Book Notes: Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media has changed everything. It is now possible for you to take the thing you are most passionate about, create a social media platform, and build a real business that makes serious bucks. In his New York Times bestseller, Crush It! Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, Gary Vaynerchuck shows you how. In a moment, I will tell you how to get a copy FREE.

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First, who is Gary Vaynerchuk? He is the host of Wine Library TV and quite possibly the most passionate person on the planet. Think: human concentrate. Just add video and ba-bam. His energy level is illegal in seventeen states.

Gary’s family immigrated from Belarus in 1978, when he was just a toddler. His dad started a discount liquor business in Springfield, New Jersey and encouraged his young son in his entrepreneurial exploits. While he hated school and did poorly, he excelled at business— especially marketing. He began with a lemonade stand, went on to a lucrative baseball card business, and then graduated to a spot in his family’s retail wine business.

On February 21, 2006, at the age of 30, everything changed. Gary launched a video podcast called Wine Library TV. With his passion, humor, and transparency, he became a new media sensation. As a result, he was invited to appear on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Ellen Degeneres, and Nightline. His Internet videos went viral.

I first discovered Gary by stumbling onto a video of a speech he had delivered. Frankly, I was turned off, mostly because of his coarse language. (He says he is working on cleaning up his act.) I turned it off after about 60 seconds and moved on.

However, when Crush It! hit the New York Times bestsellers list, I decided to give Gary another try. I downloaded the audio version of the book and listened to it while running. I totally bought into his philosophy of work and social media. With his obvious passion, real-world experience, and off-script comments and humor, I became a fan.

The premise of the book is simple: life is too short to spend it on a job you hate. Instead, you need to identify your passion, make use of social media tools to get your message out, and then build a business you love. Sound impossible? Gary did it, and he shows you how in his book.

Granted, he didn’t start from scratch. His dad’s liquor business was already doing about $4 million a year in revenue. But he took it from there and created a $60 million-a-year online business!

Crush It! is a quick and inspiring read. He discusses:

  • The role of passion in your life and work
  • How to build your personal brand
  • Why you must create great content
  • The game-changing possibilities of social media
  • The importance of authenticity in delivering your message
  • How to monetize your passion and create a new life for yourself

The book is short—only 142 pages. I savored every chapter. Even though I listened to the unabridged audio book, I have already started reading the print version. It is that good!

Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Just to prove how valuable I think this book is, I am recommending it to you despite the fact that it was not published by Thomas Nelson. It was published by HarperStudio, an imprint of HarperCollins. They have graciously made 50 copies of Crush It! available to my readers.

Notice: This offer is now over. I have picked 50 people to receive a free copy of Gary’s book. I have none left. However, stay tuned for future offers. I am leaving the original text intact below for the historical record.

To get a chance at snagging one, you must take the following three actions:

  1. Leave a comment below. Tell me why you want this book. Be creative. I really do read these comments and base my decisions on them.
  2. Fill out the special form. I have set up a separate contact form to make it convenient for you to provide your mailing address. Please do not put your shipping address in your comment. This will automatically disqualify you.
  3. Twitter a link to this post. You can do so automatically by clicking here. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use Facebook.

On Friday, March 5, 2010, I will select 50 people, based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments. If you are one of those selected, Lindsey Nobles on my team will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from her, you can assume you didn’t make the cut.

Question: Why do you want a copy of this book? If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?
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  • Tom

    I have heard so many rave reviews on this book. One of my best friends purchased the audio book and told me that I had to get it (but haven't had the chance).

    Passion and following it, is something that I think is integral if you want your business (online or offline) to succeed in the long term – and that is why I really want to grab a copy of this book.

    Gary's track record is the proof that he knows what he is talking about and to be able to read how and why he does business would be a great opportunity!
    My recent post The 4 Reasons People Unsubscribe Mailing Lists

  • Mike St. Pierre

    Sounds like Crush It! may be valuable to those of us who are promoting the Spirituality of Work; the principles are similar: love your work, do it well and make a difference.
    My recent post Mini Book Review: Rediscovering God in America

  • Jody Fransch

    Gary Vaynerchuk is an awesome guy who we can all learn a lot from. The positive impact he has had is phenomenal.

    I would really love to get my hands on a copy of his book because I just discovered my passion a few months ago and would like to read the book in order to get some insights from Gary on how to build my personal brand and utilize social media to help my cause…which WILL benefit others tremendously.

    Michael, I not only promise to read this book, but also to share with others what I will learn from it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to own this book.

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  • William Haynes

    Sounds like a book that I need, big time!

  • Dyaji Charles Bala

    I sit on the egde of expectation once again hoping the light of favour will smile upon me with a book that could change my life and through me the lives of over a million youths that believe that my country, Nigeria, can change. I'm new to Gary Vaynerchuk. Heard of him just a couple of times. But if Michael recommends him, then count me in. "Crush It! is a quick and inspiring read" Why wouldn't I want to read it? Michael, I will sure read this book and hopefully with the renewed passion, share with others the knowledge acquired.
    My recent post You’ve got Wings!

  • Eric Tangen

    I would like a copy of this book as it sounds like a great companion to Seth Godin's Linchpin. Life definitely is too short to work at a job that is not fulfilling. And I promise to read it and share it with my wife and kids one of whom is just getting started on figuring out what he wants to do in life.
    My recent post Lake Placid

    • Michael Hyatt

      It is a great companion to Linchpin. I suppose this is why it was easy for Seth Godin to endorse it—which he did. Thanks.

  • Jim Martin

    Michael, I would like a copy of this book. Why? I would enjoy reading his words regarding passion. I am intrigued by people who remain passionate for the long-haul. (Meanwhile, so many others seem to fizzle out before they even get to the half-way point.) Thanks.
    My recent post Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?

  • Joy Haynes

    Gary has such an inspiring story, I am sure this book will be amazing. Who doesn't want to live their passion? There are so many people around me that are just itching to move into a new chapter engaging their passions. I want to be able to read this, then pass it on. Thanks for continuing to offer great reads and fun offers.

  • Philip

    The reason I need this book is because I too think that my life is too short to pursue my job which I don’t like very much. I am a very passionate individual. I have a lot of energy in me and I have very little guidance on how to channel it fruitfully. I am afraid that if I let it build inside me, all its going to do is weaken me mentally and physically.
    I have written my first book. It is a book on Motoring. I have absolutely no idea on how to market it effectively. I have read Seth Godin’s tips on the same and I intend to follow it. I am not into social media and if the book ‘Crush it’ is all about marketing through social media, then I would love to have a read and apply the same to marketing my book.

  • @hasbell

    I'm interested in learning more of how social media is being used. Not simply seeing tweets, but the philosophy behind them. Short (and good) reads are great for those of us with short attention spans. Sounds like a good on based on your review.

  • Butch Adams

    Now that the Super Bowl and the Olympics are over, I just KNOW that I will be able to use the information in this book to become a great marketer in a few short weeks. I promise to use the book to achieve and excel. Wait, March Madness is about to begin is't it?
    My recent post Should My Computer Run All The Time?

  • Wiertz Sebastien

    2 reasons for me to read this book -> I have 2 common points with the author.

    First, I am a wine lover.
    Second, I am a workaholic.

    I heard about this book some weeks ago and I would love to read it.

  • @christianDVD

    I think daily about where I want to be and what I want to be doing in 5 years when nobody is buying DVDs anymore (I currently manage ) I'm continually inspired by the likes of Ramit Sethi, Seth Harwood, Gary V and Timothy Ferris who have taken the thing they're passionate about, built a ton of content around that thing… and THEN written a book that sells like crazy to the fan base that they've built before the book idea even existed. By the time the book is published they're already living freer and more focused on their passion than ever before. The book brings in more revenue to keep living passionately. How awesome.

  • Jonathan Mansfield

    This book is exactly the type of direction everyone needs, but more immediately my generation of 20-somethings, as we leave the structure of the classroom and the safety of grades to find where we can best invest in our world and those around us. How to reconcile passion a personal brand with a career and success, without hubris, is an important lesson that, it sounds like, this book articulates. I want this book because I see that my peers, colleagues, and myself need to remember what unfettered passion feels like and how to infuse our lives with it. I promise to read this book, if I receive a copy, and encourage and challenge those who need its lessons.

  • David Collier

    I have been following Gary Vee for awhile
    and his passion is contagious so I am very
    much interested in how to generate passion.

  • pierce1855

    Why do I want a copy of CRUSH IT?

    Because I try to be a student of leadership at all times. I have always been drawn to the mingling of leadership and technology. I have read 10+ books on leadership the past few years (would have been more, but I was in graduate school).

    I have been reading your blog for the past year or so and over the past week starting blogging myself. My wife and I just announced our pregnancy and decided this would be the best way to share all of the pregnancy joys with family, friends, and colleagues.

    To complete my NEED for this book I would love to start writing leadership book reviews on my blog. This would be an excellent first, and YES, I PROMISE to read the book!


    P.S.- I was raised in Columbia, TN and enjoy your tweets about Franklin culture. I was in a few plays at Pulltight Theatre and thoroughly enjoy downtown Franklin.

  • Simon Herbert

    Social media is changing so fast, it is important to be at the front of the wave, and Crush It looks to be a link towards getting ahead of the race. Engaging students, and members of church congregations, is coming more and more into the social media domains, and Gary Vaynerchuk's book will be a great asset. If you're recommending it Michael, it has to be essential reading! Although money is nice to have, my desire for the book is to help me engage those around me in a far more effective way, and encourage them to take on the challenges that face our society today.
    My recent post The View From Sunday.

  • @anorthern

    I need this book! I'm 27 and working to find my passion again in my work. Crush It! is from a phenomenal author and will help me as I seek to set the example of pursuing dreams and doing all to God's glory.

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    I first heard about Gary Vaynerchuk while reading Chris Brogan's book Trust Agents. Anyone who Chris Brogan cites as an example is worth reading more about. I'm already doing a lot of the things you say are discussed in the book (building a personal brand, trying to create great content, utilizing social media, trying to be authentic) and I would love to read more about them so I can get better at them.

    My recent post The 4 Lies of Consumerism

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    I first heard about Gary Vaynerchuk while reading Chris Brogan's book Trust Agents. Anyone who Chris Brogan cites as an example is worth reading more about. I'm already doing a lot of the things you say are discussed in the book (building a personal brand, trying to create great content, utilizing social media, trying to be authentic) and I would love to read more about them so I can get better at them.

    My recent post The 4 Lies of Consumerism

  • Joey

    I love @garyvee's passion and forthrightness. I want a copy of Crush It! to help continue to shape my view of leadership in this generation, and learning more about making money while doing what you love.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    This sounds like an interesting read – I've been reading a number of leadership and work culture books over the last year, such as Why Work Sucks (and How to Fix It), Fake Work, Trophy Kids, etc… I'm really intrigued to see if the concepts line up and how they might be used to help not only me, but my coworkers find some enjoyment from their careers.
    My recent post The Incarnation: A Secondary Issue?

  • KBoyd

    You have to believe in the point you're trying to convey not only in your social media posts, but as you converse with people in your everyday paths. If you believe in what you sell, or what you make or your moral beliefs, people have to see that belief. Without passion, those beliefs are like the wind…. they're here for a moment and then they're gone…

  • muffin23

    Hello! I always trust your recommendations & I find that the book is exciting/challenging cos I’m so sick of my current job. I deal with nasty customers everyday but actually “people” is my passion, it’s why I’ve chosen to be here in the first place. When I read the book, wondering if it will relive my passion? Or as I do a transition, will it help me to rediscover a new one? I really wish to know. PS: I promise to read or I wouldn’t even ask for it. Thank you, Sir. :)

  • @kyleporter

    I want this book because I just marathon and I need to figure out what to do next…

  • Mari-Anna Stalnacke

    Crush it! sounds like one of the have-to-read books! My main goal in life is not to make big bucks but followers of Christ need to educate themselves to be most viral they can be. I would love to have a chance to read the book to educate myself to fullfill my calling to talk of God so that everyone might know the love of God, receive the grace of Christ, and live in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
    My recent post Knock, knock! Who's there?

  • kevin d

    "His energy level is illegal in 17 states." Brilliant. I am, at heart, an entrepreneur and am looking at starting a business in late 2010/early 2011 (a coffee shop). Two things I am passionate about are community and coffee, so it seems like a natural fit. I'm a fan of Gary and heard him speak last year (but didn't get a chance to get the book). Would love a copy of it. Given his passion and energy level live, I'm excited to see what he has to say in his book.

  • Mary

    I want a copy of this book, because I am passionate about building my brand online. Yet, I need to read about how to get focus and specific on how I do it. I need some expert help.

  • RuthAnn Bowen

    My first encounter with Gary Vee was just last week when there was a sidebar on him in Success magazine. Literally, the next day, you tweeted about Wine Library TV (someone was laughing really hard watching it) so I looked him up on the web. I'm a jersey girl and noticed he had New Jersey written on the label in the beginning of his video. It was a no-brainer at this point that I should follow this guy so I immediately started following him on Twitter. And now you mention his book in your blog! Whether I win the book or not it's obvious I should be reading it. Thanks for the heads up and the chance to win the book.

  • Robin Gerhart

    I am in the process of starting up, learning about copyright, social media, setting up my website/networking and generally on fire for the future! I need all the help I can get! I love people and love this process!

  • Tom

    I'm sure this author means very well and I applaud his success. From the video only, this book's message seems very different from the Gospel message and looks disappointing to me. The book's message seems to promotes "self actualization." What leads to new life is Christ's message of repentance and forgiveness and love, not the message of self actualization that can end up glorifying each person much more than the living Savior. John 3:16.

    • Michael Hyatt

      But can't you filter that out? If I only read stuff I agree with 100%, I wouldn't read anything! And I would be the worse for it. If you want to change culture, you have to engage with it.

      • Tom

        Yes, I can filter it out, and very good point. To change culture, you need to know culture; agree 100%. I would like to read the book. My only point was that after years of reading books touting self actualization, I have turned more towards stories with a Christian perspective (most of which Thomas Nelson publishes) and, most importantly, Biblical study and have found that more fulfilling to me personally given the short amount of reading time available in the day. With that said, the endorsements here, not to mention your own endorsement, speak volumes; and his view to follow your passion is in keeping with the Biblical verses about spiritual gifts. (PS I hope you don't mind my comments here). So thank you, and blessings to you on Thomas Nelson's and your blog's most important and powerful ministry.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Thanks for your kind words about Thomas Nelson. I don't mind your other comments. Iron sharpens iron. Not everyone has the maturity to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, I think it is an important skill.

  • @nateriggs


    Interesting post and promotion, especially from a competitive publisher – that says a lot. I got to meet Gary at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston last year and was blown away by his charisma. I believe what he says – everyone now has access to publishing tools that can help them to Crush It in their own business and passion. My question is – is Gary V's success replicable? For some, I believe yes.

    But on the other hand, how much of Gary's success is attributed to the fact that he has one of the most energetic and amazing personalities in the game? Can others without that natural gift also make the same type of impact? I have my doubts, and that's why I want to read Gary's book. I'm looking for his secret sauce and want to see how he makes the connection so that others can Crush It.

    Maybe is a poor reason, who knows. I'm a big fan of Gary's regardless and as an aspiring speaker moving up the ranks, he's been a big influence for me as one of the most energizing presenters I've ever seen live…

  • @drbret

    This is a cool and smart offer, Michael. I would like a copy of the book because I don't believe it can be that good. I've been aware of it for a while but decided to pass on buying it. Your recommendation makes me want to reconsider. I teach an MBA course in personal branding, so I am always looking for good books to recommend to my students. Is this one I need to have them read? I'm hoping you will hep me answer that. Thanks! Bret

  • @christianDVD

    <looks like my whole comment didn't post before>
    I think daily about where I want to be and what I want to be doing in 5 years when nobody is buying DVDs anymore (I currently manage a DVD company )

    I'm continually inspired by the likes of Ramit Sethi, Seth Harwood, Gary V and Timothy Ferris who have taken the thing they're passionate about, built a ton of content around that thing, gathered a bunch of followers… and THEN written a book that sells like crazy to the fan base that they've built before the book idea even existed. By the time the book is published they're already living freer and more focused on their passion than ever before. The book brings in more revenue to keep living passionately. How awesome.

    Over the last few weeks, I've been passionately working to develop a family nature club for kids and I've wished I could take that kind of passion into my daily job. I want Crush it because I think Gary V can help show me how to do that.
    My recent post Letters To God, Coming Soon

  • Celeste Sue Benskey

    Passion is essential for maintaining an on purpose life. As a Christian Counselor and Christian Life Coach, I partner with others as they discover their purpose and learn to live with passion. Reading Crush It will provide additional resources for me and my clients. My passion is to facilitate forward movement for all that I work with. When my clients begin to live with passion I know that I am living on purpose in my role. Crush It will benefit all ages. At this moment I am very excited about the meaningful impact for those just starting on their adult journey. I want to read Crush It now.

  • Jesse

    I would LOVE to get this book – this would be a great help in marketing myself and my company online.

