New E-mail Button on ShareBar

We just added an e-mail icon to the ShareBar which is displayed above and below main posts and below most mini-posts. It looks like this:

New ShareBar with E-mail Icon

Note: You’ll need to scroll down to another post to test it. (Make sure you are on the home page.) The above is just an image.

This may not work on all browsers or e-mail clients. Please let us know in the comments section if it doesn’t work on yours. Our goal was to create a simple way for users to share my posts with their friends and business associates.

This new feature will be part of my new GetNoticed! theme. I am just a few days away from announcing the beta program. When I do, I will tell you how to apply for the beta.

I’m no longer running comments on my blog. For more information regarding this decision, please read this post.