How to Update Your Facebook Status with Twitter

Did you know that it is possible to have Twitter automatically update your Facebook page? It’s actually very simple. In fact, I haven’t manually updated my Facebook status in months.

twitter logo with arrow pointing to facebook pages

To get this process working, follow these six simple steps. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, max. These instructions assume that you already have both a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

  1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook. Now go to the Facebook’s Twitter application page. Now click on the Go to Application button. It looks like this:


  2. The application will now ask you to confirm that Twitter can access your Facebook information. Click on the Allow button.


  3. Now log into your Twitter account by entering your Twitter username and password. The screen looks similar to this:


    Click on the Login button.

  4. You can now actually use Twitter from within Facebook. The screen looks like this:


    Personally, I never use this. I want the reverse of this. I want to update my Facebook status from Twitter. Therefore, click on the Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status button in the upper-right of the screen.

  5. You should get a confirmation screen that looks similar to this:


    Now confirm that you are willing to let Twitter update your Facebook status by clicking the Allow Status Updates button.

  6. After you click this button, you will go to the Twitter application. Don’t tweet anything from here. Instead, go to your Facebook Home page, by clicking the Home link on the Facebook menu.

    Now you can test the connection by going to your favorite Twitter application or the Twitter web page and entering a tweet. Wait a minute or two and go back to your Facebook home page and refreshing it. Your most recent tweet should be displayed as your Facebook status. This is how my status looked:


That’s all there is to it. Now every time you tweet something, your Facebook status will be automatically updated.

Update: If you don’t want to send every one of your tweets to Facebook, then check out Selective Twitter Status. It allows you to designate the tweets you want to appear on Facebook by end a tweet with the #fb “hashtag” in your post. Only those tweets with the hash tag at the end will be posted on Facebook.

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Question: Did this work for you? How has this changed your use of Facebook and Twitter.

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  • pritchett4

    Neat trick! Just set it up and it works – I wasn't using facebook much because didn't need another inbox / page to check, but this will keep people updated who do try to follow me on facebook. Thanks!

  • Eric Hendrickson

    You can also use Ping.FM ( to update both networks at once as well as a bunch of other networks. Might be another option if you wanted to keep both in synch, but is especially cool if you have three or more social sites to keep up with.

  • Michael Hyatt

    @jdomangue just suggested I check out Selective Twitter. It lets you decide which Tweets go to Facebook, using a simple hash tag: #fb. If you won't want to send all of your updates to Facebook, this may be the solution. I personally haven't tried it.

    • Seth WIlson

      I have used Selective Twitter for several weeks. Although I'm not a prolific user of either Facebook or Twitter, I do like being able to choose which posts show up on Facebook. It works seamlessly (although you do have to remember the hash tag).

    • Teri Centner

      I have been using Selective Twitter for a while now. I really like it. @Andyy has even added a new feature: a follow link under the facebook status messages that come in from Twitter. Very nice!

  • joelhwilliams

    I used Ping.FM for a while – had a daisy chain of Ping to BrightKite to Twitter to FB, but switching to Ping to do this was tiresome and though I like BrightKite, I find it's not worth all of the effort either. Michael's method is the simplest method I've found to maintain the two platforms I use most, then I use Digsby to monitor Twitter and LinkedIN. Be warned that your FB friends may not appreciate all of the links posted on twitter or understand the @username references (the FB Twitter App does not send @replies to your FB status, but it does send posts that contain @usernames in the middle of the message). I've gotten a few complaints or at least questioning comments – I usually try to reply positively with a small intro to Twitter.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That's where out Selective Twitter might be worth checking out. (See my comment above.)

  • Andrew

    Since I use Facebook primarily I use Twitterfeed to update my Twitter status with my Facebook status. It's a totally different process from the one you described but achieves the same ends, only in reverse.

    Great article.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I haven't tried Ping, because I really only update Twitter and Facebook. However, I should probably explore it.

  • PFNikolai

    Plaxo also has a similar application to pull in status updates from Twitter. Now if LinkedIn would just join the party so we could post one update and have it hit all the popular social network sites!

    • Adrianne let's you do just that: update Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Jaiku, MySpace etc. Now if only XING would get on board…

      What I am looking for is a tool that let's you sync your company Twitter with the new staus bar on the Facebook company pages.

  • John

    Mike, Like Joel I used first the FB method you explained then, Digsby, and then Friend Feed to post to FB. I got the same reaction from friends who do not twitter. I think I have finally settled on possibly using posterous as a tool to post things that seem relevant to both crowds. Time will tell. FB is still a beast that has not settled well in my house. I use it on my iTouch but avoid its web interface. Thanks for posting the steps.

