5 Commitments I Made at Experts Academy

Gail and I just returned last night from Experts Academy in Santa Clara, California. This four-day event is hosted by Brendon Burchard, author of The Millionaire Messenger. It is one of the top three events I have ever attended.

Experts Academy Badge

In addition to Brendon—who is perhaps the most energetic and inspiring presenter I have ever heard—we heard from several surprise speakers. These included Marie Forleo, Jeff Walker, Chalene Johnson, and Marianne Williamson. I took notes non-stop for four days. While I didn’t agree with everything, I learned from everyone.

In addition to the remarkable speakers, we got to interact with other authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to defining, developing, and deploying their expertise to the world.

And we didn’t just sit and listen. Brendon gave us numerous exercises, designed to help us work through the material and apply it to our business. After each presentation, we worked on our own for a few minutes and then gathered in impromptu groups of four or five to present our work and get one another’s input. It was very effective—almost like a mini-mastermind.

Brendon’s basic premise is that we are all experts. There is something you (yes, YOU) know or can do that others will pay you to learn. The seminar was all about how to create and market information products—ebooks, books, webinars, online courses, coaching, seminars, membership sites, etc.

I especially enjoyed the day we spent on promotion. Brendon and Jeff Walker went into detail on how they launch their various products, including the positioning, strategy, video scripts, etc. They also shared the technology tools they use.

As I was reviewing my notes yesterday on the plane coming home, I boiled everything down to five commitments I have made as a result of what I learned. I thought you might benefit from this information.

  1. Own and declare my expertise. This is really the culmination of something I have been working on for the last six months. I’m not quite done, but I am close. Right now, here is how I express what it is that I do:

    I help leaders leverage their influence using both traditional and new media, so they can expand their reach, maximize their impact, and achieve their biggest goals.

    This serves as an umbrella for everything I teach. Brendon calls this “claiming your expertise.”

  2. Reengineer my business to serve my life. I have never worked harder than I have in the last two years. While I love it, and the results have been phenomenal (almost 100% revenue growth in the last twelve months), it is not sustainable personally. I must continue to prune from my life the tasks I can delegate to others.

    In addition, one decision I have made is to cut the number of speaking engagements I do per year from thirty to ten. I just can’t justify the investment of time and energy. I have to come off the road if I am going to achieve my goals, both personally and professionally.

  3. Schedule more time for personal development. Last week, I bought Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula.” I want to systematically work through the videos and really master his marketing system.

    While I spend the first few hours of each morning going through a personal development ritual, I am going to get started a little earlier so I can work through Jeff’s course. I have been trying to read and study in the evening, but that just isn’t working for me. I’m either too tired or the time gets hijacked by something else.

    I think I will be better served by going to bed even earlier and getting up earlier. For me, an hour in the morning when I am rested and fresh is worth far more than an hour in the late evening.

  4. Plan and protect my creative time. This is key. The more my business grows, the more I opportunities I get. However, these opportunities can quickly turn to threats unless they are managed well.

    The truth is, I don’t need more ideas or opportunities. What I need is more time for implementation. I already organize my week into daily themes, but I am now working to organize my month into weekly themes, too. (I plan to dedicate a future post to this.)

    Another key is to only take meetings on Friday’s. I learned this from Don Miller, and it has been the best thing I have ever done in terms of my creative output. However, in recent months, I have grown slack. I am working with my assistant to be more vigilant.

  5. Focus on fewer products and more marketing. I don’t know why I feel the need to create more products. Geesh. I have plenty already, plus another half dozen in the pipeline. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel!

    Instead, I need more intentional and strategic marketing. This is really a matter of stewardship. I have only reached a fraction of the market I want to impact.

    By the way, don’t expect to see fewer products from me in the next few months. As I mentioned, several products are in the pipeline, and will launch as planned. I’m really talking about my own creative workflow going forward.

I hope this behind-the-scenes look at my learning process is helpful. Like you, I am working hard to get better at what I do. I am passionate about serving my audience well.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about Experts Academy, click here. Brendon’s free promotional content—even if you don’t ever attend the event—is better than most people’s paid content.

Question: What commitments have you made recently to take your life and career to the next level? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • http://getpaidforyourcreativity.com/ Rodney Washington

    Thank you Michael for this post. I really resonated with tips #4 and #5, in particular number five which is a struggle for me because I while I love to create new products and programs and market other peoples work ~ I prefer to focus solely on the creation process when it comes to my own.

