Leap and the Net Will Appear

I know lots of people with big dreams. But they are afraid to pursue them. They are unwilling to take the plunge, waiting until they reach the point of absolute certainty. But it never comes. And it never will.

Waiting to Jump Off a Diving Board - Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/alexemanuel, Image #14630473

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/alexemanuel

This is the problem with commitment. You must act on limited information. Whether it is marriage, starting a new career, or leaving a good job to pursue your dream. You do your best to gather the best information you can, but then you must act. If you don’t, you risk “dying with the music in you.”

A few years ago, I discovered a wonderful quote by W.H. Murray, a Scottish mountain climber and writer. He says,

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creativity there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.’”

Or to simplify it even further, American naturalist John Burroughs put it this way, “Leap and the net will appear.”

I don’t think this concept encourages recklessness. But it does make the important point that you must eventually act, believing that the resources you need will show up when you need them. This is simply faith in its purest form.

I have personally witnessed this numerous times. In fact, I am seeing it play out in my own life right now, just a week after stepping away from my role as CEO of Thomas Nelson.

Question: What commitment have you been waiting to make? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • http://www.timemanagementninja.com Craig Jarrow


    I love this quote. Love it!

    To often people are wait for… the perfect timing, the perfect conditions, the perfect information, the perfect financial situation, the perfect weather…whatever.

    It is about action. Not about being rash.

    Sometimes you just have to make that leap!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Yes, Seth Godin calls it “shipping.” At some point, you just have to “ship” or start.

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      That’s true Craig! Many fail to understand the reality that perfect thing is never going to happen.

  • http://www.godsabsolutelove.com Patricia Zell

    I so agree, Michael. Shortly after I started honing my writing skills in the early 1990’s, I began dreaming about writing a best-seller. However much I tried, though, my book proposals garnered rejection after rejection. Then, when I was offered and accepted a job as a high school English teacher, I had to put aside my dream in order to become highly qualified and fully licensed. About two and a half years ago, I realized that I should pick my dream back up and go for it. To make a long story short, within two weeks, I’ll have my self-published book in my hand. So, the writing part is done–we’ll see if the best-selling part comes to pass. Over the last couple of years, every time doubt raised its head, I would just remind myself that I’ve put too much work into my book to just quit. I am committed to work diligently to make my dream a success.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Good for you! This is what I am taking about.

    • http://www.leahadams.org Leah Adams

      Congratulations, Patricia. I went the self-publishing route for my Bible study and I believe that was God’s plan for it at that moment. God bless you.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Congrats Patricia! Keep it up and you’ll do it!

  • http://www.leahadams.org Leah Adams

    Yes!! Yes!! It is true! I had just never thought of it this way.

    When God gave me a burning desire for a speaking and writing ministry and then called me to it, I tried to convince Him it wouldn’t work and that I was not a good candidate for this kind of thing because I might allow it to become all about ME. I was terrified. When I could not fight Him any longer and stepped out and said, “Yes”, He (my net) was sooooo there. So very there. Every day, in thousand different ways, He lets me know that I did the right thing by saying “Yes”.

    Love this quote. Saving it to my Evernote account!! Thanks so much.

    • http://livingthebalancedlife.com Bernice Wood

      I am where you were at that point. I know God is calling me to do something bigger, something more, to tell my story, but I am afraid. I am afraid of stepping out there, afraid of what that actually looks like. And I am not really sure of the path either. I was however, just thinking on this same subject the other day as I was working on something totally different (a house project). You can prepare and prepare and research and research some more, but eventually you just gotta pick up the hammer or pen or microphone and DO SOMETHING. Just as Michael quoted Seth Godin, you have to ship!
      I am getting closer to the edge, preparing to take that leap!
      Thanks for this post Michael!

      • http://www.leahadams.org Leah Adams

        JUMP!! If God is calling you to it, He doesn’t call and then walk away and let us splatter all over the pavement. He totally walks with us through it and equips us. JUMP!! It will be the thrill of your life.

      • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

        Yes, “do something” is a key phrase. Get Andy Andrews new book, The Final Summit. He writes a lot about this in the book. It is huge!

        • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

          Andy always seems to hit me right where I live with his words and the timing of them.

    • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

      I just added it to Evernot as well… :)

  • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

    I agree with you Mike! It’s like saying that you will get into a car only after you learn driving. That’s never going to happen. In life, we can take calculated risk; But not mindless rash decisions (as specified by you).

    Your information in this post is more relevant for a country like India since many people here fall into this trap for the fear of low economic security and almost nonexistent social security. They are always afraid to take any drastic steps to pursue their own dreams. Only very few shun their jobs and turn into entrepreneurs. (I have never seen any Indian CEO quitting at the helm of his tenure to pursue his dreams. They will only retire at the end of their legal age limit. I am seeing such move for the first time from you in my experience.)

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      The car is the perfect metaphor. Love it!

      I think the drive for security keeps many people trapped in mediocrity. What they are doing may be good, but it is the enemy of the best.

  • http://www.suitcasescholar.com Tracy Antonioli

    I have waited too long for many things in my life, and I’m just starting to realize that fact. So I’m not making that same mistake in my professional life. Next year, I’m taking a year off from teaching to travel and write. Am I scared? Yes. Am I still doing it? Absolutely. Here’s hoping for that net!

    • Joe Lalonde

      Sounds exciting Tracy! Have fun on your travels.

    • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

      Good for you! That sounds awesome!

      I’ve been right where you are. I’ve waited too long for too many things. I’ve also made the decision to start making sure I do all that I can to make things happen.

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      Just go on Tracy! It’s like ‘art of the start’.

  • http://www.markmodesti.com Mmodesti

    Reminds me of the little boy who is looking at the tall fence and afraid to climb it. Finally he throws his cap over and forces himself to!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love that story. It really illustrates the point well.

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  • Gregg Bennett

    Yep…lept myself recently. Daring to believe that the call on my life has a more missional bent than the attraction model I was a part of. Have jumped…yet to see His net…but know I can never go back to “sleep” no matter how nice the dream was. It’s simutaneously exilerating and frightening, but wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  • http://amylynnandrews.com Amy Lynn Andrews

    Totally agree. We call it “stepping out of the boat” around here. We just did this ourselves.

    My husband is an aerospace engineer, turned pastor, turned high school math teacher…but our hearts are in Africa (I was born there and he wants to church plant there).

