How to Record a Video Interview in Eight Steps

In the last few months, I posted several video interviews with authors (e.g., interviews with Todd Burpo, Guy Kawasaki, and Scott Schwertly). Personally, I think this is more interesting for my readers than simply reading a written review. Both have their place, but a video interview provides a unique perspective on the book from the author’s vantage point.

Skype Video Interview Example

Editing a Video Interview from Within iMovie

Initially, I had a difficult time getting used to the lower production quality. These kinds of video interviews are no rival for professionally produced ones. But I think it actually works in this case and adds to the credibility of the author and the message.

In the last few days several bloggers have written to me about my workflow. They’ve asked, “How do you create those videos, especially with the side-by-side presentation inside of Skype?”

Rather than answer these queries individually, I thought I’d write a post on it. While you might not have access to book authors, but you might have access to others that would be of interest to your readers.

For me, video interviews are super easy to do. I can record the video, do the editing, and write the post in an hour or less (not including the time I spend reading the book and writing the questions). It is a very efficient use of my time.

Here are the steps I typically go through:

  1. Schedule the video interview. I ask the author to block 30 minutes for the call. (If everything is working on both ends, we should be done in 15 minutes.) I confirm that they have Skype installed and ask for their Skype username. I then put the call on my calendar and include their Skype username in the notes.
  2. Prepare for the interview. Since I am interviewing authors, this means reading their book. I highlight and mark it as I go. Then, when I’m done, I type out a list of 5–7 questions. I then display these questions in a text editor directly under my webcam.
  3. Send the questions to the author. Some authors prefer to respond live, without preparation. (This is actually my preference when I am interviewed.) Others want to prepare. Regardless, I send the questions with a page reference for the answer next to each question. I want the author to know what I am referencing. I also confirm the call time.
  4. Call the author using Skype. I then use Call Recorder for Skype to actually record the video and audio. My preference settings, accessed from within the Skype Preference panel, are set as follows:

    Call Recorder for Skype Preference Screen

    Notice that I have the Recording Options: Record Video set to “Split Screen.”

  5. Record the video interview. Make sure you are both ready, and then click the record button on Call Recorder. Try to look into the webcam as much as possible, though you’ll be tempted to look at the image of the person you are interviewing. When you are finished, turn the recorder off. The call will be saved in the folder you designated under your preference settings.
  6. Edit the video with your favorite editor. You can use something as simple as QuickTime Pro. I use iMovie. I generally don’t edit anything within the body of the video itself. I simply trim off the beginning (when we are getting setup) and the end. I also insert a video intro and outro at the beginning and the end. I had these professionally created by Duarte Design. I use a simple cross-fade transition between each element.
  7. Upload to your favorite video sharing site. I upload directly to YouTube from within iMovie. You can also upload to Vimeo or even Facebook. I set the video to “Make this movie personal.” I want to double-check it on the YouTube site before going live to the world. (Once I am happy with the meta-data and thumbnail, I flip the settings on YouTube to “Public.”)
  8. Embed a link to the video into your blog. This will vary, depending on your blogging platform and the software you use to access it. I do mine with a code from within MarsEdit, my blogging software. I have the embed code mapped to a single keystroke. I also write a brief post around the video, introducing it, and including the questions I asked the author. I find that this helps draw people into the video itself.

In addition to this, I send a “preview link” of the post to the author before I go live with it. (I do this with WordPress using a plugin called Public Post Preview. This enables me to give a link to them for public preview of a post before it is published.

All in all, this is pretty straight-forward process. It creates some variety in my content delivery and gives my readers a perspective they might not otherwise get.

Question: What additional questions or comments do you have about this process? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Patricia Zell

    Michael, one reason I like to read your posts is because of the variety of your topics. I know if I ever need to record an interview, I can come back to this post and find a starting point for learning the “how-to” process. I also enjoy watching your videos. Have a great day!

