Join John Maxwell and Me As We Share Our Best Publishing Advice

My friend, John Maxwell, is hosting a one-day live event called “A Day About Books.” You don’t want to miss this. It is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from someone who has written seventy-plus books and sold more than twenty million copies. He is one of Amazon’s top 25 best-selling authors of all time.

John Maxwell In His Study

I first met John in 1998, when I became the Vice President of Marketing for Thomas Nelson Books. We worked together to put The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership on the New York Times best sellers list. Since that time, John has written dozens of bestsellers.

He has also become a good friend and mentor. We have had scores of conversations through the years. While playing golf together in Ireland. While having dinner together with our wives. While flying together on a book tour.

I have had access to John’s counsel at critical points in my own career. He is someone who has shaped who I am as a leader.

But it was one private conversation in his study that stands out among all the rest. It changed forever the way I think about publishing—and how I approach it as a writer.

It was in his study that I first learned about his unique process for writing books.

Understand, I have worked with dozens of best-selling authors. All of them had great book ideas. Most of them were excellent writers (or had collaborators who were). Many of them knew what their readers wanted and were natural marketers.

But John was different.

He is the first person I ever met who has a system for writing best-selling books. He understands the whole process—from A to Z—and is strategic about the writing, the marketing, and monetizing the backend.

I had always secretly hoped that other authors could learn from John. Not that he is infallible or gets it right every single time. He doesn’t. But I know that every author can benefit from his experience and wisdom. I don’t know of another non-fiction author who has written more best-sellers than he has.

That’s why I am so excited about this conference.

If you have ever thought about writing a book—or are in the process of doing so now—I urge you to register for “A Day About Books.” You may discover one piece of information that kicks your writing journey into overdrive.

This event is right for you if you are:

  • A person with a product, message, service, skill, or teaching you want to share with the world
  • An aspiring author, or even someone who has always wished you could write a book
  • A blogger, writer, or website owner looking to create content for your readers that can one day become a book

Please understand, this is not:

  • Your typical book-writing workshop
  • Taught by dusty editors and B-list authors
  • About how to get a publishing deal

No, this is:

  1. John sharing his exclusive system for writing more than 70 books
  2. John explaining exactly how he markets his books, selling more over 20 million copies
  3. John revealing the three strategies he uses with every book to make every book #1
  4. John describing how to monetize your book with coaching and speaking
  5. John giving you access to his elite writing and publishing team

I will also be speaking at this special event. I will be sharing what every publisher wishes you knew—and how this can give you the edge you need to succeed as an author.

Don’t miss this one-day event. It will sell out.

A Day About Books” will be held on June 23, 2012 in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is a rare opportunity to meet John and learn his unique publishing system. There is no guarantee that he will do this event again. This may be your only chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

Question: What would succeeding as an author make possible for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Joe Abraham

    Succeeding as an author creates more readership and a wider platform besides more revenue. Thanks for the info.  

    • Justin Wise

      Money ain’t everything, is it Joe?

      • Joe Abraham

        Yes, Justin. If it were, vocation has no value!

    • Shayne sam

      Tel me more about it, joe…

      • Joe Abraham

        Shayne, you may check out Michael’s latest book to get a better idea about that. Here’s the link:

  • Tim Dahl

    Please, please, PLEASE(!) tell me there will be some sort of video feed set up! I just can’t afford a trip to Florida, though it would obviously be more conducive to learning. There has to be a way to stream the conference. I’m sure people would be willing to pay for it as well.

    Tim Dahl

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’ll have to check with the conference organizer, but its’ a great idea. Thanks!

      • Drfeyen

        I am in a wedding that day. I am also willing to pay for a video download. Please let us know if that will be possible.

      • Maria Vargas

        Thank you so much for checking into the possibility of streaming this conference. I would love to hear both of you. I will wait to hear the outcome.

      • Anne Marie

        Getting a video of this would be great! It sounds awesome! I just recently finished John’s Put Your Dream to the Test and thought it was wonderful.

