Book Notes: Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell

For the past several months, I have been thinking about starting a mentoring group. As a result, I have bought several books on the topic. However, the best one I have read so far is Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell. In a moment, I will tell you how to get a free copy.

Book Cover of Mentor Like Jesus

As I was thinking about starting my group, I looked at numerous models, including Seth Godin’s special (and very innovative) internship program. Based on that and some other input, I developed a a fairly detailed plan that I was very excited about.

I was all set to issue an invitation to my program when a friend suggested I read Regi’s book. Boy, am I glad I did. It made me re-think everything. As a result, I have now taken an entirely different tack. I plan to blog more about this later this week.

Here’s the problem: We traditionally think of mentoring as having the following characteristics:

  • The mentoree initiates the relationship by approaching a prospective mentor.
  • The mentor and the mentoree agree to meet one-on-one, usually in an informal setting.
  • The mentoree drives the agenda by virtue of his questions.
  • The mentor does his best to offer advice on personal and professional matters.
  • The relationship really has no official ending point.

In Mentor Like Jesus, Regi turns all of this on its head by simply looking at the example of Jesus. He says,

We have visualized Jesus as CEO, Jesus as an environmentalist, and even thought about what Jesus’ politics might have been. But in reality … in history … regardless of your religious beliefs, Jesus was a mentor.

He then goes on to describe the eleven characteristics of what he calls Next Generation Mentoring. Each of these are the subject of a separate chapter.

  1. It is on purpose. Mentoring is an intentional relationship that is unlike any other. Regi says it is not about knowing something. That is education. It is not about learning to do something. That is training. Mentoring is about showing someone how to be something.
  2. It is a selfless endeavor. Mentoring is about giving back to others. It is hard work for the mentor. The benefits are not always immediately apparent. It is about the mentorees and investing in their future. It is about them, not about the mentor.
  3. It starts in a group context. Jesus did meet with people one-on-one. He also spoke to large crowds. But He primarily worked with a group of twelve men. He mentored in the context of a small group. This was His priority.
  4. It involves hand-picked mentorees. The twelve disciples did not chose Jesus; He chose them. He did so after praying all night (the longest prayer mentioned in the Bible). As the mentor, He took the initiative, not the mentorees. He chose them—and they responded.
  5. It is for a defined period of time. He gave His disciples just three years of His life. He could have started earlier. He could have started later. But He began definitively, and He also ended definitively. His discipleship program lasted three years.
  6. It is centered on truth. Jesus taught His mentorees about truth. He focused on the Scriptures and living life in a way that pleased God. He told parables and stories. He asked tough questions. But it was all for the purpose of having His mentorees confront the truth about God, themselves, and the world.
  7. It involves the practice of prayer. One of the disciples’ first requests was, “Lord, teach us to pray” (see Luke 11:1). Jesus not only taught them to pray, He prayed with them.
  8. It requires transparent modeling. Jesus’ mentorees saw Him in the good times (e.g., the triumphal entry into Jerusalem) and the bad (e.g., the Garden of Gethsemane). They saw how He reacted to daily life. What He did spoke as loudly as what He said. He was completely and utterly transparent.
  9. It incorporates a contextual component. Jesus appointed twelve “that they might be with Him” (see Mark 3:14). They saw how Jesus responded to daily life. They saw him confront injustice, face temptation, and weep publicly. He did not offer theoretical instruction. He “did life” with them.
  10. It demands mutual commitment. Jesus’ discipleship program was demanding. He asked his mentorees to make a radical commitment. This was not a lowest-common-denominator program. Their relationship with one another took priority over everything else—for Him and for them.
  11. It requires a multiplication element. Ultimately, the disciples’ relationship with Jesus wasn’t about them individually or even their own group. It was about the people they would ultimately reach. He required them to “pay it forward” and invest in others (see Matthew 28:18–20 and 1 Thessalonians 2:8).

If you are thinking about mentoring, you must read this book. It is relatively short—only 152 pages—but revolutionary. It is my prayer that it launches a movement. I hope I can play a small role here by giving you a sense of its potential.

Just to prove how valuable I think this book is, I am recommending it to you despite the fact that it was published by B&H Publishing Group, one of my company’s competitors! However, they have graciously made 100 copies of Mentor Like Jesus available to my readers. To get a chance at snagging one, you must take the following three actions:

  1. Leave a comment below. Tell me why you want this book. Be creative. I really do read these comments and base my decisions on them.
  2. Fill out the special form. I have set up a separate contact form to make it convenient for you to provide your mailing address. Please do not put your shipping address in your comment. This will automatically disqualify you.
  3. Twitter a link to this post. You can do so automatically by clicking here. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use Facebook. Yes, I know if more people read this, it will hurt your chances of getting a copy yourself. But the only incentive the publisher has to provide these books to giveaway is the free publicity that you and I collectively provide.

On Monday, November 30, I will select 100 people, based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments. If you are one of those selected, Lindsey Nobles on my team will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from her, you can assume you didn’t make the cut.

Update: If you are interested in joining a mentoring group, read this.

Question: Why do you want a copy of this book?
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  • Kathy

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I think it speaks to how mentoring should be done. I always appreciate your recommendations. I am at a crossroads in life where I am seeking the next great adventure where I can truly make a difference for people and it sounds like this outlines some sound principles that would be valuable in seeking where I am to serve next.

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  • Rich

    Michael – Read your blog every day and it adds to my life and work. I am an executive coach and lifelong Christian – I am looking for more ways to integrate the two together and feel that this book might be the way to do it.

    I feel that today’s executives need a more forceful ‘push’ towards ethical behavior and that is one area that I frequently prescribe for my clients.

    • Michael Hyatt

      This book could be a game-changer for you. I think it will be for me.

  • Josh Cousineau

    As a youth pastor working with teens who need to have great mentors, and follow the real mentor Jesus, a book like this would be great. It would be a great tool to read and study so that I can be better equipped for building the needed parts of the students life. I look forward to reading this book, sounds like a great read!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would say that fully half the requests I personally get for mentoring are from students. Good for you to be thinking about this!

      • Josh

        I have had the blessing of having a pastor mentor me, as pastor of 60+ years. I can say I would NOT be where I'm at today without his input and encouragement. He has been a blessing. I would love to return the favor. Hope I'm one of the lucky 100! Looking forward to following your mentoring next year.

  • Lukas Targosz

    Thanks for the opportunity. I would like to get this book because I have not honestly came along many good resources on mentoring so far, and here, in the Czech Republic, we have very few people that I know who actually model mentoring to any of us. In the same time I know that even as a young leader and church planting pastor, I need to develop other leaders in a different way than conventional and traditional approchaes. From your recommendation the book seems to answer some of my questions that I have.

  • @dtwalton

    I recall an episode of Futurama where the main character went to the bank where he had a $1 balance back in 1999 only to find that it had accrued to a over $1B in 2999. I grabbed a napkin and confirmed that this was approximately right.

    Achieving this kind of generational continuity through mentoring is one of the great contributions of religions. What better mentor than Jesus? If I were to win this book, I'd adapt its messages into my mentoring immediately.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I did the math, using Regi’s recommended group size of 8. In those 8 mentor 8 and so on, within 10 years, you have affected over one million people. Of course, this assume no attrition, but it also shows the amazing potential.

    • Bill Whitt

      Wow, great example!

  • Christine

    My husband and I have just begun to plant a church – wow! Talk about a challenge! We have found engaging the community and introducing people to Christ to be much easier than mentoring some of our planting team members – all of whom are Gen X and Y (as are we).

    I would love to read fresh insight on mentoring. I think it's an invaluable part of the evangelism and disciple-making process, and one which we need to get right if we're to achieve our goal of church multiplication.

  • Glynn

    I’m trying to help a young Christian man establish a ministry for mentoring and being mentored. He has a real hunger for this, and is finding the church is often at a loss at how to do this. I think this book would be extremely helpful to both of us.

  • John Key

    Michael, I would like a copy of this book. I became convinced that the Lord wanted me to begin mentoring some godly young men to help them develop leadership skills to lead their families, their communities and the church into deeper relationships with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I think this book may help me achieve than goal.

  • Jill Jones

    I would love to have a guide to learn how to mentor someone effectively. I tweeted about the giveaway and hope the author gets great response.

  • Bob Garbett

    As a bi-vocational pastor I have the privilege of influence in two “worlds.” First, to those younger in the ministry and secondly as an instructor to law enforcement execs through a year-long leadership program. In this program we focus on developing mind, body and spirit.
    I believe this book would be an asset in making the connection needed to reach these folks and enable them to, in turn, reach others – a pattern truly modeled by Christ. Thank you.

  • Jeff B.

    I think discipleship is the most important aspect evangelism and the most effective means of discipleship is the mentor relationship; Jesus said, “Come, follow me…” Jesus passed on this mantle of mentor-teacher to us and the responsibility is great. I have been and am in several mentor relationship; both as one leading and as one following. I understand the expectations, vulnerability, demands, and unexpected twists and turns these intimate relationships encounter… I think I can use all the help I can get. I want to mentor well. I want to remain teachable myself. I want to stay in a place of godly humility. At the same time, I want to mentor with confidence, authority, and assuredness. I think recommendations by leaders (mentors) who have access to other teachers and learning tools should be paid attention to. Consequently, I would like a copy of this book.

  • Juan Barrera

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your books and your wise decision to give away books to your readers, but more importantly for your mentoring program which I’d love to be part of.
    Thanks again,

  • Kurt L

    Hi Mike,
    I am a sponsor to four men in a 12 step program. It is all about mentoring. It is a “temporary” to “life” commitment. I and my sponsees could benefit greatly from the wisdom in the pages of this book. The relationsip with these men is all about “paying it forward.”. Having been given a tremendous gift… It is a blessing to see others “get it.” We are all in a spiritual journey of growth. Thanks for what you are doing… Hope to be considered in your drawing.

  • Haydeeang

    Hi Michael. The Holy Spirit has been convicting me in my area of fruitfulness. I have this burden now. I’ll be attending a mentoring class soon in church to prepare me to be a spiritual parent of members younger in faith, and hoping God opens opportunities for me to share with pre-believers too. Excited when you post about this book cos it’s exactly what I
    need now. Thank you!

  • Doug Young

    Very nice review. I’ve am working on a church mentoring program at the moment. I need to add this to my library.

  • janetober

    I'm the Director of Women of Hope (the women's group at my church) We have a mentoring program that is working so-so, but needs new life to really make is successful. I would like to read this book for new ideas for this program.


  • Joshua

    I would like this book because I am a young leader of a university student ministry in the Middle East (I am under 30). I live with members of my team and seek to mentor not only those in my team but believing students at the university. That being said, I am stretched, honestly wishing I had my own mentor. I have been convicted and convinced, though, that in my weakness to look to Jesus as my leader and example. I’m still learning. I’d love the opportunity to read this book.

  • Thomas Hyche

    I have recently started with 5 older youth out of my group. I meet with them once a week and dicusss “Leadership Rocks,” by Jay Strack. I need something that will help me take them to the next level when we are finished, this book is what I have been looking for. In the last two years I have been desiring to mentor younger adults and youth and has been impossible to find good reading on the subject of mentoring. It is good to see a book come out that will help make better disciples for our Lord’s kingdom.

  • Dan Brubacher

    I just became aware of this book a couple weeks ago and spent almost half an hour reading all of the information and watching all of the explanatory videos over at the book's/ministry's website. Wow! I immediately added it to my wish list and have planned to purchase it in the near future. Our church is in DESPERATE need of a new generation of solid male leadership (Where are the guys under 50 who are ready to step up in a significant way? Oh yeah, it's OUR JOB to raise them up!), and this book/philosophy looks like it could be just what the doctor ordered. I would be delighted if you would select me to win a free copy. Thanks for considering me.

  • Shawneda Marks

    I don't consider myself an extraordinary person just someone who loves the Lord and desires to see everyone know whose they are, who they are and totally accept the unconditional love Christ has for all of us. Over the last two years several people have told me I should become a life coach because I invest time in several women who God placed in my path. I know I'm not a life coach but reading this post this morning I believe the answer to how to proceed may be is in this book. The opportunity to read it would be awesome especially if I'm selected to receive one of the seed copies. It might be publicity to them but it's a seed your sowing and even if I don't receive one I pray God send you a great harvest for planting this book in the lives of God's leaders in a time when they may not have the resources to refill their supply shed for themselves. God bless you Mr. Hyatt for all you do.

  • Martha

    I would like this book as a pastor in a small town I am working with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters in our community to start a mentoring program. We are looking at mentoring high school students who then mentor elementary students. This sounds like a great resource to the adults who are trying to mentor the high school students

  • @PipingHotPapers

    This post caught my eye (intially on Twitter) because I am in the classic mentor/mentee situation. I have always felt it should be done differently and this book looks like it challenges the norm. If I don't receive the free copy I will probably go out and buy it. Thanks for sharing! — Alice

  • Verious B Smith III

    Wow, as a young minister in Christ and a mentoree I believe this book would play a valuable role in helping me to rethink way I engage the younger men in our fellowship. Simply reading this post has already given me further insight of and changed my original paradigm of how mentorship should be done. Simply put, God’s ways are not our ways.

  • Ludmil Arsov

    From your review to book sounds really good. I'd like to have the book because:
    1. There are not too many books on this topic and the book will be of great use.
    2. In Bulgaria (where I live) there is only one book on this topic and I already have it.
    3. I believe the book would be of great help in my pastoral work and in the raising of leaders in our new church plant.

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Michael, I serve as an elder at my church and have been talking with some people about starting a mentoring program but we're not sure how to go about it. I guess we need a mentor for our mentoring program. Your excitement for this book has me excited. I would love to read a copy and start a mentoring program at our church that was modeled after Jesus way of doing ministry.

  • Paul Kerslake

    In the past year we have come together as a church having been three slightly disparate congregations, and are working through being a unified church of one across these three congregations. One of the aspects we are working on is leadership and growing the next generation, and mentoring is a key part of this that we currently don't do, or at least actively focus on. The bullet points you've already given are a great pointer to where to start, the book sounds great.

    Thank you as always for your posts

  • Rachel wojnarowski

    Our church just finished a discipleship course and is setting up the program to continue ongoing. Just yesterday my husband told me about a man that he feels drawn to guide. This book would be awesome for both of us!

  • Rick

    I see the next step in mentoring as a big one in the area of missions. As a missionary, I am looking at how we mentor the next generation of leaders into missions. Not only am I thinking about the aspect of mentoring US churches and leaders, but mentoring internationally. We need tools and principles in how to do this. I would like to be on the front edge of that.

  • @AndreaAresca

    I've first thought: I don't need this book now, since I don't mentor people…
    But, since the book points that the mentor takes the initiative, I need it now! :)
    My prayer is that God will give me the opportunity to mentor young Christian in ministry (expecially preaching) and so I think this book will be an excellent resource.

  • Tom McComb

    I am always intrigued by the leadership style of Jesus, especially as described in Luke 9 and 10. Here, he sends out his apostles, then his disciples, and gives them a vision, instructions, reasonable expectations and a chance to report with others and learn from the experiences of others.

    I would like to lead like that, and am interested to hear how Regi explores Jesus' strategy in passing on his style to others. I think we live in a world where discipleship is cast aside in the interest of selfish leading. Help me learn a better style and to pass that along to others.

    Thank you for considering me for a free book, Michael! God bless you as you continue to lead through your blog and twitter!

  • Bev

    Having taught at a classical Christian school for many years, I have seen the importance of the older, "seasoned" teachers mentoring the new ones coming into the ranks. I retired in 2007, but my school asked me to continue teaching in some of the classes and to come alongside some of the new teachers. I welcome fresh ideas, so I would love to read this book.

  • Courtney

    I am a missionary in Europe. Our mission's average age is over 50 (of which, I bring the average down) and as we look to the future, we're going to be heavily recruiting younger people to be on the field. Most of these will be people only committing to 2-3 years tops. Traditional methods of training will not work because the new generation doesn't respond to it and because of the timeframe. Mentoring will be the key to our mission moving on. I'm here for the long haul so I'll need to be a mentor to many as we move forward. I'd love to get my hands on that book.

    • Titus Two

      Thanks for the opportunity to receive a free book and on one of my favorite subjects: mentoring. I'm in the process of writing a women's Bible study based on Titus 2:3-5 where older women are instructed by Paul to teach or mentor the younger in specific area's. The book you are offering would most likely enhance my writing. Titus Two

  • @staffordjm

    This sounds like an awesome book. As a Life Group leader at my church I am to a certain degree a defacto mentor for this group of people. This book would be an invaluable resource for embracing that role.

  • Don Boyles

    Our church is in such need of leaders. It has been on my heart for such a long time to start mentoring potential leaders, but I was sure how to get started or even if I would be a suitable mentor. This book sounds like a great place to start.

  • Deb Ingino

    What a great fresh perspective on mentoring. For sure #11 is crucial it provides fertile soil for seeds of growth all around this world. There have been some amazingly generous mentors in my life and I am honored when I have the chance to pay it forward.

    But, there is so much more for me to learn and share.

  • Daniel Sparks

    It’s wonderful to see this subject broached in this day in age. I’ve often wanted to share what I’ve learned in my life through trial and error with those younger than me but have had no clue as to getting started. I would love to own a copy of this book and will buy it should I not win it!

  • Mark

    I'm inspired by the truth of the scriptures and its application to my life. I've been studying the writings of John C. Maxwell on leadership and influence. We owe it to others to pass on the wisdom we've collected over the years and become leaders. But we alsoowe it to ourselves to remain followers and be mentored and learn from others.

  • Jamie Bennett


    The offer is awesome. Being in a business that requires you to seek out leadership that moves the business forward, also requires mentoring at the levels you described in this post. I think it is very interesting to think that the relationship between the mentor/mentee should be initiated opposite of what we think. This is usually the way things are when it comes to our way vs His way- opposites. Thanks for the offer. I look forward to reading it either way.

  • John

    This sounds like a great resource for someone entering the ministry, like me. One of a church leaders roles is to mentor other individuals. This is clearly taught by Paul. He instructs the older men to teach the younger men and the older women to teach the younger women. I can't help but believe that this book would be immensely helpful in accomplishing that task. Thanks.

  • Scott


    I have been mentoring for several years. I mentor men of all ages with life's difficult situations, marriage issues, raising kids, etc. The books seems to go right along with the ministry God has placed in my life whether I wanted it or not. I would appreciate a copy of the book.
    Scott Bailey

  • Donna Reavis

    When I was a missionary in South Korea and now volunteering at our church, I've had the opportunity to "mentor" others. I've always felt inadequate but never turned down the opportunity to add value to someone. I would love to learn more on how best to mentor – I especially think this younger generation need to learn from mature Christians. I would love to read this book. Thank You for offering this so freely!

  • Carlyn

    Mentoring as been a part of my ministry vision for years. Although I am not actively “doing” ministry outside of my house right now, (I am involved at my local church) I am constantly looking for ways of improving my vision for the day that God restores me to health so I can pursue His plan for my life. I am homeschooling my daughter, and would love to make that into a “mentoring” type relationship as well.

  • Tendayi

    I would like to mentor and speak God into people’s lives wherever I am and I would love to rad this book. I hope you post abroad

  • Steve Mackey

    My wife and I have mentored teens for years and have recently changed focus to missions and developing an externally focused church. We are reviewing our mentoring skills (as leading teens and leading adults are apples and oranges) and believe this book will be a big help in directing us on how to lead a group of leaders to look at the mission of the church with a renewed focus of helping our community. Thanks – Steve

  • Chris Huffman

    As a college/career pastor, I am always looking for resources to maximize the way I connect with our future world changers. The best thing that I have found is not so much in a structured process but through the consistent randomness of a relationship. Love is the key to Mentoring and would love to add the resource to my library. As disciples of Christ ourselves we must READ to LEAD!