    • Kerry Palmer

      I am the same way. I have re-visited several posts for information on a variety of topics. A great repository of knowledge!

    • Joe Abraham

      I agree with you Patricia.

    • realsource

      3 years later – I find myself doing the same

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    One frank confession! I love written posts more than video posts. Yet, I am not against video posts. After reading today’s post, I am curious to try a video interview with my friends first.

    You have given a simple process to be followed for creating video posts. I am able to learn on the technology front from you after I began to follow your blog. Thank you Mike.

    One little thought – Which grabs the undivided attentions of the readers – video interview or written message? Which mode will rule in the future?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think they will both be important: some people are more visual learners; some learn better from the written word. I think the key is use every available technology (within reason). Thanks.

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Thanks Mike for your insights!

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Thanks Mike for your insights!

        • Joe Abraham

          Uma, I have a hunch that the future is going to have more ‘viewers’ than ‘readers’!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think they will both be important: some people are more visual learners; some learn better from the written word. I think the key is use every available technology (within reason). Thanks.

    • Aled

      I think I also prefer written posts. I would have expected the opposite to be true, but thinking about it I find that I am far more likely to skip a video post than a written post.

      I think this is because I can skim through a written post and examine more thoroughly if something catches my attention. Not so with video.

    • Aled

      I think I also prefer written posts. I would have expected the opposite to be true, but thinking about it I find that I am far more likely to skip a video post than a written post.

      I think this is because I can skim through a written post and examine more thoroughly if something catches my attention. Not so with video.

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Yes Aled! I think individual taste and preferences play a greater role here.

      • Steven Cribbs

        I find myself doing the same thing. There is probably some psychology thing to this: With video posts, there is the sense that I am obligated to set aside the time to watch the whole thing through; like I won’t be able to pick back up where I left off if I had to move on to something else. And, I have to go at the pace of the video instead of my own pace.

        In contrast, with a written post, I can go at my speed (whether faster or slower) and I can easily pick back up where I leave off.

        With that said, I think that I can generally take in more information faster through video (some of this depends on the video) because of combining visual and auditory senses.

        • Jeff Randleman

          Those are great points. I find myself doing the same type of thing.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Uma, I am with you on that. While the video posts are nice and create a nice break in the written posts, I prefer reading the post rather than listening to it. I think I take more away from reading the post. It’s also easier to go back and skim over and see the main points that jumped out on a previous read.

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Agreed Joe!

    • Robert Ewoldt

      I hope that there won’t be more viewers than readers; reading is such an important aspect of society. I hope that video doesn’t become the only way people learn and interact.

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Agreed Robert!

  • Comprehensive Media

    Michael – I really think you’re missing a few steps; ie; book the crew, scout the location, set up lighting, etc. ;-)

  • Comprehensive Media

    Michael – I really think you’re missing a few steps; ie; book the crew, scout the location, set up lighting, etc. ;-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Ha! I did one of those yesterday. They still have their place.

  • Jeremy@confessionsofalegalist

    The videos offer a different aspect of interacting with a person or story. It adds other senses to your experience. My favorite of the ones you have done so far is with Todd Burpo. Hearing him talk about his son’s experience added to what I had already read in the book.

    • Kerry Palmer

      I agree. I had just finished the book when I saw the interview. I’m showing it to my Bible students next week. We have been reading the book together and the students now feel as if they know Todd and his family. The video will make it even more personal.

  • Greg

    Thanks, Michael. I’m recording my first Skype interview this week, so this post was helpful and timely!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Hope your first Skype interview goes well! It looks like it’s a pretty straight-forward and easy task.

  • John Richardson

    Thanks for the great tutorial, Michael. I didn’t realize Skype had a recording function. I have enjoyed your interviews and the dual screen format works well. I think the secret to success is to keep them brief, to the point, and with a set of pre-agreed questions. You are the master interviewer!

    The thing that makes your interviews great is the fact that you list out the agenda in writing on your blog so we know what the questions are and we can follow along. This especially helps if the interview is more than a few minutes.

