Book Notes: Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Why is it is so difficult to change? Whether it is our personal lives, our organizations, or our communities, real and lasting change is difficult. According to Chip and Dan Heath, the primary obstacle is a conflict that’s built into our brains. In their new book, Switch, they explain this conflict and, more importantly, how to overcome it to create the outcomes you want.

A 3D Photo of the Book Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

You might remember the Heath brothers from their bestselling book, Made to Stick. I have personally read it through three times. It is must reading for professional communicators and presenters—or anyone who wants their message to be memorable.

In their newest book, the Heaths outline the psychology of change. They begin by explaining that our brain is comprised of two systems: the rationale and the emotional. Building on the work of psychologist Jonathan Haidt and his book, The Happiness Hypothesis, they employ the metaphor of a Rider on an Elephant. The Rider represents the rationale side of our brain; the Elephant represents the emotional side. When these two systems are in alignment, change comes rapidly and easily. When they are not, change is slow and difficult.

After the first chapter which describes the challenges of change, the book is divided into three sections, expressed as three action-steps necessary to effect change:

  1. Direct the Rider
    • Find the Bright Spots
    • Script the Critical Moves
    • Point to the Destination
  2. Motivate the Elephant
    • Find the Feeling
    • Shrink the Change
    • Grow the People
  3. Shape the Path
    • Tweak the Environment
    • Build Habits
    • Rally the Herd
    • Keep the Change Going

The authors use numerous, real-world examples to illustrate their concepts. I found these fascinating—and memorable. I also liked the “Clinics” they sprinkled throughout the book as “sidebars.” These provided hypothetical situations that give me a chance to apply what I had learned.

I have already begun to use many of the Switch principles in my own life and in my company. It is amazing how simple and effective they are. The book was an easy read and one that I will be going back to again and again. I have now added it to my list of top ten business books.

Just to prove how valuable I think this book is, I am recommending it to you despite the fact that it was not published by Thomas Nelson. It was published by Broadway Business, an imprint of Random House. They have graciously made 50 copies of Switch available to my readers.

Note: The give-away is over. I have already given away all the copies of this book. Everything below this note is left here for historical purposes, so that the comments make sense. I have also removed the links.

To get a chance at snagging one, you must take the following three actions:

  1. Leave a comment below. Tell me why you want this book. Be creative. I really do read these comments and base my decisions on them.
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Question: Why do you want a copy of this book? If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?
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  • Mike St. Pierre

    The Heath Brothers have struck again! Thanks for making copies available Michael. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into their latest work and then applying it to my own.
    My recent post Why Faith-Based Schools Make Sense (now more than ever)

  • Todd Hiltibran

    Thanks for highlighting this book. I spend most of my time helping churches, denominational leaders, and church planters in Europe thinking about how to make changes in their lives & organizations. Too often I feel like we get stuck or sidetracked along the way. I think this book might help.

  • Lisa Rosendahl

    I'd love to read Switch as a leadership development boost. I often know what I'd like to change or that something needs to change (personally and professionally) but I have a way of getting in my own way. The clarity I have when head and heart is aligned is powerful and having a tool I can use to access that or creating that with the flip of a Switch . .sign me up right now!
    My recent post The Anti-Speaking Demon

  • Jody Fransch

    Hi Michael, I really enjoy your book reviews (book notes) and always look forward to them. Being an avid reader and learner I always get the books you recommend.

    I give a lot of presentations to various sectors. Being a church leader I would like a copy of this book so that I can improve on what I already do and in the process make a positive impact on the African/Zimbabwean leaders I engage with on a regular basis. And another thing: I promise to read this book and in turn share it with others! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to own it!

  • anand murthy

    Hi Michael – i am a follower of your blog & thanks for this opportunity to get a copy of Switch.

    Why do i want this book?

    1>More than executing change – i am looking at orienting people to look at change as business as usual – & not a special activity.
    2>The book as you mentioned & also based on their previous book – is very easy to understand – an easy read – thereby making changes happen look a lot easier through simple structures.
    3> Given point 1 & 2 – orienting the team to look at change as business as usual will be possible if the team understands [that includes me] that change is possible & easy – the ease of reading the book will ensure this.

    Thanks Michael

    My recent post Vacation with dogs 234

  • Brian Glaze

    Thanks for the post. This book has intrigued me since I am now dealing with change in every aspect of my professional life. I have switched careers, changed where I work, how I work, how much I travel, and entire industries for the first time in my life. I think I could use that book, since I am lying here wide awake thinking of the switch I just made. ha ha.

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  • James

    I run an organization of nearly 400 employees and always looking for a better way to affect positive change throughout the ranks. In the transportation we cannot continue to accept the status quo. With constantly changing and constraining regulation and a rapidly aging workforce I need to take the leadership position and continue to change the industry. Hopefully the techniques and examples in Switch can help.

    My recent post Control

  • Philip

    I am now starting a brand new and alternate career. It has nothing to do with my previous credentials or experience and the mission statement of this new career is “CHANGE OR DIE”. So I know my journey is going to be about Changing every single moment and that its not going to be very easy.

    So, yes I would love to have this book and I promise to read it.

  • Matt_Steen


    Thank you for the opportunity. I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to read this book. Having recently made a significant life change when I left ministry to help build a business that serves churches and non-profits I am living through one of the biggest changes of my life. I get the distinct impression that Switch will help me through this time or transition.

    Thank you!
    My recent post So, what am I doing with my life?

  • Joel

    I am a church planter in Japan and I want to be a change agent. Japan has been known for small churches, but I want to see large influential churches help change the culture. there are many reasons for small churches in Japan but some of the reasons would be the lack of leadership and wrong mind sets. I am finishing up Linchpin and I want to incorporate the principles of becoming linchpin myself and releasing linchpins around me. in order to do that, change IS necessary. I would love to receive Switch and continue to implement the books that you recommend! Thank you Mr. Hyatt!

  • joanna

    I need to learn to change some things in my personal life. One of those is my consistency with studying. I'm in he final year of my undergraduate degree and need to improve my study habits to be able to get marks good enough to get into the post graduate course I want. I promise to read it if i win :)
    My recent post Book review: Peter Greer & Phil Smith- The poor will be glad

  • Matt Edmundson

    Well…I live and work in the UK, but have a business coach in New Zealand who was talking to me about the book. New Zealand seems like a long way to go and get one…so if you are willing to post me one from the US (making the internet truly global) – then fan-daby-dosey (as they say!). I'll look forward to reading it…if we can sort out this speaking the UK thing, maybe you could bring it with you to save on the postage :)
    My recent post The poem that makes my wife cry – everytime

  • Juan

    Hi Mike, Love this post as always great stuff – this is about change in our own lives. We always have these great ideas, goals, usually in New Year or Birth Days events. We are so excited that finally this is it; with this new plan We will reach them ALL. 1st day comes by and some us will say ; well maybe tomorrow. 2nd day – We start and then suddenly We realize that this is no easy, still you try hard. 3rd day – We feel your goals are moving far and far away. 4th day – We start looking back towards your comfort zone, you are fighting inside your mind with yourself. 5th day – Maybe next year, after all I know I tried hard. The cycle repeats and repeats at every new opportunity.
    Why? Why change is so difficult?. Habits!!
    I would love to read this book. Thx

  • Monique

    Why? Because I neeed it! LOL. I’m always telling others about trying to change their habits, but I don’t always apply that myself. I’ve got a few (ahem, several) areas I need to work and maybe, just maybe, this could be a positive starting point.

  • Thomas Duff

    I would love to get a copy of this book (and yes, I promise to read and review it! :) )

    I struggle with change, and never really thought much about why some change comes easy and other elements of change are a continual struggle. This sounds like another excellent work, comparable to their Made to Stick title.

    Thanks for giving away the copies…

  • Joey

    I’ve been looking forward to this book for many months. We’ve got several changes coming up in the near future, so I’d love to be able to navigate them well with the wisdom learned from Switch

  • OpenGate

    A major question facing the postChristendom church is whether it can make the transition from a attractional-extractional mindset to a missional-incarnational one. At present the matters of modernist-DNA and inertia would argue against making such a switch. However, missional DNA is inherent in the gospel itself and in the God who lives in us. Thus, the challenge is to find a process by which we can release the inherent missional DNA of the gospel to overcome the deathly inertia which is making the church more and more irrelevant.

  • Carol

    I work at a nonprofit, where it is especially difficult to implement change with volunteers, some of whom have done things the same way for years. We also deal with clients in crisis on a daily basis. We need to introduce change carefully and be sensitive to the emotional side of these groups, but it is still critical to make the changes happen quickly. This book seems to be just what I need to be better at handling both of these groups.

  • Jon Smith

    I listened to the audio version of this book while running last week. I loved it, and I would love to have a physical copy to re-read, reference and loan out to members of my management team!

  • PattiM

    If Switch is like their book Make it Stick, and I suspect it is since you are recommending it, then it is a book that I will want to read and incorporate into my way of doing. I'm in a position of leadership in a church and a non-profit service organization which both need to evolve in order to ensure their future survival. I need to steer that change and am constantly seeking how to not only guide that change but to communicate it so clearly to those I work with they can't help but be infected by the ideas.
    My recent post Law & Order? — Maybe

  • PattiM

    If Switch is like their book Make it Stick, and I suspect it is since you are recommending it, then it is a book that I will want to read and incorporate into my way of doing. I'm in a position of leadership in a church and a non-profit service organization which both need to evolve in order to ensure their future survival. I need to steer that change and am constantly seeking how to not only guide that change but to communicate it so clearly to those I work with they can't help but be infected by the ideas.
    My recent post Law & Order? — Maybe

  • John Richardson

    I've worn out the cover of Made to Stick… it has real duct tape on it now. The Heath Brothers have had a profound effect on my speaking life, especially as I practice for a speech contest tonight. Their secret is to take a large and wildly complicated subject such as communication and break it down into understandable principles. As I look at the chapter outlines, I can't wait to read this book and pass along the wealth to my blog readers. Change is hard. We can face it head on… or resist. I can't wait to get on the back of the elephant and charge ahead.

    My recent post Mix Twitter and Google Search For Amazing Results

  • @delhokie

    "a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change"… this is the (figurative) definition of a 'rut,' and I'm sure I'm not the the only one that finds himself staring up at the deep and slippery sides of that rut, unsure of what that first step needs to be to climb out.

    This books sounds like the roadmap (complete with climbing gear) to start the journey to be a better husband, father, leader, and friend.

  • @themccoyisreal

    As a change management practitioner I am excited to dig into the Heath bros. new material. I’ve read excerpts and think that their concept of, as Dr. John would say, accentuating the positive, is simple and powerful. Change has such negative conotations that focusing on what works provides people the energy and the vision to get behind the effort.

  • Virgil Grant

    I believe that each leader should identify/develop at least 5-7 universal core leadership competencies that they are committed to learn about for life. My core competencies that I study and promote for every leader are: vision, gift mix (self-awareness), coaching, change/transitions, teams, and character. Switch would be a book that fits into my leadership developmental path. The above core competencies are universal to me because they are needed regardless of the leadership context you find yourself in.

  • Mondy

    If you send me a book I’ll read it!

  • @danieljclark

    Thank you for your review of this book. I would love the opportunity to read (and win!) it because I am a creative (attended Recreate for the first time this year, and can't wait for next year) and a young leader. I am currently leading a large segment of a large mainline congregation through multiple changes related to leadership shifts and a denomination in flux. I am also currently leading, with my wife, the nonprofit we started through the critical transition from bare bones and infancy to substance and efficacy. Exciting things are happening on both fronts – yet each journey is full of challenges. I'm up to the task, yet always welcoming input, wisdom, collaboration, and community on the journey – whether from ink and paper or flesh and blood. Thanks again.

  • Steven Fogg

    We are going through Senior Leadership transition and this book would be invaluable to us as a leadership team to learn how to handle change really well.

    My recent post The Saturday Night Effect

  • Tom

    I have often used a book to turn on and off a light switch coming into my office or bedroom. So, the cover is a brilliant lure for me. The “stacks” I carry are for the very reason of creating personal and organizational change. I, being a pastor of a multigenerational, multiethnic, multiclass urban congregation, would love to read the Heath’s on this “multifaceted” ever evolving process.

