Book Notes: Interview with Donald Miller, Part 1

This month we start shipping Donald Miller’s new book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It hasn’t even started shipping yet, but it is already #2,900 on Amazon. In a minute I will tell you how to get a copy free.

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As you probably know, Don is the author of Blue Like Jazz, a personal memoir that spent more than 40 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list. Unfortunately, that success got him stuck. By his own admission, he went into a funk for months, sleeping in and avoiding us—his publisher.

It wasn’t until he met a couple of screenwriters from Nashville, that his life started to get some forward momentum. They wanted to make a movie based on Blue Like Jazz. However, they informed Don that his life was too boring. They would have to edit it, to make it more compelling.

Along the way, Don learned the elements of story and realized that he could edit his own life in real time, to make it more interesting. He takes what he learned about story and started applying it. Amazingly, it worked. Why? Because our lives really are a story. This is not a metaphor; it is reality.

Whenever I read a book, I know I’m onto something if the following three things happen in my own experience:

  1. I read the book quickly. No one is making me read it. In this particular case, I read the book in two sittings.
  2. I am sad when it ends. When I finished A Million Miles, I felt like I a visit with a really good friend had been cut short. The time few by.
  3. I start thinking of people I want to read the book. In this case, I thought of dozens, starting with my own family members.

After reading the book, I thought it would be fun to interview Don on video. He is so engaging and funny, I wanted you to experience it first-hand. The interview lasted about an hour. However, Gabe Wicks, our VP of Design and Multi-Media, and his team edited it down to about 15 minutes. I am going to post this in three, five-minute segments over three days. Today’s episode is part one of three.

In the meantime, here are two ways to get a free copy of the book:

  1. Leave a comment on this post below. Tell me why you want this book. Be creative. Then fill out your shipping information in the special form I have set up for this book. Do NOT leave your address in the comment itself. On Thursday, I will select 100 people, based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments. If you are one of those selected, I will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from me, you can assume you didn’t make the cut.
  2. Post a book review on your blog. If you are a blogger, you can get a free copy of the actual book. If you are not already signed up as one of our Book Review Bloggers, you need to do that first. Then you can request a copy of the book. We are making 250 copies of the book available to bloggers. These will go quickly. Guaranteed!

By the way, you can find the official book Web site here, along with Don’s tour schedule. Believe it or not, he will be traveling to 62 cities this fall to promote this book. Chances are, he is coming to a city near you!

I will post part two of this interview tomorrow.

Update: We have now given away all of our free copies. However, you will be able to pick up a copy of the book from your favorite bookseller soon. It is shipping to stores now.
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  • Larry

    It would seem to me, that as one of the many "victims" who were duped into believing that I helped co-author this piece, I would be entitled to read my own creation.

    I don't recall putting in the long hours of authoring. I can only contexture that one of the good folk at Nelson slipped me a mickie and erased my memory in my sleep. This, to avoid paying me royalties.

    A book seems fair.

    Larry Shallenberger
    Grace Church
    7300 Grubb Road
    Erie, PA 16506
    Author of Lead the Way God Made You and Divine Intention

  • Gail

    I'm not posting to get a free book. Being married to the CEO of the company does have its advantages – grin. But I did want to post this C. S. Lewis quote that I found. I immediately thought of Don Miller and this book when I read it.

    "To play well the scenes in which we are 'on' concerns us much more than to guess about the scenes that follow it."–The World's Last Night

  • Wendy Nelles

    Michael, thank you so much for the opportunity to win a free copy of A Million Miles. I would love to receive a free copy of this book because I have been following its development avidly through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Firstly, I want to see Miller's followup to Blue Like Jazz, which has had such a huge impact on the whole spiritual memoir-writing genre because it broke with so many conventions and deeply impacted so many readers who resonated with Miller's thoughts. Secondly, I have been fascinated to see the innovative marketing campaign that Thomas Nelson and Donald Miller are using for this book — and the buzz that has subsequently developed. You are making creative use of social media and viral marketing techniques. I thought that one of the first initiatives (the "Your name as co-author on the book cover and fake news release" idea) was fantastically off-the-wall, out-of-the-box and funny… and it did fake out a number of people. The find-the-hidden-free-book campaign, the video interviews, the download a free audio chapter, the win a free book offers are all generating a tremendous response. I think you're setting examples that writers, publishers, book retailers and publicists (including those of us in Canada) can learn so much from, so bravo. I'll be watching to see what's up your sleeves next!

  • Warwick Rendell

    See, I’d like to think that I’m responsible for at least 3 or even 4 copies of Don’s books being sold here in Australia.

    Yet, for all of my tireless unceasing unpaid promotion of Don’s books amongst people I know, could Don even arrange to fly all the way to Melbourne, Australia to hide a copy of his new book so I could find it?

    No. No, he didn’t.

    Please salve my pain at this impossible disappointment!

  • Vicki Mizrahi

    I would be honored to receive one of Donald Miller's books. I could use a visit with an old friend, even if it will be cut short…I felt the same way when Blue Like Jazz ended…had the audio book and listened to it 3 times, until my husband took it away :(

    Thanks for publishing more Donald Miller…I can't wait to read this one!

  • Michael Gisinger

    In an extended funk and unemployed myself, trying to come to grips with the idea of being a writer – against my will – I am still searching for the lead-in to the next chapter of this life. While I have long hoped to find an “Easy” button, I know full and well that such a thing does not exist for real life (neither does an “Escape” key).

    I’d like a copy of this book in hopes that it would help to inspire me out of my funk and into that next chapter. And because I finally found someone who seems to share a lot of my theology (as from Blue Like Jazz) and I’d love to read more.

  • @Bill_Spinks

    I read Blue Like Jazz pretty fast, too. I felt like Don Miller was kin to me somehow. He is a funny, engaging writer and I could feel the struggles he wrote about….actually, I've lived many of the same. I want his new book because I know I'll enjoy it, and I want to know if his life-method is adoptable.

  • Paul Moores

    I would love to read Donald Miller’s new book. My experience with his other books were that they came along at really critical times in my life where I was making really huge shifts in job stuff and living arrangements. Now with a wife and daughter I’m in that place again. It seems that through Donald Millers words and perspective on life, I hear Gods own voice speaking to me.

  • jacobfrank406

    I have given away so many copies of Blue Like Jazz I've lost count.

    I'd love to do the same with "A Million Miles…"

  • Mark Eldridge

    I love his comment, “God tell you what you are.” After 53 years, I’m starting to realize the truth in that statement.

  • Jordan Shea

    I would like to receive a copy of Miller's new book for four reasons:
    1. I enjoy reading.
    2. I was an early, non-trend following reader of Blue Like Jazz, his seminal work.
    3. Working in the publishing/writing industry has been a goal of mine for a great while; hence, though this is a mere comment to a vlog, it feels as if this comment takes me one step closer to reaching that vocational destination.
    4. The review given below is internet gold.

    Per his interview with Mister Thomas Nelson (aka CEO Michael Hyatt), it is readily apparent that Miller's newest creation is a product of the unsexy side of directionless living– not the idealized, bohemian wanderlust of the "free-thinking" youth, but the pock-marked, self-deprecating introspection found on the dark side of attainment. To all the goal setters, goal achievers, and type-A personalities: Donald Miller's sterling new work, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, is a labor worth sharing in.

    Read the book. Live the story.
    Change your life.

  • Kristine

    Story. Definition. Conflict. Plot. Growth. Hope. Ambition.

    These are the words I can't let go of in a world where doing what I love to do is not what is most financially rewarding or status-gaining.

    Don's books – his vulnerability – his authenticity – have helped to mark definitive seasons in my own life as a believer, as a writer, and as an artist.

    I can't imagine that "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" would prove to be any less capable.

  • Daniel Butcher

    Dear Sir,

    I would love to win a copy of A Million Miles. This would in fact complete my collection of books written by Dons. I already have Don Knotts, Don Juan, Don Quixote, Don Drysdale, Don Trump, and Don Duck. Clearly a book by Mr. Donald Miller is required to make this collection complete!

    Plus I’m guessing its pretty awesome!

  • Keith Stancil

    I am normally not much of a reader with the exception of the Bible and blogs. Why? It is hard to keep my attention. If you don’t grab me in the first chapter, then you’ve lost me. Donald MIller has proven to be one of the few authors able to keep my attention. His writing style is one that I really like and I look forward to this new book. I am a fan and evangelists for Donald Miller’s books.

  • Kristine

    Thank you for posting this interview with Donald Miller. It's interesting to learn how he began his journey as a writer. I liked what he said about our identity being shaped by God telling us who we are and we ourselves agreeing with Him. Interesting. I would love Donald's new book because "Blue Like Jazz" inspired me to live my faith more genuinely and look forward to his new offering.

  • Kevin

    Why do I want a copy? I could say that I co-authored it (or at least that is what my friends believe), therefore am owed a copy. But, many have said that (turns out he had a lot of “co-authors”). I could say that I am just a huge DMiller fan and have been waiting patiently for his next book (also true, but not overly creative). Honestly, I want a copy of the book because it almost feels needed. Don is one of those authors who presents such an honest, refreshing view of Jesus that is rarely seen today. I think we all need a bit (or a lot) of that in our lives. Strip down everything and I am a man, He is God my creator, a guy that I like to have honest/humorous/tough discussions with. Don reminds us that being a friend of Jesus is a lifelong conversation with God over a cup of coffee. Excited for the read!

  • Robin All Things Heart and Home

    Love the interview and can’t wait for pt. 2 .

    Blue Like Jazz will always be on my list of “favorite books”. An instant classic if there ever was one. I’m just giddy to get my hands on A Million Miles…I do review for TN with my blog but I just requested (last week) my new selection…Million Miles of course wasn’t a choice then.

    Tell ya what, if I don’t win no worries…I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a bunch of these anyway~ Happy Monday

  • Kerry Buttram

    Disclaimer: Michael Hyatt does not owe me a thing. His offer of Donald Miller's newest book to 100 people trying there best to cop something they've been hearing about for a seemingly interminable amount of time.

    Hope: Since I heard a recording of a talk Donald gave at a Michigan church in which he shared the big idea of this book, I've been intrigued by what he shared and want to get a better grip on the how my story and God's intersect. (OK, I already have an idea about that but I'm intrigued about how this plays out in Donald's own story and would like more of that narrative.) If I am not picked to receive a free book, my life will not implode but my record of rarely ever "winning" a contest except the occasional "free drink" with the purchase of an entree would be broken for good!

  • Cherie

    I loved Blue Like Jazz and have been waiting with great anticipation for Don's next book. I think he, like you, is one of the Christians who has a chance to catch and keep the ear of the young generation coming up and actually have a chance at reshaping the church and its members for the generations to come. This is something that I feel is greatly needed!

    I am an avid reader. For almost 15 years I have read Christian novels exclusively, mostly because I was burned out from 17 years of full-time church ministry and tired the church not being the church that Christ wants it to be! I have just recently ventured back into the world of Christian self-help and theology…Blue Like Jazz, The Noticer, The Hole in our Gospel, etc. I would love to add A Million Miles in a Thousand Years to the List.

    I, like you Michael, am one who gives and recommends books to lots of other people and I think this book would be a winner for that goal!!!!

  • Stephanie


    Thanks for the offer to receive a copy of A Million Miles. As one of seemingly three people left on earth who hasn't yet read Blue Like Jazz, I'd really like to find out what makes Miller's writing so stimulating to so many people. I'm quite sure that I, too, will quickly become a fan!

  • Janine McBee

    An avid reader and two months into the twitterverse (SCMSJanine), you have caught my attention. Checking out information about “Blue Like Jazz” and To Own a Dragon” has me questioning if this is an author that I need to become familar with.

    As days get shorter and the weather starts to cool down, it’s the perfect time of year to curl up with an outstanding read. Will “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” be the book that compels me to not only read, but also engaging enough to help spread the word through social media channels?

    Eager with anticipation to be enthralled and passionate about a “newly found author”.

  • JimMartin

    I enjoy Donald Miller's writing because he helps me see what is actually right in front of me (in terms of life/culture, etc.) He is so descriptive and in his descriptions, I often think and feel more of what is actually right in front of me than I otherwise would. Glad the book is out.

  • Andy

    I want to read Miller's Million Miles because I appreciate the sundry ways Miller shows how THE Story intersects with our stories.

  • sara

    Blue Like Jazz is amazing and I can't wait to see where Miller takes us. Personally, I think we could all, including myself, use a little bit of guidance right now.

    I'd love to be considered. thanks!

  • Jamie

    I wrote down on a piece of paper once that I would live in Alabama, be a best-selling social worker, meet a certain financial goal and win Donald Miller's newest book from the publishing company's CEO.