  • Josh Deng

    I'd like to get a copy of this book! I have a pair of entrepreneur friends who are big into social media and focus on web design; I'd love to gift this book to them in hopes that their business would start up well. If not, I'd love to read it myself! Thanks!

  • Matt Wilson

    Being a young Executive Director of a non profit ministry, I try to consume any info that I can. Looking at the contents of “Crush It,”I see many things that I could transfer to help take the ministry to the next level. Some issues do not match up but some always will!

  • Maureen McCabe

    I NEED the book! I have heard great things about it. Need to cash in on my passion…

  • Mario Mattei

    I'm on the brink of living a Crush It! lifestyle… already partially there! And I'm developing others with me along the way.

    I'm an American living in Turkey (I invited you here @visualpeace DM's), and am launching a movement / tribe called the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers ( for the good of the world and for reconciled relationships between Muslims and Jesus-followers.

    I'm a fledgling humanitarian photographer myself (, needing to ramp up my personal brand so that I can get more jobs and thereby support my entrepreneurial habits for doing good and not making "enough" $ during risky start up times. My wife and 3 tots would appreciate this :)

    I just finished my first novel, Noon Chai Escape (, which I also need to market and brand through social media. In this adventure story the supernatural is exposed, hope is discovered in a land of conflict, and a loving Allah trumps religious assumptions, challenging readers from multiple backgrounds and perspectives.

    I'm a student of you, Godin, Maxwell, Gladwell, and I'm eager to learn more from others.

  • @marcbuxton

    Haven't heard of this book (or this guy), but I'm glad you've made us aware – thanks! I am a missionary to the Philippines, and the team I work with is launching a new non-profit for fundraising here in the States. We call it "Global Surge". Our team operates and starts feeding centers, churches, youth centers, and evangelistic camps – this year the camp is slated to reach over 100,000 young people:

    This book seems like it would offer great advice on how to promote a non-profit through social media – I'd love to have a copy!

  • Nathan Creitz

    I'm interested in seeing how this book will influence how we use social media in our new church plant. I am quite connected personally and already see some value in using social media in ministry, but I think this book could really help us to clarify our goals and help make our new church connect with our neighbors in a deeper way. Thanks for letting us know about this book!
    My recent post Marketing Your Church Plant: Philosophical Foundations

  • Julie Hunt

    I’ve been building for twenty years. In between raising children and persevering through life’s ups and downs I’ve kept my business growing. My passion? Helping kids and parents be successful in life.
    My tools? DVDs, workbooks, training, teaching, writing and my just launched Facebook Fan Page, The Virtual Mom. My need is what you say this book offers: developing my brand and utilizing social networking to the fullest. I’ve had every reason to “pack my bags and shut down the show”…but I haven’t….I’m still here because I know I have more to do and say but, as a one woman band, I need help in getting that accomplished. And yes, I’ll the read the book…sounds like I’d be a fool if I didn’t.

  • Eliza Huie

    I need this book for two reasons. I need it because I am a 37 year old stay-at-home mom home schooling my three children (ages 11, 12, & 15) and I need it because I am a writer. I love to write. Writing has always been something I have toyed with but never went beyond playing around. The time constraints that come with raising/teaching children are part of the reason I never pursued this passion. But also, I have never felt I had a platform for my non-fiction devotional/style writings. In this past year I began to look into using social media as a means of developing a platform. I began using social media tools and following blogs that can help me develop a quality web-based platform. This has been an exciting process as I have begun to walk through the doors social media has opened for me. Since I am a teacher I of course want to pass this on to my students. I have begun to teach my children how they too can capitalize on the talents God has given them through the means of social media. They are a target generation and I want them to discover how to go beyond the status quo of Facebook updates, photo comments, and Farmville and instead capitalize on the tools available to them and, like their mother, pursue their passions. I have never heard of Gary Vaynerchuck but you can be sure I will be researching/following him. I also hope to have a free copy of his book in my hand real soon! Thank you for the offer.

  • Dijea

    This is a book that might point me in the right direction! I need this.
    My recent post Day 128: Another Moon Shot

  • Rocco Capra


    I am graduating with ms BS this summer at 37 years old. To then go on to a Masters in Counseling. This is a huge switch for me since I am an IT Systems Administrator. It has been all about finding the desires of my heart and then pursuing them, as opposed to doing what everyone else says I should do.

    Not only me, but my wife is starting, and trying to build her dream of creating, owning, and running a Music Studio. She only having a year of college has been a stay at home mom for the last 13 years of our marriage. This is a big step for her and I am very excited about it. I think this book can encourage her in her pursuits!!

    My recent post Get out of the Boat!

  • Mike Rowell

    I would love a copy of this book! I want to explore how we can use social media in developing my own personal brand and the online brand of our church community. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • @tasradawson

    It's a simple question that Gary asked in his video… what do you want to do every day for the rest of your life…

    What I want to do every day for the rest of my life is to follow more passionately after my vision to inspire the discouraged, offer hope to the hopeless and give voice to the voiceless. I know I'm an unlikely candidate to speak to the masses, not naturally outgoing and good-natured, but more introverted and reserved, not the A-list, rockstar that so easily grabs the limelight, but none of that matters when the fire is lit in my heart to reach out to women and teen girls who need to hear that they matter, that they are more than what this world tells them. And the doors just keep opening for me to walk through.

    As I just keep going forward, I have come to embrace who I am – a sea of creativity… creativity that cares enough to see the untapped potential in so many creative individuals, and committed enough to help nurture, inspire, and motivate others to see and develop their own hidden treasure. I'm ready to crush it with my writing, speaking and photography through Teen Identity Portraits and Magazine, helping teen girls unleash their true beauty and through my blog at that inspires others to discover beauty in foreign places, to see beyond the plain to the possibility, to transform their images, albums and their life.

    If he asks more questions like that, puts out more challenges to just ask for what you want, then this is a book I want to read… and will read with sticky notes and pen handy for notes.
    My recent post Found Art: Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places Giveaway &amp; Challenge

  • james

    I would like a copy to help me build my platform. I am working on my first book and need all the help I can get. I am generally an introverted personality and working on being more open especially with social networking, which is a strectch fro em.
    My recent post Faith without Works

  • nancymitchell

    I want to CRUSH IT! I have just recently started a photography business which is my passion. I am also a labor and delivery nurse, which I do love my job! I just want to do something that I am more passionate about and grow a business where I am my own boss and the hours are more flexible especially with having four children! I would LOVE to have this book to get me going in the right direction. I PROMISE to read it too:) "If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble."~Ecclesiastes 4:10 NLT Thank you for giving this opportunity to not one, but 50 deserving people. That in itself is just INCREDIBLE!

  • Scott Lehman

    Perfect timing Michael as it is my desire to take the In His Grip message to the 60 millions golfers worldwide. I truly believe that this book would be a great help. Thank you in advance for considering me for one of the 50 copies…it has my name on it. ;)

  • Steven

    I don't have a job, but I love what I do and wake up to pour more energy into my projects every day. I live with a constant fear that I'm merely Smushing It despite my efforts. I look to this book as a coach.
    My recent post Inkscape perspective on text path

  • Jenessan Evans

    I would love to stick my nose in this book and dive head first into to reading it and implamenting it into my life and work. What a great way to help me become great understanding how to ddo this social media thingy everyone is doing!!!

  • Jay Colle

    This sentence is all I needed to read to pique my interest: life is too short to spend it on a job you hate. I just moved into "empty nest" territory and am ready to focus on something other than preparing three kids to function successfully in the world (and, so far, they are so good). I have some skills, a lot of ideas… now what? Hopefully, this will help in my quest.

  • Kevin Cooper

    After three weeks of almost continuous snowstorms up here, I need to keep my book que full–not getting outside anytime soon :)
    My recent post Listening to the playback…

  • Hugh Ballou

    “Crush It!” is exactly the source of clarity I am looking for to create a pathway for delivering my unique leadership and team strategies to leaders of churches and non profit organizations. There needs to be a major paradigm shift for leaders of these types of organizations to be able to transform the organization for survival in the future. Social media is a very powerful took, however, many of us have not been able to develop an effective strategy.

    Thanks for sharing this resource.

    Hugh Ballou

  • Danny Michael

    I need this book. I am at a crossroads in my career due to the economy. I need Crush it!

  • Jarrod Skeggs

    I’ve seen and heard a lot of people commenting about Gary’s book on Facebook and Twitter, but honestly, I haven’t taken the time to investigate what it was actually about.

    I took the plunge nearly 4 years ago to pursue earning my living by doing what I am passionate about. My business partner and I built a solid business during the first three years. At that time, we found something that we became even more passionate about because of the potential to help a lot more people. We expected that we could integrate this into our business and thought it would compliment our business model well.

    What we found was that we had so much more fun with our new passion that our original passion was distracting us from pursuing what we really wanted to pursue. There was one minor problem however, our original passion was fueling most of our revenue. (Roughly 65%).

    We made the decision to transition out of the original passion and into the new found passion completely and 100% beginning January 1, 2010.

    While I know it’s early and nothing is guaranteed, we are on pace to completely replace the revenue that we recently walked away from and I expect, because of our passion and of course higher profit margins, we will exceed significantly our past profits.

    I’d really like to read Gary’s book, but truthfully, whether you choose me or not, my hope is that some of your readers will ready my comment and be inspired by it.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  • @takdwn

    Michael, I am a Methodist pastor, and passionate about what I do. I look forward to each new day which is full of nothing but opportunity. If reading this book could help me become more focused with my passion then I believe I could reach more people. If this book is as good as you say I would then pass it on to someone who has the same passion in hope they too could benefit from this read. Thank you for the opportunity of possibly receiving this book.

  • patriciazell

    What I am passionate about has the potential to change the face of Christianity and to change our world in ways we haven't imagine. Just as advances in technology are changing our communications, so the understanding of God's absolute love is changing and will change lives. What I hope to gain from Gary Vaynerchuk is the know-how to use what has changed communication to facilitate the same kind of change in Christianity and in our world.

  • @rbrobertson

    I would love to have a copy of "Crush It!" because I am a ministry student at Emmanuel College, in Franklin Springs, GA, and I have just found my passion for youth again. I have rediscovered who God has called me to be and I am taking every opportunity possible to keep this passion burning! I feel that this book would be a great way for me to really learn how to carry my passion into a physical form.

  • mcgilligan


    I'd like a copy of "Crush It" because I'm intrigued at Gary's story and I love learning from people with passion. It sounds like Gary's definitely got it emanating from his soul and passion is contagious. We all could use a refresher through this book.


  • Stacie Dichsen

    I have a passion for the type of work I am doing. But feel suffocated by where I am working. I feel there could be so much more to this work, but I don’t know how to move on.

  • Nick

    I'm ready to "Crush It!", giving someone the tools and realization that anything is possible regardless of how big, small, narrow, or broad ones dream is definitely worth reading and if it can actually help me "Crush It!" then I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kurt M

    Michael, Thanks for sharing this with us. Everyday I wake up wanting to break away from the Corporate World of business and live my dream. Being a 16 yr. Navy Vet and then immediately moving into corporate work never has given me the chance to reach out and live my passion and “Crush It”. I thirst for the knowledge to untangle this life I’m currently in and wake up being able to take a deep breath and know what I’m going to do today is for me and those I affect each and every day. I would love the opportunity to get a copy of this book and utilize the tools which would give me the opportunity to start living my dream and hopefully I’ll be able to say “I Crushed It”.

  • stephenbateman

    I also heard one of his speeches and was kinda confused by the level of his coarseness.

    But what he has to say is so good that I pushed through it and listened. In fact, his passion for wine kept me watching for 20 minutes, even though I could care less about wine.
    Thanks for the opportunity
    My recent post Boston Mission Trip

  • Kevin Gilbert


    I’ve been following you and your blog for some time now and I value your wisdom and insight. I’ve also been following Gary V. and have admired his passion and tenacity. I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve learned online from folks that are seemingly drastically different. I think that goes to show that we often find what we’re looking for, and I’ve been looking to grow as a man, a husband, a father and as a business owner. Both you and Gary have inspired me in my journey and taught me valuable lessons along the way. I’d love a copy of his book, since I’ve yet to pull the trigger on purchasing one, so that I can read it and share it with others. Thanks for all you do.

  • kidcix

    I can't imagine anyone not responding to your message of making your passion your livelihood. It speaks to the heart of everyone. To wake up with purpose and the end the day feeling accomplished and rewarded because you lived the life you want to life. That is a different kind of live than most everyone lives these days. I'm not the young person I once was and in my youth, as with most younger people, they feel they can do anything. But I don't want to settle for an old person mentality that I can't do this or that. I want to live a passionate life at whatever age. Every person at any age has a passion. In some people's cases, it may be deep inside buried under a life of failed expectation, but it's still there and if it's could be resurfaced, they would have a new way to live.

    I'm excited. I want to take my passion and make it my life. Today!!

  • Tim Dahl

    I would like to have a copy. I'm especially interested in how I can use Social Media to help my church. I'm a small church pastor, and surely there is some way that it can be useful to my situation.

    Tim Dahl
    My recent post Not a Codfish

  • Sam

    I would love a copy of the book so I could not only apply the principles myself, but also help to spread the positive message to the world!

  • Tina Biggs

    I am part of a group in a Fortune 100 financial services company that is trying to help our leadership understand how social medias can help them with what they are passionate about….improving our bottom line. Unfortunately….I’m not sure that our executive and senior leadership are able to connect the dots and understand the true power of a passionate 2.0er. Maybe there is something in this book that will help our group help our leadership have an “aha” moment.

  • @jamiereavis

    i definitely need this book to better reach students and people in my ministry and to be able to share with others the pull of social media and how we should be using it to share the Gospel.

  • @jmiles_tms

    I would love a copy of this book. In my business I set companies up with blogs and social media, this book would be a great asset to me in helping my customers to excel. On a personal level I would love to see how the author would help me to excel in my business and ministry…

  • SaraKate

    This could not have come at a more perfect time for me. I work in a non-profit and have been contemplating going back to school for a couple of years. I am just now getting things together to get my second bachelor’s in graphic design. Art has always been my passion and I will do anything it takes to make a career of something I’m passionate about. I like where I am now, but I know that there is a career waiting for me and this is it. Now, it’s time to CRUSH IT!

  • Mike L.

    This book looks like it would be perfect for me at this point in my life. I’m 29, been in the same job for 4 years… It’s a good job and pays well, but I’m not in love with it. I have many other passions and I know that I would pour my heart into a job I love, a job in a field that I’m passionate about. Unfortunately I don’t how to take the first step. I think this will push me in the right direction so that I can pursue a career that I love and that can make a difference in other people’s lives. I hope to get my hands on “Crush it!” so it can give me the push i need to transform my passions into action.

  • Ami Dean

    As a new entrepreneur, this book was written for me. Nine months ago I was passionless, burned out and I left a Fortune 200 to start my own company. Many people questioned my sanity with the economy in turmoil, but I felt strongly that NOW was the time to CRUSH IT. Business is growing steadily and this book would serve as a guide and tool in keeping the growth going. I just saw that Gary V was interviewed by Success magazine and now as one of your loyal blog followers, you have mentioned him. Divine intervention? I think so.

  • Michael Levitt

    We all long to make a difference. We all long for the "pat on the back", and affirmation that we belong. We need a reminder that God made us, and God does not make mistakes. I expect this book to provide inspiration, maybe a kick in the pants to motivate us to acknowledge that we are all gifted souls, and have a lot to offer to expand His Kingdom.

    Blessings on your week!

  • chris

    While I can appreciate Gary's passion and need to write a book, I'm sure I can summarize it as such;
    1. Find something you're passionate about (maybe you are doing this already).
    2. Blog about it, make videos about it, teach people about your passion (how-to's, product reviews (wine, lawn mower trimmers).
    3. Give people a reason to come back to your site.
    4. Use social networks to create fan pages, facebook groups, etc. Tweet about it.
    5. Add links in your email footers, profile pages, anything that people will read about it.
    6. Add a newsletter on your site or some way to gather email addresses.
    7. Monetize your site; google adsense, affiliate sales, and the best way, create a product yourself. Product could be a subscriber-fee newsletter, ebook, video series, etc.

    Next, the all important number 8:
    8. Hope that you have picked a topic where enough people could buy products / click advertisements so you can make any money. You aren't going to sell a lot of stuff if your passion is weaving sweaters underwater. Or golf. Well, not golf in general. You might be able to go after something like golf products for left-handed people. But even then it's best to hit a micro-niche topic first.

    Along with #8 is #9 which is equally important.
    9. Dominate the market by creating a better product / site / whatever than anything that exists.

    10. Do something every day. Try a viral marketing campaign, start adding expert level comments on a new forum. Add content on a regular basis to your site.

    I've seen a lot of rags-to-riches stories on the internet. Most of them focus around someone dominating a topic that a larger percent of the people in English-speaking countries have interest, such as wine. If you are passionate about something you do, you can tell the world about it and look at it as a possible new income. But it takes a lot of work and the right topic.

    In the end, it comes down to this; if you want something, you have to work hard for it.

