An Interview with Bob Goff [Video]

Bob Goff is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. I don’t think I know anyone else who is as adventurous as he is. I certainly don’t know anyone who is a better storyteller.

I first read about Bob in Don Miller’s delightful book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Shortly after that, Don introduced me to him. Then, I had the privilege of spending a few days with Bob and his wife, Maria, at their beautiful home in British Columbia.

Several months later, Don sent me the manuscript for Bob’s new book, Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World. Though I rarely read books from first time authors, I devoured this one. I read it from start to finish in one sitting.

What is the book about? It’s really a series of paradigm shifts disguised as stories. These stories are assembled to prove one thesis: Love is not merely about thoughts and feelings. it is about taking action. Or, as the title of his books says, love does.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Bob about his book. I asked him the following questions:

  • I know you are doing something special with the royalties for this book. Can you tell us about that?
  • How did you get into law school? (This is one of my favorite stories ever.)
  • You used to think that Jesus was a guy in a robe who was mad at everyone. When did that change for you?
  • Can you elaborate on the difference between knowing and doing?
  • How do you get done everything you do? It sometimes seems like there are three of you!
  • What do you say to the person who says, “Bob Goff is an exception; I don’t have those resources or creativity?”

Love Does is pure inspiration. If you listen to Bob talk about it in this brief interview, you’ll get a little flavor of what to expect in the book.

I gave away 50 copies of Love Does. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: Why do you want a copy of Bob’s new book? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Kenny

    It would be interesting to get a copy of the book “Love Does.”  to be able to read the stories and began to recognize the ways to express love to others.  Love is a verb, and it is something that is truly missing in today’s world. 

  • Chris Whitehead

    I would love to have a copy.  I work for a company that truly understands that Love wins.  With everything that is going on in this world if we just got back to the 2 simple principles of loving God and loving our neighbor this world will be a better place.

  • Suzyparish

    I NEED a copy of this book, because my youngest daughter also thinks that “Jesus is a guy in a robe who is mad at everyone.” I plan to read it and discuss it with her!

    • sylange

      Give one to this mom!  :)

    • Michele Cushatt

      GREAT idea, Suzy.

  • Claudia Volkman

    I want to read this book – I love the subtitle!

  • Andy

    Can’t wait! to read this book.  I’ve got a great life but can always use help making it better, especially learning how to better love others.  It’s all about relationships.

  • Jeremy

    Really enjoyed this interview with Bob! What program did you use to record the inteview? It is extremely clear!

    Looking forward to more like this.


    • Michael Hyatt

      I used Call Recorder for Skype. I wrote about it here. Thanks.

  • Jack Lynady

    The main reason I want the book is because I remember this story in “A million miles in a thousand years”. And I believe it was about this guy. It has been awhile since I read the book but I remember thinking that he had a pretty dramatic “effect” on Don. And Don illustrated this chance meeting with him at a cabin or something. 

  • Sheryl

    Wise words bring life. As an attorney and seminary student, I am constantly humbled by the power we wield and at times inexcusably withhold. I would like to read this book and live out the type of example that Bob, as an envoy of Christ, does.

  • Lia

    I want a copy of this book, because right now, I need a paradigm shift!

  • jeffholton

    Like you, I fell in love with Bob’s outlook on life while reading Don’s stuff.

    I wish I had the clout to show up at his house, too. For now, I’ll settle for a book.

  • Ddoyle76

    I would love to get a copy of Love Does in order to see examples of how to love ALL the people around me!

  • Jviola79

    Just finished watching the interview. Bob’s enthusiasm & love for life makes me want to read this book!!!! Loving like this is what we all need to learn. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Brennakate

    Just yesterday, my fiend was talking about Bob Goff, as she had just picked up his book. She impaired me to check it out, so I’d love a copy :)

  • John Richardson

    I actually have an autographed copy of Bob’s book that he signed at Catalyst West. What an amazing inspiration. I love Bob’s stories, especially about the parade in his neighborhood. We all need someone like Bob to inspire us to do impossible things. Get this book!

    • Kelly Combs

      Now I’m jealous! ;-)

    • Michele Cushatt

       What Kelly said!

  • Stephen Weldin

    Hi Michael:
    I am married 32 years today, June 21st.  I continue to learn about this amazing journey and will likely devour a book like this one…as you did.  I hope I make the cut!

  • Joseph Nelson

    What a great way to be inspired.  Bob Goff sounds like an amazing individual and I look forward to reading his book “LVOE DOES.”

  • Leigh Barbara02

    I am an ordinary person, who has recently been unleashed to live an extraordinary life after 22 years of being bound in a Corporate Cubicle!  Believing in yourself and taking actions that support your belief are key to discovering true joy and happiness. I say, it’s the simple things in life that make it all worth while! My life is more exciting each and every day that I can add value to others, each and every day I can explore what love can do, when love is intentional and unbiased. I would love to touch your heart Mr. Goff, e.g., to get a connection and to close my eyes and imagine how life can be when your mind is not in your way, but with you on the way. I feel that by reading your book, it will bring me a step closer to knowing how it is possible to live an even fuller life than I have now and to add even greater value to others. 

    Yours in success, Barbara!

    • Carol Khong

       Hallelujah! you echo my thoughts and wrote so eloquently.  Truly, you deserve a copy of the book to prosper your believe and bring your actions of love to a greater height.   

  • Rm14

    I recently read a quote that really made me rethink past relationships. The quote is, “relationships take effort, not work”. It started me on a path of studies, this book would help to expand my understanding.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Interesting quote. Work tends to sound more negative, effort sounds full of value.

  • Mark in Txi

    I’ve been haunted by this character called Bob Goff since reading about him in “Million Miles…” To be honest it made me feel guilty to read about such a life – mine seemed rather small comparatively. I’d love to read the book and channel some of that guilt into action!

  • Dschmitt509

    I loved Don Miller’s book and would real appreciate the chance to get this book!

  • Sanjay M

    It would be great to get ideas from someone who does something really pragmatic like “build a school in Uganda”! :) The title itself says a whole lot… and i really enjoyed this interview – thanks :)

  • drdougle

    I loved reading “Love Works” after I read your review. I’m excited about the possibility of reading this book as well. 

  • Jen

    I am a searching woman that is trying to find the meaning of the word “love.” I am currently reading Love Wins by Rob Bell and I think that Love Does will help me understand another aspect of love that only Jesus shows successfully. Please consider sending it to me as I look for purpose in my life.

  • darrell humphrey

    I would love to receive a copy of “Love Does.”  I love paradigm shifts and I love the revolution that it causes.  In a world where love is painted without action I believe this book would help to re-paint love as an action instead of love as a convenience.  

  • Pilar Arsenec

    I heard amazing things about “Love Does” and Bob Goff. What a blessing that you met him and read the first manuscript. This is on my list to read. I would love to win a copy. :)

  • Michael Good

    Heard a lot about this book and haven’t picked it up yet. Bob Goff is a huge inspiration to me so I’d love to learn more from him.

  • Chris Jeub

    Bob Goff is awesome! This is my first time getting to know him, but my 19-year-old daughter just told me that she LOVES him. She says she sees him as the Tom Bombadil of Lord of the Rings. Fun, open for guests, free and adventurous. What a great interview, Mike.

  • Mike Asbury, CPC

    Hi, Michael.  As a Life Coach, I spend time with folks helping them discover THEIR secretly incredible life in this ordinary world.  I would love to have a free copy and will buy it if not chosen.  Bob is awesome.  I’m grateful for the interview!

  • Dirk

    I am living in Germany and wondering whether it would be possible to get a free copy? Love and creativity are from the same origin! Creativity has always something playful… . Often this lacks in our lives. 

  • Christopher W. Parks

    I also was first introduce to Bob in Don Miller’s book “A Million Miles and a Thousand Years” and found him on Twitter after that. Many inspiring tweets… I would like to get to know more about his thought process by reading the book. 

  • FrancesVictoria

    I would like a copy of Bob’s book because I agree with his philosophy on love. I have learned that “love” is not a feeling but instead a choice.

  • FLCarterClan

    I serve a ladies ministry and would love a copy of the book Love Does for inspiration on how to lead the women into a “doing” mindset.  I believe in teaching from the overflow of what  I am learning personally, and this book would be a fountain of inspiration information!  Blessings

  • Mark Pierce

    I pastor a new church who attracts people with big problems and big opportunities. These people have wowed me with their capacity to love others in spite of, and perhaps because of, their own challenges. Love Does sounds like the kind of book that my small congregation would love to read and follow. If given a free copy I promise to make it available to many who would not have the chance to read it otherwise.

  • Michael Ray Smith

    You had me at best storyteller. I teach by day and write by night and find that the narrative is the best way to communicate but I could use some help. I admire those who do it well and, perhaps, I can learn from a master and learn a bit about love too. BTW, I teach a leadership seminar once a month and we often use your blog. On June 27 we will use a bit from the Life Assessment post from a few days ago. Thanks for all you do.

  • Lindsey M Bell

    I would love to win this book because I think it would help me find the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of being a stay-at-home mom.

  • Matt Lossau

    Michael, thank you for asking Bob that last question.  I’m with you, and I think Bob is one of the most remarkable men on the planet.  I LOVED his book, Love Does, but I also found that thought of, “Bob is different, he can do these things that I can’t,” creeping into my mind.  While I believe there is definitely truth to that, it is too convenient of an excuse to listen to.  Great interview!

  • Cornbread411us

    I don’t know what my purpose in life is, and I struggle day to day trying to figure out what am I suppose to be doing. I am surrounded by couples who are in abusive relationships and I have not even had a positive male figure to show me what love really means or how love is suppose to be. I am in a relationship right now and I love my significant other but I guess we are having problems because my love does not translate into action. I am curious to know how love does.

  • Seashols

    Love does. Gain Wisdom through the blessed lives of others.

  • Byron

    I would love a copy of love does. I am a new blogger and my content is about being a follower of Jesus and how to take action in any and every way. I always been a fan of Bob and this book would be a instrumental tool on having the right mind set for living love in a daily way and for content in my blog.

  • Rachel Anne Ridge

    I’d love a copy of Bob’s book!  He had me at “Secretly Incredible Life!” Can’t wait to read it after seeing your inspiring interview. Now, off to go “do.”

  • Sandyl

    I would truly love to have a copy of this book.  It sound like an awesome resource that we can put into our arsenal to help others become all they can be.   As a Pastor, I find in counseling, the number one problem that my husband and I run into is that people are under the mistaken impression that “love gets”  Because of this misconception they are hurt, disappointed, and angry because of what they did not get from others.  We are always looking for resources to help them understand that true freedom comes when you give with no expectation of return. I’m very excited to read this book for myself as well, you can never show enough love to others, and you can’t lead where you have not been.

  • Tola Akinsulire

    I would like interested in reading the the Book. Learning how to live love out is one that keeps me on the ball

  • Stephen Garner

    I have already read this book and found it compelling and challenging.  As a lawyer and a mediator, I love to see fellow lawyers use their gifts and talents for the Kingdom.  I have two copies of Love Does, but one is on my I-Pad Kindle.  I try to give away two copies of good books to the libraries at the two local high schools each year as a part of a Leadership Legacy project I started to inspire and encourage young leaders.  I would use this copy to donate to the local high school library. 

  • Chris Hill

    I found out about Bob in Don Miller’s book as well and have been fascinated by him ever since. I’d love to read his book.

  • Marnie

    I’m totally fascinated by Bob Goff and would love his book!

  • Cathi Coridan

    Bob Goff brings life to life!  With words and stories that are REAL!  He’s the loaves and fishes in action!   Jesus’ actions as capers…. with all that is going on (and off) in my denomination, it is refreshing to have such a candid, connected and genuine conversation about living Jesus in today’s ordinary times.  Thanks for sharing Bob with us! 

  • Terry Ammons

    Any way to learn more about magnifying love works for me!  Thank you and thank you to Bob for this opportunity!

  • mikeonmars

    I’m a church planter in central Ohio wanting to get new disciples off on the right foot and Bob just has a way of cutting through the noise. Thanks!

  • Richard Wanjema

    A copy of this book would be one of the tools I would use for outreach, send me one please.

  • John Emmanuel Paha

    with all that you have, get love. It love that makes the difference. I wish  indeed  to read this book ” Love Does. Love would have gone along way to help  this world from WARS and DEATHS.

  • Blair Bonin

    Michael, All you have to tell me is, “Blair, go get your book.  It’s in the mailbox.”  And I will.

    • Jeremy Statton

      Ha! Great quote.

  • Melody and Elle

    I am in the middle of  paradigm shifts of my own and I could use the inspiration. Besides, if you read a first-time author’s book in one setting it must be worth reading.

  • Keith

    WOW!!! I will get this book one way or another, the interview blessed me beyond words! Bob’s spirit is so contagious! Thank you, be blessed – Keith

    • Jeremy Statton

      He is like a virus, that makes you better.

