Book Notes: Derailed by Tim Irwin

In How the Mighty Fall, author Jim Collins answers the question, “How can large successful companies fail after decades of growth and stability?” Tim Irwin asks a similar question about leaders in his new book, Derailed: Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership (Thomas Nelson, 2009). In a moment, I will tell you how to get a free copy.

Cover of Derailed by Tim Irwin

In his Preface (p. xiii), Patrick Lencioni, author or The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, writes,

In my work as a consultant, I can honestly say I have never discovered a company I thought was just too dumb to succeed. Nor have I yet found a CEO whom I felt would have been great if only he or she were smarter.”

Irwin goes on to develop the case that the real issue is character, the lack of which is why otherwise talented leaders ultimately fail.

As I mentioned in my post, “Five Characteristics of Weak Leaders,” you often learn more from negative examples that positive ones. This is certainly true here.

This is a sobering, often disturbing, book. I found it thoroughly compelling—so much so that I read it through in two sittings. It led me to ask some very tough questions about my own leadership.

Irwin begins by profiling six leaders of well-known, public companies. These leaders were all smart, tough, and accomplished. Nevertheless, they all succumbed to serious character flaws, which ultimately resulted in them either stepping down or being ousted by their boards. These leaders include:

  • Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot
  • Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
  • Durk Jager, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble
  • Steven Heyer, former CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
  • Frank Raines, former CEO of Fannie Mae
  • Dick Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers

“Though expressed in a variety of behaviors,” Irwin writes, “they are all tied to a lack of failure of one of these four critical qualities” (p. 17):

  1. Authenticity
  2. Self-management
  3. Humility
  4. Courage

Irwin’s goal in profiling these leaders is to show how derailment occurs. If that were all that he did, this book would be incredibly instructive and helpful. However, he doesn’t stop there. The second half of the book is designed to help leaders avoid a cataclysmic train wreck in their our own lives.

In this section of the book, Irwin explains that derailment doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long process. He argues that “derailed leaders progress through five stages as they head toward their demise.” Each of these become the subject of a single chapter:

  1. Stage One: A Failure of Self/Other-Awareness
  2. Stage Two: Hubris: Pride Before the Fall
  3. Stage Three: Missed Early Warning Signals
  4. Stage Four: Rationalizing
  5. Stage Five: Derailment

The good news is that if you can detect these attitudes and behaviors in your own life, you have a fighting chance of staying on track and leaving a positive leadership legacy. If you want to know how vulnerable you are to the behaviors that lead to derailment, take the free Derailed Online Assessment.

This is not just a book for CEOs. It is for anyone who serves in a leadership capacity—pastors, teachers, government officials, and even mid-level managers in corporations. Not only is this a book you should read; in my opinion, it’s a book you can’t afford not to read. There is simply too much at stake.

Although I loved the whole book, my favorite chapter is the next to the last, where Irwin summarizes the “lessons learned.” These hit me the hardest. The chapter summarizes the succinct yet gritty realities that make us fail or thrive as leaders. I know I will refer to these often.

In order to “seed the market for this book,” I am going to give away 100 copies free. To get a chance at snagging one, you must take the following three actions:

  1. Leave a comment below. Tell me why you want this book. Be creative. I really do read these comments and base my decisions on them.
  2. Fill out the special form. I have set up a separate contact form to make it convenient for you to provide your mailing address. Please do not put your shipping address in your comment. This will automatically disqualify you.
  3. Twitter a link to this post. You can do so automatically by clicking here. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use Facebook.

On Friday, November 13, I will select 100 people, based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments. If you are one of those selected, Lindsey Nobles on my team will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from her, you can assume you didn’t make the cut.

Also, we are making this book available as a NelsonFree title. This means that if you buy the book—or even get one free—you can also download all three electronic versions of the book: a PDF of the book, the Amazon Kindle version, and the audio version. There is no additional charge for these.

Update: I have closed the comments and selected the people who will receive the free books. I originally said I would give away 100 copies. However, I am sending a copy to every single person who made a comment, filled out the special request form—more than 200!—and Twittered or Facebooked a link to the post. Thanks for your participation.
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  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Hey Michael, I'd like a copy of Derailed because I'd like to honor God with my life and the company I lead rather than become a monumental public embarrassment to God, my family, and our staff. :)

    Thanks to Thomas Nelson for publishing a book like this and to you for making 100 copies available.

  • Thomas Duff

    Having joined Enron in 1998 and worked there until September of 2001, I'm well aware of CEO failure. I would love to read Derailed for further insight as to how things went wrong…

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  • Josh

    As a young leader, I want to make sure that I do everything that I can to honor the Lord and finish the race well. It sounds like this book would be a great resource to learn from for that purpose.

  • @johnflurry

    Mike, I have been a part of several leadership teams over the past years ( mostly under good men) and I am reaching a time where I am being looked at for leadership. The world is lacking good examples to follow. So I take it upon myself to glean what I can from those that are leading well as well as those that have failed. This book caught my attention right away. I look forward to learning and hopefully not making the same mistakes.

    Also a good read on a similar subject that I am digesting right now is: Leadership and Training for the Fight by MSG Paul R. Howe U.S. Army Retired

  • Juan

    Hi Mike,
    In corporate America there is lack of authentic leadership, leadership with character where the long term view rules over short term profits; where the benefits for our society are well forgotten; we see mostly self-serving type of “leaders” where to fill the ego they need followers.

    As you know a true Leader develops leaders and strives hard to working on him/her self to lead by example.

    I think this book will benefit me greatly to understand why character makes or lack-of it breaks a leader.
    Juan B

  • pappasross

    I'm not a CEO of a large company, but serve as a leader in our church, neighborhood and other organizations. Any knowledge that would help me be more effective in these roles would be welcome. (a part of me is a little afraid, though, too! What will it tell me about myself??)

  • Jim

    Hi Michael, I'm still a (young) university student, and an entrepreneur who is still unsure of his life's calling. I'm involved with many areas at church, but want to make sure this doesn't encroach on my being fed or ability to serve others. Instead, I believe it should enhance these necessary abilities. Whilst none of us can ever be fully sure of what we might end up doing in life, it's important to set straight paths for our feet in all areas of life (education, church, business, etc.). Hence, I'd like to read Derailed as (from what I gather by reading your post) I imagine its lessons would be even more beneficial to know before entering leadership, rather than in the midst of a crisis.

    Thanks for all your encouraging blog posts and tweets, I really appreciate them.

  • WelshHerbie

    I would like a copy of this book because you mainly get to read books by successful leaders. As a leader, and I'm sure an imperfect one at times, you strive to copy/take-on successful behaviours, but it's equally important to compare your behaviours/decisions to those that have failed. As a leader within my school, and a sports Coach, I often tell my staff, and players, that failure is not the problem, the problem is not learning from your failures.

  • @Shaffero

    As an aspiring young leader myself, I want to better understand the nature of the true character it requires to be a great leader. And also to learn from the mistakes that caused the fall of some who have gone before me.
    P.S.: The way you guys at TN are utilizing Twitter and social networking as a whole and incorporating it into your marketing strategy is brilliant.

  • haydeeang

    Ehem.. Dear Michael, it's me again, the freebie-book-seeker.
    I want THAT! cos eversince I started to read books in May of this year, I say I became "better" in character (and still growing) cos I always adapt to what I've learned.
    I'm very picky in what I read so when I say I want a "Derailed", I am serious! Other than these, I honestly can't think anymore. Hmm, if you think it's not meant for me, it's alrite. :) but I'll be watching out for the next book that you'll recommend. Tee-hee.
    God bless you!

  • Awan M. Ibrahim

    Being a Strategic as well an Operational Leader, I certainly would appreciate knowing why some CEOs leave their post under bad circumstances. This most certainly has been a burning question of mine for quite some time. I’m sure those lessons are invaluable for current and future leaders alike. In operational leadership, things move fast and often leave little time for well thought out decisions and self-reflection which can lead to shortfalls in judgement. This book appears to tackle this issue where it starts with some fundamental insight in one’s strategic thinking broken down in basic concepts anyone can relate too. Then it’s all tied back to specific CEOs of recent times. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book.

  • Joey

    I want to dig deeper into these characteristics and stages to learn where the biggest risks/blind spots are in my life as a leader. I try to learn as much as possible from others' mistakes. I think it was Rick Warren who said he tries to "learn from the mistakes of others, because you don't have enough time to make them all yourself." So, I would like a free copy.


  • Mark

    We have much to learn from the mistakes of others. i seeing the flaws in others we hopefully can better recognize the flaws in ourselves.

  • jon marshall

    Was going to go the easy route and put the profoundly deep answer ” I don’t want to hurt people”( and that is a true statement).Along with that I am a young yet good looking leader ( if by good looking you mean that of a toothpick with a Eating disorder then yes good looking:)) but I’m also mutil talented and resposable for that and in the end I don’t want say ” hey here’s the talent you gave me” then and God says ” and here’s how you hurt people with it”

  • Steve Glei

    I would enjoy reading the book as a leader within a religious organization. I think that there great lessons to learned and then applied when to the church from the business world. The lessons are part of the what some might call the darkside of leadership and when left unchallenged they have the ability to derail an organization and more important the people within the organization. I am always being challenged to know myself better and then help others to that authenticity and self-awareness to that leads to health. It would be great to get a copy of this book to help people not repeat the failures of the past.

  • EDye11

    I would love a copy of the book, simply because I strive to grow as a leader! As a young leader, I am walking through many experiences in life and becomming more aware of how important decisions are in in the midst of these. Learning from others experiences is one way, in which, I can hopefully be impacted in the directions I choose for my life!

  • Gladwell Musau

    Hi Michael. I am a homemaker and a novice blogger. Leadership is not currently on my top list of agendas at the moment. But like everyone who is not leading, we all want to be led by good and morally upright leaders. My desire to read this book is therefore the desire to understand and know which leader to follow and which one not to.

    Otherwise, for the last six months, you have provided me through your blog with the leadership I needed especially to start out as a blogger. Thank you.

  • Kathy

    I'm at a stage in life where I am re-evaluating everything I do and how I do it. This book speaks to the heart of some of the things I have seen in my own profession lately and I would love to have a copy to read and be sure the same things don't perpetuate themselves in my future endeavors. The stages are compelling and in today's world it is so easy to fall off the train. I want to be sure I don't do that so that I honor the calling I believe I have in my life to lead others with integrity.

  • Shari

    The 5 stages of the derailment process also sound like they apply to the process of giving into sin and allowing it to derail your life. I would love to read this book and humbly request a copy. Thank you for making it available.

  • Rocco

    Michael, Greetings,

    I am currently a 37 yr old student looking to become a Christian Counselor. Am currently in a 'Management' class talking about the characteristics for great leaders.

    As someone who will someday 'lead' others through life, it is crucial for my 'success' (not for me, but for others). I may never own a large business employing 1000's of people, but someday 1000's of people will come to me for direction, and I will be able to give words of life, freedom, and Love that will guide them into being great leaders in their homes', jobs', and communities'.

    I want to know as much as I can about being a great leader, and avoid being 'Derailed'!!


  • Adrian Aizpiri

    Mike, I enjoy visiting your blog and reading some of your insights. As an industry leader I want to thank you for contributing with excellent leadership tips. I would like to receive a copy of the book you have posted on your Blog to help me improve my business and leadership skills. Thanks.

  • Stephen Cook

    Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. Hyatt. I am an associate pastor in a mid-sized church that has been transitioning and growing for the last twenty two years. (At least that's as long as I have been involved.) A couple of years ago, we leveled off (in attendance) and have been very slowly declining since. I attribute this to key leadership decisions and perhaps a little bit of pride, among other things. This is in the past. What we need help with, now, is where do we go from here. How can our leadership (which includes me) increase our awarness, keep our pride in check, recognize the early signals, avoid rationalization and get on/stay on track? I believe God can use a simple tool like a book to help open eyes and guide men's hearts.

  • Roye Glass

    Each one of us are subject to de-railment! I'm in a position to encourage those around me as well as to extend a hand to those of have lost it. This sounds like a excellent resource for my life as well as those around me. I would love to have this as a tool to use… Thank you for your commitment to grow leaders!

  • Mark Watson

    I have worked in the corporate world and church leadership for the past 20 years. I have seen leadership “derailed” in both. It would be great to read Tim Irwin’s take on such a phenomenon.