  • John_Gallagher

    I also use the platform to update the networks I use. It can update all networks at once, or selected networks, including my blog. I still have some kinks to work out with it. I tend to use Ping for articles I want to share with business networks (LinkedIn and Plaxo), Twitter to update Twitter and Facebook, and Facebook for social updates. Seems a little cumbersome (it can be), but works for me right now. I just have multiple tabs in IE open for each service.

  • LynnRush

    Oh yeah. I use twitter to update my FaceBook status. It's great. They are both awesome ways to stay in touch with friends and family along with network.
    Thanks for the post.

  • KarlaAkins

    I love the new look of your blog! Wow! Nice! And I just learned how to do the twitter/facebook thing this week and I love it!

  • Sean Wilder

    Just to add my two cents…I use Twitter to update my Facebook status and have FriendFeed to send blog posts and other stuff to Twitter. If I post something or change my status directly on Facebook, though, I don't have it update to Twitter neither via the FB app nor FriendFeed. I use Twitter mosly for business. I like my friends on FB to see my business stuff, but I don't think I want my business associates on Twitter to see some of the goofy stuff I post on Facebook. :)

  • Rebeca DeBoard Seitz

    Took me a second to find the "Twitter application" since it wasn't automatically included as an option on my Facebook applications. But once I found it, the process was simple! Thanks for the post, Mike.

  • Sharon Ball

    With the help of a Twitter friend I was able to find the app. Now that I'm using it, I wonder if my updates are so frequent that they seem like spam to my Facebook friends. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I haven't had any complaints, but others have. You can try Selective Twitter, which will post to Facebook only the tweets you specify. I haven't tried it myself, but others here have (see comments above).

    • Michael Hyatt

      I haven't had any complaints, but others have. You can try Selective Twitter, which will post to Facebook only the tweets you specify. I haven't tried it myself, but others here have (see comments above).

  • Gay

    I'd suggest being selective about which Twitter comments go to FB. If you tweet a lot, you'll annoy your FB pals with frequent updates and you'll find yourself losing a lot of FB friends. I used the app for about 3 hours, then quickly disabled it after I received a huge number of complaints from friends. Glad to know there's a way to pick and choose which tweets go through.

  • rhettsmith


    Tell me what you think about this,

    which is my reasons why I pulled the Twitter to Facebook plug about a week ago after much thought.

    rhett smith

  • Chrisrivers

    Just last night someone asked me what in the world the @ sign meant on Facebook. I redirected them to your blog. Perfect timing.

  • Michael Hyatt


    You make some valid points. I almost deactivated Facebook altogether, until I realized that 25% of my new blog traffic comes from there. Have you tried Selective Twitter? It picks up the #fb hash tag and selectively posts those to Facebook.



  • Andrew Comings

    I found this a couple days ago. It has made my life soooo much easier. I am going to tweet this article. Thanks!

  • Fr. Wade Fahnestock+

    I'll try the selective Twitter & #fb tag. Who knows I might start to really tweet again.

  • conradtheart

    Thanks Michael! This is great.

  • ButchWalker

    Didn't know about selective twitter. Thanks for the tip

  • djchuang

    I've been using a Facebook App called Tweeter that has more configuration settings to let you selectively allow (or disallow) tweets to be posted based on "regex" algorithm. This is nice when you want more automated control, and you don't have to use #fb tagging to post from twitter to FB status update.

  • Manny

    Hi there. I also use application Its a program that allows you to post not only your twitter updates to your facebook, but you can update your blogs as well. If you update a blog it will post on your twitter and also on your facebook. You can still update at twitter on your status and it will post on facebook just the same. Great application you are talking about though. I think its a great way to link the networks together.

    Have a great day.

  • PFNikolai

    I am struggling to figure out how to sync the company Twitter feed with the status on the company's Facebook page. Can that be done? It seems to want to pull my personal Twitter feed rather than the company feed…

  • Michael Hyatt

    I am not sure, but it seems theoretically possible. If you enter the company information into the Facebook app, it should work. However, I have not tried this. Thanks.

  • kathleen

    How do you get the twitter feed to sync into our company's facebook page – it seems to just keep going into my personal facebook profile

  • Abby

    I have the same problem. I was using the Twitter app on my personal profile. I completely uninstalled it and reinstalled on our company page, entered the company Twitter account info but it's only updating my profile and not the company status page. If anyone figures this out – update the rest of us, please!

