How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

Today is the official publication date for my friend Andy Andrews’ new book, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think.

Last February, Gail and I met with Andy and his manager, Robert Smith, here in Nashville. I was the CEO at Thomas Nelson at the time, and Andy wanted to pitch the book concept to me personally because it was so different from anything he had written previously.

In my thirty years of publishing, I have been pitched hundreds—maybe a few thousand—times. But I could count on one hand the times I heard a book concept and thought, Not only should we publish this. We must must publish this. Now! Given where we are as a country, I can’t think of a more important and timely topic.

In everything he writes, Andy offers perspective that leaves you seeing your world and your life in a completely different way. He mines history for examples and then applies what he has learned to his readers’ lives. How Do You Kill 11 Million People is no different.

Through the lens of the Holocaust, Andy examines how Hitler was able to get eleven million people to march to their deaths with so little resistance. In short, he lied to them. And, sadly, they believed it.

If the truth is what sets us free, we need to ask what it means to live in a society where truth is absent, where we are routinely lied to by politicians of both parties, Wall Street, and the media. What is at stake? Can we survive in such a culture of deception?

Our only hope, Andy argues, is an informed citizenry that demands truth at every level—first from themselves and second from their leaders. We must be able to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, and hold those who lie accountable.

This is a short book. You can literally read it in less than an hour. But don’t be fooled by its size. It’s a little book that could be the start of something very big. It’s a book you will want to read for yourself and then give to others.

I gave away 100 copies of How Do You Kill 11 Million People?. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Megan Strange

    As a society…compromise and comfort are the calling cards of our culture. Do what feels good, no matter the cost. As a generation of students and leaders are coming up with an idea that there is no absolute truth, we are in great danger. The truth of God’s Word should be the lens through which we view all things. As our country prepares to elect our new leaders, we must be weary of false teaching and cunning deceit. I am grateful that Andy Andrews is brave enough to write a book that says…”Stop, what’s going on here?” Praying that God will use this book in a huge way for His glory and the good of others!

    • Ben Patterson

      Yes, right on! “Compromise and comfort are the calling cards of our culture.”

      Alliteration at its finest.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Thank you for your comment Megan.

    • Brandon Weldy

      “The truth of God’s Word should be the lens through which we view all things.” Great line! Thanks for sharing!

      • Tim Peters

        Brandon, I agree.  Great line Megan.  

    • Anonymous

      Spot on.

    • Carolmswain

      I posted this clip from Network on Face book and Twitter yesterday.  It speaks to the sad state of today’s media.  It features Howard Beal’s somewhat prophetic words about the media. 

    • Diana

      Compromise and comfort. I would add a culture of “entitlement” . Why do people think they “deserve” more without contributing more?

      • Sundi Jo Graham

        Our society right now feels so entitled, especially my generation. We need to get it in our minds that we deserve nothing, yet God continues to give. 

        • Michele Cushatt

          I’m seeing the effects of our culture of entitlement everywhere. It’s quite appalling at times. Any thoughts on how we can counteract it? Of course, it begins with our own attitude. But how do we inspire those we mentor to forgo entitlement for a life of gratitude and generosity?

          • Sundi Jo Graham

            That’s something I’m still trying to figure out Michele. I learned a very hard way. 

            I spent 12 months in a discipleship program with two drawers and two boxes under my bed to live out of. Our meal times were decided for us. No tv, no newspapers. I learned quickly how I took advantage of things. 

            Thanking God he ripped that entitlement out of me. Not only do we have to work on those we mentor, but new parents need to be taught this too. 

          • Michele Cushatt

            WOW. Two drawers and two boxes? I won’t ask you to answer publicly, but I would so love to sit down over a cup of coffee and ask you what you put in and how you decided!

            With regards to parents needing to be taught this, I wholeheartedly agree.

          • Natalie Dominguez

            We need to get together and work together. The folks that are “awake”, like us, may be the only hope. We have to speak loud enough for those who are silent. God help us before we give up our country that we’ve taken for granted for so long.

          • Michele Cushatt

            Certainly the unifying effect of teamwork can have a significant impact. Thanks for your insight and passion, Natalie.

          • Ashley

            I feel that everyone should speak up for each other. There are too many people remaining silent in the face of simple issues with society. Along with many parents failing to teach their children proper morals, respect, and kindness to each other, everyone should help keep each other in line. The little problems add up to bigger ones down the road.  So many young people feel they are entitled to many things because they aren’t told otherwise, nor are they made to work for things they want much like people used to. Newer generations of parents are taking the “I want my child to have it better than I did” route. That is acceptable, in moderation. This should not exclude hard work, dedication, and respect for not only your elders, but every one.

          • Michele Cushatt

            You offer some great insights here, Ashley. “Little problems add up to bigger ones down the road.” Isn’t that the truth! Keeping that mentality while parenting is so wise. Thanks for sharing!

    • TCAvey

      Thanks for recommending that book, I will have to check it out.  I agree with your assessment of our society. 

    • Sundi Jo Graham

      Very well put Megan. 

    • Downfam4him

      couldn’t have said it better! thanks Megan!!

  • Raymond Hylton sr.

    To be honest with you, I am not sure what the answer is. I try to stay informed and I am not sure I fully understand what lens one should use to objectively examine truth from error in today’s political landscape. It’s possible this book could help me figure this out. 

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Your response resonates with me Raymond. There is a major disconnect between “the truth” and the means through which we obtain it. How do we find the truth amidst two very different stories?

      • Sundi Jo Graham

        Well – the truth is in God’s Word. We shouldn’t even attempt to look through any other lens until we’ve looked through the lens of God’s eyes. 

        • Miles Stephens

          Absolutely absurd….the truth is in God’s Word???? What is with you people and what the hell does that mean in regards to fixing our society?  The truth is in humans!  Stop ignoring the obvious.  Believe in your god’s all you want but guess what the world still spins and things happen regardless of what your God’s truth is.  

          So damn annoying, I get you love your God and it’s a great belief you have but come on, show me in real world terms what religion has done to improve society.  Morals are a human trait and characteristic which many of us who do not believe in a god still follow by.  

          Way to turn off millions upon millions who may never read this book which shines the light on what is so obvious because everyone wants to shower and over emphasize “God.”

          There always has to be a personal Agenda. 

    • Jessica Cuff

      I like you do not know who to believe at times. So media facets are bias and have agendas we are not aware of. I generally read several sources be ause in all of them you will find a common thread and a piece of the truth. I think it was Oprah who said if you listen long enough people will tell you who they are. You have to be patient in you listening but a common thread will always appear and that is the true nature of that individual.

  • Cyberquill

    On the bright side, we receive a lot of conflicting information: one camp says this, the other says that. Since both can’t be right, it stands to reason that someone is lying or is at least sincerely misguided. This then may prompt some of us to try and figure out on our own what’s going on. Information flow in the Third Reich was limited to what the government itself put out; alternative points of view were in short supply back then.

    That said, Human nature, alas, tends to seduce us into believing what we want to believe, regardless of the evidence presented. In fact, I’ve recently come across some study which showed that evidence counter to our druthers may actually reinforce rather than dispel our preconceptions.

    • Jeremy Statton

      I agree, Cyberquill. We often are susceptible to believing lies because we want so badly for them to be true. That happened with the German people. They were economically repressed for years after WWI, so when the Nazi’s came along, it was something they wanted to believe in, so they didn’t see the deceptions and the truth.

      • Jeff Randleman

        Two lies do not equal the truth.

      • Bovansu

        I believe Hitler himself said, “if you tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often enough,  people will believe it.”   Listen to whats going on folks!  Pass the koolaid please, or is it time to take a shower?  Follow the signs to  der shower.  We are working on expanding the dinemsions of the shower stalls; so, for the time being, only 200 per shower stall please.

    • Katherine Harms

      Sadly, no matter how many points of view are freely expressed, if nobody speaks the truth, it won’t come out in discussion. Truth is really not a viewpoint; it is that which is.
      Ask me what is my favorite color, and my opinion counts. Nothing gets broken if I choose yellow. Nobody gets hurt if somebody else prefers red.
      Ask me which is the best brand of yogurt, and my opinion counts.
      Ask me what happens if I let go of a rock five feet above the ground, and my opinion no longer matters. I can wish it would hover, or I might even prefer it to fly. But the truth is that it will fall. In any conversation about reality, opinions, viewpoints, and agendas simply do not matter. In this universe, gravity operates a certain way, and our wishes are not important. We can discuss it all we want, but our consensus that a rock should float if I release it in midair won’t change what happens.

      • Cyberquill

        Well, you picked some easy black-and-white examples there.

        Trouble is, many areas aren’t as easily assigned to either the realm of personal opinion (e.g., favorite yogurt brand) or that of objective reality (e.g., the laws of gravity), and drawing the line between the two becomes itself a matter of personal preference and ideology.

        For many people, for instance, whatever the Bible says is the truth tantamount to the laws of physics; for others, Biblical doctrine is a matter of personal belief no different from picking a favorite color. So which is it really?

        • Miranda Ochocki

          And that is exactly the problem, isn’t it. We each have our own truth that we live by – our own moral code. That’s why there will always be someone who will be disadvantaged by the decisions that are made. It’s not right or wrong. It’s not fair or unfair. It’s just how it is. As long as we can each think for ourselves, we will each have a different way of seeing the truth.

          So are we being lied to? I would say that the decisions that are being made are putting me at a disadvantage. But maybe my neighbor isn’t. That is a very subjective question. Does that mean people are lying? Not necessarily. But are the decisions that are being made threaten the foundation of our civilization? Definitely. America is clearly in a crisis right now with the the recession, protests, and unemployment issues. I think as a country we need to work on finding similar truths that many can accept. But again, not everyone will agree on the same thing.

          In America, we elect people based on the politician’s hopes and dreams – their ideas. And although these ideas sound great, many of them cannot be agreed upon in our democratic Congress. Does this explicitly mean that we are lied to as a country? Certainly not. Just maybe that our politicians are a bit over ambitious. They could, unfortunately, be knowingly over-promising or telling white lies with what they think they can accomplish in office. But as a collective nation, it is our responsibility to keep them accountable to the truth they promised us.

          • Cyberquill

            True, but we must also keep in mind that politicians are under tremendous pressure to appear super-confident at all times. All their coaches and handlers keep telling them and in every leadership seminar they’ve learned that they must never appear weak and indecisive in public.

            This doesn’t apply exclusively to politicians, of course. Just yesterday, in a post on effective writing, the author advised against the use of phrases such as “I think” and “in my opinion,” for such language lacked conviction.

            And the other day, Michael Hyatt published a post urging people to abandon the concept of “trying,” i.e., to think and say “I will… ” instead of “I’ll try to…”

            While taking all these motivational-psychological pointers to heart may indeed increase the likelihood of our succeeding in whatever we set out to do, it also increases the likelihood of our being branded a liar down the road if we fail to accomplish everything we so confidently vowed that we would.

            So this is the politician’s dilemma: He can’t just step in front of a camera and go,”I promise I’ll try my best and see how far I’ll get.” He must say, “I will do it,” and hope for the best.

  • Joey Espinosa

    Yes, but we’re being lied to by both sides of every issue. So wouldn’t it all balance out? :/

    • Ben Patterson

      I don’t think so.

      “You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also. (Matthew 5:38, 39 NLT)

    • Michael Hyatt

      How do you think that is working? ;-)

    • Kelly Combs

      Two wrongs do not equal a right is what comes to my mind. But the political process is so messy I think it drives away good people.  

    • Jeff Randleman

      Two lies do not equal the truth.

      • Tim Peters

        Great line Jeff.  No balancing with lies.  

    • Rob Sorbo

      I think that actually slows our system down! It seems like each party’s main objective is to stick it to the other party so, yes, truth is brought out, but never without bias.

    • Brandon Weldy

      I’m not sure how that would balance. It seems like it would plunge us deeper into more and more lies.

    • Joe Lalonde

      I don’t think it does. It creates more tension and fodder for the other side to use.

    • Joey Espinosa

      Ha. I meant it to be very tongue-in-cheek, not serious. But there is some truth. Both sides pick the data that they want to highlight and bring to light.

      And with the internet and plethora of media coming at us all the time, it’s often hard to discern what is the truth.

      • Lkfischer

        Bad news sells.  Seldom does anything good come from media.  I must trust bloggers and authors who share values similar to my own.  I don’t know who writes for CNN, I am sure my values won’t line up with theirs.

        • Joey Espinosa

          The problem with your statement is that bloggers ARE media. And by ruling out a large segment of that media right off the bat, you are probably eliminating a good dose of truth.

  • Trina

    It’s all about money and power!  How do we expect our children to be honest and still succeed?  They are taught in school that money and power equals success, but you don’t get there unless you play by societies rules, and then the power corrupts.

    • Kelly Combs

      “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” I agree with you Trina.

    • Brandon Weldy

      This is where the role of a parent comes in. Even though they are being “taught” things everywhere else, hopefully as a parent we have a greater role in shaping our children’s minds. We definitely have a greater responsibility. 

    • Joe Lalonde

      You make a great point Trina.

      Part of the problem is parents have been sending their children to schools that teach opposite of what they believe. Parents have also backed off on raising their children and letting the schools raise them.

      I believe if parents invest in their children’s lives and teach them right from wrong, things would start to improve.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if the level of lying threatens the foundation of our civilization, but it is a serious problem. I find it interesting that this book and the James B. Stewart book, Tangled Webs, deal with similar topics. I find it disheartening the degree to which people are given a “pass” for lying, especially those who should be doing the most to earn or keep our trust.

    • Justin Wise

      I’ll have to check that book out. Sounds very interesting. What do you think the proper response should be for those who tell “little” lies like the ones you’re referencing?

  • Kenny

    Yes, I believe we are being mislead as a nation. We have lost a sense of integrity and have a void in honest and credible leadership.  I fear for the future, especially for my grandchildren and their future. I would like to start off 2012, reading Andy Andrews thoughts on what’s happening in our world today.

    • Jeremy Statton

      Integrity is critical. When we feel our leaders are only being politicians, that is their goal is to only win elections, then we stop trusting them. It would be interesting to see a presidential candidate campaign on a ticket of integrity.

      • Kate Briles

        It would also be interesting to see if we could tolerate a person of integrity. I don’t think we make it any easier on the politicians than they make it on us. None of us expects a politician (or a pastor for that matter) to do everything … but we all expect him to do our thing! A successful campaign (and tenure) based on integrity would have to be founded on a large core of constituents who have even greater integrity. It hurts me to say this … but I’m not sure we’re up for it.

        • Jeremy Statton

          Good point. When allow no room for even honest mistakes in our leaders. 

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely agree we’re being lied to and that it is detrimental to our society. I’ve never thought on the subject with the intent of evaluating whether or not it “threatens the foundations of our civilization”. But, with just an initial look at where things currently stand (politically, economically, environmentally…) coupled with the fact that we are being lied to, it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable conclusion. 

    • Jeff Randleman

       Agreed!  But the slippery slope always leads downhill.  If it continues, our society will be fundamentally impacted.

  • Thomas Duff

    This sounds *so* much like my thinking has evolved to in the last 2 to 5 years. I see government as completely broken, and I fear for our country. We are at a turning point where “business as usual” means that we end up so polarized and fragmented that there’s nothing left to save.  I would *love* to read this book, as Andrews has a way of using stories and illustrations to present a larger truth in a way that forces you to look at things through a new light, even though it’s something you’ve been seeing all along…

    • Jeremy Statton

      Fearing for our future may be appropriate, but it is also important that our fears result in us doing something about it. 

      • Jeff Randleman


  • Mark Malburg

    I think many people have become afraid of the truth out of a fear of offending someone or offending some group.  We have lost touch with the virtue of “speaking the truth in love”.  As a result we are on a slippery slope whereby our foundations not only can be threatened, but are being threatened.

    • Jeremy Statton

      Well said, Mark. If we are truthful, we are “afraid of the truth.”

    • Kelly Combs

      Well said. Tolerance has come to mean acceptance, and speaking the truth in love has become classified as intolerance.

    • Jeff Randleman

      And, as I mentioned in a comment above, the slippery slope always leads downhill.  Sooner or later, we’re going to find that we’ve slid into somewhere we don’t want to be…

  • Bbedsaul

    Unfortunately, I have to say that yes, we are lied to regularly. If only because of the diametrically opposed facts that we see on a daily basis.

  • Eric S. Mueller

    I would love to get a copy of this book. History is one of my favorite topics, and I’m also fascinated by the undercurrent of ideas and philosophies that have influenced events in history.

    Some day, I hope to be able to put together a study of how ideas come up at certain points in history and how they influence events and people for the next several hundred years. The fascist and totalitarian governments of the 20th century are a great example of the progression of ideas and philosophies over the course of hundreds of years leading to such a horrific climax as they march toward their logical conclusion.

  • Don McAllister

    We are in a culture of deception, especially seen in politics and the media. There is growing propaganda to eliminate all things God and Christian from our culture, and to eliminate capitalism. We have a socialist president and his views of entitlement are, honestly, quite scary. I want this book.  

    • hrsantjc

      When have you read that Capitalism is Divine in the Bible? And where have you heard the President say or demonstrate that he or any other democrat wants to eliminate all things God and Christian? Democrats represent Jesus Christ far better than any Evil Republican could!” As you have done unto the least of these you have done unto me” – Jesus

  • John Richardson

    One thing that is true, is history repeats itself. I remember years ago, touring the Dachau concentration camp and looking at the words over the entrance to the camp… “Work will set you free.” There in plain print was the lie. It wasn’t work or commerce that would set one free… it was the truth. It took years and a world war for the truth to come out… but it did. And then the whole world asked… “How could this happen?”

    It all comes back to a simple sentence…

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke 

    • Jeremy Statton

      I can imagine that touring the camp was an important experience. Have you read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning?” He was an Austria psychiatrist who was interned in Dachau writes about finding meaning within that suffering.

      • Michael Hyatt

        I loved that book. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

      • John Richardson

        Touring the camp was a study in contrast. Here was a place that was cleaned and sterilized from top to bottom, yet left open for the world to see. I remember being in the crematorium. The contrast came from looking at the pictures on the wall as the soldiers found it when they liberated the camp. It really was shocking. Looking at the ovens themselves, they looked sterile and inert. Looking at the pictures, brought the abject horror of the situation.

        So many of us see the sterilized view. We can deal with that. We really don’t want to know the truth…

        • GinaParris

          I visited Dachau also, and found the photographs so haunting. And we forced the local Germans to help clean up for refusing to acknowledge the truth – and how often do we close our eyes to issues today?

      • Jeff Randleman

        I want to read that.  It’s on my Amazon wishlist.

        • Cheri Gregory

          I recommend it on audio. There was something powerful and intimate about hearing it narrated rather than simply skimming the pages visually.

          • Jeff Randleman

            I’ll consider that.  I’m not usually one for audio books, I find myself too distracted and miss a lot.  But I will keep it in mind for this one.

      • Ryan Wright

        I had forgotten about that book.  It has probably been 20 years since I read it.  I need to pull it back out.

    • Rachel Lance

      Excellent point, John. I wonder what the next generations will read about and ask “why didn’t they do something to stop this?”

  • Ben Patterson

    Yes. As is written in John 8:32, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    Freedom is not the notion that we can do whatever we want. Christ has set us free to worship Him and this is to our benefit.

    Anything less than the truth is bondage.

  • Eoin Ó Riain

    So many times we only believe what we want to be true! It is so difficult not to be cynical! How modern is Pilate’s question “What is truth!” as he spoke to the only person who stated that he was the truth!

  • Amy Carroll

    For the past 10 years or so, I’ve been really struggling with the political system.  I was a woman who at one time wanted to be a political science major and a lobbiest for a Christian non-profit, but now I find I could care less.  The problem? Even though one party’s platform seemingly alighns more closely with my beliefs and values, I don’t see either party rising above pure party politics to solve problems.  Also, I don’t ever feel like I’m getting the real story, the truth, from either politicians or the media.  It’s hard to fight the apathy that’s grown in me.

    I’m excited to read this book about returning to truth rather than just “playing politics”.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      The apathy bug bit me too.

      However, I hold out hope for a generation of leaders who have the courage to speak the truth and put their neck on the line to enact proactive policies instead of consistently settling for reactive legislation.

    • Jeremy Statton

      I feel the same, Amy. Unfortunately apathy and removing ourselves from the system does not solve it. The only way to fix anything is to stay involved. I wish it were easier, but its not. We need Christians on both sides to be involved with their party and not give up.

  • Greg LaRowe

    I don’t know if I can completely agree with the statement that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens are civilization. I would argue that we are being marketed to and catered do by sophisticated organization such as the media and politicians. They are using time honored techniques of telling us what we want to hear in ever subtle ways. I think we need to pause and use more independent thought in analyzing numerous topics but instead we are taking the easy way out and let the talking heads do all the thinking. The most discouraging thing to me is how we just make up our facts when we do not like what is being presented. I’m still hopeful we’ll change but we (the US) normally doesn’t do this until we experience a good deal of hardship…… Interesting book concept by the way. Visiting Aucshwitz and reading more about the holocaust and what led has been one of the most sobering experiences for me. I’ve always thought about how it took hundreds of thousand of people to participate in the killing of so many people and how they all went along. Looking forward to reading the book!

    • Cheri Gregory

      I agree that adults are “being marketed to and catered to” but I believe children/teens are being outright manipulated. Many of my students simply have no alternate basis for comparison. 

      I grew up with a black-and-white TV and a few channels. I can look back and see how media has morphed from a minimal influence to an all-consuming controller. I can choose to “pause and use more independent thought” partly because I know the value of getting off the grid, pulling out books, having good discussions, etc.

      Many of my students accept everything presented to them via media as “reality.” They don’t realize, for example, that the “news” AOL gives them is determined by what they click on. The boys who are into sports think it’s great that there’s so much sports news on AOL; the girls who are into celebrities think it’s great that there’s so much celebrity news on AOL. 

      I shudder to think about how this generation of “kids” would respond to “a good deal of hardship.” I’d like to think they’d rise to the occasion, but so many have bought into (been brainwashed by?) the victim mentality…

  • Jerry Robertson

    I have believed for a long time we have been lied to by our politicians, news media and just about any other public method of communication. Of course there are exceptions but the majority of them first ask “what’s in it for me (us)” and then they spin it the way it benefits them the most. 

    Andy is right in the video when he says the damage is done by the lie, not the act itself. I want the truth (and yes, I can handle the truth). 

    I have not read the book yet but I trust Andy enough to spend the money and should I be one to win a copy here it will be just one more that I can give away. Thanks for sharing this message with us.

  • Jonathan Petersen

    is the father of lies. He uses his diabolical skill to disrupt everything: personhood,
    relationships, culture, government. Hitler’s head of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people
    will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such
    time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or
    military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the
    State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal
    enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the
    State.” Any lie threatens stability. 

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    Though it is true that in US too people are routinely lied to by politicians, Wall Street, and the media, I feel US still does a relatively good job when compared to my country India.
    In India, corruption and camouflaging are ways of life.  Huge scams and scandals on a massive scale by politicians have become order of the day. (common wealth games  scam, 2G spectrum sale scandal, housing society scam, mining scandal – to name a few). We are flooded with orchestrated news, botched up messages and information with hidden agenda round the clock.  Of late, this had led to non violent civil protests by social activists across India. As a result, now our Parliament is trying to bring an anti-corruption legislation called “Lokpal”(which is shelved for 40 years after first introduced in the Parliament) to fight against corruption by public officials and politicians.
    So, in India it not’s the question of being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization. It has already attacked the foundation and started to spread out like a cancer. Sad and unfortunate truth.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Thanks for adding another angle to this topic. Are there pathways to find out “the truth”?

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Yup! People are becoming more aware nowadays. However, it will take time to move out of this rut. I do not see any chage happening overnight or even in the near future.

        Subject: [mhyatt] Re: How Do You Kill 11 Million People: An Interview with Andy Andrews [Video]

    • Jeremy Statton

      Thanks for the perspective, Uma.

    • Jeff Randleman

      I can’t possibly imagine what that’s like.  But I fear we are on the same path, my friend.

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        It may be true Jeff!
        If you research, you can find that India ranks at the bottom of the Corruption Barometer Index published by Transparency International. But, US is doing a pretty good job. It is termed as one of the least corrupt nations and is within the top 10 of that index.

        • Jeff Randleman

          Praying for people to know Christ is the only way to rise above all this. 

          • Uma Maheswaran S

            True! That’s the only way out.

            Subject: [mhyatt] Re: How Do You Kill 11 Million People: An Interview with Andy Andrews [Video]

  • Dean P. Simmer

    While I’m not sure I would agree with the question, I do think we self-select the information we receive to match our own opinions and prejudices. Technology gives us the opportunity to block out anything we disagree with and I would posit that most people choose to be ignorant about truth.

    • Jeremy Statton

      Perhaps if we expose more ourselves to those that differ with us, whether politics or religion, we are more likely to gauge truth?

  • Molly_Mac

    Yes.  We are being lied to, daily, by both sides and people I thought were pretty intelligent are buying it hook, line and sinker.

    Frightens me.

  • John Kile

    Yes I do.  I think our society has evolve to a point where we are routinely fed misinformation.

  • ricklittreal

    I believe the lies go deep within our government and would probably scare us stiff if we knew some of the things that go on.  The problem with lies is they build on each other.  Each new layer becomes more complex than the next and if one lie is ever discovered, there is a chance that the whole complex structure will disintegrate before your eyes.   What then?

  • Anonymous

     I do think we are being lied to. But this post made me even ponder how comfortable we can become with lying & that we even can lie to one another. 
    I am glad that Andy Andrews has written this book. I love all his books as they make me think on things that I may not on my own.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Terri Lynn Martin

    Absolutely. And that’s been my belief for a very long time. Our government and media have been counter Christ for so long that there is little understanding of nor belief in our ultimate Authority – and certainly no reverence or fear of Him by those who blaze the path to beguile us. We are a world that could be called Eve.

  • Anonymous

    Yes we are being lied too.  However, I am not sure those that are lying about it really think they are not telling the truth.  I feel they have gotten so far away from what is really going on that they just keep trying to invent new ways to fix the latest problem rather than strip away all the junk and get to the heart of the issues.

    • Jeremy Statton

      Some lies are intentional, some are not. As you mentioned, we may not speak truth simply because we have lost perspective. I like the idea of getting to the heart issues, but how to do that is difficult.

  • Robert Bennett

    Guaranteed we are being lied to. However, it depends on the people to determine if the scale is such that it “threatens the foundation of civilization.” We need to realize the lies and the liars and then take action to promote Truth. 

  • JodiW

    I believe that many are being misled daily – lied to in ways that offer them stability, food, shelter and a future without having to work or set goals.  The days of pension plans and easy retirements are coming to an end and as long as the majority can be led like sheep, the others will be forced into the same situation.  In a day when news is available in so many fashions and forms, I am continually surprised by how many people choose not to be informed or worse yet, get their information from inferior sources.

    Kudos to Andy Andrews for taking a drivers seat in the battle for personal education in our world.

  • Dave

    Absolutely I do! 

  • Jim Schaffer

    Yes, and for decades. Have not yet read this author you recommend, but thanks for the notice. Chris Hedges is another light in this darkness . 

  • Ken Morrow

    The truth will make us free. Andy is spreading the truth to all who will receive! PTL


  • Ron Alvesteffer

    I don’t know if we are being lied to but I don’t think we know the truth.  Everything you read or listen to in the media seems to be distorted from that person’s point of view.  I don’t feel like anyone does any listening anymore or there is enough healthy debate.  It is just everyone yelling their own opinions.  I’d love to read the book and here his take on all of this!

    • Brian French

      It sounds to me like Andy is referring to transparency and the ability to repent in our leaders more than just asking them to stop lying.

      I completely agree with Ron here.  I would add that sometimes leaders have to make the best decision possible with limited information.  If they could admit, “boy that didn’t work”, they may gain more respect from voters.  

      • Jeremy Statton

        Agreed. Just saying, “I messed up.” is a worthwhile truth. In our society, though, we always look for someone to blame, and then we let them have it. We have to get to a place where we forgive honest mistakes.

  • Steve

    Honesty is a vital foundation for relationships – your friends, your wife, your family, your teammates, your clients.  It’s especially vital to be a true leader.

    Our nation is at an inflection point.  We need to move beyond personal agendas and make tough decisions for our future generations.  This all begins with telling the truth.  Trust of our elected officials is at an all time low.  It’s time for some honest debate about what needs to happen.  

    Bottom Line: Yes – I do think that the compounding lies are significantly hurting our society.

  • Karl Ingersoll

    Sounds like an intriguing read … will definitely look at it.

  • Mark McIntyre

    If there is no absolute truth, what prevents me or anyone else from telling a lie? 

    Yes we are being lied to. The sexual freedom we are offered leads to bondage. Divorce promises conflict resolution but escalates conflict in the family. Government promises health and welfare and provides neither.

  • Rich DeAugustinis

    Sounds like a great book.  It’s about time we address this issue in our society.  Lies and deception are like cracks in the foundation of many of the great institutions in our great society.  I don’t understand why we, as citizens of the United States and the de facto “share owners” of this great country, tolerate it.  After all, if this was a publicly traded corporation, management would have been tossed out years ago in favor of leadership that can lead with truth and create long term value.  Bottom line…it begins with US demanding transparency, integrity and truth from our leaders, the media, Hollywood, etc.  And THAT begins with treasuring it and pursuing it in each of our lives first.

    • Michele Cushatt

      YES, it begins with “treasuring” truth and pursuing it in our lives first. Somewhere along the way we’ve stopped valuing, respecting and treasuring truth. Thanks, Rich.

  • Anonymous

    I do believe that we are in a time where we rarely receive the truth from politicians.  I also believe that this is not new to our generation.  Conversely, I would say that we have never been in a time where information was more accessible and open.  The truth is out there.  The real question is whether or not the population is prepared to sift through the lies to find it.

    Given the propensity for people to be lulled into inaction, I think the concern is whether or not we will awaken in time.

  • Karl Ingersoll

    I believe we are being routinely lied to on many different fronts to the lies we tell ourselves, about ourselves, to the political promises that seed the all-too-familiar pre-election rhetoric.  Of course we are being lied to and we propagate it …

  • Anonymous

    Amazon shipped this one early, so I’ve already read it. My only problem with Andy’s book is that I can’t buy one for every registered voter in Arkansas and make them read it. It is very different from his other books, but is worth reading, rereading, and passing around to others!

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Having read the book, is there anything you have decided to change in your life?

      • Anonymous

        Be more active—I live in a rural area and have been inclined to just kind of bunker down and be self-sufficient. I need to be more active in the process.

        And keep the bunker just in case.

        • Jason Stambaugh

          What do you mean by “active in the process”? Are you going to watch more debates, vote, call your senator? I’d love for you to be specific. I and many other readers here sure could use some good ideas of we can be more active in the process as well.

          • Jfwlts

            spread the gospel!

        • Andy Traub

          THAT is the right answer and that is the HARD answer. Get involved. Get in the game. Get in the messy thing that IS politics and truth.

  • Paul Coughlin

    Thought provoking post Michael.

    I agree – there is lying and deception taking place, and it appears most visible in politics, media etc. because that is where we focus our attention.

    My personal view, is that this is also a skewed perspective. It creates an ‘us’ and ‘them’ perspective – i.e. the phrase ‘we’ are being lied to by ‘them’. There is no ‘them’ – we are the culture.

    This convenient perspective of separation is part of the problem. To see it more clearly, we need to include ourselves in the ‘them’. We need to accept our part in the creation of this culture, and take responsibility for what ‘we’ have created, not for changing what ‘they’ are apparently doing.

    If lying and deception is taking place, we are accountable for creating a culture that endorses that.

    The place to look is within ourselves, at our moral compass, and the way we think and make decisions. And then simply set about changing within ourselves, what needs to be changed for the better.

    Sure, people need to speak up and lead the way, but as an inspiration and role model, not as someone who requires other people to change.

    It was those of us who consider ourselves leaders, and our ways of doing business who created this culture, not by telling others what needs to be changed, but by setting a poor example, which people followed. Those same leaders are ideally placed to set a better example – people will still follow.

    As the Gandhi quote eloquently states, we need to be the change we wish to see in the world. Idealistic perhaps.

    Thanks again, great post.

    • Jeremy Statton

      If a political candidate stood up for integrity and truth, would people follow?  I’d like to say yes. Until someone tries, we won’t know for sure.

  • Gina Holmes

    We would love to have Andy talk about his book on A perfect fit for what we’re trying to accomplish there. 

  • Seashols

    Yes. There are so many agendas active and many points of view active. We as a country are very splintered and divided. We seldom have beginnings of agreement upon which to come together. We as a culture are ripe for such deception.

  • Melindagarman

    My husband and I just had this conversation yesterday. Absolutely, YES, I believe this could happen.

  • Tom Roepke

    its is so much more than lying.  it is as much an opposing world view as it is “lying”.  for many, the telos is radically different than those who hold a judea-christian perspective.  and yes there is a cultural current that goes radically against a biblical worldview.  when you move away from the foundational understanding that “man’s chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy him forever” the mischief begins.  we’ve been fighting that battle since the Fall in the garden. 

  • Mary

    I can’t wait to read this book.  I think we have got to demand truth from the media.  I have personally witnessed significant under reporting of people attending pro life and pro marriage events by the media and wondered what other lies we were being fed.  It’s one reason I’m passionate about blogging, social media, and the technology that affords all of us to capture what is happening and instantly relay it to the web.  Although political news is not my blogging niche, I’m an avid consumer.  Seeing Dan Rather’s lies being exposed  by the political bloggers a few years ago was thrilling to watch.  

  • Bwenman

    Unfortunately, yes. And why do we feel so powerless to stop it?  Not only do we feel like we cannot stop it, we have come to accept it – worse yet, expect it!   It is expected that our leaders will lie to us and when someone calls them on it that person is  destroyed.  What ever happened to the guy who yelled “Liar” during the State of the Union address?  He was vilified for demanding the truth from our leaders.  I have read many of Andy’s books and I love them.  I hope this one has some answers as well.  We really need them right now.  

  • Miles Peterson

    Sad to say, yes, we are suffering desperate lies. The worst to date is the virtual media black out of the National Defense Authorization Act. Rendering the USA terrorist land and speech as terrorist activity based on ambiguous measures, our nation is in great danger. Now American citizens can be locked up indefinitely without habeous corpus or right to counsel or trial. I suspect that the reason the major news media outlets are so cowardly is because if they threaten the U.S. government with the truth, it will pull their license to broadcast. As the ultra-rich become richer, they increase their hold on government power to keep the majority of us ignorant. I fear, and DO NOT WANT, that a civil war will happen in about 50 to 100 years in the USA.

  • John Day

    Yes, most definitely we are being lied to! Not just in the present, actively, but by distorting the past and erasing our civilizational history.  If an individual were to have all memory prior to yesterday erased they would not know who they are or where they are headed. This holds true for civilizations. Without the anchor/foundation of truth individuals and civilizations become infants tossed about on the waves of deceit.

  • Flowsource

    How easy it is for us to believe the lies that lead to our destruction

  • Charles Barbour

    Do I think that we’re being lied to? That implies intent and I’m not sure that’s there in all cases. I suspect in some instances it is. Regardless, I think that civilization is threatened either by intent or as a byproduct.

    “you must take the following four actions:” and there are only 3. I can’t tell if that’s a lie, my misinterpretation, or simply a mistake. See how hard it can be?

  • Lulucooks

    I’ve thought about this concept myself over and over…why and how come we are so easily swayed? Walking through the Holocaust museums in both Washington DC and London, the cattle cars told the story of a people being herded as animals to the slaughter. Today Holocausts are still happening because the same lies keep working. At these museums, you could read the propaganda from Hitler’s regime and shake your head in bewilderment wondering how come people bought this lunacy, and yet I question how different the propaganda was that much different than it is today? It’s just a more sophisticated sleight of hand…it’s still happening and people are still being sucked in and believing what they are told. Left, right or somewhere in the middle politically, it almost doesn’t matter anymore. The truth is not honored; it’s brushed upon and spun into tales the people want to hear–nothing more than ear candy. Something sweet and completely lacking substance. This the world we live in today. Can’t wait to read the book!

  • Charles Wasilewski

    A former business associate of mine has been wrestling with a similar issue: Trust. He started an effort he calls “The Trust Tour” ( He travels locally and around the world (both actually and virtually) to examine and discuss the importance of trust and how it is created or destroyed.

    • Jeremy Statton

      Trust is very important, but not something that happens over night. It takes time and work and faithfulness.

  • D. Scott Beaver

    Yes – American citizens “are routinely lied to by politicians of both parties, Wall Street, and the media.”

    • Andy Traub

      I find it staggering (if we’re paying attention) how blind the media makes us. Most of us sincerely believe what we’re told by the media. When you pay attention you can really, really see how they tell us the story but not the truth. There IS a difference.

    • Joe Lalonde

      I believe you’re right. The media is especially effective at twisting the truth to what is most beneficial to their interests.

      But you can find honest sources of news and I encourage you to do that.

  • Davin Emerson

    What is sad is that we would rather believe in a lie than hear the truth, it’s in our nature. It take a lot of ground shaking to wake us up and ignite the passion for what is true.  I am sure that is what the intent of Mr. Andrews book is and what better way than a title that makes you do a double take.

    Davin Emerson

  • Timothy Burns

    Without a doubt, we are witnessing the an extreme corruption of the media and information delivery services by political parties who desire to pursue their own agenda.  While I could rattle off a dozen specific messages that are popular in the public consciousness that have no connection to truth whatsoever, I will refrain for the sake of space, and my blood pressure. From my perspective, our current national media and those who shape public sentiment have accepted the Nazi German mantra that if you say something loud enough, often enough, and long enough, it will be accepted as truth.  

    This method of managing public image by spinning messages is 180 degrees out of sync with our founding fathers belief in truth, personal and public accountability as a means of keeping the abuse of federal power at bay.  Can we expect the strength and integrity which shaped our nation’s founding to be present today, when our leaders are embrace principles which are pointed in the opposite direction as those which our founding fathers pledged “their lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to protect?

  • Mike Key

    Maybe we as Christians should be more focused on sharing the gospel and making disciples than always obsessing with trying to change government. We’ve been trying that for the last two decades with ZERO success. Time to stop the seeker sensitive nonsense and require everyone who claims to follow christ to share their faith.

    If you claim to be a christian and you haven’t presented the option to accept Christ to anyone lately, chances are you don’t know Jesus like you claim to. 

    Go and make disciples preaching the gospel….

  • Sedwards

    Yes.  I think that we as a society have so many opportunities to access, view, receive information that no one sits down to think on their own.  Think about it, there are many who don’t take the time to think for themselves…we Google everything!  Everyone is in search of answers and the truth only lies within the Word of God.  Everything you hear or read should be measured against the Word.  Only then will the truth shine through.

  • Psalmfoxx

    The pervasive and pernicious presence of deceit should not at all be surprising, Satan,  a liar by his nature, is the father of all lies, and holds this world in bondage.  That the  principalities and powers of the world employ deceit regularly only serves to underscore how much power the devil has.  And, it seems, there are fewer and fewer people equipped to discern truth and detect deceit.  Fortunately there is one who came to us in order to testify to the truth, to set us free by the truth, who in  fact was and is “the Truth”–Jesus Christ

  • Christine Niles

    As a society, we’ve abdicated our responsibility to evaluate what we are being fed against moral absolutes.  Further, we’ve accepted a very treacherous shift to a relativism that permits us to justify selfishness and comfort over right and wrong.

    In such an environment, lies are irresistible to the both powerhungry and the complacent.

    And I say “we” because I am just as guilty.

  • Julie

    Yes, I believe that we are being lied to. I believed that we are in danger even now if being sent to detention camps set up all over the united states and the world to keep us quiet and away from others. I believe that the current adminstration has sold us (as a country) to the muslims abd the socialists and we are too busy being selfish to even notice.

  • Juan

    Happy new year Mike!
    How amazing, Hitler lied and lied until almost a whole country believed in him and were willing to die for him.
    How many times we start we a while lie and then we get in trouble later on for not accepting the truth or face the reality of the situation.
    Examples like, people wanting to live in a larger home, they lied to get the loan, or to get a job it does not matter if I put a little something else, then 6 o 12 months later they are out looking again. I would love to win this book. Thx

  • Chris Lindner

    (disclaimer: haven’t read the book. yet!) As an individual, I have the responsibility to know what is true to the point that I am not swayed by the lies. Yes, ideally, we could get people to stop telling lies, but since that is improbably, I still have a choice whether or not to step onto the “box car of deceit”. IMO, it is the general lack of “absolutes” in our culture that has resulted in so many boarding the box cars of false ideas. Without a “fixed point of reference”, it is impossible to make proper judgements & wise decisions.

    Saw Andy in person a number of years ago. Loved his stuff, but lost track of him. Glad to see he’s still writing/speaking/changing lives!

  • Mkink88

    Yes we are being lied to in a way different from Hitler exterminating 11 million people.  We as a nation are at least $15 trillion IN DEBT and that number is climbing.  It is an astronomical number that will take generations of sacrifice to eliminate.  Both political parties are to blame.   It doesn’t seem that there is anyone with courage to step up and say ENOUGH.  Just like there was not anyone in Germany with courage to ENOUGH.   What is so difficult to live as the Lord Jesus Christ commands love your neighbor as yourself.  If we as humans could put away our petty thinking of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I think Any Andrews book will help to shed some light on these and other societal problems that we are facing.

  • Lynn Wittenburg

    I’ve been fascinated with how easy it is to believe media lies. I had my eye opening experience in Jerusalem. I was so scared to travel over to that area of the country and then found it amazingly safe. Nothing like our media potrayed (of course, there is danger anywhere).

    Very interesting concept.

    Anyhow, I’ve always liked Andy but if you say this is a book you are excited about Mr. Hyatt, I’m in! When can we order this book online?

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Hi Lynn. You can order the book now from Amazon. Click here.

  • Tim

    I have almost completely given up watching “news’ programs because of constant misrepresenttion of the truth by even friendly hosts.  “We are one of you.  Wer’e fighting for you.” is so deceptive.
      One wonders where the truth lies when tuning in or picking up a “so-called” news source.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      Are there any other places where you think we can find the truth?

