Got My Mac On with iPhone 3G S

By now, you have no doubt heard about the new Apple iPhone 3G S. It looks pretty cool, but I’m not too excited about the pricing—at least for existing AT&T customers. At any rate, Julian Smith, a very bright, young filmmaker, did a video tribute to the new device last week. You may remember Julian: he’s the one who created the popular 25 Things I Hate About Facebook.

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Question: What about you? Are you planning to upgrade to the 3GS?
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  • Marysol


    Seems if you were looking for good use of humor/parody/spoof for marketing (as in the Donald Miller debate) forget that idea, call this kid and have him make you a video. That would go viral.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep. He's really, really good.

  • Stacy S. Jensen

    I like the new features, but they can't justify buying a new one. My 3G is only six months old. Thanks for sharing the video. It gave me a good Saturday morning chuckle.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don't think I'll upgrade either. AT&T has made it difficult to justify the cost. I am, however, looking forward to the new 3.0 software.

  • fred Schlegel

    I'm waiting till we figure out how much longer AT&T has exclusive. I don't mind the service from them, but I figure some competition might shake up the pricing.

  • Joni B. Hannigan

    My company iphone is less than a year old, so there's really no justification for a new phone, no matter the new features. This video however, wow. I love the audio. Of course the lyrics are forced, but I could listen to the guitar strum and sound of his voice all day long and not tire of it. Video is effective as well–but the SOUND :)

  • Robin Lee Hatcher

    Loved the video. I ordered my 3G S right after watching the two hour keynote and am counting the days until its Friday delivery. The pricing is only bad for those who upgraded last year or bought their first iPhone within the year. And that's no different than any other provider. When I was with Verizon and wanted to upgrade earlier than the two years in my contract, I had to pay full price for the phone I wanted. I have a first generation 8GB iPhone (for which I paid $500 or $600), so the 3G S is a real step-up from an already great phone and at a much better price for lots more GB. Color me excited.

  • tonysteward

    I am upgrading but I am still on the first gen iPhone I got in August 2007 cracked screen and all. Sold my 17 inch MBP a couple of months ago so I have my money in hand and I get the upgrade price – so it is all good for me. :)

  • BertDecker

    Great post and video – your blog and tweets are the best.
    …and dislike AT&T's pricing, but…
    I'm getting the 3G S justifying the extra AT&T cost to have that video capability. Hopefully won't have to carry the FlipVideo everywhere then. The other extras are a bonus.

  • Dan

    Shows how much profit margin is in the "new" contract. Horrible pricing for existing customers. I'll stick with my current iPhone 3G. Definitely will be looking forward to the software upgrade!

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  • Bryce

    This guy has got some real talent, that's for sure!
    I don't think I'll be upgrading any time soon as I just got my iPhone 3G a few months ago. Although I like to follow technology I don't consider myself an early adopter.

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  • Patrick Turner

    I loved the video. Unfortunately there is no way I am going to buy the 3G[s] I've only had my iPhone for three months and I plan to wear it out before getting another. Fortunately I will not go quietly into the stone age as 3.0 has brought a few of the upgrades to the older models.

    Part of me thinks this is the same old scheme when you buy your Computer and three months later its practically obsolete. Im sure the next new iPhone will have just a few more bells, as well as the next, and so on after that. So enabling the companies to squeeze every nickel and dime out of it and keep their product relevant.

  • Martha

    the iPhone 3G looks very cool and feature packed. i will be saving some of my allowance to buy that phone.

  • Meg Davis

    Ahhh! My heart is beating rapidly! (Shh! Don’t tell my blackberry!) #SaveOrCrave