believe that Colton sat on Jesus’ lap and that he saw everything that he states in the book.  I don’t believe that a 4yr old child could make up such specific stuff about heaven.  I will read the book again and again. It gives you hope, that there is a tomorrow in heaven if not hear on earth. 

  • b.davis21

    I am a new author,will you please read my new book,”MY LITTLE SECRETS” author Belinda Davis, My book is a love story that happen in the south and I know it will make a great movie ! Thank you for your time Belinda!

  • Janet

    I loved this book it is truly an inspiration. I appreciate the Burpo family sharing this story and giving us a remarkable look at heaven.

  • Nancy

    I read it, read it again, then reread it again. Just can’t get it out of my mind.Told several people about it.  Then gave it to a friend.

  • Trisha

    I read this book and felt like I was once again challenged to believe in Heaven again….many times the reality of life itself wears down ones theology and it took the recount of a determined little boy to ignite hope again.  I enjoyed reading it.

  • Busbygirl

    Hello – I have read your book, and am amazed at how it made me feel. Although I have always been a non wavering believer, reading these words only served to affirm by beliefs. I am Portuguese, and would love to share this book with my Portuguese speaking mother, who lost my father 5 years ago, always wants to know that he is OK. I think this book would answer her questions and erase any doubts. Any chance it has been or will be published in any other languages?

  • Kathy Roberts

    After reading this book I have felt such comfort, peace and mercy.  Colton expressed so well what he saw and how he felt so matter of factly that unbelievers can believe.  God is a big God is what we are taught and how we express God’s abilities to help us.  Colton KNOWS God is a big God and totally accepts Him.  His descriptions of heaven are so in line with scripture that it gives us a warm feeling of security and love.  And God LOVES children……..

  • Cathierw

    I loved the book.  Our church has a small inventory of books to buy and that is one of them.  I love reading books where people go to heaven.  I find many things, while reading heaven experience books, to confirm each other and the Bible. There is often some new things about heaven I discover, also.  I have been disapointed in the past of books written of children’s experience.  Because the mom or dad takes over and uses it as a platform for their own ministry.  I was pleased that that did not happen in this book.  Little Colton was able to tell it the way he remembered heaven, and praise God, he remembered an amazing amount for such a little feller.

  • Cliffordkampton

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  • Bevthelucky

    Isn’t it just a little weird that their last name is malarkey?

  • Elizabeth

    I am so excited about reading this book! Several girls, including myself, are starting a book discussion on this book!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Elizabeth,

      Glad you enjoyed the book. I read the book also and it really made me think.

      In fact, I was so impressed with the book that I took time to write out some questions you could use in your group. I also wrote several other posts addressing some Bible issues. You can find the questions at…

      At the bottom of that post is a list of links to several other articles related to the book. Hope your group has a great time with the book.

  • Emily

    This book has deeply touched my life. I have a son named Colton, he is now four months. I had a miscarriage 7 months prior to finding out I was pregnant with him and it tore me up in the worst way possible. Reading this book made me feel automatic comfort in knowing my son/daughter is in Heaven with our father, being taken care of by no one better. This has helped me also discuss these truths with people in my life who have a hard time believing Heaven is real and God is waiting to greet us with his arms open and love strong. God is so good and I believe he used Colton as a witnessing tool. Who better than an innocent child who would have no way of comprehending these things in his young unstained mind. I feel a closeness to God more than ever. This book is awesome, and I’ve been passing it around to my colleagues in my office for them to experience the true wonder and awesome power of our Lord. Thank you so much for sharing this blessed experience with the world!

  • Wanda Whitney

    I read the book and found it impossible to put down.  The freshness of a small boy’s account after visiting Heaven, and the way the father, Todd, presents the information make it a powerful instrument.  I believe it could definitely be effective to help anyone contemplating one of life’s biggest, if not the biggest, decision.  It helped me renew and expand my faith.

  • Fanprinter

    Hi no disrespect or any offence to any one but people who eat animals and support this extremely brutal industry when they have choice to live on vegetarian food, some people would argue that that vegetation also have life  but our five senses can not detect it but with animals we can see very clearly that its a very brutal act so folks i think if God do exist certainly he won’t give us permission to get inside the heaven, I think we have to earn Heaven not just desire for it is good enough!!! Please educate me if I am wrong . I truly believe that kindness is more important rather than asking for the forgiveness on the judgement day .Do good ,have good!!!! But I really want to read this book and become even more positive in life.

  • Barb

    I really liked the book. It was a little slow in the beginning, but once he started sharing his experience with Jesus, it was amazing. How innocent and sweet. He spoke as if it happens to everyone. Like it was no big deal. Very real and truthful. Reading it made me realize how lucky I am to know when I leave this earth that my Lord and Savior will be there to greet me with open arms. I almost can’t wait!! I too have been through some pretty tough storms… However, with our eyes on God he will indeed carry you through… We just need to let go of the “control” and give our worries to Him.

  • Wwiizz

    I, too read it in one go, just could not put it down. I have brought friends and relatives attention to some of the details in the book. I have now purchased another two copies to give as presents. It is so good to hear some finer details about Heaven.
    Best wishes

  • Sylvia

    I have read Heaven is for Real two times and purchased 33 copies & already have given out 23 of those – with 8 of the rest spoken for.  I must admit that the most startling thing I read was the fact that Colton had wings (little ones) because I didn’t recall ever reading that in the Bible.  I did love the fact that “no one in Heaven is old or wears glasses”.  I always wondered what age we would be…since I am already 80!  Glasses I understood! :)   I really thought we would be the same age Jesus was when he was crucified, died & then Resurrected (Praise God).  Thank you Todd & all of your family for sharing this story.  It Blessed me and appears to be Blessing others!  I am sure that was your Hope in writing it.
    Sylvia in Oregon

  • mother

    Yes, I have a very important question for Colton. I read the book. I believe he saw what he saw, heard what he heard and that Heaven is for real.  There are 6 visionaries, world reknown, of Medjugorje (Croatia)  who saw and heard the Mother of God in 1981 and to this day. It is all documented. Two were visited by their mothers who were in Heaven. I believed them and I believe Colton . Colton’s grandfather was bi-polar. He meets his great grandfather…and learns that he has watched over him. What about his grandfather. Did he meet him, talk to him, talk of him?  BiPolar is a sickness…and Heaven is for all.  This answer is so important to me…you have no idea. And I trust the innocence of this boy.  I will always remember his words, “Did he have Jesus in his heart….” And know that I will repeat this for years to come. Please do not let my question go by the wayside.  Those who suffer with, and who have loved ones with any form of mental illness need to know.                           concerned

  • Lampjy

    could not put it down it was a blessing sent to me on christmas day

  • Beckicox

    I just read “Heaven is for Real” and it has completely renewed my faith and all the teachings I received as a child.  I am going to pass this book onto others and pray they will receive inspiration as I have.  
    Becki Cox
    Houston, tX

  • Jacinthe_bourdeau

    What a delight reading this book. I can’t wait to get to heaven!  It was a very affirming book. Thank you for sharing your story. I PASSED IT ON …because  everyone should read this amazing witness ….now my sister has passed it on to someone else…I’m hoping to get more copies ….to read it again and to give encouragement and hope to family and friends. God bless you!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Thanks for sharing your story Jacinthe. Many people have been touched by the Burpos story.