  • Jason

    Less talk and more walk is what will demonstrate to those around us we have hope placed in something other than ourselves.

    They will know us by our love.

    Would enjoy reading this one.


  • Ray Mohr


    I love to hear stories.  I feel stories told for adults by adutls are especially important.  I would love to read his book and learn. I am a storyteller and I am always looking for ways to make my stories come alive for kids.  We all need ways to keep our stories alive for us as well.  I’m sure I would enjoy and share the value of this book.

    Thanks for the opportunityto comment.

    Ray Mohr

  • Shannon

    I am a homeschool mom and we spend alot of time reading books for school.  This would be an excellent addition to our library.  Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jeremy Statton

    Love this book. I am reading it to my kids, and despite being tough, honest critics, they love it too. Bob is the kind of person who makes the world a better place. Just getting the small insight into his life is truly worth it. I don’t need another copy. Give it to someone else. I have already given away 15myself.

    • Matt Lossau

      I love the idea of reading it to your kids Jeremy.  I kept interrupting my wife to tell her each story as I read the book.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of reading it to the kids before.  I’ll start tonight.  Thanks for the idea Jeremy!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Such a great idea, Jeremy. I think I’ll do the same. Maybe even read it with a few friends so we can get together and talk about it.

  • Cindy Seaver

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! Recently, I started following Bob’s tweets. I could retweet nonstop! Needless to say, this guy is amazing, and I could learn a lot. I think his book could be one of my all-time favorites, and I haven’t even read a word yet! Love Does.

  • rhodes

    I read Love Does. He lies, breaks into a building and even , teaches his kids to rely on abundance of money rather than carefully planning. It’s a hyper-extrover and wealthy. It is inappropriate for godly living. It is, however, funny and well-written, which is sad considering the content.

  • Dee

    I agree with the idea of love in action so much, I have tried to live my life that way. I adopted two children, both older and special needs, because I wanted a family and I knew I couldn’t have children biologically. Despite people telling me I was crazy, I have two wonderful children and I am very blessed. Love has to be spread around before it can do any good. 

  • David H Peterson

    Wow! What an awesome interview, Michael. I’ve never heard of Bob before, but am looking forward to reading LOVE DOES. Sometimes, as a pastor, I get so involved in the week in week out routine of administration and sermon prep that I neglect to (as Bob says) “give out daisies”. I’m needing a paradigm shift!

  • Billy

    Love is a verb which implies action. I’ll look forward to reading “Love Does” to gain a greater understanding of putting love into action to my family, the children’s ministry that I oversee, and those around me.

  • Elizabeth Hurst

    Love being an action is something I like to remind myself on a regular basis.  I also have been fascinated by Bob because of Donald Miller.  The story of the neighborhood parade, I believe, accurately describes Bob’s wish for every individual to be better to glorify God.  I can imagine the stories Bob shares in the book.

  • Jordan Collier

    I, too, first heard about Bob Goff in Don Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, so I was pumped when I heard Bob wrote a book. I pre-ordered it and the day the book was released I was using my Kindle Fire in my 8th grade English class, and a “new download” notice appeared. My students noticed my smile and were curious. I told them I was excited about a new book that I just got, and they begged me to read a section to them (and yes, I know they were just trying to get me off-track). I seized the opportunity and read the first chapter, “I’m With You” and they loved it! In fact, five students from that class downloaded a copy that day.
    Love Does is the most inspirational book I’ve read this year! It’s so good, my wife and I bought several copies so when guests come over, we can send them home with a copy. Also, in lieu of a neighborhood parade like Bob’s (too many hills), we were inspired to start a neighborhood ice cream social. Why? Because Love Does.

  • Tammy Helfrich

    I don’t need a copy, as I have read it and also given away quite a few copies to friends. This book truly inpacted me, and I am forever grateful to Bob for sharing it with us.

  • Faythe Furman

    I will buy the book if I don’t win because I am a firm believer in what the title says. I do a lot and I love a lot and I give away lots of books to people in my life. I try not to give away a book I have not personally read or at least read enough to know it will benefit the person with whom I feel led to share. Thanks for your insights.

  • steve

    The book Love Does sounds intriguing.  In a world where ‘love happens’ and we ‘make love’ and we ‘fall in love’, a new (and yet old) perpsective that love is a verb and not a noun promises some much needed alignment to the word love.

  • JKing

    I love Donald Miller, and I love reading Michael Hyatt.  This book connects two of my favorite authors.  My wife and I would LOVE to have a copy of this book.

  • Jennie

    Michael, thank you for the video interview with Bob Goff!  I was able to listen to the interview on my way to work and it made me smile the whole time!  What a great way to start the day!  I love it when Bob talked about “rocking his kids world”!  That is great!  I am a mom of an almost 2 year old and that comment is super encouraging!  Can’t wait to read (or listen via audiobook) Love Does!  Keep the videos and podcasts coming!! 

  • Clara Rose

    WOW, loved him!  He makes you want to connect with him and his contagious personality… while wanted to know Jesus more too.  Thanks for sharing Michael.

  • Chad Miller

    I too beleive Love is more than just words and feelings. Love is actionable and must be intentional. In my home and in my organization, I attempt to model love through servant leadership. I’d love to hear Bob’s stories and be inspired to grow and live and incredible life in Love. Please consider me for a copy of  Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World.
    Thanks for the great interview, Michael!

  • Marlene Knepper Lebo

    I love to read!  I live in an ordinary world but I do have an incredible life – wonderful husband, great kids, and the most extra-ordinary grandchildren in the world, plus a wonderful church with great opportunities to be in ministry for the Lord!

  • Trevor Acy

    Don Miller’s stories and Michael Hyatt’s blog are colliding! That’s why I want a copy.

  • Nathan Chitty

    Michael, Please describe the technology you use to produce the side by side video. Thank you, 

  • Dboliek

    Sounds like a great summer beach read, as opposed to my standard action/mystery/thriller.  Love is a nice change of pace, he said with satire in his post.  Thanks for everything Michael.  I have been a follower of your blog and have been running to your podcast for the past two months.

  • Jason Stambaugh

    Who is Bob Goff? A guy that I want to learn from. I don’t need a copy, I’m going to go by the kindle version now. Fantastic interview. I love the energy and optimism. 

  • MikeG

    Doing is the key! Yet, it is such a hard step for some reason. I think once you start “doing” you become better at it and do even more. I’d love to read Bob’s book and get his perspective on getting over that hump.

  • Jon Stolpe

    I just gave away a copy of Love Does and Platform to readers of my blog, but I don’t yet have a copy for myself.  I’d love to read it myself!

  • Nick

    I was at Catalyst West this year and just fell in love with how inspiring Bob Goff was. I’ve already read his book through the free PDF books they were passing out at the conference, but I’d love to have a real copy. I loved the book so much I bought one for my father and one for my father in law to read, I’d love to have one for my own so I could share Bobs inspiration with others in my community,

  • Leighanne Wilkes

    I recently  read Don Miller’s wonderful book and loved getting to “meet ” Bob.  Would love love love to get to know him better and learn from this amazing man!

  • Wanda Simpson

    “God is a father who leans over your shoulder and says, what do you want to do?” I love this. I have always told my children, actions, not words. We need to do, not say. My Bible studies lately have been on grace and love. Unconditional, Jesus-type love. We all need it. I want to be it. Would love to read this book.

  • Tarah

    So much of this interview resonated with me, but my favorite line was “I’m tired of stalking Jesus”. This guy is definitely someone I’d want to read! Pick me! :)

  • Rich

    I look forward to reading  the book “Love Does” because at this stage in life I want to make an impact on others.  As a small business owner and believer  I feel it is my responsibility to make a difference in this world!  I am always looking for inspiration.

  • Lily Kreitinger

    This has made for a joyful way to start my day.   The thought of God leaning over my shoulder saying “So what do you want to do today” just put a big smile on my face. Thanks Mike for doing this interview and thanks Bob for being a gift to the world!

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  • Melanie

    I have heard so many great things about this book! I recently explored “31 days to love your neighbor” on my blog, and my heart’s desire is to love like Christ. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Diana

    I am in the midst of one of the most important renaissances of my life.  From what you have described, and from what I have just read in the preview to the book, Love Does will inspire the kind of renewal, rebirth, and revival that will revolutionize my life and that of those I am seeking to serve wholeheartedly.  I can tell Bob Goff is the perfect mentor when it comes to wholeheartedness.  I can’t wait to read this book.  Thank you for introducing it to me.  I hope to be one of the 50 gifted with Love Does.  Appreciate the opportunity.

  • Brad Jones

    I am a believer yet still a student in the principle of servant leadership.  I anxious to see how Bob’s book relates to that concept and how love is not just a feeling but can translate to helping others.

  • Lynn Kirabo

    I’d love to read “Love Does” for a couple of reasons…

    1. I believe he “is” amazing content. Seriously, I’ve listened to him on the Catalyst Podcast and I’d so read anything he writes.
    2. I love his take on Whimsy, Strategic Cannon balling into life :)
    3. His statement, “My picture is already in Jesus’ wallet”

    :) Now, I feel like the stalker he was talking about in the video :)

  • Glenn Randall

    I had heard of the book, but had never heard of the author (it’s his FIRST book, duh…). Michael Hyatt’s interview with the author was all the encouragement I needed to want this book! Bob Goff is like a 5-Hour Energy drink on steroids! I LOVE THIS GUY! As a pastor, I can so relate to Bible-study as a death-warmed-over NON-event. Now, a Bible-DOING is completely inviting, invigorating, life-changing experiment! Can’t wait to read a few more nuggets of practical truth wrapped in Bob’s fresh-baked humor. GREAT INTERVIEW! Thanks for sharing Bob Goff with the world!!

  • Erica McNeal

    Bob: Mike mentioned you used to struggle to see Jesus as a guy in a robe, mad at everybody…  (and perhaps you talk about this in your book more). I have a theory developing: The way we view God determines the tone in which we read the Bible.

    If our concept of God is a stern judge, ruler, or a cosmic-killjoy, one example, is we might have a tendency to read the Bible in an angry or harsh tone, instilling fear of failure. However, if our concept of God is loving, kind, and compassionate, we are more likely to read the Bible through the lens of grace and mercy. Would you say your concept of who God is has changed throughout your experiences? What gave you the perspective or view of “mad Jesus”? (And/or, if anyone else wants to jump in, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!)I have a copy of Love Does already, but know tons of people who I’d love to give a copy to!

  • Laura Snyder

    This would be such an amazing book to share with the group of college and career age students that my husband and I lead at church.  We are looking for more ways to love on our church and community!

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  • Sandy

    The Theme LOVE DOES hits home.  I was in a relationship for four years and my partner stated he did not engage in the feelings considering Love.  He put everything above our relationship, his job, his schooling, other people.  I stated that Love was an Action as well as a Feeling.  So thank you for reinforcing that Love Does take work.  I would love to read this book.  Thank you again.

  • Valerie

    I am working with college students on professional discernment and  have found Miller’s book very helpful and insightful.  I too fell in love with Bob in Miller’s book.  I would love a copy of “Love Does” to enhance my work with college students this year as they learn about the elements of story can help frame their discovery of meaningful life-work

  • Michael Lettner

    Would love to read the book! I have heard many great things about it from friends. I first heard of him from Catalyst podcast and just listening to him, like in your interview, he just captures me with his storytelling. My wife is reading the book right now from the library, but it would be great to own the book.

  • Maer

    I’m right at another crossroad in life…time to make new goals and create new challenges…this is my goal for the summer.  Perhaps I could discover how “love does” figure into the equation 

  • Matt Cooksey

    I very rarely read books.  The last one I read was Don Miller’s book that mentioned Bob.  I keep seeing Bob’s name pop up different places since then.  My curiousity has been peaked. With rapidly growing business, 3 kids, and a homeschooling mom, life is go go go and I can see that I’m missing chances to love love love.  Taking a breath to read a book like Bob’s (maybe not all of it in one sitting) and get inspired may be just want the Doctor ordered. 

    So I’m sitting outside your door, Michael.  I’m failing my own “LSAT” and school is already in session.  So please tell me I’ll get me that book.

  • laja9801

    I would love a copy of this book because just the way that you hear Don talk about Bob Goff at the Storyline conference I went to makes him seem like a guy that anyone could learn a lot from.  Plus now you are a fan of him it his credit keeps growing and growing. 

  • Lisa

    The message that love is more of a choice about what one does rather than just a feeling that one gets is something that I have tried to teach my children. I would like to read Bob’s stories and am especially intrigued about his perceptions about Jesus.

  • John Laffoon

    I also read about Bob in A Million Miles and was happy to hear that he would be speaking at Catalyst and had written a book! It’s on my Amazon wish list and I can’t wait to read it!

  • Adam Rico

    I would like a copy of this book because I need and want to be more loving in my life. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of truly loving others. I hope this book can help.

  • Susan P.