  • Dave Rozman

    I have struggled to find but desire a mentor. I am currently being mentored by an older gentlemen at my place of employment and I am mentoring a t 13 year old boy through the court system. Both are not going as I desire but I am sticking with them because I know the positive results that can occur through mentoring. I desire to better understand some of the fundamentals of making a mentoring relationship a positive experience and who better to learn from than Jesus.

  • Kevin

    My wife and I lead a small group at our church for young married couples. One of the couples in our group is having problems. The husband is addicted to drugs and on the verge of loosing his marriage. I believe this book would help me to mentor him and other young guys in our group and become a better leader.

  • Pam

    What an opportunity you are offering to us. I find wisdom to be what I value more and more as I walk with Jesus. This book sounds like it is full of his wisdom and lessons. It would be another avenue of learning which can in turn be used to help others with love, inspiration and encouraging that this world so desperately is in need of. We get so much more out of giving than receiving. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow!

  • @shortNtweet

    I went to India for a Christian teacher's conference a few weeks ago. Speakers from the west emphasized the significance of Christian and non-Christian worldviews. No surprise or disagreement there. But I was a little surprised when a national church leader, Christian university president, and a professor (all Indian, and apparently without prior planning) spoke on some version of the theme of "Jesus as model teacher."

    Initially it struck me as somehow elementary compared to the more "sophisticated" discussions about worldview. Also, I found myself resisting this "in His steps" approach. Eventually, though, my Indian brothers convinced me, an American teaching at a Christian university in Japan, to reconsider Jesus as the model "Guru." And that is why I would like a copy of Mentor Like Jesus. I'm primed to hear what Regi Campbell has to say.

  • KDenise

    I would like the book because I mentor currently. I weekly have the privilege of impacting 100's of children's lives through my job as a Program Director and After School Program Coordinator, and a member of the Leadership Team for the High School Ministry at my church. God has given me a unique position that allows me to greatly impact the next generation and I believe that if I learned how to be a better mentor I would be in a position to do so more effectively.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Angela


    To begin with, I would have to say that I would not want to be chosen over the list of pastors that are sure to be in the posts above. They are certain to need a mentoring book over myself. That being said, I have three beautiful daughters (under the age of 8) that would certainly benefit from their mother reading such a book. I also love to speak with people about their lives and issues and do whatever I can to help them through their struggles.

    I'm in a transition phase in my life and after reading the post about Andy Stanley's The Principle of the Path, I have realized that I need to start with that clean slate, give my life fully and completely into the hands of God and see what transpires. If this book is meant to be a part of my life then so be it. His will be done, whatever that might be. God bless you.

  • Kevin Barthelette

    I think there is a lot of confusion about what mentoring is all about. This is a a much needed subject to be talked about. As a church leader, we need to know what mentoring is all about. That’s why I think this book would be a helpful resource.

  • RG21

    I am involved in mentoring a Kindergartner, a High School Sophomore, and a few Twenty-Somethings. I'd love to read this especially if it is free. :) In 2010 I will be beginning a mentoring program for elementary school students in our community, and I would also like to challenge our elders to rethink their roles in terms of mentoring.

  • Sharon Tindell

    After mentoring for years within a traditional setting, I find myself surprisingly moved into a public school setting. Can’t wait to see what Father does!

  • Paul Neel

    I’d love a copy of the book because I’m personally to dumb abd inadequate to mentor anyone, including my children, but smart enough to know I need to try it like Jesus did it.

  • @rtvkeith

    Michael, receiving a copy of this book will allow you to partner with me to mentor additional church-planters here in Europe. As a planter, I mentor men in our church. Now the scope of ministry is expanding to mentor church-planters from across Europe. Having access what will undoubtedly become a standard classic in this field will impact a group of men in January, when we meet in Belgium.

  • Mark Renfroe

    Hi Michael…I have spent the last three days talking about this issue with a group of international church leaders and educators. I serve both intentionally and unintentionally as a mentor and always looking for ways to sharpen my tools.

  • mike michels

    I am a mid-life career changer and have just entered seminary to become a minister in The Salvation Army. This book would be powerful in equipping me in this often neglected facet of ministry. Thank you for considering sending me one.

  • Dave

    As a youth pastor I need to find a way to mentor my leaders (adult staff). If they can be more like Christ, it will allow them to in turn to mentor our students. I have quickly realized that I am unable to be personally involved in every students life. Mentoring my volunteer staff will allow us to be more effective and reach more people for Christ. I am very tired of hearing about the approximate 80% of students that leave the faith after high school. We need to change that and relationships with mentoring can help with that.

  • Brent

    Though I would currently be in the mentoree role, I would find this book quite valuable, both as a mentoree and as I begin to look to mentor others.

  • Ed Roden

    Some of the points here are interesting – particularly the start in a group , hand-picked, and defined amount of time. I just finished David Stoddard’s The Heart of Mentoring, which has some of the same principles, but he (as well as others I have recommended) doesn’t advocate those 3. This sounds like the beginning of an intense discipleship group (which we use that way). My mentoring relationship is one in which I approached a man I highly respected, and we meet 1:1, and it is open-ended at this time. At our last meeting we discussed a celtic practice of mentors for life.

    This will be a book I will have to check this out.

  • Andrew Martin

    Very nice article. I'd love to have a copy of this book. I am currently involved in the re-design of our church website. In and of itself that doesn't appear to have much to do with mentoring. However, once the design/development stage is complete we will form a group of students to mentor in web design/development and let them be the driving force of design and content for the Youth Website. This will not only engage our own students but also provide a powerful ministry to other "creative" youth in our community. I have 4 children in the pre-teen to teen years, so I know they don't respond well to what I might think they should. It would be awesome to have this book to provide insight so that as this ministry blooms it will actulaly engage and connect with our youth rather than coming off like a classroom training session. They need to be mentored (regardless of subject) in the way that Jesus would mentor – or in other words Jesus mentoring through me.

  • tiffany

    I'm going into campus ministry because I have a heart to reach this next generation that is falling through the cracks of the local church. I believe that mentoring is the key to helping to prevent this. I've mentored a few girls, but would love to read this book in order to help me mentor more effectively!

  • Matt Reeve

    I am mentor and coach for youth leaders and would love to read and get another perspective on mentoring.

  • Greg

    I am a women's college basketball coach. Though I coach basketball, I see myself as a teacher/ mentor on and off the floor.I am always looking for different ways to bring "light" into "darkness." From your review it sounds that it would be a great tool.

  • Dawn

    Mentoring and leadership is definitely my heart. God has been bringing more and more young women to me to mentor over the last 6 months or so, and I would love to have a guide by which to model my mentoring and a resource that I can keep in front of me at all times. It would also be great to have this resource to be able to re-read in the future as I go through different seasons in my leadership. My husband and I also run a small group and I strongly feel that this book would be valuable in that area as well. What better model than Jesus!

  • Carolyn Raynis

    I would enjoy any resources that I could use in my ministries to teens and women. My calling is as an encourager & a question prompter. To stir up the faith Hebrews 10:24 & to do it in as edifying a way as possible (Eph 4:29). I would like to see how Jesus is seen as a mentor. I do see Him as the ultimate consummate leader.

  • Chad Saxton

    I am an executive director at a Christian Camp. I have opportunity to mentor High School and College age students every day. This book would help me to mentor in a more biblical way. I am a huge believer in servant leadership. Which is leading like Jesus. I would love to learn to mentor like Jesus and impact more young people for the Kingdom.

  • Bridget Haymond

    I had the opportunity to participate in a tweet chat about mentoring a couple of weeks ago which was very insightful. During the course of the chat people suggested two good mentoring books to read, but after reading your blog it sounds like this book would be the best option for me as a Christian.

    I have always said that the most important people I will ever mentor are my own children, but I’d like to find a good mentor as well as mentor others. I believe this book will bring some great balance to my learning because while I am a life coach, there is a difference between mentoring and coaching which is summed up beautifully in this quote by Dale Stoll: Mentoring is imparting to you what God has given me; Coaching is drawing out of you what God has put in you.

    I’m tweeting about this now @truthlifecoach!

    Thank you so much.

  • Mark Bushor

    I work in setting that’s bought into a legalistic religion instead of a loving relationship with Christ. I’d like to do some coaching in that area.

  • Brian Ritchie

    I would love to read this book. I work as a youth leader and have also started a ministry within my church to reach out to college students. Mentoring the next generation is key to my ministry and the churches (both local and global) future. I want to do whatever part the Lord allows me to play in this role.

  • Laura Surovik

    Hello Michael, Just reading the notes made me take a fresh look at mentoring. I know this book would benefit our SeaWorld Family. I am a trainer at SeaWorld and I care for 8 killer whales and 30 trainers. I am anxious to read, learn, and apply these principles. I applaud your sincere generosity to make this opportunity possible. Thank you for being my mentor. All the best, Laura Surovik

  • Jim

    Great article. I’m looking forward to the other blogs you mentioned regarding your new tack after reading this book. Would I like it free, sure. Will I buy if I don’t get it free, yes. I’ve been a part of a mentoring program at my work for the last two years. Part of the problem is what you talk about. They pair you up based on a questionaire you fill out, but then everything is up to the mentoree. I’ve also tried to identify mentors outside of work, but to know avail.

    I’m in the process of changing careers to follow a life long passion I’ve had of being an artist. I thought age 57 was too old till I started doing research and reading and hearing of people who were changing careers through the encouragement of people like Dave Ramsey, “Financial Peace”, and Dan Miller, “48 Days to the job you love”. In so doing I’ve tried to find mentors and develop a mastermind group to not only help me with the transition, but to then be a challenge to keep me moving forward and help hold me accountable. This has made me realize that I should be available also to mentor others not only with the knowledge I have of my current field, IT, but what I’m learning as I transition to being self employed.

    The eleven chapters not only soud intriqing, but challenging. Knowing me I’ll probably buy the book before Novemer 30. What will that mean if I get one free? I’ll pass it on to someone else whom I believe could use it. Hopefully someone I’ll either be mentoring or to the person who is mentoring me.

  • Steve Miller

    I woud love a copy of this book as I’m already 100% convinced of the power of mentoring!

    As well as personally mentoring two 8th grade boys, I work as Director of Training for an organisation ( that seeks to be a bridge between public schools and the local church. Every year we take on 200 apprentices who building mentoring based relationships with students in the US, but also around the world (UK, Canada, Germany, N Ireland, Ghana).

    Our goal is that we train up apprentices who woudl be “missionaries making missionaries” of the students they mentor. We are always looking for better way to train our teams. This actually sounds very similar to the training we will provide to our apprentices at in Janurary!

    Thank you!!l

  • Paula L

    The shift of one-on-one mentoring sounds like a real opportunity to impact students I work with in a different role. I teach in an accelerated adult studies setting – Graduate and Professional Studies program at Spring Arbor University – as an adjunct. After interacting with these students off and on for 15-16 months, some want to continue our relationship after graduation. This would be a great tool to add to my role as mentor and friend to the women at school and at church. Thank you for making this book available to so many people. I will post on Twitter and Facebook! Thank you! [in my non-professional way…pick me, pick me! ;) ]

  • Suzanne Johnson

    I am a teacher in Cambodia. In this role, I am a mentor in ways I’m just beginning to understand. Outside the work context, there are several ways to make a meaningful difference in this challenged nation. I believe this book would help shape a way to mentor more effectively here, both at work and beyond.

  • Joel Dobbs

    First, thanks for your post about this book. I am a 58 year old “C” level executive. I now find myself devoting a growing percentage of my time both in the workplace and in the church to mentoring younger people. This has become an area where I have found that I have a great deal to offer and one from which I get a great deal of satisfaction. I am continuously looking for ways to become more effective and this book sounds like a great resource.

  • Colin Parker

    I spend a majority of my time mentoring and working with entrepreneurs, small business and churches. Like anything else I want to try and do it better and provide more value for those I am working with. Some of my clients are not Christians so the mentoring and coaching time is an opportunity to let them see Christians in a different light. Thanks for the great post.

  • Roger Haber

    After reading your review, I’d love a copy. I’m leading a church tring to turn around from a museum to becoming missional. Without a system of mentoring I’ll go mental!

  • Revpeter-Michael Preble

    Like you I have thought of starting a mentoring group. As a pastor mentoring is important and one should be ready for such an expereince. based on your review of this book I believe that this would be a great place to start. What better example could we have then Jesus on mentoring.

    Thanks for this review and thanks for the offer.

  • Gilbert Montez

    Michael, I’m 51 years old and younger guys at my church think I know something they don’t. I get many requests from university students, single and young married men to be their mentor. I’m selective mostly based on the available time I have and what sports teams the guys follow. Hey, I needed something in common to break the ice with them. I’ve tried many different things, perhaps I should’ve studied Jesus’ methods. What a novel idea. I thank God for the mentoring opportunities I have and look forward to reading this book.

  • stretch983

    This book sounds very interesting! I used to be a student mentor while in college for incoming freshmen students. I think this book would be interesting to read and compare with my own experiences and mistakes in mentoring. I'm considering helping out with youth groups, and I think this book would be a big help.

  • Laura Bowman

    I've read lots of books on mentoring and this has been my heart, especially as I grow older and see so many younger people wondering and not knowing their next move. I believe Jesus is the ultimate mentor and would love a copy of this book.

  • Mike Hurd

    I am point person for shaping/reshaping our new church's discipleship strategy. Our goal is to create a model where we are both being and making disciples. Our vision is that of one-on-one mentorship to walk new and not-so-new believers into an active "following" of Christ that in turn look for relationships to engage others in "following". This is the kind of tool that could really be helpful to us.

  • anamims

    Michael – thanks for once again providing invaluable information from a Christian perspective. it speaks volumes of your character and commitment to quality, Christ-centered information that you would offer a book by a competitor to your audience – BRAVO for setting such an example.
    I would love a copy of "Mentoring Like Jesus" because after 24 years of working at senior levels for corporations all over the world the outline of the book you provided is the best I have seen anywhere. I live in London (Although I provided my US address for delivery of the book) and I think this book will speak to so many that are seeking God's will for their business life in this very dry place that is London. As the author of a Christian-based business book, I am asked to speak and conduct sessions to business people on various faith-work topics and I think promoting this book and using it as part of a work-faith study group would be awesome!
    Once again, thank you for presenting this to your audience. I have posted this on my Twitter account and on Facebook.
    Warmest regards,

  • Steve Glei

    I mentor and I have been mentored. I believe there have been some fundamental flaws that have been assumed about Jesus and his model of ministry and mentoring. It sounds as if Regi Campbell, through his book Mentor Like Jesus, addresses some of those flaws and I would jump at the opportunity to read then refine the skills that I have been taught as pastor.

  • Sam

    I am always interested in bettering myself as a manager and as a leader. So often I tend to separate the ways I lead my business and the way I lead in my Christian walk. It's a struggle for me to be more of an example, and this books seems like something that points to both. The idea of Christ as a mentor is not new, but I don't recall seeing the idea deconstructed in such a way as presented here.

  • @minna2k

    Dear Michael,
    I am teaching management and leadership in the university and the area of my teaching also includes mentoring. I have had a series of discussions with my colleagues about mentoring – how it is seen in the research and in practise, and how we think it should be understood. (Since many of us disagree with many of the aspects presented in the contemporary mentoring literature.)

    Therefore, I see this as a perfect moment of delivering the Gospel to my colleagues in the most suitable way – lending the book to them and letting them to see what it would be like to mentor like Jesus. Hopefully, that would affect their minds also in other ways than just broadening their scope of mentoring and bring them closer to the Best Mentor ever – Jesus.

    On the other hand, I am working with young adults in our church and would love to be a better mentor for them. In that way I really am in a need for this book myself also. Thank you for considering me for a free book, Michael!

  • David Burkus

    I'd love to check out this book. As a doctoral student in leadership, I found myself in a hot debate this semester about whether Jesus mentored or discipled. I think a book like this would help me clarify and come to a conclusion on an issue that has been nagging me.

  • Michael Krahn

    As pastors on staff, we discuss mentoring a lot. Of course we would like to know how to mentor like Jesus. Is there any other reason to want this book?

  • @nathancreitz

    Sounds like a great book!!! Many of the points you made about mentoring being purposeful, selfless, and in a group context are some of the very things I believe are essential to making disciples. This author seems to have put a finger on what it means to fulfill the great commission. I understand that "mentoring" is the new way of talking about it, but at the heart this is disciple making. If you asked Jesus what He was trying to do, He wouldn't say, "I was trying to mentor others." He would say He was making disciples. However, whatever you call it, I think it's important that we do it the way Jesus did it. When I advocate for small groups, I often ask people in my church, "How did Jesus make disciples?" and "So, how should we make disciples?" It sounds like this book will help people answer that question and I look forward to reading it.

  • Brax

    Looks like another great book! I'm working with a men's ministry here in Huntsville and we are looking into more effective ways to reach young professional. We think that mentoring might be the way to go, I would love this book for ideas and to share with the group I'm working with. Thanks for the opportunities to get these books. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Tom

    I would love a copy of this book. Encouragers and mentors are the most important people on the face of this earth. Look at one example. Claude Monet at age 18 was an unknown young painter of caricatures when he met Eugene Boudin. “You have a gift,” Boudin encouraged Monet but don’t “confine” that gift to the indoors, he said. Monet bought his first paint set and for the first time painted outdoors. Boudin would teach him for years. A majesty of color resulted forever changing art. “If I became a painter, I owe it to Boudin. He was a man of infinite kindness and took it upon himself to teach me. Gradually my eyes were opened, I really understood Nature, and at the same time, I began to love it.” The wonderful book, "You Believed in Me," provided this anecdote. I have about 50+ more to share with anyone at Thomas Nelson who would love to talk! I'm reachable at

  • Jodi W

    I am intrigued by your review of this title. I am currently in a leadership role both in my church and a non-profit organization and find myself wanting to lead by involving others. I believe this approach of a core team of mentorees and possibly setting up a mentor for myself would help me to realize not only what I say I want people to do or be but what they hear and opportunities to open the group to the leading and example of Jesus.

  • Sheena Ong

    i would love to have a copy of this because im a preschool teacher in chinese school here in the Philippines for four years now and also 2 years in handling Sunday School toddlers Jesus told the people, that the kingdom belongs to them. i wanna be an effective mentor since learning starts from a very young age, i so wanna inculcate Jesus' teaching to them and accept Him as their savior at a young age, having a full glimpse of him would lead them into a beautiful adult life ahead. and for myself, i have a lot of things to know more about my Savior, im a christian under construction who craves every day for him, thanks, God bless

  • Women Living Well

    I started a mentorship program in my church 6 years ago for women. I would love to receive this book to help me along my journey and make me a better leader! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Canton, Ohio
    Mom of 2, age 34

  • scottcrews

    This past friday I got to attend Donald Miller's Nashville stop on his book tour. It was excellent–in it, he issued a big wake up call for the church to support mentoring. Feeling so inspired, I found a couple books about mentoring at the local library and checked them out over the weekend. They are really interesting, but they base their perspectives on psychology rather than Jesus Christ. I am glad to have them, but the review you posted lets me know that this would be an excellent supplement to my development as I begin looking for opportunities to mentor. This opportunity is perfectly timed, and I would really enjoy getting to read this book!

  • Bud Davenport

    I am involved in a small group at my church and I feel that Mentoring is a strong way to bring people closer to Christ. Jesus Mentored constantly. How can we Love them Like Jesus if we do not Mentor. I could also use this book everyday In my work. I am a Firefighter who is approached by other firefighters because of my Faith. They are sometimes unbelievers and look to me for answers. What a great tool you are offering to assist me in leading by example to these unchurched. I may be the only church they ever see. Help them to see Jesus in Me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Shannon La France

    Mentoring has become the tool to invest in others that I have found the most impactful regarding of my position or role in anothers life. It leaves an lasting impression on the mentor and the individual being mentored. It is teh mark of a true leader!

