How to Update Your Facebook Status with Twitter

Did you know that it is possible to have Twitter automatically update your Facebook page? It’s actually very simple. In fact, I haven’t manually updated my Facebook status in months.

twitter logo with arrow pointing to facebook pages

To get this process working, follow these six simple steps. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, max. These instructions assume that you already have both a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

  1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook. Now go to the Facebook’s Twitter application page. Now click on the Go to Application button. It looks like this:


  2. The application will now ask you to confirm that Twitter can access your Facebook information. Click on the Allow button.


  3. Now log into your Twitter account by entering your Twitter username and password. The screen looks similar to this:


    Click on the Login button.

  4. You can now actually use Twitter from within Facebook. The screen looks like this:


    Personally, I never use this. I want the reverse of this. I want to update my Facebook status from Twitter. Therefore, click on the Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status button in the upper-right of the screen.

  5. You should get a confirmation screen that looks similar to this:


    Now confirm that you are willing to let Twitter update your Facebook status by clicking the Allow Status Updates button.

  6. After you click this button, you will go to the Twitter application. Don’t tweet anything from here. Instead, go to your Facebook Home page, by clicking the Home link on the Facebook menu.

    Now you can test the connection by going to your favorite Twitter application or the Twitter web page and entering a tweet. Wait a minute or two and go back to your Facebook home page and refreshing it. Your most recent tweet should be displayed as your Facebook status. This is how my status looked:


That’s all there is to it. Now every time you tweet something, your Facebook status will be automatically updated.

Update: If you don’t want to send every one of your tweets to Facebook, then check out Selective Twitter Status. It allows you to designate the tweets you want to appear on Facebook by end a tweet with the #fb “hashtag” in your post. Only those tweets with the hash tag at the end will be posted on Facebook.

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Question: Did this work for you? How has this changed your use of Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Kimjohn8496

    Ik gebruikte Ping.FM een tijden – had een daisy chain van Ping om naar Twitter Brightkite op FB, maar omschakelen naar Ping om dit te doen was vermoeiend en hoewel ik net als Brightkite, ik vind het ook niet waard van de inspanning. Michael’s methode is de eenvoudigste methode die ik heb gevonden om de twee platforms ik het meest gebruik te onderhouden, dan gebruik ik Digsby te volgen Twitter en LinkedIn. Wees gewaarschuwd dat je FB vrienden niet alle van de links geplaatst op twitter waarderen of begrijpen de @ gebruikersnaam referenties (de FB Twitter App niet @ antwoorden op uw FB-status, maar het doet stuurt berichten dat @ gebruikersnamen in het midden van bevatten het bericht). Ik heb gekregen een paar klachten of op zijn minst vragen opmerkingen – ik meestal probeer positief te antwoorden met een kleine intro van Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    when i post something in facebook it automatically appears in twitter.  I don’t want this feature, how i disable this??

    • Michael Hyatt

      You need to disable the function in your Facebook settings.

  • Angry Robot

    Works as reliable as a robot!

  • James Etim

    hey man, this is a great post. am using it for months now and working fine. nice job. i have nice tech tips here or fellow @Jamescal1:twitter 


    Tried Droid2Wall for Android … works great to update status, post pics and posting any of your SMS (jokes, quotes or greetings) to both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.  Features say: video uploading coming soon. lets see when can they come up with that. One of the best and simple app to update quickly on both Twitter and Facebook or any one of those. Droid2Wall rocks … recommended.


    Google Market link: 

  • Elizabeth Adundo

    How do I synchronize a Facebook group page to Twitter or vice versa?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know.

  • Pangersa99


  • maarigequreshi

    I have used Selective Twitter for several weeks. Although I’m not a prolific user of either Facebook or Twitter, I do like being able to choose which posts show up on Facebook. It works seamlessly (although you do have to remember the hash tag).

  • maarigequreshi

    Mike, Like Joel I used first the FB method you explained then, Digsby, and then Friend Feed to post to FB. I got the same reaction from friends who do not twitter. I think I have finally settled on possibly using posterous as a tool to post things that seem relevant to both crowds. Time will tell. FB is still a beast that has not settled well in my house. I use it on my iTouch but avoid its web interface. Thanks for posting the steps.

  • Maarige Qureshi

    Plaxo also has a similar application to pull in status updates from Twitter. Now if LinkedIn would just join the party so we could post one update and have it hit all the popular social network sites!

  • Maarige Qureshi

    plzzz facebook id update 2013

  • maarigeali

    have used Selective Twitter for several weeks. Although I’m not a prolific user of either Facebook or Twitter, I do like being able to choose which posts show up on Facebook. It works seamlessly (although you do have to remember the hash tag).

  • princesami

    It’s easy to turn on this feature… but how in the world do you turn it off? Now I’ve got double-posting to my Facebook mini-feed… one from the Twitter application, and then immediately afterward one showing my updated Facebook status! VERY annoying. I can’t find any settings in the Twitter FB app to turn off either one.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Have you tried uninstalling the FB app? To be honest, this post is so old (2009) that I can’t recall how to do it. Sorry for the inconvenience.