    I would LOVE a copy of Love Does because I am learning that God is leading me on a path to peacefulness and I know that a big part of that is learning to come out of my introverted shell and DO SOMETHING in response to God’s love for me and in response to God’s command to love one another.     I know this book would help me on my journey and I may learn something NEW too!

  • Hari Simaguen

    I would love to have a copy, because once I have digested the book, I know that the book will pass on to the other hand .. because Love does (share) =)

  • Mikebrigz

    I would enjoy the opportunity to have the book Love Does. I find to know of other ways that I can express Love. Please send me a copy of Love Does. Thanks, Mike

  • Josué Aparicio

    Don posted on his blog about the book, and the specific portion he wrote about intrigued me about it. “I’ve learned that God sometimes allows us to find ourselves in a place where we want something so bad that we can’t see past it. Sometimes we can’t even see God because of it. When we want something that bad, it’s easy to mistake what we truly need for the thing we really want. When this sort of thing happens, and it seems to happen to everyone, I’ve found it’s because what God has for us is obscured from view, just around another bend in the road.” This spoke to my heart, especially being a  young adult who had his fair share of love interests, I’ve been stubborn in my position. It has blinded me, and because of it, I frequently lose sight of God. I’m eager and keen on obtaining this book (free or purchased) with the sole purpose of discovering the rest of the message. God bless the company of Thomas Nelson for signing this author (especially first time, too, because I’m an aspiring author with the goal of getting signed by this company), this book has a double entendre: firstly, the message of Bob Goff offers, secondly, building that school for those 260 kids from those refugee camp; what an inspiring and uplifting book for the soul. Thank you for giving me a hear. God Bless everyone who was part of this project.

    — Josué Aparicio

  • M Dolan

    Loved the interview!  Sounds like a great book.  I would love to have a copy to read.

  • D_gojo

    I would love to have a copy of Bob Goff’s book entitled. Love Does because I believe that what I’m about to read is aligned with my current journey in life of fulfilling new things! Like finishing my first century ride, finally having the courage to do an open water swim & I did it in a calmly & enjoyed it. As a wife, mother, woman, & the other hats I fulfill daily, what keeps me going is the passion, the Drive to capture The Moment – Car Pe Diem. The only way to go is to Keep Moving Forward – Walt Disney. I have a lot of dreams to fufill & I’m actually in the process of writing my own bucket list. I sincerely hope that I be included in the list of the chosen 50. Thank you for your daily updates which I receive in my email. I hope that sending my copy of the book won’t cause any trouble because I am residing in Manila, Philippines.

    Thank you for this opportunity. More power to you & your team!!!
    God Bless!
    Donna Gojo-Segunial

  • Nancy Herzing

    I would love a copy of the book, “Love Does”.  It’s so hard in our culture to bring love to the front and center of who you are and what you do.  It flies in the face of “get ahead, no matter what” and “take care of me first” attitudes that has dominated business for too long.

  • John

    Loved the interview!  I’m a senior pastor of a larger deminational church in St. Louis.  Our focus is on learning to disciple more effectively.  I found it interesting that the knowing doesn’t equate to the doing. Love does!  So do disciples (motivated by God’s love and God getting the glory!)! The book sounds interesting in connection with training people to be more effective disciples for Jesus! 

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  • Donald McAllister

    I want a copy because his book resonates with me, that if we just grasp how much He loves us that we will be compelled to action. I also have heard great things about Bob and would love to get a small glimpse into his life. Thanks!

  • Carole

    I had declared 2012 my “Year of ‘Yes!'” – The fact that I keep seeing news of Bob Goff’s book everywhere I turn, something tells me God is trying to tell me that I’m needing to be making my “Yes!” be my response to His prompting to love others. Bring it!

  • Ashleigh Dean

    I would love a copy of “Love Does” because I read “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and LOVED it. I would love to know what Don’s friend, Bob is all about. Also, I lead a Sunday school class for high school girls, and would love to know more about “Bible Doing” versus “Bible Study” so that I, along with my girls, can DO and ACT on the Bible.

  • Tiffany Stuart

    I heard about this book last week from a friend who travels on missions to Uganda. She has invited me and my daughter to join her in August. Yes, that soon. I can still book our flights.

    But right now I’m still thinking– instead of doing.

    Love Does is a powerful truth I need more of.  Especially because I dream of going to Africa. I dream of reaching out and helping restore broken lives.

    What’s missing? Me doing my dreams.

    PS Does starting to make crafts to fund-raise count?

  • “A Big Sister”

    My little sister is one of the most alive people I know. She’s one of those people who’s just wired to live near the edge. Recently, her plans to work at an orphanage in Uganda this summer (and potentially until forever), fell through. Now her non-plan is to take a greyhound to Key West with a backpack and a hammock–she’ll figure out what she’ll do once she gets there.

    All of this sounds awesome, right? Except she’s grown up in rural Alabama where people like her aren’t accepted, they’re ridiculed because they’re plan-less dreamers.

    I want to send her on that bus with a friend to inspire her and tell her she’s not alone: a book full of stories of a man who does life just like she does–full love life, whimsy, and adventure. I want her to take a backpack, a hammock, and Love Does.

    Thank you,
    “A Big Sister”

    • Karen

      She is one blessed “little” sister!  Praying she arrives in Key West with LOVE DOES in her backpack…

  • Richie Allen

    I’d love to read this. I’m in a major transition in my life and need to find the joy in the ordinary.

  • Greg

    I would like to read “Love Does” in order to gain fresh insights into living out my faith.

  • Mollie

    The main reason I would like a copy of “Love Does” is because I finally heard Bob Goff speak this year after hearing about him for years, and that man is amazing. He is an exceptional storyteller, and he genuinely tries to love the people around him. I would also like a copy because I am a children’s coordinator, and our church leaders and volunteers just all need a reminder/encouragement to keep going strong in actively loving those in our community. 

  • Mike

    I have been intrigued by Bob Goff since I read Miller’s book.  I would love to get a copy because I could use some encouragement that someone is getting it right.  I’ve been telling my wife she should read up on Goff as well, so I’d be thankful to have the copy for her to read.

  • Nicole

    I have a daughter who also has a hard time believing that Jesus’ love is for her specifically and that He is not some judge sitting behind a desk in Heaven waiting to slam his big gavel down on her in judgement at any moment. I would love her to hear what is in this wonderful book from someone other than her parent. lol.

  • JimOrred

    OK, I’ve been hearing the buzz.  But nothing is more important to the future of the peoples on our planet than actually getting a paradigm shift on the nature and character of God.  I’m going to pour my days into helping make this happen.

  • Debra

    Thank you for the interview with Bob Goff. I was so inspired. Really want to read this book! If I win or buy it.

  • Will Laohoo

    I’d love a copy of this book. Bob’s life story inspires me, and I’d love to get a copy so that I can share that with someone else when I’m done reading it. I have a PDF copy of Love Does, but physical books are easier for me to stay on track with.

    I also echo Kenny’s comment about love being a verb. “Love Does” is something I try to live out in my everyday life.

  • Sam Wheeler

    This book excites me because it appears to be confirmation of revelation I have been speaking to others about for years. God so loved… that He (did) gave… This is the key to the Kingdom, we wrap truth in Love. Jesus met people at their perceived point of need(love in action), in order to open their hearts to The Truth.

  • Dwwelton

    I loved your interview with him…loved his entrance into law school story…

  • MatthewHexter

    Okay, shooting straight here… would love a free copy because I honestly can’t afford to buy a copy. But for all of us in the under-employed workforce, we still need to remember that God – who is love – “does.” He provides for our needs, hence, we can relax and be love GIVERS in the midst of trusting God for our own needs. 

  • Janice S

    My church is dropping our small group model and adopting Missional Communities to go out and reach different neighborhoods in our city. This book sounds like it would offer great advice and motivation to go out and start loving on our city.

  • Jim Watters

    After spending more than 40 years living an ordinary life in an incredible world, I would love to learn how to turn the tables on myself and begin living a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world.  The older I get the less “runway” I have, so I need to get moving soon! Thanks Michael – 

  • Becky Davis

    I want this book! I will totally buy it if I don’t get the free one, but oh how it would bless our budget if I won!!!

  • Nancy

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why my life is not characterized by more of Jesus’ love towards others.  What holds me back?  Is it an obedience issue?  Or a personality issue?  How can I give feet and wings to my head knowledge of Scripture?  From listening to the interview, it sounds like Bob has worked through some of these issues and I’d like to know more of his experiences.

  • Rebecca

    I want this book because I really need to love people as an action.  I am struggling with loving some very hurtful, bullying folks at my employer and this book sounds SO timely!  This is exactly what I need to focus on, loving my unloving, unkind neighbor.

  • Don

    I’d like to get a copy of this book to pass on to someone else to be moved by it.  I got a copy Sunday for Father’s Day from my son.  I finished it Wednesday night.  So much of what Bob describes I have felt myself, but lacking his whimsy I’ve not acted on it.  As of Wednesday, I intend to be more “doer” than “planner”.  I’ll probably give my copy to someone else who needs it like I do, but I’m not done with it yet and that someone may need to read his book before I’m ready to part with mine.

  • Jacob A. Hughes

    My wife and I have been married for nearly six years.  It was easy to pursue her before we were married.  I want to grow more in my understanding of how to continue to pursue her now that we are married.  I think this book would be helpful in this regard.

  • Bill Horn

    One of my best friends just recommended this book to me, and I am really looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, sir!

  • Alfeu Kommers

    For a long time, I thought about love as a pure feeling.
    As a Christian, by reading and studying 1 Cor. 13, it cames up to my mind that love has to do with attitude.
    As an Executive Coach (in Brazil), I use to think that love encompasses doing all I can do to help anyone to develop to the best, respecting his personality.
    This way, I think love starts by an attitude, follow giving the best for others development and as a result, good feelings will come along.
    I believe, this book will enhance and enrich my compreension about the theme.

  • Jesse_deyoung

    First, anybody who uses the word whimsy in a description of their book is a stud. Would love to read his reflections on life. Second, from what I read in Millers book, he knows how to live a full life. We could all use some advice on that.

  • Elizabeth Matney

    Great interview which makes me want to know more. It would be great to receive a copy of his book Love Does.  An engaging story teller, moving love along in this world which needs it so much.

  • Kathy K

    It is so interessting that we have more and more books coming out on LOVE.  God is up to something good.  I find it interesting because He has speaking to me about this!  I would love to read the book.

  • Ron

    In Matthew 22, when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Love is the key to life and I would love to read a wise man’s book on the subject! Thank you Michael for all the wisdom you share each week. 

  • Wayne Wrzesinski

    Heard Bob speak on National Community Church’s podcast recently and really enjoyed it. Would love to get my hands on a copy of his book.

  • Rsr777

    Very inspiring interview!  Can’t wait to read the book!

  • Crissy Manwaring

    My mother always told me that love was a VERB. Looking forward to reading the book!

  • Keith Spanberger

    Just watched this for the second time!  So awesome and truly inspired me….  Love the statement “its not about having the resources but instead about the intention”  WOW, what a powerful statement!!!  I have sent this to my family and friends and all over Twitter and FB…  Thanks again Bob and Michael

  • Ted

    My nature is “thinker.”  Lots of great thoughts, super creative visioneer.  I believe this book would be valuable in my transition to “visionary ACTION-EER.”  or maybe into a capered crusader.    

  • marcbuwalda

    would love a copy to read prior to hearing Bob speak at at the Story conference in Chicago in a few months!

  • Dan McCoy

    I guess it might be easy to get all eloquent and try to convince you why I need this book.  I’ll make it simple.  I would be honored if you sent me a copy.   Ever since I discovered the joy that happens when I am outward focus Love describes what life is.  Love is an action and I want to read any resource that allows me to continue to be reminded and focused on the “do” in love.

  • James Dibben

    I have just been chosen to be point man for development of the men’s ministry at my church. 

    I would love to add this book to my library.

  • Patrick Gant

    I’ve been a writer by trade for over 20 years and story telling isn’t just a thing I must do, it’s also a thing I crave for as a reader. I’m keen to find out more about the stories in Love Does.

  • Sharla

     I would love a copy of Bob’s book! I would love to learn more about his life and influence–loved his story in A Million Miles.

  • Jon Stallings

    I really need the book because Love Does and I need to do

  • Gary Hackney

    You had me at, “it’s a series of paradigm shifts disguised as stories.” That is the kind of writing I like to read …. that resonates best with my  learning and adapting/adopting personality. Free or not, I’ll end up reading it.
    Thanks for bringing a new author to your platform.

  • Lisa Funk

    I believe we learn about life from stories – our stories and those of others.  It is clear Bob has a lifetime of stories he is willing to share with others and I would love the opportunity to read his book.

  • Sandyl

    Thank you for this post, you made my day maybe even my week.  It is so uplifting to see someone living such a joy filled dynamic life.  I look forward to reading the book and referring it to others.