  • Carol_moncier

    My name is Carol  at 58 years old i found out that i had lung cancer. They did surgerg and took out half of my lung and 7 ribs and was told they got it all. My last DRS appointment which was oct 29th 2011, the dr told me that she believes the cancer was back, and I only had about 18 months to live. I was so scare and upset i didnt waInt to die, but after i read heaven is for real it give me such a peace of mind now im not afraid anymore. God will be with me through this and I will be in a better place. 

    • Barry Hill

      Thanks you for sharing your story. You are a very brave person and I will say a prayer for you today.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Carol, a cancer diagnosis is terrifying. I understand this only too well. I’m heartbroken with you to hear the most recent from the doctor. But, like you, I found great comfort in Heaven Is For Real. Our God IS real! And what He’s planned for us is beyond our wildest dreams! I’m praying for you today, for His peace to drown out all the fear and for the reality of His presence to take your breath away. I’m with you!

  • Hhudson106

    I read the book twice, and parts of it several times.  I have talked to several friends about it. I also share it with my Hospice patients.  I am a volunteer. 
    What a wonderful journey!

  • Val Lee

    I will address a few of the lies. Colton Burpo stated that the picture Akiane Kramarik painted of Jesus is the same Jesus he saw in heaven. Akiane stated that she used a model for this painting, a man who is a family friend and a carpenter. This was stated in a video interview: Bible states we are to make no likeness of God, and we no longer know Christ after the flesh. Christ does appear in heaven as a slain Lamb. He is the slain Lamb of God who died for everyone’s sins, so anyone can be saved by asking God to be their Savior.Christ also appears as Glorified God in heaven, no longer as a fleshly man. His holy, righteous and omnipotent appearance would cause any person to fall as a dead man before him, as we note from Revelation 1:13-18. We observe from these verses that Christ in heaven, has a double-edged sword extending from His mouth. (also revealed in Revelation 19:15) His countenance is as the sun shinning in its strength. His hair is as white as wool, like snow, and eyes like a flame of fire.You should consider the fact this painting does not depict Christ with many crowns, as Revelation 19:12 reports.Colton stated Christ had one crown; and yet, Christ is not crowned even with one in this painting. Of course, the fact remains, Christ displays many diadems.Akiane’s artwork exposes a man, just a man, who has extending brown hair. Her depiction does not resemble in any form the heavenly Christ of the inerrant Bible.Akeiane once claimed to be a Christian; though now she vividly displays her New Age colors in more ways than one.She stated in a 2010 interview her family has traveled the Christian, Catholic and Buddhist routes in religion. She believes people can pursue their own spiritual roads whatever they may be.Many of her artworks are New Age and she stated that she listens to soft voices, and they have always inspired her painting. She is a mystic and this is very demonic. The words she used to describe her spiritual beliefs are: spiritual connection, higher power and spiritual enlightenment. She explains, her relationship with God, at age 15, is the same as when she was 4. True Christians will acknowledge they are growing in their faith and in the knowledge of the Bible. The walk of the Christian should always be uphill.New agers always state they are simply “spiritual” and that is what she is currently stating.In this interview, Akeiane never acknowledges Christ Jesus as her personal LORD and Savior. She never states, it is through Christ’s shed blood that man is saved. Even if she did, she would be a Christian heretic. True Christians would never listen to invisible voices, knowing they would be the voices of demons.I do not believe she ever was saved; she simply used Christianity as an inroad to fame at a young age. She has painted in a New Age fashion since age 9.There is a a false New Age Jesus and this is the Jesus she has acknowledged. There are many false Christ’s, as the Bible states, but only the true Christ of the entire Bible (no additions or deletions) will allow a person into heaven.What is also quite distressing, is Colton’s family advertises her artwork at their family website.Colton’s family has certainly encountered great wealth through this book.Colton (now 12 years old) and his family have sold the movie rights to join with vile Hollywood, that dwells with satan, to produce a film of these concocted experiences. This is another blasphemous thing involved in this scheme of heavenly themes.No son or father who is truly of the LORD would consent to such wickedness. God Almighty commands that Christians come out from amongst them and be separated.True believers have to ask, Why would they want to collaborate with the enemies of God, including receiving immorally earned money, to make a Hollywood movie? Of course, this family will stoop to many questionable things, since they are forthright liars. The Scripture states liars are kept out of heaven; Revelation 22:15 and 21:8.To increase the level of their pot of gold, they sell T-shirts and wristbands bearing the name of their book, Heaven is for Real.(I must add that I am simply made of dust and I must cling to Christ continually, or I too will fall. Each believer must be kept on guard while treading on this earth that takes its toll.)
    ______Zechariah 10:12 and other Scriptures disclose that wicked people see lying visions and tell false dreams. This verse points right to Colton and this artist.2 Timothy 4:3-4 commands that we do not follow fables. It also declares, that in the last days, people will not want to hear sound doctrine.Philippians 4:8 commands that we dwell on that which is true. The only theological truth we have in this world, is the inerrant Word of God.
    ______The official hospital records from Great Plains Regional Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska, never confirmed any type of loss of life in this child.
    ______Colton claims he saw halos in heaven, including one over Mary. This is projected from the imagination of Catholics.Readers are told in this book to believe Colton over Scripture, in light of the fact, the Bible addresses the brilliance of angels; however, this Biblical brilliance is not Catholic invented halos.Catholicism is an idolatrous, false religion of satan. To uplift its man-made creeds is wicked.Matthew 13:42-43 addresses the last days and states, “The righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” No halos are mentioned in this passage nor in any Scripture. The entire being of every true Christian will shine forth in heaven.Never are we to believe men’s words that contradict Scripture!Another item I feel must be addressed is the idolatry of Colton’s experiences. Idolatry (praying before statues and to anyone or anything outside of Almighty God) is one of the main sins exposed and condemned throughout the Bible; so why would Colton present a different gospel, an accepting gospel of idolatry?We see this lived out in his lying imagination, through his account of Mary, and her maintaining a special place in heaven beside Christ, which is totally contrary to how the Bible describes heaven.Colton tells readers that Mary appears like any typical woman of the earth who has brown hair and dark eyes, who is in her twenties or thirties. She is presented as a mother who still cares for her son, as if Jesus is still an earthly man.Colton states all adults appear to be in their twenties or thirties in heaven.The Bible verifies Mary is not different from any other believer who has lived, in the eyes of God. We know Mary came to trust in Christ, as her God and Savior and her soul is present in heaven. However, Christ made it abundantly clear that she was not to be uplifted above those who did His will on the earth. So why would this change in heaven? (Please read Matthew 12:46-49 and Luke 11:27-28)When true Christians die, their souls go immediately to heaven, Mary’s soul is in heaven, not her body. The Resurrection of the body takes place after the tribulation. This is disclosed in Revelation and 1 Corinthians chapter 15, which also explains our bodies will not bear an earthly appearance. Christians will be created new, with nothing earthly to resemble us. Nothing corruptible of this earth will follow Christians to heaven. We will set aside the image of corruptible men.We will be dressed with a new, incorruptible, holy, and immortal appearance.Colton stated there are many children in heaven. The Bible does not say children who go to heaven and maintain children’s bodies. Why would they? Their souls reach heaven not their bodies when they die. When they receive their new bodies, in a future to come, they will be everlasting, non-aging and brilliant like the sun.