  • guy m williams

    Thanks for posting on the Heath bros. Made to Stick was outstanding. I saw Dan Heath give a presentation about a year ago on the Switch material to non-profit sector folks. He was excellent. I have been looking forward to the book ever since. I'm seeing them both at an event this week in Houston, where I'll get my copy.
    My recent post week with eugene peterson 1

  • Fr. Christian Mathis

    Change. It seems we have been about nothing but change at my parish…..let me see if I can name a few, my transition from associate pastor to pastor, a brand new associate pastor, changes in how we use our buildings due to growth, new staff members and their interaction with longtime ones, the end of curbside parking, more and more use of new media for communication. You name the area and we have some change going on. People’s reactions are difficult to predict. If this book has some good ideas about how to manage change, I’m all in!

  • Daniel

    I am an agent of change….and terrified.

    I oversee changes within my organization on a monthly basis, gulp. Over my years of experience in this area we typically discuss the communication of change, the tracking of change, the training of change, the agreement of change but we rarely discuss the psychology of change. Needless to say, this could unexplored aspect, in my company, could help limit the misses we seem to have on a regular basis.

    Help me Michael Hyatt, you're my only hope.

  • Patty Conley

    My son Tom is a reader like me, his mom. He just recently texted me and told me about this great book he was reading and how he kept thinking, "this is something my mom needs, should, would love to read." He was so pumped about this book, that it does have me wanting to read it.

    Also, I think it would really help with the type of work/ministry I do. I work with women who have suffered abuse and we help them, with God's help, heal. Thank you for the chance to get a free copy.

  • Simon Hay

    I want to change the world, and changing myself might be the best way to start.

    I've tweeted. Thank you.

  • Danny Wahlquist

    Thanks for this great review Michael! I love change, but often find it difficult convincing others. I would love a copy of this book to provide tools to help.

  • LeAnn Weiss

    Michael, I'd greatly benefit from a review copy of Switch. Normally, I'm very adaptable. But in the last 2 years, I've had all of my roots uprooted. I was recently married and have made 4 moves in the last 2 years. In getting married and moving, I left my church of 25 years and Orlando where I was blessed by an amazing network of family and friends and had been a longtime grassroots political leader. I'm very happily married to my husband, but the moves caused me to put my ministry and business on hold. My last year plus has been spent packing and unpacking. I have a house in Orlando and my husband has a house in NM that isn't selling. We just moved to the DFW area due to my husband's job- which has me excited as I have lots of fellow authors in the area. But I think this book would greatly help me and I have a large network of friends that I can pass the recommendation on to. Also, it would greatly benefit my husband who struggles with change. Thanks for all that you do to produce and recommend books that change lives. Blessings, LeAnn Weiss (now LeAnn Weiss-Rupard).

  • Forrest Long

    Michael, I appreciate your generosity in giving books away. I have received others in the past and the books have always lived up to your recommendation. I am just beginning in a new pastoral ministry position and have been seeking leadership material to help me prepare and give direction as I develop a leadership strategy for this church. Your recommendation is enough for me to want to read this book.
    My recent post "AMAZING LOVE, HOW CAN IT BE"

  • Dan Heath

    Michael, I don't need a book — (I already know how it ends) — but just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about it!

  • Dave Faulkner

    Leading and managing change is critical to what I do. So is communicating that change in simple language. What am I? A pastor.

  • Jonathan

    Michael, my industry, the municipal water and wastewater industry, is notoriously slow to change. As such, so is my company. There are so many things that I think we can be doing internally to foster more open, business related social networking and idea development, yet the “powers that be” don’t yet see the value. I’ve made it my charge to be our agent of change, so “Switch” would be a great resource for me. Hopefully, I can use it and then recommend it to my colleagues for their “switch” in thinking. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • April Karli

    I’m reading Made to Stick and would love to have Switch as a companion to that book. I’m a leader in a network of missional house churches. Getting people on board with the changes happening in the church in the West, not to mention culture as a whole, can be challenging. Anything that will help me understand how better to communicate about this and advance God’s kingdom is something I want in my hands! Thanks for the opportunity to receive a copy.

  • Speckle

    As an SAHM, I know the highest level of leadership is in the home raising the next generation. I want this book because every little bit of wisdom, positively sought, adds another layer to this foundation.Thanks for considering me!
    My recent post #5 Frivolous Friday: Senate Bill 6345 (Cell Phone Frivolity)

  • Sandy Reynolds

    Switch! I've just taken a new role in a non-profit that develops leadership confidence in women. We are on the verge of change with an organization that is still largely founder run after ten years. My role as team leader for two short months is already significant change. On a personal level I struggle to continue with a running regime or stick to any weight loss program – those 15 pounds just never leave. I feel that 'how to change things when change is hard' might be timely!
    My recent post Sometimes Everything Comes Together

  • Phil Owen

    Why would I want a copy of this book? I suppose the nutshell version is I'm dumb and I need the Heath brothers to make me smarter. Really Michael, would you be ok with me perpetuating my lack of intelligence upon others simply because I failed to read this book?

    Ok, perhaps I'm not dumb…perhaps it's more like a lot of room for growth, and quite frankly after hearing Chip & Dan at the Leadership Summit this year really struck a chord with me as I'm preparing to step into the Lead Pastor position at our church and have been in a time of transition for the past few months now.

    Thanks for all your daily insights Michael!

    Phil Owen
    My recent post Human Slinky

  • Travis Worthington

    Thank you so much for the book review! I am an avid reader
    that reads almost a book a week and often many periodicals. This book looks amazing as a young guy going into my first pastorate this book by the Heaths will constantly help with the psychology of change. Saturday night I was in Barnes & Noble thumbing through this book.

    We all have to deal with change. For the past few years it has been adapting to the vision of the leader that we are serving. Now we are adapting to the progressive life cycle of a growing church and growing people. Can’t wait to read this book! Thank you!

  • dgende

    Switch is needed in education, switching from past centuries modes of teaching, from sage in the stage to facilitators of students' learning.
    Finding a guide to direct the ride, knowing how to motivate the elephant to shape the path to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century is why I need to read this book!
    My recent post Leading for Change. Part I

  • Ronda Hershberger

    I definitely want to read this book for personal and professional reasons. The business I work for is currently undergoing a metamorphosis and I am in a position where I can (in a small way) help lay the foundation. I will have a part in preparing employee communications related to the change and will eventually create collateral for our new product and service offerings. Personally, I need and want to modify my life into a more healthy existence. A friend and I have already started to diet and exercise together. It's much easier to work on dieting and exercise with a buddy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the book and I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a free copy.

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    I saw Chip and Dan speak at least year's Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Their talk was fascinating.

    Every leader is attempting to bring about change, and so understanding how people respond to change and how to help people transition through change is critical. We are constantly being told that people fear change. And for the most part people do. But in their talk Chip and Dan cited the example of marriage as a major life change that people look forward to, and delved into why that is.

    I've had their book on my reading list ever since, because I want to be a better leader and help change people's lives more effectively.

    My recent post Win a Free Copy of Steering Through Chaos by @ScottWillson7, @Zondervan

  • Noel Piper

    At 60-something, it's time to change some entrenched life-long habits so I can finish well, for the sake of my marriage, my family, my friends, & my ministry. I've already started working and thinking this direction, and I'm ready for penetrating insight and advice.
    My recent post Instructions for pillowcase dress

  • Teresa

    I want a copy of this book to help me change my relationship with my daughter, who is 18 has a 8 month old son and live with us. It is a challenge to be parenting a parent and watch them make choices that you don't agree with.

  • April

    I am reading Made to Stick and would love to have Switch as a companion. As a leader in a network of house churches it can be challenging to help people understand the changes happening not only in the church in the U.S., but in the culture as a whole. Understanding more about how and why people change will make me more effective as a leader and communicator in God's kingdom. It's an important book to have in my hands!
    My recent post Best links from the past week

    • April

      I'm sorry that this is a dupe post. My browser crashed when I submitted my original comment, but I see they both went through. I'm also April Karli below.

  • Jonathan

    Michael, don't know what happened, but my comment, posted via my Chrome browser, apparently didn't post correctly. Strange.

    Anyway, I would love to get a copy of this book! My industry, the water and wastewater industry, is notoriously slow to change. Thus, so is my company. I believe we could be making so many great changes in our business, yet, the "powers that be" don't see the benefit of social networking for businesses and the power of "story". So, I'm the self-appointed agent of change for this in the company. This book would be a great resource for me. Read it? Absolutely! Use it? No question!
    My recent post St. Michaels, Maryland, or "Getting away with your wife is WAY underrated!"

  • Michael Brown

    Thanks Mike. I am a Pastoral Ministry major at Moody Bible Institute and as I am studying, learning, applying I believe this book would offer me more tools to use and work with. To be honest I have never heard of these guys before but I am looking forward to reading this book and their previous book too. I promise to read and blog about the book. Thanks again
    My recent post mcbrownie220: This is why I am against Torture

    The book sounds interesting to me as I have for a while thought about why we (specifically, me) do the things we do. Over the past few years, I have been dealing with my diet regarding cholesterol and have had to consciously remember the difference between the "thrill" and the "fill" (ie, we should eat small amount of cake for the thrill and large amount of oatmeal for the fill). I look forward to seeing their viewpoint regarding the rational use of our minds.

  • Demetrios1

    Michael – After reading the comments below, I realize the right thing for me to do is purchase the book and let the more worthy have a chance for the comp copy. Enjoy your Tweets and blog posts! Thanks.

  • Rick
  • Anne Perschel

    I am at this very moment putting the final touches on a workshop for executives entitled "Leading Like Lincoln." It focuses on two critical attributes – empathy and story telling to engage the creative and emotional mind of followers. So kudos to the heath brothers and you for spreading the word that emotion matters. Will recommend the book to participants. Another great read in this area in Kegan's "Immunity to Change." He uses the metaphor of one foot on the gas and the other on the brake when it comes to how we deal with change. The old way has served a purpose for a long time
    My recent post Harvard Asks “Why So Few Women CEOs?” and Publishes the Answer

  • @GlenWRoberts

    I have become quite suspicious of our management lore on the topic of change. We are so entrenched in the thinking that change is 'difficult' and that people are 'resistant' that I'm starting to believe that we are creating that difficulty just based on our strong belief in it.

    Are we resistant to getting a new flat-screen TV or a new fishing boat? Even if it's not our own idea, we look forward to some changes (the kids don't complain when Dad buys the new game system!). Why can't we think about the new computer system at work this way? What makes us dread that? Why do we build up in our minds how that will make our lives more difficult?

    Thanks for the heads-up on this book Michael. It may provide some insight for those of us who make our living as leaders because our whole purpose is change.

  • Rusty Boozer

    Michael – Thanks for making these copies available. As a sales person for Apple, this book speaks directly to me. I deal in the world of Higher Education, where we are teaching like we taught 60 yrs ago and change is not a consideration.

    I would love a copy of this book because I'm always trying to create change, Change in the way institutions teach, the tools they use and the mindsets that say that don't need to change.

    I'm always looking for anything that can help me approach things in a different manner and it looks like "Switch" may have that.

  • Mitch Blackburn

    I've been watching and reading the Heath brothers work. In fact, I often forward their content for others as good ideas for improving our own communications / effectiveness. I'd love to get "Switch".

  • Brenda Gibson

    I could really use this book . . .
    I work in an equipping ministry that provides learning opportunities for people to help them think differently about their mission and purpose in life. We set up workshops and retreats that combine leadership skills, education and theology.
    This book sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn how to put a plan into action that will produce positive change! I would like a copy to use as a possible topic for building on change and how to manage it with a positive outcome that affects not only yourself, but the people around you as well.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Bryan Bulmer

    I work in the local church with teens but also all of our members. If there is a place were change can be hard it is the local church.

  • scpear

    On my list of "to-do's" is to go to order "Made to Stick" because of a video clip on the Fast Company site that I viewed yesterday. And now this book has come to my attention through this blog. The Heath brothers seem to have been blessed with an amazing ability to communicate principles that relate to a broad audience. As someone who is going through change I look forward to reading this book.

  • Remy Diederich

    Thanks for the recommendation. Change is at the heart of what I teach as a pastor and addiction consultant. I’m always looking for new ways to frame change. The book “Change or Die” was helpful too. I’d love a copy of SWITCH. Thanks.