  • Deanna Gibbons

    I would love to give a copy of  “Love Does” to my 16 year old daughter. Much to our dismay, she is a self described athiest and it sounds like this book would give her some needed insight.

  • Pam Grieco

    I use LOVE everyday in a lot of ways – would be interesting to read this and learn of new ways to do just that. Pam

  • Danielle Robinson

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! Ever since I read about Bob in “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” I’ve been fascinated by him and how he serves and makes life fun for others. He is such an inspiration and I would love to read more of his stories so that I might find ways of doing what he does.

  • Jonathanmanafo

    I’ve always tried to communicate love this way, as well as worship.  I’m planting a church and want to plan a series around this theme in February. Getting the book free would help our budget (every little bit counts). Ironically, John Mayer, just came out with a song, Love is a Verb…sounds like theirs a connection there.

  • Rabrooks1

    I’d like to get his book because I need to catch what he has. I guess I need to pull some capers; you  interview has given me a few ideas in that direction, but I still need more thelp. Thanks for sending the book (I’ll set here until it comes.)

  • Dave Yankowiak

    I would love to read this book. Having three young daughters and doing our best to teach them what love is through ACTION, I think Bob’s book would be a great source of inspiration and instruction for my wife and me. Excellent interview as always, Michael.

  • Bonnie Clark

    I’d like to have a copy of Bob’s book and learn how to be a “three-petal daisy” in action.

  • Ricky

    Love transcends every aspect of life and I would love a copy of the book to see exaclty what insights Bob has to offer to put into practice “love” in every aspect of my life.

  • Sjohnston

    would like to read this book to apply Love Does to my family life…we found out last Friday that I have a brain tumor and I really want to figure out how to excel especially at home…loved his analogy of being a Jesus stalker…

    • Karen

      Sounds like you will be in contact with a medical community as well…praying lots of love along this journey…in you and through you to bless your family and all those you encounter along the way.  May LOVE DO in and through you- the best medicine for all of us.  

  • Dave Rozelle

    I would love to read this book and be able to pass on some of the insights to some of our missionary candidates.

  • Renee Swope

    THANK YOU Michael for sharing Bob with us!! He’s one of a kind!! And this interview was so good – so inspiring!! I’m ordering a copy right now off Amazon and I’d LOVE to win a copy to give to share with my 15 and 17yr olds so we can read it as a family and see what “Love Does.” 

    I’m just finishing up an online book study on my blog with 4000 women and think Love Does would be a great book to read with them this summer!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • RichEdwards

    I loved Bob’s story in A Million Miles, would love to read his book…. the bit about jumping into the water after guests would leave really stuck with me.

  • Christi

    Thanks for this interview, Michael.  Bob Goff is amazing!  I saw him at the Storyline conference in Nashville and he is so inspiring!  All conference attendees received a free copy of “Love Does.”  What a phenomenal book!  I can’t recommend it enough!  Reading about Bob’s “capers” reminds me that God is infinitely loving and creative – He wants to take His kids on amazing adventures in life; we just have to be willing to take a chance, believe in Him, and follow wherever He leads.  
    I also have to thank you, Michael, for your endorsement of the Storyline conference.  I first learned about it through your blog.  It has proven to be very valuable.  I went the weekend after I finished my Master’s degree in English and I was in real need of some direction.  Going through Storyline has given me amazing clarity about where God has gifted me and where He is leading me. Your work here is definitely bearing fruit.  Thanks so much!

  • Steve Kirkeby

    As a pastor of a small church in a small community I have the opportunity to fill my life up with expressions of my faith everyday. I know that I will never be famous, command a big salary or even have many Facebook friends. The work I do is out of the love I have received from God and how I can’t help to share that love with others. I am interested in this book because I like the idea of  “Love Does”, it seems to  fit me like a glove.   

  • markrrice

    I first heard of Bob Goff through Donald Miller’s book and I’ve heard him speak at Q. I can’t wait to read the book. I want a copy of Bob’s new book because Bob has helped me rediscover the art of whimsy.

  • Adompe3

    Hey Michael,

    I want a copy of Bob’s book.  I love the stories about Bob in Don’s book.

  • Charles Eghobamien

    I just started a love journey. I really want to understand what love is and how it could help me become a better leader

  • Charles Eghobamien

    I want the book because I just started a love journey! I want to know how love could help me become a better leader.

    Charles Eghobamien

  • Jena Hollensteiner

    Loved the video interview with Bob and I would love to read his book (free copy would be wonderful!). “Love does” reminds me of a book I recently read.. Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Languages of Love” which highlights “service” as one of the ways in which we can give and receive love. Simply, to do for others. I come from a family of people who are committed to serving others so “service” was top on my “language of love” priority list. I recently ended a relationship because we had fundamental differences in how we “love.”  

  • Tweeny

    I would love a copy of Bob Goff’s book  “Love Does” because my son said it was one of the best books he has ever read, and he reads a lot of books:)

  • Jason Paul

    Bob Goff’s books sounds very interesting. I love the importance of paradigm shifts. Thank you for this opportunity, Michael!

  • Leslie

    Where do I begin ?  Love does could be my Mom’s life story .  I fondly remember my Mom as an amazing lady who lit up a room with her charisma .  She was fun , charming and inspiring to all that encountered her .  She  had the charm and grace  to influence and made her life goal one of service and unconditional love to all that she met along her path in life.  She was an art teacher , writer and prayer warrior .  She saw God in the little things that fill the spaces in your life .  I remember asking her one day why she did not have more paintings crafted by her gifted hand .  She shared that her children were her best paintings, and she had invested her time into us instead .  Where you spend your time shows your love and has a profound influence on those who get to bask in the outpouring of it .  My Mom had many challenges in her life , but she was not one to complain even with her seven year struggle with Parkinsons that finally claimed her earthly body .  I recently wrote my life story interwoven with the power of another woman’s love my Mom . Writing my story brought healing to the loss of my Mom, and the sadness of the experiences I had encountered during this journey with her . People in your life can light a candle or snuff it out with their words .  Remembering my Mom and the candle that still burns in my life due to the lasting words that she shared throughout my life that live on in my life .  Light a candle !

  • Jeremie Kilgore

    I too have been intrigued by Bob Goff since reading a Million Miles, and purely on the information provided by Don Miller I want to spend some time with this man, his book would be great also. I’ve been planning to by it, why not get it free!

  • Tiffany

    Currently I am at a crossroads in my life and I feel receiving a free copy of the book by Bob Goff, “Love Does” would provide insight and acceptance of the path I am trying to commit to. I am steadily making choices to change my direction professionally and personally to follow my heart and say no to the “corporate life” structure that “everybody” follows. I am working towards being a part of the small percentage that follows their heart and dreams! Thank you for the great information and opportunities to be exposed to exceptional reads.

  • kelsey williams

    Gosh, I’ve heard so much about him, and finally getting to hear him speak is an inspiration. He’s got such great ideas! And he’s so energetic!

    I want a copy because I want my kids to how much I love them, too! And I want to do it in fun, whimsical ways.

  • Larosa1111

    I would love to give this book to my dad. He is the president of Ga Right to Life, and works closely with Personhood USA. He is in the spiritual “trenches” right now and I think Bob’s book would be an inspiration and encouragement to him (also UP is one of his favorite movies).


  • Evwind

    I Would “Love” this book. thanks for writing this blog. God Bless

  • Norbert Haukenfrers

    I am a doctoral student researching identity formation and I have heard Bob a few times and am extremely curious see how he crafts the story of love transforming power

  • Andrew Pfeifer

    I would love to get a copy of Love Does! I have been inspired by the few stories of Bob’s life that I have heard, and I want to know more!

  • Chris Neiger

    I came away smiling after watching this video. Thanks for posting!

  • Johnnydye

    Thanks For the interview. I couldn’t wait and bought the kindle version. I would like to give this book to someone. So if I get a free copy I will pass it on

  • zanne

    This has been a recurring theme for me lately. Love is not fuzzy and passive but active and committed. I’d like to have this book because I think it would be wonderfully motivating and inspiring. And I can always use that!

  • Val Gungor

    First Corinthians Chapter 13 explains my reason for wanting to read Bob’s book. Love is a decision, a commitment and requires action. Reading Bob’s stories will help me transform my desire to express love into actions that matter. 

  • DS

    What a truly entertaining interview.

    I’m curious to hear some of the “rest of the story” crafted with Bob’s humor and perspective on love being an action.  Who would sit outside of a dean’s office to get into a college program?  What would drive a person to act that way?  Answers to those questions are why I’m interested in receiving his book.

    After receiving it and reading it – I’d love to share what I’ve learned with others via my blog, email, twitter, and when appropriate when I speak/teach.

  • Daniel Decker

    I love the screen shot of the video. #TheBest #HavingFun : ) 

  • Rick Adler

    I’d love a copy of the book, that would be awesome.  I often use the metaphor of a down stream kayak trip where there are rapids and eddies, an adventure if you will, as a example of my life.  The current right now focuses on love.  I’m reading “Love Works” and helping the organization I find myself at integrate that, listening to your interview and reading an excerpt of this book, “Love Does” resonates with the same energey and message.  So work, my personal life with my bride and some significant life challenges we’re facing all have the current of love drawing us deeper into the story.  Love in deed and truth all…Lord help me on that journey

  • Jeremy

    I really appreciate Bob’s zeal and dedication!  I am seeking ways to bring the love of the Lord alive in my kids and I believe this book can really help me to do so.  God Bless you Bob & Michael!!

  • Dan Erickson

    Sounds like a great book and perhaps I’ll get the chance to read it someday.  The dilemma is time.  I am an avid reader, but I’m also a writer and blogger, teacher and musician.  The social networking takes time, too.  And I’m a single dad.  I feel like I’m pretty productive, but wonder where do some people get the time to do everything?

  • Jan Kelley

    I am the librarian at New Hope Christian College and I would love to add Bob’s book to our library. We are training tomorrows leaders and a key component to Christian leadership is doing our love!

  • Travis Dommert

    I HAVE to start calling my wife “Sweet Lisa”…loved that!  

    …and my day at the office “a caper”.  :)

  • Matt

    I would love getting a copy of “Love Does” to learn from Bob and be able to apply it to my life. I’m a student right now and feel like I could use this…

  • Wes Rodgers

    Very nice interview. I would love a chance to have a copy of his book, Bob seems to be a very high energy, high insight guy, and without doubt this book is good! I’m always looking to learn, especially anything having to do with learning how to better invest in others and this book sounds like it will deliver in that regard. Many thanks and keep up the great posts Michael!

  • Elizabeth M Thompson

    I heard Bob speak at Catalyst Dallas this year and was amazed by all I saw in him: his genuine heart, childlike faith, remarkable story-telling and his fully-alive-and-engaged life.   I remember thinking, I’d like to bottle some of that up and take it home with me. Love Does sounds like a little bottle of Bob and I’d love to win a copy. It is most definitely on my “to be read this summer” list.

  • Keith Schmader

    Michael, I too first discovered Bob Goff in Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  I then had an opportunity to meet him and his wife Maria at CCO’s Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh.  I was ecstatic to hear from both of them first hand and to be introduced to Restore International as well as Finding Karishima.

    I would love a copy of Love Does!  My fiance–and wife to be as of this Saturday!–are regularly trying to discover what it looks live out the subtitle of Bob’s Love Does book.

    And of course if I was to receive a copy of the book I would read it through and, because I already Bob’s story to be great, likely personally refer many friends to get the book and read it.  Honestly, if the book is what I am expecting, I think it would be a good present to purchase for some of our friends who are getting married too.

    Hope I am among one of the random ones selected!

  • Oluwaseyifunmi Adebisi

    If Micheal read the book and is excited, i think i need to understand the ideas in the book. that is why i want to have a copy.

  • Keith Schmader

    Well, twitter is down so I guess I’ll have to tweet later

  • Jrbdanish58

    I would like a copy of this book because I believe that it descibes how I have lived my life.
    I hired a women that sat down next to me in church without knowing anything about her. I gave money to a women at my daughters concert again without knowing anything about her or her need.
    I gave a room in my home to a minister that I barely knew.
    In all the cases what I did know was that I heard in my spirit that I was to do it, and I was in the position to do it; so I did it.
    This book would give me greater insight in my living by the prinicipal of … “Be the answer to the unknown and often silent inquiry”.
    Thank you. 

  • Aaron Sellars

    I’d love a copy.  Who wouldn’t want another resource to help in loving others…the true sign of following Jesus?

  • Marcus

    I’d like a copy to learn more effective and impactfulness ways to love. I’m all about impact and showing love is one way a person can make an impact anywhere they are!!! Thanks for the post MH!!


  • Kim Bortmess Paddleford

    “Love Does” is intriguing!  Refers to the fact that actions speak louder than words.  Sounds like a great read!

