Book Notes: Green by Ted Dekker

A few weeks ago, we published the novel Green by Ted Dekker. It is the newest book in the Circle Series, which also includes Black, Red, and White. In a minute, I will tell you how to get a free copy of the boxed set, which includes all four hardcover books, or a review copy of Green for your blog.

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The Circle Series has become the fan favorite among Ted’s readers. And unlike typical series which reach a peak and taper off, the momentum for this series has only grown in the five years since the first three books were released. This is a testament to the power of a truly great story that works on multiple levels.

Ted has not simply written a book or even a series. He has created an entire universe, which serves as a “canvas” for his own retelling of redemptive history. As such, the series recapitulates all the major biblical themes, but in an alternative world that makes them accessible to readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure.

In fact, the series is so popular, that hundreds of fans turned out for “The Gathering,” an event that Ted hosted in Franklin, Tennessee for his readers. This was the third annual event. Fans traveled from all over the country just to spend the day with Ted and celebrate the stories found in the Circle Series. Attendees participated in songs, dance, and theater. Some even came sporting Circle tattoos! Throughout the event, I even heard the Dekker fanatics refer to themselves as “Dekkies.”

Green is the story of how Thomas Hunter, the protagonist, first entered the Black Forest and forever changed human history. It begins at a time when opposing armies are gathered for a final battle in the valley of Migdon.

It is a story of love, betrayal, and sweeping reversals set within the apocalypse. It is the beginning: the truth behind a saga that has captured the imagination of more than a million readers since the series started.

But even more, Green brings full meaning to the Circle Series as a whole. It is both a prequel to Black and a sequel to White, completing a full circle. In fact, Green is designated “Book Zero, the Circle Reborn,” indicating that it is both the beginning and the end. It is the preferred starting point for new readers—and the perfect climax for the countless fans who have already experienced Black, Red, and White.

I am especially excited about the marketing for this book. Allen Arnold, our fiction publisher, and Jennifer Deshler, his intrepid marketing director, cooked up some very innovative marketing. For example, we launched:

  • A compelling book trailer (see embedded video above) that is posted on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web.
  • A national radio advertising campaign. It is now running on Salem Radio and Advocace.
  • An online advertising campaign on Salem web network, Shoutlife,, various book club groups, and social media outlets.
  • A Forest Guard Street Team campaign, consisting of more than 3,300 “members” who are actively evangelizing this series and getting people to sign up to read Green. So far, the members have completed five assigned “missions.” In addition, they have signed up more than 11,000 “recruits” who agreed to read Green when it was released.
  • A custom school curriculum based on Black. It is designed for middle and high school students. If you work at a school and want to receive the curriculum, please send an email to Jennifer.

It all seems to be working. We just found out on Wednesday, that Green has hit the New York Times Hardcover Fiction list at #20. This will be published in the September 20, 2009 edition of the paper. The book has also received an average review of four-and-a-half stars on Amazon. I think the buzz is just beginning.

Here is how you can sample the book for yourself:

  1. Download a PDF sample of Green. This PDF contains the introduction and first chapter. It is available free to anyone by just clicking on the link.
  2. Win a copy of the boxed set of the entire Circle Series. This set retails for $69.99. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post in the space below. Tell me why you want this boxed set. Be creative. Then fill out your shipping information in the special form I have set up for this offer. Do NOT leave your address in the comment itself. On Thursday, I will select 15 people, based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments. If you are one of those selected, I will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from me, you can assume you didn’t make the cut.

    A Photo of the Circle Series Boxed Set

  3. Sign-up for a blogger review copy. If you have an active blog, you can get a free copy of the actual book. If you are not already signed up as one of our Book Review Bloggers, you need to do that first. Then you can request a copy of the book. We are making 300 copies of the book available to bloggers. These will go quickly—probably in less than 30 minutes. (So why are you still reading this post! Get over there now and get a copy.)

By the way, you can find Ted online at his official Web site (which is very cool), his Facebook fan page, or his Twitter account.

Question: Why do you want to read this book? Have you already read the others in the series?
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  • Christopher Hopper

    I have been a fan of Dekkers for years…this set is the cat’s meow…and I’m a dog person, so that’s really saying something. Thanks! ch:

  • Kevin

    Nothing creative to say, other than the fact that your review piqued my interest. Never having heard of Ted or the series – I feel like I’m missing out on something significant. And let’s be honest, it seems like a more valuable way to spend my time than starting in on the Twilight series!

  • @revjdg

    I'd not heard of the series before, mainly because I've been off the fiction radar for a while. I'm currently reading Don Miller's new book (for your BRB program, yes) and the reality of story has really been revived in me. I'd love to have the full set of these books by Ted, especially as they seem to come so highly recommended by yourself. It'd give me something new to read aloud to my wife so we can enjoy the story together!

  • Jeff Hawkins

    I work with kids of all ages, and we're looking for a way to engage them in reading, but also instilling values. We want to find books and movies that will be interesting and exciting, especially for boys, but also have a strong value to them that through our small group time, that we can draw the values out of whatever media we use. I would love to get these books so we can look into them, and if they're as great as you say, we'd love to order them for all the kids!

  • Alicia White

    I love Ted Dekker and have been a fan for quite a while now! But I am not going to ask for this set for myself. I have a good friend that also follows your blog and is a book review blogger. He got married Saturday and is on his honeymoon right now. I'm not sure if he has access to internet this week or not, but I know he would be so excited to get this set and it would be the perfect wedding gift! Thanks for your consideration!

  • Dyton L. Owen

    I have been a fan of Dekker for years…I especially enjoyed his Boneman’s Daughters and have recommended it, along with his other books, to many of my friends. And green is one of my favorite colors!

  • @dheagle93

    I've just recently begun to read Dekker, and haven't read any of the Circle Series yet. So, I'd love to get it free!

    Why should I? What great, creative reason can I give? I'm too far behind to get my Book Review Blogger Review up of another Nelson book so I can't get Green under the BRB program, but I really want to read it. Not creative, but true.

    Worth a shot!

  • @nanahg3

    Thanks Michael – I am super excited about this series. My husband and I are both big fans of the fantasy genre (I affectionally call it 'geek-dom' to my husband)!

    Would love to have a chance at the box set and get acquainted with this series. I have a feeling after reading it we will become Dekkies as well…maybe even sporting the tattoo – who knows!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • JasonWert

    I'll probably get flamed for this but I'm not a Dekker fan although to be fair I probably didn't give him a fair shot. I had people telling me that Thr3e was a brilliant book, you had to read it, if you liked thrillers it was the best Christian fiction, etc. So I went out, bought it and saw the plot twist coming before the first bomb went off. I forced myself to read the rest of the book and put it down thinking I wouldn't pick up a Dekker book again. I requested Green to review for my blog to give him a second chance and I'm really hoping my bad first impression was the result of hype from over-enthused Dekker fans. :)

  • Doug

    I'm a novice blogger and Christian apologist. Studying to be better at both. One problem everyone tells me I have is I see everything in black and white. Therefore, I need more colors to round out my palette. The boxed set would certainly be a good start. Thanks!

  • Nancy

    I have not yet read the any of the series, but I am hoping to be able to, however, my main purpose for wanting this series is to share with family members who are reluctant to turn to the Bible. My hope is that this series would spark their interests by speaking to them a level they already enjoy and be challenged or inspired by reading to read the Bible and come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

  • Johnie

    I like Ted Dekker's work. I'm intrigued by your description. What really interests me is the fact that a curriculum exists for _Black_. I'm always on the lookout for books for my middle schooler to read.

  • JD Eddins

    I work at a Christian drug treatment center for boys, they have almost worn through the copies of the first three books of the Circle Series.

  • Teresa Dawn

    I've read only one of the Circle books, the first one entitled Black (which I downloaded as an e-book from Ted Dekker's website), and it was one of the best I've read. I have been very eager to find affordable copies of the series and you can't beat free so of course I'm here to apply.

    As a huge fan of books such as Timeline, The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and the Dragon Keeper Chronicles, this one is right up my ally. I've read the books above so many times I can no longer count them, and can nearly recite them… so having some new reading material is definitely at the top of my to do list. Thank-you for your consideration.

  • Jason Young

    I would love to read this entire series. I have been enjoying reading TN books through the blogger review. I would like to review this whole set. Plus, I am working on my communication style to be more story-oriented. I think books like this will help me to open up to more creative and illustrative communicative abilities. Thanks.

  • Christopher Hall

    I'd love a free boxed set of the Colors Series because I love boxes and love colors. There's my pseudo-witty "creative" reason. The real reason is I think Dekker is one of the best Christian Novelists, and I am eager to read, enjoy and learn the craft from him. Plus, free books are nearly sacramentals!

  • Wink Rush

    I have never read a Ted Dekker book, BUT I have heard good things about some of his other series. I have spent so much of my time studying the Bible and reading commentaries that I have not been able to read much Christian fiction. I did read the Left Behind series years ago, but that's about it. I do love reading Max Lucado and John MacArthur.
    I would love to receive this box set. This could be a wonderful introduction to this author and his genre. Please consider me for your gifting and I would be so thankful and appreciative.
    God bless.

  • bluegoose

    I would love to win the set for my oldest daughter, Carolina. She has grown to love Ted Dekker over the years. She has just begun her first year of college and life is not looking like what she planned, hoped or dreamed just a year ago. Instead of going away to university, she is at home heading off in Mom's mini-van each day, to classes at the community college. Instead of working toward a teaching degree in high school Chemistry, she now really doesn't know exactly what she wants to do. However, in spite of all that has changed in her life, her love for God has only grown deeper.
    Not very creative, I have a little one crying under me to be held…but Carolina is very special and creative in her own way and I would love to bless her with this series!
    Thanks, Mr. Hyatt.

  • brenten gilbert

    the first reason that i want this set, is that i'm curious about witnessing a four-sided circle, a four-part trilogy firsthand…

    Mostly, though, I've always wanted to enter the world that Ted has created with these books, but it seemed like every time i delayed, he ended up releasing another book that somehow tied into the series, making the task almost insurmountable.

    I've since read Sinner and Showdown, and am still wanting to get back to where it all began.

    Regardless of your choices, thanks greatly for your time and for this opportunity. I always appreciate your insights and thoughts.

  • bon321

    I'm a Ground Force Network field agent. I'm promoting the book and haven't read it. If I can read it it would help me promote it better!

  • @ScottHiga

    I'd really like the box set because my girlfriend has read all of the books and is a huge fan. I haven't read any of the books and I think it would help our relationship. I think I owe it to her to read the books since she hates football and sat through the entire USC-Ohio State game with me on Saturday. I think @GailHyatt would agree that this is a fine reason to send me the box set.

  • Camilla

    I love Ted Dekker. SAINT is one of my favorite books of all time! I have been wanting to start this series for quite a while but never got around to it….I am so excited that the series in now finished and I can read it all together!! I would LOVE to have this boxed set. I would only be more excited if one of the books was titled "BLUE" (my favorite color). hahaha

  • Jason Clement

    Honestly. I've not read a single Ted Dekker book despite loving the genre. I've had them come highly recommended, just never had one in my hands to read. This is a perfect opportunity for me to have no more excuses!

  • @mckay75

    I read mostly nonfiction. A co-worker of mine was reading one of Ted Dekker's, Black the other and she said how great it was. I have heard his books are fantastic and I would like to read them.

  • Joel Q

    I'd love the set of Dekker's series. My wife just brought home the first book from the library. The set is something our entire family will read and share. As a writer, I am always learning from what I read, and Dekker has much to offer.

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  • Kevin Vaught

    I am not very creative and you most certainly are, therefore I have to read your books to get my dose of creativity! So pretty please hook me up with your creativity!

  • wvpv

    I think my wife would smile and maybe giggle a little if the postman delivered a set of TD books. I'd love to wink and smile a little when I tell where it came from.

  • Brian Russell

    My wife & I both loved red, black & white, recommending it to many & loaning them to unchurched friends as a way to get them engaged in the story of the Gospel. When we recently moved back to the States from N Africa we had to leave behind our worn out, but cherished, copies of the 1st three (or is that now books 2-4). We were glad that more English speaking people in the region could get ahold of them and dive in (pun intended), but sad to no longer have copies ourselves. Looking forward to Green.

  • Jill

    I have always been fascinated by Ted Dekker's books and have read some of them. Would love to get a boxed set of the Circle Series and would definitely review them in my blog if I won.


  • Jake Frank

    I would love the box set as a gift for my wife – she is an avid reader and is disappointed in the lack of quality Christian fiction; plus, she's about to have our second baby and will need something to "get away from it all" when she can!

  • Rick Brown

    Ted Dekker is my son's favorite author (outside of me, his dad, that is :)). He has one of the "colors" in this series and this would be a huge deal to him if I had a boxed set of the series for him. Plus, the book Green definitely needs a home that would provide care and love because, as you know, it isn't easy being green.

  • Mark

    I am a Dekker fan, but still don’t have my own copies of the Circle series, so I would love to win the set

  • Brittany

    I have recently (in the past two years or so) become a fan of Ted Dekker. I will say that I have all of his books, including the ones that are being given away here. I do not want the books for myself, but rather to give to someone else. I have a friend who is getting into fiction. I have mentioned to everyone my love of Ted Dekker's books, and she is one of the ones who have heard my affections often. If given the books, I would give them to her.

  • Tamera Lynn Kraft

    I've heard about the series but hadn't read it. I heard about it after the third book was out and was hesitannt to buy all three books at once. I knew once I read the first book, I would want to read them all. Now I have the chance including the forth book if you pick me for the box set. Pleeeeaaaase. Pick me. Red is my favorite color, but that's in the series too.

  • liftofflady

    I have not read the previous books in this series but have been told by members of my church that these are great ministering books. I would not want to read Green before reading the other three so it's my prayer that the Holy Spirit will speak to you in favor of sending me the set. If this is not in God's plan, I wish blessings on those who do receive it and pray it ministers to their hearts.

  • Kathryn Dudley

    I had the opportunity to hear Ted at Catalyst a while back and I am intrigued by his writing…I would love the opportunity to sink down in a nice comfy chair with a blank and read this set of books.

