I Wish Every Author Would Read This

Joel Miller, our crack Senior Editor at Nelson Current and the author of Bad Trip, just posted a great entry called, “Book Publishing and the Market.” In it he says,

Because I have so few publishing slots, I’m supposed to be the king of cynics, the Simon Cowell of books, e.g.: “I’m sorry, but it’s really bad. Really, really bad. Honestly.” Sentiments to that effect are communicated all the time. I’m nicer than that, of course. But book proposals are many, actual slots on the list are few. My job is similar to Cowell’s; I’m supposed to filter through the many to find the few. But it’s right at this point where everything gets difficult.

Definitely worth a read, especially if you work for one of the publishing imprints.

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  • Marcia Richburg

    I currently work as a temporariy Admin. Asst. to Jack Countryman and Troy Johnson.

    I must tell you that I’ve been reading many of your books. And, I am quite impressed.

    There are so many extremely talented authors to choose from that my task to pick one every few days is daunting.

    I have been listening to the CD’s of “Captivating”. It’s good….very good!

    It left me feeling good about who I am. And, the special role all women were born to play. God had a very special purpose for us in mind. HE knew we were needed to complete his Universe.

    Man needed a “partner”, someone to rely on, trust, to walk hand in hand through this life.

    Well, I could go on and on. But, listen to the CD’s or read the book yourself. It’s a real “winner”!

    Thank you John and Stasi Eldredge.

    Marcia Richburg

  • Kristen Lucas

    Sounds terrific, like everything Joel writes! Where can we find the whole article?

  • http://michaelhyatt.blogs.com Michael Hyatt


    Click on the link in my post. It will take you right there.


  • Sharon Kerr

    Amen!…to Marcia’s assessment of Captivating. After reading it, I felt sooooo good about being a woman & realizing my position as a cherished child of God.
    My excitement over this book spilled onto my customers as well. I truly believe this book could & should surpass Wild at Heart in sales.

  • http://www.MaryHollingsworth.com Mary Hollingsworth

    Mike, thanks for referring us to Joel Miller’s book. I read the article and, as an author, I didn’t like it much, but I know he’s right. As a 25-year verteran managing editor, I say, “Amen!”

    I’ve had hundreds of book ideas brought to me through the years. Few of them were something I was willing to pass along to a publisher or agent. It’s my experience that would-be authors are not willing to do their homework–learn the lingo of our industry, learn the etiquette and correct procedures of our industry, check out the competition for their book idea, and research the market to see if it’s even vaguely viable. They think Joe nextdoor is their competition, rather than Max Lucado or John Eldredge. They basically fail to realize that in order to compete that need to treat writing as a career, not a hobby.

    I’m buying Joel’s book!


  • http://amediadragon.blogspot.com Jozef Imrich

    This is exactly reason why I read so many blogs … Priceless leads filled with ages of coal face experiences ;-)

    Thanks for sharing it with strangers as well …