  • Shantehayes

    About a week or so ago I stumbled upon your site while researching information for a business management paper. I must say you are AWESOME! You inspire me, you make me think and most importantly you make me think out of the box. I look forward to your emails every day! I also LOVE Bob Goff! I too am a christian and hearing how he felt like Jesus’ stalker was so funny yet so relateable. I will be getting his book right away! Thanks!

  • Jeremy Julian

    I have read the book and loved it.  I would want the book as an opportunity to give it away to others to share the Love of Jesus with others.  Bob is amazing. Been sharing stories around the office since I picked up the book. 

  • Barbara Graves

    I’d love a copy of this book.  I heard Bob speak at the Orange Conference in Atlanta last April and love his infectious attitude of joy!  Everything I have heard about the book has been outstanding.  So many books that we read as ministry leaders are policy or theory or conceptual.   I’d love a book that is on what simply has been done.  This is such a great catalyst to come up with our own creative ideas to make each day meaningful!!

  • Maryann morton

    In my late 60’s I am watching my son’s lives shattered in marriages because I don’t believe any of us have ever really understood what and how love acts and lives out in daily life, particularly in the challenges of differences…

  • Randy Elster

    I love his attitude and would love to get a copy of the book!

  • Robin Moore

    Readers are leaders.  Leaders, who are influencers, share what they read with others.  It brings my heart great joy to see someone make a connection to a life-changing book.  Material written by an excellent communicator has such a power to transform.  I want to be a part of that circle. I want to lead others to read. I want to get my hands on great material to share with others.

  • Laureld

    Wow, Bob Goff is inspiring.  I have been struggling with putting love into action.  But Bob reminds us that no matter how busy or bogged down, there is an incredible renewing energy in Jesus and when we go to him as our source we naturally want to love as an action.  I would love to read his book (getting a copy for free would be great!) his words would be a perfect pick me up!

  • Joni Tapp

    Wow, this book sounds fantastic! I have recently relocated to another country, and I’m working on trying to figure out what loving others looks like here. I would love to hear a perspective like Mr. Goff’s!

  • Kelly Combs

    Bob Goff has such incredible energy! I loved him. I laughed so much…”Stalking Jesus” was awesome. I don’t want to be a stalker.  And I do want to be a “Sweet Kelly” to my husband.

    I’d love to read his book, because I can tell is just a neat guy to know. Donating the proceeds of the book to the school! I want to know more about Bob Goff and his thoughts. He is a joy.

  • Dianaflegal

    I would like to receive a copy of the book, ‘Love Does’. My life is in a ‘shift of focus’ and my prayer of late has been, Lord, prosper the work of my hands so I might be able to give.
    The video interview was very inspiring and I am asking God to teach me to be more courageous.
    Thank you for this post regardless. It has encouraged me.

  • Charles Wasilewski

    What struck me about your video interview was the tone and spirit of the author. I’m very curious to see how he brings forth his personality in the pages of a written book.

  • Mandy

    I just got my purchased copy in the mail YESTERDAY. However, if I were to get selected, I would like to give my copy away to someone who can’t afford it. This is such a great thing! I have always said that “I love love”. I love to help others, I love to see others love others. I can’t wait to read this book!

    I have to say I also discovered Bob through Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – one of my all-time favorites (and a book I’ve recommended to at least a dozen people to read). That book brightened my whole world.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Bcole39

    What a super interview!  I came away with a desire to know Bob Goff.  I would love to add this book to my library because I think it is the kind of book that will be referenced over and over in my ministry.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Greg

    I learned of Bob Goff through Miller’s “A Million Miles”. I’ve been having a daily parade ever since. As an influencer of kids, I want to take Bob’s Biblical message to the streets.

  • Dennis Edward

    I am going through a rough spot right now in my personal life and relationships, so anything of positive input along the love- lines would do me good and remind me the importance of putting love into action.

  • Ryan Rotman

    I have heard a lot of people say great things about this book, that it really stirred something in them. Would love to get a copy and see for myself what everyone is talking about.

  • Ashton Stewart

    I would really appreciate a copy of Bob Goff’s new book “Love Does”.  In your interview with Bob Goff, his comment about him “stalking Jesus” for years fascinates me and reminds me of so many in the local church.  Our goal in the Church, and my hope as a Church leader, is not to “educate” people about Jesus; rather, it’s to “illuminate” Jesus in a way that leads to life transformation.  I would really appreciate a free copy to allow me to use Goff’s stories to communicate that life-change for my Church.  

  • Prophepatr

    Been studying love in the scriptures and have the knowledge…now need to put it into action then share these principles with others. This book and it’s stories will give me the push I need to start moving forward. I was inspired by the video clip and hungry or more.

  • Glen Mullins

    I would very much like to have a copy of “Love Does!” I’ve been fascinated by Bob Goff since reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” and his book is at the top of my “Books to Buy” list. (If I could get it for free, that’s even better!)

  • Jeff Partain

    I first ‘met’ Bob while reading “A Million Miles in A Thousand Years”. And actually, was able to met him at a preview screening of “Blue Like Jazz.”  I’m in need of some inspiration and would love to read Bob’s stories.  I need a strong reminder that love is much more than words or feelings, but actions (my wife would probably agree that I need this reminder as well…)

  • Lorna Faith

    My husband and I are right in the middle of changes…job changes, moving…I think Bob’s book “Love Does” would help in direction setting but most of all heart changes…:) Thanks for having Bob on your blog:)

  • Sharon Kay Swing

    Bob is a delight and an inspiration.  I am all about seeing life as an adventure to be be lived with God.  Bob is a shining light on the path to a life well lived with God.  Why should I get one of the free books?  I spend my time with an adventure called “Listen to My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story” that introduces people to the concept that their life story as a means to spiritual growth and meaningful action.

    Sharon Swing

  • Brandi

    I’ve heard so much about the book!  I can’t wait to dig into it!

  • Joanna

    I want this book because Bob sounds absolutely delightful and I wish I could be his friend! I haven’t stopped smiling throughout this whole interview

  • Carrie

    I’m so tired of the “usual.” Not just in faith but in life. Instead of handing out tracts or cold calling people who visited church last Sunday, I long to do something that puts my faith into action. It may be scary and daunting but that’s the point. If it costs me nothing, it’s worth nothing. If it costs me getting out of my comfort zone, then it’s truly of value. 

  • ThatGuyKC

    I love Bob’s energy and enthusiasm for life and people. I love my family and friends very much, but sometimes I struggle with translating that into memorable actions. I want my love for other to DO and not just be.

  • Kenny Sipes

    I have given some away. I want to continue to do so.

  • Marc Hodgkin

    Great interview, I would love a copy of  Bob’s book. At this point in my life a really need a paradigm shift to restart my life 

  • Kendra Petty

    Of course I want to read the book myself because it speaks to where I’m at. I just want to love people. I’m tired of talking about it I want to be about it. But mostly I want to inspire others to love, so I mainly want to use this book to pass around to others. Thanks for your blog.

  • Dan

    Great interview. I just had a birthday a couple weeks ago and I think God used it to wake me up. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for a while now but stopped reading my bible years ago cause it was just more knowledge for me (and I knew it should be more). So before my birthday my father asked me if I had started reading it again, I had forgotten how long it had been. So with a new year in my life I’ve started again, and like Bob said, it’s that idea of just being with Jesus that is worth giving your life to. I have young kids, 8, 6 & 6 and discovering that just being there with them is the best gift I can give them (maybe Bob would add some adventure and experience is valuable as well?). One of the things God has been teaching me is about watching what comes out of my mouth. Wisdom can be displayed by “holding your tongue” or speaking encouraging words, I have an idea that “my words” will be something I’m working on till the day I die.

    All that to say, this book seems like it would be right in line with this season of my life. I’d be happy if I get a free copy but if not, thanks for doing the interview.

  • CindyGraves

    I have read “Love Does” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve also recommended it about a million times! It is packed full of great stuff! 

  • Ikharms

    I loved the interview, thanks for sharing.  I would love to know more about love and practical ways of being intentional.  Thanks for wanting to better others.

  • Brad Mahugh

    I love the the principle of love takes action. Actively enduring, active patience, actively hoping. Also how to get from Jesus of anger to the Jesus of love really resonates with me as well. I’d like to hear more about that transition.

  • Jasmin

    Would love to read this book!

    Much apologies for off topic comment question here:
    Hi Michael, on your About page said your site is hosted by Linode Cloud. And another post says Media Temple. Which one hosts your fantastic site? How are each web host comparatively? Reason i’d like to know is i need help choosing a web host for my site. Thank you. Look forward to your insight. God bless! ~jasmin

  • George Lebeau Sr

    Really enjoyed seeing Bob’s heart in the interview.  I would greatly enjoy reading him and looking at recommending it to the men that I mentor.

  • Katherine Scott Jones

    Story is the shortest distance to the human heart. Jesus used story to change the way people thought, loved, behaved. Anytime I hear of someone–especially a master storyteller–leveraging story to make a point, I’m interested!

  • Joseph Wicks

    I would like a copy of this book, Love Does. Mostly because I need a shift in my life and a new understanding of love especially from Jesus’ model. Thanks for your blog and encouragement!

  • Brian Owen

    I’d love to get some inspiration from such a larger-than-life person who is so adept and moving us ordinary people to lead the extraordinary lives God has invited us to live.

  • Gordon Yowell

    I believe that receiving a copy of that book would greatly help me in applying the concept of love as a verb in the work arena – a place (ironically) that most of us don’t typically think about it, other than being kind to others.  Have this on my “to get” list!

  • Julie Sunne

    Love is not love if it is not an action. “Love Does” sounds like a fabulous read, very inspirational and convicting. I’d love a copy. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Aaron Marcelli

    I was introduced to Bob on a Catalyst podcast he did with Don Miller.  Hearing him talk about what Love Does caused me to put it in my Amazon wish list.  I would love to have a copy.

  • Brett Barnett

    This book sounds like the ideal vehicle to force us all totake a second look at what we do and why we do it, and give us a chance to re-evaluate our impact on those we love

  • Rajdeep Paulus

    I like this guy! He’s a good story teller, he’s funny, and he’s very real about his journey from knowing to loving Jesus. Love it!! Would love to read more! Thanks! :) 

    • Rajdeep Paulus

      This reminds me of my introduction to God too… when the “truth” not only set me free, He embraced me with the words, “If it was only you, I’d die for you. You. You are just that important to me.” Love. In action. No one lives it out better than our Lord! :)

  • Holland Zach

    I want to give a copy to my dad and best man as a gift at my wedding in 3 weeks!

  • ellen millard

    I want a copy so that I can give it away. I LOVED Love Does and so I passed my copy on to a friend. We are highlighting our favorite parts, then we’ll get together to discuss.
    And I’ve given a copy to one of my sons.

  • Drew Peterson

    The amount of attention this book is getting is worth noting. I saw Bob Goff at the Orange Confernce this year. I really would like to read this book!

  • Wendel Norma Elliott

    Having a copy of Love Does would be a great addition to my library and put it’s info into practice. Being the pastor of Big Bend Cowboy Church has allowed me to put into practice what Christ has taught us: Love God, love people. Love does, that’s what God’s love did and does, all the way to the cross. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • c l pierson

    Have been reading  on Twitter…Grant Jenkins’s quotes from this book and Lindsey Nobles reflection as well as Trisha Davis on her blog…etc…so then I followed Bob Goff on Twitter and learned more about him…and then I read Donald Miller’s book.. I loved how he impacted his life…(Wish Bob’s wife wrote a book as well :-)  Would love to hear her part in all of this…)

    Ultimately, I have spent the last year being reminded over and over again that God so loves us…and that I want to show this more in my life in my life to others. So…would love a copy of this book!

  • Deanna Gibbons

    Love the interview!  Bob’s enthusiasm and love for life is inspiring and contagious! Was going to wait and see if I won the book but after hearing Bob speak, I went right over and bought it for my Kindle.

  • sylange

    Because I adore Bob Goff’s energy and insight!  But you know what?  If I were to “win”, please give my copy to someone who a) needs a kick in the behind on catching up with their own life, and b) who really wants it!  Bob’s book got under my skin and I’m so happy to tell everyone about it.  Get this book!

  • Weston

    Frankly, there are people who could probably use it more.  I’m a US missionary in the middle of support-raising and I’m just really discouraged.  I could use a little of Bob Goff’s courage and hopeful optimism…

  • John Nemo

    I have the audio copy of this book and I am treasuring each chapter as I listen to Bob tell his stories. Each chapter on audio is about 15 minutes long – perfect for my commute.

    Michael I am so glad you and others are calling attention to Love Does – what a gem this book is! Simple, beautiful and inspiring all at once. I find myself alternately laughing out loud (“The Reach”) and then crying at other moments because I literally feel Jesus whispering in my ear and telling me it’s true – that he does love me and that he does want this type of amazing existence for me!

    This book does something priceless in my mind – it brings me closer to and into a more deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

    It also helps me evaluate my life and see the simple, everyday changes I can make in how I approach and view my time on this earth.