  • Mark Watson

    I've worked in the corporate world and served in church leadership most of my adult life. I have witnessed failures in both those arenas. It would be interesting to hear Tim Irwin's take on this phenomenon.____For whatever reason, it seems that we are seeing more failures than ever. Maybe this book will help answer that.____Thanks for the giveaway and the attention to this topic!____Mark

  • @BLichtenwalner

    Sounds like the perfect addition to my research and efforts toward spreading awareness and adoption of Servant Leadership principles (see I'd appreciate a copy.

    Side Note: I am also excited to hear about the Nelson Free program – I was not aware of your further innovation here. Great job leading your industry.

  • Steve Mackey

    We have recently been studying failure in our small group and I personally have been through some big failure in the past 18 months. Through it all I have seen God use this time to increase my leadership capabilities. I would love to read this book, because it is much less painful to learn from the failure of others who are willing to share.
    Thanks for being a leader in social media use. Following you has helped me focus my skills better.

  • Kenny

    At 55 years old I am a business/community leader. I know I’m a life long learner and am always looking for ways to grow. I try to read as much leadership material as possible, then share what I learn with others to help them grow.

  • mike st. pierre

    I'd love a copy of this book because I myself am a high school president and am working to "right the ship" of our school which has been struggling.

  • stretch983

    Hi, Mr. Hyatt. I would love a copy of "De-Railed." It sounds fascinating. I recently started an at-home business and am learning how to effectively work with others and grow my business. I also manage my own freelance writing business. I think this book would be beneficial for me as a young entrepeneur just starting out. I'm interested in learning from the mistakes of others, especially when it comes to character.

  • davidburkus

    I'm very interested in reading this book. One of the things that stood out to me about Collin's book was a brief aside. Collins said that, while organizational success is not usually the result of great leaders, organizational failure is. However, Collins didn't expand on this idea. I'd like to read Irwin's explanation of this because I believe it will shed light on Collin's aside.

  • @deniseharlan

    I feel that I MUST read this book. I have been successful and had many failures. Some of my own doing, some at the hand of others, however, I learned from all of them, something! I take from my failures and add those lessons to my future endeavors. I am not so dumb that I think I will fail, again, because I have learned that I have no power without Christ! He is my power and He is the one who gives me wisdom, strength and grace. I would love this book because I am up for a promotion as a manager of a portrait studio. I LOVE my job & even tho' I have managed for years, I don't think you can get enough knowledge because, none of us, will ever "know it all" and I want every chance I can get to do well, be a team player but most of all, I want to know "how" better. And I think this book will help me to learn this. Thank you, for this opportunity!

  • mcgilligan

    This book looks like an interesting read. For past few years, I've been noting successful company and clergy leaders to pattern myself after. As a young person (I'm 24) on staff at a church in NJ, I'd like to learn from the mistakes and failures of those spotlighted in Derailed, and avoid them altogether. Great leadership crosses all lines whether clergy or corporation.

  • John Clemons

    I am currently helping build a startup company and needless to say we have had our ups and downs. I think I have read most of your posts on leadership, because it is very important to have a solid leader for not only established companies but startups as well.

    I would like a copy of this book because I want to be proactive and not reactive. It is my hope that by reading this book that we don't get derailed.

  • SRivera

    Prov 1:20 says: Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares… It sounds like this books is doing just that.

    Someone told me that there are 2 ways to learn. Mistakes & Mentors… I will love a copy of Derailed by @DrTimIrwin to have Dr. Irwin Mentor my life and to be able to learn from the mistakes of others. I want to be able to identify any characteristic that may lead me towards the wrong path.

    I love books like this that not only present a problem they help you identify yourself and give you a solution.

    Once again thanks for the opportunity!

  • Serge Solomons

    Dear Michael, I am a pastor of a growing and vibrant congregation but have recently experienced failure in my leadership capacity when dealing with people that do not agree with my methodology of ministry. Two leaders subsequently left our church. In regard to the 4 critical areas I feel a lack in self-management and humility as communication problems and self-preservation led to me treating others harshly. In regard to the stages I believe stage one is most appropriate as I lost a sense of other-awareness and started making decisions independent of other senior leaders around me. I am just thankful that God alowed me to see the error of my ways before things got worse. I now have a fresh understanding of the pitfalls of pride and am more convinced, then ever before, of my need for mentoring and input from others. I am determined never to repeat the same mistake. I pray and hope that those affected by my actions will find the grace and healing they require. I refuse to leave a legacy of leadership failure!

  • ponderingitall

    I want a copy of this book because I know the promises the Lord gave me 25 years ago and I also know that little if any of them have been realized. I have 3 grown children and 2 teenagers at home and all of use have been derailed to some degree. I have one son who had a 4 year uncapped scholarship but is now living homeless in an abandoned house, an alcoholic and not in his right mind. I am no stranger to being derailed, I live with it every day and need insight and strategy for corrective action and wisdom to effect change for myself and my entire family.

  • @jwentling

    I am a student of leadership and a practitioner of developing leaders and their teams for 23 years, both in a corporate context and in ministry and not-for-profits as well. Indeed, I regularly facilitate leadership development sessions for a church planting center here in NYC, where I once had the privilege of meeting Dr. Irwin. I believe understanding derailers (as well as career stallers and stoppers identified by the Ctr for Creative Leadership) is absolutely fundamental to developing leaders. We focus too much on addressing 'gaps' (things we don't do) without paying attention to things we do currently that we should stop doing.

    The #1 characteristic of failed leaders is defensiveness: They know something's wrong, but they cut themselves off from the feedback they need and don't realize they are derailing.

    P.S. Sorry there was no coffee in your room this a.m. If I had known, I would have bought you a cup! Enjoy this beautiful day in NYC anyhow.

  • Sara

    I just took the online assessment & it flagged me as a moderate to high risk in the four areas, which I was surprised with. I'd like to read "Derailed" to learn more about what Tim Irwin has researched. I'm open to grow & learn more about where my perspective is right now as a leader & what needs to change.

    Thank you for all that you & the group does at Thomas Nelson, it is much appreciated!

  • Darien

    For 2 reasons:

    1. I learn a lot from the mistakes of others.

    2. I am struggling as a leader right now.

    I want to be the best father and pastor I can be. I expect God to teach me through a variety of sources and timely books are often huge in my life.

    Thanks for giving some away too. That's cool.

  • Raymond Brown

    I am truly excited about receiving a copy of your book. I follow Michael Hyatt on twitter and his twits infact guided me to you. I am in a business where I recruit and manage large groups of people. It is my task to help them succeed with their life and their business. I help families on a daily basis at the kitchen table, and I teach other people to do the same. I look forward to reading your book, and sharing it with others.

  • lbrown0824

    I find it fascinating that Tim Irwin has gone right to the heart of the problem of leadership failure…and it is, it seems, a problem of the heart… Of course, church leaders succumb to these same issues and when they do the impact affects the entire church, ultimately jeopardizing its mission to the community.

    As a leader, I am encouraged by the four critical qualities Irwin presents and strive to make them priorities in my life…yet, they're not just boxes that can be checked off a "to do" list…they require constant vigilance and God's grace.

    Every leader should read this book and take note. Irwin's book is a wake-up call for leaders who will either derail themselves (and that to which they've been entrusted) or see the warning signs and heed them…making the most of their talents and skills and becoming the leader God has created them to be.

  • @dscottwilke

    I'd like a copy of this book for a few reasons. First, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity lead others in my job. Therefore, I'm interested in learning about the successes and failures of other leaders so that I can always be working on improving my leadership skills. Second, I've recently stepped into a new leadership role by leading a community group made up of several couples from within our church — a new experience for me. Finally, I grew up as a P&G kid. My father worked for Procter & Gamble for over 30 years, so I'm very familiar with the company. Even though my dad retired prior to Durk Jager taking the reins of the company, we had several family friends who were still there at the time. I've always been curious to learn more about why they secretly referred to him as "Durk the Jerk". Thanks!

  • Tommy Redding

    As a minister, while it is certain I will fail at times, I can't really afford to fail in a MAJOR way. I have to stay strong in the 4 areas you mentioned or it could potentially cost me my ministry. Being derailed by these 4 areas could also cost me the ability to lead others. If I can not manage myself well, if I am not humble, if I am not real, and if I am not willing to take risks, I could make myself ineffective in my church. I believe that I could learn from these CEOs on how to strengthen these areas of my life so I can hopefully eliminate any potential issues in my ministry before they can take root.

  • Wes Gay

    I am finishing up my student teaching this semester in a Christian school, and I have been amazed at how parents and even schools today are so fearful of failure. I know from previous books that most, if not all, of those who went on to become great have failed at some point in their lives. As a 22 year old about to graduate college, I am aware that failure will be a part of the journey. How I handle failure will the true test. Once this semester ends I will enter into a role at a student leadership training organization, as well as looking to become a consultant/author/speaker on the side. This book looks as though it will be a great help to my journey.

  • Bill Bliss

    Hi Michael,

    You may recall we met after the Friday lunch at Catalyst. As a coach to CEOs and other leaders, I am always on the lookout for practical tools that I can use to assess, coach and develop leaders in all walks of life. I enjoyed Collins book and believe that many of the reasons for derailment can be boiled down to lack of humility. Remember the talk that Malcolm Gladwell gave at the Catalyst conference?

    I greatly appreciate this opportunity – thanks.


  • Melissa Kelley

    This book looks intriguing and caught my eye as my husband is currently leading a class at our church on leadership. The class is meant for ministry leaders in our church and is an overview of leadership principles that can be used in the church as well as outside of the church.

    Just this last Sunday we went over the principle of character. One thing that we discussed and I came away with just this last week was that character is more important that competence. A person can be competent but without character his/her leadership will be flawed and the results can be devastating.

    Thanks for posting the information about this book as I feel it would be a valuable resource for our home as we encounter leadership discussions with ministry leaders even now.

  • @scottesavage

    i work with college students and young adults in their 20s (I am a 20-something pastor myself). Contrary to popular opinion, I challenge them to focus on developing their character. Character will sustain them in places they grow into as leaders, while their skill set or talents alone will open doors without enabling them to navigate crises.
    I would love to read the book and share reviews with my colleagues and via my blog.

  • @CHR3treat

    Michael, Thank you for the offer of a free copy of Derailed. As a former regional staff member with a mainline denomination I am finding myself at a crossroad in my life. My position was eliminated approximately 6 months ago for economic reasons and I still find myself asking what I did "wrong" to end up unemployed. I know that God is in control and this was no surprise to Him but my self-confidence has been severely shaken. My hope is that this book would help me learn from the experiences of others and help me to reclaim the power of my own self-confidence through God's authority. Thank you for this opportunity and for all of the knowledge you share so freely.

  • Dwayne Watts

    Michael, I would like a copy of "Derailed" because I have become accutely aware of the fact that as the pastor of a struggling, inner-city church, a lot more is riding on the success or failure of my leadership than my ego!

    Thanks for your ministry!


  • Brad Fancher

    I am serving as a pastor in a city that has been disappointed time and time again by the failures and breakdowns of so many leaders. I do not want to be the next. I want to prove faithful and I feel that the insights shared in this book would only work to reinforce my desire and resolve to remain a man of integrity and a faithful leader. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Buddy Winn

    I'd like a copy to help me help myself and my subordinate leaders. As military Chaplains, we are at high risk for burnout and derailment. Most recently we've seen how derailment might affect caregivers through tragic events like the shooting at Fort Hood. There is too much at stake in the Kingdom, too many families and caregivers who deserve our understanding, and it must be addressed.

  • Dale Shillington

    Michael, Thank you for your generosity.

    I have been a pastor for 32 years. Yesterday I turned 53 yrs old. I am finding perseverance more difficult now than ever before. Your book may be the encouragement I need to stay in the game.

    Mentorship is now a significant responsibility for me. Your book may, therefore, also provide helpful insights into leadership for me to teach others.

    Much joy to you today.

  • @jmiles_tms

    As a business owner and ministry leader, this would be a great addition to my library. Plus as a book review blogger, I will post a review of it when I am done as well.

  • Steve Davis

    Success can be scary. More scary than failure. For most of my ministry life I struggled. Serious "why-does-he-keep-failing" struggles.
    Then, in my mid-forties, everything changed. Our church plant is growing rapidly. I'm being asked to speak to leaders.

    I think I now know why I struggled so much early. God had a ton of stuff to knock out of my life to enable me to handle anything resembling success. And one of my fears is that I'll miss the warning signs that would help me recognize that those same characteristics (like excessive pride) are returning. This sounds like a book I need to read.

