How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

Today is the official publication date for my friend Andy Andrews’ new book, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think.

Last February, Gail and I met with Andy and his manager, Robert Smith, here in Nashville. I was the CEO at Thomas Nelson at the time, and Andy wanted to pitch the book concept to me personally because it was so different from anything he had written previously.

In my thirty years of publishing, I have been pitched hundreds—maybe a few thousand—times. But I could count on one hand the times I heard a book concept and thought, Not only should we publish this. We must must publish this. Now! Given where we are as a country, I can’t think of a more important and timely topic.

In everything he writes, Andy offers perspective that leaves you seeing your world and your life in a completely different way. He mines history for examples and then applies what he has learned to his readers’ lives. How Do You Kill 11 Million People is no different.

Through the lens of the Holocaust, Andy examines how Hitler was able to get eleven million people to march to their deaths with so little resistance. In short, he lied to them. And, sadly, they believed it.

If the truth is what sets us free, we need to ask what it means to live in a society where truth is absent, where we are routinely lied to by politicians of both parties, Wall Street, and the media. What is at stake? Can we survive in such a culture of deception?

Our only hope, Andy argues, is an informed citizenry that demands truth at every level—first from themselves and second from their leaders. We must be able to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, and hold those who lie accountable.

This is a short book. You can literally read it in less than an hour. But don’t be fooled by its size. It’s a little book that could be the start of something very big. It’s a book you will want to read for yourself and then give to others.

I gave away 100 copies of How Do You Kill 11 Million People?. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: Do you agree that we are being lied to on a scale that threatens the foundation of our civilization? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Peteyandolive

    True that our children and future generations must be taught that we only “deserve” what we have earned My great concern is that so much damage has been done during  our current leadership, and so quicky, that we must fight as quickly as possible to stop it. We honestly have been abused, used, and lied to again and again. We cannot even rely on the number of votes cast, and the “The New World Order” , apparently, has been in place for years. I, for one, am at a loss for correcting what has been accomplished by these liars in such a short time, and I am overwhelmed with sadness. I am a senior, and have no idea how to fight it. I do know that it may be too late to wait for future generations to resolve the deceit, that we are enduring today.

    • Beth James Smith

       There are many cycles as we face the reality of all of this.  First, shock.  Then , anger, then deep sadness, then, if we are truly American patriots, the will to fight for our great country.  You can do these things, no matter your age.  First, get a grip on the reality.  Second and most important, PRAY that God will intervene.  This is an humbling experience for all of us but we are in it together. Don’t isolate yourself.  Get involved with your local Tea Party for support and information.  Write your crumby Congressmen and tell them that you expect them to get busy and vote for the issues that you are concerned about and that you expect a return email or letter or you will never vote for them again.  Check your voting polls and watch for voter fraud.  Find out what safeguards are in place to prevent it.  Stay involved and stay busy.  Take all the action that you can because God helps those who help themselves.  Educate your family and friends knowing that some will think that you have lost your mind.  America is just now waking up and will have to go through all the previously mentioned stages before acceptance.  Be patient even when you want to scream.  Good luck.  Press on.  We can save this country with God’s help.  He is still in charge!!!!

  • Davemeseck

    Famous concept of Hitler which was used effectively by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

  • Guest

    Yes we are being lied to in mass and most importantly the lie is being reinforced by the masses. Just google the “monkey and ladder” experiment. The old monkeys train new monkeys not to climb the ladder after the water is turned off.

  • Leilanipeters

    The Congress and Administration are totally corrupt and act like this is the way it’s supposed to be.  They ccan’t see they rot they have created which is destroying the greatest country that has ever  been.  I would say a lot more, if I weren’t so sleepy.

  • Mcduntley

    Yes, we really do feel there are many lies and more and  more of it  that we are getting to wonder what will happen.  This election is such a questionable  thing with prayer everyday…

  • Nguyen kinh Luan

    Reading this book will make the public garner more information and know-how with regards to the government and how they should run a specific nation. Andy Andrews, who is increasingly becoming among the most significant writers in the United States, wrote this book in order for the public to have answers to their questions with regard to their elected officials.

  • Annals5085

    You will absolutely be deceived unless you are a discerner of the times.  God’s word is truth and nothing else. It will give you the measuring line by which all things are determined. For the last few years, I have seen that America (previously, Israel’s most public supporter) would have to be disabled in order for her enemies to march against her. As written, in the last days Israel will stand alone and God himself will come to save his people.  Pay attention and don’t believe every thing you hear. Watch carefully because the land of Israel is the place that God’s eyes are always on.”

  • Mrtzhome

    Read “1984″ and decide for yourself how important the truth is. There are three Big Lies perpetuated by our media in the U.S. that dictate the course “We the People” are on which will, if left unchallenged, will lead once again to bondage. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Without truth, we are not free.

  • Michaelingleo

    I absolutely believe we are lied to on a daily basis. It has become the norm instead of exception. All politicians lie and say what you want to hear only to ignore and to further their own agenda.