    Most of all “Love Does” leaves me inspired and excited to start living out the purpose and the passion that God made me for!

    Can’t recommend this book enough!

  • Mairon Medina

    Bob Goff is a name I recognize from Don Miller’s books and tweets. Bob has obviously had a huge impact on Miller’s life, and I’d like to understand what that’s about. It would be good to see his “heart” by reading his book.

  • Emily R.

    I would love a copy of Bob Goff’s book, Love Does! I, like you, first read about him in Don Miller’s ‘Million Miles…’ and was immediately intrigued. He sounds like such an honest, caring, inspiring man and I would absolutely love to read more of his thoughts on life. Plus, anyone who takes the time to write down every memory they can think of is pretty awesome, in my book. :-)

  • Lincoln Parks

    I absolutely love when Bob said that he was stalking Jesus and it was creeping both of them out. That was my favorite part. We all need to stalk, know, and love Jesus. He won’t mind I’m sure.

  • Will Adair

    I could always use more insight in to love.

  • Therese

    Quite frankly, I am simply looking for that next book to read that impacts me so much that I can’t help but impact others in a positive way.

  • Debra

    Love Does would make a great gift to “us”, Mr & Mrs G.  We are getting married July 21, 2012 – what better way to begin/continue our love relationship!

  • Brett

    I have three kids 5 and under. Honestly, sometimes I’m too dang serious. Sounds like this book might help out some with this!

  • Deantayl

    I liked the interview. Bob’s enthusiasm and love of life shines through.  His story about getting into law school was amazing.  He must be the only person who’s ever gained admission by doing that!  Your comment about “devouring” this first-time author’s book intrigued me, and now I want to read Bob’s stories, too.  I don’t have the opportunity to  personally associate with people of Bob’s caliber, so I want to do so through his book.  The topic “Love does” intrigues me also.  I, too, wearied of Bible studies: always reading, reading, learning, learning and never doing.  I wished the church had weekly Get-Together-to-Help-One-Another meetings  instead of never-ending boring Bible studies.  So I’m interested in seeing how Bob addressed this issue.

  • Ellis

    I would love a copy of this book because I am a guy who needs a kick in the pants on intention and creativity in this subject matter.  Bob’s enthusiasm in this short video has already startled me and I want to know more.  His ideas about creativity and Jesus are ones that I would like to further explore – we all have heard that love is an action and I’m anxious to hear about Bob’s take.

  • Bethany

    I would like a copy of  “Love Does” because I think Bob has amazing stories and tweets truth. 

  • TiredOldMartha

    As someone who is at a crossroads in life, and is not really able to see a great option at that intersection (left, right, and forward all look bleak), I am seeking an option that lifts me up instead. Something I can’t see … yet. Jesus will be there, I know. But when, how? Many of the comments in the interview spoke to my heart and I’m looking forward to being chosen (:D) and reading the book! Three petals for you Bob!

  • Vicki Moag

    I think the better question for me is why wouldn’t I want one?  This book is going to be great!  Love does, let’s go! 

  • cutommyboy

    I want to read “Love Does” because Bob Goff is such an incredible storyteller and is so practical in the way he helps us apply the truths that he teaches.  If he writes in a style that’s anywhere close to his speaking style, I know that there is life-changing stuff on the pages of his book.

  • Jenna

    As someone who works in Christian higher ed, I have been thinking a lot about the difference between knowing and doing and wanting to see love as action. Plus, Bob Goff is simply inspiring! I would love a copy for myself and to share with students I work with!

  • Karen

    Terri D. has an energetic generosity, a simple faith, and exudes eternal encouragement to those in  her presence.  Knowing her life challenges, the way she loves can come from only one source.  Would love for her to meet up with Bob in his book LOVE DOES.  She’s working on writing her first book and maybe one day Bob will get to meet Terri in hers!    

  • Marti Pearson

    I would love to get a copy of Bob Goff’s book, Love Does because I believe that Jesus did just that– walk out His love on the earth.  Sometimes we all need a bit of a paradigm shift to get us reconsidering our daily actions– and what better way to get someone back on point than to rediscover a great book on love.  Also, I believe in sharing books, so I would also be sure it got passed around to others, so his message would grow feet.  God Bless! 

  • Kayley

    I have heard GREAT things about Love Does and would love to get a chance to read it myself! 

  • Karl Mealor

    Reasons why I could really use getting a free copy of this book:

    1)  I just finished a week of VBS in which I taught a class of 35 teenagers in a small, vaguely air-conditioned room.   I could really use a book on love.
    2)  I am a huge Donald Miller fan.  After reading Miller’s Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance, I’ve been obsessed with idea of buying a used VW van and driving across the country.  It sounds like Goff’s book could comparably inspire me to add another item or two to the old bucket list.
    3)  If you send me a book, it would be a lot easier than me driving to TN, sitting outside your home on a bench, and saying every time I see you, “Just say, ‘Karl, go get your book.'”

  • Jesse Kreun

    I would LOVE a copy!  I heard him speak at Catalyst and really liked him.  He is a great story teller and it is a great motivator to get moving!

  • Peyton Jones

    I am a first time author myself with David C. Cook.  My book is called “Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches from the Ashes of 21st Century Church”.  I love reading first time author stuff.  Like Bob, I’m tenacious as well.  I also read Miller’s book that introduced him!

  • Pdinman1

    I enjoyed the interview very much and would love to read what he has to say about expressing love.

  • Christy

    Love this! I like thinking of life as a caper

  • Jessica diaz

    I grew up in an abusive home and i always compared God to my father but 6yrs ago i accepted christ in my heart and lil by lil i see my heavenly father is no where compared to my earthly father. I would love and be grateful to be choosen for this book to learn more about love and apply it to my kids and husband

  • Kevin McCormick

    I Love what you and Bob are talking about. It inspires me to want to write a book as well that helps others to go-for-it in life and not waste time thinking about impossibilities, but rather the possibilities with the help of the Lord. I’d love to read this as a family to help our boys catch the vision.    

  • Marti Pearson

    I would love a copy of Bob Goff’s new book, Love Does,  because while I try to do my best to follow Jesus’ example on earth, sometimes a new book is just what I need to change my current paradigm and kick me back into gear.  Also, I’m a big believer in passing along good books, etc., so the book will definitely be leant out to many people after I’ve read it– so the message will spread!

  • Jsboian

    After reading Donald Miller’s latest book and ‘meeting’ Bob, I walked away feeling as though I already knew Bob – or at least wanted to know him even better. He seemed like a favorite uncle that you love having over to the house on Christmas morning – not because of the gifts he brings, but because of his presence. After completing A Million Miles …, I immediately started following Bob via multiple social media outlets. His wit and wisdom are infectious. His book is, I’m sure, full of life inspring content and faith encouraging challenges. I’d love to receive a free copy of Love Does so that I can continue to get to know Bob and be encouraged by his life and by his words.

  • Bernard Hall

    I’m not a “traditional Christian” having being brought up in a religious home and rejecting the faith I was brought up in. I reject the dogma, ideology and fanaticism of those who profess to be Christian, however lately I have warmed to those who I consider to be “Transformational Christians”. Michael, you are an example of that and Bob certainly embodies that too.

    What I most appreciate about transformational Christians is their open-mindedness and commitment to transforming their own beliefs, theologies and ideologies. They have the humility to admit that they don’t have a monopoly on Truth and let their actions preach in ways that words fail. They have a powerful effect on the world making it a better place for all of us.

  • Bob

    I want a copy because this book sounds for all the world like it corresponds to what God has been saying and where he has been leading me lately. You don’t want to mess with that, do you?

  • Kristin

    I’d love a copy because I’ve heard such good things about it!

    P.S. I can’t do number 3 because I don’t have Twitter or Facebook.

  • Caleb Penney

    What a character?

    Bob Goff had me cracking up during that interview! He has storytelling down to a T. From that interview, I can tell he has had nothing short of an extraordinary life.

    I want this book because I can learn from a man who’s been where I want to go and is doing what I want to do. Plus I can already imagine myself laughing along with his book as he narrates his life stories.

    What a find! I’m so excited to get my hands on this!

  • Karen Davis

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and would love to read the book. Who doesn’t want to learn to love better? 

  • Ralphy_qm

    Love is the most significant force our world has seen and I hunger to see more of it enacted in powerful and creative ways! Good job in the exposure Michael!

  • Janicekstephens

    7 days ago my husband Dave & I were talking about having goals and plans for our lives. We are new at this pursuit, yet in our 60’s. We have alot to learn. As we talked about “plans” a car passed in front of us that had the bumper sticker 2yrpln (2 year plan). I kid you not! I am excited to hear what this book can bring to enrich our lives and hope you’ll consider sending me a copy. Thanks. Jan

  • Travis R Haley

    What a great interview! I’m not sure I can wait until June 29th to find out if I get it.. I will likely get the Kindle version before then. I do want to spread the word about Love Does, because if we want to be a “leaker” we have to put enough in us to run over. This is another resource to add to the arsenal of encouragement. Thanks for interviewing Bob!  

  • Jeanne

    I’m always interested in finding out how to ‘do life’ better.  We show our love for the LORD by loving others, even in the most difficult of circumstances.  When I read books that inspire and encourage me to love others, my desire to walk in the Spirit and to walk in love is enhanced and energized!  As a result, my life and my actions bring glory to God.

  • Bgbulmer

    I think it would be extremely helpful in taking the next right steps in life

  • Rob Clinton

    Amazing book, excellent stories, and an awesome interview! Thanks so much for the inspiration..

  • Bea7953

    I was first introduced to Bob Goff at the Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh. I went to the conference 3 years in a row and was always intrigued by Bob’s zane for life! [Whimsy as he calls it] It is so exciting to hear stories of how Bob lives the life of love that God calls Christians to. He does not just talk the talk, but he walks the walk [in fact, I’m pretty sure he runs it]! Love Does made it directly to the top of my reading list as soon as I heard Bob was the author! I would love a chance to win my very own copy. Thank you!

  • Daniellebsmith

    To know Bob is to love Bob. His charisma is contageous. Since I’ve heard about this book I have put it on my list of books to get. I am an avid reader with a super limited budget so all of my books come from Goodwill which typically works out well. Unfortunately in this case I could be out of luck, who would ever pass on a book this good to Goodwill?!?!

  • Deborah Tilden

    I would love a copy of this book!  It so resonates with my heart.   I love how Bob talks about his wife.  Behind every great man is an amazing woman ya know…;-)   And, the way he talks about meeting Jesus is so refreshing.   I am in the process of outlining a book proposal myself and would love to incorporate what Bob shares.  I want to be able to donate 50% of the net book proceeds to shepherding homes/pregnancy center ministries/post-abortion healing & recovery and adoption services.   I hope my son will watch this video – you guys are an inspiration and what a hoot to get to spend the last 13:48 minutes with you.   Thank you!  Now, back to my writing…:)

  • Joe Lalonde

    This sounds like a terrific book. I just received my copy and can’t wait to dig into it. Bob seems to be truly taking charge and being a leader. Keep up the great work Bob!

  • Carolyn Mance

    Three reasons I would like to win a copy of Bob’s book:

    #1. Bob has told you one of your favorite stories of all time
    #2. You eat books for a living
    #3. You devoured his

    If I won a copy of “Love Does”, I would eat it for dinner and ingest inspiration and not gain weight, but gain wisdom!

  • Molly K.

    I would love the chance to read “Love Does,” because I’m feeling the need to take bigger action steps in my life where ministry and relationship-building are concerned. I’m sure this would be an excellent catalyst/stepping stone to move me forward. On top of this, a dear friend just read the book, and I always love being able to discuss what I’ve read with someone I love and trust spiritually.

  • Campbell Caskey

    I’ve already read Love Does, but there are plenty of others who I could give it to! Just gave my dad a copy for Fathers’ Day.

  • Rose Atkinson

    Would love a copy of the book Love Does.  Just because.

  • Chris

    I too read about Bob in Don’s book “A Million Miles” and was amazed with his story and larger than life spirit for others, so I’d love to have a copy of this book and hear what he has to say!

  • Brandon Schmidt

    At the church I serve, we are looking for ways to motivate the congregation out of their seats and into *being the church* and serving our neighborhood. With this book, I hope to get some encouragement and advice on how to better cast the vision that ur gospel-driven love should do something

  • JakeCraft

    I’ve read a little over half of the book already and LOVE it!! I’m borrowing this copy from a friend. I’d love my own copy so that I can pass along my copy to friends and family whenever I finish reading it!

  • Jessica

    I would like a copy of “Love Does” because I follow Bob Goff on twitter and am always inspired/motivated by his tweets! I’m sure I will be just as inspired by his book, and would pass it on to others. 

