Book Notes: Interview with Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley is one of my favorite authors. I listen to his leadership podcast religiously. We also had the privilege of publishing his new book, The Principle of the Path: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be [affiliate link]. In a few minutes, I’ll tell you how to get a copy FREE, along with a few other cool gifts.

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I was recently able to interview Andy at North Point Community Church where he serves as the pastor. Each Sunday, over 20,000 adults attend worship services at one of North Point’s three campuses in the Atlanta area.

In the interview, Andy says that whether you know it or not, “the principle of the path” is working in your life. As a pastor, Andy has heard countless stories of regret: bankruptcy, divorce, custody battles, lawsuits, kids gone wild, and more. Many of the people who come to him had good intentions, and they can’t quite understand how they got to such bad places.

Andy claims that there’s a simple, but powerful, principle at work: Direction, not intention, determines your destination. This principle is operating every time you look at a map or fire up your GPS. The same road leads to the same place—every time. “What’s true geographically is true relationally, financially, physically, and professionally.”

One of my favorite parts of the interview is his response to my question about Proverbs 27:12: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”. Prudent people ask what he calls “the best question ever”: In light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do?

I loved reading this book. As is often the case with a truly great book, I couldn’t put it down. I read it through in two sittings. My daughter, Marissa (age 18), who is freshman in college, also read it and loved it. As a dad and a publisher, I have no greater joy than when my children read good books—especially ones that we published!

In order to seed the market, I am giving away 200 copies of the book. In addition, Brad Lomenick at Catalyst has agreed to give away two tickets to the Catalyst Conference, October 7–8, 2009 in Atlanta. (This is a $836 value.) Andy will be one of the featured speakers.

Also—as if that weren’t enough—Brad is making available four copies each of:

  • The Best of Catalyst: Andy Stanley on Leadership CD Set. This includes Andy’s best six talks over the years at Catalyst, plus notes on each talk
    ($50 retail).
  • Systems DVD Set, featuring Andy Stanley. This includes Andy’s talk on Systems from Catalyst 2007, plus behind the scenes interviews with staff at North Point and with Andy validating the things he talks about ($25 retail).

How do you qualify to get some of this loot? Pay careful attention: you must take two actions:

  1. Leave a comment on this post below. Tell me why you want this book, the tickets to Catalyst, or one of the CD or DVD sets. Be creative.
  2. Fill out your shipping information in the special form. Do NOT leave your address in the comment itself.

On Thursday, based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments, I will select winners. If you are one of those selected, I will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from me, you can assume you didn’t make the cut.

Question: Why do you like Andy? Why do you want to get his new book, a chance to hear him live at Catalyst, or one of the CD or DVD series?
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  • Jeff Miles

    I love Andy Stanleys books, Louder than Words and Choosing to Cheat are amazing books and I would love the chance to get a copy of his new book.

    • Cheri Thompson

      I, too, would love a copy of the new book.

  • Lawrence Haynes

    I would love a copy of his new book. iAndy Stanley has become one of my (and my wife's) favorite speakers and authors. His dad was one of the reasons I became a Christian years ago and I enjoy seeing their legacy of service continue through Andy.

  • Megan Strange

    Hey Mike

    Thanks for the opportunity. I would love a free copy of Andy's new book. I am a huge fan of his teaching on leadership. I am finishing up my seminary degree in Christian Leadership and the class I am currently in uses "Communicating for a Change" as one of our textbooks. I appreciate his teaching on leadership because it matches up with the consistent way that he has led North Point Ministries over the years. I listened to his podcast about the Principle of the Path and am sure I'd get a lot out of the book as well.

    Thanks again Mike for making such great resources available to your blog readers!

  • J Warner

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity to present to us – your online friends and family. I am not sure which I would prefer as the book sounds like an amazing read, the conference is a dream to go to and the dvd's could last a lifetime and be shared with many. Personally, I am at a point that God is pushing me to let go of my current state and join Him on His mission, but I am still struggling to hold onto everything that I think 'normal'. I found you via twitter and the Women of Faith, their conferences and ability to reach women across this nation amaze me continually.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to take part in the conference in hopes that I too, through writing, editing and serving, can impact many lives in the future.

    May God continue to bless you and your work here in this life.

  • Tom Jamieson

    I think that since I am the first to comment I should win a prize — LOL, jk. Acutally I have been following Andy's leadership concepts and have just started a pastorate of my own and would be very grateful for the opportunity to learn even more about following God's leadership as a senior pastor. Any of the above products would greatly enhance my skills and understanding. Love your blog and tweets. Keep up the good work!

  • Rocky Ryser

    I have read most of his books and listen every month to his leadership thoughts. His new book would be really sweet to get. about the catalyst tickets I have already bought mine but I would love to take another church leader from my town so that they could experience christian leadership done well. Thanks for the chance.

  • bookingrl

    I would love to receive a copy of Andy's new book. It sounds like material that would be challenging and refreshing to me currently. I would also love to win the Catalyst tickets. i've wanted to go to that event, but finances have always kept me from going.

  • Allison Mittelkamp

    I would love a copy of Andy Stanley's new book or CD or DVD sets because Andy has recently been inspirational to me and been part of the reason I have become more passionate about my faith and sharing it with those around me. He also has given me a lot of advice through his podcasts on how to become a better leader of the youth in my home congregation.

  • Angel Lara

    I like Andy Stanley because of his leadership style and because how he is equipping church leaders and helping expand the Kingdom of God, i love to read books and this will the first book from Andy Stanley that i will be able to read, i want to have the opportunity to see Andy Stanley because i will be able to learn a lot and help the church grow from our current attendance (100 people or less) but specially also i will able to take my senior pastor to a conference where he can also learn from other leaders.

  • Glenn Sasscer

    My first exposure to Andy was in your Twitter and blog. You have tweaked my interest; please cause it to peak with your give-away.

  • Rolf Issler

    I was first introduced to Andy Stanley several years ago, when I read his book "Visioneering". It was a great read at that particular time in my life. Since then I've been an avid follower of Andy's. I subscribe to his podcast, and listen to his teaching while I drive, exercise, or maybe just relaxing in my favorite chair.

    He has a great way of making Biblical truth applicable to modern day life. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to much more teaching from Andy.

  • Jason Yarborough

    I've heard Andy speak live a total of 4 times. Each time I've heard him speak it has innovated my thinking as well as my theology. I've read a few of his books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. After reading your daughters post about "The Principle of the Path…" a couple of weeks ago, I became very intrigued with the book. I love to read Andy's insight on Direction and Decision as direction has become somewhat indecisive lately.

  • Matthew Wilkinson

    Well I love Catalyst. We were able to go last year to Catalyst West and it was the most incredible conference we have ever attended. It was so practical and helpful in our ministry. I would love the chance to go back and experience what the one in Atlanta is like. I love Andy Stanley and have attended North Point one time when I was in Atlanta. He is a visionary for the church today and in my opinion, one of the best leadership gurus out there today. God uses him in an incredible way and I love seeing people using their gifts and talents for the glory of God. I am currently working on my Master of Arts in Religion with concentration in Christian Leadership at Liberty University. Anytime I have the chance to get anything with Andy Stanley on it, I take advantage of that opportunity. Anything that I can get my hands on to help me with leadership, I read and study it. The past year has been very hard in ministry and I had to make some very tough decision in letting a Youth Worker go from ministry. I know it was the right thing to do but it has been a bad year, there has been quite a bit of backlash from the students. I believe that all the stuff on leadership that I have studied and read to that point, helped me get through that time. Just in the past few weeks have we seen an incredible work of God in our youth group. It is awesome to see God work. Thanks for reading this and thanks for helping leaders out across the world. Have a blessed day.

  • Jacob

    I like Andy because he's not afraid to do what he believes is best even if some don't like it! I listen to his leadership podcast every time it comes out and decided to do one point preaching because of him (I'm a new preacher). He's been very influential for me.

  • @joshperrington

    I would love the opportunity to go to Catylst!! I'm involved with a large college age church movement here in Roanoke, VA that would truly benefit from this event! We're attracting students from VA Tech, Radford University, Hollins, & Roanoke College…and it's amazing! Thanks for all you do.

  • Todd

    I enjoy Andy Stanley because he's a gifted communicator (he's smart enough to limit his talks to ONE point), he has consistently modeled the life of an effective spiritual leader (finding the right balance between work, family, etc.), and he admits that he doesn't have all the answers (he has an informed perspective that he shares with passion).

    Andy's book "Visioneering", had a tremendous impact on me when I was going through a time of uncertainty in my career. In fact, I typed of a list of all the major bullet points and carried it with me and shared it with friends. Andy just has a way of cutting to the heart of things and making his points "sticky" so they stay with you. This book sounds like it might be a great companion to "Visioneering" in the sense that it speaks more to the motivational side of the process versus the procedural side. Getting to attend the Catalyst Conference would be a great experience since I've never had the opportunity to attend previously, love to absorb leaderhsip content from many of the speakers who will be presenting, and I get to come to Atlanta which means I can make a trip to the VARSITY!!!!!

  • JD Eddins

    Andy's book and sermon series, The Best Question Ever, was life changing. I work with teens at a Christian drug treatment center and I have the lessons from that book change help change their lives, as well as my own. I have never heard Andy speak in person and would love the opportunity to do so. The Cd/DVD set would also be a great ool for our staff as we continue to improve ourselves as we work with our guys.

  • dfoster7597

    This interview was perfect for anyone that just attended the Building Champions Experience. I'm so excited to read this book because I feel that right now I've laid out my intentions and plans but I need to make sure my direction and the decisions I make are in line with my vision and God's will for my life. Thanks Mike and thank you Andy Stanley.

  • Garrett Hughes

    Michael, I'd love to win any of the prizes. This past May I lost my job at the church where I worked. I now attend a strategic partnership church of Northpoint and believe in the principles and strategy that Andy and the team of folks subscribe to. Right now the only way I'd have the chance at any of this stuff is to win it. I'm really seeking God as to where He wants me to be and what He wants me to do. Thanks for considering me.

  • Clay Knick

    I suppose Andy is my favorite megachurch pastor. He's one sharp guy. Hey,
    Scot McKnight likes him and has spoken at his church. Andy is a clear communicator.

  • Teresa Dawn

    Would love to get a copy of the book, I've never read anything of his but so far I've enjoyed everything else you recommend so why not give it a try? :) Thanks for this opportunity.

  • mcgilligan

    I read Andy Stanley's book, The Next Generation Leader, while in college studying for ministry work and couldn't put the book down. Now that I'm in ministry, I'd love to get my hands on his new book to glean some thoughts that will better enable me to help those people to whom I minister. Just because we are out of school doesn't mean we should stop learning.

  • Ed Earnest

    Love Andy’s leadership podcast and look forward to chewing on the content each month. Listening or reading Andy’s thoughts on leadership challenges and stretches me to think ahead- beyond where I am now as a leader. I’ve been waiting on this book for a while and will acquire a copy one way or another…but would really appreciate you going ahead and dropping one in the mail to me. :) Thanks for all you do! Enjoy God today.

  • Scott Stafford

    Wow -Andy has been inspirational over the years. My small group went through his Visioneering book this past year -it truly helped me be able to 'think' long term. Though -I am stuck with many intentions. I am a husband (15+ years), father of 4 awesome boys and a small business owner (internet consulting). This year has been extremely tough -and I find myself not being able to break out, break though my 'old programming' of short sightedness and isolation. I desire to break out of old paradigms. This is why I want Andy's new book -AND/OR a chance to go to Catalyst in October!

  • micahf80

    Don’t we all want to be on the right path? I know I do and yes – many times, I am caught looking at a particular point I want to get to and have failed to set my trajectory on that mark. It’s like taking the eastbound expressway lanes realizing you needed the westbound as the onramp circles over the direction you in intended to. While I may be looking at where I want to be, my direction says otherwise. From listening to many of Andy Stanley’s talks through his leadership podcast series, I truly respect the insight and challenges he brings to life’s direction and following God’s plan for my life. I would love a free copy and look forward to reading more in Andy’s new book.

  • D. Tilley Hawkins

    I love how Andy Stanley can take a complicated principle, condense it to a simple common sense statement and give direction on how to apply it in our everyday life. I want to be a prudent person and read this book (and what a gift to get it for free!) I want to know what Andy knows! Thanks for your consideration, Mike. Have a blessed day!

  • Chris Kindle

    I am a long time reader of your blog and appreciate your take on a number of important issues (like "Why Most Meetings Still Suck, Nov 5, 2008). Andy Stanley has produced a number of great leaders in our field and I am currently reading Think Orange by Reggie Joiner, a former North Pointer. I would love to have the opportunity to win free stuff… I mean who wouldn't?

    I can promise that I will read whatever I might receive, although I won't read it will wearing the Vibram FiveFingered running shoes, unless you choose to send me a pair of those as well ;)

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Rob Brock

    I finished reading Andy Stanley's new book, The Principle Of The Path, with my wife. I've been recommending the book to everyone, and think it should be required reading for every high school youth group and college class. I am also discussing the book with my Senior Pastor (I am the Worship Pastor), and we are adapting a short sermon series from The Principle Of The Path for the beginning of the New Year.

  • @nanahg3

    Love this statement: Direction, not intention, determines your destination.

    I'm currently in the middle of a life-changing move pertaining to my career and family life – the office I'm working in is being closed and I have been offered the opportunity to move to a metropolitan area to our corporate HQ to take on a new role.

    In light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do? While I would much rather play ostrich, stick my head in the sand and wait for this storm to pass it won't do any good. I've got to take stock and make a decision.

    Sounds like I need to run out and grab Andy's book as soon as possible! As a fan of audiobooks the CD set is tugging at me, but wait – the Catalyst tickets – what a great need that book! As you can see I'm having troubles making a decision again! Either way – thanks for the review – this is most definitely a book I will be picking up!

  • Francis

    My names is Francis and I am from Lima PERU, as you can see Andy´s teaching have spread all over the world, I usually hear his podcast both onleadership and the regular sermons at northpoint, I hear them both in English and Spanish, yes! Andy speaks spanish,well actually it is not himself but the guy who makes the voice for Andy is really good. Andy´s teaching are insightful, practical and his communication skilss are incredible, I am a worship leader and pastor and I have been incredible motivated through his ministry and teachings, that´s why I definetely want to read Andy´s new book , I would love to se him live at catalyst but at least you are sending me a plane ticket to go there from PERU better not give me that free catalyst ticket, (it would be frustrating to have the ticket and not the way to get there, dont you think?).
    Anyway, the systems DVD set would be appreciatted and applied to our church and ministry.

  • Chew Keng Sheng


    Why do I like Andy Stanley? The answer is really simple. Being a relatively young pastor, he has been an example of integrity and a source of inspiration to me personally (although thus far, I have got a chance to meet him personally in my part of the world). His previous book, Louder than Words, speaks volume. It is possible to live a life of no compromise.

  • Haydee

    Hi michael, Andy stanley is my fave pastor. I have dloaded all his sermons over the last 2 yrs via podcast and watches him on YouTube too! I like his humor and frankness. Well I’m based in Singapore so I don’t need the tickets but hoping to get his book or DVD. Thank u!

  • Jennifer Pfluke

    I live in San Antonio, TX, but I listen to Andy Stanley’s podcasts every week. I can’t begin to tell you the impact he has had on my spiritual growth and maturity. My journal is filled with pages of notes taken from his messages alone. I’ve never read any of his books, though, so, of course, I’d jump at the opportunity to receive a copy. Thank you!

  • Ryan Nilsen

    I appreciate Andy's clear style of thought–in the preview video for this book he is able to succintly describe how we de-rail our own plans and goals. I appreciate the simplicity he brings to an area of our lives that we can overcomplicate, and that's why I love a copy of this book or a chance to hear him speak. Thanks for this ministry!

  • JesseGiglio

    The Systems DVD revolutionized our church. Andy Stanley is a like a giant gumball machine dispensing leadership gems one after another. Someone told me once that watching Andy talk to leaders is like watching Tiger on the driving range.
    Just read a book w/ a simliar point, "the car goes where the eyes go" – The Art of Racing in the Rain.

  • Doug

    Hi Michael,

    I'd like the book by Andy because I think it would be a perfect compliment to Becoming a Coaching Leader. A friend and I are working through the Core 4 together. Andy's book gives more of the raw Biblical content which support the principles Harkavy teaches. Love Andy! Awesome teacher and leader!

  • Kenny Goza

    I would be honored to receive the book from Pastor Andy. I listen to most all of his podcasts from Northpoint, as well as his leadership podcast. I have learned much from him about leadership, and spiritual growth.
    I will be attending Catalyst and am anxious about being there. This will be my first time to attend. People like Andy, John Maxwell, Francis Chan and others are so inspiring and challenging.
    I alsp follow you and others via Twitter. What a great sharing tool.

  • Toby Hunt

    I would like to win Andy Stanley's book, because, although I serve in a lay capacity in my church, I think that too often the "secular world" could learn a ton from the leadership wisdom of Andy Stanley and the like. His books are amazing resources for anyone, regardless of whether they are in the ministry or in the world, and his books and resources provide real life, practical advice to improve on a spiritual, personal, and relational level. God bless!

  • Paul Carreon

    I would love to get the book and Learn More about the Principle of the Path. When I am done I will do the same thing you did and give it to my 19 year old son who is in college. Also this would be my first Andy Stanley book I so I am sure it will lead to further purchases. Finally, as a 1st time church planter, I believe the book will teach me principles to help me stay on the right path and in 20 years not be wondering how I got off the Path. Thank you for all the opportunities you give us to win books.

  • Kathleen Couch

    Wow, what an opportunity! I would love to win the book by Andy Stanley. But, even more, would love to win the Catalyst tickets. My church has long been a pretty traditional church, but is making strides to use the opportunities through the internet to become more relevant for today. Even though I am older (59) than the average internet savvy person, I have a huge desire to see our church use the opportunities for evangelizing and growing in today's world. These tickets and learning from Catalyst could be the tipping point.

  • David Grigsby

    Michael – Love the fact that Andy not only writes about leading with purpose, but leads by example. Have read several of his books, and I am looking forward to adding "The Principle of the Path" to my list. Also looking forward to getting to Catalyst this year! One day hopefully I would love to just sit down and spend 10 minutes with Andy and ask some questions about church planting and leadership. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • @SRivera

    Michael, thanks for sharing this interview with Andy & thanks for the opportunity.

    I like Andy because he does not only knows what he is talking about, he is also passionate about it & ultimately he acts on it. I will love to win this book because I want to be wise. I want to learn by listening to great mentors like Andy.

    [Simpletons only learn the hard way, but the wise learn by listening
    Prov 21:11 Mess]

  • JasonWert

    I know you encouraged us to be creative but I'm just going to be honest.

    I was in ministry in the 90s through 2000 when I had an addiction that necessitated God removing me from a position of leadership. The last nine years have been one trial after another and more pain than I would ever wish on another human being. I've had times where I wanted to walk away from God because of the trial but knew there was nowhere else to go but to Him.

    Through everything my heart's desire to serve Him through my giftings hasn't changed at all even though He has only provided very small opportunities for it. I've chosen some really bad paths that I thought were the right way to go but ended up bringing more pain and challenges. I want to give all of me to Him in all I do but I can't seem to get the right path in front of me.

    I want to serve where God wants me and I know that will only happen if I get on the right path and get solid guidance and direction to help me as I take my first steps on that path. I think Andy's teaching on this issue will help me go forward in my life. That's why I'd like to be considered for the items you're offering in this giveaway. Thank you for doing it.

  • speli

    I am currently reading Andy Stanley's book "Communicating for a Change" and have found it to feature some very novel thoughts. I expect very similar inspiration from his latest book. As an unemployed product manager and current full-time seminary student, I simply cannot afford to buy many books outside of my seminary reading, but I would love to get this for the reasons mentioned above. As for the Catalyst Conference, I have left-over airline miles I can use to get there and the free time to go on top! So that would just be a tremendous blessing to me, as is pretty much everything MIke has put out lately. Both the leadership thoughts and his book discussions have added greatly to the journey I am on. Thanks, Mike!

  • Santos Samayoa

    I would enjoy a copy of Andy's book, he definitely is the next generation of leaders example. I listen to his podcast and as a young leader in ministry I would love to get as much experience from any and all veterans.
    I would also like a ticket to Catalyst! I'm from California so to win that would mean a great get away with the best leaders in the world! I definitely would like to go out there, one of my life goals.

  • Adam Brunson

    I have a group of new and not-yet believers in y neighborhood that we gather with weekly. We look at God's Word together, talk honestly and try to show how a path of faith/trust in Jesus trumps all other paths. This book could be a great gift for a neighbor.

  • Jill

    It has been awhile since I have read one of Andy Stanley's books. I am particularly drawn to this book because of the question he says prudent people should ask. Why do we not all ask this question when we are seeking solutions to our problems?

