The Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress

I created this page originally to introduce my Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress. You can now find the latest information at my dedicated website.

I am just about to launch my own premium WordPress theme. It is called Get Noticed! and is based on the principles I share in my New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Get Noticed! Screenshot

Andrew Buckman, my web developer, and I built this theme from the ground up. Our goal was to create a theme for anyone wanting to build a personal brand. This includes authors, comedians, speakers, pastors, salespeople, and corporate executives.

Here are just a few of the features we’ve baked in:

  • Fifteen different custom Mini-Postsannouncements, books, events, photos, slides, videos, and more. This enables you to share resources without writing a full blog post.
  • A custom Social Sharebar that not only makes it super-easy for your readers to share your posts on their favorite social networks, but also prominently displays the share counts, providing powerful social authority.

    Get Noticed! ShareBar

  • A custom Email subscription Form that enables you to collect e-mail addresses and build your mailing list. This is essential if you are going to build your platform. (Check out the top of the sidebar to see this in action now.)
  • Several new Sidebar Widgets, so you don’t have to install these as plugins. These include a Social Reach widget, Follow Me widget, Popular Posts, Upcoming Events, and Favorite quotes. (Check out the sidebar to see these in action now.)
  • A specially designed Landing Page Template, that gives you the option of eliminating the navigation that distracts your prospects from buying. It includes a spot for a Countdown widget (for time-limited offers), Buy Buttons for major retailers, Guarantees, and Testimonials. (Here’s an example.)
  • A built-in Event Calendar, which is perfect for public speakers, entertainers, and artists. It automatically pulls in the Event mini-posts and lists them in date order. You can place a list in the sidebar or on your speaking page.
  • A Promotional Footer that enables you to redeem this otherwise forgotten real estate to promote your top links, services, products, and resources—or anything else you want. Scroll to the bottom of this page for examples.
  • And lots more …

We’ve also made use of the latest web technologies, so that the theme is responsive and beautiful, whether your readers access your blog via the web, iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other mobile device.

If you’d like to be notified when the theme is released, please sign-up at

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  • Clint A. Butler

    Is there any word on the launch date? Or when perhaps when another beta release will be made?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It is available now to Platform University members. We have not announced public release date yet.

  • Jason Pockrandt

    I know this is late in the game. However I am curious where I can purchase this theme for use on my site?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Are you a member of Platform University? If so, you can buy it now by kicking here. Otherwise, we are launching publicly on May 1, 2014. Thanks.

  • Amy Hollingsworth

    Hi Michael, after reading a friend’s blog that uses your theme, I’d like to switch from my godaddy hosted WordPress to Bluehost, and your theme. It says that your theme isn’t available until May :(

    Any chance you’d give me a shot now, because I’m a teacher and I wanted to make my site functional for the summer session of teaching, which starts in May? I already have my site built, but it is so slow it barely loads. I want to go with a tested product, like yours, and a reliable server.

    Thank you, and your theme is awesome!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Amy. Do you happen to be a member of Platform University? If so, you can buy the theme now. If not, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the middle of May. So sorry.

      • Amy Hollingsworth

        Hi Michael, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I’m waitlisted on that, too. So frustrating! I wish I could buy it now, when I have the time to set up my site.

        You just seem to be the “in demand” guy :)

  • Laura

    I’ve been stalking your website all day hoping to download the Get Noticed! Theme. Any updates as to when this is available? I had read May 1st – has that changed?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it has. I will have an announcement on Monday or Tuesday of next week. It won’t be long.

      • Mark

        I’m really excited about this theme’s 05.15.2014 release. Actually, your sit was one of two inspirations for me taking my current educational online course regarding Word-Press building course and building my own domain sight (PS. went with Blue Host). I really liked some of your values and policies and even modeled some of mine similar to yours… I still have my own ideas because
        I am somewhat stubborn (gotta do things my way).
        Since I am nearing the end of my online course and have build 85% of my site, I am looking at various premium themes. I was going to buy a theme from Catch this week… until your theme release-date-announcement came in my email this morning.

        I appreciate the preview video thus far, but if at all possible, can you say whether or not the theme will have
        1. slider capacity
        2. responsive design (adjusts to screen sizes of laptops, tables, smart phones)
        3. customizable footers for advertizements (like amazon widgets)
        4. room for plugins

        I am kind of new to Word-Press, so I might not be using the correct terminology. And I may not even need to be asking, which just demonstrates that I’m in an educational online course regarding Word-Press building course. I have learned to set up my own blog website with a slider (a feature that allows previews of any full length articles/posts is a slide show presentation format).

        • Michael Hyatt

          You could add a slider plugin. We have not built one in. The answer to your last three questions is, Yes. Thanks for your interest.

          • Mark Volz

            Thanks! …count me in… see you next week.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Awesome, Mark.

  • Keith Carson

    Micahel, I’m excited about using Get Noticed on my websites. Will I be able to use it on multiple websites?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, we will have licensing options for that. We will share the details when we roll it out next week. Thanks for your interest!

  • Joshua Poe

    Is this Theme still being developed?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes. It is launching tomorrow. Here’s the latest blog post about it. Thanks.

      • Mike Waid

        Anxiously waiting for the release (morning is over on the East coast). Want to make this available to our clients on our multisite platform.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Terrific. We will be releasing it a little elater today. We are putting some spit and shine on the last few pieces. Thanks.

          • Laura

            Hi! Any updates? Is there a new release date or can we still expect something yet today?

          • Michael Hyatt

            Yep, we have had some unexpected challenges today, but we are close … hopefully, minutes away.

          • Laura

            Awesome…thank you. You have no idea how excited I am to get started. Thanks for all the hard work!