    While these Skype interviews don’t have the polish of your in-studio ones, I think they work as well or better. They actually seem more personal and they certainly are faster and cheaper to produce.

    I want to experiment with the interview process using the new iPad 2 using Facetime and also trying it in-studio using the dual camera setup. The new iPad seems like the ultimate bloggers machine, especially with the new smart cover in easel format. I’ll let you know how it works.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, John. I think my biggest challenge is to keep them short. I did one in-studio yesterday with Andy Andrews. I had so many questions about his new book, The Final Summit, and he was so engaging, that we recorded 30 minutes before I could blink! I told the editors to break into a two or three-part series.

      Ideally, I’d like the interviews to be 5-7 minutes, but that is going to take some work on my part.

      Keep us posted on your iPad 2 experiment!

      • John Richardson

        I think 5 to 7 minutes is about perfect. For longer videos it might be nice to create a trailer or teaser clip and then offer the 30 minute version to those that want to see it. As far as the iPad goes I posted my first review today for it’s use as a blogging machine. So far it has cut down my post creation time considerably.

        • Steven Cribbs

          A short version and long version of a video is an interesting idea – especially for the blogging world. Longer videos can enhance the sharing of a lot of information. However, many times, blog-readers have a limited amount of time and a short video would be beneficial – while, if the subject matter were important enough, they could bookmark the longer video to come back to later.

        • Dylan Dodson

          I like this idea. Usually, I’m inclined to skip the video altogether, although if it was shorter I would be more interested in watching. If it is really interesting, I wouldn’t mind watching a longer interview/video.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Great article, John. I just posted a link to it on Twitter. Unfortunately, I forgot to include your Twitter username!

        • Jeff Randleman

          Like a trailer…. Hmmm…

    • Prior

       Can you record on iPad

      best wishes


      • Michael Hyatt

        No, I am afraid you can’t—at least not with this software.

  • Chris MacKinnon

    This is a great tool to provide a different kind of content. Like you say in the comments above, some people are visual learners; and, some people like to listen while doing other things around the house or office.

    One note: It looks like this is a Mac only program. But I did a quick search and came across SuperTintin(.com) that looks like the same sort of thing for Windows.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Cool. Thanks for the Windows software reference.

    • Sourav Ghosh

      Thanks a lot Chris for the mention. I was looking for a solution for Windows. Let’s see how good it is.

  • Karl Mealor

    I’m impressed that you like to take questions live, without prior preparation, when being interviewed. That would frighten me excessively.

    • Michael Hyatt

      If I know my subject, I am more relaxed without preparation. If I write out my answers, for example, then I am side-tracked trying to remember exactly how I phrased it. The most I will do is prepare bullet points.

  • Kerry Palmer

    Thanks for this post, Michael. I was really wondering how you got that split-screen in Skype.

    I have used iMovie extensively in my job. We now have our middle school student producing movies as their primary presentation vehicle for book reports, etc. We are also teaching the use of Keynote in our required 7th grade public speaking course. The ability to create a bang-up good presentation seems more important now than ever.

  • Juan

    WOW – great HOW-TO post. Thanks Mike.

  • Jim Whitaker

    Mike you are a wealth of knowledge. This is a great guide to recording interviews. It amazes me how you reach out to us and give us so much insight, help, and nuggets to think about. I look forward to reading your blog everyday…except Sunday of course…;-) Thanks for all the content that you provide us. It really is a breath of fresh air to have access to you.

    • Kerry Palmer

      I’m right there with you, Jim. Isn’t it amazing just how much access we have? I have already learned so much in such a short time!

      • Jim Whitaker

        Exactly. And the information is usuable. I used his Kindle videos and comparison guide before I got my Kindle and was not the least bit disappointed in my decision. I have found ways to be more productive and learned a lot about movers and shakers that I would not have known about had it not been for Mike.