    ______Another obvious heresy of this book is that fact Colton asked the angels to sing “We Will, We will Rock You.” He stated, the Angels did not, however. Obviously, this is a ridiculous statement.Any mature Christian of the Word, knows believers are transformed when they reach heaven; they are not earthly minded in paradise. Their spirit is of God and only of God!It is wrong for the readers of Heaven is for Real to believe someone would act earthly, who has arrived in heaven! No person, present in heaven, would ask angels to sing, “We Will, We Will Rock You.”Where is this type of mental desire exampled by John, regarding his heavenly experience? It certainly was not exampled by Isaiah, in Isaiah chapter 6, when he came face to face with the heavenly realities of God in the Jerusalem temple. Isaiah was completely humbled by his sinful self, and recognized how mankind appears completely sinful before holy God. It made him confess his unclean mouth, and the impure mouths of the Jews in Israel.Someday we will all give an account of every worthless word we have ever uttered; Matthew 12:36. This should cause us to safeguard our speech.True, obedient Christians who live on this earth, do not desire the sensual earthly. They desire what is holy, innocent, separated, pure, undefiled, etc. Christians who claim maturity and Biblical discernment, would never accept this book as true. They would find one error after another.Concerning heaven’s melody, those who know of heaven through Scripture, recognize harps are the only instrument played for worship song; and they are played to pure, innocent, lovely, undefiled and separated lyrics, sung to God alone.The souls of Christians who die and go to heaven have new minds, new desires, and this all spells holy chastity, innocence, modesty, decency, etc. Christians who are in heaven will not desire the beat of this lustful world nor anything else of this sinful world. They will be changed in holy perfection.Christ also made it clear there is no marriage in heaven. Christians will be like the chaste angels, undefiled and pure in every way; Luke 24:34. However, we will not be angels. The Bible differentiates angels from believers in heaven.There is no indication of male and female in paradise, just the opposite; Matt 22:30. No marriage, no need for earthly bodies of the male and female. Angels were created countless ages before Eve ever stepped on the earth. It only makes sense that Scripture only addresses male angels.God hates all the world’s sinful entertaining ways that are orchestrated by satan! This is why Christians are told to hate their life on this earth.To be kept from deception in this day and age of evil doctrines, we must be spiritually dressed in heavenly armor; right and ready, at all times, for battle. (Ephesians chapter 6) We must be in the Word of God (our sword of the Spirit) to maintain our close walk with Christ so we withdraw ourselves from all teachings that tickle the flesh.We are simply made of dust, and weak in our earthly being. We must faithfully work to learn our Bibles. (2 Timothy 2:14-16)If we do not remain steadfast in the Word of God, we fall in the battle and most Christians have already fallen on the battlefield!! They are worldly and earthy, loving tales that entice their sensual ears.We must don eyes of discernment when we read books, knowing false teachers will deceive by placing verses here and there throughout publications, to make them appear as if God has set his approval on these books.Readers must take the time to thoroughly read the verses before and following the stated verse and verses, and cross reference for verification. Having proper study tools is essential. Praying for discernment is essential.
    ______Regarding Colton’s revelations that he feels he must pass on to us, we need to take note of the fact that Paul the apostle was summoned to heaven; yet, he was not allowed to disclose what he witnessed. (2 Corinthians 12:1-4) He was not earthly minded like this deceptive child; yet, he was not allowed to speak of heaven’s glories.John was permitted to disclose heaven, being he was commanded to address seven churches, through his recorded letters. He was to warn the disobedient five churches of their wickedness that they might repent. His letters were to warn all seven churches of the fact God was bringing judgment on the earth and they needed to take heed. Two churches did walk righteously, and their godliness was exalted by the LORD.Every church held positive attributes; however, the disobedience of the five churches in certain areas (the things God had against them) was going to produce judgment if they did not repent of every wrong way.Exposing heaven through Revelation purposed to produce greater holiness in the church, definitely not greater, cultural imitation.Every church today needs to be aware of these warnings, knowing God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever; Hebrews 13:8.______It is a blundering error to believe a three-year-old’s experience should be the basis on which earth’s inhabitants view heaven.No one is allowed to add new revelation to the Bible. There are strict warnings in Scripture regarding this. Please see Revelation 22:18-19, Matthew 5:18-19 and Deuteronomy 4:2.Galatians chapter 1 declares:I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ to another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel to you than that you have received, let him be accursed.______According to the Bible, Colton, his father, Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter and everyone else who partook in the publication of this book is to be accursed of God for presenting a different Gospel.They need to be warned that they might repent, as God warned the churches in Revelation.
    _____Another distressing conveyance, is the depiction of this boy flying overhead, viewing his doctor and his parents. You find these types of incidents within demonic séance accounts. This type of downward, out of the body, surveillance is only related to the demonic realm. Nothing of this type of viewing is found in Scripture. This type of body and soul separation, to spy others, is totally satanic. When a Christian dies their soul immediately goes to heaven. To be absent from the body, is to be present with the LORD; 2 Corinthians 5:8.Colton explains, “I went up out of my body and I was looking down and I could see the doctor working on my body. And I saw you and Mommy. You were in a little room praying; and Mommy was in a different room, and she was praying and talking on the phone.”Though, of course, Colton did not die.
    ______Colton also lied about the gates of pearl and the fact he viewed them. He stated they were “made of gold and there were pearls on them.”Revelation chapter 21 makes it clear the New Jerusalem will have 12 gates, with each gate being one pearl (not as Colton described with many pearls inlaid with gold). The New Jerusalem does not appear until after the millennial rule of Christ.  This holy city appears after the new heaven and new earth is created.______Colton also relayed, animals that appear on the earth are in heaven.Animals have no eternal soul and that is why we eat them. Earthly animals do not go to heaven. Christ did not die for these cursed creatures who have not been provided an eternal soul that can cry out to God to receive salvation from the curse.Flying horses are in heaven, but they are not of this sinful graveyard, the earth. They are heavenly creatures, not of the earth.We must also note that Christ is seen on a white horse on which He flies to conquer His enemies before His millennial rule in Jerusalem. Colton stated that he saw Christ on a rainbow-hued horse. (Revelation chapter 19)I find it quite hero-ish that Colton sees his dad, Todd, fighting in the final battle of heaven, in a grandiose, Hollywood type scene. Colton certainly wants to make his dad a brave hero, and his dad does not object.This epic tale of Colton‘s father is impossible. In Revelation 12:9f, we read that satan and his angels will be permanently cast down from heaven to the earth during the tribulation. Due to this fact, satan will never again be able to accuse believers before God in heaven. Remember, the last battle before the millennial rule of Christ, does not occur until the end of the tribulation. We are still in the tribulation in chapter 12 and this battle does not occur until we reach chapter 19 in Revelation.Now let the Word of God set the record straight concerning the battle, that is disclosed in Revelation chapter 19. Christ comes to earth to destroy all His enemies. He will fight men with their armies, and satan and his demons who are earthbound. The nation of Israel will be involved in the battle as well, and they will arise victorious, as we read in Zechariah chapters 12 and 14. Christ will ensure that He, His angels and His chosen people of Israel are victorious. He is God the Son.2 Thessalonians chapter 1, teaches us, Christ is coming with his mighty angels in flaming fire to bring judgment on the earth. It states, He comes to be glorified in His saints. It does not state, Christians will engage in this earthly battle. The book of Jude also testifies of Christ coming with His thousands of angels to bring judgment on the earth.Colton’s deceptive book allows him to take on the unbelievable role of a modern-day John the Apostle. Colton wants us know how that he was the one God chose to observe heaven and last day happenings, though presented falsely.What makes this little boy deserving? He never suffered as John the Apostle. John never compromised with the world in any way. He suffered imprisonment and continual persecution, sacrificing everything for Jesus Christ. He never desired to make mega bucks off Christians and the unsaved deceived.John traveled extensively, with no modern conveniences, with the untainted Gospel of God. He brought many souls onto the Savior through his preaching; whereby, he never tickled the ears of his listeners.Colton never suffered for the Gospel sake at age 3, sacrificing everything for Jesus Christ.If you view footage of this boy at this age, as I did on the web, you will perceive, he was a very silly, typical three-year-old.This book is simply a foolhardy tale. Do not allow your faith in heaven to be affirmed through any means, except the Biblical accounts of heaven, penned in Scripture, by the work of the Holy Spirit. No Bible scriber wrote their own words, they wrote the prescribed words of God. All Scripture is an inspired work from above, simply implementing the personalities of its scribes. These personalities God formed in the womb, and He created every womb.”Val Lee’s Weblog”