  • @ltbaxter

    Looks like a great book! I would really love a copy because we're just now trying to get mentoring going in our men's ministry. We don't know much about what we're doing, except we DON'T want to go with a method based on the old approach you cited, Michael. I'm not just looking to read it, but do it – I've started a small mentoring group with other men and we're trying to figure out things as we go. The fact that we're committed to several of the same points this book makes suggests I need to read it! :)

  • David Ketter

    I am involved in campus ministry, which depends almost entirely on effective mentoring at all levels, so I'm definitely interested in any fruitful ideas that this book has to offer.

  • Alexis

    I in involved in an eating disorder mentoring group called MentorConnect. I have had quite a few challenges trying to "mentor like Jesus" being that it is a non-Christian community. I really want to support and challenge these girls, but I have been stuck on HOW to do that. I know that it is only Christ who can set them free from their addictions, but I struggle with how to relate that in my mentoring times with them. I would love to read this book as I think it would aid me not only in the now, but also in the future when I work as a Christian counselor. Even if I don't "win" this book, I will definitely be adding it to my "buy when I get the money" list!

  • Amanda

    I saw this book a couple weeks ago and it looks incredible! I had two interns last summer and would like to continue that "program" but it needs a lot of refining, and I need some guidance in how to better serve and mentor those interns. I'd love to read this book!

  • Carol York

    Thank you Mr. Hyatt for such a great opportunity, and for being "big" enough to offer a great resource from one of your competitors. I work in a pretty competitive industry myself, and I understand the impact this book must have had on you for you to make that decision!

    I recently moved back to my home town after 19 years away. I have been looking for ways to start "something" with several women in our community, and have not found the right medium. When I read your post immediately I heard in my heart "That's it!" I don't want to do the same old bible study that no one seems to prepare for, or a book club, or anything that doesn't seem to have any impact. I want to impact these women for the kingdom of God, and Mr. Campbell's book will be the perfect starting point for this project!

  • Jeremy Risner

    Loved the recommendation. Gonna buy it now on Amazon. If you send it to me, it’s gonna get given away to another youth pastor or leader. As a leader of leaders in a growing student ministry, the premise of the book hits me where I live. Just the review of this book challenged me to examine my approach to mentoring and critique my weaknesses (thanks). A real growth opportunity for those in leadership (read me).

  • Sarah Johnson

    I am currently an intern for a non-profit leadership organization, Growing Leaders, here in Atlanta, Georgia. I feel like this book would help me in my own personal walk w/ Christ, but also help provide some great insights for me and the Growing Leaders team. I love to read, and this book by Regi Campbell seems like a perfect leadership tool for me to learn from and put into action on a daily basis, as we work with a lot of students and adults using images to form leadership habits and attitudes. Thanks so much for sharing about this book, Mr. Hyatt! Really do appreciate it.

  • Forrest Long

    With 28 years of pastoral ministry experience, I believe I am in a position to be a mentor to younger people in ministry. I believe from what I have read in today's post that I could learn from this book some basic principles in mentoring as Jesus did. I would like to have a copy. Thanks.

  • Kimberly

    Recently, I've had the opportunity to speak into the lives of parents of autistic children. Some believe in Christ. Some do not. I am excited to gain some valuable wisdom from Mr. Campbell's book on how I can better serve them. Thank you!! ~ Kimberly, FortheSakeofJOY

  • Matt M.

    Hi Michael!

    I work for a campus ministry organization. My job is to mentor college students during what is (I think) the most significant times of a person’s life…18-22 years of age. I would love to add this book to my library to help increase my effectiveness of raising up the next generation of spiritual leaders.

  • Sarah Sanford

    There are many young ladies in my church who would benefit from mentoring. Some are from broken families, all are dealing with peer pressure and the temptations of this world. I would like to know how to mentor them as Jesus would have me mentor them. I can tell them what I went through as a teenager all day long, but is that the right thing to do? Is there a better way I can use my past trials to impact their future? How can I best use my experiences to better the lives of those around me? How can I best teach and encourage those Jesus puts in my path? This book might have some of those answers for me.

  • Joe S.

    Jesus as a mentor… I never thought of him that way. He really is a complete savior. I cannot believe I never thought of Jesus as a mentor to the twelve or to me. I guess that shows the secular/religious separation I tend to make. I am very intrigue by this concept. I would love to have a copy of this book so I could dive deeper into this concept. Thank you for introducing me to this idea.

  • Nicole Cleveland

    If I was among the group to receive this book I would share with my readers with a review and post on my blog as a “book of the week” to inspire others to purchase.

    Personally, I would take the principles and apply them to my leadership and teaching style, at home,at church and in business.

  • KHeslerINDY

    I am very interested in this book for several reasons: 1) I'm a director of a department at my organization. Through my direct accountabilities and my indirect responsibilities, I have the opportunity to influence a lot of people. I know I don't always get it right. 2) I lead a community outreach program for my church. Weekly, I am interacting with dozens of young men who don't know Christ or have an affiliation with a church. Its important to me that I'm making a positive impact on these young men in the short time we're together in that setting. 3) I have a family that looks to me for biblical leadership. 'nuff said. :) Thanks for considering me.

  • J Andersen

    As a seminary student who is looking at different models of how to mentor the next generation and train others to do the same I'm very interested in Regi's approach. I'd also like to read more about this to see how it could be implemented into a college campus setting, specifically with fraternities and sororities.

  • srivera

    Wow Wow & again Wow!

    Jesus Model!

    Reading each point of your post was a series of one aha! moment after the other.

    I love the way Andy Stanley explains that information & inspiration does not ends in transformation. We must be accountable and in order to do that we need leaders/mentors with a real interest & with a relationship with us.

    I want & need this book because I want to be RELEVANT and make a real impact. Its sounds like this book will guide me to achieve just that!

    I recently learn the principle of the mentor by relationship in a very basic way with 1 Cor 4:15, Paul knew this truth: Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.

    It sounds like this book will help me understand this principle in detail.

    Thanks for being more interested us than your company's profit, the fact that you are recommending a book from your competition shows the quality of leader you are. ;)

    Michael appreciate this opportunity and I have great excitement! Looking forward to hear from Lindsey :)

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  • Ron

    Michael, great post. I would like to receive a copy of this book to better serve the mentoring relationships that I am currently in and to be able to handle them better in the future.

  • Cassandra Frear

    I can't compete with missionaries and pastors and authors for a copy of the book, so I am not campaigning here. Besides, I know I can always pick up a copy by purchasing one.

    Mentoring and discipleship are what I do. All the time. That's my ministry. The points you listed in your post are very familiar to me. I have operated by them for some years now. I will be interested to read the book for encouragement and deeper ideas. Thanks for posting about it.

    I believe that mentoring is the key to growing the church. This is a very important topic. Ironically, I have found scant encouragement for it and very little helpful advice on how to do it effectively.

  • dannyjbixby

    Hi Michael. I'd like a copy of this book for a few reasons. I've been interested in mentoring programs that are offered by many prominent evangelicals…usually referred to as 'coaching networks' instead of mentoring programs. I've also been interested in trying to spur people on who I think should be involved in actively mentoring others. This book seems interesting along those lines.

    I'm also curious as to how the book handles the 2-way mentoring relationship….if at all. How the mentor is also learning from the mentee things that they weren't proficient in previously. Since this is based off Jesus' ministry, I can't imagine that aspect will be delved into greatly, but I'm still curious.

  • Jeff Gissing

    I've been working with a doctor and a medical student here to establish a mentoring program that connects medical students and doctors in a mentoring relationship that allows for growth intellectually, spiritually, and professionally. This is our first semester and, to date, we've connected twenty students with mentors.

    I've been scouring the literature on mentoring. And would love to read/review this literature with a view to supplying it to mentors and mentees in our program.

  • Susan

    Awesome blog! Who could ever be a better example of a mentor than Jesus, who taught and practiced by a example. Thank you so much for sharing this book. As an educator and motivator, this is something I could definitely use to enhance my own practice as well as my colleagues and recipients of my work.

  • Joe Saubert

    the best way to learn is to teach and I want "be something" – I believe that will happen if I help someone else "be something" – sure I'd like to win a free book, but this book – I'm buying it if I don't win it – it's too important to make a difference in my life and someone else's.

  • Rodger Carlson

    As a family counselor, I am constantly working with couples and bringing other couples into their lives to be mentors. I have read many books on the topic but am always open to different perspective on how it can be improved.

  • Dan

    Mentors have changed my life in the past.

    As I put in my newly started blog (, mentors are incredibly valuable to me and I wouldn't trade in those relationships for anything!

    As mentors have changed my life, I'd like to do the same for others. And what better model than to follow the one of Jesus!

    I'd love a copy of Regi Cambell's book!

    Thanks for all your insight and generosity, Michael!

  • Vickey Banks

    For maximum impact, and a great return on your kind investment, I'd love to pass on a copy of your book to my husband (and hero!), Brian Banks.

    An incredibly intentional man with a passion for marketplace ministry and giving His life away, Brian is a true believer in mentoring. His life has been beautifully blessed by mentoring and he has purposely invested in many men over the years. For months, he's been dreaming about and making notes regarding putting together a mentoring program for a group of men. Like you, he's read several books on the subject. He has a great pool of prospects from the Young Married Sunday School class we teach and his many business ventures. I can assure you that He will (1) read this book, and (2) pass it on!

    May God bless you richly for recommending, passing on, and promoting a book published by a competitor. I like your heart, Michael Hyatt.

  • Jim Irvine

    This sounds like a great book. We've just arrived in a new city and I have purposely begun to mentor a young man. I'm constantly looking for material on mentoring and biblical models I can share with others so they in turn will be able to actively seek out others in their circles of influence whom they can mentor for the kingdom. Many of those I choose to mentor are not currently followers of Christ. If this resource helps me bring even one person into a discipleship role with Christ

  • hanch6

    Sounds similar to Robert Coleman's classic "Master Plan of Discipleship". Have you reviewed that book for your mentoring ideas? My wife and I are in consideration for becoming houseparents for troubled teens in the USA after 12 years on a mission in Spain. Mentoring has been a key word in our retooling for this new position. The future health of the church in America depends on us passing down the legacy of true discipleship. I'll definitely be checking this one out. (A free one would be nice, too). Thanks for promoting it.

  • Braxton

    I would love a copy of the book. I am the chaplain of the largest all boys elementary school in the country. Part of our program involves all of our male staff mentoring 8 sixth grade guys through their final year of school here with us. We are very intentional about this. I would love to have our guys read it as a staff and see how we can improve our program.

  • Greg Darley


    As leading a young leader mentoring and development program I would love to share in the knowledge. Thanks for all the help!

  • Tracie

    I’m starting a small group for young women. I’m extremely intimidated by my limitations. But I believe I must do this, and I’m overwhelmingly passionate about doing this. I want to be a mentor to these young women in a way that matters. I want whatever resources will help me do this!

  • @mom25andi

    I have 5 children and I find myself more and more giving advice to other moms. I would like to know more on how Jesus mentored so that I can, in turn, mentor new moms. Young women used to have moms who showed new moms what to do, not so much these days. I have a calling to new moms to give them practical help and mentorship. This book will help me in that arena.__ I have a wonderful mentor myself and would love to have her read this book as well to have a more Biblical mentor/mentoree relationship with her. She runs the leadership classes at our church and this book might end up on our assignment list!

  • Jordan Lloyd

    Mentoring should always be at the heart of ministry. As much as platform ministry works (and it does) one on one is always one of the most affective ways to lead others. I'd love to hear the insight contained in this book about positive enriching mentoring programs.

  • Melissa Kelley

    The description of this book hit me right between the eyes this Monday morning. I have often considered being a mentor, but didn't know "how" to be a mentor, since I was never "mentored" by anyone. I now consider this more of an excuse to not mentor, rather than pursuing something that I feel God has called every believer to do. This book sounds like an excellent resource and I would enjoy reading it to learn more about the model mentor, found in Jesus, and also challenge myself to develop a mentor relationship in the coming year.

  • Lantz Howard

    Mentoring is truly an art and it requires an extreme amount of intention and patience. Being a Youth Minister and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern I am always in a role to mentor, but this role can often get abused because of one's perception of authority. Recently I have been mentoring a few boys in the process of exercise and setting personal goals, but I need to add an intentional spiritual element to the process. The final reason to receive Mentor Like Jesus would be the dream and desire that is building momentum in my head and heart. I am dreaming of a middle ground between weekly counseling sessions and alternatives of sending teens to a intensive 3 month program. There has to be a third option that allows the teen to have a "mentor" and the family would be more involved in the counseling process instead of "sending" their kid away, which is very expensive. Counseling is great, ministry is awesome, but the way of mentoring is the secret to change I hope to unravel another aspect of the secret. Thanks for your inspiration and mentoring you do via your blog.

  • Mike Hays

    I love mentoring! I am a pastor of an inner-city church with tons of opportunities to mentor young men. Any resource I can find to help me mentor in a more effective way is always appreciated.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for this post! I am very interested in this book. I am an administrator at a University and work in this role because I want to walk with college students through very formative years. However, I have found that making that deep relationship happen is more difficult than my young idealistic mind thought it would be. I think this book would provide a new focus on developing those relationships with my undergraduate and graduate students.

  • cjsuper

    I have been inspired by mentoring projects since you talked about Donald Miller's book, "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" and all Donald is doing for mentoring kids without fathers. He is an inspiration to me. I would love to read another book of your suggestion regarding this wonderful idea for one-on-one friendship and encouragement…what a way to get back so much more than you give!!

  • Diane Zandstra

    Was delighted to see your tweet this morning and to read your notes on Regi Campbell’s book, Mentor Like Jesus. Two of the characteristics you describe in a leadership and mentoring role, centered on truth and transparent modeling, are things that I long for as a mentee and that I hope to posses in for those that I may have the opportunity to mentor. Too many leaders that I have experienced in my life fall into the trap of leading by way of force of position or “because I said so”. I am intrigued to learn more because I certainly do not (and never will) have all the answers.

    I have recently begun a new endeavor as a fundraising exec for a non-profit organization serving the serious and persistently mentally ill. Our population lives in poverty (many are homeless) and are dealing with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. As a department of one, it would be arrogant of me to lead blindly and not prepare myself to be mentored or to take the role of a mentor when the opportunity arises. Appreciate your making this tool available so that I can serve others in a way that is inspired by the example of Jesus and through characteristics that are focused outwardly.

  • Wayne Worley

    One of the richest experiences in my life has been a mentoring relationship in my early 20s. The relationship effectively ended when my mentor graduated from seminary and moved back to his home state.

    Over the years since then, I have desired another, similar relationship, but it has never really quite worked out. From your review, I begin to see why: I was trying to drive the relationship as the mentoree, and it appears that it just doesn't work that way. In fact, I see now that the salient characteristic of the first relationship was that my mentor initiated our first one-on-one meeting; he chose me.

    Now I am 40, and, despite my sometimes overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, I nevertheless recognize that I have something to offer younger men as a mentor. However, I suppose that I have been waiting for a prospective mentoree to approach me.

    I hope this book will help me to approach mentoring in the way that will most benefit my mentorees and the kingdom of God.

  • John Gallagher

    Michael, All I can say is that I am not surprised. I am continuously impressed by the ability folks have to take the best leadership book available (The Bible) and simplify it.
    I am interested in this book because I am both a mentor AND a mentee. In fact, I was just speaking with a mentor last night about his potential as an executive/life coach. I will share this post with him. Your timing is impeccable. Even if I DON'T win, I will go out and buy a copy for my vacation trip this week. Looks simply simple, pragmatic, and values based. Thanks for your consideration. John Gallagher

  • @ajelwind

    Please pick me, Michael. I'm the leadership development coach for Gateway Church in Austin, and I've been tasked with completely redesigning the way our leaders build into others in a 2Tim2:2 way. As a certified leadership coach, I'm convinced that integrating realational coaching principles into the way we do discipleship is essential if we are to see the Church reclaim its place in the culture as THE community people go to to experience authentic life transformation, but I struggle at times to find the best way to enlist leaders in this more intentional & courageous way of doing life with those they lead. Your review of the mentoring characteristics highlighted in this book are an exact mirror of the coaching principles I'm working to instill, and I believe that learning how to link these principles directly to Jesus' methodology is the "missing piece" I need to enlist our (hundreds of) leaders to catalysts of Christ-centered life change for thousands of souls across our city.

  • Tommy Redding

    As a minister, this an area I often hear the importance of, but seldom do I see it done right if even done at all. My senior pastor has asked me to start a mentoring model for our church and this book really looks like it would be highly beneficial to me. I would like to see mentoring become part of our culture and not just a program. If I can help equip our people properly in the area of mentoring, I believe we will start seeing stronger disciples instead of simply making smarter Christians. And thanks again for making these book giveaways available so often. Your reviews help me add new things to my Amazon Wish list all that time.

  • Karen True

    I’m interested in mentoring on several levels. Personally, my life has been challenged as a mentoree and now as a mentor. I’ve seen the benefits and pitfalls and am usually seeking fresh ideas for ways to make this work in our culture…where generations are segregated (especially in the church) and schedules are tight. My aim is to be a mentor to someone my whole life long because I believe this is where purpose lies and influence spreads.

    I’m also interested in mentoring professionally. As editor for a women’s ministry resource site that reaches thousands every week, I’d love to review this as a resource I might share with our audience. I receive lots of questions about mentoring and have found only a handful of resources that really hit the mark.

    Thanks for asking Michael. I always enjoy hearing about what you’re reading.

  • Adam Faughn


    Thanks for this possibility. I would love a copy of this volume because, as a preacher, I am often asked, "how to preach!" Anything I can get my hands on that will help me do more than just verbally answer the question is welcome in my library.

  • Eric

    I am interested in this book mainly because people typically don't give thought to how what they do and say affects those around them, most notably their children. At our church we're trying to renew a sense of purpose and roles in families and the ways it branches out of personal life into home life, work life, etc.

    I've often thought that the sense of mentoring youth is lost on today's society, but more importantly in the church. We have generations of people raised with a sense of entitlement instead of understanding the importance of mentoring and helping others.

    Those are the reasons why I'd like this book. :)

  • @netmarie4him

    I can't wait to read this book! I am a youth/worship pastor. I am continuously mentoring (whether I intend to or not). When I look at the life of Christ, the "crowd services" were mentioned, but often it was in passing…the DETAILS we read about the man/minister that He was, primarily came from His relationships with His mentorees. If I look back on my life, and contemplate the most significant contributors to my spiritual development, I would not name a convention speaker or worship conference…I would have to name the INDIVIDUALS who spent time pouring their lives into mine. I'm seeing that in order to effect core-values-changes in lives, I need to become a mentor like Christ was, and I need to multiply myself and equip my team to mentor as well. That's how we can truly affect our community for the Kingdom of God. "Go and make disciples!"

  • JohnRChappell

    In my life I have often been protected by the hand of God. Though at the time I did not realize it. I spent my 5th grade to 12th grade years at Milton Hershey school. An email search will give all the info you need to find out about this marvelous place. During my time there I was mentored by very caring people, alot of them. I appreiate them now more than u can know. Because of them I have been given a chance at life I could not have. There are still many children there each of whom have come from much more dire straights than I. I would not want a book for me, I will buy one. I thought it would be wonderful if you could send a copy to the religious life director of the school to use as a tool for mentoring these troubled kids. I know the work they do there is miraculous and I’m sure they could use a hand every now and then.