  • John Bowersox

    This sounds like a great read. The reason the country (and the world) is in the current shape is because people are simply not informed. We listen to the sound bites and take them at face value. If more people would take the time to look into issues, candidates, etc. they would likely make much different decisions.

  • brodie taphorn

    I’m not convinced that we are being lied to, “on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization ”  That is why I am interested in the book.  I’m generally suspicious of such audacious claims because I am generally optimistic that humanity is making some strides (think abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, care and compassion for the disabled).  I’m in no way all “puppy dogs and rainbows”; we might in fact be on the verge of collapse but I’d like to read the book before I make that affirmation.  Besides, I love free books!

  • Rick Riemer

    Yes, we are lied to by politicians who live in a dreamland of unlimited spending and unaccountability. Yes, we are lied to by a culture of self-gratification, advantage-taking and greed. Yes, we are lied to by a church that won’t tell us the revealed Truth. And most of all, we lie to ourselves that decisions don’t matter, that character doesn’t count, and that we won’t be judged for our sins against God. “Can we survive?” Not as a free people, unless we seek His face, confess and repent, and turn from our evil ways — and if we do, God promises that He will hear and forgive us, and heal our land. For the sane, there’s not much choice.

  • Janie Gentry

    We are being deceived at every level of our government and business community.  There are few who believe in total honesty and the bottom line in all of this is greed.
    When we focus only on what we want to accumulate and forget about the others around us, it leads to lies and deception.

  • Kjyoung44

    The perpetrators “have no fear of God before their eyes” (Romans
    3:18) and they are not aware of the sober reality “that each of us will give an
    account of himself to God”  (Romans 14:12).  As for the victims, they have to have a cause
    to live and die for.  Jesus gave his life
    up for an eternal cause.  His apostles
    died for a cause, fully realizing in the fact of a resurrection and God’s

  • Pam Stephens

    Yes, we are being lied to…by advertisers, pundits, newspapers, anchormen, and it tickles the ears of some, perhaps a majority, but not all.  Elections are made by the effectiveness of the spoken word, the mistakes made “off the cuff” and the mobilephone cameras that can capture any faux pas.  But character is sorely missing.  Facades are what are valued and held up for scrutiny.  Social media used with improper motives cast out reflections of these facades attempting to influence our thought pattern and the outcomes.  We are more likely to believe what these people are saying because it doesn’t take investigation, scrutiny, we are lazy! We are entitled…we think.  Unfortunately, we get what we deserve in elections…and in much of life.  Thank God He is sees through all of this, and will bring it all to an end, and usher in His Everlasting Kingdom….probably sooner than we think!

  • Roger Vest

     To talk about lying is rather ironic in a society where it seems to tell the truth is simply to yell louder than the other guy.

    In reference to the political landscape, part of my issue is that I don’t like being told what to think or what not to think. Another part of my struggle is that I have friends and family on “both” sides of the political spectrum, people I love and trust, and I have a hard time telling one or the other that they are completely wrong.

    In addition to the ideal of truth in politics, we have been snowed by the whole idea of “truth” in advertising.  Every product can’t always be the best! And to be told one more time that my life will unfulfilled if I don’t have this particular produce . . .

    to preach a little bit, there is a reason Satan is called the Prince of Lies, it’s what he does best and we are so susceptible to it. If it is easier, prettier, louder, bigger, etc. than it must be what we want.

    Looking forward to reading this book.

  • Michael McCartney

    The wicked freely strut about when what is evil is honored among men. (Psalm 12:8) The enlightenment, universalism, and self glorification are all causes to the exalting of lies over truth. Our lives are filled with landmines of lies; cultural conformity erodes our understanding of truth from infancy. I hope this book contains the powerful truth about the importance of truth. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Deeann Anderson

    Yes, I believe that our leaders have lied & continue to lie to us on a daily basis! The US constitution is ignored & our rights are diminishing every day! Who will stand up to the President of the United States? Who will speak for the people? Who has the audasity to be the one who is the catalyst for change?

  • Steve Young

    It is an honor and privilege to live in a democratic and capitalistic society. I make sure my kids are aware of that. However, I also teach them that these two great societal characteristics/values only work when there is a selfless spirit and a diligent pursuit and focus on the “common good.”  Sadly, greed is rampant and has dealt a punishing blow to our “common good” thinking and acting and, consequently, serving as a jackhammer chiseling away big chunks of our foundation.  The lies we tell each other are part of the unmistakable evidence of  this downward spiral.  There are hopeful signs – such as the amount being written on the need for trust, truth, integrity and character in more recent leadership/management books. I’m eager to read Andy’s book. I especially appreciate the emphasis on jumpstartting this journey of “truth-telling” by beginning with personal accountability. Like the ol’ saying: “If it’s to be, it begins with me!”

  • Kimberly Coyle

    I just returned from a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, and there was a very interesting (and timely, it seems) temporary exhibit on Hitler’s use of propaganda under his leadership. 
    I’ve always been stunned by the fact that so many were so misled, and wondered how ordinary people like you and I could make choices that resulted in millions of deaths. Hitler played off fears, a depressed economic climate, and national pride, and added  just enough hint of truth to make the lies palatable. 
    We are in a vulnerable place, given our national fears and current economy. I’m grateful for people like Andy who shine light on the truth. 

    • Jeremy Statton

      The concept of palatable lies is important. Thanks for bringing that up.

  • Pastormike

    I think it is easy to lie to us because we are so accustomed to lying to ourselves.  If we can’t be honest with ourselves and face the truth of our finances, morality, and decisions, why wouldn’t we fail to see convenient half-truths or lies when they are given to us.  No one likes to face hard things but hard isn’t necessarily bad it is just hard.  Many times when we are on the other side it is by far the best thing that could happen to us. 

  • Robin

    I would love a chance to read this book.

  • Grant Gillard

    Yes, we are being lied to, every day.  If everyone told us the truth, we’d never give our money over to Wall Street, we’d never elect the politicians, we’d turn off the polarizing radio talk shows, and we’d probably storm Washington D.C. and demand new leaders.

    They have to lie to us or they’d never survive!  Now the question is, do we also lie (albeit in smaller ways) because we fear people will not like us, accept us or buy whatever we’re peddling?  Do we accept the idea that the only way to get ahead is to lie, cheat and steal?

    Is there room in this world for honesty and integrity?  Some days, I doubt it.  As a fine, Christian businessman once told me, “A successful business cannot be too honest.”

    Jackson, MO

  • Anonymous

    I believe we are not only being lied to, but being groomed to accept that everyone is lying *except* those who would control what we believe. Never in my life have I seen politicians lie, be called out on it, *agree that they were lying* and CONTINUE TO LIE to us until what they say is repeated as truth.  If I didn’t believe that God is indeed active in the world and the end is already written, I would despair.  At this point it seems most of my countrymen do not know how to go about finding out what is true, and refuse evidence that what they have decided to believe is not true even when it is incontrovertible.  It will take long, steady, wise communication done by those with impeccable character to undo what has been done.

  • Brooklyn Lindsey

    I do. I believe we’ve come to accept lies as a normal part of life, as something that we can’t control. “It is what it is” is a line that catch myself saying and also a line that disturbs me at my core. Change is possible.

  • Anonymous

    I have personally been in an environment that lies have become the complete substitution of truth.  I know what it smells like, tastes like, feels like.  It is like a disease that has taken over and it is “normal practice” in the lives of the leadership and spreads down into the homes of people that live near it.  The saddest part of this, it is a church.  A large church.  There has been built  a wall that accountability will not be tolerated.  When the leadership is held “accountable” in the privacy of meetings, it is looked upon as division.  Those that have stood up (properly) for what is right, has been left severely wounded.  It’s very hard (and heart breaking) trying to make a difference when it is sabotaged with lies and manipulation.  God has revealed to my husband and myself how easily it is to be deceived and how beautiful it looks at the beginning, but how destroying it can be with not only organizations but, more importantly, with people’s lives. I believe that the veil is being removed so that the Body worldwide will be able to identify the difference between the Author of Truth and the author of deceit.  So thankful that this book has been written…I believe it is God’s plan for the wake up call/alarm clock to start sounding.  Looking forward to reading it!

  • Nick Bell

    Even when you know what is happening, you still have to be prepared to put your life on the line for what you believe in. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a question that shakes me to the core of my being. Having grown up in Germany in the 60s as a child of a generation that saw WW II and the Holocaust (my parents are in their 80s), knowing the answer to this question seems critically important to our collective future. Andy uses this thought to write about the dangers of allowing ourselves to be lied to, of not gathering enough information to prevent this. We are all filtering our information flow. In today’s world, it would be impossible to absorb all that comes in. But just by making a choice to watch only CNN, BBC or FOX News, we put ourselves at risk of being consistently influenced by what has to be seen as propaganda from one or the other side. How do we set ourselves up for a filtering that allows us to see more than one side of the story? I haven’t read Andy’s book, but I do hope he has an answer for us.

  • Enrique Fiallo

    Lying has become a way of life, a commonplace occurrence. Many people find it easier to tell a lie rather than confront the truth. The problems with lying are many, but what I find are the most serious are, 1) the loss of credibility for the individual that tells lies, 2) the way that lying spreads to all the different aspects of our life, like a disease, until it takes over. 

  • Andy Perrigo

    Absolutely!  One evidence that we have forgotten the foundational truths of our country is the motivation for how we cast a vote.  We vote for the person who is “smart” enough to get elected.  We also can look the product from the history and poli-sci product from most universities.  Lack of knowledge of the lives of great Americans like Washington.  Truth must be paramount.

  • Michael O’Brien

    Lied to on a grand scale…. not so sure but there is an awful lot of disinformation that has as its sole purpose, to serve and protect the financial houses in Europe and further afield. Very difficult to decipher the turmoil in Ireland and Europe that has its roots in profligate lending by German banks and others.
    One thing is for sure, the access to impartial information is key so that we are walking with our eyes wide open.

  • Tony L. Stone

    Absolutely agree….with every election term there are new candidates who proclaim the same vision for our nation. Things that are going to improve jobs, healthcare, social security and medicare. None of which that I have seen any significant change for the good in my 20+ years of voting. However, there continues to be a decline in the basic faith based values this country was founded upon. It seems we have been mislead time and again to place our emphasis on money and power and deny the principles of the bible. It started with taking prayer out of schools, now christianity is slowly being erased from society while worldly ideas are influencing are kids and grandkids to place their faith in any thing other than God. We must get back to being a God fearing nation again, and a God trusting people or we will blinding march to our own dimise. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.” Ps. 33:12 

  • Grayson Pope (A Parched Soul)

    Absolutely we are being lied to. Most citizens are so badly jaded by politicians, for example, that we don’t even listen anymore, much less vote. If you go by the number of votes, we believe American Idol more then our own politicians.

    But just like in the Holocaust, we’re allowing it. We elected the very people that lie to us on an almost daily basis. We prefer to hear what we would like to be true, as a pose to what is actually true.

  • Andy Perrigo

    Nothing great is built on ‘comfort and compromise’.  This idea of politicians lying to the electorate is as old as the Roman Republic.  Lying leads to destruction.

  • Kevin R.

    What a timely video interview for me to watch. Last week I was reading in Genesis and reminded, the father of lies is Satan. It was and continues to be, his primary weapon of destruction. He first lied to Eve and continues today. A few months ago my wife caught me in a lie. After great conviction and humble confession, it was brought it into the light. Since then, we have experienced great freedom, peace and innocence. (John 3:21) One of the most often used phrases of Jesus was, “I tell you the truth.” As I type this comment, I pray God will raise up men and women in this nation who have the character to tell the truth. I trust God is helping me become one of them.

  • KS Chew

    Not only do I agree that we are being lied to on a gigantic scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization, but I think sometimes the truth is so clouded that we don’t even know where to start. What is truth? What is lie? I don’t know about US, but in my country, truth and lie can be so twisted that truth can become a lie, and a lie can become convincingly deceived as truth.

  • Pastorjeff9278

    We live in an age when everything seems to be judged as relative.  One person may claim that this or that is truth “for them,” but not necessarily truth for somene else.  We no longer know what truth is because we have lost the foundation for truth.  When Jesus was before Pilate he said “You say rightly that I am a king.  For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth.  Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice” (John 18:37, NKJV).  Then Pilate responded by asking, “What is truth?”  The question, especially it seems among leaders is still valid and needs to be answered.  When we do not; when our leaders do not know the Truth, then lies begin to erode the foundations of society. 

  • Wes Thorp

    I understand this truth challenge with our public servants from a uniquely personal level.  I’m a former newspaper reporter who covered politics for many years at the state house level and I’m a retired staffer from our state legislature where I spent much of my time writing for lawmakers who constantly tried to either shade or avoid the truth.  

    It seems that one’s version of the truth is directed by the ultimate goal of staying in power whether on an individual level or a larger party level.  And to do this it’s easy to justify playing with the truth.

    With the negative transformation of the news industry, it’s almost impossible to discern what the truth is on any political issue.  You can only make somewhat informed guesses.

    After spending a lifetime in the political process, I feel like a good chunk of my soul has been sucked out of me and it has taken awhile to rediscover it.

    I hope Andrews does more than talk about the problem.  There needs to be a solution, a course of action and steps that citizens can take.

    I sincerely feel that the blame doesn’t rest completely with the politicians.  They only reflect the people they represent.  It starts with the voters and the values they hold.  A lot of them are not interested in the truth.  They are only concerned with their version of the facts and they discard everything else.

    My prayer is that Andrews gets a conversation started on this topic.  It’s important and vital to our future.


  • Daniel Griesbeck

    Just amazed daily how little our “leaders” care for the people they represent. I only hope we can one day have leaders in this country that don ‘t care about politics, but instead about the people.

  • Steve Armstrong

    Proverbs 30:8 reads:

    Remove far from me falsehood and lying; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me,

    I know for one, I have certainly vallen victim to hearing and participating in spreading gossip and lies as much as I hate to admit that fast. I hope that given a new perspective in how best to identify and pursue truth (in addition to God’s word), with this new book might be betetr equiped to demand truth, starting with myself!

  • Kathynettles

    Certainly ~ the lie begins with self ~ when we lie, that we lie.  
    It’s as if satan is calling the plays – oh wait he is.  The lines of a lie have become blurred and we have allowed this to happen – with ourselves, our families, our business decision, as a society, and rolls up to government (yes I say rolls up – they came up – they did not start up) ~ all feed with media.
    We have allowed ‘truth’ to become socially unacceptable – sad but true.  We are more worried about hurting someone’s or groups feels, or taking a away a RIGHT, than we are for the truth – the truth is we have become a PC nation.
    Reminds me of the  great movie line: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”-  sadly true – we can’t, UNTIL we change how we view Truth… it must be the unchanging ROCK(value) in our lives… then and only then , will we be able to “HANDLE THE TRUTH.
    Love Andy’s work ! 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think our foundation is being threatened, it’s been getting assaulted everyday and has been for decades. Different lies lead to different methods of how someone is killed. In America, we kill ourselves… our families through divorce, our corporations through fraud, etc. I’ll get off my soap box!

    Thanks for the opportunity to get the book. Happy New Year!

  • Eldon Palmer

    Excellent topic. I have always wondered how this could have happened on such a large scale and if something similar could ever happen again.   I unfortunately haven’t read Andy’s other books, but really enjoyed hearing him as a speaker about a dozen years ago. He has such a great story of his own and this sounds like a wonderful book!

  • Kelly Combs

    What a great interview! And I appreciate the length, (some video blogs top 10 minutes and in my opinion that is just too long).  I loved Andy’s two other books, and while this one seems very different, and something I wouldn’t normally read,  I’m going to give it a try because his name is on the cover.
    Regarding Michael’s question at the end of the post, the first thing that came to mind is the Erin Brockovich story. Company owners knew their product was causing cancer to their employees and the people in the surrounding areas and covered it up.  I know that wasn’t exactly “political” but it definitely points to the fact that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens us.I’d love to win Andy’s book, and am heading over to fill out the form and “tweet” it!  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely believe that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens our civilization.  As a “me first” society we are an easy target because the lies apease our desire to be fat & happy here & now.  Self discipline and delayed gratification are concepts that helped our founding fathers and the brave souls that pioneered this great nation that has been a blessing to many nations and many generations.  Those concepts are a faint whisper today.  I pray daily for an awakening in our nation…a return to the Father…back to the basics…”Love God & Love People.”

  • Kande Wilson

    Yes. And we must remember that lies come in the form of omission as well as commission. Many times news that is relevant to our society is simply ignored because it doesn’t fit in with the metanarrative wing crafted by news media and politicians. Makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, I know I promise that’s not the case! (sheepish grin)

  • Rhonda

    Mr. Andrews, thank you for being bold enough to be the “ONE” to flicker the flame. Reminds me of Jerry Mcquire, one person to speak out to make things better, walk the walk and talk the talk!   This is what your doing, and we as a nation need to sit up and take note! Why?  It’s the right thing to do and needs to be done!

  • Sharon

    Michael, I absolutely do believe that we are becoming a society that believes anything that is put before us.  With so much information being thrown our way, it is difficult to know what to believe, and for those who do not have some foundation that is based on values, I imagine the challenge to be even more difficult. 

    In part, the internet plays a major role in all of this, and I am personally finding that more and more people believe something simply because it is on the internet without checkout out the facts.  I also believe we can do a better job of helping our children develop critical thinking skills so that they can discern truth from fiction.  I read someone that the younger generation doesn’t believe much of anything because they know that so much is fabricated by the media.  All we need do is look at the recent political debates to know that we have lost our values in this great country of ours.  Everyone seems to be playing for the camera.  With so much emphasis on celebrity, it’s difficult to know whom or what to believe.

    I look forward to this most important book.  While the internet, has, in part, been responsible for the fall of many treacherous dictators in the Middle East, I think we caqn all use some greater wisdom with respect to how we sort out the facts versus fiction.   I have no doubt that Andy is proffering up opportunities for people to really think about the critical moments before us.  I look forward to the read.

    Thanks, Michael, for continuing to bring us the best work. 

    Sharon Spano

  • Heather

    Absolutely, but I find that most people don’t seem care. It requires work to be educated and informed and some people would rather not work, think about the long list of consequences to issues or have dialogue with those that think didferently.

    The underlying issue is fear.

  • Shawn Wood

    Yesterday I read the story of Creation out of “The Jesus Story Book Bible” to my 6 year old daughter.  I asked her, “What happened?” when we got to the very sad part as Adam and Eve walked away from God’s perfect plan for them and she said, “Daddy, Satan lied to them, he told them that God did not love them”.  I asked her, “Is that true?”. “No, God loves me” , she said with a smile. Just as 11 million people walked to their deaths a husband right now is walking away from his wife and a young adult is walking away from their faith because of one simple lie twisted and re-tooled 11 million ways – “God does not love you”.  When we realize he does, it changes everything.

  • Ce

    I do believe that we are being lied to and unfortunately it is having a major impact on the foundation of civilization. Sadly we have become a society that has drifted away from the truth of God’s word. Many have allowed the beliefs of mere men to dictate our morals and values establishing a belief system that is built on a weak foundation of lies causing us compromise our integrity. God put in place His word and His principles to guide us through this life that He created for us, now that’s a path that we can trust.

  • Rick

    It is so difficult to be discerning in a world of snippets. I realize we can go to the internet to retrieve information but then how do you know what is truth, manufactured truth, or what the proponent really believes to be truth. We need knowledge, wisdom, and discernment to face the most difficult days in our country and world yet ahead!

  • Mike B

    In my former job at a cellular phone provider, I felt we were being lied to on so many levels.  I felt our commissions were being cheated.  We would get ‘docked’ moneys out of our checks with no leg or case to plee.  It was “my way or the highway”.  We were asked to sell, just about at a dishonest level.  I refused to do those practices but was looked down upon because my methods and numbers were not matching the company goals.  I was being honest and was being  repromanded.  I grew frustrated with my job because it was not operated in a godly way.  I started to read Michael Hyatt’s blog and the more I read it, the more frustrated I got with my job.  I saw alot of things being done that Michael advises not to do.  On the flipside, my job hunt was unsuccessful.  The offer wasnt as what it was played out to be.  The schedule didnt match my needs.  It wasnt a fit.  So I fully devoted my life to the Lord and learned to accept my position in life.  As opposed to leaving my job. I grew a passion to encourage my peers and even my boss to do things honestly.  Shortcutting or cheating the system was not worth the gain as opposed to what it does to our souls and reputation.  So since I abandoned the job hunt, I had a Christian family owned business come to me for a great opportunity in their establishment.  Long story short, I accepted the position not just for the monetary promotion, but because their ethics and morals are the Bible.  There is no grey area or cheating the system if your handbook is the Bible.  So, I have just a few more days left in my cellular phone provider job and start my new job Jan 9, Monday.  Though I feel we are lied to or misled in life on certain levels, you can still overcome the challenges with prayer and a relationship with the Lord.

    • Rob Sorbo

      I’m glad things worked out for you. I have worked in a few Christian organizations and I love the work environment. One warning I have: Christians are people too.

      I would recommend you check out Jonathan Acuff’s book “Quitter.” 

  • Alta

     We are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization. It started innocently with the little white lies that “everyone” told. Society then moved to lying is ok if telling the truth would get one into trouble or lying would bring success.
    We all saw our United States Presidet lie under oath and get a slap on the hand. Thanks to You Tube clips we can compare the  current words of our leaders to their past statments. 

    Lying has become the new normal. How can a people function together in the work place, in relationships or in our governments?  So who can you trust? I place my trust in God.

  • Prayerforfreedom

    In my opinion we are being lied to on a threatening level to our civilization. I attended a highly publicized prayer event in 2011. After the event I started reading the Media reports. Both the liberal and the Right Media, exaggerated the story to the point of being void of truth. 
    It is frightening to think that we allow lies to be sold, told and distributed without speaking up or challenging the lies. 

  • Jeff Randleman

    I fully agree that we are being lied to.  And I think we take it a step further:  we perpetuate the lie by lying to ourselves about it.  We think that things will change.  We pretend that things will get better eventually.  We assume that it’s not as bad as we think it is.  We wait for someone else to do something about it.  We accept the lie, and make the lie even stronger.

    I’d love to read this book.  It sounds like it will speak directly to our times.  Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Jeff Randleman

      And then I found this in my reading this morning:  “Truth and falsehood are opposed; but truth is the norm not of truth only, but of falsehood also.” – CS Lewis, from The Allegory Of Love.

      Fitting, no?

  • B Segura

    I live in Iowa and today marks the end of “the season of Caucus” here. My comments are colored by this. This is not a meant to be a political comment. I believe that politicians really feel that they tell the truth and are not lying to us when they make statements and promises on the campaign trail. Maybe I need to take off my rose colored glasses, but I want to believe that they have my personal safety, health and welfare in their hearts! It is hard to sift through all the stuff – good &  garbage – that is dumped on us during this season. When I go to my caucus tonight, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve thrown my support behind an honest person. Now, whether that person can deliver on their promises is another story. Perhaps that’s the question for them – Can they find the honesty out there?

  • Ncarmstrong

    Deception is exactly what led Adam and Eve to sin. God told them that they would “surely die” if they ate of the fruit. Satans lies provoked them and when they ate they died spiritually by being separated from God and they began to die physically. Now that Jesus has come and been the sacrifice for all mankind we must spread this truth. If we lie about it or fail to spread the good news, many will surely die and miss out on eternity in heaven. What a great message this author has put together. I am excited to read the book.

  • Shari Brown

    But where did we become comfortable with believing lies?  At home?  It’s ok to live in opulence while my neighbor doesn’t have food for his family, sure I’m a little overweight but that’s not gluttony, everyone watches a little innocent porn, it’s just television.  At Church, it’s not gossip, I just want you to pray for them.  At our workplaces where office supplies come home with us, but that is not stealing.  As with everything else, a best look is internal.

  • Tim Filston

    With politics and media so polarized, people have become loyal to party first and truth second.  For example, the hysteria over global warming has made it difficult to have a rational discussion and a measured response.  Should conservatives not have some stake in conservation?  Should democrats not have some stake in putting a check on the demagoguery of issues like this?  We have come to let politics and punditry set the tone for leadership.  We should be cautious about that fact, learning from Greek and Roman cultures.  In those Republics, truth was not so much the order of the day–sophistry was.   We see how third-world countries that decay into violence become vulnerable to the tyranny of the strong leader.   Can we also see how developed countries that slip towards “truth decay” are vulnerable to the smooth leader?

  • Kate Briles

    Yes, I do. I recently read, Be the People by Dr Carol Swain and it slammed me into the reality of the lies that are being deeply planted in Americans, Christian Americans, too. But I don’t think being lied to is the problem … I think the problem is our capacity to believe lies. We can do our best to remedy this through education and discipleship, but the difficult fact is that many of the Jews in the Holocaust were educated and loved God. But let’s face it: people even follow lies when they know they are lies! Politics, marketing, religious groups, etc. 

    I wonder sometimes if our capacity to believe lies is the flip side of our ability to imagine. In order to invent and create or possess faith, we have to be able to believe in something that isn’t real (yet).  I’m not always convinced higher education or typical discipleship is equipped to help people steward their imagination. For whatever reason, when God adds a gift to us, He seems also to add a Fatal Flaw. Free will brings the possibility of sin. Sexual desire brings the possibility of unmarried sex. Imagination brings the ability to lie and the blind spot at which people can lie to us. So books like this … books that can prove we are very much like sheep, no matter how robust we are in other areas … they are important. They level the playing field. They show us that we win very little when we point out the liar. There will always be a liar. The real question is – why are we such easy targets? 

  • Jack

    I’ve read Andy’s “The Noticer,” and I highly recommend his work.

  • Liane

    Are we being lied to? Yes! Does the scale of those lies threaten the foundation of our civilization? Yes! Is this an easy problem to fix? No. It is so late in the game before lies are revealed as such that I wonder how it can be fixed at all. Standing up and demanding the truth is not going to be enough. Voting liars out of office is only good if the successor doesn’t lie. I’m not trying to be negative, but realistically, I see a move of God as the only answer. Does the Bible hint at that kind of move of God happening at the same time as so many signs of the end times?

  • Scott Speight

    I have just recently begun to follow Andy Andrews, it is amazing how God works.  Truth has been comprised for years and now contnues to be getting worse.  I am the director of Pastoral Care at a hospital where there is much diversity in our population and without a doubt much fear.  We need more people in our world like Andy Andrews.  I was recently asked by one of my chaplains if I would be willing to speak to a group concerning Clinical Pastoral Education and when she proposed this to the chairman the response was “we dont need to hear that, we are all Christians but no body wants to talk about it.”  As Carmen once sang, “we need God back in America.”

  • Bonnie

    People lie.  Government is made up of people with agendas that lie.  It’s always been this way.  What has changed in this country is the slow erosion of Truth.  It’s been happening for so many years and we have been lazy, wanting to believe what we are told.  If you can picture little critters gnawing away at the underside of a foundation, like the little termites, quietly, invisible, until someone notices a slight sagging.  If this person runs to tell another person about the problem and that person is more interested in just taking care of his own business, life, problems, whatever, he will tell Chicken Little to stop being an extremist.  Then all of a sudden, or so it seems, the church wakes up and finds God and His Truth have been taken out of the foundation and it will not be strong enough to hold this country up. 
    The solution isn’t to be found in government or trying to make people tell the truth.  The solution is turning back to God and putting His Truth back into the foundation.

  • J4schiro

    Yes we are being lied to and have been for a very long time.

  • Jibyzachariah

    Lying has disastrous effects more than we think. Lying is more than speaking wrong things.  Its also withholding or abstaining from speaking when we know the truth. We are putting to death millions by remaining silent about the only way of Salvation in Jesus Christ

  • Popaj2911

    Yes we are being lied to by our government and the liberal media. I’m afraid the election cycle is just too far apart to prevent the kind of damage that is being wrought by this government. There has to be a better way.

  • Susan Lawrence

    When I visited Yad Vashem in Jersusalem last year, I looked into the eyes of some of the Jews, and I thought “I could be one of them.” I stood at one of the first photos and looked and looked, knowing I couldn’t change a single one of their lives. I was faced with the realization that one decision to another by one – and then a group of people – could lead to me being in such a future photograph. As I continued through the memorial, I turned a corner to face a sudden splash of red and army green: displays of the Third Reich. I glanced down and realized I was wearing army green pants and a red shirt. I was faced with the realization that one decision at a time could lead me to being in such a future photograph. Without intentional authenticity and accountability, I – and we – will disintegrate as a society and invidivuals. We have more opportunities now to inform each other and call each other to action because of the technology that allows us to share information quickly. However, that same technology can be abused to share deceptions and unreasonable support. It’s critical that we clear our glasses to reveal an unobstructed view of the reality in which we live. Only then will we be able to identify and respond to the deceptions going on around us. Let’s replace our perspectives with God’s as completely as possible.

  • Johntrindade

    There’s no doubt that politicians in every country use whatever means to sustain themselves. To lie is not the issue, but the laws they create to make it LEGAL for them to lie. Afterwards comes their long fingers to people’s pockets (also legal by law!) to make sure that they get enogh money to cover all the bullshit!!
    I’d love to read this book….

  • Heather Ingrum

    I have just recently had a very interesting discussion with a wonderful Christian friend about lies, the standard of truth in the Bible, and God’s Sovereignty and how they all intermingle.  This is a very important topic.

  • Kirk Weisler

    That Hitler
    lied to the Jews is a given. WHY THEY BELIEVED THEM? is a question we should
    all consider deeply. Was it because the truth seemed to unbelievable? He also
    lied to his own people…. normal people who would later agree to pull
    triggers, fill gas chambers, and ovens with bodies. They must have told
    themselves many lies as well.

    One of my
    favorite books, “Leadership and Self Deception” suggests that lies we
    tell ourselves…keep us trapped in mediocrity, sin, and perhaps even in long
    lines leading to our own early deaths.

    Then there are
    the lies told to us by people in positions of power and as your post suggests
    that power seems to be no respecter of positions or persons. Media, politics,
    school boards, non-profit agencies, corporate executives, government agencies,
    front line managers, and tragically even occasional pastors and parents.

    Sadly it is the
    nature of men, all men that when they get power(as they suppose) they almost
    immediately succumb to it and begin to exercise unrighteous dominion over
    others so they can keep and increase this power. Do drug companies really want
    to help people get better or to continue making billions in annual revenue? Do
    unions really want to serve the workers they represent of keep their corporate
    jets and access to politicians?

     I believe what Hitler did to the Jews is an exaggerated
    example of what is happening to us…constantly. I may not be being asked to
    kill anyone but I am being lied to about what it means to be happy, about what
    I need to be wearing to be accepted or appear to be successful, or to own to be
    “in” or to eat to be healthy. The greatest deficit is much more
    monetary than is deficit of trust and truth…

  • Adam Lofquist

    As a society we allow ourselves to be lied to, we do not do the proper research to find out what is really going on. We believe what we are being told without question. What we constantly forget , is the fact that 1) We are a consumer controlled society, which means we can create demand. 2) We forget that the news is not reported based on a story but based on who is advertising with them.

  • R Wells

    There is no question that lies have become standard fare in North America. For example, after watching Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko,” I was discouraged and angry with both the hierarchical hubris of many of our leaders but also the general public apathy that is undermining our democratic process. Sadly this type of action is rife within our competitively minded culture.

    I suppose my greatest discouragement is seeing North American selfishly-minded people abandon concern for true community and fail to be our brother’s keepers. As such we have often abdicated our responsibility to people who do not have the character, compassion or conviction to speak and fend for those who cannot fend for themselves. We will accept the lies thinking they won’t affect us and then when they do, it is often too late to thwart the consequence.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that it is already obvious that the government is trying to sneak bills under our noses (such as SOPA) shows that there is definitely some deception going on… Why do they not want us to know what they’re doing? Because they know we won’t like it? Then why is it happening?

    We The People was a good step towards getting the people’s voice heard in government, because otherwise they only hear themselves. But we need a reverse outlet, so that we know what they’re thinking. 

    And who knows how much of it is deception, and how much is the average American’s lack of interest.

  • Janwestmarkallan

    I think by simply looking at the structure of the family in America, we have already bought into a lie. Our country is in danger, and yes, our civilization too.

  • Jason Stambaugh

    It seems that we all feel lied to by our leaders.

    Now what?

    I’ve pondered this question for several years now. The only thing I’ve determined is that the  truth is costly. It’s personal and requires a response.

    Assuming we are tired of being lied to, what is the next step?

    • Rob Sorbo

      The next step is challenging. No one has enough time to fully research every decision that they make (especially since the top hits on Google are from the sites trying to profit on their decision).

      What I do for political decisions is spend a lot of time listening to both sides. I try to read/listen to the most liberal news I can find and the most conservative news I can find. However, for nonpolitical decisions, this contrast isn’t quite as clear.

  • Gary Rohmann

    YES — I do — in very subtle ways.  Todays “leaders” seem to think only of themselves and “THEIR” convictions — not what is true and right.  We must ask a very basic question of our leaders — “Can you lead with MORAL authority?”

  • Sutton Parks

    “It is not our leaders integrity that misleads us, for they represent us since we elect them”

  • Cheri White

    I have read Andy Andrew’s books and listened to many of his CD’s. I am thrilled to find he has written this powerful book and can’t wait to read it. I pray God will use it to stir us, as a nation, to live a life of absolute truth.

  • Berta

    It seems to me we lie more to ourselves which allows Satan a foothold in our lives. Once in, he leads us to compromise our souls a little more. Our country is out of control as our leaders seek power and money. Sin has become relative to party lines and a lack of personal dignity has been destroying our country since the United States was birthed. We all follow like sheep to the slaughter. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus. Come!

  • Anonymous

    The idea of truth has its basis–its root or core–in God’s nature. It is the unselfish response, the other-centeredness or focus upon those outside of ones self, that is truth. Truth is not what we tell ourselves, it is the motivation of why we want the other person or people to see the essence of the situation–it is for their benefit. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can filter our own inner self-deception so that we can act in truthful ways. For without Christ we slowly and subtly turn inward until we are fully self absorbed. 

  • C Marino1

    The phrase “being lied to” infers we have no responsibility for discerning the truth, but will simply react to what is being fed to us.

  • Josue Sierra

    Considering the vast amount of historical revisionism going on, both from Hollywood, as well as from traditional Journalism, I do believe we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization. We are a media-driven society, and we learn and get context about what we think others around us believe based on what we see and hear on TV and through other media. George Barna’s research has already shown the lack of  Judeo-Christian worldview even among those who claim to “Christians”. The deception is subtle, it is entertaining, and it is half-truth, half-lies, and it is targeted at both the past and the present. When our past is distorted, we lose the historical context that, once damaged, hurts our ability to understand where we have come from.  When present crisis or events are distorted, we lose perspective on what is at the root of the issues impacting our society today.

  • Brooklyn Lindsey

    I struggle with the “it is what it is” mentality that is pervading our worldview. I feel like I’ll never be able to change the lies upon lies, but at the same time, there is a deeper call to become truth tellers who not only speak truth, but who also lead into truth. The question is how and when the Holy Spirit will do the convincing through these efforts and if we are willing to be patient yet courageous in the process. We’ve all fallen short–but those who have been set free can share a new reality with those who have not yet received it.

  • Sue K

    Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Let’s get back to seeing through His eyes. Through the eyes of love, kindness, gentleness, and self control. Speak truth, live in truth, admire truth, spread truth. With a splash each of joy and thankfulness thrown in.

  • Tom

    Dear Mike, I’ll be ordering 10 copies today.  I’m a trial lawyer, and everyday I’m dealing with “lies.”  Getting the truth on the table for the Judge and Jury is what I do everyday, and it’s so hard.  The reason it’s hard is simple: People are okay with simply hearing someone’s “position” on a matter, or an issue, instead of the truth.  “Positions,” are acceptable, “truth,” to the average person, i.e. juror, is all relative.  I have to pound on the table everyday: It’s the truth that matters, not the position.  

    tom gehring  

    • Jason Stambaugh

      That is a great distinction. We hear a lot of positions from politicians…

    • Rob Sorbo

      Very interesting. I do think positions are valid and helpful (at least in cases of discerning between politicians, not so sure how it would look in the courtroom), because it gives you an idea of how they may act in unpredictable situations; however the truth (in this case an understanding of how they have acted in like situations) paints a clearer picture than a position. 

      So much to think about–thanks for challenging my mind a little today!My opinion is that people use truth to tell lies, so there is a difference between truth and truthfulness. 

  • Mikehsb

    Yes…the temptation is ALWAYS to make something sound better than it is.  That’s why I’m more prone to learn from to a Christian leader who admits that they don’t sometimes get it or that they still struggle.

  • Butch Howard

    Talk about a monumental observation for all time.  

    What an incredibly important book based on one timeless principle! 

    The truth is that Truth will always be the right course.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I think that the only absolute truth, as far as our culture is concerned, is that there is no absolute truth. The effects of this kind of thinking are catastrophic in many ways. The idea persists despite its self-refuting logic. After all, to state that there is no sh h thing as absolute truth begs the question: is it an absolute truth that there is no such thing as absolute truth?

  • Butch Howard

    Talk about a monumental observation for all time.  What an incredibly important book based on one timeless principle! The truth is that Truth will always be the right course.


  • William J Spencer IV

    The truth is tremendously twisted that’s why we must veiw everything with patience.

  • Meg

    The lie i have noticed in todays fabric of society is the appearance of being successful.  How many cars homes and holidays you have per year, the schools your kids go to, your circle of friends. As a result many compromise their integrity to ‘look’ successful. Worst is the scary lack of financial education, i think its Mr Kiyosaki who mentions the conspiracy theory, the less the masses know, the better for the priviledged few.
    E.g who knew how flawed the banking system was, the shaky pension plans, how many have lost their homes that they believed were an asset more than a liability? The number of people coping with depression because of the lies they believed in our financial institutions? Yes we are responsible for our choices, but how many understand the true cost of owning a home, depreciating cars, & holidays
    Every person & family must have the choice to be debt free. The freedom to have quality time with family & friends, social networking has proven the hunger of the human spirit to stay connected with others, and it knows no social status, well…
    We must be educated from childhood about true wealth, how to build wealth steadily and progressively, contributing to ur family & community and not just how to do a certain job to keep an employer happy, for the benefits you will obviously get.
    We are taught what your identity is by your role in life, the biggest lie of all.
    On the flip side, are the learners/lied to ready & willing to pay the price? always looking to answers from flawed outsiders? The truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Roger Bodenstab

    I have been connecting with “truth tellers” and discussing how we can communicate the truth to others so that they can be set free in a society where fiction and lies abound.  As followers of Christ we know that “the Truth shall set you free.”  Jesus is the Truth and we must first know Him  and allow His Word and His Spirit to guide us into the truth that sets us free.  I am excited to read this book!

  • Cindylou51

    I think most of our mainstream media doctors the truth and yes, we are being lied to.  I tend to be discouraged by this — especially when I listen to Fox News — The O’Reilly Factor  in particular, and learn “the rest of the story.”  Hope this book reaches lots of people who need a wake up call!

  • Omalleyk

    We are absolutely being lied to and the fact is, no one cares as long as whoever is lying has a value system that aligns with their own.

  • Jane

    That we are being lied to is nothing new. But each of us is accountable to know what is true and what is not. The Truth living in us is the only way to recognize the lies that seem so plausible, even desirable. It may sound trite, simplistic, overused: God is our only hope to combat the lies of our enemy in whatever form he takes.

  • Rob Sorbo

    I have to confess, when I first read the title, I assumed it was about the environment and thought, “Okay, who’s agenda is getting pushed now?” I hope that the subtitle is prominent enough, because I think a lot of people might react the same way I did at first glance.

    I do completely agree with the premise, though. I know that when I acknowledge my goof ups then I can fix them really quickly, but if I pretend they never happened or lie to cover them up, then an unnecessary web is weaved.

  • Reevesd77

    This age is filled with so much information and content that it is difficult for anyone to wrap their head around all of it and keep up. I believe that we are all in such a hurry that we will listen to anyone that sounds like they know what they are talking about. We are being told lies today that could potentially threaten our way of living to the point that we follow along with other cultures such as Europe. As Americans we must first look in the mirror and ask ourselves if this is what we want. Then we should stand together to make this country what we know it can be; what it was built on. These are scary times and we have allowed others to guide our country but as citizens we can take that power back.

  • Dylan Dodson

    Great interview, very intriguing! 

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  • Sally4kids

    Everything we are being told my media, TV, radio, is a lie.  Our kids that are listening to the “un truths”  are the future leaders of this country and they are buying into it as well.   We owe it to our kids, and  ourselves to find out the truth, and to teach that to our families.  

    Biblically speaking we have all the truth we need.  Lots of prayer needs to go into how and what we allow our kids to be taught.  We can’t do this alone.  It takes a village and thankfully we have GOD to help guide us. 

  • Cheri White

    Yes, I do believe we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of civilization. Where there are no absolutes, there is no moral conviction within man that would cause him to tell the truth or to live a life based on truth. Without truth there is no firm foundation to stand upon. Just as a tree without a strong root system will topple in strong winds, so is a nation with no firm foundation bound to fail.

  • Hershberger2

    Several years ago I left the lifestyle (Amish) which I was raised in and started my college career. One of the signature differences I saw was that people routinely spoke without intention of actually doing what they said they would. I believe that as a society we have accepted the fact that many people will not tell the truth but that there is nothing we can do about it. From my experience I think it is of utmost importance that we as a nation do better in telling the truth and holding each other accountable. If our fellow men are not able to believe in what we say, there will be no trust. When there is no trust among men, our country will crumble.

  • Jcrowl

    Because we are losing God today and many are becoming their own “god” truth then becomes situational.  In these times discernment without the lens of the “Triune God” is difficult and telling truth from lies almost impossible.  In this “me” centered society it becomes that each has his “own truth” which many try to impose or sell to others as reality.  Thanks to Andy Andrews who reminds us through his writings that each of us has truth from God.

  • Pauloalmeidamusic

    This book sounds really interesting and something that I must read.  I look forward to taking a look at it. 

  • Eric Spangler

    I agree: in fact, I’d suggest that–

    It all began with a lie: “‘But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.'”

    And the purpose of the lie was to advance a personal agenda…

    And the promise of the lie was power…

    And the penalty (ironically) for the lie was death…

    And in darkness the lie spread, until the Truth arrived.

    And the purpose of the truth is freedom…

    And the promise of the truth is life…

    And in the light the truth is spread.