  • Dennis

    Thank you for this opportunity. I took the online assessment and found that I was at moderate to high risk of derailment. This result did not surprise me as this comes at a time when I am learning to be honest about the deficiencies of my past and present.

    I need a copy of this book in order to learn what I need to let go of before I follow the path taken by the people mentioned in the book. As a father I have finally gained the courage to become a leader in my family. I also believe it is time for me to change course both in career and in ministry. If this book can help me avoid derailment, my family and my community will benefit. I owe it to those around me.

  • Paul Stohler

    I would love a copy of Derailed. I am about 9 months now into my first pastorate and still barely holding on to my twenties. I agree that most of what I have learned about pastoral leadership has been done in the negative, but that is how I have learned none the less. I am sure it will be the same with me one day! Just getting started I have been reading many leadership books preparing for what God has called me to do. I would love any wisdom and as much help as possible as I begin this journey. As a side note, from your review, it seems like these characteristics of derailed leaders were evident in previous leaders in my position. I would love to know how and what I can do as a leader now to make a leadership culture change. Thanks!

  • Jason E

    Please don't include me in the contest to win a free copy. I just want to comment on your request that people include a Twitter / FB link. What a great way to get the word out. Very smart!!

  • Debbie

    Hi Michael. Frankly, I would like a copy of this book to bless my husband with.He is a leader in the business world.Has been the COO of a major canadian/world company, CEO of another major Canadian company and is now COO of another major Canadian company.He has been a consultant and mentor to other businesses and business leaders.Frank (my hubby).His calling is to serve Christ by serving & leading others in the world of business.This is a challenging ministry. I want to encourage him and see him continue to be equipped to fulfill his calling in this ministry. Thanks so much.Love your blogs (& your tweets). Bless you and yours.

  • @natebargo

    I would like a copy of the book, as my church is going into uncharted territory, and as a leader who is working with other leaders we need to be aware of the pitfalls and dangers we will face. I think this will be a good tool to help in leadership development and personal application as well.

  • chrishuff

    I want this book because I don't want to find myself hanging from the gallows that are built from my own fatal flaws!
    I've started the 90-day goals, the morning-routine, as well as a life plan as you've outlined on your blog because the more I respond to God's call in my life to be a leader, the more I must recognize added responsibilities and my reliance on God.
    I am the leader of a 12 person church audio-video team, I am the leader of my family, I write articles on my church audio blog that includes a lot of calls to proper leadership. I work on being a change agent and the thought that I'd blow out of a leadership position because of my own failures is the wake up call I need to make changes within myself.
    I took the Derailed assessment and got hit with "moderate risk " in all the areas. Wow, I figured I'd get that in just one area. I've known leaders who've been blown out of leadership due to huge moral failures – but there are so many other ways to fail as the assessment revealed to me.
    In 90 days from now, I want to be in the position of a model leader. I thank you for your willingness to share your insights through your blog as I have taken some of them as a call to action!
    God gifted me with the ability to be a strong leader. Now it's time I hone those skills for the betterment of my wife, my family, and my teams. Help me from getting derailed!

  • Tracy Atcheson

    I would really enjoy this book. As a tiny stockholder in Home Depot I would really enjoy learning more from Mr. Nardelli's mistakes. I would enjoy gleaning in the fields of Mr. Irwin's research and writing. Please share a copy of the book with this aspiring leader. Thank you.

    Thank you for your articulate and thoughtful work and writing on leadership.

  • VMashni

    Being involved in the Auto Industry where Chrysler crossed paths with Bob N. – would love to read this book

  • Jenn Palmer

    Id really like this book
    to give it as a gift
    to the guy I married
    who could really use a lift.
    He’s a pastor at our church
    so leadership is key
    he’ll tell you he’s doing great
    especially with humility
    I say that bit in jest
    but this part is the truth
    I’d love him to have this book
    and this poem is the proof

  • revdavepett

    I would love a copy of this book. As a pastor, character is everything. Pastoral ministry is changing from a shepherding model to a leadership/management model, yet self-management isn't taught in any seminary. Please consider me for a copy. Thanks!

  • wilsonsteve

    I'm currently teaching a leadership class at Rivendell College in CO and would love to teach from the book the last week of classes when we talk about going the distance.

  • Leigh Wiltshire

    I’ve left the corporate world to found my own small business and a ministry program to reach out to teenage boys. I’m called by God to teach them something of the difference between being a man and being a boy in a man’s body. ANY material that gives me greater insight into this difference is going to be beneficial both in my own life, and in theirs.

    P.S. I love the poem by Jenn Palmer :)

  • Becky Miller

    I'm horrified by the idea that I could someday end up being one of the six object lessons of bad leadership in a future book like this. Picturing my name on that list is sobering.

    Especially after taking the online assessment and finding that I am at high risk of derailment in two areas and moderate in the other two. I really needed this wake-up call today – thanks.

  • Obihaive

    I have no leadership flaws therefore this book doesn't apply to me….Just kidding. I need all the help I can get! If this book can help me avoid some terrible mistakes and be a better leader, as a church planter I wouldn't mind a free copy.

    Thank you for your generosity!

  • ndstrupler

    sounds like a book I want to read. there is nothing better than to learn from others mistake. I don't want to make the same as others have. still I believe it's the most effective way of learning. I want a book!

  • Dustin


    It's fun to throw my hat in the ring on this one. I'll give you my three reasons I'd like a copy of Derailed.

    1. I read your 5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders. I got a lot out of that as I see some of those same behaviors in myself (procrastination because of overestimating the competition being chief among them).

    2. I am currently collaborating with someone on an endeavor to help network some ministries together and help maximize THEIR impact on the world. This is requiring something new from me on levels of faith and leadership.

    3. I'm greedy and selfish, so I want this for myself. It's not a good reason to give me the book, but you asked for why I WANTED the book. There you have it. :)


  • Dan Brubacher

    I am absolutely convinced that Bill Hybels is right in saying, "The church is the hope of the world." Why? Because the church is God's ordained instrument through which to unleash (in both word and deed) the life-changing message of salvation through Christ. If this is true, then leadership in the church is absolutely crucial. We do not have the luxury of getting "derailed." Too much–people's eternal destiny–is at stake. We need to have strong, Spirit-led leaders to help us stay on mission. I am an associate pastor in a mid-sized church (600-700), and I sense that we are perhaps in the process of derailment. I would welcome a copy of this very interesting book to learn all that I can about doing my part to reverse the trend. Thanks for considering me for your giveaway.

  • Bill

    Self awareness: looking at oneself in the mirror. James 1:24 states it best. In the physical, if you look in the mirror and see a smudge on your face, you wipe it off. You don’t just walk away and forget it is there. But that is exactly what we do in our spiritual (relational, professional, etc.) life all the time. We even work to avoid looking in the mirror because we know the smudge is there. We don’t listen to loving criticism, backslide way from church, never read His Word, or dodge a myriad of other “mirrors” God places in front of us.

    My prayer? “Lord, let me return to the mirror over and over again until I reflect only You.” Leaders and lovers of Life, seek out mirrors. I’d welcome a copy of Tim Irwin’s book Derailed.

  • Rob Bartlett

    Rob Bartlett
    I would like the book so I can see how those lessons relate to my own practice of developing learning, are there checkpoints or things I can build into process to alert me to the warning signs

  • Joe Tye

    I'm writing a new book about building a culture of ownership that draws upon lessons from some of the 20th century's greatest leaders (Wiley, July 2010). It will also contrast these successfu leaders with failures (e.g. Bill and Dave vs. Carly). This book sounds like it would be a good reference. Thanks – Joe Tye

  • Nancy Lohr

    I have read your posts for a couple of years now, and I’m sharpened in some way by each of them. I am an acquisitions editor for youth titles at our house, and so my leadership is focused more on content than people – if you can truly separate the two. I have pointed many of my colleagues and college students in my frame of reference to your website when pertinent articles arrive at my desk. Although I am a fairly quiet editor, I may be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Surely you wouldn’t want to have on your conscience that I was derailed for lack of this information in a timely way? Would you?

    Without jest, I would value the opportunity to receive a copy of this book and share it here in my corner of the world.

  • Josh

    I would love to read this book. I'm always looking for insight into what makes a successful company…or dooms it. Of course if you don't choose me…I suppose that will be a lesson in failure as well. Perhaps I will write a book about it!

  • Mark

    Thank you for the review!!! As a leader of a small group of 6 males at my church, I’ve become increasingly aware that effective spiritual leadership requires the presence of personal humility. Even if I am not chosen to receive this book, I will be purchasing it. Thank you again for the book review.

  • lhanthorn

    I am woefully behind in all my reading. By the time I get to this book, I proabbly will have De-Railed at least once. I NEED this book.

    No seriously, I am familir with Tom Irwin and have taken the assessment. I mentor other leaders for the church and in business – this is a huge area of concern and prayer for me. We can say to young leaders in the church be "more like Jesus" or to business leaders "don't make these mistakes." Dr. Irwin takes these out of the realm of platitudes and puts them into feeto n the street actions. I want to hawk this book everywher I go – between Lencioni's stuff and Dr. Irwin, we can change a whole generation.

    Help me, help you!

    – Larry

  • Jeff Voeltner

    We need leaders who are willing to mentor and teach those who are under them. It's so important for us to be able to humble ourselves and entrust other team members with our knowledge and wisdom, show them how to take the over reigns of leadership, to lead the next generation of fellow colleagues. Though, unfortunately, it has been my experience that there are few who are willing to teach and show how to lead.

    Luckily, I have had a mentor or two in my career, but I guess you could say much of what I have learned about leadership itself has been through researching and gleaming what I can from those who are willing to share their thoughts on the subject. And, in a time where few great leaders seem to share on the job, it has been my experience that if I'm going to learn how to be a good leader myself, it's going to be through following the credible leaders who are willing to provide their wisdom. Authors, such as Tim Irwin, seem to be the most available resources around and if it takes buying and reading books, then that's what I'll continue to do! I want to learn from those who have failed as much as they have won. If one has never failed, then they have never tried anything hard.

    Thanks for this opportunity Michael!

  • Isaac_Downing

    The elders of our church (of which I am included) have been studying church unity and momentum for the past few months. The idea of getting derailed because of the leader's failure (not just moral, but also for lack of courage or ego and more) are EXACTLY in line with our discussions. I KNOW this book would answer a lot of questions and give some priceless input toward the future of our church.

  • Thomas Lee


    Kindly send us a copy of "Derailed" by Tim Irwin for review in our blog, which is devoted to leadership and people engagement (the URL is listed as website below). The book certainly sounds compatible and consistent with our philosophy. You'll also note a list of recommended books on leadership in the rightside column of our blog. If we like "Derailed," we will place a permanent recommendation of it in that space. Thank you.

    Thomas Lee

  • Gregor Doerr

    I am both a student and teacher of team leadership, and have been for several years. Given the prevelence of poor leadership in America today, I find it difficult to forsee a time when there are truly "too many" resources on good leadership. I want a copy of "Derailed" because I believe that it could be extremely valuable in my current study of the critical qualities of good leaders.

  • bcumberland

    Hello Michael, my reason for desiring a copy of this book to read is that I work at a large ministry, and have seen far too many co-workers here, peers at other ministries and ministry leaders become "derailed" and ineffective to reach those that God had called them to impact. And I believe that most of them have not been because of impure motives, but character issues that made them susceptible to derailment. And my desire is to use all tools possible to enable me to lead those that I serve into greater service.

  • Jeff Gissing

    I'd like a copy of this book for a couple of reasons. I have been experiencing some turbulence in my own leadership over the last year. As as result, I've been looking for resources to help me to reflect on my own practice of leadership.

    This book would be a helpful addition to the mentoring relationships that I have been nurturing and would bring added perspective. As always, I look to share books that I read with fellow leaders. I'd love to do that with this book.

  • Jeff Pinkleton

    This looks like a great book. Doing the Gathering ( I see many a leaders fall.
    Books like this are what keep men strong, focused and seeing the pitfalls

  • Jeff Pinkleton

    This could be a great book to use in our Locker Room groups that meet on a bi-weekly basis … we have 9-10 groups (totalling over 60 people) currently!

  • Remy Diederich

    I'd like to read the book because our church has experienced a great deal of success…actually, from day one (seven years ago) . I know it's God's blessing but our leadership team has managed the blessing well. But I'm haunted at the thought that our success could undo us in some way…some little attitude that goes undetected, or we get lazy, come to expect success rather than work hard and be thankful. So anything that will help me/us sniff this out in advance is very important to me. Thanks.