  • Shawn Galla

    I guess I want to join todays ongoing trend and "go 'Green'".

    While I do love my share of non-ficition, there is something about fictional stories that help me understand a whole other side of my spiritual life. I've only had the opportunity to read two of the previous Circle Series books and this is the perfect opportunity for me to finish the series.

    Not finishing the series is like picking up "The Chronicles of Narnia" with "The Silver Chair;" you're missing all key points in the overall story. I look forward to finishing the Circle series and hope "Green" and the Circle Series help in the continual development of my own story.

  • lantanagurl

    Thanks Michael. I look forward to reading the series. As chair of an organization working with reintergration of formerly incarcerated people I am always on the look out for great resources. Thanks again!

  • Shari

    Although I've been a christian for a long time and an avid reader all my life I've been less than thrilled by most Christian fiction. In fact it's only in the last couple of years that I've started reading it again and Ted Dekker is one of the reasons I've come back into the "fold". I've read Adam and Skin and was completely drawn into the drama. I'd like the chance to read and review the Colours series. I've already also turned some friends onto Dekker books. Thanks for the chance to win these.

    • Shari

      OOps I meant, Circle Series!

  • @elrando

    years ago, my mom ordered BLACK from some christian book-of-the-month club. i was intrigued by the green cover, but i didn't know much about DEKKER. over time she ended up getting the whole trilogy, and while i was at home after hurricane KATRINA, i found time to read each of the books. i had the fortune to not have to wait months in between books, and i loved every minute. when my roommate got a job at a christian bookstore in NEW ORLEANS, he started reading, got hooked, and got me re-hooked. i re-read through the circle again, so fast that i caught up to my roommate and even passed him. he was taking forever to read WHITE, i had to go get it from his room, and we alternated readings so we could both enjoy. i only just heard about GREEN last week, and i'm stoked. thankfully, i can get my own copy, and not worry about sharing with a roommate this time…the extent of my current roomates' reading is restaurant menus.

  • Tina

    Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors, and I'm glad that I was able to stumble into some of his books here in the Philippines. I would love to have a chance to win the boxed set so I can also share the books I currently own with other people here in our country so they can also learn about Ted Dekker's books. :)

  • MaureenTA

    I have read all of Dekkers other books, and love them tremendously. My personal favorite goes all the way back to the beginning, The Blessed Child (though he did co-write this, but still). That book changed my life! (I digress) I really would LOVE to win this series for many reasons, but I guess the real reason is that where I live (Middle East) I cannot just go out and buy it. Plus, I don't think it fits under any of the headings to report to my supporters. I just HAPPEN to be coming home on furlough in 2 weeks, and this timing is perfect! :)

  • Jeff Miles

    I LOVE the Circle Trilogy and have been waiting for the Green book to hit the book review bloggers list. Unfortunately you are in the process of shipping me another book that I requested last week so I cannot sign up for Green. I read Black, Red, & White like they were going out of style and would love to have all of them including Green. Please send them to me, I would love to go Green!

  • H J

    I have been a huge fan of Ted Dekker before, even, any of my friends had heard of him! I was bored one day, found a book by Ted Dekker at our local library and decided to give this new Christian author a shot. I've been hooked ever since!

    However, the last few years I've lost connection with what's new in books as I've been a missionary and have been busy traveling all over telling people of the Good News of Jesus. I recently heard of this series and one other of Ted Dekker's and put it on my birthday list; I got the other series when my birthday came. I would really appreciate a free copy of this series, as I cannot afford it myself, for my finances mostly go toward traveling expenses and other missionary work and unless I find books at a resale shop back in the USA, I rarely get a chance to posses anything too new anymore!

    Thank you for your consideration, and God bless y'all!

  • Staci Quevillon

    Absolutely loved House. Have Black checked out from the library, but have not started it yet. Would absolutely love to receive the entire series. Thanks, Staci

  • Veronica Jones-Brown

    Ted Dekker is one of my top fiction author favorites. I like the way he thinks about and sees certian philisophical and theological concepts. I read Black this past July. I'm anxious to read the oher books in the series soon. My daughter loves Tedd Dekker also–I would love to give this set to her as a present for her14th birthday this November 11th.

    WOW!!! Thanks!!! This is exciting!!! :)

    (When my blog is up and running, I will register for future blogger book give-aways.)

  • wjcollier3

    i generally do not like fiction, but every year or so i try again with a novel of some variety. i have found a few i like. i have heard great things about dekker and would love to give him a try. as the father of three sons, i am always looking for good, fun, adventurous books to read together and talk about. honestly, i would read just about anything if it means a good conversation with any of my boys afterward. they all love fantasy/sci-fi/etc. this sounds like a great father/son bonding book series. thanks.

  • Jennie Waller

    I have never read a Ted Dekker book. I know, I know…did your jaw just drop? I have heard of him, I have picked up a couple of his books at the bookstore but always lay them back down. I tend to steer towards nonfiction books, but I would love a chance to read this series. Maybe it will transform me into a Dekkie!

  • Heather

    My 19-year-old brother is a huge Ted Dekker fan. He has read and re-read the first three books in the series countless times. He is a sophomore attending a college about seven hours away from me and I worry about him/try to take care of him as all big sisters tend to do! I’d love to surprise him with this boxed set featuring the new book. Do you remember how wonderful it was to receive unexpected care packages in college?

  • Jacob Bassing

    There is nothing like a good story. Its why people flock to the theaters for movies and buy millions and millions of books. Everyone has their one story to tell. The ability to find a truly amazing story is sometimes difficult. However Ted Dekker has created a story that IS truly amazing. I am a student pastor who teaches the Bible, the single greatest story ever and it is truth… the Word of God. Ted has written a story that illustrates many of the most important truths of the Bible and at the same time made it uniquely his own. As a teacher and preacher there is no better way to portray God’s truths than through stories and illustrations. I think Ted has written the best allegorical story for sin and God’s redemptive plan to deal with it, to bring back into fellowship with him. I want to read the beginning and ending of this story and I want to use it to open the eyes of my students. Ted is spreading the gospel through story I want to help people understand the truth behind that story.

  • Miranda Luce

    I have read the whole Circle series before, and I am a HUGE fan! Those are books you can't just read once. I've been wanting the series for my own for awhile, but sadly haven't been able to get them. I can't wait to get my hands on Green! I could go on and on…..

  • Tiffany Stuart

    I want to win the set to give to a friend who loves Ted Dekker's books. She recently had surgery and is still under medical restrictions. She's the most giving, self sacrificial person I know. Her 91 yr. old mom lives in the back of her house. Her middle age son lives in the basement as he is going back to school. Her husband is on disability. And her granddaughter and great-grandson live across the street. She's always serving everyone a meal, driving her mom to the doctor, and sewing for friends. She loves to relax with a good book. But money is tight right now. I would love to bless her!

    I would even give you guys her address to send the books to. And her birthday is next month.


    Thanks for sharing another great set of books.

  • EricaHami

    I have never heard of the Circle Series… or of Dekker for that matter.. but I certainly will be looking for his name from now on when I am out and about. This sounds like an amazing good read! I don't deserve this book set. I've already been gifted a book more than once and it really wouldn't be fair to ask for another; however, I am a spiritual mother to two teenage sisters who desperately want to see their mother saved. This mother loves, loves, LOVES science fiction and fantasy and all things paranormal. She loves vampire books and sorcery related books; and yet she has shown some interest in learning about the Bible. I have been struggling to find {and desperately praying for wisdom in finding} a way to share the gospel with her in a way that would resonate and make sense to her. I could be completely off base here but it appears that this series just might be the hook I am looking for. Gift this set to me so I can gift it to an agnostic Mother and friend. Please. Thank you.

  • John Gallagher

    Love following your blog, Mike. When I read this, I am impressed by your company's marketing ideas and creativity. In an industry changing as fast as publishing, you all are clearly staying ahead of the curve. Congratulations to you and your team on the #20 out of the gate!!!

  • Lynne Lee

    I have read every one of Ted Dekker’s books. I began with Blink and soon found the circle trilogy. I’m excited to learn that Green is here. It really is an amazing series that works on many levels.

    My teenage boys were enthralled and I know they’ll be delighted to hear about Green.

    I would love to win one of the box sets because there will be 4 of us desperate to read them and I would love to be able to infect my sons friends with the wisdom and insight in the books without having to buy multiple copies.

    I really would like to be able to read my own copy in peace without losing it to all and sundry. Many thanks

  • Dawna Larsson

    I just want to read the books and don’t want to wait for the library to get them. I’m not sure if they will even get them. I have put in my request, however. I bought some of his early novels and thoroughly enjoyed them. I would like to have these in my personal library, but since I am now a struggling writer, your generosity is my only hope of owning more of Ted Dekker. ;). Keep writing Mr. Dekker. I really love your work. It picks me up when I need it.

  • Adam Barton

    I would love to win this box set because I’ve been a huge fan of Dekker’s thrillers such as Thr3e, Obsessed and Adam, but never got into the Circle Trilogy because my only exposure was attempting to listen to Black on cd during my commute to and from work. Not having it in print and being able to digest it at my own pace, the audio book did nothing for me and I was only able to make it through 2 discs.

    Having the series in its entirity and in print form would allow me to discover the picture Ted intended to paint without being tainted with distractions and negative emotional transferrence from ridiculous drivers and construction woes which plague a commuting listener.

    Also, once finished, I would “pay it forward” to another eager reader to discover the amazing stories that only Ted can craft.

  • Susan

    I've not read anything by Ted before, but all of my pals RAVE about his books. Would LOVE to have a full set of this series to get me started.

  • Nikki

    My daughter is an avid reader, however she has been choosing books lately that I don’t approve of. When I saw the preview for Green I knew this was the series for her. She loves this type of books and as a mom having a Christian theme is an added plus. I have been trying to get her to realize that there are good Christian Fiction books out there and I would like the chance to win this for her! Thank you for the review and brining this series to my attention even if we don’t win.

  • Armando

    Let me Go GREEN!

  • Tiffany Godbey

    To be honest, I REALLY want the box set. However, don't give it to me! I become addicted and just can't put it down! I've borrowed the first three before and loved it along with one of the "side stories". However, my kids ate a lot of instant food or had to forge for themselves at that time. As a working mom of 4 kids and a writer myself, I just don't have time to be sucked in :) . Though if you want to send it to my husband to slowly dish out to me…
    *Remember: Reverse psychology is every mom's tool….

  • @tjw1970

    I read House a few weeks ago and couldn't put it down. The way the redemption story was weaved into the plot of the book was masterful. I haven't read anything else by Dekker, but am eager to do so.

  • Ben

    I have been a huge fan of Dekker for years and the Circle Trilogy was my favorite. The way in which he captured so many symbolic elements from the biblical redemption narrative while telling such a compelling story makes the journey better every time I take it.

    I recently bought Green and can’t wait to read it. My plea for a boxed set stems from the fact that Green is hardcover and my copies of Black, Red, and White are the original trade paperback versions. This wouldn’t be a problem, except I’m COD (if you’re compelled to rearrange the acronym, you understand–leaving them out of order is my way of assuring myself that I don’t have it that bad). Having a mismatched series will drive me crazy, so if you can sympathize at all please send me a boxed set so that my circle won’t be lop-sided (my old copies will be donated to our churh library).

  • Paul Carreon

    Ted Dekkar first grabbed me with his book ‘Three’ and he has not let go if me. I have been a Dekkie ever since and eagerly await each book. I have drunk Elyon’s water and I would like the box set so that I can give my set away to someone who has not read his books yet, so that they can drink deeply as well.

  • Jennifer

    I would love to win this set of Dekker's books. In college I started loaning out my copies of Black, Red and White for people to read because they were just so amazing and the message needed to be shared. Eventually I no longer knew who had the books because a friend would read it and then send it off to another friend. I would love to once again have the complete set in my hands so I can read them many times over. Thanks for your time!

  • Josh Rushing

    I am clearly Obssesed with the first Thr3e books in the Circle Series. The Blessed Child who grew up to be a Man Called Blessed became the Saint that originated from the Project Showdown and it clearly gets under your Skin when you enter the House. While Adam would not understand Green, I would love to put a Heaven's Wager on why I should receive The Circle Series. Maybe you would like to have a talk with the BoneMan's Daughters, I think they would not even Blink at the idea, that I should be Chosen. As I read all the books listed above I could finished reading them all in a Blink of an Eye. I would love to get my hands on Green and add it to my collection of Ted Dekker books. I do recommend the books to everyone who likes Thrillers, Mystery, and Fantasy genres. Thank you for your consideration.

  • @micjlane

    I have been reading Ted Dekker's books for some time. I can distinctly remember the order, and I have to say it is chaotic. The beauty of this is that I have enjoyed it more than any series, due to the nature of his writing. I am rather selective on what I read I'm afraid, but I saw the book Showdown at a local store and had to have it. Since then, I have read and bought every book I could find of his. However, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I never obtained copies of the original circle. I had to borrow them. So if I were to not only get a copy of the Circle, but a copy of the newest entry in the series, it would be the completion of my collection of my favorite author.

  • Josh Shearer

    I already have the Box set, so this might sound really greedy, but I don’t want the box Set for me. I would like to give it to my relatives. I either want to give it to my grandparents, or my Aunt and Uncle. I don’t visit my grandparents very often, because they live in Florida, and I live in Pennsylvania. And my aunt and uncle are always traveling. Plus neither of them have ever read Ted Dekker’s work. I know I probably won’t recieve the box set, because there are so many other comments here that look like good reasons, but I would really love to be able to give the set to some of my relatives.

  • Kim Bontrager

    Recently was compelled to re-read the Circle series which I had read once before. Just learned today of the addition of 'Green' to the series, so clearly I was right to follow this compulsion (which came through an experience with a bit of unusual fruit). I would LOVE to share this entire series (in the form of a n attractively packaged box set) with a friend.

  • Rachel Davidson

    I would love to get a free copy of the Circle boxed set, because I have been reluctant to lend out my 3-in-1 copy of the Circle Trilogy, fearing that I won't get it back. With the boxed set, I would be able to lend the Circle Trilogy to potential Dekkies while still being secure in the knowledge that if it does disappear, I will have another set for myself, and my universe won't collapse into a Black hole of sorrow.