    I have always enjoyed Stanley's straightforward approach to leadership issues and would enjoy reading his new book or since I have never been to a Catalyst event I would love the CD set.

  • Adam Robertson

    I have enjoyed Andy's pastoral and leadership style through the years. I was introduced to Northpoint about 10 years ago while visiting my wife's family in Georgia. I encourage anyone in my organization to take advantage of advice they receive from people who are/have been successful. Especially when they consider success in light of God's will. The Principle of the Path is exactly the motivation our organization needs in this current financial climate.

  • Brian Ritchie

    I have learned so much from Andy. Can't wait to read this book!

  • Naomi

    I want to go to a place I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO! Mike thanks for the opportunity to fight for the prize. LOL. I'd love Andy's new book and CD's because I need it. Im ready to change paths in my leadership. Not only will it bless me, but everybody else who has been following somewhere nowhere fast. Do it for my followers. LOL
    As my leadership responsibilities evolve I want to be confident the paths I'm taking lead others to their destiny.

    Thanks again.

  • Matthew

    In recent years I've been greatly helped by Andy's work and ministry. I've given copies of his book, Next Generation Leader to some of the young leaders I serve. This book on direction is exactly where the Lord has me at the moment and I've been teaching very similar stuff to my leaders. About a year ago I finished my first masters degree and my thesis contained a very similar teaching and study. I'd love to have something to further my progression and to give to others around me. Thanks, M

  • naomi

    oops I hit the button twice….this one will make it 3

  • bdeeley

    A few months back I discovered Andy's work when I read "Next Generation Leader" and just put this book and Visioneering on my Amazon shopping list.

    In recent months, I've been sharing some of my great book finds (including Noticer and Same Kind of Different) with my small group. They LOVE my recommendations and are always asking me what I'm reading next! Principle of the Path is definitely next.

  • @scottesavage

    I love Andy Stanley. He communicates as clearly as any megachurch senior pastor today. I can repeat the Big Ideas of all of his Catalyst talks that I engaged and his book Communicating for Change was far better than any text I read in my seminary preaching class. I would love to get his new book and/or the DVD set because I am committed to personal development (I read a book a week) and seek to translate what I learn into digestible form for others to engage and be transformed by.
    I work with college students and lead an alternative worship service at large Baptist church in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Thanks for the chance to throw my name in the hat – and you had great content in your Catalyst podcast.

  • Chase Adams

    Andy Stanley, just this morning, topped the list of my favorite artists. That's right, not just AUTHORS, artists. His books are works of art that inspire people of passion to pursue things greater than the mundane. Rob Bell…see ya buddy. John Eldridge? Child's play. I read Andy Stanley's books and they push me forward. I was in an incredibly unsettling rut in the past few months, but Andy's the Best Question Ever & Destinations series helped me drive out the demons and bring closer the Heart of Christ. I felt so moved by the Best Question Ever that I bought and shipped 5 copies to my best friends (1 is in South Korea, the shipping cost more than the book!) If I were to win a free copy of this book more than likely I'd pass it along to someone else and buy another copy for myself. If I won tickets to Catalyst, I'd give them to the two people I knew could get the most out of them, and buy one for myself so we could all attend together. Either way, Andy Stanley, though he doesn't know me from any other Joe, has been a pivotal player in driving me to pursue my passions, my relationship with Christ and with People.

  • Rob Brock

    (Sorry for multiple comments…the last part of my message was getting cut off.) I would love to share the Systems DVD with the leadership team at my church (where I am the worship pastor). I've been helping the leadership team move toward more intentional and strategic planning and execution. I think it would be great to share the learnings and examples from North Point with my leadership team. I've heard some of Andy Stanley's Podcasts, so I'm confident this would be some great material!

  • d_w_scott

    Andy's got a way of expressing leadership principles so clearly that you think "this is obvious – why didn't I think of that?"

    I'd love to get my hands on this book for the same reason I bought "The Best Question Ever". His insights are great with middle/high school and college kids, whom I spend a huge block of my time mentoring and discipling. Not to mention that his insights always set me on a different path.

  • LeeAnne Setterington

    This is my first introduction to Andy Stanley, so thank you.
    One of my favorite quotes is “we judge others by their actions and we judge ourselves by our intentions.” I believe this book helps support the case that our intentions have to become actions that go in the proper direction.
    Looking forward to reading his book.

  • Dona

    I am very excited about Andy's new book, The Principle of the Path! I have heard his message series, Destinations, which teaches on this subject. Not only did I purchase the series, but I have loaned it out to several people because I believe the message is so important, especially to the younger generation just beginning to make decisions that impact their lives.

    Andy is so brilliant as a communicator. He is able to break down profound, practical teaching into bite size, easily digested pieces that make it possible to incorporate the principles in daily life. He definitely has impacted my life through his messages and previous books. This one is will prove to be a huge help to many needing direction for their path. I look forward to bringing it home to my library!

  • Todd

    I have to say, I've heard of Andy, but I've never heard him speak or read any of his books. This is surprising because I'm a pretty voracious reader. This interview really interests me because I love books on leadership and this concept of "Direction, not Intention" is very solid. I'm on staff at the largest admitting hospital in America (also a Christian hospital) and am always looking for good books to recommend to our leadership team. So I'd be very interested to read this one.

  • heather

    Love Andy's view that he takes in this book and it has helped to reshape my life. Would love a copy of the book and my parents are getting ready to read it now.

  • Andy Jones

    I would love a copy of Andy's book because I am currently not where I want to be and desparately want to get somewhere.

  • Daniel Butcher


    Thats seems to be what everyone in my generation is thinking about….yeah 30 years olds who should have it all together.

    I think the principles in Andy’s books is content that could be inerjected into these conversations as we work out family, jobs, church, purpose and much much more.

    I have never read one of Andy’s books and am hoping that I can be introduced to a new author who could enrich my book shelves.

  • @chaplainlc

    Andy Stanley has the gift of seeing the obvious while others are oblivious. He gives sight to the blind; insight to the far-sighted and foresight to the near-sighted. I will add this book to my personal library (hopefully Kindle) whether you gift it or I purchase it. My intention will be my direction and my ultimate destination will be sitting in my reading chair developing ways to implement this principle into my daily living.

  • CSpooner

    *sings while performing an irish jig ontop of my vacuum*
    Andy Stanley he's so groovey-his hair is poofy his messages move me
    Saw him on Dave Ramsey, definitely not a pansy, Im proud to say
    I'm becoming a big fan(sy)!


    Andy's direct and simple messages motivate and inspire me to live more effectively. These offered resources are invaluable!

  • Gordon

    This was a great interview and it gave great insight as why the interview was placed: it was like sampling sweet tea after a dusty hike. I want more! The simplicity of the principle 'stoke' my thirst to learn more – for myself and some family members who could use some guidance. Yes, I want more – the book!

  • Renee Pride

    Andy Stanley was introduced to my husband and I at a very critical point in our marriage and has had a profound impact on our life. We love his style and delivery method and would love to have more, more, more! Thank God for such a wonderful leader that is touching thousands of lives! I just recently – quite accidentally – found out about the Catalyst Conference and it would be a dream come true to be able to attend. Either way, thank you so much for your work in getting the word out – you're doing a fabulous job of utilizing so many venues. Appreciate it SO much!!

  • wildcat1998

    What really stood out to me was when you said that you make a goal and then you choose other things instead of following the path that you know that you should be on. I immediately thought that's me, I do that all the time. So how do I figure out how to stay on the path and reach my goal? How do I stop from taking the wrong path once I realize the path wrong? Why is the wrong path so alluring and seems so exciting that I choose that over everything else? Hopefully this book will answer those questions and help me choose to make the right decisions instead of the wrongs ones next time.

  • Chris Oakes

    I would appreciate winning Andy’s book. You see, I am trying to fill up my shelf with Andy Stanley books I’ve not gotten around to reading, and this would make a great addition alongside It Came from Within, Visioneering, The Next Generation Leader, and others. Please help me in this endeavor.

    As for the tickets to Catalyst, I’ve been to several, and I actually paid attention, so I suppose I don’t have as good a reason for wanting them.

  • Sharmen

    I would love Andy's book. Andy is one of a handful of people I use to pump truth into my head on a daily basis, and every thing he teaches takes you right down to evaluating where your heart is with God – which is the whole purpose of life. I love to take him grocery shopping (with my iPod and E5's) – Makes Walmart an almost enjoyable experience.

  • Steve

    I like how he approaches his work in ministry. What sticks with me is his comment in the video about viewing himself as more of a “consultant” than a “counselor” when people approach him for advice. That really cuts to the chase. He answers your questions quickly & directly, that leads me to believe he is an authoritative voice in this area of interest. I’m intrigued by those who speak clearly & quickly without leaving their message incomplete. My analytical nature makes it hard to communicate quickly without feeling I left out the whole point (which is often done even when I don’t speak quickly).

    To be honest, I don’t know much about Andy Stanley. Beyond recognizing his name, this post contains my whole perception of the man. However, the interview was great and introduced me to a guy I’ll learn more about.

    I’d love a copy of this book because the subject is one that applies right now to me personally, professionally, and as a parent of young boys that I want to help to discover and pursue their own paths in life.

  • Chuck Bernal

    As a pastor of a 6 month old church plant in Fort Worth, TX, I am constantly trying to become a better husband, father, pastor and most importantly, Christ follower. Why would I like to receive this new book and the other materials? It's simple – All leaders are learners. One of my biggest challenges and biggest commitments is to constantly be learning from the Word and from other leaders – and Andy Stanley is one of the best. I have learned so much for Andy Stanley's previous books and messages and I look forward to gaining more insights from the new book. It all comes down to this: "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." God uses Andy Stanley to sharpen my life – my focus – and my ministry. Thanks Andy!

  • MWM

    MWM seeks partnership with other young, talented and creative next generation leaders to better equip me to fulfill the vision that God has given me. I will be in the Atlanta area the 2nd week of October. Please contact me if interested and maybe we can connect.

  • Pat

    This book looks like one I would use and refer to in my conference ministry. I love Andy Stanleys' teaching and admire how he does always seem to work from principle. I'm a TN book blogger, so would love to give some publicity to this one. I'd also love the CD or DVD sets. Unfortunately, can't attend Catalyst as I have class that weekend and hubby is having surgery the following Tuesday. Perhaps next time.

  • kimand

    I recently heard Andy speak at my church and loved his teaching and content. I'm sure his new book is filled with great insights and challenges and I'd love to learn more about God's direction. I'm up for a new challenge so I say bring it on! Please send me a copy of the book if I am one of the chosen few! Blessings to you!

  • Rebecca Stuhlmiller

    Andy Stanley captured my attention in 1999 with his book "Visioneering." I knew God wanted to use me like He did Nehemiah, so I asked God to take my life and do whatever He wanted to do to make me useful for His kingdom. He took this homemaker, mom/stepmom/wife of a newly blended family of 9 and made her into a Christian communicator and leader. "Visioneering" sits on my "keep forever" library shelf. Stanley's book "Communicating for Change" is in my speaker/writer's library. From WA state I couldn't swing the conference (airfare/hotel) this late, but another Andy Stanley book or a CD set would be great!

  • Perry

    In light of my past experience (bad choices, wrong paths), my present circumstances (enduring the consequences of those choices), and my future hopes and dreams (to be a man built for others), the wise thing to do would be to attend Catalyst and read all of Andy's books! Thanks for your encouraging post and interview with Andy.

  • @johnwaldo

    I use Andy's materials and quotes frequently in my new job working at the largest private college in Michigan. In fact, I have his quote "Direction, not intention, determines destination" in my email signature, and I've included it in professional development training for our faculty.

    It amazes me the things Andy teaches, and how they are so appropriate for any environment, PLUS the fact that they match up with best practices in business and higher education.

    Can't afford to make it to Catalyst this year, but would LOVE the Systems DVD set, both for my work her, and our church, where my wife is on staff.

  • @transitionpete

    I've always appreciated the leadership insights of Andy Stanley — from the DRIVE Conference to the podcasts to even his Tweets! Just to be challenged and inspired through his "stuff" would be great!

  • Faye

    I've loved listening to Andy Stanley since way back in 1992 when he spoke at a youth retreat at Ridgecrest. He has always had that special something that God has gifted only a few with and I'm so grateful he shares it!
    I would LOVE to have this book – I have such trouble sometimes getting on that path and sticking with it. I'm sure it will help me and those I will share what I learn with.
    That CD set and DVD set would be pretty awesome to have, too. Something to grow not just me but to use to develop leaders in our church and in churches around us.

  • Wes Kohring

    What a cool thing to do! I am somewhat familiar with the content in Stanley's latest book – I taught his material to the teen's in the youth ministry I lead, a series tailored for students called "Road Signs." I'd love to have the wisdom in this book given to me on an adult level. The principle of the path is incredibly simple yet profound. Something to be shared. I would love the opportunity own a copy! I've been to Catalyst One Day here in Dallas and already have my tickets for Catalyst Atlanta, I can't wait. Andy Stanley is one leader who truly reflects the glory of God and wisdom fed leadership. Thanks for passing it along!

  • awojtowski

    A literary pleasure it is to read Andy's books. I would be most honored to accept a copy of his new book if it were bestowed upon me.

  • Johnny

    Last week, I read my first Andy Stanley book. I had to read the book and write a paper on the Visioneering process for a college-level leadership class. I started reading and could not put the book down. I loved the practical method that Andy shares for visioneering. I was able just this weekend to put his insights to use when I began the visioneering process for a new ministry. I would love to learn more about leadership by reading his new book or watching the DVD/CD set.

  • Laurie Russell

    Andy Stanley baptized me in a swimming pool back in '94. He was only a few years into his new ministry of preaching, having been a youth minister prior and I was a baby in my new faith. I grew so much under his teaching. He continued on to be a popular speaker and teacher and I eventually went overseas as a int'l missionary. God showed me His love and the world. Andy showed me how to find it.

    Andy speaks in a language I can understand. I'd love to have this book! Thanks for publishing such great works!

  • JesseGiglio

    The Systems DVD revolutionized our church. Andy Stanley is a like a giant gumball machine dispensing leadership gems one after another. Someone told me once that watching Andy talk to leaders is like watching Tiger on the driving range.

  • kevincooper

    Just finished Andy's new book last month. Would love to be able to go to Catalyst and hear him speak as well as the other speakers. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • @jamesbmorris

    I love Andy's teachings. He is a revolution in the Word actually being a double edged sword that is separating not only soul and spirit but also cultural Christianity and true discipleship. As a ministry leader

  • Trent

    Hello Michael and thank you for opportunity to receive free copy of Andy Stanley's materials. I have followed Andy on podcasts for a few years now and have to say that I am encouraged and moved to action from his sermons to his leadership principles. I have never seen an event of his in person. I am also a fan of his father Charles Stanley.

    Today is a day that our world needs leaders from Christian principles that are not afraid to speak on subjects that are difficult to discuss, to embrace, and to ask for God's guidance and partnership with. Andy does a great job of moving us in this direction.

    Please consider me as a fan, and recipient of the Catalyst dvds, and or a book!

  • Sam Mahlstadt

    I love Andy's practical teaching and his depth of Scriptural knowledge. At the age of 22, I moved with my wife of 2 weeks 1200 miles to help start a church, because we have decided that we want to be on the path that God has shown us. I would love the book to read about the principle of the path more in depth.

  • Jen Schmitt


    What a wonderful gift to pass along. While I'd love to read the book or attend Catalyst, I'm really putting in my comments in hopes of copies of the CD or DVD. It's not that I don't love to read (I do!) or that my calendar is full for Catalyst. It's much more simple, we're expecting baby #2 in about 5 weeks. As a business owner, speaker, and about-to-be second time Mom, I know I'm not going to have the time to read or attend. But I can always listen during the rare moments of quiet and gain some needed insight or inspiration. Thanks!

  • @mattbeard

    I'm also an avid listener of Andy's Leadership Podcast and the other podcasts from North Point. The Principle of the Path has quite literally changed my walk with Jesus. The principle is so simple which I think it what makes it so profound and easily applicable in daily life. I plan on buying the book whether I win a free copy or not. I can always give one away. As far as the tickets to Catalyst, they are the main reason I decided to comment. I'm not sure if you plan to giving them out as a set but either way, I'd love to win one for my pastor if he would be able to attend. He's been Senior Pastor at my home church for about 3 years now and has yet to take time to go to a conference. He's a close friend of mine and I know he needs it. So if you're giving the tickets out separately instead of a set, the one I win will go to him if he can go. Thanks very much for the chance.

  • Michael

    Andy Stanley is one of the premier experts on leadership in the Christian world, and I have been following him since the beginning of North Point. I am a new minister and would love to have the package to help me grow in my leadership according to God's plan. I feel Andy's material would be incredible to help me see God's will for my life and help me along my path allowing me to lead others. Church growth and leadership are passions of mine and would love to have more of Andy's perspective. Thanks for the opportunity to win this package.

  • Karen Jordan

    Always ready to hear a new word of wisdom from Andy Stanley.

  • Jon

    I work on a college campus in the Los Angeles area and would love to use Andy's new book to pass along those principles to my students. It sounds like a powerful message for where they are in life (and, where I am, for that matter).

  • amandabintn

    Direction, not intention, determines my destination. Now that is something that needs to be on T-shirts and coffee mugs around the globe. While we all learned that the road to that undesirable place is paved with good intentions, it never became an active mantra once we hit the halls of college and the corporate world. Hat tip to Andy Stanley for once again hitting the nail square on the head, and taking a cloudy concept and putting it right in front of us in such a simple and put-into-action-now message. While I would love to get a copy of his book from you, I'm thinking that I had better order it now and get busy writing my plan and then, step out in faith! Thanks to both Andy and Michael.

  • steveharrison

    I enjoy reading and listening to Andy Stanley as he wlways encourages and stretches me…when it comes to leadership he is strong…would love a copy of the book to give away as i already have one…thanks!!

  • Karen Rabbitt

    I'm not that familiar with Andy Stanley, however, I am very familiar with the rewards of wisdom and I'd like to hear what he has to say about that.

    After thirty-five years of submitting to Jesus and his ways of forgiveness, grieving losses, and seeking him with my whole heart, I enjoy a life I could never have imagined at 16 years old. So, I'd appreciate the opportunity to help spread the word about wise choices and how to make them.

    Karen Rabbitt

  • thomasstanley

    I want Andy Stanley's new book for 2 reasons: Number 1, we share the same last name, ergo, we may be related. Number 2, I feel that in order to cultivate my creative desires, I must have Andy's new book to create a paper mache elephant, in which I will take part in the content of the book while scanning the various body parts of the large nosed mammal. p.s. Catalyst would be a fun experience.

  • Tommy Lane

    I would like a copy of this book because what Andy Stanley is saying makes perfect sense. Many times we have good intentions but make the wrong decisions because we want to satisfy ourselves in the now. So many times it comes back to kick you in the rear end. I like the fact that he uses stories in the Bible to back up the “Principle of The Path.” While I’ve never read any of his books, this video interview has interested me in reading what he has to say. This is something I believe I need to apply to my own life.

  • joelhwilliams

    (cont)…they are in the process of rehabing the house to be liveable, with plans to start a house church as well as a business that will train up a new generation of "tent making missionaries" through journeyman/apprenticeship programs teaching carpentry and related construction trade skills.

    In my opinion, their dedication to incarnational ministry and willingness to serve anywhere they feel called regardless of personal safety risks, etc., makes them deserving of the book and especially the tickets to Catalyst, whose purpose as I understand it is to train up, support, and encourage the next generation of ministry leaders such as Michael, Hope, and their children. Thanks, @joelhwilliams

  • Jim Willis

    I don't miss Andy's leadership podcasts. He regularly blows me away. He admits he's not the smartest guy in the room, but you can bet your bottom dollar he's the most determined. Where else would a church develop a music team specifically to play in local bars? And present the gospel while doing it?? You gotta love it. I'm looking forward to more of Andy's spiritual insights in this new book.

  • Jeff Brame

    I desperately want to join some of my friends from at Catalyst this year but I just can’t swing the cost for those tickets and the trip. So Andy’s book would be a great substitute. Im pretty much standing exactly where Andy is talking about, in a path wondering okay I have gotten to this point but what do I have to do from this point on to quit ending up in the same spot.

  • Amy Herbel


    I'd love a copy of Andy's book. This is my first introduction to his writings and thoughts on leadership. I'm a single mom making career and life changes so I don't end up back where I was. I'm on a new path and want to reach my desired destination. I also love to share what I'm reading and learning with others. Thanks for considering me.

  • Greg Finley

    Agree with most of the comments. Andy's ministry and resources have played a huge role in the direction I've headed with ministry. His ability to communicate simply and to not teach too much are lost skills in today's communication landscape. Would love this resource and its potential to further my journey.