  • Kathy and Tim VanRaalte

    I read the book two times in two days. We lost our 16 year old son October 2 2009.
    My Wife also read the book and we both liked it very much and increased or faith
    very much. It real help us very much.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Kathy & Tim, I am so sorry for your loss. I have three teenage sons myself, and can’t even imagine your depth of grief. I’m so glad this book gave you hope and encouragement. It gave me such hope and renewed enthusiasm for our eternity. Thank you for sharing a piece of your journey with us!

  • Joe O’Laughlin

    I just read the book and I am so thankful to the Burpo family for sharing this experience.  It reminds of our own son’s journey from near death as an infant and sevaral times throughout his 27 years to now being a faithful servant of God. We were told several times at Children’s Hospital that “if he lives past 6 months, and proboably won’t, he will exist without the ability to eat, walk and talk”. Through the power of prayer, the experts were all proved wrong. Although Chris never has recanted any trips to heaven, he is a living miracle and testament of God’s intended purpose in one person’s life.
    I am am 63 andI learn from my son every day because he is so close to God and lives his life through Jesus. Thanks again to everyone that made  this book possible…it is refreshing and uplifting to any Christian who may have a doubt, especially about what comes after death.

  • Amanda

    i love this book and it has changed my life

  • Cjmason

    Being a 69 year old lady with my share of the hospitals and facing death threatening conditions, I finally have a peace within that is beyond describing and it is all “thanks” to a little boy called Colton.

    I am a Christian but have always feared dying and leaving those I love; but, now I don’t feel that unrest and fear anymore.  I am looking forward to going to Heaven and  I believe Colton for every single word he has said in this book.  

    Colton, you have changed my life and have gifted me with a peace that I have never known before.  Thank you and I believe Jesus has his loving arms around you.  Keep shining for Him and I will too.

    Christine Mason

    • TNeal

      Christine, as a believer in Jesus Christ and an author, I’m grateful to hear testimonies like yours–how a book can offer you strength and encouragement in the issues you face in life. In reading your words, I want to recommend two other books you might find helpful–Billy Graham’s “Nearing Home” and Capt. Dale Black’s “Flight to Heaven.” God bless and good reading, Tom

  • Wildpenny

    Thank You for sharing your amazing story.  

  • Fdirn

    Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the
    kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:14.   When Jesus was on earth he healed and performed miracles including raising Lazarus from the dead.  Many of these amazing moments are also glimpses into what Heaven is like…especially His healings.  Whether we’re  healed here on earth or not Jesus promised that the moment we enter heaven we will be healed of every ailment and distress. God has never broken a promise! So focus on getting to heaven.  Everything else (know and unknown to us) will fall into place.

    Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”
    And because of God’s love for everyone, the veil covering heaven has been opened wider.  And who does God use to give new hope for everyone?  A child.  One of the many things that pleases me so much about our God is that He will use anyone to further His kingdom for our good and eternal life. 