  • D. Robert Pease

    I had not heard of this series until your post, but it is funny I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and she was trying to come up with a name of a new favorite author she had discovered, Ted Becker, Fred Decker, etc… She was going to get back to me, but now I'm pretty sure Ted Dekker's our guy.

    Why I should win a boxed set? Well about a year ago I decided to start buying all my books in eBook form. I read several on my iPhone, and loved the portability, and always accessible format, but soon started to feel like something was nagging. It turned out to be my son! He wanted to read some of the books I had read, but he couldn't, because they were on my phone. I also missed the book in my hand. So I decided at that point I was going to revert back to the format that has stood for hundreds of years. In fact I now only buy books in hardback if available. I've gone so far down the path that I love the idea of surrounding myself with books. This boxed set would be a great addition to my new library. And my 11 year old son, who has nearly cleared out the local library would have something to keep him busy, at least for a few days.

    Thanks Michael

  • Atannerr

    You asked why I want this boxed set and the answer is very simple, I can't introduce the teens I work with to the book without actually having the hard copy to let them barrow.
    I have been able to pick up copies of Sinner, Saint, Showdown, and Skin for the teens, but I have not been able to get the Circle Trilogy for them yet. So far I have seen 6 teens really start to get passionate for reading by being able to have a collection to loan out to them, plus it teaches them responsibility because they know they need to keep the books in the same condition they received it.
    Basically if you see fit to choose me then you would become a blessing from God to further his work with our youth.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Brenda Branson

    One of Ted’s earlier books, “The Martyr’s Song” made a tremendous impact on my life. God has redeemed my life from periods of violence, betrayal, and loss of everything tangible that resembles security in life. In the past few years, I’ve experienced and lost an incredible love, and have seen God at work loving me back to health. I suspect the Circle Series will reflect many of my life experiences and tell a story of redemption that will inspire and heal readers, which I hope includes me. What an incredible gift these books would be!

  • garrettbonnette

    My wife and I are avid readers and we are big fans of Christian writers. I have read a few of his books, but we would love to add this special set to our collection. I would also love to promote it within my local church and College and Career group.

  • Jeff Suever

    Here's why I would like a copy:
    1. CS Lewis said "What the world needs is not more Christian authors, but more GOOD authors who are Christians." and then went on to write Narnia. His friend Tolkein did likewise with LOTR. By creating a fantasy world to tell the story Dekker has done likewise and I would like to be a part of that while it happens.
    2. My wife really likes Dekker, so there would definitely be some bonus points.
    3. I am currently trying to make my way through The Hole in Our Gospel as a Book Review Blogger and get wrecked often I can't seem to get through it so I can request another book.
    4. Because of point #3, I really need some lighter, non-life changing reading.
    5. I purged and condensed our home library some time back which included the previous editions of this series. See point #2.
    6. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tam the Wonderdog, has agreed not to chew this series up.

  • Pam

    I need a vacation with my creator! I think a good book of fiction and some thought-provoking writing to get me in new conversation with Him is just the recipe for some quality time away from the world.

  • Janet Lee Barton

    My Sixteen year old granddaughter has finally found a book she WANTS to read. She's loving Black. I'd love to be able to give her the whole series!

  • dubdynomite

    Ted Dekker’s writing is the reason I gave Christian Fiction a second chance.

    My attitude toward Christian Fiction went really bad several years ago, partially due to my distaste for a particular series of books I won’t mention, but also because of a lack of truly compelling, well written stories with believable characters.

    I hadn’t really read many books at all until I went to a local library with my wife and randomly picked up “Black”. I sat and read the first chapter while she was browsing, and I was hooked. I found the other two books and took them home. I couldn’t stop reading them. Every spare moment I had, I was devouring the story, and I finished the entire trilogy in record time.

    That series really reinvigorated my interest in books in general, and in writing, which I hadn’t done for years.

    I would love to go back and read the entire series all over again, as well as the new book. This series definitely has a special place in my heart.

  • Jon Scott Smith

    I fought with Thomas of Hunter at the The Battle of The Natalga Gap. I was there when Mikil knocked him out. I heard him speak of another world, one from which he could gain knowledge. It seems like such a long time ago, that moment, that memory. Since that fateful day, a day that I had no idea would be so important, I have met Elyon's servents. They brought me to darkness, to Middle, taken and ravaged by the Horde, a rotting corpse of it's former glory. The roush, as he called himself, showed me a box in an attic in the enemies palace which contained some leather bound books inside. Blood pooled on the surface of my skin, soaking into leather when pressed onto the cover of the book, the request of my guide. All went BLACK. I fell into darkness, ground approached and my descent slowed. I landed in a world much like my own, but completely different. This is Thomas of Hunter's world, the one he claimed to visit in his dreams. Since arriving I have been instructed by Elyon to learn of Thomas's history. A man known here as Ted Dekker was given by Elyon a story…the story of Thomas of Hunter. I must read these books of history (of prophecy) so that Thomas's story may be known, and so that I may return to my home and tell the future generations of Thomas so that they may see the faith of a great man and have their own faith because of it. I hope to meet this Ted Dekker so that he may know the TRUTH of his work…and maybe he can give me his name, write it on the cover of his books, so that I may remember him as well. Elyon's Strength!

  • Myca Alford

    Here's my Top 5 reasons to send me Ted Dekker's Circle Series:

    1. It sounds much more exciting than the Calculus book I'm currently studying/reading.
    2. I love, love, love books in a series. I love to fall into a story and not come out for days or even weeks. I always wait until the entire series is published so I can read it all at once. I hate to wait!
    3. Any work with a snappy, one word title makes me happy.
    4. I work for a non-profit, so there's no way I can afford to buy the set. :)
    5. I promise to tell all my friends that these books are AMAZING.

    Great marketing around the product – lots of interest out there. Another win!

  • @DavidGallery

    Wow – the book trailer is good. Even before I read the book, I'm already picturing how the story will go, the magic, power, evil, how Thomas will escape from those as regular human??? Oh man, I feel like kid, I want it, I want it ….

  • Jonathan

    My wife & I have just finished reading the entire series minus "Green". We have absolutely loved it so far. The way the stories connect is brilliant. We've been telling all our friends to check out the series. We actually started with the first 4 Lost Books (Choose, Infidel, Renegade, & Chaos). WOW… it was great. I was looking for books to recommend to a some friends teenager. We then read Black, Red & White… need I say more…. we were hooked. We then read Project Showdown (Showdown, Saint, & Sinner). Saint has been our favorite. I wasn't a huge Dekker fan before, but I am now… can't wait to read the rest of what he has written (in between Star Wars books… I have to keep balance in the force! )

  • Aaron Dillon

    I’m GREEN to Ted Decker’s books, but it’s painfully obvious to see in BLACK and WHITE that I need to get on board with this series. Don’t make me see RED, Micheal, by not letting me in on this authors’ great work.

    Corny? Of course. But I love free stuff! Go Christian Fiction! Especially those books geared toward both men and women (and nothing to do with the Amish).

    Thanks Ted and Michael!

  • jamsavage

    I have been a pastor for 20 years. I am about to begin a 3 month sabbatical. One goal of my sabbatical is to heal my soul. I think I could use his words to write on the canvas of my heart and remind me of the redemptive story and also maybe help refuel the creativity that has been warn out of me.

  • Caleb Breakey

    Hello, Michael.

    Mounted on the wall overlooking my desk is a framed piece of paper. I glance at it every day before I write. The first day I brought it home, I carried it to the dinner table. Couldn't be away from it.

    The piece of paper is the cover page of my first novel, a 100,000-word suspense/fantasy. Below the title are the words: Inspired by. And below those words is Ted Dekker’s signature.

    His Circle Series is the reason I spent 86 hours working on my book during my week of vacation this year. His Circle Series is the reason I will step away from journalism one day to write full time, creating stories that reflect Jesus Christ.

    Black, Red, White and Green awakened me spiritually. I know my purpose now, and that purpose is to do for the next generation what Ted has done for mine.

    With that as my goal, God help me, I’ll never back down.

    My inspiration never did…

    Ted Dekker, thank you.

  • lance hois

    As I sit here I ponder the meaning of meaning. What do when we mean something? I mean what does that mean? When I sit down and read lots of blogs and comments they all drowned into a sea of GREEN. .. Green seems to remind me of something… a beginning? NO the end… Both? But how can that be. I sit outside in my WHITE shirt looking at the sky.. it seems BLACK in all its brillance but at the same time I feel excitement I turn RED as I realize that I am rambeling to my self and my neighbor is staring at me as I clutch my box set of the ted dekker novels that are NY Times best sellers!!! I leave back to my HOUSE, feeling like a RENEGADE…

  • David

    Hey, there.
    I’d like to win a set of the Circle series for my mother. Her birthday is in October, and she is a HUGE DeKker fan! So am I, and so is my little brother.We’re all ‘Dekkies’, lol. It would be really awesome to win this… (especially since I’ve never won a contest ion my life).
    Thanks for considering me!

  • Courtney

    I happen to be looking for a book on cd to listen to while driving to and from work…I came across thr3e…and became a dekker fan right then and there. The circle series has been my fav so far and I jump at any chance to get someone else tuned in to it. This series challenged me on so many levels. I work in the medical field and it is a battle every day to stay strong on my Christian walk when surrounded by such disaster. I read this series while at work and, while it was fiction, it held so much truth and encouraged me to keep going, no matter the cost. I would love to have this boxed set to read over and over, share with others, and use as an example when I teach children at church. I would also like to pass it on to my son when he’s older.

  • Shaun

    I am an associate Pastor. The Senior Pastor and I are thinking of making the Circle series "Required Reading". Not required, so much as "You will really understand God's love" reading. God's passion for man needs to be shared! Help us, help you, help us in sharing that passion!

  • TNeal

    Why would I want the Circle Series? I've read Ted Dekker's first three books in the series and I'd be nuts not to want to continue the saga. I can already see me saying to my son, "I think you're going to enjoy these a lot."

  • Amanda Gay

    I am on the Ted Dekker street team and I have not had the chance to get GREEN yet. My husband and I recently hit some hard times and I put my reading on the back burner.

    I also have a friend that has recently begun reading Ted's books, so I have been loaning my library to her one at a time. I would love to be able to give her the books that started it all for me!

    These are the 2 reasons I would love to be selected for the box set! I know they may not be very creative, and I own the first three books, but I would love the chance to give the set away.

  • Jonathan

    I would love to have this box set because I love Ted Dekker and I don't have the set.

  • @adamrshields

    I have never read anything by Dekker before. I am a fantasy fan but have not ever read a modern Christian fantasy author that I really liked. But maybe I have not given enough of them a chance. I will blog the books if I get them.

  • Russell Schroeder

    I have a thirteen year-old daughter whose appetite for reading rivals mine. Her eternal destination is of paramount importance to me, and I believe this series will go a long way to help me continue to evangelize her and then she, in turn, will no doubt evangelize her schoolmates, I have enjoyed the Great Romance for many years, and it would be the epitome of accomplishments to be used by the Lord to to establish her in that relationship with Him. To that end I will remain dedicated, win or lose this opportunity.

  • Lawrence Haynes

    I'm a more recent fan of Ted Dekker's after a recommendation from a friend. I would LOVE to get the new set as I'm digging deeper into all his past works. I love the worlds that he develops.

  • Vicki Giles

    My husband loves Ted Dekker and this would be a wonderful gift for his birthday coming up in November.

  • Austin Fuchs

    I read the Circle Trilogy a couple years ago–and had my world shaken up. As I read the books, Dekker's fantasy universe, with God (Elyon) leading the beauty and creativity, began to suck me in and slowly transform the way I thought about my relationship with God.
    These books had such an impact on my world that I even got "El Elyon," which means "the God Most High" tattooed in Hebrew on my arm.
    The trilogy opened my eyes to a relationship with God that went far beyond stale religion and endless ritual. The books are spectacular and I recommend them to anyone.

  • mochableu

    I was introduced to Ted Dekker's writing through Blessed Child. Not long after I read the Circle Trilogy. I read books two and three in a weekend. I have since read all of the books in the "Epic story" and love the twists and turns and how they interact. I own the Lost Books and would love to add the Circle Set to my collection, I especially enjoy lending my books to friends.

  • Mara Kim

    When I found out yesterday that you would be giving away Ted Dekker, the Circle Series, I was ecstatic.

    I woke up at 3:00 a.m. seeing a rainbow of colors even before my eyes fluttered open. I saw spots of black, red, white, and green. Why were they so important? I quickly turned on my IPhone and swiped the bottom of the ‘slide to unlock’ screen. I logged into my twitter account hoping for some clue from Michael Hyatt. Nothing new but I couldn’t go back to sleep. I became a fan of Mr. Hyatt on facebook. Maybe that might help? Nope. It’s the same news. I’ll have to wait till morning. Except I couldn’t sleep.

    Why do I want the Ted Dekker book? He is an absolute fabulous author. I loaned out one of my Ted Dekker book and it was never returned! If I am chosen, I shall treasure it and pass it on to my friends with the hope that they do not wake up wondering what black, red, white, and green mean.

  • Jonathan

    After 31 years, I finally found a love for reading. We were back in the States for the birth of our first and my wife bought me a few books for Christmas, one of them was The Circle Trilogy. Since then (2007), my passion for reading has skyrocketed, with much help from Ted Dekker. Now, we’re back in Africa and books have become even more important to us being so far from our very different and very missed American way of life. We love what we do and for Whom we do it. And we love having a decent home library from which we can pluck a favorite anytime or loan one out to another missionary friend. This set would be an AWESOME addition!

  • brenda

    I want this set because I’m Ted Dekker’s biggest fan! You can tell him if you want to, but I feel certain he already knows :) Love him!!!

  • Aaron Bulger

    Why do I want the boxed set?
    Mostly because I like Dekker, and I like free. ;)

    I've been a Dekker fan (or "Dekkie") Since When Heaven Weeps.
    I've telling everyone who'd listen about his books since that day.
    With a brand new copy, I'd be able to give away even more of my Circle Series books.