  • Keith

    Honestly, I have never read any of Andy Stanley’s stuff or heard him speak….As a young man coming up in the ministry I am trying to learn more and more! I think being exposed to Andy via this book or the conference would be an experience that would only continue my journey in ministry. My direction is ministry and my intention is to learn more. I’m making the decision to head in the right direction.

  • Rick Timlick

    I would very much appreciate a copy of Andy's book. I have listened to his podcasts several times over and appreciate his insight and the linkage he makes between ministry and business. I also serve in a lay clergy in addition to consulting and would be grateful for this opportunity to have his book, cds, etc. It is a copy I would buy but free is always nice.

  • Jonathan

    I would love all or some of these items! Andy is tremendously helpful in my management and leadership career. I attended Catalyst way back in 2002 in Atlanta and loved it. Been away from ATL for a while now, but would love to get back down for the conference. Also, Andy’s books are inspiring and very useful! Even used “Choosing to Cheat” as a small group curriculum. Very good discussions.

  • Ludmil Arsov

    I try to follow all that comes from Andy and North Point. Great stuff. As a young church planter his books and especially the podcasts and teachings have deepened my understanding and helped me in many areas.

  • Patrick Stewart

    It seems that all my life I've had good intentions but rarely follow through. Some people might even say I'm stuck in a rut. Andy has a way of being honest and transparent about his own life. I would like you to give me an opportunity to learn how to be more directional in my life decisions whether it be through his book, CD, DVD or the Catalyst event.

  • Nathan

    I had the privilege to hear Andy speak at a Catalyst One Day Event. He was great. He was inspiration, and his ability to communicate about change and momentum was awesome. Look forward to reading more of his writings.

  • Keith

    Honestly, I have never read any of Andy Stanley's stuff or heard him speak….As a young man coming up in the ministry I am trying to learn more and more! I think being exposed to Andy via this book or the conference would be an experience that would only continue my journey in ministry. My direction is ministry and my intention is to learn more. I'm making the decision to head in the right direction.

  • Brett

    I would love to get my hands on this book because right now we (the ministry i run for middle schoolers) are starting to change things up and I have become more intention but want to further that intention with direction to bring our ministry to the next level.

  • Scott Silby

    Catalyst Haiku

    Hear great leaders teach
    Use the wisdom back home
    Alas, no tickets.

  • Jason Hicks


    I would love a copy of the book. I am a humble church planter. Our team is just now in our 2nd month of services. We would live a copy to be able to find our path and to help those who walk through our doors find their path as well. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Jonathan

    Love Andy Stanley, his books and his leadership podcast. I've already got "The Principle of the Path" but would love to give it to a friend if I win.

  • dannyjbixby

    I'd love a copy of Andy Stanley's new book.

    Personally, I'd love to go to Catalyst, or get any of the other loot as well. But I don't work at a church, so I'm not really the Catalyst target market, others would be better suited for it.

    However, I think Andy Stanley's book would be the ideal consolation loot for someone like me.

  • Rick

    I work with Church Planters & Pastors (Revitalization) – these resources will be used by me to equip other pastors and ministry leaders. As well, we'll make them a part of our lending library. If you choose to resources me with these materials, you're effectively resourcing over 180 ministry leaders!

  • Dan Johnson

    One could think that he died and we’re at Andy’s memorial service! The outstanding fact is that he saw the church clearly as a young man, student, and son of a pastor and Andy, like so many, had the opportunity to check out and pursue some secondary passion or distraction. BUT he choose to see the good and the GREAT in the historic Christian faith and decided to pursue it with all the creative powers and insights that God has uniquely granted him. I think the greater story is that when you put Charles‘s (his father) life span along with his, THAT IS GENERATIONAL IMPACT! Who wouldn’t want to read more from those types of leaders! And Catalyst is a must for any creative, entrepreneurial follower of Jesus who has distaste for "same song…fifth verse"! Even some of us who are older have that restlessness!

  • Lisa Loftis

    In 2002 I found myself to be a divorced mother-I did not want a divorce but was there none the less. I wasdevastated. This was not one of those situations I saw coming very far in advance but I was there due to the actions of another. Life throws those at you, no matter how I tried to avoid it, I was there.

    Now at this time, I believed that I could make something of my self in spite of having stayed home for over 15 years, I was motivated but lacked direction. Andy Stanley’s materials are used in our LifeGroup ministries through my church. Each curriculum, rather a book or DVD has grown my brain, heart and soul by at least an inch with each session!

    Now 8 years later, I have completed a college degree, have a great job in the court system, and supervise staff part-time staff at church, plus I am a great mom of 6 kids, five of whom are still at home…God has been so good to me! Losing it all is not the worst thing that could happen…but rather it is the best place to start over!

    My current goal is to write a book full of amazing inspirational stories from history that would especially benefit families with children. I would like to attend the Catalyst event and or recieve part of the “loot” mentioned above because I can’t afford to purchase most of them…at least not without saving for a long time, and having worked hard to achieve what I have so far I am looking forward only to more good things. Surely I would benefit. Seriously, divorced or not, who couldn’t benefit from Stanley’s materials…unless they refuse to listen/read them?

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate,

  • Justin Joiner

    Andy Stanley is one of the best communicators and creative minds I've seen in a while. I can learn a lot from him. I have Visioneering and Communicating for a change. THey both have help me to connect with my audience more and also just know where I'm going. I would like a copy of this book because I believe being in the position of a new youth pastor I could apply it to my life. And also going to the Conference would be a great leadership development for me. Its would be a great birthday present too. My birthday is Oct. 2nd. But overall I have seen the affects of this conference on others, hopefully it would do the same for me.

  • middled

    Listening to Andy talk about direction and intention has challenged my thinking for the past few days. Recently, my family and I left a good church to help a church plant 800 miles away. My direction lined up with my intention but things seemed to turn out unexpectedly. We are no longer helping with the church plant and now I am wondering what to do. Direction seems to be a little blurred. I listen to Andy's Podcast often and often times listen to the same podcast more than once. His material has encouraged me in this tough time in my life. I have never been to a "live" Catalyst event but follow many blogs and twitters to receive as much leadership stuff I can. I know that any material I can get would be to strengthen me and in return strengthen others.

  • Rob Bogle

    I'll be honest. i just like free books, Oh yeah Andy Stanley is awesome too.

  • Smaydagroup

    Ironically, I just added a new post to my blog today on Andy's topic regarding Direction. I am so excited to discover this world where people are actively trying to improve themselves instead of "dieing on the vine" and waiting to enjoy life until they retire. That is why I started my own blog. My mission is to "Harness the power of hope to achieve greatness." Andy's book sounds like it will help many people and is in line with my own mission. I would greatly appreciate a free copy and will even review it on my blog. Thanks.

  • Cale Woods

    I come from a small church in Michigan. Recently as a staff we started discussing "Change" in our church and listened to a leadership podcast by Andy Stanley from a year ago (I believe) about Change. His point was "if we were fired from our jobs, and someone new was brought in, what would they do differently that we are not doing now." It is totally making us look at everything we are doing, and finding a better way to reach people for God. I love reading anything by Andy right now, so if I don't win a copy, I will buy one. I would love to attend Catalyst! Being from a smaller church, we don't have the big budgets for travel to conferences. So free tickets to Catalyst would be a tremendous help to get me there. I have always wanted to attend the conference! And I know that I would come back inspired and ready to lead!

  • michael Clark

    I use the DVD study he did last year "Destination" as a dicussion too for the men of the recovery center I speak and volunteer at in SE Ga. I believe it would be a benificial element for the men to have a hard copy of Andy's new book to read and explore in their personal time and also for group study. It is a Christian facility where Christ is preached and proclaims as the deliverer from thier past and a provider for their future.

  • Wink Rush

    I am starting to lead our Men's Ministry at our church and I really could use ANY ideas and encouragement. The DVDs would be great for our class!
    The book would be wonderful to have as a reference for my studies.
    God bless.

  • Paul Galon

    I miss Andy soo much. I started going to his church just after it opened along with 7:22 with Louie Giglio. I Moved up to Pittsburgh and I miss it down there a lot. The free book would be great to reminisce in the memories of the great times. Thanks so much for the opportunity. See you on Facebook.

  • jsteward

    I would love to read Andy Stanley's new book. My church follow the North Point model and I'm not sure what that involves, so I'm very interested in learning more.

  • jsteward

    I would love to read Andy Stanley's new book. My church follows the North Point model and I'm not sure what that involves, so I'm very interested in learning more.

  • M. Unwin

    We love Andy Stanley!! Every time I read one of his books or have heard him speak I grow and am challenged to think/do life and ministry differently. He has a way to challenge you in every aspect of your life…every time he speaks. Since moving from Atlanta to Oregon podcasts have definitely become a part of my routine… I'd love any of the resources you're offering. But honestly — the cd or dvd set sound GREAT to me. I was able to do Catalyst once when in Atlanta and while I'd love to go again, budget & ministry schedule & distance just don't make that possible.

  • Donnie Mainellis

    A year ago, God gave me a vision for a ministry geared toward college and career age that we began in the living room of my home. I went off to school and returned with that vision continually burning to restart it again. I shared this with a pastor that provided us a covering and we are holding services outside the church in a coffee shop bringing in from the start approximately 130 people weekly on a Thursday night, (this is the biggest club night in our city). I'm 19 and need all the leadership resources available and recently friends turned me onto the Catalyst Conference that after researching would desperately love to attend. The struggle is doing what we know God called us to do … and sustaining it! The ministry is called "Unleashed" – Ur3 – Reedemed..Raised..Released. Thank you for considering me for the resources and tickets to attend Catalyst. – Donnie Mainellis

  • Lori

    As an employee and leader in a fairly large ministry, Andy's resources have been a great inspiration to me through the years. Having gone from a corporate setting to a ministry setting was challenging at first, yet very fulfilling. Being a woman working in a leadership position at a church has given God plenty of opportunity to teach me, humble me and grow me to be more like his Son. I feel the leadership DVD set would be a huge help as I continue on my journey.

    I would like Andy's new book not only for me but for my 21-year old son. He was in a near fatal automobile accident in May. God has used this experience in his life to draw him closer to Him. The Principle of the Path sounds like a book we would both benefit from and would also recommend to others.

    Thanks for your consideration! I have gained much from reading your blog and following you on Twitter!

  • Ron Swanson

    Would love the book for myself but even more I'm always looking for resources to mentor those God has placed in my life. And to recommend to those in our congregation. Would love the book.

  • Jennifer Richert

    This is the first I have heard of Andy Stanley. The short video was profound. We have experienced a couple big hiccups in our direction, but have always had great intentions. We have facilitated several Financial Peace University groups; we are business owners; we have GREAT ideas and plans, but there has always been a disconnect. I would love a copy of this book to walk us through how to rid ourselves of that disconnect.

  • Steve

    I would like to recieve andy's latest book, hear him at catalyst, and receive his dvd because as a leader I need all the help available to fulfill the mission that has been given to me. Receiving vision can seem somewhat easy but implementing can seem very difficult. Thanks for all the great tools you guys place in our hands, even in just reading your blogs!!!

  • Dee_1

    I'll always remember the first time I heard Andy preach because I thought he was right there in the room, but I realized about 30 seconds after the sermon that he was miles away at another location.
    I don't know a lot about him, I also don't know a lot about involving Christ in my decisions and letting Him direct me. I'm learning and I have a long way to go. If this book can somehow help me better let God lead me to where I need to be, then I want it!

  • Jim Armstrong

    What better reason to want the Andy Stanly book [I mean, other than it being another excellent work by Andy Stanley] than being a Mike Hyatt groupie and wanting to read what Mike Hyatt reads…and to do it for free is even better.

  • johnmreynolds

    Michael, I am an avid follower of your twitter and appreciate the efforts you put into it. What I have appreciated most about your twitter is how clear it is that you are deeply in love with your wife.

    To get to the point of this comment: I too am a very big fan of Andy Stanley. I stumbled onto his podcast a couple of years ago by chance and didn't even know who he was or of his relation to Charles Stanley. My family had been going through a really hard time and we were desparate to grow closer to God. Andy's podcast and eventually purchasing messages from his website had a huge impact on where we are today.

    We listened to his series on the principle of the path earlier this year, and to this day I have it on my iPod to revisit it occasionally. I would love to get a copy of this to read and share from your site, but honestly will probably purchase it if I don't! :-)

    Thanks again for all the work you do, and for all the great products Thomas Nelson provides for my family.

  • @dtskim

    While I cannot say that I like Andy since this is the first I am hearing about him through your interview with him, I do like what he had to say in the interview. It is amazing how the simple ideas in life seems to be either ignored or difficult to follow.

    The idea of our "direction, not our intentions, determines our destination" is quite simple, and yet very profound. However, Andy speaks on two points that are key to this idea: knowing our current direction (usually half the battle), and understanding how to bridge the disconnect between our direction and intentions. I would love to learn more of how he addresses this through his book.

    In addition, I am curious to learn if he also addresses the difficulties of direction. Sometimes the challenge is determining what is the right direction. Is the compass we use from God, ourselves, or from our friends/family?

    Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to others.

  • Danny Davis

    I think you should give me the book because I am the only person in this whole blog response who has engineered a recording session of Andy Stanley singing & playing his original songs. That’s gotta be worth something (so far it hasn’t been)!

    I think I still have the tapes somewhere.

  • Jeff Lewis

    The Andy Stanley books would be a very helpful addition to my library… the catalyst tickets would be GREATLY needed and used as within the next year or so I am looking at Planting a church in this community to reach those who normally wouldn't go to a traditional church. As well as being able to apply some of the catalyst stuff to my home church now; as sometimes it seems a bit too traditional.

  • Mark

    I would love a copy of Andy's book. I'm working on revising my life plan. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Trey McClain

    What an awesome interview. So many great axioms! I like the description of the allure of the wrong path: "generally speaking, there is something emotionally alluring about the wrong path." So true.

    I'd love the chance to grow my leadership and benefit our new church (just celebrated our first birthday two weeks ago). If you want to bless me with a free resource, that would be awesome. Thanks for the interview. Great use of five minutes today.

  • Jon Morris

    I came here to help Michael Hyatt raise his website statistics….and if I win some free stuff from Andy or a trip to catalyst that's just icing on the cake.

    So Michael, I hope I win some stuff but more importantly I hope your google analytics go crazy today! Always a pleasure to help a brother out. Love your ministry.

    I'm tweeting this link. @thejonmorris

  • Jeff Gissing

    "When I'm 40 I want to a depressed, alcoholic father of two children who don't know or like me and a wife who has given up on our relationship.I want to be disliked by most of my colleagues and loathed or pitied by almost everyone who knows me…"

    As a campus pastor working with graduate and professional students, I can't say I've known a future doctor or lawyer who has said these words to me. And yet, I see students every day who are headed toward this destination, or something like it. Their intentions are good. They want to go on mission trips, be growing followers of Christ, and love their families. Yet their intentions and their actions don't connect.

    Andy Stanley's book could be a real resource to helping students identify and avoid this trap. I'd like a copy of the book so that I can read it and recommend it to students and faculty. But more than that, I there are lessons in this book that I need to learn and heed. The older I get (I'm 33) the more I'm aware of the truth of what Andy Stanely is talking about.

  • Joe Ayer

    Hello Michael,

    Right now God is working in me to show me some direction. I am not sure whch way that is yet, but I am thinking he is bringing me full circle to go into professional ministry. This book would be a great opportunity to learn more from Andy. He is a great author and a very talented speaker and the message from him seems to be spot on.
    God has used many things recently including Andy’s podcast, your interview with Brad on the catalyst podcast and some of my close friends at church to help me through this interesting time in my life. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it.
    I would love to have a book.

  • Christine Brown

    We would love the opportunity to review Andy Stanley's newest teaching and incorporate it with the mentoring and training we currently have on our No Limit Vision team.
    Visioneering has been so instrumental in redirecting our daily focus on our success paths and are on target for touching over 5000 couples by January 2010 with so many more beyond that point to effect a positive change in individuals in couples and individuals.
    Our mission is to provide the best atmosphere for all people to achieve their personal, financial and spiritual goals.
    Your consideration as a recipient of Andy Stanley's newest teaching is most appreciated. Be blessed.

  • Jeremy Carlson

    I’d love the tickets to Catalyst. Being in the room with so many great leaders and teachers would be amazing and re-fueling. Andy Stanley is awesome and his book Next Gen Leader changed the way I lead as a Youth Minister!!!

  • DerekDRobertson

    Mr. Hyatt this is a great opportunity that you and Mr. Lomenick have presented and this package would put me on a mountain top. My goal in life is to become a leader but I know these things take time. So the Catalyst tickets would be a great way to glean off multiple leaders and Andy's book sounds like another great tool to help guide me.
    This weekend I took the opportunity to use the South Nash Dash which was a 5k in the southNash area to collect shoes for Soles4Souls. S4S gave me the tools I needed and SND gave me a prime spot for free to collect shoes. I had a great time and great response. As I stood there I said this is me. I need to find something that allows me to travel, roll in with a great product, setup shop and promote it. I really enjoyed myself. Although I said I would never share that thought with my wife because I moved here for the dream of traveling with artist as their audio engineer. When I got home the first words out of my wifes mouth were "You need to do something like you did today where you can talk to other people and show them your product. I saw you be happy today for the first time in a long time."
    I don't know what God has planned for me but I know I need to move on from my current job situation which allows me to play with the equipment I like but bad leadership with no ability to grow.( In fact I want to read the No Ass Hole Rule one of these days)
    May the best man or women win.


  • Janalyn Voigt

    My focus is on leadership in many areas of life. As a home-schooling mother, I lead my young daughter in learning and in the development of life skills and values. I point the way into God's presence when I help lead worship in my church. In order to stay alive as a writer, I must extend my influence to others. Any of the resources you list – whether CDs, DVD's or the actual privilege of hearing Andy Stanley live would benefit my growth as a leader.

    Also, I review books on my blog, and I'd appreciate the opportunity to feature this one.

  • John MacAdam

    I work with GPS and other spatial data all day as a traffic engineer.

    It is difficult for me to “ease into” discussing religious matters at work.

    Hopefully this book will give me that opportunity while strengthening my own understanding!

  • Sandi Greene

    My husband loves Andy, and since his birthday is coming up I would like to get this book for him. He is currently studying hard for his master’s in theology and has to read a lot of books, but Andy remains one of his favorite authors. Would this make me look like a good wife? Yep!! And, since it’s free it would be an inexpensive birthday gift in the midst of putting a hubby through college :)

  • Ed McKell

    I first heard Andy Stanley at a National Youth Worker's Convention years OK and have followed his stuff ever since. I really enjoy his insight especially with leadership. I would love to read his new book but I would also like to be able to attend catalyst. I have wanted to go to Catalyst for years but have never had the opportunity. My family and I will be heading overseas to work with Agape Europe to be apart of a team that is trying to jump start youth ministry movements all over Western Europe. I'm not your typical target for Catalyst as I am in my early 40s but I think this kind of leadership in times of change within the church needs to be chased at all levels by all age groups. Plus, our organization does a lot of work with college and post-college and trying to get them to be leaders, hopefully with the those still in high school as well as their peers. Thanks again for a great blog and I really enjoy following you on Twitter :)

  • Stanka Vladeva

    I would like to have the book. Andy Stanley speaks very clearly and practically about leadership. He does not use abstract spiritual language. He is open to experiment with new ideas. I listen to his podcasts also.Thank you for the opportunity to read his thoughts.

  • redhead.kate

    I read Don Miller’s latest book
    One time through, that’s all it took

    A better story, I desire
    But first some change, must transpire

    What to do next, I don’t quite know
    This book or CD just might show

    From where I am to where I’ll be
    Can Andy Stanley direct me?

    A Catalyst I really need,
    For my new story to succeed

  • Brad Leach

    I'm privileged to lead an 8 year old church plant in Metro Detroit. That impacts this opportunity in a few ways. My conference budget is now non-existent due to the economic impact of the automakers in our city, but I'd love to go to Catalyst! Regarding the book, many people in our church and city are facing significant life transitions due to job loss. I'd love to develop the principle in Andy's new book to encourage our people to intentionally set the direction of their life in a challenging time of transition.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Brian

    The plain teaching of Andy and the powerful insights of the gifted speakers at Catalyst are life-changing. Unfortunately I bragged about Catalyst so much that my boss decided he should go this year instead of me! So I'm stuck without tickets. I'd be thrilled to pay my own airfare if I could at least get in free!! It's especially good that there are two tickets, because my son is just starting his career as a worship pastor and this would be an incredibly inspiring way for him to begin.

