How to Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog in 20 Minutes or Less

More than 6,000 people have used this simple tutorial to set up their own self-hosted WordPress site. And now, for a limited time, Bluehost is offering a special for my readers for only $3.95 a month. Honestly, this is a steal. Get it while you can!

The easiest way to build a platform in today’s world is to start a blog. While you can do this with free hosted options like,, and, you will get the most control by using self-hosted WordPress. This is what most serious bloggers use. It is what I use here at

However, this is where many people get stuck. They assume that the process of setting up a hosting service and installing WordPress is complicated and time-consuming. It’s not.(By the way, if you are not sure about the difference between hosted and self-hosted WordPress, check out this helpful infographic.)

In the video above, I show you how to setup your blog in twenty minutes or less. As a bonus, I explain to you how to write and publish your first blog post. If you don’t need this information yourself, perhaps you know someone who does. Please feel free to pass along the link to this post.

The good news is that you won’t need any technical expertise to setup your blog. This tutorial is simple. I walk you through the process, once click at a time.

If you prefer to read about the process rather than watch a video, you can do that too. I have written down all the steps here. This will also save you the trouble of taking notes as you watch the video.

Please understand: you can get everything you need just by watching the video above. The written material below is optional.

You can launch your blog by following these seven steps:

  1. Gather your resources. To set up a self-hosted WordPress blog, you will need:
    • A domain name
    • A credit card
    • 20 minutes (give or take)

    It’s easier if you haven’t already registered your domain. It’s also cheaper. I will show you how to get one for free, using the service I recommend in Step #2.

    However, if you have already registered your domain, no sweat. You will simply need to add an additional step. I will explain the process at the end of this post.

  2. Set up a hosting account. This is where your blog will “live.” This is a server in the cloud (i.e., a remote computer), where you will rent space to install the WordPress software and manage your blog. It’s far easier than it sounds. Stay with me.

    There are a hundreds of hosting services available—perhaps thousands. However, based on my experience and research, I recommend Bluehost. I believe it is the best option for most people for the following seven reasons:

    • Reason #1: Support. Bluehost has great 24–7 support via phone, e-mail, or chat. I have personally used it several times and found the support staff to be courteous, professional, and helpful. All of the company’s support staff are located in the U.S.
    • Reason #2: Reliability. Bluehost is super reliable. It boasts an uptime average of 99.9%. That’s about as good as it gets.
    • Reason #3: Ease of Use. Bluehost is super easy-to-use (as you can witness in the above video). In fact, shockingly so. They have worked hard to make it simple for non-geeks.
    • Reason #4: WordPress. Interestingly, WordPress itself only officially recommends three hosting services. Bluehost is number one. It hosts over 850,000 WordPress blogs.
    • Reason #5: No Limits. Bluehost offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains (i.e., you can host multiple blogs or sites on one account), and unlimited e-mail accounts.
    • Reason #6: Affordability. Bluehost is inexpensive—about $4.95 to $6.95 a month, depending on which plan you select. The longer you are willing to commit, the cheaper it is.
      Note: Bluehost is now offering a special for my readers for $3.95 a month. This is honestly a steal. Get it while you can. But be sure to use one of the links in this post to get this special offer.
    • Reason #7: Values. In its Terms of Service (see Section 10.03, Bluehost prohibits pornography, nudity, and other adult content. It strictly enforces this standard and deletes sites that violate it. Personally, I don’t want my blog sitting on the same server as some pornographer. If you feel the same way, you may be surprised to know that almost all of the most popular hosting services allow pornography on their servers.

    Note: I am a Bluehost affiliate, which means the company pays me a commission every time someone signs up via one of my links. But this didn’t influence my recommendation, because all hosting services have similar programs. I recommend Bluehost because I honestly believe they offer the best hosting available.

    You should also know that I do not use Bluehost for My site is too big and complicated. It requires a dedicated server with a mirrored backup. However, I have my other sites on Bluehost, as do several of my family members and friends. Bluehost specializes in shared servers and it is the right choice for 95 percent of bloggers.

    By the way, Bluehost offers a thirty-day, money-back guarantee, which is written into their Terms of Service. I have personally tested this and got my money back within a few hours. So there’s really no risk on your part.

    Okay, so if you are still with me, go to the Bluehost home page. Click on the Sign Up Now button.

    Now you need to decide whether you need a domain name or you already have a domain name. I’m going to assume that you haven’t previously registered a domain, using some other domain registration service (e.g., If you have, I will explain what to do at the end of this post.

    Now enter your domain name in the left-most box, choose the appropriate extension (com, net, biz, whatever) and click on the Next button.

    Bluehost Screen Shot

    Fill in your account information and then scroll down to select your package. As you can see, the prices range from $4.95 to $6.95 per month. It all depends on the length of your commitment.

    Note: Bluehost is now offering a special for my readers for $3.95 a month. This is honestly a steal. Get it while you can. But be sure to use one of the links in this post to get this special offer.

    Keep in mind, you will be required to pay the annual rate in advance. That’s how Bluehost is able to offer these super low prices. Here’s the math, based on using my affiliate link.

    • 12 months at $5.95 per month is $71.40 per year and $71.40 upfront.
    • 24 months at $4.95 per month is $59.40 per year and $118.80 upfront.
    • 36 months at $3.95 per month is $47.4 per year and $142.20 upfront.

    I would not sign up for any of the other services listed on this screen, but that’s up to you.

    Now enter your billing information. Confirm that you have read and agree with Bluehost’s Terms of Service, and then click on the Next button. The system will now verify your credit card information.

    Bluehost will next ask you to “Select the Upgrades that Best Suit Your Needs.” I would skip all of these. Click the Complete button at the bottom of the page.

    Now you need to choose a password for your account. Click on the Create your password link:

    Bluehost Screen Shot

    Use the Password Generator option to create a strong, difficult-to-hack password. Copy this to the clipboard by pressing Command-C if you are on a Mac or Control-C if you are on a PC. Now click the Paste button to paste the password into the appropriate fields. The click the Create button. This creates your new Bluehost account.

    Warning: You might get an error message here. It is simply because it sometimes takes a few minutes for the Bluehost robots to create your account. Don’t panic. Worst case scenario, call BlueHost Support at 1-888-401-4678.

    Then you will be asked to login to your domain. Your domain should be automatically inserted for you. If it is not, type it into the field provided. Now use the password you just selected. Since you previously copied it to the clipboard, you can paste it with Command-V on the Mac or Control-V on the PC. Now click on Login.

    You may have to click through another upgrade offer. Feel free to decline by kicking on the “No thanks” link and proceed to the next screen.

    You should be at the Welcome screen. Now click on cPanel (short for ”Control Panel”). You should now see a page with a lot of buttons.

  3. Step 3: Install WordPress. Don’t be intimidated by the number of buttons in this step—it’s amazingly simple. The process used to be complicated, and you had to be a semi-geek to pull it off. But Bluehost now makes it super-simple. Trust me, anyone can do this.

    Scroll down the page to ”Website Builders.” Click on the WordPress logo and wait for the new page to load. You should now be looking at a page full of ”scripts.” Again, don’t get overwhelmed. Simply click on the ”WordPress” logo under “Blogs.”

    This will tell you it’s loading up your Mojo account. Mojo is simply a system for managing automated scripts. Don’t let this confuse or overwhelm you. This is what you should be seeing.

    A new ”Install WordPress” screen appears. Simply click on the “Start” button. Now select the domain on which you want to install WordPress. It should default to the correct one. Click on “Check Domain.”

    You should get a new screen with an error message. This is normal. Check “Oops. Looks like something already exists there. I understand that continuing will overwrite the files.” Since this is a brand new blog, you do. So select the checkbox that says, “Directory Exists! I understand that continuing will overwrite files.”

    If we were running this on a website that we already had up and running, we would not want to do this. But it is not an issue here. Now click again on “Check Domain.”

    The next screen will say “You are almost there.” You don’t need the “Advanced Options,” so leave that unchecked. Click on the item that says, “I have read the terms and conditions.” Now click on the “Install Now” button. The installation process should begin and will keep you updated on the process. Be patient, this will take a minute or two.

    When it is done, you will get a screen with your Blog URL, Login URL, username, and password. Bluehost will also e-mail this information to you, but I like to have a backup. I would write it down or take a screenshot. Also, copy the password to the clipboard (again, using Command-c on a Mac or Control-C on a PC).

    You’re making great progress! Now things will speed up considerably.

  4. Step 4: Load your new blog. Simply click on the blog URL address. Your new blog should load in a new browser tab.

    As you can see, there’s nothing very fancy here. WordPress uses a very generic theme by default. But that’s the beauty of WordPress. There are thousands of themes available. I will recommend one in a minute.

  5. Step 5: Log into WordPress. While you’re still on your blog’s home page, scroll down to the Login link in the lower right-hand side of the sidebar. Click on the link.

    You should now be looking at your WordPress login page.

    WordPress Login Screen

    Now enter your username and password. (Remember, you wrote these down in Step 3. You also copied the password to the clipboard.)

    You are now looking at the WordPress “Dashboard.” Sometimes, bloggers refer to this as the WordPress back-end. The front-end is what your readers see—your normal blog site. The back-end is what you see—how you control what appears on the front-end.

  6. Step 6: Write your first post. Click on the Posts | Add New option in the left-hand side menu. You should now see the New Post screen.

    Enter the title of your post, perhaps something like, “Welcome to My WordPress Blog!” (I know, clever, right?)

    Now write your first post in the field directly below the title. Perhaps you could explain why you are starting your blog, the topics you plan to write about, and how often you intend to post. (Tip: under-promise and over-deliver.)

    Now click the Publish button. This literally publishes your post for the world to see. You can click on the Preview Changes button to see it.

    Congratulations! You have just published your first post on your very own self-hosted WordPress blog.

  7. Step 7: Bookmark your blog. You’ll want to come back to your blog on a regular basis, so it’s a good idea to bookmark the two main pages: the front-end and the WordPress back-end.

    In case, you have already closed the page to the back-end, you can re-open it by going to: http://[the name of your blog]/wp-admin.

If you have followed my instructions, you now have your very own self-hosted WordPress blog. Pretty exciting, huh?

The next step is to install a theme. There are literally thousands of free ones available. Personally, I suggest spending a little money and buying a premium theme, like the Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress. This is the theme that I personally designed and built with my friend, Andrew Buckman.

Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress has features that no other WordPress theme has. It is particularly helpful for anyone wanting to build a personal brand—authors, speakers, comedians, musicians, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, entrepreneurs, and so forth.

Note: If you need to move an existing blog from to your new self-hosted WordPress blog, I recommend you read this article: “How to Properly Move Your Blog from to”

If you want to learn more about WordPress, I recommend This is a tutorial site with hundreds of videos on every aspect of WordPress.

If you know someone else who could benefit from this information, please pass along the link to this post. If you would like to embed the screencast in your own blog, please feel free to do so. You can find the video on both Vimeo and YouTube.

Optional: What if you have already registered your domain name on another service? No big deal. The first thing you will need to do is to point your domain name to the Bluehost servers. This will vary depending on where you registered it. Bluehost describes the process here.

For example, at GoDaddy, where I have some domains registered, you log in, then go to Domains | Domain Management screen:

GoDaddy Domain Management

Now click on the domain name you want to point to Bluehost. You should now be looking at the “Domain Details” page. Scroll down to the bottom, left-hand side of the page. You should see a section called “Nameservers”:

GoDaddy Nameservers Page

Click on Set Nameservers. A new screen should pop-up.

  • Enter in the field for Nameserver 1.
  • Enter in the field for Nameserver 2.

Click OK. That’s it. Now log out. It typically takes 24–48 hours for these changes to take effect. You might get lucky, and it will start working in an hour or two.

Please note: Bluehost or your Registrar (the company from whom you bought your domain) may change their procedures from time to time. If you have any problems, please check with them. I do not provide technical support for this process.

Once you have done this, you can begin the process of setting up your WordPress blog. In Step #2, after you click Sign Up Now, you will need to enter your domain name in the right-most box that says, “I Have a Domain Name.”

Bluehost Screen Shot

Now click the next button. Everything else should be the same. If you get stuck, you may need to wait for the change in your Nameservers to take effect before proceeding. Be patient.

Question: What questions do you have about the process of setting up your blog? I’m here to help! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic. If in doubt, read My Comments Policy.

  • Mike Russell

    Great easy to action steps Michael. I agree with the Bluehost recommendation. It’s so easy to install WordPress with a few simple clicks. I upgraded to a dedicated IP at Bluehost a couple of years ago which is well worth the money for anyone considering setting up a serious blog platform.

    P.S. Love the podcasts!

    • Michael Hyatt

      My experience with Bluehost has really been superb. They do indeed make it so easy!

      • Goran Vrcel

        Sadly they’re not very reliable lately. They’re down almost every week. When that happens, their customer service is shut off, even their website goes down.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you, Goran. Bluehost uptime remains steady at almost 100%. Check out this Uptime Report.

          • erinanne

            I was a very happy Bluehost customer for many years, since around 2007 or so. I felt like it was a great value for solid service with terrific support.

            However, the past 18 months or so have really been challenging my loyalty, between regular downtime (often several times a day), repeated and extensive email problems, awkward moments in support chat where the support tech I was chatting with really didn’t know how to help (one of them suddenly left the conversation with the issue unresolved–and no, I was NOT rude or disrespectful), and other such issues. A couple of months ago, I even got caught in the middle of a full-system failure while I was working on one of my sites: even Bluehost’s own homepage was down, nevermind customer support or cPanel logins, and that status lasted for several hours.

            As I’m Canadian, and serve Canadian clients, I finally decided to use my frustration (and embarrassment when clients complained) as a motivation tool to make the effort to move everything from Bluehost to a Canadian webhost with a good reputation. I am just completing the switchover this weekend. Have I found the “perfect” solution? Dunno. I just hope it’s better than Bluehost has been for the past while! :(

            But for that disagreement about the quality of Bluehost’s service, this is a great step-by-step tutorial: accurate, very nicely laid out, and easy to follow.

          • Michael Hyatt

            I am sorry you have had so much trouble with them. Honestly, I have helped thousands of people get setup on Bluehost and had less than five complaints. This is one of the reasons I keep recommending them.
            I hope you have better luck with your new service. All the best.

          • andrew

            Which Canadian webhost would you recommend?

          • erinanne

            I’m trying Canadian Web Hosting. Super-fast load times, *way faster than BlueHost, and very responsive support team, but no live chat.

            Struggling with an issue of current IP (I’m quite mobile) being blocked because of multiple bad SMTP login attempts than I can’t explain (I’ve checked every account on every device, can’t find the culprit), but they whitelist me again quickly. Still, at least they don’t leave me locked out for six weeks like BlueHost did, or try to blame everything but their own blacklist tool.

    • Pavan Somu

      A good alternative to BlueHost is HostGator. It also provides good support and very effective.

    • Friv 4

      agree you =)

      Friv 3

  • Jon Stolpe

    Great post.  I’ve had so many people ask me how to setup their own self-hosted domain.  This provides great, easy step-by-step directions.  I’ll be referring people back to this post for sure!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jon. Thats’ why I did the screencast. I got tired of people asking me how to do it and not having anything I could really share with them.

    • Brandon Gilliland

       Same here. I already bookmarked it. I am actually collaborating with a few people to set up an awesome youth ministry blog. So, this video will come in handy when trying to explain some stuff.

  • Austin Burkhart

    Thanks for this step by step guide. Great idea to do a screencast to help explain it, so much easier than just text! I’ve been debating whether or not to switch over to WordPress for my blog for some time now and this just may push me over the edge. 


    • Michael Hyatt

      Come on in. The water’s warm!

    • Brandon Gilliland

       Do it! You won’t regret it. I waited for too long, and I have lost many benefits from switching early on…

    • Brandon Gilliland

       By the way, feel free to let me know if you have questions. I’d be happy to help you.

      You can contact me through twitter (@bgilliland94:twitter ) or my blog (

      It’s really easy…I would go for it!

      • chris burns

        WordPress Blogging 3.8 Course to Get You Started

        If you are new
        to Blogging or WordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
        through anything. This is a free resource available to the community through
        the end of the year.

    • Gil Mertz


      Did you try WordPress? I tried it and found it very complicated. I finally had to go with a different program. What was your experience?

      • chris burns

        Free WordPress Blogging 3.8 Course to Get You Started

        If you are new to Blogging or WordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
        through anything and This is a free resource available to the community through
        the end of the year.

    • chris burns

      WordPress Blogging 3.8 course to Get You Started now

      If you are new
      to Blogging or WordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
      through anything. This is a free resource available to the community through
      the end of the year.

  • Craig Grella

    As always Michael, easy to read and great info. This is a must-have resource for writers inspired to blog. I love the simplicity and ease-of-use with WordPress, I just can’t see too many reasons to use traditional html sites anymore. As a side note (though it does fit with this comment), I’m just a few days away from live status on my site which will be offering free wordpress powered sites to nonprofits – 

    • Sdmadd2

      You said, ” I just can’t see too many reasons to use traditional html sites anymore.”

      I can, “traditional” sites like blogger are FREE.  For those of us just starting out (or “not serious” as Mr. Hyatt points out–a bit insultingly, I might add), we cannot spend almost $100 on this process.  Could we go back to practicality, please?

  • Richard M. Hartian

    I use Godaddy and have never felt good about that for reason #7 above…

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be switching over this weekend…

    • Jason Stambaugh

      I hadn’t really thought about that angle before. I use Site5, and I’ve never checked that out…

    • Cyberquill

      I use GoDaddy, too, but I can’t switch. If BlueHost really enforces its standards as rigorously as explained under #7, my site would be deleted, as it features exactly one artsy black&white shot of a topless female. 

      • Richard M. Hartian

        Is that one image that important?