    So, we got out of debt (thank you Dave Ramsey) and have saved a bit to get us by a little while. My husband resigned from his job and will finish out the school year but after that, we have no clear long-term direction. We simply want to be available to walk through whatever doors we might find open as we journey.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love it. As someone once said, “If you want to walk on the water, you have to get out of the boat.”

    • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

      That’s the kind of attitude that God seems to do great things with. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  • http://www.currentfinances.com Don Current

    Or how about a Biblical reference? “Step in and the waters will part.” When the priests crossed over the Jordon to take possession of the promised land, they had to take that first step into the raging waters before the waters parted.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      That’s a great biblical reference. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Analemap

    To be Chrismated in the Orthodox Church.

  • http://bohemianbowmans.com/ Jessica

    Ugh, I know every blogger has this answer in their back pocket, but – writing a book. I have a really good one in my head, but I’m holding onto it super tightly. I don’t even blog about the topic. Sigh.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      But that can totally change. All you have to do is decide!

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      Just kick it! Rest will follow through.

  • http://twitter.com/calinvalean Calin

    Man you hit a sweet spot with this one! From the business side I am still recovering from an insolvency and lots of financial problems, started about 2 years ago.

    The most difficult part was the mental and belief recovery, but that`s almost done. Now there is the financial recovery on the way but for that in order to happen I need to commit.

    When I said “almost” regarding the mental side of the story I said it because I need to act now, to commit, but still the unbelief comes and say, you cannot do it again, you do not have enough resources (money) so again that puts me in the situation to jump without the net. So, the fact is, until I will hesitate to commit (take action) the mental (belief) side will not be healed completely.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      You might want to pick up Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders. I will post an interview with Tim tomorrow here on my blog. It is SUCH a powerful book for people who have gone through what you are going through. Also, Andy Andrews books, The Noticer and The Final Summit, would be excellent. Blessings.

      • http://twitter.com/calinvalean Calin

        Ok, thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/MyWiredStyle Deb Ingino

    While it is great learning from you I am inspired by your message always but this one…is just plain timely! Thanks for what you do!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love it when that happens!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Deb. I am so glad!

      • http://twitter.com/MyWiredStyle Deb Ingino

        Michael just to close the circle on this post for me.  When I read this back in April it was at the time I was prayerfully contemplating the right timing to move into my business full time, leaving behind a moderately successful corporate gig.  Possibilities became evident.  I took action.  I was able to organize a transition plan that hit right on the target I had originally targeted…12/31/2011.

        Thank your for providing me with the right message at the right time so I now move into 2012 following the plan laid out for the next half of my life.

        Happy New Year to you and your family!

        • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

          Thanks for completing the loop, Deb. That is awesome. Happy New Year to you, too.

  • http://profiles.google.com/olivetree.ingodshouse Betsy Cruz

    What an encouraging post! My husband and I work in the Middle East and recently left a comfortable, fulfilling ministry with an already existing local church to step out with another family and plant a church from zero! We’re at square one again, but we felt God was leading us to get out of the boat and take some new risks. So I can relate to this post.

    Thanks so much for your blog.

  • http://twitter.com/byrdmouse Jonathan Byrd

    I started reading this thinking, it’s just faith. By the time I got to the end you said it, faith and providence are two big reasons for anything to happen. My new, favorite saying is that coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous. An older one I’ve repeated often is that you can’t take a leap of faith with both feet on the ground. Too often we try to.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kmdenerstein Kim Denerstein

    Two years ago (in the midst of the midst of a dismal economy and rising unemployment) I turned in my resignation at a mediocre job and then moved with my daughter 800 miles so I could return to school. I pursued a degree that would equip me to follow the path of my heart – sharing the Great Commission with believers and then equipping them with opportunities to take part. I am now getting ready to graduate and have two decisions: “mediocrity” or “leap”. I am choosing to leap! I am excited about the doors that are opening and the opportunity to be used to further His kingdom. (Jer 29:11)

  • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

    I agree with this idea… I find that I can talk a lot about an idea, but it’s only when I “jump” {or leap by faith most times} that I see that the net was there the whole time. God doesn’t call us to “jump” without providing a net to catch us!

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      It’s like our eye has been blinded with ignornace and unbelief.

  • http://profiles.google.com/askcarolynwarren Carolyn Warren

    I am starting a new self-employment business and am very excited about it. To accompany, I’m writing another book (will be my 4th when published). I look UP and see the possibilities; I don’t look down. I’ve been living that way for the past 13 years, and it’s been the best years of my life.

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      That’s inspiring Carolyn! Thanks for sharing

  • Stephanie

    Almost two years ago I left my job in ministry and started my own business as a team building and personal coach. It was scary but I knew that it was time for change and for trusting God in new ways. As a result, God has enriched my life with new friendships, stretched and strengthened my confidence in a number of areas and met all my needs.

    Just like in Old Testament times, the waters do not part until we take a step into them! God can accomplish his purposes for us with or without our cooperation, yet he desires our participation. When we take action to follow his lead, he always supplies the net!

    • Cgraw2

      I believe God is calling me to something bigger….but one thing is stopping me: Money…or should I say “the lack of it.” I have a job I hate because I do not belong there. I stepped out in faith and self-published a children’s book. Although good, I had to put the charges on my credit card. (now over $3,400) Now I’m thinking OUCH, why did I do that! It only put me behind even more. So, I am now thinking…”If it’s Gods will, He’ll pay the bill.” Maybe I should have stayed in the boat.
      My question is this. Did you have money to start a business? New friendships are great, but they don’t pay the bills.

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      I need to hear faith stories like this. Pray that God will raise you to greater heights in the days to come.

  • http://www.therecklessoptimist.com Anthony Mclean

    I love this! Do you remember that scene in the Indiana Jones movie where Indiana has to cross a huge chasm by finding an invisible bridge? He throws dust on the area he thinks it is located and sure enough the dust settles on an unseen bridge. I think pursuing our dreams is a little like that. Too often we wait until the entire bridge is visible before taking the first step. Pursuing our dreams takes courage!

    I love this quote on writing by E.L. Doctorow:

    “Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

    Here’s to going for your dreams- one step at a time!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Two great illustrations. Thanks for sharing1

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      That goes into my quote bank. Thanks Anthony

  • http://www.jeremysconfessions.com Jeremy’s Confessions

    “dying with the music in you.” I wonder how many good symphonies have been stolen from us by the lack of bold action?