  • Scott Asher

    Here’s the deal: I have no idea who Adam Stanley is, I’ve never read his books, and I’ve never been to a Catalyst Conference but I’ve known for some time that my ministry was not informed by my parents generational traditions. I’ve known something was wrong in the church and somethings need to change. When I was in University getting a degree in Pastoral Ministry a lot of what I was learning seemed ill fitting for my generation. Then I came across Rob Bell and I realized I wasn’t alone. A whole generation of leaders was being raised up independant of each other to minister in this new postmodern world. Two years ago I had no idea what emergent or missional meant or that there were terms for how I was doing ministry and how I was feeling about the direction of the church. I’m in leadership in my church and would love the opportunity to drive down to Atlanta (from Murfreesboro) to learn from the voices at Catalyst in person.

  • Melanie

    I discovered Andy's work from your link to his Leadership podcasts that you posted a few months ago. Thank you! Thank you!! I've listened to that podcast several times recently and have found them most helpful.

    I've just returned to the workforce after being a stay at home mom for the last 10 years – what a different world it is now.

    Would love to have Andy's new book – any help I could get on Leadership and direction would be greatly appreciated!


  • Dan Brubacher

    I would love to win a copy of Andy's new book for a few reasons: (1) I am a pastor, and most pastors–myself included–are absolute book fanatics; (2) I resonate big time with Andy's teaching and writing; (3) I am asked questions all the time by people in my congregation about life direction stuff, and this book would be immensely helpful; and (4) I am still early in my own pastoral "career" (just 34 years old) and would appreciate Andy's insight on getting where I want to go.

  • Jeff Gissing

    I was a fool in seminary. I thought that if I read a lot of good theology, mastered Greek, and studied hard in classes, I'd be equipped to be a ministry leader. I was wrong. Those things are important, but there's more. I failed to invest in preparing for leadership. And so there's a significant hole in my education, one that I'm remedying day-by-day as I invest time and resources in growing as a leader.

    I work in academia, a place where leadership is largely looked down upon as for administrators or those folks in the business school. Yet, each day I realize how important it is to form graduate and professional students to learn to lead as well as learn their discipline. I have had to fight the bias against leadership from my professional surroundings and invest in growing as a leader myself.

    I've grown to value Andy's insight on leadership through his podcast. I would value the chance to learn more from Andy through these resources (especially the boxed sets, which I'd be able to share with fellow team members and student leaders) Further, being able to attend the Catalyst conference would be a real boon, I'd leverage this gift by inviting a colleague to join me. That way, both the conference and the DVDs would continue to challenge and stimulate conversation long after the event.

  • Heather Rene A

    I would love to be able to go to Catalyst.
    I volunteered at Catalyst West but due to my responsibilities I didn't get to actually sit-in on the actual sessions, so being able to go to the Atlanta one would be awesome!

  • BLS

    I love the thought and idea behind this book and would love to read it, not just for me, but for the volunteers and people that I work with on a daily basis.

  • david

    I'm getting married next month – and want to start off on the right path!
    Would love to read the book.

    (cant attend catalyst due to the wedding, and attended the last two years, so I'd just prefer the book)

  • Mike

    I am a 26 yr old Sr. Pastor of a 2 yr old church in San Antonio, TX. I have BIG dreams that I feel God has placed in my heart, that don't only include big buildings and many "church goers" but represent the launching and equipping of thousands of "harvest workers" over the scope of my entire life, and spanning the globe. Good intentions are admirable, but I know that Jesus said that those who are His TRUE disciples will "bear much fruit." It is my greatest desire to see that happen in my life, and ministry, and to be true to the end. To finish strong, and see it affect not only my generation but the generations to come. I will read Andy's book regardless. It is tools like this that help us to stay the course. I would however love the opportunity to take my wife to Catalyst and soak up some of the training and teaching that is designed for people just like me. The books, CD's, and DVD's are great resources to have after the adrenaline and emotional high's of a conference wear thin. To be able to go back and RE:learn RE:think and RE:engage. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Sharen

    Hi Michael,

    What an awesome opportunity! The Principle of the Path, the CD set AND the DVD set would be of GREAT benefit to anyone in leadership. And WOW! The Catalyst Conference (I hope 40-something is still young enough). I KNOW each of these gifts would be of EXTREME value to me as Founder/Director of Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild (Southeast Texas Region) AND to Michele Cushatt (Director/WFTJ Rocky Mountain Region), with whom I would share the resources and knowledge.

    Stuck. That’s sort of where I’ve been in leading this DYNAMIC 6-year-old ministry. I’ve been approached by others around the country who DESIRE and NEED a Christian writers ministry in their area, who would like to open new venues under our umbrella. HOW do I do that? I have INTENTION. DIRECTION is the path I seek NOW. It’s time!

    After listening to your interview with Andy Stanley, I believe his book, CD set, DVD set and Catalyst Conference would make a HUGE difference in WFTJ’s direction – in my direction, In Michele’s direction, as we serve God in directing, teaching, ministering, encouraging, and supporting writers with a heart to do that same for each of our readers.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Michael. And THANK YOU so much for ALL of your DIRECTIONAL information week after week, day after day. YOU make a difference.

  • Eric Manuel

    I would love to win either Andy’s new book or tickets to the catalyst. My creative reasoning being that I want to give Glory to God through my leadership, being able to lead other people to Him. Thanks!

  • Redfern

    I would love to receive Andy Stanley's book and attend the Catalyst conference!

    I believe God has given me the opportunity to take the events of my life and help others discover pathways through difficult times. The work I do with my husband at our New Path Center developed out of our own tragedy. We have been able to see God's provision of beauty among the ashes of losing a child.

    My work is primarily with individuals who have experienced loss. I companion them to 'the wilderness' – to the 'dark night of the soul' – as we look for ways to redeem the future, and move toward experiencing peace with loss.

    I believe these resources would help me as I put into print the times I see God redeeming the future in my life and the lives of those I am privileged to walk with on their journey of grief. Some of my stories can be read at

  • hardie midkiff

    What could be better than information from Andy Stanley?
    Free information from Andy Stanley!

  • Ryan Wisnasky

    I would love a copy of this book. I believe this is exactly what I need to hear at this point in my life where I am really looking for direction. Andy Stanley is one of my favorite authors.

  • Angus Nelson

    I was introduced to Andy Stanley about 3 years ago. Though it sounds cliche' and trite, truly, I haven't been the same since. His perspective on people and leading has riveted me at times, even caused me to push back a little. Yet, at the end of the day, he's been right.

    I would love to dive into Andy's new book with eyes wide open and a hungry heart to learn. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I've been trying to get my Pastor to Catalyst for the past two years. However, the money has been an issue. I would love to present to him two tickets to come to Atlanta and be a part of incredible ministry that takes place there.



  • Lucille Zimmerman

    I was walking and talking to my husband yesterday. Making some comments about how our church does some things. Then I said, I wish everyone would listen to Andy Stanley. He's so wise! As a speaker, teacher at a university, and a counselor, I know I would be able to utilize Andy's book.

  • Adam

    I would like to have a copy of this book simply because I need to be a better leader.

    I am studying the subject in an ongoing way, and would love to have this book as a help to my growth.

    Thank you for this offer.

  • Anthony Garcia

    Andy Stanley has honestly become my Pastor from afar. I have become a hardcore podcast geek in the past year, and he is to blame. Being a youth pastor in a small church, I have struggled through the daunting process of getting ideas in motion. I purchased Andy’s talk on “systems” from Catalyst ’07 and it put all my frustrations in perspective. I have also watched catalyst from afar for some time now, but I have never been able to attend. The reason is simple: I’m a youth pastor at a small church! Translation: Money issue. I would love a chance to fill up a notebook this October! Thanks.

  • Fran

    I'm almost finished reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. Andy's key message here "Direction, not intention, determines your destination" resonates with a similar message. Each decision we make, each step we take, moves closer or farther away from our goal. For most Christians, the goal is heaven and our obligation is to try to live our heavenly existence here on Earth (i.e. try to live as God intends us to live). It's His intentions, not ours, that matter. I'd love to explore Andy's thoughts on this topic, and I will really appreciate diving into the scriptural references included in his book.

  • Don N.

    Haven't heard of Andy before, but saw a recommendation from some friends I follow on Twitter. After reading your blog post; just realized how much the context for the book resonates with my life and the lives of many I know. I'm not near the east coast (on the west coast actually) and we have our share of regrettable actions/choices etc.. Would love to receive a copy of the book and share with my friends and church. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Bpower

    You know, I am going to post the most basic comment…I have been following Michael Hyatt on Twitter, liked his posts, know he is the CEO of a publishing company but haven't read any of their books (to my knowledge). As an avid reader of business and marketing books, it's often hard to find the good among the hype. He clearly believes in what he does and his authors, especially Andy, so for me this free offer would be a great way to see for myself. I'm not even sure how I found Michael on twitter but he has been quite engaging so I am hoping his authors are as well.

  • Matt Johnson

    I started a new church 4 yrs ago on the campus of Murray State University and we've got several hundred college students who attend now. Would love the book and the tickets so I can put it in the hands of these emerging leaders! They don't have the resources to afford all these opportunities but do they ever have a passion to make a difference!

  • Vicki Small

    I do not need a copy of this book, as i’ve already read and reviewed it (*****). I just want to add my whole-hearted recommendation. I think, when I finish the book I’m currently reading for review, I will re-read Path. Every few months wouldn’t hurt!

  • Crystal Becker

    I believe that Andy Stanley has a very powerful message in which it is vital for this generation to know and understand. Most importantly, his message is very firmly grounded in the Word of God. In a world where the validity of Scriptures is constantly being challenged, I am excited to have a book where the author is grounded and firm in the Word.

    I am currently a teacher seeking my Master’s in Educational Leadership, so I am always looking for more resources that would help me grow as a leader as I strive to take the Truth of the Gospel out to those I encounter. I wuold love a book that would help me in this endeavor!

  • Jim Graham

    I’ve been listening to Andy Stanley for years now. Andy’s message touches so many unchurched in a way many miss the mark. As someone who accepted Christ just 8 years ago in my late 20’s, Andy was very significant in making me confident enough in “Church” that I explored it. I continued to listen to him but expanded my outreach to hear more. He’s always been the foundation for who or what I read or listen to. Andy has a great line about Churches that lift the ladder of acceptance higher and higher making it harder for those new to join. I’ve made sure my church has the ladder on the ground floor and became part of the solution by becoming a board member, and Children’s Ministry Leader.
    It’s our job to influence , to role model and be leaders among leaders. Catalyst has been great to someone whose NOT a pastor; just a follower of Christ.
    I’d really like get Andy new book so I could read it, highlight it and pass it on to unchurched friends. It will get them listening to a Christian leader that helps them in secular life while speaking to their heart as well.
    God Bless, Michael.

  • Shane Crites

    I would love to have a copy of Andy's new book to make sure he included everything I taught him. For some reason, he didn't forward a copy of his manuscript to me. That's OK, though; I know he's a busy guy. I wonder if he mentioned me in dedication or acknowledgements sections? I guess I won't know til I get the book!

  • heather

    First heard about the book and the principles through listening on to Andy's podcast. A friend of mine put me onto this idea and I've gotten a lot out of the sermon series.

  • @thetufguy

    Andy Stanley's books have changed me as a preacher/leader. I am a 24 y/o youth pastor in South Dakota. "Communicating for a Change" has challenged me in my message crafting and "The Next Generation Leader" has guided my path as I develop as a leader. I've never heard a book of his that hasn't challenged me and created a change in me. I am a part of a state-wide leadership group called Signet with 4 other youth pastors. One element of our year-long training is finding & reading books (1 a month) that develop us into stronger leaders. I would love to use Andy's new book for this growth experience. As for Catalyst, here in the Midwest our conference options are limited and in an area with a low cost of living, funds for leadership development are limited as well. To be able to gain knowledge from so many of the Church's forward thinkers would be a true blessing to my ministry. Being the low guy on the totem pole, I have a desire to lead my church staff team from the bottom up. As a blossoming leader, I believe Catalyst would equip me to do just that & would shape my leadership vision and skills for the rest of my life.

  • @hasbell

    Andy's leadership is great for everyone. I love listening to his podcast. Love the giveaway opportunity to win a book by this man with leadership wisdom.

    Thanks for reviewing the book for us, and for giving away 200 for wisdom to begin to spread! :) I'd LOVE for that to be ME! :)


  • FaithBarista Bonnie

    I would love to get a copy of this book because I would review it on a blog post, get exposure to the book, and the topic of faith is right down my reader's alleys!

  • Steve J.

    I would like to have the book. Andy Stanley speaks very clearly and practically about leadership & I need to learn more about “The principle of the path.”

  • Kevin_Martineau

    They say that the definition of insanity is "trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results." I think that fits well with the powerful principle that you shared in the post: "Direction, not intention, determines your destination … The same road leads to the same place—every time." I need Andy's book to help me get on the right road so that I can end up at the right destination! :)

    To answer your other question: Why do I like Andy? His book "Communicating for a Change" rocked my world and my preaching. I am very thankful for that book!

  • Will Jenkins

    I would love this book!! I have a couple of his other books and this would be a great addition. Besides, leading a church requires choosing the right path and I want to do that.

  • rmccathren

    I am a 59-year old attorney who has managed a small but successful consulting company for 27 years but now finds myr business devastated by market changes and the recession. I am searching for a "principal(s)" to redirect my life and this book may be the answer to my prayer.

  • Mark Howell

    Absolutely love Andy's thinking. I've been blogging about 7 Practices for several years, probably have at least 25 posts at The Principle of the Path is destined to be the same kind of insight-packed, thought provoking book. Already have used the line that "path, not intent, determines destination" in a lot of talks and the writing I do. Would love the opportunity to review and promote The Principle of the Path.

  • Noah V.

    Hi Michael,

    I'm a youth pastor and I listen to Andy Stanley's sermon/podcast rigorously for my own spiritual growth. I am young leader and very limited in financial resources. Looking at my salary I serve pretty much for free at my church so if I do receive this package of resources it would GREATLY impact and improve my leadership development. Thank you for this opportunity. Blessings!

  • Tiffany Stuart

    Does turning 40 change a life for the better? For me, it did. The reality of my life being half spent shook me. I don't want to waste another day stuffing my face with pity party pies, focusing on me, myself and I. I’m done with that. I’ve lost my appetite.

    Time to eat from God’s table of truth morning, noon and night. Time to experience life with childlike faith and wonder again. Time share my plate and cup with others who are hungry and thirsty. For I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good!

    What an adventure it's been as I've followed His path this year. Learning. Taking risks. Saying yes. Saying no. Knocking. Asking hard questions. Waiting and praying for help to move forward.

    That's where I am. Praying for help to move forward. And that's why I would love to be picked to attend Catalyst. I would love to glean from this amazing line up of speakers. I love Andy Stanley’s resources. How much better would it be to be a part of this conference in person? His book “Communicating for a Change” helps every time I speak. His DVD set iMarriage revealed a huge problem in my marriage. Yep, it was me and my expectations.

    Mind if I share a little prayer:

    Here I am, Lord
    Wondering and waiting
    How can I go where you send me?
    The road is unclear
    I feel blind
    I don’t know the way
    It would be easier to turn back
    But I can’t
    You’ve done too much inside me
    I cannot be silent
    I sense a call to ministry
    But how, Lord?
    I’m so small
    I need a team
    Please don’t send me out alone
    But who will help?
    I don’t know
    But I know I can trust You
    Somehow, some way
    In Your time
    You will send people
    So I wait in expectation
    For another green light
    With eyes like a child
    I glance to and fro
    Looking and listening
    “Are we there yet?”
    Questions continue
    Who, what, where, when, and how
    I wrestle until I collapse in surrender
    Okay, I give up
    You win, Lord
    I will not try to figure it out
    Not today anyway
    I will get up
    Put one foot in front of the other
    I will stop, look and listen
    I will wait and pray.

    I feel like Donkey from Shrek, “Pick me, pick me, pick me.”

    Okay, I’m done begging. :)

  • Philip

    I would love to get a copy of Andy's new book or Leadership CD set.
    The principles he shares would be useful to both me and some of my peers & friends, particularly in the areas of having a plan on personal spiritual growth, leadership and career growth, and as well as personal budgeting/finances. His teaching on leadership would be especially beneficial for me as a leader at church and at work.

  • Ray Thombs

    I am a Mainer, 'Catalyst Alumni' and have yet to meet another here in this great state. Like 'one crying in the wilderness' I have been a long-distance mentee for 17 years. I go back to when Andy pinched hit for his dad on IN TOUCH.

  • Phil Goldsberry

    $1.3 million taken from Building Fund by trusted Advisory Board Member in 2008, Youth intern just accused in last 14 days of sexual abuse with one of our teens…………direction is solid! Encouragement definitely needed. Fellow pastor text me and said I win the “Ironman Pastor of the Year Award”. Intentional direction is needing reworked and reignited.

  • Dave Burgin

    I would appreciate reading and hearing Andy’s book or CDs. I know Andy has some valuable things to share regarding direction and purpose in ones life. Someone once said, ” How can I go forward if I don’t know where I am going?
    Andy has one of the top 10 largest churches in the U.S. and as a Pastor he is touching hearts and lives. I would very much like to hear and read what is on his heart.

    In Canada!

  • Brandon Goff

    I love Andy’s leadership principles. “Like A Rock” & “visioneering” & “making vision stick” books that have really helped me as a pastor! I’ve never had the chance to be in a position to go to Catalyst, but would love the opportunity for any of these resources! Andy is a leadership pioneer that more pastors need to glean from! Not to mention, his kids church is rockin! I mean, KidStuf is doing thing no one else is even thinking of! Anyway, would love the chance at these resources!

  • Phil

    $1.3 million taken by trusted Advisory Board Member from Building Fund in 2008, found out 14 days ago that a Youth Intern had sexually abused one of our teens……….encouragement needed, direction solid. We have been focusing on systems (thanks Andy) but we need a refreshing and energizing in our intentional direction after all this.

  • Ava Pennington

    Andy Stanley's small group materials were very helpful to me when I was working on church staff as coordinator of small group ministry. Since then, I've enjoyed everything he's written, and would love a copy of his newest book!

  • Todd Weiden

    I have looked for numerous outlets to help build my leadership abilities and specifically, align them more closely with those of strong Christian Leaders. Andy Stanley’s books and podcasts have been a major dirivng force for me and my development. I hold a fairly reputable leadership role with a major bank and am doing everything I can to grow into a strong Christian leader within a major, public company. I lead a team of 10 branch managers, who I also take ownership in developing as leaders. This book would help me continue to incorporate the RIGHT kind of ideas and principles around Leadership – helping myself, my TEAM, and my company grow in the right ways. Taking into account the CHANGE that is continously occuring in my industry, the Principle of the PATH is extremely important and well adaptable for the world I live and work in. Please consider me for the book, knowing that not only would I grow and learn from it, but my TEAM would benefit as well.

  • Brad Harris

    I would like a copy of Andy's new book because 1) I have appreciated his insights in the past (particularly his thoughts on leadership) 2) highly value his perspective on the priority of family and 3) there a Varsity near his church so anytime I visit I can swing by and pickup a Frosted Orange and some onion rings.

  • Ruben Loor

    Where Culture meets church: I'm an Ecuadorian that have been living in the U.S. for about 6 years now and attending a church that is challenging the status quo. The past three months my heart has been pounding again when it comes to leadership and restless about making a difference in my community…

    See I want to be able to bring the great attributes that the latin culture has and integrate them with the amazing teachings that great leaders like Andy Stanley and you have. I want to help others be the best they can be and improve the leadership of the ever growing latin culture.

  • Camilla

    I have never read one of Andy Stanley's books before, but I would love the opportunity to! I love to read this book and get some more insight into the principle: "Direction, not intention, determines your destination." I am 25, have been married for 2 years, am on staff at a church, and think this would some great knowledge to have at this stage in my life…..while I am still young. :-)

  • Ruben Loor

    I've been in a learning stage and I'm finally starting to see all the things I've learned been applied to my service to God and my community. I would love to receive any of your gifts since I love either reading, listening or watching Andy Stanley's teachings. Last night I watched a latin movie about a guy that was pursuing becoming a professional baseball player and at the end it didn't happen because he was scared and settled for less than his potential. I refuse to let that happen in my life or in the life of other latinos and people that I can come accros. So please consider this gift and investment into a life that's not willing to settle.

  • Scott Wilke

    I too listen to Andy's leadership podcasts, and particularly enjoyed his cast on the Principle of the Path. In fact, I have a reminder that pops up on my calendar each day with the quote you mentioned in your article, "Direction, not intention, determines your destination." My family and I also attend one of Northpoint's strategic partner churches (Southside, in Peachtree City, GA). We recently went through the Best Question Ever sermon series, which we really enjoyed. I'd like to get a copy of his book to be able to see how he ties these two ideas together. Thanks!