    Thank you for sharing your experience at Experts Academy and your journey moving forward. Actually I’m surprised you weren’t on stage speaking. Currently I’m reading your book Platform after learning of you via Jeff Goins and I’m throughly enjoying it and taking tons of notes.

    Perhaps I’ll get to see you on stage at one of your own events in the future. Perhaps you, Brendon, and the two Jeff’s – Walker and Goins could do an event together. I betcha that would sell out a year in advance!

    Many Blessings, Rodney

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Rodney. One of things Brendon said is that ”experts are learners first.” I have found that to be so true, which is why I invest so much in training each year. Thanks again.

      • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

        I love that you model this so well, Mike. I don’t know anyone who is adept a student as you are. It’s a great example for me and so many others to follow. Thank you.

        • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

          Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate that!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Thanks, Rodney! I’m THRILLED and humbled that I got to introduce you to Mr. Hyatt. That doesn’t happen too often. You’re in for a treat. :)

  • Peter Gjersoe

    Hi Mike,
    Great blog; very constructive.
    Thank you, Peter

  • Daniel Decker

    Loving Jeff Walker’s materials and following the launch. Bought PLF too. I have started getting up an hour earlier at least 4 days a week to dedicate that time to development time. It’s working great so far. I take my iPad to the back patio and have no distractions. A little extra sacrifice today will no doubt reap rewards tomorrow.

    Agree on the last point too. There certainly is value in having several products / resources that serve different needs but at some point they can start to cannibalize not only impact but also our time. Lots of value in leveraging what we already have.

    Good stuff.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Good for you, Daniel. We’ll have to compare notes. I made it through the PLF Core this morning. I will start Module 1 tomorrow. I am loving what I am learning!

  • Matt Mayberry

    Great post Michael! Very insightful. Thank you for all that you do.

  • http://leadbychoice.wordpress.com/ Kimunya Mugo

    Dear Michael, thank you for sharing your notes and thoughts. What really hit home was that I need to own and declare my expertise. I love your crisp and clear expression of what you do. I have posted it on my desktop to guide me in creating one for myself. I need it now more than ever before.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Great, Kimunya. I am so glad it was helpful.

  • Shane Reeves

    Michael – Nice to meet you at Experts Academy conf.. Great content and atmosphere.. Blessings – Shane Reeves

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Shane. Great to meet you, too.

  • Adam Teer

    I’m 31 years old and I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit agency. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from you is how to prune my time commitments. It has been one of the most valuable things that I’ve learned! Now before I take on a commitment, I take plenty of time to think about the reality of what I’m being asked to do and the potential impact that it will have on my spiritual life, family life and personal development time. One of the hardest things to accept is that your time during the week is finite!

  • http://www.gladstonepublishing.com/bookshelf.htm Deborah Wilson Smart

    Thank you for sharing your commitment notes. I find myself already following commitments 3, 4 and 5. Commitments 1 & 2 are still in progress. It’s good to know that I am on the right track. I am so very happy that I have been led to follow your blog and posts. Thank you. Deborah

  • David Sanford

    Thanks, Michael, for all you’re doing to inform and inspire hundreds of thousands of people.

    Like you, I love working with key thought leaders at the intersection of speaking events, social networking, mass media, and publishing amazing books that open even more doors
    for these leaders to do more of what they most love and are most passionate about.

    The difference? Scale. What I’m doing in a very limited way, you’re doing on a grand scale.

    Special thanks for modeling that you’re continuing to learn and continuing to walk up the platform risers to the top. These 5 new commitments are crucial steps, to be sure!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, David. I appreciate your encouragement!

  • Pete Vanderpool

    A hearty thank you for your book Platform which sits on my desk, and for your pointing to this fantastic video, which as you said gives more information freely than most seminars charge for. I’m getting closer to having all the pieces of my Creative Story Project in place. I have to admit some of them are getting a bit moldy from age, but then again, you’re looking at Santa Claus here! I’m just trying to be a blessing.
    Pete Vanderpool

  • Kwin Peterson

    Michael, your previous descriptions of your morning routine indicate that it is shared with your wife. In making change number three, will this continue? If not, what arrangements did you need to make to ensure that you both receive the rest you need?

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      No, I have never shared this with my wife. She has hers at the same time, but we go through ours separately. We do go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, so yes, this will impact her. She’s good with it.

      • Kwin Peterson

        Thanks Michael. If you are ever stuck for a blog topic, please consider writing on how you and Gail have worked out your schedules and priorities.

  • romanalilic

    Thank you for this post Michael, very useful as usual. I appreciate your valuable insights and sharing all what you learn with us!