        • Cyberquill

          No, I could remove it. But then, as time passes and Bluehost’s strict hosting standards slowly drift out of my active consciousness, I may add a similar picture in a moment of playful insouciance some day, only to wake up the next morning to find that my site has been deleted. Too dangerous. (To clarify, I’m European, born and raised, and for Europeans, the typical American hypersensitivity to nudity and related matters is a bit of a running gag—you know, America having been founded by the Puritans and so on and so forth—and I say this with the utmost affection, having become a proud naturalized American myself.)

          Besides, it never occurred to me to judge a hosting provider by the types of content they allow on their servers. If I did, there are many types of content that would bother me a lot more than the type of content at issue here. For instance, I would not want to share a server with sites that carry advertising for or in any other way promote the consumption of meat, alcohol, or tobacco products, to name only a few examples of things that really cut against my personal code of conduct and morality.

          In other words, if I didn’t want to share a server with content I objected to, I’d have to find a way to host myself.

    • Chris Jeub

      Good for you, Richard. I moved all my sites over a few years ago. I still have my domain management system with GoDaddy, and this post is a reminder to stop dumping my money into thm. I’m going to go through the hassle of moving domain names (I own about 50).

      • Richard M. Hartian

        You are right Chris, I “boycott” so many places because I don’t want to fund their unhealthy and immoral message – I’ve put this off becasue of the amount of work…time to stop using that an an excuse, order a pizza and go to work:-) I have around 50 as well…

      • Bret Wortman

        Check out I don’t know if they have an affiliate program or not, but they’re certainly cheaper and they don’t nickel-and-dime you to death on the upsells. Plus if you just give them your GoDaddy account details, they’ll move everything for you so you don’t have to bother. No extra charge.

        • Richard M. Hartian

          I will look into them Bret – thanks

    • Richard M. Hartian

      I earn affiliate commission too from them – glad to hear I may have a better source for that as well…

    • Crjville

      Forget reason #7.  GoDaddy has horrible customer service.  Our Celebrate Recovery group used them for several years (not our choice).  Our site stayed down more than it was up and finally just dissapeared all together along with our domain name, while GoDaddy was still collecting our fees.  Took me months to get the leader in charge of the purse strings to finally pull the plug on it.  Now we have a free Facebook page.

      • Biz Brown

        i’ve had the exact opposite with godaddy – they are 24/7 and they always fix me up.

      • chris burns

        WordPress Blogging 3.8 Course to Get You Started

        If you are new
        2 the Blogging or WordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
        through anything. This is a free resource available to the community through
        the end of the year.

    • chris burns

      WordPress Blogging 3.8 Course to Get You Started

      If you are new
      to the Blogging or WordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
      through anything. This is a free resource available to the community through
      the end of the year.

  • Craig Beaman

    Great post, Michael. The only thing I would add is that although WordPress is a very stable, robust, stable and secure platform for blogging. All of my websites are on the WordPress platform. However, users should install a few security plugins such as WordPress Firewall2. Also a new admin user account should be created and the original WordPress admin user account should be deleted to prevent hacking.

    These are a few of the security precautions I take for my clients when I build their websites.

    Craig Beaman
    Pastor and web designer for All-In Web Services

    • Michele Cushatt

       Thanks for the advice, Craig.

    • Ethan Hoinacki

      What are some of the other security precautions you put in place?

      • Craig

        I use several other security plugins including Akismet (drastically reduces spam comments), Exploit Scanner, LoginLockdown, Secure WordPress, and WP Malwatch. There are a lot of other tips and tricks on the Internet. Also, don’t forget to backup your entire site (including audio/video and themes. Finally, be sure to install plugin for performing automatic backups of your database! Please feel free to contact me offline for more info.

        • Paul Amatangelo

          Good insight on these security plugins. What speed downside is there if any, on these additional plugins?

  • Pingback: Self Hosted vs. Free « e1evation, llc()

  • skottydog

    I’ve never heard a bad thing about Bluehost, and switched to a self-hosted WP blog in January. It was a great decision. Having already started my site under, I had to transfer everything over to their server.

    Initially of course, panic set in, until I spoke with a representative. For OVER AN HOUR! They held my hand through the entire process with the heart of a teacher. At one point, the gentleman on the phone was telling me to “…scroll down to here, click here, click transfer, go to this page under settings, click here…”

    I told him that I could teach him MRI physics, but I had no idea what he was talking about! He laughed, and after a lengthy support call, he patiently asked if there was anything else I needed. I was sold then, and wouldn’t dream of using anyone else but Bluehost!

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Thanks for the rock-solid testimonial. 

  • Kelly Combs

    Welcome back, Michael! I hope you had a great vacation!

    Both you & Jeff Goins make great points for WordPress, but as a blogger who doesn’t produce income, and a stay at home mom who doesn’t produce income (see a theme here?) blogger seems the best choice for me at FREE.   I do own my domain name ( for blogging, for speaking and writing).  And my KellyCombs website is hosted for $10 a year, with no other fees.

    Can you think of any big benefits for me to switching at this point? 

    *I am bookmarking this post for future reference. It is great!*

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Quick question: Why do you maintain two separate web properties? 

      • Kelly Combs

        That is the million dollar question Jason. When I started blogging (ChattyKelly) is was for fun. When I became serious (2 years later) about my writing and speaking, I created the website (KellyCombs). I do know that I need to consolidate the two, and I guess that is where WordPress would come in handy. But the task seems over my techno level (yes, yes, I did just read Michael’s post). So I haven’t done anything about it…yet.

        • Jason Stambaugh

          Moving to WP would definitely make it easy to bring both properties under one roof. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it! : )

          • Kelly Combs

            Keeping up with technology. *sigh* I know as soon as I switch the next big thing will come. Happened when I got the cassette player, the VHS player, and every cell phone I’ve every purchased. Once I fully commit to WordPress and switch over, the next thing will arrive. Count on it.

          • Jason Stambaugh

            WordPress is “Timeless”. : )

          • Bret Wortman

            Jason’s right. WordPress has been around for a long time now and has firmly established itself. It was there when I first thought about starting to write a blog some six or seven years ago and it’s only gotten better with time. I haven’t seen an heir apparent to challenge it from a technological standpoint, nor from a market share standpoint. I think you’ll be safe for a while.

        • Michele Cushatt

          It’s hard to know what to invest in and what NOT to invest in, isn’t it?  But I believe a great website (one, rather than two) is probably your best use of time/money for a speaking & writing career. It can be pricey, especially if you hire someone else to design and implement it. A couple years ago, when I finally decided to take the leap, I wrote and sold several short stories and articles to pay for the website. Since then, it’s been generating enough income to pay for itself. Please let me know if I can do anything to help, Kelly.

          • Dr. Ann

            Thanks for sharing how you made your decision to invest in a website, Michele.  Yours looks great!  So are there two steps:  first, to self-host and second, to have someone design/set-up the new website on the self-hosted location? 

            Also, do you have any difficulties with customizing and tweaking the new site?  I’ve always been a bit worried that once I handed over the design and set-up to someone else, I wouldn’t be able to easily make future changes to it.

          • Michele Cushatt

            Thank you, Ann! I decided to self-host from the beginning, back in 2008. Since then I’ve done one redesign and have another scheduled for the second half of this year. You can self-host and do your own simple design. But I hired a designer since I’m not that technically gifted. :) I believe having a high-quality website is just part of building a business, and thus an expected business expense.
            As for ongoing tweaking, I do most of it myself, adding plugins and updating content, etc. WordPress has a fabulous, easy-to-use dashboard. If I run into something beyond my ability (or if I don’t have the time to research it), my web designer takes care of it. Again, something I consider an expected business expense. Hope this helps!

          • Dr. Ann

            You’re right in viewing these steps within an overall business plan.  This is very helpful – thanks Michele! 

    • John Richardson

      For basic blogging, your setup is fine. If you want to make money with your blog, you’ll definitely need to move to a self hosted WordPress platform. The conversion is easy, and a Bluehost account can be had for just a few dollars a month. As they say… you’ll need to spend money to make money… :-)

      • John Richardson

        Since you are a stay at home mom, Kelly, you might want to read this article from Amy Andrews about how much money bloggers actually make. It is really eye opening. Most of the responses are from women who blog from home. Might be an alternate source of income. You are a prolific writer… how about getting paid for your talents?

        • Michele Cushatt

           What John said. :)

      • Wholesale 3X Slimming Power Ja
      • HazyShop

        Not true, I have my self hosted blog on and another one on the basic free wordpress version and the wordpress one is actually doing better…

      • chris burns

        WordPress Blogging 3.8 Course to Get You Started

        If you are new
        to Blogging or WordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
        through anything. This is a free resource available to the community through
        the end of the year.

    • Chris Jeub

      Generally, I find it worth the ~$150/year to go self-hosted. The plug-in goodies, control of design, and ability to expand into revenue-generating opportunities makes it worth it.

      And you can host both domains on one BlueHost shared service. That requires a small amount of finagling, but the BlueHost folks are able to help you with it.

    • Sdmadd2

      Kelly, stick with blogger.  Don’t let them strong arm you into buying something that is not within your budget (that’s what salespeople do).  It may be more acceptable to Mr. Hyatt’s audience, but, quite frankly, they are not paying your bills.

      • Brett

        I think that Blogger is a little more open to commercial activity than, so if you want to tinker with advertisements and affiliate marketing, then you can do that on Blogger better than (I think). There’s always a way to download your archives in the future and move over if you need to.  If you like the format, I kind of agree. If you start a brand new website, then I’d go w/ the self-hosted WordPress thing, especially if you want to build it into a business site (including a blog).

        But I’m just an insurance man w/ a personal blog. :-)

        • CathyWebSavvyPR

           Brett – is nto open to ads and making money – but that is differetn from the self-hosted wordpress – which is – which allows and fully supports making money and ads on theor blogging platform.

          • Brett

             Exactly: I was saying that if someone doesn’t go to the self-hosted/ option, but wants to experiment with ads/affiliates, then I think that’s allowed on the blogger platform (not on WP.COM). You confirmed! :-) I have a self-hosted blog, but I’ve not played with monetization.

      • Kelly Combs

        Thank you, but I don’t feel at all strong-armed. Mr. Hyatt is a upstanding person, whom I have personally met. He honestly shared he is affiliated with BlueHost, and his community leader Michele went offline with me to share with me some tips and helps. I feel empowered, not strong armed.
        I appreciate your concern, SMmadd2. I will make the best decision for me.

        • CathyWebSavvyPR

           I don’t know if you know @CarissaRogers:twitter from Twitter or mom-blogger circles. But sometime in the last 2-3 years she switched over from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress and I think has been very happy – you might reach out to her about her experience. Even if you don’t know her she’d be glad to let you know how it went for her.

          Cathy Larkin

          • Kelly Combs

            Thank you so much, Cathy. I will definitely connect with her.

      • Andy Traub


  • Thad Puckett

    WordPress is such a powerful tool.  Amazing functionality available to non-techies.  And Bluehost is indeed super easy to use.  The extensible nature of WordPress just continues to improve.

  • Chris Jeub

    Awesome! May this screencast be viewed and used by millions. I’ve set up several self-hosted blogs and agree with every step in your process.

    I’m glad you recommend BlueHost. I made that switch two years ago, going from a dedicated server ($150/mo.) to two shared hosting servers ($15/mo.). I was first concerned over performance, but the results have been vindicating. So far, no problems at all.

    I’ll be linking to this screencast. Glad you’re back from vacation, Michael!

  • John Richardson

    Hi Michael, welcome back from vacation. I couldn’t agree more with your BlueHost recommendation. I signed up with them a few months back as a backup to the host that I’ve used for years. My current host (Dreamhost) has had nothing but problems over the past year and has caused me downtime, spam, and lost traffic. I hope to move services later this year. I’m glad I now have a simple tutorial that I can send people to for setting up their blogs.

    I will say this… setting up a WordPress blog is really just the first step. If you want to customize it, then the fun begins. I just spent the last week tweaking my blog, by working through the blogging tutorials from Tentblogger. After going through over 100 posts, I now have a much more robust platform. As a new blogger, you don’t have to do this, but that’s the great thing about WordPress. You can tweak and modify as much as you want.

    I put up a tongue in cheek post about it here…

    Once you get WordPress setup, these tutorials from Tentblogger are worth a look.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Agreed. Getting a wordpress blog launched is only the beginning of the fun and games. It takes time and loads of patience to customize the site. There are good themes and there are bad themes…

      • John Richardson

        For anyone serious about building their platform, a Premium WordPress theme is the way to go. I use one from StudioPress, but there are literally hundreds to choose from.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I’m planning to write a post on my “5 Favorite WordPress Themes for Serious Bloggers.” StudioPress is one that I really like.

          • Jason Stambaugh

            Have you checked out Pagelines? It’s pretty awesome. 

          • Michael Hyatt

            I haven’t. Thanks for letting me know about it.

        • CathyWebSavvyPR

           StudioPress themes have a great reputation – I’ve used them for clients, and you can tweak them a bit yourself. And the Genesis theme framework is very robust. And a designer can do wonders customizing any of their child themes to fit your needs. Most designers respond well when you say you’re thinking of going with a Studiopress theme.

          But if you love tweaking and customizing the look and feel of your site – consider checking out HeadwayThemes – you have to learn their interface – which I found pretty easy, but a tad geeky, but you can change darn near any part of your site without knowing code, a lot of it is drag and drop, yet if you know coding – you can add that layer on as well.

      • Bret Wortman

        “Fun and games”. I like that. It’s a much better description than I might have used otherwise. ;-)

        Seriously, I wouldn’t be blogging today if it weren’t for advice like this, the podcast, the book, and other references (Tentblogger included — he’s got a Meetup this Thursday to walk through deploying a custom Standard 3 theme that should be worth a few hours of my time). Content may be king, but without guidance, it’s very easy to get lost in the weeds having fun and playing games while the content withers from lack of attention.

        I’m really trying hard, and I think I got the idea from Michael, to spend my weekdays working on content and my weekends working on the blog mechanics. That division helps me keep the majority of my focus on producing something worth reading while still setting aside some time to ensure the other things are getting dealt with as well.

        Great post, with great advice!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, John. You are right. There’s a lot to do after you get setup, but to me that’s the fun. I also agree about TentBlogger—great stuff. In fact, he was the one who got me on WordPress.

      • John Richardson

        It’s just amazing to me how WordPress has evolved since I first started using it 7 years ago. It really has gone from a simple blogging interface, to a full blown content management system. Very powerful!

  • Matthew Pfluger

    Great post, Michael!  Have you ever considered a career in technical writing?  As an IT professional, I can say I am impressed with the clarity, brevity, and completeness of your technical posts.  Bravo!

  • Brandon Gilliland

    This was an awesome video! Setting a self-hosted blog up is really not too hard. I do wish that I would have seen this video a few months ago when I moved my site to

    As far as hosting is concerned, I do not use Bluehost. I have heard great things about them, but I am currently with NewBlogHosting. It is a company that I got in contact with, and it seems to be working great.

    Thanks again for doing this video! I would love to see more of these kind of things…

  • Brett

    1 question: Is there any reason to go with the whole FTP setup, i.e. download WordPress software, then upload to your hosting via FTP vs. doing the one button host setup as described in step 3?

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Not really, unless you have a bunch of plugins you’d like to upload automatically.

      • Brett

        Cool (my disqus account got a little screwy). It felt like the one had more control, but in the end, you’re just uploading stuff from your computer either way. And I always forget my FTP password anyway.

  • David Willoughby

    Michael, Great post.  And great timing.  I am thinking about starting my own blog.  

    I have a question about naming your blog.  I was thinking of using my first and last name (if it is available) as you and others have, but what if your last name is difficult and always misspelled?  Does that matter?

    Should I create a new twitter account to match my blog?

    Thank you the information you share, I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • Michele Cushatt

      I have the same issue, David. Both my first and last name are misspelled all the time. However, I still think it’s better to use your name for your blog, and set up a matching Twitter account. This is how your audience gets to know you, by your name. And my Google results show they find me even when misspelling my name.

      • David Willoughby

        Good point.  Thanks for the advice.

        • Michele Cushatt

          No problem. :)

  • Susan Bailey

    What if you already have a blog and you want to transfer it to self-hosted? WordPress will do it for you for a fee, do you recommend that? Or is it fairly easy to do myself? Thanks for this great info!

    • Jason Stambaugh

      You just create a fresh install of wordpress per instruction. Export posts from and then import them into your clean install. Pretty simple. 

    • Harrison Wilder

       You can find the import/export feature Jason is referring to inside “tools” on your dashboard.  I just found it.  I’m planning to do the same thing soon.  All the best!  And, thanks, Michael for a very helpful post!

  • Dan Black

    What a great step by step guide. I wish this was here when I first moved to self hosting through WP. I’ll be referring to this when people ask me how to set up a self host blog. Great post.  

  • Lorna Faith

    Really easy to follow instructions, thank you Michael…I’m tweeting this:) I do have my own wordpress site here  but I also have a wordpress site at Question: Should I be putting the 2 under 1 roof(so to speak)? The 1st site is focussed on helping people with identity, overcoming and giving them hope. The second is more about writing, book reviews, stories etc. I’d appreciate any advice you could pass along…that would be a big help:) Thanks so much!

  • Michele Cushatt

    Brilliant. You should go on vacation more often. :) 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Michele. It is hard to find space to do this kind of thing in the normal course of life.

      • chris burns

        WordPress Blogging 3.8 Course to Get You Started

        If you are new
        to the Blogging or wordPress this course is for you. We will not rush you
        through anything. This is a free resource available to the community through
        the end of the year.

  • Kristen Hamilton

    Hi Michael, Thank you for this post!  My blog is a year-and-a-half old and I’m on Blogger.  I was on the totally free blogger site for a while, just as a hobby.  But then I realized I needed to step it up, be serious, and build a platform in order to attain my goals.  So I purchased my own domain name, hired a consultant and a graphic designer, and went to work re-naming, re-designing, and re-launching my blog.  The thing is, I’m still on Blogger and I’ve heard so much about going to self-hosted WP.  It’s hard to know after just investing money in my re-design, whether I go forward sooner rather than later with switching to WP.  From this tutorial, I know I could switch over with already having a domain name.  My next question is all the content – how does that get switched over?  Do I need to look at hiring someone to do that?  Thanks!