    Michael? This is destiny.

    • Stretch Mark Mama

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Tracy

    This inspired me to pen down some goals of who and what I'd like to be when I'm 35 years old! I love how authentic this guy is, it's refreshing. I'm on the verge of starting my own business and this book looks like it could be a wind in my sales. I'd take pleasure in receiving a copy!

  • Michael Levitt

    Thanks in advance for a chance to receive the book. I like how Donald discusses how he determined that he was a writer, after tons of people told him he was a writer.

    We're all in the same boat, when it comes to our relationship with God. We hear time and time again that God loves us, but so many of us still don't completely embrace that fact.

    Blessings to all of you!

  • Suzy

    I'd never heard of Don Miller before. I must live under a rock. Listening to his interview piqued my interest and I'd love to read his book.

  • Walter

    I want to give it to a woman I know who has just been diagnosed with MS.

  • Jennie Waller

    I own every book Donald Miller has had published, even the "ones that didn't sell as well." I had a friend suggest Blue Like Jazz, and she was ON FIRE about the book. So…one day at the bookstore I nonchalantly purchased a copy. I could NOT put it down. I just remember nodding the entire time I was reading the book. I felt like he was talking to me. Since I couldn't stop talking about the book to all of my friends, I bought another copy so I could lend it out (and still have a copy with me). It changed my life, and I know A Million Miles will do the same.

  • Jessica Whitt

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. My husband actually introduced me to Donald’s books. Donald’s books have such vivid imagery that they bring the stories to life in a way that are relatable to me and take me on a journey.

    So to answer the question “Why do I want a copy of this book?” I would love to be able to surprise my husband with a copy of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years because he was the one who was so influential in getting me to read Donald’s other books, plus he just loves Donald’s books, and ever since he heard that a new Donald Miller book would be published he’s been talking non-stop about it. I’m hoping this will be a book that we can read together and be inspired to continue in the work that God has called us to do. I like the fact that Donald didn’t just say, “Okay I’m done. I’ve accomplished all that I wanted to do,” simply because the goals that he wrote on that piece of paper when he was younger ended. He chose to persevere through the rough times, and I hope this book will encourage me to do the same.

  • speli

    Donald Miller had an experience that I also had – God met a specific dollar number to confirm a path. In my case it was about faithfulness in tithing. God had put on my heart in multiple ways that I needed to be faithful about tithing. I had been a bit slow to give to the Lord, but He had really been convicting me – every radio and television program, every book, every article, every conversation, every sermon pointed me towards this end. My conversation with God went something like this: "I know this is what I need to and want to do, but I have n $ of credit card debt – I need to meet that first. If You will help me on that end, I promise to be faithful in giving. My heart is there; my credit card account is not." A little while later, I received my annual bonus check – it was $1 less than the amount I had calculated – and I believe that the calculation error was mine, not God's.
    Having lost my job of 11 plus years in January, I see some of Donald's uncertainties in my own life – the need to not stick my head in the sand, but to motivate myself prayerfully and remember to see life as being completely in God's hand – and ultimately to re-find that ambition to seek and find my part in His plan.

  • Valerie L Smith

    A Million Miles in a Thousand Years? Don looks great for his age! A thousand miles a year, 2.74 miles a day – is that the key to his success or is there more to it than the mileage?

    I want a second chance at life, too. But since I won't live a thousand years, perhaps he can give me a shortcut.

  • David Burkus

    As an aspiring writer, I’m intrigued by the stance the book appears to take. A writer, describing himself as the protagonist and his story of being a writer as the story. Sounds like a fascinating read.

  • @nanahg3

    First – thanks for the opportunity.

    I am intrigued by Donald Miller's comments about how other people tell us what we are – because it's already planned out.

    What a hard concept for most people – we are asked from the time that we are young 'what do we want to be' – when really we should be not focusing our kids on what they want to be but helping them recognize the talents God has given them, because He has given them for a reason – to become the person He wants us to be.

    We should all learn to live in the now – honing our talents and skills on a daily basis so God can move us toward His ultimate goal.

    The interview has intrigued me and I'd love to be considered!

  • jaledwith

    Hurray! I got an email saying my copy of the book is coming!

    I was already excited to read this book because Donald Miller has been one of my favorite contemporary authors, if not my favorite. I'm even more excited after watching these interview videos.

    I can totally relate to the feeling of reaching "the end of the story." Since leaving college, where I knew exactly who I was and what I was doing, I've been looking to recapture that life ambition he's talking about. It'll be cool to read about someone else's struggle with that issue.

  • Allison

    A Million Miles has been anticipated for a while now in my home! I consider Blue Like Jazz a “breakthrough book” in my life, much like Same Kind of Different As Me. I unfortunately barely missed out on the 250 copies for book review bloggers but am hoping I still have a chance! The interview is compelling, but Don’s authenticity in both the interview and his books stands out more than anything to me! Moreover, I teach in a public school and while I cannot share much, I could use selected excerpts for my memoir unit. Any chance my students have to hear from a positive influence is always appreciated and carries significant weight on our classroom climate and, more importantly, their lives! Thanks for this.

  • Felicity

    The blogger copies are already gone! And I pinkie promise to write a review on Sept. 29th. You never know, it might be my review that catapults A Million Miles to the number one spot. You'll have to send me a copy to find out.

    Most of all, I'm passionate about this concept of story. I think it could make a difference for us all.

  • Tal Doron

    I have no idea what this is about, why free books are being given, what does this author has to offer and who IS John Galt…?

  • Cheryl Barker

    I, too, loved Don Miller's Blue Like Jazz. It really resonated with me because I am also a writer who likes to write essays/personal memoir. I'd love the chance to read his next book and continue learning not only the neat spiritual insights he shares, but also to learn more about the craft of writing essays and personal memoir from a master of the same.

    Thanks for offering a chance to win his book. We struggling writers need all the financial breaks we can get — please pick me!! :)

  • Grace

    So, Michael. I'm trying a lot of new things to make my life more interesting these days. One is to rein in my former untamed spending habits into something that looks like frugality. It's transformed me into that girl who covers my eyes when I drive by Starbucks without stopping, who buys cereal in bulk AND who holds her cell phone in her hand while having lunch with friends (and even business lunches! shhh) so that I could get Don's tweets about the hidden locations of his manuscripts in recent weeks. I was prepared to jump from the lunch table superhero style in order to get there first. But alas, he never planted one in Birmingham – only in north Alabama and south Alabama. So…here I am, hope re-ignited for a free copy. If it would help for me to prove somehow that I have that superhero costume at the ready for book-marketing purposes, I can do that.

  • Laura Butler

    I need to read this book! I am a 50+ empty-nester who is in graduate school. As I see the end of school approaching…I can't decide what to do next. Is this the end of my story? Maybe Don can help me!

  • Bill Whitt

    This interview really hits home with me because, in many ways, I've also come to the end of my narrative. When in high school, my ambition was to graduate as valedictorian (following in my mother's footsteps), be a National Merit Scholar, go to a good college, win a bunch of awards there, find a wife, become a church leader, etc. When all that had happened, like Don, I found myself in a funk. I'm currently in the process of trying to write some new ambitions for my story, but that's a lot harder at 31 than 13 for some reason. I'd love to read about how he did it.

    Plus, he didn't hide a manuscript anywhere where I live in rural West Virginia, so this would make up for that!

  • Kaye Zerk

    As a subscriber to Don's and your Tweets, I have followed this book for sometime with great anticipation. I, too, read all of his other works very quickly. My son first read "Blue Like Jazz" and put me on to him. We even drove to Nashville to hear Don speak at a church early one morning! I love his authenticity and can't wait to read his new work!

  • mcintyre29

    I would LOOOOVE to win this book! I absolutely cannot wait to read it and have been following Don's progress on this book from the beginning. I've read the first three chapters that he posted and they had me hooked. I've already pre-ordered this book on Amazon, but would love to have another copy to give away. Like you, when I read Don's books, I always think of other people I can't wait to recommend them to. If I get a free copy, I'll have one to give away! I'm going to see him speak in October (will be my second time seeing him speak), so maybe I can even get the book signed!! So, pleeeeease pick me to get a free copy!! Thanks a bunch! And thanks for posting your interview. Don is the best!! I have learned so much through his books and am so thankful that God speaks through him in a way that really moves me.

  • @rng888

    Hello Michael,

    I have not heard of Donald Miller before and would like this opportunity to read his works. I checked his biography ( and his themes on Christian spirituality resonates. I read mostly fictions and anthologies and adding works such as his is never a bad thing. But beyond just expanding one's reading repertoire, his spiritual topic is a good reminder of the need to be engaged in HIS presence daily and not just go through the motions of Sunday obligations without due reflection.

  • fhalexander

    Michael –

    A few years ago I heard Donald speak at the Belcourt Theater. It really moved me in a creative way and it got my juices going. I don't pay my bills by being artistic, but my creative outlets allow me to maintain sanity and clarity within corporate America. I now live in Atlanta, am expecting baby #1 and it looks like Donald's visit to promote the book down here is private.

    All that being the case my wife and I have moved to a library book system. As we prepare for baby the dollars have become more important to hold on to, but our love for reading is still there. The need for finding the creative outlet is at an all time high, but my motivation is not with all of the preparation work for baby added on top of regular work.

    The gift of a story about a man finding his story would be something that would be a tremendous gift to both my wife and I, and hopefully a gift that reciprocates in creative output from both of us as our eyes are opened to the blessings of parenthood.

    Thanks –

  • Steve

    We are living in day when peoples stories, that they have created, are coming apart at faster rate than they ever expected due to the economic times that we are living in. Could be a great opportunity to write a new story? Maybe even the story that God wished for someone all along. To be able to gain a perspective of where and what adventure that could be is pivotal in the faith story for many! It would be great to have a copy of the book as a pastor to continue to illustrate the opportunities that come when challenges arise.

  • Sarnaa

    Hi. Although I never read Blue Like Jazz (Everyone said I should, but no one told me why.) I want to read this book because Don Miller said one thing that resonated "I woke up one morning and realized I was no longer inside of a story and life no longer made sense." That happened to me, and the funk I fell into almost made me walk away from ministry. Now, the protagonist in my story has a singular ambition. It is to be useful to God and people, and to avoid the zero ambition character I became.

    I would like to converse with Don in the margins of the pages as he shares his experience and insights.

  • Michelle

    I really want this book for my roommate! We both followed the manuscript hiding, and she was especially determined to find nashvilles. Weeks in advance she told me she was taking the day off as soon as Nashville was announced, and she did! She was 20 seconds behind the girl who found it, and actually saw it handed over. Sad day at our house!!
    I would love to surprise her with a free copy!

  • Natasha

    1,000,000 miles divided by 1,000 years gives us a yearly average of about 1,000 miles. Depending upon the year, weather patterns etc. and the mode of transportation, this average might not be too bad. If you're driving that's 2.739726 miles per day and this could lower the amount of harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere. If you're walking this much consistently, you're keeping a heart-healthy pace. Now, I'm not quite sure why Bro. Miller has entitled his book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, but I don't want to speculate any more. I just can't take it. If I had a copy, (signed if possible… am I asking too much? Tell me to stop.) I could officially do the math and calculate my personal numbers, distance traveled or untraveled and move forward with my life, once and for all, if I had a copy of this book (signed if possible… it can just be his initials… am I asking too much? I'll stop) Now, I'm going to take a walk of approximately 2.739726 miles now. I'll be waiting…patiently for your response. Thank you.

  • Jason Yarborough

    Hey Michael,
    There's only so many times a man can read and re-read Searching for God Know's What, Through Painted Deserts and Blue Life Jazz (Even listen to Blue Like Jazz via Audiobook) over and over again before he's ready to read something new and inspiring by Donald. I'm that guy. I've read his stories all more than once. Listened to Blue Like Jazz I don't know how many times. I'm ready for the new work! Would Love to get A Million Miles from posting this comment!

  • carmenjoyce

    I am eager to read any book that Michael Hyatt recommends so highly. I feel I am gifted at writing book reviews and am eager for the opportunity to write a review on such an exciting book. At 81 years I am finally finding my giftings and am eager to participate.

  • Sherry

    Why do I want the book? Well, so far, I haven't read any of Don Miller's books, but I have a friend who recommends him. I have been reading his tweets and think I would enjoy the book. I am a writer too and when he said the piece about the book being like a visit from a friend cut short, it hit me. I want to write like that – I want writing to be as challenging and as rewarding as described in an excerpt I read from the book. I want help and I want comradeship and I think this book is the key.