    I'm sure the book by Gary has great content. I've read similar as well as my share of marketing material. For some of you, this will be your first venture into this topic. To you, I repeat what I just said, if you want something, you have to work hard for it.

    My recent post The Winter of Everyone's Discontent

  • Michael

    The book sounds great and I will take good notes while reading. This will let me get the message that God has given me out in a more effective manner. Pretty much stoked about this.
    My recent post 43 Dead Skunks on the Road

  • Deb Schaffer

    First off…I am eager to read “Crush It!” simply because you suggested we do so. The inspiration you provide is invaluable.

    Secondly…I need it. Both professionally and personally. I am the social media maven for a credit union and have also recently taken steps to promote my ministry similarly.

    Lastly…”How to monetize your passion and create a new life for yourself” spoke volumes to me. I both need and want to create a life that I feel passionate about and also inspires others, most importantly my four children.

    I believe that Gary’s book could be exactly what I need to turn the fire in my belly into a raging inferno! Thanks for all you do, Michael!

    Deb Schaffer

  • LisaD

    I would LOVE to read this book… and NOW!!! I had not heard of Gary before now but after reading your post, I can't wait to read it! So, whether or not you give me the book, I will be reading it!!!
    I work with Fresh Start ( – a non-profit organization with the mission of reaching "At Risk" men, women and youth in our communities, whose lives have been shattered because
    of addictions and criminal involvement and help them to become successful, productive members of
    our society. I am personally VERY PASSIONATE about youth… youth in foster care, youth in detention and corrections. My heart BREAKS for them every time I think about them! I believe that everyone is created with a purpose… and I know that part of my purpose is to help others discover there own purpose!! I know social media can/will play a HUGE part in the continued success of our programs (and the expansion into other programs) but have never known where to start… Now I can't wait to read this book!!

  • Philip Rothschild

    I need this book to help me inspire my 220 Entertainment Management Majors to be entrepreneurial in their approach to developing their careers. Many of them follow the same path – "I want to work for a record label." I've challenged them to start their own label, or better – find a some kind of "space" and fill it, with their drive and passion. I'll also add it to one of ten books for students to write a book review on. Thanks Mike and Lindsey.

  • James

    Excited to read this book. Really like the way you are taking the high road recommending an awesome book from a different publisher. If I am selected, I’ll read it, crush it, and pass it on to someone who will also read it and crush it (who will also pass it on…)

  • Rick Yuzzi

    I'm married, so asking out every hot girl I see isn't something I can apply :-) but I'd like to apply that kind of singular focus and passion in other areas of my life. Would love a copy of his book, and would definitely read it.
    My recent post A Love Letter from the Beloved Deciple

  • @russpierson

    I want to "Crush It!" while I still can! I am back in school for the first time in 30 years, finishing a long-forsaken Master's and enrolling in a DMin program that kicks off this fall. I'm back in the game and I want the ball in my hands–pass it to me, Michael! :-)

  • Gail Edgell

    In this day and age staying in the forefront of the social media industry is a most. Even though I am running my company I need to have knowledge of all aspects of marketing, especially branding. Social media is a way to educate the world so we all can become better people. I see social media as a pay it forward approach. If we impact one person, they will help others.

  • @JeffLoper

    I have a great life. I have a wonderful family, a good job, awesome friends, and am very happy with where things are. But I’m one that’s on a constant search for achieving excellence, and if I let myself rest, I wouldn’t be true to myself. I say this because my story that follows is not a sob story, but rather an assessment of where I am and where I still want to go. Sitting still and settling is not an option.

    I care about my work as a marketing professional. More times than I care to, I wake up in the middle of the night pondering how to achieve greater results. I believe strongly in the authors I work with and the message behind their books because they are grounded in my faith as a Christian. The same can be said for my career in the music business where I worked with some of the world’s greatest artists that brought enjoyment to so many. I’ve been extremely fortunate in my work and it’s been an unbelievably inspirational ride. But there is even a deeper passion for me to live out than being a great marketer. Discovering the highest calling that God has called for me has been a struggle. Why? My #1 strength, according to Marcus Buckingham’s book, Now Discover Your Strengths, is Responsibility. Meaning: I’m not going to let you down. This makes it incredibly difficult for me to put focus on myself. My success has come from that constant pursuit of excellence and responsibility to others. See, growing my own personal platform has taken a backseat to helping others achieve theirs. While I’ve become quite a good marketer and helping others build their platform comes naturally, building my own does not…right now. I say “right now” because it’s not that I don’t have it in me, because I do know how to sell myself. I wouldn’t be where I am without having that ability. I say “right now” because I haven’t found that one thing to pour all of my heart and soul into. The good news in all of this is that I’m closer than I’ve ever been. About 4 years ago I thought I had found my passion and circumstances didn’t allow for it to pan out. Since then I haven’t found that one thing that drives me in the same way. It’s been through my relentless search, reading books and online resources, lots of meetings with others, and a career adviser, that have caused me to take a different look at what I’ve been doing and where I ultimately want to be. The end result is a renewed focus on the dream I was heading toward 4 years ago, but a different, unexpected path to get there. This new path will also set me up for greater success when I get there.

    Everything I’ve done over the past 4 years has been a different step in the process, and reading Crush It! will be another step. If I’m not one of the winners of a free copy, this will likely be a book I will purchase anyway. I’ve heard much about Gary and this book’s message, and it sounds as if it will be a great, quick read, that will provide essential information in growing my own personal brand and platform.

    Live dreams, don’t just dream them.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your transparency, Jeff. Have you met Robert Smith, Andy Andrews’ manager?

      • @JeffLoper

        Thank you. I felt like I might be putting myself out on a limb there a little bit. No, I haven't met Robert yet. Is he someone I should get to know?

  • Bobby

    I don't really have time to read the book I am too busy these days and behind on my reading as is but I have enjoyed the fact that I was drawn here by social media. That confirms much that I have been teaching about the "new" power of the internet and it's evolution. Best wishes for your "contest"

  • John

    Six months ago, I was dead. Well, not actually stiff and six feet under but after being diagnosed with cancer, I wasn't sure I was going to live. But I survived and now I'm thinking of how God wants me to live my life. Life's too short to spend it on a job you hate? Very interesting. That sounds like a good read for a dead man: Would love to read and review the book on my blog. Thanks!
    My recent post Bible Reading in 5 Easy Steps

  • Richard Smith

    I have never heard of Gary, but I have been extremely satisfied with every book you have ever recommended and I read almost all of them. Daniel with Building Champions and you have been mentors of mine for about a year and I will tell you that your teachings, your blog, and the conference trainings from Daniel have taken my entire life to a new level. My business life, spiritual life, and family life have changed dramatically.

    You, Michael make an impact everyday to so many people that I dont think you even imagine. Most of us do not normally correspond but seeing this very interesting book made me want to share this with you.

    And, in the past i do appreciate you personally answering a question I sent you through Facebook. You a true mentor and inspiration for me. Every book that you recommended in the past I have read and I most definitely will read this book. Thanks for offering a free copy, I will cherish it…..Seriously, keep up the good work- you have a more positive impact on peoples lives that I EVER THINK YOU REALIZE! Richard

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wow. Thanks for your kind words. You made my day!

  • Mark Russell

    Yes, I promise to read Crush it! In fact, I plan to launch a venture similar to Wine Library TV so I will not only read the book but will be proactively acting on the principles and insights that Vaynerchuk provides. Hope I'm chosen!

  • Peg Brantley

    I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m doing what I love most, but there are days . . .

    Passionate people are like glitter. Some of it gets everywhere. Every time you see a bit of sparkle, days and months and even years after the glitter has been around, you remember and respond.

    I promise to read this book . . . and even mark it up a bit.

  • Sheryl Tuttle

    This looks like a good book, so what the heck – might as well try for it. I enjoy blogging, but don't have a business built around it, and perhaps this book would give me ideas. Ideas on ways to earn a living doing what I love most – connecting with people and sharing dialog on things of interest and things that matter. I know, it's broad, but that's why the book may help. Fingers crossed!
    My recent post Happy Chinese New Year

  • Dave Stradling

    I've never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk before, but his book Crush It! sounds like a must read. Using social media as a platform for a new church plant that I am involved in seems essential. Church planting is something I am passionate about and I am trying to absorb all I can about branding, entrepreneurship, advertising, and leadership in order to turn my passion into something that transforms lives, and has an impact upon the community where I live.

  • @MaryDeMuth

    As an author in a business that is needing to think outside the box, I find it hard to stretch the way I think, particularly in social media. There's a tension between "the way we've always done things" and taking a visionary leap. I'd love a chance to learn from someone who's leaped. (And I'll pray for the guts to take such risks.)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think you would especially like this book, Mary!

  • Jimmy Moncrief

    I would love the book Crush It! because I'm in infatuated with how Gary has used Social Media to not only enhance his personal brand, but to grow a business as well. Additionally, the number one problem I have in being an entrepreneur is focus! I simply have too many businesses going at once and would love to focus on just the ones I was passionate about.

    On a separate note, thanks for doing this Mr. Hyatt. Even though I have never one a book, I love reading your book reviews!

  • Chew Keng-Sheng

    I believe this guy is a very infectious guy. I've never read any of his books before; today is the first time I read about him and seen his video, but looking at the way he speaks, man! he is one whole load of energy ball, his passion is unprecedented and refreshingly unique. Seems like there is much to learn from him; his passion level, I believe, can be "caught" through reading of his books.

    I want to read it, I want to be infected, I want to be re-branded.
    My recent post Book Review: Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World

  • Shane

    This is right where I'm at! A couple of years ago, an executive coach (a friend of a friend) advised that I "need to find my voice" to be fully effective in the near future. I have been connecting with Ramit Sethi–author of "I Will Teach You to Be Rich"–through his blog. For myself, as I face the transition from my 20s to my 30s, I want to be prepared for the next decade so that I live fully in the areas of my passion and according to my design. Finding my voice and developing my personal brand are top goals for this year.

    But I am determined to not walk alone–a resource like this helps me lead others to live in their passions.

    Honestly, I want a copy of this book for two reasons: 1. to gain wisdom for myself; 2. to give away. And yes, I promise to read it!

  • Nancy Falconi

    I would love a copy of this book because….
    I am a freelance photographer, pursuing my passion has been the best thing I ever did and at the same time the most challenging path I have ever chosen. I recently left my "real" career as a professor teaching business students. I could really use the advice in this book. I have also started using social media – and could really use some help navigating. I also have a blog where I track and share all the challenges and joys I have learned since leaving a more conventional 9-5 job to pursue my passion. A summary of this book would be a great blog post under my inspiration section. I love to read and write so the book would find a great home. Thank you.
    My recent post Beauty project – model 2

  • @awordsmith

    I'm finishing up Seth Godin's Linchpin and this book seems like a great follow up read. I am on staff at a church that is going through an enormous amount of change. With that change, my responsibilities and opportunities to give some stability to and create change in the ministries I oversee. This book, along with Linchpin and others I've been reading, will help me redefine my leadership

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I agree: this is a great follow-up to Linchpin.

  • Kyle Waalen

    I have recently starteI have recently started an at-home business venture while working full-time and doing freelance writing and editing on the side. I've been considering the importance of social media in regards to my business ventures and career goals. This book sounds like an excellent resource that I can benefit from greatly. I want to be excited and passionate about what I do, but also have a clear plan about how to proceed. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Bonnie Shapiro

    Being a woman on an absurdly perfect pursuit of perfection, it only stand to reason that this book is a must-read for me. As of late, I have been putting my passion for planning and hosting kid's parties to the test. I am currently starting a blog and website to promote my business. I have found this process to be frustrating at best. Apparently this whole social media phenomenon is Greek to me. I believe that we have all that we need to succeed already inside of us, we only need know how to use it. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a copy of this book. Have a blessed day.

  • Barb Giglio

    I turned 50 last september and have been praying about what I want to be when I grow up! I have been self employed most of my life and have been blessed with operating a business that I dreamed about doing in my 20's. Moved to Charlotte, NC and got to live that dream and ran a multi merchant specialty shop for nine years. A hand full of stores like ours opened in the area and then "Conspiracy In The Marketplace" took place. I'm not an author, but would like to be one day. Participated in John Maxwells book that is coming out in March, which was such an awesome experience! I've resigned to the fact that the next 50 years I want to have a good time doing what I love to do. I have an entrepreneural spirit and must work for myself! I believe this book you are offering would be good for me to read at this stage of my life. Just want you to know I enjoy your posts. and maybe one day "Conspiracy In The Marketplace" will come together in a book. Thank you for the opportunity!! )
    My recent post origrambosmom: @onlythefew love the shirts you are designing!!!

  • Kyle Waalen

    Eek! I somehow duplicated a portion of the first line of my post. Ugh. It’s definitely a Monday.

  • Brad Leach

    I would LOVE to read Crush It! Why? I've found my passion–planting life-giving churches that serve the city. I have an opportunity–in June my wife and I will be moving with a team of leaders to Philadelphia to launch a new church planting network in the city. Our hope is that the gospel would go viral. I'd love to build the skills to complement the dream through social media. If you select me to receive a copy of the book, not only do I promise to read it, I promise to share it with our team as well!

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    My recent post Our Weekend in Philadelphia

  • Mark Erikson

    Thanks for the helpful blog Michael. I'm a new reader and have found your insights thoughtful, useful and wise. In fact, I recently recommended your comments on how to have more fruitful dinner time conversations to a few of my key leaders here in our church family. Okay, so about the "Crush It" book. As a pastor, I've been dreaming recently about a day when I could stop receiving a salary from my church and instead donate all of my time to our church family for free. Oh, that and be able to make enough money to start a foundation called "Kairos" which would financially and relationally enrich the most kingdom-minded enterprises in the most love-starved regions of the world. Just finished "The Four Hour Work Week" with those two goals in mind. If "Crush It" could help me think productively about those goals, then I'd buy the book instead of have you give me one!! But since you offered… :)

  • Steve Smit

    I am a passionate guy, very passionate about who I am, what I'm in and where I'm going! I have built a business around my values and passion, but want to continue to elevate in how I portray my message. I would love to have a copy of this book! I have been following your blog for the past few months and anything that you recommend this highly, is something that I NEED TO STUDY! Thanks for thinking of me.

  • Clifton Ditmore

    PASSION! "The role of passion in your life and work" reached out and grabbed me by the throat. Since I believe that passion in one's life and work is what leads to success, I want to learn more about it. I will not only promise to read this book I will review it on my blog and share it with others.

  • @cathywebb33

    I would really like a copy of these book, because as a recent college graduate I feel like I haven't found my passion. I have a great job, that I enjoy, but I would never call what I'm doing my passion. I feel the desire in my heart to do what I love, but I'm lost on how to accomplish that. I'd love to read what Gary had to say about this topic. I'd absolutely read the book and then would pass it along to my friends and family so they can learn from Gary as well.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Joel Smythe

    Hyatt blog—check.
    “Crush It”—unchecked!

  • DerekDRobertson

    I was let go from my job a month ago and have been filling the void with temp jobs and anything else I can grab. I have been offered some work down the road but even it is not a steady flow of income. I am hoping tho that I will prove my self in my new job and the phone calls will start rolling in. At the same time we all need an extra hand to get the edge. I really would like to see what this gentlemen has to say to help get me to the the next level.

  • Tiger

    Crush it seems to have a lot of action packed and the cover has crush me look. Using social media to build a brand might be a common feature but building oneself is an art in its own and I would love to find out how. Monetizing is interesting but more than that I think I would be able to discover my passion and use this book to realize it. I would read it and pass it on.

    Gary… I would love to read your book and see how it helps me in my career and life. Cheers!
    My recent post Monday blues: Wrinkles vs Dimples

  • Gary Garris

    THANK YOU !!! :o) Lets put it this way… My family & I have been walking through "CRUSH-IT! VALLEY" & its been one tough Go at it… We are following what we believe to be a call from the Lord, to launch a current & relative personal & spiritual empowerment center… (Church). We have faced much resistance & any information that can help us pull things together we will use. We give away all we get!!! Our objective is to Transfer Life Changing Principles to others, by any means acceptable to God. I am 44 years young & have a beautiful Wife (she is paying full price) & we have two boys ages 17 & 14. We are determined to continue our pursuit. We need assistance & are not to humble to ask for it… Please help us… Grace & Peace Gary Garris — GMI BIBLE CHURCH — for more info
    My recent post We are With You…

    • Gary Garris

      Oh yes we would really put the book "Crush-It" to good use… Grace & Peace
      My recent post We are With You…

  • Kim Cook

    Having just started a new marketing company, I am reading everything I can get my hands on regarding social media. Less than six months in, and I am doing well with a few solid clients. The pressure is intense, sometimes I think I am the one who's getting CRUSHED. I like marketing, and I am good at it. But what I love is writing and speaking to encourage people, especially women. That is what I am passionate about. If this book could help me find new ways to use social media that would allow me to focus more on what I love – that would be life-altering for me. So I guess you could say that I need to CRUSH IT to thrive in the concrete jungle!

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to win this book, but if I don't, I'll probably buy it anyway after reading your invitation and watching Gary's video.