  • Mara Lee Ebert, McCook, NE

    I would like to email you a special photo.  What is your email address?

  • LarryMCollyer

    I read it an believe it is true.  I have read the prologue for a required Toastmasters speech.  I have read the prologue in a church meeting and Knights of Columbus meeting and got very good comments and learned later people really liked the book.
    It is a confort to know God is willing to let us have a peek of what is in store for those who believe in his Divine Mercy…

  • Cmance

    I have read this chock full of hope little yellow book and I heard a similar testimony about four years ago.  A Chritian mother brought her son, Kyle to our small group in Charlotte, NC.  The entire family was in a car accident on a way to his baseball game that killed the father.  The boy had to be removed by the jaws of life and the doctors had to put him in an induced coma.  They said he had little chance of survival and his brain would be severely damaged.

    Well, he woke up one day and was perfectly fine mentally. A miracle.  He then began talking about his trip to heaven.  Same experience.  Jesus met him, he saw his Dad and two children.  His mother hadn’t even told him yet that his father had died…he told her.  She never told him about the two miscarriages she had had…he told her. He was 8 when it happened and now he is 12 and on a baseball team.  He invited us to his game!  Btw, you could see his scars so you knew it really happened. They had nothing to gain and no books to sell, just a message of hope.

    It was incredibly uplifting and we left that night, knowing heaven was real. 

  • Katie McAleece

    This book has not only been significant in my life, but in several of my family member’s lives since we recently lost my Dad to a heart attack. I think it’s beautifully written. And I appreciate this interview, always fun to see videos to mix it up a little bit! (:

    • Michele Cushatt

      I’m sorry to hear about your dad, Katie. Love to hear how this book gave your family an added boost of hope.

  • sue_k

    I loved the portrayal of Jesus in the book! Glorious, beautiful, and a friend to little Colton. So close and so good!

    • Michele Cushatt

      I thought it was beautiful as well, Sue. “Close” seems the perfect word to describe it.

  • Ing Siew SIE

    Read the book, from cover to cover. This book is just testimonies after testimonies from page 1. I go to a Pentecostal church, and have heard how God can speak to people through visions, and how some people can see things of the heavenly (e.g. angels, or even an encounter with Jesus, Holy Spirit and God the Father Himself). Since then, I’ve always carried that hope and desire in my heart to encounter God in this way. Throughout my Christian walk thus far, since salvation 2 years ago, I’ve been asking God if I can visit heaven or even see angels in the physical world. So far, I’ve only had 1 encounter with God the Father in my dream (though I’ve only managed to see His big hand patting on my head, trying to calm me down and ensuring me that everything is ok, while there was an earthquake, with the song “Dance With Me, sung by Jesus Culture playing in the background, which happened to be the song I played on my PC repetitively the night before I went to bed). It’s been an awesome encounter and have been wanting to have more of these encounters with Him, but haven’t had it since that first encounter. After reading this book, the testimony really stirred up my heart and my faith to keep on believing that at the proper time, I will be able to see things in the spirit. 

  • Frank Bennett

    I think sometimes we can’t “see” heaven for all
    the religion.” I was skeptical as well as I approached this book. But after
    you end the book you can’t help but look at heaven, and God’s personal love in so
    much more clarity.

    • Michele Cushatt

      I, too, wonder how much we miss because of our preoccupation with other, lesser things.

      • Barry Hill

        Yeah, I don’t want to the end of my life and find out that I was occupied with a bunch of things that meant very little.

  • Lorna Faith

    Love, love, love this story!  Amazing what God showed a little 4 year old boy :-)  Heaven is sooo real!

  • SandyBeaches715

    I loved the book. I have a friend dying of cancer, she’s 42, and she doesn’t have much time left. The cancer is rapidly spreading. I gave her the book to read and she loved it. I pray it helps her and the struggle she’s going through. What an awesome insight this child has. I pray the book helps people and brings them to a place of peace. What an inspirational book!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Sandy, I’m heartbroken to hear about your friend, but so grateful that you’re willing to be with her in this. What a beautiful gift you’re giving her!

  • nate schubick

    Great interview and God has definitely allowed lots of unique stories similar to come forth. “Out of the mouths of babes.” Thank you for finding the time to shine some light on this family’s heartwarming story. I see God answering prayrs all over the place and such wonderful times to be alive. I continue to appreciate the work that you and those of your closest friends are doing. You all are inspiring to this great nation. Keep it up and thanks!

  • Barry Hill

    Michael brings up a great point, that I can relate to, about initial skepticism. Why do you think we are so initially skeptical of stories like this? What about this story gives it eventual credibility?  Do you think we miss things like this all the time because we in the west are so closed to the idea of “the miraculous?” Great interview.

    • Michele Cushatt

      I was skeptical as well, Barry. And your question is a good one. In fact, we just had a conversation about this last night with some friends. I think American busyness and materialism often numb us to seeing the activity of a very real and present God. When we’ve traveled to places like Africa and Haiti, particularly places of extreme poverty, we don’t encounter the same skepticism at all.

      • John Tiller

        Barry and Michele, I think you are spot-on!  It’s a lot easier to believe in miracles when you are at the “bottom of the barrel” and the only way to look is “up”.  We most often see AFTER we believe.

  • Bert Savarese

    Mike:  I read this book when it had been out only a month or so ago – sent it to my cousin and his wife for Christmas – they have passed it among their family members.  I want to say that God is a God of relationships – He longs to be in dialogue (by his Word, the Holy Spirit speaking to us – that still quiet voice, sometimes (but rarely) that audible voice) with us. He is NOT a far away God but one who has sent his Holy Spirit to be with us (Jesus specifically told his disciples that he would be leaving them but a Counselor would be left in his place to guide, direct, rebuke, and be with us).  This Counselor has spoken to me through his Word, his Voice, and once an audible voice. (on a business trip to OR, the Voice sent me to a pool area to  pull a little girl out of a juzuzzi – I never heard her go in – no noise at all. The father and another man was talking to a woman on a balconey of the motel I was staying in – they never turned around to check up on the child while they visited– and I went to the pool because a Voice over and over kept insisting that I go – subconsciously I knew this was the Holy Spirit directing me – and this was before I knew anyting about the Holy Spirit! – but I did what He told me to do).  Though no one was there but these two men and this child (about 7 or 8 yrs old, I think)… and as I put my legs into the jacui, the little girl came over to chat with me..  She would crawl in the jacuzzi, standing on the inner sitting ledge, walk around it, then crawl out and run around the whole pool area again.  Then she would come back, speak to me, and  get on the jacuzzi again. By the 3rd time, I was paying no attention to her.   Then, as I was just sitting there enjoying the water, with no thoughts in my mind (it was over 90 degrees outside  — I had been very reluctant to go out into the heat and the Voice in my motel room had many times shouted “Go to the pool!”  – I put the book on my bed and grumbled to God, “okay, I’ll go to the pool!” – in my head, the rest of the thought was ‘but I don;’t want to!’) …. as I was sitting there enjoying the water on my legs (I had a sundress on) I suddenly heard an audible voice say, “This is how children drown silently.” – and when I looked down, the little girl was standing as if she was a stature  – no movement, nothing. I clearly remember thinking, “Why isn’t she coming out of the water? – the height of the water was 3 ft – and she was standing up right & it was over her head. She was NOT thrashing about at all.  As soon as I wondered about why she wasn’t coming out of the water, I jumped in and lifted her up. After a moment she started spitting water out, and then started crying.  Her father – who had not once turned around since I walked in – came over and I lifted her up to him (I was still in the water holding her) – he said “thank you” to me .  I never told him that he nearly lost his child but God was watching over her. 