    Remy Diederich

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  • Clif

    I'm a 75 year old pastor, retired from a 47 year ministry. I am still in contact with church leaders and young minister who believe I have something to teach them. I need to keep reading and learning so I can help these leaders. I too believe that character is the main thing! Help me help others. Thank you.

  • Heather Sutton

    Hi Mike, Thank you for your review of this title. I’m interested in a copy of this book because just from your review, I realized again that leadership is not just about a skill set as much as it flows from the heart of the person. It also reminded me that everyone is created with the capacity to lead others in some capacity—no matter their position. God Bless your continued work, Heather Sutton

  • C. Jahn

    As a young person in their 20's, and just finishing my MBA, I have already seen countless examples of flawed character that coresponded to poor judgement calls, both within and outside my company. While I don't believe one person can change the world, I do believe in being the difference you wish to see in the world. I pray every morning on my way to work that my coworkers will see Christ through me, if in no other way, through my honesty and integrity. I have had to stand alone on issues already that have cost me deals and possibly promotions, but comprimising your character is just too big a cost. I would love to read this book and learn more about how to avoid the pitfalls that seem all too common in today's leaders and learn more about building a Christ-centered foundation that does not bend, no matter the price.

  • Betty McB in TN

    I'd like the book because the executive pastor of the church I go to on Saturday nights recommended it in his twitter post. Then I looked on — looks like it'd be great teaching. Also, am a teacher and never thought of a teacher in a leadership role, yet you mention teachers in your review: "It is for anyone who serves in a leadership capacity—pastors, teachers, government officials, and even mid-level managers in corporations. Not only is this a book you should read; in my opinion, it’s a book you can’t afford not to read." Thanks for offering 100 books!

  • Randy Bosch

    I would like to read it first for the author's concepts, second to reflect on those concepts relative to the leader's job of stewardship, and third, to reflect on "failure of follower-ship" in our corporate world.

  • @NolanBobbitt

    Michael, I would love to get a copy of De-Railed. The last several years of life have been incredibly difficult but the life lessons I have learned through this time of hardship have been priceless. I would like to learn more about how to process these "failures" as I seek to move forward and push through to the next stage of my personal journey.

  • Jeff Brown

    You don't really read ALL of these, do you? :)

    Well, let me just say that if you found room for improvement after reading this book, there's no doubt I will too.

    As well, I'm at a place where I may in fact be able to influence those in a position of "senior" leadership in my company. My industry desperately needs those in the trenches to step out and impact it for the sake of its future. I want to be one of those people.

  • Perry

    Hi Michael, I am someone who has been derailed. In my recovery from my poor choices I have committed to teach others, young and old, how to avoid the regrettable mistakes I made. This book sounds like a must have for my library and for my message. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Dot Bast

    The City of Delray Beach in south Florida is led by a City Manager who exemplifies the critical qualities discussed in Mr. Irwin’s book. I often tell people that Mr. Harden is our version of Tony Dungy! As the Training and Development Manager for the city, one of my jobs is to assist him in “carrying the message” of authenticity, self-management, humility and courage to the 800 people who comprise our city staff. We believe that leadership is not based on title but is found and must be developed at all levels of the organization.

    As yu may know, city government receives most of its revenue from property taxes and the real estate market in Florida was hit hard. Our budget was cut to bare minimums, especially our training budget. I share resources with other local governments, borrow books from the library and look for free stuff everywhere. I can promise you that if we are chosen to receive a complimentary copy of Derailed, it will be used to make a significant impact here in our city.

  • Tyler Bryant

    Thank you Mr. Hyatt. I am a young leader, just two years out of Bible College. I am the assistant Pastor of my home church (being a leader in the church I was raised in has its challenges) and I am beginning my first business. As a matter of fact, the final papers were filed this week making it official. I desire to be a Godly leader both at the church and on the job and I am already having a very difficult time learing to balance everything. I know that leaders don't happen by accident, even though some are more inclined to lead, the greatest leaders are so because they are students of leadership. That is why I desire to own a copy of this book. So if I don't win a free copy, I'll buy my own. If that disqualifies me, so be it! Thanks for all you do. God Bless

  • Kristine Pratt


    I would like a copy of this book because right now I'm worried that I'm about to create a disaster. I'm the CEO of a brand new corporation and honestly, I want to get it right. I have a doze friends standing with me in this project, looking for me to lead them. I have to do it right for their sakes. I have to do it right so I can honor God with what I'm doing.

    Even if you don't send me a copy of this book, I will buy one. Because right now, I can't afford to take help in any form that it comes. How can we possibly, as a company, set the world on fire if I stand by with a fire extinguisher in one hand?

  • Jgarboden

    6 weeks ago I was derailed, fortunately I was given a the opportunity for a lateral move and a chance to prove myself. I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and have discovered several key areas for change. The link to the quiz, confirmed these areas. I want to change and become the leader I know that I can be. I believe the truths within this book would help set my course.

  • @scottgreenwood

    M- Thanks for engaging your audience.

    I'd like a copy b/c
    1) I'm always looking to read more and this piques my interest
    2) "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself." – Eleanor Roosevelt
    3) I'm a believer in the tribes concept and think this is a great way to bulid a tribe behind the book. Assuming it's a good read ("Disturbing in the best sort of way"), I look forward to joining the "tribe" of this book :)
    4) I like free


  • Gail

    As the second child I learnt early in life that if you learn from other's mistakes you can avoid the same pit falls. I see that the 4 stages are probably more likely to happen to my personality type than maybe others – scary.

    As a leader both in my church and my work, I would love to learn about these pitfalls so I can avoid them.

    And without reading the book I would agree that courage is an essential charactistic of a great leader. That's why God kept reminding Joshua to "Be strong and courageous".

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Dan

    I'm a 26 year old leader in the local church.

    I've got a long journey ahead of me, with potential for both great success and great failure.

    If I can leverage my life and lean into greater success and keep myself from getting "derailed" I'd like to do just that.

    Please send me a copy of "Derailed." I'd love to read further on this issue. Thanks!

  • Dave

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your book review of Derailed. One of my current reading interests at this time is leadership. I am in the process of beginning a church plant and am trying to learn as much as I can about leadership as I prepare for this new adventure. As a young leader, I am trying to gain as much insight as I can into this topic as much of the success in church planting will depend upon my leadership. Learning to lead in a godly way is necessary as I depend upon God and lead his people.


  • Tobi Roberts

    Wow! This is a powerful and relevant topic. Leadership happens at all levels and each of us needs to look at our strengths and weaknesses. Learning from others is the fastest (and easiest) way to do that.

    Being in the mortgage industry, I have certainly watched the rise and fall of leaders and companies as a direct result of character choices.

    If you were that impacted by De-Railed….It is a must read for me!

  • @boxand1

    I would like the Book, because I will be a Medical Supply Sales Manager at 29 years old starting on Jan. 1, 2010. Although I have been with my company for 5 years in sales, and now with this promotion, I really want to do well. I would like to be a Senior VP after 2 years of Managing.
    Thanks for your insight as a Leader, as I am about to lead with integrity.

  • jeffgoza

    I work for a organization that serves a very special population – 485 Individuals with varying degrees of physical and mental issues. We provide a 24/7 home for them so the character of our staff is obviously of supreme importance. We are family for many and finding/keeping just the right person makes a true difference in their lives.

    This book hits the very heart of how leaders can effect the organization and ultimately our customers. I think this would be a great addition to our library and something that would be useful for discussion in our Management classes.

    Thank you.

  • Marc Buxton

    My wife and I are new missionaries to the Philippines. I am always concered about the traps of the roaring lion in the ministry. The Deadly Viper crew has helped me stay on my toes, but this book looks like an excellent resource as it provides real world examples of miscalculations and downfalls. I would love to have this info to share with our national pastors as they lead their churches!


  • Jo Humbled

    I would covet a copy of this book, as I have lived through the implosion of a Company that was completely derailed by a business partner who was remarkably lacking in all four of the critical qualities delineated above. I ended up leaving the partnership over irreconcilable differences over the leadership of the Company only to be financially sabotaged to the point that I lost my entire net worth including my house. Unfortunately, said "leader" ran the Company completely into the ground subsequent to my departure, resulting in a complete loss of the entire investment of each partner and investor in the Company. Accordingly, your book would bless me deeply.

  • clark956

    Having a copy of this book would be a HUGE help for me because I am a pastor and speaker. As we all know, stories are powerful ways of communicating, illustrating, and applying principles drawn from Scripture. The true to life stories I'll glean from this book will be useful to me over and over. Just IMAGINE the multiplied impact of this book as its central points are communicated through sermons and messages to college age groups and youth groups. The message of the book will be extended to audiences that otherwise would never have access to it!

  • Catherine Wolcott

    After reading some of the great posts for this blog I'm not sure I qualify to win but I'll try anyway. Within the last year, the small church I am a part of has grown exponentially. In addition to that, I have found myself in charge of our Marketing and Media department with about 3 or 4 people looking to me for our next amazing step. Having been in supervision and mid-level management for most of my professional life, I have been able to wade through the usual pitfalls of managing a new team. However, we're coming to a point where we as a church can either experience an explosion in growth or just an implosion and a hopefully quick death. It all hinges now on how our leadership responds to our success and builds on it.
    I guess that's why I'd like to read this book. I am driven to serve God through my church and do it well. Even if I am not selected to receive a free copy, I still intend to buy a copy based on your glowing review.
    Thanks for your consideration

  • Michelle

    I would love a copy of your book! I am the director of the preschool program for my church and I would love some insight into how to be a better leader. I plan on letting my pastor and other staff members know about this book as well.

  • Remy Diederich

    I'd like to read the book because our church has experienced a great deal of success…actually, from day one (seven years ago) . I know it's God's blessing but our leadership team has managed the blessing well. But I'm haunted at the thought that our success could undo us in some way…some little attitude that goes undetected, or we get lazy, come to expect success rather than work hard and be thankful. So anything that will help me/us sniff this out in advance is very important to me. Thanks.

  • Deb

    I run mother-daughter discipleship groups at a mega-church. We've kept our groups small and nurtured them, but I'm feeling the nudge to open the groups up to the church. Before I do that, I'd like to know what I might need to look out for in terms of leadership "cracks" in myself and my leaders. My husband started father-son discipleship groups and could use the audio book for his car. I so want to win this!

  • gabriel kelly

    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for taking the time to make this resource available to so many of us.

    Being someone in full -time pastoral ministry, i see the importance of leadership and how it can affect the lives of those around us. Authenticity, self – management, humility and courage are all, in my opinion, critical ingredients in a life of integrity and helping others.

    Though only young, i'm beginning to realise that investing my time and energy into these things will make me more effective for the long -term, meaning more people can be helped. As a result, i would be very grateful for a copy of De-Railed.

    One again, thank you for presenting us with this opportunity.

    Yours sincerely,


  • warren carswell

    I would love to receive a free copy of this book so that I won't make the same mistake twice!

  • SteveDuer

    I would a copy of the book because I feel like we learn alot more from failure than we do from success. Nice to see someone putting the lessons all in one place.

  • Tammy

    There are so many books on the "how to" in leadership focusing on success. I'm curious to know how learning from other's mistakes leads to success.

  • Pat

    My son is a young filmmaker (age 25) building an independent production company. We home schooled him all the way through and tried to build character into him. I think we succeeded, and he's an amazing young man and an amazing leader (for 25). But I'm always looking for resources to help him avoid the pitfalls we see in American business. This book sounds like a great resource. And if you give it to me, you'll get a two-fer. I'll read and blog it, then give it to him. That's a win-win-win! Thanks. Love your blog.

  • Tim A

    Frankly Mike (you don't mind if I call you Mike you you?), I don't need this book – I am already an amazing leader, perhaps even a-once-in-a-generation-leader, and I have an incredible trademarked REVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP VISION.
    However six of my senior staff resigned yesterday and I really think they need a rocket up the backside – some people just won't follow great leadership. This book sounds like just what they need. Actually to simplify things could you just get Lindsay to send the books directly to them, that way I don't have to give them the bad news, you can.
    I'm sure it's a tough time for them, but I just don't want them to be a pain to other leaders in the way they've been a pain to me.
    It's a real pity this book wasn't published a few months ago in time for our Leadership Retreat. Even back then these guys were just not seeing my trademarked REVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP VISION.