  • Ben Carlson

    As a true “seed” book reviewer, I look forward to receiving a free copy of Andy Stanley’s new book and telling many others about my ‘lightbulb’ moments that potentially change my course.

    Focusing on the direction rather than the intention is a core fundamental that would change the course of our very society if the philosophy were to be implemented in a grassroots effort, acknowledged as effective in “Tipping Point.” Implemented yes, but also taken to heart would bring the actuality of this idea to complete fruition.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

  • russmigl

    I am a poor youth pastor always looking for something for FREE. lol I bought the Principle of the Path and even preach a message to our Senior class using the book as my backdrop. (I do not hide the fact I borrow other people stuff like most pastors) I am really interested in the DVD and/or CD set and really wish i had the budget to fly out to Catalyst this year but I have already spent my Ed budget. I have recently discovered this blog and i have been telling everyone what a great resource this is for all church leaders. Thanks for all the practical insight and I will still love you if I don't get any FREE stuff.

  • Sharon Seeberger

    As I listened to Andy and Michael speak, i was reminded of how people get intention confused with action. They think about their intention so much they subconsciously believe they either did it, or for sure they will someday, tomorrow – how often have I done this? Scary to think about it. But looking at direction in this way – actuality doesn't lie – I believe many people will be encouraged by this book to be able to identify the otherwise subtle difference, and recognize where they need to change in order to get when they really desire to be. Book or cd's – either would be great and I'll use them and pass them on.

  • Dan

    I'm the lead pastor of a new church plant. We're three years into it and still fine tuning our direction. I think Andy's book could really help us in the process. I would also love a copy of the DVD set. "You have not because you ask not."

  • Christopher Hopper

    Well, I feel kinda’ silly commenting yet again for a free book, but as a church leader, preacher, and pastor, Andy is a hero of mine. Consider the market well seeded if a copy gets planted in my PO Box…it will most likely become a reading-reco to my entire staff. Thanks! ch:

  • erinbbird

    Michael, thanks for being so generous in giving away 200 books. Even if I'm not one of the winners, on behalf of those who do receive a book – thank you for spreading Andy's teaching.

    Personally, I would love to receive a copy of The Principle of the Path. I have read several of Andy's books, and found each to be extremely helpful. I still recommend Visioneering regularly, and have never been more affirmed as a speaker than when I read Communicating for a Change.

    I also listen to Northpoint's weekly podcast and Andy's Leadership podcast, so having his book would just add to his influence in my life and ministry (I'm a pastor to young adults). Plus, I sense God has some changes ahead in my life and ministry (ok, it's beyond a "sense" – I know!) and the description of Andy's book sounds like the info I need to pursue the direction God is taking me.

    I would also LOVE the Catalyst tickets (have been a faithful Catalyst podcast listener almost since the beginning) because I have never been and was bound and determined to go this year – however I will be officiating the wedding of close friends on Sat. Oct 7th and I don't think it would work out to do both. So I'll let you and Brad pick someone else to give the tickets to.

    I've enjoyed your Tweets and blog, Michael, since I heard you on the Catalyst podcast a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for leveraging your influence for God's Kingdom!

  • Steven Shoppach

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I am doing all I can to align myself with my church leadership. They are reading this book and are the ones that directed me to your sight. We are a dynamic growing church, with a wonderful vision of growth for the Church and our surrounding geographical area. I am not on the church staff, but am an avid volunteer for the Kingdom. Thank you for all you do to increase Gods word and what He is doing in the world.

  • Micaiah

    I've never read a single book by Andy Stanley but have heard a lot about him. I would be curious to know more about this important topic that affects each and every one of our lives. BTW thanks for the helpful blog. Regardless of the free book I'm still going to keep reading your blog.

  • Noel

    I'm in the process now of launching a new company. During all of this, I've been wrestling with an issue that keeps me up at night. In fact, last night I was laying there at 4:30 in the morning watching the lightening and thinking about this very thing. It's the kind of question which starts out as a general feeling and works its way down into your gut until it grows into a gnawing that forces you to either answer it or begin to lie to yourself. My wife and I have talked about it, prayed about it and now we are finally beginning to see how this will play out in our lives. So what is this question for me? Simply put, if some one were to look at my life from the outside, would they be forced to say that there is something different about how I live and make decisions? I mean, how is my life any different from a happy, nice and intelligent non-Christian? At some point on my life's path, there should be a huge veering turn. Presumably around 21 when I actually became a Christian, when suddenly my choices should have gone from centering on my priorities to centering on God's priorities. This would be the chapter that an autobiographer would have the rest of the book points to and back toward. The problem is, I was having a really hard time clearly seeing that re-alignment of my life. Sure, I’d lived a better life and go to church and try to be a good Christian. But if I’d come in contact with the creator of the universe and I truly believed He’d said to me He not only loved me but was willing to die so that we could be together, shouldn’t the change in me be more than just me 2.0…the newer, nicer Noel? And to bring it home, why would my kids want to follow a Christ that never had enough power to change me?

    I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel this past Sunday when Jamie Dickens was doing his sermon at North Point. He was talking about matching your vision up with God’s vision. (Isn’t it interesting how God always speaks to us if we’re listening?) I’d been wrestling with the tension of how I could use my strengths which have a decidedly business slant and yet pursue my heart’s passion for what God desired to see done in this world. There is the idea of social entrepreneurship, but none of my ideas for business centered on those and I really believe I’m supposed to pursue those ideas. There is the idea of a Christian values organization, but that felt more like a cop-out and an easy way of doing what I wanted and making it sound good. A sort of head nod in God’s direction. (For clarity, that only felt like a cop-out to me. Many people have done that very thing and greatly impacted the world for it. Think Truett Cathy.) I knew that I was supposed to do something that drew others into God and His purposes…but how?

  • Noel

    Right about that moment Jamie’s voice broke through the fog of my thoughts and I heard the words, “This doesn’t mean you have to be a missionary.” I don’t know why, but this set off a chain reaction of near-instantaneous thoughts in my head. What is it that missionaries spend at least 50% of their time doing? Answer: raising money. What is it that I want to do with my life? Answer: live it with a reckless abandon for Jesus in ways that both are relatable to the modern world and in ways that leave it shaking its head. I want to pull others into a life that truly experiences the joy of God by giving themselves to something way bigger than themselves. Then the answer came to me. What if my company isn’t supposed to be about the products that I’m developing? What if the company was all about creating systems which pulled others into living out a life that was bigger than themselves while using their God-given talents to do it? What if the products and ideas which are in development are only meant to be a means to fund this fundamental purpose of the company? What if the success of my business was only to provide a more extensive platform of influence, networking and funds for others to use in being able to live for more than themselves? What if the company itself had a giving program from all of its profits built right into the legal documents of the organization as well as the culture? I mean, the company and product names even fit with this idea. It was like I was following God down the back alley of His path for me and I’d just turned the corner to see the hilltop view! In a flash of a moment I could now see how I could pursue those things for which I have been gifted and be on a path of God’s choosing instead of my own.

    But it has only been just over 24 hours since that moment. I don’t have a lot of answers to the myriads of questions swirling in my head around what this will look like in practice. What are those systems which pull people into this journey? How will I leverage the resources to empower those who buy into the vision? Is there anyone I should be thinking of partnering with? But for the first time in my life I believe I’m at that veering point. The rain outside is still coming down and the lightening is bright on the skyline, but this time it’s less like drowning and more like a renewing. It’s like I know that the central chapter of my life is unfolding and I can see how all the previous chapters have led to this one and how all those after it will point back at it. It is a wonderfully frightening place to be. I have so much to learn and do and so much to overcome to make these visions reality. But if there is one thing I am it’s stubborn about overcoming my own inadequacies.

    So now re-reading this I think this is more of a blog post than a comment on a blog post, but it is my answer to your question. Why would I like to receive the free gifts? Because while I’m finally clear, I’m still uncertain and I could use the help.

  • @shanesanchez

    Andy Stanley is the man. I kind of view him as the fatherly figure over today's young leadership. (That's not a shot at his age). He sets the bar for leadership and then pushes others to reach and pass what he has already done. He is always growing and helping others to develop. He is a leader to so many people but somehow keeps his down to earth attitude. Again, he's THE MAN!
    I want to get a copy of Andy's new book because it hits me right where I am. I am a young leader with tons of dreams and goals. I know that God has placed these goals on my heart and now I am striving to reach and exceed everything I think I can do and instead watch Him work through me and take to to place I can't even fathom.
    I would love tickets to Catalyst, because again I am a growing leader and appreciate the leaders that are in revolutionizing the church today. I believe God uses these men and women to mentor me at a distance, so I would love to chance to hear them in person. I would also love to interact with other great leaders and grow in my community with them. (Plus I'm engaged and have no money to buy tickets myself) Even though Catalyst is important a wedding blows it out of the water and I don't want the wrath of woman upon me.
    I would like the DVD set because again, I WANT TO LEARN. I am seeping in information right now. I'm in Bible College and actively serving in my church. I want to be able to grow be equipped and equip others on this journey called ministry. And I'm in youth ministry so you can use DVDS to reflect bright light into the eyes of students :D
    Thanks for reading my answers to your questions!

  • Jason Fitch

    Thanks for doing the give away! Looks like all really great stuff. I'd love a copy of the book. I feel like Andy has been a mentor from afar for me over the last few years. It feels like I'm wired almost exactly like him. Almost every principle he teaches, I find myself nodding, saying "yes, yes, that's exactly right." Any of the DVD or CD resources would be great for the same reason. The Catalyst tix would not fit for me as I'm in the midst of moving across the country to plant a church right now, but I'll give them away to some great young leaders if I get them :)

  • JRG

    I appreciate Andy's teaching and use it to reinforce lessons I share with my leadership team (I am a secular leader) and family every week. His leadership podcasts and his book Next Generation Leader have been very helpful to me in my daily walk. Most importantly I want to win this book to share with my 19 and 16 year old daughter and son. My #1 goal is to influence future generations in a positive, christ honoring way and Andy's books always do that. To be able to tell them I won this book using a blog/twitter post will blow them away and help them to connect their web2.0 lives with their spiritual walk!

  • Vmashni

    Would love to get this to give to my Son who is starting youth paster and loves Andy Stanly.

  • Malcolm Lanham

    Andy Stanley has become one of those voices that I absolutely love to listen to on a wide range of topics.

    As somebody that has entered ministry later in life and is currently taking time away from FT ministry while I heal up from a previous ministry, Andy & Craig Groeschel are guys that I have really looked to on a wide variety of topics from leadership to communicating to personal life in ministry and more.

    I would love to get the chance to attend Catalyst for this reason.

  • Christopher Hopper

    By the way, cool interview. Love how Andy is always able to sum up his point in one line. Will get there someday… ch:

  • Kevin

    I love Andy Stanley. He's my favorite author and I listen to his podcast every week. My brother lives in Atlanta and I have had the great fortune of going to one of his services. Incredible! I would love to get his Systems DVD. I'm a geek when it comes to finding and implementing the best systems for productivity and this would be a great resource.

  • Steve

    I believe that Andy Stanley's approach to leadership is driving clarity into church leadership. When I hear Andy speak or read his books I am often reminded of how complicated that church has become. I am thankful for challenge that Andy brings to my leadership. I would look forward to even greater clarity and focus by reading The Principle of the Path. It would help to me personally, as a parent and a pastor. I am attending Catalyst for the second year. Great conference!

  • @nmabry

    I've been a fan of Andy's since he was youth pastor at FBCA with his dad as pastor. I still remember a sermon he preached there called "Truth and Consequences" which has shaped some of my theology about the grace of Christ. I've continued to follow his ministry and would love a copy of his latest offering.

  • @nmabry

    BTW, when you fill out the additional page with shipping info, it says you'll be giving away 24 copies of the book; while the post here mentions 200 copies.

  • Dave Elledge

    HELP! I need the tickets! Actually I could get by with just ONE (1) TICKET. I started following you after hearing you on the Catalyst podcast. Great stuff.
    I am a huge Andy Stanley fan. He has helped me shape my ministry and focus over the years.
    As part of my ministry I work with young adults. Last night they were all telling me how Andy ministry has impacted them. I guided them to his various podcasts for additional resources.
    As far as the ticket(s) go – I have really wanted to attend this year’s 10th anniversary of Catalyst, but with budget restraints I have not made plans. However, a free ticket would allow me the freedom to go and be blessed and inspired by some of the greatest leaders in the church right now: Andy, Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Rob Bell, (and of course Michael Hyatt).

    So if you can find it in your heart to bless me with the tickets I would be amazingly grateful!
    Thanks !!

  • Shawn Galla

    "The Principle of the Path" or is it "The Principal of the Path"

    Why must homonyms be so confusing? I often get confused with the spelling of the word principle. I mean is it principle or principal?

    Obviously there are two very different meanings to these words but both can be used in relation to describing the man who is Andy Stanley. Let's take a look at the dictionary for a second…

    1) prin·ci·pal:

    A: the educator who has executive authority for a school

    When I think of the principal, I used to think uh oh I did something wrong. I may get detention or I may get kicked out of school. But now looking back getting sent to the principal’s office would be a lot like being sent Andy Stanley's office. The principal’s office was often a time where you learned discipline. You learned that something’s you are doing just are not right, while other may still be beneficial. It's lot like my own personal leadership. Sometimes I need to learn new disciplines and Andy's previous writings have helped guide that.

    2) prin·ci·ple:

    A: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption
    B: a rule or code of conduct // habitual devotion to right principles (a man of principle)
    C: the laws or facts of nature underlying the working of an artificial device

    In letter B of this definition I find one of the main reasons that the leadership of Andy Stanley has been so influential to me. For Andy it is more than just being another mega-church celebrity who is in this to promote himself or herself. He has committed himself in such a way to live and lead like Jesus. And he has clearly defined the principle of his own path and has also helped shape my own.

    I'm hoping the path my current leadership journey is own will continue to be shaped in not only reading this book but by also attending the Catalyst conference. Whether it is the principle or the principal, one way or another I hope that my leadership journey will continue to be influence by Andy and many others.

  • Mel

    I don’t know if honesty is counted as “being creative” but it is always the best policy for me. My life revolves around “helping others.” As a minister and biblical counselor it is what I am called to do. Because it is my calling I normally find it to be fulfilling and energizing. Recently I have been experiencing “burn out.” Needless to say it is not alot of fun nor is it very productive. As a listener I could use something fresh in my life right about now.
    I am not familiar with the “principle of the path” which Andy has spoken of. I would like an opportunity to become acquainted with it ,as I feel it would be helpful in offering guidance and counsel to others, in all facets of ministry.
    My husband and have been mentoring people for 19 yrs. We live within driving distance of the conference. We would love to attend and be refreshed and renewed by the ministry and insight presented there. It would be a blessing!

  • jeffcbrown

    “Direction, not intention, determines your destination”, made me revisit the Ark story. According to the specifications of the Ark, it doesn’t have a rudder and only has one window. As a person who is currently going through my own flood, I don’t know what direction I’m going. I may have lost my direction because I don’t know why the flood is occurring or what benefit will come from the flood. My ship also doesn’t have a rudder and when I look out the window, it is still raining just when I thought the storm was over. So for now my direction is letting God allow me to float. I hope I don’t float too long.

    I haven’t read any of Andy’s work. But I’m always looking for others experience and wisdom. Our church is starting and online church at this time which my wife and I have been donating some our time. I may have to check out his works.

  • Karen Carter

    I have just been introduced to Andy Stanley and have been intrigued by his leadership style. The pastors at our church have been reading him and have been bringing tidbits from his books into our staff meetings. As someone who is trying to discover and work towards the fulfillment her own God-designed destiny, I am excited to read and be challenged by this book.

  • fogbound

    Andy Stanley has something to say to the church today. His insights through his writing and his ministry are right on. With twenty-eight years of pastoral experience I am continually talking to people who are looking for direction in their lives. I believe Andy's book, as well as the conference would give great support in ministry. I know you are overwhelmed with response for this offer, but I put my name down as one more.

  • Steve Wynkoop

    Hi Michael-

    Thank you for making these resources available and sharing so much of yourself and your knowledge online.

    I am a pastor in a small town in northeastern Colorado. I have been serving here for 7 years and I love it! God is doing amazing things in our community. We are creating a come as you are, bottom rung church that attracts the unchurched. The church I serve at is over 100 years old and when we arrived our 3 kids literally doubled the size of the Sunday school program.

    Today, we are faced with many growth challenges and are looking at meeting at the movie theater on main street in our town of 2000. My leadership skills are constantly being stretched here and I have come to greatly admire and respect Andy Stanley's insights. I'd love a copy of the book and the CD set on leadership so I can continue to grow in my own leadership and go farther, faster.

    Grace and peace,

  • ckamalski


    I’ve heard some of the wisest men I’ve ever known claim with sincere forthrightness that Andy Stanley is the best leader in America today.

    I have hated almost every single book on leadership I have ever read (and having gone to a Christian university in the 1990’s, these books were plentiful). Most seem filled with tips and techniques that are rarely able to be contextualized to a normal person’s actual context.

    Andy is different however (along with Henri Nouwen’s In The Name Of Jesus, which I would argue is the greatest work on leadership today). He speaks with clarity, conviction, and purpose…

    …I wish to learn and grow from him.

    Thank you for that opportunity.

    Chris Kamalski

  • Renee Teate

    I would love a copy of Andy Stanley's new book because I have recently been promoted into a management position and want to learn how to be the best leader of the people I have been given the opportunity to help succeed. While there are a lot of books available on the "how to" of management, I'd love to read one with a biblical perspective. Thanks!

  • David Southern

    For 15 years I was on a path of my choosing that led in part to a seperation and near divorce. Five years later, my wife and I are together. About 24 months ago I recognized my "drift" as I have no real passion or focus in my life for guiding my family and my business using God's principals. I have begun a journey to arrange my life with biblical principals. Over the past year, I have found your leadership and social media presence to be a God send. Like you I follow Andy's leadership podcast. Your recommendation for this book is enough for me to make a purchase. My wife is being given the opportunity to go to Catalyst in October by our church as part of the worship team. I have asked her to purchase the Principal of the Path at that event. If you decide to send me the book or any of the promotion items, I will use the material to continue the journey that I am on. If you don't, I will have the book in a few weeks anyway! Thanks for all that you do and the leadership that you are providing to those of us who follow.

  • Barry Williams

    I not only would love a new copy of anything Andy Stanley… As a DAD OF EIGHT ranging from 1yr to 18 yrs of age, I NEED a copy of The Principle of the Path. Come to think of that… it makes me a good candidate for any of the offerings! LOL. btw.. Thanks for considering and thanks for the video post today. I read your blog daily.

  • @JeffJackson73

    First off thank you for offering free stuff!
    Second, thank you for your influence and web presence, after listening to your interview on the Catalyst podcast i decided to sign up for twitter to expand my web influence!
    Reasons i should get the books!
    1- I am a future leader in the church, I haven't been a called to lead men and married couples to their next stage In Christ!

    2- I have been a Christian for 5 years now, although i am "young" in my faith, God has me on the accelerated program and i really enjoy absorbing as much leadership material as possible. I have some catching up to do so this book will help!

    3. Next may I am getting married and Two will become One in Christ. Currently i am saving all my pennies working towards being debt free and getting a head start on our life together. I really want this book but its not in my budget currently!

    any help would be much appreciated!
    Thanks so much!

    • @JeffJackson73

      DOLT! Edit
      1- I am a future leader in the church, I have been called to lead men and married couples to their next stage In Christ!

  • @mrsyarby

    I have just recently been introduced to Andy Stanley. His messages have all been inspiring and motivational yet honest and challenging. However, I have not yet had an opportunity to read one of his book's, but after reading this blog and your daughter's blog, I know this is a must read for me. Winning this Andy Stanley book would be a great start to my collection for his books.

    I also have never had a chance to attend Catalyst before. I am always so impressed with the line up. I would love nothing more than to surprise my husband with two free tickets for us to both attend Catalyst together.

  • David Chen

    “Direction – not intention – determines our destination” took me sometime to see what was it actually means. I have to reread your interview for couple times. But it’s right on. But problem, how can I see before it hit me especially the dangers. As the review mention, one of them though close friends. But I really love to find out more about it.

    I have 3 young kids and I’m trying hard to be role model at home and to get them to know God, my intention. Are my directions on right path? At same time, changes and challenge at work places have shape me into other type of directions sometime in fact opposite direction than what my intentions. Am I in collision course?

    Thanks for introducing me to this book.

    Either way, I will read this book soon. Thanks.

  • Ryan Grammatici

    Hey Michael,
    Thank you for the opportunity. So here is my masterplan.since I cannot afford the book, I will take the book that I win(I mean, I AM going to win!), read it, and then share the book with someone else who cannot afford it. But with one stipulation, that they read it and write a note to the next person they give it to about what the big lesson they learned and include it in the book giving process.Sounds like a plan, right? Look forwa3d to reading it.