  • Britton Smith

    I would really like to read this book.  I’m a huge Miller fan and think he tells amazing stories of great adventure, so if he says that Goff writes of incredible adventure, I think this book should be fantastic!  Also, from Miller’s intro, it sounds like Goff is a wise and insightful man who has a firm grasp on the concept of love, and the sharp ability to communicate it.  I look forward to reading it!

  • john boucard

    I would love a copy of “love does” because as a 24-year old looking to get married soon, I can use all the help i can get on this topic. I’ve been devouring some great books by authors like Joe beam, John Eldridge, jim collins, and others. this would be an extra special addition. 

  • melakamin

    I already bought the book, after seeing so many in my twitter feed reposting things from Bob. Everything about that interview made me smile … even giggle – what a neat guy! He reminds me of my husband & I’ll show this to him also. I love the caper idea – that’s my husband’s intention it seems – he tries hard to leave every situation better than the way he found it and he’s constantly adding whimsy to our lives. Thanks for sharing your friend with us! 

  • Sudfam

    I would love a book bc I’m in midlife stalled out it seems run outta gas and grasping for ways to hop on the track again to make a difference for the glory of God in a big way! And I need help.

  • Jennybcarter

    I would love to have the opportunity to read “Love Does” .At the age of 51, facing the death of my single remaining parent who devoted het faith and life. I relish my two daughters, my oldest ,Danielle, I planned an intervention for.We are facing possible overdose from depression.
    I always loved. I always kept faith.I do react.I have questions and I seek answers.I suffer with health condition that as this afternoons three urs w/ the Dr,we may have answers in two weeks.
    I will share this book when I am done. Thank you.In Christ Name, Jennifer

  • Motoflagger

    I am intrigued. I loved the energy and exuberance Bob showed in the video. He is someone I would like to meet and talk to over a cup of coffee. I’m sure he doesn’t know a stranger.  I loved how Bob described knowing in your head and doing with your heart. That is the same mantra I use in teaching. Kids can memorize, but if they don’t show they know it, then it isn’t knowledge but information. The same is said for the Word. You can read it, but if you don’t live it, the Word becomes meaningless. Bob seems like he could encourage the shell off of a snail. Reading his book seems like the logical thing to do.

  • Motoflagger

    I am intrigued. I loved the energy and exuberance Bob showed in the video. He is someone I would like to meet and talk to over a cup of coffee. I’m sure he doesn’t know a stranger.  I loved how Bob described knowing in your head and doing with your heart. That is the same mantra I use in teaching. Kids can memorize, but if they don’t show they know it, then it isn’t knowledge but information. The same is said for the Word. You can read it, but if you don’t live it, the Word becomes meaningless. Bob seems like he could encourage the shell off of a snail. Reading his book seems like the logical thing to do.

  • KeithFerrin

    I would love to read Bob’s book because I think it would be a terrific “real life” complement to the Book of James (which I’m reading each morning right now). Talk about doing!

  • Pastorjoelbremer

    I would love this book because i have heard raving reviews regarding it. As a pastor and reader i would love to join those raving reviews on my blog, on amazon, and in my church.

  • Cindy Cullison

    I am intrigued. I loved the energy and exuberance Bob showed in the video. He is someone I would like to meet and talk to over a cup of coffee. I’m sure he doesn’t know a stranger.  I loved how Bob described knowing in your head and doing with your heart. That is the same mantra I use in teaching. Kids can memorize, but if they don’t show they know it, then it isn’t knowledge but information. The same is said for the Word. You can read it, but if you don’t live it, the Word becomes meaningless. Bob seems like he could encourage the shell off of a snail. Reading his book seems like the logical thing to do.

  • Sarah_Carson

    I would like a copy of this book because I’m a college student low on cash but hungry to learn more about how to follow Jesus and live life loving people like He did. I’m almost done with Don Miller’s “Blue Light Jazz”, which I has really made me reflect on how well I am living out what I elieve and I think “Love Does” would be an excellent follow up!

    • Sarah_Carson

      Should be like instead of light in “blue like jazz”. Sorry!

  • Brad Miller

    I’m anxious to read the book and would love a copy.

  • Carymassey143

    My passion is helping married couples reach their full God-given potential. In my work with the “Becoming an Intentional Family” series focuses on helping couples learn the spiritual patterns and principles and skills to become intentional. Having Bob’s book about Love Does seems to focus on the fact that LOVE as understood scripturally is a action verb. I think his book would highlight pattern and principle #1: Change the way you think about the things you think about.

  • Debbie

    Oh my goodness…watching this was beyond fun. I have a headache, feel sick but am sitting here grinning till my jaw hurts. I’m emailing this to my husband right away…he’ll be grinning too and probably ready to take this attitude to his whole company (he’s like that! He is loved by those he leads :)  ). Thanks so much for sharing this, Michael. 

  • Aaron Coon

    Bob Goff is such a great storyteller and down to earth. I would love to read this book to hear more of his stories and also to learn more about how Love Does. The concept of love has seemed to have been lost in our society and even in our churches. I would love to read more on Bob’s take on this subject.

  • Txposse

    I love his healthy, positive energy for God!  This is by far the most refreshing message I have  heard in a long while.  Thank you for sharing this hope!

  • Denise

    Today on the freeway, during rush hour traffic a man got out of his car, walked a few feet  and sat down Indian leg style on the freeway. My husband saw him.  According to my husband, their eyes met  – and the man sitting looked completely lost. Done. He’d given up.
    It was horrible.  We think CHP rescued the guy – but 16 hours later the image is still with my husband and is disturbing.

    I loved the interview you did today with Bob. I will purchase his book. I’d like a book to give to someone else  – pay it forward as you guys are doing.

    Thanks for taking your leadership and opportunity to influence in an impactful way seriously. Many don’t.  Keep Going!
    thanks so much -

  • Jnkirkpatrick

    I am actually reading it on my Kindle while visiting with staff I mentor in Egypt. Yes, Egypt. I told another expat about it and wished I’d had in hard copy to give away!

    I spoke to a group 0f 100’ish boys at a soccer academy and used the story of his hitchhiking and always remembering to ask people where they are going to see if he wanted to go with them – this was to encourage them to know who they are going with, make good choices when it comes to friends and that God has the best plan for where they are to be going!

  • MPost

    It was Michael’s passion for the book, and the excerpt from an Amazon review, ”
    God chooses ordinary people like us to make a difference by getting to the “do” part of faith. Love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or planning for it. Love does.” And I need to learn the doing.

  • Carol Khong

    Bob has an incredibly pure and clear way to express Love and I would like to learn from his book.

  • Rick

    What a great story in the interview. I can’t wait to read more inspiration from Bob to help me establish new priorities in my new work August 1. I will be on the road almost every day.

  • Lee-ann Kosziwka

    I loved Bob’s enthusiasm. From your comments about reading his book Michael, it sounds like it may be infectious.

  • Coach4him

    My wife and I are currently reading this book aloud as a nighttime devotional……we have laughed and laughed and laughed!  We also are getting the point – Love is an ACTION word….and it is MORE than OK to get out of boxes that confine and do something crazy every now and then! 

  • Coach4him

    Forgot to add…would love a copy of the book to SHARE with another!  Who knows….perhaps we can start a revolution of sorts! 

  • Paul Larson

    I would love a copy of this book.  Paradigm shift would be key for me to move to the next level.  Visit my website at or follow me on twitter at @paulllarson.  Thanks Mike for your great podcast and blog.  I am motivated to continue to improve as a leader.

  • Othersideofthegarden

    I can hardly wait to read this bo

  • Wanda Obrian

    I would be extremely excited to receive a copy of the “Love Does.”  It was one of the
    most important messages that JESUS left his disciples. It can truly help me  understand the meaning of the word so I can share with others.  So many people use 
    the word love but do they really know the true meaning of the word and what JESUS was trying to tell us? “Love others, as I HAVE LOVED YOU!”

  • Andy

    Hi Michael, GREAT interview, and what an awesome guy Bob is! Such passion and joy in life, and so inspirational. I was smiling the whole way through listening to him. I particularly loved the Daisy with 3 petals story. I’m making a note of that one! ;) Haha! I would love a copy of his book, simply to read more of his words, and to be made to smile, and to be inspired to go forward and live my life as more of a ‘caper’! Brilliant! Huge thanks! 

  • Danny Kittinger

    Great interview.  There is a buzz about this book that is growing and it must be a special book based on the quality of individuals that are recommending.  Robbie Seay and Michael Hyatt in the twittershpere and many friends.  Why should you select to give me a copy?  For one, I would read it.  I am a reader and a leader and I would share it with others.  I have been reading through Platform and am defining my message.  I appreciate your influence and impact Michael. 

  • uootsie

    After reading Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and in pursuit of a more meaningful life, I left my job and moved to Gulu, Uganda to intern for free with a terrific non-profit called Krochet Kids. While here, I happened to meet Bob Goff at dinner one night; he willing added the four of us to his table and welcomed us like family. It was incredibly inspiring just sitting and talking with him. I would have ran out and bought Love Does right then and there, however, I’ve been in Uganda and it isn’t selling here… yet. Winning a free copy would be such a blessing since I haven’t had a paycheck in 6 months and luckily my homecoming date is June 29th! I can’t wait to read Love Does and continue on a meaningful and love filled path in my life. 

  • Andrew Edwards

    Positive input = positive thoughts= positive words = positive actions = positive habits = positive character.

    I’m recently learning about Bob Goff and his path and I’m anxious to get my hands on a copy of his book to be able to to fill my mind with bits and pieces of his. He has an amazing outlook on life and I have a feeling his words will be truly inspiring.

  • Elizabeth Kitchens

    I’d love to read more of his stories and learn more about his capers.  Friendly teasing, capers,  and surprises (as G. K. Chesterton so brilliantly points out in The Surprise) can brighten someone’s day and their memories.

  • Jeremy Burroughs

    The first time I heard Bob speak, I was completely blown away. After I heard him, I immediately did some research on him. He is an incredibly fascinating guy with amazing stories and I look forward to reading his book. I would love to win a copy of this book and then share it with others. He has already inspired me, and I look forward to being even more inspired! Keep doing what you are doing Bob. And thank you Michael for spotlighting Bob Goff and this book, Love Does. 

  • Timothy Borchert

    I would love to have a copy of Bob Goff’s new book, “Love Does” because from the time I was a little kid I was always told, “Love is not a feeling.  Gas is a feeling…love is a decision!”  From that perspective I have always looked at love differently than other people and when I came to know the love of Jesus Christ and his gift of dying on the cross for each one of us, I realized that love was more than just a decision, it was also an action.  Being able to read about another person’s belief that love is actually an action would be a wonderful blessing that I would like to not only experience myself, but to share with my wife and children. 

  • Yvonne

    Pick Me! I loved the video interview and Bob’s upbeat attitude. I’d love to hear what he’s been learning about Jesus.

  • Mandy

    I remember reading about Bob in Don’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and I would love to learn more about his perspective and insights!

  • Carol Khong

    Being brought up by poor but hardworking parents, it was not how much we had but how much more they could do to love us.  As Asians, the extended family who cared did their bit unconditionally and with this simple insight I believe Love Does.  Bob can help me in his easy manner to have a greater insight into Love without boundaries. 

  • Sarah K. Lanier

    Bob Goff is an inspiration to me & my family!  Each year we find a word to represent the year & in 2011 WHIMSY was the word for our family.  We had all sorts of fun & shared Bob’s story with so many.  I would love to read Bob’s book & pass it along to some friends I know that need some encouragement.  Love Does would be a great encouragement to them!

  • Jacey Verdicchio

    Hi Michael, I loved reading the sample of “Love Does” on my kindle. I want you to send me a free copy so that I don’t have to sit outside your office for two weeks asking for it ;)

  • Margaret

    just read Love Does, so I guess I don’t need a copy–but just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it! so inspiring!

  • smarties

    I would love to have a copy. I’m getting married soon! :)

  • Dr. Robert G. Wilkerson

    I am very interested in paradigm shifts.

  • Shannon Milholland

    Bob had me at the difference in “knowing and doing”. That is so compelling. Sounds like a winner to me.

    I also lol when he said “after I bumped into Jesus.” What a charming and non-intimidating way to introduce your faith. :)

  • caroline black

    I’d love a copy of this book because I’ve heard SO MANY good things about it, which has been making me want to read it for myself for a while now! (Oh, and because Don Miller is one of my favorites.)

  • Bob

    Great tip to make my life even better. The title reminds me of the amazing book “The Greatest Thing in the World” by Henry Drummond.

  • Loraine

    I am a teacher and my principal recommended the book; it is on my summer reading list.
    I’d love a copy!

  • Shirley Corder

    I live in South Africa where books for writers are rare. I am excited by the idea of “pure inspiration” and would love to read this book.

  • Hannah

    I just finished watching the interview with Bob and I found Bob is such inspirational speaker.  He inspires me to do more for others.  Though I have been doing volunteer work in this country for 20years but I know there’s always new ways to do better or to improve myself or how I can reach other in a deeper way.  I love reading and learning from those who has such a gift to touch others’ heart!  I look forward reading his book. 