  • @catielady

    In August of '03 someone handed me a copy of Blue Like Jazz and I was hooked. I had just moved back to NYC (having left after 9/11), working in a new industry (non-profit, from pro-sports) and felt that I had lost my relevance. Don laid it on hard and real. Since '03 I've probably re-read this book 3 or 4 times, just to bring me back to that centered place with God.

    At that time, I also developed a serious crush on good 'ol Donny boy.

    Today I feel that I am almost in the same place, with my need for this book. 9 months ago, I was laid off from the job that I thought I would retire from. I lost my relationship with a wonderful man that I thought would be my forever person, the dollars that were moving in the right direction vanished as I began life on unemployment. Everything that defined me was gone. I lost my ambition, my desire, my definition, my story.

    Over the course of the last 2 months God is at it again – tingling my heart, pulling me closer to Him, redefining who I am by knowing who I am in Him. This is a great adventure. I know a job is out there, the man is out there, the money is out there, the life is out there – but right now I am focusing on what's in here (pointing to heart).

    Knowing that, I am looking forward to this book doing what his last biggie did for me – encouraging me to be the real me, with purpose, a plan and a provider.

    Can't wait for parts 2 and 3 of the video!
    ~Catie C. Currey

  • Nancy

    I would love to receive a copy of Don's book because
    1. Mary Graham said it is a must read (and she is never wrong)
    2. when the manuscript was hidden in Decatur, GA, I went to pick it up and someone had beaten me to it.

  • Bill Colburn

    Just got the email about the free book this morning and, sadly, discovered that they were all gone already! Got to get up earlier to check my email. As a frequent book reviewer for Thomas Nelson – in fac the UPS truck just delivered another book for me to review – I was, of course disappointed not to get this new book by Don. His last book elicited a seismic change in my thinking and I'm ready to have my 'wits' pushed again.

  • Kelly Harbaugh

    I want to read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years because of my experience reading Blue Like Jazz on Valentines Day 2009:

    It was Valentines Day 2009, and my husband and I were trying to decide what we would do to celebrate. We decided that I would run to the local Christian bookstore and buy the Fireproof movie, then we would watch it at home together. However, when I arrived at the bookstore, I found that Fireproof was sold out. So I browsed around, and saw the copy of Blue Like Jazz on the shelf. I had a few friends who loved Blue Like Jazz, so I bought it with the "Fireproof Money."

    There was laundry to be done when I got home, so I put in the first load and started reading the book in our basement living room so that I could hear when the washer was done. I was hooked immediately. I ended up spending the whole day in that room. I read the entire book that day and did 4 or 5 loads of laundry in the process, laughing out loud in the basement. It was one of the best Valentines Days ever!

  • Kerry

    I like reading.

  • Wes Howard

    Everyone has a story worth telling. If I don't win this contest, my story is going to include a chapter called "Black Market: What I did to buy Donald Miller's new book."

    I'm not looking forward to this chapter of my life… so let's change it to "Free Market: I won a copy of Donald Miller's new book!"

    Thanks in advance!

  • Rick Odell

    It's been a while, in my opinion, that a book has come out that is worth reading. Donald Miller is one of those authors that doesn't just "crank out" a book to fulfill a publishing contract, he is motivated to write by his own life experiences. I'm greatly looking forward to reading his book, whether free or for purchase.

  • jakefreedom

    Mr. Hyatt (or his appointed chief of comment reading),

    I won't make you read another long comment that sounds like all the rest. I'll just say that if you sent me a copy of the new book I would sit on my front porch with a beer and a smoke and enjoy it as the fall weather rolls into Arkansas. If you would like to come and join me, I've got two chairs.

    Thanks for your time.

    Now, get back to the comments.

  • David Christie


    I want this book because Don is the only author that has ever engaged me on what it is like to not grow up with a father. I feel exactly what Miller describes, and have found peace through his words. He is a gift to the body and I am hungry to read more.

  • Josh Wood

    I would love to have a copy of the book! The only reason I signed up to be a BRB was so that I could get this book; however, when I tried to get a copy they were all gone! That was really disappointing, as I really wanted to dive into this book after reading the preview chapters on Donald's blog.

    You see, I am moving from Ohio to the UK to study for the next year, and I know that having a piece from home will make my transition to a new life much easier. Donald has given me so much insight over the years, and I would love to have that as I begin a new chapter in my life.


  • Tymm

    I feel like Donny owes me this book. When I received his tweet that it was hidden in Atlanta – I immediately left the meeting I was in at work – snuck out the back – and drove the 20 miles to the location…

    Only to be told I was 15 minutes late. 15 minutes… come on!

    I bet someone on staff at the hide spot got it…

    Hook me up Don!!!

  • @aecoxwell

    I would love a copy of this book!! I have been waiting anxiously with eager anticipation since the first time I heard Donald Miller was writing a new book. I have read all of his books, and I often revisit them because they are so good. Reading one of Donald Miller's books is like sitting down to coffee with and old friend and sharing great wisdom.

    I have been so excited about A Million Miles. I have been following Donald Miller and Thomas Nelson tweets to get a copy through the book review blogger program, but I managed to miss it by about 10 minutes, and when I got there all the books were gone. It was a sad, sad morning, but maybe I will still get a copy.

    If I don't make the cut, then I guess I will just have to wait till Sept. 29th…

  • jabird7

    I haven't read a novel in years that could get me seriously depressed after I read it. Why depressed? Because I get so involved with the characters that by the end of the book, I would be in mourning because I would no longer be able to in involved in their "lives". It's been forever since I read a book that could truly draw me into it and capture my attention. I'd love to have this book if it can do all that :)

  • taryn hofert

    i just flat out love anything donald miller writes. read his snippets he posted on twitter as he was writing A Million Miles…told my friends about it. My husband and I, along w/ some friends started a church in center city Charlotte 4 years ago and the one author that connects over and over for our unchurched crowd is Donald! He's real, relatable, funny, and moving…and the fact that he grew up w/out a dad is a huge reason why our city crowd "get him"- they are in the same boat. In a fatherless, love-starved culture, Donald's cheese-free narrative is a sacred shot in the arm. And, as a part-time church planter, part-time worship-leader, part-time video-editor, part-time bargain hunter, full-time pastor's wife & mom of 2 little boys, getting this book for free wouldn't be just economical…it'd be something just for me (ok, and maybe my friends and husband i'd share my book with) to devour in my "free" time. Added bonus: I could tweet that I WON something. That goes far in a mom's life these days.

  • Veronica Jones-Brown

    I finished Blue Like Jazz a few days ago; my mind continues to whirl with wonderfully deep thoughts, and emotions provoked by Donald Miller's mind, thoughts, essence, and skill. Being an avid reader, I buy and read many books. I read for many reasons: to know, to grow, to breath, to live, to…. Mostly I read to connect, to feel a part of something bigger and greater than myself. I've encountered many good authors, but rarely do I come to know or feel deeply, even if only a shadow, a writer's heart, character, and personality. Before reading Blue Like Jazz, I held two non-fictional spiritual writers close to my heart everywhere I go: God and A. W. Tozer. Now, Don Miller makes three, and takes a place on my list of People to Have A Conversation with Before I Die.
    (Part 1 of 2)

  • David

    Blue Like Jazz was a catalyst to change in my life. I devoured his 3 other books in a few days. Now that a new book is coming out, I’ve read a sample chapter or two that Donald has posted and I just can’t get into it!! I’m not sure if the writing style s different or if the tone has changed, or maybe the commentary on himself changes the way I read it??? Change my mind!! I’m hoping I just had a bad day when I read the sample chapters.

  • Veronica Jones-Brown

    I anticipate that A Million Miles in A Thousand Years will continue to spur the psychological and spiritual work that Blue Like Jazz gently and unpretentiously urged, even compelled me to continue, when I found myself in the initial stages of sliding back into mediocrity on many levels. I do also hope that reading the book will increase my knowledge of the beautiful soul that crafted it, that understanding him and his story will assist me in continuing to make sense of my own and to live my life authentically fully experiencing life, embracing self, and coming to terms with what it means to be me in a fallen world inhabited by fallen people, striving to achieve their created potential.

    (Part 2 of 2)

  • bill smith

    Because I've had that song "I Would Walk 500 Miles" (by the Proclaimers) stuck in my head for what seems like at least a thousand years. I'm hoping the book will help me reconcile this problem, at least mathematically.

    help me, please!

  • Nate Mills

    Saw the offer on Donald Miller's Twitter page. I would be very honored to receive a copy of Donald's new book. I am a college student who works full time and has a wife and 3 children. I work with high school students at our church. I don't know when I will be able to afford the new book "A Million Miles" so I thought, what the heck, let's give this a try.

    Thank you!

  • Cody Calhoun

    I want a copy of the book simply because I hounded @donaldmilleris on twitter during his manuscript giveaway that he did in all 49 states except for Arkansas… i had my GPS and state map ready but he denied me… so to redeem Donald in my eyes (ha), if I had a copy of his book, that would make me feel better.

  • Jared Wilkinson

    Why would anyone want a Donald Miller book, even if it’s free? Maybe they aren’t able to afford heat and the pages burn well? If someone were to send me this Million Miles in a Thousand Years book, I’d probably just put it on my nightstand, no, in it so people wouldn’t see it and ask me if I was one of those “Emergent Church” freaks. But then it would probably start calling my name from deep in the bowels of my nightstand. I’d pick it up, thumb through it and throw it down in disgust shouting, “You will not grab me like your brother, Blue Like Jazz did!” Night after night, I would seek refuge from the call, but alas I would succumb.

    I see two choice for you Mr. Hyatt: One, spare me the torment and sleeplessness of dealing with the presence of the book. Or two, indulge your sadistic longings and send me a book.

    It’s you call!


  • @fifthstory

    i'm pretty sure you should send me a copy of A Million Miles, as i am the most humble person i know, and should therefore be rewarded with the fruits of my humility.

  • sailorscott

    I just came across Donald Miller recently when I unwittingly picked BLJ off my uncle's bookshelf at his mountain cabin. I spent the entire vacation reading — BLJ and then Searching For God Knows What and then To Own a Dragon. An entire notebook of scribbled quotes later, I am now in the middle of Painted Deserts.

    His humble and yet unapologetic approach to life and God and the church is refreshing. As though it gives me permission to ask complex questions and not yet have the answers. To enjoy a sunset or a song or a glass of wine while dirty dishes sit in the sink. To pursue an identity that countermands pop-culture and yet gives me an opportunity to make a change in my corner of it.

    Discovering his writings has been a journey to discovering myself. Perhaps Donald Miller is the one who, in my life, has given me permission to find my true identity. I eagerly await this new release, and am confident that his insights will, true to form, find their way into my theology, my heart, my blogs and just about every conversation.

  • Jonas Wilson

    I was visited by aliens and they said they want a copy of Don Miller's "A Million Miles" or they would destroy the Earth. Funny thing is, I am the only one that can give it to them. Please, send me a copy so I can stop the destruction of our great planet.

  • Makeda Pennycooke

    Part 1: A long time ago I read Blue Like Jazz (before it was the book to read) and it challenged everything I thought I knew about Christianity. For the first time as a Christian, I realized that I lived in a bubble and my life was not having the kind of eternal difference I wanted it to have because I was surrounded by people who looked like, talked like, believed like I did. Donald Miller helped me get outside the box of Christianity and learn to embrace others who were not at all like me. As a result of doing that I have developed some of the most incredible friendships that I truly believe will be lifelong friendships.

  • Makeda Pennycooke

    Part 2: I recently heard a talk he gave on the elements of story and once again I found myself challenged by the way I was living my life. When I asked myself is my life a story worth telling, I knew the answer was "not really" and so once again I began to make some changes. I lost a boat load of weight (over 80lbs in 14 months), I started training for a triathlon which I will compete in at the end of September(after NEVER doing any kind of sporting activity EVER in my life) and I am now helping to organize a 5k to raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking. My life is becoming a story worth telling.

    I would like a copy of this book so that I can read the rest of Don's story; hear all the elements involved in a story and hoping to continue to make the story of my life a compelling one.

  • joellek

    Michael, I would love to win a copy of A Million Miles by Donald Miller. His books have truly inspired me in so many ways. He has challenged me to become a better person, to look for answers, to really find God. I love the way Don writes, it fills me with hope and a passion for life. It is so refreshing. He has also encouraged me to take my own writing seriously. I love his style and it has helped me further develop as a writer. I can't wait to read the book!
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • AJP

    Question: Why do you want this book? What is it about Don’s interview that you find compelling?

    Of the many ways to look at reality, it is the Christian worldview that accomodates story and technology. Don's story about the story of his life was very nice. And it helped to explain the depressed stall. Mike's use of tech is great … reliable video, well-staged and thoughtful complement to the words. I would like the book to use as a prop when I show people another way to use educational technology. Thanks a mil.