  • Glenn Sasscer

    Thank you, Mike, for the opportunity to be part of this awesome giveaway. Free seems to be the new marketing approach in books and music. I appreciate being able to be part of your marketing plan with Ted.

    I look forward to traveling to another world with Ted once again. Will the Horde be there? The bats? What has been happening since my last visit. Do you have a ticket into this world for me?

  • Melanie

    I’m a stay at home mom and after 12 years my youngest in now in school. So….finally….I’m getting some “me” time and celebrated with purchasing “Green”. I haven’t read the others in the series so I would love to win a boxed set.

  • Kim Smith

    I have never heard of Ted Dekker until a couple of months ago. My son was sentenced to several years in prison and came across Ted Dekker's book "Three" and has requested from me to buy and send as many of his books as I can. He never did well in school and hated to read, but he is taken by his writings and loves to read his books. I am slowly sending them to him and plan on getting him the series for Christmas this year. He would be thrilled……<3

  • Ryan

    I love the circle series…to the point that I have picked it up from the library 3 times for each book to re-read them and I catch something new each time. Amazing series. Can't wait to read Green.

  • Peter Schott

    I've read the first three books and have a friend who attended Ted's event, coming back extremely excited about Green. She raved about the final book. I'd love to get a chance to read it myself, but getting the other three would be an added bonus. If Green follows the others, it should be great.

  • Andrew

    Since my introduction to the Circle Series, I've bought 1 copy of Black, 1 copy of Red, and 4 copies of the full trilogy in one volume to hand out to friends and family. Out of this, 5 new, devout readers of Dekker were created.

    The next time I get someone "Addekkted", I'd love to be able to hand them all 4 books at once.

  • Kevin

    I’m a huge fan of the Narnia and Lord of the Rings series and this sounds like another great series to add to my bookshelf. I’ve vaguely heard of this series a long time ago but after reading your post and watching one of the trailer’s to the book I’m really inspired to read this book and the series!

  • Eddie Diaz Lafuente

    Since all you have to do is leave a comment on this post in the space that I am presently writing in, here it goes. I have been away from fiction on any level for quite a few years now, since Piercing the Darkness (whew, a long time). I continually saw TED DEkKER promoted at my local book store, so that I'd give it a shot. WOW! Beginning with House, then THR3E and onto the Books of Histories I was completely blown away. All of this within the span of a month, what the TEELAH! Anyway, having the Box Set after just finishing Green would be a very special treat, since my wife has just about lost patience with my now incessant reading of this DEkKER character, for the love of Elyon – choose me!

  • Yesenia Ortiz

    I would be really thrilled to go to another reality in which to fight for what I love and believe… ohh the GREAT ROMANCE, and drowning on Elyon’s waters and eating his fruit. No one has ever defined so clearly what a relationship with GOD is all about as Ted has with this awsome series that will actually fill you with joy, courage and passion.

    I started reading Ted Dekker’s books last year and I can’t seem to get enough of his writting… although I have read all the books on the circle series and the lost books I do not own any of them. Due to economic reasons purchasing books had to be taken of my budget. I would love to win this series and if I do I promise to treasure them and share them with all who has an ear.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Yesenia

  • Pam Hogeweide

    Ok, ok, maybe I was a little harsh when I said a Dekker book just didn't look right on my vintage wood-veneered coffee table and thought a Miller book would do the trick to help glam up my second-hand furnishing.

    But now the thought of an entire boxed set (gasp!) set upon it just inspires my sense of contemporary table decor. It would be the perfect companion to the Miller tome; the compatibility would be pure magic. Just picture it: the newest Miller and the sexy Dekker box set united together upon the living room altar of my coffee table. It would be scandalous as well as magical.

    Throw caution to the wind and send the Dekker box set to compliment Miller's presence upon my barren coffee table. I will totally have to bring in a professional photographer to capture the kodak moments the pairing will inspire.

    A Woman and Her Lonely Coffee Table (still) in Portland

    • Pam Hogeweide

      An update to my comment above: I've been housebound with a virus so I had a bit too much time on my hands. I must be feeling better for here is a little Flip video I made this afternoon. Readers will understand the context if they are regular readers and know about the recent and similar offer of Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and saw my comment on that blog post.

      Here's my one minute video:

  • Valerie L Smith

    I write YA fantasy and when I researched the top-selling novels on, Ted Dekker's "Lost Book" series held many of the top spots. I read the first four last month and I'm eager to read the next two. I was intrigued to find that the "Lost Book" series was a spin off of the "Circle" series. I would love to receive a set of these books so I can read more about this world Mr. Dekker has created (I love the Roush) as well as how he made the successful shift from adult to YA.

  • Brandon Porter

    I have been a fan of Randy Alcorn's writing for many years. I've had many people tell me about Ted Dekker's books and how there are many similarities between the two. I am a pastor and read Alcorn's books partly for the help in my storytelling as I write my blogs and prepare for preaching. If Dekker is anything like Alcorn I believe these books would be a great help in learning to better communicate the Good News to those who listen to me. Whether I'm a pick or not, thank you for your generosity.

  • David Alan Hjelle

    I'm an old books kind of guy. Most new books seem frustratingly shallow in comparison. (And, well, keep me up at night…) I've really enjoyed reading Dekker, though—he certainly near the top of contemporary Christian authors, and isn't afraid of pushing my presuppositions around.

  • Matt D

    There once was a man from Tennessee
    Who’s motto to winning was “Could-not-be!”
    The “Green” book now out.
    Which made this man shout,
    “Please, Michael Hyatt, please just pick me!”

    As a father of five kids, ages 1 to 12, we spend a lot of time reading. I have not read any of the Circle Series, but after viewing the trailer on the "Green" book, this looks right up our alley. It would be a great adventure (all 4 books) to settled down with this fall for family reading time. Thanks.

  • Marc Buxton

    The Long: I have not heard of this series, but I am an avid reader and a member of your book review team (as of last week). I caught your Catalyst podcast interview, and have been reading your blog since. I’m a missionary to the Philippines, and I’m always looking for interesting ways to present the Truth, whether in narrative, drama, etc….I’d be very interested in reading these!

    The Short: Pick me!


  • spygrltay

    I started reading Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy when I was deployed last year for a Joint Operations Mission (Air Force). The Trilogy carried me through some pretty dark and lonely times. I found myself laughing and crying with the characters; at times, almost forgetting where I was. When I called back home, my sons and I would discuss what we were each doing on a weekly basis. Amazingly enough, my oldest son, Chris told me that he had started reading a new series called The Circle Trilogy. I was astonished and amazed that God had given us this link to HIM while we were so far from one another! To make a long story short, I left my books behind for those who would replace me in hopes that they would be as blessed and captivated as I was. Now, my youngest son, Matt (14) wants to start reading the Trilogy and I can't wait to read Green. Ok, one last thing, my son Chris and I both got Circle Pendant tattoos when I got home. It is an easy way to open a conversation to witness to others and share what God has done for us all.

  • Shannon

    I love to read. I have never read any of Dekkers books. Your reveiw got me intrigued to read his books! A year ago, I started a non profit, Hope Blooms. This non profit was started to raise awareness of children in Minnesota waiting to be adopted, and to provide adequate housing for families that would like to adopt waiting children. I have been collecting books for a on site library. I would love to own this set of books for the Hope Blooms library. Thanks for your generosity. There are sure to be some happy people~

  • Carole Ledbetter

    Okay, I'm new to this series, but having loved the Narnia series and similar works, and as the mother of three sons, I'm into this stuff! Also, I'm a writer and could promote the book to other writers and those in my writer's group and book club. I'm also a public speaker and would talk about the book to people I meet when I'm speaking.

  • bdf

    I'd love to get the whole series b/c it's been a while since I read the books. I borrowed them from my sister who highly recommended them. The genre is a little out of my normal scope, but I do remember having to read the books until I finished them. They were so hard to put down!


  • Jerry

    I think the circle series books are the most important fiction books of our time. They present in a compelling way the heart of the struggle of the human race. I see them as sort of a fictional "Wild at Heart". I have been spreading the news about Ted since I started reading these books. If I remember correctly, they said at The Gathering that the boxed set included the graphic versions of the books at the end. I would love for my two boys (12 and 8 years old) to read those and fall in love with them as I have.

  • Audrey

    I would like to receive the Circle series because of the following top notch reasons. 1) I haven't gotten any income for the past 3 months, which obviously prevent any thought of buying the books from becoming a reality; 2) yet I have read 95% of every Dekker work in print and would definitely like to read Green; 3) I'm honest (as you can attest by the fact that I didn't put 100% on #2 even though I could have, if I really wanted to work on your sympathy nerve; and finally, the most compelling reason there is: 4) I actually understand Indonesian and know exactly what a rhambutan fruit looks (and tastes) like!

  • Michael Anderson

    Michael, at the behest of a co-worker, I have been following on you on twitter for a few weeks. Enjoy the leadership thoughts, book reviews and even some run info (I ran Boston earlier this year. If you aren't using the Nike+ system/website do check it out!)

    Anyway, my son is an avid Ted Dekker fan. As such, I am hoping to receive this boxed set for my son, not me. Like Ted's family we served as missionaries in SE Asia for a while so my son has an affinity with Ted there. We are now serving in missions here stateside. I imagine that my son's three younger siblings will enjoy the books as well when they get older. I am sure he will share with them :-) In short, look at this a a great opportunity to encourage an MK who loves Ted Dekker!

  • Susan Lawrence

    Why would I like the boxed set of The Complete Circle? My daughter, who just moved to college, has been anxiously awaiting the release of Green. She is a Ted Dekker fan, which is saying a lot, because she's an English/Fiction major and is particular about the books and authors she recommends! The Cicle Series is her absolute favorite, and she's replaced her own copies of Black several times, as she's given her own copies to friends to get them started.

    I mail surprises to Caitlin every week. What a treat to be able to send a huge smile her way with the complete Circle Series boxed set!!! (Of course, there would be no way I could keep it for a Christmas gift…I don't keep secrets that well!)

  • keith Johnson

    I want a box set because, I've bought the series all in paperback, then in a hardback that had the trilogy because my paperbacks got worn out from continued reading. Now my hardback set is forever gone because a friend of mine loved the series so much I said keep it I'll buy a new one. It would be great to have the box set because I have passed on the joy of reading to my daughter and she will love these as much as I will!

  • Jesse Casto

    It's been said changing history in one reality changes history in another. Imagine my surprise waking up in the year 2009 and seeing the story of Thomas Hunter as a fictional character in a series of book published by your company. You see, I know Thomas Hunter as the man who disappeared from Alamogordo, NM in 2011 shortly before a terrible virus began to take large portions of the population, In thebook of histories it indicated Thomas was patient zero in early 2009 when what many called the swine flu began. Little did we know a short two years later the varients of this "flu" would begin to wipe out large portions of our Society. As the Societies historian I've come to see this fictional tale of Thomas Hunter parallels the history of my reality. If I could use the series your offering to determine where Thomas began his journey, it will likely help me find a cure for the virus affecting my reality in 2011. The future is up to you.

  • Emily Ryan

    Would love to go green! (and red and white and black…)

  • hzjpmp

    I have never read Christian fiction and would like to give it a shot with this series. My wife and I read to each other a couple times a week around bedtime and we'd like the opportunity to use this as a resource.

    Also, Sept 17 is my Birthday!!

    Thank you Michael.

  • http://www.twitter.comfccmaryville John

    I am the librarian for my church and I would love to add this to our shelves so our congregation could experience the excellent writing of Ted Dekker.


  • pff420

    I absolutely love Dekker's books. I have a copy of almost every one of his books. I tend to get others that I know excited about reading them, and act like a librarian half the time, loaning out my copies to friends, and sometimes friends of friends (amazingly, sometimes there's a waiting list for certain books!). I just got my pre-ordered copy of Green in the mail and have started reading it, already I know 7+ family/friends waiting to read it (more copies would be great).

  • Joe Eatherly

    I am a huge fan of The Circle stories. I started reading them after they had all come out; so I didn't have to wait. I am really excited to get a chance to see it come full circle. I can't imagine where it will go. Part of me wants to read the sample chapter, but the other part of me doesn't want to start it without being able to finish. I would love to have the whole set to add to our church's library. Alot of us have been passing the other books around and sharing.

  • Matt T

    I am simply and quite possibly, Ted Dekker's biggest fan. I have yet to read Green because I was actually waiting to get this whole set together!!! I would whoop and cheer like a little girl if I knew I was getting the books all together in one package, and it might even give me a renewed sense of energy to go out and spread the message to the world of how infinitely awesome Ted Dekker's novels are!! As a writer myself, I am always completely excited to see what Ted writes next and they help me hone my craft for the future :) Thank you for the offer!

  • Tom Spencer

    We turned our 'network' television off over 12 years ago and instead we read aloud as a family each evening. We have a 13 year old son at home who still loves a great story as we enjoy the 'family time' together. As I read the intro to ZERO, I believe this series will spark all of our imaginations, induce lively conversations and keep us anxious to read again the next night.

  • @back40life

    ooh – I've not heard of this series before, but it sounds fabulous!

    One of my goals at the start of 2009 was to read 18 books this year…in college I read non-stop, but since becoming a mom, reading seems to continually get pushed to the side; I'm trying to change that this year.

    I got off to a slow start, but after finding the Thomas Nelson blogger program, I'm now making great progress. I finished book #6 just this week and have already started 7 & 8. Winning the boxed set would be a great addition to my 2009 reading plan! Thanks much!

  • James

    Why do I want to win? Because I'm ALL about going green. =)

  • Jeremy Thomas

    So, why should I be one of the lucky few to recieve the box hardcover set of the Circle Trilogy? For one I am a collector, and have yet to be able to find hardcovers of Ted Dekker’s original trilogy.

    Also, I have read almost all of Mr. Dekkers work, and am always anxiously waiting for his next novel to be released.

    If I were lucky enought to recieve the box set then I could pass around my 3 in 1 set of the original trilogy to friends, and they could read this series for themselves. I did this once before, and they kept my copy, and bought me a new one. That’s how much they liked it.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Pokinatcha

    What better way to keep my children's interest in reading than another fantasy trilogy for them. The trailor looks absolutely amazing. I'm not familiar with Dekker's work.