    Ryan Grammatico

  • marcpayan

    I'm rather new to the entire circle of catalyst and even reading this blog, but over the last eight months or so I've tuned in to Andy and following much of the work coming out of the NorthPoint community. Enjoyed the book Stanley co-authored 'Communicating for a Change' and look forward to diving into the new one. Read most of my books on the kindle, but a paper is always nice. I have yet to make it to a catalyst event, but have seen much of what goes on through online videos and following people who twitter about it. Ive enjoyed many of his marriage and family series and follow via my twitter @imarriage.

  • Andrea

    I’m from Italy and I firstly discovered Andy Stanley reading “Communicating for a Change”, suggest by an English friend.
    I looked for him on the web and subscribed his podcasts.
    I was amazed by his engaging, dynamic and relevant preaching and his powerful principles on leadership.
    I am a preacher in my local church and I am encouraged to be more effective in my communication by his suggestions and example.
    I am a manager in a production company and I face everyday the challanges of being a leader.
    I listened to the Principle of the Path series on my iPod and I’m looking forward to buy his book on… if I won’ receive it from US!

  • Sally Kent

    I'd love a copy and would definitely benefit from it! I hope to receive one!

  • CSpooner

    *sings while performing an Irish jig on top of my vacuum*
    Andy Stanley he's so groovy-his hair is poofy his messages move me
    Saw him on Dave Ramsey, definitely not a pansy, I'm proud to say
    I'm becoming a big fan(sy)!


    Andy's direct and simple messages motivate and inspire me to live more effectively. These offered resources are invaluable!

  • Bill Whitt

    Michael — I wanted to comment that I already own the book, and I agree it contains potentially life-changing truths. Andy always does a great job of extrapolating principles from Scripture that demonstrate how God knows best. Teaching of this type gives nonbelievers and believers alike confidence that the Word of God really can be trusted. And, true to Andy's teaching style, he focuses on one point with laser precision throughout the book, so the bottom line takeaway is very clear and memorable. The question we have to ask ourselves each day is simple: What path am I choosing, and where does it lead?

    Thanks for doing this give-away. I guess I don't need another copy of the book, but if I did win, I could always give the book away to a friend who would benefit! And I sure could use some Catalyst tickets, so I'll go ahead and submit my name and address! I loved attending NPCC's Drive Conference, and I've wanted to check out Catalyst too for a long time!

  • joelhwilliams

    I love Andy's ministry – I've already purchased the audio of this book, so I 'm not going to enter to win for myself – I'd like to ask that you give both the book and Catalyst Tickets to my cousin, @CrossCultural (Michael Stephens). Michael, his wife Hope, and their two children have served in the International Mission Field for 8 or so years – first in Syria, then Lebanon, then Chad, before being pulled out due to political unrest a few years back. after teaching in seminaries for 2 or so years, they found a new position working outside Paris in the housing blocks in Bobingy. They recently felt called to give up this position, return to the states, and do urban missions in Birmingham Alabama – we've secured a foreclosed house for them in Fairfield, an industrial area of Birmingham, a block from Restoration Academy (<a href="” target=”_blank”> and …(cont)

  • Toni

    I need to have Andy's new book. I need to be convinced that direction not intention leads to where we end up in life. I might have the intention of doing a specific thing, but the circumstances in life prevent me from doing that specific thing. Therefore, I have to make the best of the situation and do something that is an alternative of my intention. Sometimes we have to make lemonade out of lemons. Lemons happen. Lemons are not in our control. God is in control of the lemons. I would also like to go to Catalyst:)

  • Bill Newton

    I never really saw myself as a leader, even after I got into the ministry (which I never planned to go into, but God had other plans-but that's another story…). When I had this 'duh' moment a few years-that even as a youth pastor I am a very influenctial leader (I know-shoulda seen that one coming but like I said, it was a 'duh' moment)-I began gobbling up all the leadership stuff I could. I have gone to Catalyst the last 2 yrs (and am going again this year), and been reading tons of stuff by leaders such as Stanley, Hybels, Maxwell, and Lencioni to learn all I can to take advantage of the position God has given me with youth. I would love to have a copy of Andy's new book so I can further continue to grow as a leader. Simply as that. "Leaders are learners' as a famous leadership guru once said, and reading is one of the best ways to learn.

  • Women Living Well

    I have never read an Andy Stanley book and would love to give it a try. I am a blogger with over 1,000 visitors a week – so if I enjoy it I can be sure to mention it to my readers too over at

  • Dave Rozman

    Basically, who does not like Free Stuff. Thats my main reason. I recently discovered the Catalyst Podcast and am blown away by what i have experienced through these podcasts. I have heard Andy Stanley several times and would love to hear/read more from him. I have a growing list of books I would like to read and this is one of them. Thanks for the opportunity. Grace and Peace

  • NRS

    I don't know Andy, this is the first time I heard about him. But I would like to have some of his material, it seems that people is entusiastic about his work. I'm going through difficult time and I need help. Maybe this is a good way to start healing and move on with my life. God bless you.

  • Quinton Runyon

    Andy is a great leader. I have the book and have already used the book in helping me to become a better leader. I gave this book to a pastor friend of mine and he is currently using it. The goal would be to get the book so I can give it to another pastor. Also I have a couple of pastor friends at small churches that cannot afford to send them to Catalyst. We have space in our hotel rooms simply not enough tickets. You know as well as I do pastors/leaders are not "gonna wanna" miss this. In Christ…

  • Brian Deeley

    A few months back I discovered Andy's work when I read "Next Generation Leader" and just put this book, Visioneering and Choosing to Cheat on my Amazon shopping list last night! What I like about his work (so far) is that it is it applies and unifies leadership in all areas of life and is based on proactive direction.

    In recent months, I've been sharing some of my great book finds (including Noticer and Same Kind of Different) with my small group. They LOVE my recommendations and are always asking me what I'm reading next! Principle of the Path is definitely next and would a copy to share with them.

  • Jason Rigby

    Andy Stanley’s wisdom as been a tremendous help in leading the church through transition and change. The Principal of the Path would be great to have for any pastor and one that I would benefit greatly from!

    Why would I want DVD’s, CD’s, and books? What sane Pastor would not want any of those resources!

    If receive any resources will blog about it and do book review…

  • mike st. pierre

    LEADERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I am a first time high school president in search of other leaders- what else can I say?

  • friendoffoxohio

    I would love to win a copy of the book. I am a big fan of Andy Stanley. I listen to his podcasts and follow him on twitter. He is very passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm encourages others to be their best. I would love the book because as a teacher, coach, and helper at church this would be a great tool to help instill succesful leadership qualities in our kids. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Brian

    Andy is clear and direct which gives his teaching & writing impact. As a pastor, his writings and podcasts on communication and leadership have helped me to sharpen the ministries of our church.

    After watching the video, I can see that this principle needs to be understood and absorbed by Christians in our church, especially the teens and many college age young people who are part of our church. I would like to receive this book so as to evaluate it for use in our teaching ministries.

  • Travis Stealy

    Just ordered "The Principle of the path" (couldn't wait, I totally need this book for my life right now!) and downloaded "How God is Good Enough" on Audible.
    I've already got "Making Visions Stick" which had awesome insights for me as a church leader but could be applied anywhere.

    Found out about Catalyst a few months ago and havn't been able to get it out of my mind since. Unfortunately the company I worked for closed earlier in the year and as a full-time volunteer for my church/community Catalyst is a bit too expensive for me this year.
    But this is no sob story, God has absolutely used this time to bless me, work with me, and transform my vision!

  • Brian Ladd

    I just started listening to Andy and have never read his books. I've also just begun discovering Catalyst and all it has to offer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Judy Tyrrell

    As a Christian, to confidently move forward in God's guidance is critical. Your book report leads me to believe Andy's book might contain excellent information for those scared to move without hearing the 'booming voice'. Application of the principles set forward in Andy's book could only help Christians seeking God's will. Praise God for no-nonsence helpful info like this!

  • Susantm

    While I have not yet read any of Andy Stanley's books, I would love to have this one, as my whole family is currently undergoing various changes, and this could help provide direction. My husband is eligible to retire and is deciding when to do so and how to divide his time in retirement. I am trying to move my career more toward the things I feel God is calling me to do, rather than just earning money, now that my kids are grown. My older son is deciding whether to return to grad school and what to study, after a few years of working. And my youngest son has just graduated from college and will be marrying soon, so he is definitely making major life decisions concerning his future and is seeking wisdom in these decisions. This book would definitely be passed around and discussed.

  • David & Lisa Frisbie

    We do life coaching and exeuctive coaching: Andy Stanley's principles are spot-on accurate. Can't wait to read this new book: We'd love to receive a copy! Thank you for making it available.

  • Daniel Michael

    I love Andy Stanley and after going through many struggles with the recent downfall in the real estate market I need this book!

  • Tracy Atcheson

    I respect Andy Stanley and value his insight into God's Word and the application of it in daily life. I would love to read his new book and evaluate my direction in life with the insight he provides in the book. I would treasure the gift of a free book and share it with others after I read it. Thank you for your consideration. You blog is so insightful, I read each post. I recently purchased a Moleskein journal for my note taking on what I read.

  • Katie

    …wow this is so weird. i have this one friend who is always talking to me about faith and, im not going too lie about it, i believe that i have "fallen off the wagon." He is trying to get me back on tract, however i feel kind of…nervouse about it and not sure on how to go about things. I grew up a roman catholic and church is just way to boring for me. i still believe in God and everything that he does…I just do not understand how to let him back in my life and in a way that i can accept Him and have my family understand why i am accepting Him in thsi way…

  • Chad Austin

    It's often said personal growth is influenced by the people you meet and the books you read. Although I've never met Andy Stanley, I feel like I know him from his personal and practical messages, and I have certainly been influenced by his writings.

    Not only is Andy a "Visioneering," "Next Generation Leader", he is also gifted at "Communicating for a Change." As a newly married man (3 moths), Andy's new book "The Principle of the Path" would be a valuable resource in making sure me, my wife and our future family get on and stay on the right path.

    So, I'm going to ask you "The Best Question Ever." Will you send me a copy of Andy's new book?

  • Laura Bowman

    I would love to have a copy of Andy’s new book. He is such an innovative leader and has inspired others. I have read several of his books and they have challenged me immensely. I’ve never been able to attend a Catalyst but known several who have and they said it was life changing.

  • BJuma

    Dear Michael-Reasons I would like a copy of this book or cd's:
    #1–I love that the author bases his premise on scripture–I am committed to being a lifelong student of Scripture and its relevance for all of us today
    #2–One of my dreams is to write books and/or bible studies that bring scriptures alive and inspire others to know Christ
    I think Andy Stanleys' book would be valuable to me in my process of choosing direction (vs. intention), and perhaps give me more clarity around this issue as I move forward with my dreams and goals.
    Thank you for your time and consideration! Blessings, BJuma

  • Jennifer

    Like the hundreds of others who have posted comments here I too would love a copy of Andy's book! I am no more deserving than anyone else all I can say is that I recently discovered North Point Online and after going thru a terrible experience of being verbally abused by my former pastor Andy's sermons have brought new life to me and the emails from people from NP online has really helped! I am a Sunday School teacher at a small church in a little town in Newfoundland Canada, And unlike many I will probably never met Andy Stanley or attend his conferences. But I would be thrilled to have a copy of his new book! Hope you will consider me!

  • Bob F.

    Please pick me! :) I can't go to the Catalyst conference because my mother-in-law will be visiting that week. This alone should be reason enough to send me the DVD sets, don't you think? I mean, I am keeping my marriage healthy and honoring my wife by sticking around when her mom is coming to town. Surely that's worth something!
    Not that you need more convincing, but I currently give leadership to a large parachurch college ministry overseeing all of our works in Los Angeles and Orange County (about 1 million college students) and am always looking for ways to improve my leadership effectiveness. Boy, would those DVD's make a huge impact! I could keep watching my set of the Best of Tony Robbins, but I feel like I have gleaned all I can from him, so the new material would be great! Again, please pick me Michael! Thanks!

  • Drew Hyun

    I'm actually quite new to Andy Stanley, and the first time I heard him was last week on the Catalyst Podcast. I found his insights about his personal leadership habits (particularly his normal routine) to be quite humbling and humanizing. After the short interview, I'm very curious to hear more from Andy, particularly how he cultivates his soul in the midst of leading a massive organization.

    I'm a Korean-American 30 year-old teaching/associate pastor of a multicultural church (over 65 nationalities) in Queens, NY (, and I'm not so interested in reading books about leadership growth and strategy. Instead, I'm much more interested in hearing about how young leaders can cultivate healthy inner lives and marriages for the long haul.

    I'll be coming to Catalyst in a couple of weeks, too!

  • Slade Bailey

    I distinctly remember the first time I heard Andy speak – way back in the late 1980's at the popular and influential Metro Bible Study. I think Andy was still in seminary yet there was a big buzz about him coming to speak. His talk was unlike any of the old school Baptist preachers of which I was accustom – his whole communication style and gifts opened my eyes to an entirely different style and approach. I still remember the talk – probably the only sermon I remember from the 80's despite being a regular church attender – he spoke about Lazarus and Jesus raising him from the dead. Throughout the years I have followed Andy and his teaching have stretched me in many ways. I would be honored to hear him speak at Catalyst or have the opportunity to listen through his CD or DVD set. Thanks.

  • Dan Masshardt

    Three things about Andy Stanley – why I would enjoy a copy of Andy's new book (or that CD set):

    1. Andy practices what he preaches – he writes about what he has practiced and continues to practice as a leader.

    2. Andy writes and speaks on topics that are not rehashed and recycled but fresh, relavent and sorely needed in so many of our churches and organizations, including my own.

    3. Andy is humble. He is focused he is a man of passion and integrity.

    Sorry I didn't alliterate my list. I'll throw in an invitation so that you can respond to my message: With every head bowed and every eye closed, slip me a copy of the book. ;-) The other commentators don't have to know…

  • anamara

    I'd be very grateful to be able to read this book, and amazed beyond words if I could attend the conference. I am lost. I mean, really lost, but trust where I'm going. I landed here. I've never heard of Andy Stanley or any of this…but the enthusiasm with which you wrote & the generosity of your joy, truly sent an angel-memo to my heart…it's like traveling for hours in circles, in the rain & the darkening skies, and then you finally see the right off-ramp…and you breathe a huge sigh of relief, knowing you're close to a turning point, and to God's plan.

  • Travis K

    Hey Mike – I like Andy because he can take the hard truths of Scripture and put them on the bottom shelf…exactly where I need them. He has been a distant mentor through his preaching, writing, and training to this young pastor.
    I would like his book, a chance to hear him speak live, or the cd/dvd series because the Bible says not to "cast your pearls before swine". I'm not a swine…I know how incredible this offer is!!!!!

  • Anita Lea

    Just learned about you. Sounds inspiring. Always looking for my next inspiration and a chance to learn from someone else’s point of view.If I like the book, I will pass it on. Thanks for taking the effort to get it out to us.

  • JessePhillips

    Michael Hyatt! Just a suggestion, how about requiring that people "retweet" this blog post in order to generate more traffic? We do that all the time for all of our contests and it helps participation grow exponentially.

    Not that you need it grow exponentially! you have 251 comments!

  • rachelem

    To be honest… I didn't have a clue who this Andy Stanley character was until quite recently. About 9 months ago I was promoted to a management position in Christian retail, where I struggled to find the balance between ministry with and for my employees and meeting business goals. So I searched and searched, but hadn't been able to find someone to address the collision of business and ministry, until Andy and his leadership pod casts found their way into my itunes library. His words of reflection and insight have encouraged me and other business leaders so much so that I shudder to think what kind of leader I would be today.

    The first thing I would do with any of the materials, as I've done in the past, is pass them on to a fellow manager, employee, church leader, or even simply someone who can be more than they are by following the Principle of the Path.

  • Christine

    I would like to win because we live near North Point Community Church and are struggling with the decion of where God wants us to attend church. We are currently members of a denominational church with which we have a long familial history and yet, we don't know that this is where we are supposed to be. Are we missing the boat by not being at the North Point Church? We are worried about what effects of changing / not-changing churchs will have on our children. We are praying and seeking God's will. Maybe reading any of the prizes will guide us in that decision.

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  • Linda Goodman

    Andy Stanley is my favorite author – attended North Point as often as possible when I lived in Atlanta a few years ago – really miss that kind of teaching ! I heard the sermon series Principle of the Path before it was a book, so I am very anxious to read it! Would love to have a copy.

    Thank you
    Linda Goodman

  • Rob

    I had heard many references to North Point church from various sources, but was only introduced to Andy Stanley and his podcasts via your blog post 3 weeks ago. Since then I have listened to all of Andy's leadership podcasts and have found them to be both practical and set in a foundation of faith. I would love to receive a copy of the book (or the CD) as I don't expect to be able to see Andy in person any time soon (unless he is planning a trip to Australia that I am unaware of!).

  • Mark Heywood

    I enjoy listening to Andy’s podcast because whatever he speaks about is always relevant to my life. He hasn’t let his personal development and thinking grow old. He always seeks to go forward and bring others with him. I would love to read his new book to help me continue to live my best life.

  • Molly

    self. education. school transfer. godly friends. travel. self. curiosity. god. life change. boy. god. love. africa. marriage. god. africa again. home. job. self. god. complications. self. turmoil. hope for change. god.

    God's hand is so evident in the trajectory of my life, and yet in recent days, I am learning incredible lessons in patience and faithfulness to Him as I seek to sort through life's "junk" and find Truth and grace amidst stretching challenges. Andy's "direction, not intention" principle is one I so badly want to learn to apply–wholeheartedly, as I realize daily that my ideas, my walk, and my day to day circumstances aren't really mine, but God's. Lately, I am so cognizant that the choices I make are of greater consequence in His Kingdom than they are to my living conditions and comforts in this life. To whom much is given, much will be required!

    I would love a dose of Andy's insight from The Principle of the Path, almost as much as I would love to feel awakened by an awesome experience like Catalyst '09. Either would be an unexpected blessing–and perfectly timed. All the while, I'm planning to begin a new direction and praying to that end:

    god. love. god. joy. god. change. god. peace. god. africa. god. patience. less self. more god.

  • Peggy J. Shaw

    I'm definitely getting this book, and the interview sold me. My hair stylist has been talking to me about Andy Stanley for two years now. He seems really dynamic. Thanks for sharing this just at a time when I was down-sized from a publishing house—when I really need direction and determination!

  • @DaveAnthold

    I love leadership & I love the way Andy Stanley breaks down his thoughts so that they are easily applicable. I read "Next Generation Leader" & realized that his passion is to grow leaders to reach all generations. Whenever I get an opportunity to hear Andy speak live, it is great to be there, like at Catalyst West. Andy's book don't collect dust on my bookshelf, but are highlighted & pulled down for use when working with friends or during mentoring sessions. I would love to have the USPS or UPS drop a book by my front door especially since I missed the blogger review of this book. Thanks for your leadership.

  • Brett Hendrix

    Andy gives someone like myself, who is starting a new ministry ,a glance at true leadership. I will gladly accept any of the items you would offer. My desire is to soak up as much wisdom as possible to give another avenue for the Lord to lead me in ministry. God has givene me a chance to be restored and my desire is to pass the same opportunity on to others. Thank you Michael for giving your time to help guide others!

  • Mark

    I’d love a copy of Andy’s new book.

    I’m 19 – 20 in February – and I’ve made plenty of poor choices in the past: Poor money management, poor habits, poor this, poor that. I’ve turned over a new leaf in the last few months and I’m on track with improving myself so that I can effectively do what God has called me to do.

    It’s like Andy said in the leadership podcast: There’s something God has called us to do, and if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.

    I want a copy of the book because in order to be a successful leader we first must be put together ourselves. That is exactly what I am doing in this stage of my life – getting myself together.

  • Mariana

    I first read your post and decided I didn't want to even try and get the book. I didn't think I'd be interested… I wasn't even planning on watching the interview, I had "other things" to do. But I did.

    and then I listen to Andy talk about this disconnect between what I say I want to do and what I'm doing… I had to stop the video and go back.
    It's going to sound horrible but I honestly thought that the book would be to "superficial" for the type of "spiritual content" I say I like to read… I know, I know, it sounds horrible! But I'm coming out with this because I listened to Andy talk about the very condition in my heart that I've struggled with for so long… in the most simple and clear terms I've ever heard anyone talk about that.
    I realized that I want to read this book. I want to understand why I keep saying I want things but end up doing other things… I want Romans 8 in simple terms, practical terms… I feel I there a lot of truth and a lot of life in that book…

    That's why I want it.