  • 3rdandStMarks

    (My hand is on my heart). I, broke college student, solemnly swear that if you were to be so gracious as to send me Donald Miller's newest creation, I will promptly put organic chemistry, nuclear physics, and integral calculus out of my mind until the book is properly read and digested. Furthermore, I resolve to then lend the book to as many willing eyes as possible, as I again sell my soul to tiny, complex molecules of doom in pursuit of becoming a physician. Please, grant my soul respite from the torture that is organic chemistry. My dorsolateral prefontal lobe will be forever grateful.
    Too much chemistry is not good for the soul. (Books gladly accepted : )

  • Victor Mashni

    Sounds like a great review…Would love to read and pass along! No special reason, just because not very many things in life are free.

  • adonnan

    Don visited the college I graduated from (Berry College). Some of my friends said I should go hear him speak, but I was too busy and didn't really care to find out why I should go hear him speak.

    At some point in the future I read To Own a Dragon. I'm rarely attracted to reading, but I finished that book in a matter of days. Next up was Blue Like Jazz, which was also a joy to read. Somehow these books cater to my attention span.

    I now regret not getting to hear him speak during my college years, but this video gives me an idea of what it would've been like.

  • pinyourwings22

    I would love to receive a copy of Donald Miller's new book. I read Blue Like Jazz a couple years ago, then was immediately eager to read his other books, of which I found Searching For God Knows What particularly convicting as a longtime Christ Follower. I can't wait to get my hands on A Million Miles, and as I have been following him for a while now, it seems like this book has the potential to be his best yet!

  • Dwight Davis

    I'm a huge fan of Donald Miller. I'm an aspiring writer. I'm a theology major in college. This translates to "I am flat broke." I've been waiting for Don's new book for quite some time, and I can't wait to read it. However, since I am flat broke, I won't get to read it for quite some time unless I somehow win a copy.

  • FaithBarista Bonnie

    So glad, I've got a second shot to grab my review copy, Michael.

    Here are two reasons why you've got to pick me as one of your hundred:

    1. I am your consummate blogger who deserves a Don Miller book break.

    I stayed up 'itl 1 in the morning Sunday night to put the finishing touches of my Monday post and scheduled another in queue for Tuesday.

    I got up at the crack of dawn 6am to shuffle downstairs to feed the baby here in California. As a dutiful blogger, the first thing I did after burping CJ, was run to my computer and check my email, my tweets and my RSS reads.

    As soon as I saw the email from Thomas Nelson Bloggers Book Review, instructing me to request a copy, I did so pronto. Only to have a sad page telling me they were all gone pop up in front of me.

    Somehow, between 1am in the morning and six hours later, all review copies disappeared. Shouldn't this West Coast weary writer get a book, since my East Coast buddies got first dibs?

    2. I am the writer who God is speaking His identity into.

    Unlike Don, I didn't wake up at 35 with my teenage dreams achieved. Since childhood, as the oldest in a single parent family planted from Hong Kong, I've always been inside my mother's story. Like Don, at 35, I realized what had happened and decided I had to write again in order to find life making sense.

    May one of your review copies make it's way to my mailbox and add another chapter in the book God is writing through me today, Michael.

    Thank you, in advance! ;)

  • Jonathan Grunden

    I really appreciate and respect the vulnerability and wisdom that Don writes and speaks with, not to mention the fact that he is hilarious. I will be honest, I still can't make it through "Through Painted Desert's", but BLJ and SFGKW are by far two of my favorite books. I can honestly say I have not anxiously awaited the release of a book before, like I have this one. However, the primary reason I would love to get this book, is because I would like to preview it, as I am anticipating using it this fall as a book study for the 13 small group coaches I lead in our student ministry. We have done this in the past with his other books and we still talk about it today.

  • Steve Reeves

    I would love a copy of "Million Miles." I teach high school English, and occasionally I will read my students short excerpts from Miller's work to inspire, challenge, or teach them–or just to make them laugh. The kids actually love it, and I've loaned out or given away (shh, this is public school, after all) several copies of "To Own a Dragon," which is the male students' favorite, and have heard nothing but positive feedback from them. As an English teacher, and knowing a little about the basic premise of "Million Miles," I know there is going to be a wealth of excerpts to read to my students, especially regarding the parts of story (characters, conflict, etc.), that will educate, entertain, and soften the hearts of a demographic that desperately needs some inspiration and compassion.

  • redhead.kate

    I once went on a trip with a group of people that I didn't know. About halfway through the trip, one of them told me, "Yeah, it is always a story with you". I am not sure that she meant that in the nicest way, but I thought it was great. So if stories are all I have, I need to learn how to make my own a better one.

  • Lana Vaughan

    i started with Searching for God on the long drive home from drag racing in Woodburn, Oregon. I read it out loud to my husband as he drove. It was a powerful springboard into meaningful conversation.

    To Own a Dragon has helped me navigate the waters of a son in his 20s who I raised on my own until I married when he was 18. He is struggling to find himself and his own journey to God.

    Blue Like Jazz showed me I didn't have to write or live or believe what I had been so ingrained in me but not only had the freedom but the responsibility to find out who I am.

    I don't have the success behind me to justify a temporary slump. I am still on the uphill side of the climb. I am looking forward to gaining perspective before I reach the top so I have a clue what I am looking at.

  • yooper1714

    Why I want this book? I feel that Donald Miller has become a voice in this nation not just for the church but specifically young adults. My jury is still out whether that is good or bad. I wanted to review his book for my blog but alas noone thinks of the West Coast and the fact that they wake up later than the East Coast so I wasn't able to be apart of that shin dig either.

    I feel I would give a good criticism of the book and not a total lovefest like most of the bloggers who got the first 250 books. Anyway, hope to be considered.

  • Shawn

    If I had to title my own book it would be a little bit more like “A Few Less Miles, in What Seems Like Two Thousand Years.”

    There is no doubt the impact of Miller’s writings on my life. My story itself has been a short one, but it is one that has seen it take several different turns. I’m still a young guy, but it feels like I’ve experienced a lot of life.

    I find myself resembling Don in a lot of ways. I never had the exciting life. But I’ve been able to take my experiences and allow those to shape my story. I recall reading “To Own A Dragon” and the impact it had on my life.

    Don is a great writer and a great thinker for our culture today.

  • Nolan Bobbitt

    Based on everything I have read about A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, I feel like this book will give me a greater push to live a story worth telling AND writing (and I hope Thomas Nelson will publish that story one day :) ). I have been working 3 jobs this summer so that I could provide my family with a Disney vacation in September to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and my daughter's 8th birthday while there! Having this book to read on the plane to and from this vacation would make me smile just a little bigger!

  • Chris

    Donald Miller = one of my absolute favorites. God has used his writing to encourage and reignite me at times when my flame has been dwindling out. I'm so excited about this new book. I'm so excited about how God is going to us it. I'm so excited to have my flame fanned by what God has to say to me through this work!

  • Allison Marz

    “Story of my life.” This is my running phrase to sum up any and all mishaps and victories that come my way during my days. How convenient is it then that a one Donald Miller would choose to publish a book all about editing one’s own story? I find it far beyond coincidence and true fate that Miller would choose such a topic to write about when anyone who knows me knows that “story of my life” is one of the most used phrases out of my personal repertoire of “Allisonisms.” And how much more convenient is it that the book I have been, for lack of better words, practically peeing my pants excited to read is now potentially available to me for free? God obviously knew what he was doing when he lead me to this blog this morning while I was dawdling in free time before my first class. Don’t you just love when God does that?

    Let’s get to the point though: I have a self-diagnosed book reading “problem” as I like to call it. I would rather spend a portion of my freshly earned paycheck on a plethora of new books from Half Price Books rather than purchasing a new pair of designer jeans. I have a running list of every book I have read since the start of high school and it totals to about 185 and any chance I get to add another book to this list is always a personal victory for me. My affinity for books and desire to one day write my own books has made me one of those girls who would get more giddy about meeting the author of a favorite book of mine than I would about meeting one of The Beatles. As such I am of course a huge self-proclaimed supporter of any and all literature by Donald Miller as all of his books are my obvious choices on my list of “favorites.” You can’t help but love how the guy throws together a work of literature. Either way, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who would actually contemplate peeing her pants if told she was getting a free copy of A Million Miles in A Thousand Years. You better jump on this opportunity while there is still time for you to give me a free copy and for me to go and buy an extra pair of pants.

  • Terry Kelly

    I am nothing if not honest so I must admit that I’m coming to the Donald Miller Book Series very late in the game. I wouldn’t have showed up at all had it not been for the recommendation of someone whose opinion I value greatly. He credits Don as his favourite author and that certainly sparked an interest.. So at present I am anxiously awaiting my copy of BLUE LIKE JAZZ. As a matter of fact, it came so highly recommended that I also ordered the last available (to me anyway) 4-CD audiobook as well.

    I think you should send me a free copy because I never once complained about not being included in the “find the hidden book” tour currently going on. There are no Canadian stops on this tour NEAR ME at all. However, I will be making the trip to Waterloo in October so tell The Don he can always give me a copy there if I don’t make the cut here.

    So what did I find compelling about Part I of the interview? Absolutely nothing. Don is an unpolished SCHMUCK LIKE ME…and I heart that yesly. If I score a free copy I just may have to add a 4th to my list of favourite 3-word sayings:
    (1) Jesus loves me!
    (2) Praise the Lord!
    (3) Fifty percent off!
    (4) Free stuff rocks! (tentatively)

    Btw, don’t let the ‘y’ in my first name fool you. I’m a chick.

    Terry <
    (aka: @apostlethatroks)

  • Adam Reineke

    When I heard the summary of how Miller realized his life was so boring and ordinary that the film makers had to fictionalize his life to make it into a movie, I was like, "Yes, that's me."

    The summary on Amazon says that "real-life Don starts a journey to edit his actual life into a better story."

    When I die someday, I want to leave behind an epic story of life well lived, a God well served, and a family well loved. I want to read Miller's new book because I want to see his perspective on how to go about writing the epic story of life.

  • Josh

    Why should I get a free copy? Well I don’t really have an answer. I doubt any of us are more deserving than any one else. As a teenager who is about to turn 18, I guess I could say that I am your target demographic. Also since I’m still in my teens, it would be some time before I could get the money to buy the book. I live in a small town with a crummy library, I can trust that they’ll never get the book. I can promise to write a piece about Million Miles on my blog. I would definitely tell people about the book. But in the end, I just really want to read it. I love the person that Don Miller is. I love his style of writing. But even more than that, I love the ideas he conveys. I own all his previous book and have high expectations for this book. I actually signed up for Book Review Bloggers just for Million Miles. I checked the website at least 10 times a day to see if it was posted. I didn’t even review any other books so that they wouldn’t interfere with me requesting this one. It was posted this morning while I was eating breakfast. It was gone by the time I turned on the computer. It would be awesome of you to choose to send me a copy, but I look forward to the read no matter how I get it.

  • Kristine

    I enjoy Donald Miller's writing because it is unpredictable. I almost always come away feeling positively challenged and more able to explain and share my faith. His book "Blue Like Jazz" was on my mind this summer, so I decided to reread it. I just bought a copy for my younger sister who is not a believer. I know that I'm taking a risk because she might never open its pages, but I think Miller's voice and style of writing may be unconventional enough (compared to other Christian authors) to spark her interest. Let's pray that it does.

    Donald Miller's books are ones I can read over and over again and still learn something each time. He has really blessed me with his writing in that it has caused me to grow in my faith and my perception of Christianity. I am excited for his new book and hope I might be chosen to receive a free copy :)

  • Cory Bellamy

    I am real excited to get my hands on a copy of Don’s new book because his books are what have inspired me to be a writer. “Through Painted Deserts,” was my first read of his, and it made me realize I too could write a book about my own life experiences. Then I read “To Own A Dragon” and it was amazing. I didn’t grow up without my father, but I dis grow up without a Christian father which made his book more than relateable. I would love to get a copy of this book so that I can keep on relating and discovering my own abilities as an aspiring writer.

  • knitmetogether

    Thanks for the opportunity to win his book! I'd love to win a copy, because this summer my best friend gave a testimony to the high school kids I work with, and it was largely about how Donald Miller's books have shaped her faith. The kids, many of whom are not readers, really responded to her story and have since been seekin gout his books. I would love to get a copy to add to my lending library for them; they would be so jazzed to be able to read his newest book so soon (and I'd love it too, of course!). Thanks again!

  • Katie

    There was a nice man named Michael Hyatt
    He offered to give me Don’s book so I wouldn't have to buy it.
    Buy why should I receive such a generous gift?
    There are so many other people’s stories through which he must sift.
    So, pray, give me a few more lines
    And I’ll tell you why this book should be mine.