    For years I have wanted to find her but I don’t recall her name.  I only know it was either 1984 or 1985.  I don’t know if the father and his child were traveling through Portland, OR or just moving there.  I wish I could find her – but the chances are so slim…..

    I just want all of you who have (or will) read Todd’s book to know that  our God, Father, Counselor is not a distant God, but a caring one who wants us to reach out to Him with ALL our hearts and confess our sins – when we do, we become a new man/womn IN God – and he sends the Holy Spirit to live in us.  I have met many people who tell me they have never heard God speak to them — but he does in so many ways.  Read his book bevause it is a teaching manual, not a dusty old book that makes no sense.  Buy a New International version – or look at the various bibles and find one that is easy for you to understand in today’s language.   We are not alone and we don’t know how he will use even the least of us.
    Never give up.  This world we live in is an opportunity to love others just as Jesus loves us. Read the 10 commandments. Pray. Pray,. Pray. Give your life to Him because he sure has a better day to day plan for you… than YOU do!  I had only managed to screw up my life — don’t waste your life like I have — get on your knees and let the Maker of this world change you.. and then know that you will have a wonderful REAL home with joy, peace, our loved ons waiting for us…. all of this He made for us.  Trust Him.  Trust Him.

  • Lori Tracy Boruff

    There is so much pain in the world–we can’t stop that. It’s what we do with the pain that matters.
    I found myself reading many comments. It reminds me of why I started my radio show,, to help people process their emotional pain.

    Todd would be a great person to interview on Praying God will make a way for that to happen.

  • Ttraudt

    Great interview.  I’m from Nebraska, and ive heard and seen this story many times.

  • Larry Galley

    I love Todd’s take away from this experience.  To paraphrase what he said in your interview with him, “…in counseling we are often counseled that we need closure.  Well God’s got a better word…REUNION.”

    That comment goes in my “Treasure Chest.”

    God bless,

    Larry Galley

    • Michele Cushatt

      A GREAT quote.

  • Sonya Lee Thompson

    I am reading the book now with my family. We are two chapters from the end. It is a fabulous book! We are all challenged, yet encouraged as we get a glimpse into what heaven might be like. I particularly like how the author backs everything up with actual scripture. Having lost several people who were close to me, it also adds a glimmer of peace to my thoughts of them. In my opinion, it is a MUST read!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Reading it with the family is a great idea, Sonya.

  • Matt

    This is a phenomenal book! I highly recommend it to anyone! I didn’t have time to read it in one sitting but read it in less than a week with just 5-10 minutes here and there. It’s a very moving and touching story that I’m glad Colton and Todd were able to share with the rest of us!

  • JordanBaker

    This is very interesting. I’m surprised by you posting it in fact. I don’t mean to come off as argumentative or quarrelsome, though I may be misconstrued that way. I’m really just seeking to understand. And I will preface my question by saying that I watched the interview, but have not read the book, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I believe that our theology should be shaped by scripture and then our experiences, no matter how spiritual or not, should be viewed through the lenses of scripture and interpreted by it. So what do you do with a verse like John 3:13 that says “No one has ascended into heaven, but He who descended from heaven: the Son of Man.”(NASB)? I have no problem with divine revelation, but I struggle with the wording that Colton “went to heaven.” Please be gracious in your responses as I am not trying to pick a fight. I promise.

  • Cheryl Ricker

    Great interview, Michael.  I loved the book.  We read it as a family, and my kids still talk about it.  I think it helped put a face on heaven.  

  • Chris Candide


    I am thankful to Tim Challies for being one of the few serious thinkers to take a critical look at this book. I suspect the reason not many others did (as was the case with another awful little book, “The Shack) was that it is not serious enough to warrant the time investment.

  • Grandmavp

    I was skeptical, before I read this book a year ago. But I couldn’t put it down, either, and at least from the way it was presented–from the small child’s perspective–it’s very hard not to believe after reading the whole account. There were too many inexplicable circumstances. My absolute favorite is Colton’s recognition of the painting of Jesus by another child. Absolutely amazing.
    My husband has been with Jesus in heaven for almost four years now, and this book greatly encouraged me, as it has several other family members. We have SO much to look forward to!

  • DS

    The book was easy to read, and didn’t exactly fit my early expectations for it.  I enjoyed the read, it was one that I didn’t want to put down.  As a person who has a 3yr old it has some things that are difficult for me to comprehend.  I am unwilling to believe the story is not possible.  I enjoyed the hope that filled this book, and am glad the family shared their dramatic experience.

  • Matt McWilliams

    Bought it for my wife recently. She is reading it and loving it.
    I keep looking over to see how far she is into it because I am dying to grab it after she is done!

  • Charles Clayton


    I knew 2.5 year old boy who said similar things after he nearly died. It utterly transformed my understanding and left me convinced that heaven is real. I can share it with if you privately if you wish.


