The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Learn Evernote

I am an Evernote junkie. I use it everyday. It is a major part of my workflow. In fact, I have written twelve blog posts about it.

Evernote Essentials, Version 3

But often people are overwhelmed by it. They aren’t quite sure where to begin. I always recommend that they read a copy of Brett Kelly’s awesome e-book, Evernote Essentials.

Brett just released Version 3 a few weeks ago. It is completely updated to correspond with the most recent updates to the Evernote interface.

Here are a few ways in which Brett improved on an already invaluable tool:

  • This is an almost complete re-write. In fact, it is nearly twice as long as the previous version.
  • Brett included several new use-cases (e.g., Evernote for parents and travelers).
  • He added several new chapters, including, “How to go Paperless with Evernote,” “Import/Export,” and “Writing your History Book.”
  • He added lots of tips for power-users.
  • He re-designed the-ebook from the ground up.
  • He removed chapters that likely wouldn’t be of interest to a more general audience (e.g., “Evernote for Programmers”).

What’s the same? Brett’s direct, easy-to-understand style. There are lots of screenshots to help you understand the program and get the most out of it.

Whether your new to Evernote or a power-user, Evernote Essentials, Version 3 has something for everyone. While it might seem expensive at $29.00, it’s a bargain compared to the time it would take you to learn this stuff on your own.

This is the fastest, cheapest way I know of to get up-to-speed on Evernote. I highly recommend it. If you don’t agree, Brett offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Question: How has Evernote helped you in your business or personal life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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