  • Karin

    Thank you for the great review of this book and including the 11 points of an effective mentor. There are just so many excellent comments on here who need this book. You'll have a hard time deciding! I've been so blessed and can afford to buy one! If I had the chance I would pick Bev! It is wonderful that after being retired she is still fully engaged in life and mentoring the next generation! I can relate to that! Very often I've observed retirees treated as though they have had their chance at career and life and should now take a back seat; simply observe how things should be done, lol! What a goldmine of experience and wisdom we often fail to tap! I wish her well!

  • @sarnaa

    I'm a missionary in Ethiopia reaching youth, primarily, through soccer clubs and youth centers. Mentoring is our priority. I am convinced that this book has the insights to help us to be more effective in our work. A copy of it would be greatly appreciated to be more effective and to help our other works and the church at large in Ethiopia be more effective in disciple making, our great task and commitment. Thanks Michael.

  • Rob G

    Micheal, Thanks for your tweets. I am a mens small group leader in Honolulu. We meet once a week and believe that we as christian men shouldnt do life alone. All these men are trying to open thier small group as well. I would be honored to read this book and put in use. I believe that men, no matter what age, need life long mentoring. I desire to be mentored as well as mentor others. ” If I change….everything changes.” Thanks

  • Ben Morrissey

    I am a Christian school teacher and assistant youth pastor in Ohio. One thing I have noticed with kids today, is that they are not responding to traditional forms of mentoring and teaching. As Christians, very often we are stuck in the back while the world does all their impressive special effects and performances, I would use the book to further my influence, as well as, my churches outreach to those teens. We are their only hope, i need this book.

  • flexiture

    As a leader in my field of developmental psychology, I am always looking for ways to teach others in my field how to complete useful research-based intervention-oreinted evaluations for children and their families. Jesus is the perfect model of how to teach and mentor others, so I'm excited for this opportunity to learn how to reach and teach others.

  • Mike

    i'm a young guy leading a large church and was recently thinking about how to mentor more of the younger generation in my church. i've been buying into the traditional format that you describe. i'd love to read this book and be challenged before i put something together.

    plus, i like free things

  • Lisa Biggs Crum

    I strongly believe every person should be a mentor and have a mentor. In reality, we are whether we realize it or not. The intentional aspect should not be an option but a realization. For the past several years I have had the privilege of engaging in intentional mentoring relationships through my blog and ministry, Grow2Sow Consulting. I have also had the joy of being mentored intentionally. Both energize me. I'm convinced the book, "Mentor Like Jesus" by Regi Campbell would enhance my mentoring skills and be a resource I would encourage others to use in developing their mentoring skills. Plus, if it is as good as it sounds, I would most likely assist in promoting it by mentioning it on my blog.
    Lisa Crum

  • Susie Koch

    I have a transitional home for women that are homeless due to drug & alcohol abuse; our capacity is 5 women, and this has been intentional, due to our belief in the importance of mentoring – the one – on – one time needed to help others see Christ and to truly love them. Many of them have many issues and needs and programs are not as valuable as taking the TIME freely showing someone else God's love as it has been freely given to us!

    I have prayed for almost 3 years now for Godly women to come alongside and truly spend the time to mentor another woman. We think we are helping others but how our lives are changed due to the experience!

    I really would love to read & use this book when I speak to other women to encourage them to mentor someone else – maybe even the very person God may put right in front of you in your life journey.

  • JenCasady

    I love it when God answers prayers in such unique ways! This post and book is just that! I am starting a campus ministry at a university. A few friends and I have been in deep prayer last week for God to help teach me and guide me to be a Christ like mentor as I work to develop and cultivate realtionships with the students here. This morning, I see a tweet from Max Lucado about this book contest, so of course I go and check it out. I get to this blog and read through the overview. For a moment, all I could do is smile and thank God. I can't wait to read this book and praying about its message as God works with me to be a mentor and leader in his ministry work. I look forward to reading this book and sharing it with my student leaders as they too struggle with mentorship and what that looks like.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Yvonne

    I would love a copy of this book! I've been reading and loving Max's amazing writing skills for 20+ years. This seems such a relevant topic for today's lost, and a pick-me-up for the rest of us.

  • Mantel Featherson

    Hi Michael. Thanks for doing this book giveaway. Events like these give newbies like me a chance for meaningful engagement with you.

    I’d love to read this book and apply the principles to a project I’m working on to help people enhance their lives.

    Of the 11 points you outlined in your post the two that resonated most with me were – No.2 selfless endeavor and No.7 prayer. I love the fact that the author makes the case that mentoring isn’t about the mentor but the protégé – so true but often forgotten by so many mentors.

    Prayer is one act that I’ve never seen mentioned in the context in mentoring. However, it is natural to involve God when working with others in any capacity. The book seems to be filled with insights that I believe will prove extremely valuable as I build and launch my new project (coaching blog).

  • Andy Kendle

    I would like to read this book as I was just elected an Elder at our church and significant change we are looking to make is to increase our roles as mentors to other leaders and new converts. Our church consultant made these recommendations just yesterday and I’m excited about the possibility but unsure of the details. It looks like this book comes at a perfect time.

  • Louise

    I have someone that has been trying to mentor me for two years now. It's not working; at least not the way they want it to. And it is hurtful and makes me feel horrible. As a mother, I try to mentor my children. I am not succeeding. I receive mixed and negative feedback at work. And that mixed and negative goes home and ends up with my children. This book would help me in three places. My walk with Jesus, work and home. I would love to have a copy of it. as Jesus is the ONLY mentor.

  • Nat Karsten Chearis

    I am both a mentor and a mentee, and I strive to do better on both ends of the spectrum. I utilize out-the-box methods to nurture and grow those that I mentor, and no one can be more out of the box than Jesus. Working with our youth ministry at Church, I am faced with a plethora of opportunities, and many of them are bigger than me. A book that treats Jesus like the real person He was and not a mythical figure would be phenomenal. I long for the heart and success that Christ attained, and this book, along with the other resources I have will bless me do to do all things well (Mark 7:37).

  • Christy Cross

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I have a heart for reaching out to women. Women who are hurting, questioning, searching…..I have made small steps by starting online support and study groups and making myself available to those who need me but there is so much more that I want to do. I told my husband, “I don’t want to do it because I can….I want to be effective. I want it to be of God.” I have a desire to be “real” to be authentic, to be relatable and of course to always offer His Truth. This book sounds like an awesome way to help me hone in on some of these while I continue to reach out to and through Him. –Thanks

  • Cassandra

    Mentoring can appear to echo with a ring of abstract design. What does it mean? How is it done in today's society?

    As a youth pastor I am continually challenged with how to connect and "Do life" with a generation which is living a speed of life slightly altered to mine. I want to meet them where they are, but do not always know how.

    I want to read "Mentoring like Jesus" because I believe it will provide a simple and accessible model of understanding how to reach out to my kids.

    Even as I read your comments, I noticed myself saying "yes! this is always what I hoped to provide!" It felt as if the author neatly and tidily compacted the roaming of my mind and helped me to navigate towards knowing exactly HOW to reach out effectively–and to do so on purpose.

    Thank you for the summary of notes. I deeply appreciated them.

  • George Baldwin

    I am a new professor and Department Chair for Music Business at a newly accredited worship and Arts college in Memphis called The Visible School. In that role and through our commitment to education and training of the next generation through community, mentoring is a high priority with us. I reguarly require my students to read and report on your blogs. I am considering requiring this book as leadership reading in my Artist Management and Leadership classes.
    George Baldwin (@glbaldwin)

  • JenniferLKing

    I am so happy to hear you are looking to start a mentoring program. I had the immense privilege of being menteed, and later worked on the same program staff for a groundbreaking mentoring program at Purdue University. The purpose, per se, was to gain better retention of female students in Purdue's Engineering programs. It succeeded in many ways. The program was led by a vibrant woman, Dr. Emily M. Wadsworth, who was honored along with the program at the White House during the Clinton years. Dr. Wadsworth has turned out to be one of the major influences in my life, and our friendship endures today. She has influenced countless lives for the better. Her book, published by Purdue University Press in 2002, is entitled Giving Much, Gaining More, is aptly titled, and discusses aspects of mentoring. My life is proof that mentoring is a truly rich experience, with benefits for the mentor and mentee alike. Could discuss this all day, as this was so important to my success at Purdue, and later, for life. Congratulations on working through your own mentoring experience, and embarking on the road that will enrich many lives, including your own. Blessings to you and your efforts.

  • Audra Lindell

    I would very much enjoy the benefits of this book in that it's timing in my life…couldn't be better. The theme of the book continues to present it's self in that life should be lived…"on purpose"…with people around you that ask the tough questions and surround you with intentional prayer and truth. I'd like to begin the movement, and be intentional in my relationships with people. I like to prune myself in preparation and pay it forward.

  • Rocco

    I like the "Living life together" thoughts and ideas. Something I think we have strayed so far from in our society.

    Yet, this is so much bigger then 'Mentoring'. This is what we all need. People in our life who are transparent – in the good times as well as the bad. People who will believe in us, even when we are transparent – in the good times as well as the bad. Thinking like this book hints at "Transparent life together", can, will, change the world.

    So as I am beginning a transition in my life to become a Counselor, this really appeals to me!

  • Sarah

    Hi Michael! I work with a group of 20 high school girls, and the other leaders and I often talk about how our "discipleship" with these young women isn't as purposeful as we wish it was. As I read your post about mentoring, I realized that all of the qualities on your list are things that I hope to embody with the young women that I mentor. I would love to read this book and create a clearer vision for discipleship and mentoring, not only for myself, but for the 25 other leaders on our ministry team.

  • Clif

    As a pastor for 47 years I taught church members how to mentor and recommended books. It looks like I may have been doing it wrong or at least i could have done a better job. Now in retirement I have time to do more mentoring of mentors. I would really like to get it right. Thanks for this splendid offer.

  • kyle watson

    I never had a mentor in life. I often wondered in the past how it could have made things different in life for me. I had to learn many things in life the hard way. Most of the time not even by my own choice. Just how life works out sometimes. I would say that I've seen or experienced most things in life. But not everything in life. I don't think you ever stop learning no matter how old you are. I do my best to use wisdom with my kids and anyone else I come across from day to day.

  • kyle watson

    Last week on my way to work. I prayed to God. What can I do to help others? I'm not rich in money to give for those in need. I'm not a Pastor or leader at Church. Should I start a small group at home or something? That same day I go pick up my son at school after work. I notice two guys in the parking lot trying to get a broken down SUV car up a ramp to tow away. They look like two guys from my sons football team. I needed to get home. But I could tell they needed one more guy to push the car up the ramp. So I stopped to help. It was two guys from the team. I helped push the car and up the ramp in went and secured the vehicle. When I left the parking lot I felt so good inside. I then knew God was telling me to go and help folks in any small way because it does matter. The two men did look surprised that I stopped.
    I don't know if it is God's will to have the Mentor book you offer. But it may be his answer to my prayer last week. Thanks, Mike

  • M A Youngkin

    I would like a copy of this book because I teach mentoring at a Bible college and I'm always looking for new texts! So sending me this book will not only multiply its impact but may lead to additional sales for the publisher.

  • Michael joshua

    As a blogger and Thomas Nelson book reviewer, and an emerging author – I would love to receive a copy of this book.

  • ClayofCO

    There are three reasons I will be reading this book.

    First, I'm 58 and time is short. Most of my ministry in recent years has been about writing, which can be very isolating. I started a men's group called Kindlers (2 Timothy 1:7) to rekindle my own fire for Christ and pass it on to other younger men. I think Mentoring LIke Jesus would help me keep that fire burning.

    Second, my wife Sally wants to begin personally mentoring and training other women. She wrote a book that considered how Jesus influenced his disciples, and applied those principles to how a mother can influence her child for Christ. I think Regi's book would be a huge encouragement to her right now, too.

    Third, my 25yo daughter, also a writer, is starting a new ministry to promote the power of "story" in one's life as a Christian. She'll be speaking to families, singles, and others who value literature, art, and beauty. I think this book could be an encouragement to her as she forms her messages.

    So, if you pass a copy of the book my way, you'll ge a three-fer. And if not, we'll gladly make a contribution to Regi's royalty account.

  • Jennifer

    Honestly? I would love to win this book on mentoring so I can finally read calmly it from cover to cover, highlighting every favorite part and and not have to sit restricted in Barnes & Nobles and read it until my coffee runs out.

    Thanks for being willing to share such a valuable tool that can very much help us change the world, one person at a time.

  • Trey Bailey

    I have been convicted for several years about my inadequacies in mentoring and discipling. I've read a few books and have recently ordered some workbook-type material to assist with these deficits. But nothing has connected yet. I've wondered if I am too selfish..maybe. I've wondered if I just haven't made time..possibly, but how can I reproduce myslef if I don't make the time now?
    Obviously, I've just been left (or left myself) with more questions.
    And on top of that, our church ( has just adopted a modified vision statement that says, "we exist to make disciples that follow Jesus Christ."
    I am hoping this book is a God-send for our team and myself. The points you have outlined already have my interest piqued. So, regardless of the outcome of the contest, I'm fairly certain this will be a must-read for our staff and small group leaders.

  • adamcdennis

    I would love a copy of this book. I've been in a mentoring type relationship for the past year and I think this book would be a benefit for me and my "mentor" to help get us going in a different direction. I know having someone to speak into my life is very important. I would love to learn some things from the book to better help prepare me to receive and become a mentor to someone else one day.

  • Joshua

    I want this book!

    I know I need to be a better steward of what I have been given. There is a huge opportunity for me to share my breakthroughs with others. I know this book will help give me a model on how to call out the strengths in people. To love people and empower people in their weekness. Jesus is the perfect model for mentoring. He loved and empower Judas, who was a theif, to be his treasurer. That’s life changing mentoring, where you are not afraid of people and their weakness. Jesus led with purpose and on purpose.

  • Ben Weaver

    Hi Michael,

    First I would like to thank you for your willingness to give away 100 copies of this book. Your ministry of giving away books has inspired me to begin giving away copies of books that have inspired me to teenagers that I minister to on a daily basis. Thank you for this inspiration.

    When I first heard that you were giving away this book, I became extremely excited. Investing in the next generation is something that I am whole-heartedly passionate about. I am a firm believer in mentoring, having been mentored and having mentored others. I currently serve in the public school system as a substitute teacher, and get the chance to invest in the lives of students on a daily basis. My exposure in the public schools has given me great insight into how broken humanity really is and how important it is in mentoring younger generations, especially in following Christ. God has given me some influence with the students at the high school that I am serving at, and I feel that I would benefit from much of the material in this book.

    I believe the course of student ministry, both inside and outside the church needs to change. I want to be a part of that change, in building healthy relationships and community through mentoring.

    Thanks again, Michael, for all that you do. You have invested into me, and I hope to continue to pour that investment into somebody else.


    Ben Weaver

  • martym99

    As a healthcare professional responsible for mentoring young who will someday step up to a leadership position, this book will provide concepts not previously examined in traditional leadership texts. Jesus regardless of your belief base prepared the apostles to to lead in their "business" of faith. I would love to read this book to learn alternative lessons which I would be able to apply in my teachings of these young healthcare professionals.

  • Perry

    I began to mentor two younger men recently and I have not been as effective as I had hoped to be. After reading your review and the 11 points I can see that I have taken the wrong approach. I would like the book to use as a guide for leading my future mentoring opportunities. I also look forward to your further posts about your mentoring experiences. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  • Perry

    I began to mentor two younger men recently and I have not been as effective as I had hoped to be. After reading your review and the 11 points I can see that I have taken the wrong approach. I would like the book to use as a guide for leading my future mentoring opportunities. I also look forward to your further posts about your mentoring experiences. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  • Elton

    simply: i need it, i want it, i will use it! i have a great passion for reaching children around the world. having had the opportunity to train and release children's pastor in Liberia, Cambodia, and India. i know there is still so much more for me to learn and there is a great harvest in children. i would be honored to receive this book!

  • Carrie Turansky

    Thanks Mike, This is perfect timing for me! We are launching a mentoring program at our church with older women teaching small groups of younger women using a great book called Beautiful Womanhood by Sandy Ralya. I am leading a group of 6 women through the book this fall to train them to be mentors, now they are ready to launch out and lead new groups. I would love to read this book and recommend it to my mentors as they get ready to start these new groups. Happily, we are doing several of the things you mentioned…but I know there is much more we could learn. Thanks for making me aware of this book. I will link to your blog through facebook.

  • CE Stowers

    I currently serve as senior pastor of the Mars Hill Baptist Church in Chicago, IL. Our congregation is urban and African-American. There is a desperate need for mentors – especially among our young men and I believe this book will help me train men who are willing to serve as mentors. Every year we lose too many good men to senseless violence, gang life, and prison. We want to change our young men and mentoring will serve as one of our many tools! Thanks for your generous offer!

  • jstainer

    I work full time with youth and mentoring is all I do. It is my life. I would absolutely love to read this and compare it to other mentoring books I have read. It sounds very exciting.

    One of the biggest challenges for me is taking the mentoring/discipleship role past the 'I teach, you listen and learn' stage and really having it be 'We live life together and be like Christ' type stage. These are so different, but the former is so much easier to do.

  • Nathan Mabry

    I'm a bi-vocational worship leader who is potentially moving into my first professional management position (oh, and I'm a father of 3). Like it or not, I am a mentor. Admittedly, I haven't always been mentored as well as I could have been. I've neglected to seek out a mentor, and I haven't been selected as a mentoree. Personally, I am a lifetime student (via self-education) and I have a passion to filter and redistribute the knowledge I gain, mentoring is the natural outlet for that. If I'm going to mentor, I can (clearly) think of no better model than Jesus himself. Thanks for bringing this book to the attention of others. The fact that your competitor publishes it makes the recommendation that much more significant. I'd love to be personally considered for a copy.

  • Marysol

    This book seems like it would be such an asset to have.

    I would like it because I'm actively mentoring Africans in South Africa (both one-on-one and in groups) and could use all the wisdom I can get.

    Thank you for considering me.

  • Brandon Goff

    I would like this book because I am about to become youth pastor at a larger church than I'm used to, and during my transition time God has really been turning my heart towards mentoring, and beginning a mentoring group. This is a group of great kids, without much hope, I really feel as if a mentoring group would be a great ministry opportunity and a great way for God to speak through me into the lives of teens, one on one. I had a mentor as a teenager and it helped changed my life, however, I'm not as knowledgable in the area of mentoring as I feel I should be. I would love this book to help me with that. Thanks!

  • Shari Risoff

    I would love to read this book to be able to compare how my company does their mentoring program and how Jesus would do it. From what you've written in your post, it sounds vastly different.

    Additionally, my daughter-in-law and I have had a mentor/mentee relationship for the past 5 years, and I know that I would benefit from it as I still have much to learn about how to do this most effectively.

    Thanks again for the offer!

  • Wink Rush

    I am the Men's ministry coordinator at our church, Collierville First Baptist, Collierville, TN, and I am asked to mentor or to find a mentor for men on a weekly basis. I truly would love to read this book for insight and suggestions. Personally, I was mentored and I am still being mentored by our associate pastor who has 40 years of pastoral ministry experience. I truly believe it is the calling of every Christian to be a mentor, to be an encourager, and to walk alongside other growing followers of Christ, so that we can fulfill the Great Commission.
    I would be grateful for a copy of this book to read and to pass it along.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Wink Rush

  • Clay_Conry

    We are in the process of leading our Church through a period of transition. One of the ways we are doing that is challenging each of our board members to mentor a younger man in the church by committing to meeting weekly w/ them and leading a small group w/ their mentee. We have been giving our board members books to read on a quarterly basis. I would think this would be a perfect fit. Thanks for considering me!