  • Peter Eleazar

    I teach on change management, but would intuitively resist the hard-wired argument. To me resistance to change is a learned response, induced by fear and ignorance, but moderated by where we are in life. Resistance also usefully restrains the rate of change – one of the reasons that young blood often advances the church whist more experienced souls preserve traditions – a generally healthy tension. However, the duality of personality theory is to my mind not entirely a wiring issue – but also a function of sin, setting up the lifetime struggle between the desire to do right (the spirit, mind) and the capacity to do so (the flesh). Anyway, the book sounds useful and would augment my work. I am also writing a book on how to adapt to the economic changes affecting our world, so it would be a useful reference work.

  • Daniel Smith

    I work with the Teenagers as well as direct the music at our small(er) church in NW Georgia. A lot of them are either A: entering HS or B: getting ready for college. I, along with my team of teachers, am constantly challenging those kids to break their mind of the monotony of the world; to be unafraid to follow the path for them, and to by ALL means be ready to make changes.
    Especially my personal life. It’s easy to continue our routine when it’s “working” instead of making a change to make it “work better”. This book could help change so many lives around me.

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  • quinnschilling

    Hi:) Well, I would like a copy of the book because I am 41 now…and I have a lot of things I have wanted to do that I haven't done yet. I think my subconcious is very stubborn–and I have a very hard time changing–I fight it tooth and nail! But, we have a large family and keep moving, etc. So, I do experience change a lot–but I would like to control how I feel about it–maybe even embrace it. ??
    My recent post Homeschooling is just plain fun…

  • muffin23

    Hi Michael, this book ain’t christian right?
    But anyways, I’m joining again for these reasons:
    1) It’s FREE & I feel happy looking at all the books you’ve given me since the “Fearless” in Aug’09.
    2) Recommended by you. (Honestly, I want to read what a CEO reads.)
    3) I started reading in May 2009 & I love books about christianity, self help & leadership.
    4) No matter how impossible it seems to be, I believe change is possible to anyone who is willing. My life didn’t change immediately after I’ve accepted Jesus in my life 12 yrs ago, but “he” is the reason why I am “struggling” to change, for my own good & for God’s sake.
    5) By reading books have helped to transform myself into a better person because they make me ponder. I’ve been in this process of change for the longest time as I can remember but am not giving up!

    Thank you again. :)

  • Brigham

    So the Youth Pastor at my church is reading this book (Switch) and can't stop raving about it. I'm kinda interested in what all the fuss is about, as I have a hard time believing change can take place in the mindset of a person by their own volition. I'm more than willing to be proven wrong though :-)

  • Dan Brubacher


    Thank you so much for your book reviews and offers . . . a tremendous resource. There are two reasons why I would be very interested in a copy of “Switch” by the Heath brothers. First, I read “Made to Stick” a couple years ago and was absolutely blown away by both the content and its methodology. I learned a lot. I have since recommended it to numerous colleagues, and I look forward to anything else written by these same compelling authors. Second, I am an associate pastor in a church that is in desperate need of change, and this change is going to be incredibly hard to come by. Patterns of behaviour and thinking are established that need radical reworking, and there is perhaps no organization that is more difficult to change than a church. I would crave any help that the Heath brothers could offer, particularly because they write from outside the church market but with an ear for the charitable sector. I would love to be considered for your giveaway.

  • Chew

    I managed to preview this book in and find the first chapter is really engaging; I like the illustration of the popcorn in two different box sizes. This teaches me that often, how problems can be solved or changes can be initiated by looking at it from a different angle, a different perspective. I expect more surprises in the subsequent chapters. I want to read this book to draw principles that will help me in my work with the young people.

  • ben dempsey

    Mr. Hyatt I would love to receive this book. I work in the healcare industry and am seeing a leadership position. I would love to find ways of motivating and empowering change in the field. To put the focus back on patient care intead of only obtaining a buck. Thanks for your reviews.

  • April Stroupe

    I am privileged to work as director of operations for a very small, but quality record label and production company. It is a two woman-operation! The rider/elephant concept intrigues me, as my boss is the elephant, artistic, creative, a good intentional dreamer. I am the rider, thinking out logistics, and the bottom line. We are an excellent team, but at times our rationale and emotional are out of sync. The Brothers Heath have given a name to what can happen to each of our energy levels as we move down the path. I know that they are addressing the tension, push-pull of one person, but I think this concept, in fact may address the dynamics of a small management team such as ours! We are going on the road with her tour April 20. What a great project/retreat for us as we make out way across the country!

  • Dan Brubacher

    Dearl Michael,
    Thanks for your regular book reviews and offers–what a tremendous resource. There are two reasons why I would love to receive a copy of "Switch" by the Heath brothers. First, I read "Made to Stick" a couple years ago and was totally blown away by its content and methodology. I learned a lot from this book for my own communication, both oral and written, and I look forward to anything else written by these same brothers. Second, I am an associate pastor in an established church that is in desperate need of change, and this change is not going to be easy to achieve. Patterns of behaviour and thinking are long established, and it is still a bit up-in-the-air whether there is a leadership commitment to do something about it. I would value any help that Dan and Chip could provide in this regard, especially as they come from outside the church world yet are sensitive to the not-for-profit/charitable sector, where change can be especially difficult. Thanks for considering me as a possibility.

  • @Chew_Keng_Sheng

    I managed to preview the first chapter of this book in and find it to be really engaging. I like the illustration of the popcorn in two different box sizes and it teaches me that how, oftentimes, problems can be solved or changes can be initiated by looking at it from a different angle, a different perspective. I expect more surprises in the subsequent chapters. I hope to read it, to draw principles from the book, which I believe, can be applied in my work with the young people.
    My recent post Book Review: Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World

  • George Jackson

    I have already purchased the book for my work. We are about to go through a software change and we need the ideas in this book to help us. I am about half way through the book and have underlined many major points. I realize that I am an Elephant working on this project with a bunch of Riders. This book has brought that concept to light. I highly recommend this book for anyone that has change going on in their life. That would be just about everyone.

  • Chuck

    I would love a copy of Switch because it will probably be the last book i ever read on paper while I'm waiting for my new Apple iPad next month. Sounds like the principles outlined would be helpful in my work consulting with ministries and other non-profits on their online marketing. I will definitely read it!

  • @lantzhoward

    Being a youth minister and Marriage and Family therapist I find my self constantly trying to move others in a direction of change. It seems that change in general is resisted despite our cognitive abilities to say we want change. Look forward to winning this book to understand how change works in my personal life, but how I can be a catalyst to create change for others.
    My recent post My Pa was a Fighter

  • suzi

    thanks for this opportunity, michael.

    reasons why i would like this book:
    1. i've always said that many people who think they don't like change, actually don't like the process of change. yet without change, lives too often end up stalled. managing change is an essential life skill i wish was taught in school!
    2. after hearing chip & dan heath speak at last year's Leadership Summit, i have been interested in their work.
    3. i lead a small group of high capacity young women, and am always looking for new material to recommend to them.
    4. lastly, and most pathetically, since i gave up buying books for Lent, i in a bit of withdrawal, and perhaps a new book from you will help. :-)

    My recent post favorite days

  • @brianjdavis

    In the beginning stages of trying to change some long seated ways and some recently formed opinions. This will be a great asset I am sure. Looking forward to reading this book, one way or another.

  • Dale Schultz

    Thanks for the opportunity. I'd like a copy of this book as a resource to help and guide persons through the inevitable change in their lives. It's what I do. I'm also a change agent whose job it is to discern the necessary changes for the organization in response to the changes it encounters and then guide it organically through the never-ending process. I want to understand the delicate balane between change and consistency. I'd also like to know how to effectively change within myself as I enter the second half of my first century. I'm living toward more creativity and greater wholeness. Thanks for considering me.

  • Dot Bast

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive a copy of Switch. Working in local government, especially in Florida, provides many challenges today. Public sector has historically been slower than the private sector in implementing new ideas. As Training and Development Manager at the City of Delray Beach, I have the opportunity to be a positive influence and role model for the 850 employees on our staff. This book would be a valuable resource for us.

  • Chuck Bryce

    Thanks for the opportunity Michael. I would love to get a free copy of the book if you feel so inclined to choose me. I serve as a leader in both the business world and in our local church and in a ministry my wife and I are pursuing as we open up our home to those who might feel more welcome and accepted there than in a traditional church building. Because of these roles I get the awesome privilege and resposibility to mentor a great many people. I am also busier than a one legged man in a can kicking contest so I am always looking for resources to sharpen myself as a leader. I then build those resources into the mentoring I do with others.
    The really keen interest I have is in the timing of this book to my life. The business organization I serve through is undergoing great change and tremendous new opportunity. God is moving in awesome ways in our church and the Senior Pastor is a champion for those of us who feel led to minister in some non-traditional ways so that we may by all means reach some.
    I hope you pick me but if you don’t pick me on Friday I guess I will just pony up on Saturday and buy the book myself. (Either way, after I get everything I can out of it I will be sure to pass it on!)

  • @avtoolman

    I serve The Salvation Army in the mid-west as change catalyst. My focus is to develop new and existing leaders and disciples to be more than they alone by banding together in healthy, accountable relationships as they serve each other and their communities for Christ. Switch sounds like it would provide some welcome insight to share with those I serve, to help stretch and strengthen them in this process of transformation.I serve The Salvation Army in the mid-west as change catalyst. My focus is to develop new and existing leaders and disciples to be more than they alone by banding together in healthy, accountable relationships as they serve each other and their communities for Christ. Switch sounds like it would provide some welcome insight to share with those I serve, to help stretch and strengthen them in this process of transformation.

    Thanks for this opportunity and for your continued excellence in serving the Kingdom. You are stewarding your influence well.

  • PatAlexander

    I work with insurance agencies on implementing new processes and procedures. I am always looking for solutions to aid them with implementing change. Change for most people is so difficult. Implementing change is the most difficult part of what I do. In the past I have used such books as "Who Moved My Cheese", "The Heart of Change" and "Good to Great". Your review of "SWITCH" provides me with information that says I should read this book and adapt its tools to my work with my clients. Mike, thanks for your continued practice of making free books available.
    My recent post Reflecting on User Group Meetings

  • Darren Simmie

    Why I need (not want) this book!! All though I really want it too.

    1) I'm a career coach – I need to help people make changes in their lives. The changes are difficult and very different.

    2) I want to be better at handling change, and better at helping others!! oh ya!

    3) I'm the best looking career coach on the planet – u need me to help sell this book! haha.

  • Cara

    OMGosh! I can't believe you're doing a giveaway of "Switch". I've wanted this book ever since I first saw it on Seth Godin's blog a while back. I subscribe to Fast Company and have enjoyed the Heath brothers' column for years. I'm a HUGE fan! I would LOVE a copy of this book! If there were some way for me to become a blog stalker to get this book, I'd do it. So at the risk of any possible fall-ins with the law, please pick me so I don't have to go to jail for becoming the world's first blog stalker. =D (he he)

    But seriously, I am in a position in my company where I have very little influence on people, no one is below me and everyone is above me, so I am consuming books like this to help me move out of this low-life ( eh-hem, I mean low-level) position. I can use all the help I can get. This book would equip me with skills to help me effect change in my company (and in my life), even from my lowly position.
    My recent post I LOST 100 POUNDS!!!!

    • Cara

      P.S. My twitter name is mag_maker. I just tweeted the book giveaway. I wasn't sure how you'd connect my tweet to this entry because my twitter name is so different than my real name.

  • @jjhawes

    I currently work with the seniors of my church and am looking for ways to integrate change, not just for the sake of change, but for making things better. So often, it is so easy to do what "we've always done" and resist anything that is contrary. My hope is that by adding this book to my library, I will be able to introduce change in a healthy way — one that benefits not only the church but the senior adults of my community and world.

  • danielle

    I want THREE copies of this book. Yeah, I went there. I want to read it with the rest of the Management Team here at our church because we're trying to change a lot…and are trying to lead through it. I really think it would be helpful. And hey, if I can only get one we'll even buy two. ;-)

  • Tom E

    As the pastor of an 85-year-old urban Lutheran congregation in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I sometimes feel like I'm riding an elephant! This past fall I had a three month sabbatical in which I traveled the country visiting other urban ministries and studying creativity and the creative process…and how it all relates to urban ministry. I came back with a creative strategic plan for our congregation which represents all kinds of change. I would love to have a copy of the book to help me ride the elephant and guide our congregation through positive change and growth in a very difficult ministry.