    • Ryan Ridgway

      Switch over to WordPress and never look back. I should have switched a long time ago. Nothing wrong with Blogger, but if you want room to expand in the future, stick with WP. There is easy tools available to transfer all your content, posts, comments over and a total “redesign” would be the matter of $30-40 for a great looking theme and a few hours of work. 

  • Aaron Lage

    great post – wish I would’ve waited just a couple more days. I just started  on Saturday. I spose it’s still early enough to change everything because I hadn’t yet purchased a domain.

    Should I just “forget” blogger and start over completely or is there a way to somehow link blogger and wordpress?

  • Laurinda Bellinger

    I wish I had this 3 years ago when I started. I got ripped off trying to learn the difference between self hosted blogs and hosted blogs.

    Could you go over how to move your domain registration?  I want to drop I haven’t begun to research the topic yet. 

    • Bret Wortman

      At the risk of leaping in here, there’s a service called, a product of the folks at tucows, that will move your domains for as low as $10/year including private domain registration and the other things that GoDaddy upsells you into. I’ve bought one domain through hover and am happy enough with their service that I’ll be moving my GoDaddy-based domains there over the next year.

      Hover has a valet service where they’ll handle the moving of your domains for you. One phone call, and they’ll take care of the rest. See the details at, and the FAQ about their valet service is here: I am unaffiliated with Hover; just a satisfied customer.Keep in mind that moving your domain registration has nothing, really, to do with moving your hosting. They’re two separate things even if you’re presently using GoDaddy for both (as I am in some cases, and I’ll be moving completely away from GD in those cases).

  • Clark Dunlap

    Disappointing and self-serving article. Of course He IS trying to sell a book so I guess that’s understandable.

    • Brett

      The service=Providing a step-by-step instruction guide that a lot of people who have been stuck on and blogger/typepad, etc. could use to get greater ownership of their online territory.

      The compensation=A few dollars from Bluehost (very clearly announced as an affiliate), but nothing directly from us.
      As a user of Bluehost, I can attest to their solid service. If this was 1 year ago, I would have loved printing this out and following step by step. And I would have gladly clicked on one of the (many) affiliate links since I’ve derived a LOT of free value out of this site.

      • Michael Hyatt

        Thanks, Brett. I appreciate your support!

    • Andy Traub

      You are WAY outnumbered.

  • Jared Dees

    Thanks Michael, this is perfectly timed. I’m sending this to some other authors right away. I recommend WordPress and Bluehost too, but I’ve never taken the time to layout the step-by-step process for setting things up quite like this.

  • Jer Monson

    Awesome post Michael! I’ve been putting off moving to a self-hosted blog because I assumed it would be frustratingly complex and cost prohibitive. I see I was wrong! Thanks again for the great info and convenient breakdown.

    • Michele Cushatt

       It’s so worth it, Jer. Do it!

  • Aaron Chavez

    Great post, easy to follow. Michael I know you like wordpress, but what about blogger? What is your take on blogger?

  • Sundi Jo

    LOVE Bluehost. I used them after Pat Flynn recommended. Couldn’t be happier with their customer service. 

    • Michele Cushatt

      Okay, with your recommend on top of all the others, I might have to switch!

  • frugalportland

    I use Hostgator — they also make it easy. Most hosting is done via cPanel so it really doesn’t matter what you use. My tip? Put your nameservers in a Google contact, it helps!

  • Steph Shackelford

    This is a very helpful post. My question may be too complex to answer as a comment, but I was wondering if I already have a Blogspot blog (, how do you recommend that I switch to a self-hosted blog? Would I need to recreate all of the content I already have on my blog, or is there an easier way to copy/paste content from one site to another?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would see if you can export your content from BlogSpot and then import it into WordPress. You’ll need to Google that, as I don’t see a BlogSpot importer that is included with WordPress. You might be able to find a plugin.

      • Steph Shackelford

        Thank you, I will look into that!

        • Ngina Otiende

          I moved my site from Blogspot to Word press self-hosted recently. My host ( migrated it for me. I found the process too techie :) and was grateful that he migrated the site at no cost. 

          As Michael says, google and understand the process before starting the migration. All the best.

      • Systemsengineeringtraining

         It is possible

  • Seer23

    I am a complete novice, and the post was definitely helpful. My question is regarding domain names. I have secured a domain name through godaddy, which I was going to use for a website. If I se the domain name I already have can it also be used for my blog as well?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Your domain can only be used to point to one website or blog. Not sure why you would want a separate website, though. You can really do it all through WordPress. Thanks.

  • Steve Hawkins

    Thanks for sharing Mike. One question: Is there a method for selecting a particular theme for a blog or is it simply a personal choice? 

  • Dr J. roth

    Michael, thanks so much for this information.  You have taken a very complicated-sounding projecct and made it simple and easy to understand.  Can’t wait to get started!

  • Russell Blinch

     I liked this post and I immediately sent it to a friend who was completely mystified on how to set up a blog. This should help him big time! 

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  • Terry Lange

    What about a blog already on WordPress that I would like to move to self hosted? Would I follow the same steps or a slight variation?

  • Uche Unogu

    Thanks Michael for taking the time to explain in detail. Surely, being successful is tied to your ability to help others become successful. I took tips from you to start our blog. Thanks again!

  • Nikki

    Thank you so much for this information, my husband desperately needs for me to set him up a blog (for his business, and an article that he is writing right now).  I set one up for me on blogger, but never felt qualified to handle WordPress before now.  I do have one question.  We have our domains registered through 1&1.  My husband already has a large website, and we would like to attach his blog to his website.  Do we still need to go through another company like Bluehost?  So confused about that.

  • Jeff K. Clarke

    Excellent information, Michael. Thanks for making it easy. I’ve been entertaining moving my blog to a self-hosted site, and this seems like the perfect fit. Much appreciated!

  • Benedicte hersen

    Hi michael,
    Thansk for your gréât post.

    What if I need to move to a website later? How can I transfer all data from a wordpress blog to an official website? What are the benefit anyway to switch to a website from a blog?

    Thanks for your support
    Benedicte from France

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can export your content from WordPress to an XML file. This is a pretty universal format.

  • Michael Hyatt

    Approve. Yes, but honestly, updating the software is a one-click process. I have never had an issue with it. Thanks for your comment.

  • Andy

    Thanks for the post. I created a blog a few months ago. I used a different hosting site (Fat Cow), but basically did the same steps. So, my site is self-hosted? Also, what is the alternative to self-hosted? Does that mean that someone else has created the site for you.


    • Michael Hyatt

      The alternative to self-hosted is hosted, like at

  • CarlaFlemings

    Great post Michael.  Question: was this or
    that you set up?  I listen to your podcast and finally made the decision
    to purchase StandardTheme.  I purchased it, but found out it works with and not

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, this pertains to, which is the self-hosted version. is the hosted version. This screencast will help you set up self-hosted.

      • CarlaFlemings

         Thank You!

  • ChrisTAL is great if you want to create dynamic flash websites. I get so frustrated when I see cheap sites that look like a bad power point. Please, a note to the general audience…learn some basic design techniques or get a youngin’ who can follow the rules of design to build your site. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean it’ll capture attention. 

    That said. I enjoy WordPress! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      The problem with flash is that it won’t work on iPad or iPhone. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      The problem with flash is that it won’t work on iPad or iPhone. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      The problem with flash is that it won’t work on iPad or iPhone. Thanks.

  • CarlaFlemings

    Off subject a little but I noticed in the video you used a PASSWORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  Would you be willing to share which one you use? It seemed really user friendly.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I use 1Password. It is awesome. It also syncs with my iPad and iPhone, so I always have all my passwords, credit card numbers, and billing info readily available.

      • CarlaFlemings

         Thank You.

    • Andy Traub

      Last pass is a great service too. Does pretty much the same thing. Both are stellar.

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  • Linda Manvell Bradshaw

    I am so glad that I found your blog today. I am supposed to be teaching a friend how to set up and start her own blog next week, and I was a little bit nervous how to do that. So I’ve bookmarked your blog to come back and show her when she arrives. Easy Peasy! Thanks so much!

  • Pugslypuggles

    I really appreciated your blog instructions. Once the blog is established, do you have to update from the same computer? I don’t have a home computer. Could I originally set up the blog @ the library & then update it from a tablet or my droid phone?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you can update it from anywhere since it “lives” in the cloud.

  • Josh Corriveau


    Thank you for this tutorial regarding WordPress and Bluehost. I’m interested in starting my blog and was wondering if you had recommendations regarding how to maintain a consistent flow of topics during the beginning. I am hoping that once I gain more experience blogging that it will come more easily to me.  I’m currently working on creating several weeks to a month of blog ideas to start me off so that I can keep ahead and stay active on the blog.  If you have any additional recommendations, I would appreciate them.

  • Dr. Ann

    This post is exactly what I needed to go on to the next step and self-host!  I’ve been wavering on taking the plunge.  Thanks as always for so generously sharing your knowledge base with everyone!

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks, Cathy. This is important.

    I actually don’t include the date in my permalinks. The reason being is that automatically dates it. Unfortunately, people assume that if something is older it is less relevant. I simply put this in the Custom Structure: “/%postname%.html”. Many professional bloggers follow the same structure.

    • CathyWebSavvyPR

      Glad you mentioned that – about choosing not putting dates in your permalinks. However, as a blog reader I prefer dates – at least the year. I consider most readers smart enough to figure out if a post is still useful a few years from now or not (that sounds snarky, not intended that way). But I find it very helpful when content like – …this post (especially how-to tech content and product reviews) have a date. So I try and model that practice on my own websites. But it is up to the individual blogger.

      For example, it would be VERY useful (if I were reading this a year from now) to know when this was written. What if WordPress had done two updates since then and your screencast is out of date/innacurate? dates on posts are kind of my courtesy to readers.

      A tip for blog readers, if a blog does not include  the date, but you want to know, you can go to the comments section and, if there are comments, you can see what the date of the first comment is, to give you a ballpark range for when it was written.

      I also know that some business bloggers using wordpress to runa a website with a blog as part of the content don’t like a date to show, because it makes a business website look more like a blog. They figure many of their customers would think that it looks odd. It doesn’t look as professional.

      I understand both concepts, I just lean a different way. BTW thanks for having such an open dialogue on your blog. sorry for the long replies. I have a secondary website and when I’m done my client work, I am going to put up a framing post and link to your post. The 1st sentence will bealong the lines of – “I’m linking you to a great post by author Michael Hyatt that I’d wished I’d written for you…”

      • Michael Hyatt

        Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

        I think there are two issues here: dates in your permalinks and dates in your posts. These are two different issues.
        I have dates at the bottom of my posts, because, like you, I want to have a reference. However, I don’t have dates in my permalinks, because I don’t want it to be the first thing a potential reader sees. I want them to judge the relevancy of the post by the content not the date.

  • Terry Boyer

    Thanks for the step by step description.
    I had been thinking for months about starting my own blog.
    I saw your instructions and and just finished signing up and creating my first blog post!

    I told my wife and her friend who were sitting in the living room with me as I did this that they can now say “We were there when he posted his first blog…!”

    Thanks again…hopefully I can stay faithful in posting…

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  • Robert Jacobs

    Great post Michael. I have never blooged before, but after reading your book Platform, subscribing to your podcast, and following your blog, I was able to start one myself. My first post will be out Monday.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Congratulations, Robert!

  • Scalcano

    Thank you Mr. Hyatt!!

  • Lucas Pereira

    Nice tutorial. You sure make blogging seem easy with your book and tutorials like these.

  • Kevin Sanderson

    These are great steps.  I wish this was around a few months ago when I first setup my wife’s blog and again when I setup my own.  It would have said me the frustration and the choice words that I uttered along the way.

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  • John Grow

    THANK YOU Michael! This was a terrific video, and I’m glad to know about Bluehost as I currently use GoDaddy and…well, just glad to get your recommendation!

    Would love to see how you customize this new site with the WordPress Theme you actually use for, and how you add eCommerce, all the right-hand sidebar stuff, and any other goodies. Cheers!

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  • Jr berrios

    if i already have a blog and i have my own domain, do i need to install wordpress or import my blog?

    • Michael Hyatt

      if you want a self-hosted WordPress blog, which will give you way more control, you will need to export your posts and settings from your blog and then important them into your new WordPress blog. It’s pretty simple.

      • Jose Rene Berrios

        one more question, since i change the server last night i havent received any visits to my blog, is it because is not visible until the name servers change is complete or it might be a technical problem?

        • Michael Hyatt

          No, you have to promote it. If no one knows about it, how would they get there? My book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, goes into detail about how to build traffic.

  • Sammie Barstow

    Michael, Thank you for this helpful blog post. I am working on a book with two friends. We are all experienced writers, and we’re excited about our topic. We do not have a blog, but we are ready to begin one. My question is: Should we each start blogs separately or all contribute to the same blog. We each bring specific expertise and information to our umbrella topic, so I’m wondering what is the best way to blog?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. If you ever plan to have a life as a solo writer, then I would recommend that each of you stat a blog. You could help promote one another. You could also, of course, have a group blog that you contribute to.

  • Connor Ketterling

    This was so inspiring! I am reading your book “Platform” and I just finished the chapter about creating a blog. So I did. I know I’m only 18 but I thought I would start young so I can master it when I’m older. I bought the domain name and everything, it’s Thank you so much for the inspiration and can’t wait to build my own platform!

  • Mike Packer

    Great post Michael. I passed this on to friend of mine who wants to start a blog. I use bluehost as well. I think that I am getting it at 49.00 for two years and have had nothing but great service.

  • Michael Hyatt

    You can actually purchase a “redirect” service in the store. It will redirect everything to your new site.

    • Saikrishna

      Thank you Michael. 

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  • Katiek

    using bluehost and is it possible to upload a theme that I bought from themeforest??

    • Bret Wortman

      If you downloaded the theme to your computer, then yes. You can upload the theme yourself. In the wp-admin backend, click on Appearance, then Themes, then Install Themes, then look for the link near the top that says “Upload”. From there you can select the file you downloaded and upload it directly to your hosted blog.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, indeed.

  • Phil Menger

    Excellent!  Inspiring.  Woke me up on a Lazy Sunday!  Just wondering….Hmmm…I already have a wordpress blog and can not find the domain management area in Dashboard.  Any hints?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Are you talking about a hosted WordPress blog ( or self-hosted ( What are you trying to do? Thanks.

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  • Mary Humphrey

    Michael, this made creating a self-hosted WordPress blog easy peasy, even with purchasing the domain prior to beginning the process.  Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m so glad to hear it. Thanks.

  • Melissa Titus

    I didn’t see an answer to this question in the comments…How does this process work if you currently have a WordPress hosted blog? I would like to move to self hosted WordPress, but will I be able to move my posts and subscribers over? What is the best and easiest way to do this? I would appreciate any advice from all of you experts out there :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it’s pretty easy. You export everything from your current WordPress blog and import into your new site. I plan to do a screencast on this, but it really is simple.

  • Jesse Moore

    What if I already have a free WordPress blog that has the limited disk space and I would like to switch it over to blue host? Is there a way to do that?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep. It’s pretty easy. You would simply follow my directions here. Then export your posts and comments from your old site (under Tools | Export) and import them into your new site (Tools | Import). You will also need to go to where ever your domain is hosted (different than web hosting) and point the domain servers to BlueHost.
      BlueHost support can walk you through the process if you get stuck. They are excellent at this kind of thing. Thanks.

  • Jeanie Hackett

    How does Tumblr fit into all this? I’m about to launch a website/blog on squarespace…is WordPress just like squarespace? Or is tumblr just like WordPress? Aiiii…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Tumblr is a mini-version of WordPress. SquareSpace is a competitor to WordPress.

  • Will Moye

    I like the way you’ve demystified an entire process that is infamously full of “flog!” Nicely done. I especially appreciate the domain transer step-by-step. Amazing how this turns out to be the crux so many times.

    This kind of information is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated. I would encourage you to include as many similar articles as you continue to develop your course, and I would gladly serve on the “QA team!”

    A Blessed Dormition to you this week.


  • Justin Gentry

    Will WordPress still run ads on your blog with this approach?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No. The only ads that will be run are the ones you put there. Or, you can run none at all.

      • Justin Gentry

        Thanks! Sorry about the double post!

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  • Justin Gentry

    Will WordPress still run their ads on the blog with this approach? 


    • Michael Hyatt

      No, they will not.

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  • Christians Believe?

    I have a wordpress account intigrated with my website. I have sent 5 requests for help to the forum. Not one has been answered! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Which forum are you talking about?

  • Sam

    Really, this should be renamed to “How to Set Up WordPress & a domain name with BlueHost.” I’ve set up dozens of sites with different hosts, and the process is different depending on the hosting site. 

    Also, I never recommend clients use their webhost as a domain registrar. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is not necessarily the best idea. 

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  • Jeff Melvin

    Loved the video Michael, wish it was around years ago when I launched my first self-hosted blog!

    What program did you use to create your screencast / video? It’s something that could definately add value to my site.


  • Michael Hyatt

    Thank you.

    I used ScreenFlow 3 for the Mac. I highly recommend it.

  • Joe Sanchez

    Hi Michael,

    Here’s another step by step WordPress guide for new bloggers.

  • John Jolley


    Thanks for the post; I just started the set-up process with Blue Host.


  • John Jolley


    Great post and it convinced me to make the change. One question that I wonder if you or the community has ever come across. I originally had my domain name point to the free blog. I purchased hosting through your affiliate link with Blue Host and changed my domain DNS entries as per the post. Went through the install process but when I go to access my admin page, I am still being directed to the page. I’m pretty sure that the DNS entries went through as the email address I had tied to the free blog (via google apps) stopped working this morning.