    I’m young and eager for new opportunities to learn
    God has showed me so much, yet I continue to yearn.
    I remain patient as I sit in my cubicle, tiny and insignificant,
    Trying to remember the truth and that, even here, I can be relevant.
    So the more I read and discuss things of the Lord, the more I grow
    Having a new book for my library would mean the world – you don’t even know!

    I know this ditty might seem a bit silly –
    But creating a smile was my only goal…ultimately.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Regardless of your decision I will continue my jubilation.
    May our Lord bless and keep you and yours
    As your work spreads and He opens doors.

  • Loreen McDonald

    I really want to read Donald Miller’s new book “A Million Miles In a Thousand Years!”

    I will get a chance to read it, someday. But, if you chose me I will get to read it sooner!

    We live in South Africa, in a semi-rural village in Zululand. I read “Blue Like Jazz” in 2008. WOW! A person who writes about God without using “Christian-ese!” An authentic and honest story of this guy’s encounter with the living God! I subsequently purchased six additional copies of “Blue Like Jazz” to share with friends and family members. These six books are currently doing ever-widening circles through our community.

    I am not sure when the movie “Blue Like Jazz” or the book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” will reach us, but you can be SURE that if you send me a copy of “Million Miles” now, the “hype” in South Africa starts here, starts now!

    (Have fun with your reading and choosing!)

  • apostlethatroks

    OK, maybe #4 on my previous list is fact. Nothing tentative about it. (:-p)

    • apostlethatroks

      How in the name of everything that is good and right and pure did this get posted BEFORE my original response when I wrote it 5 minutes AFTER?! Meh. Just another entry for Terry (Kelly's) Law, which states, If it's never happened before, it WILL happen to me!

  • Kayla

    Huh. What he said there about no longer being involved in a story really struck me. After you finally achieve a goal, things get pretty boring. I haven't felt any reason to get out of bed lately. I'm looking for a job, but there's nothing where I live that I care to do. I'm writing some, but not enough- and I'm afraid to write lest I come up with something really bad…or really good. Success brings pressure. Everyone I know has such high expectations of me that I feel like it will be impossible to met them, much lest exceed them. So now…I'm doing nothing.

    I need this book :) Don Miller: self help author? *smirk*

  • Steve


    Thanks for the offer to receive a copy of A Million Miles.

    As one of the three people left (four now including me) on earth who hasn't yet read Blue Like Jazz, I'd also like to find out what makes Miller's writing so stimulating to so many people.

    As one who shares books with others, I am sure to become and evangelist for this book.

  • Forrest Long

    Blue Like Jazz is a great book, so I'm sure this one will be too. I would love to have a copy and since Wednesday is my birthday it would be a good present to have sent out on Thursday. And I'll write a review of it too!

  • Laurie

    Reasons I want Don's new book:

    *Got to promote a fellow Portlander!
    *Don posts great dog photos on TwitPic.
    *Love his statement, "Theologically, our identity is God saying 'This is who you are and us agreeing with it." Good stuff.

  • Kyle Ellman

    Free copy of a Don Miller book? Absolutely.

    I would say I'm a viable candidate for receiving such a wonderful opportunity because:
    – Of course you want to help out a college student.
    – The cover of A Million Miles is predominantly yellow. There is a yellow envelope on my desk.
    – The not-yellow bicycle depicted on the cover is a fixed gear. I built and ride a fixed gear.
    – I rode said bicycle to class this morning.
    – Speaking of bicycle familiarity, I can claim that my first impression of the cover was not that it looked like a ferris wheel.
    – Once again, college student.
    – I have a close friend that is writing his memoirs in a similar fashion to Don's Blue Like Jazz
    – Speaking of, I enjoy a good modern jazz trio every now and then.
    – I have a friend who works for Thomas Nelson.
    – Speaking of Thomas Nelson, I was in Nashville this past weekend.
    – While Nashville was wonderful, I was disappointed in a lack of bicycle sightings, and Don Miller sightings for that matter (wrong city, I know. But I can wish).
    – I spite of the lack of Don/bicycle sightings, I did see said Thomas Nelson employee-friend.
    – I am currently listening to The Cobalt Season, they live in Portland, which is where I'd be more likely to have a Don Miller sighting, and maybe even a bicycle sighting.
    -Once more, college student.

    I hope you are both touched and intrigued by my plea of viability.

    P.S. For the record, I am also a fan of Don's other books.

  • Christy

    I have never heard of Blue Like Jazz — possibly because I only recently re-affirmed my faith and have started reading spiritual books instead of trashy novels! But after watching the interview and reading some of these posts, I am heading to the library to find a copy. The reasons I should receive a free copy of his latest book? I can't afford to buy one! I want to know more about this completely humble man! I have been searching for a book to read that meets Michael's 3 qualities of a must read book.! (I didn't know those were my 3 definitions of a great book until Michael listed them! Thank you!!!!

  • Nathan Turley

    I am on a new adventure in life. I stepped out in faith and moved to a new city. I left behind almost everything I knew and loved in Houston, TX to move to Nashville, TN. I am forming new relationships, looking for work and a place to live. I have never felt more lost and yet I have never relied on God more. There have been several things that have brought a sense of normalcy to this adventure, and one of them has been the marketing push for Don’s new book. Blue Like Jazz and by extension Donald Miller feel like home. My mom lent me her copy of Blue Like Jazz years ago and when I left Houston I asked her if she wanted it back or if I could keep it. She let me keep it. Shortly after moving to Nashville I read a review by Anne Jackson of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years that Don mentioned on Twitter. I have wanted to read A Million Miles ever since. Jackson’s review was compelling and thoughtful and made me wish I had a copy of the book in hand. Winning a free copy would such a blessing right now.

    From the video I thought Don’s concept about how we find our identity outside ourselves was interesting and worthy of more thought, and I the question of what to do with our lives once we accomplish everything we think we want. I’m not sure if I’ll every have to deal with that question, but I can imagine it must be terrifying.

  • Chris McDermott

    I would sure love a copy of the book. Reasons?

    1) I have been following Don, and the book's development, on Twitter for months now. I read every chapter immediately after it is posted online, and I can't wait for the entire book.

    2) I have reached a place in my life where, as Don mentions in the interview, I have achieved the goals I laid out for myself, and now I am without ambition. I think his perspective could be a real help.

    3) I am just finishing up Grad School and I only have about a dollar. And I really don't want to wait in line for this book at the library.

    Thanks for your consideration. And thanks for publishing this book.

  • Jamie

    Donald Miller's books are like really excellent cheese. Life-changing, soul-comforting cheese. Of course I am going to devour this latest offering; the only question that remains is where it will come from. Here's hoping it comes from you.

  • compulsiveguile

    Thanks for doing this Michael! I know you're under no obligation to handout books, so I definitely appreciate the gesture.

    So… Why should I get a free copy of Don Miller's new book?

    To be completely honest, I don't have a great reason aside from the fact that I'm a fan of Don Miller. I love his style of writing, and I have been looking forward to the release of his book for quite some time. I missed out on the opportunity to get Don's book through the Book Review Bloggers program early this morning, so here I am hoping you look fondly upon my comment :)

    Also, If it helps me out, my birthday is September 29, which is the release date for a Million Miles. It would definitely be awesome to say that I received a birthday present from Michael Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson, Inc!

  • Eric Anderson

    Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1756: ‘Life like a dramatic piece should finish handsomely. Being now in the last act, I begin to cast about for something fit to end with.’ He was 50 at the time and The Revolution was in front of him – he lived 34 more years…

    Here's to editing your life in real time!


  • Shelley Nelson

    As someone who feels that my ability to derail the journey has caused me to travel "a million miles" in a circle, I would be grateful for the opportunity to take a different tack. Perhaps that is asking too much from any book, but I have begun the process through Max Lucado's "Fearless" and am hungry for more.

  • stretch983

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years." It's a book I'm definitely interested in. I am a 25-year-old copy editor juggling the responsibilities of life and the opportunities to pursue dreams of higher education and publishing. I find it's easy to fall into the mundane routine of everyday life, and it makes me itch for more excitement. I've got one life, and I want to do all that I can with it and glorify God during the process! I think I could learn a lot from Donald's book and have an enjoyable time as I gain insight and humor from his experiences of "editing" his life.

  • leahmontes

    Well, here is my plea.
    I just rushed home to check Donald's updates regarding the hidden manuscripts that would be in Texas today. Alas, I am three hours away from the closest location. If it weren't for having to be around MY neighborhood to collect my kids from school today, I am certian I would be speeding, dangerously down I35 trying to get a look at Don's latest work. I have purchased at least 7 copies of his booksfor friends and family , becasue while reading each one of them, I kept thinking of peopleI know who NEED to read his work. I have complied a list of reasons that you should chose me to recieve this book.
    1. I love JESUS.
    2. Even though I live in the Dallas area, and have 4 kids, a husband, and a dog, I do NOT have those little white stick figure people representing any of us on my car.
    3. I can name all 32 NFL teams, tell you what division they are in, their head coach, and their quarter back.
    4. I quote Donald Miller at least once a month in my facebook status, and I could use some new material.
    5. You know you want to. ;)

  • Amber Brewer

    I would love to receive a free copy of Donald’s new book! I’ve been a fan of us ever since I stumbled across a rare copy of “Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance.” Since, Donald Miller has been a voice that speaks to me and my generation of twenty-somethings who live in a world that struggles with traditional Christianity and longs for something more from their relationship with God.

    I’ve been counting down the months until this book comes out, and it would be the icing on the cake if I received it free!

  • Lernin2luv

    I would like to be considered for a copy of Mr. Miller's new book for the following reasons:

    1. I'm married with 3 children and 1 on the way and have a job working with inner city gang youth that doesn't pay much beyond meeting the basics and I don't know how else I could get a copy for a while.

    2. I can't put his books down. His way of communicating truth has changed the framework of how I try to share the gospel and live out my salvation.

    3. I have used his uniquely expressed ideas to reach my young gangster friends and could use the continued inspiration in these endeavors.

    4. I haven't had a book really blow my mind for a while. I've been pretty bored with what I've been trying to read lately. I struggle to find Christian writers that have solid theology and are engaging writers.

    Thank you very much for your consideration. God bless

  • bon321

    I've never heard of Donald Miller. I want his book because you said it was a fast read and you were sad that you finished.

  • josie

    Ag! I'm too late. Guess you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to snag a free Miller book.

  • jpcox001

    I have read many (maybe all) of Donald Millers books, but I have had to borrow them from friends and I would love a chance to own my own copy of his new book. Everytime I read one of his books it feels like he is speaking to me rather than a whole bunch of people.

  • @NatalieGreaves

    Hi Michael, I became aware of Don Miller and his new book through your blog and tweets.

    I went on vacation earlier this month and my companion was his first book "Through Painted Deserts," because I couldn't wait. I've never been a fan of any stories about road-tripping and finding oneself during the jourey. But something about this book drew me in and kept me there.

    Don has a way of writing about true life with a wonderful sense of humor. "Through Painted Deserts" was the first book that I'd read in a long time where the author weaved God into the story so delicately, and let him BE God in the way that I know him, if that makes sense.

    This book traveled with me through the Spanish Countryside, and along the hilltops on the African coast. It even made it into the pictures of my food blog.

    While reading on the flight home, I laughed out loud so suddenly that I startled the man sitting next to me. (For the record, I've been waiting 3 weeks to tell someone that. Thanks for the giving me an appropriate forum).

    I did it again at the hair salon yesterday, as I was moved by the hilarious account of Don's ascent out of the Grand Canyon. This time, my victim was the woman under the dryer next to me.

    Don's writing inspires and refreshes. He truly lives out loud, openly, with humility and grace, and unapologetically. And he makes it a point to tell you that he's doing it with God as his faithful confidant. I can't wait until "A Million Miles" hits the shelves.

    I'd be honored to win a copy of "A Million Miles." I'm looking forward to traveling with him some more.

  • Julie

    It was August 20, 2003, and I was turning 17 years old. I was unaware that I was about to receive a gift, in book form, that would begin to shape and change my view of spirituality. As you may have guessed, it was entitled "Blue Like Jazz–'Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality.'" To be completely honest, “Blue like Jazz" was the first book that I have ever read and re-read every single word of in depth… including the punctuation :) I identified with Donald Miller, he put into words what I did not know how to say. Maybe it is better said that he put into words some of the things that every person deals with but is afraid to talk about. I was given the courage to begin to tear down the walls of lies that I had allowed to get in between Jesus and me…I was finally able to reach out to touch just a piece of His cloak.