  • http://www.hansschiefelbein.com Hans Schiefelbein

    This feels like a vintage Michael Hyatt post. Love it!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Hans.

  • http://alidavies.com/ Ali Davies

    Spot on with point 2. I think as a society we have lost the plot with the role we allow business to play in our life, families and communties. I am a firm believer that business should be set up to serve and protect what is most important in life.

  • http://SourcesOfInsight.com/ J.D. Meier

    Beautiful insights, and I like how you turn your insight into action.

    Three questions that help keep me on track:

    1. What do I want to spend more time doing? (Or, what would I do for free, all day, every day, if I could?)

    2. Who do I want to serve? (Or, who do I want to help?)

    3. What’s the market want? (Or, where do my talents meet demand)

    When you spend more time doing what you live for, it’s easy to renew and recharge throughout the day, and actually end the day with more energy than you start.

    Less is always more for me.

    But more importantly, what I often do is “slow down to speed up.”

    Energy, of the passion and talent kind, is a force multiplier.

    I was leading a workshop this week with key folks from around the world, and I shared my thought process on *why* it’s so important to slow down, to speed up. It surprised some people because they thought I was all about “getting results.” I am. But, I’m really about the journey, too. (My system is really about *meaningful results*, and that value is in the eye of the beyolder — and the eye of the stakeholder.)

    Whenever I feel myself riding off in the wrong direction, I slow down. I remind myself “WHY” I’m doing what I’m doing. And, I connect whatever it is, back to my most significant values. I think that our personal values are the ultimate lightening rod to attract like minds, and our ultimate source of energy from the inside out. I also think spending time in your values is the key to the good life, while spending time sharing your gifts with the world unlockes the key to a meaningful life.

    Ironically, external pursuits often drain us.

    Internal exploration ignites us.

  • http://www.larrypoolespeaks.com/ Larry Poole

    Michael, this post was incredibly powerful for me. I just finished “The Millionaire Messenger” and it’s caused me to think much more strategically about product launch and implementation.

    This weekend I plan to “own my expertise” as you’ve suggested. I’m building a business/brand in a very, very niche market. In fact, I only know of one other person who does what I do.

    I think it’s incredibly important that I’m able to articulate exactly what I do going forward.

    Thanks again for your great work Michael. Have a great weekend with Gail!

  • Luke Havard Coaching

    Hi Michael, I was at EA in May and it rocked. Gutted I missed Marie Forelo, but had the opportunity to see Frank Kern & Jeff Walker. We’re you in the VIP, do you know Brendon personally? I’m curious, if EA is in the top 3 events which were the other 2 events & speakers that you would rate as better, EA is pretty hard to top! Although I’m sure your live events are up there Michael, I’ve plenty of people raving about you! Anyways, I’d think of it as a privilege to attend And meet you at one of your own events some day or perhaps at one of mine. God bless, and can’t wait to see how you grow your business over the next 12 months – Luke

  • Debby W

    I was at Brendon’s event too. It was a fantastic learning experience and I loved the mini-mastermind sessions and the insights of the speakers and fellow participants. I went to get more focused and learn more about marketing. I have self-published 4 books to Amazon and now have plan to utilize this information into the product suite. I find it easy to write and create and have had to stop myself. Close to launching a website/blog and have much information to master. It seems like so much, but I just have to make time and do it.
    Debby W

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Debby. You might want to have a look at PlatformUniversity.com for the inspiration and practical help you need to build a platform. All the best.

  • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

    I definitely need to get there next year.

  • Chip D Thompson

    This is good stuff Michel!

  • Dan

    I’d be interested to hear more about your weekly themes. Great content as always. PS I have also learned a lot from Mr Burchard.

  • Orlando

    I own and operate a certified health care staffing agency covering only California. I started in 2009 and have individually grown the company to 2.3M in sales. I have created a lifestyle business that allows me the flexibility to be present in my 3 children’s lives, 8, 4, and 1 year old. I have been fearful of hiring someone due to trust issues and time spent in oversight but I made myself commit to hiring a recruiter, project coordinator which has made business grow. This now has required me to hire additional recruiters and I don’t want to. I am tired and have lost the flexibility and lifestyle I chose by going into this business. I love recruiting myself but too busy to recruit on behalf of all my my business staffing contracts. I am at a point of selling the business or hiring a recruiter but struggle with losing my lifestyle of being present for my young children. I need help making a commitment to selling or growing and would like to read some more on what will help me decide what is in my family’s best interest.

  • Emma Franklin Bell

    Wow! This sounds amazing :) I’m just about to go in July! Pumped!