  • Michelle

    not to be picky or anything, but tweet is also used as a verb and not just a noun, i.e. "Don't tweet anything", "Go to the application and tweet."

  • Angie Breidenbach

    Hi Michael,
    This is great. I was halfway there and didn't realize I hadn't completed the process until this post.
    Thank you,

  • Greg_MacMillan

    Awesome and yes almost gave up on twitter, but now going to utilize it more, since I am trying to get my "Vision" off the ground, could use all the advice and input I can get from all of you brilliant guys I am following and luckily most are following me as well!! Thanks Michael.

  • Joel B.

    I am in a similar bind. Also, as a best practice I would suggest creating your business' Facebook Page with a separate account (not your own personal one). The creator of the page can never be removed – even if you leave the company.

  • k arnold

    i keep getting a page for twitter to reset my password – and i know my password is correct – so i can't get past the blue rectangle …any hints on this?

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  • Switching Granny

    I really am a twitterholic and overwhelm my FB status page when every tweet shows up. So I particularly like the facebook app "selective twitter" so all I have to do is #fb from any twitter client when I want the particular tweet included in FB.

    • Switching Granny

      Sorry this was already discussed. Need to read replies before replying myself :)

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  • Phil Tapia

    You can also use to update your content over multiple social sites.

  • @ericwagliardo

    love this

  • @ThatDwayne

    I use Seesmic Desktop to do this – makes it easy to deal with multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can change on the fly.

  • Meredith

    Thank you, this was exactly what I needed! I have one friend who uses the #fb tag to update facebook from twitter, and I was running into more and more times that I wished my twitter didn’t always update my facebook, so thank you very much for the explanation and the link. Two thumbs up!

  • social media

    How to update facebook from twitter…

  • Eric

    Thank you!!! The step by step instructions help a lot.

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  • Brian

    It's broken now. Can't install this app if you're a new user.

  • Pascal van Zandvoort

    i use to update my twitter AND facebook status with one click. I also see if i got new mail on facebook or twitter.

    works very easy: first connect with facebook, then connect with twitter and you are ready to go

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  • plavertu

    Does this apply to fan pages for my companies? Every time I try to sync twitter and facebook to a company page it tries to update my personal status rather than the fan page. Does anyone have any advice on administrating and linking fan pages?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use TweetDeck, which allows me to simultaneously update Twitter, my Facebook profile, and my Facebook fan page. It also updates my LinkedIn and MySpace status. It’s worth checking out. Thanks.

      • plavertu

        Interesting. I have been trying to use tweetdeck and can't seem to figure it out. I'll go back and spend more time on it now that I know it works for you. Thank you for the advice.

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  • Geri Ventura

    The "Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status "button in the upper-right of the screen does not list all of my pages and is not updating associated pages that I administer. I can only seem to get twitter to update my own personal FB page. (I manage 3 other govt FB pages – and they don't seem to work.)

  • social bookmarking

    Yay! It worked! Thanks! Now I can update both at the same time. Very happy!

  • Heather

    Will it also post your @replys?

  • Phil

    Cool article, it's great to be able to update them both at the same time, useful if you are a business and use both Twitter and Facebook, saves a little bit of time.

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  • Angela

    I actually stopped doing this and try to offer original content to both networks. I use TweetDeck, which makes it very easy to share different items with these networks, plus LinkedIn and MySpace. That also means followers on both networks don’t get the same message twice.

  • Joel

    yeah the only problem is that if you get updates from both sites your seeing the stuff happen twice theres a program that takes care of this problem called digsby it combines twitter, facebook, myspace, linkdin and makes it easy to follow you can get it here at http://allonemessenger.fino
    My recent post Download Digsby Messenger Free!!!

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  • cleona

    I was introduced to the selective twitter status and I find it to be very convenient and easy. I don't have to and I don't want to post all my tweets as some of them doesn't relate to what I'm posting to facebook page. I post for a few of my clients as well as for myself. V
    Very useful article, Michael. I wrote a blog post about the same subject and linked to this page.
    My recent post New Vacation Travel App for iPhone!

  • Quality solutions

    great post! thanks. updating facebook from twitter will certainly save time and hassle. :-)

    Quality and Dependable

  • ali

    what do you do when the application keeps tell you there is some kind of log in problem but you know all of your information is right!?!?

  • Stormbringer

    I have the same problem ali does. In fact, I tried logging in at Twitter, then logging in with the same information at the FB application. It’s lying.