  • Jessica McInnis

    I haven’t read any Circle books, but I would like to because the idea of something being the beginning and the end fascinates me. God is the Beginning and the End, is He not? The Alpha and the Omega? The First and the Last? And the trailer speaks of the use of metaphors, so I can only assume the books carry one big metaphor and no doubt many other smaller ones. I know Ted uses a great many metaphors in his writing. Is there a relation to how God ties in the beginning and end of time into one big circle of Eternity? Or is he using a different metaphor, to suggest something I never thought about but would cause me to look at life in a completely different way? So I admit it, you have lured me into an incurable curiosity.

    Also, I am constantly studying books for my own dream of being a published author and am itching to know how in the world Ted Dekker manages to make one book both a starting point and series wrap-up. I can’t fix my brain around it.

    So, *pauses and takes a deep breath* if I buttered you up real nice and said, “Your blog is the best and most helpful blog in the world and I have learned so much about leadership and time management and how to properly procrastinate away my writing time,” *inhales another breath to recover from the ridiculous run-on sentence* would you consider sending me the series…? *grins*

  • @pookachino

    There is nothing quite like a Ted Dekker novel. I have yet to find another author whose books are so creative and intriguing. In fact, I have to plan ahead for his new releases – I become so engrossed in the story that I forget everything else. I am so glad that Green is finally out and can hardly wait to reenter series.

    That being said, I think Ted is stalking me. We moved to and from the same state at the same time. (Ted, I know I'm awesome, but seriously…)

  • Melinda Lancaster

    I have never read a book my Ted Dekker so I will enjoy the free download of "Green." Thank you for offering it.
    My 19 year old son, who is "a seeker" recently mentioned Ted's book "Three" to me. Apparantly one of his friends let him borrow it and he loved it. He recommended it to me. I did not have a copy of it but was able to watch the movie. It was terrifyingly terrific. It also opened up some much needed dialogue on spiritual matters between myself and my son.
    I would like to win this set for him. He is an avid reader of fictional series. Because he is away at college his funds are limited (and so are mine) but if the set makes it into his hands not only will he enjoy it, I am confident that his three roommates will read it as well.

  • Carmen Lester

    I would love to have the complete set of books – I am a Nelson Blogger but have a book out that I have not reviewed yet so cannot order Green- But really need to read these. My husband and I visit a young man in Prison – someone sent him a copy of Black which he loved. I would like to be able to discuss these with him – and eventually send him more of the series. Our friend Martin is 25 and has been incarcertaed since he was 14 – but found the Lord there. He loves Ted Dekker!!

  • Michael J Ratigan

    I have been a TD fan for @ 2 yrs!!! My friend Nate is also a Christian and he turned me onto Black!!! And from that the rest is history!!! I have attended the Gathering twice now & they actually introduced us to the box set at the last Gathering in June!!! I have now turned my Mom & Dad & my sister Heather onto TD & I just cant get enough of his books!!! God has definitely gave us a very talented writer & I look forward to reading Green!!! So thank you for considering me in your drawing!!! God Bless You!!!

  • Peter_P

    I've never read a Ted Dekker book but would love to. I've heard SO much about him, in fact, I even heard that Ted Dekker is actually a pseudonym that Max Lucado writes under.

    Anything by Max Lucado, even under an assumed name must be really good, so I'd love to read this series.

    My son just started Kindergarten and he came home one day singing a song that taught him how to spell 'yellow'. Our 14 month old daughter loves the song and, consequentially, knows how to spell yellow.

    Imagine my excitement when I learned today that Max Lucado, sorry, Ted Dekker has written a series about the four primary colors Black, White, Red and Green!

    If I won a set of these books, I would be able to use them to teach my daughter all the other colors of the rainbow and she'd be a step ahead of the rest of the her class, when she finally starts school. Imagine a child that young being able to spell the names of all five colors of the rainbow!

    They are children's books… right?

  • Elliot

    Me and my sister both loved the first book Black, and fought for hours over the second, Red. We got White at the library both at the same time, so we both had a copy and made a race to see who would see how it ended first. I have told so many people about the series, and those that have read it love it as well. Having Green, as well as the rest of the series, would make a great gift for my sister, or one of my friends who need encouragement. (after I read Green of course)!

  • Mandie Yacko

    Ok, I honestly can’t come up with a really fabulous reason why I should be the one to win this boxed set, because I already have Black, Red, and White and I could easily go out and buy Green, but I was reading through a couple of these comments from bottom to top and noticed that Peter_P has never read a Ted Dekker book. And quite frankly, that bothers me. He’s missed out on one of the greatest authors of all time. So, this comment isn’t so that I will win, but rather, that this might sway your opinion to give it to that person. I HOPE YOU WIN PETER_P!!! TED DEKKER IS THE MAN!!!!

    • Peter_P

      I'd just like to say that I don't know Mandie Yacko…. but Mandie, you're one of my favourite people I've never met right now!

      Thank you… I just hope your vote sways Mike's opinion :-)

  • Christine

    I have been a member of a co-ed book club for 12 years and I think this series would be a facinating read for our club. I am an obssessive reader and I can't bear knowing that there is a whole series that I knew nothing about until this blog! Put me out of my misery and help my club at the same time — ship me the books!

  • Hope Johnson

    I would love to have a box set of the circle. I've read them but have not been able to purchase them. I love Ted Dekker's writing because it truly makes you look at your own relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. It makes me see the battle between good and evil that rages inside my own spirit. I always put down his novels recharged and ready to go to war. God Bless,
    Hope Johnson

  • Justin

    I’d like the collection of books because I’m ready to switch back to reading more fiction after a 15 month job search (very thankful that’s over…) that involved doing a lot of non-fiction reading trying to continue developing my professional skills. The next stretch of learning is going to be largely directed by the new job and I’m looking forward to pursuing some pleasure reading.

    (And besides … as a colorblind guy, I need all the help I can get with figuring out this color thing. I’m hoping these books can help me finally sort things out between red and green.)

    Regardless of the book giveaway, thanks for the blog. I’ve been reading for several years and have really appreciated the content you have posted.

  • Michael

    I absolutely love Ted Dekker's books. He is by far one of my favorite authors. I have been reading them for years. My first bokk was Three, and I have been hooked ever since. The Circle Trilogy is favorite of all his books. I love the obvious allegory in the books. I can't wait to read Green. I have been thinking about buying the first three books, but it would be great to win them. Of the three so far, my favorite has to be Red. I love the obvious picture of what Christ has done for us. I can't wait to see if Green surpasses Red.

  • Jen

    I haven't read any of Ted's books yet, but all the buzz about Green has gotten my attention. I really look forward to experiencing his stories!

  • tymm

    First off – I am comment #157. I don't know if you know the significance of that but I bet ole Ted does (or as he likes me to call him "The Dekker").

    Second – I have read a few of The Dekker's books and I'm not gonna lie – they scared me. And last night I dreamed that I was eaten by a bear. It ate me whole and then much like a video game – I got a second life and I just kept on running out of the woods. I can't be certain of it… but I am blaming that dream, at least partially, on The Dekker.

    So… I imagine you're seeing the pattern here – and given your intellectual level (I read your blog AND Tweets) you're likely picking up on what I am saying… The Dekker owes me.

    And I'll give him a dope review for it too. But – book set or no book set – please tell The Dekker to keep his freaky bears out of my dreams…

    Love always ~ tymm

  • Amber Messick

    I have been a TD fan for quite a while(ever since he wrote House with Frank Peretti) and have read pretty much all of his works except the latest. Anyone who knows me knows I am a complete fan of TD, but most of these people have no clue who he actually is(no matter how many times I say he is an author). My library, as I call my small collection at home, consists of books I lend to my friends based on what reading style they like. This set would be a great addition because it can suit any reading style-adventure, mystery, romance. Having a complete set would be just what I need to get my friends hooked on what I already love.

  • Joe H

    I have lent my own copy of the Circle series to ALOT of people (in fact, the only one I have on my shelf right now is "Red"). Having another copy would allow me to lend to multiple hungry readers at once.

    Think about how much that could increase the rate of Dekker introduction upon happy souls.

    Just sayin'.

  • Joe Breton

    I am a big Ted Dekker fan but for some reason, which is completely a mystery to me, I have not read this series. I have picked it up more times than I can count but have also but them down the same amount of times. I would love to own them for myself and finally read this elusive series. I am an aspiring author myself and especially appreciate Ted Dekker's style and most of all the fact that he is such an inspiring and successful Chrisitan man.

  • Mr. Dev

    Well I throughly enjoyed black, red and white. I have only been able to buy black but i borrowed the other to from the county library. I mostly would love the box set so I could share it with my wife and my mother in law. I think if I got the box set on it's own I would probably get my wife to read them. I enjoy the fact they are allegorys (not sure if I spelled it right. anyway). I can't wait to read Green when I can get my hands on it. Still might be a while still.

  • ilovepugs

    OH MAI GAWRSH!!! if u let me have this most fantastically crafted set of the four most brilliantly written books in the history of humanity, I would cry out of sheer happiness! none of my close friends are christians, so i would really really love to share with them the gift of the Dekker-ness through these books (since I already have all of them i couldn't keep them for myself anyways). So, this would mean so much to have them to share with people who only read icky books like twilight stuff (no offense) and meg ryan girl…stuff. HOORAY FOR THE DEKKIES!! please and thank you

  • Donna_McNeil

    For several months, a middle-aged middle school math teacher who looks a lot like me has been wanting to read a book by Ted Dekker. Yet, she (or sometimes I) never has quite gotten aROUND to it. Then, it happened! I envisioned a CIRCLE. A circle in which existed a BLACK forest. I had never traversed a black forest, but surely 97 8th graders can help me find a way out. Maybe I (or that person who looks a lot like me) would capture the utterly abritrary and subjective attention of someone named Mike and receive said series without expenditure. How grand! My face glows bright RED at the thought! A blinding WHITE light shone about me as the person who looks like me (or is this me) considered that no longer would I be GREEN with envy of those who look nothing like me and have the time to enjoy a good story. My thoughts came full CIRCLE as I realize (with help from that one who looks a lot like me) how much I really want this…enough to fabricate a rambling tale of one who would enjoy a hike through the black forest. At least I know I won't travel alone. Respectfully submitted from one who is ready to leave the cornered realm of the square for the complete unity of the CIRCLE.

  • Tonja

    I evidently have been living in a hole, since I don't remember even HEARING about these books before. I will have to flog my book-loving friends for not telling me about these books – they sound like exactly my type. But I could have the last laugh if I was to win the whole set. You can bet I would brag to my friends and advertise the books far and wide if I won.

  • Vennessa

    We rarely get hardcover CBA books down here in New Zealand. My bookshelf has become a popular "library" within my church, so what better way to share the Circle series than via a complete box set of hardcover books.

  • tabea

    i'd like to receive this box because of several reasons… :
    1. i have to learn english :) (my mother tongue is german, english is my first foreign language besides french and spanish)
    2. i love fiction books — the ones of ted dekker are simply the most riveting
    3. reading is my favourite freetime-activity
    4. my friends recommended me to read those books
    5. if i read the book and recommend it to others, i am advertising ;)
    6. my siblings would read it too, you'd get 4 readers at once :)
    7. because a facebook quiz said that i'm thomas hunter… (i just have to read the books to fully comprehend this quiz result)

  • wearenotpoets

    i want to read the full circle trilogy. i got hooked on green, and since then have been filling my book case with all of ted dekker's books! having green would not only complete my collection, but it would make me happy :) i love reading and ted dekker has such an awesome writing gift.

  • stretch983

    I have yet to read any of the books in the Circle Series, but I constantly find myself circling them like a shark when I see them in the bookstores. They intrigue me, and I have been increasingly intrigued by Ted Dekker as I have read his other books. I would love to receive the Circle Series, especially in hardcover! There's nothing like reading a good hardcover book, and I'm a big advocate of reading all of the books in a series in order back to back. Now that the Circle Series is complete, it sounds like the perfect time to satisfy my curiosity and cravings.

  • Lynn Rush

    After reading Black, Red, and White, I found The Lost Books. I love the character Johnis. An unlikely hero, kind of like Thomas, right?

    That is my favorite type of book to read–through supernatural forces the unlikely person comes through with a strength only faith could provide.
    Probably why I like Ted Dekker's books and his writing so much.

    To have a box set of Ted's books on my shelf would be a wonderful surprise. Thanks for offering the chance.

  • Chip Gunnell

    I've been a Ted Dekker fan since Blink first came out, and I can't wait to read Green. I'm hoping to get a copy of the trilogy boxed set either now or later and pass my original copies of Black, Red and White amongst friends to introduce more people to The Circle and bring more people into the Forest Guard!

  • Sheryl Tuttle

    The trailer looks excellent and your write-up intriguing. I would love to receive and read the Circle series. I would also share the books with my writers group, Humble Fiction Cafe, as many of these writers enjoy fantasy and world-building. Some are not Christians and I think would be very surprised by the action and adventure in these books, published by a Christian house. In the meantime, I have signed up (as a blog reviewer) to receive Green. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kristen Belt

    Reading is my way of escaping reality for a time and dealing with stress, it helps me to relax and unwind after a long day. I have been a fen of Ted Dekker’s writting for only about 4 months, from the first book that I read I have been lost in a world of good vs. evil and have been inspired by this epic battle and in the suspense and hope that Ted Dekker brings to it.

    I have not been able to find the circle trilogy at the branch of my local library that I frequent; and since the main library was flooded by a freak storm a couple of months ago circulation between the different branches has been virtually nonexistent until a few weeks ago, and it is still a somewhat slow go as we try to sort through what was lost in the flood and the mountains of books that were returned while the computer systems were down.

    So when I saw this post for the boxed sets I thought that this would be a great way for me to be able to read these books and to start my collection of Ted Dekker books since I am an avid reader and collector of books. So thank you for the chance to pursue my hobby and passion.

  • Scott Miller

    Thanks Michael for this contest!

    I've read the 1st three books of this series, "Black", "Red", and "White". Ted Dekker has got to have the wildest imagination of any author I've ever read!