    Thanks for your blog! It has been so very helpful to me. I started reading it after I saw you at the Story Conference in Chicago last fall. I have shared many posts with our staff and church leadership, and it has been very helpful to us.

  • Clifton Ditmore

    People coming to my blog are constantly struggling with change in their lives. I promise to read and review this book on my blog and Facebook. I also will continue to share what I learn from it with others. (I read Crush It! without putting it down and I am now ready to review it on my blog.)

  • Bob Wilson

    First of all, I love Jesus!

    God is using me in an unique way to encourage my pastor towards "greatness."

    Like so many small churches, I attend (I'm a former pastor) a church that I resigned from years ago, when we heard God tell us to return we had some apprehension.

    It didnt take long for us to realize that God was going to use us in a mighty way there.

    I have been "gifted" and I say that humbly, to encourage others strive for their fullness. Some have called my methods the "fuzzy slipper," it means that yes you will get pushed and kicked in the butt but it will be done in love.

    I would love a copy of this book to not only help me reach my fullness in Christ but to allow the wisdom to enlarge my fuzzy slipper.


    God bless!

  • Matt C S McCaul

    Looking through the other comments, I noticed that many of them commented on "Made to Stick" by the Heath brothers. I've never heard of it. I'm a senior at a Bible College. I'll be graduating in December. From there I have three different options in three different countries. As of yet, I don't know where God wants me. I read some of the reviews on "Switch" and it looks like a really interesting book. I would like to have it, because "Change" has been a big passion of mine. One of my driving factors is to see passive Christians change into active Christians. I myself recognize that there are habits in my life that I need to change drastically in the coming years, as well.

  • Bridget Haymond

    If you choose to give me a copy of this book it will be read, highlighted, dog-eared and reviewed!

    I am passionate about helping people implement change from a Biblical perspective, but I also value the psychological aspect as well. Our lives are always a balance of the natural (the way our brain is designed) and the spiritual as well as the will of God and our own free will. I always strive to gain new insights that will help me to serve my clients in the most balanced and effective way possible and I’m sure this will prove to be another great tool in my resource library.

    I’m tweeting about this now @truthlifecoach!

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Bridget Haymond

    My recent post Do You Think I’m Beautiful?

  • Ryan Barton

    The biggest principle I took out of your review was the concept of real, applicational learning. I get discouraged with books on theory rather than real, tangible ideas.

    I also hate reading a book and just putting it on the shelf so it gathers dust.

    I thrive on books I can return to to re-engage thought-provoking changes. So yes, Michael, I'd love a copy!

  • Christopher Scott

    Thanks for sharing the book notes Michael.

    I would love to have a copy of Switch to read and learn from to apply to our nonprofit. In 2009, I gave 109 presentations to audiences in our community encouraging them to donate to the United Way of Stanislaus County.

    Most of these presentations are to about 20 – 40 people in small staff meetings and safety meetings. Based on the notes you've listed in your post about the book Switch, I could really benefit from learning and growing from some of the principles shared in the book. Learning about the "rationale" and "emotional" sides of the brain will help me to better understand how to tailor my presentations to audiences for successful United Way presentations.

    I'm also leading the effort to host the Chick-fil-A Leadercast., so reading this book will give me a sneak peak to what Chip might share at that event in May.

    Thanks for considering me for one of the fifty books, and I promise to read it if you give a copy to me.

    Christopher Scott
    My recent post The beatings will continue until moral improves

  • lydiajo39

    Wonderful book recommendation — but I can't wait until the nineteenth for a maybe. I'm headed for the book store.

  • Pat Callahan

    I think would probably love this new book by the Heath brothers. I "own" their last book – although before I could read more than a chapter, my boss (Sr. Pastor) "borrowed" is and I have never seen it again!

    We are in the middle of deciding a huge change for our organization. I would love to "own" and then let my boss "borrow" this book as well, as I believe it could really help us as we manage this transition.

    And then maybe I would get the first book back!

  • Joe Sanchez

    Why is it so difficult for me to change!? I'm the kind of person who likes consistancy along with security but I feel like I'm playing things too safe and as a result missing out on some good things in life. Furthermore, as a leader in the church I think my low risk personality influences others to be the same way causing our church to be ineffective and irrelevant. If you think this book could help me out then I promise to read it and would be very grateful. Thanks!

  • Michael Hyatt


  • Karin

    It's not that I want this book – I need it. I am a creature of habit. I thrive in a structured, organized environment. God is breaking me.

    I'm a substitute teacher a freelance writer – no two days are ever the same. Every school district has its own rules, and so do the schools within those districts. Each editor has different guidelines and deadlines.

    Every day my life changes. If I'm lucky enough to stay in the same place for two days in a row, the work changes. I've sunk to the level where I LIKE township planning commission meetings because they're at the same time every month.

    Please help me not just survive this life, but succeed in it. Thank you!

  • Mike

    I loved Made To Stick, and have been wanting to pick up Switch as well. I'm really young for the position of leadership that I'm in and try to read everything I can that will help me to be a better leader.
    My recent post Want a Book or Two?

  • Jon Dale

    Mike, I'm reading the book on my Kindle. I'd love a hard cover copy to give away to my blog readers.

  • Mauro Pennacchia

    The reason I want this book and will definitely read it is because while change is a constant, I am slow to react to it and embrace it. I would love to be able to align the two systems mentioned and finally be able to use change as a positive force instead of dreading or fighting it. I am sure this will change my life.

  • Drew

    I want a copy of this book as, quite honestly, it will be the first book that I read from cover to cover. I have HUNDREDS of books on my shelf – both in my office at the church and my office at home. I’ve never read a single one of them from cover to cover. It’s time to make a “Switch.” This fitting title will be just that!

  • Elizabeth

    Why do I want this book? Because I color my hair.

    You see, I volunteer for an amazing Christian women's mission organization who is trying to adapt to fit the needs of today's women. We are graying and need to do more than color our hair to thrive!

    I work with the organization's national leadership team, and so once I read this book, I will share it, send it, spread its message. I'd love the free book because it would give me a few more mite offerings.

    I also just downloaded the audio version of Switch based on your suggestion, Michael. I can't wait to hop on my elliptical tomorrow to get started on that book. Thank you for opening good reads for me.

  • Paulina

    I want a copy of the book because I need new ideas that will challenge me and make me think beyond what I'm currently doing. I run a non-profit organization and I want to grow it over the coming year, which means major change will need to happen. I'm both terrified and excited and Switch would help me move forward with my dreams.

  • Becky

    I will definitely read the book Switch. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you why.
    I am leading a non – profit organization. We are in the midst of growth moving from a completely volunteer run, active organization with highly engaged board members and founders to an organization that now has staff.
    There are 2 of us on staff and we are energized and focused to move forward toward becoming a professional non – profit with strategic planning, community engagement and programming. We are reaching beyond the “inner circle” of the original visionaries and families who absolutely love “the organization”. The passion of the people involved from the beginning, who all have great ownership and belief in the way things have always been done has given me great opportunity to find new ways to emotionally keep them involved but at the same time allow me to move the organization forward without “hurt feelings” and stepping on great peoples emotions. This book will teach me how to honor the elephant and move the organization forward…
    I hope to hear back from you soon! Thank you,Becky

  • @awordsmith

    This book sounds like a great addition to my leadership toolbox. I promise that it will be read and used in my leadership life. I enjoy reading "secular" books and implementing the truths and tips into ministry and it would appear from your review that there are plenty of ready-to-use principles in Switch.

  • Anne Baker

    Mr. Hyatt,
    You have peaked my interest in this book; I read a review of it just the other day and marked it on my list to research a little further. Making lasting changes is a continuing challenge in my life because I seem to sabotage myself when I gain momentum, and the idea of aligning the Rider and the Elephant through the clinics and practical examples sounds realistic and exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to plead my case!

  • Jeff Myers

    I pastor Living Hope Church in Dixon, CA. We're a city of about 18,000 with about 7 evangelical churches–none of which have ever been able to break the 150 attendance barrier. Churches in towns near us have been more effective through the years, but Dixon struggles. Our church is getting ready to change this–I can feel it. We're already averaging about 140 and the momentum continues to build. There's a real move of the Spirit. I want to continue to lead our church and community of churches in a lasting change. Lead our church to aggressively take the gospel to our streets and develop a greater heart for the lost. Lead our community of churches to greater cooperation. If this book can help in that process, then I want it! Thanks for your leadership, Michael!
    My recent post Consider Them Given

  • @jrforasteros

    "Made to Stick" has revolutionized the way I communicate in every level of my faith community – and I've been able to spread the principles in the book to more and more of our pastors and leaders. We're in a challenging place right now – caught in a struggle for Church identity and navigating generational tensions. I believe that SWITCH will help us forge a new path into the future, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. We need cohesion and buy-in at every level of our organization, and I am confident that SWITCH will help us to guide our people in the right direction! Thanks so much, Michael, not only for recommending this book but also doing this give-away!
    My recent post PETA’s Sexy Beasts Pt. 3 (of 4): In A Godda Da Vida

  • Craig Van Korlaar

    I got the audio book version and loved it so much I literally listened to the entire book in one sitting and started it over again (long road trip). Unfortunately, audio books make for a poor resource for later reference, and this is a book that I plan on certainly referencing in the future.

  • Annette

    I would love to read "Switch" because I am in the process of switching careers. I am currently an underpaid, disrespected and overqualified Executive Assistant. My immediate goal is to transition into an analyst or project management position. I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Professional Computer Studies, and I know that I am currently toiling far beneath my worth. But I do what I have to do as a single mother (who's adult son is being laid off from his engineering job) and a new homeowner to keep the bills paid on my journey to one day becoming a millionaire.

    Thank you for your consideration. I would enjoy reading this book and I'm sure that it will be life-changing for me and my son (who would read it also)!

  • Steve

    It sounds like a book that any pastor in ministry could benefit from when change in method is a constant. It is about getting our brains and emotions aligned to make changes that benefit the Kingdom of God. A book that will help me to teach healthy models of change in people, teams and an organizations is a must read for me. Thanks for offering the book and I will not only enjoy reading it but learning to applying the principles of the Heath brothers.

  • Dave Stradling

    Thanks for your recommendation of Switch. Our church is currently undergoing a change from a program based ministry to one that is highly relational. This has been a difficult shift as we have seen many families leave, but our leadership team believes this what we are called to do. My job, as the Youth Pastor, is to help in this transition and guide the students through this change that may be uncomfortable for those who have grown up in the church and are seeing our approach/ministry style change. This book looks like it provides some great insight into how to best lead this change and get others on board. I would read this book as I believe it would help in my leadership and give me a framework for how to best make this switch.

  • Ray Megal

    As someone whose own 'change switch' seems like it is a 3-way switch (i.e. it seems like every time I flip my switch it is turned off at the other end) it would be helpful to get ideas on how to get the thing to stay where I put it, or to at least find the other end and disconnect it!

  • Bianca Perez

    I’m 24 yrs old, a young leader, i’m in management at a fence company in Texas. It’s a family owned business and things are hard to change around here. It’s very much a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I’m hoping Switch will open my eyes to the mind set of a lot of the people i work with and hopefully help be a catalyst for some change around here. Thanks for the opportunity…


  • Rex

    While sitting in B&N the other day, I had the opportunity to take a look at this book. The next thing I knew about an hour had passed and I had finished reading the first section. As someone who is in his mid 50's and knows so well the difficulty in change, this book was really hitting on so many things that I could just kept nodding my head.

    Over the past few years I have undertaken changes in addressing health issues (lost and have kept off sixty five pounds) as well as in my personal and professional life. Those things I continue to work struggle with but just tackle on a daily basis with one goal of making some progress.

    You might wonder why I want a copy. Well needless to say it's a book that I know I personally will get a great benefit from but it's also the kind of book that I want to share with others. I've got someone in mind that I'll actually pass it along to so they can benefit as well.

    Being able to incorporate changes into your life is one key element of what it takes for you to be successful. I still start with the Bible but anytime I find books like this that help as well—I learn from them.