  • Abhishek

    guys, I have the same problem. can’t log in i fb and logs in in twitter. But ‘ve seen ppl doing this sill. Maybe its becoz they’re already logged or there is any other way. :((

  • CivilVision

    Hi there~ I am a bit new to this. When I try to use the application, I type in my Twitter Username and Password, but I get the 'oops wrong username or password' message. I've checked and double checked and signed in and out of twitter to make sure the info is right but I can't get past that error message screen. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any info. :-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I am no longer using this application. I use HootSuite to selectively post to the different social media networks.

  • @GregOsuri

    Hi Michael,

    We have a superior service, sociaholic ( that lets you update in a cool new way.

    It conveniently converts '@handle' and links and presents them in with a preview on your wall just like you post on facebook.

    Please check it out and let me you know your thoughts.

  • vince

    There is no "Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status" button in the upper-right of my screen, as you show in step 4. Probably because I allowed that a long time ago. But for the past two weeks no Twitter posts show on my FB status.

    Why me?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, I wrote this original post over a year ago. Everything keeps changing.

      I am currently using HootSuite which allows me to post directly to Facebook—or not—on a post-by-post basis.

  • Allen

    THANK YOU. SOOOoooo helpful. Been wanting to do that for a long time.

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  • ravinitesh

    thanks a lot for giving such application

  • RWollard

    I don't want all of my Tweets going to FB, so I use Selective Tweets. Selective Tweets Status lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter – BUT you can choose which tweets you want – just end a tweet with #fb when you want to post it as your Facebook status.
    Check it out here:

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  • Jashu

    I am the Best

  • thegoodboy66

    Thanks it worked fantastic!

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  • Andrew Messenger

    As far as I can tell, this feature no longer works this way. Facebook apparently is disallowing status updates from twitter. When I post a status update to twitter, it posts to my facebook profile as a wall post, but it does NOT update my status.

  • christoph

    Can you still update twitter from Facebook as well? Doesn't work with me

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure. I don’t use Facebook that much.

      Also, you can now update Facebook directly from most social media clients like HootSuite (my preferred tool), TweetDeck, and others.

  • @weebly83

    Great help to setup a connection between facebook and twitter, thanks

  • erol gelbakhiani


  • khaidirstudios

    I’m using both application and BlackBerry, thanks for sharing the tip. Yes, it working nicely.

  • Jeff Goins

    I did this for the first year or so that I had Twitter, but then I realized that Twitter and Facebook work completely different as social networks. On Twitter, I found that more frequent updates were more necessary and normative than on Facebook. I’m a fan of the selective Twitter status, but more than that, I like using an app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to update each social network with a unique message.

  • Joshua Hood

    Your blog is great for so many reasons, including helpful how-to’s like this one. Thanks!

    Joshua Hood

  • Asepasir

    tunduh tunduh tunduh,,,,,,,,,,

  • debiie de guzman

     TWEET .. TWEET :]]

  • Jay Nanavati


  • Peter Drew

    Hi, now you can automatically post “To” Twitter from Facebook Including Links, and Images, aswell as from your fanpages. 

  • jOaN

    ATTY: I.describe mo sa korte ang taong nang hold-up sayo.BIKTIMA: Maitim,panot,tigyawatin,pango at bungal po !SUSPEK:
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    Aamin naman, idedescribe pa ! Ganda mo te ! Gawin ko kayang MURDER kaso
    ko ? Gusto mo ?/ LOL.

  • JefRi Thesunsett

    sssseeeuhk ahk????

  • Rj’koi Eji

    yesterday,  all my troubles seemed so far away…

  • Danz X Ramdhan

    cukup Berkata anjing…

  • Danz X Ramdhan

    heyy kau kau kau yang suka nendang bokong 

  • Stephengulley

    Hi! I love your blog and email news. I check no one else’s like I do yours. I am also working on my Life Plan. I am an Associate Pastor at a 7 year old church in Chicagoland.  Just wanted you to know that this post you sent is not accurate anymore. At least not from my GoogleChrome browser.  It does not ask you to ALLOW.  Instead it says “click here if you want to post to facebook from twitter.”  When you click that link, it tells you to go to your Twitter account. Click Settings. Click Profile. Scroll down and click the check box that says something like “post tweets to facebook”. There it immediately gives you the allow option. 

  • Hanafi Fiqh

    let’s play the game!!!

  • Pratter Matter

    Is there a way for this to work with G+ as well?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Not yet. The Google+ APIs just became public last week. I’m sure it is coming.