  • @AJSwede

    My compassion is people, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it doesn't matter. I'm a husband of 5, a man of God, and a leader among men in the US Army. I've served 3 combat tours. I've gazed into the eyes of broken families, shattered hearts, and children whose tears have dried up many years ago. I've learned through the trails of war and peace, that the world doesn't need leaders pulling from the front with thousands following. A true leader leads where their needed most.
    Show me someone willing to walk with me, and I'll turn my heart over to them twice as fast. I don't need a superhero that I can't relate too. I need someone who can feel me, pull my destiny out of me, tell me when I'm wrong, teach me how to be better, and above all, love me where I'm at.
    This is my life. This is what I do, 24-7. Jesus did it. We all should do it.
    God Bless,
    (Please delete previous, Thanks)

  • Justin Gerhardt

    My first mentor figure didn't enter my life until I was out of college. But as soon as I experienced the benefits of a relationship like that, I began seeking out mentors on a regular basis, and continue to do so now.

    'Finally, after 10 years in ministry, I'm getting to the point where I'd feel comfortable mentoring others who are considering that path. Working across the street from a Christian university, I've been recently burdened by what I think is a critical opportunity to invest in some college students through mentoring relationships. The first book on my list to help me figure out what this would look like? Mentor Like Jesus. I saw this book advertised at Catalyst this year and instantly wanted to read it. I'm beginning a mentoring group with 4-5 students next semester, and I'd love to put Campbell's (or is that Jesus'?) principles to work!

    Thanks for the blog, by the way. Excellent stuff here.

  • Jeff Scholen

    I am one of the fortunate few men that Regi mentored for a year. We read about 13 books, memorized about 22 passages of scripture and learned how to love our wives with purpose and intentionality and most importantly, seek God on a daily basis. I would highly recommend anything that Regi writes because of my bias, but he is the real deal and very passionate about mentoring and the impact it has on the younger generation.

  • Nikki Mitchell

    I have a nonprofit that will allow me the opportunity to be a mentor to many. I read your blog and have found wether I win this or not will need to buy this book . I can use Jesus’ help right know it figuring out what path he wants me to take in this. Every book you have recommended has always been helpful. Thank you for what you do!

  • Joe Burnham

    For the past four years I’ve lived in an urban neighborhood. The people I’ve met are largely opposed to Christianity and the organized church and yet, because of how I’ve approached my neighbors, through service that works for the greater good of the community, I’ve made inroads where others have failed. The problem is, I’m one guy, in one neighborhood, in one city. To make these same inroads in more places, I need to mentor other Christians in living this same kind of life … the problem is, I’m not really sure where to being so, a book like Regi’s seems ideal for me right now.

  • Russ

    Great post, and a good find. Thanks for recommending this book.

    As a person who is actively seeking mentors in some areas and mentoring in others, I appreciate the frustration with the common mentor model. The internship model may be better for some, but it's not right for many types of mentoring. Jesus' model seems like the perfect solution for both parties.

    If I were to receive a free copy of this book, I would do two things – first, I would buy a copy through your Amazon link (thus appealing to your self-interest) and second, I would pass the free one on to a man I know who runs several mentoring groups (thus appealing to your altruistic side). If you can part with 4 free books, I can start a group and change the world.

  • Dan Johnson

    "Why would I like this"…you ask? Because I am a sucker for your gracious and timely offers! Why am I dealing with relevant issues and opportunities in my life at the same time you come up with some of these offers? At this time in my life….I find myself "tripping" into these types of relationships with younger men. They are reaching out to me (Yikes!) and I am trying to create an approach for each one and it is wearing me out. So I like this outline of his….and I need this kind of guide, advice & wisdom. When are you going to offer a new car?

  • Ray Cullins

    Michael — I am a father, youth ministry worker, and professional team leader in the software industry. I've been wrangling with the mid-life concepts of leaving a legacy for the next generation, and helping those around me to live lives of purpose, knowing Christ and fulfilling his plan for them.

    I would love a copy of this book to help me have focus and clarity in my efforts. Thank you for the opportunity, and for continuing to share your life in this way.

  • Geoff H

    I have mentored over twenty five guys in the last seven years only to realize I was doing addition, not multiplication! Now, my vision is mentoring a few men until they have developed a fourth generation disciple and beyond. (2 Timothy 2:2) I believe the most transferable element of disciple making is my passion for Jesus. Now, I have fourth and fifth generation disciples who are hungry to know Jesus better. I believe Regi's book would help me and those I mentor become more effective spiritual multipliers. Geoff H.

  • Keith

    I would enjoy the opportunity to receive this book. I have four daughters, ages 5 months to 21 years. My two older daughters recently asked me to take time with them and teach some of the lessons I have learned over my fifty-two years (32 in law enforcement) and how not only mistakes I have made over the years but accomplishments have influenced my life. I realized even as their Dad how unprepared I am but what a great challenge it would be to help them achieve what God intends for them in their lives. As I read your review of Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell it appears the book could not be more on point in providing the guidance (more so me to my girls) on being a mnetor. I’ve been asked to meet with other individuals for mentoring opportunities but have been reluctant because of the great responsibility mentoring involves. Ultimately I want to ensure I am qualified and genuinely motivated with right purpose to be the mentor not only my girls need but others require. This book seems to processes the fundamentals of mentoring as well as provides me guidance in the most critical area of my life with my family. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Rodney

    I'm working with teens in Central Kentucky with a volunteer staff. We've been doing small groups for some time, but I'd like to leard how to take it to the next level from fellowship Bible study to deep, meaningful mentorship. I want to take our leaders to the next level of leading; from teaching to diving deep into the lives of students, meeting them where they are. Sounds like this book would be an excellent resource in this journey.

  • jdwaynes

    I coach business leaders in Atlanta Georgia. It would be helpful to me as I choose the folks that I will coach. It will also help as we define the relationship between Coach and Participant and the requirements necessary for a successful relationship!

  • @micahhasty

    I would love a copy of the book. I'm the worship and arts director for the student ministries department of my church. Aside from mentoring one on one with some individual students. I poor into my weekly small group of middle school guys and the members of the praise team. I'd love to hone my skills and learn from this book. Please send a copy!

  • Todd Thomas

    I am a college pastor in Lexington, KY. I have a bunch of UK and EKU students in my care, and I deeply desire to mentor them with passion, accuracy, and fidelity. It is essential to the present and future of our ministry. This book will help reshape my mentoring presuppositions and give me the tools to personally do it well, as well as equip others in this vital area.

  • @petergoeman

    I have long been impressed by your thoughts on leadership, and because you said that this is the best book you have come across on mentoring, I am very eager to read it. I am a college-group leader and I am in definite need of increasing my knowledge and commitment to mentoring.

    I am also aspiring to be a church leader, and I know that mentoring is essential in that process (2 Tim 2). So, I am definitely looking for all the help I can get.

  • Jason Fletcher

    I’m in my first pastorate and a young man in our church came to me a week ago wanting to be discipled. I am on the lookout for any resource that might help me as I mature as a leader and help others become more fully devoted followers of Christ.

  • Tobias

    I have benefited from mentoring and I would love to expand my knowledge on how to become an effective mentor myself.

  • Jeff Patterson

    This book would help be a better mentor to mentors.

    As Associate Pastor in our local church my responsibilities vary daily (think decathlete) and include a pastoral emphasis for making disciples for all people from "birth to grave" — that's a few of them. It's a joy!

    The focus is on discipleship (mentoring), deepening education, connecting people in community in small groups with a serving/mission element transform relationships and this city and beyond. This especially involves inter-generational connections. From 1-on-1 mentoring discussions (my strength) to training community leaders, my days are invested in helping people know love, and enjoy God above all else. Particularly by helping them give their lives away for others, fueled by the Gospel (2 Cor. 5).

    Looking for a new book to fuel this training, plus to recommend and resource our leaders.

  • Kyle Reed

    Very simply why I would love a copy of this book.
    I am starting a mentoring project myself and do not have any money to buy this book.

  • stephanie

    1) who woundn’t want this book??
    2) i’m always looking for ways to mentor better and what better way than the way jesus did. its genius. wish i would have thought of it first, but thanks for doing all the hard work for me!

  • RevRunyon

    It is so exciting to learn from leaders. Regi Campbell tends to be this behind the scenes kind of guy that everyone respects and follows. The truths he has to share from his heart and from the life of Jesus are sure to be life changing. As a pastor I am constantly looking for leadership models. Perhaps this book will help me on my way.

  • Joe Donaldson

    In my first full-time ministry position I was privileged to be mentored by my sr pastor. It was the best ministry relationship I’ve ever had. Throughout my ministry I have continued to seek mentoring relationships. Some were better than others. Some more formal than others. Today I find myself in a great position to mentor a handful of next generation leaders. I’m not the lead pastor – I’m an associate. I have more contact with these next generation guys and can spend more time with them. I want to use this season of ministry (its a gift!) to mentor these men in their faith, their relationships, and their leadership. I would do more than just read this book, I would use it! (And the fact is I will buy the book even if I’m not chosen to receive a free copy.) Thanks for your generosity!

  • Mike

    I want to read this book because I want to develop a one on one mentoring and discipleship initiative at the church I pastor. And I want to get it free because I'm a pastor and I don't have a book allowance :-( For someone who loves to read that poses a huge problem. I spend way too much money on books each month.

    Our church has life groups and we have great Sunday services, but we are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. I want to help establish a process where people are truly fulfilling the one anothers of scripture. Our church is around 300 attenders in a small rural town, but I believe God has placed us here to have an incredible impact on our community. thanks for the chance to get this book

  • Tim Lawson

    Thanks so much for sharing this free book opportunity. I would like to have a copy of this book for many reasons. First, I own a real estate company and believe that I need to better learn how to mentor the people that work for me in the way that Christ would. Second, I am also a firefighter and I believe that this book would help me to be a better leader/mentor in the fire station and in the community. Thanks for the opportunity to receive a free copy.

  • Ted Hillison

    Christ is the ultimate mentor. To model personally, and programatically the concepts, behaviors and intentions of Christ is the only way to consider how to connect mentoring with living a Christian Life. After serving on the Board of Oregon Mentors and developing my own Christian Life Blueprint ( I am launching a Christian Mentoring organization in conjunction with the Christian Association of Youth mentoring and my church. With the alarming rate of young Christian who lost there way between 12-25 mentoring is the solution to change this problem. MY intention is to use my spiritual gifts of teach and Exhortation to mentor and my gift of Administration to engage and equip adults to mentor the next Generation of Christians. This book is in direct alignment with my Life's purpose.

  • Matthew Ray Scott

    Michael, this post is not about the free book, it's about how this blog post matches my own journey as a corporate executive leader, consultant & coach.

    I've not knowingly been a mentor based on the definition outlined in your blog post. My heart based on the Holy Spirit leaning is telling me that I have a heart to serve as a mentor, I just don't really know how.

    This book prepares a road map for me to follow.

    Regardless of whether I'm deserving of a complimentary copy of this book or not-I'm committed to finishing well in becoming a mentor.

    Thanks for your great blog related to this topic and so many others that I face as a Christ Follower & a future mentor.

  • Tyler Bryant

    Mr. Hyatt, I am a young Associate Pastor and business owner. My hope is to someday pastor full-time. The need for mentoring in the ministry is very obvious and we live in a day when it may be more crucial than ever. There seems to be a shortage of ministers. In the organization that I belong to, there are many churches that need pastors and many cities that need churches. Also, I hold in high regard the truth of spiritual authority which goes hand in hand with mentoring. I want to learn all that I can about this subject. Plus, today is my birthday! (I promise, you can check my FB)

  • Modupe Muotoh

    I am a leader in church and we have like a mentoring discipleship program where we disciple or mentor a group of people on aspects of their christian life and how to live a victorious life as a disciple and grooming them also to be able to mentor others. The program we have been following has been used for over a decade and this book mentoring like Jesus sounds like a breath of fresh air.
    From your review of this book i am sure it will be an invaluable tool in our quest to mentor and disciple men and women who will in turn mentor others in the way of the Lord. It would be great insight to read Regi Campbells views, and be able enhance our discipleship program with fresh ideas. I would love to be one of the blessed hundred. i am already looking forward to reading it. Thanks for offering such an opportunity. God Bless you and your ministry.

  • Gregor Doerr

    Thank you for offering this book. I would like to get this book because I want to continue learning about mentoring: I am a leadership instructor and see mentoring as a critical but often neglected part of the leadership training process.

  • Charles S.

    I would thoroughly appreciate a copy of this book. I am involved in youth ministry which entails training our youth leaders (mentoring the mentors) and working with our young people (the mentorees). I want to be as effective as possible in reaching this generation. Mentoring is a Biblical principle and I appreciate the opportunity to grow in this area to become more effective as a mentor to those I have the privilege, in this season of life, to mentor. Thank you for the work you do and for sharing this with so many.

  • Aussiebird

    Jesus changed the whole world forever by focusing on each person he was with at the time. What a Godly concept. What a powerful example of caring and love. What a dynamic tool in today's mass-media world!

  • Timothy Fish

    Granted, my experience with formal mentoring programs is somewhat limited, but I assumed the one I was involved in was typical. In it, we were told to have a definate ending point for the relationship. Other than that, I would agree with your bulleted points concerning how we typically think of mentoring. I see many good reasons for the typical form of mentoring, even though what Jesus did doesn’t appear to follow that example in all points. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have called what Jesus did mentoring. There are aspects of mentoring in what he did, but I would have called what he did discipling so that we would have a clear distinction between the two distinctly different concepts.

  • ed_elliott

    Great book for me at this time. I am leading a ministry in the DC area recruiting mentors for former Christian prisoners. We work with several Good News jail ministry chaplains matching church teams to specific jails. I need resources to teach them how to mentor the men. This book sounds like a good one. BTW, I haven't commented but I've been reading your blog in my RSS Reader for years…keep up the good, difficult work of leadership.

  • Nancy Wallace

    I would love a copy of this book because I have a mentoring group of young moms and we call ourselves “Dangerous Women”. We are on mission and want to be dangerous for God. Also, November 30 is my birthday and it would be a great birthday gift to receive this book. It was actually already on my “wish list”.

  • Judy Tyrrell

    Jesus changed the whole world forever by focusing on each person he was with at the time. What a Godly concept. What a powerful example of caring and love. What a dynamic tool.

  • Josh Boldman

    Although I'm far from someone I'd consider to be a worth mentor or role model, I can't help but realize that I am going through a period of my life where I am learning and growing everyday. I think too often people experience personal and spiritual growth and then never find a way to encourage others along a similar path. As a new pastor, I am actively looking for ways to help others grow as I, myself, am growing. My understanding of this book is that it points up to how Jesus mentored His disciples. If, in my pursuits of Christian growth, I can mentor others to also grow in a likewise fashion, I should be doing that. That being said, I can certainly use all the help I can get, and I think this book might be something to help me get moving in the right direction.

  • Larry Jones


    I need this book! I am an associate pastor of a large church in the Kansas City metro area. Our church has been going through a challenging time with sexual sin within our membership.

    I have been happily married for a little over ten years, and 8 months ago, I discovered that my wife became involved in an ungodly relationship. She moved out of the house 6 months ago, and has now filed for divorce. I have had to live out my walk with Christ in front of my church, doing everything possible to save my marriage. I can’t just throw my wife to the curb and walk away. I have to model what Christ would do in my unique situation.

    I have been “mentoring” from a distance through the way I’m living and acting in front of my church, but I feel this book would be a great tool for me to learn how to mentor other spouses who are dealing with marriage problems. I know people are watching me, but maybe it’s time for me to become more intentional.

  • Daniel Herman

    I would welcome the opportunity to add to my professional library, and the work of Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges on the subject of Leading Like Jesus, the work of Regi Campbell entitled "Mentor Like Jesus". "I consider the Mentor/Protege Relationship central to developing leaders, business development practices, and the management of intellectual capital & business intelligence." The "best" Leaders and Managers in the Private & Public Sectors understand the central importance of developing & nurturing relationships; therefore, their roles as Mentors and Proteges define their Professional Brands, and are their most significant skill sets. Look forward to making a contribution in elevating the understanding of the Mentor/Protege Relationship.

  • Obihaive

    As a person trying to start up a church one key element I'd love to see us do is mentor like Jesus. I've had good men invest themselves into my life but for some reason I haven't been able to do the same for others. I've tried to be a mentor but with very little success. If this book can help me become a good mentor and help me to teach others to do the same I'd love a free copy.

    I also like the idea of how Jesus was intentional in picking people to mentor…I'm wondering if that's were I've been going wrong because for the most part I've been waiting for people to come to me…interesting.

  • Tim Davis

    I have a desire to impact and influence the lives of others and be a catalyst to see the Great Commission fulfilled in my generation…always looking to grow, learn, and be equipped…love to read great books.

  • Pastor Jonathan

    Thanks for sharing your insights and interests! You have inspired me to taking up running and guided me to a few great books along the way. I found your blog a few months ago when I did a search for "Coaching" and found your post on Daniel Harkavy's book. I have since been introduced through you to his company and recently his blog.

    As an associate pastor and pastor to students who has been gifted in his area of ministry I have the opportunity and obligation to pass on a lot of what I have learned to others. I have a network of young men and women I mentor that are now in various ministries themselves as well as a group of students who have the potential to change the world. I would love a copy of Regi Campbell's book "Mentor Like Jesus."

  • Nate Mills

    I work with Senior High Students as a small group leader and I mentor several young men one on one. I am also a leader in our mens ministry discipleship group. I love discipling students and other men and pray that the Lord will continue to use me in this way. This book sounds very interesting and would be beneficially to me and my ministry.

  • Aaron

    Hi Mike,

    I just won a book from your blog and have to catch up on my reading, so I'll pass on trying to win the book. :) I thought it was a great post though and wanted to comment.

    It struck me though that perhaps the defined period of time should be limited to the portion of mentoring that is "purposed and programmed." I have been blessed with several lifelong mentors, and while their involvement in my life isn't as frequent as it was before, they are still mentors – and I call them to stay in touch or get advice from time to time.

    Similarly, I'm reminded that Jesus said "Lo, I am with you always…even to the end of the age" and left Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit as a lifelong mentor.

    I don't doubt that you (and the book) are correct that you need to have a defined period of time for purposed mentoring, but I think you'd be missing out on the full richness of the experience without considering a role after that.


    • Regi Campbell

      You got it right, Aaron. The defined period of time is the scheduled, "first year" part. The relationship formed between mentor and mentoree is forever. I'll be loving on these guys and their families as long as I can sit up and take nourishment. And I 'feel the love" from them every day.

      Regi Campbell

      • Aaron

        Thanks for the reply – and best of luck with your book sales! I look forward to reading it at some point soon. :)

  • Deb F

    I would love a copy of this book. We are trying to revive our womens ministries at our church. With much prayer and thought, we feel mentoring may be a big focus for encouraging intergenerational sharing. I think this book could lead us on the correct path.

  • Jennifer Edwards

    Our company is at a pivotal point. We have ‘graduated’ from being a ‘mom and pop’ shop. Our pivotal point could not have come at a more difficult time in our economy. We’re doing our best to stay positive. As co-owners (and husband and wife team) and self admitting control freaks, we have grown our business to be one with a great reputation. We’ve chosen our management team, created our vision/mission statement and are ready for the next level. The economy has forced us to make some really tough decisions, but in the end, it is causing us to slow down and re-evaluation EVERYTHING. This is NOT a BAD road, just a tough one. We’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a mentorship within our staff and I was actually going to begin researching after the holidays for a book on just how to do this. I’d love a free copy of Mr. Campbell’s book. I’m ready for the next step. I’m ready to get off of high center. I believe a mentorship program in our little company is the exact thing we need. Thank you for considering us for this book.

  • Rick Dobrowolski

    Thinking about starting up a men mentoring teen guys at my church and this would come in handy for ideas.