        • Jeff Randleman

          I used the Kindle videos as well. Very helpful posts.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jim. I appreciate that.

  • Joe Lalonde

    While I prefer the written posts to the video posts, the video posts are a nice change of pace once in awhile.

    Thanks for the great how-to on recording a Skype video call. Great information that I’ll be trying out!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for sharing this…I was just wondering yesterday how you do the split screen. Not sure if I’ll venture into this type of content for my blog or not, but cool to have a reference to how it’s done.

    Always appreciate your relevant content!

  • K.C. Pro

    Thank you so much for sharing this how-to guide. Just sent it to Evernote for reference later! :)

  • Gina Burgess

    This is really great information, Michael. I’m bookmarking this post. Thanks!

  • C. J. Ortiz

    Michael, I use the same process myself using Ecamm. One additional item you might mention is the video image size. The settings in Skype are 640 x 480, but the video interviews you post on YouTube are not Standard video size. They nicely fill the YouTube frame. A Standard video size would leave two black bars on both sides of the YouTube frame. This would have to do with the set up in iMovie, and I realize not everyone can do that.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I just iMovie to the HD size.

  • Adammetzger

    Too bad looking into the camera means not looking at the actual person being interviewed. I’m sure Apple will come up with a solution for this soon!!!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      What we really need is a camera that resides behind the screen and “looks through it.” This is how teleprompters work.

  • Joe Abraham

    I find this really interesting! Thanks Michael for being open to let the readers know and learn things that would enhance their communication ability.

    I love blogs. However I truly love vlogs. As communicators, we need to make the most of both platforms. Why? One major reason is that it generates more variety audience (both readers and viewers).

  • JD Eddins

    Thanks for sharing this. Until now I had not thought of doing interviews because I assumed a lot of time went into it and that you had a team of professionals that helped make everything happened. It’s great to know that aside from the intro this was all done by you in about an hour.

  • Sheri Mackey

    Hi Mike,
    Do you have a dedicated YouTube channel that you have for this purpose? If so, do you leverage it to increase your blog traffic? Any insights on your strategy around YouTube would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing so openly with us!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I do indeed have a YouTube Channel. However, I haven’t really exploited it. I mainly use it as a place to collect all my videos in one place.

  • Dylan Dodson

    Thanks for showing how you show the interview side by side, that’s good to know!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Michael,
    Thank you so much for this post. I just lined up a future guest for my podcast – The Conversation Hub – and he’s clear across the world from here. We talked about doing everything via Skype and just when I needed to identify the best tool to record our conversation your post came along! We don’t use video yet at The Conversation Hub, but now I know how to get started if we choose to add video posts! Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great. You’ll do an excellent job. I enjoyed doing the podcast with you the other day.

  • CareerOutlook

    Very useful post, I was looking to produce some video interview for my blog and I am glad that I found this post :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good. I am glad I could help.

  • Helen Lee

    I just found this guide online about creating marketing videos; it has some helpful tips as well. You have to supply your email/phone but looks worthwhile, although I haven’t had a chance to put the suggestions into action yet!

  • Anonymous

    Super Excited to try this. Still playing with imovie on my new mac. Very exciting!

  • Jacob Musselman

    I appreciate the video interviews. They give me a chance to see if I will connect with the author (which makes me much more likely to read the book), and I understand it as an implicit recommendation of the quality of the book from you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jacob. It is definitely a recommendation when I do a video!

  • Travis Robertson


    First, thank you so much for conducting these interviews. It’s great to go behind-the-scenes with the authors.

    Second, thanks for the step-by-step tutorial. I was just about to start researching the best method for adding something like this to my blog when I saw this pop up. Perfect timing, as usual!

    Keep up the great work and don’t worry about the quality. The content is what I’m most interested in and the lower quality helps everyone come across very approachable.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Travis. I appreciate the encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    Michael – have you used iMovie on your iPhone? Not as UI friendly as the Mac version, but it’s pretty sweet. I’ve edited some family vacation videos with it….pretty slick, and so easy to upload to YouTube.