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      That’s called mediocrity

  • Kpashuk

    Thanks for the posting today! It got me to thinking about “Providence” and why we don’t hear much about it in our Christian culture today… Does not God still direct, and provide, and work out His will in us if we let Him?
    Thank you again for the mind manna. Now to get to work turning it into heart manna.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love the concept of Providence. You are right: it is not discussed enough.

  • http://joyfulmothering.net Christin

    Oh yes. This has been true in my life as a mother. The very act of having another child bears this same faith.
    Excellent insights, thank you. :)

  • http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress John Richardson

    For me, my greatest pivotal moment was back in 2004 at a Toastmaster’s conference. The speaker walked down the aisle, pointed directly at me and asked in a booming voice, “What time is it?” He then glanced at my name badge and personalized it, “John, what time is it?”
    I sat there frozen for a moment, and then I blurted out, “It’s time to take action.”
    Right then and there my life changed.
    In that moment I realized I couldn’t do things tomorrow or yesterday. I could only do them today and the only time I could make a decision was right that minute.
    Something clicked, and the switch turned on.
    The next year of my life saw amazing change.
    That summer day of 2004 is when I decided to leap.

    Thanks Mike, for an amazing post!

  • http://twitter.com/psychofan1 Lisa Loftis

    excellent point…I have a dream to share this…I’m going to leap and the internet will appear and my friends and coworkers will read this ;D Thanks!

  • http://jaydinitto.com Jay DiNitto

    “You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.” – Ray Bradbury

    • Ruth Knox

      Absolutely! And what a delicious feeling once you step off and are airborn.

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      What a lovely quote! Thanks Jay!

  • http://www.storywrought.wordpress.com Lizzie

    Having a phobia of commitment, this hits close to home. I think WH Murray gets it right with his use of the word “ineffectiveness.” There’s nothing truer. A fear of commitment is a debilitating thing – always dreaming but never accomplishing.

    • http://stevencribbs.com Steven Cribbs

      I have also used the word ‘paralyzed’ lately. In being fearful of that commitment, it is easy to become paralyzed – debilitated – not knowing how to move forward, yet, desparately wanting to. The one thing I know for moment is prayer – to not be anxious, but to present our requests to God so that the peace of God may gaurd our hearts and minds (Phil 4:6-7).

      • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

        It’s always scary to be paralyzed. I’ve recently been faced with a couple of issues that have me scared motionless as well. It’s hard to move whwen the fear is so strong.

  • Pamela Mason

    I am notorious for waiting too long to act, all in the name of ‘gathering research’. I am in the midst of three glorious new ventures right now, because I just squeezed my eyes closed and took the leap. But now new tangles appear before my eyes… one of which you addressed yesterday about being a good follower. Team player isn’t high on my list of good qualities, and I have to adjust my thinking.
    But do I continue down the untraditional path? Throw everything away that I’ve worked on for the past five years to embark on this new one? Or have those years been God’s preparation for me to take these first steps?
    And how do I tell my old friends good-bye? Or don’t forget me? How do I fully commit to the new journey without fear and yearning to be with old friends who know me?
    It paralyzes me, all these doubts.
    But I made a decision not to be paralyzed, and so I committed.
    I know God is with me no matter what; that’s what I cling to.

    Thanks for your post here. I’ll be chewing on it all day long….

  • Ramon Presson

    from Shakespear’s Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3

    There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted and all the voyage of their life
    is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    or lose our ventures.

  • Cmarvin

    As the founder of a local writers group I have recently begun to feel embarrassed and self-conscious because while I have been hounding others to be committed to their work, I have not been fully committed to my own. My meager efforts have resulted in a tired brain and lots of frustration; ideas do not flow easily when being forced. At our meeting this past Sat (4/16) I made a renewed commitment to finish my current project and gave this goal a deadline in order to see it come to fruition! :)

    Thank you for this post!!!

  • http://brettcohrs.com Brett

    I’m in sales. I gotta call bigger fish. Period.

  • Max Anders

    Great post. I thought when you write the book, you might like a couple more quotes. One anonymous to me: Our job is not to figure out the “how” ahead of time. The “how” will show up out of a belief in, and commitment to, the “what.” And one by Lincoln: Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.” Best wishes,
    Max Anders

  • http://www.kristyblogs.com/ Kristy K

    I need to fully commit to God’s calling in my life. I’ve been waiting for a bright green light from Heaven telling me to “GO!” and ignoring all the little “go” signs all the way. But once I commit, there’s no turning back and that’s scary.

    • http://jancoxabetterway.wordpress.com Jan Cox

      I so understand what you mean. All those little “go” signs – and what do I need – ?? a big tug? Time management? I am trying hard to do the time management with Michael’s help. I visited your blog – wonderful. Blessings, Jan

      • http://www.kristyblogs.com/ Kristy K

        Thanks Jan! I’m learning so much here about time management and staying organized…. it’s so easy to get sidetracked when I’m not completely committed with both my head and heart. :)

        • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman


    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      Agreed Kristy

  • http://www.suttonparks.com Sutton Parks

    The commitment to finish, self publish my book and start a speaking career using my music and experiences to teach principles like gratitude. I’m afraid I’ll fail, but realistically I’ve failed at many things and already hit the bottom and found out it’s not that hard. If I fail I can get up again, but maybe I should be asking myself, “What if I succeed?”.

    Great post!

  • Elysha

    That quote is from Goethe.

  • Lynette Sowell

    I’m committing myself–more gradually–to freelancing full-time. I’ve used the “safety” of working for a large company for years. I always have work, it replenishes itself (I edit medical reports for a large HMO), and I know I’ll have money in the bank on payday. Being a freelancer means I’m the one who makes sure those opportunities replenish themselves. I’m also a realist. I know what our family’s budget is every month, and until the cash flow from freelancing gets MUCH closer to that budget, I’m still working part-time at my day job. I’m calling this ‘baby jumps’ instead of a leap right now. But at least i’m going somewhere and not “wishing I could be a full-time freelancer.”

    Of course, I think of things cinematically sometimes. In Indiana Jones, “Only with a leap from the lion’s mouth will he prove his worth.” And so, Indy leaped!

  • http://www.lisawhittle.com Lisa Whittle

    Love these thoughts here, Michael. So often we fear what we do not know, assuming we will fail before we ever try. But the more we leap, the less afraid we are. My entire writing career has been a leap, and I’ve found this to be true. Greater risk, greater reward!

    • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

      Agreed Lisa!

  • http://twitter.com/_ToddElliott Todd Elliott

    Just what I needed to hear today.

    Thanks for taking the leap yourself, and being willing share with the rest of us how the net appears.