    Yours Successfully

    Dan Iyall

  • KoryZimney

    Micheal, thanks for the opportunity of offering free copies of this book. But more importantly for publishing a book like this that can help those of us that are leaders avoid many of the snares of the devil that can tear us down from leading for God's purpose. I would love an opportunity to get a free copy but will be probably getting the book even if I don't win. (so you from a business perspective I realize I probably won't get selected since it will take away a sale if I did get one free).

    I used to manage a rehabilitation department for a community based hospital. About 4 years ago I, through prayer and listening to God's purpose for me, deciced to step down from the public leadership role as manager and decided to go back to full time patient care and work a leader as a staff member. I continue to love reading leadership information because no matter what our title we all need to be leaders, followers and most of all encouragers of one another.

    Thanks for sharing insights to upcoming books and insights into leadership through your blog.

  • Steven Miller

    You mention that all of the failures described in the book are tied to one (possibly more) "critical qualities," one of which is self-management. As an Army officer who also holds a graduate degree in business management, I have studied leadership for years. Right now I teach at the United States Military Academy where our mission is to develop leaders of character. I am starting to consider the possibility that we as a society (to include the military) might have the might be teaching leadership wrong. I am very interested in what Irwin has to say about the role of self-management in leadership.

  • K. Venkatesh

    I would need a copy because I am an entrepreneur. I have read several books including Jim Collins' Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall. I am also planning a book on Entrepreneurs–the First Entrepreneurs. I would add this book as a resource for entrepreneurs in my book.
    I read a lot. My reading list is mostly on entrepreneurs. This book would be an add-on for my research on why people fail and how to avoid failures.
    Thank you,
    K. Venkatesh

  • David NM

    Hey Michael. I have been preaching for a year and also have 4 people under me in my web department. I'm currently taking a class on the four temperaments in bible college. I would like to take that knowledge and read about real world examples of the CEOs and their character traits. I struggle dealing with 4 unique individuals in the setting I'm in. Thanks!

  • Michael Davis

    I would love a copy of this book as I was just working for a CEO that completely destroyed our company and it's reputation in the market place. I want to make sure to see the signs in the CEO when I find my next employer

  • Rodney

    I am one of the pastors at West Ridge Church in Dallas Georgia. We are a large church consisting of approximately 4000-4500 people on campus each Sunday. I am curious to protect myself and others watch for the warning behaviors and attitudes that can lead to derailment. I have already encountered too many other pastors and leaders that have been derailed and want to be a catalyst for change in this area.

  • David Patrick

    I am afraid I don't need this book. Why would I want to be de-railed from being de-railed?

  • Matt Wilson

    As a young leader I am always trying to educate myself. I have been recently been made the executive director of a nonprofit. I would like to read this book to possibly lead out staff through it at a later date.

  • Mac Lake

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks so much for this important investment in leaders. I am the Leadership Development Pastor at a large church in South Carolina. I took the assessement and will pass it along to the rest of our staff tomorrow! I am 48 years old and a continual prayer of my life is that God would give me leadership instinct. It sounds as if this book really helps the reader drill down into the soul of his or her leadership. I am a reader and will read it from cover to cover and pass along the concepts to all of those within the sphere of my influence.

  • RIck Guilfoil

    I would like to read this book to help me be a better leader. I don't subscribe to the theory that you learn by your own mistakes. I firmly believe God can use both the failures and successes of others to make me the kind of leader He wants me to be. I think this book will give some great insight as well as a wake up call in some ways.

  • Doug Hibbard

    I would dearly love a copy of this book because as a pastor I am occasionally faced with what feels like catastrophic failure. Whether it is or isn't that, I'd like to learn from it!!

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Doug Hibbard

  • DeAntwan Fitts

    Michael, I would like a copy of Derailed. I hope its not too late.


  • Ben Dubow

    I would love a copy because (1) I am a passionate student of leadership and feel like I have strong gifts of spiritual leadership; and (2) I am a derailed Christian leader, having lost my ministry and a lot more because of my failures. As I heal, reflect and seek God’s direction and calling in my life… and try to rebuild health and prepare myself for what God might do, I want to learn all I can about both great leadership and failed leadership. This book sounds like it would be a great read for me.

  • Steve Ball

    I am a high school principal in Nashville, Tennessee. I have studied leadership through various book studies with teachers and students. This book sounds like a great book for my other principal colleagues to read. Once I am finished, I would share this book with our Principal Leadership Group and have each of us take the Derailed Profile Assessment. I think it would lead to a great discussion!

  • Ted Kinzer


    Thanks for the book recommendation. I would love a copy of Dr. Irwin's book to add to my leadership library. Dr. Irwin is expanding research in the softer areas of leadership attributes and a challenge for leaders to recognize and improve on. With a focus from boards and shareholders on quarterly results, leaders can focus on their core values, this in turn may cause a lose of authenticity, and what made them a leader.

    Twitter: @tedkinzer

  • @Bill_Spinks

    As a commissioned officer in the US Navy I failed, probably on all four counts. Have not had much leadership responsibility since, until now, as a departmental leader in a church. I can buy the book, Michael, and will, if you don't send me one. Thx for the offer.

  • pastorjeffbrown

    If the statement "Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." is true then what better time for a book of this nature than now? As the a person charged with the responsibility of leading a flock the pastor should be keenly aware of the many possible pitfalls as well as some sage advice in how to steer a clear course. Derailed would seem to be a tome whose time has come and I look forward to reading it.

  • JasonCurlee

    Hey Michael…as a pastor and leader of others I believe this book would be a great book to help those I lead.

    Far too often we see people who get derailed in life and in ministry. My vision is to develop others to make a difference in their world and I believe would help give me insight to helping others stay on track.

  • Daniel Rustad

    I want this book because… I will read it and I will chew on it for awhile and then (If I like it) I'll recommend it to my friends and family and anyone who will listen or reads my blog. I might gift it to a person or two, and in the process we just might use what we've learned from it. Who knows, it could be a catalyst for a whole new way of doing community. Of course that would be how I approach any book that I am about to consume. Thank-you. :)

  • Willy Maxwell

    Mr. Hyatt,

    As an aspiring leader, I would like a copy of the book to help avoid the pitfalls that took down others.

    I don’t think any of them went out to be a bad leader, so learning from the past is what will help us all.


  • Paul

    I am interested in a copy. I am currently coming back to the ministry from a battle with Cancer. I am looking for a new beginning in all areas of my life and ministry. I am currently reading books that will help me strengthen my leadership skills so that I can be effective in ministry again.

  • Indypastor

    FIRST as a husband and father of two sons. Secondly, as a young lead pastor (35 years old) and now blessed to travel speaking to students and young adults across America. Next, after having personal friends & men who are in ministry under attack and failing it is my greatest fear because I understand that I am wholly human. We can become so sidetracked doing ministry that we ignore the pitfalls. I remember being called a next generation leader and now well I am trying to bridge the gap between the current and next generation. Tired of seeing marriages fail, careers derailed and hurting consumed by pride or a spirit that prevents them from crying out for help until it is to late. I came across your blog via twitter you came on board at just the right time, looking forward to healing in my own soul and garnishing wisdom to heal others by the direction of the Lord

  • Steve Nelson


    Given the well-publicized demise of our former leader in Late January of this year, I’m nominating his successor, Cameron Curry, who is my boss, as the prototypical pick for a copy of this book. As our organization’s leaders, we are mindful that we must guard our hearts, and model authenticity and integrity. Cam has been a great example to our entire charter school network in California, a well as to our family of schools.

  • kymoore


    Two young married men with national ministries who also just happen to be friends have recently taken a sabbitical because they were in adulterous affairs.

    These young men are known amongst their communities and audiences as pastors, great teachers, men who authentically live their faith. When I heard of their fall, my heart was broken for them, their wives, their children, their parents, their close male friends, and their followers- mainly other young men who are modeling their lives by their example.

    I have the honor of knowing them (Imean that) and some of the first things that came to my mind was how aware were they that they were in danger, where did their courage go that caused them not reach out and expose their vulnerabilities with their buddies, why didnt the men around them see or didnt say they were concerned. How does this happen?

  • kymoore

    I want to learn and Derailed will do that. As a leader I learn to tell on myself more, stay committed to being self aware and practice creating an environment around my life and give my friends permission to tell me the truth even when I dont want to hear it.

    I am glad that they both chose to disclose their moral failures to their wide audiences fully knowing the costs. Seems they cared less about what it looked like to us then what it meant to their wives, children, families. It gave me hope.

  • Alex


    I currently don't want to get "derailed" myself. I'm taking the rest of 2009 for reflection, focus and prayer….as I know I'm not the one who can provide the clarity. I love your blog, and mostly, admire your leadership.

    Thanks for the consideration,


  • Jennifer Gerhardt

    Reading your post reminded me of some of the things Malcolm Gladwell said at Catalyst this year. I though that speech was so on point–I've been re-reading my notes for a month now.
    Anyway, I'm interested in why people do what they do and don't do what they don't. This looks like a study in that. I'd eat it up.

  • MBAtoRN

    I would love to receive a copy of this book. Not only am I'm interested in the 5 lessons learned that Irwin discusses, but a deeper look into the character of the six "high profile" leaders. My background is in business and I worked eight yrs in the healthcare industry, with the last five in pharmaceutical sales. Through exposure in working in Corporate America, my eyes were opened not only to what integrity is but also what it's not. Bottom line it's essentially "doing the right thing, when no one else is watching." In January I walked away from a growing career because I knew that my legacy had to be more than Quarter over Quarter earnings, mindless reports and bottom line profits. More importantly I was in bondage to those who had did not represent my own values and had no integrity! While I do not have a lot of time for leisure reading as a Full Time student (this would be a great read over the holiday break), this Title and Author does spark my interest and inquiry into the lessons he describes and the leaders that he uses to depict those lessons. Thanks for making the copies available to 100 eager readers!

  • CoachTL

    Hi Michael, I am interested in hearing if Tim goes beyond observation to solutions for detecting this essential quality when hiring. Just finished taking a course for managers on behavioral interviewing with my new employer. I know character trumps competence because its always given me wins in whatever I have pursued. This author has voiced what I have learned more than ever in my latest job transition. Would love to share it with my new team at the bank!! (sorry if I posted 2x, not sure if I lost it)

  • David_Macer

    I am the lead pastor of a 19 month old church. We are successful, although not as successful as I think we should be at this point. God has blessed us immensely and I want to ensure that I am never the cause of this great church being "derailed"!
    David Macer

  • David Spell

    Mr. Hyatt,
    I am a LIeutenant w a Metro Atlanta police department. I have the privilege of teaching regularly in our police training center. I get to teach Supervisers, Managers, and Field Training Officers in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management and other areas. I think this book would provide relevant material that I can impart.

    I am also one of the non-paid pastors at my church ( I teach Bible, Theology, and Leadership courses to future pastors, leaders, and Church Planters. A copy of Derailed will provide fresh insights that I can teach to these committed young students.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    David Spell

  • Ryan J. Ferrier

    I'm a 28 year old founder and COO of a startup company that builds social games for the social web. (Check us out: I've been fortunate enough to have had some early success. I've also made some real mistakes. I'd like to "avoid a cataclysmic train wreck in [my] own [life]". Even more, though, I'd like to leave a legacy that matters. I think this book would help. Also, thanks for your blog. It's been a great resource.

  • @AndreaAresca

    I'm 30 years old and 2 years ago I was appointed as Plant Manager with 150 workers under my responsability.
    I faced great difficulties in dealing with a great generational transition at every level of the company. The global crisis added more pressure, too.
    I wonder if my work here will really lead to an enduring and effective change or not.
    I think this book will help me evaluate the quality of my leadership.

  • btravisbrown

    Not only am I interested in developing my own leadership skills, but I am interested in learning from others' successes and mistakes. As I finish college and head toward law school, I think this book could help me spot problem areas in my leadership and help me fix those areas. And a wise man once told me that "Leaders are readers and readers are leaders." So another quality book added to my repertoire would be beneficial.

  • @mjohnbollinger

    After reading your description of this book I think it would be of great benefit to me.


  • Chris Gallagher

    Mr. Hyatt,

    The five stages of heading to demise are not just leader based characteristics, instead they can be the demise of churches, no matter what culture or number.

    As a minister, I believe this book would be a great part of learning to lead, yet learning to quip others to share the faith as we seek to grown our congregation to the forefront of the community.