    You are anyone run across this before?


    • Michael Hyatt

      Usually, it takes 24–48 hours for the domain pointers (or whatever they are called) to be replicated across the Internet. If it has already been that long, then I suggest you call BlueHost tech support. I’ll bet they can help you sort it out. Thanks.

      • John Jolley

        That was it, exactly! And thanks for the recommendation to BlueHost; their customer service is awesome!

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  • Pingback: #024: How to Become a Happy Person Others Want to Be Around [Podcast] | Michael Hyatt()

  • Marita

    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a year now, ever since Jon Acuff directed me to your site because of my interest in starting my own blog. I am interested in self-hosting my site but I already have a hosted blog with word press. Can that site be transfered over?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You bet. Set up your account with BlueHost, then contact their tech support on how to make the transfer. It’s pretty easy.

  • MaryAlinaC

    Just did this – thank you Michael. You are a great teacher!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks so much.

  • Steve Gedon

    If I already have a blog post on Free – is there a way to get all that I have already done all transferred/converted to the Bluehost blog site? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes. All you have to do is export everything from your current site (Tools | Export), set up your BlueHost site, then import from your old site (Tools | Import). It’s super easy.

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  • JDShort

    My wife is starting to blog and I have a website that I made through iWeb and they have a Blog page I added to it.  She’s just got a couple post right now. Is using a self-hosted WordPress blog still worth doing? Does it duplicate (and I’d shut down the one on her website) or integrate with her current blog page on her website?


    • Michael Hyatt

      I think you will eventually find that very, very limiting. If she is serious about blogging and building a platform, I would move to WordPress.

  • Mike Hedge

    Michael, thanks for the help.  I set up my personal blog  I also purchased the standard theme based on your recommendation.  One question I have for you that I haven’t found and answer to is how you have set up the menu below your main header that takes you to different categories or tags.  Is this a plug-in or something custom.  I also notice the same kind menu on  Thanks for a great website.  I learn something new every time I read it.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I don’t know, Mike. We set that up a long time ago. You might check with someone in the Standard Theme support forum.

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  • Bobbie Cole

    If I don’t make your Beta Group for testing your own WordPress theme, how long will I need to wait to buy it please, Michael?

    • Michael Hyatt

      We have not announced a time frame yet, Bobbie. We won’t really know until we get into beta.

  • Pingback: Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog | Amanda Leigh Blog()

  • Getrichquack

    How can i transfer all posts from to .org?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Assuming that you are on, go to your Administrative Panel and select Tools | Export. Then, once you have your new WordPress site set up, chose Tools | Import. Thanks.

  • Chichi

    Hi Michael, watched your video yesterday and set up my blog overnight. Can’t believe how easy it was. I have been with Blogger for years, scared to cross over to the ‘dark side’. Thanks for showing how easy it is and for your helpful video. I have also signed up with Bluehost too and will be using them for all my sites. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome. I’m so glad it was a positive experience.

  • Nina Keegan

    I was able to follow these easy steps and set up a blog. Now what?  I’m so stuck.  Is there a next step video?  Help.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Start writing!

    • Aliesha Sandstrom

      How are you stuck? 

  • Liz

    Ok, I’ve had this post on my to do list for months.  I did it.  My site is up.  You are right that the hosting was not nearly as hard as I envisioned.  Thanks for the step by step!  Now to finish reading “Platform”.  =)

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  • @kanesimms

    One of the deal breakers for me is mobile optimisation. Does BlueHost allow/support this?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unless I am misunderstanding your question, your WordPress theme will handle this not the hosting service. Thanks.

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  • Michael Hyatt

    It must be on yours. I can watch it here and haven’t had any other complaints. Sorry.

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  • Bill Allemon

    IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP!….If you are transferring your domain name, be sure to replace the Name Servers at your current provider with the Bluehost names BEFORE you initiate the domain transfer request.  This will help your transfer to be processed within 2-12 hours.  If you initiate the domain transfer first – from within the Bluehost sign process – you may not be able to remove the original Name Servers from your original provider until the transfer is fully processed, which can take up to 9 days!  I did the later.  Doh!  What a royal pain.

    • rc

      Is this something that I could ask BH about? I don’t understand it. Thanks

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for this suggestion. Very helpful.

  • Jorie Larsen

    Hi Michael! I just finished reading your book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” yesterday. Today, I Googled ways to switch my blog to a self-hosted wordpress blog, and you were one of the first links that popped up! Kismet.

    My question: is this process different if you are coming from a free blog? I’m assuming so. I want all my old posts and such from the free to transfer. Do you recommend I do the “guided transfer” available for a fee from Thank you! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      It’s a pretty simple process. You just export the old posts and import them into the new blog. I am not familiar with the guided tour, but that sounds like the first place I would start.

  • Staci Perry

    Perfect timing, Michael. I have been thinking about moving from to and using Bluehost, but I have a couple questions. Can I change the name of my blog when I switch it over? I am ready to rename a blog that I started on a whim two years ago and never really liked the name but now I have subscribers and followers. Or will I just need to start over with I never registered my current blog domain name – I’ve gone with everything completely free so far. The other question I have after reading a few of the previous comments is, with Bluehost do you pay monthly or do you pay the monthly fees up front – say 24 months at one time? I appreciate this blog post and will be thankful if you answer my questions. Thank you! Staci

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you can change the blog to any name you want. You just need to be able to secure the domain name. (You can do that in the process of signing up.)
      Yes, you have to pay the monthly fees up front. This is how BlueHost is able to do it so cheap.

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  • Nancy Marco

    Just FYI, I may have run into the same problem Bill Allemon did, I am NOT techy but my hubby and I worked for several hours to try to move a domain from GoDaddy to Blue Host. Finally a person at Blue Host helped us push it through but it won’t be ready for WordPress until tomorrow. One thing, the screen at Blue Host looks different now than the instructional video so it threw us a little ~ different wordings and boxes etc. 

    • Brett

       Nancy–I had the exact same problem the first time I tried to point the nameservers from GoDaddy to a different host. This was a year or so ago and while I know me some MS Word, I felt so over my head. I used a different roadmap than Michael’s, but his is pretty much similar. The next time you do it–it’ll be easier. I think it’s a common screwy thing the first go-round, regardless.

      • nancy

         Brett, ~ there may not be a second time around for me, it was so frustrating. I’m not using the web site I set up yet because it looks too unprofessional so I may end up hiring a person to manage it once I am up and running. BUT I still did appreciate this detailed tutorial to give it a shot.

  • ddm9211

    Tried this and it took all afternoon and can’t finish until tomorrow morning. Not exactly 20 minutes!
    I think if you get your domain name through Blue Host you might be OK, and you might be able to do it in 20 minutes. But tried to import one from GoDaddy and it took a long time and had to call both GoDaddy and Blue Host for help. I’m a newby with websites but intermediate with computers. Also fumbled around finding passwords and the like.
    The screen shots in the video are outdated, so you have to guess at some things and search for the right screens. I didn’t guess well at the GoDaddy screens so had to call them up. Did something that locked things up until tomorrow morning.

    If you already have a domain name with someone like GoDaddy, you might want to stay there because it’s simpler. If you want to use Blue Host, you’ll probably need to call them up if you’re a newby – and Michael is correct that their customer support is excellent – but so is GoDaddy’s. 

    I’m sure it will work eventually, and appreciate the video because it’s a decent roadmap. Like all roadmaps, things change along the way!

    • ddm9211

      Need to add: the video is still very valuable and helpful.

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  • Tiffany

    I followed all of your instructions (wonderful, thank you) but now my self hosted wordpress blog isn’t showing up when I type in the url. The old version is. What can I do?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It usually takes 24 hours for the the DNS to be resolved (propagated across the Internet). It will keep pointing to the old site until that happens.

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  • Brooke Showers

    I honestly can’t thank you enough! I’ve been completely overwhelmed with all the information about a self-hosted website to where i have lost the motive to start my website! Thank you for showing this post giving step-by-step instructions. It’s what I needed! 

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  • MarieWinn

    http://www.OnlineNeeds.Co.Uk This website offers online services that will help you in your online venture. Check it out!

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  • Amanda

    Thanks so much for this!  You made it sound so simple, so I finally found the courage to go self hosted.  I kept switching between browser windows during each step, but I managed to make it through the process with only a little stress.  (You didn’t mention all the options I’d be ignoring!)  Anyway, I really appreciate this tutorial, and I’ll be referring it to my friends who might be interested.  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Amanda. I’m glad it worked for you.

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  • Jessica Chase

    Thank you so much. I used your link and signed up for BlueHost so hopefully you got a good commission. Your information was just what I needed to get my coupon blog up and running – thank you!! P.S.- loved the infographic. It helped a ton.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I did. Thanks!

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  • Cory Nikkel

    Michael, amazing content, teaching, and professionalism. Still a bit confused on the sole purpose and benefit of a self-host and the site benefits that are received, but looking into it more.

    How can I get the password/credit card “lock” app on my chrome browser? Been searching for it but can’t seem to locate it. It would be gem to add to the browser!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Just go to the 1Password site. It will walk you through it.

      • Cory Nikkel


  • Ryan Ridgway

    Great post! Wish i had something as clean and concise as this when I initially started out on WordPress :) Definitely saving this for a great “go-to” for others. – Ryan

  • Steve

    I made the conversion to Bluehost and I’m happy with the change. How can I be sure my subscribers will also be informed of posts and information on the new Bluehost servers? Will that be automatic?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It will be invisible to them.

  • Anderson Crispim

    Great tutorial Michael. I use a three hosting companies, however, as you show in your post I know believe Bluehost is definitely the easiest hosting to run a wordpress site. Thank you! Just one suggestion, I’ve noticed you own the domain – Why dont you insert your video tutorial there also? Take care, A. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, I keep meaning to do that! Thanks.

  • Michael Hyatt


  • Chawton1810

    I have a WordPress blog and would like to add a slide show to a widget in the sidebar. Can you explain how that’s done. The widgets seem to need HTML code and that’s a bit outside my purview.

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  • Christopher_L_Scott

    I am planning to relaunch my blog in February and am considering WordPress and Bluehost.

    Currently I have about 900 blog posts on my typepad blog at  

    I am curious if anyone has experience of the conversion and transfer from Typepad to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Is it difficult? Worth the trouble? Or, should I just create a self-hosted blog with Typepad and go from there? Or, with that many posts, should I keep what I have?

    Am am curious of anyone’s experience or thoughts.

    Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Personally, I think you should do it. I did it myself about five years ago. It was a pain then; hopefully, it has improved. I would set up a test server. Export the posts from TypePad and then import into WordPress. That way, if anything goes wrong, you will still have your original installation up and running until you figure out. You might also Google for technicians who specialize in these kinds of conversions or call Bluehost Support. They are also very good.

      • Christopher L. Scott

        Michael, thank you for your advice and help on this topic.

        I have successfully relaunched my blog and I am so glad that I did. I used your screen cast to walk through each step.

        Thank you!

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  • Samantha

    Hi Michael, I followed this as i wanted to get a proper domain other then the wordpress one. I got a little lost as your directions are to set up a new blog, What do i do if i already have a WordPress blog? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Moving your hosting to Bluehost is fairly easy, though I don’t have it documented anywhere. (That might make for a good screencast.) In the meantime, I would call Bluehost support. They are excellent and can walk you through the process.

  • Samantha

    Thanks Michael, Ill give that a try (thanks for the very quick reply!) Happy Holidays!

  • Taran

     Wordpress is such a powerful tool.  Amazing functionality available to
    non-techies.  And Bluehost is indeed super easy to use.  The extensible
    nature of WordPress just continues to improve.

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  • Lotto Tickets Online


    What I look for the post many
    time. I have also bookmarked you for checking out new posts. It is a pleasure
    reading your blog posts.

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  • Playonplaytime

    Excellent video and clarity, many thanks. However, could you tell me if you can get more sophisticated templates than the one you have shown or whether you can personalise them. Also I would be interested why one would get a designated server (host) instead of using blue host which you mentioned.

    But thanks, this video was a great help.

    • Michael Hyatt

      There are literally thousands of templates available for WordPress. Many of them are free, but I recommend one of the premium, commercial themes. I am introducing one of my own. In addition, Standard theme is excellent. Elegant Themes, WooThemes, and StudioPress are also great options.
      With regard to a designated server, I am assuming you mean dedicated server. You actually have three options: shared hosting (BlueHost), virtual dedicated hosting, and dedicated hosting. It really is a function of how much traffic you are generating and how much bandwidth you require. (These are progressively more expensive as you move up.)
      I always recommend people start with BlueHost and then move up if necessary. Thanks.

  • Jason HJH

    I might have made a common professional mistake – starting my text-heavy blog on Tumblr. Now I’m thinking if I shift my blog over to WordPress, but I’m worried about the inconvenience of a couple of things:
    1) Google Adsense (another week or so for approval? Or is there a better workaround? In 2 cases: I’m reusing my original domain. I’m getting a new domain)
    2) My posts. I’ve distributed them in a couple of channels and they were upvoted. I cannot edit those stuff though, does WordPress allow me to remap the URL of the posts back to the original?

    Would greatly appreciate your advice with this.

    Thank you for sharing the article!

    • Michael Hyatt

      First, I don’t know about Adsense. (I can’t tell if you are “reusing your current domain” or “getting a new domain.” Perhaps the word “not” is missing.) If you are reusing, then I wouldn’t think it would matter; you are essentially just changing your platform.
      With regard to your second question, you can get a plugin called Redirection, which makes it very easy to map old URLs to new ones. I use it all the time. But it will only work if you use the same domain. Thanks.

      • Jason HJH

        Hi Michael, thank you for your help. My apologies for being unclear.

        I understand that Bluehost offers this EasyInstall option. Are there pros and cons for using that option VS installing it on your own as you’ve described above?
        From a casual conversation between a friend and I, he briefly told me that installing manually would have cost/flexibility advantages. Hope you could enlighten me on this, thank you in advance.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I don’t know of any advantages of installing manually. You might call BlueHost. There customer service is excellent.

          • Jason HJH

            Okay, I will do just that. Thank you for directing me.

  • LaraKilpatrick

    GREAT tutorial! thanks so much!

  • Ryan Ridgway

    Just now stumbling across this, will definitely save this link for future reference and for friend’s sites. Thanks for making it so simplistic! Cheers – Ryan

  • Megabuckplantation

    If i sign in as a new account will I get paid for my post . I’m tryin to make a outdoor farm / hunting/ fishing web . Like the ones I see on YouTube where the person or persons get paid when someone views their site . Will I get paid too ? Or can you help me get started

    • Michael Hyatt

      I wish it were that easy. You won’t get paid unless you can figure out how to monetize your content. Here are some ways to do that.

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  • Kennethjohn
  • Pingback: Cerebration » Blog Archive » 2013: My Favorite Apps and Programs for Productivity and Study()

  • Michael Hyatt

    I would encourage you to call BlueHost Support. They are very, very good and can walk you through this. Thanks.

    • Samantha

      Thanks Michael I suspect it has something to do with WordPress not BlueHost 
      but thanks anyway

  • Samantha

    Hi there. 

    I think my post was deleted because it had links to my website? 
    I need a hand if possible as I have followed your instructions and “imported my existing blog” and exported it to the website i created through the abov – the only trouble is now i have both the .wordpresss page and then the .com page?? 
    Im worried that if i delete the wordpress page then it will delete content form the .com page. 
    Have you had this problem before? can you provide a solution or suggestion  I have tried on the wordpress forum but  I didn’t get a reply. 

    Hope you can help

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  • Stefan Turner

    It’s good to see someone making quality reviews like this. It can be difficult to find a good host if you don’t know where to start. I’m trying to get our site to match this kind of quality. I think we are pretty close, we have one click installs for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. If you are ever looking to do reviews in the future please consider reviewing us.

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  • Bill Fleming, Jr.

    Michael, you mentioned that you had some templates you were working on for WordPress users that would be available around now.  Have you released them?  Is there a beta program?


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, the theme is now in private beta. We are still several weeks from releasing it publicly. Thanks for you interest.

      • Bill Fleming, Jr.

        How can I get involved in the beta program?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Unfortunately, it is closed for now. We had almost 2,000 people apply. ;-)

  • Quality Tek

    wow, its really helpful. thanks a lot.

  • Carly Sioux

    Ok. This sounds easy enough but I am pretty hardheaded when it comes to this stuff. I am curious what doing these steps will do to my current ( site. Do I need to make changes to my WordPress account or is this step covered in the installation directions. Once the installation is complete what will the site look like? Will the layout be the same or will I have to change it in that moment. When I log into my account to make new blog posts will I be logging in from bluehost? Sorry in advance for being so clueless but I have just fumbled my way through learning this stuff and I am not 100% clear on what the consequences will be after making the installation. Thanks!!


    • Michael Hyatt

      This is totally different than your .com account. How it looks will be dependent on the theme you select. You will need to export your posts from your current account and import them into your new one. They won’t automatically transfer over. Thanks.

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  • Nathan Bullock

    any hosting service that uses fantastico lets you do a wordpress install… super easy

  • LucidTomorrow


  • Alina


    This is such a osum blog ,and thanx a lot for such kind of informative content.

  • Godsheart

    All I can say is, “Good for you, Michael Hyatt! I am glad you figured this out and it will probably help someone–just not me!” Today I blew an entire day trying to set up a Word Press blog and hit one brick wall after another. I have dumped the whole thing. I hope you are correct about the refund.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wow. I am so sorry. I have not had anyone report that kind of experience. Did you ever call Bluehost Support? They are terrific.
      If you have trouble getting a refund, let me know. I will personally refund it. Thanks.

  • Edille Rosario

    Really helpful post :) Thanks for sharing.