  • Clear2Go


    I actually do not want a copy of the book for no other reason than I am currently behind in my personal reading. I just wanted to say that I am really impressed by your blog, leadership presentations, and comments. You've earned my respect without me ever meeting you, which to be honest is impressive. The fact that you as CEO of a publishing company just recommended and our giving away copies of a book by published by a competitor because you feel it will benefit others just solidifies that respect even more.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words!

  • @fr15ky

    A friend of mine and I have been talking about setting up a mentoring group and just can't seem to find a way to get started. This could definitely help us get on the right track.

  • Lindsey

    Myself and my husband are Americans who are missionaries in South Africa (along w/ our kids). I would love this book because it is what we do but I know we could do it better. Especially to learn from the Master who was from a culture much like the African culture… not our American culture. I have much to learn!

  • Frank Robinson

    My wife and I are working on some very key projects, that require us to be mentored and in-turn mentor a select few . First we are looking at how to be a worthy protege before becoming the coach. I believe this book can help us identify the various aspects of the relationship, the action and the application from the greatest teachers the world has ever known – Jesus.

  • Paul S.

    I believe a problem in the church I serve is commitment/devotion. That's a biggie. I have been thinking and praying lately about how we can do this. Yes, vision. Yes, biblical preaching. But I think just TELLING them will not do it. I have been thinking about mentoring lately (from other books I have recently read as well). I believe it will happen if I can mentor a few, they will mentor a few, etc. If I can even do it like Jesus did, bonus! I believe that really will revolutionize and transform our church! This is why I would like the book – to help us out! It will take time (which i am NOT a fan of), but could really impact greatly. Thanks for reading!

  • Peter_P

    Mentoring is one of the most important jobs of a pastor – although most wouldn't call it that. It's also one of the things that I am worst at.

    I'd really love to be able to read this book, to help me focus on raising up disciples of Jesus.

    Thank you!

  • btravisbrown

    My friends and I mentor a group of young kids in their schoolwork. We have, through a very organic process, become a part of their lives and are seeing significant transformation in the process.

    This book, "Mentor Like Jesus" sounds like it would help me understand more about mentoring and begin to implement good strategies for effectively reaching people.

  • Mike G

    I'd like the book. Quite honestly, however, I find it somewhat intimidating to think about mentoring like Jesus. He's JESUS! The son of God! The guy rose from the dead! Walked on water! Paid my mortgage… ;-) Of course he can choose his 12… HE'S JESUS!

    I guess I'd like to see how the author can take that and make a personal connection with me… And finally, these comments you shared drew me in as well "Mentoring is about showing someone how to be something" and "It is about the mentorees and investing in their future. It is about them, not about the mentor." This is convicting to me… I think I need to do less thinking about me. Can it help me become a better dad, husband, friend, colleague? Thanks. I enjoy catching your tweets and blogs from time to time.

  • Clint Roberson

    I have been involved in ministry for many years and I'm still amazed at the mentoring process. The only way to ensure the next generation will have greater success is through one on one transparency that mentoring provides…

  • Lynne Sanders

    As a librarian in a small town, I would love this book for our shelves. We have very active church groups of all kinds in our 6,000 population, and they are always looking for fresh Christian approaches to the challenges and joys in life, as well as ideas for new types of programs. I feel this book could be a very valuable asset and reach a variety of Christians and youth leaders and pastors. I also do book reviews for our local paper, and could review it and help spread the word.

  • Michael Holmes

    To be honest Mike, I'm not posting a comment for the book (I'm gonna buy my own on Amazon) I just want to say how awesome a model Jesus is for everything.

    It just amazes how relevant His Life and Words are to life. I'm happy more and more people are seeing Him in that light as opposed to some far off religious guy with and irrelevant Gospel.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  • Bethany

    Michael – thanks for sharing this. About 6 weeks ago, I began mentoring some amazing women. Everyday I ask God what He is doing because I don't have all the answers, I don't always know what to tell them, and sometimes, all I can do is hold their hand, pray for them and love them. I would love a copy of this book to help me as I move forward, but also to help each of them as they begin their own groups.

  • Alan

    I am young leader from Philippines – 20 y/old to be exact, and ever since I am always lost if people do connect leadership and religion. I tend to hear most of the time that in order to be effective as a leader you should now how to trust your own faith to the lord. I'm not saying that I disagree but I just cant find that faith in me, and I do admit that after all this years improving my skills being that person who could be influential to others find it somewhat strange, its as if something is missing within me. Although I do get the praises from people, talking about my achievements, my mentoring skills and so forth. But is it really okay for me to mentor someone else and talk about the ways of a leader by only relying on my instincts and past experiences? I know to some point that I am effective but I just want to be effective with that faith within me, knowing that the lord is by my said would really be enough for me to see that light that I am searching for to achieve total satisfaction to what I am doing. Hoping that this book could serve as a bridge from me and my faith

  • kymoore

    I'd like a copy ~ I'm tired. Have had the opportunity to be vested in and invested in the lives of kids in juvenile detention some who are now young adults and young adult women who like me wished someone showed the way by their life. Refresh me~Inspire me There's a better tank of capacity to release…your reward is in the life of these folks. Thank you Mike…Love generous people now that's an example for us all. Give….

  • @mckay75

    I would like a copy of this book because I am currently a youth leader at my and also part of the outreach team at church. With this book

  • Mark Heywood

    Hi Michael, I want this book because I believe it would help immensely with being mentored and mentoring others. I have struggled with finding a mentor and hor that relationship works. I believe this book would help me in this endeavour. Thanks for your blog. Mark

  • Steven Rossi

    I'm mostly interested in this book because I think mentoring is extremely important. I'm not in any sort of mentoring relationships right now (neither mentor nor mentoree), but I've been thinking about it a ton lately and have been realizing how much I'm missing out on. I heard of this book a few weeks ago, and it looked really exciting…I would love to receive a copy!

  • Dave

    Thanks for your recommendation of "Mentor Like Jesus". I am currently serving as a Youth Pastor and something new that we have implemented in the youth ministry over the past 6 months has been a mentoring program for the students. I have felt that it is very important for the students to have individuals investing directly in their lives, and the results have already been great! I have heard a lot of great stories from both the mentors and the students about how they are enjoying spending time together and are both learning how to grow in their own personal walk with God.

    I would want this book to learn more about the mentoring process and gain different perspectives. I try to read all that I can about mentoring and then pass books along to those who have signed up to become mentors. The mentors keep asking me how they can learn more about mentoring and this sounds like a book that could be very helpful.


  • flexiture

    As a leader in my field of developmental psychology, I have opportunities to teach others better ways to assess and address the learning and attention needs of children: I want to learn how to mentor them like Jesus: he is the best model of mentoring I can think of, so who wouldn't want to follow his example?

  • Steve North

    I am the senior pastor of a 30 year old congregation which needs to grow some new leaders in the next few years. I spent many years working with College students as a Campus Minister, where we discipled young men and women every year, and a few more as a Discipleship Pastor in a local church where I helped to disciple a few men. It has been difficult to identify the men to disciple and how to help prepare the elders to mentor. This book looks like a superb resource for me and as a great tool to pass on to our men.

  • Josh Ketchum

    Sounds like a great book, I have some men in our church that need mentoring. I have been discussing the idea of starting a group and the goal would be to follow the style of Christ and this book seems to focus on that aspect. Also, it is only 152 pages, I like short and to the point, kinda like Jesus!! This should help me in my work as a preacher and disciple of Christ.

  • Kory Zimney

    Thanks for an opportunity to get a copy of this book. I have already sent a link to your blog to our president of the Iowa Physical Therapy Association, which I am a part of as a practicing PT in Iowa. Our association has taken a directed effort to increase focus on mentoring for new therapist as they enter into the profession and from your post I think this book offers great insight to how to effectively mentor others. Imagine that, if we just would follow Jesus's example all the time, our life gets better. "But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear." (Mat 13:16) I am amazed each day how much like the disciples we are. We have the words and wisdom in front of us taught by Jesus and because of our original sin we struggle so much with His gospel teachings, but because of the Spirit we gradually start to see and hear.

  • Matt McMorris

    As an associate pastor and a youth pastor, I have the privilege of mentoring young people all of the time. Being young in ministry means that I am constantly looking for great resources on how to serve the Lord the best . Any time someone recommends a book worth reading, I try to get my hands on it. I would love to receive a copy of this book!

  • David Wickiser

    I sit and contemplate
    whether ever I could rate
    above another comment.
    I ponder and I stare
    into space and at the bare
    wall in my apartment.
    I know at some time
    ones who did great crime
    against the Lord will come to me
    And I'll need to think through
    The great matters that you
    Brought up here for me to see.
    People need a mentor
    and not one who is on the floor
    crying out of lack of knowledge,
    about how to lead another
    in life as a Christian brother,
    I didn't learn all of this in college.
    I read the Bible that is true,
    and if formed me through and through,
    but we need the wisdom of each other.
    Eugene Peterson taught me that,
    I hope to lead, not fall flat,
    which would disappoint my mother.
    In short this book would be,
    super helpful unto me,
    a seminarian hoping to pastor,
    to learn me to mentor,
    like Jesus did before,
    this book would teach me faster.
    (The End)

  • Jan

    I have been feeling an emptiness in my mentoring. I 'teach' but do not feel that I am bringing all that I have to my students. I would hope that this book would help guide me.

  • Jody Fransch

    Thanks for the opportunity to own this book Mike. I’ve just been asked to be the youth leader at my church for starting next year. Being in a position of influence I feel that I could really use this book as a tool with Bible itself to really learn the true art of mentoring which I pray will have a positive impact on our youth here in Zimbabwe.

    I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book!

  • Peter Mead

    Mentoring has to be the heart of biblical ministry. So much so that I'm in the process of reorganizing our ministry to launch a mentoring program called Cor Deo (Gripped by God, Sharing His heart). This book review indicates that the book is very much in line with what we have in mind – a small group of intentional high-commitment mentoring for 6-12 individuals, with relational studies together during the week and ministry exposure over the weekends. Two or three mentors inviting 6-12 individuals to "be with us" as we grow in our relationship with the Lord and serve Him in ministry to others. I wonder if this book might be a useful tool in sharing something of our vision, which seems to be Campbell's vision, but really is Jesus' vision of how leadership development, ministry multiplication and biblical mentoring should be done. I'd love to get a copy of this book. Thanks.

  • SteveDuer

    I am in middle management at a non-profit. I have been convicted of the need to raise new leaders and mentor them. I have also been convicted that this is not one of my natural abilities. Who better to learn from than the Master! Thanks for the review of this book.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    I would love a copy of this book; helping other men grow in their faith is extremely important to me and resources to help both them and me grow in mentoring are very useful.

  • Kalum


    I would love to have a copy of this book. I am a new pastor and I am always looking for resources to help me grow in my walk and in my pastorate. Being a young pastor has its challenges, but knowing that there is a mentor that we can look to and model is a great relief for me.

    I would love to be considered as one of the 100 to receive this great resource.


  • kunylim

    Hi! I am Japanese and my husband is Korean. We are now in Korea, preparing ourselves for God's work in Japan. We are excited about going back to Japan in a few years and serve God and people there. I was looking for a good book about mentoring, and I would like to have a copy of this book^^ If possible, I would like to introduce this book to our Japanese brothers and sisters^^ I also tweeted about the giveaway, hope many people will know about this book.

  • DavidThomas14

    I would like a copy of this book because when people approach me to mentor they do so because, in some manner or ability, they want to be like me. I do not want them to be like me. Myself, I am trying to become more like Christ, and I want to point mentorees in that direction.

  • Mondy Cano

    I would like this book because I lead a tribe of people ( Seth Godin) and I very much worry (lose sleep) about the job I’m doing with them. One day I will stand before my maker …..( I just need so help this book sounds like it could help me)

  • Michael Mahoney

    Michael, I would love to get this book as a gift for our Senior Pastor. When our founding pastor decided he was called to plant another church this past year, our associate pastor stepped out in faith, retired from his career, and stepped into the position.

    He personally mentors a group of a half-dozen men, each of whom mentor a group of men themselves. I have no doubt that not only would he take great value out of this book, but would share his knowledge with us as well. The gift that keeps on giving!

  • @andrealschultz

    I would love to receive a copy of this valuable book! I want to live my life as Jesus lived His. I am currently a small group leader in a women's ministry at our church, and I would welcome any assistance in being more helpful to the ladies with whom I share this life journey. In addition, based on the chapter subjects, I think this would be helpful in my marriage – and I can always improve on my attempts to be selfless!

  • Susan Barnes

    I would like a copy of this book because as a pastor’s wife I find myself being in the position of being a mentor. There are many young girls, teenagers and young mums in our church and I would like to be a more effective mentor.

  • @thephatpastor

    I began pastoring a struggling church plant when founding pastor burned out. I have come to so much clarity and have had so many layers of "churchy"ness peeled away. In doing so, I have found that truly seeking and seeing how Jesus handled life and worked with people is so much more powerful. Would love to read this book and gain this perspective.

  • Robert Taylor

    I would love to read the book. As you get older you realize who your mentors were and your own need to mentor others. I think this book would give wonderful insights into how to mentor others.

  • @WallyYocum

    I'm a Youth Minister and Worship Leader. To be effective in both areas of ministry, I need to be mentoring students, youth workers and worship team members. I would be dis-honoring God by trying to do everything on my own.

  • Joni Ames

    Sounds like an awesome book! Wish I’d have had it 15 years ago when I started mentoring others in ministry! It’s the passion of my heart, because I had no one but Jesus & His Word to show me the way. There were those out there who have taken the “armor bearer” to strange limits and made slaves out of others. The Lord warned me not to raise up personal slaves for myself like that, but to raise up bondservants of Jesus Christ. He said “be a mentor, not a tormentor – help teach others to operate in the annointing, not the annoying – teaching them that a result of mentoring others via God’s love is operating in and catapulting others into true ministry, not misery.” – And that whatever doors He opens for me, I was to take the hand of others and help them through it as well. – – I love to learn, because it makes me a better person, teacher, and mentor. – – Would love to have a copy of this book for that purpose. – Will buy it if I don’t “win” it, for sure.

  • mslimmer

    I would appreciate having a copy of "Mentor Like Jesus" because I am just starting a Men's accountability group in my church. We are a fairly small, "traditional" church, and this accountability group is really one of the first of it's kind, and needless to say I'm pretty nervous about starting it. I've been trying to learn what I can about small groups, and it sounds like this book would really be beneficial not only to me, but also to some of the others in this group as well. I look forward with anticipation to hearing from you. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Lynn Pugliese

    28 Years ago I met a wonderful lady, Our church wanted to help young believers so they paired us up with a older ladies ( I say that in a nice way)
    I looked forward to every week when we would get together for prayer and studying Gods word. My prayer is that God will use me to impact the lifes of many. This book will be a great learning tool. Gods Love

  • Susan K. Stewart

    My first thought of using this model of mentoring was for parents. Isn't this really the way children can be taught to live a fruitful life — a life that dwells on others — a life of service.

    I also began to think about it as a way of supporting the folks in our family support group. I facilitate a support group for families who have a loved one with serious mental illness. Using a mentoring model would take the focus away from my status as "leader," and allow all to benefit as supporters while maintaining support.

  • J. Bolden

    My husband and I just became worship leaders for a new church. The team is great but they have been underappreciated and "uncoached" for so long that their efforts are not at their best. My husband and I see the great potential in each of these people to be astounding worshipers. We feel very strongly that God has called us to this place to build up and cause this team to dream again. Every singer and musician has visions of grandeur (on variable scales, of course), and we see this as an opportunity to be dream catchers. We have hearts for buidling unity, buiding teams, and building people up to confidently achieve their purpose and life calling. So this would be why I would want this book. We desire everything we do to mirror Christ's example. It is He that lives in us, therefore any mentoring, leading, or coaching needs to be in His image. We want to bring out God's best in this new team He has handpicked for us, and I believe this book will steer us in the right direction.

  • Anthony Strphens

    I would love to get a copy of this book. Mentoring is such a key role in the Christian faith. As a student minister, I find myself surrounded by mentoring: mee being menntored, me mentoring students, me mentoring youth workers. I could really benefit from this.

  • Josh

    I would love a copy of this book…b/c I have looked for mentors and can't seem to find any..with that being said my wife and I currently have some people in our lives that are looking at us as mentors and have even been approached about mentoring young singles or young couples getting ready to get married..and that kind of freaks me can I the one who wants a mentor be a mentor!
    So I'd love to hear the approach using Christ as the model!

  • Nancy

    Mentoring has always been something I have done informally for myself and for others. Its value is undeniable. It is also something I have mentioned for our organization, but did not have a model to present. I would relish reading this book for a new prospective, especially one based on how Jesus put it into practice.

  • Brendon ramseier

    I have unintentionally and intentionally mentored many people in children's ministry. However I'm not sure how successful I've been at it. I have the opportunity to "mentor" someone going into children's ministry that was in my first children's ministry. I believe they have the skills and drive to make an incredible difference in the lives of kids and families. I want to do all I can to help them. This book could give me some insights that at this point I do not have.

  • Jim Cordie

    Dear Michael:

    As the team leader, I'm in the development stage of forming a Mentoring Ministry that is to be dedicated to working with recently released prisoners.

    The Organization will be incorporated and have 501(c)(3) status.

    It's name is to be Back to Life, A Mentoring Ministry.

    We've already drafted our process, procedures, rules and policies, etc. These define a one-on-one mentoring approach. So at this somewhat eleventh hour situation, I find the book "Mentor Like Jesus" of great interest with the group approach that you have outlined today.

    We look forward to receiving a copy of the book for our study.


    Jim Cordie
    Dover, DE

  • Rebecca

    Interesting post. I would like the book so I could use it as a companion to my life coaching website for teens. Today, teenagers can use all of the support they can receive. They often grow up in dysfunctional homes and feel they have no where or no one to turn to when they need help. The book would help me sharpen my mentoring skills and help teens to become mentors to other teens now and in the future. Thank you.

  • Curtis Baker

    WOW. Following the model of pouring into others from the one who lead by compassion and humility…this moves me. As a Kids’ Pastor and Advocate, we are always pointing back to Jesus. Let him be the example and the pilot. I am in a season of putting everything on the table and on trial for a new way right now. Mentoring to me in the past was spening about 90 mins a week at a coffee shop going through a book and then the relationship is over. It sometimes seem sterile, yet i know there is more. Jesus has a way of demonstrating, then walking along side people and ultimately releasing them to go and do those things on their own. I would love to dig into the pages of this book and further grasp what Jesus’ “mentorship” was like. I can’t wait to see how this new perspective will change the fruit on the young boys I am currently mentoring and change my role as the mentor. Thank you for this opportunity….Giving really is what mentoring is about! Thank you!

  • Drew Flores

    I am a student minister associate who is also very young. I deal primarily with middle schoolers but as of late I have a lot of high school students seeking my thoughts and my advice. I am only 20 years old so my stories really connect with them because of how close we are in life stages but I would like to improve my mentoring skills and honestly every book you have given away or recommended I have loved. I really do not want to be greedy and get a free book for the sake of a free book rather improve the lives of teens and improve the world’s view of them. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  • Brad

    I am a student ministries pastor and in our ministry we have an intentional mentoring program. This seems like it would be a great resource for our mentors as they do life with our students and speak into their lives. I would like to read it and then purchase more copies for our leaders.

  • Chris Thurman

    Mentoring is a lost art in today’s world but one that is needed more than ever. I am in the middle of a career change which will require learning not only to mentor but also to be mentored. As a born again Christian, there is no better mentor than Jesus who still mentors all who allow Him even today. I would love to receive a copy of this book to enhance my ability and understanding of mentoring, but also so that I can pass on what I learn with others. I would love to share this book with the men who are leaders at the local city and county level of my hometown. We need strong leadership at the local levels across the country. If it existed as a whole, strong national leadership would never be an issue. Thank you for your recommendations and website.