  • Julie

    You can imagine my excitement when I found out that Donald Miller was going to be speaking at my church in New Jersey. I had since purchased and read every single book that he had written. I was a poor college student, but I made the trip home to NJ from my University in PA with my roommate. We had managed to trade what would have been the cost of the Saturday conference with our fine ability to move a microphone stand out of the way before Donald Miller came up to speak. Somehow, Don had even managed to make economics interesting to me that day. As an extra bonus, I was even able to have all four copies of my books signed by Don.

  • Julie

    Fast forward to August 2009. I found out that one of the “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” manuscripts was going to be hidden in New Jersey. Turns out I was awoken the morning of August 24 by my college roommate screaming over the phone “JULIE IT IS IN NEW BRUNSWICK!” I jumped out of bed, changed from my pajamas into whatever clothes that I could find, and jumped into the car for the 15-minute ride to New Brunswick. I had to get that manuscript! As I approached the city, I became aware that I had absolutely no money to pay a parking meter– if I was even able to find a parking space at that time of day. I saw a businessperson standing on the street and yelled out asking if he had a dime to spare for the meter. He said no, but I guess I understand as I looked a complete mess. As I drove around the block, I found an open space with 47 minutes left on the meter and it was right down the street from the posted location. “Thank you, Lord!” I screamed.

  • Julie

    I jumped out of my car and took off running, losing my flip-flop in the process. I did not care, I had to get there first! I rang the bell of the location and was told that I had the wrong address. I knew that I was at the posted address and that the manuscript had to be somewhere around that area. I looked in the grass, under trees and tables, in newspaper boxes… but to no avail. After about 6 minutes of frantically searching, I decided to go into the Starbucks next to the location and see if they knew anything. When I got up to the counter I said “ I’m looking for a manuscript?” The barista gave me an excited look, reached under the counter and with shaking hands I reached out and screamed “OH MY GOSH I ACTUALLY WON?!!”… and then I was taken back down to reality as the barista said “No! You just missed it!” while handing me a “we don’t want you to feel like a total loser” piece of paper from Don and

  • Julie

    It was a fun experience, though I still feel that heaviness on top of my stomach every time I think about how I just missed the manuscript! I WANT THIS BOOK and would be absolutely delighted if I was chosen to receive a free copy! Either way, I am thankful for the great stories that have come along with my continual quests to try to become Don Miller’s friend 

  • Josh

    I want this book because I have been a big fan of all of his work (minus the whole "Painted Deserts" book I never did make it through).

    Blue Like Jazz was wonderful and made me long for events that might be similar in my life.

    Searching For God Knows What was made me want to be the captain of the lifeboat because I was sick of seeing people cast out of it.

    To Own A Dragon was helped me forgive my father for something I never realized had affected me in such a way that it did.

    If his previous books have had those affects on me, then A Million Miles in A Thousand Years should have something special in store for me. That's why I want it!

  • aaron

    my couch lost a leg and is wobbly … judging by the page count i think this book would be just the right size to stabilize it.

  • Mary Faith

    Donald's quote, "I believe that your calling is something that comes from outside of you (God telling you), not that you tell yourself" to stir a little at my heart strings. Wondering how many additional callings God could have for me outside the obvious callings in my life (wife and mother). Loved Blue Like Jazz, would love to get my hands on another book of his.

  • TJ Croissant

    Dear Sir,

    I would consider it an honor and privilege to be tabbed as one of the esteemed few to proffer Mr. Donald Miller’s latest musings. A gentleman of your wisdom and distinction certainly realizes how truly rare great art has become, and alas Mr. Miller and those audacious few whom support his endeavors remain a bastion of hope in this fickle and trite world of modern literature. For this reason, I most humbly beseech you favor in my quest to obtain one of the treasurers that you have so graciously offered.

    Holding you in the highest regard,

    your servant,

    TJ – the count of Croissant

    • TJ Croissant

      Typo :(

      For this reason, I most humbly beseech your favor in my quest to obtain one of the treasurers that you have so graciously offered.

  • Brad Harris

    I like to think deeply, but I'm not the most eloquent person. I tend to talk around my thoughts and struggle to actually say what I'm thinking. Every now and then I connect with songwriters, pastors and authors who have a way of taking what I'm thinking and feeling and putting it to words in beautiful and creative ways. Don seems to be one of those guys for me. Seeing into his life helps me better understand the way I see my own, and hearing his story helps me live mine out with greater freedom and confidence. I would very much like a copy of his new book.

  • Rambisman

    To Own A Dragon inspired me more than I can ever really express. I now mentor 2 father-less kids and have began to look for opportunities to mature. I can't wait to see how A Million Miles will inspire and how the Lord will speak to me through it!

  • Elder1

    I want this book simply because I like Donald Miller and have been anticipating this release for a while now.

    The interview just makes me more drawn to the individual Don Miller is. It highlights a common thread shared between Miller and the majority of his readers, which is, that he is what most would consider to be a "common man". Another thing highlighted in the interview is God's work in his life, helping him realize his dream of being a writer. It proves the point that common people, who devote their lives and talents to the works of an uncommon Creator, are molded by Him to the person He created them to be. The result, ironically, is an individual that is one in a kind.

    Hopefully, Miller's story will be just one more step in the process of God taking common people and molding us into the uncommon individuals He created us to be.

  • Mike Austin

    Dear Michael,

    I’ve been pretending Don is one of my best friends for a couple of years. It all started when in reading his four previous books I felt like he understood the longings of my heart for God in a way no one ever has before. Since that time I became one of his first blog readers. I’ve sponsored him on his cross country bike ride (even meeting him briefly as he came through my town). I leave occasional insightful comments on his blog, and respond in pithy brilliance to his tweets. Alas, I have not found a hidden manuscript. And when I signed in to the blogger site a few minutes after the email went out the allotment was already gone. Yes, I could wait and buy a book in a month like everone else. But how then will I feel special? It appears the only way that my little delusion can continue is for you to hook me up.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Mike Austin

  • Bradley Edwards

    Why I'd like a copy of A Million Miles…

    I'm Batman.

    And while fighting crime at night has it's advantages (you almost always get the girl when you're Batman, and you have the coolest car and a utility belt Superman would be jealous of), you don't get a lot of free literature. And I've got plenty of time to read during the day. Why? Because I'm Batman.

  • c.m. habermehl

    Hey Michael. Thank so much for the opportunity to win a free copy of Donald Millers new book. I have been following twitter and seeing when his hidden manuscripts were coming to Texas. Low and behold, i am on the way to the dentist for root canal today when I realize there was a copy in Waco. Granted it is 80 miles away but it took them a while to find it looks like!

    Would love to read it and help promote it word of mouth in these parts and get it stocked in my local bookshop/ coffee house – The Book Carriage and Coffee Shop.


  • MellowNinja

    I haven't read a Donald Miller book. I'd like to.

  • Brian

    Donald Miler caused me to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. There, I've admitted it publicly. That's the first step, right? Ever since reading "Blue Like Jazz" I've had an uncontrollable urge to smoke a pipe.

    If his work has that much influence, I really need to read his next one quickly in hopes that it might help me make a more positive lifestyle adjustment.

  • Richard Fudge

    After hearing Don speak at my church last fall about life as a story, I went out and bought all his books and began reading them. They are all so great. I've really been looking forward to his new book since i learned about it on his blog. I tried to be the first to find the hidden manuscript he placed in Memphis, but I was like the 6 or 8th to show up. After losing that opportunity at a free copy, I went ahead and ordered on Amazon.

    So I'm not asking for a copy for myself, but one that I can share with others in my artist small group. I find that Don really speaks to creative types. His work can really grab our short attention spans. I have been lending out my copies of Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What to artists friends. I'm looking forward to Don visiting Cordova, Tn again so that I can hear him speak and maybe sign my copy. I've been posting about his books on my blog too.

    Any way, it would be cool to have a copy to lend to a fellow starving artist and a signed copy to keep at home.

  • Jessica Traffas

    I love Donald Miller! I grew up in a very "legalistic" church environment, and Blue Like Jazz challenged me to think about my spirituality in a whole new way. Donald writes the way I think (which is why it's surprising to me that the book became a bestseller).

    I would love a copy of his new book because, as new parents of a 2 1/2 month old, my husband and I both could benefit from this topic at a time when our stories are changing in profound ways. Also, as new parents of a 2 1/2 month old, we can't afford to buy a copy.

  • TNeal

    I heard the story of someone so poor that a family meal out to her meant food samples at the local grocery store. That has nothing to do with me. I'm not poor, after all I'm a joint-heir with Jesus Christ, but I am frugal. So why should a cheap, er, I mean frugal person like me be considered for the giveaway? I'll give you two reasons (mainly because that's all I've got time for right now). 1) I read your recommendations (Same Kind of Different…, Time Traps, et al). You've got a good track record with me. This might be considered kissing up except it's true. I respect your thoughts. 2) I've got "Blue Like Jazz" currently on my next "to read" list. I'll get to it sooner if I know "Million Miles…" is on it's way. I'd say, "God bless," but I know He already has.

  • Mo923

    With Anne Lamott's stamp of approval right on the cover, this must feel like a full circle event for Donald. I know that he credits her with helping him find his own voice. As a connoisseur of both authors, I would celebrate that full circle with him.

    Also, a favorite quote from Helen Keller: "Either life is a great adventure or it's not." Sounds like Donald's book will refuel the fire to live a great story.

  • Jeff Goins

    Well, since all the BRB copies are gone by the time I read this, I suppose that I'll actually have to work for this one (ironic, since I wrote the book — loved Larry S's comment, by the way).

    I think that it'd be fun to post a chapter-by-chapter review of the book. It sounded like as Don dissected his life piece-by-piece, what seemed not-so-interesting on the surface really WAS interesting (or, at least, he made it that way). I haven't read the book, so I don't want to read too much into it, but if life is a story, then examination of each chapter should make the story, I would think, that much more meaningful. And if the book isn't that good, I'll change some of the details to make it sound better than it actually was.

    If I got a free copy of Don Miller's A Million Miles, I'd do a chapter-by-chapter review/critique of it on, sharing my own insights and how each piece of the story may apply to my own life.

    Heck, I might even make it into an online "choose your adventure" saga (although that would be hard, since the book is already written).

  • JoelR

    Here's my comment in poem format –


    I love Don's books
    I really really do
    I love them so much
    I've read them all through

    You should give one of the copies
    you're giving away to me.
    or if you feel inclined
    you could give me three.

    I've said i love Don's books
    and that is so true
    but if you send a book my way
    I'll probably love you too.

    So in conclusion
    or "el fin" as they say
    i'd be ever so appreciative
    if you'd send a copy my way


  • Robyn Munt

    Michael, I recently found your blog whilst searching for an idea on writing a life plan.

    You see, when I was 18 or so, I wrote down a number of goals, just as Don did. I reached all these except 1 by the time I was 30 and have been in a bit of a funk since. It turns out, I probably won't be reaching my rather outlandish final goal of owning a yacht by 40! This self-doubt had subconsciously caused me to spiral away from a goal oriented life.

    A direct challenge from a successful serial entrepreneur this month got me thinking that I needed to drag myself out of this slump and hence, returning to the beginning of my comment, I began putting pen to paper on a new life plan with some new goals.

    Maybe this Don Miller book is just another piece in the jigsaw I'm trying to put together! I would love to receive a copy. Thank you.

  • Paul Carreon

    I feel like Donald Miller because I had accomplished all I thought I was ever going to accomplish. I had no ambition because of this. Over the last couple of years God has been speaking a new identity to me and I finally accepted it. So I'm about to start on another story. I was a youth minister but now I am going to start a church so I will be a pastor. I always thought I would be a youth pastor for the rest of my life so it has been challenging to see myself in a new light.

  • imacard

    Ok, so A Million Miles is finally here, and you may give me a copy for free?
    Here's a little bit of my story and why I think Donald Miller's newest book would be a good companion to my journey. I have heard a lot about this "what now?" question that spurred the thoughts that created the words that eventually turned into A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.
    I worked for a few years in South America as a missionary and after a few difficult experiences had to come back to Canada (yep Canada…another reason I should get a book ) and my identity as a 'missionary' didn't fit anymore and I was lost in a lot of ways, even in my relationship with God. I'm slowly finding myself again, and I am excited to hear what Don has to say about it from his perspective. I think we're all on this journey, and I am pleased to be on it with a community that first met to discuss Blue Like Jazz a number of years ago. They would be a great group for me to talk this through with.
    I would be honoured to be an ambassador of this book to Canada, and since we didn't get any of the hidden manuscripts, we should at least get the chance of getting a free copy or two…we are a pretty big place (I do have a US post box if that is easier <span class="idc-smiley"><span style="background-position: 0pt 0pt;"><span>:)</span></span></span> !

