Impressive First Week for Captivating

Last week we officially published Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge. One of our largest chain customers reported that the book had sold 6,957 copies (including the pre-sale units) in their stores last week. To get some perspective on this, they sold 3,244 copies of The Purpose Driven Life during this same period. They sold 1,929 copies of Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen.

Another customer reported to Gary Davidson, our VP of CBA Trade Sales, that he was trying to build an endcap of the book and customers were buying them as fast as he put them out. I had a similar experience. I took five copies home to my daughters. They scarfed them up so fast, I was afraid I was going to get hurt! All their friends are now reading it. While anecdotal, these are encouraging signs. I’m praying that this book becomes even bigger than Wild at Heart.

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  • Jorge Hoyos

    That’s awesome. I hope that it also translates into huge sales in the spanish market with the spanish version of the book coming out soon.

  • Steve Grossman

    The book is awesome so far (halfway through it). Everyone involved deserves every bit of the success it will bring. I also pray that it goes beyond the reach of Wild At Heart — women desperately need the message delivered here. Although I’m hoping it will rekindle Wild too — what the world needs is Men and Women living fully alive!

  • Jana Burson

    Captivating is amazing! I will be making the NY Times, Publishers Weekly and the other trades aware of the demand already being shown for Captivating.

  • Sweetie Berry

    Staci captured my heart long ago, she and John help define and educate on so many of the issues that Les and I are confronted with daily in A Joyful Place Called Home….restoring the family one heart at a time. We're are in a time when men and women have very little support in realizing there are differences, and God made us this way for a purpose. God is a God of order and one of the ways families become strong is to keep God first, their marriage second, then the children and everything else after that!