    I have often thought how could people believe such leaders even to their death. Obama has lied so much that I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. And speaking of agendas, it scares me to think what his idea of a free country is. As I write this, it is the day after the presidential election Nov. 7th, 2012. The president is now Obama and frankly I’m scared to death to think at this point in his second term he is a lame duck and without overt action he has four years to spin his web!

  • Ehs1223

    It takes effort on the part of individuals to investigate, think and problem solve their way through the deceit of people in high places in this country.  I pray that Americans will not be lazy or complacent and make that effort to find out the truth of what is going on in Washington D.C. , our local governments and on Wall Street and then actually make the time to become involved and demand that honesty and integrity be restored.    I pray that America will once again become one great nation under God.   

  • Barbb


    • Michael Hyatt


  • Un-fucking-believable

    What the fuck is all this God’s glory shit in the comments? You stupid fucking sheep. Religion is the most manipulative lie of all. Not to mention the oldest. When the fuck are you just going to accept that making up a shit ton of total bull is not spirituality? And buying into other peoples bull is worse. You want spirituality? I got it right here. Matter and Energy. Makes up practically everything. You. Me. Trees. Cars. They’re literally everywhere. They can’t be destroyed. They have always been and always will be. And when we die, our matter and energy returns to the universal matrix of exchange of matter and energy. Sound familiar? It’s not a god, it doesn’t have fucking commandments or dogma. It DOESN’T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU. IT WON’T REWARD YOU FOR GOOD ACTIONS OR PUNISH YOU FOR EVIL. THAT. IS. UP. TO. US. GROW THE FUCK UP! And accept the world for what it fucking is. You want heaven? TOO GOD DAMN BAD, it’s not there. But while you’re in the fucking clouds fapping to thoughts of eternal joy and bliss and ignorance. The rest of us are down here on EARTH, which is real. Which is beautiful and terrible and wondrous. Which deserves and demands your attention and care and understanding. And we’re struggling and suffering, and our only hope is for people to open their fucking eyes and start thinking for themselves. God’s fucking glory… You make me fucking sick. You people are worse than Hitler. At least he’s dead and gone. We still have to put up with your Abrahamic monotheistic vomit.

    Do you really think Satan is under the crust of the Earth in Hell waiting to punish the sinners?And that Jesus really lived, was born of the virgin, performed miracles like raising the dead, curing blindness and disease, was crucified and resurrected?Do you really believe the Earth was made in 7 days? And that we all have to go to hell unless we confess our sins to Jesus because a rib lady got tricked by a talking snake with legs into eating a piece of fruit in an act so sinful the entire species must therefore be doomed to eternal torture and suffering after death as a result?
    Do you really think homosexuality is an abomination?
    There are so many horrible unspeakable blasphemies against Humanity and true Goodwill in the Bible they’re practically innumerable.

    If you answered no to ANY of those questions. It is your responsibility as a moral intelligent human being to do away with anything and everything associated with these atrocities. You said it yourself. Compromise and comfort are the calling cards of our culture. You want a better world? Stop compromising with the fucking lunatics in charge. Go your own way. Christianity was a good message buried under millenniums of corruption corrosion and abuse. It is not salvageable. Be done with it or you are contributing to an age old system of class division, racism, bigotry, and greed. Our modern society is characterized by greed and materialism. Two of the things Jesus hated the MOST. If anything he said got through to you at all. You’d do away with your modern luxuries. Disown the church. Tear down the government. And build a new future with true prosperity and sustainability in mind.

  • Sam Abbey

    We are lied to everyday from members in congress that we elected to represent what we stand for. They are taking care of themselves and not their constituents. They should receive a salary of $50,000 a year and have to pay health insurance and deductibles, just like we do. They lie to us and tell us they are better than we are and are fighting for our rights. Are you kidding me? There is not a member in congress or a president that has cared for America for 4 years. They continue to lie to us to pad their pockets and received benefits they didn’t earn. Why do they lie to us to give so much away to undeserving, unworking UNAMERICAN? They guilt us into it.
    God help America. We must stop the lies and get back to the American way. Close our borders, quit giving our jobs away and allow God back in schools. 

  • Patti Rindy

    Loved this interview and love Andy Andrews. Saw your This Is Your Life podcasts on the iPad app and was so pleased to find out that it was you. I used to listen to your podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio and I learned so much about the Orthodox faith from you. Thank you for all that you give of yourself on so many levels