  • Mark Heywood

    Hi Michael,

    As a young leader in the church movement I am involved in I am hungry to learn from leaders who have gone before me. Character is one of the areas I struggle in most and I believe that this book will help me be a better leader at home, church and work.

  • Nathan Bailey

    Our team is going through a transition where several of these factors are really pulling us hard. I'm sure there are parts of this happening in me too – it would be great to be able to improve my own example in this area as I endeavour to coach others to overcome their personal saboteurs.


  • Keith Rowell

    After reading this I would love a copy of this book. I belive it will open my eyes to leading with failure in my pocket. Remembering that failure can happen anywhere with anyone. Thank you this.

  • Laura Bowman

    Why I want a copy of Derailed? because my life has been deralied and for the last year and a half I've been trying to get it on track. God has been here all the time but he's been a little silent as to His plans for us. We've been in the ministry most of our lifes and are now in limbo changing directions but not mission.

  • Dave Tucker

    Hey Michael I love the fact that you give out books! I am a huge fan of your blog and I relate well to most things that you post. Maybe I should start running? How's the gorilla feet shoes working for you?
    I lead a talented group of 48 folks that are tasked with keeping computer systems running that thousands of employees use. It is a stressful environment to say the least, but I am stepping up to the challenge and am willing to do everything in my power to grow myself as a leader

  • Clear2Go

    Sounds like a really good book.

    I've consulted for about 6 years and the last 5 have been working in professional services for a specific vendor. Inside the organization as well as with clients, I have seen many examples of where a leader shows lack of Authenticity, Self-management, courage or humility. Unfortunately there are very few great leaders in comparison to good or bad ones. I personally only have met a couple of "Great leaders" compared to the number of general 'leaders'. I hope that people read the book and it helps them become a "Great leader".


  • Curtis Baker

    The word says that the path is straight and narrow…why not the tracks as well! Its very interesting, working in the music business & being in the ministry to see the qualities pointed out by Irwin as the “4 critical qualities.” It is time for a change in how we treat people, treasure relationships and how we define success. I am currently in the birthing stages of a Non-Profit to help build today’s kids so they are strong leaders and role models for tomorrow. I want to learn from those before me and glean their wisdom. I want to avoid “Derailment” and help others ride the straight and narrow. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Samuel Lamerson

    Dear Michael, As the dean of faculty at Knox Seminary, I deal everyday with students who want to be great leaders for the kingdom. I believe that this book would be a great help to me in teaching them how to "end well" as well as a great recommendation to them. Thanks for reading and for making the book available. Sam Lamerson

  • MarieCasey

    I would like to read Derailed so that I can see if the chapter text is as accurate as the chapter titles! I once wrote an article–not submitted anywhere because I need my job–called "Fatal Flaws." Some of the flaws (of leaders) listed are Believe in Yourself–and No one Else; Be Visionary–but Do Not See Today; Show No Emotion–Except Anger; Show Pride in Accomplishments–But Only in Your Own; Be Grateful–but Never Say Thanks. I believe reading books on leadership failure helps leaders avoid making those same mistakes.

  • Bob LaForce

    Mike, I have pastored 7 churches and now chair the Board of Directors of SERVE. All but two of those 7 churches ended in failure. I am trying to assess why and what I need to do to change. This book would help me to evaluate myself and try and understand what I could have changed, need to change now and what I walked into in those churches and just could not have done anything to change.

  • takdwn

    I have been in the pastorate for the past 12 years and having succeeded in sports for so many years I constantly struggle with humility and, after reading your take on this book I feel courage may be hampered as a result of concentrating to much on humilty. I believe not only would I benifit from this book but my congregation would as a result of my reading it.

  • Glen Mullins

    I'd like a copy of this book because I've realized I need to be learning more about leadership. I agreed this year to be the leader of our church's Outreach Team, and it was a colossal failure.

    I was recently telling God that I don't have the necessary skills to be a leader, and the reply I received in turn was, "Why not?" That hit me pretty hard. It's been 14 years since my first foray into a church leadership role, and that has been plenty of time for me to gain the leadership skills I need.

    I'm realizing that simply wanting to be a better leader (or asking God to turn me into one) isn't going to get me far; I need to take some ownership in the process and begin learning. I believe this book would be helpful in that regard.

  • James E. Leary

    Hi. I would like a copy of the book because I am currently attending training with Bill Hoyt (Nexstep Coaching) on how to create pastors's clusters. We are working on book lists to help pastors and this sounds like a great book to add to the list. Thanks.

  • Kristie Jackson

    I desperately want this book because my husband and I are both mid-thirtysomethings in leadership roles. He is a physician and hospital administrator, hoping one day to be CEO of a health care system (assuming such entities continue to exist). And I am an attorney, devotional writer, and serve on the board of a local private school. We would benefit greatly from wisdom on avoiding derailment. We want to serve God and use the gifts He has given us for His glory. And we all know there are already enough Christian derailments out there!

  • Jake Sledge

    I would love to receive a copy of Derailed because it will bless my life as I strive to continue to be faithful to God as a Christian, husband, father, friend, servant, and leader. My father and brother made choices that "derailed" them. I have committed myself to be the one that stays the course and brings change in our family system. I also serve as a nonprofit Executive Director and a Youth Minister. This book will bless me in every area of life. It will also be one I will share with others, not only the book itself, but also in how I live my life.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Scott Meyer

    I am a 38 year old (young by my estimate) Senior Minister for a great church with a long history. I love the local church and am committed to serving it throughout my life. My undergraduate and graduate studies at seminary grounded me in theology, scriptures and pastoral care. What was absent from my training was LEADERSHIP. After serving several years in the church I am convinced that the greatest need of the church (after God) is for courageous, Godly leadership. I have watched great churches come to a complete halt because leadership is exchanged for committees. I have served under great leaders who have come undone by their own vices and frailty. Now that God has placed me in a lead role I hope to steward it wisely by leading wisely and courageously AND guarding my own character and spirituality. One thing I know…Ministers/pastors are not more special but when a spiritual leader goes down the collateral damage is greater, an entire church is hurt. After reading your review of Derailed I believe it has material that I need to wrestle with and perhaps have my ministry team read.

    Thanks for your continual willingness to lead, serve and share.
    Grace & Peace

  • TomKinsfather

    Hey Michael,
    I’d like a copy because I am a pastor who is serious about growth and moral integrity. I pastor a 70 year old church and we’re growing and going forward. I want to keep things moving.

    Thanks for the generosity.

  • Greg England

    I'd give the book to my son, who is running our family owned and operated funeral home in Southern California. I've had over 30 years of leadership in church ministry, but I believe the book would be a good read for him as we grow this business by serving families. Of the more than 500 families we have served, we have not had one family complain about the care they received from us. That never happened when we were working for the corporate funeral homes! Anything to give Josh an edge in leadership because he'll be running this company long after I am gone.

  • Lana Vaughan

    On Friday while you are selecting free book recipients I will be meeting with the core team for Go Deeper Still Women's Conference. As their leader I am sure they would all appreciate it if you would send me a copy as soon as possible. I would like to learn from other's journeys and keep our efforts from derailing. Thanks for making this offer.

  • @nightounce

    Here in a mainline church with 260 some years of denominational history and 140 or so years of this local congregation, things get rather comfortable… TOO MUCH SO. I've been working with a core team of leaders and making baby steps together toward rethinking who we are and how we do what we do. From your description, this book would be a great tool for me… and down the road for the rest. I'd really appreciate this book!!

  • TracyStoller

    As a 46 year old career-changer, I am currently enrolled in a grad program and taking a "leadership" class while doing a "leadership" residency. I am finding the class to be weeks of discussing leadership theory instead of practical study of good and bad leaders.

    I plan on quoting your blog (attributing it to you, of course), in my next online discussion.

    Free book or one I buy, I am definitely reading this book!

  • Yaritza Spruill

    Hello Mr. Hyatt,

    I desire a copy of this book to help prepare a solid foundation for my upcoming leadership role within my company. I served in the Navy for five years and just recently transitioned into corporate America. It has been quite a challenge to adapt to the different styles of leadership and I think this book will allow me to grow a better awareness of what leadership qualities, attitudes, behaviors, etc are ones to implement in my life.

    I have a unique opportunity in this company, in which, I help operate an entry-level academy program, that introduces young associates into the company. I am their initial influence and expected to lead them, as well as, help build them to take on leadership roles themselves. Therefore, I want to make 'leadership' a success not only for me but others. Help me avoid being 'Derailed'.

    Very Respectfully,

  • AKL

    I've been a CEO before, will re-enter that job role again, and I think it's far too easy to fall into many of these traps. I find it fascinating that he boils it down to the four areas of failure, and I'm looking forward to seeing how those reconcile with the different steps toward derailment.

    The greatest learning experience I had in that job was that when you are a true believer in your product, it is far too easy to miss warning signals and rationalize missed numbers when you need a deeper rethink of your strategy or market approach.

    So I'm hoping I'll be one of your winners and learn some incredible things before my next CEO job. Thanks for this blog and all that you do to inspire great leadership, Mike!

  • Matt

    I'm a young entrepreneur driven pastor that has a passion for growth. Plus, if you give me a free copy I promise to kiss you like a new born baby! (grin)

  • Ben

    I'd love a copy because I have doubts about my own authenticity, humility and courage. As a Christian minister, that's not ideal.

  • Amy Herbel

    Wow! This is a book I want to read. As a ministry leader at my church and president of the local section of a non-profit organization, I frequently find myself mentoring others in leadership even as I am further developing my own skills. I'm fairly new to leadership at this level (about two years) and I'd love to know the warning signs to make sure that my own leadership stays on track and so I can be a positive model for others to follow.

  • Chris Rolling

    I would like a copy of this book to help me grow from my own professional derailment. I ran a small but good business into the ground by throwing blinders on when I most needed to be paying attention to those around me. I alienated and lost valuable employees, customers and most important of all my business partner (who happens to be my wife). I thought I could handle everything that was going wrong and it would all work out and she was telling/warning me that , "NO" its not going to work out or come around the way it was going. Short story is that the company is limping along, albeit at only about 20% of what it was, but we are rebuilding and re-tooling and this book sounds like it could give me added tools to ensure I dont fall down that hole again.

  • PLL

    I was about to answer the invitation to leave a comment on my office hours, then realized that the simple fact that I was checking out this post between 8 AM and 4 PM on a workday probably said something about my character and work ethic… I figured it was probably a failure in self-management, but a step in the good direction towards self-awareness… so I postponed the writing of this comment until after my normal working hours. All that came to be from simply reading ABOUT Tim Irwin's book… You can now imagine why I would really like to read the book itself now. It seems I will need its contents to to be a better leader in my home, church and place of employment!

  • Joyful_Hart

    I would so appreciate a copy of this, not only for myself but for my husband and leaders around me. In the economy and trials of life I think this will help in many ways.

  • Roxanne Rollins

    Hi Michael,
    I would love to have a copy of this book for my husband who is working on his PhD in the Executive Leadership Development Program at George Washington University. It looks like there is some great info here that would help him with his dissertation.

  • firescape

    I am interested in this book because I am entering into a new area of my life within the next couple of months. I am going into full time pastoral work in the local church. I know how valuable leadership training is as I have seen the positive and negative sides of leadership. I have been burnt bad and I also have been lifted high. I would like to be even more prepared for the glory of God and for the benefit to others as well as myself. Thank you for considering me.

    Josh A

  • Megan Strange

    Hey Mike

    Again, I really appreciate your efforts to getting great resources in the hands of those of us who desire to grow as leaders. I have been in numerous situations where the cause of Christ has been derailed by leaders making a stupid decision. I am currently a part of a great leadership team that has several "hedges" in place to hold us accountable to each other to make wise choices. As a team, we just recently finished "Good to Great". I think that if you sent me a free copy of this book, it would add to my toolbelt of necessary leadership tools. Thanks for your consideration!


  • Chuck Ragland

    In the position of launching a new church based ministry organization. It will call me to a new level of leadership. I believe this book will help me along the journey.

  • Dan Winters

    Mike – I want this book, because as Principal of an Elementary School with 930 kids, if I fail, nearly 1000 families will fall into the abyss of ignorance and cynicism. After all, I wore a George Washington costume for Halloween and their opinions of American leaders will forever be linked with their arrogant and reckless ex-Principal. On a more positive note, I sincerely want to inspire and motivate staff and students to reach high levels of academic achievement and character development and I'm eager to soak up any tool or advise that will help me do that with expertise and integrity.