  • Joe Lalonde

    ‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.’

    I love that. You have to take the first step. If you never take the step, you fail by not doing.

    • http://stevencribbs.com Steven Cribbs

      Definitely reminds me of Godin’s Poke the Box. We need initiative; we have to make a decision at some point and just start something.

      • Joe Lalonde

        Steven, yes it is similar to what is said in Poke The Box. I’m almost through the book and it’s been a great read.

        • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

          It’s one I need to read.

  • Shurmon

    I have had a business idea for a long time now and I am not sure if it is fear or lack of confidence but I have so much doubts about it and I also fear failure. I believe it will work but there are so many doubts.

  • http://www.gabetaviano.com Gabe Taviano

    Thanks for sharing this Michael. I think I just took my first step up the diving board ladder two weeks ago.

  • http://twitter.com/musbkc musbkc

    I recently approached my Lead Pastor about something I felt the Lord prompting me to do. My wife and I are a part of a great community of Worship Leaders in Charlotte, NC. We feel called to this creative community as pastors, mentors and curators (a term I recently ran across through the creativecollective.is).
    Throughout this process I have struggled with the fear that maybe I’m wrong and what if the “net” doesn’t appear. Your post put into terms the exact emotions and thoughts I’ve had. I know that this calling has been placed on my life and in order to see it realized it will take this “leap”.
    Thanks for this encouragement today, and stepping out in faith in your own life to lead by example.

    Your blog has been a source of great encouragement to me during this transition . . .

    Many blessings Michael,
    – KC

  • http://markjmartin.com Mark Martin

    Thanks for this post!

    Recommended reading: Don’t Waste Your Life by Piper. He has a chapter on risk. He seeks to prove that “safety is a mirage.” No matter what road we take, there are threats of danger. Why not choose to do something worthwhile and lasting, in spite of the risk. The lasting road is one that lifts up of the name of Jesus.

  • Anonymous

    I keep getting the message to be bold. The past two weeks that’s been His theme for me. I know I’m being told to speak about my booklet. I am supposed to get the proof copy today and I am praying it’s ready. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. I know He’s going to use it, I know I’m on His path but I’ve leaped and still in the air screaming, “I trust you Lord but this is scary stuff!”

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  • Jason

    Thank you Michael for your encouragement toward faith this morning! It has served as one of those “divine” confirmations for me today as I look to resign from local church ministry here in the states within the next two months in order to serve God as career missionary in Nicaragua with my wife and kids.

  • TScrap

    Perfect post for my life right now. Deciding to move back to CO, taking the leap to purchase a home, interviewing for new positions in my school district, finding new child care… my life is full of leaps right now. It all started with taking the first leap to move back to CO. From there, life has been clicking into place. Thank you for your thoughts… nearly every day they have such a connection to my life and truly make me reflect on my personal growth and life circumstances.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FJRLITL5IEFHDDFURAESLXOOZ4 Jim Whitaker

    I can totally empathize with this story. I had always had a big dream to teach and develop people. I ran away from the dream for the easy, the quick payout, and the for sure thing. I took the jobs that provided for the family and gave me the resources to do what I wanted to do rather than explore how I could be the person I wanted to be. I acted on what Covey would call the Urgent/Important instead of the Not Urgent/Important, so in my life I did the things that were necessary to keep the marriage working, feed the kids and pay the bills, without regard for the dream that God had embedded inside me. It took me awhile to find a way to make the jump. First I had to realize that there are different mountains to jump from. Once I realized that I could make the jump from the mountain that I was on and still had a way to realize my dream, it made it easier. I thought that I had to climb over the mountain, walk through the valley and then climb up the next mountain to make the jump. Instead, I found a way in the work that I was already doing to teach and develop people even though it was not in the job description per se. I also had to put faith in the calling that God had given me and let that work out of me so that I could embrace it and find ways of doing it within my work. God’s calling through Jesus is not something that happens in the quite time of mediation or prayer or while you are in the sanctuary. It is a calling that comes to you wherever you are. When Jesus called the first four disciples they were doing their everyday work of fishing and mending nets. God can call us wherever we are at any given time. But the call is a call to action, the first four disciples had heard Jesus speak before and probably knew of the miraculous signs that they had done before. John chapter 1 even tells us that Peter and Andrew had come to believe in the words of Jesus, but it was not until Jesus called them and they were required to make a choice, they had to react to the fact that Jesus was calling them to do something that they had to make the jump and the left to follow Jesus leaving behind the family businesses that had been passed down from generation to generation, their tools, their co-workers and their family. They took the ultimate leap of faith and instead of using their nets to feed a person’s physical needs, they found a way to cast a net to meet a person’s spiritual needs.

  • http://twitter.com/dhatfield danielle hatfield

    Michael – thanks for this post! When my husband and I started our company over a year ago – many thought we were foolish. Encouraged us to “get a real job” . . . Happy to say that because we had faith in our family company so many wonderful people have entered our lives.

    This quote is so true! “you must eventually act, believing that the resources you need will show up when you need them. This is simply faith in its purest form.”

    Thank you for sharing such an encouraging reminder to leap!

  • http://kennysilva.net Kenny Silva

    Excellent post. I’ve seen this faith play out in my own life over the past few weeks. I decided to step out and take the plunge on a new project. God has affirmed and shown up with blessings that I could never have even imagined.

    My favorite line: “…boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

  • Anonymous

    This post is very convicting. A friend of mine told me 3 weeks ago “some doors will never open until you are right in front of them, much like automatic doors.” This post just confirms what I need to do. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    A very timely word for me and my family… thank you, sir.

  • http://twitter.com/SaintMattress Chris Parks

    This is the best article I’ve et read on following your dreams.

  • Anonymous

    As much as anyone, Michael, you’ve helped me take a step I would have never considered a year ago. I quit my day job and am now panhandling on the corner of …

    Actually, I set up my first blog account and started posting this past Sunday. By Monday, I had three subscriptions, one comment, and felt overwhelmed. Truth!

    Thank you.

    • http://stevencribbs.com Steven Cribbs

      I felt the same way when I started my blog a few months ago. Thrilling and overwhelming – what a roller-coaster ride :) Just read your first post – nicely done!

      • http://www.tnealtarver.wordpress.com TNeal

        Thanks, Steven, and back at you (except not your first post, but your latest one).

        • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

          Steven always seems to post timely, relevant stuff. I enjoy reading it. Glad he started blogging!