    It all begins again with the truth:  hope, honesty, integrity, a clear and bright tomorrow.

  • Larry Johnson

    We are as a society so gullible.  If it is said by someone who is viewed as important or portrayed as fact in them media, most people believe it without question.  It is vital for people to seek truth in every aspect of our lives. If we don’t, we can be led to conclusions and decisions that absolutely could be destructive to our lives and our society. 

  • Jhutasoit

    Most of the times, reality can be complex. To understand the full scope of this complexity, thoughts and efforts are needed. Unfortunately, there has been a cycle of anti-intellectualism in America (as defined by Richard Hofstadter), such that the ability and willingness to make the aforementioned efforts are not considered as virtues. 

    Politicians depend on the people’s votes and financial support. When the majority of the people don’t want to hear about the complex reality, the politicians will give them what they want to hear, a simple lie. If we don’t want our politicians to lie to us, then it is up to us to show them that we are ready to hear the truth. We need to call their bluffs, to think critically and ask the smart questions. This will also require us to vote by issue and not by party as a lot of times the person from our party is a politician who refuses to give us the truth.

  • Pastorglenn

    Andy Andrews’ book reminds me of a sermon I heard years ago about “Slouching Toward Gomorrah.” The speaker proposed that sliding down the slope toward apostasy and decadence happens so gradually that hardly anyone seems to notice, mush less voice concern. That certainly applies to our cultural free fall. In my short time on the planet (54 years), it seems that tiny ideas pushed by a privileged and well-positioned few grow to become a seemingly unstoppable force with alarming speed. My hope is that Andy’s book startles people who don’t necessarily feel that they are either privileged or well-positioned, awakening them to use the influence they have to rebel against the madness that is gripping much of the world. We need our hearts back, along with our voices. Most of all, we need awakened consciences that will not allow us to remain silent any longer. Thank You, Andy Andrews!!

  • Rob Sorbo

    I hope Mr. Andrews defines truth in the book. I know that this is kind of a pointless endeavor since most of his readers will define truth the same way, but I think it is really easy to use the truth to tell lies. Defining the difference between truth and truthfulness will probably help people understand that they may not be being very truthful even when they think they are. I think this is where a lot of public figures get caught up–they may not outright lie, but they do use truth to deceive.

  • Anonymous

    Very timely topic.  I happened to watch a documentary last night on the rise of Hitler.  It was troubling to note the parallels between his rise to power; his conduct before and during the elections that lead to his rise; the spins on truth and outright lies that the Nazi’s utilizied to justify thier actions, and the actions of our current political realities including the manipulation of the press.  It is time for some “real” truth and integrity.

  • Katherine Harms

    I am exhausted and almost in despair of ever hearing the truth in public life. As
    the pressure of this political season increases the desperation in the rhetoric
    increases, a desperation that leads to shaving the truth, reshaping the truth,
    and sometimes abandoning any pretense that the truth matters. The media has its
    own agenda, simultaneously trying to build its own power and milking its
    symbiosis with public figures for all the advantage it can get by serving power
    that is exerted for the “correct” reasons. Mostly we get what my father used to
    call “twice a lie” – half the truth. We are told bits of truth that are
    swizzled semantically to assure that we are turned toward the lie. For example,

       In the name of freedom of religion we are pressured to keep our faith and our
    commitments to truth inside the walls of worship structures and confined to our

         In the name of scientific inquiry we are told to identify truth by consensus instead
    of discovery.

         In the name of social progress, truth is covered up by the secret language of
    political correctness, a language taught by the willingness of almost everyone to take
    offense at almost anything.

         In the name of political righteousness, we are told that the words of the
    Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the laws of our nation are
    “living” and their definitions are changeable according to the situation. There is no absolute truth in the words of the founding documents of the USA. I am unhappy to report that many religious leaders are doing the same thing with the Bible.

     I see a lot of the same things in our current political and religious realms that Bonhoeffer fought against during the Nazi era. I think a lot of us are doomed to a fate like his, because it seems to me that the truth is what someone with power says it is.

  • Anonymous

    The beginning of this interview is very disconcerting. It sounds like Andy Andrews blames the Jews for being “too docile, for letting themselves be led to concentration camps”. I think reframing the questions of the holocaust by asking how a nation can be misled is an important way to look at our present political climate, but blaming the victims is appalling.

  • Cynthia Finley

    I do agree.  I’m excited to read this book and gain insight on what it looks like to live truthfully and demand truth from those around us.  

  • Michelle

    Oh so surreal. To escape criticism-do nothing, be nothing. I think yes. Lied to. I like to know where IM going to be five years from now, really.

  • Tom Bolton

    My initial reaction is that we are not lied to at a scale greater than other times in history.  I think there were big lies being put out in the political world before and during the American Civil War period, during the Cold War period, and during the period of Imperial Rome, for instance.  These big lies traveled slower than they do today of course. On the other hand, I think there are strong, independent mainstream and ad hoc media outlets that correct the information, or at least challenge it.
    I do have concern about the magnitude of the deceipts in our public life though.  It is a serious issue today, as it has been historically.
    I am concerned about the amount of deceipt that is promulgated by politicians, business leaders, and society leaders in this nation.  I am also extremely concerned about the degree to which political and social leaders vilify each other, and the volitility of the political debate.  The lack of respect in this political discourse greatly concerns me.  It is important to see the truth in other points of view, and it is also important to challenge public contentions and rebuttals.

  • Dachsiehome

    I believe we are being deceived, but not necessarily always with negative intentions.  I believe that politicians sometimes think that we are not as smart as they are and if they told us the truth we could not handle it as a populace.  This is why the electoral college was established in the first place, politicians did not believe the population was wise enough to govern itself, nor wise enough to pick the right person to do it.  I don’t believe this is true, but it is a political machine that can only be stopped by prayer and concentrated effort on the part of those praying.  We must get out and vote and send letters and do what we can to perform in a way that God directs us.

  • Grii

    Unfortunately, yes we’ve been lied to on such a scale. However, us as a society, accepting the lie as a fact, is in itself us lying to ourselves. We have been brainwashed into realizing unimportant things make value in our lives. One thing that I feel as a young thirty something is that we go around this life once, and to shortcut it by not first being true to oneself is the first lie we believe. Billions of people aren’t true to themselves and thus feed into the entry level lie of being like someone else is better than being the best individual you can. But for so many, lying is easier than telling the truth because as one actor put it ” you can’t handle the truth”. We need to have an awakening in the truth department of our life. It gets easier from there.

  • Craig Miller

    That we are being lied to daily, either by individuals or society is a biblical “given.”  We live in a world under the direct influence of the “Father of lies,” and he is well-practiced and clever enough to deceive us on every level.  That anyone discovers truth is, according to God’s Word, a gracious gift.  May God use this book to point people to the truth about the power of lies.

  • dayna

    Agree. Yes. I would love to read Andy’s perspective. I am always searching for truths that will aid in turning my cynicism into actions. I respect the way Andy uses history to educate. My mother is a retired history teacher, and she cannot help but weave history into everything. Kasse raised to see our connection to the past and how it affects our future. This book sounds like something that will be read and reread/discussed and then bought in bulk to share with others. I’d love a copy to get that process started.

  • David McIntyre

    I absolutely do believe we are being lied to on such a large scale. To the degree that history itself is being re-written to support the lies. Not only that but there is not so much of an effort to hide it either. In the media, in news organizations, politics, community governments and other outlets their is a clear and blatant effort to conceal, spin and distract rather than tell the truth. Propagandist rather than truth tellers. 

  • Snikt Daddy

    Unfortunatly, yes. But the worst part is actually knowing we are being lied to and having so many who just don’t care. Apathy is at an all time high. We need to take action to make everyone, especially our political representatives, more accountable.

  • Jeffbutler58

    The demonic deception that shook the foundations of Eden and divided heaven reminds us that what is taking place in the earth is spiritual in nature. Two profoundly holy atmospheres adversely affected by lies, pride, and jealousy, should serve as a example that we are no less vulnerable.

  • Judy

    The short answer is yes. The expansion of that response is this:  Politicians are flawed, i.e., sinners like me.  The longer I live (I’m 62) the more I realize that Christians can barely handle power WITH the Holy Spirit and the scripture teaching us, how can we possibly consider that we could handle that power without God.  I live 3 blocks from the genocide museum here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and every Sunday I walk along 2 sides of on my way to worship.  I’ve been to Eastern Europe several times and heard stories related to the Holcaust and the underpinnings of the Cossacks prior to that time decades later;  I’ve sat next to survivors with their stories while teaching at a small private college in Cleveland.  Sadly,  Christians quite possibly can rationalize and believe lies as quickly as anyone.  In fact the grandson of a German Christian during WWII when asked about the early days of Hitler, replied his grandpa thought he had the answers to the economic woes of the time.  Promises, promises but actually lies, lies, the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I think I learned too late to pray for leaders in my home country (US) and certainly my current country of service.  As the question implies, lives are stake, for now and eternity.

  • dayna

    *I was…. not kasse. You’ve got to love it when a smart phone makes you appear not so smart.

  • Kaye

    When I observe the strong “group-think” mentality around me & see how gullible people are, I am afraid that it is possible.  Unfortunately, this is very true within the institutional church – where people are forced into submission by being told that they must not question authority.

    • Rob Sorbo

      Very true observation about the church. I attend a church that pushes all the boundaries (sometimes too far, I confess), and I often find myself questioning their actions. However, I always arrive back at this realization: their actions might be different than a typical 20th Century Evanglical church, but they are in no way unbiblical or evil. 

  • Agatha

    We live in a Fallen world; Satan has told us lies since our first encounter with him in the Garden. As for society, we need only compare the same story from a conservative/liberal media outlet to determine that there are lies, or at least “spinning” of the truth. Even the Christian press is guilty, condemning others in the name of faith.
    Our Sunday readings in Advent included Thessalonians 5:16-24 where Paul gives thanks but also warns, “Do not despise prophecies, but test everything.”
    So there it is: TEST EVERYTHING.
    I wrote a blog about my own experience in being too trusting on 12/12/11 at:
    Satan is at work in Society; in our politics, our media and even our personal relationships.
    We have to TEST EVERYTHING.
    What an important book to jar us back on track: To trust only GOD, and test everything else.

    • Brandon Weldy

      Great advice! Too often we just take people at their word. We expect that everyone wants what is best for us, but unfortunately that is just not true. We need to test by observing their past actions and words as well as attitudes. I know that we should not hold a person’s past against them but when it comes to politics and patterns in behavior it would be wise for us to do some testing. 

  • KatieMc

    Your question makes me extremely uncomfortable (which I don’t mind) because I really don’t know.  How do I know if I’m being lied to? I am so excited about this book.  When I taught high school English, we read Elie Wiesel’s NIGHT and discussed HOW DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN? 

    • Cheri Gregory

      Katie —

      Great book and great question for your students to wrestle with!  I just finished teaching Fahrenheit 451 to my sophomores. They found it “totally freaky” how well Bradbury “predicted everything” decades before most of it was possible. When we get back to school tomorrow, we’ll be attacking your question: “How did we let this happen?” and personalizing it to, “How am I letting this happen?”

  • Warren Brown

    John 3:19 says, “…light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light…”. Since it would seem that our society is clamoring to reject truth (light) and embrace lies (darkness), then we are at risk. One of the biggest lies that our society embraces is the “it can’t happen here like it did in Hitler’s Germany”. What was different about Germany in the 1930’s? They had cars and superhighways, air travel, radio, music, films, and an economy that had been suffering for years. Rather than look to God with faith to fix their problems, they turned to a man (or political party)who claimed to have all the answers. Today, we have all the aforementioned items, yet we face the same choice – choose to rely on government programs, a new president (or the same one, take your pick), a new political party in office, man’s plans in general, OR, choose God. As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

    • Brandon Weldy

      This really gets me thinking! The similarities are there and the society is definitely racing toward darkness. We must stand in the light and let it shine through us. 

  • Oylernick

    Yes, I do feel that we are being lied to in order to fulfill a larger agenda. I look forward to reading this book.

  • Kerry Buttram

    Yes, we are being consistently lied to from all sides but not because those propagating the lies are always intentionally doing so. I am not sure I agree with the question but would like the opportunity to see what Andy Andrews is saying in his book and what solutions he proposes. I very much agree with his view that families (and communities) need to begin having a conversation about what is true. This needs to start with an assumption that the other person with whom we have an apparent disagreement is not out to deceive us but truly desires what is beneficial to their family, friends, society, country and world. I look forward to reading the book.

  • Po Tham

    I find the comment about the redistribution of wealth by Hitler and at least one of our present day politician very intriguing.

    Po Tham

  • Mary Warner

    Yes, I do believe that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the future of The United States and its citizens.  One lens to use for truth in our government is that of the Constitution of the United States of America.  We now have (or are trying to pass) laws which are in conflict with the Constitution. When these bills are challenged there is a stalement in Congress and Senate. The response often boils down to you are wrong unless you agree with us. I believe that citizens must get educated and involved, and be active in speaking the truth by voting, writing editorials as well as letters to their representatives, becoming involved in politics and holding those serving accountable to do what they say they will do and to follow the constitution.

    • Brandon Weldy

      I certainly need to become more informed. I have been trying to do so lately. It has been very enlightening. 

  • Todd SMith


  • Chuck

    Michael – I am a Qualified Kingdom Advisor who has been blessed by your postings, and thank you for the remarkable contribution that you are making to the productivity and effectiveness of your readers. God bless you! Regarding the book you are offering, I have been politically active for decades, and would appreciate the additional resource of Andy’s research so I can share its contents with others. I look forward to your continued offerings during 2012 – Happy New Year!  

  • Jeffrey Verlander

    Absolutely! When the president of country refuses to show his birth certificate, and promises full transparency under his administration, and then does everything behind closed doors, we are being lied to. There are so many more examples, but these are two of the biggest in my opinion. I would love to get a copy of this book and be able to help in any way possible, to get myself, my workplace, community and nation back on track.

    Thanks for what you do!

  • Brandon Weldy

    I have always been told that when you lie, then you have to lie to cover that lie and then lie again and again and again. It is a cycle that just continues until either you begin to believe all the lies you have been telling or you are in so deep there is just no way to come out of the cycle with dignity. Honesty is something that I treasure. I want people telling me the truth no matter what. It is difficult for me to follow political activities because of all the deception and I believe that is a very big problem. It most definitely threatens our civilization. Listening to Andy Andrews talk about his book was very exciting! His passion for what he discovered and his ability to share it with others was pouring right out of him. Coming from a mixed political family (my side and my wife’s side are both on opposite sides of the fence) I would love to be able to share this book with them!

  • Casey

    I believe that if you don’t have a foundation (The Bible), then you will fall for most anything.  Lies or mispoken truths, it doesn’t matter.  As a believer, we always know the truth and shoudn’t get swayed by the world around us.

  • Jim

    We are not being lied to so much as we are presented with many easy to accept half truths.  the probleme with half truths is you never know which half of the truth your getting.  We also propogate these half truths through social media until they are so commonly shared that they become a truth.  Consider Proverbs 26:20-28pesented

    • Barry Hill

      this is an excellent point! I think the political arena is filled with shades of the truth to sway public opinion and to accomplish certain agendas—on both sides of the isle! I wonder how you fix a system that focuses on shades of the truth?

    • Brandon Weldy

      But isn’t a half truth just a lie of omission? 

  • Jeremy Burroughs

    John 8:32 says “the truth will set you free.” And today, we don’t see much true freedom. Our culture in recent years have been mentally enslaved by our political system and our economy. We have bought the lies so much, that we now see ourselves “enslaved” to our stuff, and we are in debt because of it. Now more than ever our society requires someone to stand up for the truth. Without the truth, we cannot be free. It starts with us, as citizens, voting for individuals, not based on our own selfish ambitions, but based on the betterment of society as a whole. We must broaden our focus, and take it off ourselves and onto others. Unless we do that corporately, we will stay in the same situation we are in. We must ask for truth and seek freedom. 

    I am looking forward to reading this book and passing it along to others. It is time that we all stand up collectively and ask for truth. 

    • Barry Hill

      Great Verse! I am with you~I think someone will definitely need to step up in the immediate future to stand up for truth in the political arena. I wonder at times what that is going to look like, since so many politicians focus more on re-election than the truth. Truth=Free sounds like a great campaign slogan to run on!

  • Connie Almony

    This sounds like a great book with a fascinating premise. One thing I try to teach my children is that Truth is of the utmost importance. Without it, you have no idea what you’re in for!

  • Rmccathren

    It’s an intriguing question because the makers of history have largely been able to create “truth” from their interpretation of what is versus what should be.  On the other hand, we have never been so subject to political (and corporate) manipulation  of scientific truths as we have been over the last 50 years and there is every sign the situation is getting worse rather than better.  The Internet and politically-based “news” media recycle their own manipulated version of “truth” 24-7 such that we are becoming a tribal nation in which relatively few objectively search for truth while the great majority filter facts to suit their preconceived belief systems. 

  • Carolmswain

    I agree wholeheartedly with Andy’s perspective about deception.  In fact, the original title of my 2o11 Thomas Nelson book was AMERICA DECEIVED. However, the published title was BE THE PEOPLE: A CALL TO RECLAIM AMERICA’S FAITH AND PROMISE. I argued that large numbers of Americans are being deceived into supporting programs and policies that are against their individual and collective interests. Many of those who can see through the smoke and mirrors don’t know what to do.  Cultural elites in trusted positions are engaged in bold deceptive actions. We are unwittingly enabling them to dupe us through our own fears and adherence to political correctness.  The deceivers and the deception crosses political and religious lines. 

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    I don’t think we will ever find truth in this world, except through
    Jesus.  I don’t trust “the man.”

  • BubbaSmith

    I just got back from spending my Christmas holiday in Germany. I was able to visit Dachau Concentration Camp while I was there. As I reflected on the experience, all I could think about was . . . How did this happen? My conclusion was leadership. John Maxwell says that, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” and that “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Every day we’re being influenced by leaders and other outlets that impart truth or lies. I believe that there are leaders or other outlets that are influencing us in a negative way, but I also believe there are leaders that are influencing the world for good. The bottom line is that leaders need to stand up and lead, and speak up when someone is speaking something contrary to the truth. Then and only then are will we be able to live free.

  • Karen Markham

    Just ordered it from your compelling blog and the truth of our inability to distinguish truth….side note yeah for a short book…when will writers learn to take a “TED” approach to their writing.  Times have changed and none of us have enough time for all of the compelling books…less is more!

  • Glen Lawrence

    I believe we are being lied to both directly and overtly.  We are told we they want us to hear.  But I also think our leaders are lying to themselves.  When you pass legislation that you haven’t bothered to read for yourself as a leader it’s pretty evident that your not only being false to the people you lead but to yourself. 

  • Muchmore212

    Thanks for the recommendation. I am Diana Burgess from
    Jamaica and just this morning I had a similar thought about how lies and corruption
    can elevate people to leadership positions. This is very sad because as we know
    a household, church, organization or a country will never rise beyond the
    consciousness of its leaders.

  • Tom

    Yes, I believe that we are being lied to on a regular basis and it has already caused a radical decline in our ethics.  The sad thing is the lies aren’t coming from the likes of “hardened criminals” or those we avoid on the street, they are coming from so-called leaders in our communities as well as our country.  Telling the truth used to mean placing one’s hand on the Holy Bible, agreeing to be truthful in the eyes of God; however, as we’ve taken God out of pretty much everything, one no longer needs to fear God’s response to a lie, only the response of other people.  But now, someone running for the office of President of the US can be shown a video clip of something they said, only to retort with “I didn’t say that”.   It’s sadly comical.  One of my favorite’s is the professional athlete, holding out on a contract, and they always say “it’s not about the money”.  Really?  It would be refreshing to hear one of them just say “it’s all about the money”.  While I may not like the answer, at least it would be an honest one. 

  • Vince Lyons

    I don’t think we are necessarily being lied to as a complete and deliberate act by one or a few at the top, as it was in Nazi Germany.  However, I think that markets and circumstances are being manipulated through the use of media on a scale never before imagined.  For example, the price of gasoline rises TODAY because the price of a barrel of oil for FUTURE delivery rises on the rumor or speculation that there may be a shortfall or future interruption, even though these events rarely materialize.   I think a significant portion of our perceived economic woe is brought to us on the news by people who are paid to fill time and who may or may not have an ulterior motive.

  • Dave Mariano

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m 32 and can’t stand the thought of voting. Should we really have to choose between the lesser of two evils every time? I don’t believe the media and can’t understand how to wade through the mess. It is scary. The solution is so simple; it starts with individual character. The fact that it will require a change of mindset from each person is exactly what makes it so overwhelming for me. The only one that can change something this large is God. We can pray and all do our part, but I feel we’ll need him to change the culture of this country. Sounds like I should read this book…

  • Matthew Kratz

    Truth is needed for any healthy interaction. Without truth, how do we function as families, workers, consumers, or citizens. We have sunk to such a low that people do not even expect truth, but look for the lie. Being so preoccupied with personal pragmatism at any cost, we have come to expect others to do that same. Becase we have not reacted so sternly to lies, they have become commonplace. The commandment to not bear false witness, is regarded by many as just a suggestion, therefore we look for leaders who can “bring results”, instead of a Biblical requirement of integrity. When truthfulness and integrity is not the first requirement of our leaders in the home, community and national, we shall get the leaders that we deserve. God help us all.

  • Sarah Mudd

    Yes, I do believe that we are being lied to, via omission,  on a very scary level.  I don’t consider myself a paranoid sort of person, but I believe so many people (myself often included) in America are so focused on our personal comfort that we do not question media or politicians. Stories that seem most shocking get air time while other issues are completely ignored. Often those who receive the news fail to dig deeper and ask tough questions, so we operate with a partial and skewed world view. We miss things like the world water crisis and the issues of child and human trafficking because we are more focused on what car or phone we own or how much our medical copay is. I don’t know that this will cause destruction to our country, but certainly our souls are at risk.

  • Vwmashni

    Absolutely.  Unfortunately a truth telling political candidate does not stand a chance of getting elected.

  • Fredh20s

    One of my favourite authors (Seth Godin) puts it this way…”people don’t believe what you tell them, they might believe what their frends tell them, but always believe what they tell themselves.”   We believe the lies because we want to – it resonates with what we’ve been telling ourselves!

    Sounds like this is a book that helps us evaluate what we tell ourselves!

  • Anonymous

    Are we being lied to?  Absolutely!  There is no doubt that the vast majority of politicians (meaning our countries leaders and decision makers) are more interested in how they can “spin” the facts to their political advantage than they are in telling the pure unvarnished truth.

    Are we being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization?  That’s a bit tougher to answer. 

    On the one hand, I could say that lies always threaten civilization.  So, yes, any lie is a potential threat, and the bigger the lie the bigger the threat, at least if the majority of people believe the lie.

    On the other hand, human nature being what it is, lies will always be a part of our civilization, until Jesus returns and sets up His kingdom on this earth.  I have enough trouble extracting lies from my own heart.  So, how could we hope to extract them from civilzation as a whole?

    So, does the very nature of humanity, which civilization is intended to protect, pose the greatest threat to civilization?  Absolutely!  In fact, the founding fathers of the United States of America recognized this fact, and it was for this reason that they set up a government based on balance of power and elected officials…to give the greatest opportunity possible for accountability at every level of government.

    I would be very interested to read what Andy Andrews has to say on this topic.

  • Gtdarnell

    Absolutely , this is not new but sad to say . Lying is getting harder to recognize. How do keep from becoming overly negative and distrustful ? I like this book and will post much to my Facebook. People must make better choices for leadership in the USA if we are to remain great

  • sitting duck

    Truth has become more of a subjective reality rather than an objective one in our generation.Seemingly objective truths have made “black be white and white be black”.   Witness Democrats v. Republicans. Our national debt is 17 trillion (or thereabouts) and rising. Not to worry. All is well???? Not only are we being lied to politically, we are being lied to in church. For centuries, we have allowed our passions for our creator to be twisted, manipulated and misrepresented while simultaneously proclaiming  how simple the Gospel is. Clearly, the truth is what each of us has has come to subjectively believe that it is. I can already hear the howls and screams from that statement. That subjective truth is the “truth” that forms a basis for whether or not we have been lied to. My “objective” truth is someone else’s “lie.”. In the midst of all of this is the reality that MANY people are not intending to lie. They are merely acting in accordance with the truth that they have come to believe in. 

  • Curtis O Fletcher

    Hmmm…interesting proposal. There is “the information presented” and then there is “the intent.” It is possible to lie with accurate information by slicing it in such a way that it will produce an expected result. I suppose I would label that deception or manipulation rather than lying per se. I think you have to be careful when ascribing intent to someone.

    The intent of the deceiver, manipulator, liar in this case is social engineering on a grand scale. Their belief is typically that they do this for the greater good. Thus is is a small step for them to become victims of their own deceit.  Are we being lied to? Yeah, certainly we are. By both sides of the political stream.

    Now that you’ve gotten me started I am almost tempted to do a blog post on this myself tomorrow! 

  • Lori Tracy Boruff

    Having worked the past few years interviewing Holocaust survivors and American soldiers who liberated death camps plus researching that time period for the writing project – there have definately been similarities between then and now. I look forward to reading and sharing Andy Andrews important message!

    One thing I always tried to teach my children – Truth is your protector!

    Praying for our nation!

    • John Tiller

      Wow, Lori!  What a great perspective you will have on this book.  I can’t wait to read your review!

  • Jerrysmales

    course we are being lied to, but it is a white lie.  The plain truth is that
    common citizens do not have the capacity to make educated judgments about who
    is able to lie, I mean lead, them the best.  It is so sad that many people
    do not even know who the Electoral College and the Electoral College’s job
    pertaining to electing the president of the United States.  Andy Andrews’ new book, How Do You Kill 11
    Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think is, I am sure, a
    great book.  I can hardly wait to read
    it.  I read one of Andrews’ other books
    (The Noticer, 2009), and I adored the book. 
    The Noticer is a New York Times best seller, so I know the How Do You
    Kill 11 Million People? will be on the New York Time best seller list
    soon.  Any book that Andy Andrews writes
    will be a great one.

  • Greg Jones

    This sounds like it will be one of those Joe Frazier-type books that are shorter, but really pack a wallop. It sounds like Andy Andrews has tapped into what a lot of people are feeling today: politicians (heck, all of us) need to work together. As Jack Sheppard said on Lost, “if we can’t learn to live together, then we will die alone.”  Followers of Christ need to be driving that effort, not waiting for the ball to come to them. @mhyatt:disqus  , you aren’t starting the year off with any fat pitches, eh!!? Happy New Year to you, your team, and all of the folks on this blog. May the peace of Christ reign down on you all this year!

  • Garet Clark

    I feel that the reason we are in this kind of predicament and constantly being lied to is that all of the people who have the ability and the stage to lead think they have the right answer. (i.e. The hitler example) Where in truth be told the only answer to fix our problems comes from our heavenly father. Everyone wants to blame a person, group, idea or just the establishment to help make just cause for their version of a fix. To sum up my answer yes we are being led down a path where all of our rights, liberty, and freedom of our civilization aren’t only being shaken but are slowly being taken away.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, we are being lied to for the purpose of personal advancement and power.  Local government on up to the national politicians all lie/fib for personal gain.  How incredibly refreshing it would be to be told the truth.  What is even MORE disconcerting is that the person that is committed to tell the truth would most likely not be elected.  You see it constantly where nasty, rude, untruthful politicians are repeatedly reelected.  These people get outrageous perks for their districts regardless of how it effects others.
    I have read ALL of Andy’s books, several times.  I will read and listen, via his podcast, to everything Andy has to say.  I can’t wait to read this book!

  • John Ausmus

    In any society, lies are a message that helps to get the message across to sway the belief system to a particular side.  We can only have one source of truth…the truth of God’s Word.  This can be our hope for discerning the truth from the lies, false teachings and deceits that we face daily.  Tolerance and coexistence are methods to get us to accept the fallacious messages geared to lead us away from the Truth.  We must stop the lies.  It begins individually and this accountability can spread.  It’s a big task but 2012 might just be the year to begin putting an end to the lies and share the Truth.  What a better time than in an election year to let the Truth be heard?

  • Anonymous

    We are being lied to, yes. Perhaps the greater issues are our tolerance of it, since we know it is happening, and more than that our willingness to buy into the lies.  Is it a lie if the receptor knows it and wants to play the game?  For example, the lie that we cannot manage our spending as a nation.  We can, but we the people are simply unwilling to sweep the political house clean, cinch up our belts and pay the price to get out of debt.  It’s called discipline.  But, which special interest are we willing to fund for ourselves, rather than expecting the government to do it, what pork are we willing to chop from our diet, and when will we stop applauding our congressmen and senators for dragging a piece of it home to our district? Who’ll go first? Or would we rather perpetuate the lies?  We create the culture of lies for ourselves when we choose to tolerate them.

  • David Sluka

    Last night I showed my kids a mug that was different depending on which side they looked. I asked, “Is there a handle?” Half the table could say yes, the other half couldn’t see the handle. On purpose I tried to start an argument to determine who was right and who was wrong. The truth was that both were right and both were wrong.

    I completely agree with the premise of this book and am shocked at the degree of willful, in-your-face lying that takes place in our society. However, unless I’m going to suspect that everyone has evil intent, I must assume that maybe what’s wrong is an unwillingness to sit on the other side of the table and see what the other person is seeing. This is inconvenient and time consuming, but it is what Christ did. He came and lived in our shoes. Truth is essential, and walking in someone else’s shoes marries truth with grace.

  • Paul V Hopp

    is sometimes hard to distinguish between the liars and those telling the truth
    because they are so good at lying. I would like to receive a copy of this book
    to hopefully help draw the lines between the lies and truth.  Yes, some are obvious, but others are not so obvious. 
    I don’t post very often on blogs but do enjoy reading yours.  Thx

  • Opusmle

    Yes, I do believe we are being lied to constantly–and the lying is apolitical. I have never felt so disenfranchised in my adult life. Even though I try hard to stay up-to-date, I never REALLY know when I’m being told the truth because those doing the telling have proven over and over again (for decades)  that they can’t be trusted.

  • Erika Dawson

    To be honest, this is an area that I need to grow in. I am not nearly as aware, educated, or active as I should be. This sounds like a great book to stimulate my thinking! 

  • Ian Stamps

    With so much conflicting information coming at us each day, all of which claim to be ‘truth’, there is an obvious realization that we are being lied to.  Someone has to be lying…or at best, they are misunderstanding something and then communicating their confusion in our direction.  When CNN and Fox News both report on something, yet reports conflicting ideas, someone isn’t telling the truth.  They are only telling their version of it.  

    I also believe most of us are lying to ourselves.  Consider the obesity epidemic, lack of inherent morality, etc.  We are telling ourselves that things are okay when they are not.  We have an amazing ability to justify our own behavior.

    Since my own heart is capable of telling myself lies, not to mention others, and since I cannot trust all messages coming my way, this is why it is vital that I have a rock solid source of Truth, through which I can filter all things, even my own thoughts.  That source is found in Jesus Christ and His Word.

  • Barbarafranklin

    Christians live in this great time to be salt and light by walking in the LIGHT of TRUTH. The Dark Ages paralleled the Golden Age of the church. We have been entrusted with Truth to filter every lie that is being told which is coming through every avenue possible. Christians must arise and walk in the Spirit of Truth and Love. We can’t do it but Christ in us does. Praise Him for entrusting us with Good News and Hope at this time in history. May we be found faithful!

  • Ricky

    I am eager to read this book and get Andy’s take on what parallel’s he draws from the Holocaust and today’s society.  We are lied to all the time and in every way possible.  It does threaten the foundation of our civilization and society and is only getting worse.  I try to seek out the truth in everything and stress the importance of honesty and being upfront to my kids.

  • Allan Crowson

    We are certainly on a similar track. Idolatry is a spiritual deceit, and it is wreaking havoc on our society today. We expect to find answers and guidance anywhere and everywhere other than God Himself. This is a situation that will not end well. Political and social structural reforms may be needed, but to be truly effective, they must be based on truth, not on the lies our society loves to consume. As always, the truth will set free. Lies (political, social, religious, worldview) lead to slavery and death.

  • Jamsmooth

    Yes, yes I do believe we are being lied to in an epic way. ALL Politicians, most judges and religious leaders all propagate lies. The hypnotic TV, thankfully, has lessened the control it once had, however its power still resonates. The masses watch mindless shows that numb the brain instead of shows that raise questions and conversations of discovery. The Internet does give access to truth if you know where to look.

    We are fortunate to have the Internet. Just look, without it we wouldn’t have this platform. Getting the truth out into the public is vital and crucial. The truth shall and always, set us free. Thanks for the head’s up on the book!

  • Kevin Gilbert

    I once heard someone say that we, as a country, are “slouching towards” communism. I don’t know if I believe that it’s that bad, but I was fascinated by the word picture. The point being made was that we are headed towards ideals or practices that, were they to be implemented overnight, would potentially result in another revolution. However, because many of the changing ideals/practices/loss of liberties, etc. have been happening over a long period of time, we as a citizenry have accepted this. My point is not to argue the ideals of capitalism vs. socialism vs. communism vs. any other -ism, but to agree with the notion that we, the people, have the power to demand more from our elected officials and, more importantly, we have the power to elect those that will be honest, and do the will of the people.

  • Doubleriver

    “Brilliant” would not be sufficient to describe the premise of this book!  Maybe his next book should be: “Stop Lying”  

  • Jack Lynady

    Agree…sort of. It’s the lie AND the desire to believe it. The more we grasp for comfort, security, safety, and the more we fear losing those things. We create an environment where liars thrive. That’s the U.S. in many ways right now. People in fear and politicians feeding lies to calm those fears.

  • Judith Heaney-mcKee

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to think otherwise.  The age of relativism is indeed a scary place to live.  And to raise children.  The lines between fact and fiction have become incredibly blurred that it allows many to believe that they are telling the truth.  Or, at the very least, that they are on the side of truth.

    Absolute truth seems to have disappeared.  Truth is now considered relative.  Completely dependent on our circumstances, our experience, our ideas and ideals.  This is a dangerous and slippery slope.

    Instead of right and wrong we live in a politically correct culture of what’s right for me may or may not be right for you.  We tend to justify our actions without regard for truth.

    This breeds several things.  Fear.  And absolute cynicism.  It tears us apart rather than unite us.  In an attempt not to offend, we have become greatly offensive.  To truth.  To God.  To each other.  We hurt others and justify it.  Rationalize it.

    Dave Ramsey recently began a movement for financial recovery in America by pointedly telling his listeners that financial recovery will not come from government.  It begins with each of us.

    I think the recovery of truth, getting back to absolute truth, can only come the same way.  When individuals decide to live in a radically counter-cultural way, only then will we see change at the levels of government that affect the laws and policies.

  • Timothythefarmer

    The fabric that we have allowed to be pulled in front of our eyes is made up of a myriad of untruths of all shapes and sizes.  The wealth and comfort that we enjoy has become a crutch.  It is rare to come in contact with people these days who are willing to entertain any truth that confronts their lifestyle in a way that would provoke them to make any changes.(I know this because I am fortunate enough to have people in my life who are willing to confront me and the lies that I have bought into…and hang around afterwards to help me walk out something different…like a future worth having.)  As a people, we give lip service to ideas like truth and justice…but that’s just it…we like the IDEA of truth, as portrayed in a movie or television program…but we are offended when the truth tries to nudge us off of the sofa and into any kind of change that requires effort on our part. 

    Not much has changed in the last few thousand years.  Jesus was the personification of this kind of provocative truth…and because the nature of who He was confronted everyone’s IDEA of truth, we killed Him.  In the words of Bill Wilson, “People change…but not much.”

  • Don Jacks

    Not only are we being lied to on every level, the bigger question is “Why are we being lied to?” Is it the same reason Hitler lied to his people? What will the end result be? Why are so many believing the lies and following like sheep?
    We can educate ourselves, protect our interest the best we can and speculate as to the why based on the information we have on hand and pray for everyone involved.

  • Richard Wanjema

    As a child growing up in Kenya, I remember asking my aunt why politicians lies so much. She gave me an answer I have never forgotten, “They have been telling the lie so long that they actually believe the lie too.” That blew me away then and still does even now. I can’t wait to read this book and see what parallels the author has drawn in relation to our society today. Great posts on this topic too!

  • D Myers

    Clearly we are being lied to by someone because there are so many conflicting philosophies, world views, stances. They can’t all be right, correct. The goal is to figure out who is who, what is what. I teach high school English and while we address concepts such as rhyme & meter, themes and motifs and a host of other literary minutia, my ultimate goal is to teach them how to think with discernment. Will this book help me do that? If yes, please send me a copy as I can use all the help I can get. If not, then send it on to someone else as my time is valuable.  

  • Mark Hoffman

    I do think we are being lied to, but I think by far the greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Our selfishness and pride blinds us so that much of the time we can’t even recognize the lies we tell ourselves. If we were to learn to look at ourselves honestly and see the lies we tell ourselves, then I believe we would be equipped to recognize many of the lies that others tell us as well.

  • Leah Adams

    Absolutely we are being lied to….every day, every moment. In fact, I addresses the culture of lying in my bible study, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating  a Godly Legacy under the week of study on character. The average America is lied to over 200 times in one day.

    I have not read this book but when I read Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxes I was taken aback at the apathy of the German people and how, as you said, Hitler murdered 11 million Jews while the German people did little about it. America is just as apathetic as the German people were in the early 1900s.

    I’ll be eager to download a copy of this book and read it. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  • Erin Perry

    We are definitely lied to. Everyone has a bias and they want so badly to be heard that they use the most shocking way of stating something to get the attention they so badly crave.

  • Tsolakin

    we have been lied to but probably not on that scale. but the scale often times demean our level of intelligence

  • levittmike

    One of the comments that Mr. Moon, my 8th grade History teacher said has stuck with me for decades:  History repeats itself.  

    I am thankful for social media, and the (hopefully) truthful increased access to information, so we the people, both in the US, and across the globe, can see the truth, and prevent something as horrendous as what happened to those 11 million people.

    The impact of their losses goes way beyond 11 million.  Their children and surviving families are forever impacted. 

  • Guy Fisher

    I agree absolutely! Nearly everyone agrees that the Holocaust happened and must never happen again. But look at how we treat the Palestinians now! Look at how many children have been murdered because of convenience, etc, etc. 

  • Elaine Clark

    I absolutely agree that we are being lied to as a culture in so many ways. The one way, as a parent, that scares me the most, is the lie that a family is anything you define. Mom/Dad, Mom/Mom, etc. How many more ways can the studies shout the need for fathers in the home. My husband and I will continue reassure my children of the security of their home with Mom and Dad, teach them what God says about the world and pray and involve ourselves in this cultural lie and threat!

  • James King

    While our government has had a good run and done a lot of good in World History, I think we are fooling ourselves to think that it is incorruptible. A government (Democracy or Communist or any other – it makes no difference) is only as good as the people running it.

    All people everywhere are subject to a sin nature.

    I think that it is silly to think that we have not been lied to on many levels for many things. That’s what we are in for when dealing with broken humanity. How deep those lies go and how “benevolent” the intentions may have been . . . those things can be up for much debate and discussion, however.

    If our leadership is not on the foundation of the Unshakable Kingdom, it automatically “threatens the foundation of our civilization”. 

  • Chris Harrison

    As a pastor, I am often amazed at what we believe truth is. Most often, truth is the seductive means to get whatever it is we believe we must have at the moment, which of course, is not truth even if truths have been included. I agree that this book is an important one. As our media shaped perspectives define what is true by what channel we are watching, or what podcast we are listening to or what blog we are reading, it’s time someone stepped up and re-calibrated true north.

    As we continue to believe whatever it is that will get us what we want, like compromise and comfort as one commenter noted, it is important now more than ever to be reminded that truth is a person. That all that is true is located in Christ.

    Hopefully, this book will challenge us to see truth in a new light and challenge us to stand up for truth, no matter the cost.

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  • Ronie Kendig

    Wonderful post. I sat at the table with family this weekend as complaints were made about what’s happening, and they kept asking, “how did it come to this?” And all I could think was, “we let it happen.” Looking forward to reading this!

  • Carol M

    Without a doubt, lies compromise the foundation of our communication, relationship, trust, justice – all the things that should make us great as a country. Nothing can be good can be done based on a lie.

  • Jessica Cuff

    I am always astounded how eaisly, like sheep led to the slaughter house, people will believe what they hear on the news or read in a news paper or magazine. Particularly those in the lower income setting, they feel and know they are being lied to but for the sake of surviving the day and getting through this life as tough as it may be, they choose to look the other way or simply ignore. I have a sister with developmental disabilities who recieves funds from state and federal monies to help her live a meaningful life as these “bail out” and ” budget cuts” happen she losses more and more vital services. I would like to see Congress take a cut in pay as deep as they have cut into Medicare and Medcaid and then let’s talk about the true state of our economy and the average American.

  • Cherithompson

    Not only do I agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization, the root of the deceptions are the lies we tell ourselves. As I study scripture, I’m reminded that in the last days many will be deceived (1 Tim 4:1). When I looked at the areas I was decived,  I first had to confront why/when I lied (deception). It’s been a journey but “Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it”.
    – Emily Dickinson

    • John Tiller

      Great point, Cheri!  It takes a big person to start fixing the problem by looking at himself/herself first.  Imagine the change that the world would see if you, I, and others would examine and confront ourselves first everyday!  

  • Alexander T.

    I “agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization” and not only do I agree with that being the sorry state of affairs at the present, I am compelled to argue that this is not a milieu of recent creation.  We, as the people for whom, by whom and of whom this government exists, have been asleep at the proverbial wheel for over a Century as the personal responsibility of being truth-seekers and truth-speakers has been relinquished by parents, preachers, and teachers to various entities and elites with whom we have lost all accountability.  Essentially, the individually answerable American has absconded to the nebulous fog of a collectivistic and pluralistic mindset characterized by moral relativism, human secularism, petty narcissism, ghetto tribalism, and practical atheism.  These affective states, engendered by a lack of spiritual mooring based securely upon the unalterable Word of God, will never be cured until a return to the foundational principles, that once underpinned our great society of Life, Liberty, & Righteousness, is begun.  It is high time that the vanguards of our American heritage are once more activated for a full frontal assault upon the forces of darkness that seem to so easily conspire and move against us with impunity.  We are the people.  Now is the time.  May God help us.

