Five Things You May Not Know About Me

My blogging buddy, Eric Mack has “tagged me.” This means that I now have to reveal “Five Things You May Not Know About Me.”

When I am done, I then have to tag five of my blogger friends, who get to repeat the cycle with five of their friends. I guess it’s kind of a networking, traffic-building kind of a thing.

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Here’s my list:

1. I play the guitar, piano, and bass guitar. My parents had me start piano lessons when I was five. I really didn’t enjoy playing very much until about the ninth grade. Suddenly, I wasn’t just a piano player anymore. I was a budding rock-and-roll keyboardist. That made all the difference in terms of my motivation.

About this same time, I took up guitar. My parents also gave me lessons. I started with classical guitar and then, of course, started playing electric guitar. I loved Crosby, Stills, Nash, and (sometimes) Young, so I also kept playing acoustic guitar. When I went to college, I joined the stage band and learned to play bass.

Unfortunately, I don’t play much any more. However, Gail and I just bought a new piano, so I am playing a little here and there. Man, am I out of practice!

2. I can write Visual Basic, HTML, and AppleScript code. I taught myself how to program with WordBasic as a way of automating repetitive tasks. From that I graduated to Visual Basic.

In the early 90s, I wrote several programs in my spare time and even sold a few on the Web when that hit in the late 90s. That’s when I learned how difficult customer service is.

Along the way, I also learned HTML and, when I converted to the Mac, AppleScript. I’ve never had a formal class in programming, but I can pretty much hack my way to a solution, as long as I can Google the answer.

3. I have written—and had published—a novel. This was one of the most difficult projects I ever completed. I thought it was going to kill me. I had written two nonfiction books before attempting the novel. Both had been fairly successful, so I thought, How hard can a novel be?

Boy, was I wrong. It was ten times as difficult. The book was called Y2K: The Day the World Shut Down. (Yea, I’m that guy.) Mercifully, it’s now out of print. I wasn’t that pleased with the effort, even though it ended up on the CBA bestsellers list for four months. Regardless, it gave me a huge respect for novelists.

4. I am an amateur photographer. My wife, Gail, bought me a Canon Digital Rebel XT a year-and-a-half ago for my birthday. I loved it. It’s one of the best gifts I have ever received.

I got the camera a week before we went to Scotland on a vacation, so I put it to good use during the trip—and drove my family crazy by constantly taking pictures.

Since that time, I have shot a couple of weddings, a few baptisms, and various other projects. I even took an all-day course called Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photographers sponsored by NAPP.

5. I have five daughters and two grand daughters. I like to tell people, “I live in an estrogen-rich environment.” If I seem to be out-of-sorts or off-kilter, it may be because I suffer from estrogen poisoning!

Fortunately, I now have two great sons-in-law, Nathan and Chris. We are going to attend the Wild at Heart Boot Camp in August. This will be an estrogen-free zone where we can nurse our poor male egos back to health. (Actually, I can’t complain. My wife and girls are the joy of my life. I’m totally spoiled rotten.)

Okay, so that’s my list. Now I’m going to tag: Mark Whitlock, Jim Thomason, Greg Stielstra, Wayne Hastings, and Larry Downs. These are five of our more active Thomas Nelson bloggers. Their mission, should they accept it, is to provide their own unique list of five things and then tag five other bloggers.

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  • vaspers the grate

    I don’t like this tag game of the blogosphere. I got tagged a couple of times, but was extremely busy with a new full time job plus more freelance projects.

    What I did was eventually post “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaspers” on my blog and left it at that.

    I don’t like chain mail type games.


  • Michael Hyatt

    Note to self: Don’t tag Vaspers. ;-)

  • Robert

    I acutally read “Y2K: The Day the World Shut Down” and enjoyed it very much. It fit in well with the time. BTW, your blog is energetic, interesting, and informative. Thanks.

  • Wayne Hastings

    OK, Mike, I took the challenge and posted the five. It proved to be a very fun excercise. Thanks for the opportunity. The post is

  • Michelle Pendergrass

    I was surpised to see you join in a Meme, I smiled and thought, “Excellent”

    I love to learn quirky things about people.

  • Michael Hyatt


    Oh, this is just scratching the surface! ;-)


  • Jim Thomason

    Like Wayne, I bit. My five things and the names of those I tagged in return are on my blog page (see link above under “Thomas Nelson Bloggers”).

  • Larry Downs

    At first my thought was – let me just do this in English, then later I realized it may be enjoyable for some of the folks who read my Spanish Blog-
    Thanks for the invite Mike- in a reflective way I enjoyed the break from budgets and forecasts. :)
    My tags will continue on in Spanish. Now look what you started.


  • Scot Longyear

    HI Michael. Great stuff. I am really enjoying the blog. It is great to see an exec be down to earth. Hey, do you know Ron Land? Last I heard he was with Thomas Nelson. Ron is a long time family friend.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!


  • Michael Hyatt


    I’m glad you like the blog.

    I have known Ron for about twenty-two years. He retired last year, but is doing some consulting in our industry. He is a good friend.



  • Bonnie Calhoun

    LOL…You’re a very brave man to go around tagging people…several weeks ago I wrote a post about the…LOL…poor, misguided souls that do that to the world.

    Hint: I look at it as akin to chain emails!

  • shari brown

    I have some interesting parallels, my blogging brother. I play the bass, guitar and drums. I have contributed to a short book regarding Culture Change in Long term Care, just the epilogue and a couple short stories. I am a professional photographer, sports editor for a small paper in Kansas. I have two daughters. they share a birthday on the 31st of January, seven years a part.

  • W. Mark Whitlock

    You tagged me, and I’ve tagged others. Please head over to my blog for my trip into the strange behind Mark Whitlock. I’ve tagged five others who are related to Thomas Nelson, but not employees. Thanks for tagging me.

  • Greg Stielstra

    Mike tagged me too. The excercise was harder than I thought. The line between “Things you don’t know about me…” and “Things you probably don’t want to know about me…” is thin and blurred.

    You can read my post at

    Now I’ll cringe and wait for hate mail from those I tagged. Spread the fire. GS

  • appeateMirl


    Next Article:

  • chaplainandrews

    I look at your writing history on Amazon this morning, and wondered about Y2K books and the privacy book that you wrote. I would love to hear how these projects affected you as a leader and as an active participant in social media.