  • Bill Bell

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the giveaway of “Mentor Like Jesus”. After years in Management, I find myself caught in a workforce reduction for the first time in my lifetime. I am using this time to expand/update certifications, seek employment that more closely aligns with my strengths/passions and assist others also find their next great opportunity. Much of the material out there now presents leadership from a worldview of how do you get others to accomplish your agenda – rather manipulative at best. Jesus mentored, lived with, walked with, ate with, loved on his disciples. Jesus never listened with a hidden agenda of self interest. He never taught seeking empowerment for himself. In doing the will of the Father in all things, he humbly submitted. That is what I want above all. Just as Paul wrote in Philippians, “I want to know Christ.” If I were selected as a recipient, I would work toward the unwritten subtitle – Mentor LIke Jesus : impacting lives for the Father. I appreciate your consideration.

  • wwjrichards

    Your prayer has already been answered. Have you been to Colombia and have you heard of the G12 vision? See you in January? (Beware – there is much junk on the web).

    MCI church led by Pastor Cesar and Senator Claudia Castellanos have been mentoring 12 for more than 20 years (growing their chuch from 8 to 200,000 plus planting more than 200 in Colombia). Inspired by Cho their impact around the world is incredible – I could go on…See and for more. Delirious? recorded a live album there.

    My prayer is that it spreads to the US and UK.

    I would like a copy as it sounds like he has written a great book to explain (in English) what they have done in practice. Blessings, (More on my blog)

  • Dennis Muse

    I would love to have a copy of this book because I think it speaks to how mentoring should be done. Mentoring is by far a lost art in today’s world but one that is needed more than ever. The days where churches and men focused on discipleship and mentoring are long gone from the church. We need this, I need this back at the core of the church community.

  • Steve Laswell

    and on so many levels: the book, the offer, the marketing.

    Your post will make a difference in the Kingdom as people tap into the message of Regi's book.

    Well done.

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  • Matt Wilson

    We speak a lot about wanting mentors and needing mentors but no one speaks specificlly to being one…the right way, like Jesus. I would love to read through this book to see what the author has to say about the subject.

  • Kenny Goza

    As someone who is interested in leadership and encouraging others, it always helpful to read and learn from others, especially Jesus.
    Learning mentoring lessons from the life of our Savior can do nothing but make you a better mentor/leader.
    I would be most grateful to receive a copy of this book

  • Dot Bast

    The timing of your generous offer is perfect. I am the Training and Development Mgr at the City of Delray Beach and I am in the process of designing a formal mentoring program for our staff. We have a great need for new leaders to be developed in the next few years and this mentoring program will be an important part of that process. I, too, have gathered material for this project but I have been somewhat disappointed in the quality of the information. I believe this book would help me build a solid base for our initiative. We have many Christians in leadership here in the city and I am confident that we would be edified by the content of Mentor like Jesus. Thank you.

  • Greg Ligon

    Wow! This is amazing! Our staff has been wrestling with this exact topic in the past few weeks: "What does it mean to mentor like Jesus?" Our pastor finished his sermon series, "One Blinding Vision" this week where he challenged our church to embrace the concept of Multiplying Disciples just like Jesus did.

    I would love to read this book and live it out by mentoring others. I know I still have a long way to grow, but I would be great to lead others to grow as well.

    I am reminded of a quote by Erwin McManus, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the absence of self. When you begin to live for something bigger than yourself, then you will live courageously." Let it be so in my life

  • Simon

    Our church's new associate pastor has become my mentor and close friend. He has been mentoring people for years, and he wants to implement a process at our church to connect mentors and mentees in our congregation. This is a big need in our church — I was very surprised at a recent men's retreat at the number of hands that were raised when this pastor asked how many of the guys present would like to be in a mentoring relationship. I think this book would be a great resource for my pastor/mentor, and I would like to give him a copy of this book for Christmas.

  • Chris Brown

    I'm a church planter in Charlotte, N.C. and we are working hard to establish a culture of mentorship in the early days and want to be equipped and equip our leaders to walk along side all of the new believers at our church. I would absolutely love to take all of my small group leaders through this book to equip them and empower them to begin mentoring people in their groups.

  • Tim

    Hi Michael. I work at a University where we are creating a four year student leadership development program with an emphasis on servant leadership. One of the assumptions that we are building off of is this: "Students simply need a guide to catalyze their leadership growth." I think this book would be extremely helpful in this endeavor.

  • Brad

    I was just talking last night with a godly man who was challenging me on what my 2010 plan regarding discipleship would look like. I kept insisting that I stick to a study like Discipleship Essentials with 2-3 other guys, but he was persistent in saying I needed to focus more on one individual and do ministry 2-by-2, like Paul and Barnabus. I would love to receive a copy of this book, but will put it on my Christmas list if I'm not picked – it sounds to good to pass up. Thanks for a great recommendation.

  • Randy Bosch

    I don't want a copy of the book, though it is without doubt inspirational, earnestly, technically well composed and the author is a fine Christian leader, writer — and mentor!! (not because Thomas Nelson didn't publish it ;) ). The book can be expected to contain much well-presented and Biblically supported practical advise.

    It is simply that no one can ever "mentor like Jesus".
    The best "how to" book by Jesus remains The Bible.
    I guess I haven't learned everything I want to, yet, from my favorite author.

  • Richard Westley

    I typically mentor people in a one-on-one format and I've mentally wrestled with the idea of intentionally mentoring in a group setting. My biggest challenge in mentoring is that I've never had a set strategy for mentoring. So far, it's been a little of this and a little of that; This and that being, prayer, serving and eating dinner with my family of five (soon to be six).
    Based on your review of Mentoring Like Jesus I can be more specific about the process of mentoring others. I believe, like Regi describes, Jesus sought out the 12 rather than the 12 seeking out Jesus. Mentoring happens both ways for sure, but it's nice to be the hunted and found attractive by great leaders who see greatness in you.

  • Jonathan

    I am a church planter in Memphis, TN and currently launching the church. Of course, I am trying to develop leadership within the church and would love to gain any insights into helping me be more effective at doing this great task. Obviously, on a church planters budget I am limited on resources that I can purchase. :)

  • @amywvogel

    Michael – thank you for your perseverance and impact you make – I love to read but with 2 small children, housework, a husband and trying to write – my daily quiet time amounts to about 30 minutes if I am lucky. Sometimes, if I don't pass out by 9:30 pm, I snatch some reading time but it hasn't been as often as I want. I am haunted by your comment "readers lead and leaders read." I do my best! :)

  • Nathan

    My wife and I are preparing to lead a small group in our church. My natural tendency is towards the command-oriented model of leadership; I'm trying to find resources aimed at leaders coming alongside people rather than leaders standing out in front banging the drum and expecting people to fall in line. Your description of the book sounds like it'd be a perfect fit. Thanks for your consideration.

  • warren carswell

    I was talking to my wife about starting a mentoring group in Jan. and she smiled saying, "I think you really need to read this 'Mentoring Like Jesus' first."

  • tneal

    How does this book differ from Robert Coleman's "Master Plan of Evangelism?" I remember reading that book years ago and being impacted by its simple observation and wisdom drawn from the life of Jesus Christ. Your comments highlight the challenge of discipleship and its purpose–to expand the Kingdom of God through the influence of Jesus Christ.

  • themccoyisreal

    My sports coach helps me think through how to tweak my performance and my career coach helps me navigate the corporate maze. The critical things — my wife and children — are too valuable for me to leave to my own vices. Mentors I have worked with in the past have been integral in helping me think through how to be intentional and deliberate with my family. A focused narrative on Mentoring would be an extremely valuable asset.

  • Lisa

    Aside from my professional role in HR, I am very involved in my church. Recently, we began a younger women's Women on Mission group and this would be a great group to help mentor. Additionally, I work with young girls in our church and feel that there could be no better mentor to follow than Jesus!

  • Michael

    Thanks for the recommendation for this book.
    The insights and logistics for starting a mentoring group written by Regi have been an inspiration and will continue to be a resource. I am now praying about how and when to start a group.

  • @markdkim

    This is my first year as a children's pastor and by God's grace I have found a mentor who has been a children's pastor for 30+ years. He's great, but wanted to give him something that would help further our mentor/mentee relationship and try something beyond the typical mentoring experience as you so aptly described!

  • Rick Womack

    I mentor several college ministry students (about 5) at present. However, I need to "step up" the goals and process of these mentoring relationships. Your investment of this book into my library is an investment into future generation of Christian leaders. Thanks for the post, the review and the offer of B&H Publishing for making this resource available!

  • JasonCurlee

    What a fantastic looking book. Since we are beginning a campus pastor mentorship program this would be a great book to have as a resource. Already those points from your blog post have made me think a lot about the process.

    I know I'm way beyond the 100 comments but this will be a book I look more into…thanks Michael for always being such a great resource.

  • stephenbateman

    Ready for this story:

    Next semester I have to train and lead 12-13 new interns (in tandem w/ three other people). But I'm 19 and not currently equipped to do that. I'd say I could use this book. :)

  • JJames

    I realize I'm not much of a leader, though I try. So this is for my boss, who is a good man and has been a mentor to me. He is a natural leader and someone I support. I think this book would compliment his talents.

  • Laura Reese

    I am a vol. coordinator for preschoolers at a church in SC. We have realized that it's impossible for as individuals to personally care for & mentor to 70 volunteers when Jesus took on 12. So we are starting Key Leaders that we have prayed about and picked. We will care for these few and pour into them. I want to make sure that I am living, praying, leading, them the way that is purposeful and effective as Jesus did. If it's not done through life and done purposefully i feel as if it won't be something they keep with them and pass onto the people thay they pour into. I desire with great passion to be an effective mentor. Help :)

  • Mitzi

    How exciting to hear about this resource! It sounds like a paradigm shift in mentoring and even evangelism. This would be a great book to use with our small group at church. I can see this resource helping our group journey together while reaching out and investing in others through what we discover about ourselves and God.

  • Gavin

    I have tried a mentoree/mentror approach with men who volunteered in the minstry I was leading. I did it completley opposite of what this book talks about. I was not transparet because I did not want them to see my failures and I approached it as me teaching them something I was an expert in. I feel this book would change my approach as we go about making disciples. Who better to learn from than Jesus.

  • Jim Martin

    Mike, I am reading this book right now. Actually started reading it this morning and then learned that you had this post. A wonderful book. I had difficult putting it down. I have lead a number of mentoring groups through the years. This will alter what I do. Thanks.

  • Melinda Lancaster

    I am excited to see such a huge response to your giveaway of Regi Campell's book "Mentor Like Jesus." While it significantly decreases my chanceof being selected to receive a free copy it encourages me greatly. Mentoring is a biblical principle. Yet over time it has become somewhat buried. As a result we have a growing number of immature believers on our hands. In all actuality it is our fault. We've failed to work the plan that was modeled by John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul the Apostle, as well as so many others.
    A few years ago, after 20 years in ministry, I returned to school to pursue a degree in BIblical Counseling. I saw such a lack of one-on-one relationships in the Body of Christ. True biblical counseling is mentoring, one-anothering, or discipleship.
    I've read quite a few books related to discipling.Unfortunately they do not provide a model that works well for me. Thus this book would be invaluable to me as a mentor.

  • David Murrow

    Mike, I really need to read this book. Ever since I wrote Why Men Hate Going to Church, I’ve known there’s something wrong with the way we disciple men. I’m getting ready to launch a men’s discipleship group that will eventually mentor 72 men the way Jesus did in Luke 10. It sounds like this author is tracking with me. Pick me!

  • Megan Strange

    I would be really interested in reading this book because I have recently been placed in a unique situation. For the past few years, I have served as the Dean of Students at an awesome Christian middle and high school. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside our students to watch many of them come to Christ and many more grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. Just a few weeks ago, our principal resigned, and I became the principal of our middle and high school. I now find myself in the midst of an incredible opportunity to mentor almost 500 students as well as lead 50 teachers and staff. We have an incredible team and I believe that God has prepared us all for this season. I want to make sure that in all I do, that I point people to Jesus. I think this book would be a great resource for me in this quest. Thanks for considering it Mike and again for always making such good resources available to leaders!

  • Lyle LaFountain

    My church here in Florida is starting a Mentoring Program in January called one to one. It is based off Paul's charge to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:1-2, "You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, 2 and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." We are going to be having life on life relationships with another man and studying scripture. Our hope is to entrust the word to faithful men who will teach others also. We hope to see disciples multiply based on this approach. I hope to receive this book in order to maximize this opportunity. In the illustrious words of Christian rapper LeCrae, "we need disciples who make disciples, disciple cycles." I hope everyone will be benefited by this read in fulfilling the great commission.

  • Jennifer Gerhardt

    I've recently found myself unexpectedly in the role of mentor. I teach a college girls' class and have realized that these girls want much more than a teacher–they need a mentor. But me?
    I need some direction as I try to chart a course alongside these super-impressionable girls. I want to help them become all that God wants them to be and avoid fashioning them into clones of myself.
    What I want is to mentor like Jesus. This book seems perfectly suited for my need.

  • kevin

    Having been in several failed mentoring relationships (I was the mentoree), I typically blamed the mentor for lack of initiative, or myself for lack of time, etc. After reading this post, maybe it was due to a lack of vision and purpose from both parties. I am in the midst of starting a non-profit, that will have a mentoring component. This book appears to be a great resource not only for that, but for future mentoring relationships that I could be involved in.

  • Joni Sweet

    the steps to get there (we all start somewhere, most start at the beginning). I agree w Regi, it's not teaching, it's Showing HOW we do it. "Our Experience Life Story" – the good, the bad and the ugly… REALITY! "We are HUMAN & human's WILL will fail [or as I like to say "off track or set back"] but …2/3

  • Joni Sweet

    God's WILL never fail US." Mentoring also involves being the best LISTENER you can be because w out that quality you won't keep a mentoree for very long!!! Life's purpose IS about COMMUNICATIONS period. Whether verbal or none verbal… or another words [IF one stays w Jesus] Life is about Spreading the Word of God. 1 far warning re: Mentoring though, don't allow yourself to be dragged away from Jesus or you'll find yourself where I ended up… back at the beginning!!!!

  • Joni Sweet

    *Note to Michael ~ I apologize for the rude comments in the past ~ You've no clue of my life this past year so plz don't assume I'm your nightmare. It's been the worst possible 2yrs ever AND I'm still a "baby at the beginning" AGAIN! Full of Knowledge w lots of experience but little Wisdom in the Bible! ~Hang w me – cause things are CHANGING "One Day at a TIME"

    • Michael Hyatt

      Joni, your comments must not have been too rude, because I can't even remember them. I think that's a good thing! May the Lord bless you as you conform to his image. I am learning one day at a time, too!

  • IsabellaVacani

    I am wiling to buy he book. I posted my nme and title but not my address for that reason. Mt g-g-grandfather was Precaeptor to the Archduke Karl of the Hapsburgs. In those days,( early 19th century) mentors were Field Matshalls, great literati, philosophers, and saintly men and women. I speak and write in 3 languages. I lecture on the early Fathrs of the Church Saints and on Jesus life, I am a Roman Catholic and so, I think someone who belongs to a Christian order would benefit more from the book. I do enjoy your blog and read it faithfully. How about reading mine?
    Thank you for this opprtunity,
    Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam.
    Cotessa Isabella Vacani Van Fechtmann

  • david

    I would love a copy of this book to help me pour into the young church (with a special focus on men) we planted a few years ago. Spiritual Maturity is a must and leadership development is a 2nd must. The future of our church and transformation depend partly (in a big way) on the authenticity and spiritual maturity of our community. This will only happen starting with a few and allowing it to multiply. I also am looking for guidance in this area, so this book would somewhat mentor me in this area.

    (from Montreal, Canada – one of the least reached NA cities)

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  • Tammy Helfrich

    I have been feeling very strongly that God wants me to be in a mentoring role for others, particularly women who are struggling as single Moms or women whose husband don’t share their same faith. I have started to try to process this and think through how I could do it. But, I was definitely using the model that we are all aware of and you mentioned in your blog. This way of looking at mentoring is so much more powerful, and I would love the opportunity to learn more about it.

  • Marc Buxton

    I am a missionary, and as we are building our team and maing disciples it is important to have the best methods available. Obviously, the best methods are biblically based, and this book seems to highlight a biblically based model. I am a leader and therefore a reader, and I want to read about the best way to mentor the young men on our team!

  • Joni Sweet

    Don't need a book – have far more than I read now (want some?) Just wanted to say that "Mentoring Like Jesus" is a lot like what we did/do as a "sponsor" in AA… GIVING of ourselves FREELY to mentor "Newbies" thru the Big Book of A.A." and to show them HOW we've stayed sober & LIVED life as Jesus would after taking… 1/2

  • Dave S.

    Mike, I rarely post a comment on anyone's blog. I may forward posts and share the information, but that is the extent of my involvement. I have been reading your posts for the past couple of years now. I appreciate the insight and the candor. You have a lot to offer and have found the platform to offer it. This particular post really grabbed me. I have yearned for this kind of mentorship that you mention here. Throughout my careeer (I am in my late 30's) I have sought out Godly men to learn from them, and try to learn what it means to be a true Christ follower, and at the same time, be a successful business person, husband and father. We have moved a lot, climbing the corporate ladder. Key men have influenced my life, but I have never found a true mentor. I wish that I lived in Nashville. It sounds like your heart is truly about investing into others. I would love a copy of this book, if for no other reason, than to learn how to become a mentor myself someday. I have been around some great leaders and some very poor leaders, but even the great leaders didn't know how to mentor and raise up the next generation of leader that they could pass the baton to. Keep up the great work.

  • Chad Austin

    Michael, much of what I’ve seen that’s called “mentoring” or “discipleship” is programatic instead of relational. I would like to help “turn all this on its head” as well, by learning and applying mentoring priciples the life of Christ. Regi’s book will undoubtedly help me do that become a better mentee or mentor in the process.

  • Cheri

    I oversee operations of a group of faith based pregnancy community clinics in the Orange County/LA area. So many of our employees are young women and our clients are young and lack role models in their lives. I have been looking for materials to create a mentoring program for these young pregnant women and their dad's to be. We have a group of men committed to mentoring young dads but no formal program. I'd love to read the book

  • Antonio Daniels

    I would love a copy of this book! I am currently learning to be a life coach and am also a small group leader at church. My place of employment has just launched a leadership development program called LaunchPAD and we all could stand to learn from this book. The LaunchPAD program humbly aims to develop young, urban leaders in Garfield Park (a community in Chicago) who will be a voice to their generation and have the potential to revolutionize the idea of community. These men will live in 5 dorms we have set aside here at the BTMC. This is an 18 month program.
    Through a collaboration of faithful men, women and Staff, these participants will walk along side their network to foster personal growth through purpose driven structure and cultivate healthy relationships with God, man and each other.
    The LaunchPAD Program focus is to help it’s participants pace out their own vision for the future, constructing a healthy expression of cultural diversity by seeking racial justice and equality needed to catapult its young men and others into healthy leadership roles within society.

  • Paige Blair

    We are called to be disciples who make disciples for Jesus. As a GenX Episcopal priest who did the unusual thing of going straight from undergraduate to seminary, I am among the few GenX clergy with some time served, so to speak, and feel called to mentor newer clergy of our Generation. The description of this book leads me to ask, who should I seek out to mentor… among new clergy, and among my parishioners who seek to live lives of service to our Lord.