  • Andrew Latorcai

    I'm a lay minister in a church denomination that is on the precipice of change. While mentoring the leaders of the future, I feel that this book will also help in transitioning the "old ways of thinking" into "more modern ways of thinking" that will bring our leaders and our church into a thriving, growing, joyful society. Thanks for the opportunity to read this book!

  • Brandon

    I am dumb and not a big fan of reading but I need to learn and if yo ugive me this book I will read it this year. I saw Chip can Dan at Willow Creek and was inspired to buy the book but they sold out of combo pre-purchase. I was too slow…this is the story of my life…why am I always steps behind everyone? HELP ME!!!!!! I just know if i had a copy of this book I would become more learned and catch up with the crowed…no, I will pass by the crowd and become my own crowd and lead other crowds. Please Michael Hyatt…turn the Switch on! If you find my post at all compelling maybe you could consider give me all 50 copies. Thank you.

  • Mitch Ebie

    I am starting an on-line organization that is designed to offer resources to people in four main areas of life: financial; spiritual; relational; and, personal. I am doing this 1) because I like to help people and 2) I want to work for myself….who doesn't, ha-ha. One of the fundamental aspects that goes hand-in-hand with my organization and is applicable to each of my four areas is the power of the mind and the ability to control it. I believe that we have the ability to change the way we think and that it is actually crucial to do so. I am actually about to post an article on this topic, and eventually write my own book (I will not reveal the name just yet). I would love to get my hands on this book as it is pertinent to improving the way we live and it would lead to great content on my site. Thanks for the opportunity, I appreciate it.
    My recent post What are some PRINCIPLES that you live by?

  • Dale Schaeffer

    Three Reason I'd like a copy of Switch.

    Reason #1 – I am currently coaching a great leader, with a track record for growth, who is moving from the corporate world into the church world as he leads an established church to reverse a pattern of decline and ineffectiveness.

    Reason #2 – I am leading several organizational changes in our leadership structure at our church.

    Reason #3 – I'm committed to training leaders and consistently pass on what I am learning to others.
    My recent post Spring Ahead Tonight!

  • Jerome Coleman, Jr

    I read their book "Make It Stick" and thought it was great. I am in a place where any advice about transition would be great. I know that the Heath Brothers would do a great job at this topic. I hope that you would consider me to receive a copy of the book. I enjoy reading your blogs every chance I can. I know that if you recommend this book, it has to be a good book. Thanks for all you do to make a difference.
    My recent post Uth Ministry Transfusion: TWO

  • Ted


    Thanks for reviewing this book and explaining your actual use. I think change is still a 'magical' challenge for leaders, and there is much to learn about what encourages (or forces) change in followers.

    I have always looked to apply Kotter's model, or analyze a change with these steps. Controlled chaos and complexity tends to be more of the norm, and then a linear approach tends to fall flat.

    Will be interesting to see what Switch has to say about this process.

    Twitter: @tedkinzer

  • Russ N.

    Bummer, just ordered last week from amazon and it will be in tomorrow or Wednesday…

    Can’t wait to read it!

  • Kurt M.

    Thanks Mike for taking the time to highlight this book. I've seen others comment on the quality of this book and have wanted to get the book to read for myself and have let time slip away without getting to the store to purchase it. The reason why I would love to have a copy of this book is I realize in my own life that I need to change. I've always have been under the thumb of someone else. 16 years with the military and immediately from there into the corporate world. I have tremendous ideas to break away from the corporate world and then the emotional side of me puts ideas into fear and the result is a revolving door. I'm not getting any younger and any type of extra motivation to turn these ideas into reality will be a huge success for me and my family. I would love to read the book if given the chance.

  • patriciazell

    I've always loved change–in fact, in my younger years, I loved it so much that I gave my husband fits. I would start a project, but never finish it because a better idea came along. Fortunately, for the sake of our marriage, I began writing and that discipline settled me down. I now know how to finish projects in a timely manner, and my love for change has matured nicely.

    I would like a copy of Chip and Dan's book because I want to understand the psychology of making change easier for people. If there is one challenge that I see the realm of Christianity, it is the reluctance to change. With all the advances in understanding language and science, the inability to change what we believe can be a real hindrance to growth in the Lord. I believe that the Heath book would help me lock in on strategies that I could us to help nudge people into thinking new thoughts. I also like that it is an easy read because between writing and teaching, I don't have time to struggle through a book.

    My recent post #34 THE DOING OF BELIEVING: FAITH (2)

  • Andy

    Well, I want a copy of this book because my life is full of changes. I think if I had to describe my life I would describe it with the word change. And most of the times, this changes were not something I was looking for but something that was forced into my life. So, i want to be able to be a change in the world and to use the constant movement in my life for the transformation of others.
    My recent post DIOS PONE LIMITES

  • Wisdomcalls

    Hey Mike!

    I need this book! I am in the process of taking my whole organization to a new level and need the tools in this book to help us get there. Also, I communicate for a living, and my mission is to inspire others to change by helping them change their perspective. How one looks at circumstances, obstacles, priorities, and time hugely affects one's actions and results. This is the book I want to help me achieve this goal of helping others improve their lives. Thanks for offering this to us!

  • Jude Boudreaux

    As a CFP, I’m in the business of helping people make positive change in their lives. I found Nudge to be a great book about how people make decisions and I’m hoping that this book will give me more ideas that can help people make good decisions and develop good habits in their financial and personal lives.

  • @jmiles_tms

    This book sounds like a must have resource for me in helping my clients. I have my own custom programming business and a lot of times I am building software to make processes better within organizations. This book would be invaluable in helping my customers through the changes that new software always brings.

  • rgraber

    I want it.


    Just trust me.

  • Rhonda Purtee

    I have moved from laity to full-time Associate Pastor in the 16 years I have been a part of my church. We are a congregation addicted to the activity of change, but unable to master the art of effective change. We change what is changing, and so I wasn’t planning to read this book, thinking that we don’t need to learn about change, we need to learn about stability. But, when I read the last bullet of the 3rd point in your synopsis, “Keep the change going” it resonated with what God has been saying to us regarding an inability or unwillingness to follow-through. We give up too easily. If Switch has insight into that area, I would eagerly welcome the wisdom.

  • Jack

    I read "Made to Stick" my senior year of college and just finished re-reading it. I loved it! As I read new books my first instinct is to apply what I read immediately so that way I can learn how it really looks in life. I have a good feeling that I will do the same with this book.

    I want this book because I am starting a new job in operations for a campus ministry and as I look at the office that I will be moving into, I see that some change will be needed and I think "Switch" will be a huge in helping myself and others around me make the switch to some new ideas and systems. So, I am positive that I will read "Switch."

    Thanks for reading and posting about "Switch," and wetting my appetite even more for this new read!

  • @rebeccasmith

    Thank you for your review of Switch, the timing could not have been more perfect. Since out lives seem to be in state of change right now. From health, jobs, church, to living situations, you name it it's being changed! I look forward to seeing how these principles can help make the change for the better, since it looks like change has come to visit for a long while!

  • PeterHornOnline

    Michael, I'm the lead pastor of a church plant. We will celebrate our 3rd birthday on Easter. We began out of change, and we've continued to navigate change on our way to an average attendance of 352. I'd love to understand both the rider and the elephant side of the process so I can do an even better job of leading us into our desired future: Go into our community and give every man, woman, and child repeated opportunities to experience the life-changing reality of Jesus. Today, our community has 44,000 people. Depending on whose demographics you study, that number will double or triple (90,000 to 130,000) in the next 15 years…lots of change all around. We have plans to plant other churches throughout our community, believing that it will take a variety of churches to see our Vision become a reality. Lots of vision casting and navigating change is still in store. So, how 'bout it? I will read the book. Thanks for the opportunity to receive one.

  • BL Wills

    Chip and Dan Heath's insights into human nature are nothing less than a gift to us. I'm anxious to read Switch not just for the good of the organization I work for, but for myself personally, as I'm at the threshold of that time of life when no-change seems to be so much easier and safer than change.

  • David Collier

    The reasons I want this new book by the Heath Bros. is:
    1. Our society is changing so rapidly so I personally need to know what I need to know and do to change effectively
    2. I read Made to Stick and I know I will learn even more about the power to change.
    3. I love to make changes in fact I am getting pretty good at it. This book will give me more insight on change.
    4. My wife says I can never change enough and that is enough to make me want this book.
    5. You follow me and I follow you on Twitter so you are like my Twitter brother. 'nuff said. LOL

  • cwv2213

    I was fortunate to win the last book give away and have already read through Crush It. It seems that this would be the perfect follow-up book to Crush It and would give me some ideas to make the much needed changes. I would really appreciate the book and promise to read and apply this book where I can in my personal and business life.



  • @brandonschmidt

    I am such a big fan of "Made to Stick." My boss required the entire staff to read it, and he routinely quizzed us on aspects of the book, just to make sure it "stuck."

    If I get a copy of Switch, then I can read it and impress him before he gets a chance to read it!

  • @goldnron

    My wife and I have been stuck for 3 years. We desperately need some sort of cattle prod to get us moving again.

  • William McNeely

    I'm in the "halftime" of my life dealing with change and how to approach the next phase. I've had great moments in my life where everything has gone right. And sometimes, not so right. As I maneuver the "curves of life", the curve of disappointment, the curve of debt, layoffs, economic downturns that cause us to question our decisions and our very vision for our life, sometimes we need help. Help to propel or accelerate through the curve to the straightaway of significance. Switch – by the Heath Brothers – I believe will help me through the rational and emotional aspects of change and get me moving for the next phase! I need this book.

    My recent post The Come-Back Missile

  • Justin Powell

    Thanks for the chance to plead my case for a free book along with all the others…

    I would like to get this book for free because:

    -I don’t have a ton of money to buy new books as an overseas support-raising worker, and new father!

    -I used to read a lot, but have become a bit bored with reading stuff about the same topics…this sounds refreshing.

    -My life is in a tremendous season of change: just moved to Europe, had a second child, living in a new culture, etc…but why I think it would be beneficial for me to better understand the dynamics of change is because I hope to lead change in the city that I live in. If our city doesn’t change, it’s continuing on in it’s slow death…Maybe that’s too dramatic, but maybe not!

    Thanks again for being generous with your time and these books!

  • @lancebeaumont


    This is definitely a great book. As a music educator this book has given me a different lens from which to view change, both the change I want to see in my life and the change I want to instill in my students. This even has impacted the way I encourage my music students to practice by helping them script the critical moves. I posted my thoughts on this Change. Again great book and I highly recommend it to anyone. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on leadership and social media. Keep the great thoughts coming.

    My recent post Change

  • tneal

    Loved, loved, loved The Principle of the Path. When I see "Shape the Path" in your review of Switch, I make an automatic connection between a wonderful past reading experience and an anticipated future reading pleasure. Thanks again for your recommendations.

  • James T.

    I read your blog often and follow you and twitter. I serve in a new management roll leadership and stewardship development. The concepts of Switch seem great and I'm looking forward to more fulling understand and implementing them. Thank you for making your reservoir of wisdom so available.

  • the1stfollower

    Mr. Hyatt, I desperately need to teach my Elephant to Ride on the Path. The Elephant is very stubborn and, as I'm sure you know, VERY large. His massive frame makes it very difficult for him to ride, poor fellow. And when he does ride, I cannot keep him on the path. Please send me a copy of Switch so that I can finally take the training wheels off! If it works, I will give away a copy on my blog, so that someone else can teach their Elephant to Ride on the Path.____We thank you (the Elephant and I).

  • Kevin Merritt

    Thanks for the post and the offer to provide copies. I have had this book on my radar scope since I alternate between fiction and business books, I am always looking for my next targets in each category. I promise to read it and will post completion on my linkedin page. I want to read this book because we always hear the cliche that change is inevitable get used to it, but that doesn't give you the tools to be successful in managing and adapting to change. Like the ten commandments or the seven habits of highly effective people, it is the application of principles to overcome challenges that help us. I want to learn tools to add to my quiver to manage the change in my world. Thanks again for the offer! Best wishes.

  • Alex Verdun

    HI – change is tough at times – how do we get an intergenerational organization like a mature church to make changes that embrace the new genration without turfing out the core values. We will loose our youth and young adults without making serious changes. Let's find a way to all get together behind a change to ensure the future of this family of faith without having to start all over again down the street.

  • Tom Mc.

