The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This short video is aptly titled. It is a presentation by Daniel Pink, author of Drive. The video summarizes the content of the book.

The video all by itself is very cleverly done. But the message is very powerful, especially for leaders who are trying to figure out how to motivate their teams. The results he presents are indeed surprising. Think you know what motivates people? Think again.

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A 5-Star Rating

Laurel Pankratz: A Gifted Photographer

I have been using Laurel Pankratz to photograph me and my family for a couple of years now. Her business and Web site is called Eilas Photography. She also has her own photo blog.

Laurel took the shots currently on my blog. She has also taken our family pictures for the past two Christmas seasons. She is a superb photographer and reasonably priced. I highly recommend her.

A 5-Star Rating