  • Arthur Gause

    We allow ourselves to be lied to so we can have the illusion of the truth we seek. We know what we are being told and comment about the fact that we are told what we want to hear. Yet we go along with the program and allow it to happen with the hopes of a better day. It is not until our way of life is threatened to the point of collapse that we will exercise our rights and stand up for the real truth. And what is the truth? Reality. Not what was promised, but what is and what is done.

  • Matt Buchenau

    I couldn’t agree more that we are constantly being lied to.  Almost daily, I find myself truly astonished at the amount of unrepentant deception politicians and the media are willing to foist upon us and, worse, that Americans seem so willing to tolerate–and parrot. I used to wonder how evil could rise to power so frequently and easily, but then I started to learn more scripture. This is Satan’s domain.  He wears deceipt like a fitted suit and speaks it with native tongue. Obscure truth with a little lie here, a tiny twist there and before you know it, we’re all buying it hook, line and sinker. I’m inspired when I see, hear or read a courageous truth-teller; a person who is willing to stand up and speak unvarnished truth despite the inevitable and acidic cultural backlash. My father was a B-25 pilot in North Africa in World War II and he always used to say that you knew you were over the target when the flak started flying. Congratulations to Andy for being willing to take the flak, in fact, seek it out.

  • Jon Stallings

    Clearly we have been lied to for decades. Our leaders have made choices that “sound good” an help maintain their power, while neglecting the long term consequences.  We need leaders who are willing to make the tough choice and tell the truth no matter what their personal cost.

  • tasra

    Without a doubt I agree. From the education system that lies to us about what our kids are learning or have to learn in the timeframe they give them… to big companies lying to us about things we need or must have for a better life… to ourselves for the lies we tell to protect our reputation or integrity – even subtle omissions of the truth on social media where we always feel the need to be positive and successful.

    I have a feeling it will get worse, maybe much worse, before it gets better. Glad people are talking and writing about it. Praying the conversation will spark a much-needed revolution.

  • JD Eddins

    Yes, I believe that we are lied to on a daily basis. The lie that stuff will make us happy has led to families carrying thousands of dollars of credit card debt for stuff they no longer even have at their house. Our government follows suit by carrying debt that has no intention of paying back. Not only does this demonstrate a lack of accountability, it also demonstrates the willingness of people to lie to get what they want. Unfortunately the lie results in greater tax burdens for the future citizens of this country.

  • Brett A. Magbee

    Yes, absolutely. Our people embrace the lies easily because we do not have discerning hearts. Discerning hearts come from praying for wisdom, reading our Bibles, and openly speaking the truth we gain from these activities to the falsehoods we do see. Unfortunately, many of us are failing in these essential exercises of the Christian faith. So we are not prepared to take the stands God expects of us. Our leaders assume we are ignorant or cowards. We need to become a righteous people with discerning hearts. Then we will have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and courage to persevere.

    • Justin Wise

      Couldn’t have said it better, Brett. Discernment is key and truly comes when we’re listening to the voice of the Father! Thanks for the reminder :)

    • Justin Wise

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, Brett. True discernment comes when we’re listening intently to the heart of the Father!

  • Cheri Gregory

    A couple of years ago, in the midst of a Socratic Circle dialogue on the Code of Chivalry, my seniors read the ideal to “always tell the truth; never lie,”  dismissed it as impractical, and moved on to something they felt was worth their discussion time. I was stunned. How could they handle the truth so lightly?

    Shortly after, I read Po Bronson’s book NurtureShock, in which he asserts that many children learn to lie from their parents; they watch their parents “adjust the truth,” and  they learn to lie to their parents to keep them happy/proud/calm/whatever it takes.

    This year, I had my seniors start the year by reading “The Elusive Big Idea” ( ) which asserts that their generation doesn’t really think. I expected them to react with indignation; instead, the entire class agreed that as a whole, they do not think.

    Putting these three pieces together:  (1) many young adults dismiss “telling the truth” as “impractical”; (2) many children are conditioned to lie by their families of origin; (3) many young adults readily admit that they do not think.

    When individuals dismiss the truth as “irrelevant” and abandon critical thinking, they are perfectly receptive to being lied to “on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization.”  

    (And perhaps the foundation has been weakening for so long, it’s no longer merely “threatened”…)

  • Erica Harless

    Sounds like a great book! I certainly believe that we have been fed so many lies that it can be hard to determine truth from fiction. Is it threatening the foundation of our civilization? Perhaps….it certainly is not helping.

  • Dee

    To figure out who is telling the truth or a lie…??? That’s the ‘trillion” dollar question…!!!

  • Carina A. Wyant Brunson

    Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization?

    Yes we are lied to, by many, not just one. It threatens our very lives and how we live day to day. Our society has gotten to the point that lying has become perfectly acceptable in some cases – if it’s not going to hurt anybody, then it is okay to say a little lie mentality.

    Not only does this hurt us now, but it will even more so in the future. It is changing the morals of society and when we teach good morals at home, our kids are learning what an awful world this is.

    We can’t believe that if it is okay for one it should be okay for all. It is not okay to lie. Too much of the Political Correctness is making things average and cautious of voicing things.

    I like Megan’s thought that society and leaders are doing what feels good, no matter the cost… no matter the outcome. We are in danger of making this a normalcy. Believing lies.

  • Annetta Williams

    While we must believe that God allows ‘kings and governments’ to be set up in this day, just as He did when Israel clamored for a king in days of old, we must realize that our first allegiance is to God; all else is superfluous.

  • Chrissy Graham

    Yes, I believe so. You can pretty much see the “shift”  of our values over just the last decade. We will believe almost anything someone says, good or bad, because it is easier to do than going back and researching the truth.

    • Michele Cushatt

      An insightful thought, Chrissy. We often believe the lies simply because it’s easier (in the short term) than doing our homework and standing up for truth.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely. When I served in the military as a Chaplain, I often heard the comment, “How can you tell when ______ is lying to you?” The answer: “When their lips are moving.” Seldom do I hear anyone in politics answer the question they are asked…they move to their talking points. It is heartbreaking that so many have taken the attitude that the people they are talking to/with are of sub-intelligence, and are unable to understand the “fine nuances” of politics. Just tell me plainly, please. The Scriptures speak clearly and unequivocally on these issues.

    • Michele Cushatt

      You make a good point, Lew. Sometimes lying is avoiding the truth or refusing to answer the questions that beg answers.

  • SCarlson

    Yes, I believe that there are many deceptive ways of thinking that place our minds in boxes which limit our perception of the world around us and the true principles that make it work.  Just like there are principles such as of gravity which rule nature there are principles such as love your neighbor as yourself which rule relationships and bring peace and freedom.  I am interested in reading this book which uses one of the most unbelievable events in recent history as a lens to look at what happens when these principles are violated.

  • Sue Hillaclifford

    Sadly, I do agree…I believe that betrayal, lies and ridiculous behavior have become the “norm.”  I also believe that society has become desensitized to all of this.  I feel as if I’m living in a culture where excess, greed and depravity are viewed as not only acceptable, but things to be admired (example: the popularity of “reality” television – or what we now call reality).

    Writing from personal experience, I understand how people can drift towards this mindset and lifestyle without even realizing the gradual progression. I am thankful that I know God is in control and I trust His plans. However, I also know that I am expected to speak the truth in love, to pray and to act…so I am looking forward to reading this book.

    I strive to maintain HOPE and keep my eyes on Jesus (but not bury my head in the sand)! 


  • Jason Fountain

    I love Andy’s books and this one looks to be an incredible wake-up call. I firmly believe that we, as Americans, are too content to sit back in our individual cocoons and just worry about ourselves. If we continue to do this in America, it will be to the detriment of our society. I hope this is book is a challenge to all the peoples of America to stand up, take notice, and hold our elected officials accountable.

    I am not certain if we are currently being lied to on a scale that threatens our foundation; but, I do know that much of the middle class in our society simply sits back and takes care of ourselves. 

    For some reason, as I listened to the interview I kept thinking about one of my favorite poems, A Psalm of Life by Longfellow. It is a wonderful, short poem about seizing life. In part, it reads:

    “In the world’s broad field of battle,
    In the bivouac of Life,
    Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!

    Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
    Let the dead Past bury its dead!
    Act, — act in the living Present!
    Heart within, and God o’erhead!”I look forward to reading this book!

  • TNeal

    I knew a couple who made people uncomfortable by their public disagreements. You just didn’t want to be around them at a dinner. The political scene certainly fits that description. In Wisconsin, we have the Recall Walker agenda which extends the political fight beyond the typical bi-annual one. If Andy’s book addresses this heated wrangling, offers direction and a plan of attack, I look forward to reading it.

  • Anne Payne

    Absolutely! The media isn’t about truth anymore. It’s about politics. Manipulate the people through propaganda. We need more godly people who will stand up and speak the truth without fear of the repercussions.

    • Michele Cushatt

      What do you think needs to happen to get truth back into media, Anne?

  • Tweberfree

    Brings to mind the old saying “There’s his side, there’s her side… and then there’s the truth”. 

    • Michele Cushatt

      Ha! Great quote!

  • Michelle Sanders Brinson

    I think in our world today we’ve been lied to so much a lot of people struggle with knowing what the truth really is. Then I believe there is an entirely different group of people who just don’t care. It’s very sad. It would be very easy to throw our hands up in the air and just say “I give up.” I think that’s what a lot of people have done and are doing. I admire Andy Andrews and others who are willing to stand up for what is right, ask the hard questions, challenge beliefs and draw truth from God’s word. I’m a single mom to a little boy… as I look into his eyes and wonder what life will be like for him as he grows up, there are days when my heart breaks, because I know it will not be easy. But as his momma, I am determined to raise a young man who knows the truth, who lives with integrity and courage. Our children are our future. It is up to us to stay the course and not give up. But we must also practice what we preach. I first must know the truth and live with integrity and courage. With God’s help, I know it is possible.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Good for you, Michelle, for being determined to raise your son with integrity. Honestly, that’s where it begins. Changing the world begins at home, one life at a time.

  • Annette Geffert

    Slanted media threatens our society. We are being lied to deliberately to raise up leaders and agendas and philosophies that frankly I detest. I am continually surprised at the lengths people will go to “win” others to their skewed perspectives. Yes, eating away at the very core of our society, lies and liars are epidemic. It is our responsibility not to let news come to us, but to seek truth and not be swayed. The survival of America depends on it.

  • Steve North

    We allow ourselves to be lied to because we don’t want to make the real sacrifices the truth will require. I want “tax breaks” as long as someone else covers the cost. I want “health care for everyone” as long as doctors take smaller fees or insurance companies raise fees on others. I want to be told “you look great” so I don’t have to do the hard work of losing 60 pounds. Andy has used his gift for insight along with the Holy Spirit’s gift of exhortation to once again challenge ME to change and grow.

    • Michele Cushatt

      “We allow ourselves to be lied to because we don’t want to make the real sacrifices the truth will require.” Truth requires a noble response. Well said, Steve.

  • Lynne Gentry

    In her book, Character Traits, Linda N. Edelstein, PH.D. says one of the things that allows groups to act badly is to rename the action to legitimize it. In other words, change truth to suit an evil goal. If ever the world needed God’s truth … it is now.

  • Anonymous

    “Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization?” Yes, absolutely. The question is, why? And how do we change, before its too late?

    I’ve had two transformative experiences in my work life that have informed my take on this. First, I was the Creative Director of a boutique (comedy radio) advertising agency in the 1980’s. What I learned there is that advertising is NOT powerful, and that great advertising can’t sell a bad product to people (In fact, the quickest way to kill a bad product is to do great advertising for it). Advertising — which is a kind of “lying with the truth” — is about storytelling, specifically the telling of stories that people want to believe. And, often, people “want to believe” something that’s untrue because they are scared, and want security. (This is why politicians make up scary stories to start wars — “You’re in danger, and I can save you!”)

    The second transformative experience was working as a reporter for a local Los Angeles news station in the early 1990’s. What I learned there is that news has absolutely nothing to do with the truth. For two years I saw very intelligent, sincere people cook up a product that had no integrity (and in which they didn’t believe)  just to “chase eyeballs.” These news people — and all newspeople, I think — take the attitude, “If we don’t get eyeballs, we’re out of business. I’ve got to make up stuff — or at least ‘spin’ what’s out there — to get people’s attention, and get them scared. I’ll do a truthful newscast someday when the station has enough money…” a day that will never come.

    We are being lied to because we — the people of this country — insist on it. Our national media pretends to present “news” that’s about information, but it’s really about emotion, and the most easily accessed emotion is fear. Don’t agree? Then ask yourself this question. What would happen if your average AM talk radio host opened his program by saying this? “I’ve been lying about the other side, friends. I’ve painted them as monsters, trying to usurp your liberty and wreck the country. Turns out they pay taxes, go to church, worry about their kids and love their families just like you do! Let’s reach out today and try to understand their point of view, and maybe we can come together and find common ground, really make some progress — make things better for everyone!” I predict the career of this talk radio host would last 5 minutes.

    We get the media we demand. We get the politicians we deserve. If honest, calm, intelligent radio and television shows would attract eyeballs…and therefore advertising dollars….broadcasters would be THRILLED to run these shows. If politicians could get elected telling the truth, making peace with the other side and passing constructive, bipartisan legislation, they would be THRILLED to do so.

    Let’s face it — we are addicted to the “Shock and Awe” media culture, entirely driven by advertising dollars. I have a 15 year old daughter. When she was 2, I took out the television and put it in the garage. I wanted her to grow up without all this racket. I’m very happy I did this.

    We can change. We can demand that politicians and broadcasters tell us the truth, but we — a majority of people, voting with their attention and their consumer choices — have to insist on it.

  • Geoff

    Are we being lied to on a scale that threatens our civilization? Without trying to sit on the fence, I think the answer is yes and no. By this I mean that I don’t think there are ‘right wing’ or ‘left wing’ agendas that are so bent on deception to destroy the foundations of our society, but I do believe that the lies they tell bring us closer all the time to that reality. The lies they tell feed into our hopes and fears. Hopes for security and comfort fears of others trying to take it away. 

  • Ian Kirk

    Part of the problem with lying is how much we lie to ourselves. I was actually having a discussion of pride (which, far too often, relates to deceit) with my kids last night, and it struck me how much of our lies (and our belief of them) have to do with pride. Also, there is so much “information” floating around with the advent of the internet, that often the truth just cannot be teased out of the overload. Yes, I do think this is going to end badly on one hand, but I think it will turn out well. We, as a country, will be disciplined.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Pride is more often than not the root of our greatest problems ‹ personal and national!

  • Bethany George

    What a concept… I can see how this idea caught your attention. I remember hearing the story of William Wilberforce and his battle to abolish slavery in England. What most struck me about that was how slavery was considered acceptable within society. No one even batted an eye at the idea that slaves were human beings with rights and dreams and humanity. Not until people, individuals with enough perspective to glance around them, stepped up and started speaking out. In the same way, how much of what happens in our CURRENT society is seen as socially acceptable, but is in reality an atrocity?? I can think of a few things that come to mind, and I’m sure others can too. Next the question is; what will we do about it? I’m still working to answer that one.

    • Michele Cushatt

      William Wilberforce demonstrated what many of us lack: Determination to the end of the matter. He didn’t quit, didn’t waver, didn’t stop being passionate about his cause even though it took years and cost him dearly. Few of us will stick with something as he did. Thanks for bringing his story to our attention here, Bethany.

  • Tweberfree

    There is always more than we know to any subject, problem or situation. People must be vigilant in their search for the truth, and following, must strive to base actions and decisions on logic supported by knowledge and compassion. (I hope to read the whole book soon!)

  • Merrilou Harrison

    My husband is a local pastor.  I am an educator.  Together as we debrief our day, we are astounded at the lies that people believe.  It is like our eyes have been so clouded that the comfort of the darkness is better than the light of the truth.  It is destroying people and families each day.  I would like my husband and I both to read this book, if for nothing more than being encouraged to continue being voices of truth, that there are others out there that see it, and to listen to another who has studied what to do with this concept.  How very timely in our society!!  Excited to read this.

  • Carrie

    To admit that we have been played by those we put into power or that they are not the epitome of virtue they claimed they were . . . it’s a tough pill to swallow. No one likes to admit they have been “had”.  Yes, we have been lied to, but I think part of being lied to is we lied to ourselves that things would be better with this person or that person instead of realizing we have to do something about it. In addition, we are met by people who tell us that they knew all along that this person was who they turned out to be.

    It’s hard to demand truth from others when we don’t want to be truthful to ourselves. . . whether about a relationship, problem, finances, job, etc. It’s easier to live in ignorance and delusion because it means it doesn’t have to be dealt with. For me, admitting I need help is hard since it means letting go of my control over the situation (or feeling that I’m controlling it).

  • Lisa

    Think of any relationship you have. One with your spouse, child, pastor, c0-worker. Imagine this person routinely lying to you. Then imagine the way this affects your life and relationships. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to be concerned at how routine deception also affects our country at its foundation. And yet truth seems to be increasingly set aside as unnecessary, archaic or not possible.

  • Kym

    Cannot wait to read this book with my teenagers and their classmates!  They ask wonderful questions about how things that sound obvious in hindsight, ever came to pass! It is so important that we have these conversations.

    I’d love to review the book on our website as well.

    • Michele Cushatt

      What a great discussion tool! I hadn’t even thought about that, but I might do the same with my teenage sons. Thanks for the suggestion, Kym!

  • Karen Hall

    I believe that not only are we being lied to but, our lives are so busy we as Christians become apathetic to circumstances that we “think” might not affect us.  Hopefully this book will awaken us all.

  • John

    Eleven million sounds like a huge number.  But the more than 24 million people living in North Korea have been similarly duped by their leaders.  And I/we look on in an amazement that people can be so easily misled.  It’s tempting to look at others thinking we’d never be similarly taken advantage of, but I wonder how far down that same path we are already.  

  • RobertElmerBooks

    Lies? It’s like we’re standing under the showerhead, wondering how much is in the water of everyday life. And without knowing it, we’re covered in them.

  • Dcorley19

    Unfortunately, I believe I don’t even grasp the level of lies that happen from our leadership.  It puts the average person, which America was made from, at a huge disadvantage and makes us need “help” and many people believe that help can only come from the government.  For many people the ends justifies the means so they will get what they want by any means possible and that means telling lies.

  • Andy Andrews

    Wow, Mike! These comments are truly outstanding…you have some great readers!

    I just wanted to pop in to say thank YOU so much for taking the time to interview me about the book and get the conversation going. You and Gail have been instrumental to the things I’ve been able to accomplish over the past decade and it’s been a blessing to have your support.

    Again, thanks, and I hope that your readers find this book to be a useful tool during this very important election year.

    • Michele Cushatt

      So glad you dropped by, Andy!

  • Bobbie

    I do. I just finished reading “Boomerang” by Michael Lewis, and it to left me wondering too why we listen to and validate who we do. I look forward to reading the book you mentioned today.

  • Eng_islam_h

    I totally agree, especially in a developed country like we
    have, we have made a revolution on that particular part and we are still being lied
    to, it seems that media refuses to understand that the people has gone through a
    lot to be told a true story, it seems that media’s intentions are to keep lying

  • Clay Tinnell

    As we now live in the Information Age, most facts are readily available in today’s world unlike any other time in history.  Because of this, I believe that we are deceived more often than we are blatantly lied to.  This is often accomplished by cunning politicians throwing facts at us in an attempt to convince us of something that is not true in order for them to receive some type of personal or party gain.  Unfortunately, this is currently happening at a dizzying pace with a number of issues that are foundational cornerstones of our country.  On many fronts our Constitution is currently under attack.

    It is my opinion that the media and the politicians are equally guilty of this.  We also need to take some responsibility for not taking a stand and for not being properly educated.  A society that is properly educated in current affairs would not be as easily deceived as we often find ourselves.  As voters in this democracy we have a responsibility to know the issues and the agendas. (I am also guilty of this.)  Hopefully Andy’s book will provide some meaningful insight and some timely motivation to assist us in clarifying our perspective.

  • Patty

    I do believe that we are lied to on numerous levels. I think most of us have blinders on to protect us because we are scared to hear the truth. I too believe that Andy is pretty brave to be writing a book but also believe that he knows it’s the right thing to do. God Bless you Andy and Mike for making us aware of this book so that we too can get a glimpse of the truth.

  • Rick Timlick

    Amazing but true. I never thought of the quantities of people that could have done something differently had the believed differently.

    • Michele Cushatt

      You make a good point, Rick … Belief is the impetus to action.

  • Alicemaereed

    Yes, I do! For some reason (unknown to me) “THEY” do not want the younger generation to believe it actually happened.  That, in itself, is very scary!

  • dd

    “Fanaticism is…overcompensation for doubt” — Robertson Davies

    or there is also this one:
    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always
    so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts” – Bertrand Russell

    One of the ways that leaders lie is through a certainty (that they define as clarity) which alleviates any opportunity for shades of gray.   Partisanship certainly plays a role as well. We are looking for simple answers when the truth is often so much more complex. 

  • Larry R. Bradley

    My qualified yes in response to this question is not because we are being lied to more, but rather we as a people have allowed ourselves, due to a variety of factors, to become more gullible. We have psychological prejudices we don’t realize we have. Those prejudices are being manipulated by the two major political parties to perpetuate two primary myths with voters. We have this behavior because of the electoral system we use to select/elect our representatives. We will continue to have this behavior so long as we continue to use this system. A corollary to Murphy’s Law says before you do anything, you must do something else first. If we want to change the behavior of our elected officials, then we must change the system first. I’ve been writing about this for some time now at I show examples of what I’m talking about there and offer solutions. I would love to read Andy’s book. I thought “The Traveler’s Gift” was excellent.

  • Daniel Koster

    I believe there are a lot of liars in our culture today, but I can’t think of any that I would qualify as something ” that threatens the foundation of our civilization”.  I’d be curious to read the book and see what lies where at the foundation of the holocaust.

  • Kathi Watters

    ‎”Tis so sweet to trust in JESUS,
    Just to take Him at His word;
    Just to rest upon His promise;
    Just to know, Thus saith the LORD.
    JESUS, JESUS, how I trust Him,
    How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er,
    JESUS, JESUS, Precious JESUS!
    O for grace to trust Him more”.
    Christ followers start here … trusting JESUS.  I want this book, because high school students, college students, and young adults come to me for Godly counsel. I need to be prepared to discuss this subject. Today more than ever, our Christian youth are looking for tried and true answers. They realize those answers must come from Someone who not only always tells the truth, but who IS the Truth.  

    The “99 and 9 ” are not interested in a ‘hand out’. They are interested in the “hand of GOD” on their lives. Right now, as I type, 40,000+ college students are assembled in Atlanta, GA, at an event called Passion, where they are passionately worshiping GOD. They are searching for ways to passionately serve Him.  They are interested in the Truth. 

    I would love to have this book …

  • Brandon

    Very nice review! I have one question though. Can you still fill out the form to get a copy of the book if you do not have twitter?

  • Shane Kennard

    Yes. In a short example, I have a hard time really taking in any news because I don’t know what is real and what isn’t. Our foundation is rocky because we haven’t built it on the solid rock that is Jesus. BUT we have an amazing opportunity to build this foundation into the next generation. Trustworthy and authentic leadership from adults is a must. Looking forward to reading this book!

  • Anonymous

    That is a difficult question to answer.  I certainly hope not because I place so much trust in our leaders.  I would like to read this book to learn more. I know I hear many sides of a story whether it be about our environment to presidential candidates.  Who do you question and who do you trust. This would be a great read.  I hope to win a copy of this book. I love Andy Andrews books. Great stories. 

  • Jerrodrumley

    I would have to answer yes because the problem of Gen. 3 is within every man and we have perfected two things over history….Decieving one another….Killing each other with bigger and more terrible weapons

  • wasite


  • Jay Graves

    I cannot wait to hear Andy’s take on this.  It is amazing how willing people are TO BE lied to….

  • Timbo Fowler

    I will read anything Andy writes. I’m never disappointed. 

  • Judy Nickelson

    Someone Important once said that the Truth will set you free.  We are so bound up in a web of lies that we are not free to act in our own best interests.  We follow the leaders with the most attractive set of lies.  We are unable to discern what is truth and what is not.  I will read this book, free or not.

    • Michele Cushatt

      John 8:32. Amen.

  • Evalyn Allen

    Your book is important to Christians because, as I understand history, the church was eventually complicit in Hitler’s plans.  Once their church leaders like Deitrich Bonhoeffer had been removed from power, church members had no sense of their mission or purpose as the body of Christ and bought in to Hitler’s lies.  We need books, TV programs, videos, and any form of media that helps us as individuals to evaluate what we’re hearing and to maintain our integrity with the Gospel.

  • Brandon

    It is crazy how many leaders and people out there try to deceive other for their own advantage. It happens every minute in the world. This book sounds very informing. Thank you, Mr. Andy, for writing this book to raise awareness to others!

  • Larry Galley

    Michael, “truth”  in our society has been so successfully obfuscated that it seems to be almost non-existent.  Not only is this lack of confidence in our desire to “shoot straight” with one another frustrating, sans faith in the final justice of our Maker, it can be paralyzingly frightening. I look forward to what mister Andrews has to say.    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kam

    We are being lied to on a massive scale from just about every direction including from within.  Politicians and (too many pastors) promise peace & prosperity for merely choosing them at the polls (or pews).  Media & Madison Avenue promise respect, respite, health, & wealth if we’ll drive the right car, take the right vacation, use the right credit card, digest the right frozen food diet, or do situps using the right  tubular steel torture device.  Education tells us that knowledge is everything and that the right school gives us the edge we need.  Science warns that we can destroy ourselves by not using compact florescent light bulbs and by overfishing our vast oceans.  Psychology instructs us to look within to find the strength and direction for life.  Most deceptive of all are the lies we tell ourselves like… just this once won’t hurt, no one will know, I’m not near as guilty as they are, it’s not my fault, or they deserve it.

  • Jane Babich

    Yes, I feel we are being lied to…regularly… and without objection on our part.  One of the greatest area’s is how we lie to ourselves.  Spoken truth to us and through us has become the uncommon response; but we know it when we hear it, and we are still drawn to it.  I look forward to reading, sharing and hopefully embracing a change in my tolerance of accepting the lies as a result of Mr. Andrews book.   

  • John Alan Whitaker

         When I opened my email, I notice a new post by Michael. I enjoy reading his post. When I saw the title, I really was interested. After reading the post and watching the video, I could agree more with what Andy Andrews stated. Since 9/11 and really before, I have been concerned with the amount of freedoms that we are slowly giving up. It seems that we are giving up these freedom at an alarming rate. If we are Republicans, we want to point to fingers at the Democrats. If we are Democrats, we want to point fingers at the Republicans. However, I am concern that we are loosing our freedoms with both political party. I love George W. Bush as a President; but frankly, I am concerned at the amount of freedom and liberty we lost under his term. In an effort to keep terrorist from us, we surrender so much without a fight. This has troubled me greatly as we have moved into the Presidency of Barak Obama.
         We trust the President and political leaders as honest people and what they ask of us we should do; or we feel that they are the worst leaders but what can we do about it! Are we drinking poisoned kool-aid from our political leaders without much of a fight? Are we going along with the political agenda and raising our voices in verbal protest, while still boarding the boxcars? When will we stand up for what we believe? When will we stand up to our own political party and say enough is enough? Do we need a modern war for our Independence again?
         I am not a wild man with crazy thoughts. I am a middle-age man (44) that is concern about what I am seeing in my country. I see the lies. I am watching my parents board the boxcars. I am watching my generation drink the poisoned kool-aid without a fight. May God help us to see the lie for what it is and do something about it before it is too late.

    John A. Whitaker

  • Jerra Gonzales

    Perspective can change your life. History demonstrates how far we have progressed, however  Andy’s outlook allows us to truly shift our mindset. Thanks to Andy for providing us this life-changing perspective!

  • Ben Matthews

    The topic of this book is certainly relevant at at time when “truth” seems to be relevant to what someone can gain through it being recognized as such.  
    Vladimir Lenin once stated “a lie told often enough becomes the truth”.   I, like many others, am frustrated by the current landscape which has our politicians, judicial system, church/industry leaders, and media outlets creating “truth” for whatever fits a short term agenda.  

    However, I also believe that in America, we as individuals need to take some personal responsibility for this situation.  We live in a free country where we have the ability to choose what we hear and put into our minds.  A lie that’s told but not heard will not become truth – yet many seem to listen all too willingly.  Too many people take what they are told at face value without an accurate “lens of truth” being applied.  

    I believe we can survive, but it’s going to take an engaged minority of truth-seekers forming an active voice against the current establishment to turn the tide.  

  • Momofleaders

    My 18 year old son loves to read history and think deeply about truth, government, and Scripture.  He is hoping for an appointment to West Point any day.  Either way he is registered with Selective Service and is “fodder” for the decisions of current “rulers.”  He is very concerned about our country and culture and his generation.  If this book were available to him, he would devour it and let it shape  his perspective for the future he longs to live in stratigically and righteously. 

    Mike, I pass many of your blog writings on to my 20 year old son that is loving  your leadership and productivity material as he is a construction management major.  Thanks for your good work!

  • Michael McClure

    I think about this topic frequently as I observe trends and human behaviour. It seems to me it’s not obvious dishonesty but a slow process where a dumbing down happens and gradually seeps into our entire culture – and our many ideologies. At times I think the obvious areas of dishonesty (politics for example) are merely distractions from the lies seeping into our hearts individually. Years ago I saw a movie where one of the main characters said, “very few people are awake, and they live in a state of constant amazement”. The statement is a simple one but sums up what I see – people tend to be asleep or almost hypnotized. It’s a massive crowd all going the same direction. But I’m not sure what the destination is. I’m not sure any of us know the destination – and that’s a bit frightening. Those who are wide awake, and live in a state of awareness and wonderment, tend to stand out from the crowd. People like Andy Andrews who ‘see’ differently and make connections that help to wake us up are like modern day John the Baptists appearing on the scene at the right time so we won’t miss what’s happening. I haven’t read the book yet but I’d love to have a copy. Seems to me it’s an important message for today and based on the excellent discussion here, it’s on the minds of a lot of people. 

  • cara davis

    Interesting and timely. Looking forward to reading.

  • Terra

    I like the premise of demanding truth from ourself first, as in our entitled society, we tend to use other people’s dishonesty as an excuse for our own. We believe that corrupt politics somehow justifies our own deceitful actions, such as cheating on our taxes and misusing public funds. It’s always easier to point the finger at someone else, rather than ourselves. We are being lied to, but first we need to stop lying to ourselves that we deserve to have everything we want. Only then can we step up, work hard, and improve our civilization.

  • Kenmalick

    We’ve been misled – false hoods abound during this past administration, but as long as we have freedoms to choose and the INFORMED/EDUCATDED  majoirty use their vote tdhese lies will be stopped and honesty restored.

  • Kim Perseghetti

         It is ironic that this post was in my inbox this morning…….Just an hour ago I asked my husband this very question……How on earth was Hitler able to convince people to hate and kill the Jews?  I didn’t however ask the question…….How do people allow themselves to be killed?………
         My wonderings were about Hitler standing before the Judgement Seat one day and trying to explain away his rational in doing what he did……Will he be sorry when he stands before our Creator or will he be arrogant and defiant?       I am still blown away when I think of how a man was able to convince a amazing amount of people that they have the right to hate like that.  And Andy seems to be right on……..when he talks about it beginning with lies.The Word is sure to tell us the Satan is a liar and the Father of lies.  Our problem is that we don’t know The Word well enough to recognize that.  I think our Politicians (the ones who claim to know God) don’t know The Word well enough, because if they did they would not want to be associate with the Devil’s lies.       I know we have to be “as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves” Matthew 10, so we must recognize when we are being lied to.  I think that the Holy Spirit will do that for us if we ask.  But I also have come to rely on the Sovereignty of God that says that He is the One who appoints leaders. “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” Romans 13Reconciling both truths in Scripture is not an easy task, and I am not 100% sure how to be wise and innocent at the same time, all the time, while submitting to a government when it is asking you to do what is wrong.  I know that my Authority is Christ and He does not lie to me.  So I submit to Him.  And I keep my face in His Word so that when I am asked to believe a lie, I will not, because I know that God is not the author of lies…….Satan is.  So my prayer for all of our Politicians is that they too would know God, so as not to believe and speak lies.  Wow this sure gets deep fast in my own mind.  I’ve hardly have scratched the surface of what I am thinking and yet I seem to be rambling.  Thank you for the posting this timely interview and book.  I look forward to reading it and hope to learn a little on how I can recognize the lie.   And being one of just a handful of conservative Christians in a family of many liberal’s, maybe this is something we can agree upon.  Thanks for the food for thought today Michael.  Blessings, Kim 

  • Ryan

    Andy and Michael are hitting the target yet again.  This is true leadership at it finest.  What do we look for in our leaders, friends, parents, children, families, employees, client relationships…the list goes on and on.  We look for honesty, integrity and humility.  We can accept mistakes, if they are honest mistakes with the right motive.  Deceive us and it is another story with a messy ending.  It starts with being honest with ourselves.  What is the motivation to hide the truth?  Our ego? acceptance? money?  As Andy points out, it is rarely the mistake that has lasting consequences, but the attempt to cover it up.

  • Michael

    Integrity is the word, but we should beware of what I call ‘word pollution’ in which those who have a different hidden agenda, twist the true meaning to the point that it becomes a dirty word with the opposite meaning.
    Michael Blyth UK

  • Susan Hughes

    I always want to examine an idea like that by first looking at the author. What perspective does the author take that may steer my own perspective. And is that a direction that I would usually be guided toward?

  • Scott Swartzentruber

    Yes and there seems to be a level of lying to ourselves. It seems on a personal level we want to believe lies because it makes life simpler. too many of us are passive and only hold to our beliefs until it makes the conversation or situation uncomfortable. For example, I want to believe that borrowing money on a credit card is no big deal because it makes the moment easier.  I lie to myself and reap the consequences for months and sometimes years to come. We must be willing to make hard choices and take a stand for what is right.

  • Steve Gedon

    Absolutely, but we call it  putting a “spin” on it. We “spin” what happens so it looks and feels like the truth. I suppose that if we’re dizzy enough from all the “spin” we won’t know the difference. How many people do you know who’ve given up following politics because they are tired of all the spin?

  • Kimila Daniels

    I actually believe that our society really doesn’t want the truth.  That is, if it’s too hard to digest. I agree we are more concerned with our comfort and that is why we really don’t seek the truth because it will compromise our comfort zone.  We have a need to feel good and important and that need has led society to overlook and dismiss the difficult.  The difficult things we need to deal with in ourselves, people around us and society in general.  If it’s too hard we move on and give up. 

  • Marjorie

    I think our society is at a crossroads.  I think we have been taught to believe that things are just “the way they are” and real change can never happen.  BUT I think that individuals more so than ever have a desire to make the world a better place but suffer from apathy and so things are still going in a downward spiral.  We need to equip and empower people to be bold enough to do the right thing and make the changes our society so needs.

  • Lrlwreath

    Sounds interesting, the title is sure grabbing.

  • Mike Stadelmayer

    I don’t think it is too difficult to be lied to by our culture because we lie to ourselves and many do not want to face the reality of their situation in some area o their life – whether it be children, finances, spiritual health, marriage, relationships, etc… Facing the truth is at times difficult and we all want to hear what we want to hear.  This tendency continues to grow in our society as we expect a certain life and lifestyle.  The danger is if it crashes and it usually does – it crashes hard.  Many times leaving people bitter, broken, and many times unjustly blaming God for their problems. 

    Many times we don’t want to acknowledge the path that we are on because we don’t want to take corrective action.  Just because something is hard however doesn’t mean it is bad.  Hard is just hard. 

  • Jay Cookingham

    The Father of all lies has infiltrated almost every area of our society and we feel the affects of those lies everyday. I’m so glad Jesus is the way, the truth and the life…this is why we can still be victorious in the fight for truth.

  • Mikehsb

    Unfortunately, lying has become an almost exceptable cultural phenomenon in our country.  If not a total aberration of the truth, certainly an exaggeration of it.  We’ve been indoctrined to expect it from marketers.  Certainly, one of our greatest challenges as Christians is to not only say the truth but to live it.  And that includes occasonally admitting to a non-Christian world that we lack wisdom in an area or that we make mistakes….

  • Mjmoog

    I am interested to read what Andy has to say. I want a country that does not rely on popularity for its moral compass but a true and never changing Higher authority. Morality is how things should work and economy is how thing really do work, I want to see how Andy inspires us to change our political landscape at a time where our culture is “entitled” to so much. Help us stop following megaphones and start seeking truth.

  • Jonilum

    Our world is not our home and we fight the evil one to see truth.  I believe it is hard to see the truth because much of what is going on in the world is slanted, marketed, spun, manipulated to portray events in a way that is favorable to people/groups agendas.  Values are not the same,  agendas can be contrary.  Having said this, I don’t know if any one human person/group/gvt  is lying to me on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization.  I would not be surprised, knowing that humanity’s values are not always the same as God’s.    Had the opportunity to see Andy at the Children’s Pastor Conference in San Diego last year, facinating to see the lessons we can learn from people who came before us.  Love how he makes it all applicable and how he can see the bigger picture of what went on. 

  • Michael Ray Hopkin

    Truth is out there and many good people (politicians included) are promoting good information. However, the slivers of truth are buried in piles of lies. Each of us needs to dig deep for the truth and avoid getting caught up in the mis-truths and half lies. Fortunately at this point we’re not being led to prison camps, so there’s still time to vote people into leadership positions who will take us back to truth and lead us in a positive direction.

  • Jeff Hopkins

    This title frightens me, but if you are a Christian, then you know that the truth matters, and he is Jesus.

  • Sheltonmedical

    Yes, I do believe we are being lied to. It seems like our leaders just tell us what we want to hear. The narcissism is difficult to detect until it is too late. This is out of context but ” Charm is deceptive” and obviously many of our current leaders do not seem to fear the Lord.
    Shelton Medical

  • Peter Clark

    This is a question I wondered about alot as a kid – how did they just allow it? One example: Thomas J. Stanley routinley sheds light on the truth about who are actually the wealthy in America vs. our assumptions. He has an interesting post on his blog this morning that illustrates the lies we here alot about the wealthy. Just one example of how believing a lie affects us all.

  • Connie Kottmann

    Yes. Those in power positions (political, financial, etc) have learned to abuse the power of the media to manipulate the citizenry. Dissenters (such as Occupy Wall Street) are actually feeding into the mindset of powerlessness. The incredible polarization that is taking place in our society is both the cause and symptom of a moral sickness that threatens our nation. Our society as a whole has stopped thinking and has become a group of easily distracted consumers. We have incredible power to do good and to create positive change in this world, but often don’t know where to start. It starts with small actions, in our own sphere of influence, and then our communities.

  • Rebecca Irwin

    Today’s propaganda is so much easier to disperse. Words can be recycled over and over in various formats. What is a credible source? How do we decipher the truth?
    If we do not boldly ask questions and confront the lies, do those who speak form a false sense of reality that can be mistaken for truth?
    This is not confined to politics, but is also rampant in church communities, education and other life-shaping arenas.  I look forward to learning more from this book.

  • Jan Cox

    A very interesting video. I believe this is a book that my husband would read. I have already downloaded to my Kindle for him. Thanks.

  • Dr. William Valmyr

    God has called each of us to “See
    then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time,
    because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understanding what
    the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:15-16). I believe that Andy’s book provides us with the tool to walk circumspectly in a dark and evil age. I look forward to getting a copy of the book.

  • Sean Cully4

    As a youth pastor I see a generation rising that will vote for a person based on their honesty and character over their politics and charisma.

  • Gilson

    I do believe we’re being lied to, but I also believe that we are actively perpetuating the lies. The US, in my opinion, has long cultivated a romantic image of the individual as infinitely capable. The myth describes the individual as self-invented and self-sustaining. The concept of community (which entails being a citizen, a member of a group who is responsible to other members of the group) is seen as restrictive  at worst, beside-the-point at best. (Which is ironic because where do we get our myth of the individual as super-hero?) Tadeusz Borowski described the concentration camps as a lie, but he also noted that many of the millions of people killed preferred to believe the lie. They believed it in order to hold onto hope that the nightmare of the camps wouldn’t be real. Believing this allowed them to avoid facing their real options: to march passively to their deaths, or to rebel against the guards with guns, and most likely be killed on the spot. Human beings can deal with only so much harsh reality; we prefer our magical versions of the possible, through an evolutionary predisposition to bright-side our chances of survival. The  Holocaust victims chose to believe that they weren’t about to die. They chose to hold onto hope, and in Borowski’s opening story, often prefer to identify with the clean, calm, smart-looking uniformed guards (symbols of  civilization and authority) than with the people getting off the trains, who were covered in feces, exhausted and terrified. Okay, the Holocaust victims’ passivity  is different from ours; the truths we avoid facing aren’t usually life-or-death ones. But like the victims, we agree to believe in the polished appearance of civilization and what it claims is the truth, rather than face a painful reality that clashes with our magical sense of what happens in the world and who we are in it.

  • Darren

    I think it is easier for society to not hear about the problems. So if leaders never tell the real truth people might feel ok. If our leaders do not have a conviction to lead not matter what the outcome. We will always have people say whatever it takes to be re- elected or stay in their current position. The truth often addresses the problem and many times we would rather put a post it note over the check engine light and pretend it doesn’t exist. I think this book is a timely message for where we are at as a society.

  • Randall

    I believe we certainly are being lied to, which is not new.  What is relatively new for our nation is the extent to which the citizenry have abdicated personal responsibility for being informed, perhaps because of the more subtle lies of consumerism, pop culture fascination, and the false promise that wealth and possessions provide peace and happiness.  I’m quite interested to see the thesis of this book developed and to share it with my friends.

  • Joansherman46

    I believe that we are being lied and deceived to, and have been for years. It isn’t getting better but worst. But the worst part is that we are allowing ourselves to be deceived on all levels.

  • Gregor Doerr

    Yes, we are being lied to… on a dangerous scale that few really comprehend. An informed and critically-minded country is essential. The lies we face come in numerous forms from numerous places… almost constantly. We must also understand where these lies ultimately come from – the father of lies (John 8:44), appearing as the angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:12-15) – and where the Truth comes from: God’s Word. I want to “get my hands on this book” in order to continue my own study of the history behind and present realities of evil – and truth – in our economy and government.