    By the way – loved your comment on Team of Rivals. I read the book last year. Here's a post I wrote on Lincoln's leadership.


  • christopherbmac

    Hi Mike,

    Sounds like a book with some sound advice, good review.

    Last month on a Sunday night I learned about the moral failures of two of my personal heroes in separate unrelated incidents. One was a former Pastor/missionary who I would call a hero of the faith and the other was an uncle who was like an older brother to me while growing up.

    While I am not currently in a direct leadership role with my church, other than volunteering in the sound room and kids departments. I am readjusting to newly remarried life and don't want to get too busy, but I would love to have a copy of this book to be able to help recognize any attitudes and/or behaviours that I, or others I know, have that may lead to a fall. I want to do all that I can to ensure that this does not happen, I want to leave a legacy for my son, step-son, and any future siblings they may have.

    Thanks Mike.


  • Praveen


    i am Praveen from Bangalore, India. i would like to have a copy of this book.


  • Tony Cross

    Well we will do this in 140 or less: It's my birthday on Saturday, so it will make a great "early birthday present" xD

  • Clint Roberson

    I would really like to receive a copy of this book. Many times we learn from our mistakes, and the school of hard knocks is a cruel teacher…. Having some insight into the things that have cost high profile leaders their reputation, could be invaluable…

  • Erin B

    Although I have been in leadership roles in the last 10 years, I have not been an avid reader of leadership books, but deferred my attention to reading books in my specific field of interest, i.e. Human Resources. In more recent years I have learned the importance of reading these types of books to grow in my leadership. Needless to say, I have a lot of books to catch up on :-).

  • @matt_mccomas

    This is the third book (I think) that I've tried to get from you. I'm beginning to wonder if this is all a hoax.

    P.S. Please send me this book.

  • Luke

    Having both lost and found a job this year it has become clear how much I have to learn about both leadership and my self. As a "CEO of one" I can't wait to read this book.

  • Adam Reineke

    I'm not a CEO, pastor, teacher, government official, or even a mid-level manager. I'm a 21 year old college student convinced that as I continue to grow and mature, it will be my ability to be a good leader that will carry me through life successfully.

    I'd like to read Derailed because I want to learn from others mistakes so I don't repeat them in the positions where I do lead. I make enough of my own mistakes already. :-)

    Thanks for letting us know about another great book!

  • Teresa


    Thank you for this opportunity to spread integrity through the business environment. I think many of us are quite confused as we watch those whose ethics seem to be finally questioned under the spotlight continuously succeed, climb ladders or benefit from their actions; while those of us who fight for integrity, try to do our jobs ethically and stand up under God's character lose our jobs or be reprimanded for speaking out or standing firm.

    Over the years, I have looked to my superiors and execs in companies to see what I needed to do or become to progress the career ladder. However, what I thought were successful people who knew what it took to get "there" and would-be role models for others, ended up being grotesque displays of manners, ethics and, frankly, unacceptable behaviors.

    I would like to see through this book that there is hope for those of us who want to be leaders without sacrificing our integrity and ethics. This book seems to be a lesson in what not to do, which is a great way to learn what TO do. I'm tired of poor examples…time for Godly leaders to shine!

  • Brandon Schmidt

    I am a seminary student that loves learning about leadership. I hope to learn from past leaders mistakes, so that I can make all new ones on my own!

  • J. Elisabeth

    I have never heard of this author before. I work in a small Christian bookstore and would be interested in reading this book and seeing if it would be a good one to get in stock. I know a lot of pastors that would probably be interested.

  • mondy

    i like to read a book a week ! a free book sounds better!

  • Lyle LaFountain

    Mr. Hyatt,
    I am involved in youth ministry and in the business world. I am trying to set an example for our young people at church so I can say, "follow me, as I follow Christ." I would hate to one day blow it big time and disappoint all the young people who have put their trust in me.
    One of my memories at church in high school was when my pastor had to step down due to immorality in his life. I would hate to be derailed as he was in his ministry. I pray that the Lord would strengthen all of us who wish to be leaders of God's people and that we would bring light to a dark world.

  • Jen Young

    Hi Michael-

    WOW you have a lot of comments to read! If you get to my then I think I should give YOU a free book just for having made it this far.

    Please tell me what book you would like! I'm not kidding!

    I would love to receive a copy of 'Derailed' – in addition to many years as a worship & ministry leader, I am currently the office manager for the #1 REO Agent's office in Hampton Roads. We are an unashamedly Christian office, and are blessed with many opportunities to speak and train for other brokerages. I would love to learn from and share the insights of the importance of character in this book with our office, leadership, and others!

    All the best!
    -Jen Young

  • Drew Flores

    I am a 20 yr old college student at Texas Tech University. I am also a student minister associate for a church. I see mediocrity all around me whether on campus or inside the church. I'm an aspiring communicator and have also considered the thought of writing. I would like insight into failure and success. I seek more than just do's and don'ts. I want to find clarity in what makes a man a true and great leader not out of cockiness or arrogance rather out of pure passion for others.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for providing this opportunity on a regular basis. I would love to get a copy of this book. As someone who is just beginning in leadership, I think that a wealth of knowledge can come from studying other people's failures. Also, while there's no proven formula to being a leader, any common, easy tips are a fantastic bonus on the journey to becoming a great leader.

  • Will

    Two and half years ago my wife told me she wanted a divorce. That caused me to examine my life and what I did wrong to contribute to the failure of my marriage. Since then I have been involved in a divorce recovery ministry helping others recover from divorce and rebuild their lives. I believe that failures of leadership in the business world carry over to the other parts of our lives. I would like to see what Dr. Irwin has to say about leadership failures and how we can avoid them. I think this will help me be a better leader in my family, my business and my church. I would also be able to pass on Dr. Irwin's insights to others in the divorce recovery ministry.

  • jon marshall

    I just dont want to hurt somebody.

  • Carol Anne

    I would like to give this book to my friend who is going back to school to get her Masters in Business. I’m impressed with the content and think she would really enjoy this read over her break from studying next month. Thanks for all you do. Your cheerleading of twitter brought me on board and has made such an impact.

  • Mary

    I took the free assessment test and it was dead on. I recognized my strengths and weaknesses and would like to know more about my risk factors. It will be a confidence builder for me to be able to work on these areas from a realistic standpoint. I could really use this book to sharpen my character and fine tune my strengths. I thank you for considering me.

  • Rob Paterson

    As a pastor it has always intrigued me to watch the effects of pressure on people. Some stand so well under it and some de-rail…and in many ways this reality seems counter intuitive = the people I think should crumble stand and vice versa.

    As a church planter who lives daily with incredibly difficult financial realities I am amazed at the courses of action that pass across my own mind as the stress builds and as I am doing my best to trust God.

    Seems to me the thoughts in this book would be a helpful tool for me and my team as we face an issue that we are all far more susceptible too than we think most of the time. I hope that functional solutions never trump allowing God to form me into the person He wants me to become.

  • @hasbell

    In working in "corporate America", leadership is defined in different ways. I think we all need to grow in leadership with a purpose. This book looks like it has the potential to show us how to avoid "Derailment" from preventable issues. Looks to be a great addition to any library that is growing in Leadership topics or anyone serving/working in leadership positions, which constitutes all of us.

    I'd love a copy to read, learn from, and most of all, be challenged.

  • Tom McComb

    I am constantly looking for works on leadership, because many times the leadership lessons I have learned are negative ones from poor examples that I have seen and worked with.

    None of us is above temptation, and I think it’s a wakeup call for all leaders (me included) to remember what is most important – the quality of our heart and character.

    I will enjoy reading this because I anticipate it hitting me right between the eyes on issues that I need to deal with (with God’s help) in my life.

    Thanks for reading, making this giveaway available and for considering my comment!

  • @jameswoosley

    Michael…sounds like a great book. I'd love to have a copy. As a former military officer and then corporate consultant (now moving into the adventure of self-employment), I've seen some of the best and worst in leadership. I've always tried to learn from the bad and model the good. It's a never ending journey.

    I also know what happens when most books are given away…they don't get read! So if you send me a book I promise to read it! :)

  • Paul Records

    I want a book b/c I lead youth. And in the world we live in today, so many are negative examples. I want to be an effective leader b/c of the youth I follow. I don't want to fail them.

  • Karen Rash

    I love to read books that challenge my thought process. I am always learning and I strive to better myself always. Having worked in the corporate world I wish I had this resource when I began in a management position. Having learned many lessons I see this book as a great asset. I have referred some colleges to this review and the conversations have been fruitful. Excited to have the opportunity to read this, certainly, inspiring book.

  • dburgin

    I would appreciate having this book. I am a Pastor and being in a leadership position I would find this book helpful.


  • Maureen Small

    I’ve failed in leadership before – derailed miserably. God has given me another chance several years later, and I want to humbly serve Him this time around. I need to know how to stay on the rails, especially because there are a lot of railcars following me down the track now.

  • sandy cathcart

    As a writing teacher/mentor/coach I often see my students being derailed from reaching their God-given dreams and goals. I would like to learn all I can in order to steer and encourage others in stirring up their gifts, yet I have often been derailed in that very task. Authenticity, self-management, humility and courage are all things I would like to see grow in my own life.

  • JulieCJ

    Mr. Hyatt, I'd really love to have a copy of Tim Irwin's 'Derailed' because I have been known to spend hours just watching people go about their business, and I'd like to know more – I've become interested in how the mighty fall. It seems to be happening so much lately. I just don't understand it. The way I see it is that anyone can figure out that if you put your hand in the til, you'll eventually get caught – and these CEOs are supposed to be really smart . . . but they get caught . . .
    Oh, and my next book is going to be a fiction about a fallen businessman who makes friends with a fallen politician while in jail. I can't tell you any more – I don't want to give away the whole thing, but this book would be marvelous research material! Of course, I will credit Dr. Irwin appropriately!
    Thanks so much for your great, and entertaining Facebook presence – and Twitter, too.

  • @Smitherd

    I have heard the horror stories of many great churches, businesses and other corporations who were awesome… until they collapsed under poor leadership. Corporations are always dependent on their leadership, and when the leader falls, you almost never see a corporation "rise back up" as it were.

    I want to read this book because I want to properly understand how to spot bad leadership from the beginning, and to understand the "signs" which hint at potential leadership disasters before finding out the hard way, whether it be in a church, a corporation, or simply in life in general.

  • dentmaker

    6 months ago I was in Northern Iraq volunteering with a small non-profit that is trying to provide life-saving heart surgeries for 4000 children. It's not just a charity but a business model– selling a local hand-made Kurdish shoe to help save lives. Now that I'm back in the states, I see a hunger from the team to learn– from others success and mistakes. A simple thing I do is send books. I sent 4 books so far… 1) Visioneering by Andy Stanley 2) Good to Great for Social Sectors by Jim Collins 3) Crucial Conversations and 4) The Toyota Way by Jeff Liker. I'd love to send this one over to this team– to help them avoid the pitfalls as they strive to stay humble and be bold. Their story is incredible ( Thanks for your time and for the innovative work you are doing with Social Media. I read your tweets!

  • Nikki

    I tried to write this yesterday feeing that maybe I don’t really need this book. Then I received a tweet and I knew that God wanted me to write. My husband and i are starting a nonprofit business and he would definantly benefit from this book. He is a wonderful man with great ideas but might need a little push with leadership skills. Thank you for your condsiderating in this. I love your blogs about the books you read 98% of the time I read those books and really learn from them what God wants me to learn from them!

  • Deborah

    Having thought I was standing in the past, and suffering the inevitable fall – I know I cannot say NEVER AGAIN with any certainty. This book would be an extremely helpful reminder, and I would also put it in the leadership library of the Christian ministry I work with.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • @DavidGallery

    I always thought as a leader – it should be a "piece of cake". I guess that not true. A lot of good leaders made it looks so simple. Since then I have been searching , learning, listening, reading (including your blog here) how to become a good leader and manager. How to I influence my teams? …

    But I hardly look at it from the other side of view, what is weak leaders except for first time I read it on your blog, "Five Characteristics of Weak Leaders". In fact last week, I realized I did a blaming on one of team that delay the project. Once I did it, right away one of your Five Chars of weak leaders hit me. I was like ops … Well, since then, I'm trying not to do that again but instead see if anything else I can help instead. Thanks.
    So much to learn ….