  • http://compellingparade.com Ryan Tate

    Great insights here! It reminds me of this quote from Kevin Purdy:

    “When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you, but because, in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.”

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love that quote, too!

  • http://twitter.com/EricSwann Eric Swann

    Thanks for sharing that. We just started “If You Want To Walk On Water, You Have To Get Out of The Boat” by John Ortberg in the High School Sunday School class I teach. This blog post will go great with what we discussed last week and I look forward to sharing it with them.
    God Bless
    Eric Swann

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I haven’t read the book, but I love the title!

  • Ralph Stoever

    A few years ago, if I remember correctly, I read about the psychological importance of burning bridges for motivation. The classical example featured in this article, from the NYT if I am not mistaken, was Cortes literally burning his option to turn around.

    The essence of the article was that we are more inclined to really focus all our mental energy once we definitely know that there is no way back.

  • Keiki Hendrix

    Such wisdom…and very timely for me. I publish a Christian book review site and have struggled with various marketing options in order to make it profitable. But my dream is not to be profitable but to be useful. Oftentimes people comment on the site as a ministry and I ponder that. What exactly is ministry but operating in your gift and serving others. So, I’ve set new goals about the sight. The measure of success is to be determined by how many are blessed, promoted, and encouraged. Still, the word ‘ministry’ is so misused in our culture that I am uncertain of taking the name. In the end our ministry is driven by our passions, no? Knowing this, I will take the leap.

  • Nortonbiz

    Last night our family was watching some old episodes of Monk. Monk’s assistant kept saying all through the show that her grandfather always said, “Leap and the net will appear”. I had never heard that saying before. I was quite surprised to see that in the subject line of your email today! I will be giving this some thought and prayer as I have several directions I could leap. Love your blogs/emails as they are thought provoking and encouraging.

  • Jack Lynady

    Matt 4: 5-7 A little yin for the yang. :)

  • Anonymous

    So true. I just experienced this in my life in the last 10 days. I took a step to begin my writing and speaking dream by registering for a conference 3,000 miles away. I stepped out believing that if it were meant to be that God would provide the resources – He has provided way beyond what my limited brain could imagine. I have assurance that my step in faith was not in vain.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom & insight. Best wishes for you as you pursue your heart & passion.

  • Positiveoptions4life

    I’ve been waiting to commit myself fully to fiction writing because I waver. Is it what I really should be doing, or should I pursue something nutrition and coaching in health. These have been my two loves. Not knowing which one has stopped me from full commitment to either for years.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      At least you recognize it. The truth is that you will never know until you commit. If you decide later it’s a mistake, you can try the other one.

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  • http://geofftalbot.wordpress.com Geoff Talbot

    Great call Michael and definitely where I am at and where I have been… provision is often way different than we might expect… I wrote my blog about this today and I have included the link here…


    If it is against your policy then feel free not to accept the comment. No pressure….

    God bless

  • http://cynthiaherron.wordpress.com Cynthia Herron

    For years, I pursued publication within the secular market although my heart began to tip in a different direction, one that more fully utilized my spiritual gifts. When I submitted to God’s will upon my life, that’s when doors began to open…first an inch or two…and then a big crack! It’s frightening to leap off that ol’ balance beam sometimes, but the alternative can be so much worse. Grappling with the “what ifs” and “if onlys” can be crippling.

    You demonstrate so well how to move past this. Thank you.

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

    Go at it boldly, and you’ll find unexpected forces closing round you and coming to your aid.

    But I prefer the popular version—it scans better:

    Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.

    To be perfectly accurate, however, the quote should read thus:

    Be bold and mighty forces may come to your aid.

  • Bspringer

    I let God out of the box, so He can be God, many years ago. I have been blessed for decades!
    On my sixty-first birthday (9/15/10), I took delivery of my LAST new Peterbilt. It came complete with all the new, not totally tested 2011 EPA emmission “stuff”. What was I thinking?
    It has been a nightmare…

    But, what is done is done, truck is finally on track and working fine. I can now make this statement because of God placing so many people to stand in the gaps of the hedgerows of my life. All manner of poeple have been there for me like the only job for them was to help me today(many days)!

    I know all this worked the way it did because, God is very near, and He is here to help.

    Ring, ring.


    This is God

    Yes, Lord?

    I’ll be handling all your problems today, so just RELAX!

    Yes, Lord. Thank you…

  • http://www.love-laugh-learn.com Deanna

    I’ve been seeking God on just this very thing. IF I make the commitment to work from home (writing, marketing, pr) then I need to redefine what my security or “net” will be.

    I don’t know if I’m ready to jump in with both feet yet, but I do know that my life should NOT be one of not static safety, but should be one of prayerful adventure!

  • http://bringonthebooks.blogspot.com Jaymie Dieterle

    Good timing on this post. I have been reading things from Jon Acuff about his new book, Quitter, and thinking about making a career change. From what I have read, he advocates a slower shift – pursuing the dream in smaller steps before taking the big plunge – and I like that idea. Eventually you have to let go of one thing in order to embrace the next thing, and faith is a big component of taking that leap. But I like the idea of taking smaller, well-informed steps. I think, for me, that gives time for God to help me grow in preparation. Jon had a great blog about that – http://www.jonacuff.com/stuffchristianslike/2009/07/575-refusing-the-gift-of-the-desert-road/

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Whether fast or slow, the important thing is to START!

  • http://twitter.com/BrettVaden Brett Vaden

    Writing fantasy fiction for me. I get absorbed in it–I’m an ‘elf’ really, or at least a hobbit. But hobbits rarely go on adventures. Thanks for being one like Gandalf–to give me a nudge out the door onto the path.

    • http://www.momentsofgracelotr.com Anne Marie

      My brother! :) I have way too much Baggins in me but also a Took that is just dying to get out and focus on writing full time, which would be nonfiction focused on LOTR. I first ran across that Scottish quote in Simon T. Bailey’s book, Release Your Brilliance, and love it. I love also the encouraging quote about the net appearing. Gandalf indeed you are, Michael!

      Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie :)

  • http://blog.mattrix.info mattrixDOTinfo

    The leap that I want to make is to quit my job and become a full-time options income trader. I have been studying and trading/training for this for three years. The fear that I have is not being able to provide for my family. My wife is a risk-averse, stay-at-home Mom and we have five children. Health insurance and blowing up my capital account is what scares me.

    What’s pushing me though is a tug to do this. Presently, I work for a private equity company and my role at the company keeps getting down-sized as the firm I work for down-sizes too.

