Wanted: Podcast Producer

I am looking for a smart, reliable, can-do person to manage the production of my weekly podcast, This Is Your Life. After producing thirty-one episodes myself, I want to outsource the post-production aspects of my workflow, so I can focus on creating the content.

If you are interested—or know someone who might be—click here for more information, including the

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  • http://exciramedia.com/ Shannon Steffen

    Sent out the link to my network. Best of luck, Michael!

  • http://www.EngagingLeader.com/ Jesse Lahey

    Here are some suggestions:

    James Marler (I have used him with success): http://jamesmarler.com and James@jamesmarler.com

    Kerry Lutz is a podcaster that says his VA Tiffany is excellent at post-production and she is available. Contact Kerry to make the intro for you; khl@lutzasset.com.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jesse. So far, we have had over 785 applications. Amazing.

      • http://www.EngagingLeader.com/ Jesse Lahey

        Wow! I missed that you had a separate process; I saw there was only one previous comment and thought you still needed recommendations.
        I guess I know who to ask if I need someone to help on post-production in the future!