  • Phil Zarns

    Hind sight is always 20/20. I could definitely enjoy and learn from this read. in the wake of life, there's so much to grasp so that our present and future can be bettered with necessary results!

  • Alan Stoddard

    I'm pastoring a church where the pastor left the church, took 100 people, and started another church in our community of 12,000. I will use the book to help heal my new staff and the church. I will also benefit from the book personally as I am committed to finishing faithful and helping other leaders to do the same.

  • Omar Hamada

    I love to read – especially books that change lives, make one ponder and analyze thought processes, and books that encourage self-reflection. Sounds like this is one of those. I'd love to read and apply.

  • christine

    I co-own a company with my husband, I am a mom of two, I volunteer at church leading a group of 24 other volunteers, and I strive to honor God daily. Realizing that no one is above derailment, this sounds like a book that is a must-read for anyone who is in a position of leadership. Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy.

  • Connie Lard

    Hi! I am not in a formal leadership role in a church or work setting. However, as a wife, mother, grandmother, and nurse practitioner working with young women, I am aware of my informal leadership role with the people in my life. I am always interested in learning how to be a better person and leader and would appreciate the opportunity to read this book. Thanks!

  • Karen Jordan

    I'm always open to learning something from the mistakes of others. And I really appreciate those who are will to open up their lives and offer guidance based on their own life lessons. And I guess I'll always be a "lifelong learner"!!! Thanks for this generous offer!

  • Denise Van Rensburg

    After many years in the health sector as a nurse, I am in a position to start my own company. I have attended a number of workshops on starting a business, and feel that this is God’s way of ensuring that I have all the necessary tools to run a succesful company. As they say being for warned is being for armed, and your book I believe is an essential tool in my armary.
    May I take this opportunity to thank you for the heart you have to share your knowledge and experience with others.

  • Matt Johnson


    I'd love a copy of Derailed. I'm a young pastor of a growing, 4-year-old church plant and am an avid reader constantly trying to grow myself to stay ahead of our church's growth. Traveling a road you've never been before is exciting and challenging…and a little scary!

    Thanks for your blog. It's a growth tool for me. And thanks for offering free books!

  • Steve DeLisle

    I work for a ministry called Heart to Honduras. We serve the poorest of the poor in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We do a variety of projects to answer both the physical and spiritual needs of the people. We build a variety of buildings from churches to building homes for widows and homeless families to sanitary bathrooms. We have created clean water projects for villages and helped increase agricultural production of farmers. We bring in mobile medical and dental teams to provide health care in remote villages and to places with no access to doctors. This just scratches the surface of what we do.
    However we are struggling as many noprofits are right now. Not only from a financial standpoint, but also from a leadership one. Our ministry has grown tremendously in its first 20 years and we are out stripping our leaders abilities both in the States and in Honduras.
    While we have done some leadership books as a staff, I think this one would truly help us. Please consider helping us by giving me a free copy of this book. Hopefully it will help us do a better job serving the people in Honduras.

  • John Waldo

    I work in higher education, doing faculty development. The “plan” is for me to eventually become the director of our department, and I’ll have the opportunity to lead change for our 2000+ adjunct faculty on 10 campuses.

    I also have influence in the life of our pastor “in waiting,” who will become senior pastor within the next year or so.

    I’d like a copy of the book for personal development, so I don’t become #7 on the listed of failed leaders, and to help me in encouraging our pastor.

  • Jonathan Griffiths

    I'd love to read this book. We're working out home church leadership right now in our local body and the more I can learn about leadership, the better. And let's face it, we can often learn more from the train wrecks than from the success stories!

  • mjpeterson37


    Like so many others here, I just have a desire to be a leader who will have a lasting impact on the world. I want to lead people to an end that is worth achieving, an authentic life in Christ. For that reason I am always looking for good examples to follow, people who can help me learn from their mistakes and their successes. I would like to read this book because I believe it provides another tool in the shed for my work in the world.

    Regards, Mark

  • Bill Masella

    As a leader of "projects" and "project teams" I found this post to be enlightening and would certainly love to dive into more "meat". Particularly the 5 stages of demise… Hmmm… where does Apathy fit into this mix?



  • David Sidney

    My book group is reading Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and it is exposing to all of us the gaps that have formed over the years between being and non-being. We are challenging each other with self-awareness and authenticity and discipline so we can lead within our different spheres centered in joy and fulfillment rather than pain and false urgency.

    I used to think that the economic restructuring that is taking place would be based on better systems and regulations. But with with time and my own increased self-awareness I realize that its more about character and mission/values alignment. Based on your review of this book I believe this will be helpful in my own self-leadership so that I can serve the teams/organizations I am a part of better. Thank you for commitment to grow leaders around you!

  • Sotalentedgeez

    Sotalentedgeez is my TV/Radio Screen Name on my local stations website. I perfer to use my real name here but it would not change easily.

    Peter F. Drucker once said: "The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more things he will try. I would never promote into a top level job a man who was not making mistakes . . .He is sure to be mediocre."

    Sharing mistakes made in business, in the church, and in our families and community is like gold. Teaching from our failures is as important as teaching from our successes. Contrary to what the masses think . . .failures every now and then is such a good and healthy thing for all of us. I hope the author covers the topic of failure well for it is so key to our success . . . and one of our best friends to be sure. Not nearly enough people teaching from their failures. I hope this author takes several looks at the topic. If he does I will read it!

    Jim S. in Portland,OR

  • Carole Stolz

    As my husband and I both managed to crash land each of our firms, we think that we understand something about failure.
    Today, however, we are both very active again both in our own firms and in our church. We are also about to launch an abolitionist movement for Germany. Everything we can read about not falling again would be MOST welcome. I am definately someone who learns from mistakes rather than achievements – but the mistakes don't ALL have to be my personal ones!!

  • Travis Kaiser

    Mike – I'm a young leader who aspires to do great things. As a younger leader not only am I learning from my own mistakes but I am acute to the fact it's easier to learn from other's mistakes. The "school of hard knocks for others" is my favorite school to learn from. One of my favorite leadership books is Hans Finzel's 'The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make" and this book has a similar theme. I would greatly enjoy a copy as I continue through my own leadership journey.

  • Brendon

    I would like a copy of derailed to be able to label what I've already accomplished. We all fail, I usually learn from my mistakes, but just for fun I'd like to learn before I make those mistakes! This book sounds like a good tool to achieve that purpose. As a children's pastor in full time ministry, I'm not exposed to as many models of business success and failure, but I feel those models could be helpful to succeed in the church as well.

  • Rachel Wojnarowski

    Well, I’m not a corporate manager, mid-level supervisor or even a boss of any type. Character is who you are when you think no one else is looking. I forget where I heard that, but I know it’s true. The assessment essentially asks one’s own opinion of oneself. I wonder how many others would answer the questions about us the same way that we answered for ourselves? I’m just a mom, with a heart for ministering to other women who go through the same “stuff” as I do regularly. I want to read the book in order to become a better leader in the areas for which I am responsible, regardless of how “small” they may seem.

  • Jim Steward

    I'm a fan of books like Good to Great and others and I'm very interested in these types of studies. I lead a group of men and teach them leadership principles.

  • speli

    Having observed the move within my former employer, a very large German software company, from a very family like company that had organically grown since 1972 to an American business techniques driven, quarter-by-quarter steered company, this book would certainly be an interesting read. Part of this move was a loss of its natural friendliness and flat hierarchies to hard-driven efficiency and multi-leveled hierarchies, which in turn produced financial results shareholders expected – and in the process lost the loyalty of some of the employees and the casual friendliness it was so well-known for. Thanks, Michael.

  • S Nakamura

    Hello. I am a book translator. I have translated great Christian books such as "Prayer of Jabez," "Boundaries," "One-Life Solution," "Every Woman's Battle" and many others into Japanese for publication. I've been looking for good books that are suitable for both Christians and non-Christians, and this book seem to be a perfect candidate. And funny, I don't think I ever translated a book published from Thomas Nelson! It would be nice if this becomes the first one!

  • Grenae Thompson

    The title of this book sounds very similar to the CLF (Catastrophic Leadership Failure) concept developed by Dick Thompson, Ph.D., CEO of High Performing Systems, Inc. (CLF article From your review, it seems that "Derailed" looks at "leadership failure" from a slightly different perspective. Since all "theories" have blindspots, it would be helpful to integrate these two perspectives for greater insight. Thank you for making this opportunity available.

  • Josh

    I want a free copy of Derailed, because I have read books on successful leadership and it would be helpful to read a book on failed leadership. Growing and learning as a leader is a constant challenge and goal of mine as I am a young preacher in a stagnant yet loving church of 240. The older I grow the more I realize that so much stands and falls with leadership. Derailed seems like a book that would help me mature as a leader.


  • Elizabeth

    I am interested in reading Derailed as a leader emerging onto the field. I am graduating in six months with my international MBA. Even though I know I will not avoid mistakes, but I would love to learn from others.

  • Bob Hostetler

    I need this book. I am a leader (pastor) who still struggles daily to understand and deal with my leadership shortcomings. Help.

  • Chad Saxton

    I am a new executive director of a small christian camp. One of my passions is to devlope stong Christian leaders. I believe this book would be an excellant read for me and to have in our camp library for our staff.


  • Daniel C. White

    I would love a copy of the book Derailed because I don’t take for granted the responsibility of leading people. I have a strong understanding as a man of faith, that leaders are held at a higher standard and I never want to cause someone to stray or hurt someone because of my leadership. I truly believe that Derailed with help keep all stones overturned in my life in leadership.

    I also love sharing with all that I know, personally and professional, the things that are currently influencing me by either sharing face to face in my weekly one on ones meetings, my 350 quality & influencial Twitter followers mostly made up of gate keepers in the church, music business or major market business professionals as well as my 1,000 facebook friends and plan to blog about it as well. I say this mostly because I truly value each person I meet and each person I know and continuously try and pour into them as they pour into me, spiritually and professionally.

    Typed on my iPhone ON THE GO so forgive any typos

  • Lonnie Thoms

    A former Free Methdist Bishop said to a group of pastors, “I pray this every day: ‘Lord prepare me for what you have prepared for me.'”. Getting this book would be an answer to that prayer for me. Leaders are formed in secret and brought to light at just the right time. I don’t know when my time will come but I want to be ready!

  • Julian2323

    Hello Michael. I would like a copy of 'Derailed' because I am 1st time lead pastor and emerging leader. I have been serving at our church (with an 80 yeart history) for almost 3 years. Over this time we have undergone amazing challenges, inside and out of the church, financial obstacles, negative criticism, and a host of other stuff. Though we are still "in the frying pan" at the present, my wife and I are determined to honor God in our assignment, stay the course, see it through, and finish well. I want to as a younger leader to be proactive in my leadership life, so others are blessed and not cursed by ny example.

  • Michael Brown

    I would like a copy of this book to read and to review on my Radio program on my College's campus radio. Moody Campus Radio. I am on Monday and Friday nights 8 pm to 10 CT.

  • Matt McMorris

    Only recently did someone introduce me to following you on twitter. I must say, it has certainly led to some thought provoking reading through your tweets as well as your blog.

    I graduated from a Bible college five and a half years ago and served in a few capacities on a large church staff for the five years following. It was a tremendous opportunity to grow, learn and develop in the area of leadership.

    Approximately three months ago god called me to an associate pastor position leading worship and youth ministries. As a 28 year old beginning in ministry, I look down the road a bit and realize that I do not ever want to be derailed from the ministry God has called me to. I am sure that if not selected for a free copy, I will eventually get my hands on a copy. I would love however to receive a copy of it from you. I love to read anything that has to do with leadership and success.

    Thanks for what you are doing to help leaders!

  • Kevin Garrett

    Where leaders fall and thrive? I want to learn and share the answers with those who I am allowed to have influence.

  • Kelly VanCamp

    I asked God for wisdom and He pointed me to you! I would love to read something worthwhile for a change. Tim, you get right to the meat and potatoes of true living and performing in the workplace. Thank you for your dedication and commitment! I WILL have time and WILL want to read your new book.

  • EDye11

    I am so excited to get my copy of Derailed! I have already taken the assessment test and look forward to reading about my results! Thank you!! :)

  • Melissa Kelley

    Thank you for the copy of Derailed. I am looking forward to reading it.


  • Warren Farrell

    Great review! It's nice to see that there are such great stories in these books!

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  • James Owolabi

    I just finished reading this book and it has challenged me to investigate some scary dark spots in my development as a leader. Love this book.  Thanks Grace and Peace James Owolabi