    My husband and I are a half a century into life and listening once again to that still small voice who whispers "go for it." After 25 years in careers which put plenty of good food on our table but left us hungry, we're starting again and creating a business for his passion, wood, and my passion, writing. Figuring out how to weave these together is half the fun. It's a roller coaster, exhilarating, frightening, breathless.

    Sometimes the whispering is effective. I hear it just as Elijah heard it. Go for it. Don't be afraid.

    But sometimes I need a burning bush, a gust of wind. After watching Gary's video, I know he's not a whisperer. Even the title is a bold-in-your-face command. It makes me want to punch the air and shout, YES!

    I'll devour Crush It! and share bite-sized pieces with my husband while he works on his latest CAD furniture design. I'll write about it in my almost-ready-to-be-live blog. Then I'll give it to our twenty-something kids who are hearing the same still small voice.

    My prayer is that it will remind us all to avoid dead-ends, to pursue work that not only puts food on our tables but also brings joy to our souls.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • tneal

    You've been spot on with your recommendations. I just finished "The Principle of the Path" on your recommendation and have already given my son a heads up–"I'm sending this book your way"–a first. It's that good. So when you say you've listened to "Crush It!" and are now reading it because "It's that good," I have every confidence the book is worth reading. Thanks for keeping us informed by wading through the sea of books and sharing the good catches.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Michael! I can't wait to read this! I feel like I have spent the last couple of years in an intellectual black hole. I was reading less, learning less, and getting stuck in the day in and day out complacency of what a busy life can often bring us. I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and have a renewed passion for learning and growing. I started the process this weekend for getting a Masters Degree in Technology Training and Development!!! I'm HUNGRY for new ideas and this book just hit the top of my list. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I would love to be chosen!

  • Tarun Saigal

    Simple _ I am 50 , I want to find the encouragement to find my second life, which hopefully will be one that is more in tune with my passions rather than my wallet !

  • @JeremyPittman

    You've created energy and momentum! …Convinced people to give you their contact information, then leveraged them to market your site and book for you. Definitely some genius social media in play here! Here's to you going viral!! Oh, and I promise to read your book and follow you on Twitter.

  • @JeremyPittman

    Forgot to tell you why I want this book: I need to change!

  • Kit Palmer

    My wife and I have been talking about just this sort of thing over the past couple of months…finding a way to focus on our passions to gain fulfillment in life. If only there was a way to make a living off of it so I didn't have to spend the majority of my time working to "pay the bills". Most of what I hear on this subject turns out just be get rich quick schemes, but this book offers a promise of being much more practical and achievable. I can't wait to read this book! Whether or not I have to pay for it is up to you, Mr. Hyatt!

  • @franklinmonica

    Always one to raise my hand for something practical and interesting, I would like a copy of this book. My husband and I are both self-employed. At the minimum, we can learn how to expand our current businesses, but better than that, there may be some gems in there to allow us to pursue a combination of our other passions – international travel and ministry, photography and motorcycles. I know there is a living in that combination somewhere!! Thanks for recommending a great idea!

  • Jones

    I agree with you, Michael, Crush It! is a very good book. A quick and energizing read – and one that left me with a list of personal action items.
    My recent post Oregon State Rugby: 20 February 2010

  • T-roy

    I have been trying to incorporate social networking into my business recently. I am so confused about how to do it right, because I keep getting mixed input from "friends" and "experts". I need this book. I will read it. I am expecting this book to inspire again and change my life.

  • Becky Miller

    I do promise to read it if you give me a copy. The two bullet points about the book that really sold me on wanting to read it were the ones about personal branding and authenticity. I am currently working on developing my personal brand (have bought my URL and am working with an artist on a blog design and am fleshing out my brand and my core message). I have been challenged recently to be more open, authentic, and real in my conversations, relationships, and writing. I'm amazed at how deeply I've been able to connect with people as I open up my heart. I want to read Gary's experiences and advice on these things to do them better than I am.

  • Laura

    I think this book would be a good opportunity for me to look into changing my focus at this time of my life., to see where my passion lies and will take me.
    My recent post Keep Your Life on Track

  • @BobOnBusiness

    I would love a copy of Gary's book. I think the link between his wine enthusiasm (the work of human hands) and the way you can passionately share your message (the work of human mouths) through social media platforms is a wonderful subject that requires continuous learning. I would definitely evangelize the message in the book, monetize my passion, and pay forward your incredible generosity.

    May God Bless You (the work of Gods Grace)

    (I submitted once, but it didn't look like it made it, so I apologize if this is a duplicate…I am not trying to stack the deck)
    My recent post Hackers embarrass trio of financial firms on Twitter. People think &quot;oh, I would never fall for that&quot;. Ahem, many do…

  • Erin Gancer

    This book sounds intriguing. I'd like to read it to see how his principles could be applied to the stay at home mom who finds her passion in her pursuit of Jesus and serving her husband and children. I'm already living the "dream." :) Is there more I could be doing to reach others with the Gospel of Christ?
    If you give me a copy, I'll read it.

  • George Hanna

    I work as a Career Counselor at Cal State University East Bay and Crush It! sounds like it would be an invaluable resource for my students! Higher education has becoming increasingly aware of social media culture and it is my job as a Career Counselor to provide students with information on how to use social media in order to follow thier passion! In the video preview, I especially enjoyed the commment when Gary says, "I don’t want anybody, ever again, to go to their $70k,$45k, or $100k job and hate it in a day and age when you don’t have to…" This is a great mentality for all of us as workers/professionals and it is necessary to pass this enthusiasm onto future generations.

  • booknerdbabe

    I am a writer who writes about her passions. However, when I see words like “branding”, “marketing” and “social media”, I am a little overwhelmed. I will finish my first book this month, and I feel like it is not enough to just be a good writer anymore. It appears that the writing industry has morphed into a complicated promotions game much like competing brands of toothpaste. And therefore I must determine if I am more of a tartar fighter, tooth whitener or possibly both? I need to define and market my unique ingredients that set me apart from author X and author Y, and I honestly have no idea where to begin. The more blogs I read by industry leaders, the more I am convinced that writing the book was the easy part! This book could be the missing variable in my literary equation. So yes, I would appreciate a free copy very much.

  • @the1stfollower

    Thanks for the review Mr. Hyatt. I would like a copy of the book because I am really torn by this issue in my life. I know what my heart and passion is but as a twentysomething, I tend to settle for what feels safe. I am trying to establish myself but at the same time, I feel myself being taken in by the trap of the status quo. I want to follow my heart. I need a nudge.____If you give me a copy and I like it, I promise to buy a copy for someone else.

  • Jeff Kusner

    okay so I left the corporate world a couple years ago, in biz on my own doing things i enjoy much more, got the twitter and facebook social media thing going on but i know i'm not using it to its full potential… not really scratched the surface. sounds like this book is just the thing i need to kick start my social media activities!

  • Thomas Duff

    This sounds like a perfect example of how to turn your passion into something that can become your avocation. Your recommendations are always dead on, and I would be privileged to read Crush It!

  • @obihaive

    I've recently become more interested in how social media can actually help me and my family make a little more income. I'm totally naive to the concept so I would love to learn about how I can actually channel some of my passions through a blog or youtube. Crush It! sounds like a great read and may be helpful in some of my future endeavors.

  • cvince

    I would love to get a free copy of this book. The intro video got me fired up…can't wait to read the entire book. I am considering a career change…maybe teaching at the college level + starting a blog. I have a ton of passion and I need to find the tools (this book??) that can help direct it to a new way to make a living. Any book you endorse definitely goes on my list to read and this one could jump to the top of the list if I got a free copy.

    Thanks for all you do,


  • David Lermy


    I would enjoy a copy of the book because I am a next gen leader who is trying to find the connection between my passions, social media, and the church. I regularly read business books and social media books and blog about them on Lindsay Nobles has even read and commented on one of my blog posts.

    I also know that I read over 50 books a year and some are good and not so good. Some our for my graduate classes and some are for work and others for pleasure. One thing I know for sure is that I take recommendations from leaders like you very seriously. It is the only way to find clarity in what to read as thousands of books hit the market weekly.

    If you send me a copy it will be read, blogged about, and applied to my life. It will not go wasted.

    Thanks for making the offer!


  • Bobby Thomas

    I am a new author trying to get published for the first time with my young adult novel "Nothing But the Ordinary". I am trying to funnel my passions of story telling into an online presence. I want to know everything there is to know about how to platform. I have stories to tell and it is very frustrating knowing that if you could just talk to some prospective readers you could hook them.
    My recent post Orca Whales and What the Animal Kingdom Is Telling Us

  • Eric Kunimura

    I was recently inspired to take actions towards following a dream of making a living by doing something I'm passionate about. I'm inspired by others but recently discovered how great it is to inspire and uplift other as well. My photography blog and twitter page is slowly gaining interest and I've already heard from a few photographers and non-photographers that they've been inspired by what I write and what I've done so far. I never imagined that I could inspire people.

    I see the potential of social media and recognize that it's the future of marketing and communication. I hope to increase my presence in the social media realm and would love to read Gary Vaynerchuck's book. Without social media I would not have been exposed to it.

    My recent post D59: Control

  • @ReachingWomen

    Michael, I read on Twitter last night that you were reviewing Crush It on your blog today, so I went to Amazon and checked it out. I have a passion to help hurting women and I can use all the help I can get to do it. The particular issue I'm trying to help women with is very sensitive so I'm trying to find new and creative ways to get my message out there.

    Because I've learned so much in the short time I've been following you, I take everything you promote seriously. If I get a free copy of Crush It I'll definitely read it! Thanks for the opportunity! Blessings…

    Recent post: My BookSneeze review: "Free Book" by Brian Tome

  • Jeanette Biesecker

    MIchael, I want this book. I live and breathe marketing. I don't just read these books because I should, I read them because I love it. I pour my life out every day in the passionate pursuit of souls for a children's and youth ministry. I'm not gifted to preach to them but I am gifted to put a message in front of them that will draw them in to our programs. The better I can reach kids via the language they (and their parents) understand (social media) the bigger the Kingdom of God. Why not take the wisdom we can find in this world and use it for the glory of God? I want the book because I believe it will better my abilities to passionately pursue a new generation for Christ.

  • John Cosper

    For sixteen years, I've been building my own company, Righteous Insanity, into a premiere drama ministry resource for churches and ministries. Not only does my present catalog offer more than 1000 skits, plays, and other materials, I offer a custom script writing service. I have a group of regular clients who are very loyal, but it is small. My hope is to continue growing my business in both catalog sales and writing work while seeking out new opportunities to write, including film and fiction. Seth Godin's work has helped me grow that. Crush It! sounds like a tool that will help me advance my work even further.

  • Lee Richey

    While I enjoy what I do for a living, I am passionate about the erosion of common sense in the leadership of our country regarding the reformation of health insurance, the fanatical obsession and belief in man-caused climate change, and the social engineering/transfer of wealth issues we face. I would like to learn how I can make a living and at the same time affect change in these areas.

  • @success2you

    Michael, I'm going to take a different tact on this one. I own Gary's book. It's sitting on my desk in front of me as I type this. This simple little book has helped me see through the confusing fog of social media and put together some ideas on building an online presence.

    His book and the great posts on your blog have encouraged me to write my own book about social media. To do this I've set aside the month of March on my blog to discover the tools, examine the power players, and see what really works. I bought a new domain name last night and will use it to start from scratch, as a new user would, and take the principles that I've learned to create an online presence.

    On each day's post we will take a new step in creating our niche, and readers can follow along and see in a step-by-step manner how to do this themselves. We'll create a Twitter account, a WordPress blog, a fan page on Facebook, and an online resume on LinkedIn. But we'll explore further. We'll take a strengths test, discover our passions, and find a purpose for creating our niche. Along the way, we'll discover helpful mentors, like you, that can help us on our journey.

    At the end of the month, I'll have a great outline for a book, and a whole bunch of comments and feedback. This is where your book comes in. If I am lucky enough to receive a copy I will give this book to one of my engaged readers in a promotion similar to this one. Many of my current readers may not know about your blog, but they will, as we explore blogging in week 3. This one book promotion may lead to hundreds of visitors linking back to you.

    That's my pitch. Thank you for providing great promotions like this to help people create their own online presence. And to be sure, I'll have a signed copy of the book coming your way when it is finished. :-)
    My recent post You Gotta See This!

  • Scoti Domeij

    Five years ago I left corporate Christianity to pursue the passion God placed in my heart. I realized I'd invested too heavily in other's visions, leaving me too exhausted to nourish my calling. In some workplaces I felt used. However, in the last Christian workplace where I worked, I enjoyed the job, but everyone there followed the passion God put in their hearts, making me uncomfortable that I wasn’t following mine. I wanted to write and minister to others, but I balked at starving artist status. Someone suggested, “Become a caregiver for a disabled individual.” I could provide a loving home for a disabled person. My new role supplied the income and time I need, plus opened my heart to the pure joy of caring for someone so precious and vulnerable.
    My recent post Finding Balance

  • Arturo

    It's interesting how the world directs you to what your feeling/experiencing inside. In the last few months much of my energy and direction in the vision of my business has been about formulating a brand, letting go of some of the old ways of 'doing business, and accepting the use of technology and all the resources social media connections can offer. I'm accepting to information and experiences of those who have had or are having success in establishing themselves in this new era.

  • Wassupdeam

    I would really love to read this book!! From your article is sounds like Gary is speaking to exactly to where I am in my life.

  • @besslers

    When it comes to my passion, all too often I've only been able to "Botch It". I'm 30. I'm ready to buy a Flip video camera. I just need to know how to "Crush It."

  • charisserhodes

    Hi Michael,__Sounds like a very interesting book. I would like this book for both myself & my husband. I am interested in how to use social media more effectively in my photography pursuits, because although technology is advancing rapidly, we are not getting any more hours in the day. I have not figured out how effectively make he jump full force into the social media world because I am already quite busy. I just don't have any more time to waste using my resources ineffectively. ____Regarding my husband, we both feel he has an awesome passion for the Lord Jesus. You can see his blog at We both know that he has a much greater mission than the one that current employs the majority of his time and has been putting the food on our table for almost 20 years. We know that this transition will require the effective implementation of social media, but my husband is an engineer at heart and needs to be given a reason why and how taking this very public leap into the social media arena, may be the very platform that he needs to put his passion for Jesus and his very unique perspective to the public test.

    • charisserhodes

      ____My hope is that maybe some information in this book will help us to bridge the gap on how and why putting more time, in our already tight calendars, can be a catalyst in moving us forward to the next stages of our life. We both need to stop the madness, and live our passion. I know the time for this is now. I pray this book will help direct us. I realize that you too are an extremely busy man, and I enjoy your blog very much. That said, I trust if you are recommending this book, there MUST be some value in it to be obtained.
      Sorry for the long comment.:)

  • Ron

    Good review of Crush it. I would like to have a copy of this book. I just read 4 hour work week and would like to read about how to take my passion and make it earn money for me.

    I will be launching out on my own as of April 1 and this would give me another option as I make changes in my life.

  • Matt Houk

    Michael, I would like you to take me into consideration for a copy of Crush It. While I am currently not in the market to start my own company or cash in on my brand, I do use social media a ton in my profession, and I am always looking (reading) for new information to make better use of it. I am a Division 1 college volleyball coach, and I use social media to connect to my players, our alumni, and our recruits. I use both my personal blog and twitter to communicate on a deeper level than what my school just publishes on our website. I am trying to create a brand, and my cashing in on it is not necessarily monetary, but more about the success of my program. I have a passion for leadership, and I am constantly trying to educate myself to be better at it, so that I can be as efficient of a leader as possible. I would appreciate you considering me for this offer.
    My recent post Team Culture

  • @Amart62

    HI Michael,
    I would love a copy of this intriguing book. First I freelance, but mostly because I am the web administrator for our church website and I feel liek this would be a great asset to help me further extend our outreach of this ministry.
    Thanks for your kind consideration,
    Andrew Martin

  • Matt Knisely

    I'm a next gen leader who has made the switch from corporate america to ministry two years ago, something I felt called to do. I believe this book may help me by effectively steering my passion connecting them to the church in this great time of transition. I have a strong passion to creatively lead the kingdom in this new era and if you send me a copy it will be read, blogged about, and applied to my life. It will not go wasted.

    Thanks for making the offer!
    My recent post Mountain Top Experience

  • Charissa

    As soon as I saw Ms. Karen's tweet I thought "Surely she isn't talking about Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck of Wine Library TV I have been a fan of his podcast for over a year now. I think his blend of NJ Turnpike chop talk with one of my favorite subjects "Wine" is contagious! My favorite quote of his (which I have heard on more than one occasion) is "it smells like, well no other way to put this Garbage, you know that smell that garbage has, lets give it a little tasty taste, it's not bad, it's not the worst thing I ever put in my mouth 'ts not bad 'ts not bad, " He makes me smile. I had no idea he was writing a book but I am certain it is filled with interesting insights into the million mile a second mind of his, and hopefully tells us the story of how he went from a camera a few glasses a Jets spittoon to being a wine personality in all sorts of huge media outlets, NBC for example!!

