iStock Photography

This is the service I use to get the photographs that I use in my blog posts and slide presentations. They have a great selection. Most photos cost $1.50 each.

A 5-Star Rating

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  • Jason


    What size image do you recommend purchasing to use in a blog post? I would like to use the most cost effective images possible, but I don’t want them to be too small. Thanks..

    • Michael Hyatt

      It all depends on your web design. Check with your theme documentation or your designer.

  • Jason

    Hi Michael,

    I just signed up for iSctockphoto through your link here(finally) and I have a question. I just purchased my first batch of credits and I thought I had read the terms of each license well enough. When I went to download my first picture it prompted a more detailed set of explanations of the terms. I was rereading the terms when I read this,

    “use or display the Content in an electronic format that enables it to be
    downloaded or distributed via mobile devices or shared in any
    peer-to-peer or similar file sharing arrangement;”

    Ok, here is my question. I wanted to use the photos as my cover photo and profile picture on my blogs Facebook fan page. Would I be violating any of their terms by using their photos on my Facebook fan page?


  • Skip Prichard

    This may be dated, but I’ve used istockphoto based on your recommendation. The pictures are wonderful and the system is fairly easy to use.

    PRICING: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo for $1.50. The bottom line amount is $1.67 per credit. I’ve never seen a picture for less than 4 credits and many go much higher (20 is not uncommon). It isn’t cheap. Flickr and other services offer some free options under a creative commons license.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, you are right, Skip. I wrote this four years ago. Once Getty bought them, they started raising the prices. They are not as blogger-friendly as they used to be. Thanks.

      • Guy… @MyHelpSource

        Hi, Mr. Hyatt —

        Knowing that Getty acquired iStock makes me a little leery, but I trust your judgment. I’ve been through some less-than-stellar big company buyouts, so my spider sense is sometimes hypersensitive.

        Do you still recommend iStock or have you found another source that you are more comfortable referring people to?

        Thank you for all you do.



        • Michael Hyatt

          Thanks, Guy. I still use iStock. They have been very good to me. Thanks.

          • Guy… @MyHelpSource

            Thank you so much. Your trust in iStock gives me comfort.