  • JHW3

    Yes, we are being lied to and it does threaten the foundation of our civilization. Everything, literally everything, operates on the foundation of trust. It has become, unfortunately, the business necessity to contractually obligate trust (Non Disclosure Agreements, Contracts, Confidential Employment Contracts, etc), so much so that oftentimes, the legal department dictates the business case! I know this leads to jokes about lawyers, BUT, if we embodied trust and truth, why need such onerous legal terms and departments? Naive to be sure.

  • Tim Blankenship

    Of course we are being lied to, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that we do nothing about it. We simply don’t stop and take time to think about the things that really matter. I am generalizing of course but I think it’s a pointed generalization. Hopefully, this will stimulate conversation and thinking to a level that moves us to action. Because if not, as Andy puts it in the video, “if we can’t transcend that, we are in big trouble.”

  • R.F.

    Our Country has become too comfortable and has this entitlement perception. Everybody wants change, but only if it doesn’t affect them.  I think we are being lied to. I don’t think anyone can understand the cause & effect and complexities of our society and world. But, politicians say they no how to fix things. Just more on the road to a Godless society. 

  • James Lewis

    Yes, indeed, we have. Countless times the founders of this Republic warned us, as did many before them, that virtue of the people and its leaders would either be the strength or downfall of this country. Too often we have allowed these lies to give impetus to our votes for such people who would promise what cannot be delivered nor sustained, without giving up our rights and virtues. But we are without excuse . . . we have been amply warned of this since the birthing of this Republic . . . Thomas Jefferson stated it well (one of all too many quotes to list here that we have forgotten): “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and it time depraves all its good dispositions.” (1785) and “In all cases, (they must) follow truth as the only safe guide and eschew error which bewilders us in one false consequence after another in endless succession” (1819). 

    Having recently studied Bonhoeffer, I pray, as he did, that we embrace the truth and the consequences of following after virtue, rather than allowing accepted lies to give us what we can’t keep, and lead us where we will be destroyed.

  • Cortland Coffey

    I think that yes we are being lied to. Of course. But that being said I thnk that we have been beIng lied to forever. Doesn’t the original story in time start with the first couple being deceived in the garden. I don’t believe that getting this world or society as a whole to be more honest is necisarily the cure. Yes, that would be great but I think that what needs to be improved is our ability as members of that society to deliniate truth from lies. We are becoming ever more easily swayed by the waves of public opinion. And in our twitter news, wikapedia, and Facebook day and age spirit lead dicernmeant is needed as to know what “to” and “not to” buy in to. I’d love to read this book and see how it might bring fresh perspective to my opinion.

  • Theresa Ip Froehlich

    American society has become one that pursues comfort at all cost and looks to politicians to protect us from suffering. We have lost what Dean Karnazes calls the “magic of the struggle” and we no longer know how to “Do Hard Things” (Alex & Brett Harris). This kind of culture is fertile ground for blind acceptance of lies. I am delighted that Andy Andrews takes the wool off of our eyes by writing this book.

    I have just finished reading “The Traveler’s Gift” and have given our two young adult children the book (as well as the sequel on mastering the 7 decisions) for Christmas. I pray that these books will change their lives in the same way they have changed other lives. I also pray that “How to kill a million” will be a wake-up call for America.

  • Amy Bayliss

    I hesitate to believe anything the media and government puts out. History has revealed that on several occasions the government has used the media to falsify information for what the government believed was a greater purpose. During wars they made announcements on radio as to where troops would be: they weren’t. They send “dummies” down as paratroopers going so far as to attach cassette recordings to them to mimic noise and all of that was to have us appear stronger in numbers. I understand this smoke and mirrors type stuff may need to be done sometimes but how do we know they aren’t doing it all the time? I don’t believe we could ever trust the media but how can we really trust the government? I do believe we are being lied to. I also firmly believe we all need to move towards being more self-sufficient. Who knows what is really going on: how much debt we owe to other countries, who has what nuclear weapons, and what people are really running things in Washington.

  • Attila Mátó

    The superior student listens to the Way
    And follows it closely.
    The average student listens to the Way
    And follows some and some not.
    The lesser student listens to the Way
    And laughs out loud.
    If there were no laughter it would not be the Way.

    So, it has been said:
    The light of the Way seems dim.
    The progress of the Way seems retreating.
    The straightness of the Way seems curved.
    The highest virtue seems as low as a valley.
    The purest white seems stained.
    The grandest virtue seems deficient.
    The sturdiest virtue seems fragile.
    The most fundamental seems fickle.
    The perfect square lacks corners.
    The greatest vessel takes long to complete.
    The highest tone is hard to hear.
    The great image lacks shape.

    The Way is hidden and nameless.
    Still only the Way nourishes and completes.

    • James Lewis

      You should provide your source when quoting others under your name. 

  • Pennie Hawks

    I believe the American people are being lied to about alot of things–sometimes deliberately and other times due to a lack of understanding or research. There’s so much information being pushed around and so many people regurgitating what they read without verifying it as truth. I think that money talks loudly and the truth can easily be distorted when someone can benefit financially or politically.  I can’t wait to read Andy’s book! I really enjoy his writing and am intrigued by the title of this one.

  • BK Burger

    Yes, untruth is threatening our foundation, our
    way of life and our freedom.  The untruth that we have experienced over
    the years in just the time that I have been alive has escalated to the point
    where people do not even recognize the truth.  Francis Schaffer, the
    great American Evangelical Christian theologian and philosopher, talked about “true

    Schaffer said that the decline of commitment to
    objective truth that he perceives in the various institutions of society was
    “not because of a conspiracy, but because the church has forsaken its duty
    to be the salt of the culture.”

    Schaeffer had a mind for what he called ‘True- Truth’.

    In order to recover from all the untruth and deception and move
    forward the American people must want “true truth.” They MUST want it, seek it and be willing to die for it.  

    How can we go forward in today’s world and build on anything unless
    we cast off lies and deception? How do we do that? We begin with the Christian
    worldview. The worldview that is rooted in God almighty makes every sense, but start
    elsewhere and nothing does!

  • Walkerd

    The frustration today is finding a trustworthy source on any issue . Who can you believe?

  • Michael Lettner

    Yes definitely. You see that governments or companies lying many times the veil is only uncovered during its downfall. 

  • Kyler Erwin

    It is true that we are being lied to. Lying has become so ingrained in our culture that it is second nature. I think we’ve gotten to a point that truth has become very unwanted and despised. We would rather be lied to and told half truths than to really know the whole truth.

  • Charissa Greer

    I absolutely agree that we are being lied to, and the lies come in packages that are soft and palatable.  It’s dangerous: the hard nosed truth we say we would accept, but the media,etc, knows to how to create a “lean” and we end up accepting a lie because it seems sweet to our ears and desires. 

  • Dave Adams

    Just because something is said several times does not suddenly make it truth. Unfortunately there is almost always a little truth mixed in to confuse you. If you accept the inital premise, you can be taken down a path that has very little actual truth in the end. We must all be discerning in what we read and hear, or all truth can be distorted beyond recognition.

  • Blair Shelton

    I often struggle with finding the truth.  One magazine says this and one says another and then I hear a report on TV that says something completely different.  I’m not sure how to discern the truth from a lie, but I use what knowledge I have and then compile the reports to come up with my own conclusion. 

    I believe that if everyone (myself included at times) follows the news blindly, we will be on the verge of a society collapse.  However, if people can really start to make honesty a top priority and seek out the truth, we might just be able to turn it around. 

  • Aaron Sellars

    As a society I tend to distrust people but I really want to.  I think there are many lies, but I think there is still much truth out there.

  • Mjhhulett

    We are a society that have allowed our government to exclude God. We believe what politicians say and don’t follow through. We look for leaders to guide us and believe all of what they say, and then are disillusioned at the final result. We need a truth filter.

  • Mary Ann Tesdahl

    Sometimes I do feel like we, the American people, are liken to the sheep being lead to the our own government. So many people believe blindly…surely they (the politicians) wouldn’t say it if it weren’t so.  Would they??   We, all of us, need to open our eyes, our ears, our minds, and our hearts before it is too late.  If America would let God back in..then God would bless America, again.

  • Emily R

    I absolutely agree that we are being lied to, and that it is greatly affecting our society, though so many people are blind to that fact. On a political U.S. level, we are lied to over and over again in the name of “preserving freedom” so that more laws can be passed that actually end up decreasing our liberties. I’m only 25 years old but I’d wager a guess that I pay more attention to what is going on in our country than many people I know who are in their 40s and 50s. I pay attention because I am angry that we are being lied to. I am angry that so many people are apathetic about what is happening in our country. I do believe that God is in control, but I also do not think that gives us the right to just sit back and allow our society to be deceived.

  • Aaron Boehnen

    Yes, we are most certainly being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation our civilization.  

  • Aljurje

    lived to see the last years of the communist regime in Romania (I was
    16 when the Iron Courtain came down), I live now under the
    consequences of an ideology built on a lie (large scale corruption,
    suspicion, a plethora of problems associated with lack of truth and
    integrity) and I can only hope that the American people is not going
    to let deception and lie rule in the land of the free. As I see it,
    America was for a long time replacing truth with freedom as the
    foundation of their nation, and from my perspective that is the
    greatest lie to believe in now, and which poses a great danger to the
    very fabric of the society. For Hitler and the Germans it was the
    Lebenraum, for Communists it was a just and equitable society, and we
    know what happened to those ideals and to the millions of people who
    believed in it or were unlucky enough to be born in those places and
    times. It is so easy for people to deceive themselves, and unless a
    nation wakes up to realize that truth is buried under whatever human
    ideal, the results are already written in history books. I just
    finished watching a long WWII documentary and what I found remarkable
    was not the sheer scale of destruction that this war has wrought on
    so many people, but the number of people who simply believed it was
    the right thing to do. Yes, I think America has to read history and
    learn its lessons before history repeats itself. 

  • Paul Chagnon

    I believe that in nearly every facet of life, we are being lied to. I don’t feel that it’s just politicians on both sides of the fence, but in nearly every dealing that we have on a day to day basis. Turn on the TV, watch whatever, from News casts to sit coms and every other form of media, we are being lied to. It’s a toss up between politicians and advertising. I spent several years in the advertising juggernaut and truth is something that really doesn’t sell. It’s almost as if people have become accustomed to being lied to as part of their everyday life. Nearly everything is over-exaggerated and the truth is stretched so far from reality that we wouldn’t know what the truth was even if our very lives depended on it. I’m at the point that I wonder what is real and what’s a lie?  Sometimes, I wonder if even well intended preachers and pastors stretch the truth to make a point or even to make their sermons interesting and appealing. Where is all this leading to? As a society can we even begin to understand the concept of what it would be to have a society based in nothing but the truth? I’d like to believe that there is hope for that to become commonplace, but are we willing to accept the unvarnished plain truth instead of what we deal with on a daily basis? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I’d love to witness that. Now, on the other side of the coin, am I a fatalist that sees no redemption for mankind? Not at all, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and have a sincere hope for the purity of the truth in every aspect of daily living. My wife and I strive to be honest every day in our relationship, yes, there have been moments when I’ve failed, but always sought quickly for redemption because she truly means that much to me. I see that it is so easy to lie and for that one lie to become many and be left with nothing and in retrospect, if we don’t begin toward the road to truth, the end of all things might  just be right at our doors. 

  • William Simpson

    Are we being lied to? Absolutely, and the biggest offender is US!  We tell ourselves we can have it now and pay later, we can eat junk food and lose weight, and so on and so on.  Then, we too often choose not to hear the hard truth (from our pastors, our political leaders, etc.) of where we are spiritually, morally or economically.  

    As has already been said, we need to measure everything through the truth of God’s Word.  Until we’re willing to do that personally, we can hardly expect it of government, media, or anyone else.  Even more frightening, though, is that until we’re willing to face the truth ourselves, we’re far less likely to recognize deception from other sources.

  • Alverno M. Devine

    We all know the truth never dies, but it has been buried! It seems we live in an ‘outcomes-based’ society rather than a ‘methods-based’ one. Because we demand certain outcomes, we have become willing to look the other way as long as the desired outcomes are being achieved. We only demand the truth, when failure to reach outcomes takes place. We are trading the future for present day gains that are not really gains at all.

    We are accepting that certain political ‘measures’ must be taken and that some information needs to be guarded from the public at large without questioning the methods. Nations begin to crumble when the ideas of the few take precedence above the ideals of the multitudes. Ideally, we are a christian nation, but there are many new false ideas that have replaced the foundational methods of faith, integrity and truth that held high the once dear biblical standards of our country.

  • Mark Widner

    The comments are very startling in that for a long time now I have felt that all politics are boiling down to who can hold on to power. It does not matter what side they are on but the fact they they want to maintain power at all costs and it includes lying to the very folks who elected these individuals. I would like to be able to share this book with my children and their friends so that maybe in the future we will have a generation that cares more about our country and less about who won a Reality TV show.

  • Marshall Walker

    I can remember the first research paper that I ever wrote back in 7th grade was about Hitler’s rise to power.  I love Andy and I can’t wait to read about the insight he has to share with us!

  • Dnasipak

    I believe we are being lied to on almost all fronts.  When a people and nation start believing that there are no absolute truths, they base their beliefs on what is best for them, at the moment.  It takes a lot of prayer, wisdom, and discernment to know what is truth and what is lies.  I know enough to know I don’t know anything!

  • Welton Ted

    As a culture we have become lazy and complacent.  We would prefer to abdicate our responsibilities rather than take responsibility for our decisions.  Its easier to blame someone else.

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
    Adolph Hitler

    Seems like someone was listening

  • Heather

    Sorry, my sound doesn’t work–so my comment is not taking anything said in the video into account. But I find this subject extremely urgent and intriguing. As someone who started social networking and weaving my way around the web only a few years ago for fun I’d have to say you’d be pretty much blind NOT to notice the undercurrents of deception running rampant through just about every area of society. And who might be behind it?

    On a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization? Without a doubt. But I’ve heard it said before–we deserve the government we get.

    Maybe our first defense is getting our relationships right with God.

  • Travis Dommert

    Accountability, accountability, accountability.  Where it is present, great work is done.  Where it is absent, every direction is a slippery slope.

    Interviewed a retired Marine Corps Major General this morning for irunurun’s Champions Study, a study of the habits of extremely high achievers in sports and the military.  The biggest frustration he had when he began working with civilians…lack of accountability…first and foremost for simple things like being on time.  “If you were 5 minutes late to a meeting in the service, your butt was in trouble!”

    With 24/7 news, social media, and fact-checkers…you would think politicians would be the most accountable folks on the planet.  Is it simply because we don’t demand it?

    • Barry Hill

      This is good stuff. I think a time is coming where we are going to demand more accountability from the people who lead this nation.
      It also reminds me to be on time… especially when visiting with Marine Major Generals. ha.

  • Francisca T.

    I think with the abundance of information available on our finger tips, the degree to which we can be lied to depends on how willing and how diligent we are to keep ourselves being informed. News and information are available from every corner of the world you can imagine, as much as we should require truth from our government, we also hold the responsibility to keep a sharp eye on what happens around us and educate ourselves.

    • Barry Hill

      this is an interesting point. I agree that we all have a responsibility to understand what is going on around us, and to educate ourselves about what is important. I wonder if, to some degree, if we aren’t willing to give up our comforts to really “know” what is going on… Thanks, Francisca.

  • Nancy

    Not only are we being lied to now, we have been lied to for a long time and then are told that it is for our own good. Are there times, such as in the area of national security, when We The People do not need to know exactly what is happening? Yes. My own father was involved in classified actions while in the Air Force. But when it comes to the day to day running of this country, We The People need to know and for too long we have been content to sit back and accept one of the biggest lies of all–that we are too stupid to understand what is going on. The Constitution has been misused and abused according to the whims of politicians and judges who are trying to push agendas that have nothing to do with what the framers had in mind when they gave us the Constitution. Yet the same people who are guilty of all kinds of violations of laws, ethical and moral values are re-elected time and time again as they lie–they call it campaigning–their way back into not being held responsible. Not only that, they are allowed to bestow upon themselves all kinds of special perks that make their bank accounts look very good and insure they are never going to have to make a choice between food and medicine when they are in their twilight years like so many, who pay for them to have those perks, do. As in the time of Hitler and Bonhoeffer, many churches do little to combat the lies, to hold them up to the light, to demand that the truth be told.

  • Michelle M

    We are being lied to. Our country was founded on the ideal of liberty. It is the truth  that sets us free. We are free to relate to God and to one another as we are led in as much as our freedom does not hinder that of others. We are being bombarded today with the message that we are simply incompetent to handle this freedom. “Liberty has not worked, and now we must tell you how you should live and what is best for you,” is the message we are bombarded with from our educational system, our media, and our elite governing officials. God has been removed from these institutions so that there is no standard or truth on which to stand firm. Those of us who still know the truth must be the safeguard of precious liberty for future generations. 

  • Brenda Mann

    Did Jesus ever lie?  I don’t think so.
    As a leader of the women in our denomination am I fully truthful in all that I say? 
    I’d love to read this book and see if and how it would change my communciations, conversations and future plans.
    Rev. Brenda Mann

  • Christinacartier2011

    Not only do I believe we are being lied to, we are purposefully being dumbed down and trained to be a non-thinking society.  The events of today like this author states are a repeating of history, the lies, theft, war, poor, etc…if you research world history you can clearly see common threads that help you ascertain the meaning to what and why these events are occurring, this is about control and wealth as it always has been.  I believe what Mr. Andrews is attempting to accomplish with his book, is to assist individuals in seeing the forest from the trees. 

  • Duke Dillard

    I’m not writing to win the book. I know you’ll never pick me, especially since you would have to send the book to Turkey. But I would consider it a huge win if you just do a post explaining how you do these contests. How do you set up the automatic Tweet and the special form (do you use a plug-in?) Then do you have someone help you mail out 100 books? I assume your assistant does that. 
    You are so generous. It is awesome that you do this. I’m just wanting to understand the technical details. It would be a great post.
    Thank you.

    • Justin Wise

      Duke … Thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion to Michael. What a great idea! Thanks again.

  • Ken Turner

    I’m in youth ministry specifically to troubled and fatherless youth. About 90% of youth in juvenile detention are fatherless. As I bring the “truth” of the gospel to them and teach how God has a plan and desires to Father them throughout life they begin to shed the lies they have believed. Such as the lies the world has told them about drugs, sex, money and even the lie that God doesn’t care. The truth sets them free. 

    • Barry Hill

      As a fellow Youth Pastor, and a growing up in a divorced family, I agree with you that the truth has so much healing power! thanks for your comment and keep up the good work!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Ken, may God bless you for being part of His redemption of what has been lost and broken. Such a huge need, and I’m glad there are people like you to help meet it.

  • Jan Evett

    I am excited to read this book.  Amazingly, there are currently groups that deny the existence of the Holocaust!  That speaks to the level of deception that people are generally willing to accept.  I’m not sure that anyone “knows” what is true about our government any more.  I agree that we must look to history for lessons that must be learned or failing to do so will be repeated. 

    Spiritually, I choose to turn to the Bible for wisdom and truth.  I realize not everyone does the same.  My faith, however, is not only something from which I seek comfort and guidance, but it is a privilege and responsibility that I have to share with others. Through biblical counseling, I have opportunities to speak truth into the lives of others who are seeking comfort and guidance in their lives.  Many of these people (and I’m sure many others) are anxious and unsure about the future of our country.  

    Based on your article, I believe this book would help me to understand and share some insight into the direction our country is heading in the new year.  Thank you for sharing copies of the book with your readers. 

  • BRB

    It is getting harder and harder to identify the truth if the world’s information is what is used. Only in God’s Word and through the wisdom given by the Holy Spirit and we come anywhere near knowing His truth in our day.

  • Trudy Bodenbach

    As a brand new director of a crisis pregnancy center, I am beginning to see first hand how the lies told in our society can have such a devastating affect.  Abortion literally leaves an aftermath of destruction in many lives.  Since 1972, our country has killed more than 11 million people ( and each of deaths leaves behind a mother, a father, sometimes siblings or friends, who may hurt & mourn & carry the weight of this decision with them for the rest of their lives.  But our culture, our media continue to tell us that abortion is a women’s right, it’s an intelligent choice, no one gets hurt, no one has to know.  It is a sad thing that we had latched on to these lies and choose to believe them even when the truth is right in front of us. 

  • Nicholas Madden

    Yes… Sadly I believe we are getting lied to on a scale that most people can’t even fathom. There is to much going on in our culture and society today that we don’t know anything about. I believe that the people should be involve in every aspect of our socieny and country. There is a problem in this country of being people pleasers. And place our confort and offennces as top priority. It’s so sad….

  • Brittany

    This message is not only timely and applicable to the U.S. but all around the world.

  • Flyingbearz

    I apologize neglected to add my name to my last LORE..thank you for your constant inspiration! By the way….while on the subject of truth ..let’s begin with the Fog of Santa Claus.. This year I wondered about the Holiday Mental Fog that drives well intentioned adults to introduce a relationship of a meaningless LIE? Only later to punish them for lying (at least they have legitimate reasons) I believe it opens doors to a lack of trust, confidence, and what we feel safe believing in whether it’s an authority figure, loved ones or information as we search for truth. (not to mention the humiliation on the playground when the last kid finds out the truth the hard way) I like the idea of Santa Claus..maybe we need to recreate the story without the big LIE? ..some common sense, questioning hypocrisy, and questioning who we really are and want our world to look like sounds like a good start to an exciting new year. Thank you!

  • Stephen

    History is replete with misconstrued truths and manipulations on a grand scale. Those in power have a tendency to lie or at least bend the truth, don’t they?  How will the continual lying threaten our foundation as people in America and the world, especially in the world of social media? I believe we face the danger of imminent revolutions. Revolutions in and of themselves are not bad and can be considered noble, but imagine social, even military coos that are brought about from anger, permeating every part of the globe, even America? Consider Egypt’s plight last year. America is not  invincible to political chaos and irreversible damage. It seems people are getting angry at politicians–they should be. But will this anger turn into constructive change or lethal demonstrations that rip apart our country? Will the protests continue? Will events like occupy Wall Street become uglier and larger. And if this continues, will we be able to survive?

  • Sean Sankey

    Although a lot of the conversation in the video is inevitably about American politics, the notion that the book seems to express is one that transcends geographical boundaries AND party politics. In the UK we’re still smarting from the expenses scandal where our national leaders in many cases maliciously misled the public about their conduct and affairs. However, if we move beyond the politicians, we also saw this year the media answer their own questions about honesty and fair play in the phone-hacking scandal. The world economy is reeling from basically a series of deceptions inside of business and the financial services market. Truth therefore – and the consequences of a lack of it – is probably the most important concept of our age to explore, discuss and promote. I’m genuinely looking forward to reading Andy’s important work. 

  • Derek Watson

    Are we being lied to?  No, unequivocally no.  We are certainly believing lies, but the
    responsibility for that is our own, as individuals.  Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the
    truth shall set you free.” Corporately as a body of believers we have thought
    that this means knowing propositional truths (this statement/belief is right;
    that statement/belief is wrong).  The
    word ‘truth’ in Greek used in Jesus’s statement means ‘the reality underlying
    appearance.’ Based on the reality that most believers are bound by fear, the
    opinions of others, our own mistakes and sins, we are not free.  Consequently we easily belief falsehoods… but
    our believing falsehoods is different than ‘being lied to.’  When I believe I’m being lied to, I’m implicitly
    believing that I was incapable of seeing the truth in the lie.  I must first come face to face with the
    reality and responsibility for my own choices; then I will be free to see lies
    for what they are when they come my way.

  • Brent Sprinkle

    So to answer this question I have to first answer, “do I believe we are being lied to?” – that’s easy, yes. The second part of the question is not so easy though – “on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization”, it’s hard for me to imagine what this scale would be? How would you quantify this scale?
    If you’re simply asking, do I think we’re being lied to “a whole lot”, my answer would be, probably. But is it so much that our civilization will fail?? I don’t know.

    And what about when the “liar” believes they are telling the truth, but are uninformed or unaware of “the truth”.

    Which leads me to the bigger, if I can argue, the more important question –
    How can we know when we are being lied to?
    or, How can we be sure we know what the truth is?

    I plan to read the book, “How do you kill 11 million people”, but I’d really like to read, “How do you stop 11 million people from being killed”.

  • Frank Papa

    Let’s not degenerate into a society which accepts lies and only seeks “what’s in it for me?”
    Here is a timely reminder why morals and virtues are what makes for a great society, and the pitfalls when truth is replaced by expediency.

  • Sherrypie1970

    Yes, it is a book that I would like to read.  I am hoping I can get more books for my friends and to help them to understand what Any is doing.

  • Tom Murphy

    I’d love to read this book. Nothing witty and no simple answers to offer; I would just love to read it. :)

  • Ronni

    Mr. Andrew’s books have been an inspriration to me as well as to the people I have bought his books for. I can’t wait to dive into this new book. Thanks very much for sharing your talent!

  • Lisa Gassmann

    Yes I believe the people “in charge” treat the general public like children in that we are not smart enough to think for ourselves therefore we are not to be told the truth.

  • Melinda

    I am not sure it is any different now as opposed to “then.”  Perhaps the lies are more obvious and technology has made it more difficult to explain them away as in the past. I have enjoyed all Andy’s books and I am sure the latest will be just as great.

  • Brad Ball

    We definitely need transcendent leaders that will tell the truth. We need leaders who will leave all the traditions of formalism and party loyalty and deal with the problem in hand instead of skirting around the issue every time.

  • K Heilman

    I absolutely believe that we are fed a regular diet of lies and half truths and that our politicians use deceptive tactics with the American public that creates more chaos than clarity.  The belief that truth is relative may be at the heart of this matter…

  • Brad Ball

    Definitely a creative title to get everybody’s attention. This is what we need in our country.

  • B.J. Greene

    I believe that most members of both major parties have become accustomed to lying on such a level that it very much threatens the foundation of our society.  Truth is so often twisted beyond reason that it makes it impossible for the citizens of this country to have any trust in those leading us.  When that happens the very fabric of the society will begin to break down and eventually revolution will take place unless it is corrected.   

  • Andrea Schultz

    We’ve been lied to and deceived from time immemorial. We need to be aware of the deceit, and make others aware as well. Thanks to Andy for his bravery!

  • Kristie Beckham Gray

    I have read, and loved all of Andy Andrews books!  He has a way of presenting the truth and convincing his readers to take action, every thing we do matters!!  The truth is important to all of us, for all of us, and we can take the first steps into making that happen for our society!  We must persist without exception!!!

  • Michael T Hardy

    It isn’t just USA… it is ALL societies and it stems from the absence of absolute truths. In the words of Casting Crowns: we are being lulled to sleep by the philosophies of save the trees and kill the children. I have been trying to get people engaged with their elected representatives and the response is… silence. People just don’t care and when that happens the ‘government you deserve is the government you get’. Join my rallying call on Twitter.

  • Steve Goble

    Yes I do agree.  But what I believe is worse, is that everyday, we lie to ourselves.  We believe that the people who made it ‘overnight’ never really had to work at it.  We believe that it’s somebody elses fault, but not our own.  We believe that we’re not good enough, and allow the media to reinforce that by their depictions of those who have ‘made it’. As a society, we’re more inclined to fall in line with whatever the norm may be that day/week, leaving behind what we’re truly capable of doing. 

    As we begin to move further away from the innovation, creativity, and work ethic that helped to build our society, we’re losing sight of what God truly has for us.  Yet we tell ourselves that God isn’t for us because our lives aren’t perfect (which God never promises) and that because we actually have to work in our lives, it’s easier to complain and whine.  That’s the worst lie we tell ourselves…we should really stop doing that.

  • Kari Scare

    That we are living in “a culture of deception” is absolutely true. All around me I see people who are creating their own reality based on what they feel like doing, or, in many cases, what they don’t feel like doing. We are being deceived by the leading of our emotions and feelings. Advertising deceives, politicians deceive, even religous leaders deceive. If we can’t trust what we see and read and we can’t trust ourselves, who can we trust? My prayer is that I will always be guided by the truth in God’s word, and I am desperately trying to make sure my kids don’t fall prey to the deception of the world too. Through deliberate and intentional action, we can fight this “culture of deception” and live in truth. But it certainly won’t happen by, as my step-father says, “licking it off the grass.” In other words, it has to be on purpose.

  • Clayton Inman

    Some in political power will tell what you want to hear to move their agenda, and in some ways lie to get it passed. It has become commonplace to where, as Americans, we shrug our shoulders and accept the consequences. I’m ashamed to say that I am one who listens, shrugs, and doesn’t try to hold anyone accountable. Bottomline, accountability from a nation is key.

  • Eileen OBrien

    Andy Andrews is such an inspiration to me and a comment he made at Women of Faith 2010 in Philadelphia has become my mantra, “I don’t like the discipline of having to sit down and write but I do like the rewards.” Everyone of his books so far as inspired me to be the best I can be in all I dream.

  • Sherrypie1970

    Yes I do agree with us being lied too.  But some people today just don’t feel people want to believe that we are in a society that would do this.  I am so ready for the elections to take place so we can get our country back to wear it should be.  We just need to get this president out of office so we can get back on track.

  • Annette Nichols Jarvis

    I believe that we are being lied to in such a way that the foundations that this country was based on are threatened. It is an era of ‘me first’, an era of ‘it feels good, so it must be alright’. We compromise and call it ‘white lies’ so that we can justify them. The speed with which this degeneration has occurred is pretty scary. When I was a child, I would not have dreamed of doing a lot of the things young people do today. Those in charge of societal norms have lied and made it okay to be narcissistic.

  • Ladyrnt

    We most definitely are being lied to on a major scale. I quite frankly believe that both sides of our government lie to us a daily basis. Their lies snowball to the extent that one wonders who even knows what the truth is. I am thoroughly disgusted with our government and society. I find it appauling that the American people are so complacent when it comes to our society and our future! Thank you, Andy, for not being afraid to tell the truth and bring everyone into agreement on SOMETHING! I have believed for a long time that we should abolish two different sides of government and have it one party for the people.

  • Ben Jendrick

    Yes, I believe we are.  In every issue, a lie is never far from the surface.  And the issues this country has dealt with for the past 10 years, are polluted with lies of one kind or another, and it’s every realm of our society.  Accountability and integrity are missing in our culture, and the world has become resigned and cynical that it will change.  Only personal responsibility can overcome this kind of attitude in the world, and it will take a few bold leaders to guide the way.  Truth, justice and the American Way.  It may be borrowed from Superman, but you can’t have any of the three if one is absent, and I’d say at least two are in jeopardy, if not all three.

  • Carisa

    I absolutely believe that we are being lied to in such a scale that our very lives are in danger. I don’t even RECOGNIZE the country that I live in and the direction it is going in. I KNOW we are being lied to because I BELIEVED the lies in 2008. I can only praise God that my eyes have been opened to the lies and I no longer take them in. I am determined to bring the truth to as many people as I can. Some days I am SO disheartened by everything and I feel that there isn’t anything that I can do personally to change it but that is WRONG. as long as we stand up and DO something, do SOMETHING, we CAN make a difference. Maybe the only thing I can do is spend $100 each month purchasing this book and handing it out to people. I pray that this book is read by every American and across the world so that the awakening can continue in this most vital year. Thank you for this interview. I love Mr. Andrews. His books have changed my life and the way I think in so many ways. I can’t wait to read this one.

  • Diana

    Andy Andrews just seems to bring to the for front our mind things we haven’t noticed before… he gets me thinking.

  • Dave Weiss

    Do I believe we are being lied to to the point that it threatens our foundation? That’s  sort of a loaded question. Are we being lied to? Yes. We can see it in the vilification of the church and by  extension Christ in the media and in society. The hero of the story being made the villain is a lie. Does this threaten the foundations of our civilization? This is harder to answer. I  believe this nation was founded on Christ and if He is our foundation, there is no threat He cannot overcome. The problem is what are we building on that foundation and will it stand “through the flames (as Paul writes).”  I think that’s the problem. We who follow Jesus need to keep following Jesus, in spite of the lies, in spite of what people say about us and do to us. We need to stop worrying about what the world says about us and  continually “do the next right thing.”  We need to keep living the truth, embodying the truth and devoting ourselves to the ministry of reconciliation, turning people to the truth. Keep in mind the “liars” in our society are not our enemies, they are being deceived by our enemy,  the same one that has  been deceiving us from the garden. If we stand on the true foundation, no lie will crumble it.    

  • Mccaffery

    Most definitely! Unfortunatly most people today are willing to compromise their beliefs to have comfort. I can’t wait to read Andy’s new book.

  • Ckaydennis

    Yes, I do agree.  Our country has given up the values of the Bible in many areas that affect our daily lives.  Our freedom of religion is challenged every day by government rules and regulations regarding where and when we can express our faith in God and all He stands for.  It’s disheartening to see the changes in our schools that have taken away those things which we have accepted throughout the years and practiced freely.     

  • Tiffqtec

    Yes, I do believe we are being lied to. Our society is believing these lies and thus our trust is being broken. I have yet to believe anything a politician, or president has to say. God really needs to be brought back into the situation.

  • Dr Ryan Hosley

    I do believe we are being lied to on a grand scale today.  As a country we are in the worst financial shape of our history.  Yet we are told that things will get better and that such things as inflation really aren’t that bad.  A quick trip to a website called SHADOWSTATS.COM reveals how the “books” are cooked to show what politicians and bankers would like us to believe is really true.  Is inflation really around 3.4%?  My last 4 dollar gallon of gas would suggest otherwise, but energy costs aren’t figured into the government endorsed index of inflation.  A little bit of searching reveals what is really true – we are right around 7%.

    This type of misleading of the public is rampant; from financial policies to foreign policies. 

    It seems to me that the truth is of utmost importance and no question
    seems to resound more so today than that of Pontius Pilate when
    addressing Christ, “WHAT IS TRUTH?” 

    I’ve observed 2 things about the truth.  1. Many people would rather
    not  know – knowing the truth means you may have to change your views or
    make a different decision.  Denial is rampant in our culture.  2. The
    truth is available if you’re willing to look for it.  But you have to look for it.  3. The absence of
    truth and the role it serves as a compass/a foundation means that people
    can and will fall for any idea that seems reasonable at the time.

    Sadly, “the people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6  The future of democracy and this
    great republic depends upon an informed and morally grounded citizenry. “The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge.” Ps 1:7

  • Anonymous

    I just read the 1887, Lord Acton quote on another blog post that says,  “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute
    power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” I think most people desire to give their leaders the benefit of the doubt, especially if we supported them. But just as I am capable of doing a great number of deceitful things for the sake of looking good, so are our leaders. We can support and believe, but we must not be naive. This interview definitely reminds us that history is a good indicator of human nature, no matter how progressive we are. I am looking forward to reading the book.

  • Dannamcd71

    Are we being lied to on a level that threatens our civilization is a question that people should be contemplating. My personal view on this question is YES, we are being lied to by many in our leadership. Just blindly following the group doctrine without researching and coming up with your own ideas is equally dangerous to our civilization. This is what needs to be changed so that our country can grow into greatness by truly taking care of ourselves, and others.

  • csherry

    Yes I do believe we are being lied to, which is affecting the foundation of our country. 

  • Rese Hood

    A society that communicates in Tweets and texts and devotes precious time to Farmville or Pinster is not a society that is placing any value on conversations of substance or the development of critical thinking.  The church as a subset of society is not doing much better. How can we use “the truth of God’s Word as a lens” in Megan’s words when so few pastors and teachers are teaching their flock to be self-feeders – understanding the context and content of the Word in submission to the Holy Spirit?  No difficult questions. No wrestling with matters of faith. It is rare when it happens.

    Perhaps the greatest contribution of the church to the present situation, is the rampant unbelief in the reality of spiritual warfare.  There is a father of lies behind all the untruth in any forum who is seeking to kill, steal and destroy.  This is not merely a political issue, it is a potently spiritual one.  How else can we explain the complicity of the German church in the killing of 11 million people? Not enough familiarity with the truth to recognize a counterfiet?

    I am looking forward to the release of the book. I just hope that in its wake God’s people become more passionate about becoming adept at wielding the sword of Truth, the Word, in the same way Jesus confronted the tyranny in His day -with winsomeness, wit and wisdom.

  • WakingUp

    Being lied to? Yes. I don’t remember the specifics, but I read some where that when a group of people come together for what ever purpose, even with good and moral intentions, soon the group starts to look at what is good for the group and forgets the original reason they came together in the first place. A mission statement can help deter that shift in thinking, but it doesn’t always prevent it. (I guess you can call our Constitution a mission statement and look at how much our leaders follow it now.) The people of our country are pretty much the preverbal frog in the pot of water and we just realized the temperature is getting uncomfortable. How to stop the lying? Good question.

  • Jimfitz2

    Unfortunately, the truth is often not a trait that people in our society consider as vital to our survival.  Call them “white lies,” “stretching the truth,” “Literary license,” or “protecting the population,” lies are very simply that, LIES.  Anything built on a foundation of deceit is as the Bible says, built on the sand.  Our nation, including our leaders, need to make truth a priority.  Andy Andrews is a great author, and storyteller.  I can’t wait to read this book and how he shares with us what society needs to know.  Should be, as all of his books are, a GREAT read!

  • Amie Moses

    I absolutely believe that we are being lied to. However, it
    all depends on the circumstances that we are being lied to and what the
    intentions are of those doing the lying as to if it is on a scale that
    threatens the foundation of our civilization. If a government is lying to its’
    citizens to manipulate the beliefs of those individuals in order to gain the
    nation’s support in the government’s goal, it could definitely threaten the
    foundation of our civilization. The lying could result in the outbreak of war and
    could possibly end in world annihilation.

    It is human nature to lie; it is just easier for some than
    for others. And in a lot of instances, the individuals that are doing the lying
    do not even realize that they are lying. They have been given information and
    they are just relaying what they heard. I feel that we are lied to by most all people
    on a daily basis, especially the media outlets. They manipulate the facts they
    gather to meet their own personal agendas. In our world today, we must take
    every bit of information we are given at face value. There are always two sides
    to every story and neither one of them will ever be the complete truth. The
    truth always lies somewhere in between. Perception of reality does not reveal the
    truth, but only our version of the truth. This is how people can be tricked
    into doing things that they otherwise would never do or believing in things
    that are not true. If they are only given the information that we want them to
    know, they do not have access to all the facts and therefore are unable to make
    a sound decision for themselves.  This is
    the same as it was for Nazi Germany. The government told the people only what
    they wanted them to know and lead them to believe the same ideologies of the few
    individuals who were running the government.

  • Lynette Duquette

    We are being lied to, that is for sure. But I also think many are in denial of the lie. Sort of like, “I am not sure if it’s true, but because everyone else thinks it is, it must be.” People won’t/don’t take the time to find out the truth anymore. That is because we have become the ‘do it for me/fix it for me’ society. No consequences, no responsibility, etc. Unless people open their eyes, in twenty years or so people will be crying out “what happened?”

  • kate

    Sadly most of us do not even know what or why we believe what we do anymore.  We all need to study Gods word so we can dicifer the honest truth. 

  • Jhclements

    When the Bible was taken out of the classroom, children no longer got the truth of the life lessons taught there. Salvation through Christ did not necessarily need to be covered or supported as the religion of choice. The Bible taught us how to live lives honestly and truthfully with our neighbors, not how to beat them over the head with out religion. All issues of living an honorable life are covered and unfortunately are not always taught at home. Children are watching what adults want to watch on television and at the movies are without a standard to live by, and grow up thinking what they have seen there is the way life is. Deception, lies, and demeaning women is presented as humor and we, the adults, continue to watch it thinking it has no affect. It is time to wake up and realize who is being affected. As adults, we need to recognize the source of the lies and deception to reject them even if it does not seem to affect me personally.

  • Aandj

    The only real truth is God and apart from him there is no truth in this world. Satan is very real and trying to maintain control. He will not win, God wins. 

  • servants aid

    Absolutely and it’s on a global scale, not just here. My own investigation into this idea began back in 2001. I travelled all over the US, Canada and Europe for my job and would devour the news and talk with people I had personal/business relationships with about the world/politics, etc. I soon discovered that my home country (America) was the most censored media in the “free” world. The news I was watching in Europe was vastly different and, apparently, more truthful than what was being fed to my friends back home. When I would talk about the news to my friends on the phone about what I was watching (terrorism, war, boycotts, recalls, etc) none of them heard anything about the same stories. 

    Yet these stories were deemed “top stories” on various networks in Europe. 

    Those few years I traveled around the globe began my interest in discovering what was “really” going on, politically speaking. 

    So instead of getting my news from one source (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc) I have multiple outlets I read, not all American either. 

    Some of my friends thought I was joining a conspiracy theory group. About that time, I moved to Thailand in 2008 for missionary training and discovered new media outlets and new “news”, but from a SE Asian perspective. It’s there I discovered South Korea had boycotted the US Beef industry because America had a massive outbreak in mad cow disease. Since SK was the 3rd largest importer of US Beef (at the time), the SK government stopped importing our beef. But, not too long afterwards, our government strong-armed the SK govt and forced SK to buy our beef again. There were massive riots and protests all over SK. Many people died because of the riots. 

    When I posted this on FB/Myspace and talked to people back in the States, no one had heard any of it. When I devoured the news websites (NY Times, Fox, CNN, etc) there wasn’t even a word about any of it (mad cow, riots, SK boycott). 

    It re-enforced my belief that we are lied to constantly. There are many other instances, but I think those are two good examples. 

    It’s sad how many people are lemmings. They are polarized to one perspective, politically, and put their trust into a person or political party and think they are our savior. Kinda like Hitler did to Germany. 

    If people would study history and have an openness to discover truth instead of being spoon fed, perhaps there’s hope.

    As a Christian who believes in the Bible as the word of God, this is not surprising to me anymore because of certain events that will take place, but it’s still unsettling. 

    And sad. 

  • Darrell P

    I really agree with Andy on this one!  Truth is the one thing that will break our country out of this malaise we have been in for so long.  We have taken God out of our schools and every other place that was set up to teach us as Americans, and we have reaping what we have sown.  It is time, as a Nation, to return to the principles and values that made us great….that means returning to God.   We as a people NEED the truth, and it is people like Andy Andrews that fortunately are called to remind us and our leaders that the Truth is the only way…and God is the way, the Truth, and the life!