  • BZappa

    We all have things we are passionate about – but it's a risk sometimes to follow that passion. I'd love to read Gary's book for his insight on how to take those risks, and to read about his success.

  • Lori Mooney

    Interesting book…we were just talking in a staff meeting today about how our church plant can use social media better… and since our passion is sharing Christ, that's the passion we want that to show in our social media…as a massively passionate person I'd love a way to focus and use that more for Columbia Church.
    My recent post Through Smoke.

  • mephipps

    OK, I must admit that I am already doing what I love the most, but my interest now is trying to help others to achieve the same. I chose to live and work in Bosnia & Herzegovina to do just that. While a bit of my cautious side sends off bells and whistles that Gary Vaynerchuk is a bit 'hyper'…I have to admit that the most positive influences in my life have been people much like him. Some personality evaluations might label him a "TYPE A", "RED", or "High D"…yet I have found that those are the people who CHARGE my batteries…and don't drain them! I'd love to sit a Gary's feet a while, glean and SHARE his 'Crush It!' concepts with those still taking baby steps and learning to navigate this crazy "flat world".

  • Alex Quinonez

    I dont want this book. I NEED THIS BOOK!

    Im a 26 year old graphic web designer lies awake at night with idea after idea after idea about how to help people make the world a better place. All of my ideas revolve around mass and social media. I have no college education and am not the “business” type just the creative type with many ideas and need to find ways to make them happen!


  • Rusty

    I am a young teenager trying to navigate the professional world. Through the influence of my youth pastor, parents, personal experiences and authors such as the Harris twins, I have dedicated myself to making my teenage years count. Currently I am ravenously studying social networking, blogging, business, leadership, effective lifestyle etc. Thankfully, there is an opulence of free articles online – but articles can only take you so far. My library only has one Seth Godin book (the horrors!), and I have yet to find any of the Christian authors on these shabby shelves. A free copy of Crush It! would be much appreciated and put to good use. I promise that it won't drowse on my desk for six months collecting bitter motes of dust. Thank you!

  • Van Klimetz

    Gary Vaynerchuk has a contagious passion. He definitely has a spirit and drive that I could learn from and would love the opportunity to do that. I have been following him for about 1.5 yrs and have already seen a lot of cool ideas from his work. Even caught him on the Conan show.

    I have been researching and planning some ideas for individual development and personal projects and think that the ideas i've learned here and from Gary will be a big help. I turn 30 in just a few days and am ready to take the next step and quit waiting around and dig down into my passion for Christ and life and share my em' with the world through social media.
    My recent post Super Bowl Contest – Doritos

  • Van Klimetz

    Gary Vaynerchuk has a contagious passion. He definitely has a spirit and drive that I could learn from and would love the opportunity to do that. I have been following him for about 1.5 yrs and have already seen a lot of cool ideas from his work. Even caught him on the Conan show.

    I have been researching and planning some ideas for individual development and personal projects and think that the ideas i've learned here and from Gary will be a big help. I turn 30 in just a few days and am ready to take the next step and quit waiting around and dig down into my passion for Christ and life and share my em' with the world through social media.
    My recent post Super Bowl Contest – Doritos

  • @garyvee

    I am humbled by the comments and the response from everyone here! THANK U!

  • Julie Steihauser

    I believe we all need to be inspired by our knowledge of our own passion. My husband has his own business and is empowered by Seth Godin. What are you uniquely created for? We have 5 children and want them directed in thier career choice by passion. I want them all to read this book.

  • @UrbanNomadUSA

    What a great opportunity! Thank you for making Crush It available to 50 of your readers. I left my 9 to 5 job about two years ago to live a life of my passions. I have created a great mix of being a certified life coach, professional actress, published author and Urban Nomad, but am still figuring out how to make that a viable living for the long term. I love the population that I coach, which is primarily made up of Lutheran Youth Workers and pastors, and am experimenting with how to serve them best while still making a living. Sounds like this book would have some excellent insights for me!

    I promise to read the book, and would be happy to guest post my reactions on your blog or elsewhere if you would like!

  • Jason Yarborough

    I've recently gotten involved in social media with a non-profit. I want to expand my knowledge and my ability to communicate the need to utilize social media within ministry. My desire is to progress the process of the church and today's tools to do so are social media, I see Gary as a vital mouthpiece to that message today and his ability to transcend industries is quite intriguing to me. The book would be a crucial tool of influence in my growth as a social media consultant.
    My recent post Exercising the Imagination

  • @StephenCombs

    The reality is that EVERYONE needs a copy of this book. I would love my own personal copy of this book since I had borrowed it from a friend. This is the kind of book one needs to read and take notes and scribble in the margins and then re-read again.
    My recent post A Whole New Spin on Tutus

  • Jerome Coleman, Jr

    I love reading your blogs. They help me gain an understanding of the future of everything from leadership to marketing. I watched the video and felt a connection. I have passion burning in my heart about a couple ideas. I would love to hear what Gary Vaynerchuck has to say in his book. I hope I do "make the cut." Thanks for all of your words of wisdom.

    P.S. I know you want to give me a book. :)
    My recent post &quot;Please Don't Embarrass Me In Front of My Friends&quot;

  • Kyle Reed

    i want to crush it

  • @dbcotton

    I've heard good things about Crush It from a friend so it comes highly recommended. I want a copy because I'm looking for a companion book to Seth Godin's Linchpin because as they say life is short. Gary has such an inspiring story and Chris Brogan's book review sold me that it is a must read.

  • Ben Wall

    Thanks for the link — I don't really buy his thesis–but I'm not sure that I fully understand what he means by cashing in on your passion (Does that mean you get paid to do what you love most?). I'm going to get the book but am trying to decide between the audio version or the book…. hmmmm.

  • S. Arnold

    Wife, mother of 2 boys and another one on the way, full-time fundraiser for a university, Olympian, Christian who wants to impact women and young girls….would love his book to see if there is way to take some of these and mesh them togehter into a passion and purpose that has impact greater than myself.

  • Randy Bosch

    It's time for a Renaissance in how I share what I have learned with others who may benefit from that experience. I'm looking for the "Crush It" passion to really engage the project! Gary Vaynerchuk's book may unlock that door! If I receive a copy, I will provide my review, how it applies to me, and progress reports as I use what I learn from the book.

  • Cyndi Nobles

    I am responding to your request as to why I would like to read this book. I ama 55 year displaced worker that has been out of work since June 2009. During my time of being unemployed I rediscovered my love & passion for cooking. Now I am beginning a "new " career, by starting culinary classes this wekk to hone & perfect my life skills.

    My long term goal is develop a line of marketable tasty, fresh ingredient "comfort " foods to sell to in small market venues as a resource for busy families. The proceeds of this business venture will go to fund a soup kitchen in my community as well as fund feeding programs in inner city areas & low income areas.

    I feel that the lessons from this book will go a long way to enhancing my knowledge of the inner workings of successful marketing strategies and give me fesh ideas for my niche business.

    I look forward to increasing my knowledge & thank you in advance for the opportunity to read this exciting tome of information.
    Cyndi Nobles

  • Derek Clark

    I would love to have a copy of Crush It as I am really wanting to do something I am more passionate about to earn a living. I like what I am currently doing, but it is not as fulfilling as I want it to be. If I get a copy of Crush It I will certainly read it as well as share a review of it with others on my book review blog. Thanks so much for the opportunity of winning this.
    My recent post How Successful People Think by John Maxwell

  • Matt Knisely

    I'm a regular reader of your blog and when I saw this, I knew I needed to reply. I'm a next gen leader who has made the switch from corporate america to ministry two years ago, something I felt called to do. I believe this book may help me by effectively steering my passion connecting them to the church in this great time of transition. I have a strong passion to creatively lead the kingdom in this new era and if you send me a copy it will be read, blogged about, and applied to my life. It will not go wasted.

    Thanks for making the offer!

    My recent post Mountain Top Experience

  • Cyndi Hicks-Nobles

    Cyndi Nobles · 3 minutes ago
    I am responding to your request as to why I would like to read this book. I ama 55 year displaced worker that has been out of work since June 2009. During my time of being unemployed I rediscovered my love & passion for cooking. Now I am beginning a "new " career, by starting culinary classes this wekk to hone & perfect my life skills.

    My long term goal is develop a line of marketable tasty, fresh ingredient "comfort " foods to sell to in small market venues as a resource for busy families. The proceeds of this business venture will go to fund a soup kitchen in my community as well as fund feeding programs in inner city areas & low income areas.

    I feel that the lessons from this book will go a long way to enhancing my knowledge of the inner workings of successful marketing strategies and give me fesh ideas for my niche business.

    I look forward to increasing my knowledge & thank you in advance for the opportunity to read this exciting tome of information.
    Cyndi Nobles

  • @joshbrown

    I would love a copy of Crush It because I am an aspiring leader that is spending my 20s growing in wisdom so I will be ready to change the world when I'm in my 30s. I am a driven, focused person who has some great ideas, but just needs to gain some strong leadership insights. This book sounds like the one for me and I would be honored to receive a free copy.

  • Sheryl Bullock

    I'm always looking for books, not just for myself, but for my coaching clients. Most of them are entrepreneurs and surprisingly, many do not use social media yet for their businesses. They see themselves as "locals" and focus their work in their communities. They've come out of one profession, burned out and wanting change. So they embark on something new, often without much direction. This book could open up many new possibilities for them.

    For myself, as a coach, I'm in a constant state of change which I think is healthy and necessary. I'm always searching for ways to make my business more accessible to a greater number of people and relevant to the culture around me.

    I'd be honored to receive a copy of this book and would love to not only read it, but pass it on to others.

  • Mario Mattei

    A multitude charged ahead for a ripe, purple orange.
    I clambered with the ranks, reaching with a hand.
    Hopeful for a win, I clicked my comment to contend.

    Hands cluttered. Voices puddled into cacophonies .
    Everyone craning their necks like giraffes nibbling leaves.

    I reached into the chamber of self, refusing giraffeness, and
    Finding a lightning bolt, I instead released it here, untamed,
    Spattering sparks of metaphor to one who digests words—who
    Mixes them with creative waters, making new pulp… daily
    On his blog.

    I hope a cup of lightning and pulp is refreshing
    and worthy of a Crush.

    My recent post Charter for Visual Peace

  • David W. Banks

    Michael – “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk is just another great leadership opportunity for us to embrace change and grow. Appears this book will help lead us deeper into the threads of social media and digging in to ensure passion exists and understanding the importance of what we do with the passion in our life, personally and professionally. Personal branding/effective marketing is critical in everything we do…we sell ourselves daily from point we get out of bed until we recline again at eve. Content is more than just being real, it is taking ourselves to the next level and constantly aspiring for more. Being authentic and having a check/balances process and stabilization buffer or method in place helps keep us real, balanced, accountable and thriving on a daily basis. I was impacted in 2009 with the elimination of my position from Sprint, along with 17,000 of my former colleagues. My career path is diverse but at the helm I can honestly say it has always been about service to God and others and not necessarily where can David get to next. I am a servant and leader at heart. My mission is to continue a work where my efforts help others and provide a form of balance and true meaning when the day is done. Because of the grace of opportunity in my release from corporate I have pursued PhD work where I will be aligned with the work I am called to be in; service to others. I am quite eager to read “Crush It” and I will share it with everyone in my network, family, church and friends that I continue to reach out to daily. I love buying a good book and sharing it with others. Thanks for inspiring me and creating new visionary leaders within each of us. I am creating a new life.

  • Scott

    As an auto technician (PC for mechanic) for 34 years and a shop owner for 15, I have always tried to do what I thought was right for my customers. I closed my shop last June and have worked in a "big box store" for 3 months and another independent shop for 5 months. I was unable to tolerate the way the motoring public was treated in the BB store and was appalled at the way my employers lied to their customers on a daily basis at the indy shop.

    I need to go back to work for the motoring public as an owner again- but the market is so destroyed by the unethical treatment of folks, I need a new idea how to get the word out and have my "flock" understand that their car NEEDS some things and doesn't need the "fluff" all these other shops tell them.

    I think this book would help me market in my local area and even help my out reach to drivers everywhere.

  • Kelley Boles

    I would love a free copy of Crush It! I've never been able to grasp the entire "get a job, go to work, come home, rise, repeat, retire, and die" philosophy. I'm sure it's a fine philosophy for many many people. One of my good friends will work for the same company he's been working for for the past 10 years until the day he retires. I just don't have that mindset. To be at the mercy of an employer just fills my heart with dread. But how can I take my passion (writing so as to inspire others to lead a purpose filled life) and monetize it? How can I intertwine my passion for helping others with my need to sustain a stable household for myself and my family? And how can I do this without forsaking my value system?
    I won't say that Crush It! has 100% of the answers, but I do believe that it could be a valuable asset in my journey. I would love a free copy, sir.


  • Andy Pisciotti

    I want this book because I realized not too long ago that I was telling a life story that sucked, and through my sucky story, I was teaching other people to tell boring, uninteresting, dull stories with their lives. I'm working on changing that and telling a life story that's worth retelling. I'm planing to launch a non-profit that will raise awareness and funds for a lot of people and organizations that need help helping others. I would love to read Crush It to help me get to where I need to be when it comes time to launch.

    If I receive a copy of this book, I will read it, and I'll use it to tell a better story.

  • Andrew Brown

    I'm 23. I've got some passion left in me with a little bit of a cowboy cavalier attitude in me. Plus, I'm still trying to figure where to go in life. How about a little inspiration?


    This comment is so bad you just need to Crush It!

  • Juan

    I have been following Gary in twitter learning about his passion in life and his passion for his preferred football team The New York Jets. You can tell he is passionate about what he does.

    Passion in life is everything. In my case I am passionate about what I do; at my work very hard on me; I want to always do my best. I am in sales and my customers are everything even when I don't feel like it. Without Passion I would not do what I do; even though we have a sales budget system; my goal is to always go higher, even in tough times for example in 2009; I ended up 30% above my gross profit budget, or this past february I ended up 200% on my budget some colleagues will think – just meet the number; no me.

    I would love to own the book.
    Thank You

  • Women Living Well

    This giveaway surprised me! I am a closet Gary V fan! His foul mouth in some of his videos has kept me from ever sharing with anyone that I watch his videos lol! So shhhhh… please don't tell! When Crush It came out a while back I wanted to buy it but again shyed away…I guess I'm a "Christian book" snob! Your example makes me think I should stop that!!! I make short 3 minute videos reguarly for my blog (just posted one today) and it's what seperates me from the pack in blogging. The inspiration to do that came from Garv V – but again shhh that's a secret. Hope none of my fans see this lol! Thanks for your leadership! Courtney
    My recent post Unanswered Prayer

  • John Richardson

    Michael, this is a great book. If I should be so lucky as to receive a copy, I’ll put together a contest on my blog to give the book away and link back to your site. Not only will it help my blog, but hundreds of my readers will find out about Sounds like a viral win-win to me!

  • Trey

    I teach high school, and currently I am taking 35 students through The Traveler's Gift. I would love to be able to teach them the principles found in Crush It! as well. If my students graduate knowing the Seven Decisions of Success + how to find and capitalize on their passion, they will be better prepared for what come their way after graduation! Andy and Gary may be an unlikely combination, but they will certainly make a great one-two punch!

  • Jesse Wisnewski

    Interesting. I haven't read a self-help book in a long-time and will look to dig into this one. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers
    My recent post Reviews of Brian McLaren’s “A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith”

  • Caleb Writes

    Hello Michael,
    My greatest passion is writing. And I focus my writing on my other passions: the love of God, conflict resolution and socio-political relations. About six years ago, I left a very successful I.T. career to pursue those passions. I earned a degree in Government and Public Policy and a Juris Doctor. I also worked for two years as a writer for politicans. I just took the bar exam last week and currently work a very safe government lawyer job, but I've already begun developing clientele for a mediations / dispute resolutions practice.
    A few weeks ago, I decided that I would get serious about publishing my work and began researching the business of publishing. That's how I found your blog. Thank God I found you, Michael. You've introduced me to the concept of platform and branding.
    I should have a high quality "Christian Relations" blog up by summer. I promise to read "Crush It!" as well as and whatever else I can find to help make my product excellent. I'd love a free copy of the book.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Michelle Righenzi

    I would like a copy of this book because I am currently on a personal quest for passion in my personal and professional life. Although I have a wonderful job that is fulfilling by its very nature, I often feel as if there is something else I’m supposed to be doing. It would be awesome to find some inspiration for motivation and courage to help overcome my fear of change.
    Thanks for reading my comments!

  • Carrie Padgett

    I've read Crush It! and I completely agree: It's an amazing book. I have my own copy so I'm not entering to win one, but I do want to add a recommendation. Gary's passion bleeds from the pages and makes the reader that they also have a brilliant idea inside, just waiting to be tapped.

  • DPeach

    Like you, I am turned off by GaryVee's mouth. I am very curious as to what has gotten you excited in this book to overcome the stigma. I actually searched for this book in our local library this weekend to test it out before committing to buying it. Upon your recommendation, I would love to read the book and see how it can help me be a more effective missionary.
    My recent post February Prayer Letter

  • @CarriePadgett

    I already own a copy of Crush It! (and I've read it). I have to echo what you said about its value.