  • dstatham

    I'm grateful for Andy Stanley. One of the things I think he does brilliantly is that he is using his books, podcasts, and talks to "virtulally mentor" the next generation leader. He has limited time, but has chosen to open his playbook and invest not only into today, but in the what is possible tomorrow. One of my all-time favorite books is Visioneering– I've recommended it countless times. I'd be honored to get a copy of he latest book. Thanks for stirring the discussion!

  • Andrew Edwards

    I’d love a copy of Andy’s new book or the DVD’s and CD’s from Catalyst! I live in Australia and have found Andy’s leadership podcasts to be one of the best tools God has used to grow my faith and leadership in ministry. Its so great to have access to quality teachers and leaders despite living on the other side of the world! I dont have the opportunity to get to Catalyst or see Andy ‘live’ so please bless us with access to his book or DVD’s!

    It would also be cool to share the prizes around the world, I’m a long long way away! :-)

  • aaronaiken

    Mike, great interview! I too listen to Andy's leadership podcast and absolutely love every minute of it. I have to admit though, that I have never read one of Andy's books. I would love the opportunity to read The Principle of the Path and say that it was my first Andy Stanley book! Without reading this book I can tell you honestly that I am discovering this principle simply by living my life on purpose. My wife and I make financial goals together, life goals together, and individually we are making goals to get to certain places, or achieve certain goals. Already, this view on life is taking us from humble Harrisburg PA where our families have lived for generations, to Wilmington, NC, paving our own way and living life on purpose. Although I am young, I am excited to have learned this principle and look forward to where it will take me through the coming years.

  • Wes

    I would really like to read The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley. Currently I am at a crossroads in my vocational/ministry life trying to discern the next steps, but all is dark. Not sure I should stay, but also not sure if I should leave. This books seems like it might be helpful from what I can read above. Thanks for the giveaway. May God bless you and your readers.


  • Matt McComas

    I would love either of the CD/DVD sets! I’m a ginormous Andy Stanley fan. As a 30 year old next generation leader, Andy has been a huge influence in my life and ministry. As a Campus ministry leader in Montana, I can’t make it to Atlanta for Catalyst so a box set is the next best thing.


  • duane

    i have the privilege of attending Northpoint and hearing Andy on a regular basis both at church and other leadership events… i personally believe he is one of the people God is using in these times to give much needed guidance to leaders around the world.

    Books and other? Already have most of the things listed, but would love to have more in order to give it away! one of my favorite things is handing off material that has helped me grow to other, upcoming leaders.

  • rahul agarwal

    I would love Andy Stanley’s new book because after listening to the message series he did on it at NPC I gave a copy to each of my graduating college seniors and my president…however, I don’t have my own copy ha!

    Andy is who I go to for leadership stuff DAILY. I would also love his best of leadership talks because I listen to his podcast (i even mentor a student who I make sure listens to it as well), am going to Catalyst already because of Andy Stanley and I recommend everything he does because God truly has His hand on Andy.

    I hope I get those two (i’ll even take one!) resources as I work with college students on the USF campus where I reach the world’s next leaders.

  • Daniel Roberts

    Catalyst, oh how I've longed to meet thee. Think of me as the guy you want to give the tickets to, or at least have coffee with. (Serously, just stay with me for a moment.)

    Life plan? Check
    Currently in year 2 of a detailed 7 year plan that fits into looser 15 and 30 year plans. So far I've married my best friend, started a company, almost given up on said company, stuck with said company, and started to watch said company grow. The seven year plan ends with me and my wife arriving in Africa to live.

    Inbox Zero
    I had over 2,000 emails this time last year and didn't even declare bankruptcy. Get the junk email out of the way with some creative filters and searches and sort the rest in 30 minute chunks. It took a few days, but this has revolutionized my life.

    The Story
    Since I was 14 (I'm 25 now.), my focus has revolved around video production. I've shot Grammy winning artists for national TV stations and prior to that, more than my fair share of elementary school dace recitals. It ended on June 6 of this year when I quit the video marketing firm I had been working with for a year. We had irreconcilable differences in ethics. I had them, they did not. My company was born a week later.

    During the last few months life has been difficult to say the least. My wife and I have been living on her meager income and what little I can make in odd jobs. I'm nearing the end of creating a truly WOW product for churches. I know how to make a good looking video the first time, yet more content has been thrown away than kept. More than 4 times over!

    While has been an option at times, thankfully by God's grace I haven't thrown in the towel yet. The product should launch sometime shortly after Catalyst, and that said, there's no way I can afford the tickets on my own. I have wanted to go for years, but have never been able to. Should you choose me, it would be a gift that's deeply appreciated.

  • TNeal

    I just got through with Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz." I couldn't put it down. When you speak of a "can't put it down" book by Thomas Nelson, I pay attention. When you speak about a book that addresses direction in life, having come down a worse-than-a-Pennsylvania-turnpike-under-construction patch of road in the last six months, I'm now past paying attention and into riveted to the next set of instructions.

  • Jerome Coleman, Jr

    I am a 24 year old youth pastor who feels called to challenge a generation to live for God. I believe this would be a great resource to help me guide the students I have been entrusted with to watch the direction of their lives. It would be cool to get a book and such because I have never won anything before. Another reason is because I try to read and learn as much as I can.( Leaders are Learners.) I would love to receive a copy of this book and the other materials. Thank you so much for believing in people like me that you would be willing to invest this great resource into our lives.

  • Todd Johnson

    I’ve enjoyed listening to Andy’s AND the Catalyst podcasts. Our church is in the midst of a restructuring – a change in becoming more lay-led than staff led. In addition, we are desiring to make more of an impact in our local community. There’s a lot going on, but good things are happening.

    As chairman of our elder board, I’d love to share this book and/or the CD’s of Andy with the other guys. None of us will be getting down to Atlanta. It’s a bit of a hike from MN.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Jim Whitaker

    Andy is a breath of fresh air in a world that is pulled in several different directions. Communication for Change, changed (no pun intended, or maybe so), the way that I understand communication, not only in my work as a seminarian, but also in my work that I do day in and day out. Right now I am a in my fourth year as a seminary and I am in the process of trying to find the intersection of my calling with the world. I believe that Andy’s new book may be powerful and helpful to me in that endeavor as I work out my calling that God has given me through my education. At the same time, I recognize that this is not my father’s religion anymore. The Catalyst conference is a great way to see where we are going in the Christian faith instead of where we have been. I have been fortunate to have seen some of the record conferences in the past through some friends who have purchased the CDs and I read and watch the Catalyst podcast, but I can only image how wonderful the experience would be in person to get to be alongside other like-minded Christians looking for ways to be a catalyst in the world we live in.

  • El Homy

    I should would love a copy of Andy's new book. I'm stuck in a Y right now and truely don't know what to do. I can't wait read this book! Andy always has great wisdom. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!

  • Adam McEntyre


    Andy Stanley is one of the best communicators of this generation. I do not know one pastor who wouldn't cite him as "the man" of this time. I am currently in the process of becoming a leader at my church, and Andy's books are by far the best. I have heard great reviews of "The Principle of the Path," and expect to learn many great things from it, as well as Andy's future writings. Getting a free copy of "Principle" would be just fantastic in these times. Thanks so much Michael and Andy.

  • Barbara Wilder

    I would love to have a copy of Andy's new book to give to a young man (young Christian) who graduated from Fuqua Business school in May and is now in the business field. I am familiar with the concept from listening to Andy's sermons and it's a great one for all of us to hear, but especially those just getting started down the road of choices. Thank you for this opportunity. I have just *found* you, but I will be back!

  • @Buehlerbuehler

    As a leader, I need to be able to choose the right path myself so that I can show those I am leading to head in the right direction. While Andy's book isn't specifically targeted for youth, I think I could easily adapt the core points of it to the group I minister to. Andy's amazing. I can't get enough of his teaching!

  • Mike Brooks

    Wow! 23 pages worth of responses, haha. Feel like I'm writing into an abyss.

    Anyway, I would love to be able to go to Catalyst Conference. Right now I am on the executive staff at a one-year-old church plant in south Georgia. A lot of weeks it feels like we fight larger battles than – "Who's going to be here?" and "Are the greeters in the right place?" Our staff is full of forward-thinkers. Because of that it feels like almost everything we do is challenging the "church system" in the southern part of our state. We've watched and been a part of making church/spirituality a "checklist" in our area for quite a few years now and, quite frankly, are sick of it.

    I remember right out of highschool, I left to attend college in the Atlanta area. While there a church invited me to come to Catalyst with them. It blew my mind. Not the lights and sound, but the pure passion for moving forward. Never had I gotten the opportunity to step outside of the mundane, day-after-day. "barely hanging on" mindset of Christianity and church. I didn't just step out that day, I jumped out- with both feet and I haven't looked back yet. Much of what happened in the Gwinnett Arena that October has affected my decision-making today as I help follow God's lead in the church planting scene.

    I think Catalyst is appropriately named for the sheer amount of encouragement and motivation the conference brings to "upstart" ministries. We'll never be able to put into words all that has stirred our hearts because of the conference, but we do know we'd like to be back. Our resources currently are spread then, but I feel like Catalyst takes our dreams, wards off the criticism, and brings them alive in us again.

  • Chad McSwain

    I just dropped by this site after listening to Catalyst interview and want to take a shot at the amazing giveaways!

    I would love a copy of the book and it is a dream to attend Catalyst. I am a 29 year old Small Groups Pastor and recently started a College aged Small Group for our church. Earlier today, I got a call from one of my young adults and he expressed a desire to better equip those in our group. I left him with some questions for us to exam that might lead us to new ways to approach discipleship beyond merely relaying facts and hoping people make the right decisions.

    After watching the interview with Andy, it is clear that one of the central components of formation is the difference between intention and destination. I can see it reflected in my life, the young adults, and the "older" adults I work with.

    Thanks for hosting a great discussion!

  • Carolina M.

    Hi Michael,

    I have to admit that up until not too long ago I didn't know much about Andy Stanley. I have had a fair bit of straggles both in my personal life and in my business life. I found Andy's podcast one day searching thru itunes for motivational and self-growth podcast and started listening to it and it really made me feel inspired and motivated to get back on my feet and get my life together again (I'm doing better everyday). It's kind of the same way I found your on Twitter. I guess once you find one valuable person to follow and learn from, a lot more people of the same value come into your life. You, Andy and John Maxwell are probably the people I look forward the most for new material (blogs, podcast, books, etc…) these days. It will be nice to get a copy of the new book, but even if I don't I'm still happy I got to share this with you.

  • Joni Hubbard

    In the past 2 years, the Lord has opened up many different ways for my husband and I to be involved heavily in college ministries. As of this summer, we were asked to take on the college ministry at our church on a voluntary basis. We are looking for as many ways as we can afford to help us understand how to truly connect with these students and disciple them to live lives committed to Christ, especially during these college years when it is so easy for them to go in a different direction. We have dreamed of going to Catalyst someday and would love to have that privilege, but we also would really love a copy of this book as a resource to help train us for our new ministry at our church. Thank you for what you do to train leaders!

  • david morris

    Why do I like Andy? He takes profound truths and teaches them in simple ways. Its easy to confuse people, but it is obvious Andy Stanley knows what he is talking about.

    I would like to receive Andy’s CD set on leadership from Catalyst because all leaders are learners, and as Rick Warren has put it, I want to “learn as much as I can as often as I can.”

    Also, a virus is attached to this post, and the only way I can reverse its damage is to get the CD set.


  • Mark Blake

    I would like a copy of Andy's new book.

    I am 19 – 20 in February – and I've made my share of poor choices: Poor money management, poor exercise choices, poor this, poor that. In the last few months, though, I've really turned over a new leaf and I'm getting on track with doing the right thing.

    I believe that there's something that God has called me to do, and I need to get my own life in order before I can begin to impact the lives of others. That is why I'd like the book. I have been listening to Andy Stanley for a while now, and at every turn he tells me something through his sermons or through his leadership podcast that I need to apply to keep improving.

    Its like he said in the leadership podcast: There's something God has called us to do, and if we don't do it, it won't get done.

    Leaders can't lead until they've got themselves together, and that is exactly what I am doing in this period of my life – getting myself together so that I can do what I am called to do.

  • elmer mcdaniel

    Brother Stanley has blessed me with his outpouring of resources. I am blessed to serve as senior pastor of a 108 year old congregation. I have cast vision this year and we are well on the way. I value every resource that can assist us on staying focus on the journey. I look forward to reading his book. Bless all you do…..

  • BLBC

    Andy knows the heartbeat of God. It is a gift to be able to communicate, but for the person who is listening/reading the words/message and apply that truth, it is the breathe of the Holy Spirit.
    Three summers ago I "stumbled upon" the North Point Church on line services and "soaked" up the teachings; while a Christian and faithul in my walk, these messages have enriched my life.
    Working in a college library, I have the means to discuss books and recommend works to students. Andy's open and honest approach to life and Bibical applications create a "Wanting More …" hunger for what really matters in the daily agenda of life.

    YES … I can hardly wait to read the latest book!

  • Jonathan Milligan

    I have been a big fan of Andy Stanley for the past two years. His book Visioneering gave me the courage to step out and begin to follow the dream God has placed on my heart. I also enjoyed reading "The Greatest Question Ever Asked." So simple but so profound. I am very interested in this book because the preaching series he did on the about a year ago impacted my life in a great way. I even wrote on a plastic wristband "Direction Determines Destination" as a reminder for me in my daily activities. I would really love to get this book! Jonathan

  • MattMusteric

    I am intrigued by Stanley's premise, especially given that the earliest Christians were called followers of The Way. Jesus' initial invitation to the disciples was clearly directional: "Follow me." And the classical understanding of repentance has been "turning" or "turning around." I'd like to hear what Stanley adds to the great ongoing Christian conversation about the way of discipleship and Christian formation.

  • rcullins

    Mike — I just discovered your blog recently in the blogroll of one of your authors, and am really enjoying it.

    I am a professional in the software industry, and am working toward a career as a book illustrator–trying to re-visit the plan I had back when I went to art school and before life 'crept in'. I've been chipping away at this goal for years, and yet don't seem much closer to it, for all of my efforts. There just never seems to be enough time or energy to go around. Though I feel like I'm running as fast as I can, I'm just keeping up, rather than getting ahead.

    I don't know how to get where I want to be without neglecting my health or family. Any resource which could help me achieve my life goals would quite literally be a God-send.

    Thank you.

  • Donnie Mainellis

    A year ago, God gave me a vision for a ministry geared toward college and career age that we began in the living room of my home. I went off to school and returned with that vision continually burning to restart it again. I shared this with a pastor that provided us a covering and we are holding services outside the church in a coffee shop bringing in from the start approximately 130 people weekly on a Thursday night, (this is the biggest club night in our city). I'm 19 and need all the leadership resources available and recently friends turned me onto the Catalyst Conference that after researching would desperately love to attend. The struggle is doing what we know God called us to do … and sustaining it! The ministry is called "Unleashed" – Ur3 – Reedemed..Raised..Released. Thank you for considering me for the resources and tickets to attend Catalyst. – Donnie Mainellis

  • Andy

    Why do I like Andy Stanley? Because, in the words of both Steven Furtick and Perry Noble at two different Catalyst Conferences: "It's Andy fricken Stanley!" But seriously, Andy always talks and writes about principles. They are transferable to your situation, every time. Conceptually brilliant, AND practically applicable. It doesn't get any better. I can't go to catalyst this year, I already have the book, so the DVD's would be great. Thanks for all you're doing.

  • Ted

    What I like about Andy's writing–and why I'd like a book–is his ability to anticipate and answer objections in the reader's mind. By the time he's finished with you, you're out of excuses. You must adopt his point of view and give up your slacker ways.

  • David Locke

    Andy Stanley speaks with clarity to people and they understand what God is calling them to do. I have been an Andy follower for the last ten years and with the church I serve now, I am trying to be as clear and understanding as I see Andy. Since these are simple country churches (serve 2) they seem to appreciate the down to earth sermons and really feed off the Holy Spirit energy that fills them.
    It would thrill me to no end to receive any of these unbelievable gifts, however I know that there are others out there that probably could use them for God's glory as well. I appreciate that you are promoting God's Kingdom growth and helping others achieve their potential to do the same. Love and God's blessings.

  • Julie Piepho

    Mike – I just met you at the BCE last week in Oregon. I loved both of your sessions and am looking forward to reading your blog. I’d love to have one of the books as I am unfamiliar with him, would like to have concrete principles to help coach the loan officers I coach and to help lead the employees I interact with in my daily life. Thanks and have a FUN and wonderful day!

  • William Flanagan

    Gravity works whether you believe it, know about it, can communicate it or not. Sounds a lot like Mr. Stanley's Path Principle. As one who has fallen far and hard too often (ouch), I would welcome more of Mr. Stanley's insight.

  • Tracy Atcheson

    I respect Andy Stanley and his teaching and writing. He is a an awesome Christ-centered communicator. I appreciate your interview with him on the new book. I would sincerely appreciate a copy of the book to learn more about "direction determining destination." It would be a resource I would like to share with the prayer group I am in for future discussions. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

  • BLF

    Hi Mike, this post was the first place and the first time in my life I heard the name Andy Stanley. After the interview and after reading the Amazon's customers reviews I know I will read the book. If you'd be able to send me a copy I'd be grateful. If I don't get it from you I'd buy it from Amazon. I am OK with that. I thought that might be fair to offer something in return. In case the book is as good as it seemed I'd promise to volunteer to prepare its Polish translation. I am a Pole living nearby Warsaw. I am a busy businessman and would spend my evenings and weekends for something extraordinary only. So why I thought "The Principle of the Path…" might be worth my time and energy? I am planning my career turn and will become a Teens Coach (being the father of 2 teens already). I am focused on the idea that every teen was born with very unique talents and the adolescent years are perfect times to discover those talents and follow them. I see the approach of Stanley might be very much complementary to Covey's, Canfield's and Buckingham's concepts I studied. I am so glad I learnt about the Stanley's book from your blog. BTW, thanks for keeping your site alive I love your way of writing!

  • Curtis

    Last year I read Andy’s book The Seven Principles of Effective Ministry. I then went to Catalyst 2008 and afterward I visited with some friends who go to Northpoint. It was amazing as they shared their passion for their church and their community. I went to Northpoint with them on Sunday and had them take me around the inside of everything, and what I saw was amazing. What I had read in the book was actually happening in a local church! What was written about was being done and people understood and were walking it, impacting their community.
    Since then, I have enjoyed listening to Andy Stanley’s Northpoint podcasts as well as his leadership podcast. Helps me to understand the whole idea of principles and how we can be effective in ministry in our day to day lives.
    I would love to get a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book, and I haven’t purchased my Catalyst tickets for 2009 because I’m looking for work. I’d love to have receive anything from this package. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  • richard dahlstrom

    I have questions – lots of them, and Andy appears to have the answers. I am the lead pastor of a rapidly growing church in Seattle, having moved from 300 people to 2000 over the past years. Since my previous experience, prior to moving here, was focused on leading a house church and a program that blended Bible teaching with rock climbing and backpacking, I’m devouring leadership material all the time.

    There’s a lot of writing about leadership out there though, and so I need to focus. What makes Andy’s writing strategic for me is:

    1. He’s dealing with a rapidly growing urban church – so am I, but I’ve a long way to go to before I could say I’m doing it right
    2. He’s working hard at serving his staff well in the midst of growth – so am I, but I have boatloads to learn about developing leaders
    3. He’s a writer – so am I, but I’m wrestling with both the writing craft and the promotional side of this equation, and am impressed with Andy’s way of walking this path
    4. He’s a Bible teacher – so am I, but I love listening to Andy and want to learn how to improve my communication skills
    5. He’s shepherding his congregation well, helping people overcome their issues, and this is an arena where I’ve a great deal to learn

    In a sea of leadership material, Andy’s material seems perfectly suited to my situation. Thus I’d be honored to receive a copy of his new book, and even more honored to travel, with my executive pastor, to the conference in Atlanta so that I could play my part in bringing the light to the great city of Seattle.

  • BCS

    I'd love to have a copy of Andy's new book! I'm in a stage in my life were I'm trying to follow Jesus closer and change some old tracks in my life. God is challenging me to truly trust him and make daily decisions that normally I wouldn't make due to fear, but are necessary in order for me to end up where I know God wants me!!! I am working on overcoming the disconnect between intention and direction in my life right now.

  • Dustin Pringle

    I am actually a member at one of NP's strategic partnerships. We recently did Andy's sermon series on "the principle of the path," and I am staring at the verse that Andy used (Proverbs 27:12), as well as the prayer he mentioned in the series (help me to see trouble coming…); they both sit just above my computer monitor at my desk at work. I am at a place in my life and career where I believe God is going to use these principles to help me make some major decisions; obtaining this book would truly help during this pivotal moment.