    • Pamela

      I agree, was going to ask the same thing. Can we purchase the video after the fact, as well, versus being available for a live stream of the day’s event?

      • Michael Hyatt

        See my previous responses. Thanks.

  • Skip Prichard

    With the two of you working this together, this promises to be a terrific opportunity for anyone who wants to jump start a future in writing.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Skip. I am pretty pumped about it. Hope to see you there!

      • BillintheBlank

        Great idea, Skip. Come on down. It would be great to see you again.
        Keeping you in prayer as you move forward.

  • Dallon Christensen

    I wish I could attend this event. However, a good friend from college is getting married that day. I only get one chance for major life events like that! Some sort of video download would also interest me. To answer Michael’s original question, being a successful author would be a major plank for my platform. As a business coach and consultant, being a thought leader is critical for my credibility. A successful book or series of books would increase my reach and result in more coaching opportunities, speaking engagements, and media appearances. I am putting the pieces in place to start writing a book later this fall or early in winter.

    • Jodi Aman

      Dallon, Start now. :)

    • Justin Wise

      What do those pieces look like, Dallon?

      • Dallon Christensen

        First of all, Justin, I live in Bettendorf, IA. We’re only about 180 miles apart. I’ll look you up on LinkedIn and connect. The pieces are my overall idea, an outline of the sections and chapters, and a lot of experience I won’t forget and writing in some journals. Since I just started my own business, I really want to start a podcast, develop a class I’m teaching, and create one minimum-featured downloadable product. I’m just trying hard to stay focused on a small number of items and build my platform through the blog and podcast. I have learned that I don’t do very well when I have too many irons in the fire! :)

        • Shayne sam

          how can I help you achieve this dream ? You need a writer and you can hire me as an outsourcing agent. I have clarified audience response that i believe is important in the response of your podcast viewers.
          Consider the pledge, I may be of help.

  • Jennifer Major

    I would LOVE to watch the download of this, as going to Florida is kinda rough on the budget and my son might be annoyed if I missed his high school graduation.  ;)

    • Justin Wise

      Nonsense! High school graduation happens all the time, right? ;) J/K … I would love a download as well!

  • AmericanWriter

    Michael…. great event. Glad that you are both together making it happen.  In the “What if…” category, is there a streaming option, and what about just the purchase of the DVD of the event. I love the content, just can’t make it to Florida.  So let us know. Also, love Platform :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure yet. I have written to John’s team asking them.

      • AmericanWriter

         Well… would love to retweet, rebroadcast this event out to those I know.  And even if it is too late, definitely see about the DVDs. Thx Michael.

  • Lynnpalermo

    too far from Florida to attend but I would pay to watch a video feed of this event! 

    • Justin Wise

      Me too!

  • Michael Hawkins

    What an awesome opportunity!  I hope some sort of video feed or recording can be worked out for those who can’t make the trip to Florida.

    While writing a book is not high on my priority list (at least not at this point) I have read lots and lots of Mr. Maxwell’s books.  He’s also been featured on several Success magazine CDs that I’ve listened to during my commutes to and from work.  He is top-notch in every way.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the event can be captured on video.  I’m sure it will be a priceless resource for a lot of folks.

  • Audreymoralez

    Event ticket- check. Airline ticket- check. Hotel-check. I would NOT miss the opportunity to from two very influential men in my life. Can’t wait!

    • Audreymoralez

      *to LEARN from two very influential men…(I was a little too hasty to post…) :-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome, Audrey. I look forward to seeing you there.

  • Carol Bullard

    Hi Michael,
    Succeeding as an author would mean the release of the stories God has given me; fiction and nonfiction. It would also mean the ability to help out financially; since my husband has prostate cancer, he would not have to worry about how to pay for the medical bills. I would love to attend, but I am unable  at the present time.

  • Kent Sanders

    Michael, I would absolutely love to be there but can’t. But I would happily pay for any type of video or audio feed, or DVD/CD package afterwards. I dare suggest that the conference organizers would make every bit of income from those sales (if marketed properly) as the live tickets. As you have seen in the past week, there is a huge hunger for aspiring authors to get helpful content. You and John will be able to help many more people than just the live audience.