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  • Fredrick

    I’ve been looking at starting up with Bluehost in the next few weeks, but I’m wondering if getting a framework like Genesis worth it for a complete newbie or should i just stick with the basics until I can get things figured out.  I have no code writing experience at all, if that matters, but I’m still so new I don’t know if I will need to write or copy code to run wordpress.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You shouldn’t have to write or copy code to use WordPress, though you can do that if you want to change something. Genesis is just one of hundreds of themes available on the market. But that would be the next step after you install WordPress. Find a theme you like. I would check WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Standard Theme, and and Studio press.

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  • Andrew Worling

    Good day. Can anyone tell me if there is a way you can take a website with a purchased domain name (ie – and make it a self hosted wordpress site?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can’t make a a self-hosted site. These are two different things. You will have to export your posts from and important them into a self-hosted WordPress site. This post might help you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, you can’t convert it directly. What you can do is export the content and then import it into a new self-hosted WordPress site. It’s a pretty simple process.

  • Aiki Sogura

    It only takes 20 minutes to read this post…

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  • James_Lowery

    James Lowery
    Micheal, I am moving toward starting a blog and have a question about hosting. I currently have a subscription with another host provider that you have not recommended. This is good through October 2013. Could I use them with word press or would it be worth the additional investment to use Blue Host. I agree with your thoughts concerning hosting provider content and am willing to to use them if it would be an easier process. Thank you for your intentional encouragement. I am excited about Platform U.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You will need to check with your current host’s tech support. If you can use WordPress there, I would stay.



  • Paulsabo

    If I already have a host for my website, and i want to start a blog, can I just use my current host for the blog (Green Geeks).  I”m not sure I understand why I need another host for this.  May be this is the same question (not sure)…Is there a difference between a blog host and a website host?  If so, what is the difference?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Nope. So long as you can install WordPress on it, you are good to go.

  • Jim Mader

    I really appreciate this Michael. I’m a newbie at all this and this was very easy to follow. Bluehost looks like a great solution for hosting and I love what they are all about. One question, can I set up a non profit blog for some missionary friends of mine that can include a donation feature on the home page?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m sure you can, but you’ve had t find a plugin or a service that integrates with WordPress. Unfortunately, I don’t know of one to recommend. Thanks.

  • Melissa

    Thanks so much for this Michael!!! This may be a silly question but … is compatible with Ipad? I have the IOS app for Ipad installed .. and that lets me log in to edit posts etc on my blog (havent got one set up yet as am researching hosted vs self hosted)… I am guessing using an Ipad will be restrictive. I will be travelling for a year and this will be my major source of internet etc. 

    Any help or comment much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep. Actually, a great question. You can edit a WordPress blog hosted from anywhere on the iPad.

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  • Mickmontgomery

    Hey, Michael, Great Post, just a quick question, if you HAVE an existing Account with Word Press, where THEY are hosting your blogs, can you USE that User and Password in the set up? Or must you chose a NEW User and Password?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can use the same one if you want, but it is a completely separate system.

  • Loginto

    I used to determine if I needed dedicated or shared hosting before setting up my blog actually. Either way I agree with Michael’s use of WordPress. I found that it can be run on either shared or dedicated hosting, does not matter. Thanks again!

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  • Jim

    I am creating a site for my new book being published by Westbow Press. In naming my domain, do you recommend using the name of my book or my name? I will be writing more books in the future.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Definitely, your name. The book will come and go. You will outlive it and have another new project later.

  • krishna kc

    I have developed one wordpress website and I already have domain name and server to host. Previously this site was developed in Joomla by some other person who is not in touch. Now, I need to configure and add this site in My server. Please provide me step by step guide to do this. Regards

  • Donna M. Bouie

    Thanks for this post! Just as relevant today as when you first wrote it.

  • Anon

    Do I need to download the wordpress software from I am using bluehost.

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, you don’t. You can install it directly from within the Bluehost control panel, as I demonstrate in the video.

  • Reed W Shepherd

    Is this an “updated”screen cast or the screen cast that was published earlier? Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have only published this one time. Thanks.

  • Fredrick Morrison

    Michael – thanks for this post. It has been a great resource to getting WP set-up. I’ve got a bluehost account set up and then a started adding additional (addon domains) domains to my primary account. Then I started reading about some of the drawbacks to the addon domain setup (possible security issues, duplicate content hurting search rankings) and I got a little hesitant to proceed any further. I did read about some fixes to these issues, but they involved coding and other technical stuff that I’m not ready for yet.
    So my question is this – do you think the addon domains are a good way to go or would it be better to pay for separate accounts for each domain? Also – would a reseller account be an option? I won’t be reselling hosting, but it looks like that would be a way to avoid the addon domains which create a subdomain ( I know this question is a bit off topic for this post, but I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the issue so I can move on from this decision and get blogging.

    (My google account (Name, Photo) info didn’t show up when I made my post, which it has never done before) Thanks again – Fredrick Morrison

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I don’t have an opinion. I have not encountered those issues. I would encourage you to call BlueHost support. They are superb. Thanks.

  • Fredrick Morrison

    Michael – thanks for this post.  It has been a great resource to getting WP set-up, by the most helpful page I’ve found.   I’ve got a bluehost account set up, WP installed and then a started adding additional (addon domains) domains to my primary account.  Then I started reading about some of the drawbacks to the addon domain setup (possible security issues, duplicate content hurting search rankings) and I got a little hesitant to proceed any further.  I did read about some fixes to these issues, but they involved coding and other technical stuff that I’m not ready for yet.

     So my question is this – do you think the addon domains are a good way to go or would it be better to pay for separate accounts for each domain?  Also – would a reseller account be an option?  I won’t be reselling hosting, but it looks like that would be a way to avoid the addon domains which create a subdomain (  I know this question is a step or two beyond the scope of this post, but I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the issue so I can move on from this decision and get blogging.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Frederick, I’m afraid I can’t help you. I am not familiar with the issues involving addon domains.

  • Bethany Jett

    Are there any step-by-step, how to make your WordPress blog awesome, people/sites that you recommend? Currently using blogger, but need to move it to WordPress. Just went through all the steps with BlueHost, THANK YOU!, and now not sure what to do. Feeling overwhelmed!

    • Michael Hyatt

      The next step is to find a theme you like and set it up. Then … start writing! I recommend checking out Elegant Themes, WooThemes, and StudioPress are also great options.

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  • Carseatconversations

    Good Post!

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  • Michael Hyatt

    I don’t know the answer to your second question, because I am not familiar with WebStudio. Sorry. WordPress follows a little bit different paradigm. You don’t usually design anything; instead, you simply install a theme and tweak it. There are thousands of free themes available, though I recommend buying one of the many premium themes. They are usually better designed and have lots of features. Thanks.

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  • jbledsoejr

    I have been waiting on an updated version of this post!  Cannot wait to dig into it. Thanks for updating this Michael!  Considering a switch to Blue Host.  Perfect…now just waiting on the Get Noticed! Theme. :)

    • Joe Lalonde

      What host are you currently using? I made the switch to BlueHost from DreamHost. The features of BlueHost are amazing. Hope you have a great experience switching (if you do)!

  • Alan Salls

    Great post Michael.  To add to your  suggestion of using for help, there is also another great WordPress help site that goes a little deeper at

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, I am familiar with WPBeginner. The owner is a friend of mine. Great site.

  • Tracey L. Moore

    Great information. I have to set up a blog and this was right on time.  I just want to know, how do you customize it? Say I want to put my picture at the top or use a customized banner, can I do that? Is that where the theme comes in? You have to excuse me, but I am not quite clear on what a theme actually is. Thanks.
    Tracey L. Moore
    Author of the upcoming book, Oasis for My Soul: Poems and Inspirational Writings for Spiritual and Personal Growth

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, the theme controls all the styling—colors, fonts, photos—everything. Thanks.

  • Daniel Di Bartolo

    Hi Michael. I’ve found this post super helpful as I launch my own WordPress blog. In the previous version of this screencast, as well as elsewhere, you suggest using Standard Theme. 

    As you haven’t mentioned it here, do you no longer recommend it? Just trying to make the best choice for a theme.

    Thanks again!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I definitely think they are worth considering. I like the theme a lot. It just also requires more of you, as a blogger, to get it like you want it.

  • chadbrooks

    Michael-I love this tutorial. I have sent plenty of people to it and bluehost really provides a great option.

    This screencast is so easy to use. Another great resource.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Chad!

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  • Steve Spring

    Great post Michael! I currently have a blog on and would like to make the switch to a self-hosted blog on Bluehost. Does anyone know where I can find step-by-step directions on how to make the transition? I am also looking for WordPress theme recommendations. I was thinking of the standard theme but noticed that Michael did not recommend it in this post. What themes should a non-tech person be looking at?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Here is a tutorial on how to move from hosted to self-hosted: How to Properly Move Your Blog from to StandardTheme is still a great choice.

      • Steve Spring

        Thanks Michael!

      • Steve Spring

        Micahael,  I was able to effortlessly setup up a bluehost account using your post. I was also able to get my old blog moved to my bluehost account using the information in the above post. Now all I need is a theme and some cool graphics. Thanks again for all of your assistance. 

        • Michael Hyatt

          Awesome, Steve. That’s great to hear!

    • Barry Hill


      Standard Theme is great as a framework( it’s what I use). Thesis and Genesis WP theme frameworks are probably two of the most popular frameworks and give you a lot of control and have great back-end features. If you are looking for a child theme that is already somewhat designed for you?? I would check out a site like WooThemes.

  • Dan Bolton

    Done :)
    Let the platform building begin.

    • Barry Hill

      AWESOME, DAN! When ready—shoot us the link so we can check it out!

  • Christopher L. Scott

    I used this video and Michael’s recommendations last weekend to officially switch my blog from being hosted by Typepad to a self-hosted WordPress blog with the Standard Theme.

    After six years and 900 posts with Typepad I was surprised at how easy the process was. 

    Even though many of my blog post links to other blog posts were broken (because my blog was hosted by Typepad and had the at the end of the URLs), surprisingly all of my photos, categories, typesetting, and outbound links stayed intact (was was a big surprise since I deleted my Typepad blog and expected to lose much of that information). 

    The experience thus far has been great. Thanks for the very informative and helpful video.

  • Ben Dempsey

    I made mine using your affiliate last August. It was easy to get up and running. I have enjoyed Bluehost thus far. I currently have standard theme installed, but look forward to considering Get Noticed! once it is released. 

  • Dan Erickson

    Looks easy.  About two years ago I started my blog.  I got my domain through GoDaddy, who I’ve since left because I don’t appreciate their ads, but a friend set my hosting up with Fat Cow, who I’ve had no complaints about.  At that time I’d have been clueless as to how to set WP up on a self-hosted system, but with your steps, it looks simple.  I have friends who are hosted through WP and I’ve compared.  Being self-hosted creates more opportunities and freedom.  I highly recommend it.

  • JB Farrell

    Thanks for sharing this article, wish I had known of it when I started my sites.  I learned most of this the hard way (and it is so easy).  I like to share your article with all of my friends who are looking to create a self hosted blog. 

    thank you again for taking the time to create this article.

  • Bill Fleming, Jr.

    Michael,  I currently have a website up and running.  I want to switch to WordPress for my authoring of the site.  I wish to keep my current site up while building my new site to a point that it does not freakout my customers when they come to the site and see something that for a week or so looks like a disaster.  How do you go about building the new WordPress site in the “background” and once ready make it live?

    Thanks, Bill

    • Michael Hyatt

      The key is in assigning the domain. I use a beta domain (just my name + beta at the end). I build out the site there. Then, when I am happy, I copy everything to my main site and go live.

  • TorConstantino

    This is such an informative and important post for anyone who aspires to being an info-preneur. As always thanks for clearing the path for those of us who are following in your steps Michael!

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  • Justin Venhousen

    Hi Michael,

    I noticed that you used to recommend Standard Theme and did not on this update. Is there any reason for that?

    Justin Venhousen

  • Dale Melchin

    @mhyatt:disqus !  You’ve done it again!  You make it effortless as always.  I’m using free wordpress right now, but once I pile up some cash, I’m going to move my stuff to my own hosted website.  My only question is, what if you have pre-existing content on WordPress?  Do you have any resources for dealing with that aspect?  Thanks again!

  • imallwritedotcom

    Totally helpful ! Thanks for taking the effort to put this together so meatheads like me can do stuff like this without feeling the need to smash our heads into the wall

  • Pingback: Welcome Back | Christopher L. Scott | Biblical Leadership()

  • Kristine

    This is definitely a lifesaver sir! The instructions are well-written and setting up my own WordPress site on my own server was easy peasy because of this. I will recommend this page to others. Thank you very much for posts like this!

  • Pingback: New Home | Bubble of Blah()

  • James Strock

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing this in such a easy to follow format. I’ll be sharing this with people I care about who have been slow to adopt the WordPress template that can take their web presence to the next level. 

  • Curt Worrell

    WordPress is definitely the best blogging platform.  As far as hosting, I use Hostgator, but your recommendation for BlueHost is not the first that I have heard.  I am going to look into it cause I am getting to renew my hosting. 

    Blog Tip:

  • Support

    Great Post thank you. I’m a little unsure on how to set up a second blog in my wordpress control panel. I think I need a different domain name to install a second blog. I am a little nervous about doing this to be honest any help on this would be great. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Please call Bluehost support. They are excellent and would be happy to walk you through it. The process is very simple. You can do it with or without a domain. Thanks.

  • Mike Berry

    Thanks to Platform, this post, and your insight, I launched my parenting blog this past September. Appreciate all that you do. It’s a huge encouragement!

  • Liz Koh92

    Hi Michael! How are you?

    First, thank you very much for posting this incredible and fine-detailed post. As a college student looking into creating a blog for employers to see my work, I had no idea where to start. I was just wondering how much control Bluehost has over your blog if your purchase a domain from them. Also, if you use WordPress do you have to pay their $99/year fee? 

    Thanks again! I really appreciate it! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure what you mean by “control.” Sorry. I personally don’t think there is any problem purchasing a domain from Bluehost. They are a great company.
      Can you elaborate on where you are getting the $99 fee for WordPress? There is no charge for downloading the software and uploading it to your server. Thanks.

      • Liz Koh92

        Sorry, I should have clarified. By control, I mean can they take down a blog at any time or can they go in and modify it if they want to? 

        When I go to and try to register for a blog through WordPress, I’m given the option to choose Basic ($0), Premium ($99) and Business ($299). I was just wondering what the difference was between using WordPress through Bluehost and WordPress alone. 

        Please let me know if anything can be more clarified. Thanks!

  • Cresso19

    Get $9.98 off at HostGator – Coupon: 42VCT1CPXF

  • bike insurance

    By using word press we can launch a small business website. Which is too much important to our small business it have because now everything is on online based.

  • TheMisfit

    Just a little feedback.  You had me up until you got into values.  While I appreciate the non-porn part – the rest of the language just sent up my “right wing” Christianity flag.  Then I got to worrying that Bluehost may be some Chick-Fil-A kind of thing where the leadership is anti-gay. So then I researched a little and sure enough- Mormon.  Because of the Mormon Church’s political activism in Prop 8 and their continued attacks on gay people – I won’t be using BlueHost.  :(  Give us an update if the Mormon Church decides to stop the assault on gay civil rights.  

  • 振忠 呂

    how do you get a blog suggestion for blog beginners – See more at:

  • Terri Picone

    Thanks for the great tutorial, Michael. My only problem came when I didn’t save all my posts from my blog before changing it over so I am truly starting over! But I already like the look of my new blog so I’m happy about that.

  • Sharon

    Hello there.  I am walking through these steps (thank you for making it simple, by the way).  My question is this:  In the step where you are installing the wordpress, if I have a free wordpress blog currently, would I select install or Import.  Obviously, I would love to move all the posts I have on my free blog.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It depends. If it is another self-hosted WordPress site, you could migrate the whole thing to Bluehost. If it is a hosted site on, you will need to export your posts then re-import them into your new site. Here’s a tutorial: How to Properly Move Your Blog from to

  • Tina

    I am just getting started and going to set up a blog.  Thank you for this!!!! Thank you.

  • 振忠 呂

    seo for beginners pr 2-5 DoFollow Forums list to get more high quality backlinks

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  • Barry

    Michael, great post thank you.
    I want to purchase a theme from one of the developers you have suggested. Are you saying that you install a paid-for theme after having taken all the steps you indicate, including writing that first blog post ?
    A step-by-step on how to purchase, download and install a paid-for theme would be fab !
    Many thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, that is correct. You can install the theme before you write the first post if you wish.
      I am planning to do a screencast on installing a theme. I am waiting on my own theme to be ready first. Thanks.

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  • Miraj

    I am happy

  • Giancarlo Leonio

    Hi. Great post. I found it really helpful! I did some research on top code snippets and tutorials to get started with WordPress and extend the capabilities of the site. I think people reading your post may find this useful as well.

    Thanks :)

  • KK

    Thank you very much for writing this guide! I’d been avoiding WordPress because of the many pages of complicated instructions I’d come across, but this made it pretty straightforward. I also didn’t know it could be installed directly to a hosting service. I now have a brand new WordPress site, so thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome! I’m so glad.

  • julieg

    If I set up a WordPress blog can I expand it to a full website?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It depends on what you mean by a full website. I would use WordPress for everything. If you don’t want the blog as your home page, you indicate a static page as your home page. Hope that helps.

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  • Roekim

    This is a great article. EXTREMELY detailed. Check out this video that take you through the process in less that 4 minutes. Good video like the article.

  • Brad Angus

    Ok! Question! I enjoyed this very much and it worked great setting everything up, but I am getting slammed with spam comments everyday! I get like 20+ a day and this is really annoying! What’s the best way in dealing with this? I started several weeks ago, but got so frustrated with messing with the comments after 3 posts, I just stopped!! I would think BlueHost would have something to deal with this. Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You want to install a plugin called Akismet. It will solve your problem.