  • http://twitter.com/YEShields Yolanda C Shields

    Great word! Thanks for sharing. Continue to allow the Lord to use you to impart leardership wisdom to the next generation of leaders that he is preparing to lead.

  • http://laurieastewart.wordpress.com Laurie

    This post is quite timely and I just “happened” to stumble across it on Twitter. I just returned from my 2nd mission trip in Haiti (first was in Ethiopia). God used fundraising and some other things before the trip even happened to increase my faith and the trip itself was more than I ever imagined it could or would be. Now I’m feeling more than ever I should quit my job, leave the corporate world and be available to what God has in store for me next. What stops me is thinking I need to know what that is first, and have the resources to survive until I know. But part of me believes I just need to take the first step by making myself available, and trust that He’ll provide. I worry about being irresponsible, but dream about doing something radical. I am in a contract position for 2.5 more months. Yesterday I thought I should wait until that ends before doing anything. Today, especially after reading this post, I am thinking why wait? I feel the momentum, and the more I fall back into my normal routine, the more I fear it will die.

  • Lora

    I am sure you, of all people, have have this a million times but mine is the commitment to write a book about my life. One of my best friends told me about the Re:create Cruise and I made the decision to go. I received the email that I was one of the blessed few to have Alice Sullivan look over my book propsal so I began writing. Once I completed the necessary two chapters my life changed overnight.

    God has blessed my obedience. Every turn I take I am receiving blessings and not just the financial kind most associate with blessings, however, those have been awesome. I am speaking of spiritual, emotional, and relational blessings. I have felt for years that I was supposed to share my story but out of fear refused to put the words on paper. Now that I have taken that leap the net that caught me is the Hand of God.

    And for those who want to know Alice said my book is very good and that I should continue writing. I am blessed beyond measure. Take the leap…you won’t be sorry!

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  • Klmead

    After 10 years of being short term missionaries to Russia, I decided to take a HUGE leap of faith and move there. I now live in Russia and do what I have always dreamed of doing. Why was this a HUGE leap of faith, well, because our ministry has only got commitments for a guaranteed $90 a month in donations. So I had to trust that God would meet my needs according to HIS riches and not what I have seen coming in. So far, the Lord has met our needs every month. I was even blessed with a free place to live the week BEFORE my husband (still state-side until August) lost his job. God KNOWS what I need and HE provides when I act in faith!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Wow. Amazing. This is the stuff our of which great stories are written. God notices your situation and is proud of you.

  • http://www.irunurun.com Travis Dommert

    You caught me waiting…

    Looking for the net…

    Praying for the net…

    Asking for just a glimpse of it…

    I am psyching up for the leap.

    Thank you Michael!!

  • http://guardiancats.blogspot.com/ Rahma Krambo

    Michael: Looks like you really touched a nerve here by all the responses.

    I am in the middle of a leap, getting what I hope is the final proof on my manuscript for my book, Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria. I plan to publish digitally first, then go for the print. My leap today involves setting up a new author website in my own name.

    Your post felt like a touch of synchronicity. Thanks for the shove.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love it when the timing works like this!

  • http://twitter.com/ronswanson Ron Swanson

    Perfect for me today. Came right on the heels of telling the staff i’m planting a church.

  • http://chrisvonada.com chris vonada

    “This is faith in its purest form” and sometimes we are expected to act in faith! Ask, seek and knock and the door will be opened. Thank you for this, an excellent reminder for Mr. Indecisive.

  • James Castellano

    Great post! I wish you the best and want to thank you for the positive effect you have on me and my families lives!

  • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

    This was me last month. I decided to commit and my whole world changed. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Thanks Mike.. Great post.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      You are a great example, Spence. I know the commitment you have made, and you are one wise man. And you can tell her I said so. ;-)

  • thewatersings

    This post is amazingly perfect for my life right now. Just over two weeks ago, I took the plunge, both feet out of the boat. I now have a home office (and will get to the article on the clutter-free home office in a minute!) ready for my writing pursuits. I can attest to this: When it’s the Lord of the universe telling you to leap, you can bet He’s going to be the net. I can’t believe how He’s working out the details of my new life. But those details have only fallen into place after I made the commitment. –Joanne Chantelau (www.singingwaters.blogspot.com)

  • Linda Goodman

    I absolutely love this post!!! I just read this same quote for the first time in Gabe Lyon’s new book, “The Next Christians”. I have been saying over and over to myself – “until one is committed, there is hesitancy”. Thanks Michael for taking the leap and sharing it with us!!!

    Linda Goodman

  • http://twitter.com/mylivingpower Laurie Wallin

    Totally waiting to make the commitment to my first book. It’s scary to finish the proposal, to turn it in to the agent, to get rejected. But the darned thing is just going to keep burning in my soul until I write it down. And so I’m doing it. Slowly. Because if I don’t, I find myself going back to God to say, “Where’s your inspiration?” and He always says, “Why don’t you go back to the last place I gave it to you?” So there it is. Jump and find the net…

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Good for you. That is exactly what you should do!

  • oodihi

    My! I needed this today Mr. Hyatt. Thanks for writing it. I think the fear of starting something in my life has been closely linked with the fear of failure and not finishing like I’d hope to but where’s the faith in that thought?

  • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylereed

    Right now I am living that life of leaping. Love it

    But a commitment that I am still working on making is taking business to the next level. At times it is easy to get a bit apprehensive when going all on (bigger contracts, bigger projects, paid employees) and so I am believing that when I jump the net will continue to appear.

  • http://www.happinesshereblog.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Single-mindedness goes right along with it. Once we decide – once we’ve made those commitments from a pure, honest place – we can’t second-guess ourselves. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. We have to trust that will will indeed reap a harvest if we faint not.

  • http://twitter.com/SheilaWalsh SheilaWalsh

    I LOVE this post Mike! I’ve told Christian, don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of never trying

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Amen. Sheila. You are teach Christian great values that will serve him well for the rest of his life!

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  • http://www.danieldecker.net Daniel Decker

    Can’t wait to see what your “net” looks like. :)

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Me, too. But the drop is so exhilarating!

  • Lukinuptchindwn

    working on investments and photography. :)

  • http://www.inteliwise.com VirtualAgent

    I agree though, you can dawdle for so long before starting out something, especially if there is a huge risk involved. After gathering your resources and assembling a structured plan, the next and last step is just leap.

