Do the Work (New York: The Domino Project, 2011)

If you are a writer—or a creative of any time—this book is must reading. It is not that different from the War of Art, but I found it more focused and helpful. If you are having a hard time getting started on that really important project or if you are stuck, this book is for you!

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  • Ben Komanapalli

    Absolutely agree! Read it a few weeks ago! Very helpful insights! 

  • Anonymous

    I just started reading this on my Kindle for Mac app.  Offers incredible insights that speak to the creative process with which I’ve wrestled for so, so long.

    Definitely a good shove to get moving (again)!

  • Joe Lalonde

    I’ve got it on my “To Read” list. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

  • Anita Rawls Denson

     Thanks for the recommendation. I have never read either book. I grabbed a sample of each on my Kindle, and I am looking forward to digging in later this evening.

  • darlene

    Just took a sneak peak of this on Amazon, now I think I need to pick up a copy. Thanks for the suggestion

    • Michael Hyatt

      You won’t be sorry.

  • Ken Gire

    I got a Google alert today that quoted you, saying how much you liked “Windows of the Soul.” It was very kind of you, Mike. Thank you. Ken Gire

  • Scott Meyer

    Just started reading “The War of Art”, should I just switch over to “Do the Work”? Both books are on my Kindle.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think both are worth reading. Both are also short.

    • Dave Hearn

      I think Do the Work is considered to be a sequel to The War of Art… I agree-it’s worth reading both in succession.

      • Michael Hyatt

        I loved it, but I found a lot of overlap.

  • guest

    So you spend money to read a book rather than dive in. Just sounds like more procrastination to me! Plus you are poorer! LOL

    • Joe Lalonde

      For some it may be procrastination. But for others I think it’s the desire to learn and decide the best course of action.

      • guest

        thanks, good point.

  • W. Mark Thompson

    I’m hooked on these Domino Project books. About to dive into Do The Work. Just finished Poke The Box. Great reading.