      • Brad Angus

        Thanks! I had it installed on there, but for some reason I hadn’t activated it yet! Hopefully that will do it. Thanks! Really enjoy reading your material! God bless!

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  • blossomelise

    I have been trying to start up this WordPress website for about 3 full days now. Then I come across this blog and you help me do it in 20 minutes ! Thankyou so much. Your instructions and video were clear, precise and extremely helpful to a beginner like me.

  • kamran

    very helpful post thnkx……….

  • Marysia

    Such a useful video. I am all set up and ready to go. Very excited!!

    Plus I have linked to this so I can help those friends of mine who have yet to discover what great help and advice you give us all ;-)
    I blog at and your name, book and blog are coming up a lot in my posts for helping creatives of all types market themselves.

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  • Douglas Burdett

    Michael, thanks for this (and all the other “giving” you do)!

    I am going to move my existing, free WP-hosted site ( over to Bluehost now and when I called in they mentioned that they have just started offering site migration for $99 (not on their website yet).

    That seemed like good headache prevention – do you know anyone who has had Bluehost handle the migration from an existing site?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t, but that sounds like a great deal. Bluehost is great when it comes to customer service, so I would give it a try.

      • Douglas Burdett

        Roger that – will do and circle back with an after action report!

      • Douglas Burdett

        Michael, as promised, I just wanted to circle back and report on my experience with Bluehost’s migration service.

        I don’t think the service is at the point yet where you’ll want to recommend it to your followers. Bluehost did the migration and a few days later told me they were finished, but it looked awful. I complained and they put a more senior person on it but it took about a month and several attempts to contact Bluehost in order to get a response. They ultimately completed the migration to my satisfaction.

        It seems that Bluehost hasn’t invested in the personnel and processes to make this a scalable solution, and is probably just testing the feasibility of rolling out this service (it’s not promoted on their website – the sales rep told me about it). Until they can convince you to the contrary, I wouldn’t recommend it.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Thanks, Douglas. Good to know.

        • Brett

          I have a site ( that has been hosted on GoDaddy, but something went screwy and I can’t access my dashboard nor navigate from the homepage to any post pages. I have a hosting account at Bluehost and wanted to move this site to that account. They offered they same $99 service. I was on the fence on it. I’ve downloaded all my database files, but I’m nervous period. I pretty much just started a different site to avoid it. But I would kind of like my own personal URL to be up and running.

  • Daniel Di Bartolo

    Hi Michael,

    I used this tutorial to launch my first blog. It’s a blog to serve other young leaders and youth pastors.

    Thanks a ton for sharing this.

    Honestly, the simple directions and service recommendations were super helpful. For a guy like me with little web or technical experience, it was nice to be walked through the process.

    I’d second Michael’s recommendation for Blue Host. So far, the service has been great. The Blue Host back-end is a bit confusing, but it’s quick to learn.

    With directions this simple, the biggest barrier to me launching my blog was actually myself- the Resistance is strong when you’re starting something new and exciting.

    Again, I really appreciated this!

  • Chris Barrett

    Michael, thanks for putting so much effort into making this simple. I just started my first blog and I’m excited about the possibilities.

    • Taleb Aldris


  • Michele

    The Video Tutorial is fantastic. Michael is a very good instructor, easy to listen to and follow, great instructions. Thank you for putting it out there!

    • Taleb Aldris

      I agree with you.

  • Steve Hayes

    The thing you didn’t explain is why you would want a self-hosted blog in the first place, when there are good hosting options out there like WordPress. I tend to prefer reading blogs hosted by a reputable host (like WordPress) to self-hosted ones. I’m reluctant to put self-hosted blogs in my blogroll because the blogger tends to abandon the blog or forget to pay the host, and then links to blog posts or to the blog itself are broken. In my experience self-hosted blogs are ephemeral and unreliable, and things tend to go wrong on them far more than on normal blogs.

  • Lance Morgan

    What if you have an existing bluehost account, domain, and have installed wordpress on that domain, then you add-on more domains to your bluehost account, how do you install wordpress on the domains that you have added on?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I suggest you call Bluehost support. They are terrific with this kind of stuff.

  • rc

    I’m a brand new blogger and have been learning the differences between free and self hosted .org.

    Two questions: I noticed in your demo video it has ‘.com’ as your sign up domain name and I thought the ‘.com’ was for the free and ‘.org’ was for blue host. So I gather self hosted can also be ‘.com’?

    Also, one main reason I’m interested in doing blue host is for affiliate ads. I became an affiliate for the first time and discovered it can’t be done with free word press unless there is a large following. With Blue host we need to find ways to generate our followers, correct? Thanks in advance.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think your comparing apples and oranges. WordPress comes in two flavors: hosted ( and self-hosted ( In the latter case, you download the software and install it on your own server or a server your lease (like Bluehost).
      With self-hosted WordPress, you can attach any domain name—.com, .org, .tv, whatever. It doesn’t matter.
      You will need to find your own followers or readers regardless of the platform you choose. No one will do that for you. Thanks.

      • rc

        Thank you. This helps!

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  • Pingback: Self-Hosting Wordpress Set-up in Only 20 Minutes! >

  • Stephan Serfontein

    I got an account from Bluehost after listening to your podcast, and managed to set up a website for our family’s confectionary store in South Africa. All went well until 24 hour later when Bluehost de-activated the account. After numerous unanswered e-mails and sending them photocopies of my Credit Card – pretty expensive from abroad – all their customer service can tell me is that I have to contact another department working with credentialing and ‘they will only be here in another 2 hours…’ The Credit Card payment went through – no problem there. I have been using GoDaddy for my office website – with no problem, and am just waiting for the Bluehost’s Credentialing personnel to arrive so I can close this account. Bad experience. Looks like Bluehost hate pornographers and foreigners all the same!


    I used Bluehost for my blog. In the week, I got viewers everyday on my blog now it slows down. How can I get more viewers for my blog?

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  • Mark Gredler

    I don’t know if you get to comments on older posts like this. Any advice for someone changing from a blog to a hosted version with a domain, and over two years of posts to transfer. How do I make sure all my regular readers can find the new address? WordPress 101 didn’t appear to have any help on this.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I actually get them all the time!

      Great question. Here’s the best article I have found on this. Please let me know if this works for you.

  • Spencer Adkins

    I used to host my site through Godaddy till I realized it was a bad idea. There are a lot of great hosting sites out there you’ll just have to do extensive research and read reviews about them. I find this article very interesting, it reminds me of a video I watched on Youtube ( It’s quite as detailed as this one. :) Good job!


    thank you so much Michael for this.. Just a question,, where do I log back in? is it in my web host.. because I cant seem to find any log in engine in ..

    • Michael Hyatt

      Are you talking about logging into WordPress? You can find that here: []/wp-admin.

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  • Rajan M

    I’m a new blogger currently on free blogspot. Thanks for the detailed info as I’m also thinking of migrating to wordpress. Few things I want to know if you could explain to me. First, Bluehost says unlimited space and bandwidth whilst some other companies specify (in MB,GB). How much space and bandwidth do an average wordpress blog need? Secondly, if I get a free domain from bluehost or other hosting companies providing a free domain, do I get the domain name registered under me so that I can transfer the domain name assuming I change the hosting company in future? Or is it better to register a domain name at godaddy so that the domain name is registered to me and remains with me for whichever hosting company I select?

    • Michael Hyatt

      How much space does an average WordPress blog take? I don’t know the answer to that question. You could probably Google it. I think it would depend on the number and size of the images more than any other thing. Apart from that, it doesn’t take much space at all. The domain name will still belong to you, even if you register it for free under Bluehost. You can transfer it elsewhere if that becomes necessary. Thanks.

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  • Shailesh

    Hi, thanks for this. It serves as a great guide. Just a quick question – if we had to keep a live site hosted on another location and just host a sub-domain like on Bluehost, is that possible? Or would you suggest we host even the WordPress blog on our current server. We have an e-commerce site for which we want to start and actively run a blog (buying guides, reviews, etc.)


    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I don’t know. I would call Bluehost Support and ask. They are fantastic.

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  • Laulena3

    Michael, you are awesome for posting this tutorial. I just finished it and used all of your affiliate links as well. Keep up the great work!

    I am at the point where I need to load a theme and I have been reading many reports of users who buy a theme and then end up pulling their hair out because it requires a lot of coding to make it functional.

    Do you or any of your readers recommend any theme developers that make products that work right out of the box and have good support? Or can I assume that is what your list of 4 above does? I have zero coding experience but I need something that looks professional for a non-profit.

    Cheers, Lauren

    • John Tiller

      Hi Lauren! The 4 themes above are some of Michael’s favorites. They all have a good reputation.

      Also, one of the best parts about building my non-profit WP blog was the great WP plug-ins for fundraising that are available. They make your campaigns easy to customize and make it fun for your tribe to donate!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Lauren. All of the above are good. They will, however, take some configuration. It just really depends on what you want to do. Thanks.

  • HerronS

    Hello Michael, thanks for the great tutorial! The only issue I am having is that I received the following error: “Oops! Your main domain is not currently pointing to your your host, so we will use your temporary domain.” So my site URL is a system generated URL. What do I do to change this to my real domain?
    Steve in Colorado Springs

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure, Steve. I would call Bluehost Support. They are terrific with these kinds of issues. Thanks.

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  • Mark Vejnar

    Thank you for your insight and instruction. I enjoy your blog. Your experience with Freedom Filer led me to buy the product. Thank you for consistently providing great content that is useful and relevant.

  • Mark Vejnar

    Whoops, I meant EA help. Now I look like a spammer! Sorry. I actually haven’t settled on a virtual assistant yet. EAHelp looks good but pricey for a start-up. But thanks for the support you provide to entrepreneurs. Thanks for being a great resource.

  • Aldo

    A good free host for blogs is has an automatic script installer.

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  • Scott

    Hey Michael, I just viewed your tutorial about setting up a self hosted word press site. Super easy!!

    Thanks for providing this information!

  • WordpressExamples

    Love your blog Michael. So clean and easy to read. Personally I don’t use BlueHost but I also saw some good recommendations from so I guess they must be really good!

  • Dennis Fahringer

    Given that my Web site is already hosted (with my personal domain) via, is there any reason other than the customer service help for me to pay extra for BlueHost to host only my blog using WordPress? (I’m moving blog files over from, which is defunct as of the end of April, 2013.)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Nope. If you are happy with your hosting company, stay right where you are.

  • PressGuru


  • Richard Cranium

    Thanks for the help. Very well written article, simple and straight to the point.

  • Daniele Fontanot

    Great post, thank you for the info, very useful.

  • Taleb Aldris

    Thank you for the helpful guide Mr. Michael.
    I have two questions to be able to start my blog.
    1- Can I Use this setup for an Arabic language blog, or do I need extra or special setup.
    2- I confused about Domain Name & Blog Name & URL, can both be same? So who uses my domain name could find my blog.

    By the way, I revived your great book (Platform) from Amazon, I am reading it nowadays.

    Hope all the best for you & thanks again.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You’ll have to contact Bluehost support about the Arabic language questions. I am not sure.
      Your domain name and URL are one in the same. In my case, for example, it is However, you can name your blog whatever you want. This is just a field that is stored in WordPress. Usually it is the same (or similar) to the domain name, but not always. For example, mine is “Michael Hyatt: Intentional Leadership.”
      I’m glad you bought Platform. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

      • Taleb Aldris

        Thank you Mr. Michael for answering my question & sure, I enjoy reading your book & your blog & listening to your Podcasts.

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  • Dana

    Thank you! I’ve been debating doing this for months now, and when I saw your easy video, I knew today was the day to make the jump. I had one glitch when my account was “pending” and wouldn’t let me log in, but the blue host service team helped me.
    Thank you for the concise video (I am *so* a video learner!) and the link to the WP101 site- heading there next!

  • BlogTyrant

    Such a cool write up Michael!

    I really like the way you use the social proof at the top to show new readers how many people have signed up using your page. Very nice!

    Just heard about you on G+ and looks like I have some reading to do!


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Ramsay. Welcome!

  • Petal

    Thank you very much, just followed teh video successfully. Now I have a Blogger blog I’d like to migrate to the new WordPress site, how do I do that?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You’ll need to export your posts and then import them into your new site. You might check with Bluehost support to see if they have a tutorial. You might also try Googling this.

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  • Jesse Etherton

    Thanks so much. This made it really easy, and MUCH less overwhelming. However you should know your StudioPress link is broken. :(

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for catching this. I have now fixed it.

  • Brian Rowdy Hamby is missing from the link list above.

  • Brian Rowdy Hamby

    Hey Micheal, you should add themeforest to your list of resources.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great suggestion. I don’t know I missed that one. I have now added it.

  • Trace Jones

    Yeah, if anyone is looking to get a decent site up and running quick, with many options, WordPress is the way to go. We help clients do just that. Some sites don’t need more than what WordPress has to offer.

  • Nivi

    Thanks that was so well instructed. Wish all the videos out there were this simple and to the point.

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  • Facebook User

    These guys have to be the cheapest and best site for wordpress hosting

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  • cishemant

    This WordPress set up was greatly quicker. I just loved to read about the post!!

  • Pete Nikolai

    Hey Mike – thanks for the step-by-step instructions! So far the only glitch I’ve encountered is when going to GoDaddy to set the nameservers. When I click the Set Nameservers link, the dialog that pops up has four options and defaults to “I have a hosting account with these domains” which is not the right one. I was not sure so I clicked OK in hopes that it would then provide the spaces for me to enter them but instead it said it was setting those nameservers and it usually takes 2-48 hours. When I went back and clicked the Set Nameservers link again it said it was working on it and that I would need to wait to make any further changes. So it delayed me a bit. I tried again a few minutes later and it showed me the dialog with four options again. This time I chose “I have specific nameservers for my domains” and it provided the spaces for me to enter the nameservers. So you might want to clarify that section of the instructions. Now back to the next steps…

    • Pete Nikolai

      Another unexpected and confusing part for me was the delay between paying for the hosting service and the host indicating that my domain was available for me to log in on. I thought it would be instantaneous…
      After installing WordPress I had to click the admin link rather than the blog/site link to be taken to the page to log in on WordPress. After using utilities on the dashboard to import my previous posts from, I visited my blog but it still had the placeholder page from the hosting service, so I could not see my blog live yet but I could edit it in the admin area. After another hour or so, I checked back and the blog content was live. Thanks again!
      P.S. I used Webhostingpad rather than Bluehost and paid $119.40 for 5 years after a $25 coupon code which is $1.57 per month.

      • Michael Hyatt

        This actually doesn’t have anything to do with the hosting service. It just takes a while for the domain name to be propagated across the Internet. I tell people to give it 24 hours. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Pete.

  • Marketing Chaos

    Hi there, I am working on following your steps and setting up a bluehost account. I understand that you are offering a discount of $3.95 monthly for the service by following your links here. Is this price only available for the 3 year option? It seems that is there normal pricing schedule as far as I can tell and not a discount at all. I entered the site through your link and began to set it up, only when i selected the 1 year hosting plan it reverted to the $5.95 price. I was hoping to get the $3.95 price for just one year at a time. Is this accurate or is there something I am missing here?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I am afraid that option is only available if you pre-pay for three years. Thanks.

      • Guest

        Thanks, One more question for you… Does Bluehost support Linux based sites? Can’t seem to find that info.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I don’t know the answer to that question. I would encourage you to call Blue Host support. They are excellent and can answer your question.

      • Marketing Chaos

        Thank you, Your article was very helpful.

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  • TravelnLass

    O.k. here’s one for you Michael. I’ve been debating the move of my (2 yr. old) blog on Blogger (with my own registered domain name pointing to it) for months. Thanks to your excellent video and encouragement – I’m now determined to make the leap to a self-hosted WP site.

    Question is… I’ll be using a new WP theme and plan to tweak it a bit (I’m a freelance site designer with a fair share of HTML skills), but…

    How do I keep the new WP site under wraps until I make sure everything is working properly – if I have my domain transferred to Bluehost?

    Is it possible to set up Bluehost w/ some sort of temporary domain, then install WP, the new theme, import my (many posts/comments) from my Blogger blog, and make sure all is well…

    And THEN transfer my registered domain to Bluehost?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would delay transferring your domain to Bluehost. Wait until the new site is done, then transfer it to Bluehost.

      • TravelnLass

        Thanks for the swift reply Michael, but…

        That’s just the problem – the theme I want to use is a WP theme that doesn’t work on Blogger, so I need to build it at WP.

        Perhaps… I sign up at WP first for a free account (i.e. w/ the url or some such), build the site, and then… upgrade to self-hosted with my registered domain?

      • TravelnLass

        Yay! I just got my answer. I live chatted w/ Bluehost just now and explained my dilemma and… they said no problem. They’d give me a temporary url while I set everything up and when all was ready I could then change the nameservers on my domain to Bluehost.

        I must say – those Bluehost folks are extremely responsive and helpful!

        • Michael Hyatt

          I agree. They have the best support!

  • Seu

    That’s an amazing post. It’s so detailed and covers almost every aspect.

    Michael that amazing!

    I did stumbled upon another video toturial. Its much less detailed but its only a 5 minute thing. You may like it. Check it out at

    Michael, just shared your post man. Top!


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  • reuf1995

    You will surely need a reliable hosting for your blogs, check out

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    The discussion about the word press is awesome, looks cool
    and fantastic information regarding this.People will like this for sure.If you
    would like see more cool word press plug in then have a look here.

  • Hannah Shervington

    Hi Michael

    I must say I found this very informative I find that a lot of how to build blog instructions become very complicated. Whereas your instructions were easy to follow and straight to then point. Thanks for this!

    I just wanted to ask when I set up my blog will I be able to sell thing on there such as clothing as I have started a little project on the side.

    Or would it be best for me to build a website?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you will. However, you will have to find a theme that provides that kind of functionality. Thanks.


        Thanks for your help it is much appreciated.