    Gary's passion for what he does bleeds off the page and infects the reader until you're sure there's a brilliant idea in you somewhere just waiting to be unleashed.

    I enjoy your blog. Thank you for all you do to support writers and publishing.
    My recent post Must See TV

  • Kelly Dolan

    I won’t hang on to this book. Honest.

    I will read it. Maybe more than once. I’ll take notes (not on the book’s pages!), and maybe even sketch some to help me interact with the book.

    But then I’ll give it away, and make the person I give it to promise to give it to someone else when they’re done.

    And if the content of the book is as good as many (including you) have said that it is, I’ll give it away in as many other ways as possible. Blogging, tweeting, buying it as a gift for someone else who needs it…

    Selfishly, I’d really like a free copy of the book. At the same time, I’d really like to help others find, buy and read it as well.

  • Craig Pynn

    I’m 63 and have stage 3 advanced prostate cancer. I’m on hormone therapy that in less polite circles is known as “chemical castration.” While there are lots of sites and blogs about the clinical side of prostate cancer, there are no blogs or online resources about the psychological, emotional and spiritual toll of living with cancer but without testosterone. I want to change that that since there are about 40,000 guys like me living with these twin burdens right now in the US.

    I’m not passionate about making money: been there, done that. But I am passionate about developing and marketing a forum where guys like me can gather and share stories, insights and ways to improve our daily lives. I’ve got a lot of content ready to go, but am a neophyte at how to deploy it effectively in this new media world to reach this community and its significant others.

    It looks like Gary’s book could help. I commit to reading it.

    Who knows, maybe someday we’ll live in a world where light blue ribbons (the color for prostate cancer) become as well known as the pink ones for breast cancer. I’d like to use new media to help advance that cause.

  • Dub Dublin

    One of two things is happening in the world today: Either we are witnessing the fall of civilization as the largest debts in human history drag us back to feudalism, or maybe, just maybe, there's a chance to rebuild and reclaim a free and civil society, led by people with the fire in their bellies to "Crush It!" Our tragically failed big governments, companies, and policies simply cannot ever provide the spark necessary to jumpstart us out of this mess. Hyper-entrepreneurship may well offer the only way out. Here's to the new business barons of the 21st century – may their tide lift all ships – they may just save the world as we know it. After reading the book, I might turn out to be one, and you might, too…

  • Candice Beever

    I would love a copy of this book. I'm currently a college senior getting a marketing degree and I'm always interested to hear of new ways to promote and create a platform. The one thing my courses never seem to cover is how to market using social media which is easily the fastest growing method, perhaps that's why it hasn't made it into last year's textbooks yet. Also, I'm interested because I recently discovered my own passion in writing and I'm seriously looking to turn that into my career. I have a small web presence but I'm always looking for efficient and effective ways to expand it.

  • dave w s

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! I've been a pharmacist for 15 years. I don't hate it. In fact, I have the best job a pharmacist could ask for. AND YET, there is still something missing… a void, a restlessness. As if God is saying to me, "I have even greater things for you…don't be afraid!"

    My problem is that I have so many interests and seem to have the next BIG IDEA every month or two (my poor wife!). Business, teaching, organizational leadership, ministry. I'm entertaining several graduate school programs, from MBAs, to PhDs, to MDivs. And while it is SO EXCITING, I get frustrated sometimes with my lack of focus. I also have the practical side of having a wife and two little ones… how far do I pursue my dreams at their expense? My real dream one day is to own an independent bookstore w/ a cafe and a reading room to help fight illiteracy, but how in the world to I go about doing that?

    So, if you think "Crush It" would help me, I would sincerely appreciate it. (And probably my wife will too!) thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

  • Tim Davis

    I have a passion to influence and train young people to fulfill the call of God on their lives, as well as see the Great Commission completed in my generation. I am always looking for ways to grow, learn, and develop myself as a leader. I would also love to transition to a point where I am able to live out my passion on a full-time basis. And yes, i will definitely read the book if i am a winner.

  • John Waldo

    I would like this book because I'm addicted to Michael Hyatt giveaways, and if Michael says it's good, I want to read it! (Schmooze, schmooze!). In fact, I won a free book of my choice from Catalyst, and the first thing I did was check Michael's list of Top Ten.

    Actually, I've been a proponent of the strengths-based movement (Marcus Buckingham) and this book looks like the social media version of Now, Discover Your Strengths. I can't wait to read this one @johnwaldo

  • Mario Dreher

    Dear Michael:
    I’m a freshman in College in Germany and major in business administration. For the last three years I’ve been on a journey on trying to get to know myself intentionally and to release my God given potential. I’m constantly on the look out for new content like books, podcasts, iTunes University and TED talks, mostly in English, because there’s just more and better content than in German.
    The biggest challenge I think my generation faces on the other side of the pond is, most of us don’t know who we are, who and what we want to become. Many don’t have a dream for their life. I myself haven’t found it yet, though I’m getting close and I believe “Crush it!” will help me on this journey. And once I found it, I want to give back to the next generation and help them living their life as Erwin McManus would say “wide awake”
    I think that’s enough reason to ship one across the ocean  And besides that, I love Nashville!!! It truly became a home for me the last couple of years. I served at two churches for five and ten months (at Kaleo Nashville and Nashville First Church of the Nazarene). Hope to come back soon!

  • Mike Oates

    Hi Mike,
    I want a copy of this book as it seems like the book was written for where I am in my life RIGHT NOW! I say that based on your description of the book alone I have not read it. Basically I know I have huge potential for more in my life. I can’t stand my current job and it’s becoming clearer and clearer that I need to move into working out of my strength zones. I am in the process of reading “Put your dreams to the test” by John maxwell and just last night I was reading the chapter on Passion. John says We need to have passion for what we are doing and it’s critical to our success. So of course I was pretty pumped to see this post on your blog. So YES I would really like to read “Crush it” as it seems like it would really help push me along to the next step of my journey and I will probably purchase it anyway even if I don’t win this mini contest!
    thanks for posting on this Mike!

  • jhart
  • FriarWade

    As St. Patrick's Day is quickly approaching, I have been reading about the lives of the 'Celtic Saints.' One jaw-dropping read is by Kathie Walters. Her short 96 page book, "Celtic Flames," highlights the lives of Ireland's pioneers in the faith – Brendan, Brigid, Columba, Comgall and Patrick. I see 'passion' written on every page!

    I was captivated with Gary Vaynerchuk's powerful statement, "… we are living in a day and age … where anybody in the world who has enough passion and skill set around that passion, can go out and buy a $200 flip cam and put that voice to the world and then build a business around that. It's staggering. It's game-changing." That type of passion immediately reminded me of a quote in "Celtic Flames:"

    "One report of Patrick's says, 'On occasion, I would give presents to the kings, beside the hire that I gave to their sons who accompany me… Moreover, you know by proof how much I paid to those who were judges throughout all the districts which I frequented most… so that ye may enjoy me. Daily I expect either slaughter or to be defrauded, or reduced to slavery, or to an unfair attack of some kind."

    I see that St. Patrick possessed enough passion and he utilized his 'skill set around that passion' – not just spiritual skill, but wisdom and resources (paying judges and kings) – to bring his voice to his world. He did this in spite of unfair policies and fierce 'competition.'

    I have the passion and the skill set around that passion. I want to effectively harness both passion and skill set, using every applicable form of communication, to bring my voice to the world AND appropriately monetize it.

    I would appreciate a copy of "Crush It!" to aid me in my mission.

    Thanks & Peace!

    Fr. Wade+
    Lakeland, FL

  • @craigalee

    Michael you are awesome! Thought I would fluff you some, it may work. I think this book will help me to gain confidence in my brand and help me learn how to move forward in sharing the Good News of Jesus. Thanks for the opportunity.
    My recent post Important Message Regarding Sunday

  • Erin McCabe

    I want my job to be something that allows me to simply be who God made me to be. This book would surely help me crush my way there!

  • Brian Emory

    I just read your post on "delegating when you don't have a staff" which led me to "Crush It" I run an inner city ministry in Jackson MS for kids age 6-18 (baseball and softball) and we were just ranked 12th out of 225+ affiliated programs in the country. We're affiliated with Major League Baseball.

    I need all the help I can get with organization and living a less cluttered life because this is my passion and not my day job. I need investors to realize that I'm actually more organized than a typical 501 c3 but I'm also breaking my neck to stay on top of things. Hope I make the cut! I'll write a review for you if necessary!

    Brian Emory
    My recent post Future Stars: Andrewan Owens |

  • daniel john

    Hi Michael!

    I'm an entrepreneur based in Manila. 31 yrs old. I've been an entrepreneur since 18. I am already living off from passive income generated by real estate that I own. I am also operating a small service business. But what keeps me awake at night is figuring out how to build a (global) business online.

    I am interested to get a book for the following reasons:

    (1) I am challenged on how to make it big online.

    (2) I'm trying to study how to use social media (the right way) as a tool for business

    (3) I want to learn how to build a big business with little capital (or zero if possible)

    (4) I am currently writing an eBook. So I am hoping to get insights on how to do better marketing.

    (5) My passion involves writing, playing music, composing and helping people start their own business. (so I don't know which one to pursue) Hopefully, the book can point me in the right direction or at least offer a hint.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  • Lisa Robertson

    My husband turned me on to @GaryVee a few months back and he can't say enough about the audio version of Crush It (minus the harsh language). I'd really like to read it, so if I receive a copy, it will be moving to the top of my must read list.

  • ProductivePinoy

    Hi Michael!

    I'm an entrepreneur based in Manila. 31 yrs old. I've been an entrepreneur since 18. I am already living off from passive income generated by real estate that I own. I am also operating a small service business. But what keeps me awake at night is figuring out how to build a (global) business online.

    I am interested to get a book for the following reasons:

    (1) I am challenged on how to make it big online.

    (2) I'm trying to study how to use social media (the right way) as a tool for business

    (3) I want to learn how to build a big business with little capital (or zero if possible)

    (4) I am currently writing an eBook. So I am hoping to get insights on how to do better marketing.

    (5) My passion involves writing, playing music, composing and helping people start their own business. (so I don't know which one to pursue) Hopefully, the book can point me in the right direction or at least offer a hint.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  • Travis Robertson

    Hey Mike,

    Like you, I've listened to the audio book a few times already! The only problem is that I can't underline anything. :) I'd love to get a copy of this book so I can add my notes, thoughts and comments on each page.


    Travis Robertson
    My recent post That’s Not My Job

  • relevantentrepreneur

    Hi Michael!

    I'm an entrepreneur based in Manila. 31 yrs old. I've been an entrepreneur since 18. I am already living off from passive income generated by real estate that I own. I am also operating a small service business. But what keeps me awake at night is figuring out how to build a (global) business online.

    I am interested to get a book for the following reasons:

    (1) I am challenged on how to make it big online.

    (2) I'm trying to study how to use social media (the right way) as a tool for business

    (3) I want to learn how to build a big business with little capital (or zero if possible)

    (4) I am currently writing an eBook. So I am hoping to get insights on how to do better marketing.

    (5) My passion involves writing, playing music, composing and helping people start their own business. (so I don't know which one to pursue) Hopefully, the book can point me in the right direction or at least offer a hint.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  • Tobie

    New brand ambassador at Ethos3. Energized and inspired by the video of Gary and his message. Why not start the year with a great read and phrase – Crush It! Thirsty for knowledge and information. Bring it On. Plus I'd like to say "I'm a winner" and just won a book from Michael Hyatt. LOL

  • Tanya Monteiro

    I have just raised enough to help me Kickstart my life's work and will shoot phase 1 of my documentary "surviving or thriving" in June. I've never made a film before and my "life" on-line was conceived less than 1 year ago. I can do with ALL the help, advise and Kicks being thrown my way. Oh and READING changed my thinking, without that I'd not be Thriving today! Thank you for this post, it Inspired me to participate.
    Here's a link to my documentary:
    Here's a link to my website & blog:

  • Robby Hyche

    Social media drives a lot of what I do as a minister. I am amazed at how many people I connect with each week through it's use. But I need to further my reach and impact. Crush It! sounds like it would be helpful and I would like to see it.
    My recent post The Five Love Languages for Singles

  • CJ Powers

    I want a copy of this book to help me find a way to align what I'm doing with who I am. I desire to live a transparent life and share with others the strength and growth I've had after coming through devastating struggles in order to bring hope to those who are hurting.

    Lord willing, I'll read it within the first weekend I receive it.

  • guy m williams

    I'm a pastor, which allows me to pursue my passion of making more and stronger disciples of Jesus directly in the local church. Why, then, would I want this book? Because alongside my pastor calling and passion is a persistent sense/bubbling/rumbling that there's some kingdom-oriented social entrepreneurship inside me that's trying to get released. I have dreams I'm trying to discern. I don't merely want to "crush it" in order to cash in, but in order to "cash out" for Christ's kingdom. That's something worth "crushing it" for, and that's why I want to learn how to do it.

  • Chris

    Looks like a must read for anyone with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Personally, I'm really attracted to what I might find in this book. I've had success producing online videos regarding my passion, making video, talk about backfire redundancies. The only thing is, my success has been a big contribution for someone else's purse. I need to learn to utilize my talents for myself. I think there's so much more I can achieve and contribute to the community of video producers out there (we are a growing bunch). There is incredible opportunity available as social media is continually redefining markets and audiences. There's an audience out there that I can contribute to.

  • jhart

    I am on staff at a church where we are challenged to read a certain # of leadership books a year. We also take our individual teams through 4 leadership books a year. Right now we just finished the book "The Truth about You" from Marcus Buckingham. The book "Crush It" seems like it would be a great follow up to Marcus Buckingham's books in general. I can't wait to read it one way or the other. Thanks for sharing these books with us Michael!

  • Smoochagator

    This book sounds like it was made for me. I need a career change like you would not believe. I'm expecting my first child this summer, and I know I can't be the mother I want to be while working the 9-to-5 grind; yet I'm terrified of trying to break into the freelance or work-from-home world.
    My recent post Emily the Blogger

  • Christy B.

    If Gary's writing is anywhere near as interesting as his speaking, anyone would want to read his book for the sheer entertainment value. However, with time being a precious commodity, and books pounding at the door to be pored over, a literary candidate needs a better resume than "fun" to make it to my bedside table. It needs to have a driving focus that offers encouragement, yes, but more importantly a road map, complete with well-marked detours. If Gary's work is what it claims to be, then you don't need a promise from me to say I'll read it. If it is what it says it is, then it is what we need, and if it is what we need, wouldn't we be fools NOT to read it? I don't make promises, because if I say I'll do something, then I do it. But I'm telling you, if this book shows up in my mailbox, I'll have it open and partially read before crossing the street to my front door . . . and I won't hold you or the author accountable if I get hit by a car in the process.

    You want to know why it should land in MY mailbox and potentially leave my children motherless as I read while crossing the street, don't you? This family–not just me, not just my husband, not just my children, but this entire family would benefit. We are an out-of-the-box family with godly passion and vision, but without a road map. Let me explain.

    My husband is a self-employed real estate appraiser, the ethical type known in today's Nevada real estate market as a scape goat. He built up his business, established a home office, and now supports his family willingly doing something he h-a-t-e-s. He is also a very talented contemporary Christian musician with his second CD in production in Nashville, a ski buff, a struggling online entrepreneur, and a National Park fan, to put it mildly. Passions: family, music, nature, slopes. Reality: office chair, computer screen, livid homeowners, a sign on his forehead reading "Why blame Bush or Obama when you can blame me!" He needs to get out.

    I am a homeschooling mother of six. I am also a writer who works for nickels and dimes. Unfortunately, "Nickels and Dimes" is not the name of a small but respectable and well-paying publishing company. It is my goal to get my husband out of appraising in the year 2012, and move us all to a ranch in the foothills of Idaho, but the $97 I made over the past few months is not stretching very far. Unwilling to leave my family in order to earn money, I work in the margins of a full day. Passions: Christ-centered family, writing, home on the range, helping my husband and children reach their full God-given potential. Reality: Christ-centered family, scratching out grocery lists, home on an acre in the middle of the desert, despairing that my husband's true calling exists only in the sidelines and that my children's gifts will suffer the same fate. I need to get in.

    My children, being raised in this increasingly common, yet still non-traditional sort of home, don't seem to realize that the 9 to 5 even exists.Their talents and passions are growing daily, and we are guiding them down paths of learning that will set them up to pursue those passions and use their gifts. They want to start an equestrian center with us, soon, now. They want to be photographers, writers, crafters, and ranchers. They want to help animals and orphans. They want to run a sprawling horse center with summer camps for children, riding lessons, music festivals, and Bible camps, and we want to do it with them, together, now. (Can you picture it? Smell it? Feel it? I can!) They have dreams and we are giving them the skill set they need. But to what end? Sitting in an office chair staring longingly at a screen saver dreaming about what could have been, what could be, but what isn't? Passions: horses, creating, serving the Lord, working hard on what they love. Reality: one freakishly large golden retriever, creating dreams, seeking God's path, and an uncertain future. They need to know that the direction their parents are pointing them is not a hollow dream. They need the freedom to pursue passion.