  • Dpink03

    I think we can rely on Andy’s books to awaken our attention.

  • Mary Nivison Burton

    Yes, I believe our civilization is being destroyed by lies! Civilization is built on trust. Trust is destroyed by lies or as called now “cover ups”. A lie is covered up by another lie then continues to build. Once trust is destroyed at a personal, local or governmental level, one doesn’t believe what is being said. When trust is gone, civil behavior is also on its way out. 

  • Carriemarshall

    Do I believe that “we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization”? I think that’s a pretty broad, sweeping statement and I’m not sure how to answer that with a yes or no. This is why:

    A lie is traced back to the origin of original sin in the Garden of Eden. A lie is what began the threat to the human race thousands of years ago as that is what first separated man from God to begin with. Lies have permeated history with devastating effects, yes. Have we now escalated to the point that our civilization’s “foundation is threatened” ? What does that mean exactly? American civilization? Western civilization? Mankind? The answer may differ here depending on what you are referring to. And quite frankly, a broad, sweeping statement written by someone from a media company’s blog makes me feel like it is said to market a book by promoting a heightened sense of fear, which makes me question the motive of the writer, which automatically makes me wonder if I can trust the source. Is there a sense of duplicity underlying the content?

     I say this, not at all to be disparaging, but merely to point out that such tactics are commonplace in our everyday culture, vocabulary, etc. Even the fact that I just wrote ‘quite frankly’ in the last paragraph gives evidence to this point! Why does one say such things? It implies that at other times I might be lying if I must emphasize words such as “quite frankly” or honestly”, etc. to prove that this time, I’m telling the truth! 
    We do live in a media saturated culture, where ‘marketing’ is a part of everyday life.  I think everyone wants to put their best foot forward albeit on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to appear a certain way, to relate to the general public, etc. We’ve gotten so accustomed to it that skepticism has become second nature. And yes, we’ve been lied to by politicians, pastors, television, music, etc.  which certainly makes a mess even messier. I also think that technology propagates lies faster and to more people than ever before which seems to propel the sin of lying to new heights.

    So, I guess to summarize, yes I believe that lies threaten not only our civilization, but all of mankind. But do I think that it is something new? No.  

    And now I must confess that I don’t usually write my opinions online. But I like free books, and that’s no lie. :-)

  • Dpink03

    Yes, it seems so.

  • Cheryl

    Scriptures tells us this world will get worse not better…so I know that unless we are dealing with moral people we will be lied to.

  • Dave Christian

    Yes. Based on the eternal truths supernaturally revealed to us through God’s Word, I believe we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization. In fact, we are being deceived by Lucifer himself, the Father of all lies. Our only hope is the eternal Word of God, Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life. We would be wise to apply the ABCDE’s of God’s Word: Amen – pray God’s Word; Bible – study God’s Word; Church – live God’s Word; Disciple – teach God’s Word; and Evangelize – share God’s Word. We can also apply helpology (the biblical and scientific study of the most helpful products and services) to  seek God’s wisdom, by prayerfully asking God “The Question,”: “Lord Jesus, What’s the most helpful & simplest way that works?” (James 1:5).

  • Johncarver


    I have wondered about this question for several years until recently. Since 1998 my wife and I adopted six children from Russia and Belarus. While in Belarus, which is run by a dictator, the tension was evident in the air. Our translators would whisper in public, would not show emotion and would insist on meeting in private to give us ANYTHING. At the end of each floor, in our hotel, was someone sitting in a little booth monitoring when everyone left and returned to their hotel room. People, in countries like Belarus, N. Korea and historical Germany live and lived in fear.

    Since September 11, 2001 our govoernment has CHOSEN to treat many Americans as guilty rather than presuming innocent. These actions have resulted in American’s phones being tapped, “bugs” being planted on cars (I know of a situation first hand) and other acts that stand in the face of our Constitution.

    With all that background, in my opinion the German people stood by and let the horror happen because of fear and, also, because of greed. Before Hitler came to power the economy was in shambles. Hitler promised and delivered prosperity (for a time). It reminds me of the book of Revelations and how the Anti-Christ will rise. The Germans turned their heads because it benefits them economically. They chose to ignore the signs that people were disappearing all around them, they chose to ignore the signs up on the Jewish owned stores, they chose to shut up instead of speak out.

    Recently, President Obama signed into law the National Defense Authoriztion Act (NDAA). This Act can be used, as it is written in the law, to detain civilians with no due process. Didn’t this happen in Germany?

    Our freedoms are being erroded one at a time. From speed cameras everywhere you look to “big brother” in your business if a parent spanks their child it’s getting crazy. In George Orwell’s book “1984,” he writes, “Big Brother is watching you.” In addition is says:

    “With its grace and carelessness it seemed to annihilate a whole culture, a whole system of thought, as though Big Brother and the Party and the Thought Police could all be swept into nothingness by a single splendid movement of the arm.” Part 1, Chapter 3, pg. 33

    “a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting – three hundred million people all with the same face.” Part 1, Chapter 7, pg. 77

    “she only questioned the teachings of the Party when they in some way touched upon her own life. Often she was ready to accept the official mythology, simply because the difference between truth and falsehood did not seem important to her.” Part 2, Chapter 5, pg. 154

    Our government has CHOSEN to rewrite our history. When will the believers STAND UP!!??

    John W. Carver, LUTCF

  • HopeF

    I agree that we are lied to routinely as a society. What else is the majority of the advertizing but the lie that we need x,y, or z in order to be happy/successful/fulfilled/content? I really recommend reading Hannah Arendt, as she has a lot to say about needing to be honest with oneself and others and how that affects a society. I particularly recommend her books Eichmann in Jerusalem and Personal Responsibility and Judgement.

  • Joanna Moore

    Yes, I believe we are being lied to and this is the reason: As a culture, we have lost our integrity. We expect people to lie – and we accept it. There is no stigma attached to not telling the truth. When a culture loses integrity it is doomed. There is no trust – no foundation on which to build honorable citizens. Statesmen have been replaced by politicians eager for power and money. It would be very difficult for an honest person to enter our current political system and succeed. I have read Andy’s book and it is right on the money. I know the problem. I do not know the solution.

  • E Jason Stamper

    Do I think we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization? I believe that this has been the case since the fall. Each day we are fed information, I have heard (maybe a lie) that data or information doubles every two years. This concept sure leaves room for one to speculate about how one person, or even group of people, is/are to discern accurately. Information, depending one how it is used, has the ability to generate an undercurrent that can lead to a situation such as a Holocaust or the potential to spur a great loving movement.

    So do people lie? Yes!
    Are we being lied to? Everyday.
    Can it rock the foundation of a worldly civilization? I think so.
    Can it undermine the kingdom of God? 2 Corinthian 4:16-5:5

  • Pam Proctor

    The truth is what we need as a society, as a country, as individuals. This is so similar to what I’ve been telling my friends “on the opposite side of the aisle” for some time. Although we disagree on most political concepts, we do agree that one must tell the truth in order to have a better life, to be a better person, to be able to trust people. Many of the politicos of our day have me reading between the lines whenever they speak, trying to figure out what part of what they are saying they actually believe.

    THANK YOU, Andy, for writing this book. My goal is to help share it with as many people as I possibly can, as quickly as I possibly can.

  • Tinafoulkrod65

    i agree 100 percent! The real issue comes in discerning who is lying more. I understand that sounds crazy but if we are being lied to by those in authority there are many to consider. Do we trust our teachers, our churches, our political leaders. I will pray for God’s help and ask others to do the same! You can join me!

  • gail whittaker

    As a society, the trend of truthfulness has gone the way of homecooked meals and laundry lines.  We expect to hear what will make our life easier, what will fit into the tidy little microcosm we want to exist in.  Politicians, celebrities, physicians, scientists, religious leaders…they all tell us what they think society wants to hear, what will corale people into doing what is desired by the given individuals…and we have learned to accept this as the norm.  We have learned to function in a blanket of safety and comfort.  This is more dangerous than stirring the disquiet of the people with the truth, as has been shown throughout history.  Why do we no longer question?  Is it too difficult?  Too risky?  Or have we been programmed to think that if we believe, it will be true? Where would we be now if the people had simply left blind faith in the Pharosees…if those who chose to hear and contemplate God’s word had merely walked away…it’s a frightening thought…

  • TCAvey

    We are being lied to, and not only that, but those telling the lies are pointing fingers at the ones telling the truth and twisting their words until no one knows what to believe.  I think the general population either has no clue they are being lied to, they don’t care or they feel powerless to change anything so they just ignore what they see. 

    In the past few years, God has been opening my eyes.  I have read so many books talking about the deception in America that has been taking place for decades.  A few of the books that have really impacted me are:  Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas.  The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, The Coming Insurrection, The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson, The Road To Sefdom by F.A. Hayek,  ye shall be as gods by Larry Johnson and so many more.  It is amazing the wide spread cancer that has penetrated our society.  Good is spoken of as Evil as the truth is distorted.  Of course the best book I have read (and read) is the Bible. 
    It is all there how societies rise and fall in correlation to their personal relationship with God. 

    All of this prompted me to start my blog that focuses on current events/politics/life from a Christian perspective.  It is also what inspired the book I wrote.  I trust that if it is to be published God will provide the way. 

  • Carolyn

    bottom line is that without a standard of truth, there is no good or bad action. Evil is just as good as good is evil. Cruelty is just as acceptable as compassion. The underlying cause for the turmoil we now see in society is the abandoning of absolute truth.

  • Dlynnhayes

     Now in my 50’s, I have witnessed a continual decline in man’s very character…his lack of honesty, integrity and morality. Yes, I do believe that it has reached an epidemic level to where very few can be trusted with power as their greed, self-interest and deception consumes them to do what ever they please to obtain their end objective, which is to benefit themselves.  From newcasting to journalism, we now have to read between the lines, at best, to grasp for even a shread of truth in their bias and slanted version of reality. We have always been skeptical of world leaders, however, we can now not even trust our own leaders in their corrupt version of truth. What has happened that there is so little trust in a man’s word….not so very long ago you could trust a man with just a shake of the hand that he would stand behind his word.  It represented honesty and truth.  Unfortunately, now, one’s word is just empty rhetoric.

  • Emmanuel Gullo

    Lying is endemic among politicians. All are viewed with suspicion. Only to the extent that Godly values, based on the fear of God, are promoted and instituted, will we see any discernible and altruistic change in society at large. 

  • vcmdmm

    After reading the book, I was immediately compelled to really think long and hard about the message Andy is sharing with us all.  We MUST learn to think for ourselves, seek truth and wisdom in order to make informed decisions.  We CANNOT depend on the media to tell us what is really happening, how we should feel about it and what we should do.  It really does come down to US making the choices.  I think it is book that should be shared with everyone.

  • Mama Kinz

    I saw Andy Andrews at a Women of Faith weekend in Philadelphia PA, September 2010.  He is an engaging, fun, honest person.  I purchased a couple of his books and he seems to be speaking to whoever is reading them.  Andy is a strong believer and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be introduced to his work. 

    In answer to your question: Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization?  I must say YES and it’s a bipartisan behavior! 

    We must take the future seriously.  It is our duty not only as Christians but also as citizens of this great country.  If we do not take an interest in what’s going on today and how it will affect our tomorrows and that of our children and their children, etc. there will be no truth and substance as the basis of our system.   Although it is difficult to determine who is telling the truth until they are already sworn into office, etc it is your/my duty to spend time and research the candidates to make our own solid determination.  Sadly if we leave it to the press to guide us, they will just tell us what they want us to believe.  Shame on us if we allow that to happen!!  The truth is in the Bible.  When in doubt, check it out!!

  • RL

    I’d be more surprised if we were being told the truth.

  • Lindsay Moss

    Wow, what a great concept AND hugely important one – especially at this point in history.  I read a quote – just last night, in fact – that went something like this: If an honest man realises he is mistaken, he will either stop being mistaken or continue to be mistaken. So given that Andy Andrews has pointed out the pervasive lies within all levels of our culture we must find the COURAGE to stand up for Truth. Yes, we can learn from history! Can’t wait to read Andy’s book.

  • Markbradshaw60

    We certainly have to accept a portion of responsibility for our situation today. We give a pass to our politicians after realizing they have mislead us during a campaign, generally after they have delivered some pittance of local funding for some project. We give a pass after some legislation is enacted granting us some menial consideration for policy we deem important. We then say our politician deserves reelection because he/she has done enough or started enough to seem “busy at our business”. The most dangerous time for a government is when it starts to change for the better. I move we hitch up our sleeves and prepare to vote our values, rather than our party or affiliation!

  • Charles A. Geer

    Yes. Of course we are being lied to. Every person you ask will give you the same answer that our leaders are lying to us. I believe most people are scared to hear the real truth because then we as a society would have to acknowledge the path we are on and have to take the painful steps to correct the problems. Like Jack Nicholson says {you cant handle the truth}

  • Eddies6

    Yes I believe we are being lied to. In a very sneaky way. Like I read in word for today said just today. The lies are like yeast moving silently through us making it a constant struggle to fight what is spoken into our lives with what Gods word says. We have to check everything and evaluate through Gods eyes.
    Just as the movie recently produced. Suing the devil.
    This is perfect for our time.
    It shows us how it works. How we are effected and how sneaky the enemy is and making people believe he is not real. The biggest lie yet.
    How can we not yell and scream out to all who are walking off a cliff.
    Anything that reveals this is such a must.
    Even if controversial and challenges us. Especially so!!

  • Maxine Miller

    I think the Holy Bible, God’s Word, will be fulfilled just exactly like it says no matter who says what.  God is the ultimate authority over everyone and everything. 

  • Don

    It started with the word change……We all wanted change and didn’t get it with the current administration.So we elected new reps that said they would do something about it and guess what? no change…………..I think the new word now should be “hope”!!!! 

  • J. V. Spires

    If the Truth sets us free, then deception imprisons us; it imprisons both the mind and heart.  The greatest social danger we face today is the threat of our culture becoming saturated with an ethos of deception where the very definitive  inner culture of our society is grounded on a lie rather than a commitment to Truth.  By our very nature, people pursue a state of well-being.  Manipulate the factors contributing to our well-being or the attainment of it and you can manipulate entire nations, perhaps even the world.  Politicians and statesman have only to consider Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ or Plato’s ‘Noble Lie’ as models for their own ethical justification of elevating the lesser evil of manipulating the truth as a means to a greater good above truth itself.  When others decide for us what promotes well-being and serves the common good, our freeedom erodes.  When deception permeates our culture, our own capacity for sound judgment and self-determination is stolen from us.  It no longer matters what we think we believe.  The soul has already been imprisoned by a lie.  We cease to have the capacity to exercise the executive function in our lives and, in short, become a nation of sheep.

  • Allison Herrington

    I believe that we are constantly being lied to and misled. Politicians tend to use this power to get into office and then when they get there do an about face. We in America do have some truthful politicians here and there, but it is a shame that they are few and far between. The thought that we being lied to for our own good is so insulting.

  • Maxine Miller

    I think God’s Word, the Holy Bible, will be fulfilled just like He says it will no matter who makes false statements;  if speakers and doers  line  up with His Word then one can bank on it.  However, one must have a discerning spirit which comes only from God and one must stay in His word every day.

  • Hhiker98

    There is very little truth left in the top levels of our leadership. I am passing out crosses to remind people to pray for renewal/revival in our land!

  • dan oliver

    I have always been intrigued with how any leader, particularly Hitler, comes to do such great evil. What shaped his life experience? Where did he go wrong? How did he get people to buy-into his vision? What was going through the minds of those people on the front lines doing his dirty work?

    Having visited Sachsenhausen, the administrative center of all concentration camps, in the summer of 2010 these questions continue to linger in my mind.

     I agree, “an informed citizenry that demands truth at every level—first from
    themselves and second from their leaders” is absolutely necessary.  I think, perhaps, we are seeing elements of this displayed in the Arab Spring movement. Social media as a platform decreases pre-existing communication barriers and, thus, increases the demand for governmental transparency.

    Ultimately, true change will have to come from within individuals rather than the tools they use. I am interested in what Andrews has to say about the individual and social transformation required to separate
    fact from fiction, truth from lies, and hold those who lie accountable. Sounds like a great and challenging read!

  • Rose Henness

    Yes, I do believe we are being lied to by our leaders in all avenues of our culture. Our political leaders lie about what they do and don’t do, what others are doing, and what is happening behind closed doors. Our educational leaders are lie about the mess our schools and students are in and that they have a plan to correct our educational mess.   Our financial leaders lie and mislead consumers from the highest level to the aisles of our stores. Sadly, I believe many of our religious leaders lie as well. Rather than speaking the truths found in God’s Word they want to tickle listeners ears with an easy feel-good, be-blessed message in order to build their own “kingdoms.” 

    I believe the lies have become so ingrained in our culture that even those telling the lies believe them as truth themselves. 

    As a teacher of teachers and future ministry leaders, I would love to find a book that would encourage my students to live a life of truth … no matter the cost!

    • dan oliver

      I love how you finished your comment!

      “I believe the lies have become so ingrained in our culture that even those telling the lies believe them as truth themselves. “

  • Guest

    I have 2 questions.
    Why is it that you must have a Twitter or Facebook account to get a free book?
    Why do you ask for people to do 4 things but only list 3 things we must do to get the free book?

    Regarding the video;
    The foundation of our civilisation was destroyed at the Fall. The Holocaust and all deception comes from telling people what they want to hear. Sometimes it is true, often a lie.

    Truth is a person and that person (and God) is Jesus Christ and He is our foundation. If we stand by His strength, we will endure and He wins!!

  • Dwolfcoach

    Positively! As a teacher, I am trying to fight this very concept. Remember though the citizenry tries to shut me up. This political gamesmanship is very real, and poisoned by some of our most revered institutions. I so disagree with the comments below. “God’s word” is the very root of this problem-fictional on every front. (I didn’t even have to ask which God, did I?)

  • Annietom

    i think it all comes down to an innate desire by most humans for immediate gratification and selfish wants and endless fears. 

    How can you really understand the actions of Hitler, or other incredibly insensitve and cruel dictators?  It’s impossible surely, or is it.  Are rules like him still around, or in leadership right now! 

    The Murdochs of the world greatly manipulate what we read and beleive to be true, the arabs line the right ppl’s pockets to ensure we all still believe that only petrol can run our cars, and the few super rich ensure we, the most class of the world, think that life is as good as it can be (for us mere mortals).

    We are not frightened of the truth, we have an inkling we are being betrayed by those who can easily mislead the masses (specially with the lovely internet “viral” aspect), but how does that now trully empower us (the good humans) to change the power of the “bad” ones – and who determines who the bad ones are and what to do about it?

    Do we give up?  no.  Do we lie down and accept it? no.  But the determination of who is “right” and “wrong” will be the debate that goes on forever as our socieities seem conflicted, for instance, protecting the rights of perpetrators, rather than the the rights of their victims.  Or one religion v another religion (eg culture).

    Will these things really change, how will our future generations view us?  Just think how we view the society only 200 years ago, legal (encouraged) slavery, women not voting, disabled deemed worthy of a slow death in a hostel only.  It’s tragic.  But these attitudes have slowely changed, improved yes?  Surely good change does happen, it just takes time, like a good wheat crop harvest.  I believe we will get there, but not in my time.

  • Sen. Jason Rapert

    I wholeheartedly believe that we are being lied to by politicians in American society today, and there is no doubt that this threatens the foundation of American civilization.  With the national debt now over $15 Trillion dollars, our nation has more national debt than any other government in the history of mankind.  Politicians pretend that this historic debt can be managed without drastically cutting the size of government and so called entitlements – this is a lie.  Our nation legalized abortion in 1973 and we have now seen over 53 million little babies killed in the mother’s womb.  Liberal politicians say abortion is not murder – this is a lie.  Our nation was clearly founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and our U.S. Supreme Court even wrote in a 19th century opinion that “we are a Christian nation”, but liberal politicians, Barrack Obama and the ACLU claim we are not a Christian nation – this is a lie.  It is the lies being cast upon our nation and the threats those lies are to our country that stirred me to run for office in 2010.  – State Senator Jason Rapert, Arkansas 

  • Olinka

    I believe that this planet as a whole is waking up to the ‘Lie’. 
     Andy Andrews is a large contributor in helping the masses understand this simple fact.  The media, our politicians our Bankers all tell lies. 
    We only have to observe all the uprisings that have happened and are happening around the world during this century to understand that we as the majority….Are Waking UP!

  • Nelson (usernww)

    Yes.  Andy alluded to Adolf Hitler using the phrase “redistribution of wealth.”  He also stated that if you repeat a lie often enough and loud enoug, it becomes “the truth.”  Just watch the debates and exchanges and you will note that the volume gets louder and more intense.  Seemingly, arguments are won by those who are the loudest, not the real basis in fact of their arguments.

    It takes courage to simply stand for what you believe.  However, the inertia and lethargy of conformity prevents many from standing on true truth.

    Horace Greeley states, “It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible reading people.”  In the last fifty or so years, we as a people have drifted from two maxims that nearly everyone agreed to:  (succinctly put by Richard Maybury)   (1) do all you have voluntary agreed to do; (2) do not encroach on other persons or their property.

    I believe that more harm has been done by weak persons than by wicked persons.  The problems of this world have been caused by the weakness of goodness rather than by the strength of evil.

    Just tell me the truth.  I can deal with the truth.  When presented with true truth, I can make preparations and adjustments.  Thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts.


    Nelson William Worden

    • Michele Cushatt

      Thanks for sharing the Horace Greeley quote, Nelson. I’ve been thinking on it much this evening …

    • dan oliver

      This is definitely worth repeating:

      “In the last fifty or so years, we as a people
      have drifted from two maxims that nearly everyone agreed to: 
      (succinctly put by Richard Maybury)   (1) do all you have voluntary
      agreed to do; (2) do not encroach on other persons or their property. ”

      I also appreciate the thoughts on the impact created by weakness rather than wickedness. Thanks, Nelson!

  • Patricia Webster

    Telling the truth to others requires that I tell the truth to myself,  first. 

  • Stuart Loe

    No, I don’t believe we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization.  I believe Americans are being misled on a scale that threatens to bankrupt our country via the near-future projected costs of Medicare and to a lesser extent Social Security.  However, I don’t believe that will threaten the foundation of our civilization.  Maybe I’m missing the point entirely.  Maybe Andrews is not referring to economics or our financial foundation.  I am interested to read his book and see if I agree with what we are being lied to about.

  • Markbradshaw60

    I read an essay while in college wondering”who will carry the torch?” I wish and strive to be worthy to carry the torch, and pass it along to my children with instructions to light the path for the excellent, the masses, and any other person traveling along the same route. Neither I, nor they, are able to light the path for anyone choosing a different goal,destination or route. If they are inclined to lie to me and tell me they are traveling toward my destination, the fault is mine if I allow them to mislead me, I must take responsibility for each footprint I leave. At my passing, my hope is my trail, looking back, is clear and straight.

    • Piar

      Thank you Mark Bradshaw. 

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t because of Hitlers lies that threatend the foundation of a German nation but their solely believe that one can’t change history what ironically Hitler proved.

  • Markbradshaw60

    Oh, BTW, I neither twitter nor Facebook, so, adopting the mantle of the offended, I’m being held down by the man,and discriminated against because I’m not cutting edge and modern. I suppose I should go along to get along, get what’s coming to me and add to my toy pile, nah, I’ll stay where I’m at, and make my own way.

  • Omojo Odihi

    Looking forward to reading this book. Truth needs no qualifier, it just is. These days, people say too often: “Believe in your truth and I’ll believe in mine.” There shouldn’t be multiple versions of truth, just one. I’m excited to read this book and will get it whether or not I get it here.

  • April

    You are to be commended for stepping out and speaking up. Yes, politicians have lied so much that they don’t know what the truth is… and we as a society have been lied to so much that it is difficult for us to discern what it the truth.

    As a society, we have got to stand for something or we are going to fall for anything…(and in some cases already have) …more of us need to speak up as you have in this book. 

  • Mattea Decker

    Yes, I believe we are being lied to today and we always have been.  Whether we are being lied to by our parents about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, or by the government that lies about the debt of the U.S. and the notes borrowed against the American people.  The lies are endless, and it saddens me to feel as helpless as I do in the tornado of lies going down the drain.

  • Carlhanke

    Truth is the foundation to all things. If you look at the society’s and movement though out history that were worth anything. It is because they held truth as a high standard of living. I think that Andy Andrews is right on that if politicians, government officials, and the populace don’t get back to living and respecting truth them we as a country and a world are in deep trouble . But it has become so easy in our society to tell a lie, that is not meant to hurt anyone, but just like most matters they pick up momentum, and they can not be stopped. I also agree that we need to focus on things that we share in common, and not our differences, because at the end of the day we only have two things on this earth and that is the Lord and the people that we share this earth with, so we need to make it work

  • Greg L. Gilbert

    Yes, we are being misled. Lobbying and bribery are so close. In Arkansas I must wear a seat belt in my ton-dually truck or I can get a ticket but I don’t have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle. Where is the logic in that? There is none, it’s lobbying.  I recently was honored to play a new song I wrote, “With What They Died For” on an ABC affiliate in Little Rock for Veteran’s Day. The song asks a tough question, “Are you proud of what you’ve done with what they died for? Are you proud of what you stand for in your life? Do you speak, act and vote, in a way where they’d be proud? Is your life just a whisper, or can you shout it loud? Now, let me introduce you to a mother that has lost a child at war. Can you tell her that you are proud of what you’ve done, with what they died for?” The song is on iTunes but a lady on a mission called me after the show. She ordered 550 CD’s of that song. They were sent individually to those 535 + 1 politicians mentioned in the book.  (I guess she didn’t think about the Supreme Court) They should have arrived in Washington DC, last week.  As a brand new Human Resources manager for a Fortune 100 company, my mentor shared these exact words with me in October, 1989: “Greg, you can work on an employee’s quality, quantity, safety and attendance; but YOU cannot instill honesty and integrity in an employee. They either have it or they don’t. You will not be good or lucky enough to catch a thief the first time he steals from you and until he changes his heart, he will steal from you again.”  Honesty and integrity do not have a left or right side. You can not be “more honest”. You can put an er on the end of fast, smart, quick or slow, but er does not fit on the end of honest. Never has, never will.  

  • chontzy

    I look forward to reading this book – the allegory of the cave comes to mind and how difficult it can be to “see” the truth. 

  • Marisa Hubbs Tomlinson

    I do think that our society is in real trouble. We, as Americans, expect to be lied to. So if lies are what we expect, how can we ever know what’s really going on in our own country? I believe our children are growing up seeing lying as no big deal.” Everyone lies to get what they want mom.” To keep our Nation strong we must re-establish the strong moral code our country was built on.

  • Pegmeerkatz

    Yes honesty seems to have gone the way of roller skate keys!

  • MeLinda Ogaard

    I definitely believe we are being lied to is such a way that threatens us as a society! I am ashamed to say that I have lost “faith” in our government as a whole. For a society that was first founded on Christian values I feel we have desperately lost our way. I do look forward to reading the book and hearing Andy’s perspective on how you get millions to believe a lie. I feel as though it is happening currently before our eyes and pray that this could be the wake up call to many.

  • Jenniferhinz13

    What concerns me most are the moral lies that are being fed to our kids. I have 3 children – 2 in high school and 1 in the military – and I have to counter lies that they’ve been fed on a continual basis. It’s wearisome at times but I know what’s at stake. What upset’s me most are the lies they believe about the value and worth of God’s most precious creation –  human beings. They truly have been convinced that it’s OK to harshly tease and make fun of people – their teacher’s do it, even youth group leaders do so. They think it’s fine to say they want to “curb-stomp” someone they are upset with or they say that so-and-so is “garbage” and should do everyone a favor and just kill themself. Or, on the flip side, they are so self-critical about their own worth that it breaks my heart. It’s a constant battle and half the time, my kids think I’m crazy for fighting this battle at all. These lies are so pervasive that most people don’t even recognize them anymore…

  • Charlie Holmes

    Not only do we need to hold our elected leaders accountable, we must also insist – by the creation or advancement of a media as unbiased as the ones initially given freedom of the press – that these media outlets be held to as high a level of accountability as politicians.  IT is also imperative that we, the people, demand an end to “career politicians”, retroactively end Congressional retirements of 100% (there should be NO retirement), and demand/enforce employment retention after a Representative’s/Senator’s completion of terms of service.  In addition, we must do more to enable our military to accomplish the missions they are sent to do.  In the years since 9/11, our troops have been underequipped, underfunded, and undermined by the same political machine that sent them halfway around the globe to fight for our freedoms. Why?  Because of lobbyists & special interests. Accountability is the #1 issue facing the DC political arena.  We’ve certainly been lied to enough.  LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR A CHANGE!

  • Bcole39

    I’ve read most of Andy’s Books and can’t wait to get my hands on this one. He has a unique way of”cutting to the chase”.

  • Susan Scott

    Are we being lied to? Absolutely. If the government told us the truth about the state of our economy, social security, our military actions in foreign countries, the amount of information they collect about average citizens or any other part of what our government is involved in, there would be rioting in the streets. People don’t want to know the truth however, they want to be comfortable, entertained and well fed. The Roman’s called it bread and circus.  The rulers would provide feasts and entertainment for the populous and in exchange they were given free reign to rule as they wished. We haven’t changed or learned much in the last 2000 years.  When the people do not demand accountability from their leaders, preferring apathy instead, then civilization will devolve into ruin. History proves that over and over. I can’t wait to not only read Andy’s book, but to share it with people on both sides of the political aisle.

    • Annietom

      Bread and circus – I love that!  exactly!

  • Judithclaire

    I agree . It appears that we have so much Junk Eye/ Ear today that we don’t see the real reality. thank you!

  • Dakotaajones

    Not only do i agree we are being lied to On a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilazation, I believe its a scale closer to Extinction.

  • Sisterbygrace

    We have become a sleepy complacent people. It is a perfect storm forconfusion,  corruption and cataclysm to take hold. I look forward to reading this book.

  • CyndaP

    Yes, I agree that we are being lied to by many people, but what is especially troubling to me is how we are lying to ourselves.  As a Sunday school teacher to college students, it is disheartening how so many students have bought into the lie of “it’s all about you.”  There is no ultimate truth, it all depends on how YOU feel about it.   My students seem to think, “when X happens, I’ll be happy, responsible, enlightened, etc.”  They cannot seem to see the larger picture.  This is not just true for Gen-Xer’s.  It is also frighteningly true for Baby Boomers.  A succinct discussion of why TRUTH matters and why is matters now is most welcome. 

  • Sunny S

    Absolutely.  The more I research on this topic of interest the more confident I am in my belief.  I genuinely feel that we in the West are being lead to a point where if we continue so far we will be unable to turn back, we’re selling our souls to the people in power for short term comforts, the global recession has to a considerable extent allowed people to take off the blindfolds and see what is really going on.  But it is not enough, we have  to do more! 

  • Lisa

    I agree as asociety is has become acceptable to lie, cheat, and betray others with little consequence. This has been going on since the beginning but it seems society has changed. We are no longer appalled by lies but have come to expect them from our children, coworkers, and governent. I can see why Mr. Andrew’s saw a need to address this in his new book. I am very excited about his new book.

  • Laryn

    I am an eternal optimist. I know good will triumph over evil, and we will each someday realize the consequences of our choices. One of the choices we all make every day is what we accept as truth, what is a lie, and what we are going to do with this understanding. 
    Yes, we are surrounded by great lies, and men of power who are using evil combinations in America and abroad to confuse, undermine, and destroy the truth that created and lifted our civilization to the greatest in history. 
    However, all is not lost, as long as each of us are willing to stand for what we know to be right and true, and exerting others to do the same, even making difficult or unpopular decisions in defending the principles our civilization is based upon, which will never change.  

  • Johnnydye

    Lying has always been the Satan’s main weapon so I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that it’s still most effective among humans and government. I live in Venezuela and we hear those lies everyday from the government. Most of the time it’s easy to spot, but unfortunately half the country believes the lies. Makes you wonder also why we see lying as the smallest of the sins.

  • Bgbulmer

    Yes, I think everyone is saying what they think people want to hear so they do not have to deal with and make changes that no one wants to face

  • linda honickel

    Question: Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization? Yes,Yes,and Yes,twenty four hours a day.With out the truth there can be no way for the people to make choices that benefit them and the world in general.Global warming can and is happening ,but we are told its not, food is being genetically modified and we are not told, wars are being fought and thousand on both side including woman and children are murdered for a lie!!so many lies that I think people don’t believe anyone would lie about so much.I always wondered how the German people followed Hitler ,but it seems people hear what they want to and follow their emotions more than facts.I do believe that the truth will set us free ,but it will also make us act and get involved and that’s where a lot of people are afraid.

  • sharonv

    I definitely think we are lied to and if you want proof of it just watch 30 minutes of CNN and then watch 30 minutes of FOX NEWS.  The two views are so different on the same topic.  I used to think that FOX NEWS leaned more toward the truth but in the end I think that all news is slanted by whoever is reporting its views and political party.  On September 11,  our nation’s elected officials vowed to join together to do what is right for this country and now they are more divided than ever.  I think the further apart the parties become the worse the slants to the news will get.  Now only that but it is also because we are a nation of people that always want to blame someone else for our problems – we have no personal responsibilities any more .  We are raising our children by spoiling them and they have no discipline so we are sitting ducks for a power hungry leader that could sway politics to get in control.  It is really scary.  Thankfully I know that Jesus is in control and ultimately he wins so I put my trust in him and don’t listen to the news any more. 

  • Susan Brannock

    Lies have sadly become the foundation of our civilization. The dominant force is self centered so truth isn’t black and white anymore. It’s too confronting. Real truth is too often met with disdain and those who hold truth dear are labeled the “intolerant minority.” We have a culture where much of the media, the entertainment industry, even advertising and certainly politics is about tickling the ears of another to get a response or feeling you want, our foundation is already cracked. Paul told Timothy, “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.
    Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great
    number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4 People who believe in real truth- God centered, Biblical based truth- have to take a stand. We profess to follow One who changed the world, Jesus, and His words were, “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

  • Paul L Midgett

    Yes, we are being lied to on a grand scale, and it seems to have the sinister purpose of destroying anything and everything that is Godly.  It seems almost to be coordinated from outside our human realm.

  • Alexcforreat

    We are being lied to in countless ways by countless people and entities. One of the most insidious lies we are fed is that we can’t be content – this is the point of most advertising. It shouldn’t surprise us because we live in a world marred by sim and the father of lies. Only the truth (THE Logos) can set us free!

  • Anonymous

    I consider this a paradox. We have reached a point where few believe politicians. If they say one thing, do they mean the opposite? 

    This makes me think of the satirical novel by C.S.Lewis – The Screwtape Letters – where a senior demon writes to his nephew on how to secure the damnation of man.  The reader must consider the opposite meaning of each letter to understand God’s truth. 

    I believe we live in a time where intelligent people consider the lie behind statements made. The question then becomes, are politicians altering their statements to map to what people really think of them, in order to believe in their favor? Confusing? 

    This gives new meaning to Jesus statement “The truth shall set you free.”

    I look forward to reading Andy’s new book. He truly makes you think and reflect!

  • Joni Hannigan

    I can’t wait to read this book. Reading the first few lines I immediately thought of a conversation I had with an older friend nearly 30 years ago in Augsburg, W. Germany. She was a teen during Hitler’s rise to power and she said he made such comforting promises. Mostly, she said, the people were so desperate to believe that nothing was happening, even when the evidence of people being exterminated was right in front of their eyes.  “I am so sorry,” I remember her and her former Nazi SS husband saying over and again. My one afternoon conversation with Oma and Opa who my young children and I had grown to love and adore, showed me that desperate people are willing to disregard common sense and truth, even when it’s right in front of them, when they are facing personal inconvenience. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, lies have become a communication tool. Our political leaders obviously believe that leadership tools include hypocrisy, lying and the use of fear. And you know what? It works or these politicians would not be returned to office. It happens on both sides of the political spectrum, conservative and liberal. It happens in both parties, GOP/Tea Party and Democrats. Why? Because the voting public not only allows it, the voters reward it.

  • RecreationalWordSlinger

    I think you have to be responsible for the news and information you see or hear to a certain extent. If you don’t take any personal responsibility, then the people lying to you get away with it.

  • Brooky127

    Definitely! The greed and power of men has led our nation to lying in every area of life. Our country is lied to through politics, are children our lied to at school through false education, teens are lied to through our media and the list goes on…

  • John Mark Lamb

    Yes, we are being lied to by the father of lies and all of those who by default refuse to listen to the Singer of God’s Song, How do we do this? This involves being available to God and to others–as expressed in a commitment to being alone with God on the cell of our own heart and to being available for hospitality, intercession and mission. Intentional vulnerability is expressed through being teachable in the discipline of prayer, saturation in the Scriptures and being accountable to one another through soul friendships. It also means ‘embracing the heretical imperative’ (challenging assumed truth), being receptive to constructive criticism, affirming that relationships matter more than reputation, and living openly among people as ‘church without walls.’

  • Eldonna

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  All it takes for someone to gain absolute power is for the majority of people to surrender their own power through apathy.  Quite often we like to talk about  what “they” are doing.  How often do we actually consider that there is something that we should be doing to preserve our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  

  • Duxmichelle

    Awesome video, anxious to read the book, Andy is the best!

  • Rafael Torres


    I believe that we are living in a fallen world of personal sin, corporate sin (it’s better for pharmaceutical companies to treat a disease than to cure it. If you find a cure you loose the patient – client but if you develop a treatment you ensure a faithful client for yaers to come!) and, of course guvermental sin (world hunger – wrong distribution of wealth, invasions because of suspected weapons…). To all this we can add the power of the media… One has to seek wisdom and discernment in times like this…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t thank Andy enough for having the courage to say what needs to be said. Thank you for using your hard-earned platform to send out the clarion call that so badly needs to be heard and understood today!

  • Ben

    I think it boils down to personal accountability. If we lie to our selfs and justify our actions for our own benefit, then how easy is it to lie to someone else.

  • Piar

    We are being lied to on a scale that is probably no different than any other time throughout history.   History and war are inseparable.  The foundation of every war is a lie; first to self and then to others.  Killing to accomplish some sort of gain is preceded by a decision;  is this act justified?  When the answer is yes, the rest of the lies are much easier to tell because they pale in comparison.   Lies create their own offspring.  We lie, and then we lie about why we lied.  It eats us alive, bit by bit, and we lie about the true source of our pain.  The lies told by our elected officials eat away at the quality of our lives and then we are lied to about the true source of our societal pains.  It’s like studying fractals – the smallest part resembles the whole.  The short answer to the question is yes – but there is nothing new under this sun, except maybe the speed with which the same human tragedies are played out and the equipment used to enact the story. 

  • Dc Cgc06

    No, I’m not inclined to believe that there is a significant conspiracy going on.

  • Rory Peebles

    Indeed, Americans are being lied to. This isn’t new however; but the magnitude and frequency is alarming.  I find it encouraging to see Andy Andrews and a growing number of ordinary Americans bravely defending America’s Divine Founding.

  • Jonathan Hasson

    Thanks Michael.  I’m not sure if I’d call it lying or just blind belief in whatever worldview is popular at the time.  Truth is our ultimate goal, but getting past popular culture to cultural truth is the challenge.  Thanks for the opportunity to receive the book.  Looking forward to reading it.

    • Lkfischer

      I agree with your blind belief statement.  What do you mean by cultural truth?

  • MH

    Yes, but the real issue isn’t that we are being lied to, the real issue is that we are lying…. To our fellow citizens, to our family and friends, to our children, and worst of all, to ourselves.  In too many ways to count….. deficits are ok, wars are justified and necessary, the government can create wealth, rights come from the government…..  We all know the truth.  It may be uncomfortable to talk about.  It may be unpleasant to do something about it.  But it’s still the truth.  When will we have the courage to stand up and do something about it?

    • Michele Cushatt

      I agree. Although I believe in accountability, we must first be accountable to ourselves for living what we purport to be important.

  • Sfcconnolly

    Unfortunately yes I agree we are being lied to beyond what we even realize. Since the truth is regulated by the same people misleading the masses to begin with there is no way to know the extend of the betrayal. Far beyond that of Hitler’s manipulation but with effects that will reach our children’s children and have to be dealt with by those who will have no idea what caused the problems they will face.

  • Karl Mealor

    We are most definitely being lied to, deceived, and misled.  I’m not convinced that there is a vast conspiracy afoot, but I do think there are groups of individuals who knowingly or unknowingly are threatening life and freedom as we have known it. 
    The things that bother me the most are the lies mixed with truth.  It reminds me of the Tylenol/cyanide murders in the early 80’s.  People don’t naturally eat poison, but several victims unknowingly swallowed cyanide disguised as headache medicine.We live in a day and age in which we are deceived by misinformation.  Unfortunately, the deluge of information that we are submitted to makes it difficult to sift through the trustworthiness of what we are told.  I’m also concerned by information that it being withheld by government leaders and the news media. 

  • Debbie

    The  generation that I am teaching say they deserve everything for free. We should provide the paper and pencils they use. Where is irresponsibility being taught and holding each other accountable for our actions? Makes me ponder how many of us are following blindly those who lead.

  • Pamela5657

    Yes, I do … long gone are many personal attributes like integrity and honesty and The Golden Rule when it comes to politics and business.

  • Michelle

    As much as current leadership may lie to us, I feel that we have a voice, and are empowered to fight for the truth. I am also aware that I stand in an extremely privileged position living in Australia, and that the majority of the worlds population may not have a voice that is herd. I wish I had listened in history class in school- It’s never to late to learn from the past-

  • Jen

    I don’t think we are being lied to as much as we are willing to accept whatever we are told. We no longer read or even watch actual news. There is no news really, just a series of persuasive media essays called news. And this becomes a problem when those in authority or those seeking power do lie.
    We need to be willing to ask questions and be questioned. We need to learn to fact check and find legitimate source material. We need to encourage and teach critical thinking.

  • Lkfischer

    Yes we are being lied to.  This is not intentional however it is the result of stupidity.  Not just the politicians.  “WE THE PEOPLE” are to blame.  We select the people in Washington and do nothing more than complain.  We all want change and we are the ones who have that power.  It all starts with love.  God’s  commandment.  Successful teams understand this commandment and exercise it.   God, Family, friends, team, school, work, county, state, country.  The change starts on the foundation of God.  What can we do?  LOVE each other.

