Something Even More Important Than Blogging Frequency for Building Traffic [Video]

Almost every time I speak on the topic of Platform, someone asks, “How often do I need to post on my blog to be build my platform?” The truth is, my opinion has changed over the years.

When I first started blogging, I was like most people—I blogged when I was inspired. As it turned out, that wasn’t too often. As a result, my blogging frequency was all over the map.

Sometimes I blogged twice a week. Sometimes twice a month. No wonder I couldn’t seem to build any momentum.

About four years in, I made a commitment to post three times a week—no matter what. My traffic increased dramatically. Then I decided to dial it up to five times a week. My traffic skyrocketed.

But over the last several months, I have changed my opinion yet again. I was inspired by Tim Ferriss’s concept of “minimum effective dose.” In this video I discuss how it applies to blogging frequency.

I reveal something that is even more important than frequency. Before you watch the video, take a guess at what you think it is and leave a comment below. Then watch the video (it’s less than three minutes long) and come back and tell me if you were right.

Question: What do you think could be more important than blogging frequency for building a platform? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Cammy

    I’m going to guess “quality” which is the obvious answer : )

  • Jeremy Birch

    Thanks, Michael, for helping to put my mind at ease about making a necessary tweak to my blogging frequency for the sake of my overall site health. Below is an email I just sent out to my handful of subscribers.

    “Thank you for following my blog these first few weeks. It really means a lot to me. I have enjoyed putting together what I think is important content. I hope you have found some of it beneficial, too. But the blog is only half of my overall plan for the website. The other half is a paid service targeted at the pro audio-visual systems integration market I work in. That’s what is supposed to pay the bills to keep the website running, but right now no one’s coming. My fault, really, for not marketing correctly.

    But since my “Plan A” efforts to connect w/ my target audience aren’t proving effective I need to find some time to develop and implement a “Plan B”. But I’m already using all my spare time to blog (early in the morning, mind you, not on precious family time in the evening). After reading Michael Hyatt’s post on this subject I realized that consistency matters even more than frequency, so instead of blogging twice a week (as I had planned) I have decided to notch it down to once a week for the time being. I know this probably isn’t a big deal to you since at this point in my blog I know all my subscribers personally. I just wanted to ‘keep you in the loop’ as it were.”

  • Supermomram

    Being passionate about what you blog about.

  • Rick

    Content that is useable, valuable, or interesting.