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I have not. That sounds cool. Thanks.

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Thanks a lot Michael! Very helpful. I’m going to start a regular interview style series on my blog called “Coffee With Dustin”. It will mostly be me sitting down in person with someone, but I’m sure I will need to use your methods for those who are not in my area.

  • Angela

    Thank you so much for posting how you recorded your split screen videos! I couldn’t agree with you more! From my personal experience, using videos is a much better use of my time as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Todd Hash

    Great tutorial!

  • Jeff Randleman

    Great stuff! Video posts aren’t something I’ve been courageous enough to try… yet. Eventually though.

  • TNeal

    You’re interviews don’t appear daunting from a production perspective. I’m not a gadget guy but, with your explanation as a guide, the process seems doable.

    In reflecting on the actual interviews, I like the simple, straightforward approach–just a couple of guys talking over the Internet about a good book. The fact that one is a publishing house CEO and the other is the author of said book is almost forgotten in listening to the interview.

    I’ve enjoyed the videos and absorbing some good insights and information.

  • Roger H

    I really love the video interviews. They give me a chance to know you and the author a little better. Getting to see the author in person is one of the attractions to a book signing. The questions you prepare after reading the book also help sort out the value of the book for me.

    Thank you for taking the time to create a step-by-step process for us all to use. I plan to use it.

  • Hans Schiefelbein

    Great tutorial, Michael. I appreciate the look over your shoulder as you put these videos together. I had no idea you didn’t blog from WP. What does MarsEdit give you and why would a guy use it rather than the backend of WP?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Two reasons: First, I can blog offline, which is faster and safer. Second, I can create shortcuts galore. It is like a word processor for blogging. Thanks.

  • Michael

    I’ve interviewed a number of authors ( and have been looking for a simple way to begin to do video interviews. I already use Skype, so with some tune-up on video editing I will be trying this for the next lineup. Keep the interviews coming!

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  • Tim Jahn

    Great tips here Michael, especially number 2 about preparing for the interview. Being prepared for your interview makes you and your subject feel more comfortable during the interview, which leads to a richer conversation.

    I’ve actually just released an e-book that expands on some of these tips, from my experience interviewing over 150 creative entrepreneurs over the past 2 years. I encourage folks to check it out if they’re looking to start doing interviews for their blog:

  • Dan

    I first read this on my phone and really enjoyed it. I know their will be a time when I do blog interviews so I learned a lot of what to do when that time comes. Thank you for sharing.

  • Women Living Well

    Hooray!!! Thank you for sharng this information! I just skyped my friend and partner on my second blog and she saw this post and is purchasing Call Recorder for Skype.

    We make weekly youtubes seperately for our site – we have a Bible Book Club. She lives in Dallas and I live in Ohio – so now we can do a split screen together talking rather than seperate youtubes!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! :-)!

  • Jennifer Manlowe

    I’d love to be video interviewed for anyone who wants practice. Please let me know via my web/blog:
    P.S. I’ve published several books (both traditionally, i.e., NYU Press, and non-traditionally). Check ‘em out here:

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  • Robert Ewoldt

    Michael, I agree with your assessment… the addition of these videos has been a great asset to your blog. It draws me in to the post and creates more energy in the post.

    Also, thanks for putting up these instructions; doing video interviews on the blog is such a good idea that I think I might use it on my blog.

  • Kathy Sena

    This is wonderfully helpful information, and I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to do exactly this for my blog. Can’t thank you enough for the how-to, the screen shots, etc. Much appreciated!

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, hopefully I’m not the odd man out, but I was wondering if anybody had any software recommendations for recording skype video on a PC

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t know of one, but perhaps someone else will chime in.

  • Scott

    I have PC not Mac. What can you recommend for PC user to do these type of interviews?  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, I haven’t researched it, so I am not sure.