  • Anita Van Hal

    I have to admit I was skeptical about this book…this story…there have been other books and other stories that are similar but considering the sources and what they claim happened and why…well…it brought out the skeptic in me…but now…I have a very dear friend who is LDS.  She had a painful childhood.  Her parents abused and abandoned her and her grandmother raised her.    She married and her first child was stillborn…she died during birth because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.  She had numerous complications and had miscarried a number of times, so this left her devastated.  She and her husband decided to adopt.  Then were blessed with a baby girl, and not long afterwards she found herself pregnant.  The baby was due around the time of her deceased daughter’s birth/death.  She prayed that he not be born on that date, but he was…at the age of three he was diagnosed with autism.  And I found out recently that she and her husband are having marital problems and divorce is looming.  It makes you wonder just how much a person can handle. BUT she isn’t a believer.  She believes in God, but not in Jesus Christ as her Savior…the thing that impacted me today was what Todd said about people hurting not needing closure but reunion, and THAT is how I can help, that is the point of contact…that she can have the hope of reuniting with the daughter that she lost (among other things)…I found this interview to be very encouraging…I feel her pain and aside from Christ, I don’t know how to help her.  Thank you, Todd, for persevering and making sure this story was told…I’m off to purchase it now…God bless…

    • John Tiller

      Thanks for sharing that, Anita!  The best thing you can do for your friend is to just be her friend.  Walk through her trials with her.  Many times there is nothing you can say or do, except just to BE there.  When you do, God will use YOU to reveal Himself to her.  

  • Tillie Butts

    My daughter and I recently finished our manuscript of her trip to Heaven at age 21/2, “Mommy, Mommy, I went to Heaven” and I did not read Heaven is for real until we were done and then to compare.  There is enough similarity to prove both stories.  I was really impressed to learn that Colton met his sister as that is the very thing that convinced us that Keyla’s story of Heaven was authentic.  I am still waiting to get it published but we were thrilled with Colton’s story and I’m sure the same readers will love Keyla’s story once it is available.   Tillie Butts

    • John Tiller

      Tillie, after reading the Colton’s story, I’m convinced that these experiences are a lot more common than we think simply because they are not written down … and many of those written are not published.  It’s really important to share your story!  I hope you’ll let us know once it’s published!!

  • Tillie Butts

    I just read some of the other comments and realized these comments are not all focused on the book, Heaven is for Real.  I thought it was due to the link I clicked on.  Thought I would clarify in case any one wondered why I didn’t start out with a clearer introduction.  Thanks, Tillie

  • Bryan Hackett

    I read this book a little over a year ago.  It was the first book I bought and read for my Kindle.  It was a difficult read for me because my son’s name is Colton and at the time, he was nearly 4 years old.  The story that Todd shares is incredible.  It absolutely affirms any hopes that Christians have for Heaven.  It also has a great potential to impact seekers to devote their lives fully to Christ, our Savior.  I, too, was skeptical when I began reading it, but the book is captivating and the stories that young Colton recalls are just impossible for a 4 year old to make up.  God has given anyone who reads this book a wonderful insight into His Promised Land!

  • Jack Hager

    Okay, I’ll just say it…In no way am I questioning integrity/honesty/character of any one involved…but Paul was lifted to the third heaven and was not allowed to describe it…it is appointed on to all men once to die…there may well be some significant spiritual insights, but I question anything extrabiblical just as much as I toss the book of Mormon etc…

  • Hannah

    I haven’t read the book, but what Todd shared is really encouraging!  I personally believe in Heaven and his testimony confirms what I believe is real!  It gives me more faith to share with others about Heaven!   I have been doing hospital ministry for many years and see many different sicknesses, even terminal!  This type of testimony is really a big help to those who are fighting terminal sickness and increase their faith & trust in God in what may come next in their life!  Thanks Todd for sharing that! 

  • Anon

    wouldni’t want to waste my time – don’t get me wrong – I believe that heaven is for REAL – but I highly doubt a 4 year would be able to give us any indication of it

  • Tarah

    My children and I have read the children’s version. We had very recently been through a tragic loss. My little girl’s four-year-old best friend was killed in a car accident. Reading this book together gave us all a sense of peace and hope. The beautiful illustrations helped us “see” where our dear friend was even though we knew it in our hearts. We gifted the book to the little girl’s newborn brother so as he grows he, too, can “see” where his sister is and live a life for Jesus so one day he can join her! Awesome book… Can wait to read the “grown up” version!

  • Jared Latigo

    What an awesome story! I have to admit that part of me wants to be skeptical of it, but I trust Michael and clearly this author is pretty shocked at what his son knew about. Adding this to the list to read for sure! Thanks for the interview!

  • Oresleic

    this is a compelling story’ I gave copy to a friend who does not attend church and says there a lot of gods . I’m praying that through reading this story he would come to Jesus as his

  • lyle

    Read the book … especially liked the pic in the back that Colton identified as Jesus … by the girl that paints heaven … I’m in “full time” ministry  … and agree we OFTEN complicate God and His simple love for His creation … OH for the faith of a child …

  • Emily Davies

    I read this book recently and also couldn’t put it down. i read it cover to cover in two hours. For me it was a book which bought a lot of healing. Last year I suffered a second miscarriage at 12 weeks, I was angry at God and had many questions – were my babies in heaven? Would I meet them? Did they even matter to God?

    Colton’s very real and powerful account of meeting his sister in heaven – a baby who his mother had miscarried before Colton was even born – answered many of my questions. I now have hope that my children are not only in heaven, but they do matter to god, I will meet them and they will know who I am when I get there. Through this I have been able to move forward in our journey and have hope for our own family on earth one day. :)

  • Kevin Halloran

    I look forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing Michael!

    Often times the books that touch the heart the most are people’s stories.  I think that is why storytelling is such a powerful teaching and sales tool.

  • Evelyn Cantwell

    Yes, I read the book and have no doubt in what the child said it truth.  How else would a four year old know about the people he had visited with and a four year old is so innocent, they only repeat what they have seen or know. 
    I could not lay it down, Praise the Lord for his Sharing.   Evelyn Cantwell in Ava, MO  

  • Dodson1012

    Regarding Colton seeing relatives who had already died:  the dead do not rise from their graves until the rapture occurs.  (Mark 12 and 1st Thes. 4)  I’m not a Bible scholar, so are there other scriptures that contradict this?  (I haven’t read other people’s comments yet, so  this may have already been mentioned.) 

  • Daniel Carvalho

    wonderful. This in live eternal
    Thank you.

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  • Light

    Read this book on the airplane back to HI from NY with my sister ashes.  She validated to me that there is a heaven by some things through reading this book.  My other sister read this book to her in the last weeks of her life.  Gave me renewed spirituality – has totally changed my life on so many levels.

  • judy epstein

    i was born and raised in the Weselyan church.   my grandfather raised   me     and he was a pastor.  God bless your son.  i truly believe in him  thank you for your  story  i needed that

  • Richard Sides

    My Wife and I just read the book the book. Very inspiring. Gave a a whole new outlook into heaven. Now I know I want to go there. Made me think of things I have never thought of before. A must read. Richard Sides

  • Dr. Lorraine C. Bailey

    I think the entire nation, especially Connecticut needs this book (Heaven is for Real) to heal and be encouraged. Perhaps you can give a free copy to all the families involved and a percentage of sales to the recovery of the school and community.