    But I've only read the books from my local library. I'd love to own the whole series!

    Thanks again,

  • @rng888

    I have never read any of his work so that's one primary motivation.

    A more salient one has to do with the themes of his works. His is what many considered niche but is a niche quite worthy of exploring and expending time and energy on. Living in post-911, battle between good and evil has ever ring truer. And it's never more effective than through the use of an age old tested form of communication, that is, story telling (fiction) of universal themes that touch upon metaphors of love, faith, and spirtitual battle; all of these are always worth plunging oneself into.

  • AFD

    I have been a huge fan of Ted Dekker since the first time my big sister brought home Blessed Child. I've tried to keep up on what's new and get my hands on them, too, and though I've red Black and Red, I've been off on missions trips as well as living at a remote YWAM base out west for the past three years where there wasn't either a library near by nor my sisters collection. I'm now attending a Bible College back east for a couple years, and due to my lately developed multiple food allergies, all my extra finances go toward my special diet and my longing of adding to my collection of two Dekker books I keep at Mom's. I would really appreciate the opportunity to not just read the rest of the Circle Series, but own it as well — and this time have my big sister have to borrow from me, LOL!

    Thank you for your consideration, and may God bless you greatly!

  • Trey Mancin

    I have to begin by saying that I was at The Gathering and to say it was amazing would be anything but the whole truth. Seeing so many people gather together for a singular cause is proof that Christians today can make a difference. As for the box set, nothing would make me happier than to have those books, especially in hard back. This series has given me such inspiration and hope that it has driven me to try my hand at writting. To think i would ever be able to write such deep and loving books as Ted would be a goal far beyond reach i believe, but as Ted said at The Gathering, story telling is an amazing tool.

  • Mike

    I was out of reading for a while, and I finally just started up again a few months ago. The whole high school forced reading thing made me stop for a while. However, when I picked up the Circle Trilogy, I could barely put it down. Since then, I've ripped through The Circle Trilogy, part of the Lost Books, House, and Skin in just the last week (that's a lot of reading for me, especially being in college and having that workload). The symbolism and life lessons behind Ted's work have truly influenced my life and those around me (especially those who I've lent a book or two to!).

  • Ben Warren

    i have a few reasons number one: No one would even believe me if I won something other than a sample of cologne….

    number two: everyone borrows my circle books and it would be nice if i had a copy to myself so I can read them when ever i want!

  • chris b

    I am currently being held captive by the Helvetian Liberation Army in a castle high in the Swiss Alps. They are not nice people and they know how to yodel. They would like a copy of Dekker's series to complete their library. If they do not receive a copy within the next two weeks, they will execute me by plunging me into molten Gruyere.

  • Jan J.

    Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors; his books are works I read again and again. I would be overjoyed to own the Circle Series, and I can't afford to buy it right now.

  • Jared M

    I love Mr. Dekker and the only disappointment I have ever had with his books is that I have to come back to reality at some point. Eventually the story has to end, until now. Though I have not read Green, I have read ever review available in hopes they will tide me over until Christmas when I will hopefully receive a copy as a gift (can't really spare the money now). My understanding is, this story doesn't end, it just comes full circle.
    Now, my wife is going to be giving birth to our first child any day and I would love to give him/her this set of books as a "birthday" gift. Though it will be a while for them to read these books, it would be very special to me if they would grow up enjoying an author so inspiring as Ted!

  • Rob Westbrook

    Love this series. For the past few years, as a church planter, I've been completely submerged in Church "how to" books. Recently the church planting role became overwhelming. I needed a sanity escape for a while and picked up Black, starting my first fiction book in years. I got sucked in and read the other two books within three weeks. The books were a refuge for me during turbulent times. Times are better and I 'm surviving but I sure would like to have the box set.

  • Love2Read

    I am a huge fan of Ted Dekker. For a couple of years now, I have been working through his books one by one, and all my friends know that I am exstatic about every one of his books. I would love to win a box set of the Circle series, so I can expand my personal lending library and introduce Ted Dekker to all of my friends.

  • Cameron Curry

    It is my dear wifes birthday is on October 15 – I will skip the year – and she has loved every single Dekker book – Blink being her absolute favorite!

  • Riley Wall

    I stumbled upon Ted Dekker in 2004 purely on happenstance when I was browsing the bookshelf in Barnes & Noble (or maybe it was providential). I was only 14 at the time looking for something different and the bright green cover of Black attracted my attention. This fantastic tale completely transformed the way I view stories and Ted's God-driven themes have truly enhanced who God is in my life. Ever since that day of discovery I've been spreading the word to my friends and family about Ted's amazing stories. I love to share books that have impacted me with others. This set of books would be a fantastic gift to pass along.

  • Noah Arsenault

    I have loved Ted Dekker’s style in his books, especially his creativity in The Circle and can’t wait to see what he will come up with during the fifteen untold years between Thomas Hunter’s dreams!

  • Ama Malone

    I love the attention these books are getting. They speak of courage, valor, strength, and most of all, LOVE. The love between Elyon and his people is so encouraging. The symbolism in the books is what draws me to them so much. They show the story of the Bible in such a deep, theoretical, eye-opening and inspiring way. I would love to get this set of books. My three books are worn, highlighted and written in. I love to write down and mark where I see correlations in the books along with my Bible. I have lent them to so many of my friends as well. Having these books all in one set would give me, as a college student, the opportunity to share the story of Thomas Hunter, the colored forest, Elyon, and ultimately, Jesus Christ, with those around me. Thank you so much for your kindness! =)

  • Michael

    I have read the first three of the Circle series and found them delightful. By getting this box set, it would please in me the main three characteristics that define me: anal, (I would have all the books, and all in hard back), a college student (I love free things) and well, a book enthusiast, ( I don't necessarily read every book I see, I just like to admire the covers and hold them in my hand)! Adding a fourth, I am very impatient and can't wait for Green to come in paper back, but am too cheap (adding a fifth) to buy the hardback. That's it. Thank you for your time.

  • matt mikalatos

    Top Ten Reasons That I Would Like To Win The Circle Series Boxed Set

    10) When the Star Wars prequels came out I lost all interest in the Star Wars universe. I need a new fantastic universe to fill the gaping void in my life.

    9) I've been debating joining the TN blogger review program but could never decide if I wanted to do it. This would, of course, push me over the edge.

    8) As a first-time author (my book releases in April) I want to carefully study the work of a successful role model.

    7) If you choose me, I'll go jogging without any shoes on. That's right, no shoes.

    6) I made a vow three weeks ago never to read another book unless it came out of a box.

    5) We just redecorated our kitchen. Would you believe that the colors we chose were black, white, red and green? These books would go perfectly with our kitchen. I'd like to set them on the kitchen table as a centerpiece at each meal.

    4) I finish seminary in December and I don't know what I'll do without a pile of books staring at me from the bedside every night. These four books should give me a buffer while I try to find more books for the pile.

    3) It would really take away the sting of being transferred to your "fan" page. Ha ha ha!

    2) When I was in college I lent out six original hardcovers of the US edition of the Narnia books (all but Lion, Witch and Wardrobe) to a non-Christian friend. After she was done, she dropped them in the mail to me but they were lost in the mail. I was crushed. Over the years I found two copies of the missing books but I am still missing… FOUR! I don't believe in karma, but… four books arriving in the mail. I will set them next to the three Narnia books. When I'm not using them as a centerpiece on my table.

    1) Would you believe… eternal gratitude? Imagine us running into each other in Heaven and me saying, "Hey Michael — thanks so much for the free books!" Admit it, that would be another jewel in your crown. Go on! Admit it!

    BONUS REASON) I'll review all four books on my blog and give links to Ted, you, the TN blogger review program and also to your dog's twitter account.

    Okay, that's all I've got, Michael. Thanks for the fun contest.

  • Josh A.

    I've been wanting to get 'loaner' copies of the Circle Series to pass around among several family members and friends. I know they would love Dekker's writings if only I could get them started (or you could say 'hooked'). This boxed set would be the perfect means of 'evangelization' of a whole family and their friends! If you send them along, they will be like a seed planted in fertile soil…the resulting flora will not go unnoticed by the kingdom of God or man.

  • Mckenna Hampton

    WOW! I've read all of the Books of History Chronichles in six months (I'm Onlt 14). Unfortanetly, I bought the Circle Trilogy with it's new cover, so my original Circle books and Green don't exactly match up. If I get the Box Set I would gladly give the copy of the Circle Series that I already have to my Youth Pastor, who realy likes Ted Dekker but hasn't read any of his books. I would REALY like to have the Box Set because it also has the Original covers that link up to each other: Black has a Green color, Green has a White color, White has a Red color, and Red has a Black color. If I get this Box Set it would complete my collection of all of his books. God Bless!

  • Nathan C.

    (Shameless Exaggeration)
    I'm Dekker's #1 fan (in a non-Kathy Bates/Misery kinda way), and fear that I may have to relinquish my title as such unless I acquire this boxset.
    (Self-satisfied misuse of Dekker phrase)
    I have a spot all cleared on my shelf for the books, but it will be some time before I'm able to "DIVE DEEP" into my wallet to obtain this excellent set.
    (Final Plea, Misrepresentation of truth included)
    Help me retain my title as #1 fan, and spare me the added task of having to dust the empty spot on my shelf if I don't get this set. Knowing me I won't dust it off which could lead to dust build up that could be detrimental to my health. So by providing me with this set you'll be aiding in my continued health.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Lindsey Baker

    I had never been a hardcore reader. If the book was intriguing enough I would read it and then be on my merry way. It wasn't until I read Ted Dekker's black that I was hooked! I have become book fiend, specifically Ted Dekker books. The people at Barnes and Noble know my name because I have visited there so many times. Over the course of the year I had read fifteen other Ted Dekker books. No author besides J.K. Rowling has been able to keep my attention for that long. There is just something special about Ted's books, and you would think Ted would have one dry book since he comes out with like six a year, but every single one that I have read keeps me guessing; unable to put it down. The circle series in particular are my favorites. I have even had some of my family and friends read Ted's books and they all love them as well. My cousin love them so much in fact that she asked me if she could have them, and with a little hesistation I said yes. I would love to have the Circle box set because those books are the beginning of my love for books.

  • Philip Brown

    I am a huge Ted Dekker fan. He is, hands down, my favorite Christian Fiction author. I love the series because it creates, in my mind, a representation of Christ that ranks up there with C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia. I have read Black, Red, and White and I am reading Black again to refresh my mind before tackling Red, White, and then Green. I'd like this series to read it through again and also to pass it along to my friends. I was surprised when I came here to go to school the Ted Dekker following I found. I want to spread that farther by sharing these books with those that I think might enjoy them.

  • david

    i have read black and i loved it.

  • Mike A.

    I greatly desire the box set of the circle series. From the depths of my being. haha. But honestly not for myself. I want to give it to a friend of mine because I know how much the series has impacted me and some of my friends and I want to keep spreading Ted's writing. That guy is so gifted by God. Thanks for publishing his work.

  • Jacob Nicholson

    I love the ted ekker novels, they are shocking at how they face the issues of good and evil so head-on. I would like this set because my goal of getting books for my own rather then just rent them at a library, is to lone them out to people around me, and to see their beaming expressions when they talk about how they are looking forward to reading his next book. Each time that experience changes my perspective on life, how the little things can make your life just that little bit easier to bare. And that is why i would like this box set.

  • Jacob Nicholson

    Pardon my spelling errors :)

  • Christine

    I am a HUGE Ted Dekker fan…….have read ALL of his books. I am always recommending his books to all of my friends that read.
    Since I cannot afford to buy books right now, especially new ones, I check them out at my library. Therefore, I am on the waiting list for "Green". It will take months before I get the book and can read it……..but I know it will be worth the wait.
    Why do I deserve the set? We all deserve it, but I would LOVE it and cherish it! (plus, I do not own any of the Circle Series)

  • linda hanson

    I've never heard of him but on CL saw someone looking for the book "Green" which made me curious. I don't keep books once I have read them, so trust that any you might give me will be passed on and and not shelved. I guess that's not so good for the author though,,,,,but he can write more. I have horses and a garden to keep me busy in summer but a long cold winter is coming, so please, if you don't mind, I would love the books to read. LH

  • Jake Salter

    I have loved reading for many years now. I have read many books of many different genres and even tried writing a few of my own. When I got saved two years ago I started looking for books that wouldn't polute the mind with the filth that many authors so willingly embrace these days. That's when I came across Frank Perreti. I loved the way he would parallel his stories with Christianity. I was looking through his stuff one day when I came across a book he had co-authored with a man named Ted Dekker. The book was called House. I started reading it and was instantly sucked into the story. When I had fiished it I found myself searching for more novels by Ted Dekker. I looked but there were none in the library, or so I thought. I was talking wih a friend one day when Ted came up. I was very pleased to be informed that if I would just walk over to the large print section that there was a whole trilogy written by the man. The trilogy changed my outlook on many subjects. I was astounded to find he was releasing a forth book to the series.

  • Jake Salter

    I have yet to read Green. In a small town new books are hard to come by. I am not saying that I deserve the set any more than the next person but I will say that I very well could want it more than anyone else you have or will have heard from. Thank you for hearing me out and have a blessed day.

  • Larry Lakey

    I long for a book set of color;
    Rejection would be awfully mean.
    ‘Cause after the comments by others,
    If they win I’d feel awfully Green.

  • Brandon Blackwood

    Green. The title is just enough for me to want to never read it, had I just heard the name. But, I read Black-White and LOVED them. LOVED! I liked them so much, I went on and ordered the pendant. I wear it all the time! It's awesome!
    I am a writer also, and I see Ted Dekker's works as inspiration and something to aspire towards reaching.
    Green is bound to be awesome, and (though I've read Black, Red, and White) it will be (well, might be) the beginning of my collection (not counting the lost books series)…
    Thank you for reading this…
    God Bless!

  • Nathan C.

    (Shameless Exaggeration)
    I'm Dekker's #1 Fan (in a non-Kathy Bates/Misery kinda way), and I fear that I may lose my title as such unless I acquire this boxset.