    I would very much like to read Switch because our company could really benefit from the idea of change right now. We are so busy "doing more with less" that we often lose sight of changes we could make in order to benefit our group overall. Instead, we keep doing what we have been doing. And, our group is in the process of adding people/resources when really what we may need instead is simply…change.

  • Nathan Creitz

    I would love to read this book! As a church planter in New England, my goal is to not just start new churches, but by doing so to revitalize neighboring churches. Many of the churches in my area have become stale and have ceased to share the gospel boldly. I live in the town where Mary Baker Eddy found "the healing power of Christ". She launched a false religion that spread all over the world. Imagine what the Truth can do in a place like this! I've already found "Made to Stick" to be extremely helpful in my preaching and leading and I see a lot of ways in which this new book can also help me as I start churches in New England. Thanks for the opportunity!
    My recent post Marketing Your Church Plant: Philosophical Foundations

  • Dean Fuhrman

    I ride an unruly elephant. Both need training, and the Heath Bros. have the stuff. I will definitely read the book if I get it

  • Bill Spinks

    I work for a church. I am a lay leader in a church. I’d like to give this book to my pastors to read. The church is not what it used to be, because it did not change as needed. Many things should remain constant (the truth in our salvation, for one…) some things must change, like how we get people into mission. The outline from the book looks like a good place to start.

  • Tony Mariani

    Well I have been accused of having an over the top emotional system. Probably comes from the European heritage. I am looking to find the balance with rational system the Heath boys talk about in this new book.

  • Lincoln Parks

    My goal was to read as many books as I could this year. I've already started to become Indispensable with Seth Godin's book Linchpin. Now, I want to learn how and why we dislike change so much. This would be the ultimate momentum shift for me. I study your blog faithfully and admire how you run a business. I only want to be mentored and read what truly successful people read and do. If I could learn why most people dislike change, then maybe I can understand some things about my business. Jim Rohn said that change is going to happen and its just the way it is, and that we should not subscribe to that class! So I'm eager to read how this book will enhance my life even more. Looking forward to it, and I'm ready and eager to take in the knowledge!

  • Pat J. Sikora

    Michael, sounds like another wonderful book. My ministry involves hugging a lot of porcupines and training others to do the same. I love helping to bring wounded people to maturity. That, of course, requires a lot of change. I'm sure this book would be helpful. And I'll blog it so others can benefit.
    My recent post The Law of Entropy

  • Joseph

    I'D LIKE TO READ THIS BOOK as upon your recomendation I purchused 'Made to Stick' and found it profoundly helpful in my communication as a pastor. I'd appreciate the brothers' thoughts on implementing and leading change as well. No doubt this next book would be of equal benefit. I'D LIKE A FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK BECAUSE I'm an M.Div student as well as a pastor and my book budget at the moment is being spent on 'required' readings. Swith unfortunatly isn't required reading for Corinthians, Trinity or Contemporay Theological Issues. Thanks for considering sending me one.

  • @DaveJumpNZL

    I would love to gain a copy of your new book. I am struggling with change, and need some big encouragement for the direction God wants me to go. I think this book may have some keys answers for me.

  • Griff

    As the old adage states, the only constant is change. And yet I find it one of the most difficult things to concretely/actively implement in both my professional and personal life. It is entirely too easy to leave things the way they are, to continue doing them (whatever they may be) the same old way. If these authors have something valuable to say on the subject, I need to hear it. Plus…my wife thanks you for the prompting.

  • @mitchwellman

    Mr. Hyatt, change really is the elephant in the room. Unfortunately too often he is left in the room and the rider never really attempts to jump on for a challenging adventure. Likewise- change is often something that is seen as a necessity, but actually addressing the elephant (emotional attachment) and getting the rider (practicality and rationale) on the same page are so hard. I can honestly say that in my ministry, business ventures, and personal life that critical emotions often identify areas in which change is needed, unfortunately fleshing out a practical plan to put those emotions into action rather than thoughts seems to keep my elephant locked up in the room. I would really appreciate your help at unlocking the door and letting my elephant find greener pastures.

  • Michael Davis

    once we get set in our ways good or bad, so many times it is hard to switch and change directions before it's already too late

  • Carl Franzon

    The title caught my eye because change has been on my mind a lot lately because of having 8 month old twins at home, so there is a lot of changing: changing of diapers, their clothes, my clothes, changing of sleep habits. I also serve as pastor of a church in an extremely depressed town that is in the process of making change but seems to keep wanting to sit down part way down the path. As a community leader, I also serve on several non-profit boards to include our local hospital which is going through many changes and any wisdom in helping all of these organizations to not only change but to thrive would be helpful. I do promise to read the book, in between all the changes.

  • Chris Drummond

    Truthfully, I really want to know what all the fuss is about. There are a few people talking about it and I have not read any of their books.

  • Mark Dykeman

    Hello Michael:

    I would love to have a copy of Chip Heath’s and Dan Heath’s book Switch because I desperately want to change certain aspects of my life. Although I have made some positive personal changes during the past few years, I have failed often at others. At the same time, if I can make more positive changes in my life, I can try to help other people do the same. I will read Switch many times over the course of my life and I will tell other people about it.

    Thanks for making this offer to your readers!
    My recent post The best bloggers are world builders

  • Sara

    "Question: Why do you want a copy of this book? If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?"

    YES! I've been wanting to read both "Switch" and "Made to Stick" by the Heath brothers for quite some time now. I'm in the midst of a whole lot of changes both professionally and personally and have heard really good things about both books. I was excited when I saw your blog post about this recent book. Thank you so much for all you do within the publishing world!

  • Juwaeriah

    The hardest thing is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you someone else.So to reason out, I need to stick being me no matter what happens around me.But change is inevitable.And like tide and time, it waits for no man.So how do I exist in a variable world yet have the clarity to remain constant.Do I modify my circumstances to fit the change or modify myself to adapt to the change.What if I am too distracted to be a rider or too cruel to be an elephant.Don't I still have the right to read a book that can dilute my confusion about change.

  • Simon Herbert

    Another fantastic offer, Michael, and another great review. The job that takes up most of my time is teaching and this is all about change. The challenge is not giving people the information they need to know, it is actually to get them to act on it. Whether it's kids or adults, overcoming the elephant attitudes of that's not important, I don't want to know, my way is better etc., is where the struggle is. Finding better ways to link the Rider and the Elephant can only help me do my job better, and the most important thing is that I can teach these principles to the generations coming through the education system.
    My recent post Called.

  • Amy

    We have a book club here at the office and read MADE TO STICK awhile back – loved it! Also love the brothers column in Fast Company. Would love to snag a copy of SWITCH – minored in psychology and love new insights into why we do the things we do – and perhaps to encourage my co-workers that this would be our next book? :o)

  • Joy Green

    There once was a woman named Joy,
    who shouted with glee, "Oh, boy!
    A free book from Hyatt
    would be my de-li-ate!
    My entry with hope I'll deploy."
    This book sounds as though it would be very beneficial not only to me personally but also to pastors, interns and others whom I am privileged to regularly encourage. All of us are effecting change in our lives and ministries. Yes, I promise to read the book and can't wait! Thank you.

  • Maria Keckler

    I have been a fan of the Heath brothers ever since their previous book, Made to Stick, so I was thrilled to hear Dan Heath speak on Swith in San Diego, CA, last week. I was tremendouly impressed not only with the book concept but also with the insightful way it is presented thorugh the power of stories. Having worked in academe for several years, I truly appreciate that two academics and researchers can articulate profound ideas in such a practical way with humor and humility. (It was great getting a free book (courtesy of Ashford University) and a year subscription to Fast Company).

    Truly, anyone who wants to change or affect change needs to read Switch. Every influencer needs to have a copy and share it with his/her circle of influence.

  • chaya wena

    For the past 20 years I have lived + worked in the USA, my cheetah and I were in great sync – as a result of which we gleamed success – I have returned to South Africa and to my horror my cheetah has morphed into an elephant – yet I continue to treat and think of it as a cheetah – I'm going nowhere fast!

  • Robert

    I am in the process of leading change in our community and our local congregation. I am young and lack significant experience. I believe that this book would benefit me, our church and our community.

  • Akers

    I have reached the point where I know that a change is needed in my outlook towards life and towards some of the habits that keep holding me back. It is not like I have not tried but I somehow feel like a thermostat I keep coming back to where I was earlier. I have tried various methods but nothing seems to work. Perhaps this book might have some key in assisting me to move beyond this constant sticky point. I promise to read it on its receipt.

  • Chris Buri

    Hi Michael,

    This book is interesting to me because I am a status quo kind of guy. My wife would say that I am Earth in the Wind, Fire Water, Earth way of looking at personalities. I get comfortable, put down roots and then I don't want to change. Change is hard! However, life involves change and often change is necessary.

    One of the best things that I can do for myself personally is stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. This book sounds like it would push me, stretch me and most likely grow me in way that would be of benefit to my work life and home life. Thanks for offering it.

    So – I promise to read the book if chosen! I read all the time on the train to/from the office and in the evenings.

  • Kevin

    As a member of a large (and still growing) church, I have the unique privilege to implement and walk my church's leadership team through the process of changing the way we handle our finances. While I have had the opportunity to lead change in the business world, this is an opportunity to have a lasting impact on the work God is doing through our ministry. I am constantly on the lookout for new resources I can use to improve myself and my leadership abilities. This book will have that general impact, I am certain, and will be very useful to me in the immediate opportunities I have. Plus, by not needing to buy the book, I can save money that I can then spend on leadership books your company publishes. Big smile.

  • Dave

    lets see..for the past fifteen years I have made a pretty good living doing what I do.. and yet..this past year has been the hardest year ever. I just finished a peanut butter sandwhich bought with supplies from the 99 cent store. No idea where my next paycheck is coming from.. waiting for them to turn off my power…and..Im alone..If anyone could use a switch…I would be one.. I cant promise I wont test it the book for nutritional value though. If ya cant send me the book. If not the book send good thoughts… or.. cash via paypal… ;-) Yes. I will read it..lots of free time.

  • Donna

    My husband and I own three businesses between the two of us and they are all intertwined. Due to unforeseen circumstances we find ourselves having to reinvent two of the three. What I have read about this book is exactly the conversations we have been having about what we need to do and we are not exactly sure how to do it (although our conversations weren't quite so entertaining). It would mean a lot to me to have this book and finally get my hands on a tool that will provide some insight into our next steps. Thanks!

  • Marilyn Woods

    I have held two basic beliefs on change. One is you have to want to change, simplistic but true. Two, we don't change because of fear of the unknown and comfort with the familar no matter how awful it is. To illustrate:
    1) I smoked for 35 years, a destructive addition physically, mentally and spirtually. Despite many "cures" I was not successful in quitting until I truly wanted to quit.
    2) How many times have we seen the tragedy of people not leaving abusive relationships?

    I would love to see how these thoughts compare/contrast to the Heath Brothers beliefs.

  • @matt_mccomas

    Hi Mike! I'm looking forward to hearing from you at Catalyst West next month! I loved "Made to Stick" by the Heath brothers and I'd love a copy of this book as I lead a college ministry in Portland, Oregon area.

  • K.C.

    I am in the midst of change. Or rather I believe I am on the cusp of change. I'm almost finished w/ Donald Miller's recent book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and it is rocking my perspective on life and how my own isn't yet a story worth reading let alone telling.

    Not that my story isn't busy w/ activity. I get up at 3:00am to workout, come home to shower, get the kids up and ready for school and make their lunches, catch the bus by 6:15, work from 7:30 to 5:00, am home by 6:30 for dinner with the family, getting the kids to bed, doing a few household chores, and then it's MBA homework and a few minutes with my wife before finally going to bed around 10 or 11pm. That's right, I survive on about 4-5 hrs of sleep a night while working full time, being a husband, father of 2 and taking MBA classes.

    I'm ready for change, I'm ready for something more, I'm ready to start telling a story worth hearing. I know where I want to go, but need a few more tools to get there.
    My recent post A Perfect Weekend

  • K.C.

    I am in the midst of change. Or rather I believe I am on the cusp of change. I'm almost finished w/ Donald Miller's recent book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and it is rocking my perspective on life and how my own isn't yet a story worth reading let alone telling.