  • andy back

    The challenge for me has been to start mentoring a group of single young men ('m a single, more mature guy). I seem to have ticked a lot of the boxes mentioned in the list of eleven chapters, so I'm greatly encouraged that I'm doing it right. Inviting the guys to 'follow me' implied I was worth following and could help guide them towards something worthwhile. 'Is that pride?' I asked myself. In the end, I realised it was the way Jesus did it, so it was probably just a statement of truth And there was much rejoicing when they all said 'yes!' (as it turned out 4 out of 6 have committed to the group). We meet weekly for prayer, scripture memory (big chunks, not isolated verses), preaching practice with critique, plus accountability with one another re thought life, since we're all hot-bloodied, attractive single blokes in need of support from one another to walk the walk. So far, two months in, it's been fun, real, spiritual, bonding, and envied by outsiders, too.

  • Rick Timlick

    Hey Michael,

    I have a cousin who is losing his marriage and asking for help. I have friends who want me to mentor them in business. I have staff that look up to me for guidance. With all of this I struggle to find just the right program to help them all. I have used Christ's examples many times in my counselling to others but never thought of how His actions could be used as a mentoring program. I would be very appreciative of this book!

  • @CaroleCalling

    I run the women's meetings in our church in Germany and want to start Mentoring to move on to the next level. So many of the ladies come to consume, but aren't getting actively involved. Last year 256 ladies attended 5 meetings and we're only 300 in our church – so we want to get these ladies into an active relationship with Jesus and with others.
    For 6 months now we've been looking for a good book on mentoring, but nothing as yet has been a good fit. The way Jesus did it is a GREAT starting point! Thanks Michael – I get a lot out of your Blogs and Twitters. In fact your interview on the Catalyst Podcast got me into Twitter!!!
    Perhaps this is the answer.

  • Helen Robinson

    My husband and I are Deaf leaders in our local church, as well as leaders in the Tabernacle Mission. We are small group leaders and care for some deaf christians in our home area where they need to be encouraged to continue in their Christian walk. Hence this idea of mentoring is an excellent way to enable us to better disciple them to grow. We would love to have this book as I'm sure that you would like an insight from a deaf Christian perspective.

  • Dion Govender

    I'm so glad I've had an opportunity to read your blog this evening, been busy writing exams this week so I haven't had a chance to drop in. I read todays (wed 25-11-09) blog before reading this one, so you'll gage from my comment that mentoring is really close to my heart. I believe in mentoring, it's tangible,it's relational, it's often practical and the best part is, the mentor often imparts from learned experience.Point 4 jumped out at me, I love it that the mentors chooses the mentoree and not the other way around. I'd love a copy.

  • Jordin

    I manage a coffee shop on a college campus that acts as a college ministry for my church. Our goal is to affect the lives of everyone that comes in there (about 200 people a day) by connecting to people in a relational way. Whether it's by remembering patrons's names or orders or by connecting with them and forming bonds through conversation and/or expression, we want to make people feel at home. It's my personal goal to disciple to people as Christ did. I don't just want to do things the "traditional" or "accepted" way. I want to do things the way Christ did them. The best way possible. I think that this book would help me to disciple, build relationships with, and mentor students at the university in the most effective way. Christ's teachings aren't for one generation or one type of people, they are for all people. And only His teaching style will help me to affect a demographic group that feels like nobody understands them. This book will hopefully help me enhance my teaching/discipleship/mentoring.

  • Barrett Myers

    I would love a copy of this book because I am actively trying to follow Jesus' example as I reach out to college students at Purdue University. Just last week I had coffee with two students who recently made big faith decisions, and they said that they want to do what I do. I'm planning to meet with them regularly as I continue to coach others on their spiritual journeys. This book seems like it would offer a fresh perspective on mentoring and impacting others. And if it's as good as you say it is, I promise to pass it on.

    Thanks for making these available and have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Jamie Gosney

    I have mentored only three Guys in my life, and all three of them, like you first suggested, came to me. They wanted to get involved in the industry that I work in (Professional Audio – Sound for the entertainment industry) and wanted me to teach them. I worked with them all at different times and I'm very pleased to say that they have all gone on to have successful careers in the said industry. But, not only professional success – all three have gained a reputation of being honest, hard working and men of integrity in an industry that is not really know for those three virtues. I am just about to start in a new international business and this time it is down to me to choose the people who I work with…it will be a very close working relationship with the people I choose and I have been looking for a book that would help me to mentor my team – not necessarily in the skills they need to do the job from a professional point of view – but more in the way we conduct ourselves in business – to become how my first three turned out – honest, hard working and know within the industry for their integrity…to stand out, be different from the others around them…and yes, to shine a light in an industry that is know for it's debauchery. Non of us are perfect – and God Knows I'm really not, so I need all the help I can get. Showing others the way to do life and helping them to display their creative uniqueness is a huge and daunting responsibility!

    • andy back

      I agree. However, Jamie underplays the essential nature of the way his Christian faith informs his choices in business, serving churches wih sound reinforcement and recording. His skills are respected within his industry, and the young men he has mentored have each developed excellent businesses, underpinned with integrity and honest dealings. I cannot recommned Jamie highly enough. He deserves a free book. Give him my copy, if you like.

  • Sandy Reynolds

    I can think of three reasons why I would like this book. The first is that I work in leadership development for women and mentoring is a big part of what we do. I often feel like I am making it up as I go and need to read more.
    The second is my husband is a pastor who does mentoring as well and this is on his wish list so we could both read it.
    The third is that I will send you a book on mentoring written by my colleague, Lynn Smith, who works with me at
    And a bonus reason – I think if you recommend it that it must be a good book. I appreciate your insights and comments and have been disappointed so far!

  • Scott Lehman

    I always love to get a new book resource.
    Your timing is perfect! I am getting requests from our In His Grip Golf Church Partners to design a mentoring program. This sounds like the perfect program to implement into our ministry. I have personally been praying about being available to pour into the next generation and look forward to get this kicked off.

  • alece

    for years i've heard people throw around the word 'mentor'. a friend of mine has a long list of people she considers mentors. i don't get that. the whole idea of mentorship confuses me. but it also intrigues me.

    i crave the kind of mentorship you described here.

    at 19 i moved to africa, and have been in full-time ministry there for 11 years. i have never had anyone i'd consider a mentor (based on the criteria outlined in your post), but know that i could really benefit from one. but more than that, my ministry (the team of staff and the beautiful african people i serve) would also benefit.

    i desire to grow in my leadership. to be sharpened.

    i want to read this book so i know what to look for in a mentoring relationship. and to help me pray more specifically for the right mentor to come into my life.

    but i also want to read it because i desire to mentor others. i want to extend something to others that i wish i'd had as i started out in ministry.

  • WelshHerbie

    Michael, as a teacher and a rugby coach, the mentoring process is a vitally important one. One of the quickest ways to develop a new player is to pair them off with a more experienced player and encourage them to 'imitate' the way they play. ultimately, they take on board a lot of this behaviour and give it a unique twist that is from their own personality and style. In school, struggling or troublesome pupils respond greatly when buddied-up with a more senior or respected pupil. As teachers and coaches we are often part of the mentoring process. Jesus clearly had the best program – his twelve (substitute Paul for Judas) spread his message out across the world! From your review Regi Campbell has seen through into the heart of Jesus' mentoring process, and this knowledge can only teach and enrich me to improve the work I already do with my pupils and players. God bless you Michael and thank you for this opportunity.

  • Dale Schaeffer

    I'd like to receive a copy of "Mentor Like Jesus" because I'm currently looking for a tool to help me develop a mentoring system. Currently, I'm mentoring 5 men in their 20s & early 30s who are trying to follow Christ in varying professions (some ministry related & others professional). This book looks like it may provide a system that would provide a strong framework for this group. I pastor a 4 year old church plant in central Illinois that has grown fairly rapidly largely based on what God has taught me through mentoring relationship. As people are approaching me for mentoring, I'd like to be able to add value to their lives in a systematic way.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Nathan

    For the past two years I've been cutting my teeth as a new supervisor at a large Christian theatre where I've served for over 7 years now. Our mission to spread the Gospel of Christ through live theatre goes beyond our patrons and includes our coworkers. While our leadership team has focused much energy on leadership (Maxwell, Lencioni, Buckingham and the like), we have not focused much attention on mentorship. As a young leader, I would like it very much if the man I call mentor would "chose me." At the same time, I now wonder if I'm at the point where one of the ways I can serve my teams is to become a mentor as well.

    We have over 600 employees in two locations. I believe our entire organization could benefit from this book and the Christ-focused philosophy behind it. I would like to have the opportunity to introduce our leadership to this revolutionary paradigm shit.

    Thank you for your consideration Mr. Hyatt. God speed as you serve Him!

  • @CaseyLynne1015

    Hey! I would love to read your book about mentoring because I am looking for a way to get more involved in ministry. I want to mentor young girls–probably high school or college age. I know I've learned a lot and grown up a lot recently–and I would love to share things with them that I wish I had known them. I'm a little hesitant to know how to start this process…I think your book would be very helpful because it will give me a blueprint of how Jesus ministered (as the perfect example) as well as practical tips to reach out today. The concepts in this article were fascinating. Thanks for considering me!

  • BettyMc

    We have NO mentoring program in my church (a deaf congregation). But that's not why I want the book. A very special couple are missionaries in South Africa. They are church planters. In sum, the work they do is mentoring. Eventually the deaf they are mentoring in South Africa will become leaders of their own church groups. I want the book, to send to them, to say "Thinking of you. Admire you. Thank you for your service with love." and to quote back to him the verse he often uses Phillipians 1:3 "I thank my God every time I remember you."

  • @RalphYoder

    I'd love to receive a copy of this book as I have tried unsuccessfully to start a mentoring group about 5 years ago. I would like to sit at the feet of the Master and learn how he mentored. How He used timeless principles to make a lasting impact on the world, on society, and in leading people.
    Thank you for considering my comment.

  • Mark Watson

    Wow! What a refreshing topic. Losing my father during my teen years made having a metor an invaluable experience. I think many times I didn't even realize I was being mentored. Now that I'm 51, I wish I knew now what those men knew then. Sounds like an awesome book!

  • Mzphyt

    I am coming from the mentoree side… In my quest to search for a mentor, I had an idea of what I was looking for in a mentor but seeing your blog made me realize what was missing, “Jesus”. I wanted a mentor who knows Jesus, but I need a mentor who follows and mentors like Jesus. My hope is to be able to identify the qualities, mentioned by you from Regi’s book, while in my mentoring relationships. I also want to someday pay it forward to another mentoree some day. Thank you for paying it forward!

  • Chuck Ragland

    I am a bi-vocational church planter in Jacksonville, FL and have a heart to mentor the men God has placed in my life. This book would be a signpost for a NMG group that I will be starting up in the beginning of 2010. Thank you for your consideration.

  • @DaveAnthold

    I am huge fan of mentoring & applying the principles that Regi lays out; however, this doesn't always come about this way. We do often seek out our mentorees based on traits they possess as well as on how they might inter-relate in a group & with the potential leader. As a member of my church's elder board, our charge is often to step in and lead & mentor younger believers as well as in other things. This book would help form the foundation for creating a more active mentoring plan within the church as well as I could use these insights to help mentor people at work. I would love a copy of this book for this purpose.

  • Rolandg

    I do not want a free copy of this book. God has blessed me. I can buy it. I cannot imagine waiting for a free book to take action on mentoring anyone. Initiative and leadership is not dependent on the receipt of a free book.
    I absolutely love the idea of mentorship as no man is an island unto himself. Anyone who cannot afford a copy should get an ebook copy free. After all, the benefit is for the Kingdom of God. It is He who will reward all believers at the Resurrection of the Just.

  • Buehler

    Having seen the impact people have had on me through mentoring relationships going through Bible College, I intend to implement mentoring at all levels of ministry. Maybe I'll even bring Donald Miller's TMP to Toronto. That's my desire. I can use all the knowledge I can get with this. This book would be another great resource. If you say it's amazing, I need to read it! God bless.

  • Chownage

    To be frank, I'm at a place in my life where finding a mentor has been almost impossible. You know this. We've talked about it. So rather than complain or be frustrated, I've recently turned my focus from looking for help, to being the help for someone else. It looks like being the solution is actually better than being part of the problem (lack of mentors).

    My interest in this book is based on using it to help me form a plan and strategy on how I could use my new focus for the greatest benefit of those I mentor. Your takeaways from the book seem to be a great foundation for my next steps. I look forward to reading more about it.

  • John

    I am the director of a ministry to coaches in Colorado. Our foundational verse is 2 Tim 2:2, "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." Discipleship is our key focus in this ministry. I would love to read this book to get a fresh insight into how our ministry might better serve our coaches.

  • Frank

    I'm always looking for the "perfect" model to grow the church spiritually. Of course, there's no more perfect an example of anything, than Jesus. After all, "it was he who gave some to be… so that the Body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity… and become mature" (Eph 4:11-13) As part of this, I strive to develop other brothers' own spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Church. Sometimes this is through mentoring, other times through group studies. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But there can never be too many tools in the toolbox.

  • edienst

    I am a 20-year old female senior student at Washington State University, leading a group of 12 women who are relationally living in the dorms (I am living there with them) with the intent of intentionally sharing the gospel and our lives with our neighbors. This year I want to equip these women with the tools they'll need to continue reaching freshmen students with the gospel, and multiply their lives into others who will do the same. However, I lack a directional vision and training in mentor/discipleship. I'm joining staff with Campus Crusade for Christ next year, and hope to develop a lifestyle of discipleship with those I get to know and interact with. I'd like to share this book with not only my ladies, but my campus as well! I think this book would be so beneficial to our movement that I'm going to buy it if you don't pick me (hope that doesn't disqualify me)!

  • Arabella

    Yes, i love to have one, i think this book has a great tips how to be a great mentor because JESUS is great and HE put love when HE mentor!

    I love to have one book, i want to learn how to mentor like JESUS for i have compassion to those people who do not accept and believe in JESUS, i also wanted them to know JESUS, what is a true joy of knowing JESUS, the joy HE can give that cannot find anywhere and this world cannot offer or give.

  • Joe Willoughby

    Many men will shy away from accepting the opportunity to mentor others because they fear they don't have what it takes – I'll admit to having those kinds of thoughts. What resonates with me in your book notes is the first point – "Mentoring is about learning how to be something." I want to be like Jesus. That seems impossible…until I realize that He is still mentoring! Paul, the apostle, understood this when he said, "Follow me, as I follow Christ." I will get this book, one way or another because I am in a season of "convergeance." I'm on the upward side of a restoration process. I know my destiny includes helping other men learn how to become the man their Creator intended when He made them. Thank you for posting your notes on this book.

  • FriarWade

    "There is always a better way… " is the graphic message on my friend's mousepad. This inspiring quote – attributed to Thomas Alva Edison – has remained indelibly imprinted on my mind from the moment my friend shared it with me. (He wouldn't part with his mousepad.)

    When I was in high school, feeling the call of God on my life, I was looking for a mentor – an experienced man of God to guide me. I even offered to volunteer my time to one minister, offering to carry his briefcase and shine his shoes. That approach, although ernest and sincere, didn't work.

    Unfortunately, the minister didn't have an alternative suggestion for me.

    Now, many years later, I have discovered 'Spiritual Direction,' 'Life Coaching,' 'Mastermind' and 'Band of Brothers' constructs. I'm actively working (and praying) on the development of a construct that combines the wisdom and disciplines of the Church Fathers in a 21st century North American culture.

    "There is always a better way…" and from your notes, this book sounds like 'a better way.' If it has caused you to 're-think' everything. It should prove to be an essential tool for my work, both as a priest, father and coach.

    Thank you for your consideration in sending me a free copy.

    Fr. Wade+
    Lakeland, FL

  • Kieley

    Hola! Quiero un libro porque me gusta apprender y quiero ayudar la gente en mi comunidad. So I wrote this in Spanish even though I am American to get your attention. I love people and would love to read this book to gain insight on mentoring "Jesus style!"

  • Terri Lowe

    I am a minister at a large church that is over 50 years old. Our relatively new pastor has been in the process of laying out a vision that has developing disciples as a vision point. As a staff we have been praying how this would look and what God has laid on our hearts is that mentoring would be the key. The details of how that would look are still unknown. Your book could be the very tool God would use to help us lay that out.

  • Dan W. Boles

    I know it's December 1st, but I'll try anyway. I would like a copy of the book because I work with the greatest audience in the world; college students & college aged young adults. There is no better audience with whom we could have greater, life-changing, formative impact in my opinion. This book will be the basis of a new leadership/coaching program that I intend to initiate in the next year or two as part of the College Ministry I direct & pastor at Kennesaw State University.

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  • @1chosenrebel4JC

    I want a copy because I just resigned my church to give the remainder of my life to mentoring leaders out of and for the next generation. This is exactly what I sense God's call to do. Your blog was recommended to me by a friend after a late nite conversation. He later read your review and said in his email recommendation "Marty … component 9 reminded me of our conversation. … I thought of your investment in the next generation and thought you could be the poster child for this book." I am hoping to learn and refine and grow in my mentoring capicity and effectiveness.__

    • Michael Hyatt

      That is a worthy thing to give your life to. Unfortunately, we gave all the copies away on November 30th. However, you can still get it from Amazon or your local bookstore. Thanks.

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  • joanie bernard

    I am in the healthcare industry and the majority of my current position involves mentoring and training ” new baby” health care workers especially nurses. I have always viewed this as a way for me to pay it forward for the rich education that was granted to me in my undergraduate years. I also feel that the front line health care workers are our true heroes and need all of the guidance and prayers that they can get from someone like myself who has been in the industry for 27 years.

  • florin lucaci

    I want to become a mentor, a very good one and I think jesus was the best mentor. I am convinced that reading this book it will help me to realise my dream.

  • frank andrassy

    A couple of reasons that this book would help me. I am planning on presenting to our men’s minsitry team a mentor program and this book would help lay some foundatiuon and groundwork to start a mentoring program. I have particpated in a mentoring relationship in the past being the mentor and mentee and would like another view of mentoring. I would also like to use this book personally in a minsitry that I volunteer called Jobs For life. We are called mentors and we partner up with men and teenagers in helping them get their lives back in order and to prepare on getting a job. This book would not only help me it would also help the other mentors that I work/volunteer with. Thank you. Frank

  • Mhm

    I am one of the youth leaders in my church. And I’ve have become very concern about the rest of the youth that makes up our church. And that’s why I have felt a strong urge to start a mentoring program. I’m trying to find out to start it though. But this book has caught all my attention. And I’ve read some of the reviews, and I most admit It’s incredible.

    • Mhm

      That’s why I would want a copy of this book.

  • Williamsj13

    i work in a youth ministry and i would love to read this book. i have heard many good things about this book and it has been recommended to me by many people. i would really love to get a copy of this book! !  

  • Annemama4

    Been leading women20 years, and need help .
    this book sounds like what I need.   Libby

  • Luci

    I feel todays society need people who can influence positively, I have been mentoring youth whenever I meet them, I would like to start a resource center for youth mentorship, visiting schools and education institution to mentor and counsel our youth to uphold their moral for the good of a better life now and in future, I am a trained counselor, have been looking for mentorship classes and materials, I think this book comes in handy at this time I have just finished my counseling classes. wishing to start a
    start a resource center for youth mentorship as soon my funds are well planned.

  • Serving Him

    I feel like the opportunity for this has passed and so i will purchase. The Vicksburg Child and Parent Center,Inc. in Vicksburg, MS has two types of mentoring programs; group and individual. I have chosen this topic as my topic in pursuance of the Doctorate in Ministry degree. I have the world’s view of mentoring and proven success…I know that it is because I have used biblical principles so ingrained in my person and my understanding of God’s word. This book would enable me to use some practical and meaning truths that mentoring works but it really works when God’s word is applied. That is the reason for my request.