  • Kingsley Colley

    Hi Michael, your posts are fantastic. I have been following you for about 6 months now and have learnt so much. About 12 months I started doing what you are talking about and it is opening up and bringing clarity. About a month ago I began my own blog and base a lot of it on what you have taught. Being new to blogging I am not 100% sure on ettiquette. Would you mind if I referred people in my blog to yours at all. Thank you for all you do for others that you would not even know about. Kingsley Colley

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, absolutely, it is fine for you to refer people here. In fact, that is always a compliment! Thanks.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for WH Murray’s quote. I’ve been looking for it for a while. I read it many years ago and have used it on myself many times.
    There’s an approach to helping people take small steps that help them see right away how commitment and action yield results. The essentials of conversation go like this:
    1. What’s working that you don’t have to change?
    2. What will the issue (often problem) look like when it no longer exists?
    3. What small steps would you see yourself taking to get started right away
    Source: Insoo Kim Berg, Steve de Shazer
    More at: http://tiny.cc/yke63

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Excellent questions. These are similar to the question that Tim Sanders’ grandmother asked him. (See my interview with him that I just posted today. I am also giving away 100 free copies of his new book, Today We Are Rich.)

  • Anonymous

    My one “not-leaping” regret involves you. A year or so ago you posted where you were jogging on a Saturday morning and offered to allow authors to pitch their books during the run. I read that post on a Friday night. I regret not leap into my car and driving the 10 or 11 hours it would have having to get there. Whether or not the effort would have paid off, I would have had story about drive and passion to pass onto my sons.

  • Cgraw2

    Before I leap….I want to make sure it’s God who is yelling JUMP! :)

  • Colin Haas

    Michael….thank you for the post!

    I am at a point and I know I am not old, but 30, married and two little ones (4 yr & 10 mo. old). I work for one of the biggest energy companies in the country and have an opportunity to even advance in the next couple months, BUT…there is this part of me that is being tugged into the way of ministry.

    I am lost on what that is, I do write a monthly devotion for my church and have gained tons of confidence from everyone’s comments of my devotionals and writing. I also lead the men’s ministry and do A/V booth and was recently nominated and elected as a board member of the church.

    I could see myself doing speaking, but I am TERRIBLY frightened at speaking to a large audience. For some reason, the people in the church (for events) always asking me to read scripture or say something, etc. With that said anyone who reads this please say a prayer for me for Good Friday. I have to read scripture to the congregation.

    Overall I feel like I have a map, but not sure where I am on that map or what God is wanting me to do exactly.


    • Christina Parker

      Colin, I understand your fear of public speaking. God has placed public speaking in my life also and I have joined Toastmasters. I encourage you to check it out. The people there are wonderful so encouraging and generous in praise. They lift you and help you to become a great speaker. I know you will find it very rewarding in God’s plan for your life. These small steps build to what God wants to do through you. As far as the map is concerned, sometimes we don’t know quite where it all will lead. But go for it anyway!!

  • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura@LifeOverseas

    My husband and I are quick to jump off the boat, take the leap of faith off the cliff. In our younger years, I think we were too quick, too ready to “name it and claim it,” so to speak. And, honestly, it’s translated into some hard knocks, to say the least. Moves overseas that have bombed. Businesses that have failed. People trusted that have hurt us. Lots of money lost, lots of dreams crushed.

    And just recently my husband said something so incredibly profound to me about it all. We were talking about a friend of his that was in essence talking about how he had followed God in obedience and “everything was falling into place”– ministries were coming together, money was flowing in, the stars were aligning. The crux of his friend’s philosophy was,

    “If you follow God, it will work out for you.”

    As my husband and I were talking about it, in the midst of another brutal year of our own trying to follow Christ, my husband said this in response to his friend,

    “When you follow God, He doesn’t promise that it will work out for you– and it won’t always. But when you follow God, it will always work out for God.”

    And I think this is so crucial, in our attempts to follow the dreams God has placed on our hearts– we move forward and commit and have faith– not with any kind of guarantee that it will work out for us, but that it will always “work out for God.”

    • Cgraw2


      “It will always work for God”….You don’t know what you just said to me. I keep forgetting His ways aren’t my ways…His thoughts aren’t my thoughts. I think I am ready to put all my dreams to rest and have peace with the doors He will open. God isn’t a God of confusion, I am the one who is confused. Afterall, it’s all about Him. And it is His will that needs to come to pass….not mine.
      Thank you.

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  • http://twitter.com/FosterHope H. Wayne Hastrup

    Michael. It seems you’ve struck a nerve with a theme that strikes us all: overcoming the hesitation, no matter how noble or rational, that keeps us from what is just ahead of us. It always takes a first step. The priests carrying the ark in the wilderness had to take that first step into the river. Even as the water rushed up around their ankles, they took the step, and the next and the next. They reached their promised land only because they took the first step. Each of us have our own steps to take, but we must take them or we will remain stagnant and lifeless here on the water’s edge. (I wrote about this in my own blog recently, too, and ironically used the same photo for the illustration.)

  • Shane

    The greatest risk to progress is the fear of being wrong..wrong action, wrong decision, wrong move…both personally and professionally.. I agree with the sentiments but you rarely hear from the man who leaped and missed. He becomes the cautionary tail…

  • http://www.soulmunchies.com Crystal

    Michael – thank you for this post. Once again you hit the nail right on its head and said all the words that I need to hear.

  • Karl Mealor

    I’m at a crossroads in my life right now, and trust me, there doesn’t seem to be a net. Would appreciate prayers from all who happen to read this.

  • http://twitter.com/BobEwoldt Robert Ewoldt

    Michael, I just signed up recently to receive your posts via email, so I’m actually reading them more (because they come to me, instead of me having to remember to come to the site and read). This post spoke to me, because I’m in a period where I’ve developed a strategic plan for my family, and now I have to take the leap, and follow my dreams, even though I don’t know if there will be a net there to catch me. Thanks for the encouraging words!

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  • Patrick G Grady

    Wow. This strikes directly at my heart.

    About this time in 2005, I figured out that spending more on credit cards that I was making was a really big boulder bearing down on my family. Dave Ramsey helped me begin to solve that, and since then, I have returned the favor by helping him to help others as an FPU facilitator.

    That set in me the goal to become a financial counselor. And for 5 and a half years, the needs of my family (in particular a special needs teenage son) and the resistance of my wife to the tiniest of risks have stopped me moving in that direction. I have long believed that not only do I have a talent for this work, but also a heart for it, and I feel God’s will bearing down on me to make this leap of faith.

