Biggest Snowfall in Five Years

I don’t know what it is about snow, but it always gets me excited. It probably stems from my childhood, when snow meant the possibility that school would be cancelled. Or maybe it was just the shear joy of playing outside in the snow.

my hand next to the snow that accumulated on the trash can

Regardless, on the way home from San Jose yesterday, I checked the weather widget on my iPhone. It had the little snow icon next to Friday and Saturday. I next checked The meteorologists there were predicting 3–5 inches for Nashville. My heart lept!My plane touched down in Nashville at about 6:00 p.m. after a bumpy approach. About 15 minutes into my drive home, it began to sleet. By the time I arrived at my house in Franklin, it was snowing hard. I couldn’t have been happier. I’d been praying all winter for a good snow.

It snowed steadily all evening. When Gail and I went to bed it was still snowing—big beautiful flakes. I woke up at 6:30, scurried outside, and snapped a few photos before anyone spoiled the thick white blanket with foot prints.

I realize that these modest snowfalls make northerners laugh. But when you live in the south, you take what you can get. This is the latest snowfall we have had since 1996. It is also the biggest snowfall we have had since 2003. My guess is that we had about three inches in Franklin.

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  • Shawn

    I can relate to your memories of hopefullness with each snow that school would be cancelled. I wish I could contribute to your excitment by sharing some of the 15 inches I have on the ground here just north of CIncinnati. Enjoy the snow!

  • Wayne

    If only it would snow in Savannah, Ga just once while we were here but that isn’t going to happen. While you all are enjoying snow or hating it in Cinci, I was tending to my sprouting sunflowers and pepper plants in shorts and flip flops down here. Of course I have it coming, after my next deployment to Iraq I’m going to Fort Drum, NY and that’s going to be a huge change for me as I’ve seen more than a foot of snow once in my life in Tn and no more than an inch since then. Drum is basically in Canada and just East of the Great Lakes, lake effect snow I hear is…a lot of snow.

  • amy

    I laughed pretty hard at your post Mike! I was a great reminder about perspective. In Iowa, we have had the longest, coldest, snowiest, icey, winter ever (ok – may be a bit exaggeration) and when it snowed here last week, everyone was stomping around and just plain grouchy. I think I heard “winter is almost over” about 100 times.

    Then I read your post and smiled… see, that white stuff still does some good.

  • Pete

    We have broken 60 year snowfall records in Michigan and I love every inch. I think it is God’s way of laughing at global warming theorists.

  • CAL

    A few weeks ago, enough snow fell on Atlanta to build more than a handful of dirty, hairy (read: pine straw and leaf-encrusted) snowmen. The local park was full of families and adults who seemed to have forgotten their age, sliding down the yellow hills. Groups of friends waged snowball wars on other groups of friends. But what was so remarkable was the large measure of good will and generosity between us all. Strangers sharing their makeshift sleds, laughing together at botched attempts down the meager slope or a dog chasing after sledder—not often does such a sense of community exist in our city. It was wonderful. And it’s a wonder what a little snow can do.

  • Colleen Coble

    Ahem. Mike, you checked your IPHONE??? I distinctly remember a post where you had chucked the thing. What happened? LOL

    We have had the coldest, iciest, snowiest winter in northern Indiana in quite a while. I’m glad the snow made SOMEONE happy. Did you hear that Cincy got a record TWENTY inches?

    Loved that photo of your hand measuring the mailbox. That does look like quite a snowfall for Nashville! I’ll try to rejoice with you. :-)

  • Michael Hyatt


    Actually, what I said was “I’m thinking very seriously about giving up my iPhone and going back to my Blackberry.” But, alas, I changed my mind. I am liking it just fine now. ;-)

    This winter makes you wonder about global warming.



  • Doug

    Thanks for sharing! I moved to VA thinking I would have more snow…not happening. We were living in Nashville in 2003 and remember that snow too well. Took us 6 hours to get the kids home:)

  • June

    I grew up in the Midlands of England. There would be snowstorms soon after New York had its blizzards. Each year my Dad would need to dig us out of the house, but the schools never closed. When I lived in Virginia Beach I couldn’t believe my children when they told me there was no school that day because of snow. All I could see was a light dusting, as if the roads were sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. My children didn’t believe me when I said I went to school even after blizzards!

  • Colleen Coble

    I agree with you on the global warming. I was watching Fox and Friends last week and the guy who started The Weather Channels says we’ve been in a cooling trend since 1999 and that 100 scientists were convening to announce that there is no global warming. Interesting how the media isn’t talking about it much.

    Glad to hear about the iPhone. I thought for sure you’d ditched it. LOL

  • Moe

    With the upcoming SDK and the enterprise solution coming soon, he probably dusted off his iPhone and gave it another run. Good choice Mike.

    I’m in NYC and we have gotten very little snow here. We got about 4 inches once and a few flurries here and there, but nothing serious (or fun).

  • Kyle

    We had probably 4 inches north of Nashville. Of course, this winter it seems that my parents in Chicago have had double that a few times a week. We had fun with what we got down here, though. I went sledding down a steep hill with my girls. If only things had been frozen before the snow began, though, because at the end of our runs we were splashing through muddy slush. Good times!

  • Debbie Petras

    I could relate to your comments about snow. I grew up on Long Island, NY. Whenever it snowed, I hoped school would be canceled, especially if I hadn’t completed my homework. Now that I live in Phoenix, AZ I don’t see snow but I enjoyed reading about it.

  • Dino Celotti

    I’m in Montreal, we got about 30 centimeters on Saturday! Silly to drive, but a good weekend for snowboarding!

  • Marysol

    I waited years for a snowfall like this in Nashville! Now living in South Africa, its blazing summer here and I was shocked to see the news reports. Hope you guys enjoyed it for the rest of us.

  • Dot

    I live in the Midlands, England. Each year we have snow, although we haven’t had any this year yet. Maybe we will have a repetition of last year’s June floods instead.
    Even though we are used to snow in our maritime climate, these delicate flakes have the ability to bring the UK to a standstill; schools can close, public transport stops, roads close, though only with extremely heavy snowfall.
    Yet children are delighted at the prospect of building snowmen, snowball fights and sledging down the nearest hillside. When it falls you have to make the most of it.

    I have a friend who lives in Australia who has never seen snow in her life, imagine that!

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