    I have also been trying to figure out how to get to Catalyst. I have asked friends I know that are going (and go regularly) if they have any pointers on how to sneak in through the back door (I'm also open to some other legal angles as well). So far I haven't been able to figure anything out, so perhaps free tickets? Then I will just need to see if Brad, or perhaps you, Mr. Hyatt, have any free square footage on the floor of your hotel room for me to crash on.

    I'll be expecting your call. :-)

  • Steve

    I have most of the things by Andy because I have followed many of the things he has been involved with for some time . . . I already have his books and his Best of CD.

    I would LOVE a free trip to Catalyst, but I know I wouldn’t be able to leave my church those days to go to it :(

    So If I could make a plea for one thing, it would be the Systems DVD with behind the scenes interviews. I have been struggling to implement this idea. I have read many of the books he has referenced that has influenced his thinking on this. However, I still struggle with the idea, partly out of the culture where I am and partly out of not being able to think through it with many people. So having his perspective along with interviews sounds like an amazing gift!!!

    Did I mentioned how much I love reading books published by Thomas Nelson Publishers? Thanks for all you do Michael.

    *I figured a little honest encouragement couldn’t hurt my chances*

  • Clint Roberson

    Love Andy Stanley… His modern, relevant approach is a breath of fresh air in the Christian community. I try to get hold of everything he produces… It is very inspiring and thought provoking. I would definitely love to receive a free copy of this newest venture of his. Thanks for the opportunity…

  • Kayla Arndt

    I first heard Andy Stanley, when I attended Buckhead Church 2 years ago as a freshman in college. I loved his practical and Biblical messages and my favorite part was how applicable I found them to be to my life even as a college student. Since then, I have gotten connected within the church, serving in the nursery each Sunday and joining a college small group. Buckhead Church and Andy Stanley have been a huge part of my spiritual growth, helping me stay on the right path through college. As a junior in college, I would love to get a copy of his book, dvd, or tickets to the Catalyst conference. I have taken on leadership roles on campus as a resident advisor and within my sorority this year and I would love to learn about leadership and direction from Andy Stanley so that I can apply it at college. I would love to hear about leadership and direction with a Biblical perspective, and be able to use the lessons I learn throughout the rest of my life. I think college is one of the best times to learn these important principles, and I would love to have the opportunity. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Aloha

    Listening to Andy Stanley's sermons always give me a renewed sense of purpose that helps me to grow deeper in Christ. He is so gifted in teaching the Bible. (Definitely a gift from God!! and hours and hours of studying, fellowshipping with God). His insights are so keen, honest, and on-the-spot. Plus, he has a great sense of humor!

  • Barrett Myers

    Mike, I would love a copy of the book because I work with college students and see the principle Andy talks about play itself out every day. I'd like to gain a better understanding of the disconnect between direction/intention in my own life so that I'm freed up to serve others. Too often my intentions of serving others remain only intentions because of fear or the desire to please everyone.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Dominic Stanley

    I like Andy for many reasons one being we share the same last name. We do but that is not the real reason I enjoy hearing his teachings because he is authentic and it is seen in his actions and heard in words. I am in a place in my life where my purpose is starting reveal itself and his works would add to that. As for the conference it would be a great place to be a part such a wonderful experience being surround by a group with such convection and devotion to purpose that it is contagious. That is an experience I would love to be a part of.

  • Liv4Him

    I would be pleased to receive a copy of Andy Stanley's new book. I would like this book because I'm at a place in my life where I'm evaluating my previous decisions that contributed to the end of my 20+ year marriage due to domestic violence by a Christian husband.

    As I listened to your interview of Andy, the content of this book spoke to my heart as I seek to learn and know how to live my best life for Christ in the future. I believe this book would be a great tool to help me gain further insights and healing for moving forward to Live 4 Him.

    Thank you for making this offer.

  • sry

    Andy Stanley is new to me, but your interview with him piqued my interest– the basic concepts make sense I and would like to see it fleshed out in his book.

    I'm interested in the book for two reasons– 1) at 43 years old I, God willing, have about half of my life before me. I'm struggling a bit with with where I'm at in life and where I go from here. 2) I have a high school freshman girl and 3 boys behind her and want to pass along wisdom and guidance. I also am interested if the book could be used for a series with our youth group at church.

  • Mel McGaughey

    Hi Michael, I'd LOVE a ticket to Catalyst! I just discovered Catalyst from your blog about a month ago and since then I've been working my way through all of their podcasts from the last three years. Seriously…lol…=) Why do I want to go? Because I run my own business and I want the Lord to use me as a photographer to reach my generation by running an incredibly successful and powerful business that shouts about the Lord (even if only in pictures). That's my prayer for my business and that's why I'd like to go to Catalyst- to learn from those who've run this race with excellence and whose lives are nothing short of brilliant in the darkness that surrounds them. More than anything I want to run (and shine) like that! =)

  • Traveller

    I do not lead a huge organization with 400+ gifted and qualified employees like you do. But my leading, and learning to lead better, influences hundreds of people.

    While I can inspire and cast vision, I'm not 'gifted' in organization and administration, but it falls to me to figure out how to administer and organize, because our task is requires it. So I must learn! If you choose to give me a copy of the book and the systems DVD –I will do my best to read, watch, and put it to good use. Andy Stanley’s messages (podcasts, leadership podcasts, articles) have been very helpful in my life and work.

    I am a Canadian, leading a very SMALL team–just 4 others right now–of national staff in a rural part of one of the poorest provinces of China. We run a SMALL (~110 high school students right now) sponsorship program that seeks to develop character and skills (and just add a whole lot of lovin!!) in students who have been lacking much of these. Their grades may (or may not) be good. But they are very poor, often struggling and disadvantaged in other ways. About 1/3 have lost at least one parent through death or divorce. Often if dad dies, mom also leaves–we have quite a few students in this situation. Many have experienced family violence. Some have been abused.

    My gifting is in the "heart stuff." I love to walk with the students one-on-one. I love working with the staff, helping them grow, and then developing sessions and activities that will inspire and encourage the students. I love to see students gain courage to admit their struggles, or past failings. I love to see student's learn to live with confidence in relationships. I love it when they realize they have intrinsic worth.

    But I am not an administrator, and our lack of systems bogs us down. I keep asking the questions about "processes' at our meetings. I have a vague sense that better work processes might help us. But…I don't know what these should be. Is this the situation Andy Stanley is talking about in his systems DVD? Would this DVD give me practical help to see things I don't yet see and make changes? If this is what the DVD is about, I'd be so thankful if you gave me a copy. If it is about something quite irrelevant to the situation I have described, please give the set to someone who would make better use of it.

    Andy Stanley has a wonderful knack for making incredibly important and useful concepts clear.
    –In December 2008 it was his "Trust vs. Suspicion" podcast that helped me gain clarity with a staff and "broken trust" situation–he gave me a clear "path" to set out for the employee in question, and also a path for myself. I could give clear expectations for their behaviour, but also realize that if untrustworthy people come into and stay in my organization, I have no one to blame but myself.

    –His talks and articles about living with uncertainty have also been incredibly helpful to me. I struggle with making decisions in the face of uncertainty. I thought my circumstances were unique and I just needed to tough it out and hope for the circumstances to change. Nope, Stanley says uncertainty is a part of the leadership landscape–I need to learn to thrive in it. I'm changing my perspective, and behaviour, in this.

    –The principle of the Path–I heard one of his messages on this. I want to hear it again, read the book, think on it and analyze for myself any things I might be overlooking and THEN pass this on to our students. "Getting" this concept would be life changing for them.

    While I dream of someday going to Catalyst, I'm usually on the other side of the world–I would love to hear the messages.
    (I included my China address–but I could provide a Canadian one–if you would like to save money and ship to there–I should be able to receive things sent there within a few months.)

    Btw, Michael–I've also benefitted much from your blog, since being introduced to it via another blog just a few months ago. I appreciate especially the articles about leading teams, cutting hours out of your week, learning to deal with email. I have much to learn to apply, but I'm reading, and re-reading, and starting to put some of these things into action. Thanks!

    (please excuse the Canadian spelling)

  • mgrissom

    as a student pastor, teacher, father, husband, christian i feel lost sometimes. i feel the weight of having to provide direction for others, and the fear of being unsure of my own. how can i lead securely when every step seems a question? i know that i do have a path but wonder at times if its forged for me, or is that my job too.

  • Shelly Riker

    Hey Mike,
    I don’t know if this is against the rules or not…but I’m going to give it a shot anyways…
    I would absolutely LOVE to go to the catalyst conference or receive any of the leadership material listed above. However, I am not writing for me, I am writing for some very good friends and two of the best leaders I know (they don’t know that I am doing this). I have had the opportunity to know and serve with Keith and Amy Adkins for approximately six years. They have a great calling on their lives, a huge heart for leadership, and creativity and passion to reach this world for Christ.
    Keith and Amy are in their early thirties and are parents to two of the greatest children (Ages 7 and 4). They recently moved to Madison, Alabama where they have begun the journey of a church plant. Their church is called Vision of Hope and their goal is to be the strongest influence in their city…an influence that brings the amazing hope of God’s love to this lost generation.

  • Shelly Riker

    I have watched their ministry, have humbly served beside them, and have witnessed God move powerfully in their lives. They have an intense heart for leadership and for empowering others. I served with them in Tampa, Florida where they were the youth and children’s pastors at our church. I watched as they began to pour into the lives of young people, teach leadership lessons, give students opportunities, and coach them every step of the way. I’ve never seen anyone make such a great impact on a group of people the way they did. Many of these student leaders are now ministry leaders within the church and the community.
    As with any great anointing comes great conflict; I have seen them in situations that seemed completely unfair. However, in the mist of those situations I have seen such Godly character radiate from their lives. And even when it seemed that the road was too rough, I have seen them continually pour into the lives of others with transparency and compassion. Even when they were hurting, they constantly encouraged others to influence this world for Christ.

  • Shelly Riker

    I could not think of anyone better that you could chose to give tickets to for the Catalyst Conference (or any of the resources you have available for that matter). After all they have invested in others and all they have yet to do, allowing them to have a weekend to be refreshed, encouraged, and to be among the most amazing leaders in the world would be one of the best investments you could offer this generation; Keith and Amy will not only soak up and apply the principals and techniques they learn that weekend but they will share it with every leader that will have the privilege of serving beside them in the ministry.
    Please consider sponsoring these dynamic leaders for the Catalyst conference. They are exactly the people this conference was designed for.
    Thanks you so much,

    Shelly Riker

  • Ben Weaver

    Hi Michael,
    I would love to tell you why I want to go to Catalyst this year, but for 2 minutes of your time, I can just show you. Thank you for your time, and thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Click on the link below to watch:

    Ben Weaver

  • Larry Lakey

    I am the pastor of a growing church of about 200, and have really benefitted from the GTD and time management disciplines you've offered in your blog. Applying these principles and practices has allowed me to begin focusing on a very needed task that I had difficulty prioritizing: designing systems in the life of our church. I would very much love to have Andy Stanley's DVD on this topic, as I found his book "Visioneering" to be very helpful. Not only would this DVD set have a direct impact on our leadership and ministry effectiveness, it would no doubt help streamline the discovery process and help make time for something else I need to do: Ask you for advice on how to raise my three girls!

  • Ben Weaver

    I would like to add to my comment listed just above, that this is an ORIGINAL short film made specifically for this task. Thanks again for the opportunity : ).

    Ben Weaver

  • Marc Buxton

    I would love to read Andy's newest book – he is one of my favorite authors. I listen to his leadership podcast, Northpoint podcasts, and have read his other books. His book "Communicating for Change" shaped my preaching style, and he continues to shape my ministry philosophy. I would also LOVE the chance to hear him live at Catalyst as I was unable to purchase tickets this year. My wife and I are missionaries on deputation, and the conference didn't fit into our travel budget :) Regardless of whether I win anything or not, everyone should read and listen to everything that Andy puts out – he is a true man of God….



  • Amy

    I've heard great things about Andy Stanley's teaching as well as his books, but have never heard him or read any of his books. This book sounds like it could apply to many areas of my life right now.

  • N.A. Winter

    "Direction not intention determines destination" – this is a great concept for leaders, but also for those that are preparing to lead. As I think about my undergraduate business students and the struggles that they face figuring out what they want to do upon graduation, I believe that an understanding of this principle would be so beneficial. It's easy to have a dream, but moving in the direction of that dream is what matters. In the clip above, Andy conveys this message so clearly and so personably that I would love to hear more about it directing from him or have the chance to read his book.

  • Thomas L

    Wow what a review. I chanced upon your blog via a friend's status on facebook, and I thought, "this Michael Hyatt guy might have some good points on organization".

    Well, I've only ever heard Andy Stanley teach/preach at Catalyst several years ago, and thought he was (and still is) quite the gifted communicator and well-experienced in leadership. I would like to get a hold of the book to really digest what he has to say about getting to where I want to be, or should I say, where I feel God is leading me to.

    It would be really nice to attend Catalyst again. It would also be wonderful if the accompanying resources mentioned were also available for me to process and go through as I continue to improve in my leadership and organizational abilities.

  • Andrew Mercer

    Andy Stanley has a way of making God's words relevant to my life. It's as if he's inside my head listening to my daily challenges. Whether I'm trying to be a better father, husband, boss, employee, son, brother, friend, or minister, his guidance makes almost perfect sense each time I hear it! I will never forget listening to the message series on personal finance, called "Lost." I loaded it on my Ipod and went for a run. I literally had to stop running and pray with him for the stregnth to change my attitude about money. It was a turning point in my life. I'm sure that Andy's works hard to ensure he connects with people. I am truly grateful for his hard work.

  • Uzo

    Why do you like Andy? Why do you want to get his new book, a chance to hear him live at Catalyst, or one of the CD or DVD series?

    I like Andy simply because he is a Man of God who understands the idea of applying the principles of the bible to every day life. To be honest, this is my first time hearing of Andy Stanley. After listening to what Mr. Stanley had to say on your website, I researched him online and from what I have read and heard so far, I believe that getting a copy of his book will aid me in my aim of finding my purpose (THE PURPOSE) of my life in God. I desire for God to be focal point of everything I do, and I know that only in God can I fulfill my destiny.

    I am 27 years old and I am headed in the direction of the live I am destined to live. It is an extra-ordinary life, one that demands the ability to think for myself and not simply follow where the flocks go. I need FAITH to do this. I need GOD to achieve this because without him I WILL BE LOST. Andy understands that deep need and desire to have God in your life, to walk with God in the "right" way (because I do believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to walk with God). And because the right way is alwasy the hardest way, I need to be prepared and stay prepared always. I believe that having my own personal copy of Mr. Stanley's book – one that I can refer to time and time again + make notes on – will be an invaluable gift and addition to my life.

    After having worked in the nonprofit world for a while, I am swallowing the bill and applying for a dual degree program at Carnegie Mellon University. This is a turning point in my life, one where it is more important than ever that I always stop to ask God "what he wants me to do at every junction in my life" and also that I ask myself "In light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do?". The opportunity to hear Mr. Stanley at the Catalyst Life Conference will allow me to meet like-minded people – people who are dedicated to living a successful life of purpose in God. I know you will be there and I would like the opportunity to meet you too because the 1st post I read on your blog was the "Creating a Life Plan" post and that post continues to inspire me and serve as a guideline for my own Life Plan … I know that a lot of the folks at the conference will think very much in the same way and I desire greatly to build relationships with people who approach live in the same vein and live an earthy life that God would be proud of.

    Getting a copy of Andy's book, winning the chance to see him life, and one of the CD or DVD series will go a VERY long way in helping me prepare to not only meet the challenges ahead but also to get up each time I fall/fail. It will definitely be a blessing to win any one the prices.

    Thank you again for always thinking of your readers. Remind Blessed.

  • Drew Hyun

    The first I heard from Andy Stanley was last week when I listened to the Catalyst Podcast. I found his insights and manner of speaking to be quite refreshing, especially the portion when he outlined his weekly routine and personal habits. As a 30 year-old pastor in New York City, I'm incredibly grateful for seasoned pastors like Andy who are sharing some of the principles that have allowed them to have a healthy inner life and family in the midst of leadership pressures. Our culture seems so driven (even the Evangelical church culture) that I'm really drawn to messages that deal with having our ministries flow out of a life with God, and the book (and Andy's podcast interview last week) seem to espouse the kind of ministry life I'd like to live.

    I'd really be thrilled to receive anything from Andy, whether a DVD or a book. As for Catalyst, I plan on being there in a couple of weeks! This will be my first trip to Atlanta =)

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  • InAsia

    As a college student, I was a member of First Baptist Atlanta. Andy was a youth pastor. Ever now and again, he would teach in his father's place. "What's right and what's wrong is not our cue, but rather, what's the wisest thing to do," was a principle that he taught one Sunday. Not only do I still remember it to this day (20 some years later), I've taught it again and again to many others. Today, I ministry to adults in East Asia, helping them lead ministry to reach the cities they live in. I am particularly interested in helping families more clearly reflect Christ. I believe that the ideas Andy is sharing could benefit some many millions of people here. I'd love a copy of the book to read and share with others.

  • Nathan Martin

    I appreciate you sharing some of Andy's podcasts a while back. I've been listening and learning from Andy since.

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  • BJuma

    Thank you for the copy of "The Principle of the Path". I appreciated Mr. Stanley's persitence in the "driving home" of his central tenet: "direction, not intention, determines our destination". At first, I beagan to think "okay, okay, I get it already", but as I read on, and applied this premise to my own life, I realized how a subtle waver (especially if unconscious) can lead me away from where I want to be headed! Two of my favorite parts of this book were:
    1. The review of David NOT taking Saul's life into his own hands–and Andy's reminder that "one never accomplishes the will of God by breaking the law of God, violating the principles of God, or ignoring the wisdom of God".
    2. The review of David's responses to disappointment in his life. I enjoyedthis from the literal, historical view, and the "Jerusalem moment" connection was a beautiful, valuable reminder to me of "God's will, not mine, be done"–in a huge way!
    I have passed this book on and will recommend it to many. Thank you, BJuma

  • Donetta Kruse

    I am just now getting to know Andy as an author as I read Visioneering. At 42, I am more familiar with his father. However, I have seen people so inspired to action by reading his information that my greatest desire (and the thing I think would make the biggest difference for my family, hence that would be WHY it's my desire I guess!) would be for my husband to find vision and inspiration and be able to relate it to God. His outward actions demonstrate the commitment of a Christian man but his ability to believe in himself and catch sight of a vision for him, us or our five children hinders our family daily and long term. Twice I have had vision and purpose like Andy describes and twice he has stood in the way of that coming to fruition. Being a Christian wife I chose him despite that. He wants things of a material nature and wants others to take responsibility for bringing that about. I desire for him to know what the Lord would have him do and I don't think he asks that questions, or if he does, he may be scared of the answer. He is a gifted craftsman (carpenter) like our Lord's earthly father, yet Joseph had an intune relationship with God and knew when and how to lead the family with which God had entrusted him. The book, CD and/or DVD series could possibly help my husband and my family and we are in our 40's so if we want to see this bear fruit time is of the essence so our children may learn. Thanks.

  • LK Pendleton

    I am reading this way late. I am a pastor of a small urban church and I have hit a snag in the road and need direction. I have read visioneering by Andy Stanley which was enlightening but I need more focused, hands on assistance. Our resources are nil, and I am at an impasse for this ministry. I need help. Our church is on the brink and I do not believe in a day like today, it is God's will that churches closed. People need Christ, and the small church needs people and financial resources to make her healthy and productive. I pray that you would seed our ministry with persons capable of helping us administratively, help to teach and train a few to reproduce. Please help me. Thank you.

  • BLF

    Hi, when requesting a copy of the book I said"In case the book is as good as it seemed I'd promise to volunteer to prepare its Polish translation."
    I think it might be worth publishing in Poland (please drop me an email if you are interested).
    BTW, I have published the review on my blog at: – you'd need to use Google Translate to grab some meaning of the text.

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  • Cathy Oz

    As a very reluctantly new single mom, I feel I need some help in getting myself and my children “back on the right track”. We’ve been devastated and could really use some moral comfort as well as a strong moral compass. This book sounds like just the ticket and I would very much like to receive a copy.

  • Cathy Oz

    Sorry, I guess this post is about 3 years old… Way too late :(  Really would have loved a copy…

  • John Okoronkwo

    Andy and his father Charles Stanley I salute you, back in California in the year 2008 , I was living a wasteful life, drinking alcohol everyday, but shopping for cloth at a thrift store in Livermore , San Francisco Bay Area , I saw a little magazine called ( Intouch Magazine ) , the monthly Magazine of Intouch Ministry , I pick it up and began to read, before I know what’s up, I have subcribe to receive the free magazine every month, and ever since then the fires is still burning, and I’m a better man today than ever.
    Thanks to Jesus .
    John O.