    Not that my story isn't busy w/ activity. I get up at 3:00am to workout, come home to shower, get the kids up and ready for school and make their lunches, catch the bus by 6:15, work from 7:30 to 5:00, am home by 6:30 for dinner with the family, getting the kids to bed, doing a few household chores, and then it's MBA homework and a few minutes with my wife before finally going to bed around 10 or 11pm. That's right, I survive on about 4-5 hrs of sleep a night while working full time, being a husband, father of 2 and taking MBA classes.

    I'm ready for change, I'm ready for something more, I'm ready to start telling a story worth hearing. I know where I want to go, but need a few more tools to get there.
    My recent post A Perfect Weekend

  • @leigholiver

    Made to Stick, followed by Switch. Interesting. First the brothers teach us how to make our message as close as duct tape. Now we are going to learn the psychology behind when it's a good idea to rip off the tape and change direction. I wonder if it is actual change we seek or just the right to preserve our options to change. Are we happier when we change, even make an improvement? Happiness research doesn't lean toward change as a measurement for improved happiness, does it? Does the book assume change is always the right answer? Don't know the answers, but I promise I'll read it and report back.

  • Duane

    I guess my challenge is going to now be… "Make the Changes from Switch Stick"… I love the Heaths' writing style and content, it has enriched what I do tremendously… now I'm very excited to learn what they have to say about change… One of the necessary elements if we are ever going to progress and grow. Thanks!

  • Lisa/Defined Design

    Why do you want a copy of this book?
    After no sleep last night (while on vacation – that I'm not enjoying), I realized all the change in my life since July 09 is really affecting me. For the first time I feel overwhelmed by simple tasks. I resigned my position as marketing director, sold a beautiful home that my husband built, moved to a new area, put my son in a new school, started attending a new church, trying to start a business, balancing a tight budget to live on my husbands income. We bought a house that we thought was an easy fixer upper, and now know it is going to be a complete remodel, wire, plumbing, central air, drywall, windows, doors – writing this is stressing me…

    I don't know if it is my age (44) that is making all this change so difficult, but I feel like I want to curl up and hide in a cave for the rest of life. I can't keep my focus, everyday is a challenge and most days I go to bed feeling defeated.

    Maybe this book will help me process all that is taking place, while I seek out a new business support group and hopefully a few good friends.

    I keep telling myself take small steps everyday – you only eat an elephant one bit at a time, but it doesn't seem to help.

    If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?

  • marlastanley

    I would love to have a copy of this book as I will be administrating a preschool in South Korea come this Fall. It will be a new venture, and while I will be creating much of my own mess, I don't want to cultivate a rigid environment. Having reflected on my past leadership experiences, I have realized that I tend to setup a stiff structure, and then keep it that way, resulting in a cold, brittle base that will eventually crumble. I desire to create a structure with the necessary guidelines, yet maintaining a culture of "change as normal." Understanding that any organization must be organic to succeed!

  • Robert

    I would love to read this book! And, yes, if you give me a copy I most definitely will. Plus, I will get our Leadership Team to purchase additional copies so we cando a group read and discuss it chapter by chapter. I need to read this book because of all the changes that have taken place in my life and the changes I foresee in the future! I was a senior pastor for over 35 yearsand now I am the Family Ministries Director at a church plant. That’s a lot of change and quite an adjustment. In addition, we are looking to add additional staff in my area of responsibility which will be another huge change. I could go on and on about the chanes in my life but reality is all of us face changes. As those changes come we must learn to adjust. I have begun reading every book, blog, tweet, etc. I can to help me in the areas of change I am facing.

  • Jarrod

    I probably don't need this book. I'm actually writing a letter to Harry Potter and other magicians I know pleading for World Peace, the de-warming of the globe, and the end to popcorn husks getting stuck in my teeth. I figure one of them will answer before I can get my hands on this book, so … no sweat.

  • @jameswoosley

    I've heard it said that change truly happens in an instant…there's a moment before and then the next moment…boom! Change!

    The problem is the process of deciding to change (if we're driving). The other side is dealing with changes that are beyond out control.

    I'm certainly very interested in Switch and have heard great reviews. Always appreciate your blog and book giveaways! Thanks again!
    My recent post Your Idea is Worthless

  • Beatrice

    Thanks for mentioning this book. It sounds really good. The emotion is a much greater part of what we end up doing or not doing than what we would like to believe. I currently need to make some major switches in my life, but have found it very hard. The switches make sense, I feel God's call, but I can NOT make myself go!! If my mind and emotion could just be on the same path, I would be able to make progress, but they fight each other. I would really enjoy this book and how it could move me forward

  • Michelle Rhude

    There once was a girl in Tennessee
    Who dreamed of how life could be.
    If she owned a copy of Switch
    She would have what she wished,
    Because change might come easily.

    Or, at the very least, she would stop waking up at midnight with bad limericks in her head! Whether you like my limerick or not, Michael, I continue to appreciate your online interaction with people and am impressed with your giveaway of a book that wasn't a Thomas Nelson title. Thanks for continuing to share your insights in your blog and elsewhere. I'm afraid that's going to sound like if bad poetry doesn't work, maybe sucking up will…but I'm very sincere, just not fully awake. I may regret this in the morning. My usual rule is no posting anything I write after midnight without a thorough review in the morning.
    My recent post Rodan + Fields

  • Tennessee Tim Hill

    Thanks for this opportunity…..I am reading Linchpin by Seth Goden now…if I combine that knowledge with the Switch book from you…..I might could rule the world…..haha….thanks for this opportunity….

  • Josh Willis

    Change is a far off light at the end of a murky tunnel. Sometimes you just feel like you’re not moving somewhere on the dark end of that tunnel.

    This book might not be a vehicle for change, but it might be a step…

  • Lynette Sorenson

    I just read about this book on another blog and now I have the opportunity to leave a comment and perhaps receive a copy free. I love to read books that challenge me to move forward from the ruts that I am stuck in. We live in a world of constant change and I plan to read this book to learn how I can embrace change instead of resisting it.

  • Oshebar

    Change and conflict are synonymous with each other and I am on a quest to get a better understanding of why it is so. I would like to get a copy of this book because I am currently going through change with my church. I am always looking for new and innovative ideas to help me along the process. I want the best information that is out there and with your personal stamp of approval I know it will be an educational asset to me.

  • Brett Duncan

    I've lately been hypnotized by how important it is to understand that dealing with change rather than avoiding it is essential to, well, really any kind of success. I've whet my appetite with a thought on "moving the box" and recently presented it at Ignite Dallas (YouTube link here: But it's not enough.

    Your review of Switch has me convinced it's necessary reading as my head is swimming with ideas of dealing and handling change. The fact that the Heath brothers wrote it is pretty convincing, too. Rest assured, I'll read it cover to cover, and if I don't get a freebie, I'll buy it anyway.

    Thanks for the offer –

    My recent post Questions for a Monday

  • Kelly Mullaney

    Why do I want a copy of this book?

    This is a must read for me. For personal growth and to help me in my business as well.

    Learning about change and how to deal with it is one of the requirements in my business. I need to know about tools that help me better assist my clients, many of them small business and non-profits who have a hard time dealing with change. Change on the way they use technology to promote their businesses, market their services, increase effectiveness and remain competitive. For some of them this transition from traditional marketing to using new media is not just important but paramount for their survival.

    I like that the book includes real life examples, it is very helpful to see the concepts applied.

    Thank you for sharing the value of the book with your readers. I would love to receive this book and I promise to read it!

  • @bobevankc

    Hey Michael, thanks for the opportunity to get an excellent resource like this book Switch. My senior pastor @peterhorn also posted here which is pretty great. Our church @hcbcleander is an exciting place right now and we are always looking for excellent resources like this to help us grow. Additionally if you reward one of us with a book you are in essence giving away 51 books instead of 50 as we'll share the resource!

    Thank for all you do.



  • @AndreaAresca

    I'd like to have this book, because YOU recommend it!
    Trust me, this is not flatter.
    As a long as I progress in my business and personal life, I realize more and more the value of recommendations of people I value and I trust. And when I have to allocate my resources (and choosing a book to read is choosing how to allocate my "limited" time) I think that following trusted people's advice is a wise thing.
    Other reasons (more on the subject of the book):
    – I'm eager to APPLY the principles of the book in my company and my communities, and firstly in my personal life.
    – I think the real-word examples can be a good source of illustrations for my sermons.
    My recent post Non fare 10 click di mouse per aprire un file!

  • Monica Bass

    I'm graduating from school this May and compiling my summer reading list. After graduation, I'm going into full time work as an editor and looking forward to reading books that will: 1) help me grow and 2) sharpen my writing/communication skills by example. And, yes, if I receive a copy, I will read it! Thank you for the book recommendation and for making it available.

  • Ben

    I am here at the eleventh hour to get in on your offer of a book. Made to Stick was an incredible book that challenged me as a communicator and leader. I want Switch because I believe that as a relatively young (36) leader one of my greatest responsibilities and challenges is guiding change to successfully build on the foundation of leaders before me yet change and adapt to be successful with the next generations. I want to learn to successfully Switch!
    Anxiously awaiting your response,

  • Julie

    Hi Michael,

    I am very interested in this book. I happened to come across this book because I am doing my final project from an article in Business Week promoting this book. I have to admit that I have not heard of either of the books "Made to Stick" and "Switch" or the authors for that matter. I am studing for my bachelors in accounting and one of my classes is an organizational behavior class and this is the class of my final project. I feel this book would help me understand better what I have just studied the past 11 weeks. I like how the authors used examples to get the point across. Needless to say our book didn't give as many examples. I also feel this book would help in the future should I ever be in a position of leadership and needing to help an organization go through any type of change.

    Thank you for your time.

  • rfbryant

    I want this book because I’m horrible at even saying change because I know the looks and groans it engenders around our church. There is much change needed and I know it can be done effectively, I just need to learn how.
    I’ve spied this book on Amazon and thought how I desperately need to read it, but haven’t been able to get it yet.
    Promise to read it? I promise to devour it, highlight the text, write notes and start sharing what I learn!

  • Kenny Goza

    I enjoy reading, especially books about leadership. I try to be a life-long learner, and anytime I have a chance to add value to my life I want to take advantage of the opportunity given to me.

  • Christopher Hopper

    Thanks for the opportunity, Michael. While I’m an avid fiction reader, I recently made a Dave-Ramsey-decision to read one non-fiction work a month for the simple reason of becoming a better leader. I owe it to the teens I herd. (And yes, I promise to read it). ch:

  • donhornsby

    Thanks for the opportunity to request the new book by Chip and Dan Heath. Their book, Made to Stick, was a helpful one for me. I have learned that it is essential for one to be constantly striving to improve. Additionally, we need to be students pursuing lifetime learning.

    I would humbly request their new volume in order to learn more – and therefore serve more effectively.

  • Lance

    I got to hear these guys speak last year, at a creative arts conference. They were very interesting, and made a lot of good points. I would want this book to see what new study they have found, or conducted. Also, I want to read what wow factor they have in store for the ending. The write in such a way that you want to skim past all the good stuff and read the wow.
    My recent post The Proof is in the Position

  • Tracie Henry

    Yes, I sure would read it!… I blog out everything and I would love for you to read it. I started seriously blogging after I started following you & reading your daughter's beautiful blog about her time in Africa. I admire you and your family because it was something I never had yet always wanted. Even now despite my financial means, I still pray for a house of my own for my daughter & I along with the ability to adopt as many children as I possibly can. I just wanted you to know I appreciated the book The Noticer, by Andy Andrews (that you sent to my home) it was one of the best books I've ever read & you and your family are just beautiful to me. Thank you so so much

  • Lance

    I got to hear these guys speak last year, at a creative arts conference. They were very interesting, and made a lot of good points. I would want this book to see what new study they have found, or conducted. Also, I want to read what wow factor they have in store for the ending. The write in such a way that you want to skim past all the good stuff and read the wow.
    My recent post The Proof is in the Position

  • Chris

    I am a business owner(painter/faux finishing), and I am transitioning into a new business(LMT). Who doesn't need a little direction, motivation, and shaping? I would love to read this book.

  • Graeme Codrington

    Michael, I'd LOVE a copy of this book. Made to Stick was excellent, and this book looks just as good.

    I am a keynote presenter and future trends analyst, and constantly in need of assistance to help me to help my clients and audiences to effect real change in their lives and businesses. We live in adaptive times, and any guide book that can offer some assistance will be well received.