    • Justin Wise

      More and more, geography is no longer a limitation to getting to the conferences that you want to!

      • BillintheBlank

        Exactly, Justin. When our first response is the wall of geopgrpahy or cost or babysitting in my case with six kids, we should question those walls, get creative, and seek a third solution. This event won’t be for everybody, of course, but those who think it might be for them should look for alternative solutions — like Pastor John Barrett above — before ruling it out.

  • John Richardson

    Sounds like a great opportunity, Michael. I have enjoyed many of John Maxwell’s books. Definitely an opportunity for a video product on this one.

  • Denis McLaughlin

    Succeeding as an author would make it possible for me to devote more time sharing the life lessons that I have been blessed to learn in my career.

  • sparkvoice

    The immediate meaning for me succeeding as an author would provide personal satisfaction.  To know that a goal was set and accomplished.  A childhood dream becoming reality.

    Secondly would be the opportunity to connect to countless people through written word.  A contribution that will last years beyond my lifetime.  Since I want to positively impact the world and as many people in it – this would be an important cog.

  • tee4too

    I am trying to sign up for disqus. :)

  • Si Duke

    Just adding to all the other comments hoping there will be a way of listening/watching the conference live or later, happily at a price… excuse for not attending in person….I live in Australia!

  • Nicole Whitaker

    Succeeding as an author would give me the ability to revolutionize Christian children’s books to change the world for the kingdom of God and help not only children, but parents, grandparents, and families as well. My books will help them find what it means to have a true relationship with Jesus vs. a convenient mindset towards Christianity by showing them God’s character in the world we live in today. Rather than rewriting stories from the past (biblical times), I want to share why and show how learning about God relates to their interests in the here and now. In the classroom setting students what to know how the content applies in the real world. Why should God’s word be any different? 

  • Faridhadjiat

    I would like to share this unique moment..Unfortunately  I live in France :(

  • Rob Sorbo

    I like writing and I’ve been told I’m good at it. I think succeeding as an author would help me in my career as a communicator.

    I’m very interested in working with non-profits, so one specific way that writing could help me would be in opportunities like grant writing.

  • Sarah4joy

    Writing and publishing books would help me view myself as an artist with something worth saying. It would almost act as the emotional validation of a long held dream. Sadly not everyone can make it to West Palm on the 23rd. I do hope an ebook or something else will come along as a follow up to this opportunity.

  • Kevin Cunningham

    Thanks, Michael
    Already signed up and looking forward with great anticipation.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great, Kevin. I look forward to seeing you there.

  • Heidi Kreider

    Sounds like an incredible day!  Definitely am hoping there will be a video.  

    Success as an author looks different to each of us, doesn’t it?

  • Michael Duncan

    What would succeeding as an author make possible for me? I’ll tell you… It would allow me to be the full-time pastor that my little church needs.  It would allow my wife to no longer need to work to help pay the bills and open the door for her to minister to the ladies of our church.  It would open broader doors for the gospel to be preached and taught. And I hope it would bring glory to God.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Those are awesome possibilities.

  • BillintheBlank

    Just booked two tickets for my wife and I. Getting some synergy by connecting with family and carving out few days afterwards for a marriage retreat.

    Hope to bump into you, Michael, and other members of this community.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Make sure to introduce yourself to me!

  • Keith

    Please develop this into a webinar which is one of the best ways to get this out to a larger audience. I would be happy to pay for this as I believe many others would as well. This is too good to be kept for only those who can physically make it to Florida. Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      We’re considering that. We’ll have to see.