    (Self-satisfied misuse of a Dekker phrase)
    I have a spot all cleared on my shelf for the books, but it will be some time before I'm able to "DIVE DEEP" into my wallet for this excellent set.

    (Final Plea, Misrepresentation of truth included)
    Help me retain my title as #1 fan and spare me the added task of having to dust the empty spot on my shelf if I don't get this set. Knowing me I won't dust it off which could lead to dust build up that could be detrimental to my health. So by providing me with this set you'll be aiding in my continued health. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Brandon Blackwood

    Me again,
    I heard of this offer on…
    sorry I didn't post it last time

  • Cassie Durden

    My reason for wanting the box set . . . who wouldn’t? You’ve probably seen this a hundred times already, but I’m a huge fan of both Ted Dekker and of the Circle Trilogy. I have yet to read Green and it’s killing me! I’ve gotten a few of my friends into the series and all of them are wanting to read it too. My Dad is a Pastor and so I *love* getting my Church’s youth group into these kinda books. I’d love to be able to loan them my copy until they can get their own (which they WILL do!). Me, and several others, are about an hour away from any bookstores, and we don’t get out there that much. Not to mention, it would just be really awesome to have a whole box set like that and there is NO way I’d ever be able to afford it! :) Thank you so much for doing this, I’m sure that whoever wins will deserve it!! Thanks again and God Bless ~ Cassie~

  • Zeferden

    Hi! My name is Michael. (I have the same name as you) I'm 14 years old and, I love Ted Dekker.

    I first heard about him when i was reading House, co-authored with Frank Peretti, my favorite author at the time. Then, I read Ted Dekker's books and I immediately fell in love….with the books. Such beautiful words and laced with my favorite genre, fantasy. Being a Christian, I also liked the religious themes.

    I was one of the Forest Guard and was promoting the book Green so others can fall in love with his books. When I heard of the box set, I was so excited until I saw the retail price. That's a lot of money for a teenage non-working middle-class student. So, four days ago, I decided to save my allowance, do extra chores and sacrifice my delicious school lunch, (Yes. My school has good lunch) to save up for the box set because, I do not own any Ted Dekker books. Please give me a Circle Series box set. (Or else I am going to have to do three months of extra chores. Trust me. I have enough for someone that wakes up at 5:30 in the morning.)

    Thanks and God Bless,

  • Nate_C

    (Shameless Exaggeration)
    I'm Dekker's #1 fan (in a non-Kathy Bates/Misery kinda way), and I fear that I may have to relinquish my title as such unless I acquire this boxset.

    (Self-satisfied mis-use of a Dekker phrase)
    I have a spot all cleared on my shelf for the books, but it will be some time before I am able to "DIVE DEEP" into my wallet to get this excellent set.

    (Final Plea, obvious misrepresentation of truth included)
    Help me retain my title as #1 fan, and spare me the added task of having to dust the empty spot on my shelf off if I don't get this set. Knowing me I won't
    dust it off which could lead to dust build up that could be detrimental to my health. So by providing me with this set you'll be aiding in my continued health. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Matt Free

    I would love to receive the boxed set of the Circle Trilogy, because I would either give them or my old copys to my school library in hopes that they may change peoples lives like im sure they would. The Circle Trilogy is not only one of the best series of books Ive ever had the pleasure to read, but their story of our creators unparalleled love for us has the ability to impact people in a great way.

    Elyons strength.

  • Brooke

    Being color blind, you'll excuse me if I refer to your books as Purple, Blue, Yellow and Gray, right?

    In all seriousness, I would really enjoy reading the boxed set with my middle school sons!

  • Matt Free

    Forgot to say some things iin my original comment.

    1. I have been trying toreach out to my school and get people to come to church with me, attend prayer at the pole, etc, and I actually lent out my copy of Green today to a friend of mine, in hopes that maybe the book would open his eyes to the truth. There are several other of my friends who want to read the BoHC
    2. I think that in addition to being an evangelistic tool, the Circle Trilogy can also be a way for us to grow spiritually, and obtain a newfound fire and passion for Christ. I know that since ive read them ive been even more passionate about my faith, and maybe they would have the same effect on others,.

  • Kelly Alvarado

    I'm chubby with low self esteem and someone letting me win something would make my day. How is that? I am just tired of alot of the books coming out now. I want to read something well written with a good solid story. Not some of these books that are just marketing tools.

  • Mary Ndu

    Hi Mike. I am a Nigerian and I discovered Ted Dekker when I went looking for Christian novels that will appeal to the non Christian. I found the Blessed Child first and after I read it’s sequel the Man called Blessed, both books made me go looking for more of his books. I went online and discovered he had lots of other books. I have been collecting his books ever since currently I have about 7 titles and RED, BLACK AND WHITE are included. I may not get selected for this give away but I still want to get the original copy of green signed by Ted Dekker if that is possible. I also know I will have to pay for it and I do not mind that but you still have to post it to me. I gave my first reads to a Christian brother last week he finished reading them this week and we have not sat down to talk about them yet but he has asked for more of his books. I love knowing I can pick one of his books and expect to get bible quotations screaming down on me or getting that am too perfect and above reproach attitude that a whole lot of Christian writers strive to achieve in most of their books. Please tell Ted he made an undying fan in Nigeria and that he should be sure I will tell people of his works.

  • LCK

    I am a pastor's wife in small-town USA and a mother of 5…. Tedd Dekker's books are a wonderful way to escape…. but also a way to plug in and think deeper about God and my relationship to Him. Imagine that… a pwnmom that needs a better connection to God!! yeah, we're not perfect, nor do a pretend to be. I would love to get this set and be able to share it with my teenager…

  • debbie b

    Itried to post in the 15th apparently it did not post! This book is driving me CRazy! A friend kept reading and reading and reading Dekker books. I thought he was weird but I bought Green for my sister because she is weird but Iwas just going to read the first few pages butnow I CAN’T STOP. Istill don’t see how this book can be the beginning AND the end! I know I will have to read the Circle bks NOW! I guess I will have to buy my sister another Green!! I hope you will send me either!!

  • Eliott

    I haven't read the circle yet, but I have read the books Showdown, Saint, and Sinner, and my friend said there was a series on what bily wrote in the book (thomas and the black forest) so I searched and OH MY GOODNESS! i read half of the first book at the library, and then they closed before I could checkit out, I would love to just own the series! TED DEKKER RULES!

  • terrychad0298

    I started reading these books on a deployment to "southwest Asia". I didn't have a whole lot of free time but when I did it was so great to be able to escape the "reality" around me for a little while and get lost in these books. I was fortunate enough to have 5 books sent to me, including the circle trilogy, Sinner, and Obsessed. All of those were incredible reads and I was able to share them with some of my wingmen.

  • Betty

    Hello, my name is Betty, I am a Ted Dekker junkie. When I read Dekker books the world as we know it ceases to exist. I enter a euphoric reality in which I cannot separate myself from the characters. I have been known to stay up all night in order to finish a book and then go into fits of anxiety until I can get my hands on the next book. Please, help me! I NEED A DEKKER FIX!

  • elclinto

    Hey Mike-

    This is my first time to hear of Ted Dekker. I've been searching for new authors and books for the past month – trying to expand beyond the small bubble I've been in and in return generate some new conversation with friends and family. From what I've read thus far, this book series would be perfect for that. I'm signing up to blog about it as well. Bring it on!


  • Lon Sander

    I have read most of Teds books, including my last one, "Boneman's Daughters." What a great read! I really enjoyed the circle series including Black, White and Red. The problem is it has been so long ago that I'm not remembering much of the plots. I have since given the books to my friends and they have read them and passed them along. I keep looking for any new books on the market by Ted, but have been having little luck. For the money I have spent supporting Ted, I really would enjoy getting a copy of the books in the circle, plus a copy of Green as well. Thanks for the consideration, Lon Sander, a loyal fan.

  • Aaron sugden

    well i have read almost all of teds books and haven’t gotten a chance to read the circle tilogy yet! it is blowing my mind that i haven’t been able to read the circle tilogy so i’m like dying to read green but don’t have the money to buy it yet and also i haave always wanted to go to the gathering but again i don’t have the money to go. so this might be my only chance of getting the circle trilogy. so if I do get the trilogy I would be the most excited and happiest person in the world.

  • Sandi Jackson

    I just finished Green tonight. I have been so captivated by the book that I couldn’t put it down. My husband told me I have become boring since I started reading but he doesn’t understand how much you become a part of this book. I was constantly thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. It also makes me think more about my own Christianity and my relationship with God. I wish I could literally jump into Elyon’s water, don’t we all? My grandkids got me into the books. I have read the entire Circle now, the 4 lost books and have got my library to order the next 2 so that I can read them. I have read Showdown, Martyrs Song, Thunder of Heaven and his non fiction book as well. I would love to have the set to share these books with others. I can right now think of a girl who is struggling with her walk with Christ but who loves to read. I know if I could get her “hooked” on these books that maybe God could grab her again through these books. Also my son is in LA. He has a degree in film and he is a stunt man. I want to get him excited and lets make movies out of all of these.
    Hey I just wanted to say too that I am a firm believer in Nephilium and that my greatest fear is of vampires because i just know that they are real and that they truly are evil incarnate. But hey praise God (Elyon) which is Greek for God, that He is all powerful and that we are truly looking for that great day when we are in Heaven with Him.

  • lisa wallock

    I had a copy of the trilogy but i gave it to a friend because the series is so amazing and blessed me so much. Now that green is out i really really want toi read green and re-read the black red and white. I would be so blessed if you picked me to recieve the free series. Thank you so much for considering me.
    Blessings to you!!

  • Leanne Gentry

    Ted Dekker is the first author (since C.S. Lewis in his Space Trilogies) to describe heaven in an inviting way that leaves me thinking – yes that's how it must be! I loved Black because of the imagry and the invitation to dive deep! How exciting to follow Jesus on a journey of incredible risks and rewards that far exceed our hopes and dreams. Dekker has taken me on that journey in his trilogy. I'm excited and nervous about reading Green. Excited because a new adventure awaits that will take me someplace I've never imagined. Nervous because the journey will come to an end and I don't want it to. Whatever path God has chosen for me, He has made it richer by leading me to the things he has written through Ted Dekker. Proud member of the circle!

  • Michael Allen Smith

    Gosh, its awesome when one day you can wake up and find out there is such an awesome author in the scenes that you haven't heard of before. A friend of mine mentioned Ted Dekker's new book to me, and shared with me a little about Ted Dekker. Out of curiosity of his new book, "Green"; I downloaded an audio version of the book. After listening to his book on audio in between my trips from Waxahachie and Dallas Texas; I fell in love with it. I went out and bought the book. Now, not only can I listen to it, I can read it. I am not ready for a new book now to read because I am not done with green as of yet. But it would be great if I could get the set and share the book I have with someone else so they can have the privilege of reading a great book. Upon studying some of the story lines of Ted Dekker's other books, I have discovered he works in the same realm as his other books. Each book adds on to itself. Its awesome. Ted Dekker is awesome. I cant believe I have gone this long without even knowing he existed. And to think he has such a great series of books…

  • Stacy

    I have never read any of your books or even heard of you. BUT, this past weekend I was with a Ministry that works with Young Men (ages 16-21) in a Youth Correctional Institute and during a discussion on reading material, 3 of the young men at my table (out of 5) have read your books and highly recommended you. As I am a avid reader and was telling them I love trilogy series, I promised them I would look you up and try to get some of the books so that when I return on the last Saturday's of the month we could discuss the books with them. Well, I would love to not only tell them that not only had I got one book but all 15 just because they recommended I read them. They could not stop talking about what a great series the Black, Red, White, etc. books are to read.

  • aaron

    i have read and been consumed by the circle and its far reaching roots since i first read black 2 years ago. I have read the paradise novels which of course link via the books of history and the first 4 lost books as well as the brief mention in skin . . . . i am desperate to own them all so i hope both my desperation and simplicity of this entry win me the boxed set

  • Mayra

    I was introduced to Dekker thru the book House that was written with Frank Perretti. I was immediately drawn into his writing. Within a week, I read Black, Red and White. Green was read within 3 days. My 11 year old has read ALL of The Lost Books 1-6 AND Black, Red, White and Green. The good Lord has truly blessed Ted Dekker with his writing.

    With a family of five, all the books were borrowed from the library because there are no extra funds to purchase the books to expand our home library. The boxed set would be a great addition to our library so that when my 8 year old and 5 year old are ready to read TRUE Christian fiction Dekker would be readily available for them.

  • FredaD

    I would like the set because I just read about the new book in "Christian Video Magazine" September 2009 and I am extremely curious and really want to read "Green". And once I start I will want to continue through the set. But I can certainly try to rent them from the library because I will read them. I love science fiction & fantasy but find so few honorable reads. So from what I've read so far, Ted Dekker sounds like an inspired author and The Circle Series sounds like a wonderful "time out"!

  • Elisa Whitlock

    I absolutely love Ted Dekker! I've read Black, Red, White, Showdown, Saint, Sinner, Skin, Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, Chaos, Blink, and Thr3e. I just remembered that Lunatic and Elyon are out – I need to go read those!
    He is an amazing writer. I don't get how he comes up with such convoluted plots that make sense! I also love his cyclical stories, and how he's stretched his Circle "universe," as you called it over more than 10 books. I also appreciate his fresh take on a Christian allegorical fantasy that spans over two worlds.
    The Circle Trilogy (well, series) is definitely my favorite, and (unless Green wins out) Red is my favorite. I think it's interesting how the second book of a trilogy (it was a trilogy for a while…) is my favorite. Most of the time, the middle book of a trilogy is the "worst." The 2nd book of a trilogy suffers from not having the light happy side of the beginning or the end's victorious, celebratory side, leaving it in "darkness." Red is different, and I like that.
    When I read it the second time, I realized that the first time, I was on the side of everyone against the Jesus figure. I felt awful! I don't want to be against Jesus! The thing is I'm sinful and judgmental, and my "voice called out among the scoffers." It taught me a valuable lesson.
    I believe I squealed when I first read that Green "starts where White ends and ends where Black starts." I could see how that was possible given his story, and I think all my questions will get answered (except that Dekker's bound to leave some questions, cause he's just awesome like that). I am so excited about this book! Problem is, I'm a broke college student. I would love to get this set!