  • crystal_sea24

    I don't think I have anything clever to say. Just that when I finally gave in and read Blue like Jazz, like so many coworkers were nagging me to do, it was amazing. I read it so quickly, and gained some real inspiration from the book. much like it sounds Miller was, I'm at a bit of a standstill right now, unsure which way I'm headed, to do what. I do blog, and I tried to get the book as a blogger, but it's already gone. the only other thing I know to say is PLEASE! I know I will read, use, and share this book. plus, I will blog about it. thanks!

  • JoshCoad

    As an aspiring writer who is obsessed with the concept of story, I will attempt to win a book about story with a very short story:

    Chlorine Superhero
    By Josh Coad
    Jake – age 5 – wanted to fly…just like Superman. He spoke to his parents of nothing else.
    One night, while Jake slept quietly, his father drained the backyard pool and worked through the night on a secret project. The next day, Jake found a miniature city constructed across the bottom of the re-filled pool, covered by a layer of plexiglass and complete with small plastic cars and citizens. He ecstatically received swim-goggles and a new shiny red cape from his father. As he swam over the tiny metropolis, he felt like a superhero soaring over the city he was destined to protect.
    On that day, Jake, with a huge smile on his face, thought only of his epic flight.
    Looking back on that day thirty years later, Jake, with a huge smile on his face, thought only of his father

    In addition to the short story, I would also like to add that, having read and loved all four of Don's books, I am a huge fan.

    As for the interview, I found Don's story about choosing writing as a profession to be very compelling. It's encouraging to me because sometimes I am unsure about pursuing writing as a career (I am a writing major in college). It's comforting to know that God can make our paths clear in His timing.

    Thanks you so much for an opportunity to win the book!

  • Josh

    I lived in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2005. When hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, I had no desire to help all those in need. I had been going to church my whole life. I felt nothing.

    Christianity was my political position and little else. As the recovery soldiered on, God changed me. I heard Don in a podcast interview. Then I bought Jazz.

    Much has changed, and Don's memoir was a catalyst. I'd like to see where this story goes from here. Please send me the next ingredient to the gumbo I've been stirring the last four years.

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  • CSpooner

    I would like this book because I can relate to Don's journey and perhaps it would give me the kick in the pants I need to finally write about my own journey.

    Like Don talked about, I believe God's calling on my life to be a writer has been there for as long as I can remember. I, too, don't like to put myself out there and doubt my own ability to tell a story. Many people have told me that I should be a writer and I actually stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago when I decided to perhaps go in the direction of what I believe is a God given passion.

  • Martha Cimmarrusti

    I would like a copy of Donald Miller’s book because I love Donald Miller’s voice and when I find authors I like, I want to read everything they write. Also, we send several books to a large group of clients each Christmas, and aside from Hole in the Gospel, and Same Kind of Different as Me, I am at a loss for what to send. If the book is as good as you say it is, this will be a great investment for you.

  • JasonInLiberty

    Thanks for a shot at a free book.
    Gail, if I don’t win, can you hook me up?
    I make a good effort to keep up with Don’s work. He regularly blows my mind. And my DVD player stopped working.

  • Beth Ingersoll

    I want to win a copy of this book because
    1: the TN Blogger Review copies are all gone
    2: I haven't read a book that I can't put down in a long time
    3: I love freebies!!
    4: Thomas nelson books ROCK! :-)

    Thanks for the chance!!

  • Melisa

    Here’s some fodder for your arbitrary decision….
    I’m Melisa with one L, one S. My last name is May and I never introduce myself using my full name because people think it’s a middle name. Melisa May, they ask? Yes. What’s your last name? May, I respond. They tilt their head, Melisa May May? Oye Vei. Melisa May May makes me sound like a Panda bear (Ling-Ling) or a Chinese buffet. We all have obstacles to overcome, I suppose. At least mine isn’t the female equivalent of A Boy Named Sue.

    Seriously though, you asked why I wanted it and what I found compelling about the interview. Here you go:
    1. The idea of getting un-sidetracked/un-stuck. I quit my corporate job because it sucked the life out of me, downsized and began living another story. I’m toying with ambition and direction, trying to determine which story I’m in. So many other themes in Million Miles resonates.
    2.The idea of our identity being affirmed by others. After watching the video (twice) I started making a list of what identities people have affirmed and this concept rings true. The future will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ll need sustenance for the journey.
    3.I just started a new blog – and how great would it be to post a review on that?
    4.What’s not to want?
    Thanks for considering,
    Melisa May (May)

  • D'Art Strickland

    I'm a huge fan of marbles, shoes, and the smell of scotch tape. I also dig big hair, my hot wife of 10 years and dudes who are man enough to know they don't look good in their sisters jeans and v-neck shirts. I'm also planting a church in Boston, MA next year.

    With all the information above it's easy to see that I need to get my hands on Don's new book.


  • Danny Gamache

    I am a business professor at a Christian College in Canada. I love my job because I’m to encourage students as they grow in faith and in knowledge. I’m always looking for ways to connect with students more. Blue Like Jazz is the type of book provided more ways to connect with students. I look forward to reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” for more of the same.

  • KristaFL

    Well, I have been missing Donald Miller. "Blue Like Jazz" was given to me and I loved it! Since I was missing Donald after giving that book to a friend, I bought "Searching for God Knows What." After he spoke at a Grace College, where I am an alumni, I had the cd mailed to me in Florida so I could hear him speak. Well, like I wrote, it has been a while and I miss Donald Miller… I would like this book to spend some time with my pal!

  • Gayle Young

    Mary Graham and Luci Swindoll introduced Don Miller to me through their comments about this book on Twitter. They had some sort of pre-copy and shared in glowing term how much they enjoyed the book. I decided I need to get to “know” Don Miller too! Would make that experience extra special to get my first Don Miller book straight from his publisher FOR FREE!

  • Joey Flores

    I have read Miller’s books in the past and they have influenced my way of thinking of “church”. From his relationships he has with his friends and the persons he comes across is very unique. I would like a sneak peak with this new book to catch a glimpse on how this one will turn out.

  • Carol

    I was a huge fan of Miller's "Blue Like Jazz." He's able to tell of the Christian faith in a very fresh way and this is vital to our culture. Miller is a contemporary spiritual writer that's able to draw in his audience. BLJ was one of the first Christian books I felt like I could pass along to anyone, religious or not, Christian or not, and be 100% assured that they would read the whole thing and not get offended.

    I have no doubt Miller will be able to do the same with A Million Miles and I can't wait to have aread.

    This interview is great for writers to see because as writers, we always think that the be all and end all is getting published. But as I heard here, it's only another milestone, not the final goal.

  • Wendy

    "Identity comes from outside ourselves, not within…" What a powerful message!!! Thank you for the interview and your time and effort to get Don's message out. I have been a fan for years and would sincerely appreciate your consideration for the giveaway.

    How about Don posting/tweeting a quote from the book weekly that fans can use as email footer/signature.

  • emjoy

    well. The pressure to write something brilliant could easily immobilize me long enough to completely miss this opportunity…so, here goes.

    I resisted reading BLJ for the longest time; I'm subversive that way. But then I read To Own a Dragon, and Searching for God Knows What, and I was hooked on Don's authentic style. I currently own every book he's written, and regularly repurchase them when loaned copies never find their way home to me.

    I love how Don described his introvert self (something along the lines that it takes him 10 hours of solitude to produce 20 minutes of quality interaction) and I can SOOOOO identify with that (unfortunately, as wife and mother of two daughters, I clearly don't enjoy enough solitude to produce ANY quality interaction!!!). So the idea of his 60 city tour fascinates me…and I would love to read this book to discover how a man so described could metamorphasize into a man capable of endless days of meet and greet without losing his sanity completely.

    I've been waiting patiently for the opportunity to score a manuscript (and his cell phone number, as one of the 40 things I want to do before I turn 40 is to have coffee with Mr. Miller!!!!!) but with a funeral recently behind me, a dear friend dying from cancer, and the start of the school year, I'd love the chance to at least get the book this way instead. Thank you!

  • Kevin Matthews

    Because I read the first 30 pages on his blog already and I need to finish it now. And he is someone that actually interests me these days. He is honest, and real, and says things really well. Who would not want to read that kind of writing? Oh yeah, most of today's young people, but Iam not one of those and would like to read the rest. So please, sir, may I have another helping of Donald Miller?

  • stephanie

    please see julie chamberlain's comment several hours earlier/app 6 pages ahead. i am her college roommate. i am flattered to have made it into her account of her experiences with don and the hidden copy of "a million miles…" and while we are determined to find one of those books yet, let's be honest…we really want don's number. while devouring every word he's written i've convinced myself we're just meant to be friends. the kind of friend you sit with over coffee and have life giving conversations with maybe many words or maybe very few words. but great understanding. one day i met don. i shyly brought my favorite of his writings, "through painted deserts" over to be signed and words completely failed me. i'm not sure i said anything more than "hi" and "thank you." fail. (i'm a little more convivial these days.) whether don and i will ever get to chat it up over a latte or not, i'll keep reading whether i have to buy the book or not ;) (please please send me a book :)

  • John Carswell

    I want to read this book because I am in the middle of massively editing my own life, and I am in desperate need of a support group and a how to guide. I tried googling "Life Editing Support Group" and "How to Edit Your Life," but no one's written an account that quite addresses these issues until now. Please help!

  • Dave S

    Love your blog, Michael, and wow, can win a free book by Donald Miller – cool! Hmm, the only reason I would want the book is that it may likely help me in my own life. I live a wonderful and blessed life that seems it can be hum-drum and bit boring like Donald's sounds. I sometimes wonder though: how can I get out of the ruts? Why do I seem so stuck?

    If it helps me in any way there or at least answers "Is the Matrix real or just a movie?" or helps with understanding "Do I have free will or is everything really predestined?", then l'll post a review for good or bad on Amazon.

  • allthehoopla

    My life is saturated in stories, especially considering that I spend my days working with college students. Last Friday, I took to the student union at Mizzou to ask, What one word describes your life story? Words included: epic, dull, busy, beer, lost and more than 300 other words. I wonder how many of those people realize that, like Miller, their stories matter; that they too, have a story to tell.

  • JakeSchwein

    It is plain and simple…I would love to read it!! We are hosting him for one of his tour stops (Wilsonville, Or) and I would love to know how more accurately to encourage our body to come!!

    Plus we have some things in common
    He is from Portland, so am I…He has lost a significant amount of weight, so have I…He loves Anne Lamot, so do I…He has spent time with Tony the Beat Poet…so have I

    Oh come on Mr. Hyatt…just send me a book!!!!

  • michelleheflin

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Donald Miller writes sweet, and so do you.
    Lame but creative.

    Got the first 30 pages off his blog link. Donald Miller's writing gives me hope to become a writer. As far as the peek is concerned he captured what seems like typical mundane life as you live it and played it back on paper as a wonderful adventure. The style, honest thoughts expressed , and fact that you know exactly (well most of the time, LOL) what he is talking about. Donald Miller explains some of life's greatest aha! moments. I would be honored to get a jump start of editing my own life with a copy of "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years."

  • andysibirsk

    I don't travel a million miles in a thousand years but I do travel all over central Russia working with a number of believers and seekers. Nurturing faith in a country that has struggled believing has held many challenges. Don Miller's books have hit that fun chord of reality, honesty and clarity that many search for in Siberia. His other books have opened my eyes to my own struggles and I can't wait to see his perspective on a movie about his own life. My life would only interest my relatives out of a sense of obligation. I am certain he is going to find a kind of holiness that happens out of following God in a 'normal' life that makes the mundane eternal. How I don't know but I am looking forward to finding out.

  • lovestill86

    1st of all ive been inspired by Don's writing ( ever since i was introduced to it when i read Blue Like Jazz in 3 sittings haha and then reread it recently) ,
    not that its change who i am, though it has changed my perception, its taught me how to inquire meaning in all of my life experiences.

    Even though I havnt been around very long( being almost 17 years old)
    to experience all of life that Don has, I know that when i do step out to start those chapters of my life,

    i'll take the revelations ive experience while reading his books and continue to search for beauty and purpose in every situtation.

    ive already read the preview of the 1st 30 pages

    anndd.. haha i would love to read the rest
    thanks for the awesome thing you are doing :)

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  • Suzy Parish

    A. My seventeen-year-old daughter will review it and spread it to her friends.
    B. She has been waiting for this book to come out and bugging me about it.
    C.Have you ever been bugged by a seventeen-year-old girl?

  • Steven Rossi

    I like interviews with Don Miller. He's always got cool stuff to say.

    Anyway, I'd like a copy of the book, for sure. I can't come up with any super creative reasons, other than really wanting to read it.