  • JKellner7788

    Good luck on the positioning of “Decision Points” with the line, “How Leaders Make Tough Decisions”.  Too many Americans have had their lives upended as a direct result of the poor decisions– not “tough” decisions– made during what polls show the vast majority of Americans believe as one of the failed presidencies in American history.  It is, in truth, slightly degrading to the rest of the otherwise valuable content on your site to have this misrepresentation of language slipped in on your otherwise admirable site. 

  • Donna Maria Coles Johnson

    Love love love this! Great tips. I am trying to figure out how to use Ustream to do a live split screen interview, without having to use a program like WireCast. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

  • Grith Stagaard Gough

    I think I have just fallen in love with you Michael. I just recently had the brilliant idea of interviewing artists and wanted to know how to do it and here you are offering the information in such great and simple terms I could kiss you!

    Thank you so much for this post. Really really really helpful.

  • Bweinberg09

    how much did it cost to engage Duarte Design?

  • Kayley Grace

    I have a question that you can perhaps answer. My skype is out of sync and no matter what I do the call with the other person is always out of sync. Do you have any ideas of how to fix this. I am on a windows pc. Would I be better to use a mac?

    Any help is appreciated.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I don’t know. I would make sure you are using the latest version of Skype, then contact their support if it is still out of sync.

  • Sheryl Smolkin

    Hi Michel,

    Can you give me a link to one of your skype video interviews? I’d like to view one to evaluate the sound and picture quality as I have clients interested in video interviews for their website.

    • Michael Hyatt

      There are three that are linked in the first sentence of this post. Did you see those?

  • Alicha

    Thank you for this! I’ve actually bought a couple of books BECAUSE of your interviews with authors. One example: “Heaven is for Real” by Mr. Burpo. So I’m proof they work!  Thanks again!

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  • Maery Contrary

    Any software recommendations for non-Mac users?

  • Евгения Сагитова

    as for me, i prefer to use this tool to record skype calls, i heard a lot of positive opinions about it!) but thanx)

  • Евгения Сагитова

    there is a nice skype calls recorder i always use, i do enjoy it!) but thanx for info)

  • Tram tran

    This is great, I’m doing some interviews using your tips=), thank you. Can I interview you sometimes?=) btw, do come say hi on my blog at . You are awesome

  • Lucy Millan

    thanx a
    lot, but as for me, i prefer to use this tool for skype calls recording, it’s simple and nice!)

  • Lisa Colón DeLay

    THANK You, Michael, 

    I was really inspired to try this, especially because of the non static nature of video as opposed to a typical Q & R post that I’ve done with authors recently. 

    So, I’ve launched a series of posts called “NINJA INTERVIEWS” and I’m excited to see the time slots fill up with interesting people to feature. And of course I’d LOVE to interview you, too. I’m google-able if you’d like to reach me for one.

    Here’s A Question:
    I’m wondering if you’ve had trouble with a feedback/echo thing. In my last interview it’s all over the audio, but my interviewee didn’t hear anything on his end, and the volume was the same as I had it in other interviews on my end. It’s almost like it recorded it twice..strange as that sounds. Any ideas?Thank you!

    • Chris Jeub

      Hi Lisa. I know your post here is 2 years old, but I’m giving the Skype interview a try now. I’m getting the feedback/echo thing, and can’t figure out what is making that happen. Did you ever figure this problem out?

      • Michael Hyatt

        You probably need ear phones, so the sounds doesn’t bleed back through the microphone. I outline the process I use here. This is what I send to those I am interviewing.

        • Chris Jeub

          Thanks so much, Michael. This will help a lot. I didn’t expect a response from a 2-year-old post. I’m still catching up! =)

  • Derek

    Can you share with us the model microphone you are using for your skype calls when you record them.  Phenomenal sound from it.  Thanks in advance!