  • PastorJohnBarrett

    I am so excited to be able to attend this event.  I did not have the funds on my own to go at this exact time, and was pretty down about it.  But…I felt lead to ask some friends and those around me to invest into my dream to write.  So I facebooked some of those closest around me and I raised the money within an hour for all expenses paid for me to attend.  Plane ticket, car rental, hotel, food and the “VIP Platinum” conference fee.  I am so grateful that those around me invested into what I believe God will use for great things.  I am the Associate Pastor @ Hoosier Harvest Church in Martinsville, Indiana and am taking the next step in my calling to start writing.  I just finished reading “Platform” last night and am geared up for a day of learning and growing in this great opportunity to change lives through writing.  I think the possibilities are endless when  you have a message burning in your heart.  Succeeding as a writer, for me, would inspire people to live lives as BIG as God created them for.  BIG is…Bold…Intentional…God-Sized. You can check out my blog @

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s awesome, John. I look forward to meeting you.

  • Dannoman88

    I agree with Joe, below.  I think if we put too much emphasis on money, we loose something, something pure, honest, and precious.  I believe that good writing should come first with no intention of making money.  If the writing is good, then perhaps marketing and promotion can lead to finaincial success.  I generally do not believe in writers’ workshops either.  They cost money and time.  For some that might not be a problem and I’m sure they do provide valuable info.  But, I’d prefer to hone my craft.  Of course, I’m writing fiction based on reality, so I’m a different sort.  You can learn more about me an my first book “A Train Called Forgiveness” at

  • Dan Black

    Being a successful author would allow me to write and help other people full time.

    I hope you guys turn this into a audio or video training where anyone can buy. I would have loved to attend but can’t. I think John should write a book on this topic.

  • Tim McDonnell

    Haha… white flag! You wore me down, Mr. Michael. I had seen a couple posts about this from JCM and set it aside, but now I have a plane ticket and an event ticket. We haven’t defined “successful author” yet, unless it’s measured by copies sold, audience reached or prestige of channel. For me it means getting the work on the page regardless and what that would DO for me is rip me out of my comfort zone and hold me accountable to own my truth with transparency. To learn a process from you and John that could multiply the benefits to others is a bonus. The “VIP Platinum” difference went towards my hotel, car and plane ticket, so I’ll be the one you need glasses to see having the time of my life in the general admission seats. Can’t wait and many thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great, Tim. I look forward to meeting you.

  • BloggingYourPassion

    Hi Michael. This is a great opportunity! I’m planning on being there and hoping to get a few others to join me as well. Hope to say hello to you! Jonathan

  • Tyler Hess

    So for those of us not living near Florida…there will be…some kind of recording? :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      We’re not sure yet. Thanks for your interest.


    Michael…I look forward to learning from you & John.  I have just started writing my personal story.  I am an inner-city pastor in detroit that was stabbed 37x and left for dead 2.5 years ago.  Succeeding as an author would mean that God has used the destruction of every area of my life to bring new life, hope, freedom, restoration and salvation to others.

  • Jennifer Major

    Ahhh, hmmm. Taps chin. Succeeding as an author would do many things. The “fix up the house” thing, hire a housekeeper so I could writewritewrite, put my kids through school (and instead of summer jobs, they could serve on mission teams in my beloved Bolivia!), not feel guilty when I don’t ‘work’, share the power of God’s redemption and restoration skills…basically all the “woohoo” things that each of us has on our lists.

     But mostly I could look at my doubters, they know exactly who they are and say “HA!” I know, *totally Christ-like. At least I admitted it.  

  • CherrYodelberg

    Succeeding as an author would make possible self-vindication, a wider audience and acquaintance of those who saw the same truth (or some of the same truth) and identified with that truth in fiction. Succeeding as an author would provide the energy and finances (I can live on less than riches) to keep doing what I am called to do.  It would be like blazing yet another trail for my grown children; erecting another mile marker that says, “See, follow your heart; work tirelessly to hone your gifts and talents, be all you can be.  Give all you can give.”

  • Bethel Church DreamCulture Red

    Succeeding as an author will mean I get to spend more time with my family and catalyze the message of our book into the hands of every community. 

  • Shaynesam103

    John and Michael…I love your daily posts and the diligence in your team to make this blog a success and purpose to change people’s lives. It’s important to say that whenever I receive the blogs, I share with my friends, pupils and team members who also find it critically helpful.

