How to Take the Hassle Out of Fundraising

Through the years, I have raised money for all kinds of projects: private schools, mission trips, even adoptions. It has always been such a hassle to promote and administrate. Until now.

Razoo is a new web service designed to make fundraising easier than ever before. It puts the “fun” back in fundraising. (Okay, maybe I am overselling a bit.)

It enables you and your team to:

  • Keep track of each team member’s progress.
  • Save time by eliminating all the paperwork.
  • Receive donations securely from your donors.

It really couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set-up your team. As the team leader, you simply create a team page and then invite others to join you. Team members then create their own fundraising pages, using Razoo’s simple but elegant user interface. They can even add photos and videos. Using Razoo, you and your team members stay connected throughout the whole fundraising process.
  2. Launch your promotion. Once you are ready to launch your project,Razoo provides all the tools necessary to promote your page in today’s world of email and social networking. No more printing support letters, stuffing envelopes, and licking stamps. Everything is done electronically. Every Razoo page is built to share on Facebook, Twitter, and email, making it easier for fundraisers to reach their networks of family and friends.
  3. Let Razoo handle the record-keeping. The best news for you? No more paperwork. Razoo handles all the tax-deductible receipts, sending a receipt to each donor’s inbox immediately after they donate. Razoo also gives you a downloadable Excel spreadsheet telling you where every dollar has come from and what page it came through.

What does it cost? Razoo charges a minimal flat fee of 4.9%. That’s a mere 49¢ for every $10.00 you raise—about as cheap as it gets. This fee includes full credit card processing. (In case you are interested, Razoo pays 2.9% to its credit card processor and provides their service for only 2%.) By the way, Razoo is waving its 2% fee for all teams that sign-up before September 1, 2011.

Why raise money the old-fashioned way? You are just a click away from experiencing the power of Razoo first-hand.

Question: What would Razoo make possible for your organization. You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Timothy Fish

    Wow! But I wonder what you can do with a “nation” after they give it to you.

  • Ben Dempsey

    I love Razoo! I used it recently for fundraising to benefit cystic fibrosis research/treatment. I am currently running a campaign to raise $26,200 by next march for the same cause for my first marathon. $1,000 a mile is a huge goal, but I will get there. Great post about Razoo Mr. Hyatt.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That is a big goal, but you can do it! It is a whole lot easier when people can respond immediately, in the moment. That is one huge advantage to an online, automated system.

    • Scott Parris

      Great goal Ben.  My four year old daughter has CF and I know how much hope people like you provide to the cystic fibrosis community via efforts such as yours. 

    • Jon Stolpe

      Wow, what an amazing target!  All the best to you on meeting this goal. 

    • B_Schebs

      What an amazing goal.  How can we find you on Razoo? 

  • Anonymous

    What about people who don’t use the computer very much? There are quite a few of them still out there, especially older people.

    • Michael Hyatt

      As far as I can tell, you can’t receive manual donations into the system. However, you could receive those around the system.

      By the way, I am staying with my 78-year-old parents for a couple of days. Both of them are online. My mom lives on Facebook.

      • Ian Lotinsky

        Razoo allows for fundraisers to enter-in offline donations. It doesn’t make processing manual donations any easier, but it allows you to display offline donations on your fundraiser so that donors know how much you’ve raised so far.

        • Michael Hyatt

          This is good to know. Thanks.

  • John Richardson

    I love anything that makes the paperwork easier. Fundraising can be such a pain. This will open up a lot of opportunities, especially for larger projects that require bookkeeping. Thanks for sharing, Michael.

  • Karl Mealor

    Forwarding this on to my Christian school administrator. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think this would be great for schools. I wish i had had Razoo a few years ago when I was raising money for a private school for the half marathon.

  • John Ragsdale

    could this be used for a church plant at the beginning to keep track of donations?
    or is it for specific fundraisers?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think it is more for specific fundraisers.

    • Ian Lotinsky

      Razoo can be used for any sort of fundraising, church plants included. (We just came back from Advance 2011, where we were exhibiting.)

  • Erica

    Hey Mike, if you are not a non-profit fundraising for adoption (or otherwise), does Razoo become that non-profit status to provide tax-deduction possibilities for the donors?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, the charity has to be already registered with the IRS database of 501(c)3 charities. However, there are several adoption organizations that can help you.

      • Erica


  • Reagan Lynch

    Wonder how this might be used for folks that are raising money for mission trips that are doing the trip through a church, but more importantly those that are going on a trip or moving to a missions area on their own so have no tax exempt org behind them.

    • Michael Hyatt

      This will not work unless you have a tax exempt organization beyond you. In fact, it’s an even bigger issue. People can only get a tax deduction if they contribute to a tax exempt organization.

  • Aimee R.

    Thank you for posting this! I will have to look into this for my marathon coming up in November!

  • Joe Lalonde

    We’ve been looking at fundraising options for our youth group. This may be a great resource for that.

  • TNeal

    As a person who’s raised funds for the mission field in the past, I can see the beauty of this service. I think ease of donating, opportunity to broaden the appeal, and offering the personal touch of pictures of the work all contribute to making this a more palatable experience.