  • ArcadeFunhouse

    I tried this but it’s feeding the content to one of my other pages. I have the Page it’s going to Deactivated, and it was posting there. I just completely removed that account from the list, tried again to connect it to the initial account and although it shows as connected, it won’t feed the content to the page. I can’t seem to find anything that lets you post to pages in the way I need. I’ve looked around and there is a serious gap for such an app. One that will let me feed my tweets to several of my FB Pages. All I can’t find are app’s that let you connect profile to profile, but nothing that allows from say Twitter profile to 3 different FB Pages. It’s driving me nuts! Fooey!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, this post is fairly old. I now use HootSuite to connect to all of my social networks. Check it out.

  • ILene Vick

    Tweet only shows up in my Profile, not on my Home Page (wall).  :((

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  • Fr33style1986

    hey it dnt seem to be working for me. there sumfink wrong am doing here. i’ll giv u a example:

    • Michael Hyatt

      Try a space before the pound sign.

  • Liz Callhan

    Does anyone know how I can connect my twitter to one of the pages I have under my profile? As opposed to my profile. I tried using Facebook as my page name as opposed to profile, but the Twitter app forces you to change back to your profile.

  • Anonymous

    The twitter app for facebook is “feature-poor” and even stopped working at some point. That’s why aggregator services are created that let you read both your streams and update your status from a single place:,,, etc.

  • Kimjohn8496

    Ik gebruikte Ping.FM een tijden – had een daisy chain van Ping om naar Twitter Brightkite op FB, maar omschakelen naar Ping om dit te doen was vermoeiend en hoewel ik net als Brightkite, ik vind het ook niet waard van de inspanning. Michael’s methode is de eenvoudigste methode die ik heb gevonden om de twee platforms ik het meest gebruik te onderhouden, dan gebruik ik Digsby te volgen Twitter en LinkedIn. Wees gewaarschuwd dat je FB vrienden niet alle van de links geplaatst op twitter waarderen of begrijpen de @ gebruikersnaam referenties (de FB Twitter App niet @ antwoorden op uw FB-status, maar het doet stuurt berichten dat @ gebruikersnamen in het midden van bevatten het bericht). Ik heb gekregen een paar klachten of op zijn minst vragen opmerkingen – ik meestal probeer positief te antwoorden met een kleine intro van Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    when i post something in facebook it automatically appears in twitter.  I don’t want this feature, how i disable this??

    • Michael Hyatt

      You need to disable the function in your Facebook settings.

  • Angry Robot

    Works as reliable as a robot!

  • James Etim

    hey man, this is a great post. am using it for months now and working fine. nice job. i have nice tech tips here or fellow @Jamescal1:twitter 


    Tried Droid2Wall for Android … works great to update status, post pics and posting any of your SMS (jokes, quotes or greetings) to both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.  Features say: video uploading coming soon. lets see when can they come up with that. One of the best and simple app to update quickly on both Twitter and Facebook or any one of those. Droid2Wall rocks … recommended.


    Google Market link: 

  • Elizabeth Adundo

    How do I synchronize a Facebook group page to Twitter or vice versa?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know.

  • Pangersa99


  • maarigequreshi

    I have used Selective Twitter for several weeks. Although I’m not a prolific user of either Facebook or Twitter, I do like being able to choose which posts show up on Facebook. It works seamlessly (although you do have to remember the hash tag).

  • maarigequreshi

    Mike, Like Joel I used first the FB method you explained then, Digsby, and then Friend Feed to post to FB. I got the same reaction from friends who do not twitter. I think I have finally settled on possibly using posterous as a tool to post things that seem relevant to both crowds. Time will tell. FB is still a beast that has not settled well in my house. I use it on my iTouch but avoid its web interface. Thanks for posting the steps.

  • Maarige Qureshi

    Plaxo also has a similar application to pull in status updates from Twitter. Now if LinkedIn would just join the party so we could post one update and have it hit all the popular social network sites!

  • Maarige Qureshi

    plzzz facebook id update 2013

  • maarigeali

    have used Selective Twitter for several weeks. Although I’m not a prolific user of either Facebook or Twitter, I do like being able to choose which posts show up on Facebook. It works seamlessly (although you do have to remember the hash tag).

  • princesami

    It’s easy to turn on this feature… but how in the world do you turn it off? Now I’ve got double-posting to my Facebook mini-feed… one from the Twitter application, and then immediately afterward one showing my updated Facebook status! VERY annoying. I can’t find any settings in the Twitter FB app to turn off either one.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Have you tried uninstalling the FB app? To be honest, this post is so old (2009) that I can’t recall how to do it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • ariyathas

    Balasubramaiam Ariyathas