The 37 Best Business Books I’ve Ever Read

I have been in and around the publishing business my entire professional life. So I understand the potential impact of a great book.

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In business, the right book at the right moment can tilt the playing field and give you a crucial advantage. These thirty-seven business books have personally made a huge difference for me. In fact, they’re the best I’ve ever read.

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5 Secrets for Finally Accomplishing Your Biggest Goals [Free Webinar]

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Are You a Pilot or a Passenger in Your Own Life?

Imagine you’re in a sailboat on the open ocean. You have a map and, after looking at several different options, decide where you would like to go.

Are You a Pilot or a Passenger in Your Own Life?

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Now what: Do you hope the wind and waves will get you there? Or do you use the sail and rudder to direct your boat to the right harbor?

One of the most obvious things about the future is that we are not there yet. The question for us as we start a New Year is whether to drift or direct our lives where we want them to go.

All the great leaders I know are readers. Are you a reader?

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Over 150 million Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8 percent actually succeed.

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Is Your Goal Challenging or Just Crazy? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

As I talk about setting goals for the New Year, I get a lot of questions like these: “How do I know if I’m being too aggressive with my goals? How do I know if my goals are realistic?”

Is Your Goal Challenging or Just Crazy? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

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If you’re asking these questions, you’re already on the right track. Why? Because you’re already talking about goals you suspect, assume, or know will stretch you.

The future—including what's left of today—is a blank canvas. What will you create? -Michael Hyatt