  • Arend Van Dorp

    I found Boff Goff’s enthusiasm so contagious, I’d love to read what else he has to say! So, I really appreciate your offer to distribute free copies of his book. 

  • toddstocker

    Our society sees LOVE as a feeling and rather static.  As a Pastor, I’m constantly reminding people that God says love is an action.  I’d LOVE a copy as another resource for myself and those to whom I teach.

  • Ruth

     Hey Michael! Loved the interview and your book offer. I did the same thing last week. I dared my friends to read the book and offered to buy it for them. Thirty-two of ‘em took the dare, and I sent them the book this week. What a caper we’ve been enjoying! Now I’ll share your interview on Facebook. Thanks a bunch!

  • Lwinker

    This concept sounds great. Love DOES require action and work. I’d love to read about your ideas on pittin love on to action!

  • armansheffey

    I would LOVE a copy of Love Does. As a leader in my church,, and a leader in my home, I have a significant responsibility to lead by example. there is no better leadership in my eyes than that done with Love as the motivator. I blogged about it a bit here,

    Whether it is gifted to me or not, I can’t wait to follow the compelling stories to discover more tangible ways to walk out my love in my sphere of influence.

  • Kenathatch

    Why I would like a copy of Bob Goff’s book? I have read several reviews and excerpts and I just have to have a copy to read – Love does is Jesus’ life to a “T”!  God loved so He gave…Jesus loved so He gave, and did and died, etc… I am hoping through the book that I will become more fearless through his stores to do more “love Does…” and NOT calculate the risk before hand :-)

  • Erin M

    I am a nanny to four small children. I tend to take myself and the requirements to keep the house in perfect order too seriously, and tend to stress out, instead of enjoying the “kidletts”.

    This post coincided perfectly with an article  by Focus on the Family about laughter that I just read (link: ).

    “Rule Number 6″ (“Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously”) especially hit home. Then I watched the interview with Bob Goss, and noticed how much he laughs and loves and enjoys life, and realized that is what I want to do, too, and what I want to share with these kids, and others.

  • Alice T.

    Read, no devoured, your book that was passed to me by a friend….she had highlighted  and underlined and “AMEN” ed everywhere in the book..  I passed her book on as well (to my daughter  I’m not sure that my daughter will get it back to me.  That’s why I want your free book. :-)

  • Mary Ann

    Michael, I loved this interview! It sparks a feeling in my heart that I can do some of the things I think are unrealistic dreams. I tend to have tons of ideas but few implementations. Love is the key to the doing.

  • Noahstokes

    I’m a knower, I want to be a doer

  • Denise Watts-Wilson

    The Word says that God is Love.  He is our role model, for God DOES.  He loves us so much He GAVE.  I could go on and on.  I would love a copy of this book to share with others who are grappling with what true love is.  The idea of presenting love in action through stories that shift the paradigm intrigues me.  

  • Kimberly

    I’d love a copy of “Love Does” because I tend to be very task driven. I’m constantly thinking about the next thing that I “have” to do. I’d love to live more in the moment and engage in life more fully.

  • E Berg

    Just sounds like a book to help me love otheres more.

  • Kala Grogg

    I like the idea that it is better to act like Christ than just knowing about him.  

  • Dana Pittman

    He had so much energy. I could feel it through the video. Great interview!

  • Pjpettitskender

    The title “Love Does…” had a special meaning for me.  Doing things are acts of service.  Love of  God, family, friends, country cannot be shown without doing.  After Peter’s betrayal, when Jesus asked Peter the third time — “Peter, do you love me.”  Peter’s word for love changed from his previous answers for “I love you,” to the Greek word, “agape” the word that declares love as a service.  Love does take doing.  All this doing starts with the practice of prayer to be given the power through the Holy Spirit to do the acts of service for our Christ, our family, our friends, our country….

  • Ryan Hartwig

    I want to do love in everything. I’d love a copy of Bob’s new book to inspire and teach me to do so! 

  • Jfields

    I totally enjoyed this interview.  Bob is fascinating and his thoughts and actions [“Love Does”] are inspiring.  Would love to read the book!

  • Bill Butler

    I live by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS, so I am eager to read the words Bob has written so that I can add more value to others, to make more of a difference, because that’s what love does.  

  • TNeal

    This resonates well with my soul. I posted “3 Steps to Connecting What You Know to What You Do” ( ) which offers a similar message as what Bob said about “stalking Jesus.”  Scripture wasn’t written so we’d simply know more stuff about God. It was written so we would connect with God and with those He loves. Great message. Am impressed with the messenger as well.

  • Sam Harrison

    For many years, I have taught that love is something you do.  Everytime I encounter someone who effectively shares this principle, I try to learn as much as possible from them.  As the leader of a men’s discipleship group, I will use this book to help us all learn more about how to be more Christ-like in our relationships.

  • Steve

    That was a great interview.  I would love to have Bob for a friend! Makes my life seem rather bland in comparison, for sure.

  • deb

    i would love this book because i live overseas in a muslim culture where love can speak powerfully to a people pressured to oblige. i’m surrounded by those who don’t believe as i do and am involved with almost exclusively this culture.  i need the encouragement to keep doing and pressing on.

  • stacijshelton

    I’d love to get a book about how love and doing transform life. We get caught up in the belief that life is ordinary. It will be interesting to read and exciting to implement.

  • Jeff Randleman

    This sounds intruiging.  I’ve heard of Bob before, but never read anything.  I’d love the cance to read this one.  Thanks!

  • Diane Koop

    Thanks so much for sharing this interview, Bob Goff screams joy!  In a very captivating was he was teaching.  I got so much out of this short interview.  I would like a free copy because I want to give it away.  I will go buy one for myself, I want to be part of what he is doing with the Royalties.  God Bless you both.

  • Kampi

    I want a copy because I just wanted a second chance  in my life.

  • Aliciawidner

    I have been wanting to read Love Does because it intrigues me to see how others show love. From what I have heard this guy does love in a way that leaves a huge mark. I would love to read it and pass it around to others.


    I want to live better and the book may provide insights on how to live better by the grace of God.

  • Erin

    I’d love to read this because I’ve heard such good things about Bob Goff.

  • Stephanie

    My nephew just graduated at the top of his class from Boston College Law School and now has a job with one of the best law firms in Boston. In a recent conversation I could hear some tension in his voice about entering the corporate world and yet not wanting to lose his soul. I would love to give him this book so that he can see how Bob Goff uses his law degree to make a profound difference in the lives of so many!

    Thanks Michael!

  • Jimfitz2

    We all live in an ordinary world, and reading about Bob’s journey and his experiences would be an inspiration on my journey.  I would love a copy of  “Love Does”!

  • Jackie Anderson

    I have read it and am reading it to my family at the dinner table and have purchased 4 copies to give away! 

  • Jackie Anderson

    Highly recommend following @bobgoff:twitter also. His tweets will inspire you.

  • Theron Mathis

    Like you, I discovered Bob through Don Miller’s book.  If by reading the book, his enthusiasm for life and intentional whimsy rub off into my own heart, then I need a copy.  He seems creative about the way he demonstrates caring and love for people.

  • Mavis Beyer

    Wow, never heard of Bob but sure want to read his book.  I love his energy and witt.  Thanks for the interview.  

  • David Sollars

    Bob Goff just helped me rediscover the power and freedom whimsy! I would like to dive head first into a book with the spirit of his brand of light-hearted love that does.

  • Jake

    I’d be grateful to get a copy of this book because of the way Bob communicates and absolutely exudes this ‘Love Does’ idea. I want to learn to be that way and pass it on as well!

  • Java

    I would love to read Goff’s book as he has a committed to fighting injustices against children.  As well a paradigm shift is always welcome!

  • TLGrover

    My goal with this book would be to read it then see how many people I can get to also read it. “Pay it forward” is what I do with books. I aspire to write and would hope the same for my works in the future!

  • Alan

    I was really impressed with Bob when I heard Donald Miller talk about him in his book as well. I would like the book because I believe strongly that creating margin in my life and living intentionally will show Jesus more than many other things. Thanks!

  • Lindsay Rose

    I’d love a copy of “Love Does”.  I loved meeting Bob in Don Miller’s book a few years ago, and his brief story truly inspired me and my family.  I would be so excited to read a book direct from Bob himself!  Pick Me!!

  • Darline Royer

    I read “Love Does”  a few days ago . . . indeed a fascinating and motivating read!  If I were given a copy, I would give the book to a young man (Benjamin) who will be completing his law studies at Yale in 2013.  Having visited my late husband and me when we served as missionaries in Uganda (1996-2007), Ben has a vested interest in Uganda.  Knowing Ben’s background and family training, he will use his talents as a lawyer to  offer hope to others. “Love Does” would speak to Ben.  

  • BethIngersoll

    Why do I want a copy of “Love Does?” Did you hear that interview? If the book is nearly as good as that interview, I need to read it. Sounds awesome.

  • Phyllis Hall

    Under-employed for a decade but not retiring. I want to read the book before I give it to local library, it will help so many people like me who think there is nothing we can do…Phyl

  • Serena

    I would Like a copy because I want to be a lawyer and bob goffs story is encouraging to me. And I have only been able to hear bits and pieces and I would want a copy to have with me as a reminder that my dreams are possible and that ultimately god loves is what wins. My brother is in prison and they are still waiting for his trial which could be about 30years. I want to be able to send my brother this copy so he can see hope and love in a what seems like a hopeless position.

  • Scott Hand

    MH thanks for sharing with us the interview, humor, and heart of Bob Goff.  I’ve got the book in my books to read next pile.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  Looking forward to the read.  

  • Laura Dallas

    I would like a copy. I just attended the Wild Goose Festival and am feeling more inspired than ever to put my faith into practice, but I just don’t know where or how to start. I am a poor manager of my personal time.

  • Donna Cooper

    I want to, I NEED TO, give this book to my Pastor!  I’d love to give one to every person in my church.  Truly  one of the best books I’ve ever read.  This is my Facebook post today:  “I am about halfway through this book, and I am convinced that it is one
    of the most bestest books ever penned. Seriously. YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO
    READ IT!! It will inspire you! It will make you laugh! It will make
    you wonder! It will make your jaw drop
    with unbelief! It will make you laugh out loud (even in a public
    place)! It will make you want to keep reading! It will make you sad
    with the thought that this book will have a last page! (But my guess is
    you’ll keep writing more pages after you read it) Because that is what
    LOVE DOES.” Plus, today is my birthday (really!) so what a cool gift, right? 

  • Lidia Sentosa

    Hi, Michael…
    I’m attracted by your words : paradigm shift because I’m in the process of writing about paradigm shift in the 21st century. I still don’t find a suitable story to quote in my e-book. Hope I can find one in “love Does”.
    Btw, my e-book will be given free as a gift for my readers and will never for sale purposes. I’ll send you one when it’s done (if you don’t mind).


  • Jake Denning

    I would highly envy a copy of Bob’s book. I went to the first Storyline conference that Donald Miller ran in Portland, OR, and Bob literally flew out to say hello to all of us and help Don move furniture…and then off he goes back home. WOW!

    I really would like to read Love Does, but at this current season, I don’t have the budget to buy books right now. I’ve heard great things about this book, and I’d like to read it for myself.


  • CathyS

    Actually, I couldn’t wait for a free copy of Bob’s book. I just went out and bought the audio book for my Kindle ASAP … and I was not disappointed. Thanks, Bob Goff!

  • Michael McClure

    Fabulous interview Michael – thanks. I’d love to receive a copy of Love Does partly because you endorse it. But also because I was meeting with a leadership team last night and we were having trouble finding the ‘connective tissue’ for an project we’re working on. When I heard that interview it just became so obvious what we were missing…”whimsy”. That one thing alone will give such power to our idea and I’m grateful for that. So if the rest of the book is anything like this few minutes in the interview then this is one I want on my shelf.

  • noelk

    Very interesting interview – knowing vs loving and the idea of “with us.”  Can’t wait to read


    I want a copy to practically live out the love revolution. Thank you for sharing.

  • Laurie Barker Copeland

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE Bob!!!!  (As a writer, I know I’m not supposed to use so many exclamation points, but Bob deserves them!!) A Million Miles in a Thousand Years became my favorite book of the year, and I bought a copy for every member of my extended family.  Bob was the main reason I loved it so.  While reading the book, I posted a status on my facebook page, “I want to be like Bob”, knowing those who attended my college aged book club would get it and agree.  They did.  Bob is an inspiration to all.  And yes, I want his book, and I STILL want to be like Bob.  :) 

  • Jwhite

    I am a writer and I’m always studying the craft of writing and looking for books of inspiration to make me a better Christian and and better writer.

  • Nick Palkowski

    I believe strongly and speak on the topic of taking action and feel that love must be the foundation of an influential leader.

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