Five Books on the New York Times Bestseller List

I have worked at Thomas Nelson for almost ten years. The most books we’ve ever had on the New York Times bestsellers list at one time is three. That was more than two years ago.

NY Times Bestsellers

Yesterday, we were notified by the Times that we will have five books on the October 21, 2007 list. This is a new record for our company. These include:

So far, this fiscal year (since April 1, 2007) we have had a total of thirteen books hit the list. Last year, we had nineteen hit the list all year. So we are well-outpacing that performance. This is very encouraging.

Congratulations to these authors and to their publishers: Tami Heim, David Moberg, Brian Hampton, Joey Paul, and Joel Miller. I am proud of each of you!

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  • Lawrence W. Wilson

    Mike, it’s encouraging for all of us in Christian publishing to see our message getting this kind of recognition in the marketplace.

    Here’s a subject for a future “From Where I Sit.” What are the elements of a best-sellng book. I’m sure there’s no formula for hitting The List, but beyond landing an “A” Author, what did these publishers do right?

  • Bill

    Congrats, Mike, to you and the TNI Team!!!

  • Lindsay Terry
  • John Young

    Care to reveal what your biggest seller for the year was? I’m guessing it’s “Get Out of That Pit” by Beth Moore which has not stopped selling since Joey Paul brought it with him the first of the year with the entire Integrity Line.
    Thanks for acknowledging the acquistion guys. I’ve known authors who for years have told me what Joey Paul along with Byron Williamson meant to them in a personal way and at the end of the day, it’s their relationships and their credibility that keep feeding the hungry machine that needs more product.
    As an old friend of Debbie Norville I’m delighted you gave her a shot, and am hopefully your Bill Cosby release will blow the roof off. Looks like your 4th quarter is so strong you can actually take off the week of Christmas and enjoy it. Well deserved to a Super Bowl acquistion team of consistant champions.
    BTW how do you deal with the question of expected huge bonuses? Oh. Sorry. I didn’t mean to bring that up. They will.

  • Mary E. DeMuth

    Like Larry, I see this as great news for all of us. It helps me keep plugging away as an author, though in one sense, it’s a tad discouraging. Most of these folks started off with big names. When you write with a “small” name, your work is certainly cut out for you!

  • Cara Putman

    Congratulations! That’s fantastic news for Thomas Nelson, but also for Christian publishing in general. Just think of the people those books are reaching!

  • Timothy Fish

    I looks like you guys are doing something right.

  • colleen Coble

    Mike, where are you? It’s lonely out here in cyberspace with no new blogs. Two weeks! I hope all is well.

  • Michael Hyatt


    Thanks for noticing! All is well. I’ve just been crazy busy. But I will be home all week and hope to get caught up on my blogging.



  • Scott V

    Your books are hitting the culture at an accelerated rate because there is a hunger for books that hit the soul and inspire the mind. People are having enough with the “trash” that is hitting mainstream media and publishing.

    Gods blessings to your endeavors.
    Scott V

  • Stephanie

    Congrats! That’s excellent news! I love Lawrence W. Wilson’s idea for a post about the elements of a best-selling book.