FAQ for Creating Your Personal LIfe Plan

Several questions have come up regarding the life plan, so I thought I would catalog them all here for your convenience.

Q: What do I do if I get an error message that the file is corrupt?

The most common reason for this is that you are not using the most recent version of Adobe Reader. The e-book uses advanced PDF features that are only available in the new version of Reader.

Q: Where can I download the newest edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader?

You can download it here. The page will automatically detect your operating system and then offer you the appropriate version.

Q: What if I am still having trouble? How can I contact you?

You can send me an email. Please be patient with my response. It usually takes me 24 hours to reply.

Q: Where can I download the Word and Excel templates you mention in the e-book?

You can download the Word template here and the Excel template here.

Q: Are you working on other versions of the templates?

Yes, I am planning to offer a Pages template and an OmniOutliner template. (In the mean time, you can open the Word template in Pages. It should work just fine.) However, I cannot yet offer a timeframe for delivery.

Q: Are the templates copyrighted?

Yes, the Life Plan template is copyrighted by Building Champions. (I have modified the version I use with the permission of Building Champions.) The Annual Time Block template is copyrighted by me.

Q: Who do you recommend for life coaching if I want to go deeper with this?

I recommend Building Champions. They taught me what I know about life planning. They understand this process inside and out. Not only can they help you develop a life plan, but they can assist you in making adjustments along the way, and—perhaps most importantly—hold you accountable, so that you actually implement your plan. They are not inexpensive, but this is one of the best investments I have ever made in my life.

Q: Can I link to the product page for the e-book on my blog or website?

Yes, feel free. The correct web address is http://michaelhyatt.com/life-plan.

Q: Do you plan to make available a physical copy of the e-book?

Possibly, but only in association with Building Champions. If this happens, I will announce it on my blog.

Q: Have you considered a “guided experience” or small group study?

Possibly, but only in association with Building Champions.

Q: Have you considered a one-day conference built around this?

Again, possibly, but only in association with Building Champions. You should know that Building Champions already offers a fabulous conference called, “The Building Champions Experience.” I have attended and spoken at the last two. I brought my wife, Gail, to the last event. It was a great investment in our marriage. I will be speaking again at the upcoming conference in September.

Q: Do you have a version that is not so Christian?

Not right now, but I am considering that. I have had several corporations request something like this to use with their employees. Again, if I do something, it will be done in association with The Building Champions Experience.

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  • Ian Craigen

    Do you have a Kindle version of the book?

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, but I don’t. We are considering that for the future.

  • Patlayton

    I have used your wonderful Life Plan steps in the past (and blogged about them) but would love to have the E-Book.
    What about those of us who are already subscribed by email. Did I miss your response to that somewhere?
    I also use your plan in a Woman’s Conference that I do called “Imagine Me..Set Free” in the final session on embracing Passion for the Future. I would love to put a copy of the E-Book (and how to get a copy) on my book table.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I sent a message out last Friday to all my existing subscribers. I gave them a sneak preview of the book. If you don’t have that, email me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com. I will send you a download link.

      • Sam Iam Espinoza

        Just started listening to your podcast and enjoyed podcast #32. How can I download the e-book? Is it still available? Or so I send you an email as we’ll for a link to that?

        • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

          No, I am afraid it isn’t. I have written an all new book called The Life Plan Manifesto. It will be out in 2015. Thanks.

  • Dynamicbassey

    Micheal i have downloaded the recent adobe reader and still i cant access your e-book, please could you do me a favor and sent either the word version or a more low graded adobe version of your e-book to my mail box, i will really be grateful, thanks. Bassey ( dynamicbassey@yahoo.com)

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I will email you another link. I really don’t have another version. Thanks.

  • Charles

    i would like to use the word template in the life plan
    may i please modify the copyright

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      How do you want to use it? Why do you want to modify the copyright?

  • Mgeri4916

    Having problems opening file on my nook. Is this possible?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ebrahim Sharifi Darani

    I can not download the e-book. would you please send it to my email as an attachment.

    • http://www.eahelp.com/ Tricia Welte

      I am sorry for your trouble. I will email you to appropriate link right now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

  • Crystal

    Hi, I cannot download the e-book. Would you mind sending me another link? Thx so much


    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry for the convenience. My assistant, Trivinia, will get it to you. Thanks.

  • Tim

    Hey Mr. Hyatt!
    I really wanted to download your e-book on creating a Life Plan but the download button says its no longer available and recommends your toolbox e-book. what can I do to get your Life plan resource? Ty for your time..!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, Tim, but it is not available right now. I have taken it off the market to prepare for the launch of my full-blown book, The Life Plan Manifesto in 2015. Thanks for your interest.