    My husband needs out, I need in, and my children need direction. We need a road map. We have the talent, the work ethic, the values, the goals, the plan, the passion. We even have the band of relatives that roll their eyes and say "Whatever!" We're set! We just need the road map, and you've got it.

    I don't make promises, but if I assure you that I will indeed look both ways before crossing the street, will you please send us this book and help my family pursue our passions? We'll have you over for dinner and a concert at the ranch in 2012.

    My recent post He Washes My Feet

  • Teddy Ray

    I could use this book. I have great passions but haven't known exactly how to take an entrepreneurial turn with them.

    My 3 greatest passions:
    – Home-schooling my three kids
    – Leadership in the life of the church – especially research, teaching, and preaching
    – Financial planning and counseling – especially for those with little resources

    I have seen how two of these can be "jobs." I haven't yet found a good way to use social media to expand them, though. Looking for the next step…

  • Neil Essen

    I have been on a new journey of truly seeing social media for the influence opportunity that it is. Several of your previous posts have played a big role in my understanding. I will benefit from this book because I will actually read it and apply it immediately.

    Fertile Soil is my middle name!

  • joshandhollyallen

    Sounds like Crush It! will be a much needed supplement to my personal adventure of discovering how to work by doing my passion. My wife and I are small business owners … the store (a retail and services boutique for dogs) is focused on her passion, dogs. While my passion lies in figuring out how to make a business work and creatively leverage the success of that business for the kingdom. This has led me to contemplate full time ministry … I would love to write a book about this someday … how to be "all-in" for God's creation, and yet manage to dutifully run a company that is "in the world" and focused on profit that would ultimately go back to support of the local church and international ministries. I feel like Crush It! might provide some direction on how to make that Journey more strategic and effective.

  • George Jackson

    You make an interesting offer. If you decide to send me the book, I will read it and pass it on to my teenage daughters to read. They are both deciding "what to do with their lives." This sound like the kind of book that might do just do that.
    Michael, thanks for this opportunity. Maybe this will be the spark I need also.

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  • Jeremy Barr

    One of the reasons I would love to read this book is because of how it talks about monetizing your passion. I'm not in this simply for the money, but we all know we need money to do things. What a better way to spend your time earning than by doing what you love. I'm also interested in how social media can be a game changer. I want to see how I can apply that to where I currently work, which hasn't had a website update since 2000.
    My recent post Best Friends

  • Ron

    Thanks for the info Michael. Sorry, no time to wait on the contest. I bought the ebook version. If you're that sold on it, then I want it now. My theory, to get ahead sometimes you have to jump ahead. Get in line, no waiting.

  • Brad Blackman

    This sounds like an incredible book and a good companion to Seth Godin's recent book _Linchpin_, I've been wondering what to read next, and now I think I know. I have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and looking back I realize that I always have, but I am unsure of how to get myself out there and take the leap when I have a young family. What I want to do is create art (paintings) that changes the world, and learn to market it in a way that is really unique.

  • kienan clute

    !! I really need a copy of Crush It! because I pre-ordered 5 copies last March 2009 and ended up talking Gary up so much that I committed to giving all of my books away before I even had a chance to read it! I've had 5 copies in my possession and have yet to read it through. PLEASE give me this opportunity to see what I can do when I apply Gary's great advice with my intellect and actionable ability.

    Thank you and I appreciate the consideration,
    My recent post kienan: I just ousted @sxswexaminer as the mayor of Barton Springs Saloon on @foursquare!

    I bought the book last night. I'm on chapter 5 and this book is dead on. Thanks for the great short review Michael

  • stephanieinlex

    I've got a bit of a crush on social media. Seriously, I'm smitten. From the sidelines, I've been watching leaders and creative thinkers of all types flourish in their pursuits of reaching a target audience with an authentic voice. While I am living the dream God called me to 11 years ago, I sense Him pushing me toward using my creativity, publishing experience, and storytelling abilities to pursue this 'crush' further. I'm hoping Gary (coarse language and all) might inspire and help me fine-tune my direction with social media, even if it simply becomes venture I pursue in my spare time.

  • Dan Gilman
  • Andrea

    The reason I'd like this book? It can seem simple, but it's SO REAL!
    I've just started the journey to really discover my passion and what I can really be the best in the world (in the relative notion of world as explain Seth Godin in "The Dip").
    I know it is something in the area of time management, organization and innovation, but I should narrow my focus more.
    I think this book will really help me in this discovery as well as in investing my life in it.

    My recent post Il passato influenza il futuro (oppure no?)

  • @danp

    Michael, I've been a Gary V fan or Vayniac for several years now (even have the Bring the Thunder wrist band to prove it). Not only because I think his Vodcasts are entertaining and informative regarding wine, it was easy to see early on how he was utilizing social media to build brand and market reach. I've been intrigued about his knowledge, passion and skill and how it could be effectively used in our business (church) even suggesting to Randy, Gary V would be great for recreate. I was planning on getting a copy of Crush It anyway but to acquire a copy this way would be very cool!
    My recent post Kingdom Living

  • WilliamPMcG

    Michael, thanks for the chance to write for Crush it. My passion is Cheering Extraordinary People. I do it in the church as a family minister, with my family as a husband and father of 4, and as a cheerleading coach to some great young leaders. I'm a liberal arts grad and I'm thrilled that there is now an even greater opportunity for us non-techie, more creative types to Crush It. Its time for a ""Lynchpin" world that is passionate and creative and fully alive. Thanks again for the wisdom and insights you share in your blogs, tweets, and posts and the opportunity to share my passion.
    My recent post True Love Endures

  • Gabriel

    Flashing his new Droid phone, he launched into a blistering, soapbox delivery of how he could change the course of people's lives right from our booth at P.F. Chang’s. This passionate, young leader of a Christian, collegiate ministry (from now on referred to as FIYD – Fiery Impressive Young Dude) blasted away like a machine gun, spraying innovative ideas on how he was leveraging technology to build a ministry and invest in the lives of young people.

    Before jumping into his "line of fire" with a question, I felt like I needed to strap on a Kevlar vest.
    I dove in without one.
    Brave me.

    "Who or what is fueling these ideas of yours? I've been in full-time Christian ministry for 15 years and I've never heard of anyone doing what you're doing the way you're doing it."

    FIYD: "Have you ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuk?"
    Me: "No."
    FIYD: "You have to read Crush It!"

    Finally, someone who can effectively help me leverage social networking to advance the gospel and build the kingdom (my passion). No gimmicks. No games. At least that's what I'm hoping.

    Reading Crush It is a "Next Action item" in my GTD system.

    One last note. I'm going to see you on March 5 at the Lifework retreat in Florida. So choosing me as one of the winners would save you postage with hand delivery. Just an idea.

  • Shawna Marie Bryant

    Michael, I will devour a book that tells me how to cash in on my passion because I'm tired of my passion cashing in on me. Since I'm passionate and penniless, I'd love a free copy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Ken Robinson

    Here's my story and why I believe I should have the book "Crush It"

    I leave a safe and comfortable job to start a multimedia company. Jumping into the abyss of the unknown.
    I become a producer on a feature film and manage to get an international company to pay my flights to LA to promote the film and love every minute of LA and the film industry. Jumping to the risks with joy.
    I am developing a brand new comic and begin stepping out in faith that it will be a winner.
    I step to the edge of developing new media for the internet, film scripts and viral making ideas and I wait……

    It seems my life has been shaped by jumping at opportunities and taking the body hits as well.

    At this moment I see more jumps ahead of me and I need some fresh courage to do it again to take the failures and keep the dream alive.

    The book you are giving away sounds like the book I need right now for the challenges I face.



  • Ann

    I can't wait to read this book! I'm learning about writing and have a blog as well as writing for I'm very interested to learn how to increase circulation through socila media. So I know this book will help me! Thank you so much for the amazing offer!

  • Oscar Reyes

    With all the over abundance of marketing advice, it is increasingly hard to decide who’s advice to follow. Why I want to read Gary’s book? Very simple, here is a passionate guy that is real. Why real? He is not telling you what he learned in a classroom, he is sharing what has worked with his business, experienced firsthand, strategies that work, he is sharing the success exercised in his family’s business and his own. While in college, for two summers I sold books door to door for Thomas Nelson back in the early 80’s. What I learned from my faced to face experience was priceless. And that is what I’m looking for in his book: his wisdom. Thanks for the valuable information on your blog.
    Oscar R

  • Megan

    I am interested in reading this book. I've heard good things, but I'm not completely convinced that passion can be cashed in. I'm passionate about many things and feel like I'm pursuing them as much as my stage in life will allow. Some of those things benefit my family financially, but most of them hold a different kind of value.

    What does Crush It have to say to the stay-at-home mom who has her spoon in too many proverbial pots?

  • Laura

    I would love to give this book to my husband. He was laid off from his job on Monday and is 1/3 way through grad school for a program in product development. This book sounds like it would really encourage him to pursue his passion, despite the short-term setback he is experiencing. Besides that, I would like to read it as well!

  • KristineMac

    I would love a copy of this book as I'm in the middle of living out my passion. I've published a book God put on my heart, Escaping the Cauldron, and am using social media to promote it.
    My recent post From A Mother’s Heart

  • Jamie Pohlman

    Michael, I would like this book because my husband and I are getting ready to embark upon a new period in our lives–he is getting out of the Navy. The military is what we have known for 99% of our married life and starting out fresh in the real world is scary. I recently listened to Gary’s podcast from BEA and shared some of his information with my husband. His passion is climbing and he would love to live his passion. I have every hope that he will succeed, as his job is the reason I can homeschool our four children. If I won this book, both my husband and I would read it.
    Thanks for considering,

  • Jeff Hossler

    I read about 90% of the book while sitting in my local bookstore. I started to feel guilty, so I didn't finish it. I would love to have a copy so that I could read the whole thing without feeling guilty!

  • Jonathan Sigmon

    I will read this. I am a pastor and pastors are never dishonest, so believe me when I say I’ll read it. :) :) :)

  • M1ssDiagnosis

    I believe Crush It! would help me to take another step on an amazing journey of discovering and living my purpose. I've been privileged to work with an incredible Life Coach recently and have been making progress toward becoming more focused and motivated to live a life that matters for eternity. I'm excited to learn how I can be more effective in getting my message out so I can help others .

  • Kristen Ethridge

    I would love a copy of this book. My husband and I had our home and family-owned business wiped out by Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Through the process of rebuilding, we discovered a small business idea we wanted to pursue on our own here in Galveston. In October 2009, we made that business a reality, and now we are trying to grow the business and engage tourists from all over the world to connect with our store. This book would be a great kick-start to more ideas to share our passion for our store to a greater market.

    And, well, I’m the parent of a two-year-old. I can only read short chapters in between episodes of Dora.

  • David B

    As a first time to comment on your blog I want to say that I have been inspired to improve my leadership and communication skills. I tend to be a frustrated introvert who needs a push to share my gifts and passions with others. Crush It will be the next book on my list (currently reading Linchpin) to push me to the next level of my life. Thanks for giving your time to providing practical words of wisdom to others!

  • Barbara Nixon

    Though I've watched Gary Vee on his podcast for a while & also followed him on Twitter, I have not yet read his book. I'm interested in seeing how his personality and energy come through in Crush It! After I read Gary Vee's book, I'll share what I learn with my students at Georgia Southern University and Southeastern University.
    My recent post Public Relations Program Planning :: FAQs

  • Mike Key


    I know all cap's is yelling, but that's just it, I want this book.

    I want this book so much I made a youtube video about how much I want it:

    I've been a huge fan of Gary since I learned about how he go behind a camera and turned his fathers business into a 30 million dollar a year company. Amazing, stellar!

    The guy is just a personality and he busted balls every day to get things done. Gary is genuine and passionate about people, and if that's in the book I want to know about it and how I can do what he's doing.
    My recent post A Pickle more Awesome than You

  • Lisa/Defined Design

    I would like a copy of this book, because my business is Home Staging – a Service. I'm searching the internet to find ways to use social media for my business. I'm hoping Crush It! addresses those of us that sell services. With Home Staging repeat business is not something that happens on a regular basis. I'm in the beginning stages of development and want to cover all my bases before I launch my website. This book would benefit me, tremendously.

  • Nora Zarate Hodges

    I added this book to my Kindle wish list just before seeing this post on Facebook. I hope I win.

  • bridgemediagroup

    My friend Jon is a @GaryVee fan. I mean, like on steroids. I'd love to see why he is so pumped about this guy. If I should be pumped up about @GaryVee, please inspire me by sending a book my way, so that I can read it. Blessings!

  • @jkhasson

    Truthfully Michael, Crush It! just may give me the tools and inspiration I need to get all these crazy ideas in my head and get them on the road to happening in real life! I want to take my excitement about these ideas, develop them into passions, and then make them happen. I'd love to get a copy! Thanks!

  • Kevin Diggs

    Why do I need / want this book? I am a Corporate Concierge, @HudsonKerrigan, in Dallas, Texas and am in the process of learning all I can about Social Media. In fact, I attended today, on behalf of a client, a Social Media seminar in Dallas sponsord by Urban Interact. Their main desire is to enhance their product platform with a superior Social Media partner. I believe in swinging at every ball possible by adding this book to my arsenal, I will be able to ehance the knowledge base I currently have through absorbing the book. If this guy is nearly as passionate as he truly comes off as, it is sure to be chocked-full of useful and timely information! A good friend and mentor, Mike Miller @ NavPress, once told me that to find my passion would give me freedom. How TRUE he was! And, yes, if given a copy of the book, I promise to read it – I'll even post a review for you on your blog.

  • Jeffery Stockdale

    This book could potentially help me in my current job! I like the guys passion in the trailer, and maybe some of this can transfer into my life and ministry. I love to read, and Gary's energy along with your description of the book has stirred my interest.

  • Tricia

    I think this sounds very interesting and would love a copy. Why? I am passionate about helping women. I’ve been through several things in my life, and only through the Grace of God have I not only come through it, but thrived in spite of it. My passion and life’s calling is to help women who have suffered through abuse, domestic violence, depression, and are just hurting in this fallen world. I would love to know more about how to take this passion and turn it into a reality. Look forward to getting it regardless if I win or not. :o)

    in Him,

  • dave tinker

    I would love the book to figure out how to make a significant impact with my nonprofit’s advocacy and education efforts via social media to help people with intellectual disabilities.

  • DiscipleofHim

    I would love to have this book because I am an aspiring youth pastor, and to me, it would help me in my growth as a leader. Plus, it would help my ministry a lot when I become a youth pastor. ANd it overall seems like a great book.

  • Jill Savage

    Michael, I love Gary's energy! Thank you for sharing this.

    I know I need this book. As an author and the CEO of Hearts at Home, a ministry to moms, I'm on a steep learning curve about maximizing social media and connecting directly to the heart of those looking for what we offer. I'm reading Seth Godin's "Tribes" book right now and I know "Crush It" would be the next "class" my staff and I need to take!
    My recent post Growing Grateful Kids

  • misty

    Am I doing what I absolutely love? I don't know. Do I hate my job? No, I don't. What do I love? A challenge. To learn. To teach. To be successful. Do I need help? Yes. Would love to read this!!!

  • Larry Haynes

    This is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. With the new openness and exchange of ideas made possible by current technologies, it feels like the general rate of change is growing faster and faster in many segments of society. The tools to make your passions and dreams a reality and more available than ever before. I would love to get a copy of this book for a couple of reasons, the main one being timing. In just the past couple of weeks, my wife and I have started to discuss this very idea – moving in the direction of our dreams and taking those first steps . What a wonderful morning it would be to wake up and be able to do the work that stirs your heart the most. I think this book would be a great asset in helping us take the initial steps toward that point.

  • @ChristyCamren

    I hate my job. Every morning I wake up dreading the day to come. I'd rather wake up with butterflies in my stomach.

  • Kristin English

    I have been hearing about Crush It! for a while and really want to read it. I'm a PhD student at a crossroads and I need some inspiration to follow my dreams. I've lost my passion and I need to get it back. I think Gary's book is just the ticket. If you give me a copy, I promise to read it, blog about it, and talk to my students about it.

    A little haiku for good measure:
    I lost my passion
    My days are long without it
    I need to Crush It

    KE – @scullyke12

  • @matt_mccomas

    Crush it! is about either golf or baseball right? Both are sports that I need to grow my skill level in, so I'd love to get my semi-athletic hands on a copy.

    Your BFF,

    Matt (Operations Director for the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry in the Portland metro area, leveraging social media on the college campus seeking to engage the world leaders of tomorrow with the reality of Jesus Christ)

    P.S. I'd really like to read this book.
    My recent post Why we don’t use web 2.0 tools (comments)

  • @samfarris

    Love his passion. I'm pursuing my passion and leveraging social media to help fuel the drive the journey. I can use all the wisdom and guidance I can get my hands and mind around.

    MH rocks – a mentor to so many. Thanks for sharing your time and insights!