  • Anonymous

    ThIs is a God send! Wow you don’t even know!!! Taking 24 to Ghana and the toughest thing is always the tracking. Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great. I am so glad!

  • young_missionary

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a look at it. Do you know if it works for individuals as well? I work for a nonprofit, but I don’t think they are set up to process individual funds online in this way.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can check the FAQs on the Razoo site. I read them all yesterday. The bottom line is that you will need to set up the non-profit first. Then you will set up as a team as part of this.

  • Dgoodman

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is an answer to prayer! Blessings to you!

  • bethanyplanton

    This sounds like a great way to raise and track donations if you are not going through a nonprofit that already has a system set up. I do really like that it already has things build in for Facebook, Twitter, and email. Those are really the way to go with marketing & fundraising.

  • W. Mark Thompson

    Awesome! This could help my wife and a group of teachers who are looking for a way to raise money & supplies for a school destroyed in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. Several schools were destroyed in that area. Thanks for sharing, Michael.

  • Robert Ewoldt

    As a leader of a not-for-profit, this is of great interest to me. But I wonder whether this would be good for long-term giving, or is it just better for short-term campaigns?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think this is designed more for projects that have a specific end-date. Thanks.

    • Ian Lotinsky

      Razoo can be used for both short and long term giving. Try it out!

      • Michael Hyatt

        Thanks for correcting me on this!

  • Anonymous

    Nice. My wife has a non-profit and has been looking for an easy way to streamline fundraising for certain projects. We are both heavily involved in Social Media, so we may try this in the near future for one of her projects. As always, thanks Michael. Good stuff.

  • Ben Wall

    I laughed when I read your title. My sarcastic voice thought, “Ain’t no such thing as easy fundraising!” However, I like the look and feel of the website and I’m thinking about taking this for a spin this year. I can absolutely use all the help in streamlining and simplifying the donating process! I wish this could plug in to my database! bw

    • Michael Hyatt

      Can you import the data from the Excel spreadsheet?

      • Ben Wall

        Not at this time unfortunately. I’m raising the question of integrating Razoo into my current database but at the least, I could direct people to Razoo through my donation service.

  • InterestedConsumer

    Greetings! Sorry for the question from “the peanut gallery” here, however- may I ask, how is this service different from posting a PayPal link on your Facebook or blog? Since PayPal also provides online paperless reporting and automated receipts for all transactions/donations, isn’t using Razoo just a more expensive option? And no, I do not work for PayPal… :) just asking what sets Razoo apart. Thanks in advance for your response!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Razoo is different in at least three ways:

      1. PayPal doesn’t offer the tools to create a landing page. You must already have a web page or blog.
      2. PayPal doesn’t provide a tax deduction receipt to the donor.
      3. PayPal doesn’t handle the automatic payment to the vendor.
      4. PayPal doesn’t provide the kind of fundraiser widgets.
      5. PayPal doesn’t provide the built-in social media networking.

      There are probably many other reasons as well.

  • Peter Leigh

    I think the maths needs a bit of work – 4.9% of $10,000 is actually $490 – which is still reasonable since more than half goes to the credit card processing, but its still more than $49 :) 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I didn’t say 4.9% of 10,000. I said 4.9% of $10.00, which is 49¢. What am I missing?

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    That was amazing. I should try this service when I plan to raise funds. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Ryan

     Great idea, but poses a few problems here in Canada with our tax laws in regards to non-profit fundraising, especially missions trips.

  • Jeff Randleman

    Wow!  This sounds really effective!  As a youth minister, we do several fundraisers a year for mission trips, camps, etc.  This will be a great resource!  Thanks! 

  • Daniel Decker

    Glad you shared this. Was just looking for new donation solutions. 

  • Chris Neiger

     Thanks for this resource! I saw this post via Twitter today and went to the site right away because I work for a non-profit. It might come in handy for our team.

  • Jeff Goins

    Thanks for sharing, Mike. The folks at Razoo are friends. I’ve used them before. They’re the best!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this information.  It is a great resource to have in your back pocket for events that you need to raise money for.  I look forward to trying to find ways that this might be useful in my ministry context.

  • Ericka Moore

    for me the key here is SAVE! if we save more then we will have more than what we have in the future. With Louisville Recycling we help you find ways to save more from your trash, its perfect because while you save for money, you also save the environment!

  • Bret Mavrich

    I’d love to talk with someone who is using this to find out how well it’s working. Scott Morton’s “Funding Your Ministry” is a pretty solid book, but I don’t think it’s been updated to reflect trends in social media. In my opinion, as of now, social media should remain an auxiliary tool to extend your reach rather than the crux of a fundraising initiative.

  • credit card payment terminal

    kudos to u and u r team to meeting deadline

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  • Noelle

    Hello Mr. Hyatt, well done on this informative post. We are an organization in Peru looking to rally past volunteers to fundraise for us and our sister organization. Thus far we have about 40 ex volunteers that would like to fundraise for us. Do you believe Razoo is still the best option on the market to support a network of fundraisers? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I haven’t look at the options in a couple of years. Sorry.

    • Tina Arnoldi

      We are currently Razoo users (  They charge 2.9% at this time and are moving up to 4.9% in April (    I think that’s a bit high so we’re looking into paypal (2.2% + 30 cents per transaction)