    In the last couple of weeks I have finished “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan and begun Max Lucado’s “Outlive Your Life.” The messages I find there, pushing me closer to intimacy with God and also toward a life dedicated to service that generates long-term good, run parallel with my goal.

    I am ashamed before the Lord that I have stood still and silent for so long, passively acquiescing to the notion that God cannot provide for our needs while we do his will, running full speed into his loving embrace.

    God, give me the strength, the grace, and the faith to leap off the cliff and into your strong arms.

  • Melissa – Mel’s World

    You are on a roll Michael…wow, wow, wow! Right now I am practically sitting on the edge of my seat with a great big “YES!” coming out and my arms in the air (yes, I am a sanguine!). You have no idea how timely this is for me and some of the women I am blessed to be launching a new ministry, called LeadHer, with in a few weeks. I’ve shared your link with them as encouragement as we step out in faith this with this new ministry. Thank you!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I love the name of your ministry. Very cool!

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  • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

    There is so much truth here. I think the hard part isn’t always taking the step of faith. For me, the hard part is trusting that the step I’m taking is the right one.

    I pray that God will lead me to the right decision, and then I make the decision, doing my best to trust that God has lead me in the right direction. But I’m continually asking myself, how do I know I made the right choice? Am I sure about this?

    The leap isn’t the tough part for me, but rather knowing if I leapt in the right direction.

  • ACL

    Thanks Michael for the post! Find this ‘skill’ especially true for entrepreneurs to have.

  • Christina Parker

    When you are a Christian, to jump or not to jump is a real dichotomy. I had a calling on my life fourteen years ago to make a certain Christian film, I am a director/writer. In that time I have gone ahead of God with my passion only to find God letting me know very clearly, it’s not time yet. So, with this project I am still waiting. In other areas of my life I am waiting for God to give me the go ahead, only to find He’s waiting for me and I realise it is my fear lurking in the background, keeping me from charging ahead into victory. It’s a dichotomy I am happy to keep exploring.

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  • FoxRunImages

    This post totally resonates for me. I just got a phone call yesterday that I’ve been accepted to my denomination’s seminary. It’s been 20 years since I did college coursework, so I’m nervous about being able to handle the load. Also, I’m having to trust God for the finances (I have a wife and two elementary-age daughters, so I can’t just live like a typical poor student sharing a small apartment with other students).

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I think you will be surprised how things begin to “conspire together” to support you after making your decision.

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  • colleen laquay urbaniuk

    as usual, i love your post and the timing is perfect. i’ve been a writer all my life but i let other things take up my time and focus. a few years ago i read something that said, “stop reading about writing, and write!!!”. that hit a nerve for me because i sometimes spend more time talking about doing something than actually doing the something i was meant to do. a couple of weeks ago that changed when i started a blog- http://www.thegiftofmondays.com i finally took the leap you’re talking about. it’s not easy putting yourself out there for people to see but i’m excited to see where God leads me…

  • nomad1971

    this is so true…
    I have seen it begin for me… i have taken a step… 5 months ago I jumped from the top of the cliff where I had certainty & security in my career – but I had no drive & no new doors to go through….now I have a blank canvas…which is sketching out an image/images – opportunities are coming my way – all i need to do is reach out further…

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  • Adonis Lenzy


    Great Post. Love the simplicity. Congrats on the new chapter in your journey.

  • Hank

    I’ve reread this post several times. My daughter is graduating from college in a couple of weeks and has announced her plans to move to Fort Collins, CO to look for a job. She spent spring break there and loved it and is confident she and her husband (who’s also graduating) will be able to find good jobs. Of course it scares me to death. As a parent, I intellectually understand that we have to let our child(ren) go (the whole give them wings thing), but I guess I didn’t realize you actually do it several times. Each time you’ve got to have FAITH.

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  • http://twitter.com/austinnroberts Austin Roberts

    I promise you that the reference I am about to use is as silly to me as it is to you. But I cannot explain how much of a feat this was for me, seeing as it was something I had wanted to do for years, but never had the guts.

    On Monday, May 2nd, I decided for the first time in my life to try out for the cheerleading squad. Yes, my university was having cheer tryouts, and though, I had thought over and over again about trying out, I never committed myself into doing it until fifteen minutes before the try out began. My fear of embarrassment was sickening. But once I finally arrived at the tryout, I decided I was there to stay. I would be cheating myself if I didn’t. With commitment by my side, I stuck with the tryouts for THREE whole days. And even though I wasn’t successful, I would have never known the outcome if I hadn’t tried.

  • http://twitter.com/junctiongen Jennifer Norene

    who said it?

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry … who said what?

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  • Sbr2slow

    I have put off joining Toastmasters  , public speaking class. I have visited several times but yet to “join”  FEAR has me

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  • Kathleen forrest

    I have been waiting to make the commitment to write the full blown screenplay.  

  • karismith3

    Thank you for the blog post. I just resigned from a company that I love and have been working at for 9.5 years. I don’t know what the Lord has in store next but he has definitely called me to take a leap of faith and trust that He has good things planned. Here goes nothing…

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Congratulations on your leap Kari!  I left a ten-year business career that I love to do full-time ministry in 2011.  Though I didn’t have the answers, I knew that it was God calling.  I pray that God gives you the vision for the great things that He wants to accomplish through this transition in your life!  May you see the net appear!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001407833419 Julie Cat

    Thank you for this.Just the right moment to read it.

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  • D. Michael Bush

    I like the idea of
    pulling the trigger even though the timing isn’t perfect. However due
    consideration is important as it’s stressful on the net to keep catching random

  • Ephesians519

    Fabulous…I am seeing this play out as I am beginning a business, starting a music career, and a ministry.  I am seeing God in His infinite wisdom providing just the right connection, at just the right time!  Thank you!  I google this quote because it is contained in a Jason Mraz song.   Very timely and encouraging.   

  • Shannon Franklin

    I so needed to hear this! I’m pretty balsy. I started my own company when I got laid off a few years back. I’m expanding, and I signed a lease a few weeks back on a building that is bigger and more pricey than before. I’ve always believed in the “leap and the net will appear” philosophy, but it doesn’t make it any less terrifying to take that big leap. Thanks for the reassurance that there is no 100% point of certainty. I believed I made the right choice when I signed the lease. Thanks for reminding me why.

  • Pink

    Please correct your post. The entire quote is Goethe, not Murray.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Actually, if you research it, you will find it attributed to both authors. I am not sure who the correct one is. If you have a definitive source, I’d be happy to consider it.