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  • Hopeful-lee

    I just recently discovered Andy by purchasing his audio book, “The Traveler’s Gift.”  Few books I’ve read really have the potential to change your life on the spot.  Most of my world views are the culmination of various books I’ve read and re-read over the years.  The Traveler’s gift opened new ways of thinking and validated others I had let dilapidate in my mind.  It is one of those books.  I think every era has a few men and women “of the time.”  Andy’s insights are really beyond himself.  Truth be known I did have the sense that God was using Andy’s book to reach me for reasons to long to go into here.  The Traveler’s Gift is the only book I’ve read by Andy, ( 3 times now) but I am anxious to delve into the rest of his work, especially “How do you kill 11 million people.”  I appreciate the fact that Andy left out names of current leaders.  If he didn’t it would appear that he had an axe to grind or a political agenda.  He doesn’t.  I can see that from his work.  Besides, he doesn’t need to.  Every generation bears the seeds of another Stalin, Hitler, Reagan, Eisenhower, Truman, etc.  The good and the bad are always with us, as are good and evil.  I sense Andy trying to stir up the good in us and that excites me.  He isn’t a person to just sit and rail against the evil of a particular leader.  Once the leader is gone there will still be evil.  No, Andy isn’t against people, he is against evil.  I find his work empowering.  I am also a great admirer of Oswald Chambers.  Whenever I can I bestow his book “My Utmost for His Highest” on anyone I think would benefit from such astounding wisdom.  Wouldn’t everyone benefit?  No, everyone isn’t ready for it.  When they seem ready I give them the book.  I would love to treat Andy’s work the same way.  I would love to just give it to people I sense would appreciate it or be moved to action by it.  

    • Barry Hill

      Wow— It’s really cool to hear that Andy’s book had such a profound impact on you. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment and your thoughts! I think you are right about needing to be “ready” (in a place that you can hear the message) in order to really understand an idea. I also feel like REALLY good literature helps us get there (embrace truth) even when we are NOT ready. Just a thought!

  • Connie Elliott

    Anybody who wants to dig deeper into the topic of state-led terrorism needs to find and read the relevant sections of _Terrorism, the Newest Face of Warfare_ by Don Hanle.  The man was decades ahead of his time and he provides readers with an analytical framework for understanding these events that is remarkable in its utility.

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  • IgnoranceIsNotBliss

    It sickens me that stupid people assume this is some kind of Nazi Hitler worshiping cult book. They obviously didn’t read any of it, and just LIE about reading it, just like Hitler LIED. These same people who don’t read and learn about anything are the ones who are most susceptible to the very dangerous truth about lying and exploiting the ignorance of the majority of people. These same people are the types that agreed to go to their deaths on a false promise… It’s simply deplorable and insipid, but isn’t that the reality we, as doctors, teachers, politicans, PEOPLE, are faced with?

  • Patricia Crowther

    The world is being lied to. Australia is no different. One World government is on the march. Freemasons, Catholisism, Satanist, UN etc etc etc. But we must do as Father God says in His wonderful book, the Bible….. we must pray for these people, including the Muslims and LOVE them. Truth is of God. Do as you feel like, there is no right or wrong… is distinctly from satan. The biggest liar and coward ever. Bottom line is Jesus is Lord and every knee WILL bow. Politicians, be warned victory for evil is going to be very very short lived. Read Revelations — GOD WINS.

    Patricia Crowther

  • Nanat

    Yes we have and are becoming a nation that wants everything the easy way and some one else to do our thinking for us. We are blindly being led to the slaughter. We don’t know how to think for ourselves and those who do think that it is no use, it is to hard and wouldn’t do any good anyway.

  • Tanya

    This is very powerful! That is why we must share the truth and speak the truth.

  • Vicki Tallent

    Yes, but I realize more and more people are lieing to cover their own mistakes and others rather than admitting them. I also see protocol being misused, in groups of people for instance: policemen, nurses, bankruptcy lawyers, etc. Look at 9 hospitals that allowed a man do assisted suicide and merely moved him to another hospital. Another example is in order to talk to another lawyer, you must fire the first one. One lawyer will almost never go against another lawyer. Money talks, doesn’t it? I have also encountered a police who has used mace on a regular basis in prisons. I have noted a Judge who disregarded truth that was presented, and been involved in a auto accident where a police man did 3 things wrong to my one. How many police would have arrived had I hit his car rather than wreck mine to avoid hitting him. Covering for someone else’s mistakes can seem like the right thing to do, but it eventually wears down our society. I believe one lie leads to another. I helped a neighbor get out of trouble and as a jury selective I prayed that the people would admit their guilt.
    I believe the Beauty of Truth is that it sets men free even when they are guilty.

  • Michael Freezer

    In many ways all learning has become influenced by commercialism. This has stimulated, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life. There is a vast difference of teaching and learning, between the founding of our nation, and what is produce today. John Adams and Barack Hussein Obama have one thing in common. They both attended Harvard. One, is a man of God, the other, is a pathological lair.

  • Jerry Gay

    I’ve been preaching this message to anyone who would listen with regards to gun control and the socialist agenda. I’m glad someone has written a book.

  • Marie

    The government has many motives for lying to us ,not all of them but enough to put a lack of trust for most of them.Money,greed and power over the vulnerable makes me sad and The Lord gives us discernment,I am not fearful just discussed !

  • Stan

    So the Supreme Court just allowed the mega-wealthy to contribute huge sums of money to political campaigns. I really don’t think the wealthy need more power. This bad decision bringing us in the complete wrong direction.