  • Lkfischer

    Another thought as I slip on my running shoes tonight.

    I’m not going to feed my cat the same food over and over if he continually vomits it in my shoe.  I’m going to change something!

    America is being fed what America likes to digest.  We hear this stuff because we haven’t vomited in enough shoes of the people who feed us.

    Have a better night that me!!  Thanks for sharing this interview!

  • Lisa Colon DeLay

    I think the problem begins as we lie to ourselves. The lies build from there, and the truth becomes unpalatable. As we condone dishonesty, the truth seems out of place and we reject it. For instance, Americans (me included) want to believe that things are important (above people, values, relationships, the message of the gospel, etc). Whatever goes against this lie gets rejected.

    I’d like to feature this book on my blog, if I get a copy, that’s what I plan to do. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Mary N Chuck Culp

    We are absolutely being lied to at a level that threatens the foundation of our civilization.  And it’s happening because we’ve become an “entitled” society.  For the past generation or so, we’ve raised our children to believe that they can and should have everything they see.  And if they can’t get it by working to earn it, they’ve come to believe that it should be provided to them by the “government”.  Once we have a generation of society who believes everything is owed to them, they’ll listen to anyone who promises to give it to them.  We elect people to congress who will tell us how they can provide the things we’re not willing to work for with no thought of the inevitable consequences of our choices.  Instead, we should follow the teachings of the Bible, the Word of the one true God, the only infallible truth.  It reminds us that we must work for what we get and that nothing good comes from laziness and apathy.

  • Barbara O’Neal

    Yes we are definitely being lied to on a scale that threatens the very foundation on which our great nation was formed.  God’s Word should be the very catalyst  that propels us in everything we do.   Praying that this book is read by all candidates  in this election year ~~ beginning with the local government  ~~ to the highest office in the land.   And the very one that stands up and says “I promise to uphold God’s laws  first and foremost and will not compromise.  I will seek God first in all my decisions as I join with other like minded people  to  lead this great nation back to the very roots it was founded ~~~ One Nation Under God”.    Plain and simple…turn your eyes and ears to God.  Seek Him in all your  ways and He will guide you in turning our nation around.

  • Carolaround

    Yes, I agree! May God use Andy’s book to turn things around. To God be the glory.

  • Kirk Kraft

    I’m not sure I can add much to the previous comments but I’ll give it a go. As a nation, we’ve turned our backs on God and His perfect truth. We allowed compromise to seep into our outlook on life and now are paying the price. Collectively, we believe all the lies the world spews forth because, after all, our happiness is what matters most. As long as we don’t go bankrupt or lose our job or home, life is blissful. The economy is all that matters. Freedom carries a great weight of responsibility and we’ve chosen to ignore it.

  • Michael Ray

    Yes, we are. It’s been widely noted that the average superpower in history has lasted only about 200 years. We’re several decades past that average. Like Rome, if America falls, it’s more likely to be due to internal decay than external threats.

  • AmyJ

    I DO believe we are being lied to on a massive scale. People MUST wake up. The very foundation of the country has been eroding for years and years. Little by little, our rights have been taken away.  The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve. Our government prints money that is backed by nothing. Other countries are losing faith in our currency and we may soon lose our status as the reserve currency. I was just explaining this to friends the other day who repeatly tell me I’m crazy and that  our nation will not collapse, we won’t ever be fighting for food or scared for the safety of our families. I warned them of the normalcy bias that caused so many Jewish families to ignore the facts and remain in Germany. Had they simply recognized the impending doom rather than believing “it could never happen to me…our government would never allow this to happen”, they would have survived. It’s time to wake up. I can’t wait to read your book. Hopefully it will open the eyes of many before it’s too late.

  • Just B

    We are being lied to, and have been for a long time. But truth and fact are separate. Facts are that which are measurable and verifiable. Truth on the other hand, is more like a stream that makes its way around, under, and over that which is in its path. Our responsibility as citizens of this nation, is to find out the facts. We are too willing to rely on someone else to tells us what the facts are. We have a tendency to swallow, whole, facts that are misrepresented, omitted, or taken out of context if it is presented by a so called expert. It is only by valuing facts enough to check them for ourselves, is the truth and the veracity of the speaker known to us. Otherwise, anyone can (has and does) say anything, and they are believed. Many times emotional opinion substitutes for facts in our politicians and in our media. And thus do we find ourselves here … in a place where rhetoric, lies, party talking points and opinion have drowned out truth in our national discourse.

  • Cherieatl

    irrefutably, incontrovertibly, YES! there is but one party in this country but with 2 [two] different names. there are 311,000,000 us citizens who entrust 546 people [2 in the white house], the supreme court [9], the senate [100] and the congress [435] to up hold the constitution for we the people. mr. andrews has stated he wrote this book as a weapon but i think of it more as a much needed tool. it matters not if you vote “R” or “D” or anything else until the populace is both enlightened and awakened to the rampant corruption on both sides of the aisle. 

  • Anonymous

    (***I won a copy of Barefoot Executive but never got it in the mail and tired to email the contact person (Dan) but he never got back to me. If I win I hope this book will come) 

    The bible tells us that the world will become a darker place and this include people who come and lie. My people don’t value tell the truth any more. We can see many people who work in politics who lie just so they can be elected.  When they are elected they only harm our country because of their lies.

    • Will Laohoo

      I agree, Dan. But I think what we also need to face is that they aren’t just elected arbitrarily; they are elected by us! We have to own our part in the problem if we’re to make any progress.

  • Mike Hansen

    I may be revealing some ignorance here, but I’m not sure we are. I may also need to read the book to get the perspective Andy’s bringing out too. Looking back, we know the motive behind the lying on Hitler’s part: to wipe out an entire race. I’m not sure that’s what’s going here. Is something wrong? Oh yes, most definitely. But is there a conspiratorial effort to destroy our society (i.e., our “race”), or a collection of self-centered politicians looking out for themselves. Did you know for the 535 members of Congress, there are 35,000 lobbyists in Washington?

    My life of nearly 41 years now is clearly divided into two halves: when I wasn’t a Christian and when I was-when I was baptized at 20 years old. The second half has provided a worldview and lens to see and interpret the world around me. I also have an eternal perspective absent from a non-religious upbringing: this life isn’t it, and our “society” isn’t the end-all in God’s plan. God transcends civilizations and societies, was around before any existed and will remain long after this experiment in republican government is gone. Personally, I hope Jesus returns before things crumble further, but my eschatology says otherwise. Things are going to get worse, much worse. And the solution happens when God finally intervenes to end it for good and recreate to the way things should have been in the first place.

    But I applaud Andy at his effort to bring a warning that if it happened before, it can happen again. Society is only as strong as those who are willing to live by principle and speak up when those principles are showing signs of compromise-which I believe is happening.

  • Luke Geraty

    Yes, I believe that we are being lied to more and more. This occurs through media and cover ups. And no I am not a conspiracy theorist. :)

    On a side note, what is the fourth step?

  • Helen Fellers

    Absolutely, we are not told the truth by both sides.  Each has their own agenda and what they are working toward.  I get very frustrated about politics and all the hype and spin that goes on.  

  • Kimberly Poteet

    The truth is a rare commodity these days.  This is evidenced in so-called reality shows, like “Survivor,” which showcase a society that is rewarded for lying and cheating.  The “winner” is not necessarily the one with the most physical and mental strength needed to survive months on some far-away island, but rather the one who is best at cheating and influencing others.Politicians often seem similar to these reality show contestants.  They do whatever it takes to win — seeming to illustrate a belief that the end result justifies any means necessary to get there in the winner circle.

  • Shuddec

    Yes, we are being lied to and from many different fronts.  No matter what your ideological leanings are, the media and spokespeople for all share in lying to us.  For many of us, and I’m part of this too I’ll admit, doing enough reading and conversing with others interested enough to investigate, takes time and energy.  Sharing the truth from God, as found in the bible, doesn’t play well in most conversations with friends, family, co-workers, others we meet.  Its our challenge to be able to talk about God, his  truth and desires for our lives, with others in ways that encourage the conversation to continue and to ask questions that promote others to read and question what the media, political parties, politicians, and business want us to believe and be satisfied with.

  • Sundi Jo Graham

    Absolutely! I have always been interested in the behind the scenes of the Holocaust and got a better glimpse after reading Bonhoeffer. That was a phenomonal lesson in History, faith, and the separation of church and state. 

    We’re too busy watching television and being comforted in comfortable lifestyles to really see what’s going on around us. 

    And now.. I will step off the soapbox   :)

    • Will Laohoo

      Sundi, I agree that the Holocaust is such an interesting event to examine the way Andy does. I heard him talk about this book on a podcast and am looking forward to it!

      Because it’s true – how do you make 11 million people walk quietly and submissively to their deaths? How are 11 million people unable to do anything about it? I think the answer is that you make them believe your lies. As you mentioned, Sundi, you keep their eyes on the television and away from the truth.

      • Sundi Jo Graham

        Yes. Satan uses many “normal” looking things to distract us from what’s really going on. Hitler built trust with very beautiful looking lies. 

        It’s still hard to fathom really. 

  • Marty Huffman

    As soon as the first  lie or ‘misspoken’ word was uttered by a politician, the foundation  of our society at that point was attacked. The first blow or for that matter the first hundred did little damage, no different than attacking a large building with a rock hammer like that used in Stephen Kings Shawshank Redemption. But to all that have read or seen that story, we know that a hole was created big enough for an escape. The problem we face at this point is multiplied by the amount of lies that have pounded the foundation for generations. Adding to the  problem is the phenomenon where each successive generation willingly accepts the lies they are born into as the truth. They accept the erosion and decay as if that’s the way it’s always been.  Thus making it easier for liars to lie more and to poo-poo someone trying to evacuate the building so repairs can be made. Combine that with an education system that blurs, denies or changes history and you have a perfect situation for a total collapse…. where many, if not most will be confidently living in a building whose collapse is immanent.

  • J. Gary Ellison

    Whenever leaders, be they pastors, priests, or politicians, sacrifice truth on the altar of expedience, the foundation of civilization is eroded. The prevailing winds of relativity have established prevarication as the new norm so that erosion of the foundation is taking place at a rate unprecedented in American history. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Prov. 14:34 ESV). “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”” (Ps. 11:3 ESV).

  • AAnthony

    I agree that we are being lied to~ no one explains in detail what is happening to or country. Rather, our Leadership tells you what they want you to hear. Then the political analysts regurgitate what they think was said and the news media reports only what they are told to report.  As an American- I don’t feel I am getting the truth. As a child growing up- being raised by immigrant parents who became citizens of this great country and served in the Army- they say, ‘”If you are not speaking the whole truth- you are not telling a truth. Our country is driven by what is determined what we should know. As Americans, regardless what side of the fence you straddle- if you don’t have the basic essentials of trust and honesty you have nothing. Nothing but elaborate stories that the “story-tellers” tell time over time to hopefully convince themselves what IS truth. 

  • Mike

    And not only is there lying in politics, there is lying in religion.  Like the author said, “telling people what they want to hear.”

    • Will Laohoo

      Mike, I agree that there’s lying in religion. That’s why I think it’s so important for everyone to really examine what they believe. For the Christian, that’s the Bible. While pastors may tell people what they want to hear, the Bible is not like that at all.

      Also, I think we have to realize that the truth hurts, and that the truly honest leaders will ask something significant of us – not because they want it, but because it’s needed. Instead of making promises, they will take a stand and realize that by being truthful, they will make a lot of people very angry, but it’s the only way to move forward.

  • David Lartey

    I believe and I do know that when people want something they can go to any length to achieve it. And this applies to politicians everywhere in the world. Despite all they may try to say during election times, they tend to do differently when they get into power. But the worst of all is they keep the truth from the masses.
    I really do believe that we are being lied to everyday though the medium through which we are being lied too might vary.
    Thanks for this post.

    • David Lartey

      Today I was thinking more about this topic and its amazing how huge the lies that politicians, media, etc can get when there is an amount of illetracy among the people that receives that information that these guys are pushing unto them.
      In most part of Africa you’ll notice that there is a higher illetracy rate compared to developed countries and this means that you easily find this deceit easily everyday. I just pray that men everywhere would begin searching for the truth.

  • Israrhussain Syed

    thanks for your regular mails because it helps me to improve personal skills.

    with warm wishes.


  • Suzyparish

    Yes, I agree and am most afraid for the younger generation coming up. I am afraid that omission of truth in history will leave them vulnerable to many evils. I am most afraid that they will swallow the lie “the rest of the world thinks just like us.” The rest of the world does not necessarily hold to Judeo-Christian values.God bless!

  • CK R

    Yes. The lie has it’s origins in the advertising realm of the corporation, something we’ve been immersed in since we were in diapers. This explain the focus on trivialities, non-nutritive filler topics, etc., and so little deeper extended dialogue as to our collective (or for that matter individual) condition. Most citizens are programmed to believe that buying the inessential is essential. It’s about shine, image, feeling good, the 30 second positivity infomercial as role model for the American personality. We didn’t look under Obama’s hood, and we didn’t pay attention to the ever-rapacious behavior of corporations, only to what they presented. We fell for subterfuge. Subterfuge = a gauzy lie.

  • JEM

    Yes, I do believe that the foundation of society is being undermined by a lack of truth. With a culture that validates the concealing of truth, our motives for the telling the truth becomes a quest for human approval rather than a confronting of reality. The media, a dictate for the way we ‘group’ think, delights in altering reality and telling us that who we are and what we have isn’t good enough. This can only lead to the abandonment of truth as we desperately try to hide who we really are and what our society has become. 

  • Vince Vandiver

    Thank you Andy for continuing to be a moral compass for our society. I was at an event several years ago that Andy was also part of, where General Norman Schwarzkopf was a guest speaker. Though this event was over a decade ago, I can still hear one line echoing from that stage as he spoke, “Do the right thing”.

    Am I doing the right thing each day, no matter how small? Am I being the example of what I want to see in our society? It starts with each and every one of us doing the right thing, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Someone’s always watching. Be a leader by being the best example of doing wht is right.

  • Bbeejj44z

    Yes we are lied to all the time ,not only by politicians…medical and all other things in life seemed to have gone this way now.Unfortunately,most people do NOT want to hear the truth.

  • Shw627

    The short answer is “YES”.  We know with certainty that we are being manipulated daily.  One needs only to open their eyes and look at nearly everything around them!

  • Lisa Bartelt

    I believe everyone lies to some extent to protect themselves, and sometimes believing a lie is easier than dealing with the truth. If we ignore the truth, maybe it will go away. I’m not a conspiracy theorist who believes the government is out to get us or manipulate us. But I do think we live in a self-serving, self-seeking world, and lying is a way to promote self.

    • Will Laohoo

      I agree, Lisa – I think so many people are trying so hard to ignore the truth because the lie feels better than the truth. They can get trapped in those lies, which can prevent them from moving forward. But the truth sets us free. I think it begins with being honest with ourselves.

  • Linda Kennedy

    I recently read a comment from a European newspaper…America’s downfall is not in the inept leader, it’s that Americans would believe the hype and elect and inept leader. That’s what’s so scary…that we “like sheep” would be led to a failing economy, an immoral society, tolerant of all things in the name of political correctness. We are so accustomed to lies that we hardly notice…we have strayed so far from the truth, God’s truth, that we’ve become almost mindless. Of course all things are according to God’s plan but I wonder if this is the beginning of the demise of America since we’re not mentioned in end times prophecy. Do I believe that the lies of our leaders and those in influential positions are leading us to destruction…absolutely, but more so, we are allowing it to happen. It all goes back to accountability and enforcing consequences…but we elect them again and again. How irresponsible is that.

    • Will Laohoo

      Linda, I think it’s so wise of you to point out that we’re allowing this to happen! We’re often so quick to blame our leaders, but we don’t take the time to look at ourselves and see where we aren’t being honest. I think the first step is to realize we’ve caused this mess, but we can fix it!

  • Jill Williams

    Our country was founded on biblical principles. Sadly, too many distort those principles in an attempt to create their own truths. Perception is reality for more people than will admit it, I fear. Our only hope is to return to 2 Chron 7:14…”if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (NIV)

  • Gregory L. Dewbrew

    Michael, great video OI would take it a little further in the fact that even in Church we have been sold a bag of Lies. That is why we have so many different groups or denominations. I’m excited to see what comes of this book

  • Becky Ann Davis

    I completely agree that we are being lied to consistently. It undermines our intelligence like “we can’t handle the truth.” In fact, I feel so “lied to” that I’m not sure where to find the truth in politics, the media, even in church and business leadership. I’m praying it’s not buried too deep to uncover. It will most certainly take leaders with strong integrity.

    • Will Laohoo

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, Becky! I think we need to get back to the Bible. It sounds uber-religious, but I believe that’s our ultimate source of truth.

      Then, I think it’s so wise of Andy to tell us to demand truth from ourselves before we demand it from our leaders. We can’t fend off or even detect other people’s lies while believing and nurturing our own.

  • Don Current

    Anything that is not the 100% absolute truth is a lie. That means that yes,we are being lied to on a monumental scale. We are told a version of the truth that puts a positive spin on it toward what the media, politician, etc. wants us to believe. I’ve seen it over and over again. When I see all the facts, I have a different response than what I did with the “spun” version.

  • Alex Dompe

    Being lied to is the thing that makes me more angry that anything else that I can think of.  I despise being manipulated and lying is pure manipulation.  Thanks Andy for writing this book.  Looking forward to reading it.

  • Will Laohoo

    I think it’s true that we’re being lied to, but the bigger problem is that we don’t really have a problem with it. Sure, we say we’re mad about being lied to and we say we demand truth. But we elect our leaders. They are where they are because we put them there. Yes, there’s a lot of bureaucracy in between, but if everybody resolved to vote against people without integrity, I believe things would change. I believe we need to be much less OK with being lied to. Enough to do something about it.
    I love Andy’s call to action – demand truth first from ourselves, and then from our leaders. Before we start railing at our leaders to tell us the truth, we need to resolve to tell ourselves the truth, no matter how much it hurts. The truth is often uncomfortable because it shows us that we’re more at fault than we’d like to think, but until we’re willing to be truthful with ourselves, we can’t expect to elect honest leaders. Because as long as we’re comforting ourselves with our own lies, we’re vulnerable to accept other people’s lies as well, if they make us feel better.

  • Kevin Mackesy

    It seems the #1 goal of politicians (Andy said this as well) is to be elected, so they’ll say anything to achieve that desired end.  And if the #1 goal is to be elected then there is absolutely nothing one side won’t do to prevent the other side from being elected.  We’ve fostered a culture of politics where neither side is interested in coming to the table to do what’s best.  Instead, both are becoming even more embittered towards the opposition.  I don’t see any situation in which common ground is sought out and found and real progress is made.  That frightens me.

    • Will Laohoo

      I think it’s on us to not be OK with lies and vote against people who use them. Andy Stanley preached a really good message about this – voting for people with integrity, whether or not you agree with them.

      • Kevin Mackesy

        Certainly we bear some of the responsibility for where we find ourselves, but I think there’s a fundamental flaw somewhere in the system. I’m no expert so I don’t claim to have the answer, but my problem is knowing when I’m being lied to!

        Andy Stanley is awesome. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • Knxtreme

    Truth is a very interesting thing in American teenage culture.  They tell what parents or teachers want to hear but not the whole story.   Getting to the bottom line is a parents challenge.   The way that applies to myself as a leader and mentor for them is to make sure that I stick to the truth even when it might cost me something.    Speaking and living the truth is not easy but is a life of reward.

  • Anonymous

    Lies have proliferated all time.  Just look to the Bible and see the lies that
    were laid out to make people feel better, look better, and so forth.  While John
    8:31-32 focuses on knowing the Truth (Jesus), it still holds true to the
    essence of what Andy is trying to get at.  That is the old wise saying of
    Mark Twain “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remeber anything.”
    Not only do you not have to remeber anything you immediately have common ground
    with someone if you can agree that you are both truthful and then as Maxwell’s says
    and I paraphrase here, “If you have common ground with someone then you can take
    them to higher ground.”  I believe this is what I have garnered from the video
    with Andy and Michael.  We need to find a way to get to higher ground if we want
    to resolve the difficulties we have in the world today.  Not just politics, but in
    all of our lives and all of our relationships and encounters.  I never cease to be
    amazed with what Andy comes up with for books and it appears that he has done it
    again with this new one.  

  • Andrea

    Very much so. This country is on a slippery slope down!

  • Tom Yohe

    Yes, I believe we as a society are in danger because of the often repeated lies that are now accepted and normalized.  A society based on lies cannot stand.  History has seen this repeatedly. Why have civilizations that once thrived or were powerful  crumbled? Yes, lies.

  • Shane Cheek

    Truly, a very compelling read.

    I absolutely agree that our society stands at a great precipice as more and more Americans are far more concerned with what the latest Hollywood star’s personal life entails or what the latest athletic score is from ESPN than they are of factually making determinations to affect our nations future.

    Evil people always use deception to manipulate and control the minds of innocent, yet many times thoughtless lives. 

    Scott Peck also address this needed subject in his book “The People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil”.

    We need to pray desperately for our nation and for our leaders that grace will stem the tide of evil that abounds!

  • Angbaylis

    I totally agree that we are being lied to and it’s pathetic. I’m reminded of one of my favorite movies, “Remember the Titans” and especially my all-time favorite line, “Attitude Reflects Leadership.”  If we could fix this one, it would be a better world for our children and our grandchildren.  Thank you for your obedience in writing this book! 

  • CP Stephenson

    There seems to be no doubt that we are being lied to on a rather mind bending scale. And yes, lied to in ways and about things that will undoubtedly affect our future and that of the world.
    The biggest challenge I see, is the huge number of people who are blind to this truth. Part of that is that so many of us would rather rely on some political (or other) figure as our source of ‘truth’ and when we find out that individual was lying about something, we lose faith in everyone.
    You would think that people would then do some research and form their own opinions, but many just stop paying attention to the ‘big picture’ and spend all their mental energy on day-to-day junk and the world of entertainment. In some ways it is the trap of thinking we can’t make a difference in things that matter. That becomes the easy way out.

  • Jim Miller

    I am looking forward to reading Andy’s new book. His writing style is direct and to the point without beating you over the head to make a point.  We, as Americans, need to hear the message of this book. We often want to blame politicians, Wall Street, corporate America, etc. but we are a part of the problem as well. Hopefully, this book will begin a grass roots movement that will call for truth at the highest levels of our nation. My intent is to buy a book for my local US congressman and give it to him as a challenge to be a part of this. Thanks, Andy for another book worth reading and “noticing”.

  • Lizzie Branch

    Yes, and the sad thing is that we are sleepwalking. Oblivious. It is time for change alright….change that is based on TRUTH.

  • Noah Lomax

    Fascinating concept. I’m currently reading Eric Metaxas’ biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and I am constantly amazed by both the permeation and the brilliant timing of the lying. While lying might be the way, it was not driven by a fool. I’m excited to read this book!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Just got Metaxas’ book and can’t wait to dig in. It’s a good one, from everything I’ve heard/read. What do you think so far?

      • Noah Lomax

        I could not say enough good things about it. While the first half of some biographies can be difficult to follow as they lay the ground work in the first section of the book, Metaxas does a phenomenal job of helping you see why this piece of the puzzle is going to be important for you to know later on without spoiling the end. I’m almost 2/3 of the way through, and I find myself stealing away to the book any chance I get!  I would love to know what you think of it!

        • Michele Cushatt

          He’s truly a brilliant biographer. Amazing Grace (Wilberforce) is one of my fave’s. Thanks for sharing your review! It’s next on my list.

  • Mary Clement

    If anyone can put this truth into words that will touch everyone it is Andy Andrews. He never fails to surprise me. I can’t wait to get it.

  • Loralea Seale

    Yes, I believe we’re being lied to everywhere in the media…by conservatives and liberals.  I haven’t found many publications or news outlets that aren’t one or the other. There are a couple of publications (one being, that are a combination of both, that publish the biased stories from other publications, including both the conservation and liberal positions, most of the time.  But when that’s the closest to non-biased media that we have, I’m left feeling like a character in a sitcom where an event is recounted by each of the characters, and, of course, each retelling varies from the rest, advancing the tellers position or stature.  At the end, the best we have is a series of biased stories that we’re left to sort out to determine where in the middle the truth lies.

    And we’re lied to by the sources and targets of the media stories too.  The politicians, government officials, PR reps, celebrities, and people who want to be celebrities.  It’s the responsibility of the media to sort out the facts and the truth before the stories are published, not just spin them in a way that supports their agenda.

    I think holding the media organizations and journalists accountable for their lies would be a great step to solving this deception that is crippling the citizens’ abilities to make informed choices.

    Media organizations and journalists who lie or spin stories to support an agenda (right or left) should lose their free press protections and face punitive damages.  They must be held accountable for the free press to have the value to society that was intended in the bill of rights.

  • tonychung

    I recently watched the documentary, where Ray Comfort asked people on the street for their understanding of the holocaust. After getting over his initial shock that some Americans had not even heard of the event, or refused to believe that it ever happened, he surfaced a parallel thread.

    He found that several people today would NOT knowingly execute innocent people in concentration camps, even when forced at gunpoint. However, these same people considered abortion to be a viable “birth control” measure. Later, when confronted with this paradox, the people recanted their admission and became pro-life.

    So much of what we do is governed by precedent. It takes just one person to stand up to the status quo: “Why do all the black people have to sit at the back of the
    bus?” “Why do police officers get away with beating up on innocent civilians?” “Why do government officials get to claim additional expenses to reduce their tax payments?”

    When more people look to the Word of God to find the right action, live out that right action, and speak out for those who have no voice (as we are commanded to do), then this world will change for the better.

  • Charles Phillips

    We teach our children not to lie and to seek the truth.  Having taught school for thirty years, I see the world supporting the premise that it’s okay to lie if you land the account or increase your bank account.  As a teacher of literature, I continue to believe that like Anne Frank said:  “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”  I think we have to expect the truth to get it. We must believe in a world where we practice what we teach. 

  • Clay Jacobs



    Isn’t it great that we live in a country where our laws are
    not dictated by a person but are molded by a group of duly elected officials,
    all of whom have a voice on our behalf.


    Isn’t it great that who I am is not dependent on what others
    think of me but that I have the power and freedom to discover my true purpose
    and live it our according to my own beliefs.


    Isn’t it great that I don’t build myself (or my ideas,
    belief’s, customs and mores) up by attempting to destroy who other people are
    or what their belief.


    Isn’t it great that I don’t have to just accept the ideas of
    others but that I can come up with some better ideas of my own.


    Isn’t it great that we live in a civilized society where
    people really do have the ability to speak and listen without having to shout,
    demean, or threaten.


    I get so tired of hearing people try to tear down and
    destroy when the goal is to build up and make a better future for


    Come on, my dear friends, let’s look for the best in each
    other, call forth the best from each other, and create the best for all of us,
    while respecting that diversity makes us stronger.

    “None of us is as strong as all of us.”


  • Ed Going

    ‘People get the government they deserve.”  This quote by de Toqueville is more true today than ever before.  There is no more evident example of this then in my home state of California.
     We recently elected a Governor who had a 30 year track record that we could all look back at.  We knew exactly what he would bring to the table.  All through his campaign he told us he had changed, he was reformed, he was not the same guy. Enough of the electorate believed him and here we are going right back down the same disastrous road, one that he built, that got us here in the first place. I always look at California as a microcosm of the entire country. I see the same disastrous  road being taken by the present administration in Washington. This is not a political statement, but more of a response to the original question. Why do we buy the lies that we know these people are telling us.Regardless of how much we are paying attention, we know that Social Security is going broke, we know that more people are on food stamps and welfare than ever before, we know that we are borrowing more money than we can ever possibly pay back, we know that the medical system is under serving 25 million Americans, and yet we tolerate our leaders who want to hold hearings on steroids in baseball and completely ignore these critical issues. I wonder if it’s just our nature as human beings to close our eyes and hope that someone else will fix it. Certainly they must know how, after all they are smart people who are lawyers, and graduates of our best schools.  Certainly they must know the answer. But the truth is they don’t know the answer, and if they do, they don’t have the political will to drive the issues forward. The skill they have is in making you believe they have the answers. 

    I think we believe the lies because we want to believe that the savior is out there.  That one person will come along and fix it all. As we hear each candidate speak and tell us all the wonderful things they are going to do for us, we want to believe this is the person to save us. 

    As much as I disagreed with most of what the Wall Street protesters were saying, I think they may have been on to something.  Not in the messages, but in the method.  Maybe as a people we need to start questioning everything as a loud protesting group and not just as individuals that read the morning paper and shake our heads in frustration. 

    A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. 

  • Randalwatson

    Yes, I believe that we’re being lied to more than any nation in history! If we don’t do something about it, this nation will not stand. Let’s do something about it in November!

  • Tdthread

    Lies are nothing new, but the ability to rapidly communicate those lies has taken them to a higher level.  Sound bites are twisted to take things out of context.  Advertisements promise things they can’t deliver.  And people continue to believe, either because they want to, or because they won’t bother to take the time to do their own research.  It’s truly sad that at a time in history when access to information has never been more abundant, most people seem to form their opinions based on what someone else is telling them.  Like sheep, we are led astray.

    Ultimately, however, truth is not a “thing”.  Truth is a Person.

  • william zimmerman

    asolutely, I believe we have been lied to for the past 100 years maybe longer. we as a socieity have become soft and ignorant of what is going on with our government leaders andour finacial institutions. if we as a free democratic socieity do nothing to change our course we will wake up and find we have no freedom.

  • dougblackjr

    I love the sound of this book! Looking forward to winning! :D

  • Ann Marie Dixon

    Yes i feel that the government is working its way into a socialist country. It is inch by inch the government is taking over every freedom we have, like how to feed our family, not celebrating Jesus Christ’s birthday, (because its going to offend someone. I can go on and on. But on he positive side, we have to remember that Jesus is still on the throne and in control, even if we can’t see it, our faith will bring us through. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and if i’m not chosen to receive the book for free. i will purchase it.

  • THE CarlaStarla!

    Yes…I agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization for Selfish Gain!  At the end of the day, no one benefits from deceit no matter how it’s justified!  Lying makes everyone involved the loser! *

  • Robyn Campbell

    Yes, I do believe we are being lied to.  Obama is the ultimate phony.  And please occupy people. I do not want to live in a communist country. I want the chance to make my own money. I do not want a check from the government.

    I believe that God has led you to write this book. I hope I win. Thank you, Mr. Andrews. For telling the truth. :-)

  • John Onorato

    We are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization.  What we need to do about this is certainly not clear, given that we have allowed these liars to have power over us.  I feel the answer to this predicament lies not in the abdication of responsibility – “Just listen to God’s Word” – but in the realization that we are ALL God, we are all individuations of the same Divine, that we are all connected. 

  • Mike Blue

    There is no doubt in my mind that we are being lied to on every level. Our young people especially, have been fed a constant diet of deceptions and distortions about our history and heritage as a nation. They have also been lied to about the role of morals in their foundation as happy and purposeful people. And, we know that ultimately the source of these lies is spiritual…from the Great Deceiver, himself. That is why speaking truth is so important in this ongoing war of ideals.

  • Heather Marsten

    Thank you for writing this book. I do research for my pastor on current events. We are turning a blind eye to so many things and giving away our freedoms right and left. People put bandaids on problems and refuse to see the big picture. There is so much manipulation going on behind the scene that it is unbelievable.  Everything Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 and 25 is coming true today and our society is in danger of collapse. Thank you for writing this book. I hope that it helps open people’s eyes. After I read it, I plan to share with my pastor.  Praying your new year is blessed.

  • Ryan Wright

    I agree that we are being lied to but sadly, at times, I wonder if those lying even realize they are doing so.  At the source, I’m sure the truth may be clear, but with the power of social media today to virally transmit information, true or not, makes it difficult to track the source.  You may end up taking information from someone you truly trust, but the source of that info before it reached them could be unknown.  Similar to the telephone game we played as kids, we now see the game amped up with power and speed to spread messages quickly, whether the information be right or wrong.
    The second part of the question, “that threatens the foundation of our civilization,” is much harder for me to judge.  In this election year you certainly try to wade your way through the proclamations and promises trying to get to the truth.  It is difficult to do so and I can see that some people will give up and stop searching.  You can walk away assuming that the checks and balances of our government will prevent us from wandering too far off course.  However, threatening our civilization is bigger than the US government or the European Union, it is a larger scale on which I can’t judge where we stand.  Perhaps reading this book will give me some insight and suggest action I can take to ensure the threat is removed.

  • PReynolds

    When we receive all these emails,  read the paper and listen to the news…what is true, what is false.  It is all about making money.  We don’t cure cancer because the pharmacutical companys wont make as much

  • David maynard

    People say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.. this i agree with. The way to change this is for humanity to understand that each individual may not have the power to change the world but as shown in egypt and libya each person coming together with others create a power that no one powerful person can ocvercome. 
    As a society we have become controlled by our authorities and media…people have lost the ability to free think they allow the media to report and conclude how they should think. This in itself takes away an individuals power. It turns quite able people into sheep who bleat for whats “trending” in the news because all the while they are kept distracted by celebrity, politics, war and economy.
     I imagine millions of people in western society say “check out the facts myself? I dont have time for that” and busily got out making themselves feel happy with throw away t.v. and material things which have no soul.But they cant see it due to the creation of desire for these things by clever marketing companies.

  • Spencer McDonald

    I wonder… am I a liar if
    I say to you that God lives in my dog and I only worship him? If you worship
    something else, other than my dog, you are a falsifier. Ah, and am I wrong? In
    my world I speak the truth. In your world I am a liar, I am bad, maybe even evil.
    The question really is, “who is lying?”

    It is my genuine belief
    that neither is a liar. Neither person, in the above case, is right nor are
    they wrong. They are each compelled to believe how they see the world.  In corporate America we call this diversity.
    Diversity helps us understand the differences in people, and to further
    understand that one person is not wrong because they see the world through
    different lenses. They are only different. Being different adds great strength
    to understanding, communication, synergy, and competitiveness. I do not feel
    this leads to a rip in the fabric of our society. 

    All this is is perception.
    One perceives things one-way, while another perceives them in a different way.
    It is our ladder of inference or the belief system that dictates our views and
    allows us to point and say “liar” or “well, now there is someone who is
    different” and mean the last one in a good way. Difference makes us stronger if
    we are willing to listen. Are we?

    So, if perception is the
    king of truth then a lie is a figment of our thought. This is why I suggest
    that we cannot truly have trust or the real truth because it is different in
    each of our minds and hearts. What we can rely on is accountability.
    Accountability will help us sort out reality from perception. Accountability
    helps us stay focused on real progress and change, while tilling in the ground
    of perception only grows resentment, wars, and hate.

    I say go ahead and lie.
    Point to our leaders and say “liar.” It’s only true in your mind or my mind. To
    someone else it may well be the truth.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to comment on
    this post. I think it is fascinating and interesting today how we are driven so
    much by the media sound bites. 

  • Spencer McDonald

    I wonder… am I a liar if
    I say to you that God lives in my dog and I only worship him? If you worship
    something else, other than my dog, you are a falsifier. Ah, and am I wrong? In
    my world I speak the truth. In your world I am a liar, I am bad, maybe even evil.
    The question really is, “who is lying?”

    It is my genuine belief
    that neither is a liar. Neither person, in the above case, is right nor are
    they wrong. They are each compelled to believe how they see the world.  In corporate America we call this diversity.
    Diversity helps us understand the differences in people, and to further
    understand that one person is not wrong because they see the world through
    different lenses. They are only different. Being different adds great strength
    to understanding, communication, synergy, and competitiveness. I do not feel
    this leads to a rip in the fabric of our society. 

    All this is is perception.
    One perceives things one-way, while another perceives them in a different way.
    It is our ladder of inference or the belief system that dictates our views and
    allows us to point and say “liar” or “well, now there is someone who is
    different” and mean the last one in a good way. Difference makes us stronger if
    we are willing to listen. Are we?

    So, if perception is the
    king of truth then a lie is a figment of our thought. This is why I suggest
    that we cannot truly have trust or the real truth because it is different in
    each of our minds and hearts. What we can rely on is accountability.
    Accountability will help us sort out reality from perception. Accountability
    helps us stay focused on real progress and change, while tilling in the ground
    of perception only grows resentment, wars, and hate.

    I say go ahead and lie.
    Point to our leaders and say “liar.” It’s only true in your mind or my mind. To
    someone else it may well be the truth.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to comment on
    this post. I think it is fascinating and interesting today how we are driven so
    much by the media sound bites. 

    • Anonymous

      OOOOOHHHHHMMMMMMMM.  Let me cross my legs into a pretzel, get comfortable (am I lying about being comfortable?) and let me think about what you have just said.OUCH!  Great.  Now my head hurts.

      Your post reminds me of another post of sorts.  And the serpent said “surely…”

      I guess what I am saying is that your post sounds conflicted, confused and “other-wordly abstract”.  Unnecessarily complicated. 

      There is a foudational truth and it is simple.

      (And by the way: visioneer?)

      Andrews is making a clear point.  Why muddy it up with incomprehensible self-promotion?

  • Doug Lange

    There is a “Father of all lies” who is very real and seeks our misery and destruction, individually and as a nation.  Yet Satan has no power over us unless we become willing participants.  Therefore, lies have no power to change anything unless they are believed.  To believe means to take as real or true. The only way a lie can hurt us is for us to take that lie and make it a truth in our minds.  The only way a lie can become a truth is for us to be deceived.  God can’t work with an empty mind, therefore, we need to have “eyes that can see and ears that can hear.”  We can do this by understanding what is being said, who is saying it and what motives are behind them saying and doing it.  God has taught us that “by their fruits ye shall know them.”  Therefore, it is what a person does not what he says that tells us who he really is.  We as a nation have been seriously deceived and we have literally “thought” ourselves into the problems we have.  It is this same process that will pull us back from the edge of the cliff.  And, it won’t happen in Washington D.C.  It will happen through men and women who cherish freedom and understand and live by the principles taught in the Constitution.

  • Craig Owens

    Andy nails it right on the head when he says that our political candidates tell constituents what they want to hear to get elected. In a word: they lie. It is also true that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That’s why I feel Andy’s book is so timely, and I would love to read it and review it on my blog.

  • Mary Kathryn Johnson

    A casual glimpse of any prime time television line up shows clearly that the American public expects to be lied to.  A casual scan of the 2008 political campaigns alone, and the subsequent Governing Body elected shows that the American public expects to be lied to. Our Civilization is not being threatened without our permission, cooperation and expectation, and the only way the American public can remove the threat is for each citizen to take responsibility for his/her daily choices, and expect truth, strength and honor first from him/herself, then from everyone else.  Turn off the “Reality Show”, hold politicians accountable for promises and actions by participating directly in the process and government, turn off the nightly news, and opinion-based websites and go directly to the source, don’t listen to or perpetuate gossip – start with these few things, and the threat will be lifted. 

    The furor roused in with the 2008 election was scary in that people followed without any real evidence that their “change” would be realized.  This clearly set the stage for the next evil person who craves power and embodies hate to kill as many people as he/she might want.  There will hopefully be enough of us with our eyes and brains wide open to stop such a thing from ever happening again…I know we can!

  • Scott

    Honestly, when I hear people say things like this (“we’re being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization”), my first reaction is that they’re part of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theory crowd. In my experience, those who say the media is blatantly lying to us are those on the extreme right or left who simply don’t agree with what they read in the newspaper, so they automatically fall back on the idea that “THEY” are lying to us. It’s easier to believe you’re being lied to than it is to challenge and reexamine your own ideas and beliefs.

    BUT…that said, I’m also slowly coming to see that I may be a little naive about this. I’m always quick to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and my assumption is that people are inherently good and truthful. I still think that’s true for the vast majority of those I meet, but even I can’t deny that those in positions of power and those who control the flow of public information (largely the same people, really) have agendas that color what they say and how they say it. And it breaks my heart, both as a citizen of this country and as a father of five children.

  • Matt

    I’m currently training for a marathon and so I’m cruising through a ton of audiobooks right now and the current one I am on is by Napoleon Hill which is titled ” Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success”  It’s like the Screwtape Letters but actually was written before it.  The book is talking about the lies we tell ourselves and the lies that others tell us.   It’s a good book about definiteness of purpose which this country does not have and clearly needs to find.   I can only speak for our current time and place within history but I think the threat and weight of lies/fear will always be present as long as we deceive ourselves and others.  We need to continually evaulate what we really want out of life and what life is all about for us as Americans and begin standing up for universal truths that we as global citizens can be proud to embrace, share, support and continue to strive towards.

    • Barry Hill

      Thanks for the book recommendation it’s sounds pretty interesting. And, I agree with you—we need to stand up for truth and continually evaluate what is REALLY important to us! Thanks for your comment!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been pondering this again today.  Tonight’s Bible study was on Daniel 5 where Belshazzar sees the handwriting on the wall.  When Daniel interprets, he talks about Nebechadnezzar, and tells Belshazzar, “you knew all this, yet you didn’t humble yourself”.  i.e., Belshazzar willfully rejected the truth.  

    I wonder if that’s our problem.  Not only are we being lied to, but some of us are consciously rejecting the truth we are given.

    • Barry Hill

      This is great stuff, and I love the book of Daniel. I think most of us have seasons in life where we are, at least, not listening…if not completely rejecting the truth we have been given. I know I have guilty of burying my head in the sand before. But, God remains faithful! Good stuff, Karl! Thanks!

    • Michele Cushatt

      The more we consciously reject the truth, the more willing we are to accept a lie. It seems they go hand in hand.

  • Angela

    Yes, just the very fact that I would rather pay for the book then take the time to comment demonstrates how wound up daily living has us wrapped.  The average working American doesn’t take the time to catch up with the political news, let alone take the time to research through the rubble of lies.  We figure as long as life is still rolling, we’ll keep running.  When we do run into those rare moments of stark truth, we stare back in disbelief, or blink twice until we’re back on the treadmill of pseudo-living.  We’re a prime target for just where the devil wants us.

  • Frank Papa

    Andy’s message is timely, and his wording lends well to the plight of Australians also: “It appears from observing political elections that Australia has degenerated into a society which accepts lies and only seeks “what’s in it for me?” A political party seeking truth and equality will shake the foundations of those who seek to gain power through deceit.”