  • Dave W. Holland

    Colton said there were animals in Heaven. I have got to know: Will we see our pets in Heaven?

  • Kimchiu

    The boy had this experience of seeing Heaven with facts to support

  • LaVonne Marsh

    I’ve read it twice. I find it wonderful and inspirational !! Colton was chosen to be one of God’s messengers when He answered all of the prayers to save the little boy’s life. When Todd was in that small room, God was truly listening. I look forward to meeting the Burpo family in person!! LaVonne Marsh

  • Lpippen

    if this book is correct, why is Jesus white in his “true” picture?  What about other cultures?  Would Jesus be black, brown or with slanted eyes?  This seems to be a white culture Jesus!

  • Pepsay HAnquan

    what is the author background, is he bias, what is his purpose in writing? any authority? credible?

  • Susan Iseman

    Hi Michael I’m Susan. And yes I have read the book Heaven is for Real. It’s Such a remarkable story. I read about three times. And each of those times I was crying through out the entire story. Such a breathtaking experience on a little boy. Who knew things that we have never heard or knew about what a wonderous experience and adventure that little Colton had. I had was saved by the love of god very recently about almost three years ago because I had demonic forces going through my body ever since I was a baby. Not to mention when I was born. It was crazy really crazy and I couldn’t finish l like a normail kid because my parents thought psycotic and mentaly ill. But that was not true at all. I was scared I was really really scared of Satan for what he had did to me still and deathly scared of it all. Iam an normail person just like everyone one of us I pray and thank god every day for what he had done for me I love him so much praise Jesus. As he dose his working wonders on all of us.Now I am going to work School and defentaly church. Things are fine to. Please email me sometime and we will stay in touch to each other mike my email is cell 1-518-321-6167 take care and many blessings your sister in Christ Jesus love Susan.

  • Todd

    Amazing book that gives us “doubting Thomas’s” new hope that perhaps there is more to this life and thereafter. A quick read that should be passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to the Burpo’s for sharing their absolutely amazing experience with us.

  • Eric H

    Great book. Very moving story. while I am skeptical of a 4 year olds memory and his full account of the incident, I can’t help but be in wonder at the unexplainable occurrences that this child remembered. I, for one, truly believe this child was in heaven and got a glimpse of heaven. It is a great story and it made me more aware of my actions towards others and my loved ones. God Bless

  • Bucky

    “Heaven is for real” How can I get there? Will a practicing Catholic make it. This is truly an inspirational book for everybody.

  • Sarah Carpenter

    I am reading the book .I love it God is the center of my life. I have a little brother who has a deses than makes him not able to see, walk, talk, and hear. his has ben in riley a lot! this book lets me know if anything happens to him he will go to a good place with God. he will not hurt any more and he can run, talk ,and just be a kid. thank you Todd, Colton, Sonja, and Cassie for showing me if you guy can get through all of that then I can get through all of the hospital too. I just love the inspirasion the book has given me. And again THANK YOU :)

  • Kevin

    Mixed feelings. I cannot help but be impressed with the sincerity of Tod Burpo in telling the story of his son Colton. But troublesome questions remain. The idea of revelation beyond what God has given in his word. Is Gabriel sitting on the left hand of the Father? Do angels carry swords to keep Satan out of heaven? A recognition of the ‘right’ portrait of Jesus? Does Mary still love Jesus like a mom? Another thing: those in the Bible given visions and revelations of God and heaven were deeply convicted of their own sin and unworthiness. They were terrified, struck dumb, fell down, in the awful presence of a holy God. I found nothing of this in this book. Just not sure. I empathise with the traumatic experience of the Burpo family in nearly losing their precious son. I have no reason to think this is made up. But I cannot commend the book. Too many loose ends

  • Tootie

    Since Colton was only three, he must have been born again after returning from heaven. When was that?

  • Susan Reed

    The movie “Heaven Is For Real” is out! I saw a pre-screening of it yesterday because I work at Overhead Door. It was a very good movie about a Christian family. See the trailor here:

  • Julie Ganas

    I had a miracle happen at age 8. I was in the backyard of my house and looked up over my roof. Saw a vision of Jesus. He was a human figure inside a circle of clouds. Bright light shown behind him and around him. He floated by as slow as clouds move. I ran to the front of the house to see more clear. I walked on the sidewalk watching this vision moving South. I was playing ball at this 1st moment and pointed to the sky telling my friend, “look it’s Jesus” She could not see what I could. I’m so blessed to have this experience. It was 1977. I did not know how to share this testimony until now. Thanks for sharing Coltons experience. Julie Ganas (Florida)

  • Sharon Gregory

    I just want to know what portion of the proceeds the Burpos keep, and what (if any) go to charity. I truly think a message, like this, should be shared freely. Just sayin’.

  • KL Angora

    God bless ur work respected child of God, I am an evangelist outdoor manually & indoor, I have net Ministry but my brother is a sectry in small Church where only pastor & his family is sufficient so now he wants to start his own Church in a village bcz anti-Christ dont allow to build new Church in city. He is praying for resources & I request u to pray for his efforts, if u wana sow a seed in his field then send just as seed very few help absolutely not more. My other bro is politician but unbeliever, he can collect money from rich unbelievers but my this brother wants little help much prayers from only pastors or believers­­ Holy Bible 2 King 12 : 4,5 Amen. As for as my concern Lord is on the way to appear in clouds so there is no need to build more Churches but evangelize the 2nd Coming. But in many villages of Punjab (India) Word of God is still thwarted. He wana buy a piece of land in village Pehar Kalan to build a Church there. First u pray then ask Holy Spirit if its needful then u may help him . His details , Shiv Sharan A/C No. 2494101052652, IFSC code CNRB 0002494. mob No. 0091-9780201227, Rajpura, District Patiala, state Punjab (India) KL Angora an evangelist, Nicosia, Cyprus. ( Note- If wrongly this msg reach to person who is not servant of God or believer pl dont send any help at all bcz many people use word pastor & Jesus but their field is different also FB has many confusive languages. Even believers must send just seed not crops so that many can sow for rain of blessing upon their fields. Again I request first ask Holy Spirit then sow seed bcz Holy Spirit will water ur seed. Help of the last person when house of the Lord is built will be put in First Offering then account will be closed. ) Amen.