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  • Jamie Chang

    great insight….
    try a much better approach to video interview

  • Eugene Morello

    You may also want to try MX SkypeRecorder which seems quite stable. Well, at least it never let me down unlike other apps. Hope it’ll help.

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  • Mark Alan Effinger

    Awesome process, Michael.
    In regards to video vs text: I take a tip from Mixergy, and have transcribe your interview. So those who desire to read (and for Google’s benefit), you have both written and video pieces.

    That ALSO allows you to apply emphasis as needed. A little bold goes a long way.
    Really exceptional piece. I wasn’t 10 minutes into it when I had my credit card out and was downloading CallRecorder for Skype. Perfect.

    Now – how to go HD with all the tech…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Mark, this tip on SpeechPad look like it is worth it’s weight in gold. I was just looking for someone to transcribe my podcasts. Thank you SOOOOO much!

      • Mark Alan Effinger

        You bet, Michael. And the quality of transcription is exceptional. I rarely have to do any editing of the dialogue when it arrives. Simply add links, maybe some quoting, and expound on the high points as needed. 

        BTW: I think it’s awesome that you provide your readership with insights on maximizing their reach in the publishing world. Such a key to an author’s success – but sorely missing from most author’s toolkits. Kudos to you for taking the extra step to help facilitate their success. I guess you could call that servant leadership…;-)

        • Michael Hyatt

          Thanks, Mark. I ordered my first transcript last night. I have them working on my most recent podcast. Ideally, I’d like to post these with the show notes.
          Thanks for your encouragement!

  • rajon

    i do not like

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  • Bob Prior

    Thank you so much for this – i haven’t used it yet but it looks  like it is just what I wanted – recording interviews- I am a publisher. One question – how big can I make the video screens or in fact can I adjust the size at all?

    Many thanks once again

    Kind regards


    • Michael Hyatt

      With CallRecorder, the largest size you can make it is 640 x 480.

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  • Jane

     there is a nice skype calls recorder i always use, i’d recommend it!) but thanx)

  • I Azam

    Great post…thanks.

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  • Avasydney

    Thank you! VERY helpful!

  • mwhite

    I tried to find this answer before, but what about audio? The other person has a bit of an echo that I didn’t hear during recording but at playback I did on his side. Is that something you fixed in iMovie?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t know if it is possible to fix in iMovie. You really need to make sure the speaker you are listening with is as low as possible, so your mic doesn’t pick it up—otherwise, you get the echo. You can also use earbuds, which would totally eliminate it too.

  • Kirsten

    Is there a way to do this if you are interviewing two people (ie. have a three-way split?)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Not that I am aware of. Sorry.

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  • Coniqua Abdul-Malik

    Thanks for this. I conducted my first video interview today and the call recorder you suggested worked great. I’m so glad it had the split screen option. Now I have to try and do the iMovie portion and make myself some intro slides. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      You’ve already done the hard part. ;-) It’s amazing what you can do today with just your computer.

  • Matthew G. Bailey

    I’m wondering, is it possible to also extract the audio and make a postcast using the same interview?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it is—though I can’t tell you how to do it.




    Thank you so much for this post! I will be doing a video interview via
    skype soon and you really saved my butt so thank you again.

  • Evan Katz, The Anger Guy

    Simple instructions for those like me who insist on making things complicated.  thank you!   

    Evan Katz, M.C.
    The Anger Guy

    • Jim Martin

      So glad you found this helpful, Evan.

  • FatherJasonWorthley

    Is there a way to do this with FaceTime for Mac?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Not easily. The only way to do this is to use a screen capture utility and record the entire screen. You could do this with ScreenFlow or even QuickTime on the Mac. However, I can’t vouch for the results. Thanks.

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  • Tex – Thinking Moms’ Revolutio

    I had a lot of echo on the other end of an interview I did using Skype/Ecamm. Any suggestions? Their side of the conversation seemed much louder as well.