  • Edson

    What’s the monthly running cost? And what’s the initial outlay required at setup in monetary terms? Can I pay via PayPal?

  • asdasd


  • Richard Takemura

    Thanks for this step by step guide. I switched to blue host a couple months ago and I’m impressed with it so far.

  • Mark David Henderson

    Wow. So incredibly clear! And not stale (the process hasn’t changed and/or Michael has kept up). Thank you for such a clear, patient presentation.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome, Mark. I’m glad it was helpful. I am committed to keeping it fresh and accurate.

  • Jayne T

    I was going to do a course on how to set up a WordPress site at my local college. Your very informative site just spared me a day in a classroom and all the associated costs of that. Great video, thank you!

  • Monica

    Thanks,Michael. I have a question though. When I move from to using bluehost, will all my followers be transferred, too? I currently have almost 5000 followers so I want to retain them. Also, will the credit card billing be per month, or yearly? Will they discount the 3.95 per month?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your question. When you say “followers,” do you mean subscribers? How are they subscribed? Do you have your own domain? If you do, then when you point the domain to the new server, you will not lose anyone.
      To get the discounted price, you have to pay in advance. $3.95 is the absolute cheapest they will go. To get that, you have to pay for three years in advance. Thanks.

  • Erik B


    The Bluehost has changed and what is in your video is not what I am seeing on the bluehost site, beginning with the third step, clicking on WordPress (sitebuilder)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’ll have to check it out. I have not had anyone else mention this, so it might be a brand new change. I am checking with Bluehost.

  • Sharon Smyth

    This article is great – thanks! I’ve gone through all the steps and set up my own wordpress site via I’m just starting to have a look around it but one immediate question is what I should do about back ups? I didn’t select that option at bluehost because you advised not to – but I’m worried about this. Please advise!

  • Arthur Langdon

    Thanks for the incredibly helpful video! You do say that the Michael Hyatt site doesn’t use Bluehost anymore because Bluehost doesn’t offer dedicated servers, however I went to Bluehost and they now offer dedicated hosting. Are you going to move back to Bluehost now that they offer dedicated? As my site grows, should I consider using their dedicated services or use what MH now prefers?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I likely won’t move. For me, that would be a major disruption. The servers I am using now are working great.
      However, I do have some other sites on Bluehost.

  • Christine

    Hi Michael, I am going through the steps above but I can’t go any further than

    “Then you will be asked to login to your domain. Use the password you just selected. Since you previously copied it to the clipboard, you can paste it with Command-V on the Mac or Control-V on the PC. Now click on Login.”

    I have logged in, but when trying to get in to the cPanel I receive this message…

    “Your username xxxxxx is installed correctly, but your account cannot be repaired at this time. Try resetting your password later or contact support if this problem persists.

    Click here to try and login to cPanel again.

    It appears that your firewall or browser may be blocking the necessary login ports.

    You may need to open these ports, or you can also try an alternative login method.”

    I am on a Mac. How can I get past this?

    • Christine

      Never mind. It finally sorted it self out!

      • Michael Hyatt

        Great. Glad it worked. Thanks.

        • Christine

          Hi again Steve I am emailing you as we speak as I have had a further issue!

  • Nourish::

    As a user, the transition to a self-hosted site took far greater than 20 minutes, but I learned SO much in the process! I utilized several of the links in some of your various posts and have had an awesome experience with BlueHost. Thanks for the empowerment!

  • Daniel

    Great article

  • Neil Meredith

    Great blog post Michael! I mentioned it on my site here

  • Willy

    Very in-depth article. I’m glad you mentioned woothemes as your favorite source, although I think it was not necessary, since they already sell their themes on Another good website for getting good responsive themes that I use and I recommend you is . They have some really innovative themes there, so you might take a look.

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  • Christopher Mark Toy

    Hi, what do you do for security and hackers on your wordpress?

  • Crystal Storms

    I just set up my own blog with this tutorial, and I did a self-hosted, (bluehost), blog that was a .com. Should I have chosen a .org and missed that instruction?

    • Crystal Storms

      P.S. The screencast needs to be updated. There were some very confusing parts, but it was still very helpful. Thank you!

      • Michael Hyatt

        Thanks, Crystal. I am planning to do that in the next few weeks. Bluehost changed their screens again, so I have to revise the screencast.

        • Crystal Storms

          I’m guessing keeping up with today’s ever-changing technology is a regular challenge. But having the screen cast and your guiding voice helped me take the plunge. Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can choose whatever you want. There are no rules. Personally, I recommend .com. It’s the most common and the one people use when they are guessing. The .org extension tends to be used for non-profit organizations, but this is not a requirement. You can use whatever you want.

      • Crystal Storms

        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I was nervous I had chosen wrong. Thank you for the great info!

  • Pink Biticon

    This is very informative!

  • Natasha

    Great post! I’ve been wanting to self host for a while, but have always been intimidated. I do have a question. After you have your blog self hosted, how often do you have to go to the Blue Host site? Or would I just continue using WP and forget about Blue Host?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Rarely. Just to set up your email accounts and a few other things from time to time.

  • Jon D Harrison

    It blew my mind how easy this was – I’ve pointed several individuals towards this screencast – it speaks for itself, thanks again Michael.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jon. I’m so glad it was helpful.

  • Tim Peterson

    I appeciate this very easy to use tutorial. I set up my site and first blog last night and it was almost effortless. The one snag I ran into was with the theme. I went to the link you talked about in the video and I noticed it here on this post, Get Noticed Theme for WordPress, and once there, it says it’s not available. Any idea when this will be available?
    Thanks. Love the blog, podcasts and all!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Sorry about that. I probably got a little ahead of myself. We are doing an “incremental rollout,” meaning we are only releasing a hundred or so licenses every few weeks. This is enabling us to scale the support and make sure everyone who buys it has an outstanding experience.
      We will be releasing another 150 tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon CDT. They will go quickly, so check back then. Thanks.

  • ATerribleHusband

    This is very helpful! I just purchased Bluehosting through your friend Cliff Ravenscraft’s affiliate link and am VERY HAPPY with the customer service they offer. They were very patient, knowledgeable and understanding. Definitely worth it if anyone’s on the fence!

  • ATerribleHusband

    Is there a place we can preview the Get Noticed! Theme? I see down the bottom here that this site is powered by it, but how much customization is there that we’re seeing here? Can you share a few other examples of folks who are using it? I’m in the market for a new theme.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m afraid we don’t have a list compiled yet. You might want to wait for the public release. We plan to have all the usual sales pages and example sites listed then. Thanks.

      • ATerribleHusband

        Thanks for your openness and the response, Michael!

        Having looked around your site and followed the announcement and main features pages I just HAD to buy it! I’ll be moving from Thesis to Get Noticed in short order. Thanks for designing such a premium Theme. The custom mini-posts look great and are a huge plus. I’m very excited to upgrade and hope to make you and Andrew proud.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Awesome! I hope you enjoy it. Make sure to visit the forums if you need any help. People are super-engaged there, including Andrew and me.

  • Justin Carper

    This is the best step by step explanation that I have found as of yet. I used it 2 months ago, and I have been blogging ever since. I honestly wouldn’t have done so without this guide because it seemed like such a daunting task. Thanks Michael!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Justin!

  • Jason Dykstra

    Thanks Michael, helpful hints for those of us who just don’t know how. :)
    And now we do…

  • Hugh Harris

    Hey, your Blue Host links are not working! Tried to make you some money but its a no go. You or Blue Host? Not sure. Maybe to much time in the mountains.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, sadly Bluehost is down due to a AT&T network crash. Frustrating to be sure. Hope you and Lisa are doing well.

  • Alabhya Dhamija

    sir! how should i thank you for this wonderful article!!
    it has helped me so much!!! thanks a lot!! :D

  • Kaarina Dillabough

    One of my clients asked this question of me when I pointed them to this tutorial.
    Can they go as far as getting their hosting on bluehost, stop there and come back to create their wp blog at a different date?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, absolutely.

  • Lori

    I have been afraid to do self hosting. Do you need to know HTML in order to use the self hosting site?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Nope. If you are used to using, it is really no different in terms of composing posts.

      • Lori

        Can you put the software for WP on ipad?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Yes, you can access the Administrative panel for WordPress from your iPad or even iPhone.

  • Gail

    I have a website with bluehost but it is not optimized. I had WordPress Blog set up previously but my site got hacked a year ago and I was advised to take it down. It was not being utilized anyway because guess what: I do not blog!!

    1.For SEO purposes Is it worth setting up a WordPress blog again attached to my present site?

    2.Or would it be better to set up a WordPress site separate from my present website….again for SEO purposes.

    3. explained all this to a web animator who offered to set up the latter, and he is charging me for it – telling me the blogging is unnecessary for the SEO – ie: getting my site to Page 1 Google.

    Please advise….he is still not finished and I am having doubts and anxiety about the whole thing.
    For improved SEO, should I just try to set up more key words in my present website with Bluehost?

    Thank you!

  • sam nabass

    Great post.
    How about an advice on choosing the domain name

  • Melissa McCutcheon

    This was made quite simple thanks to this blog. My only sticking point is that while i did link to BlueHost through the website I was charged $5.95 a month and was told that $4.95 was the least expensive there was.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Hmm. That’s strange. I just checked the link and got $3.95 if you sign up for three years. Did you click on one of the links in the post.

      • Melissa McCutcheon

        Yes, but did not realize that it neeeded to be for 3 years. It is OK. God is good and this will give me time to get together everything for my 3rd career (not including the years as a stay at home and lovin’ it mom). Wanting to transition from being a counselor in private practice – where I could use my Orthodox faith) into a blogger doing some of the same. Thanks so much for your help!

  • Haelie

    Quick question about this…I purchased a domain directly from WordPress. How is that different from self-hosting? (Probably a simple and silly question to you, but I’m quite curious…)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure. Did they register your domain? What is it?

      • Haelie

        I’m not sure either. The one in question is . I also have another “secret” one I have set up to move my Blogger one to in the future. I think I did the same with it. It is . Thanks for the quick response.

      • Haelie

        I’m not sure either. The one in question is: . I also have another one I set up a while back as a “secret” blog in preparation for moving my Blogger blog to it sometime in the future. I think I set it up the same way, but not certain. It is . Thanks so much for your quick feedback.

  • Haelie

    Hi Michael, I tried replying to your comment below twice, but I do not see my reply still. It may be in the process of being moderated, but in case there is a bug, here is my feedback:

    I’m not sure either (if they registered my domain). The one in question is: . I also have another “secret” WordPress blog I set up with plans of moving my Blogger blog over to it in the future. I think I set it up the same way but cannot recall for sure. It is . Thank you for responding so quickly!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Haelie. I think they must have registered these for you.

      • Haelie

        Thank you greatly for checking, Michael, and for your feedback. Good to know.

        I really need to take some time to learn all of this better. I guess for now I am focusing more on my “road warrior” travel job in order to pay off debt so that I can get to a point where writing and speaking can then become my livelihood (along with my husband’s income). We are following Dave Ramsey’s methods for that, so my podcast listening these days is basically half Dave and half you. (By the way, I am employed by a large healthcare system based out of Franklin, just across the interstate from the Aloft hotel…LOVE Franklin!)

        Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!

  • Laura

    I have a rather long last name and was wondering if that is a deterrent to using my name as the blog name.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I am not sure. You might want to call Bluehost support directly. They are terrific. Thanks.

  • Matthew Dougherty

    Michael as always great post and was perfect for me. 15 Minutes max and I am up and running. Thanks!

  • Jaimie Ramsey

    Just yesterday I started thinking about transferring my blog to WordPress, but I didn’t think it would be this easy (or affordable). My question is this: I already have a Blogger blog that I’ve been working on for three years. How hard would it be to transfer that blog to a new WordPress blog myself? Or can you recommend someone who would do it for me for a reasonable rate?

    Thank you so much for this information– I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I found it!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would start by Googling it. You might also check with the folks at They could probably do it for you. I don’t think it would be a big job.

      • Jaimie Ramsey

        I’ll check into that. I did do a Google search and have been considering a few options. I’d really rather not have to pay someone to do it (I’m really frugal/cheap, lol), but if it’s going to be a ton of hassle it might be worth it to pay someone to do it for me. On the other hand, I’d learn a ton if I did it myself! Also, thanks for replying so quickly! I am REALLY glad I came across this post.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I really don’t think it would be that hard. Just export the posts and then import them into WordPress.

  • Chelsea

    I’ve been trying to set up a blog for forever but got so confused by WordPress. Thank you for this!

  • Sally

    Don’t know if you still reply here. I used this tutorial to set up my blog. All worked fine for a couple of months. Now my back-end dashboard is not functioning properly and I’ve tried lots of suggestions from the WordPress forums like replacing wp admin and wp includes folder with fresh copies, removing plugins via FTP, changing theme, clearing browser cache. Nothing is working and I don’t know anything about code. If I wanted to re install WordPress is there a way to do it where I wont lose all my data? I can’t do it through the dashboard currently though the way it is now. I’m so discouraged.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Have you tried calling Bluehost support? They are outstanding.

  • Maha

    Thank you Michael. You have made my first foray into blogging a breeze.

  • Gracie

    What do I do if I want to put pictures on my blog. I am a complete amateur on the subject of blogging or web hosting. I want to do this but am not sure I can get it right. If I make a big mistake is there some way to correct it.? Also, are there any hidden fees that were not discussed in your tutorial? Thanks Gracie

    • Michael Hyatt

      There are no hidden fees. You will be able to include photos in your blog posts. You might want to checkout to learn how to do some of the basic stuff with WordPress. It is designed for beginners.

  • Gary Gaffney

    Could not have been easier. I actually set this up in about five minutes and posted my first Blog. This took the fear out of setting WordPress up. Thanks for your help with this and I will share with others.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome. I am so glad to hear it!

  • Alec

    Thanks for the post Michael,

    I’d also like to recommend Fastdot as a WP hosting provider:

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  • Rob kennedy

    Hi Michael, I imagine this question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it. I already have a WordPress site, but it’s through WordPress. How can I transfer all my post and comments and subscribers to my new Bluehost hosted site? Cheers Rob

    • Michael Hyatt

      Are you at If so, that is the self-hosted version. You will have to export your posts, etc, then re-import them into WordPress. You’ll want to read this article: How to Properly Move Your Blog from to Hope that helps. Thanks.

      • Rob kennedy

        Hi Michael, thanks for that, that’s great. But it does not really say if your subscribers get moved over to your new blog. Does this happen automatically? Cheers Rob

        • Michael Hyatt

          Honestly, I don’t know. I doubt it. It depends on how they subscribed. You might need to contact Bluehost support about that one. Thanks.

          • Rob kennedy

            Thanks for that Michael. I have asked Bluehost. Would you like me to post their reply here, so other people might be informed of this question? Excellent video by the way, first-rate.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Yes, Rob. I’d like to know myself. Thanks so much for your willingness to do this.

          • Rob kennedy

            Bluehost replied Michael. Here’s my question.

            My blogs are with If I do host with you and export my old blogs
            to you, can you tell me, do the subscribers automatically go over to my new
            blog, hosted by you?

            And their reply.

            Yes, because that information is stored in the database, and you would be
            migrating the database to the new host.
            Cheers Rpb

          • Michael Hyatt

            Great. Let me know how it goes. Best.

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  • Micki

    I have an existing blog on Blogspot, Michael. I am in the process of setting up my website (hosted through Bluehost, thank you!) and would like to transfer my blog to my website and use WordPress. However, I am being told by my website developer that my blog content will not transfer over since Google and WordPress are competitors. Can you help? I don’t want to lose all of my hard work, any advice?

  • Micki

    Thank you!!

  • Terry

    Michael, Thanks for all your recommendations; but I can not generate a password, first guy refused to listen to my issue and carried on about how to do it when I tried to tell him I clicked on the generate password button and it did nothing. I tried to type in a password and nothing. Finally after getting stern with him he told me my account had to be validated, so he transferred me to someone else who validated my account; but still could not help with the generating password. So I had to make up one, retype it and then write it down as I would never remember it. The second person could not help me to figure out how to generate a password. Useless people.

  • Wayne Stiles

    Michael, would this same process work for an existing blog? I’m interested in switching to BlueHost from HostDime, but I’m not sure how to start.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it would definitely work. Here are some instructions from the Bluehost FAQs. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the easy-to-follow video, Michael. I’m a “need to see it done’ learner, which made this exceptionally less intimidating for me.
    You mentioned that your wife’s blog is hosted through your Bluehost account, which is where I am. My husband purchased a 3-yr domain from Bluehost (I forwarded this post from you as he was researching web-hosting services for his new business!) which I hope to use to host my WordPress Author’s blog. In the near future, if you could address the pros & cons of sharing a Bluehost service as a couple (moving in different professional circles) I’d be elated!
    Thanks again for the video!!!! You’re an awesome teacher.

  • Hannah

    I chanced upon your article while trying to figure out the difference between and (or hosted/self-hosted WordPress sites). I have a current hosted WordPress site and wanted to add plug-ins which is impossible unless it’s self-hosted.

    This is a great tutorial and I will refer to this in the very near future, but my question for now is how do I transfer my current data to the new self-hosted site? Thank you Michael!

    • Michael Hyatt

      If you look toward the end of the article, there is a link called, “How to Properly Move Your Blog from to” Thanks.

      • Hannah

        Hi Michael, apologies for my carelessness, Thanks for the notice!

  • nancy

    Michael, wonderful video and great text to go with it–wish I’d seen the text before I typed all my notes up as I was watching it, but I’ll probably retain it better for having done so. Thanks for doing this for your readers/listeners (I’m both). Is this just strictly a blog setup, or will I be able to set up other pages like in a full website?

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s the cool thing about WordPress. You can do both dynamic blog pages and static pages. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s the cool thing about WordPress. You can do both dynamic blog pages and static pages. Thanks.