    I'll blog about the book at and continue to rave about you and your work! (OK, I'd do that anyway, but still, it would be nice to feel part of a team in doing so :-).

    Pick me for a free book because I am probably the only South African living in London with three young daughters who has been married for 18 years and owns a Mac that will ask for one!

  • @johnwaldo

    It's time for a change (and I don't mean diapers, although when you spell diaper backwards, it spells r-e-p-a-i-d… just a thought!)

    Last week I facilitated a leadership retreat for 80 academic leaders for our college, from ten different campuses. Leadership development and leadership succession planning is on the horizon for us, which means CHANGE is a-comin'!

    I want to be part of influencing that change, and I think Michael's description of this book indicates it would be a great resource to use as part of our strategy. So, I'd love to get a copy and make the case how it can be part of our new emphasis as we "switch" to a new direction.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rebecca

    If I get a copy, I promise to read it… yes! :) I've been living with "certain unpleasant things" for years because of the difficulty of change. I spent one summer "hiking in the mountains," praying for answers, and still found change to be far more difficult than anticipated. I'm looking for answers; I want to "direct the elephant, motivate the rider, and shape the path!" As a wife, mother, and youth leader in my church, I feel the need to be "at my best," so that I may serve the Lord most effectively. It's time for "Switch" in my life! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • David Mehrle

    I would love a copy of the book. I have just left the world of Student Ministry after 18 years and have taken a position of Sr. Minister. There are many changes in my personal life that have to be altered and I am trying to figure those out. Not to mention that other big change that has happened in my life through this transition is that I have moved from a church of 3500 to a church of 400. This has definitely created some interesting moments for me and my family. Life just is not the same in those two worlds.

    I believe that this book will help me understand how to make those changes work in my life and ministry and in a church that is trying to move forward. Thanks for the consideration!
    My recent post People suck…

  • Eric S. Mueller

    Sounds like a great book, Mike. I'd like a copy because I was dismissed from my job yesterday, and I have the opportunity now to make some changes in my life and career. I believe a book like this could help me chart a new course and create influence in whatever my next venture turns out to be.
    My recent post Dice TV: 3 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

  • Michelle Davis

    I haven't had the opportunity to read work by the Heath brothers and now can't wait for the chance to read "Switch". As someone who leads a team of 350+ Direct Sellers I can imagine how influential this book can be for some of my team who are struggling right now. Any opportunity that I can give them to grow themselves and their team is always a plus! This book could affect not just myself, but many people who are working hard to support their families. Thanks for the post! And yes, I DO promise to read it!

  • jon marshall

    Jeopardy style response " What is i need it Michael" To quote someone i don't know( but in a hurry or i would google it like everything else " how do you breathe.. top response inhale, exhale and repeat …check)" Water rises to it own level" and i need to bust the dam! I feel like when I need to change in an area ,whether by want or need, it's like a set of people on a bicycle built for two. When one trying the other one is not and i just want to get them in sync. so thats it. ( and yes that was an awesome analogy and this is pre coffee! feel free to use it) Oh warm puppies or insert anything else that plucks the heart stings in order to pass along switch. thanks.. jonmarshall

  • Beccah Canada

    I have really been struggling with wether or not I should seek a new career. I am a successful sales person in the medical field. With all of the healthcare changes, internal restructuring, and some of the business decisions my company has made this year I am highly considering to seek employment else where. This book switch may help me have a light bulb moment. I am in diligent prayer as to what God wants me to do about this situation.
    I appreciate your consideration for me in receiving this book. I am also hoping to meet you at the Country Music Marathon as I am raising money for Powered By Hope like Gail is.

  • K. Venkatesh

    I want to read this book as I want to empower people and change in the organization I run. Change is the very essence of life. Personally, as an organization, we are undergoing a change and I want to take some practical tips from this book. Thank you.

  • Susanne

    I will do more than just read this book. I’ll implement its strategies to help me make changes in several aspects of my life that have been needed for a long while now. I don’t know if its a lack motivation, a resistance to change (even if I know it’s to make my life better), or a fear that I won’t stick with it that holds me back. But I’ve decreed 2010 the year of change for me, and I feel I’ve come across this book at just the right time. If I have a guide on this journey to making my life better, I hopeful I won’t get lost or side tracked. Maybe my destination isn’t as far away as it seems. There’re just a lot of stops along the way to get me there.

  • @its_susanne

    I will do more than just read this book. I'll implement its strategies to help me make changes in several aspects of my life that have been needed for a long while now. I don't know if its a lack motivation, a resistance to change (even if I know it's to make my life better), or a fear that I won't stick with it that holds me back. But I've decreed 2010 the year of change for me, and I feel I've come across this book at just the right time. If I have a guide on this journey to making my life better, I hopeful I won't get lost or side tracked. Maybe my destination isn't as far away as it seems. There are just a lot of stops along the way to get me there. My reason isn't as noble as others who are looking to help other people, but I need to help myself become better before I can help others. I feel stuck.

  • Malcolm Lanham

    I am in the beginning stages of putting together a church plant team. As we start down the journey of this adventure, there will be people that we currently attend church with that live were we are planting… And as my pastor said, they have been with him since our church began 12 years ago and they REALLY need to be a part of this church plant’s core team. They will really need to switch to this new journey that we will be starting. This book will me communicate the need to switch to them and what their roles can & should be with the church plant. YES, I will read the book… I will mark it up and I will rinse and repeat and do it again!

  • Ken Robinson

    Why would I want a copy of Switch? Easy really:

    1) I’m surrounded by friends stuck in dead end lives and don’t know how to move forward. I would love keys to hep them change.

    2). I’m surrounded by churches struggling to be relevant and clinging to deadwood practises that don’t save souls and impact culture. I want to change that too by helping them see their potential and become relevant.

    3). I love my children and I want to see them reach their potential…..there are things that need to change and as a dad I need keys to help them.

    Would I read it….yes,
    Would I do it…..yes
    Would I lend the book to others…. You better believe it! The book sounds awesome!

  • Peggy Gargaro


    My husband and I own a small business. This year I have set out to take my leadership skills to another level in all areas of my life. In doing this, I need to read more. I struggle with reading, because I was never taught the value in it. I would consider it an honor if you chose me to receive this book.

    Thank you

  • Jonathan Austin

    I am a software developer, but I do have to present new changes or ides to the team and to my boss. Just reading your post above was enough for me to believe that this book would be helpful for me. I would love to read it. Also, I would be willing to pass it on, so that we get a couple of people from the office to read it.

  • Santos Samayoa

    reading through your review of this book I was excited to read it! I always seem to be in constant change, but somehow find myself way behind in adapting to it. Examples thus far are receiving a new position at work, going to school, getting married (2 months ago) and soon to be a church planter out in Hawaii this June. all that to say…my life seems to be in constant change. I’m no stranger to change, so I feel like I would benefit from this book. Thank you for putting out great content.

  • Sandra

    I think my elephant might have had a rider breakfast and created it's own crazy path through the jungle.

  • Michelle

    I really would like to read this book because of my own journey. I find the elephant is quite large and possibly has its feet stuck in mud, and the rider is stubborn. Typically, when the two disagree, the rider has a tendency to beat on the elephant, and the elephant in turn sprays water on the rider. It's not a fun battle to watch, and I would like to see them work together. So yes, I will read the book. I'm looking forward to the day when the two DO get in alignment, so that together they could "run the race" with patience, and win.

    And of course, their alignment would do me well, since I am "switching" careers at this point in my life as well. Having been a math teacher for over 25 years, I am now finding my true calling is actually in fine arts. It's exciting, but also scary, to come to the realization that you've done what you've done all your adult life simply because you COULD do it, and not because that's what you SHOULD be doing. But then, pain is a monster that scares the elephant worse than a mouse could.

    Blessings to you!

  • jesse phillilps
  • Debbie

    I develop online training – it's a real change to come up with unique ways to convey information for folks who are used to classroom training. Hoping this book will help me look at things in a different way. Perhaps I can use it to inspire some of my corporate clients to do the same!
    My recent post Adobe InDesign 10th Anniversary

  • Paul Clifford

    I saw them speak last August. They'd arranged some pre-release copies for sale. After they spoke, I needed to hit the restroom. When I went to buy the books, they were all sold out. Looking forward to reading it.
    My recent post Speakers, Ohms & Amps Oh My

  • Stephanie Furness

    I'm often told that I tend to rationalize my emotions. But, being female, my intuition has led me here and I find it difficult to guide others through the process when they ask for help switching their habits. This book could definitely help me help others to the path.

  • Alex Baez

    I have been riding elephants all my life but just didn’t know that’s what I was doing. I would love to learn principles From Switch to better align with the elephants I’m riding to more effectively manage change.

  • Eric Michael Bryant

    Thanks for offering this book and other resources in the past!

    If chosen, I would not only read it, but I would review it and promote it through the sites where I contribute posts (,, and my site). If this book is as helpful as you describe then leaders of churches and non-profit organizations need to listen and apply these principles, especially since their mission is in essence all about change.
    My recent post Tim Morey & Renee Johnson Teleseminar (4/14)

  • Adam Avery

    I would like to read switch to gather insight on how to break away from a traditional church paradigm into an unconventional, non-traditional paradigm.

  • @bigcloudmusic

    Thank you for your offering. In everything I do, I seek to lead leaders and have an influence on not only my tribe, but also the culture. Resources from the Heath "guys" have already proven to be invaluable. I desire to be even better equipped so that I can be a better leader and influencer.
    My recent post Capturing the Culture

  • cory Holt

    I am going through a period of forced change in my life (I am unemployed and struggling). Anything that can help provide me direction in this time is always welcomed!

  • JD Eddins

    Right now I am in the process of implementing a major change at work. We are switching to an Electronic Medical Records programs that will hopefully make our jobs much easier. One of the issues is that as the case manager, it will automate about 70% of my job. While this will free me up to do other work at my company, it is also kind of scary to be uncertain about my job responsibilities once this change goes into effect in June. Not only must I address that, but I also have to work to increase the buy-in for our other employees as we move towards this change.
    My recent post Book Review: A Multi-Site Church Road Trip

  • Matt

    I'm in the midst of making changes in my life and to be effective I know I need to wield a scalpel, not a claymore. This book as popped up in my radar a couple of times now and I think it would be an effective lesson in making lasting change.

  • Alan Muehlenweg

    As a student pastor, Made to Stick has profoundly impacted how I teach and lead in student ministry and even in my personal life. It was the first book since high school that I did a book report over; not because I had to but because I did not want to forget anything! Based on my experience with that book and knowing the type of change required to be effective in ministry, I am really looking forward to reading this book!

  • CJW

    Why I want this book: I like the cover. It reminds me of my childhood invention (string run through straws, taped down where the wall met the celing) that allowed me to turn my light on while lying 10 feet away in my bed.

  • Mike


    I'd like to win a copy of the book for one simple reason – CHANGE! As a account manager / social media "evangelist" for my company and clients, change is something I deal with everyday both internally and externally. Honestly I think we face change in every aspect of our life everyday…….so help me change myself and lead change at the same time!

    Thanks – Mike

  • David C. Lannan

    I want this book because I believe in using every opportunity to grow personally so I can then help others grow. My only downfall is that I often have several books going at once … I really enjoy insights from you and I believe if you are promoting this book, it must be a worthwhile ministry tool.

  • Tracy Stoller

    There is a lot of buzz about this book! I can't wait to read it.

  • dljordaneku

    I would like to read Switch to help me overcome some personal health issues I have.

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  • Ryan K

    This is a great book that helped me understand how to balance leading by emotion with leading by intellect.

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  • W. Mark Thompson

    Been looking this book on the bookshelf in the store but haven’t picked it up yet. Did pick up Made To Stick. Based on your explanation, I need to go in and read that one with a highlighter. Thanks for that run-down.

  • Vikrama Dhiman

    And I thought that I was the only one who liked this book. This was the best book I read in 2011. The Bright Spots theory plus the Vietnemese story were the best part of the book for me. For a detailed review of this book, head over to my blog at

  • Elbristmason

    I would like a copy of the book because I am in the midist helping 146 year congregation
    make some real life changes! The seems to offer some real world concepts that I believe will
    help me and the congrgation and community move forward in this sea of change!

    Pastor Elbrist Mason