  • Anonymous

    YES– By Both National Parties!!  I am just a youngster yet, will be 91 this Jan 30th.  I feel very strongly about that statement, from sticking around this long, in this World.  Seeing, and living in all of the changes that have transpired in that time. What I thought might be terribly wrong, in years back; by comparison today, was rather mild.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Thank you for sharing your time-earned perspective. Invaluable!

  • Michelle Steinbeck

    I do believe that that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens our civilization.  We are being manipulated by posturing, greed and by the sheer fact that others can control us.  One example is the food industry.  How many documentaries do we need to be exposed to before we realize that something is wrong with us as we consume food that makes us unhealthy over food that provides vital nutrients?  Are ability to be marketed into blind bliss is threatening our civilization livelihood and health.  

  • Kkostuck

    Yes. It’s disheartening to hear politicians lie and then watch big media reporters ignore or spread the lies. But when friends and family pick up these lies and become willingly disingenuous in discussions, that is the worst of all. It has become difficult to have an honest conversation. And the lies themselves have become frightening.

  • Mike Bechtle

    “Dad, have you got a minute?” Billy asks.

    “Sure, Son — I’ll be right there.  I just need to finish reading this article.”

    Ten minutes later, Billy tries again: “Dad, are you done?”

    “Almost.  Give me one minute.”

    Ten minutes later, the son goes to check on his dad.  He’s not reading the paper anymore, but checking his email on his iPhone.

    “Dad,” he says, “Now?”

    The dad stops.  “Sure, Son.  What’s up?”

    Billy starts describing a relationship problem with a friend at school.  After a couple of minutes, Dad’s phone vibrates.  He looks at it and says, “I’m sorry, Billy — I need to take this call.  It’s really important.  It’ll only take a minute . . . ”

    Billy has heard his dad say, “You’re important to me.”  But what does Billy hear? “You’re not as important as the people who call me.”  It doesn’t seem like a lie.  But Billy knows that his dad’s actions don’t match his words.

    Why?  Because when the phone interrupts, his dad stops talking with him to answer the phone.  But when Billy interrupts, his dad never stops his call to answer Billy.

    When that happens in 11,000,000 homes, we have a problem.

  • Mwise09

    You lie to them. Sound familiar?

  • Nancy

    Yes, I believe we are being lied to by the whole government whether it be republicans or democrats.  The democrats are the worse.  I have been looking for for a gift for someone dear and this just might be what I am looking for as a different and thought provoking idea.

    Heard you with Glen Beck and can’t wait to read your book.

  • Jon

    Yes, progressivism is the cultural lie that is slowly and methodically destroying our country.

  • Margery Ripley

    YES  and I am concerned enough and have faith enough to know that GOD cares about freedom and Liberty and all of us, that if I try to live as righteously as I can and use the means I have to serve my fellow man and wake them up to do the same, I will be OK no matter what comes my way. Thank you for writing this book. TRUTH has no agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I believe  we are being lied to and definately affects civilization.  Started with that darn apple….. We have choices…Starts with each person. My parents taught us to have the Attitude of Gratitude and to not look out for your own interest but  the interest of others. Have the attitude that was in Christ Jesus. When we think life is about me we become one who starts to believe the lie. When we focus on me we expect a life of entitlement.  When we focus on others we do not live a life of entitlement or even expect it.  This is the legacy my father left behind with his 7 children and now we can leave it behind for our 4 children.  This will begin to create a civilization that will recogonize the lie. It begins right here in my home.   

  • Keith Tucker

    Yes, for sure.  As Andy said, politicians will say anything to get elected, then forget it later, as they think they are doing good for us.  But, it is just like us being led like an ox with a ring in our nose.  I can’t wait to read the book.

  • Jennifer Wilt

    We live in a fallen world in which humans, every single one of us, has a natural inborn tendency to lie.   No matter how hard we try, we will never escape it.  Now, I want to differentiate between 2 approaches at lying.  First, there is the Christian approach.  As we grow in our faith, our sins become more known to us.  We are more aware of the fact that we lie and we try to stop.  Now, there is the non-Christian approach.  Or I should say “lack of approach.”  Unless a non-Christian is seeking to live a moralistic life, they have no shame in lying or sinning.  With all of that being said, let me answer the question.  ‘Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization?’  Of course.  There are plenty of people out there in leadership and authority positions who do not seek a life of righteousness.  I would be foolish to believe that everyone is being honest and speaking the truth.  This world is naturally full of lies and as you get farther and farther away from the One who is able to save us, the lies just get worse. We are being lied to and we will continue to be lied to until Jesus comes again and lays Himself as the final foundation of the world.  Then we will have a world of truth.  Until then, our foundation should feel threatened because it is.

  • Bouman

    I hope god and godless alike will soon become more aware of their surroundings. Compromise and comfort are the calling cards of something but I would say our culture is quite infantile and easily influenced in the absence of any real community. Love is stronger than fear and modern communications with it’s compliment of more intelligent people than ever before spreading truth to the masses gives me great hope for a more healthful society in the near future. I would like to read this book.

  • Brenda

    I believe people in power unless held accountable will mislead people for their own personal gain.

  • Reggie Jahn

    God has a plan and I believe that he is using Andy Andrews as conduit.  We as Americans better open our eyes before it’s to late!

  • Tjholly

    Until I heard an interview with Andy Andrews, it never occurred to me that the simple truth could save our civilization. I see the problem and yes, I agree that “truth” has become such an illusive concept that is erroding our freedoms and yes, could eventually destroy our civilization; at least as we know it (or depending on your age, remember it). I wonder how much time we have to actually turn it around?

  • Lee Nelson

    This sounds like a very timely publication. The truth is indeed rare in our nation and trying to sort it out is a real challenge. I sincerely hope that this book can help save our republic. The progress to our demise seems to be accelerating and hopefully this book will be at least part of the answer to our prayers.

    Lee Nelson

  • Kerry Young

    This hit me like a TON of Bricks, ALL the Lies !!! You have put this in a very understanding and eloquent manner, and is has always been just a “Pack of Lies”.
    Kerry Young
    Canyon Lake,Tx.

  • Gothbabie

    So is this book only for those of the Christian faith? Reading the comments below it would appear so

  • Jim Weaver

    Yes, I am past age 75  and over the years have observed the growth of the “white lie”to an “accepted” level for society while the decline in belief that “truth” exists has
    permeated almost every facet of the fabric that holds and molds a society. 
     We must acknowledge that without the foundation of a belief system anchored to an independent “truth”; not my version of the truth, society will crumble  or be led  by  the the nose,or shackled, by the leader who, will have
    prevailed because at that point “might will be right” The human yardstick of
    measuring truth will be gone; supplanted by the whims of  the dictator.

  • Adam

    Michael, I stumbled upon your blog a month or so ago and love it.  Wish I woulda found you long ago.  As for your question, we are absolutely being lied to in a way that seriously threatens America – and the world for that matter – and it’s coming from both parties (although, I would argue that they’re both essentially the same when you look at their actions).  The greatest problem I see is that so many of us do very little critical thinking and independent research.  We simply turn on the TV and believe what they tell us.  Having spent A LOT of time this past year or so researching documented facts instead of media/gov’t spin, I’ve come to realize that much, if not most, of what they tell us is a lie.  Quick example:  they tell us the Federal Reserve is a gov’t entity.  It’s not.  It’s a private, for-profit group of banks owned by a small group of international families (Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, Lehman, Morgan, and others) that began controlling our monetary system in 1913.  They print it out of thin air, loan it WITH INTEREST to the U.S. gov’t, and basically enslave us with a debt we’ll likely never be able to repay.  I share that b/c it’s the REAL root of the problem in America… not these mostly-phony politicians and media-ites… they’re just the puppets.  It’s up to us to be smarter, do more research/more thinking if we’re going to overcome this.  Otherwise, there’s really no telling what they might get some of us to believe and do.  Thanks for hearing me out.  Just trying to spread some little-known-and-very-important truth.  I can’t wait to read the book… hopefully by way of a free copy :)  Keep up the great work…

  • Lisa Adams

    I do believe that our government is keeping key information from us as a society that would be instrumental in our election process of officals, as well as many of our voting processes of laws and ammendments if we had all of the information. This definately threatens our society at the foundation, so yes, I do agree.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Yes, I believe we are being lied to on all sides. However, I don’t think the outlook is hopeless if men and women of integrity stand in the gap.

    I hate politics, but if we don’t learn from the history’s tragic mistakes we are doomed to repeat them.

    After reading The Final Summit (and buying copies to giveaway) by Andy Andrews I was blown away. His new book is already on my Amazon wishlist. :)

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  • Leaving Eden

    How can our culture survive?  I have lost faith in America with the discovery it is all about deceit.  The master of deception took down Eden and the servants of deception will take down an already imperfect culture!  Greed corrupts as the richest 1%  make the rules that allow them to get richer and find out ways to annex as much from the 99% of subordinate classes as possible.  How can that be repaired? 

  • Bob Marconi

    These are politicians – it seems to be part and parcel of the job to not tell you the truth!

    I for one am very tired of it and worried about where we are headed…

  • Christine Kominiak

    Spot on, Andy. I think often times Politicians do lie to get into office. But I also think that sometimes a Politician really does believe they’ll be able to do or change something specific…then they get elected, and once they are “in”, they see that what they had promised, they are unable to do (for this reason or that reason, i.e. being stonewalled, or there were other pieces to the puzzle they weren’t aware of before).  BUT – with that being said, I think more often there are lies. And not just for these folks to get elected, but to outright lie to the public for other things/people down the road. I’m at the point where I believe almost nothing I hear from the talking heads. News is no longer news. It’s whomever is controlling things that is getting their opinion, their message, and their belief to be put out as “news” or “factual.” These days, I’m so sick of it that I rarely ever watch the news. I get filled in by family on what’s going on…but even then, I find myself thinking or saying, “OK, I’ve heard enough.” At the same time, I don’t want to be “in the dark”, because I think ignorance is just as big of a problem. So I do my best to balance it out.  Can’t wait to read this new book! And I’m certain I’ll be sharing this one with family and friends, as I have before with many of your books (The Noticer – my fave, Traveler’s Gift, Heart Mender…just to name a few ;)! Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we are being lied to on an unprecedented scale because the politicians have figured out that the character of the American people demands it. Many, if not most, of the electorate want to continue to live in the illusion that we can spend money that we don’t have and not suffer the consequences. They want to believe that they can sin without consequences. They want leaders who will “tickle their ears.” We are living in a post-Christian country, with corresponding values, and so we should not be surprised that politicians have realized how they can individually profit from that fact, by continually lying to us.

  • Donoverland

    If only every person in this country would open there eyes we can turn it around

  • Raggedylady

    Absolutely!!  I believe thousands of Americans do not know  this country is broke, let alone realize they are being lied to!  We are becoming a country of Occupy Wallstreeters who do not have a clue concerning who the real culprits of this country are…it used to be called propaganda, now it is called Public Relations  .  I never knew a communist until the Obama regime took contol!  Lies coming out of the Congress and Whitehouse are the norm of today’s society.  Socialism has never worked and it will not work for this country.  I cannot believe that 10 percent  w/ 15 guns can take away 90 percent of this country’s individuality as most American  households themselves    have weapons, which will not be given  up easily!  Fool us once, shame on them…fool us twice…shame on us!!!  Our lives and freedoms depend on being informed, which in itself is ammunition to fight w/….Linda

  • crystal degenhart

    today when so many people don’t seem recognize the truth, how would we expect them to recognize a lie?

  • Bruce

    I have not read any of the other books that Andy has written. Prior to today, I had not even heard of him. It’s no surprise though because although I consider myself informed, I’m not well read. This books sounds like one that I do need to read. Read, digest and share. I look forward to reading and sharing. The ship is sinking. Slowly sinking and the orchestra is playing. Both parties have taken us down a road to failure. It’s up to us , We the People, to challenge them at every point.

  • A Lil Wacked

    Absolutely… The truth shall set us free… and those telling us those lies know that, and look to keep us under their control.. thus, the lies and deceit.  They have learned well from the master of lies and deceit.   Thank you Andy for putting yourself out there and writing this book.  Can’t wait to get my hands on it.  Saw Andy on GBTV today and had to take this interview and post it on Facebook.  My first exposure to Andy was when he came in to speak at a business function my husband and I were at.  He truth truths of life and turned them into the funniest and clean lines I’ve ever heard.  (That was close to 20 or more years ago!  I pray God will continue to bless Andy and his ministry.

  • Natalie Dominguez

    Without a doubt. I lose sleep at night worrying that this country is not going to wake up.  I pray to God that we do. I also know that if we don’t, we’ll deserve exactly what we get. There are soldiers out there dying for our freedom, and we are enjoying the fruits of thier sacrafice without doing our own duty here at home, at citizens of the United States of America. We simply take everything for granted. I know alot of folks think I’m going around the bend, but I’ll go to my deathbed trying to convince anyone I can that we are running out of time. I’ll be buying extra copies of this book and daring people to read it, whether you choose me or not. My dentist has a little sign that says “Ignore your teeth, they’ll go away.” Same for our freedom. Ignore it, it will go away.

  • Meiling_foo

    Governments lie, teachers lie, preachers lie, even parents lie….  its almost second and nature and very much a key feature of a fallen world.  We need to be constantly reminded that truth heals, truth liberates (even though it may hurt) and truth is life when lies bring death. 

  • James Green

    Compromise? No Way! The reason we have turned into a third world dictatorship is because of compromise.

  • Natalie Dominguez

    Without a doubt. We have taken our freedom for granted for so long, we (society) don’t even consider the fact that people fought and died for our freedom, and that we have a duty to preserve it. There are soldiers out there sacraficing life and limb for our freedom and we are supposed to be fighting for it here back home instead of being so self absorbed that we literally are letting our freedoms slip away right in front of our eyes and doing nothing about it.  I will be buying as many copies of this book as I can and daring people to read it. If we don’t wake up we’ll lose our country and worse, we’ll deserve it.

  • Sara D

    The word of God says…..There is a way that seemeth right unto man…but  the end there of  are the ways of death….  If we put our trust in man and man’s teaching and formulas for law keeping…we distort the truth that binds it to the ways of God….which are many a time opposite in intention to outcome….!!  When in doubt, ask God of the truth that may be covered within the cloaked agenda…Discern it from God’s eyes and you will not be led into deception and  possible destruction.
    To learn from the past is better then to trust blindly in the present !!

  • Luannl

    The answer is yes!!  Our country has trusted those in Washington to “take care of us”.   Many of our citizens are not taking charge to take the “road less traveled”.  Andy Andrews has put this in a book in terms for all to understand and more importantly to agree.  We will take this opportunity  move this country in a better direction.

  • Kevin Riner

    Looks like a lot of folks want to read this book. I’m also one of them. I’ve always been interested in the holocaust. Would love to win a copy. Pick me! Pick ME!

  • Mike

    The problem I see is most politicians twist their words and the statistics so the can appear correct.

    • Barry Hill

      Yeah, I am always amazed at politicians who are looking at the same fact or statistic and can “sell” two very different interpretation of that same fact.—I think they call that SPIN. Thanks for your comments, Mike!

  • Greg

    The book How do You Kill 11 Million People is an important lesson in the power of lies. However as you probable already know the lies did not stop when the train cars were locked.  In 1972 one of my professors at San Diego State, Dr. Gerhard Wolter, told me of his first day in a Nazi prison camp.  He related that he was so badly beaten by several guards that he no longer had the strength to stand, set or even rise off the floor.   They then threw him into a small one person cell that contained a chair and a bed.  Some time later that night a lone guard opened the small window in Dr. Wolter’s cell door.  The guard told Dr. Wolter that he had over heard what the other guards were planning for him for the following day. He then threw Dr. Wolter a small section of rope and told him “Do yourself a favor.”  Dr. Wolter described drugged the chair to the middle of the room and using it tied the rope to a rafter.  When he finished tying a noose in the other end Dr. Wolter told how he came to realize  that if he had that much strength that the beating was something he could endure. He climbed down and went to sleep.  The next morning he woke to the sounds of movement outside his cell.  Once again a guard opened the small window in his cell door and peered in.  Turning to other outside the guard shouted “The pig’s still alive” and left.  Dr. Wolter told how he then made his way to the now opened window and witnessed the guards removing all the bodies, with ropes still around their necks.

  • Twulf15

    Absolutely we are being lied to. President Obama lied to the American people this week when he said it is his job to take action when Congress won’t. I’m not a Constitution scholar, but even I know that that is an outright lie. No president of the United States has the right to circumvent Congress because he or she disagrees with Congress or because he or she thinks Congress isn’t taking action according to his or her schedula and/or agenda. President Obama proved himself to be the dictator he truly is with his arrogance and deceit.

  • Guest

    In the most despicable manner possible the Obama administration has deceived and lied to the American people more than any administration in history.  When you fill your administration with your cohorts, virtually all of them socialists or communists, it’s not difficult to figure out what their intentions are and what they’ll do to accomplish their goals

  • Angela

    I’d like to know how to kill 11 million people.

  • David Cutler

    I’ve always found it difficult to talk with others about Hitler, without those I’m talking to  jumping to what he ended up doing. What is ignored is how he and the Nazi’s got to where they could do what they did. It would seem that this book addresses that issue.

  • Sheila Morgan

    Yes, I do agree that our civilization is in jeopardy. I think we have been lied
    to for millions of years. Each generation has a different lie to contend with.
    We don’t know who to believe. It seems that right is wrong, and wrong is right.
    It seems that those that lie, cheat and steel are the ones who prosper and those
    that try to do the right thing, doesn’t. They lie with thier mouth and thier
    actions. What is wrong with this picture? In the work place, the meanest of the
    men and women are the ones who get promoted and make the most money. Why is
    that? We see good honest people work for a living and we see others just set
    back and let someone else take care of them. Where has our integrity gone? In politics we see both sides promise the
    moon, what ever it takes to get elected, then it’s a different story. Do we not
    have moral values any more?

    My daddy
    told be before he past away, ” Don’t ever, ever, ever, vote for the incumbent,
    because if he isn’t crooked when he went in he’ll be crooked when he comes out”.
    He also said, ” They are all as crooked as a dogs hine leg”. My daddy has
    been gone now for 26 years.

  • Donsilvasr

    Amazing concept to break through to all people …. Look forward to reading this book!

  • Tim Wachtstetter

    Sadly, yes. I believe we are being lied to by the media and by policitians. Even more sad is the fact that most of us are conplicitous in the deception. Scripture speaks of those who are “willingly ignorant.” Many feel that they will be excused from action if they remain uninformed. What a tragic mistake!

  • Tmwatz

    Yes and it scares the heck out of me! I fear for the future of my children!

  • Bernie

    Truth matters….at every level.  I am becoming more discouraged about this subject as I see a public more willing to accept dishonesty & corruption as long as it’s benefiting “me”, my people, or my causes…  We must demand a return to honesty and  be willing condemn those who seek to enrich themselves with deception….even “our own people”….

  • Constance

    true is truth? How absolute? We know the truth when we hear it, see it,
    experience it. We’re drawn to it like a moth to light. Mighty big issue. HUGE!

  • C Lester

    I have come to the point where I am suspect of every word uttered by ALL politicians and most of the media.    This is no way to live.    I rarely if ever watch television anymore because all I was doing was talking back to it, in three little words….
    “That’s a lie.” 

  • Tom

    I think that many gov’t officials will do anything to stay in power and keep making money for themselves.

  • Bogaski0

    Yes, I believe we are in danger of being “lulled” in to believing that all is well or “it will get better soon”.  There are very few of our government leaders that are honest in their dealings with us, the American people and most of us have the terrible attitude, “oh, there is nothing I can do about it” (!!).  Are you kidding?  I will be reading and passing on Mr. Andrew’s book this week!

  • Lenny Falls

    Not only do I believe it, I predicted the “type” of president Obama would be–throughout his campaign, he really said nothing of substance.  Sadly, I grossly underestimated how effectively terrible (or terribly effective) he would be in tearing down our country. Even his staunchest critics are too kind.  It is not that he doesn’t understand (in my opinion), it is that he fiercely wants to destroy our free enterprise system.  Four more years would do just that–we are losing our country rapidly–and I could care less what color he is. 

  • Earl Hollingshead

    Yes, There is no doubt in my mind .

  • Mary Kass

    Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization?
    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. The foundation of the country was based on Judeo Christian values. Our Founders believed for this country to remain free we must be a moral and virtious people and we have LOST IT. The immorality in our society is crippling us . Most people don’t even understand about being virtious. Doing what is best for country before what is best for you….   Because we don’t SEEK the truth and our children are being taught their is NO consequence for their actions… Lying, stealing, laziness, instant gratification, greed… etc…. It is all linked… and we will be faced with very tough times ahead…   When you find a politician stood in front of the camera and with no remorse lied… we should HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE… but with the complacent media… it becomes as long as it is my politician.. let’s look the other way…    It has been years in the making… the dumbing down of america thru our schools, the focus away from religion…, not knowing WHY America was so great and WHY it stayed GREAT… is harming the future…  America is Great because America is GOOD… simple yet complicated…  just LIVE THE TEN.

  • Steve Johnson, Geologist

    Internet myths are combining with the judiciary to strangle freedom.  Example.  PCBs…a dielectric liquid now banned for environmental reasons has become widely feared for virtually no reason.  As a result, cleaning things up has become an exercise in debunkmanship that the EPA is afraid to do because it might “hurt someone’s feelings”.  Read the story in google….Clinton Landfill

  • Jhurd3

    I could not agree more. we aere being lied to daily not only from our political leaders but the major culprit is the media. Wether it be global warming, economic issues, social issues, the dumbing down of our children thru public education or the re writing of history, we are being attacked on all fronts.

  • Doug Smith

    Sounds like an interesting book! Truth is constantly , and has been for 6,000 years, being undermined not by outright lies but by hpcrocisy and deceit. Bank tellers are trained to detect counterfeit money, not by observing counterfeit bills, but by a thorough analysis and study of “real money.” As our culture moves further and further away from God, we become more and more prone to fall for deception. Our only hope for America is to study, memorize, and meditate on the Truth of God’s Word continually. We must “get back to the Bible!”

    • Barry Hill

      Yeah, I am with you. The more we are around the real thing the more we will be able to detect what is counterfeit. It’s one of the reasons I love John 10 so much.

  • Gloria Pickering

    Looking foward to reading this. Sounds amazing!!

  • Bob Gorman

    The issue, in my opinion IS that serious. I teach 2 courses: Master Learner, & Finger Thinking that address how to spot lies, even subtle ones, but the more important issue is having the stamina to stand up & speak out.
    See my blog entry from Sept. 30, 2009:
    The Complicity of Silence

  • Andy Montgomery

    If the answer to the question is “You lie to them.”, then what is the answer to the next question, “How do you get them to believe the lies?”  The answer to that question is found in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions  and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.”  You just tell them what they want to hear.

  • Bill

    I have just read “How to Kill 11 Million People” – I read all of Andy’s books, personally buy copies for every college student I teach each fall and spring and give as gifts. I am ordering a dozen copies of “How to Kill …”. I will send with a personal note to people I believe can influence others and personally ask them to read and pass along to others they think are concerned about our loss of  TRUTH as the standard. I pray that God will bless Andy and this writing to awaken us for our need for awakening, concern and involvement. Great job accepting his proposal Michael.

  • Steve Clark

    I do believe that there is more lying going on, especially the most agregious kind, where some people no longer care that the results of their lies will hurt millions of people. This is a large scale, but it’s not that there is a huge conspiracy other than the grand conspiracy of evil deluding people in the first place.

  • Kathy Rollins

    I do agree that we have been lied to for many many years.  Andy Andrews has called all of Americans to take a stand and demand integrity, truth and accoountability form all of our politicians,government leaders, and the media.  We must be informed and demand the truth from them.  His book  is a call for all of us to get busy.  He is to be commended for writing this book.

  • Jacroms

    Yes I believe we are being lied to…but I also believe that society right now wants that.  They do not want to face the truth.  My husband and I researched the candidates before this last presidential campaign and discovered that this would not be good for our country.  No matter how much we shared these facts with our neighbors, co-workers and friends, they would not listen or even look at the facts.  They wanted to believe the lie.  It was almost as if they needed this.  Some even got hostile towards us.  It is a sad state of affairs to see our country being  led down the rabbit hole in hopes of a new wonderland.  What will the new election bring?  I am praying we don’t end up at the tea party with the Mad Hatter!

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  • Mitchell Maloney

    I truly feel the “great lie” that has been “sold” as a cure for everything that ails this country is the lie that the government knows more regarding what we as a people need to continue to make this country’s experiment the envy of the world.  The sad fact is that a growing amount of our population is following that belief all the way to the proverbial concentration camp called Socialism.

    Mitch Maloney

  • RoyMckinnon

    Over the last week this topic and this book are growing great momentum. Glenn Beck also highlighted it on GBtv and it is clear we can all agree that we desire and truly need truth. Spending time listening to the election cycle or simply watching the evening news I find myself frustrated on the main conversations of lies and “spin” we even have a pc word for it, it seems as though no one is speaking on the issues. We live in a fog of fleshly deception.

  • Eddie Poole

    I believe the truth will set you free. Look forward to reading Andy’s book!

  • Dave Sheets

    Bought the book the same day I read the post. Wow. This is definitely a book every American should read. Andy did a great job keeping it politically agnostic.

  • Gordon

    I have been following your comments very ardently and I admire your insight
    and integrity in every article you publish..  Here in in my county, given the scope of corruption in almost every area of our society, I am sure a book of this calibre will
    be an eye opener. 

  • Boshoff Home

    Absoluately!!! you only need to read the Bible to know that!

  • Boshoff Home

    Absolutely!  you only need to read the Bible.  

  • Jjfine

    I believe that advertising is base on the belief that you are getting something for nothing or that at the least the value of what you acquire is greater then the cost indicating you actually believe someone has your interests above their own… we should always be wary when we see this

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  • Jchotchkiss


  • Drbobwilkerson

    Most Americans are in complete darkness when it comes to seeing and knowing the true nature of America.

  • Vanschaf

    The plan for some 100 years is working.  The new world order, the illuminate, the bildaberg group, the 1% , the devil, the evil or whatever you want to call them are upon us. I read the book, “The Invisible Government”, in 1968.  I have recently re-read it and now it means so much more to me.  We are in big trouble.  I have talked to so many people about this and I might as well be talking to a wall.  The dumbing down of our world thru chemicals and government control of education has worked.  

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  • sundance

    u better take a look at all those fema camps being built, with the wire on the inside,and the furnaces,

  • Rocky Frisco

    I want to read the book, so your article did the job. On the other hand: “This is a short book. You can literally read it in less than an hour. But don’t be fooled by it’s size.”

    Come on . . . run-on sentences, an apostrophe in a possessive pronoun . . . you should have somebody proof your writing.  You would have failed sixth grade English when I took it.

  • John

    Governments are being elected by the majority vote.
    How many in that majority know who and what they are voting for.
    The majority are first brain washed and lied to before they vote.
    After the empowerment of their choice, they are the first to complain.
    Yet with the next elections they repeat their mistake.
    Sheeple follow goats, who do not have a shepherd.
    Should man unite under a good shepherd,
     They will be guided in their voting.
    A good shepherd cares about his flock.
    A shepherd of goats, uses his flock for his own power.

  • Pedro A. Rodriguez Vega

    read Isaiah 1.23 God calls all of them corrupt. Does not leave one of them out. 545 leaders on this nation. Now the sum of the word is truth; is the revelation that will change the world. Shielding the truth = 87 33 87 = 36 a whole cycle = 360 degrees truth. Read Psalm 47.9. God will shield the truth.



  • Henry Williams

    Yes indeed i couldn’t agree more with you particularly those who are the power brokers oligarchy of our times e.g Politians, law enforcement agency, business people, civil servants, church leaders, judiciary system, drug barons thieves  and so forth!  They do so constantly without any ounce of the fear of God, to them the fear of God is abstract and distance? They ”only” know God exist when they or their family members and Associates are in deep trouble they use God as their tool to incapacitates the people.  Telling lies is their frame of reference; they have built huge industries on strategic thinking on how to manufacture lies upon lies and justify it  with force, through intellectual counter arguments from ill-repute academia’s and the justice system right across the world seven continents as we speak they are groom young people from the same background to continue and unleash a devastating heinous crime blow by blows to threaten the true  foundation of our civilization. 

  • Henry Williams

    Yes indeed i couldn’t agree more with you particularly those who are the power brokers oligarchy of our times e.g Politians, law enforcement agency, business people, civil servants, church leaders, judiciary system, drug barons thieves  and so forth!  They do so constantly without any ounce of the fear of God, to them the fear of God is abstract and distance? They ”only” know God exist when they or their family members and Associates are in deep trouble they use God as their tool to incapacitates the people.  Telling lies is their frame of reference; they have built huge industries on strategic thinking on how to manufacture lies upon lies and justify it  with force, through intellectual counter arguments from ill-repute academia’s and the justice system right across the world seven continents as we speak they are grooming young people from the same background to continue and unleash a devastating heinous crime blow by blows to threaten the true  foundation of our civilization. 

  • Peteyandolive

    True that our children and future generations must be taught that we only “deserve” what we have earned My great concern is that so much damage has been done during  our current leadership, and so quicky, that we must fight as quickly as possible to stop it. We honestly have been abused, used, and lied to again and again. We cannot even rely on the number of votes cast, and the “The New World Order” , apparently, has been in place for years. I, for one, am at a loss for correcting what has been accomplished by these liars in such a short time, and I am overwhelmed with sadness. I am a senior, and have no idea how to fight it. I do know that it may be too late to wait for future generations to resolve the deceit, that we are enduring today.

    • Beth James Smith

       There are many cycles as we face the reality of all of this.  First, shock.  Then , anger, then deep sadness, then, if we are truly American patriots, the will to fight for our great country.  You can do these things, no matter your age.  First, get a grip on the reality.  Second and most important, PRAY that God will intervene.  This is an humbling experience for all of us but we are in it together. Don’t isolate yourself.  Get involved with your local Tea Party for support and information.  Write your crumby Congressmen and tell them that you expect them to get busy and vote for the issues that you are concerned about and that you expect a return email or letter or you will never vote for them again.  Check your voting polls and watch for voter fraud.  Find out what safeguards are in place to prevent it.  Stay involved and stay busy.  Take all the action that you can because God helps those who help themselves.  Educate your family and friends knowing that some will think that you have lost your mind.  America is just now waking up and will have to go through all the previously mentioned stages before acceptance.  Be patient even when you want to scream.  Good luck.  Press on.  We can save this country with God’s help.  He is still in charge!!!!

  • Davemeseck

    Famous concept of Hitler which was used effectively by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

  • Guest

    Yes we are being lied to in mass and most importantly the lie is being reinforced by the masses. Just google the “monkey and ladder” experiment. The old monkeys train new monkeys not to climb the ladder after the water is turned off.

  • Leilanipeters

    The Congress and Administration are totally corrupt and act like this is the way it’s supposed to be.  They ccan’t see they rot they have created which is destroying the greatest country that has ever  been.  I would say a lot more, if I weren’t so sleepy.

  • Mcduntley

    Yes, we really do feel there are many lies and more and  more of it  that we are getting to wonder what will happen.  This election is such a questionable  thing with prayer everyday…

  • Nguyen kinh Luan

    Reading this book will make the public garner more information and know-how with regards to the government and how they should run a specific nation. Andy Andrews, who is increasingly becoming among the most significant writers in the United States, wrote this book in order for the public to have answers to their questions with regard to their elected officials.

  • Annals5085

    You will absolutely be deceived unless you are a discerner of the times.  God’s word is truth and nothing else. It will give you the measuring line by which all things are determined. For the last few years, I have seen that America (previously, Israel’s most public supporter) would have to be disabled in order for her enemies to march against her. As written, in the last days Israel will stand alone and God himself will come to save his people.  Pay attention and don’t believe every thing you hear. Watch carefully because the land of Israel is the place that God’s eyes are always on.”

  • Mrtzhome

    Read “1984” and decide for yourself how important the truth is. There are three Big Lies perpetuated by our media in the U.S. that dictate the course “We the People” are on which will, if left unchallenged, will lead once again to bondage. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Without truth, we are not free.

  • Michaelingleo

    I absolutely believe we are lied to on a daily basis. It has become the norm instead of exception. All politicians lie and say what you want to hear only to ignore and to further their own agenda.

    I have often thought how could people believe such leaders even to their death. Obama has lied so much that I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. And speaking of agendas, it scares me to think what his idea of a free country is. As I write this, it is the day after the presidential election Nov. 7th, 2012. The president is now Obama and frankly I’m scared to death to think at this point in his second term he is a lame duck and without overt action he has four years to spin his web!

  • Ehs1223

    It takes effort on the part of individuals to investigate, think and problem solve their way through the deceit of people in high places in this country.  I pray that Americans will not be lazy or complacent and make that effort to find out the truth of what is going on in Washington D.C. , our local governments and on Wall Street and then actually make the time to become involved and demand that honesty and integrity be restored.    I pray that America will once again become one great nation under God.   

  • Barbb


    • Michael Hyatt


  • Un-fucking-believable

    What the fuck is all this God’s glory shit in the comments? You stupid fucking sheep. Religion is the most manipulative lie of all. Not to mention the oldest. When the fuck are you just going to accept that making up a shit ton of total bull is not spirituality? And buying into other peoples bull is worse. You want spirituality? I got it right here. Matter and Energy. Makes up practically everything. You. Me. Trees. Cars. They’re literally everywhere. They can’t be destroyed. They have always been and always will be. And when we die, our matter and energy returns to the universal matrix of exchange of matter and energy. Sound familiar? It’s not a god, it doesn’t have fucking commandments or dogma. It DOESN’T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU. IT WON’T REWARD YOU FOR GOOD ACTIONS OR PUNISH YOU FOR EVIL. THAT. IS. UP. TO. US. GROW THE FUCK UP! And accept the world for what it fucking is. You want heaven? TOO GOD DAMN BAD, it’s not there. But while you’re in the fucking clouds fapping to thoughts of eternal joy and bliss and ignorance. The rest of us are down here on EARTH, which is real. Which is beautiful and terrible and wondrous. Which deserves and demands your attention and care and understanding. And we’re struggling and suffering, and our only hope is for people to open their fucking eyes and start thinking for themselves. God’s fucking glory… You make me fucking sick. You people are worse than Hitler. At least he’s dead and gone. We still have to put up with your Abrahamic monotheistic vomit.

    Do you really think Satan is under the crust of the Earth in Hell waiting to punish the sinners?And that Jesus really lived, was born of the virgin, performed miracles like raising the dead, curing blindness and disease, was crucified and resurrected?Do you really believe the Earth was made in 7 days? And that we all have to go to hell unless we confess our sins to Jesus because a rib lady got tricked by a talking snake with legs into eating a piece of fruit in an act so sinful the entire species must therefore be doomed to eternal torture and suffering after death as a result?
    Do you really think homosexuality is an abomination?
    There are so many horrible unspeakable blasphemies against Humanity and true Goodwill in the Bible they’re practically innumerable.

    If you answered no to ANY of those questions. It is your responsibility as a moral intelligent human being to do away with anything and everything associated with these atrocities. You said it yourself. Compromise and comfort are the calling cards of our culture. You want a better world? Stop compromising with the fucking lunatics in charge. Go your own way. Christianity was a good message buried under millenniums of corruption corrosion and abuse. It is not salvageable. Be done with it or you are contributing to an age old system of class division, racism, bigotry, and greed. Our modern society is characterized by greed and materialism. Two of the things Jesus hated the MOST. If anything he said got through to you at all. You’d do away with your modern luxuries. Disown the church. Tear down the government. And build a new future with true prosperity and sustainability in mind.

  • Sam Abbey

    We are lied to everyday from members in congress that we elected to represent what we stand for. They are taking care of themselves and not their constituents. They should receive a salary of $50,000 a year and have to pay health insurance and deductibles, just like we do. They lie to us and tell us they are better than we are and are fighting for our rights. Are you kidding me? There is not a member in congress or a president that has cared for America for 4 years. They continue to lie to us to pad their pockets and received benefits they didn’t earn. Why do they lie to us to give so much away to undeserving, unworking UNAMERICAN? They guilt us into it.
    God help America. We must stop the lies and get back to the American way. Close our borders, quit giving our jobs away and allow God back in schools. 

  • Patti Rindy

    Loved this interview and love Andy Andrews. Saw your This Is Your Life podcasts on the iPad app and was so pleased to find out that it was you. I used to listen to your podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio and I learned so much about the Orthodox faith from you. Thank you for all that you give of yourself on so many levels

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  • Hopeful-lee

    I just recently discovered Andy by purchasing his audio book, “The Traveler’s Gift.”  Few books I’ve read really have the potential to change your life on the spot.  Most of my world views are the culmination of various books I’ve read and re-read over the years.  The Traveler’s gift opened new ways of thinking and validated others I had let dilapidate in my mind.  It is one of those books.  I think every era has a few men and women “of the time.”  Andy’s insights are really beyond himself.  Truth be known I did have the sense that God was using Andy’s book to reach me for reasons to long to go into here.  The Traveler’s Gift is the only book I’ve read by Andy, ( 3 times now) but I am anxious to delve into the rest of his work, especially “How do you kill 11 million people.”  I appreciate the fact that Andy left out names of current leaders.  If he didn’t it would appear that he had an axe to grind or a political agenda.  He doesn’t.  I can see that from his work.  Besides, he doesn’t need to.  Every generation bears the seeds of another Stalin, Hitler, Reagan, Eisenhower, Truman, etc.  The good and the bad are always with us, as are good and evil.  I sense Andy trying to stir up the good in us and that excites me.  He isn’t a person to just sit and rail against the evil of a particular leader.  Once the leader is gone there will still be evil.  No, Andy isn’t against people, he is against evil.  I find his work empowering.  I am also a great admirer of Oswald Chambers.  Whenever I can I bestow his book “My Utmost for His Highest” on anyone I think would benefit from such astounding wisdom.  Wouldn’t everyone benefit?  No, everyone isn’t ready for it.  When they seem ready I give them the book.  I would love to treat Andy’s work the same way.  I would love to just give it to people I sense would appreciate it or be moved to action by it.  

    • Barry Hill

      Wow— It’s really cool to hear that Andy’s book had such a profound impact on you. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment and your thoughts! I think you are right about needing to be “ready” (in a place that you can hear the message) in order to really understand an idea. I also feel like REALLY good literature helps us get there (embrace truth) even when we are NOT ready. Just a thought!

  • Connie Elliott

    Anybody who wants to dig deeper into the topic of state-led terrorism needs to find and read the relevant sections of _Terrorism, the Newest Face of Warfare_ by Don Hanle.  The man was decades ahead of his time and he provides readers with an analytical framework for understanding these events that is remarkable in its utility.

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  • IgnoranceIsNotBliss

    It sickens me that stupid people assume this is some kind of Nazi Hitler worshiping cult book. They obviously didn’t read any of it, and just LIE about reading it, just like Hitler LIED. These same people who don’t read and learn about anything are the ones who are most susceptible to the very dangerous truth about lying and exploiting the ignorance of the majority of people. These same people are the types that agreed to go to their deaths on a false promise… It’s simply deplorable and insipid, but isn’t that the reality we, as doctors, teachers, politicans, PEOPLE, are faced with?

  • Patricia Crowther

    The world is being lied to. Australia is no different. One World government is on the march. Freemasons, Catholisism, Satanist, UN etc etc etc. But we must do as Father God says in His wonderful book, the Bible….. we must pray for these people, including the Muslims and LOVE them. Truth is of God. Do as you feel like, there is no right or wrong… is distinctly from satan. The biggest liar and coward ever. Bottom line is Jesus is Lord and every knee WILL bow. Politicians, be warned victory for evil is going to be very very short lived. Read Revelations — GOD WINS.

    Patricia Crowther

  • Nanat

    Yes we have and are becoming a nation that wants everything the easy way and some one else to do our thinking for us. We are blindly being led to the slaughter. We don’t know how to think for ourselves and those who do think that it is no use, it is to hard and wouldn’t do any good anyway.

  • Tanya

    This is very powerful! That is why we must share the truth and speak the truth.

  • Vicki Tallent

    Yes, but I realize more and more people are lieing to cover their own mistakes and others rather than admitting them. I also see protocol being misused, in groups of people for instance: policemen, nurses, bankruptcy lawyers, etc. Look at 9 hospitals that allowed a man do assisted suicide and merely moved him to another hospital. Another example is in order to talk to another lawyer, you must fire the first one. One lawyer will almost never go against another lawyer. Money talks, doesn’t it? I have also encountered a police who has used mace on a regular basis in prisons. I have noted a Judge who disregarded truth that was presented, and been involved in a auto accident where a police man did 3 things wrong to my one. How many police would have arrived had I hit his car rather than wreck mine to avoid hitting him. Covering for someone else’s mistakes can seem like the right thing to do, but it eventually wears down our society. I believe one lie leads to another. I helped a neighbor get out of trouble and as a jury selective I prayed that the people would admit their guilt.
    I believe the Beauty of Truth is that it sets men free even when they are guilty.

  • Michael Freezer

    In many ways all learning has become influenced by commercialism. This has stimulated, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life. There is a vast difference of teaching and learning, between the founding of our nation, and what is produce today. John Adams and Barack Hussein Obama have one thing in common. They both attended Harvard. One, is a man of God, the other, is a pathological lair.

  • Jerry Gay

    I’ve been preaching this message to anyone who would listen with regards to gun control and the socialist agenda. I’m glad someone has written a book.

  • Marie

    The government has many motives for lying to us ,not all of them but enough to put a lack of trust for most of them.Money,greed and power over the vulnerable makes me sad and The Lord gives us discernment,I am not fearful just discussed !

  • Stan

    So the Supreme Court just allowed the mega-wealthy to contribute huge sums of money to political campaigns. I really don’t think the wealthy need more power. This bad decision bringing us in the complete wrong direction.

  • db

    Yes! I’m tired of politicians lies. I have no faith in the system at all. I’m being bombarded with emails begging for money, yet they are doing absolutely nothing to justify their pay. I don’t trust any of them. No doubt that Biblical prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes. Most of society doesn’t believe so they don’t recognize it.