The Easy Way to Become a More Memorable, High-Impact Public Speaker

This is a repost of an article I wrote about attending my first SCORRE Conference almost three years ago. Honestly, no conference before or since has had such a dramatic impact on me professionally. I use what I learned every single day. At the end of this post, I will tell you how to get a $200 discount to our next conference on May 6–9. But you must act quickly. We have less than 20 tickets left.

I spent the summer before my sophomore year in college as a summer missionary in Galveston, Texas. Each week my team visited a different church in the area and led vacation Bible school. It was fun, rewarding work.

In addition, I was assigned to a local church where I lived with the pastor, his wife, and their two children. They were both in their fifties and made me feel right at home.

After I had been there for about a month, the pastor casually said to me, “Mike, Rhonda and I are going out of town next weekend. I’d like for you to lead the service on Sunday and preach for me.”

I immediately felt the color drain from my face. I was terrified. “But, I’ve never spoken in public,” I stammered.

“Don’t worry. You’ll do fine,” he chuckled. “There’s a first time for everything.” He then got up and walked out of the room. Evidently, not accepting the assignment was not an option!

I remember studying like crazy during that week. I read the Bible and poured over commentaries. I outlined the points I wanted to make. I then revised the outline, then threw it away and started over—several times. I couldn’t sleep. I dreaded facing the congregation on Sunday.

The truth is, I did fine—just as he predicted. My sermon wasn’t great, but I got through it. And with practice I grew better at speaking.

Since that time, I have spoken more than one thousand times. I have also appeared on more than twelve hundred radio and television shows. I have written seven books and over thirteen hundred blog posts. Communication is my life.

If only I could have done something to shorten the learning curve at the beginning. Yes, I read books on speaking and communication. Those helped. But it wasn’t until I attended The SCORRE Conference three years ago that I saw the potential of how getting the right training can accelerate your proficiency.

My friend, Ken Davis, invited Gail and me to attend the conference. He founded this conference, created the framework and the content, and has been faithfully teaching it for years.

We initially went as participants and were blown away. We learned three essential skills:

  1. The SCORRE preparation framework. This is the outlining technique that enables the best communicators to communicate with power. Once you know the secret, you can apply it to any speech and hit a home run every time.
  2. The SCORRE illustration method. This is a proven method for collecting compelling illustrations and communicating them in a way that is entertaining, effective, and transformational.
  3. The SCORRE delivery technique. This is a collection of best practices for using your voice and body to enhance your message and connect with your audience. I can’t believe I hadn’t learned this stuff before.

But that was only the beginning. If that was all we learned, it would have been worth the price. And then some. But there was more.

What made this particular conference so powerful was we had to prepare and deliver one short speech each day. That may sound scary, but it wasn’t. It was the difference-maker that guaranteed we actually improved as speakers.

After we delivered each talk to our small group, a certified master coach evaluated what we were doing well and where we could improve.

In addition, he video-taped each of our speeches, along with his comments, so we could review them later. Honestly, the improvement was dramatic. Every student left better than when they came—many, dramatically so.

I was so impressed with The SCORRE Conference that I am now a full partner with Ken Davis. Whether you are a professional speaker, a pastor, a corporate executive, an author—or are just passionate about a message—you can take your communication skills to the next level by attending this conference.

The next one is scheduled for May 6–9 at the beautiful Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Ken and I will both be there, teaching and interacting with our students.

If you register now, you can take advantage of my special Reader Discount that I am offering exclusively to my readers. This will save you $200 off the regular tuition prices. All you have to do is enter the discount code “HYATT,” when you sign up.

We also offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Here’s the deal: If you attend the conference, participate in all the learning activities, and are not completely satisfied that you got your money’s worth, we will happily refund your tuition. No questions asked.

I hope you will join us. I always look forward to interacting with our students on a personal basis. I hope I get a chance to shake your hand and get acquainted.

Question: What would becoming a better communicator make possible for your career or for your dream? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • WilliamIV

    This is still a powerful conference. Keep putting out products for the faithful.

  • Kesara

    Hello Michael,
    Do I take it you are a religious person? If you are, I’m afraid this correspondence cannot continue. I deeply distrust religious people.

    My Best Wishes,


    • Michael Hyatt

      May I ask, “what do you mean by a religious person?” I’ve known very religious people who don’t believe in God and very irreligious people who do. It will help me to answer your question if I know what you mean. Thanks.

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  • Jim Ryan

    I love speaking in public, but I need more practice. What do people think about Toastmasters?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Toastmasters is a great organization. However, I have never been. Some of our students tell us that we do in four days what will take years in Toastmasters.

    • Craig Hadden

      I recommend Toastmasters, but it’s not for everyone, and as Michael says it tends to be a slow process because you get practice and feedback, but no professional instruction as such.