  • Victor

    Lately, in my story I've been fighting a lot to get one of my goals or objects, the hand of particular girl. But there's lots of familial opposition. I don't mind a good story, but sometimes you want it to resolve eventually. I wonder about a story where the conflict doesn't end.
    I've enjoyed Don's books. He's one of my favorite authors period, and he's been a good help to me because he is one of the very very few Christian authors I can give to non-Christian friends to read. He's palatable, simple, humble, and drenched with truth. I appreciate that.
    Hopefully I can glean more from this next one. And hopefully I'll keep on writing with or without a deal.
    Great interview.

  • Victor

    What Miller says about identity is true. For many years I ran away from being an artist of sorts because people told me I wasn't. Thank God for sending me people who say what God says about me. One of the things I am is a writer. I may never be published, but I've been able to help people around me in my circle. Thanks, Don. Keep it up.

  • ryanroberts

    Dear Mr. Hyatt,
    I really appreciate your "blog" ministry. I am privileged to serve as an educational and spiritual leader at an international Christian school in South Korea and I find your leadership postings, book reviews and recommendations, and life lessons to be so helpful, relevant and positive.

    Many of my staff here are young Christians that hang on every word of Mr. Miller. His writings have served as a powerful and formative source of Christian growth in their lives.

    I have read all that Mr. Miller has written…even before it was popular (albeit that was a small window of time). I want to be be a good steward of the spiritual leadership opportunities that God gives me. I will read Mr. Miller's book because I know that it will enrich my life and because I want to be able to recommend the book to my staff and then journey with them through its reading and reflection.

    Thanks for your ministry. I will continue as an avid blog and twitter follower.

    R. Roberts
    South Korea

  • @roachc1

    Don mentioned a time in his life when he no longer had a story -and I get that. When he said it, something clicked for me. I want to hear more…

  • Forrest

    Hope springs eternal in the miser's breast;
    Man never Is, but always To be blest:
    The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home,
    Rests and expatiates in a book to come.

    -Alexander Pope (mostly)
    An Essay on Man, Epistle I, 1733

    gotta be honest… i'm going to buy it if i don't get it for free… but a man/cheapskate can dream can't he?

  • Roger

    Quite simply, like Don, I have a best friend who is a pastor. We have served local high school students together for years and Blue Like Jazz is one of his favorite books of all time. I am absolutely certain that he will be equally as enthusiastic about "Million Miles" and therefore would like to ask for a freebie that I will give to Pastor Dave. Thanks!

  • Janalyn Voigt

    Most of us live unexamined, reactive lives. Donald Miller discovered how to improve his life story in a proactive way and stepped out in courage. I can relate to his struggle on that level. I can relate, also, as a writer who turned away from my calling for seven (long) years.

    I can spread the word about this book through my blog.


  • Niel Blackwell

    i drive a Volkswagen Vanagon (I have always had a bus) so I was naturally drawn in by Don's first book "Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenace". Since i have read all of Don's work and that of his pastor Rick McKinley. It is amazing how these books, written from a passionate search for God have taught me more than my time at Seminary. Reading the books is great, but passing them on and recommending them is the true blessing. And BTW, VW buses break down way more than Don tells about in his first book.

  • Melinda Lancaster

    I have never read one of Don Miller's books. I have however heard a great deal about the book "Blue Like Jazz." Unfortunately, being a college student for the past few years, I have been confined to prescribed books as part of my degree program. Thus I have not read many contemporary works.
    After hearing this interview, I can relate to Don Miller. I have goals which I made when young which have recently come to fruition. I am at a place in life where I do not know what "is next." I know the story has not ended but I no longer have an "ambition." I would be very interested to hear how Don has worked through that process. My life's movie is not over. I would like to be able to view it along the lines of Don's book and see what God's "next" scene is for me.

  • can't tell you who

    I would love to read this book for a couple of reasons:

    1.) I love Donald Miller's writing. I have read all of his books.

    2.) I'm on staff at a pretty big church and my pastor has banned his books in our church bookstore (for who knows why?) and I kind of want to rebel against the system. :-) I think its dumb that he got banned.

  • Linda Lyons

    Don Miller is John The Baptist with dimples. Beginning with "Blue Like Jazz", I heard for the first time, the most amazing and authentic proclamations about Jesus, and what it is to live in relationship with him. As a child of The Jesus Movement, I have called myself a follower for more than 30 years, to one degree or another. But I had grown so disheartened by the evollution of mainstream Christianity. I felt no connection to the judgment and war on culture that had become its calling card. This bore no resemblance to the Christ whose uncompromising love and magnificent grace had captured my heart so many years ago. I could not find that Christ in my own church, and had even begun to wonder if I had misunderstood the meaning of the gospel in the first place. And worse yet, I knew that if this was what it meant to be a Christian, I was no longer interested.

  • Linda Lyons

    It was then that I heard Don Miller calling out like that voice from the wilderness. Writing the things I had believed to be true, about loving everyone, and judging no one. He said it was okay to have questions, because this whole concept of faith is huge, and if you don't have questions, you probably don't understand the scope of it. Page after page, of words that could have come from my own journal, thoughts and ideas that looked like Christ, that sounded like that magnificent lover of us all. Stated plainly, that book brought my faith back to life, and in many ways laid the foundation for a relational aspect of my journey with Christ that had not existed before .
    So I have been waiting for this book since I first heard it was in the works.
    By no means am I trying to play the "economic" card, but I have been unemployed since January., and it would be a true blessing to get the book as a gift. But even if I am not chosen, I will use some combination of gift cards and discount coupons to buy it. Don's books are rather like a travelogue of his journey of faith. I am so looking forward to reading where he has been since last he wrote.

  • Jim

    i'm very excited to be a book blogger now and i got up early monday and there was an email from thomas nelson…i jumped in and got a copy…

  • Darby Lohrding

    Hi, I read and review for your site and dang those 250 copies went way to quickly!!! By the time I had a chance to respond they sadly were g-o-n-e!
    “Lindsey Nobles” contactied me and suggested that I contact you in order to receive a copy. I’ve read that this book is a terrific read and I love the books your company/publisher represents, I eat them up, otherwise I would not be a reviewer for your team!!! I have often thought about writing a book with the dread I would receive the same results of Don, IE: “not exciting enough”. Instead I write a column for our local paper about my “adventures”; my reviews are published there as well as on Amazon, B&N, Borders and several other sites that I feel will benefit the author’s sales.
    Michael, if by chance I am chosen and “Linda Lyons” is not chosen, please send my copy to her…..for her situation needs her faith full-time and I thankfully have a job at this time, although it is not in my “field” nor is the pay “adequate”, yet I do have a job to go to in the mornings, which I am thankful for and I look at it as another opportunity to learn “a” or “several” lessons God wants me to learn before I “move on” to something else……although I must admit it has been a most humbling experience!
    Thank you for this opportunity and of course your time!!!

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  • jkay

    I would like to read Don's book, because one of his comments in the first interview segment really spoke to me. Don basically said (my paraphrase) that when he got to the end of his childhood list of goals and dreams, he shut down. He didn't realize what was happening – it was all subconscious. I've been crying out to God for answers, because my husband shut down 4 years ago. He has refused to get a job, sits for hours and surfs the internet, watches TV and plays video games. His health has taken a violent downward spiral – diabetes, 3 heart attacks, heart surgery, and depression. It's been very hard to watch him go from "the life of the party" to withdrawn and silent. I've realized that he's lost his feeling of purpose in life, but until now hadn't realized that it's very likely just like Don. He got to the end of his subconscious 'to do' list, and . . . and has no idea what to do next. Maybe Don's book would give me some insight. Thanks for your consideration.

  • EricaHami

    I want to read 'A Million Miles' but I also want to read 'Blue Like Jazz.' { I don't suppose you could swing that could you? } I won't get the opportunity though, unless you help me out. I am the perfect candidate for this free book because…
    1.) I won't be able to buy it if you don't send me a copy.
    2.) I'll actually read it!
    3.) I will tell others what I think about it on my blog when I am finished, as <a href = ""&gt; you already know.

    There is nothing more exciting or thrilling to me than discovering a new author that I love. Go ahead, make my day, its super easy!

    PS) Even if you don't we will still be friends. You've already sent me two books so I am being slightly selfish. Thanks a million for Lucado's book & N.D. Wilson's… they have both been!!!

  • EricaHami

    I want to read 'A Million Miles' but I also want to read 'Blue Like Jazz.' { I don't suppose you could swing that could you? } I won't get the opportunity though, unless you help me out. I am the perfect candidate for this free book because…
    1.) I won't be able to buy it if you don't send me a copy.
    2.) I'll actually read it!
    3.) I will tell others what I think about it on my blog when I am finished, as you already know. { <a href="” target=”_blank”> }

    There is nothing more exciting or thrilling to me than discovering a new author that I love. Go ahead, make my day, its super easy!

    P.S.) Even if you don't we will still be friends. You've already sent me two books so I am being slightly selfish. Thanks a million for Lucado's book & N.D. Wilson's… they have both been!!!

    P.P.S.) Of course by 'friends' I meant I will still be a fan of your blog and your work… I don't presume to fall into the 'friend category' outlined in your Facebook Strategy… I was definitely using the term friend loosely & quite frankly… in-correctly. :0)

  • Carole Ledbetter

    I am hoping to receive Donald Miller's new book because his style and imagination intrique me as a believer and a writer. His vulnerability and wit make me want to read everything he has written, so actually I might have to buy the book. If you give me one, I'll buy another for a friend. I especially like his his comments regarding identity and seeing ourselves as God sees us.

  • TomMartinATL

    I don't think I heard of Donald Miller until I saw a RT. Not having read Blue Like Jazz, I don't have a reference point to draw from, but this interview leaves me wanting to know the whole story.

    One thing I found compelling Don’s statement & your follow up about how the accidental can become intentional, especially when you listen to God and in obedience He will provide the motivation, skills, & resources to make anything possible, ex: Don's cross country bike trip for charity.

    Learning more about the parallels in his life & mine such as the weight loss, reconnecting with family, being at the top of your profession and then suddenly being without a compass, or as he said “finding nothing to give your life to” also peaked my interest.

    Thanks to Don for doing the interview & thanks to you for opportunity to win the book before I buy it! @TomMartinATL

  • TomMartinATL

    One other component of the interview which I hope the story dives into is the correlation between change = fear.

    I know my own experience with change and fear is exactly what was mentioned. For me losing the job I never thought I'd leaving, finding myself in a nursing home battling a staph infection, but in the midst of these changes, the fear, & fighting for my life I found a Savior and connected with God in a relationship not as part of ritual, losing 200+ pounds, my Father's post retirement alcoholism, running my first 10K, etc. All this and so much more set in the motion by change; change I didn't think I could survive yet change I'm now grateful for that now defines my character.

    Just wanted to add my final thought on the interview, hope to see Don in Atlanta this fall. @TomMartinATL

  • Carrie

    It'll free up a good $15 which I PROMISE to pass along to the Mentoring Project. Plus, my birthday is on Friday.

  • Don Kimrey

    All this makes me wish I could write like him and have a friend like you! ~donkimrey

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  • tonychung

    I know you say you've given away all the free copies, but I'm sure you must have one left over for me!

  • tonychung

    I know you say you've given away all the free copies, but I'm sure you must have one left over for me!

  • TonyChung

    Feel free to delete my last two comments. I forgot I'd signed up with IntenseDebate before.

    You can also delete this one. Thanks!

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  • adel

    I loved Blue Like Jazz but when I bought and read 'A million miles in a thousand years"….. I was very disappointed. Miller has made enough money to set his life stories in a more expensive setting , but at the end of the day, is there any real integrity in continuing to write about yourself ?

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  • W. Mark Thompson

    So connected with this interview.
    Never have seen Donald Miller speak or interviewed. This is the first time I’ve seen his personality or even him talk about himself.  Gives me hope.

    I’m not one of those people who “puts himself out there” or feels like he has answers. But what I do relate to is being real. Donald comes across to me as just being real.

    One thing I am curious about though is his statement about “our identity comes from our external”. I don’t have people telling me much of anything. Feeling like I’m having an identity crisis now. 
    Who am I?!  Ha!

    DEFINITELY interesting he wrote down things years before… and they became realized. Another testimony for written down goals/vision.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Don is definitely the real deal. What you see is what you get!

  • Anonymous

    A Million Miles in a Thousand Years has helped me gather up the courage to change my own life.  I just bought a 2nd audio book copy so that I can lend it out to friends and family.  I think that people hate it when I get excited and ask them “are you living a good story?”, but that’s their problem.  
    I have no interest in reading Blue like Jazz.  

  • Thelost Jewel