  • Keith McClain

    . if the "give-away" is still active then the reason I feel I would benefit from winning the box set is because, well obviously Im a felon, no I didnt kill,rape,or steal. Unfortunately I used drugs. Long story short, Im 2 years clean and started a new job last monday. But I had struggled finding employment for the last year because of my record. Even though I did my time your sentence is never really fully served, ya know? So because Ive been off so long Im way behind in child support. So I wont have any extra money anytime soon to purchase any of the series books.

  • Emmanuel Oset Jr.

    The Circle Trilogy is one of the most amazing fiction pieces I have ever come across-whether in Christian or secular fiction. I am part of a literal army of Ted Dekker fans in this side of the globe (I’m Nigerian), and he is one of the most widely read Christian writers in this country. (I just finished giving a review of Saint to a friend by email).

    I’m sure Green will be a total mind-blowing and on-the-edge-of-your-seat book. I can’t wait to have this book. There’s no doubt that the classic Dekker elements of describing our faith in a new way (sometimes unapologetically and so in-your-face) will not be missing from this book.

    God bless you Ted.

  • obianuju

    i signed in on sunday. i am a nigerian living in nigeria. i am really interested in getting copies of the books. my P.O Box is 321, bukuru jos, plateau state. Nigeria. thank you very much

  • sehorne

    I am the librarian of a K-12 Christian school. Ted Dekker's books are VERY popular, and we really need multiple copies of his titles! Unfortunately, in today's economy, donations are down. Since we are a private school, we don't receive state funding. Even though we raise money through various fund raisers for library materials, that money is often spent on books for the younger grades, since they participate in the Accelerated Reader program (they simply "go through" more titles, thus more age-appropriate books are needed). I often feel that I am neglecting the older students due to financial constraints. Having an additional copy of Dekker's Circle Series would definitely be a blessing! You can be assured that the books will be devoured by numerous students!

  • darcilyna

    struggling with the whole God thing and Ted has always shed some light for my inner psyche… maybe "Green" would help.

  • Jen Cunningham

    I WANT TO WIN THE BOXED SET! Honestly, after reading the books I thought,"What an insanely unique way of sharing the gospel." The story stayed with me for some time after closing the back cover and I love that I am a 24 year old married woman, planning to start a family soon and I want these books to pass down to my children. I can already envision reading them this series before bedtime, as a way to share the gospel with them. Who knows, this could be a way to open up my future children's eyes to the miracle of Jesus Christ and what He did for us!
    Dekker is "the man" of story telling!

  • Raymond Jones

    I would love to have the box set so that I can continue torture my friends (and perfect strangers even) by slowly introducing them to a book at a time and holding out the next book for days on end. To date I have started a good dozen on a Dekker "addiction." My wife is right now reading out loud to our kids "Torches of Joy." About a week into the book they realized that you are in the story. If feels like almost everything in our house is coming "full circle."

    • Raymond Jones

      by "you are in the story" I mean Ted is in the story. :)

  • Anthony

    I just would love to get them ive read all of them but green and wold like to own them

  • Mark Nordlund

    I have been a great fan of Ted Dekker’s work throughout his career. I have been a fan of his for years since before the Circle series came out. His non-fiction is excellent as well. This circle series is an excellent set to introduce a friend or loved one to some excellent reading while making them think about the underlying spiritual themes and ideas that Ted Dekker presents in his books. Once I have read them, I give them to my parents to since they are into his books as well. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to read them.

  • Crutcher

    I love Ted Dekker books and have yet to read them all. But I know if they can impact my life then maybe they could impact one of my friends who aren't Christian. If given the opputunity for this then maybe I could spread the books around.

  • Roxie Geeting

    When I first read Mr. Dekker's books (I started with Thr3e, Obsessed, and Showdown), I read for the sake of reading Christian fiction. Some of his analogies I "got;" a lot I didn't. Then I found the Song of the Martyr's series… It spoke volumes to my heart and mind. As did other of Mr. Dekker's books, all of which I have borrowed from our public library.

    I had checked Mr. Dekker's website and was initially turned off to the Circle trilogy because it seemed like people were following the Circle rather than God… However, as we needed more audio books for a trip we were taking, we borrowed the Black, Red, and White… and were amazed!

    I learn best by story, and Mr. Dekker has used his gift to give a graphic allegory of God and the Great Romance. Now having understood Mr. Dekker's writing style and story telling, I am quick to recommend them. I would love to own the books so that I may more easily share them.

  • MBurly33

    I would like to receive this box set because I have been reading Ted Dekker since the day Black Came out. I let a friend borrow my red, black, and white and he never returned them before he moved. So I no longer have my copies. The Circle books, along with the Lost Books have inspired me in my life – especially being able to see the symbolism in the books. To be able to relate to the whole circle series – it is truly a passion and a joy in my life!

  • DanaPendarvis

    I have read a few of Ted's books. I would love to receive a copy of the Circle books. I just love the creative way Ted uses words to convey feeling and thought through out his entire books. I have been checking them out at my local library, but they are hard to find when other people have them checked out and you just can't wait to read more to get that self full filling desire to want more.

  • Linda Toombs

    I have been a fan of Ted Dekker for about 3 years, but within that time frame I have read everyone of his books, except one. I love his writing ability. When Green was coming out, I mentioned this to a few of my friends. One of my friends was so excited that she could download Black on her computer to begin reading the Circle series. However, she couldn’t open the download due to computer problems. Whenever she tried adjusting the problem by removing a program then placing the program back into the computer, it would get to about 95% done, and then say it couldn’t be done. Needless to say she was quite disappointed, so I would love to win the Circle books for her.

  • CherylAnni

    Before I say anything else; I think you should definitely give serious consideration to giving a set to 'sehorne', a few comments before me.

    I have been an avid Ted Dekker fan for a few years now, ever since a friend gave me 7 of his books. I read all of them before I read any of the others in the two boxes she gave me! His writing is amazing. I am right there in the story with his characters, fighting their battles against evil and their own human natures. And everywhere there is Christian symbolism. I love it! All that and usually thrillers, too!

    I am, however, frustrated beyond belief! Far from my dotage, I am 61, I have been in a long term care facility for 5 years due to health (no, not mental, LOL) problems. The government in it's infinite wisdom provides us with $30/mo that we are free to do with as we please. I know, I shouldn't gripe, I am well taken care of.

    The frustration? I have been trying for two years to obtain a copy of Black, let alone all three of the original books! Our library service has been unable to find it and I haven't been able to find anything online that I could afford. Books in general comprise most of my world and his are some of the very best. I would love to have these to read, cherish and loan out to as many people here as would like to read them: and that would be quite a few.

    Thanks for your consideration, don't forget 'sehorne' and no, I don't know that person, just read the comment.


    PS: 300 books in 30 minutes, I AM impressed!

  • Thomas Pead

    i think i would love to read them and enjoy doing so plus ive heard they have references to christianity in them

  • @MrsRJ

    I appreciate the honesty of Ted Dekker's writing, without playing to the media or falling prey to fads, he continues to inspire and entertain, but just as important he poses questions that stay with you long after you finish the book. In our daily lives, the forces of good & evil are not black & white, things are not always so cut & dried and he conveys moral, ethical & spiritual themes with a soft, yet powerful voice that demands to be read. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to call this set my own – it would be incredible!

  • Rebekah

    I love this series! Actually, I'm infatuated with all of Ted Dekker's works- Blink, Thr3e, etc. I would really love to get a free boxed set- all my books at the moment are loaned out to friends!

  • Candi

    I would LOVE to win the boxed set for my collection of DEKKER books. I have all of the Circle Series but the boxed set would only add to it! I lend my books to my friends who are unable to buy the books, or get them from a library! The boxed set would allow me to lend the books to two people at a time rather than just one. :) Love the books!

  • Kristina Goode

    Hi Mr. Dekker,

    I love your work. My teenage son is in a residential treatment facility. Unfortunately, it is not a Christian one as those cost too much money. He is allowed to have 6 books at a time. He gets plenty of ungodly counsel, and I thought that this would make a great gift for him to read in his free time. His name is Trevor and he is at a place called Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. I want God back in his life at any given opportunity. Thank you for your work and outstanding writing! God Bless.

  • Jan

    I'm hooked! I purchased the T Dekker books for teens for my nephew to encourage him to read more and now I"m hooked! would love to receive a copy of Dekker's books to begin my own collection. I'm already a fan of Nicholas Sparks and Dee Henderson's books, and this seems to go even farther and deeper provoking thought and discussions at work. Thanks for encouraging him and us!

  • Brooklyn

    I love to read! I had been reading V.C Andrews books but my mom was really trying to get me to read different books(Christian books). So we went to the Christian Book Store and i was looking around and everything looked boring when BAM! I saw it The Circle Trilogy! This was before Green came out so it was just Black, Red, and White. I read all three of them in three days! I couldn’t put them down! And then we went back to the CBS and BAM! THERE IS ANOTHER BOOK!!!!!!!!!! AND NOT JUST ANY BOOK!!!!!! BOOK ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I prayed to God that i would be able to get it but we didn’t have the money!!!! MAN!!!!! I was upset….but only a little bit…NNOOOTTT!! I was tremendously let down :(!!! And then i see this and now my hopes are all up again! These are the best books i have ever read in my life!!!! Thank you soooo much for righting them i know that you definetely have made a BIG difference in my life! You really helped me understand Gods love for me!!

  • guitarfreek15

    I have been a fan of Ted's works since just before Black came out. The Circle Series have been my favorite books since I read them. I do not have my own copy of the circle series and would love to be able to go back and enjoy the series that got me hooked on Ted.

  • Larry Haney

    I would like to have the box set simply because I have read the first three books and thay have started me on a journey to discover what ecaxtly it would mean for me to "Drown in the Lord" I want to be totaly submerged in the Lord. I would greatly appriciate the chance to continue in this journey, I know the word of God has to be my main source of spiritual food but This series has made some of God's truth's become more real to me than ever before.


  • seth jurell

    I love Ted dekker books and i have almost the whole series except these. I've read bonemans daughters, blink, three, skin, showdown, saint, sinner, blessed child, adam, black, and the lost books. I would really enjoy this set for my enjoyance and collection.

  • Gary Klingler

    Strange how one ends up on a website. I got here by way of Buzzplant. Saw a reference to Ted Dekker and ended up here.

    Ted wouldn’t know me from the man in the moon, nor I him. He was just a kid back in Irian Jaya when I was a pilot with Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea. But if my aging memory serves me correctly, the Dekker kids went to school at Ukarumpa and I’m sure I flew them at one point in time.

    Anyway, what caught my eye was the name Thomas Hunter in “Green”. My thoughts drifted to high school and I thought I’d send “Green” to my classmate, Tom Hunter, who I believe still lives in my home town in Ohio. I don’t think he knows Jesus, and maybe he’d find him in “Green”.

    Based on timing, I’d guess you gave all the free sets away. But….one never knows.

    Thanks to Ted for weaving in the Good News in such an unusual way. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve bumped into you, Michael, decades ago when I was working with Dan Harrison at Wycliffe.

  • James O.

    I would LOVE to win a box set of the circle trilogy. I admit I was sceptic when I first heard of "Christian Fiction" until our youth pastor gave me a copy of Black, have read all except for the new Green book, and it would give me something to read, am going in for foot surgery at end of month, dont want to be a TV zombie.

  • Carlynne

    Hi! Well, honestly this is not one of the genres I typically read, but my soldiers (airmen, sailors, and Marines!) seem to request ATed's books quite often. Y'see, I ship "Care Packages For the Mind" through a volunteer website entitled I've been a member for over two years, and it looks like we will be continuing as Afghanistan continues to heat up. These, many young, troop members don't have a Barnes & Noble, or the internet access to order themselves something to read from Amazon…so we volunteers try to help them out. This series, if I am lucky enough to get one, will be directed to one of the many outpost libraries that are cropping up for our troops all over the Middle East. Thanks!

  • Randy

    I would like very much to get a boxed set of all of the books. I have listened to RED and White and am waiting to get Black from the library. I drive a small box truck about 240 miles overnight 5 days a week and love to listen to books on CD. I can't afford to buy them myself, so it would be great to have them on hand to read again or to loan out to other people to read.

  • Joel

    I work with some people who are fantasy junkies (and non-Christians), so I introduced them to the Circle trilogy and they loved it. I explained to them how it is the "main story" (as I like to call it) of the Bible retold. Ted's books are opening ministry and evangelical doors for me all the time, and I love it. It makes it so easy to share the message of the Gospel.

  • Travis Peters

    I would love these books! I am a huge Ted Dekker fan and have not read green yet, but the last three books are awesome and i could read them again and again!

  • Mickhael Gray

    I love all of Ted Dekkers books. I have shared alot of his books with my sunday school class. He has made his books easy to have a good book discussion in class. I have even shared how Teds books has reflected on my life. His circle series has helped me to open my eyes on how i Look at Christ and how I should learn to believe in him and be more like him. for example on loving the Horde, The Horde are sinners and sometimetimes i find it hard to love them as i should especially when they do bad things to me or my family.

  • Milton

    I just finished reading the e-book of the Circle Trilogy Black Red White and I'm hooked. I would love to win the actual books.

  • Willmattgore

    I have only read through half the first book, and I would love to read the complete set. I know I’m late for the contest, but I read as many of your books as possible, and I haven’t found one that I don’t LOVE!

  • Mom2six

    I just discovered Ted Dekker and am in love with his books. I am a busy mother of six and have little time to read. With Dekker’s books I get hooked from the first line to the last and finish them in two nights. Our local library does not carry many of Dekker’s book. I would love nothing more than to win many more nights of good reading.



  • Don Henderson

    I just finished reading “House” by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, oh my. My first book of Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti!! This book was so good with all the twist and turns and surprises. And the ending, absolutely amazing. The book had me captivated the whole time, could not put it down. Noticed on your website I could win a free copy of this series, figured the worst you could say would be no, lol. But after reading house I am hooked and will be reading more. Thank you for sharing such an amazing talent.