    • Michael Hyatt

      This often happens because your the other person’s voice is bleeding through the speakers and back into your microphone. This is why I strongly suggest you wear earbuds. If you can, record the call as a multi-track call, so you can split out each side of the conversation and adjust the volume independently.

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  • Andrew Mason

    Is there software that is good on-screen recording software that I could use to record a Google Hangout? My google account isn’t my youtube account.

    • Dave Hilgendorf

      Did you ever figure this one out? I’m setting up for my first interview and trying to figure out if I have to use Skype or if google Hangouts will work just as well

      • Andrew Mason

        Dave, there is screen recording software, but I figured out how to get my YouTube account sync’d with my Google+ account and now I’m doing Google+ Hangouts. They are awesome! They’re very user-friendly and time saving once you figure out how to to set it up.

        • Dave Hilgendorf

          That sounds great. Can you do split screen as MIchael does? Are you able to easily edit the video once your’e done? Do you then own the video and can do with it what you want? I like the fact that I wouldn’t have to buy software.

          • Andrew Mason

            Google switches back and forth between the speakers. Whoever is talking is whoever is shown on the screen (automatically). When you’re broadcasting it, Google records it and as soon as you’re done with the conversation it is uploaded to YouTube. To say it’s an efficient process is an understatement.

            Here is one that I did:
            My camera was a little fuzzy because of my office’s weak internet connection and there was a little pause in the first 5-10 seconds, other than that it worked great! Once the video is uploaded to your YouTube channel you can also download it back to your hard drive if you want.

        • Dave Hilgendorf

          I’m having trouble getting my YouTube account sync’d with my Google+ account. I’ll keep trying to figure it out, but if you have a chance I’d love to chat with you offline about how you did this at a time that’s convenient for you.

          • Andrew Mason

            Feel free to message me on Google+ and I can share what I did Dave…

  • Laura at Give Me 10

    Michael, this is so helpful — thanks for the step-by-step…

  • Lisa Rohtopia

    Hi Michael,

    My skype doesnot have split screen, do you use a paid version?

    Thank you!


    • Michael Hyatt

      This is not Skype. It is the paid plugin I mentioned in the post itself: Call Recorder for Skype. Thanks.

  • bzirk

    I’m a little late in finding this but it is a very helpful article. Just starting my interview series.

  • Michael J. Savage

    Hi this was very helpful thank you for writing it. I have bought call recorder and I’m going to do my first interview tomorrow. Can I embed the video into a post on a group page on LinkedIn?


    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t know if LinkedIn allows that or not.

  • Christie

    Hi Michael, As someone who’s just getting started, it looks like I may have arrived at this party too late. With third-party applications such as Call Recorder now on the chopping block, I’ve started looking into how to record Skype interviews via Screencast. Your thoughts?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t think Call Recorder is going away. See this article.

  • Laurel Hodory

    Superb instructions!!

  • Alexis

    Michael, this is an awesome post! So succinct and useable. Thank you. Unfortunately, call recorder did make it to the chopping block. Any suggestions on what to use now?

    • Michael Hyatt

      What do you mean “Call Recorder did not make it to the chopping block”? It is still available for sale. Thanks.

  • anna

    Thanks Michael, exactly, or even better than what I was looking for. Really want to do interviews with inspiring women her win Ireland, but was overwhelemed by tech stuff. On my way now, thanks to you. Will have to report back how it went

  • Christi Daniels

    Michael – This was truly helpful. I’ve used this process to conduct four interviews and am in the post-production before publishing. How do you handle obtaining release from the person you interview? Do you have them sign a form? This is all new to me and it would help to know how you and others approach this aspect of interviews that will be hosted on your own site. – Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I never have had them sign a release. It’s probably a good idea, especially if you intend to use the content in another format (e.g., a book).

      • Christi Daniels

        That’s good to know. I am planning to use the content in another format, so it’s good to have your confirmation that it’s a good idea to have them in place. Will research this further to get one in place.Thanks for the reply Michael!