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  • Susan Sloate

    Michael – Thanks for the step-by-step for self-hosting a new blog. But what about those of us who already have a WordPress blog and have been blogging for awhile? I wanted to get the feed onto my own website but my website doesn’t recognize my blog feed, so I can’t do it (possibly because the blog is hosted by WordPress?) I have a domain name which is the same as the title of my blog, but the blog is simply my name at WordPress, and I’d rather have the domain host the blog and link both to my website. Any helpful suggestions??

    • Michael Hyatt

      You will need to move your site from to self-hosted WordPress. It’s not that big of deal. Here’s an article that can help you: How to Properly Move Your Blog from to

      • Susan Sloate

        Michael — Thank you!!! A friend of mine sat with me at lunch two weeks ago and rattled off a million action steps for branding and creating a platform that I’d never heard — and I’m PAID to talk in front of audiences about promotion and branding for authors! When I told her how astonished I was, she told me she’d gotten it all from your book PLATFORM. Needless to say, I not only ordered it at once, I also insisted my writing partner AND my publisher (I’m with a small press) do the same. Very excited to plunge into this stuff, though I do wish it was like the old days where all we had to do was write … sheesh!

        • Michael Hyatt

          Awesome, Susan. I hope you enjoy the book.

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    Wow! You dispelled my fears about creating a blog-site. Your simple & clear explanation, by holding my hand and guiding through the step by step process was so immensely valuable and much appreciated. Thank YOU so much! Funny enough I’m going through a transformational journey in my personal and professional life, and it seems the Universe is helping me quell all fears by bringing people like you, just perfect for every single situation. I simply want to say Thank YOU for your generosity, enthusiasm and “Values” … which is why I ended up with Blue Host rather than any other servers that allow porn material. So a BIG THANK YOU! :)

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    We have used Bluehost and would also recommend!

    In regards to finding Themes for setting up a WordPress website we showcase thousands of the best ones at and many of them are free.

    Hope this helps anybody looking to set up their first WordPress site!


    Writing is easy, doing is harder part ;)

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    I made a post on this topic too and i showed the whole process through images…

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    Hi Michael. Thanks for all the info. I have a question: I have a blog on WordPress that I created for free. Am I correct in understanding this is not the same thing you are talking about in this tutorial? If so, then what happens when I try to create a website with WordPress and want to keep my blog name? I am confused about what the difference is between the two.

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    Thanks for this great vid, Michael. If I can only afford a year of hosting right now (no additional plug-ins), can I still create a good blog without additional costs?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, but you will have to use a free theme. There are plenty out there.

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    I have a site with Bluehost and want to launch a new site with a new domain. You wrote this: “If we were running this on a website that we already had up and running, we would not want to do this (referring to the overwriting of the files).” I haven’t gone further with this after receiving the error message for fear of losing my current site. What are the next steps in a situation like this? I’d appreciate your advice.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would call Bluehost support. They can walk you through the exact procedure. Thanks.

      • Darla McDavid

        Will do — thank you.

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    This post going to help me a lots with my new site. Will check out blue host .



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    Hi Michael, I have read your book Platform which was great, but I just have a question. I already have an existing wordpress CMS built website and now need to add a wordpress blog. Should I start a
    self-hosted wordpress blog and integrate it into my website, or am I better off
    scrapping my website (which cost $4K to build) and simply purchase your ‘Get
    noticed theme’ which from what I can see could potentially replace my existing
    website with the addition of a blog? I ask because your upcoming theme seems as if it will be more a more powerful, flexible and economical option – is this correct? Thanks Rob

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t think I understand your question, Rob. You referred to what you have as a “wordpress CMS built website.” Are you already using WordPress? Thanks.

      • Rob Greco

        Hi Michael – I am using WordPress as a website not as a blogging platform – my website is and I want to incorporate a blog similar to yours, thanks Rob

        • Michael Hyatt

          Since your site is already WordPress, it has blogging built in. I don’t know how your web developer set it up, but it looks like he (or she) is using a static page as the home page. (I am flying a bit blind here, since I can’t see the backend.
          My theme would change the look and the feel and would add some functionality. But you will still likely need a developer to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Thanks.

          • Rob Greco

            Ok great I will chat to my web developer about it. Thanks for your help and speedy response Michael.

  • Kevin Lewis

    I currently have a website. I want to include a blog on that site. Do I have to use the same website domain name to set up the blog or can it be a different domain name?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can do either, but it’s better for your Google ranking if you use the same.

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    • Michael Hyatt

      Excellent, Laurel. Thanks.

  • Jeri@got2havefaith

    This is an excellent tutorial! I am a little less scared about moving over to a self-hosted blog site. I have been blogging on WordPress for years and I am now ready to move on. Just to be clear…I am going to follow your instructions above, then use the import function to bring in all my WordPress hosted blog posts, etc…correct? I’ve read everything you recommended and I guess I am still a little worried I will mess something up! Oh, and my original WordPress will still be intact; I am creating a new URL blog site that is self-hosted? Does that make sense?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You’ll want to set up you self-hosted site and install WordPress. Then you’ll want to export your posts and pages from your original site and import into the new one. The good news is that you don’t have to switch the old one off until you make sure everything is working on the new one. Thanks.

  • Siobhan Evans

    After going through the above process, does that mean I have a site or a site?

    • Michael Hyatt

      If you have gone through this process, it means ou know have a site.

      • Siobhan Evans

        Thank you.

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  • Dave Weiss

    So here’s a question. I have a site with 1410 posts on it, can it be moved?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep. Go back up to the article and three paragraphs below point #7, I provide a link to how to do this.

  • Beka

    The name I want for my new blog is not available through bluehost. But the name is not taken when I just type it in a search engine. Why won’t bluehost let me use the name I want? I’ve went on to my 2nd and 3rd… and 10th choices and bluehost says all of those are unavailable. I can’t pick another name! Help!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Have you tried calling Bluehost support? It’s free. They are really good. Thanks.

      • Beka

        No, I haven’t. Good tip, I’ll try that now! Thanks!

        • Gail Hyatt

          What did you find out?

          • disqus_GTHcYTklzM

            Thanks for asking! I did call them and there was nothing they could do to give me the name I wanted. The gentleman did try and brainstorm for me on other options- but their website already does that. So I’m still stuck at picking the perfect name. And I’ve tried 20 or so on bluehost! It’s not that I’m being that picky.

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    I have a website with windows hosting and I would like to install a wordpress blog on the same. As far as I know wordpress in build in PHP, so is this possible?? If yes, how?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that question. However, WordPress does require PHP.

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    Just started my “platform”… Thx Michael!!!!
    Check it out everyone, and please give me some feedback. I am new to this, and I value the feedback from this Community.

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    This was really helpful. I purchased a theme, but now I don’t know how to upload it into my wordpress blog. thanks!

  • Michael Hyatt

    Yep. There is a link in the post above on how to do it. Look toward the bottom.

    • Carol Terney Federoff

      Thank you. I will look more closely… Someone from over at SCBWI told me about you. AnneBingham…. she told me you were Orthodox too :)

      • Carol Terney Federoff

        Oh…will it take much longer (I have about a 158 posts on there…) WordPress offers to do this for $149….

      • Michael Hyatt

        Yep, that’s true.

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    • Michael Hyatt

      The themes available inside WordPress represent only a fraction of what is available. You can just go buy the theme and install it yourself. The theme provider should give you very simple but explicit instructions. Thanks.

  • The Writer’s Ink ~ Natalie Box

    This is such a great post Michael! Thank you so much for your wisdom. Just wondering if you have a post on how to transfer a Blogger blog to WordPress? I’ve been having problems with Blogger comments for months now (very frustrating!) so any advice in switching to WordPress would be wonderful!

    Thanks so much and bless you!!

    Natalie :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, but I don’t. You might wry

      • The Writer’s Ink ~ Natalie Box

        No worries at all! Many thanks for replying, will try WPBeginner!


  • Scott Smail

    Love your site…full of great content!! Quick question, I know it’s suggested to use your name for domain name, but what about when you have a name that is misspelled and mispronounced all the time? I want to start my own blog that is mostly catered around Bible teachings, but I don’t want to use my name because it is difficult for people to spell, but I also don’t want a domain name that is Churchy or “religious” sounding. I greatly appreciate your feedback!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would use my name and let the difficulty work for you, like Gary Vaynerchuk does. Notice how he spells it phonetically. Also, buy all the misspelling, so they resolve to your main domain. Thanks.

      • Scott Smail

        Thank you for replying…it means a lot.



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    I have a blog at ( it’s a wordpress free site) and I want to move it to
    Can you share the link again?

    • Michael Hyatt

      The article should be available now. Evidently their site was just down when you checked earlier. Thanks.

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    Micheal if I have a blog on Word Press, can I marry it to the new one I would create?

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    Just set my WP up using your step-by-step. It made it easy-peasy!! Thanks for the amazing help! The screen cast was perfect for a visual learner like me! I could pause and make the adjustments I needed to keep up. I am a huge fan of your podcasts and this one was just perfect for me!

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    You are a living Angel for doing this Michael. Thanks A Million!

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    One note, probably should’ve put a picture up of the control panel. If you are new to using a self hosted site the array of buttons to press can be overwhelming. Although the picture would have likely changed by the time it was posted.

  • Lisa C

    After watching your video, I am finally ready to jump in the waters of blogging. Alas, when I went to and entered my choice of domain name, all I got was a white screen of death – ugh! Tried again and still the white screen prevails. This is not a good start to what I hope is a long-term relationship. Is this typical?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I have never heard that response before. Try clearing your browser cache and try again. If that doesn’t work, please call Bluehost support. They are outstanding.

      • Lisa C

        Thanks – they were very helpful and I am now writing my first blog! is on its way!!

        • Michael Hyatt

          Woo-hoo! I am so glad. Congratulations.

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    Please forgive me if these things have been asked and answered already, but with over 600 comments that is a lot to wade through. Does the price of $3.95/month stay the same or increase after the first year? Is there a fee you pay up front to acquire your domain name? Is there an annual fee to pay for keeping your domain name?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You get the $3.95 price per month price when you pay for three years in advance. The domain name is free—or included within this cost. I am not sure about the annual fee for the domain name. I think it is included for the length of your hosting, but you might want to verify with Bluehost customer support. Thanks.

      • Melissa G

        Thanks so much!

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      Thanks. I recorded and edited it in ScreenFlow for Mac.

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    Private “staging” site, auto-caching, CDN integration… very nice :)

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  • Amo

    Hello, thanks for the guide. I already carried out all of these steps with hostgator but since signing up last night until now, almost 24 hours later, I’m still unable to access my domain or my wp-admin page. When I type these in the address bar either it takes me to some search engine, or it says “Google Chrome is unable to find this site”

    I read about domain propagation but it seems that others get their site up and running in minutes. Do you have any advice?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It does often take 24-48 hours for your domain t be propagated across the Internet. It it doesn’t happen in that time frame, I would call the support number.

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    You may want to also note that the pricing isn’t as cheap as you think after the initial purchase. Look at what it renews at-

    I use a different service which is a smaller company and much faster servers with far fewer users.

    • Trivinia Barber

      Fredrik, We’re sorry to hear about your experience with BlueHost. We’ve found their service to be superior and their customer service is outstanding in our opinion. We are glad that you’ve found a host that works well for you. Thanks for your input.

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  • Hankschuurman

    Three or four months ago I followed your easy steps one night and was set up ready to go in just over the twenty minutes. It probably does not help that I am a hunt and peck typist. I went back to the office to escape my wife’s bible study and came back set up and ready to go. Some additional time over the next several weeks to fine tune and learn the ins and outs and I felt like a blogger.

    My start was with some reprints of some papers I previously wrote intermixed with quotes and other works. The next step was to punch some of the posts with pictures from my new stock account. Almost felt bad for things looking so good from the beginning. The Get Noticed! Theme makes you look like you know more than you do. The only short coming is a big percentage of the comments/ questions end up being about the back end of blogging which of course I barely know about. My solution is to frankly admit to that and refer them to your site and Get Noticed ! Theme.

    I didn’t figure out the analeptics until a couple of weeks ago so now I spend to much time watching the small numbers grow. I will have to focus on what I should be doing, instead of watching the global reach of the internet spread blogs around the globe. It has been a neat trip which I am pretty much hooked on.If I don’t watch myself I will want to step it up another notch. When that happens I will be seeing you at the platform conference.

    Thanks Again for your investment in others.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for taking time to comment, I am so glad this has worked out for you.

  • newWPuser

    Thanks for all the tips..but why is it said to install php and mysql on the computer. Are the two softwares only for testing purposes and can it be worked around by using softwares like Instant WordPress?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You shouldn’t have to install these if you follow my directions. Thanks.

  • Linda Kardamis

    This post was so helpful when I used it to set up my site last year. But lately I’ve really been having trouble with BlueHost’s support. It seems like I can never get ahold of anyone – long holds, a 30 minute wait for a support chat, and submitting a ticket results in my having to wait over 24 hours for a response. When my site is down that’s obviously an issue, and it’s frustrating not being able to get any help. I haven’t had this problem (waiting forever for help) until recently. Has something changed? Any way you could put some pressure on them to step up their game?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Hmm. I will definitely check. Honestly, this is the first report I have had.
      Stay tuned …

    • Michael Hyatt

      Hey, Linda, thanks for your patience. I heard from my contact at Bluehost. She said they have had some issues over the last few weeks but are working hard to resolve them. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, so I know this is a top priority right now. Keep me posted! Thanks.

      • Linda Kardamis

        Thanks, Michael. I spoke to someone the other day & they said they were in the process of hiring & training new support techs. Hopefully that will help get the wait times back down to a reasonable level.

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  • Alex

    I have made around 5 wordpress blogs in the past few months. For myself and for others. If you are looking for a great way to host your wordpress site, Do it through bluehost. They have amazing customer support and super cheap.

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    • Michael Hyatt

      It depends on what you mean. Get Noticed! Theme™ is as optimized as anything in the market today. However, we still recommend that you use an SEO plugin like Ypast or All-in-0ne SEO. Thanks.

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    Truly appreciate the easy to follow directions. I have a question regarding domain names. I already have a domain name for my nonprofit organization, and that is part of what I will be blogging about, but I will also be blogging about a book I am writing. Would you recommend using the existing domain name for the nonprofit, a name that will reference the title of the book, or something unique that represents my platform? Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would not create a separate site for the book. You simply won’t be able to generate enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

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    Secondly, I do wish to streamline my website…currently my blog has everything under the sun right from travel to recipes to kids stories and home decor ( all in the current 30 posts). I plan to revamp my blog into a dedicated lifestyle blog..
    So again my question is …Is is better to start afresh on and redirect ppl to my new website( not that I hv many followers… I am still beginning!) or go through the pain of moving from .com to .org????

    • Michael Hyatt

      You could do either. Exporting your posts from .com and importing to .org is really not that difficult. If you do a search on Google, you will find several articles that explain the process. Thanks.

      • Simran Chhibber


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    • Michael Hyatt

      It will be infrequent. But, for example, if you want to use them to host your domain email accounts, you will need to set those up there. Beyond that, I rarely ever log in.

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    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, you can do it on any computer.

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  • chris burns

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    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m so sorry. I have not had any other complaints. Have you tried a different browser?

      • Maria Karamitsos

        Thanks for responding! I tried a different browser, tried rebooting, even tried
        a different computer. I didn’t know if it was just me. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be working on that this week! ;-)

        • Michael Hyatt

          I am not sure what to suggest. Again, I am so sorry.

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    Thanks for your site. I love it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Katie, I am not familiar with that theme, so I really don’t know. Some themes are simple; others are more complicated. You would need to check with them. Perhaps they offer a guarantee, so that if you don’t like it, you can get a refund. Thanks.

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  • Earl Breon

    Mr. Hyatt,

    Thanks, again, for such wonderful content. The setup was so easy and (I think) I even have a few plugins running correctly. Loving the new site and new features and ease of use. Pretty soon, I just may have to spring for a theme to help me get noticed in this noisy world… know of any? (removing tongue from cheek)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Ha! Thanks, Earl. I’m glad it was helpful.

  • Guest

    I have a normal company website which I’d static. The site is built in word press. I would like to add one of the pages as a big where I post articles. Can I simply paste or type one article after the other into a normal word press page or must I use the “show latest posts” feature. Whst difference in seo terms would it make?

  • nicholasCrockford

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    • nicholasCrockford

      Oh, I posted in the wrong place

  • jpouellette

    I’ve been running into a problem that I think should be easy to solve, but I can’t find the answer short of hiring a web developer. I’ve installed Disqus and enable comments on all (past, future, present) my WP blog posts. I still don’t see any comments forms on the posts. I noticed there is no HTML in my WP posts editor that seems to reference “comments” or “Disqus.” Is that what I’m missing? Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry; I am not sure. You might check with Disqus support. Thanks.

  • Deepak Chandra

    thanx.. great post. really very easy and interesting. But i think i have found some other post that made it more easy to set up a self hosted wordpress blog. Its here :-

  • Kristen Trull

    What are the major differences between bluehost’s shared hosting and the WordPress hosting that they offer? Obviously there is a large price difference but aside from that what are the pros and cons for both? What are you paying for when you go for the WordPress hosting?

    • Michael Hyatt

      This is the difference between hosted ( and self-hosted (Bluehost or any other hosting vendor). With self-hosted, you get the ability to own and control your site. You can add whatever plugins you like. This is not true with hosted. Here’s an infographic that explains the difference. Bluehost would be the first column, because it runs the software from

  • Stevensen Liu

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    I enjoyed reading this and viewing the selection of featured sites. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.

  • Cole Thompson

    I’m stuck on step 5. My page does not have a login link nor a sidebar. How do I get into my blog site?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Hmm. I am not sure. I would call Bluehost support. They are terrific.

  • JTBivens

    I am actually switching to Bluehost in a couple of months! I am so excited! I do not want to get tangled up in the transfer though. I am hiring a pro to transfer my site to a new host.

    Get it done right the first time! :)