    Thanks for your good job.

  • Erica McNeal

    JUST SIGNED UP!!  Sorry… a little excited here! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks Mike!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome, Erica! I look forward to seeing you. I only wish Gail were going to be with me.

      • Erica McNeal

        Me too! =)

  • Keith Spanberger

    Succeeding as an author would give me the ability to touch and change more lives.  And our books will hopefully still be speaking for us long after we are gone.  I do also hope for a video or audio option of this life changing event!  Thanks Michael and blessings to you! Keith

  • Vanessa

    Michael Hyatt CHANGE MY LIFE….
    Costa Rica is where I live and minister (have been full time missionary and trainer for 15 years). Now is my time to write a transformational message I have witnessed changes lives and send it to places I will never go and bless people I will never meet (in this side of eternity)… but cannot travel to Florida… Can you please PLEASE broadcast the teaching?…

  • Edlee Mixon

    Two tremendous leaders . . .one great message. . .unlimited possibilities! Considering the location (West Palm Beach), is a future Atlanta venue on the docket?  If not, having the opportunity to benefit from this endeavor via live streaming or by purchasing a dvd “could” significantly increase participation and the “bottom line” goal of inspiring authors to make an impact beyond their walls.  Please advise.

  • Shannon Milholland

    Okay so I took the plunge and signed up today. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • BillintheBlank

      Way to get out of the boat!

      • Shannon Milholland

        Walkin’ on water…that’s about what it’s gonna take! :)

        • BillintheBlank

          Welcome to life in the splash zone! My wife and I would love to get a lunch group going that day. Or maybe a dinner group the night before for writers still wringing out their sandals from the waves :).

          • Shannon Milholland

            I’d totally be up for it! Keep me posted!

          • BillintheBlank

            Will do. Who else wants to connect to make the most of this opportunity?

          • Kevin Cunningham

            Bill,  I am just in the very beginning stages of the process.  As a pastor, I have been developing a message through sermons and small groups over the years.  I am just starting to think about a book format.   I’d love to get some feedback on the concepts.

            I arrive close to midnight on Friday.  I signed up for the VIP lunch during the program.   I would be available after the program on Saturday or at lunch on Sunday. 


          • Bill Blankschaen

            Well, you’ll have to let me know how the VIP lunch goes. Should be able to connect after the event Saturday night. Happy to help any way I can. I’m going to try to use the Twitter handle @MaxwellADAB to unofficially help people connect prior to the event. Follow if interested.

          • Kevin

            Thanks, Bill. I just found and followed it. My ywitter ID is @RevKev55.
            Look forward to connecting.

          • Kevin

            Solrry. The font wad way to small on my phone.
            Twitter ID is @RevKev55.

  • Thesimplewoman

    leaving a legacy for my children…my mark that I was here.

  • Renee Swope

    I cannot wait for this event!! I can’t tell you how much I have gleaned from you and John as a ministry leader and author. When I read your post, I dropped everything, called my husband, gave him the pitch.. and without hesitation he said- “GO!” I”m so blessed to have his support.
    We (as a family) are just finishing the first year of my first book’s launch (A Confident Heart) and it’s been incredible! I’ve taken much of your advice and others and it’s blown me away to see what God has done. But the writing process was grueling!! I want to learn from you both about how to develop a more systematic approach so that my family doesn’t feel like I’ve gone MIA for a year. Also.. a side THANK YOU note. Don’t know if you remember, but I asked for your advice between two publishers about 2 years ago. You said to go with the publisher where I felt like I had an internal advocate who was passionate about my message. I took your advice and it made all the difference – thank you!! Looking forward to hopefully getting to meet you {and maybe Gail?} in a few weeks!

  • Kent Sanders

    Is there any word on whether this will be available as a video or audio download for those of us who can’t come to Florida for the conference?

  • JC

    I missed “A Day About Books”. Does John have a book that accompanies this seminar?