      You can watch a professional video that shows how Toastmasters meetings work, and read more of my thoughts as a new member, here:

      • Dan Black

        I’m a member of Toastmasters and agree. It can help beginners but does not provide professional instructions. It’s a great place for new speakers or people who want to move outside of their comfort zone.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Thanks for that, Dan. I think that is an important distinction.

          • Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

            Speakers vary… Toastmaster chapters vary. Four day events are great, but lasting change often comes from constant reinforcement. Do check out the nearest Toastmasters and see if it makes sense for you. As mentioned, everyone’s mileage will vary. Morning or lunch clubs tend to be “more business” than evening ones which tend to be more social. Be sure they meet weekly to provide a quick route to your goals. Finally, completing the advanced manuals creates professionals. Many give back to the chapter by mentoring newbies. The Toastmaster model is without peer in my 30+ years of experience [17 as a Toastmaster, 10 as an educator in Computer Science, 5 as a Speaker]. Me? I am an Advanced Toastmaster “Bronze” level.

        • Michele Cushatt

          I believe one other distinction is the core purpose and potential applications. SCORRE teaches a process that can be used in writing, emails, meeting agendas, podcasting, blogging, etc. The core of SCORRE deliverable is the process first, delivery second. This is why I believe Toastmasters is a perfect follow-up to SCORRE. You can take the process you learned and then have ample opportunity to practice it in front of a group.

  • Troy Crain

    Michael, I am already registered for The SCORRE Conference. I am a pastor and I believe the ability to communicate better will help me to connect to people and then to connect them to God and His Word. I am looking forward to seeing you next month in Florida, but I am especially looking forward to the instruction that I will receive. Thanks for all you do.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Troy. I look forward to meeting you!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Wonderful! Looking forward to meeting you, Troy!

  • kimanzi constable

    I have been blessed to start a speaking career with some success. You have personally told me that the conference could help take my speaking career to the next level. I’m looking into it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great. I hope you’ll come, Kimanzi.

    • Michele Cushatt

      I’d love to meet you in person, Kimanzi!

  • Dan Black

    Great repost!!! Becoming a better communicator would allow me to move toward my dreams of becoming a professional public speaker. I’m moving in that direction but know the communication skills growth would excel me forward.

    • TorConstantino

      Dan, the hands-on approach and encouraging feedback offered at the SCORRE Conference is incredible. Learning and understanding the acronym alone is invaluable since it transfers to every kind of communication (e.g. speech, email, PowerPoint presentation, blog post, book, article…etc.) Here’s an infographic that gives an introductory summary:

  • Paul Jolicoeur

    I would love to go the SCORRE conference! I read Ken’s book How to Speak to Youth, and it completely changed how I prepare for talks!

  • Craig Hadden

    What would becoming a better communicator make possible? It’s key to virtually everything we do! Even solo efforts like poetry or art don’t mean much unless you can share the results, and the more people you can reach, the better.

    I blog about presentation skills, and although I can handle the writing side quite well, ironically I’m not strong at speaking about my work! Given that I’m overseas, SCORRE doesn’t seem feasible for me, but I did join Toastmasters last year – and particularly enjoy their contests.

    BTW, recently I quoted you (plus author Garr Reynolds and PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein) when suggesting people shouldn’t put their logo on every slide. As speakers, here’s my idea for a far more memorable and worthy way to promote our brands:

    • Michael Hyatt

      Your post is excellent. I like your suggestion!

      • Craig Hadden

        Thanks Michael! If you or your readers feel like leaving a comment on my blog, I’d be thrilled. You might also enjoy my post called “Stop Q&A Hypnosis!”, which suggests a unique way to handle questions during a talk.

        Readers here might also like this free ½-day online conference about preaching, featuring Nancy Duarte and many other speakers – especially when the 20 remaining SCORRE tickets have sold out:

  • Tracey Moore

    Becoming a better speaker is essential to my business as an author and speaker. I can always improve in that area. I hope to be able to touch people’s lives by disseminating spiritual truths that will help people to function at their best spiritually and personally, and I must be able to speak effectively. The more effective I am, the more the Kingdom of God will be expanded when saints are able to take their place and function in the purpose for which God created them. Praying for God’s help in these areas.
    Thanks for the info.
    Tracey L. Moore
    Author of Oasis for My Soul: Poems and Inspirational Writings for Spiritual and Personal Growth

    • TorConstantino

      Tracey, I completely agree with your comment. The learning, participant feedback, hands-on approach and experienced coaching at the SCORRE Conference will take ANY communicator to the next level!

  • TorConstantino

    I’ve been a journalist and corporate communications director for more than 24 years, and the most recent SCORRE Conference I attended was the single best experience I’ve had at becoming a better speaker and presenter. You won’t be disappointed!