  • Bob Prentiss

    Not only will I read it, but I will apply it. A mutual friend told me to follow you on Twitter, both for the content of your tweets, but also because you are in the publishing business, and I am getting ready to self publish my first book. Based upon her recommendation, I figure your recommendation that Crush it is a must read is good enough for me.
    Plus, any help I can get in making my passion a bigger part of my life is welcome.

  • JPLinMaine

    I purchased Crush It! in the Charlotte Airport and have changed the way I am providing information to my customers, clients, and those that are following me via social networks (twitter and Facebook). I would love to pass this wonderful book on to others – most importantly my brother – a professional photographer in NYC. He is a great photographer and has done a lot to increase his business. I think that he would benefit greatly from the advice provided within Crush It!

  • Carl Burnham

    I'm a fan of Garys' on Facebook. Applaud his energy and passion. So rare today. Many take the easy road. By being passionate about your life, it can make a phenomenal difference in your life and an inspiration for others to spread their wings too. With his book I plan to read, blog about, and give away on my bookseller blog for someone else to experience.
    My recent post ROR Sitemap for

    Thank you for the opportunity. I would love this book and promise to read it. I am so tired and worn out from working 2 jobs and weekends that i have no energy to pursue other areas. In fact my f/t job suffers from no creativity since i am burnt out. I know the social media offer great opportunities and I feel the spirit has some great things in store. This could really help me get my confidence and creativity back. Thank you.

  • @mitchwellman

    Trying to develop a "brand" is something that our church has done for several years. Finally, Community, Truth, and Love are catching on in our city. I would love to learn more how to get our brand out there- the content, passion, and authenticity of our message are there. What can we do to "Crush It"?

    "Crush It" goes to the top of my books to read list! Keep the suggestions coming Michael!

  • R.Lynn

    I’d love to win the book because right now I’m afraid my ministry job is killing my soul which is a pretty lousy place to be. I don’t know whether it’s me or the job that needs adjusting so would love a fresh new perspective. I promise to read and savor the book in my quest to answer the age old “is this is all there is to life!?” ( and I’m a book junkie so I will treasure it forever!)

  • Terri Henry
  • Terri Henry

    As a 50 something young lady, I am amazed at the impact that social media platforms have on our society! I use it every day in my work, prayer and play. I’ve been dubbed ‘Twitter Queen” at the office and I’ll take that as a compliment. I look forward to the future of Social Media and the endless possibilities! Can you imagine what it will be like 5 years from now? From reading your blog, I know that branding is an important step in getting yourself noticed in the social media realm. Gary V’s passion and energy is contagious and I’m ready to go to the next level and use my own personal brand to make a new life! I would be thrilled to receive a copy of Crush It!
    My recent post TerriHenry: RT @worldprayr: we join your prayer for beauty, goodness and perfect love of God to consume the nations until Jesus returns

  • Genevieve

    Growing up w/ social media, it’s always been easy for me to learn & adapt to current trends. But learning strategy is not only interesting, it’s an integral part of marketing (for yourself or a company).

    I like to think of social media as..
    LinkedIn – How you start your day (at a current job/career)
    Twitter – The places to go and cocktails to drink
    Facebook – Picture & comments that appear the next day

    I look forward to reading Crush It! Thank you.

  • Marilyn Burgess

    I would love to have a copy of this book as I have been struggling to keep my caboose on the path to Crush It! and believe, after reading your strong recommendation Michael, that this book will help me get there!
    My recent post On embracing my inner girl

  • Elvira

    (Second try at submitting)
    I would like this book because I have never heard of using social media as a business. Ok, so what if I have been sheltered, naive to societal reality that social media probably has the strongest "fan" or consumer base than probably any other line of "products" if you will. I need this book and not because of a chance to get one free. I have written all my life, started a book, have been told I am good with words, quick on y feet. I haven't found that niche to make it happen. This book could help me get in where I fit in. :) About 5 years ago I re-entered the work force after being a stay-at-home mom for 10yrs. If someone had told me I committed career suicide I would probably would have shortened my stay. I love my kids but it is now time for me. :)

  • Wade

    I want a copy because I am poised to CRUSH IT, but it sounds like the book would be helpful.

    I have spent the last several months trying to get up to speed on creating a social media foundation and although I am proud of some parts of my progress, I know I have a long way to go. I have a Facebook account, Twitter, website and a blog. I have been amazed at how many working parts there are to getting everything running smoothly. I have a newfound respect for people like yourself and the other bloggers I read on a daily basis.

    Please check out my website and let me know what you think…I think I could give CRUSH IT a great success story and I, of course, would write about it in all of my social media accounts.

  • @marcholland

    I am skeptical of this book. Which is why I am a great candidate to receive a copy. Make me a believer!

    2 years ago I started a church that is growing with a philosophy that emphasizes being hospitable to people’s skepticism & exploration of faith. We constantly address issues of belief (in the God of love) rather than smaller issues that might flow from a belief in God. That’s our approach… and it’s working, but I’d love it to work even more. In fact, I’d love to CRUSH IT. But since our approach is so dependent on face-to-face communication, I wonder how much this book has to offer me. If I got it, I’d definitely take the time to read it and find out.

    Most importantly, I want to ask politely: will you please pick me for this award? I would be honored and grateful!


  • Jonny King

    Lying list-fully, I recline on my bed, staring at the cropping-out, coming-forth, from my chest, laptop askew, up close, ready, be-prepared. I blog away much of my time, seeking to type, mortally inept words, seeming-to- define. Searching for the appropriate whisperings about someone so Divine.
    Divinity is plumbing the depths within, this God has shadowed me in, as I linger with the ghosts of Joseph and Job. I behold His Calvary, where the reality of His humanity was exposed-to-see, and the gloried will of His Father-God remained His goal. While my illness is ever near, His evidenced grace gives me fuel to bear. Encapsulated by atoning redemption that is free, yet, is costly as such grace can ever be, it is such love that calls my name, with no other insistence ever sounding quite the same, this matchless love has set me free, and set my compass on toward eternity.
    Because of Christ's death, He has justified, his death-to-life foreshadowing mine, setting in motion my eternal destiny, face-to-face communication, it will be, the returning of His Eden, where our longing be fulfilling, and we will ever be there-to-see.
    Forthwith my eyes descend, back to that screen atop my frame, as I out-type some words from within, I seek to glorify and make much of Him. His beginning plan has included such things, ages-back, before time began, my frame was not hidden, this illness is not a mis-given, as I live out His life and His will.
    Because such is indeed my present lot, I will make the most of my days-to-be, in the service of His Bidding, for the Fame of his Name, redeeming the most of making this time.
    If my blogs could offer up some words, which could be heard resonating around the four-corners of this Earth, then such a God-centred rush, could indeed be induced and encouraged by this "Crush" and "It" could provide the warp and the woof and the verve. As I seek to live out this life, by His grace, in His strength, for days at worlds end, Land of Kiwi, flightless bird, Long White Cloud, satisfied, justified, being-sanctified, and in time, God-to enact, to-be, God-glorified !

    In other words, I would like this title, Please!

  • Mitch Ebie

    Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to win a free book, but mostly im writing because you said that you would read it, and I thought perhaps that would lead to a relationship with you. I would a chance to learn more from you. That and the book "Crush it" would be very useful. I have passion, but I don't show it by jumping up and down and being loud. I simply want to do good. Obviously everything is going on-line so naturally that is where I want to be. I have an idea that I think will be successful but I am not so naive to think that I can do it without the assistance and advice from people like you (Hyatt) or Veynerchuck. I want to soak it all in with hope of rinsing it all out on someone else in my own God given way.

  • @Eva_Smith

    You've inspired me with your post! I'm currently the Social Media Manager of several non-profit Facebook pages and Twitter accounts but never really considered that I could actually take this passion to the next level and cash in on it. Amazing! Thank you.
    My recent post Eva_Smith: @ConstantiaPS Thanks for the RT @Eva_Smith: Twitter to make it easier for users to show where they are:

    Would love to get this book for my wife – to help with her Marketing business.

  • @jtfriel

    I'm at the stage of my life were I have this ball of passions and longing to do something. But I'm not sure yet how to maximize on my passion, how to use this passion to do work for the kingdom. I also am working on reading more and more and then also bloging about what I'm reading. I've signed up on booksneeze, as part of this desire. My blogging and tweeting aside this book sounds like it would have and amazing impact in helping me convert passion within me to action around me.

  • stevesworkbench

    Clearly, the Industrial Revolution model of work is OVER and we need to evolve. Crush It! is the kind of book that incites both introspection and inspiration to rediscover your passion and recalibrate your approach to earning a living while living a life worth living … I can't wait to read it!!!!

  • Cathy Baker
  • Tracy DeGraaf

    I just ordered a copy of CRUSH IT from Amazon for myself. I'm in a book club and will suggest it as our next read. So, if I win, I'm going to give it away….maybe to Suzi V. (40+ year old restaurant owner whose fam. has owned a pizza place in Chicago for 50 years. This would be a great book for Suzi b/c she's open to new ideas on marketing). Or, maybe I'll give it to Julie W. (30+ go-getter entrepreneur and mom of two boys and one on the way. Julie is the hardest working young woman I know. I think CRUST IT could show her ways to promote her biz. in her sleep.) For me, I'm 44 and have five sons and pushed my dream of becoming an author to the back-burner of my life for 20 years, but now (finally) am launching my first book in April 2010. It's called LAUGH ANYWAY MOM and is a collection of hilarious "survival" stories of how I managed to keep my sanity while my boys were doing crazy things like walking through wet cement, swallowing nickels and shoving rocks up their noses. (This book has 20 years of "research" behind it!) CRUSH IT will help me get up to speed on all that new techy stuff. ;0) Thanks Gary! As a mom, I can say, "Way to go and so proud of you and your generation of BIG THINKERS!"
    My recent post Christian Work at Home Moms – Inspiration for Today

  • Zach Evans
  • ATScott

    Thank you, Michael, for hosting this giveaway! I'd love a copy of Crush It! because it comes at a timely point in my writing career. I've finished a nonfiction book, and have several ideas for others in my area of expertise. Until recently, I didn't know how to 'break into' the publishing world. I met with a friend-of-a-friend who gave me some pointers, but not the HOW TO of her suggestions. Crush It! sounds like it has details that I am missing. For intance, I'm new to the social media world and still don't completely understand how it helps me as an author. In addition, I'd love a boost for living the passion God has given me for writing. With all the rejection in this field, it's sometimes difficult to keep your eye on God's promises for our faithfulness. As to whether I'd actualy read it …I can't own a book without reading it!

  • trish mathias

    Excited to read it!

  • Kevin Banks

    I don't just want to read this book, I HAVE to read this book! All my life, I've felt like God has created me with overwhelming amounts of passion. Yet all my life, I've felt like I've never really been able to tap into those passions and really pursue them. Over the last several months, I've begun to take social media seriously and begin to implement it's uses into my family business. To my great surprise, I've also begun to feel my passions begin to resurface as build blogs, facebook fan pages and connect with great people on twitter. I keep having this thought: what if I use these same tools to pursue my personal passions of travel and photography? I could actually do this!

    I think this book could be the key to unlocking my potential.

  • Adam Lehman

    Growing an org. from stability to massive multiplication?
    Knocking it out of the park?
    Spreading a message?
    Caring about those you interact with?

    Sounds like a church.

    I'm in the process of being laid off at my current church due to budget cuts and heading to serve at another church. My budget to purchase books is gone and I'd love to have Gary's ideas bouncing around my head as I kick off a new phase of ministry.

  • colonicwork
  • Ed Cyzewski

    I'm a Christian author who is trying to build his platform and to make my full-time living from writing and speaking. We sold our house, got rid of a ton of stuff, and moved into a tiny apartment in part so that I could focus on those things while my wife works on her PhD. Gary's talks at conferences have been an encouragement to keep at it even when the pay checks are few and far between. Thanks again for this offer.
    My recent post Learning that God Has Things Under Control: Lent, Week Two

  • Nolan Bobbitt

    Mike, this is book that I need to read. I am allowing a little piece of my soul to die each day because I have not been courageous enough to chase my dream. I would be be greatly appreciative to receive one of the copies you are giving away today.
    My recent post 100 Words: Dealing with Critics

  • Nolan Bobbitt

    Mike, this is book that I need to read. I am allowing a little piece of my soul to die each day because I have not been courageous enough to chase my dream. I would be be greatly appreciative to receive one of the copies you are giving away today.
    My recent post 100 Words: Dealing with Critics

  • Gary

    Yes, very good book. The gentleman truly understands the times as far as internet industry and where the world is going, exciting times for the follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Caution to the believer, as working hard at your passion for the rest of your life might not necessarily bring success and 'true' happiness in THIS life …. he talks about setting a legacy for eternity but doesn't really give credit where credit would be do if one is going to actually do that. Eternity will be rejoiced in, because we know HIM and we have shared His grace and mercy with everyone we come in contact with. We love Him because He first loved us. Ultimately, though we may think we 'crush it' in this world, our eternity will rest in the hand of Him whose body was crushed for us! Thanks for giving these away Michael … It is more blessed to give than to receive! In Him, Gary

  • gdkochjr

    Yes, very good book. The gentleman truly understands the times as far as internet industry and where the world is going, exciting times for the follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Caution to the believer, as working hard at your passion for the rest of your life might not necessarily bring success and 'true' happiness in THIS life …. he talks about setting a legacy for eternity but doesn't really give credit where credit would be do if one is going to actually do that. Eternity will be rejoiced in, because we know HIM and we have shared His grace and mercy with everyone we come in contact with. We love Him because He first loved us. Ultimately, though we may think we 'crush it' in this world, our eternity will rest in the hand of Him whose body was crushed for us! Thanks for giving these away Michael … It is more blessed to give than to receive! In Him, Gary K (sorry to post twice, didn't register with my info first time)

  • Brent Toderash

    I love what Gary has done with WineLibraryTV and find his audacious goal of owning the New York Jets oddly inspiring for all its audacity… and I hope he makes it! I'm eager to read more about the approach Gary took and the specific philosophy behind it. Certain I can glean much from his insight and pass it along to clients I work with. Can't wait to read it.
    My recent post Reading the Signs

  • Brent Toderash

    I love what Gary has done with WineLibraryTV and find his audacious goal of owning the New York Jets oddly inspiring for all its audacity… and I hope he makes it! I'm eager to read more about the approach Gary took and the specific philosophy behind it. Certain I can glean much from his insight and pass it along to clients I work with. Can't wait to read it.
    My recent post Reading the Signs

  • David Knapp

    Yes, I would devour this book. I am constantly looking for new info on how to become more proficient with social media. My wife and I will use this as part of job. We are leaving in May 2010 to be career missionaries in Germany and social media will be our main form of communication with churches and supporters. I have a passion to become better at this but little direction. I believe this book will help. Thanks for the chance to win this great offer!
    My recent post King David And The Sword In The Stone

  • Celin

    I recently started reading your blog about a month ago and I really look forward to it. It's insightful and a real blessing. ____Crush it! sounds like a real blessing. I just starting a life coaching business and want to learn how to use Social media in a constructive and positive way. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to do so. If I am so lucky to be chosen, I promise to dissect it, devour it and make sure it is as dog eared as my most read book in my collection, complete with coffee stains, tears of laughter and angst while I learn the ways and means of Social Media. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to participate and just be part of this movement.

  • Bridget

    Michael – I want to say thank you, very much, for being selected to receive a copy of Crush It! I’m so looking forward to diving into it, and I apprecitate the generosity. — Bridget

  • Angela

    Darn it. I missed my chance. But I'll definitely get a copy for myself. I'm all about not working a job I don't love. ;-)

  • Arturo

    Wow… Thanks Michael for selecting me! Looking forward to reading this book!

  • @libbytalks

    I would love to receive a copy of Crush It! I have been on Twitter for a year and have been searching for something like this! I tried my own business and made very little money. I have tremendous drive to success, I really just need a bit of help to make it happen. I was very taken this video and think it is what I have been looking for!
    My recent post What a Terrific #Followfriday on Twitter!

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  • Carol Buchanan

    I'm too late to be entered to win a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk's book, and anyway my problem is not concentrating on my passion, it's identifying which of several passions to concentrate on while not neglecting the others.

    So this comment is kind of thinking out loud (as it were) about Mr. Hyatt's blog. I write novels that I hope will immortalize two of my grandmothers who pioneered Montana. They were both widows who came West in search of a better life for their children. They had little but faith and prayer and indomitable will. Nelliken, born and married in Norway, never spoke English. Lou, who came from St. Louis, lugged a Bible the size of a PC tower.

    Having read what I've written, I'll quit. Thank you for helping me define what I didn't realize is my overarching passion. Now I'll look for Mr. Vaynerchuk's book. From what you say, it should help me write my grandmothers' stories to encourage others who face hard times.
    My recent post Who's in this Scene Anyway?

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  • Ronald Christiopher Roman

    I believe that people may start to view this book as must read for business majors. For the simple reason that most educators never left that environment. Therefore, do they really know what it takes to Crush It?